Barracuda (1997) Movie Script

Are you sure he's in?
- He normally is at this hour.
Mr Clment?
Mr Clment?
It's Mrs Dupr, the concierge.
Are you there?
Next time we take the lift.
With this on, the lift is hell!
Great place, right?
Don't break it!
- Hey, my fingers!
Don't worry, you've got ten.
- Who'd carry the boxes then?
High rent?
- No, it's my uncle's place.
Can I borrow it?
- Come on, you guys!
Where do we start?
- This box.
Hey, out of our way!
Where does this go?
- The end room.
And no arguments, please,
on this marvellous day.
On the right.
The right!
I'm your new neighbour.
I've just moved in.
Pleased to meet you. I'm Luc.
Am I disturbing you?
I'm having a house-warming party
on Saturday.
A lot of friends are coming.
It may be noisy.
I hope we won't keep you up.
- Do you like Fred Astaire?
Fred Astaire?
The tap-dancer, right?
Yes, I don't mind tap-dancing.
- I love Fred Astaire.
Yes, Fred Astaire's good.
Care to meet my wife?
- No. I mean, yes.
Of course, but not right now.
I'm really busy and...
What about Sunday, for lunch?
For dinner then, 8 p.m.
Well, see you Sunday.
For dinner.
- Yes, I'll see...
I'll see you on Sunday. All right.
Violette will be pleased.
Violette... is my wife's name.
No problem, no problem...
You made it!
- I had to see your place.
And kill your concierge.
I've already bought all the maps.
We sail from Brest, go down the coast
down to North Africa
then South America and Cape Horn.
Cape Horn?
All the best sailors go round Cape Horn.
- But there'll be storms.
A few gusts won't sink us.
I don't care
as long as we're together.
If I can sell my drawings
we'll have a boat.
Won't you get sick of me?
Don't be silly.
Just the two of us,
three months at sea...
Why not take the family?
The family? Are you crazy?
Why not the neighbours too?
Our family...
What are you saying?
Wait, are you telling me...?
It's 3 weeks now.
You're having a baby?
We're going to have a baby!
It's Sunday.
We had an appointment.
I completely forgot. I'm sorry.
We had such a big party last night.
And I'm going to have a baby.
That's why I forgot.
I've cooked a trout.
But since I forgot...
Maybe another day.
I'm free on Tuesday.
- My wife won't be here on Tuesday.
I've just taken my wife to the station.
She lives out of town
but she'll join me soon.
She's not actually my wife yet.
I'll introduce you.
- Violette's waiting.
I'll say hello but I can't stay.
Our new neighbour, Luc.
My wife, Violette.
That's very funny!
Violette knows lots of funny stories.
But they're a bit crude.
Don't you like naughty jokes?
Don't you like the trout?
Yes, it's very good.
We can make you something else.
Right, Violette?
No. This is just fine.
Look, I...
I've got a bad headache
and some friends are coming...
- I'll get you an aspirin.
No, don't bother.
Thanks for inviting me.
I'll get the aspirin.
What are you doing?
- Open this door.
You're not leaving?
- Open the door!
What will I tell Violette?
Nothing! Because
your wife's only cardboard!
Don't shout!
- Open it now!
Open the bloody door!
- I will.
Make it quick.
Yes, yes...
We're here, darling.
I hope they're not hurting you.
My wife thinks you're very nice.
She's sorry it was so brief
but you made quite an impression.
On me as well. You're very nice.
My wife is too, don't you think?
Don't you think she's nice?
No, I can't take the tape off.
I'd like to, believe me,
but Violette would never forgive me.
She's quite a character, you see.
Quite a character.
But, apart from that...
she's very nice.
She's sorry it was so short
but I said not to worry
because now you're with us.
I've brought you breakfast.
I've made tea.
And coffee, and chocolate.
Not knowing what you preferred
I made tea
but I wasn't sure you liked tea,
so I made coffee and chocolate too.
Tell me what you don't like
so I can make what you want.
I'll take off the tape so you can eat
but you mustn't shout
because Violette is very tired.
So will you promise not to shout?
Fuck you! You bastard!
I'll kill you!
I'm in Clment's place!
Are you in, Mr Clment?
It's Mrs Dupr, your concierge.
What is it?
- I heard a noise when I was vacuuming.
Is everything all right?
I can make a noise if I want to.
Sorry to bother you,
but I heard screams
and thought you might have a problem.
You never know.
I can make a noise if I want to.
Yes, darling.
Yes, I know.
He didn't mean to disturb you.
Yes, my angel,
if that's what you want.
You know...
I love you.
How I love you!
You must be starving.
I've made you dinner.
The problem is
I can't take off your gag.
Violette would be upset.
She was really angry.
You woke her with your screams.
I did stick up for you
but she wouldn't listen.
Violette is very tired lately.
Do you promise
not to be angry with her?
Thank you.
I like eating early.
It makes the evening longer.
But what I really like is musicals.
You know the difference
between tragedy and comedy?
For instance,
If I cut my finger,
just a little cut on the fingertip
a prickle, a thorn, anything
that's tragedy.
But if I die before you
that's comedy because
I'm old and you're young
you have life ahead of you,
sun, the sea, girls...
I never thought about that
before I met you.
Really? Do you mean it?
You've won over Mr Astaire!
It's marvellous!
Well, son, how about that?
Aren't you pleased that Mr Astaire...
Fire Brigade.
My nephew is dying.
Please come quickly!
My nephew Luc...
Thanks for coming so soon.
It's at the end of the hall.
Please hurry! Come along!
What happened here?
- What have you done to your nephew?
I'm listening...
Hello? Paris Fire Brigade.
Can I help you?
All three of us
will be happy together.
You're back with us.
I've been watching over you
for two days. I was so afraid.
Why are you doing this?
You're exhausted.
But you'll get better. I'm here.
What did I do to you?
I've made a hot chocolate.
Slowly... Slowly...
Isn't it good! Easy now.
That's it!
Is it because
I wouldn't stay for dinner?
If it is,
I'll come for dinner every evening.
I'll come every evening
but please untie me now.
If you let me go,
I promise I won't tell anyone.
I won't tell the police.
I'll pretend nothing happened.
They'll start looking for me soon.
Margot, my girlfriend. She'll come.
She will come here and find you.
My parents, too.
And the police as well.
You'll be arrested, tried and locked up.
So you'd better...
- I don't think so.
People may be interested in you
but no one's interested in me.
No one will come here.
I interest no one.
And my wife's not cardboard!
Hurry, for God's sake!
Did I wake you up?
I love banging in nails.
I need to piss. I've been tied up
for hours. I can't take it any more!
I've got a surprise for you.
- Want me to wet the bed?
What are you doing?
- We're going for a wee.
It's on your left.
What are you doing?
I don't want you to watch.
Eggs or potatoes for lunch?
We could do potatoes in a salad
finely sliced
or in squares
or alphabet shapes.
What else?
Or chips.
Well, I'm not so keen on chips.
They don't do anything for me.
But if you insist...
Fried potatoes, not bad.
I often put potato in salad
with chives
or sometimes spring onions.
What else could I suggest?
Okay, but I'd have to say
mash isn't potato any more.
It's mash.
It's not the same.
What else is there?
Oeufs la neige...
Luc, I'm sure you'll object
and you wouldn't be wrong.
That it's really a dessert.
But we can be a little daring, can't we?
It's all a question of habit. Why not
oeufs la neige in the main course?
It's a choice one makes.
I'm not against it.
Then there's boiled eggs.
What can I say? Fresh...
Fresh, fresh...
It's essential,
to bring out the real flavour
the farmyard flavour
because if all goes well
they're superb.
What's going on?
Can you hear me?
Answer me.
Answer please, Luc.
What are you doing? What...?
Open this door!
Open this door!
I've got water everywhere, I tell you!
The door's locked. Open this door!
The police! Call the police!
Eggs or potatoes?
Or omelette, runny omelette...
Not bad, the slightly dried omelette
a little austere
crispy, challenging
I like that.
It's not easy to do well.
Are you listening?
So, eggs or potatoes?
Potatoes can be pureed,
in their jackets... - I don't care.
I'm going to bed.
What about my surprise?
It's in the living room.
It's here.
I hope you'll like it.
Shall we?
It's for you. It's your room.
I fitted it out.
It was the guest room.
Now it's your room. Do you like it?
You can't do that!
You can't lock me in there.
I'll replace the neons.
I put in the pretty fairy lights
for a bit of colour.
Don't you like them?
You're sick.
I've put in a chain
so you can walk around.
You'll be more comfortable.
I won't be chained up like an animal!
I'm not your toy. You can't do this!
She wouldn't listen.
She was afraid you'd leave.
Look, I have to speak to her.
She has to understand me.
Maybe I offended her
but you said she liked me.
Please, let me talk to her
just for a minute.
Bad luck, she's not here.
No, please, let me talk to her
just for a minute. Just a minute.
I have to explain to her.
I'll try to change her mind.
I swear I'll do all I can.
But I can't promise anything.
I'll get out of here.
I swear I'll get out of here.
Don't cry, my boy.
Don't cry.
Tonight I'll make you a potato omelette.
Would you like that?
I don't want you to be sad.
The gentleman is sad.
He is not happy.
We must make him laugh.
Do you agree, children?
Who's going to make him laugh?
Where is he?
Where is he? I can't see him.
What do we have here?
The gentleman is sad.
We must make him laugh.
Would he laugh if we shot him?
Shall we shoot him?
Here we go...
Fuck you!
Good, wasn't it, darling?
Yes, all is well.
What is regrettable, though...
The chain. It definitely annoys him.
Why do you say that?
Do you think...
Maybe you're right.
You're always right.
Am I disturbing you?
I've something to tell you.
It's not easy.
I spoke to Violette but it's no use.
I don't understand her.
She's afraid you'll leave
but she refuses to see you.
I like seeing you,
but she's afraid you'll leave...
That's enough.
She won't see you.
- It doesn't matter.
But it does! You're so understanding.
If only she could be as understanding.
You know...
I think that Violette loves you.
That's kind of you.
The way she looks at you.
I don't know her
but she's obviously mad about you.
She'll listen to you.
With women, you never know
what they want
or what they really think.
You think they want one thing
and in fact, it's the opposite.
She never lies to me.
In short, you never know what goes on
inside someone like her.
I do. Violette never lies.
I never lie either.
I'm sure neither of us is a liar.
Nor is Violette.
I'm going to ask you
a very important question.
Do you love me?
- Yes, I do.
You want me to be happy?
- Very happy.
If you want me to be happy,
you have to unchain me
because I'm not happy here.
I have a wife too
and we can't live without each other.
We're going to have a baby.
Violette didn't want children.
I don't know why.
But you can still love each other.
If you couldn't see her,
you'd be unhappy like me now
because you need Violette
as I need Margot.
I must see her.
So I'll ask you one last time...
Please unchain me.
Of course, my boy. You should've said.
Cover up or you'll catch cold.
If you unchain me
I can put on a clean shirt.
No, wait.
Please, stay here. Unchain me.
Listen, unchain me, please.
I've brought your things.
You can dress up for tomorrow.
What's on tomorrow?
Well, tomorrow...
It's... It's Saint Luc's day.
Your saint's day, my boy.
We must celebrate. That's why
you need to look your best.
Yes, of course.
I need to look my best
for my saint's day.
Who shall we invite?
- Why not just us three?
Sure, if you prefer that.
As you wish but I really think
the more, the merrier.
It'd be nicer.
More fun.
Friends aren't for sharing.
I've brought you some toiletries.
This way, you can have a shave.
If something happens to us
no one will ever find us.
That's friendship.
Ah, champagne!
I only drink it on big occasions.
Violette doesn't like it.
Really? Women usually do.
She does too, actually.
But she hates the bubbles.
Here, Luc.
This is for you. A gift.
My favourite game.
I play all the time.
And I win.
Do you know how to play?
No, I don't.
You play alone.
I play when Violette is away.
You have these marbles.
With one marble you have to
knock out the others
by jumping over them.
I didn't want to be alone.
It was my way of life.
I accepted that
and so I was alone.
Why didn't you invite me to your party?
I invited you to dinner.
I don't know.
I felt reluctant.
Friends aren't for sharing.
Why did you leave
in the middle of dinner?
I didn't leave. I'm here with you.
After all you've done for me...
You asked me to dinner.
You looked after me.
You cooked for me.
You gave me this room.
You played the clown for me.
I need you, you see.
You understand?
I'd better go.
The boy's feeling much better, dear.
Why do you say that?
Certainly not!
If you don't like it,
you don't like it!
Sometimes, Violette...
No, the boy has nothing against you.
If that's how you feel,
I'll prove that he doesn't.
You always know better!
Do you dislike my wife?
Your wife?
Fucking bastard!
I'll get you!
Why don't you come in here?
I'll be waiting for you.
I'm thirsty.
My wife was right. You resent her.
All I want is a drink.
I only unchained myself
because I wanted to dance.
I know some steps we can do.
Come and I'll show you.
No, you'll pull my hair again.
Look, I'm sorry, okay?
I'm sorry.
Now open the door. I'm thirsty.
Please, give me a drink.
I too would like to drink
from the spring
but when evening falls
at the hour of Ramadan
I'm happy to have a friend like
Until this evening, Luc.
Luc, my boy, are you asleep?
I'd like to tell you something
but it's not easy.
I always dreamed of having
a son like you
but Violette didn't want to
so we didn't.
But it doesn't matter.
You're here. Thank you.
Good night.
And sweet dreams.
My love...
I miss you.
I miss you.
Give me a drink.
Shall I read you a poem?
"Yesterday so thirsty, dehydrated too
but plunged into darkness
I understood the clue
no sadness or depression
I chained myself anew."
Like it?
Here comes...
Grapefruit juice, lemon juice
and a glass of water.
I don't know what you like
so I brought you all three
as I don't know what you like.
Next time you must tell me
so I won't have to bring something
you don't like.
Isn't it good!
That's better, isn't it?
I'm getting attached to you.
This is for you, dear.
I didn't know what to choose.
Of course,
if you want to exchange it, go ahead.
I mean, if you want to...
But you know I'm not a good dancer.
Remember? At your niece's wedding
I kept treading on your feet.
And that was...
Do you really want to?
Right now?
I told you I can't dance.
Why didn't you wear
the short black dress?
I wouldn't have tripped.
You always please yourself.
Just like with this boy.
Why don't you like him?
I know you don't like him.
Never a word, a gesture,
a nod, a smile, nothing.
Yes, he's going to be a dad.
If it's a girl,
she'll be pretty like you.
So, we'll call her...
same as you.
That's very poor taste, Violette.
I said no!
With you, it's never the right time.
If we'd had a child,
we wouldn't need friends.
But you always know better!
Sometimes I can't make you out.
I'm sorry.
Forgive me.
What came over me?
You twerp, this is your fault.
She swore at me!
Stop it!
I slapped her too.
Now I don't dare talk to her
or even look at her.
What can I do?
There's always something wrong.
We used to live by the sea.
Now she says it ruins her skin.
She spies on me
when I'm cleaning or cooking,
especially cooking.
If you like, I could talk to her.
Hello, Violette.
Nice to see you again.
How are you?
Please say something, dear.
Please call me Luc.
I'm so pleased to see you together.
Violette... May I call you Violette?
Can he call you Violette?
Sorry for the trouble I've caused.
He wants to apologise.
- I hope I'm not taking too much
of your husband's time.
- He hopes he's not wasting my time.
Wait! If you repeat all I say,
we'll never get anywhere.
Don't push me too far
or I will get annoyed.
We all will!
Leave us for a while.
In half an hour it'll all be okay.
I hope so.
We will find a way out of here
for both of us.
You want out, so do I.
So, let's get out.
You'll get out.
I couldn't wait any longer.
Don't make any noise.
She fell asleep. She's very tired.
Look, this may come as a shock but...
She doesn't want me here.
She wants me to go.
She thinks you spend more time
with me than with her.
Did you explain to her?
- She won't listen!
She refuses to see you
until I'm gone. I'm sorry.
She's totally mad.
No, she just wants you all to herself.
You've been so nice to me.
It's made her jealous.
Don't be stupid or you'll lose her.
Unchain me and I'll leave you.
She's your wife!
Don't lose her because of me.
But she's the one who insisted
on inviting you to dinner.
She was so happy. I'll do what I can to
please her but I just don't understand.
Look, what if we give ourselves
24 hours, till tomorrow?
You unchain me, I'll go home.
And tomorrow...
I'll come back.
If you do that for her
she'll be yours again.
She can't do this to us.
I've to think it over.
Well? Have you decided?
Violette won't have you here
but I can't let her
throw you out either.
So, I've decided to do away with you
so Violette will be happy and
you'll be here in your room.
How's that?
You have one minute
to give me the key.
Don't do it! - It's over!
Give me the key or I'll kill her!
You've 50 seconds...
Don't move!
Stop, I'll do what you want.
- The key or I decapitate her.
I've got it!
Hello, I'm Margot Lettelier.
I'm Luc's friend.
Luc Coblence, your neighbour.
I've been trying to find him all week.
There's nobody there.
Have you seen him, by any chance?
No, I don't know Luc. Why ask me?
I'm asking you
because I haven't seen him for 2 weeks.
He didn't answer the door
so I went downstairs
but the concierge couldn't help.
That's all I can do.
His flat was empty.
All his things gone.
Did he tell you anything?
I don't know Luc.
I have my own worries. Goodbye, Miss.
Yes, I know. What can I do?
And Violette?
Sorry, I shouldn't have talked
to you like that.
I'm tired. What is it?
You miss your friend,
I'm waiting for my wife...
Can I offer you a liqueur?
Don't sulk.
I'm looking after you.
Would you like some eggs?
- Thanks, I missed dinner.
He wouldn't leave me like that
without saying anything.
Of course not.
We planned to sail around Cape Horn.
No, you can't have kids.
Eat up, it'll do you good.
You shouldn't have left
Violette and me alone!
I should have stayed with him.
I'm only happy with him.
Don't you feel well, dear?
Hurry or I'll liquidate her!
If he didn't want a family,
why not say so?
I don't care. He's the one
who'll be all alone. All alone.
I'll bring up his child by myself.
It's your fault.
- Where is he?
And you refuse to help me.
You took your time, didn't you!
You call that a minute?
The key, quick!
Did you hear me? Do you know
what I'm going to do to her?
You don't?
Give me the key
or you'll end up alone.
He's the one who'll be all alone.
All alone.
I'll bring up his child by myself.
Because... I need to be loved.
Why did he go away?
Yes, why weren't you there
when I strangled her?
I'm sure she thought of you
and missed you.
She thought of your child too.
I never had any myself.
The more we see things,
the more we love them.
I'll leave you with her.
Never mind, she's only plastic.
Mr Clment, I was hoping I'd see you.
About the electricity meter.
They're coming next Tuesday,
so if you could be in...
That's fine. Tuesday's my cleaning day.
What a character, that one!
He won't leave me his key.
Very convenient!
Hello, my dear.
I brought you some sweets.
Mint, strawberry and lemon.
Since I don't know what you like
I got all three.
You must tell me your favourite
then we'll get that one.
Such a handsome boy.
If only your mother could see you.
"Wawa, back with his friends
in the big square
started dancing,
dancing all night long
while Madam Moon and the stars rejoiced
at this happy victory."
How was that?
No, I'll read it again tomorrow
if you like.
All right, you may watch
a bit of television.
But you must be good
or I'll chain you up again.
Good evening.
Thanks for joining us
for the sixtieth episode of
"Address Unknown".
Each month we try to help
distressed families
find someone near and dear,
a relative or just a friend.
Tonight, together,
we'll try to trace a young man
who vanished
more than 9 months ago.
Luc Coblence hasn't been sighted
since October 12.
Where's he? Is he still alive?
Did he decide to start a new life?
Together, we'll try to answer
these questions tonight.
With us, those close to Luc Coblence,
his parents Alain and Martine
and Margot, Luc's friend
and I thank her for coming.
I know how painful this must be for her.
Margot, you've just given birth...
- It's not painful for me to be here.
You've just had a baby, you're alone...
Luc, I only have you.
Without you I can't go on.
You said I was the only one for you.
Now I've no life. Nothing at all.
Nothing at all.
Margot, if Luc is alive
as you feel he is...
I need you.
Don't leave me alone.
You should've told me
you can't take alcohol.
You know, when you've been abandoned,
you have to go away.
When you've been abandoned
you have to go away.
Go away. You have to go away.
My dear Luc...
As long as we're together...
Brendan Doyle & Lynne Broad
Transcribed and synced by:
marooned2, KG, 2014.