Barrio Boy (2022) Movie Script

(soft music)
(glass shatters)
(low undulating
electronic music)
(plane roars overhead)
(birds chirp)
(traffic hums in distance)
(water laps)
(boat rumbles)
(tools rumble and buzz)
(elevator hums)
(hammer bangs)
(traffic whooshes)
(bridge rumbles and clatters)
(electric wires hum and buzz)
(AC units buzz and hum)
(bright cheery ice
cream truck music)
(bugs chitter)
(tarp rustles)
(cat meows)
(traffic rumbles)
(door creaks and rattles open)
- Got my boy the little old
fashioned Wall Street look here.
- [Rafa] Hey,
(speaks in Spanish)!
(Quique speaks in Spanish)
Woo! Go take on
the world now, son.
- I'm liking that swoop.
- He's all yours now.
- You look great.
How much is that?
- 15.
- 15, okay.
(coins clatter)
I'm so sorry, I-
(Quique speaks in Spanish)
- This one's on the house.
- Oh, thank you, thank
you so much. Thank him.
- Ah, there you go little man.
- Thank you. Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- You have a good day.
- Thank you.
Thank you so much.
(traffic hums outside)
- Quique, (speaks in Spanish),
you know we can't be
giving away the shop
like that the way things
are going right now.
- Come on, Raf. What
else am I gonna do?
(speaks in Spanish)
- [Rafa] Yo. What's
Jorge he doing out there?
- He's probably
looking for his brain.
- (laughs) Rafa,
Quique, what's popping?
- Yo.
- Oh, we'll do it again.
- Oh!
(Rafa speaks in Spanish)
(men laugh)
- Jorge, man. How you feeling?
You recovering from that
Cuz knockdown yesterday?
- Yeah, that was nothing.
That was just Cuz
playing around, man.
- Yo, you gotta be
careful with that.
You know Cuz don't play right.
Yo, how's your grandmas doing?
- So yeah,
things ain't going so great
for me and her right now,
so I was wondering if you
guys could use another set
of hands around here,
you know? (laughs)
- You know your way
around a mopping a broom?
- See, I was thinking more
like a greeter type situation,
you know, like-
- Oh yeah?
Yo, you think this is one
of them big box stores
or something?
- Hey, Jorge,
how if I give you 20 for the hat
and we can see about
the rest later?
- Ah Quique, I just got this.
- Yo, Jorge.
When's the last time you
had 20 cents in your pocket?
And how could you afford a
bomb ass hat like that anyway?
- Man, I found it in the street
outside the court. (laughs)
- 25, final offer.
- Damn, Quique, what, are
you thirsty for this hat?
- Nah, primo. I think this
belongs to one of our customers.
Good for business.
(Jorge laughs)
- Yo, put that shit away.
- 'Sup, ladies?
Damn, full house
as usual, I see.
Need to open up a
franchise or some shit.
- Oh yo, yo.
- What you doing
with that, man?
- Come on.
- Hey yo, Fugly Bugly. What up?
Passing the hat around
to feed your old
witch grandmas again?
Yo, little bitch, you
wanna make some real money?
Need to get your back to
working for Cuz again.
You know what? We'll
talk real business later.
What the fuck?
Kid'll look at these
fucking homo clowns,
thinking they gonna act
just however they wanna act.
(laughs) Fucking
news flash, bitches.
The world don't work like that.
And this pride
bullshit? Proud of what?
(Quique speaks in Spanish)
- So why would you or
anyone else give a rat's ass
about who our customers
are fucking, huh?
- Customers? (scoffs)
Come on, man!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, yo, yo!
- Come on!
(Q speaks in Spanish)
- Yo, what the fuck you say?
(Q speaks in Spanish)
- All right, all right, peoples,
let's take this
smoke break outside.
Come on.
- Out.
- [Rafa] Don't be standing
in front of the store either.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Wouldn't wanna get in the
way of your customers.
Out, out, out, out, out.
- Shit.
Fucking bullshit,
(speaks in Spanish).
I'll be back, Quiq.
(Rafa Cuz and Jorge
chatter indistinctly)
(ball thuds)
(children play and shout)
- [Rafa] Make it in, make
it in, make it in, Cuz!
- [Quique] Come on. Got this.
- Fuck. Come on Quiq!
What's going on, Papi? Come on.
Yo, pretty boy, stop
playing with your tits
and get back up in it, girly!
Yo, I'm talking to you!
- Come on Quiq, I'm ready.
- I'm open, I'm open!
- Man, get the fuck out the way!
- Come on, man!
- Damn!
What the fuck, man?
We on the same team!
- Damn, yo, I'm sorry, Cuz!
- Sorry don't mean shit!
- Man, you okay, Papa?
- I think my legs cramped up.
- Man, come on. Lay back.
This hurt?
- Ah!
- Come on, man. Get
the fuck up, bitch.
- Yo, why you
always dogging him?
He the only one around
here that even like you!
- [Cuz] Yo, it
ain't even my fault
if your girlfriend
ain't got no skills.
- [Rafa] Yo, I thought
we were supposed
to be playing a game here.
- [Cuz] Yeah, I
thought I told y'all.
Cuz don't play, Cuz wins.
- Why you tell Cuz
some punk ass bullshit?
Yo, can't we just get back
to the game? Por favor.
- Yo, I got a game for you.
It's called turn
these fucking balls!
- Yo, what the fuck, yo!
Man, that ain't even your ball!
- Lads!
(laughs) I mean yo!
Might this be yours?
- Over here, Pa. I got you.
- Yo, toss it back, bitch!
- Very well then.
(bag thuds)
(kick lands)
(ball thuds)
(ball thuds)
- [Cuz] Fuck!
- Cheers.
(suitcase rolls)
- [Rafa] Man, you really
know how to make friends,
don't ya, son?
- [Cuz] Cuz ain't
got no friends, just
soldiers in the game.
(soft ethereal music)
(truck revs past)
(water sprays)
(birds chirp)
(boat rumbles)
(hair dryer whirs)
(door rattles shut)
(bugs chitter)
(footsteps crunch)
(train horn blares in distance)
(fence rattles)
(footsteps crunch)
(truck rumbles past)
(traffic hums)
(bugs chitter)
(footsteps crunch)
(railroad bell
dings in distance)
(footsteps thud)
(alarm chirps in distance)
(sirens wail)
(door clicks shut)
("Just a Little Closer")
(thunder cracks)
(knock taps)
- [Nieves] Quique, what
are you doing in there?
Dinner's ready!
- What the fuck?
Get the hell outta here, Nieves!
Can I get some privacy
up in here, peoples?
- [Nieves] Why?
So you can be alone with
your hand down your pants?
(Quique speaks in Spanish)
- Hope you're using lotion.
- Shut up.
(traffic hums in distance)
(dump truck rumbles)
("Be Quiet")
- Ah, thanks, mate.
Name's Kevin, by the way.
- 'Sup?
- I was wondering,
seeing as I'm a bartender meself
with a ton of experience
under me belt,
if you might need an
extra hand around here
or know anyone that does.
- Sorry, bro.
I got enough people
trying to nab my shifts
and my own rent to worry about.
Thanks for playing though.
(cash register dings)
(Shelly sighs)
- Oh my God, I'm so bored.
- I am so fucking bored.
(friend snores)
- Let's get un-bored.
- Okay.
- So who are you fucking?
- Oh my God. Hello? Like
who am I not fucking?
So who are you fucking?
- Good question.
Ew. Him, black shirt,
end of the bar.
- Oh my god, you
guys are so fucking.
- (laughs) I know.
(cash register dings)
("Hey Mercy")
So my friend over there thinks
you should buy me a drink,
and, quite frankly, I agree.
- Well fancy that.
Not even a hi, hello,
or who the hell are ya?
Sorry, lovely, not tonight.
Blame it on the economy.
Besides, far better
drinker than I am talker.
- Well that's a bummer,
especially with an
accent like that.
I'm Shelly.
- Kevin.
- Two shots of Patron, please.
Don't worry babe. It's on me.
(phone clicks)
("Room 2")
(phone chimes)
(phone chimes)
(phone clicks)
(phone chimes and beeps)
(bus hums and whines)
(doors hiss open)
(doors hiss shut)
(footsteps shuffle)
(doorbell rings melodically)
(doorbell rings melodically)
(dog barks in distance)
(door creaks open)
(woman speaks in Spanish)
(Quique speaks in Spanish)
- I'm so sorry, miss.
(doors slam)
(phone chimes)
- I leave you alone
for two minutes
and you're already going
through all my things.
- I love it.
- (gasps) My fave.
Mm, well selected, sir.
(laughs) Oh yeah.
So out of booze in the
kitchen, but do not worry.
I keep a secret stash.
- Wonderful.
- My roommate, God bless
him. Total alcoholic.
Will you do the honors?
- Absolutely.
- I don't have any cups,
so I guess it's bottle
service only tonight.
- That sounds expensive.
- You can start a tab.
- After you.
(Shelly laughs and moans)
- Ah, now is this the part
where I strum the guitar
and sing sad sack songs about
how hard it is to be me?
- Oh God, no. I'm so
done with musicians.
They're either home and broke
or on the road and
fucking someone else.
- Ay, sounds like
you know a few.
- No ex talk tonight.
Drink up, honey.
(doorbell chimes)
(knock thuds)
(door opens)
- [Seth] Holy frijoles.
'Sup, (speaks in Spanish)?
- What's up?
- [Seth] Damn, dude, you are
way hotter than your pictures.
- Are those even your pictures?
- Hell yeah. Don't be shy, bro.
Come on in.
(footsteps shuffle)
(laughs) It's hot
as balls outside.
Why are you so covered up?
Are you like incognito or
on the DL or something?
- Yo, what's up? Why
you playing me, man?
Fucking Williamsburg.
Should've known.
- Relax, Papi. I'm for real.
- You was checking me out
from across the street
while I'm waking people up.
That's for real? Yo,
that's real shitty, a'ight?
Don't be acting like you
all down from the hood.
- Chill out, sexy angry.
I said text me
when you got here.
Anyways, here. Catch up.
- What the fuck is this?
Don't you got a
beer or something?
- Oh, sure thing, bro.
(footsteps shuffle)
(fridge door opens)
(bottles clink)
(Shelly laughs)
- Oh god. My roommate
is such a disaster.
Anyway, enough about him.
So you are from Ireland.
What is that like?
- Pretty Irish, I suppose.
You know, with the people
showering outside in the forest
and mischievous
little wee folks,
garden pots of gold at
the end of a rainbow.
I don't know, really. Pretty
drunk and rainy, I suppose.
- Seriously, come on.
I'm not that hard
to talk to, am I?
Come on, tell me something
real, like why are you here?
What are your parents like?
What are your friends like?
- It sounds like you're
running a background check.
- It's called a conversation.
- Well, I have the best
mates in the world,
but between working, drinking,
and the hangover schedules,
I haven't got time
for much else of late.
- Okay. Roll over.
- I beg your pardon?
- You heard me, roll over, and
the shirt. It's coming off.
Don't have AC anyway.
- You don't have AC?
- Nope.
- You must have a little
bit of Irish in you then.
- Not yet I don't.
(Quique pants)
(Seth gulps and licks)
- Yo. What the fuck, dude?
(Seth gulps and licks)
- (laughs) Jesus Lord almighty,
Shelly. That feels grand.
Oh, from this point on,
I'll tell you anything
you want to know.
I don't have any family,
no money, and a crappy job.
What a catch, eh?
- Okay.
Are you gay or something?
- (laughs) Jesus, Shelly.
Go straight for the
jugular, why don't you?
- Well, I'm like seriously hot,
and you haven't even
tried to kiss me yet.
- Well neither of you.
- Hello? I brought you home.
- Well, I did consider
the man on man thing
or the priesthood for a while,
but that was after the
baby scare with the ex.
False alarm though,
thank the Lord.
The crazy bird made the whole
thing up. Can you believe it?
- Idea. No more talking.
- So what's up, Papi? How
come you don't like to kiss?
- Save that for your girl.
- So you gay, bi, straight?
- Yeah, nevermind all that.
- You got a boyfriend?
- Not my thing.
- So you don't talk much, huh?
- You invite me
over to chitchat?
- (laughs) Oh you're cute.
So what is it that you want?
- No more questions.
- Just one more?
How about I eat your ass?
(Quique pants and moans)
- Oh, fuck.
(Shelly pants and moans)
(Quique moans)
- (pants) Oh.
(Quique moans)
(Shelly moans)
(Quique moans and grunts)
- Fuck.
(Shelly grunts and moans)
(Quique moans)
- Oh my God.
- Sh!
You're gonna wake
up my roommate.
(everyone moans and pants)
- Ah, fuck.
- Good boy.
(Quique pants and moans)
- [Seth] You are hot!
(speaks in Spanish)
We should do this
again sometime.
- Yeah?
- Fuck yeah, Papi.
You gotta slammin' bod,
thick uncut cock, tasty butt.
We should do this again
with my boyfriend.
- Your boyfriend.
- Fuck yeah, bro.
So how come you
didn't wanna fuck?
- You really gotta ask?
(Seth sniffs sharply)
- All right, whatever
you say, Papi.
- Man know you messing
around like this?
- Oh whatever.
He's probably out getting
some local street meat, too.
- Street meat, huh?
(Quique speaks in Spanish)
Ain't that right, Papi?
- Damn, Papi.
We gotta start having some
Spanish lessons on the regs.
- How about I tell you
what's up in English.
I ain't your Papi or your
bro, you suck a lousy dick,
and I might've played
it with your balls,
but I couldn't find none.
Oh, and if I see any other
pieces of street meat out there,
I'll tell them, "What's up bro?
Wrong door. Pussy boy
lives across the street."
Later, Papi.
- Yo, wait. Listen.
I'm sorry about all that.
Last time I hooked up like this,
the guy shows up,
I open the door,
he punches me right in the face
and knocks me out
cold and robs me.
(laughs) It's a scary
world, isn't it?
- Yeah. I guess so.
- Text me sometime.
(door thuds shut)
(Seth sighs)
(phone chimes)
(Seth laughs)
(birds chirp)
- Morning, lovely.
- Morning.
I left your shoes
right over there.
- Thanks. You fancy
going out for a bite?
- I'm late for work, so.
- Well, top of the
morning to you, too.
- Work as in I have a job
as in do you have one?
Sorry, I don't mean
to be such a bitch,
but I have a boyfriend
and I'm like late, so.
Here, clothes. The door
just locks on your way out.
Bye! What was your name again?
- Kevin.
- Kevin. Bye, Kevin.
(door clicks open and slams)
- Cheers, darling.
(heels clack faintly)
(door closes in background)
(zipper zips up)
(Kevin sighs)
(Abuela Rosa hums)
- Would you like
some help, Abuela?
(Abuela Rosa speaks in Spanish)
(Abuela Rosa laughs)
- My brother has his own
room and he's never home.
It's not fair.
(Abuela Rosa speaks in Spanish)
(both speak in Spanish)
- Why doesn't Quique
have a girlfriend?
(Abuela Rosa speaks in Spanish)
- Yeah, like he even
talks to me anymore.
I mean, Rafa already
had a baby with his,
and even nasty Cuz has a girl.
(Abuela Rosa laughs
and speaks in Spanish)
(both speak in Spanish)
- What would you do
if I had a boyfriend?
(Abuela Rosa speaks in Spanish)
- You don't know my life!
(Abuela Rosa speaks
in Spanish and hums)
("Midnight Skyline")
(train car whines)
- Hey, hey, hey. ID, please.
(music blares in distance)
- You know it's
a gay bar, right?
- That's what's up then.
- All right, so hands up please.
All right, man, you
good. Have a good time.
("El Ultimo")
(fog machine hisses)
("Band Hiatus [The Reflection]")
(singer speaks
indistinctly on song)
(singer speaks
indistinctly on song)
(people speak indistinctly)
(singer raps in Spanish)
(song and chatter fade out)
(soft ethereal music)
(traffic hums)
(music blares in distance)
(soft bright rhythmic music)
(truck rumbles past)
(truck rumbles)
(door buzzer buzzes)
(door slams)
- So listen, what I
want you to do here
is look in the camera
and just say your name.
Like, "Hey, my
name is," you know,
and we'll just kind of start it.
- Hey, I'm Quique.
- Quique, cool.
Thanks, man. Thanks for
coming in, appreciate it.
Thank you.
Hey, Marco tell
me he, he met you,
where did he meet you?
I met him at that club
in Jackson Heights.
- Jackson Heights.
Cuz that club, that's a,
that's a gay club, right?
That you went to.
- Are we gonna start doing
the photography stuff?
- Well, we're can do
a little bit of both.
I'm doing here and I'm
gonna take a little video,
and what I can do with this
is I put it like on a CD,
like a like a disc, you know?
- On a CD? Okay.
- Yeah.
And then I'll give it to my
friends who are in movie,
you know, movies and
TV and, you know-
- Oh yeah?
- Agents look at it. Yeah.
Oh, yeah, look at that. Get
a smile out of you, right?
I said TV, right? (laughs)
Get a little famous, right?
That'll be good.
Where are you from?
- Nah, from. Brooklyn.
- You're from Brooklyn.
Listen, if you want make
a couple extra bucks,
you can take your shirt off.
Lift the shirt, lift the shirt.
There you go. Real easy.
There you go, there you
go. Yeah, that's nice.
Make a muscle. Can you
like flex a little bit?
Like there we go.
Show me like a box.
Gimme, gimme a
couple jabs, yeah.
Boom. There we go.
That's nice. Smile,
come on. (laughs)
Well, that's, that's funny.
It's good stuff, come on.
- So you, you're
gonna pay me for this?
- [Photographer] Yeah,
and I can pay you
for a lot more, too.
- (chuckles) What
do you mean by that?
- Like how about
taking your pants off?
Come on, man. What
are you, scared?
- I'm not scared. I just
think you'll full of shit.
- [Photographer] Come on, man.
It's nothing to be scared about.
- Well-
- It's nothing.
It's just a picture.
It's a little video.
Nothing's gonna happen, nothing
you don't wanna happen, man.
500 bucks for taking
your pants down?
Hey, that's the quickest
500 bucks you ever make.
Quique. Fuck. (sighs)
("Son Son Son")
(singer sings in Spanish)
- Oh here.
- Oh.
- Oh. Let me help you with that.
(Elena speaks in Spanish)
- No-
- Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.
- No bother at all.
- Thank you.
- You know, you should
think about investing
in one of them carts
I've seen people carrying
around all their
bits and pieces in.
(Elena speaks in Spanish)
- Those carts are
for old ladies.
- Very well then. Where to?
- Just over there. Not too far.
- You live around here?
- Yes! Right there.
- Perfect.
- You're going this, but
you're going that way.
- It's fine. I'll
walk you to the door.
- Oh thank you,
thank you, thank you.
- No problem.
- Okay. (speaks in Spanish)
- You're so handsome! (laughs)
- Shucks. Thank you.
(locker clangs shut)
(people chatter indistinctly)
(locker creaks and clatters)
- Oh (laughs) shit!
- Oh. (laughs)
- What's up, man?
- It's been awhile.
How you doing bro? You got big.
- [Gym Bro] Yeah,
just been hitting those
bis and tris a lot.
- I see that. I see that.
- Butt squats, you know.
- Your arms are looking crazy.
- Thanks.
What have you been up to,
man? Like how's your weekend?
I was with this chick.
I went to this place called
Labon with this chick.
We went to this rooftop,
beautiful rooftop,
you know, like overlooking
- Is it that place
- the view and everything.
- with like the hot tub inside
or something?
- Yes, exactly, man.
- (laughs) Oh!
Tell me you got in!
- She got in.
She got in with the
bathing suit on.
- Holy shit.
- Yeah, it was nice.
It was nice, but then
the, the best thing,
here's what happens.
The best thing that
happens is then she's like,
"Let's go to the bathroom."
I don't know if you've been
to the bathroom at this place.
So we go into the bathroom.
- Yeah,
and what happened
in the bathroom?
- [Other Gym Member] I mean,
I, I don't have to tell you.
- Come on, give me details!
- I'll tell you what happened.
- Give me details!
- I'm gonna have to shower.
- Come on!
- 'cause I'm getting horny
just talking about this.
(spoon bangs)
(singer sings in Spanish)
(food bubbles)
- Hola, Mama.
- Hola!
(Quique speaks in Spanish)
(lips peck)
Damn, that's a lot of
food! We got company?
- Maybe. Maybe. (laughs)
- Maybe, maybe, maybe.
Oh man. Hey Ma, you...
What the...
Ma, you picking up strangers
off the street again?
- He was very
helpful to me today.
Carried everything home
from the supermarket.
- Ah, it's nothing.
- You should've seen the
last guy she brought home.
(Elena speaks in Spanish)
- Nah, I'm just kidding.
So how you been, man?
(Abuela Rosa speaks in Spanish)
- And now he's here,
so that's what's up.
Ah, I see you found yourself
a new drinking buddy, Abuela.
(Abuela Rosa speaks in Spanish)
- You see, my son is a good boy.
He does not drink
out of the carton.
- Yeah Ma, that's just
'cause we are company here.
- And he does not smoke
either. (speaks in Spanish)
(Elena and Quique
argue in Spanish)
- By the way, there ain't
no chance they letting you
outta here without
(speaks indistinctly),
so don't even think about it.
(Abuela Rosa speaks in Spanish)
- Thank you.
- You see what I mean?
- Hola, Mami.
- Hola, Princesa.
(Nieves and Abuela
Rosa speak in Spanish)
- Oh, hey, Dick Face! (laughs)
Oh, hey. Who's this,
my new boyfriend?
- They tell me that
it's my sister.
- Hey beautiful. I'm
gonna remember you.
(Abuela Rosa speaks in Spanish)
- (speaks in Spanish) Gonna
take a quick shower, Papa.
- Oh with your compadre?
Ew! Quique, what the hell?
Do you see how your perfect
little angel treats me?
- If they bite, it's only
because they like you.
- It's good, right?
- Very good.
You know when
everybody goes quiet.
- [Nieves] That's how you
know the food is good,
seriously though.
(silverware clinks)
(drinks trickle)
(Nieves chuckles and pecks lips)
- Yo, you catch Abuela
drinking from the beer can
before she gave it to you?
Sick stuff, right?
(everyone laughs)
By the way, she only pretends
not to speak English.
(Abuela Rosa and Quique
speak in Spanish)
(people laugh)
- So how od are you?
- Mija, don't you think you
are a bit young for him?
- Oh, I'm sure he's old enough
not to live at home anymore,
like my brother here.
(Quique speaks in Spanish)
- Got a girlfriend?
- I don't think he's your type.
- And you are?
(Elena speaks in Spanish)
(Nieves speaks in Spanish)
- You're the one that picked
him up at the supermarket.
- That's true.
- (speaks in Spanish), man.
Can you get her out of here?
- So do you have any kids?
Not that that's a problem
because I love kids.
Do you have any
brothers and sisters?
What's your relationship
like with your parents?
- (laughs) Well that's
a bit of a grim tale.
I don't think it's quite
family dinner appropriate.
- (speaks in Spanish), baby.
- Well, me folks split up
shortly after I was born.
Me dad shipped out to the states
and wound up here somehow.
Me ma, she passed on a
few years afterwards.
Me dad recently passed on.
That's what brings me here.
Wrap things up, sell the house,
and all that sort of thing.
- [Nieves] Wow, that's rough.
- (speaks in Spanish) I'm sorry.
- Oh goodness gracious.
I didn't mean to turn
this into a pity party.
- So what, you're just
gonna sell his house
and then they're just gonna
tear down all the buildings
on that block like they
did on Green Street?
- I don't know
anything about that.
- Good.
Then we can all move back to
Puerto Rico where we belong.
- Cheers to that.
- My mom's been
saying that for years.
- Just so you know, my
brother's very delicate.
- Wow.
(Elena speaks in Spanish)
- What?
I'm just asking him all
the questions we wanna know
before he becomes my
(speaks in Spanish).
(Quique speaks in Spanish)
(Abuela Rosa laughs)
- What's a (speaks in Spanish)?
- Oh it means brother-in-law.
(Abuela Rosa chuckles)
(silverware clinks)
- Wow.
- You know what?
This is delicious.
- Wow.
Cheers to the chef.
- Wow.
(people speak simultaneously)
(Elena speaks in Spanish)
("Beso de tu Boca")
(singer sings in Spanish)
(doorbell rings)
("Kill the White")
- So anyway, I dumped the rest
of my business right
on her fucking titties,
and then I stuck my
dick in her mouth.
Bam, pop, boom! That shit
was crazy ridiculous.
- Man, Cuz, I could
totally see it.
Spraying matches all
over them titties!
Ha ha!
- Whoa, whoa, what?
You like picturing my cock?
- No.
I, I mean like crazy stories.
It's just crazy, right?
- No you crazy if you
think I like you talking
about my cock.
(Rafa speaks in Spanish)
The only dick anyone's
thinking about here
is the one they got, all right?
- Whatever man. Just keep
your cock to yourself.
Yo Q, man. What's been up?
I've been reaching out
to you all goddamn night.
You ain't down for riding
with your crew no more?
- This a crew?
- Yo, come again?
I, I don't believe
I'm hearing you right.
- Just chilling.
- Chilling.
I know how you chill, all
nice and shit with family.
(scoffs) That shit's gonna
grow you a fucking pussy.
And what the fuck was up
with you motherfuckers doing
the fucking Mambo Jambo
with Riverdance.
- Serious?
(scoffs) Yeah, what's
up with that, yo?
(rapper raps indistinctly)
Yo chill. Our guy should
be right over there.
- Yo, what we say about this?
Don't be getting us involved
in your business, man!
- [Cuz] Too late for that shit.
- [Jorge] In the back, yo.
(door signal chimes)
And watch the
fucking seats, man.
- Oh, sorry.
- Shit's expensive,
right, Cuz?
- Sorry.
(door slams)
Hey, guys.
- Yo, what's up?
- It's a sweet ride.
What's going on?
- He ain't asking if
you like the ride.
He asking you what you need.
- Oh, sorry.
Just a 50 bag of weed, please.
- (laughs) What,
you don't party?
- Yeah, I party. I'm on
my way to one right now.
- There gonna be chicks there?
- (scoffs) Better be.
- Yo yo yo. What's up, ladies?
Do you wanna go to a party?
- Hell yeah! Let's do it baby!
- Yo, chill, girly. I
didn't invite you yet.
Yo Quique, what's up?
Wanna go to a party?
Yo, Q!
- What?
- [Cuz] I'm asking
you a question!
- Yeah, you could just drop
me off right over there, guys.
(tires screech)
- Yo, what the
fuck? You deaf, man?
I'm asking you if you wanna
go to a fucking party!
- Yo, how the fuck is
anyone supposed to hear you
with the music up so loud?
- You know what?
- And what the fuck is up
with you bringing us along
for this shit and
inviting everybody
to this dude's fucking party?
He don't even fucking know you!
(door thuds open)
- [Rafa] Shit. Yo
Quique, yo Quiq!
(door slams)
- Yo, you get what you need?
- All set.
- Good, now get the fuck outta
my car. Now, motherfucker!
All of yous, fucking bunch
of queers! I said everybody.
What the fuck,
you deaf now, too?
(door clicks open and slams)
(window hums open)
Hey, pussy boy. Where you going?
Get the fuck back in the car.
(door opens and slams)
You going soft on me!
- Come on, Cuz! I didn't do-
- Ain't no room for
soft in this game!
- Why you hitting me for?
- Huh? Huh?
You see? I told you.
(seats groan)
(stick clicks)
(car hums)
(cars whoosh past)
(lighter clicks)
- I didn't know you
still smoke weed.
- Just 'cause I got a kid now
don't mean I can't shit like
this every once in a blue.
(lighter clicks)
- (speaks in Spanish), man.
I can't take him no more.
Not one more second
or one more day.
- You know, Cuz is some real
bedbug and cockroach shit.
Can't get rid of the problem
unless you bomb the place
and move the fuck out.
So what's this I
hear from Tiki-Boo
about you being out
in Jackson Heights?
- Jackson Heights?
The fuck would my ass be
doing out in Jackson Heights?
And who the fuck is Tiki-Boo?
- Man, you remember Lil Eddie?
- Yeah, yeah.
The one with the crazy hair.
Whatever happened to him?
- Well just after Lil Eddie
moved in with his grandmas
in Jackson Heights,
started wearing heels,
he grew some titties,
changed his name to Tiki-Boo.
- Where the hell you be
hearing shit like this?
- We work at a barber
shop, yo, remember?
Shit gets passed around.
- Great. So what are you saying?
I should just grow some tits
and move out the
Jackson Heights?
- No, what I'm saying is
I wanna know what your ass
was doing at some
gay joint out there.
- Oh, I get it.
So now you all about
whatever Tiki-Butt
or whatever the fuck
his or her name is says.
- Tiki-Boo's got HIV now.
Look, I know you got
mad eyes for Dublin,
and it's eating you up inside,
but whatever you doing, I just
want you to be careful, man.
Sooner or later,
you're gonna need to talk
about this shit with someone,
and it show as hell ain't
gonna be any of those clowns.
- Bueno. Yeah, yeah.
(Rafa speaks in Spanish)
(birds chirp)
(siren wails in distance)
(keys jingle)
- Quique.
- Yo yo.
- Amelia, (speaks in Spanish)?
There's a change of plans, Papi.
Yeah, Squeak's on his way.
He's gonna cover for us.
- Como?
- We're gonna make a field trip.
- (laughs) And miss
out on a day's pay.
(speaks in Spanish)
Can't afford the rent around
here anymore as it is.
You know that.
- Yeah,
and I can't afford a
building with a fancy gym
and complimentary blowjob
service here neither,
and I got a kid.
Since you think you can't
talk to me about this shit,
you're gonna go talk
to someone else.
All right, look,
don't act like you don't
know what I'm talking about.
All right?
(subway car rattles and rumbles)
(traffic hums)
(pen clicks and scribbles)
- Enrique Torres?
- Yep.
- Hi, yes. Would you
come with me please?
And I will grab
that paperwork, too.
Thank you. Right this way.
- [Nurse] And do
you feel comfortable
asking your
partner's HIV status?
- (speaks in Spanish), you
lucky to get a name or a number.
Come on.
- You seem a little
anxious about this.
- Yeah. Hello?
- I could refer you
to some onsite mental health
professionals if you'd like.
- Sounds expensive.
- [Nurse] Many of us
are volunteers here.
- Look, I thought I came
here for the HIV test.
- [Nurse] Well, earlier
you said you came here
because your cousin brought you.
Listen, it's normal
to feel anxious
about this type of thing, but,
considering the fact that
your cousin brought you here,
it seems to me that you might
have a little bit more support
than you think.
Why don't we move
on to the testing?
Now the result
from the oral test
will only take a few minutes,
and then we'll perform a
comprehensive blood test
that will also
screen for gonorrhea,
chlamydia, hepatitis,
and syphilis.
(test clicks in teeth)
(paper rustles)
(traffic hums)
(door creaks open)
(bugs chitter)
(birds chirp)
(bicycle clicks)
(Abuela Rosa sniffs and hums)
(footsteps shuffle)
(Abuela Rosa speaks in Spanish)
(Quique speaks in Spanish)
(lips peck)
(Abuela Rosa laughs)
(Abuela Rosa speaks in Spanish)
- Ah.
(Abuela Rosa speaks in Spanish)
- Ah, we wrapped up early.
(Abuela Rosa laughs
and speaks in Spanish)
(Abuela Rosa hums and
speaks in Spanish)
- Guest linens?
How would I know?
We never have any guests.
- Oh no?
(speaks in Spanish)
(traffic hums)
(people chatter indistinctly)
(knock thuds)
(heels clack)
(door clicks open)
- Hello there.
- Hello, Papa.
- How are you?
- Listen, Kevin,
I'm really sorry
about the other night,
I, and I figured
you might be hungry.
- Thanks. Have a beer.
- Gracias, Papa.
("A Praia")
(flame whooshes)
(singer sings in
foreign language)
So this place all yours now?
- Nah, not for long.
Gonna unload this pity palace
and open a pub of
me own back home.
That's the plan and find me hat.
- [Quique] Yo, I could
get used to this,
chilling on the couch with my
boy every night after work.
A couple more of these drinks
and I might do something
I won't regret.
Hope you won't either, like
taste the whiskey on your lips,
my sweat on your chest.
(speaks in Spanish)
All your secret places.
I wanna call you Papa,
Papi, Papi Chulo.
I wanna cook you dinner.
I wanna go on vacation
and take stupid
pictures of each other.
I wanna get a place of our own.
I want to get a dog, maybe two.
Call 'em Chacho y Santo.
(speaks in Spanish)
Eh, Pa, it's getting late.
Gotta work in the morning.
- [Kevin] Ah, come off it,
lad. One more for the road.
You're more than welcome
to crash here if you like.
(record player clicks)
(Quique and Kevin pant)
(lips peck)
(soft contemplative music)
(traffic honks below)
(tools whir and buzz)
(elevator whirs)
(birds chirp)
(door creaks open
and clicks shut)
- Yo, Cuz! I got it, yo!
You gonna love this.
You gonna dig this.
(laughs) Yo, I, I, I,
yo, I got you, man.
Yo, listen, listen, listen,
listen. I got something for you!
I think that Quique
be chilling with Irish
in ways that ain't cool, son.
I seen him creeping out a
Irish house this morning
when I was getting
some breakfast.
- All right, now
get the outta here.
I'm working on my skills.
- I mean, I just thought that
I should come and tell you
because you know, you were like,
"Oh you know they
might be doing some-"
- Dough boy,
you could tell me some
shit I don't already know?
Let me explain something to you.
When you see me doing this, I
don't need to be hearing this.
You hear me? So like I said,
get the fuck outta here.
(ball thuds)
(Cuz sighs)
(Cuz grunts)
(ball clangs against fence)
(singer sings in Spanish)
(lively upbeat music)
("Kill the White")
(rapper raps in Spanish)
- Yo, little bitch.
What you doing, man?
(pins clatter)
(upbeat music)
(ball thuds)
(pins clatter)
- Yes! Ooh. (laughs)
(Quique laughs)
A victory round
on me, I propose,
just to show you how
gracious the Irish can be.
- Well, I propose
you don't fall over.
- Well, there ain't no
way a chicken and rice
is out drinking bangers
and mash tonight.
- (laughs) Bangers and
mash? What the fuck is that?
- It's delicious.
- Yeah.
(singer sings indistinctly)
Now I can't stop
(sings indistinctly)
I love you and I feel
(people chatter indistinctly)
I love you and I feel,
and I feel so good
(upbeat rock music)
- All right. That is 36, my man.
- 36? 36 what?
- $36.
- Okay, one. That's two.
(coins clatter)
(bills rustle)
(coins clatter)
- Give me a minute.
(coins clatter)
- Hey pal, can I get two pints
of the Eclipse ale please?
- You got it.
(coins clink)
(coins clink on floor)
Here you go.
- Thanks a million.
Also, I have a tab
on the Maginness.
- Okay, got it.
- You know what?
Put his round on my tab, too.
- No problem.
- Cheers.
- You're good, man.
Guy over there got ya.
Have a good night.
(bills rustle)
(upbeat rock music)
(pins clatter)
- Pardon me, lads.
Looks like I've had
an unexpected change
in plans this evening.
I gotta run.
Can I interest you
in both a couple
of free beers on
the house? (laughs)
No spit, no pubes,
no cockroaches.
- Yeah, sure, bro. Thanks.
- You're welcome.
- Hey man, what's your deal
tonight? You wanna hang with us?
- I'd love to, mate,
but I gotta run.
Cheers. Safe night now.
- He's hot.
- Should've gotten his
phone number. (laughs)
(pins clatter)
(phone rings)
- [Kevin] Fuck off now, eh.
(phone rings)
Which part of fuck off
did you not understand?
- The part where
you picked up again?
- (scoffs) Yeah.
- Look, I'm sorry I bailed.
I just
- You know,
- needed some air.
- I'm very well trained
in the art of shame
and abandonment.
So if you're even the
slightest bit embarrassed
to be seen with me-
- It's not you that
I'm embarrassed about.
- [Kevin] (scoffs) Yeah.
- I, I'd like to
apologize in person.
- [Kevin] Good luck with that.
Fuck's sake. I should've
seen this coming.
- I'm headed to the pier off
Kent Street. Come through?
- [Kevin] All right
then. I'll be seeing ya.
- All right. I'll ping
you the location, okay?
- Yeah.
- All right.
(phone beeps)
(water laps)
(phone vibrates)
(helicopter blades whir)
(children shout and play)
(ball thuds)
(ball thuds)
(rim rattles)
(ball thuds)
(rim rattles)
(truck rumbles in distance)
(train cars rattle and rumble)
(door clicks open and shut)
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Livin' out of mind,
sniffin' cloud nine
Didn't know I'm dippin'
You can catch me
(singer sings indistinctly)
Teach me how to climb
You can skip a dime but you
can't live without a spine
You can, you can
(horn honks)
- Hey, yo, Irish!
What up? You need a ride?
Come on.
- Come on.
(horns honk)
(door opens)
- Hey.
(seatbelt clicks)
(car hums)
(siren wails in distance)
- [Cuz] So where
you was coming from?
- Work.
- Oh yeah?
- Yeah.
- Doing what?
- Security, at a nightclub.
- Oh man.
I bet you get loads
of pussy, huh?
- (laughs) Yeah, loads.
- A'ight, a'ight,
that's what's up.
That's what I'm talking about.
- (laughs) Yeah.
- Yo, so what's up
with you and my boy?
- Your boy?
- Yeah, my boy Quique.
Damn, man, you a
tough nut to crack.
Just that, you know, we
never see him no more
'cause you guys are always
like hanging out and shit.
I was beginning to think
we had a problem here.
- Problem? Oh no,
there's no problem.
I mean, even if there was,
I'm sure you'd have
me gone by tomorrow.
- I could have you
gone by tonight.
(siren wails in distance)
- Right. Well then.
(clears throat)
You know what? Just around
the corner would be grand.
(turn signal clicks)
(seatbelt clicks)
(door opens)
(door signal chimes)
So am I to believe after
I tender a little heart
to heart tonight that
we're friends now?
- Yo, Cuz ain't got no friends,
just soldiers in the game.
But we good though, right?
- If you say so.
- So shake on it, bro.
- Why?
So you can move your hand
away as soon as I go for it?
Rest assured, whatever it is
you think that's going on,
it isn't, and even if it was,
I'm doubtful it would
be anybody's business,
especially yours.
Thanks for the lift
as odd as it was.
Safe night now.
(door slams)
(Kevin exhales deeply)
(muffled voice speaks on radio)
(fridge hums)
(door thwacks shut)
Hey, pal.
(engine revs)
Just this, please.
- One dollar.
- Thank you.
(traffic hums)
- Hey, okay, ma.
Yeah, You know I'm
gonna be there tonight.
(laughs) Yeah, you
know it. Yo, yo, yo.
Okay. (speaks in Spanish)
Yo, Papo, can I buy
a cigarette from you?
- Oh, how are ya?
- Yo, Dublin! What's up man?
Yo, how you been?
Come here, Papa!
- Ah. This one's on the house.
- Thank you. Shit.
(lighter clicks)
- The light's included, too.
- Thanks, bro.
- No bother. Cheers.
- Yo, yo, yo.
Wait, Papo, where you going?
Listen, I'm trying to pry
Quique out of the house tonight,
go hit up this party.
Why don't you come with?
- Ah, thanks for the invitation,
but I got stuff to do.
- (speaks in Spanish) look,
I don't know what's
going on with you guys,
and that's between you and him,
but what I do know is that I
can't stand watching him
moping around no more.
Just think about it,
Papa. You know what?
Put your information
down right here.
All right, right here. Come on.
All right. I'm gonna text
you, and you better answer.
(laughs) Come on, I'm
fucking around. (laughs)
("Funky Sax Action")
(door creaks)
(people chatter indistinctly)
(cup clatters)
- You look so familiar. Who...
- Not Cary Grant. (laughs)
Oh, I, I wouldn't know that.
- Oh my dear.
Are you a Cary Grant, I'm
like a huge Cary Grant fan.
- I have no idea who that is.
- Oh, that's sad.
Okay. You're from Ireland?
- Dublin.
- Dublin. Have you
ever been to Boston?
There's lots of
Irish people there.
- I've heard about that, too.
- You look like Chris
Martin from Coldplay.
- [Kevin] Yeah, I've
heard it a few times.
- Oh my God, it's so funny!
What's your favorite
song to sing?
When you do karaoke,
is everyone like, "'Yellow,
sing 'Yellow'"? (laughs)
- Sorry.
- Here, I've got a great idea.
- [Liz] I like that one.
- Why don't we have a
little kissing contest?
- [Kevin] I don't
really know the songs.
- See who kisses better.
- Everyone knows Coldplay.
Don't act like you're too cool
- Are you game?
- for school.
- No I don't honestly-
- Oh my God.
Swear, I used to
have such a crush
on him pre-Gwyneth Paltrow.
- Okay.
- He was like kind of hot.
So what I'm trying to say-
- I got to see them once
in Dublin, and
they were amazing.
I was looking
- Oh my God, keep talking.
- at the light show.
("Funky Sax Action")
- Do you like YouTube?
- I'm sorry,
I forgot what I
was talking about.
- Oh my God. That's
'cause I interrupted you.
Coldplay. You saw
them somewhere.
Go on.
- Didn't catch your name.
- I'm Liz.
- Liz,
would you like a top off?
- Yes, if they have Guinness.
(laughs) Please.
- I'll be right back.
- Oh my God. Thank you.
- [Woman] So who's
the better kisser?
- What?
- Yo yo, yo yo! Let
me just your phone.
- Huh?
- Come on, man.
It's an emergency, serious.
Come on.
- What happened?
- Oh man, do I need to call
your mother to let her know
that her son is out
looking for dick?
Ain't that right, McFaggot?
- Now take it easy, mate.
What's this all about?
- Mates?
We ain't no fucking
mates, and my boy,
you saw earlier, he
ain't no homo either.
You hear me? You
hear what I said?
So who you trying to
fuck with here, huh?
You trying to fuck with
my boy? Is that what's up?
Huh? You want his
dick up your butt?
That it, huh?
Your mom know you out here
- Jesus Christ.
- looking for dick up the ass?
- What's the fucking problem?
- You're making a problem?
Huh? My problem
is you, McFaggot!
So why don't you take you
and your gay ass waist
and get the fuck outta
here and go suck a dick.
- Ah, thanks for the invitation,
but you're not my type.
(body thuds)
(hip hop music blares)
- Yo. What's up, Papi?
Yo, Dublin, where
you going, man?
(door opens and slams)
- Dude, can you hurry up?
(knock thuds)
(toilet flushes)
Hey, what the hell, man?
(door slams)
(Kevin gulps)
(can clatters)
(urine trickles)
(glass shatters)
(man grunts)
(object thuds)
- [Cuz] Now you know what
Cuz (speaks indistinctly).
(tires screech)
(engine revs)
(wind blows)
(footsteps shuffle)
(bag rustles)
(cans clatter)
(thunder booms)
(soft music)
- [Operator] 911. What's the
nature of your emergency?
(phone beeps)
(thunder booms)
- Yo, this, this 911? (pants)
The nature of my call, I'd
like to report something,
but seriously, I, I, I
can't be found out, yo.
I, I got a situation
in my head that I,
that I can't deal with no more.
I know this ain't
the suicide hotline.
There's this fucking
guy in my neighborhood.
He, he deals drugs and
he, he beats on me,
and I don't even know why,
and I can't take it no more.
He thinks he could just treat me
like however you wanna treat me,
and it's like, it
is like sick, yo!
He, he fucked up
this one dude so bad,
I don't even know
if he could walk.
I can't leave. It's just
me and my grandmas here.
You what the, what the
fuck am I gonna do?
Where are we supposed
to go, huh? Huh?
All right. All
right, I'm calm now.
(cars rumble past)
I, I would like to
report illegal activity.
I doubt he's a
stranger to you guys.
(receiver slams)
(Jorge sniffles)
(horns honk)
(engines rumble)
("Time to Move On")
(Quique and Kevin pant)
(lips smooch)
(Quique and Kevin pant)
(Quique and Kevin pant)
(lips smooch)
(footsteps shuffle)
(traffic hums)
(knock taps)
(train horn blares faintly)
(knock taps)
I don't wanna be
alone right now
I wish it was a
little bit later
Think I'd rather
be asleep right now
Dream about some
mistake I made
Tell me why I'm
living so fast
I wish I was just a
little bit younger
Then I wouldn't be
afraid like this
Push it in just a
little bit further
You were right,
this never gets old
Waking up in
another direction
If circumstance
is all we get
Let's come back
the way we came
I know it's a chemical thing
That's why I spend each day
Just trying to get
my head on straight
Think I'll try just
a little bit harder
(soft somber music)
(wind blows)
(gate rattles)
(train horn blares in distance)
(tarp rustles)
(cat meows)
(door rattles and groans open)
(keys jingle)
(people chatter indistinctly)
- Are we just gonna do a
little bit off the side right?
- A little bit.
- Okay. It's been awhile.
- So you're trying
to roll it back in.
Coming to me to get dress up.
- Like I.
(people speak
indistinctly and laugh)
(Chewie speaks in Spanish)
- Hey.
- Yo yo!
What's up, Papi?
- What up?
(both speak in Spanish)
- Hello, Mahogany.
- Chewie.
- Man, the shop has
copped a whole new vibe
ever since big old bad
Cuz stopped hanging out.
- I tell you.
- Yeah.
They actually have
customers now.
- Oh come on.
(people speak
indistinctly and laugh)
- You think I'd be working here
if he was still hanging around?
- Hey, so what exactly happened
to big old bad Cuz anyway?
- Yo, I heard from Lil Money
cops finally busted his ass.
For what, dealing shitty weed?
(everyone laughs)
- Yo, I heard his own
mother ratted him out.
- What?
- Yo, I ain't even
know Cuz had a mother.
- Well, she traded in
her family for loose dick
and cheap drinks
a long time ago.
- Yeah, and then his
uncle came around
and introduced him to the
hustle and that was it.
- So who's gonna beat
up on poor Jorge now?
- Yo, actually, Jorge is
doing all right right now.
- Word?
- Yeah.
He got himself a
job stocking shelves
at this new supermarket
up in Long Island City.
- No way. Good for him.
- And his grandma's
doing better now, so.
- You see, Cuz and I
ain't never had no beef,
but I ain't letting a character
like that anywhere
near my wife and kids.
- Yeah.
- Hey, yo, Quique.
You heard the shit he was saying
about you and Irish last summer?
- Who?
- Remember Irish?
Tall, whitey white dude
who Cuz left all busted up
in that dark alley?
- You, Squeak, really?
What the fuck you bringing
that up right now?
- What?
- So what about it?
(razor buzzes)
- Oh come on, Quiq.
You must've heard Cuz running
his mouth with some wild shit
about how you and Irish
was doing things on the DL.
- Of course I heard about
it, heard all about it,
and guess I'm still gonna
hear about it apparently.
(razor clicks off)
So what if it was true?
What then?
(razor buzzes)
(soft bright upbeat piano music)
(scissors snip)
- [Rafa] I heard on the
news that it's supposed
to rain all next week.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- I actually thought
that it was gonna be
sunny on next week.
I've been trying
to go to the beach.
- Nah.
- I need y'all to hurry up
'cause I got (speaks
(people chatter
indistinctly and laugh)
- [Barbershop Customer]
Hallelujah! About time, man!