Barrio Brawler (2013) Movie Script

No, this isn't working at all.
We need to get better fighters
up in this bitch.
Hell no. You guys are fighting
the Lucha Libre rejects.
I'm not gonna stand for this
shit. And neither is Morales.
Who cares. Just find me better
Alright everybody. Listen up.
Thank you all for coming. Good to see you guys.
I want you to spread the word.
That Eduardo Ruiz and Miguel Morales
we're starting up "Barrio Fights". Alright.
It's a new tournament that's
going to happen.
There's money to be made in
So if you know any fighters. And I mean,
GOOD fighters. You let me and and I'll meet with them.
Ok? Alright.
Let's get these piece of shit fighters out of here.
Come on.
Remember guys. Hands up. Lighter
on your feet. Relax.
Staying cool. Alright. We go
Ok good. Back to bow position
here. Bow.
Alright. Good job guys. Especially you.
Your second class. Good work. High Five.
Your parents are here. Guys go
get your stuff.
- Bye Mr. Castillo.
- Bye girls.
How was class?
- Hey Carlos.
- Hey Stella.
How are you doing?
Not bad. Yourself?
I'm good. I just wanted to thank you for
everything you've done for Christopher.
I mean he really likes your
It's really nice to see him so
enthusiastic about something.
Think nothing of it. He's great. Only 2 classes
in and he's already has a strong front kick.
Well we got to get going. Thank
you so much for the talk.
You're welcome. Christopher see
you soon buddy.
Castillo Martial Arts, How can I
help you?
Yes this is he.
I know I'm late on the payments.
This was my father's place.
I'm not getting rude. You're
Take me to court?
Fine. Sue me. Have at it.
Hola Carlitos.
Hola Abuelita.
What are you watching?
Some movie.
How was your day?
It's ok.
I made some tea. You want some?
Por favor.
- Gracias
- mmhmm
Did you talk to Ricky?
Not yet.
I will.
You should call him. Maybe he
can help you.
Es familia.
No seas tan orgulloso.
Ok Abuelita.
Are you going out?
Yeah Abuelita. I'll be back
soon. Do you need anything?
No Gracias. I'm fine.
Ok. Call me if you need anything
Ok. Be careful.
I will Abuelita.
- I told you. Not now.
- Hook me up. I'll pay you later. I promise.
Get out of here. Go.
Let go of me.
I don't want you no more!
Hey take it easy.
Hey, time to go.
Get him out of here.
Oh my god.
Thank you.
Get out.
Did I stutter? We don't want
your bullshit drama in here.
Get the fuck out.
Fuck this place.
Hey, can I get a shot of
Yeah sure bro, what kind?
Well is fine.
I don't think you want our well.
Whoa. Ghost from Christmas
How you been man?
Been alright, Bro.
Y tu? Como estas?
I'm - I'm good.
How long has it been? Years?
Yeah. 4 years.
4 years.
Hey Karen.
What's up?
I want you to meet my brother
Came to visit me in my ah,
humble place of business.
I didn't know you had a brother.
Yeah I almost forgot myself.
Half brother actually.
Same mom. Different dad.
Yeah, his dad was a Martial Arts instructor.
Bus driver and a great cook.
And your dad?
My father was an expert piece of
shit that we don't talk about.
Got it.
Hey Karen.
Watch the bar for a second.
I'm gonna have a drink with my long lost brother.
What? Ricky, you know I'm just training
and I don't know any of the drinks yet.
Calmate woman. There is barely anybody here.
The most you'll have to do is open a couple
of bottles and pour a couple
drinks. Can you handle that?
Probably. But if someone orders a sex on the beach
or something I'm not gonna know what to do.
Karen, no body is gonna order a
sex on th beach in here, alright?
You'll be fine.
I'm telling you Ricky. I'm telling you if
someone orders a cosmo I'm not gonna do it.
Do you walk away from me.
I can't believe he just walked away from me.
I can't believe
he just walked away from me.
I'm not gonna do it.
What are you looking at.
Sorry to hear about Vanessa,
I liked her.
I still do.
You guys separated, or divorced?
See how that goes.
How about Diego? Do you get to
see him often?
Yeah. Not as often as I'd like.
But she's pretty cool about it.
So, she's dating a white boy
His name is Drew.
That's a verb, not a name.
Yeah, past tense verb.
So what is he? Like a lawyer or
some shit?
I don't know man. Some kind of nerdy thing.
Like a computer programmer or something.
Same thing.
Never heard of that drink.
Why would you want to order and
Ice tea anyway?
Here. Rum and coke.
Long island iced tea?
Whatever. Rum and Coke.
So Carlos, what's up?
You didn't just come in here just to reminisce.
This place ... looks like you've
done good for yourself bro.
Yeah. I'm doing alright.
You know Morales barely ever comes in here.
So it's practically mine.
Hey bro be careful. That dude
ain't no joke.
Yeah. I know what I'm doing.
So wait a minute. You need some
Remember, about 5 years ago when
I gave you that loan for college?
Yeah. Yeah I remember.
How that work out?
What you major in? Philosophy?
Human sexuality?
- Ah-
- Wait. Sustainable agricultural.
- Alright.
- You triple majored. Amazing, you end up at a bar.
OK. I get it. I get it. You need
that money back?
I was hoping I would never have
to ask.
And I appreciate that.
I do.
I always respected how you never
hounded me about it.
Especially after all the fucking
around I did.
Yeah, I know.
Being that you are doing pretty good here now,
I could sure use the money man.
The Dojo is not doing well?
Nah, man. Not really.
I'm sorry to hear that man.
I learned a lot from you there.
Yeah you did. You put it to good
You let that dude up man.
Ba, Ba, Ba!
You know it.
Watch those kicks though, you
Here, put your glass down.
To Manuel. A great father.
Ricky! Ricky! This ain't right!
I'm over here bartending while you are over
there drinking on the job.
You're lucky I don't tell Ruiz or Morales about this.
Hey! You ain't gonna tell
Morales shit!
Unless you want a bar back for
the rest of your life.
So callete la boca muje.
Yeah. Shit man.
So really man, uhm, How much was that you loan me?
I don't even remember.
Wow, really?
Damn, I'm a dick.
I'm sorry to do this to you know
I know man, it's only right.
You know after everything you've
done for me.
So, 15g's huh?
You need it all at once?
Actually yeah.
If the renovations on the Dojo
don't get paid off I might get sued.
I got to cover Abuelita's medical expenses.
And also she invested in the school
back in the day and I got to get that money back to her.
And I also-
Whoah! Medication? She ok?
Yeah man. She's fine. As long as
she has her medicine.
She's getting old bro. You know.
What are you gonna do.
And you were saying? And...
I also want to get Vanessa back.
I want my family back bro.
What? Vanessa left you because
of money?
No man. Not really.
I just put everything I had in that school to
keep everything alive. When i should have been
putting everything I had into
her and Diego.
I don't know man. Fuck that you know.
She should stay by your side.
When the going gets tough you
don't just get up and go.
Hey, man. Believe me.
She stood by my side as much as she could. Ok?
I let the stress get to me.
I was an asshole one to many times. She got sick of my
bullshit. You of all people know
how I can get.
Oh yeah.
But still, you shouldn't let her
walk all over you like that.
You got a woman Ricky?
Nope. Can't find one that
makes me forget about the other ones.
You know what I'm saying?
Hmm, yeah man. Let me tell you
When you finally grow up and
have a family of your own
and things get complicated then you
tell me I'm letting her walk all over me.
Ricky, Listen-
I'm sorry for everything Bro.
I apologize for my part in it.
It's been so long that I don't remember
what we even fought about man.
I don't remember either. I was probably
some,- something with me gambling or some
other dumb shit man.
It's a long time ago though.
I'm sorry too bro.
Fuck that man.
But Abuelita, she gonna be ok?
Yeah. She'll be alright.
You should call her though. Make
her feel better.
Let me work some things out man.
I'll get that money for you.
Thank you.
Gracias Hermano.
Can I get a Cosmo?
Uh, no.
How about a sex on the beach?
Come on Ruiz, You know I'm good
for it.
I'm always good on my word.
Alright, except a few times i know.
But I always make up for it, right?
Come on man, let me just talk to
Where do you think we're going?
He actually wants to talk to
Yeah. Once I explained your situation to him,
he came up with a proposal.
For me?
Yeah. Specially for you.
What? Don't look so scared. It's
going to be alright.
Look at this.
Come right here.
Check this shit out. This is
Now if your face was a fight,
This is what the fight would look like.
Look at my boy Chuy is playing
just to keep the fight Entertaining.
What happened to all the good
I thought everybody and their left
tit were doing MMA these days.
That's what I thought.
This is so sad man.
So you working Castillo. How's
my bar doing?
It's great. Business is doing
well. Especially on weekends.
I'm sure you already know that.
Yeah, I do know that.
Thanks again for this opportunity.
I really appreciate it.
Shut your mouth and listen
You fucked me over too many times.
But I think you are on the brink of redeeming yourself.
See there is something you can
do for me.
Name it.
Now I hear that you need money
to pay your brother Carlos back.
So I can hook that up in one
You go get him to fight in this
tournament I'm setting up.
Look, as good as he is he can probably win
the thing and he won't need your money.
Look with all do respect Morales,
I don't think my brother would go for that.
He doesn't believe in fighting
for money.
Especially in illegal and
unsanctioned bouts.
He take Martial Arts seriously-
Do you take your teeth
I said do you take your teeth
Yes. Yes I do.
Well I take my money seriously.
Yeah I know.
So look,
You get them to agree and I'll let you keep your teeth.
And your job, cool?
Look, he does this and we all
stand to make some money.
Hey man. Let me fight for you.
Carlos taught me. I can probably
beat him now.
You could fight too. Now go do this and I don't
wanna hear another word out of your mouth.
Got it?
Ya cortalo.
Let's go.
See that. Whoo! We need to get
him some competition man.
Don't stand so fucking close
Ruiz. Man you smell like shit
with that cheap ass
cologne you wear.
Why don't you go ahead and walk
him out.
Yeah but I head all this before with you Carlos.
It's like a broken record.
But I'm working out somethings out,
for real this time. You'll see.
When I get this place back on it's feet
I'll be able to take care of you guys.
If you would have paid attention to us like
you pay attention to that school, I'm sure
thing would have been different Carlitos.
But, come on that's not why I called you.
I can't bring Diego this
Why not?
Drew has offered take us to Disneyland.
So I mean I can bring him Sunday
or we could switch weekends and
you can have him both days.
Esperate. Hold on. Hold on.
I get him one day this weekend or 2 next?
I was really looking forward to- Why can't
you guys go to Disneyland next weekend?
Drew has to work out of town.
Don't, Come on. Don't be like that.
Be like what?
Isn't Disneyland like 100 bucks
a ticket or something?
I don't know. Is it?
I don't know. I think -
Mira. Look. Ok.
Ok. I'll take him this sunday. I
don't want to wait another week.
Ok. Thank you Carlitos.
Alright, well I got to go. I'll talk to you later.
Alright. Hey hey Vanessa.
You'll see.
Hey you-
Yes this is he.
Yeah I understand that.
We've already been through this.
Things haven't been picking up.
Ok well.
We'll talk another week or so.
Uh huh.
You know where to find me.
For nothing putos.
What's happening bro? How you
Everything ok?
Creditors. Fuck'em.
Place looks good though.
Actually, better then it use to.
I just don't have enough
Do you have some good news for
Sort of.
I uh- I talk to Morales.
Morales? You said you were going to figure
some things out. You never mentioned
anything about Morales. That guy
is a gangster Ricky.
Calm down man. Geez. You know I
run that bar for him, right?
I don't have $15,000 laying
What did you think I was going
to do?
I didn't think. I was buzzed off
Tequila Pendejo.
Look if the bar keeps doing well,
Maybe he'll let me have it.
After what?
I think I have a way to solve
our problem.
I don't know Ricky. What is it?
Fighting these unsanctioned battles
that Morales puts on locally.
I knew it. I knew it would be
some shady shit with you.
Why would I think you would
Fuck off Man. I am trying to
help, Alright?
I don't need that kind of help.
Come on bro.
I could be fun. Hey I'm going to
do it.
It will be easy money. You'll blow these dudes away.
You'll probably make all the money
you need of the bets.
Don't you see this is the
perfect solution?
I'm sorry man I don't have that
kind of money laying around.
I wish I did.
I'm sorry.
What else is there Ricky? Come
Nah, that's it bro.
Don't bullshit me. I know you
better then that. What is it?
If I don't get you to fight,
Morales is going to rip my teeth out.
Probably with steel pliers.
Whatever man, it's just my
I'll get dentures.
Fuck Ricky! Why did I-
You know what? I blame myself.
I was the dumbass that went to
you thinking you've changed.
I won't do it Ricky.
I can't. I refuse.
I'm not gonna get caught up in
some shit like that.
So sorry. But no.
Seriously man?
You seriously gonna let this guy rip my teeth out.
You're not gonna guilt me into
this one Ricky.
People die at these things. I
could go to jail.
Who's gonna take care of Abuelita?
Who's gonna take care of my family?
Yeah that's what I thought.
I should have let him rip your
teeth out, you little shit.
You know, I remember training
with you here a lot.
You use to slap me around like a
step child.
But I always learned something
Not enough.
Come on bro.
- Let's spar.
- No.
For all time sake. Come on.
What? Afraid I'll kick your ass?
No? Ok. Well let's go.
And let's bet on it too.
If I win, you join the tournament You win your money.
You get your life back on track.
And if I win?
If you win, I'll leave.
And gladly have my teeth ripped
You that confident.
And what if we end up fighting each other in
the tournament? Did you think about that?
Won't happen. Morales won't let
He'd be too afraid we'd go too
easy on each other.
If he was here right now,
he won't have to worry about that.
Whoo... I'm scared.
Let's go.
Don't push it.
I'm pretty pissed at you right
Old man.
Let's do it.
That's what I'm talking about.
Touch my ribs and I'm knocking
you out.
Ribs still bothering ya?
It's ok. I don't need to use
your injury to beat you.
What did I tell you about that
fancy stuff Ricky?
What? You taught me that move.
I also taught you not to use
them in a fight.
Ah! Ok.
I see. I see.
Bro sorry.
Why you kick me so hard man.
You had it coming.
Sorry about the picture bro.
I'll do it.
Yeah, he's down.
Ruiz, you gotta promise me. This
is legit, right?
1st off, I don't have to promise
you a damn thing.
If you guys fight, you get paid.
And onto the other business at
hand, Did you get that package?
Yeah I got it.
You can move it?
Yeah, I'm pretty sure.
Pretty sure? You better be really sure.
I already hooked you up with a list of names
so don't fuck it up.
I won't. I got it. Just give me
And Ruiz?
If I win at the fights, can I
pay it off that way?
Goodbye Ricky.
- How you doing?
- I'm fine. I have a movie for us to watch.
Well good. Why don't you go to the back
to set it up while I talk to your mom.
- Bye mama.
- Bye baby.
Working out huh.
Yeah, I'm actually - How are
How was Disneyland?
- He had fun at Disneyland. It was a good time.
- Oh. Ok. Good.
Is that him?
Oh, I told him to stay in the
He doesn't listen, does he?
- Hey babe.
- Hey. I was just talking. I'm sorry as I taking too long?
No no, you I just got tired
waiting in the car like a dog.
Plus, I wanted to meet the man.
What's up bro? I'm Drew.
- Carlos.
- Yeah.
Diego has talked a lot about his
Nice place.
I use to train in a little wing
chun. Little kempo.
I even dabbled with some kuk sool won.
You familiar with that style?
Yeah actually we uh-
What do you guys do over here?
A variaty of things. Hapkido,
muay thai, jiu jitsu.
What? No kempo? No Wing Chun? Come on man.
You're missing out. That's stuff is brutal.
There's this one move that-
- Drew, no no no it's fine. - Babe no it's fine.
Here you know what. Hold this for a sec.
This one move is bad ass.
I got to show you. You mind.
No no no. We should go.
I don't think right now is the
What are you afraid?
I joking. I'm kidding I'm
kidding bro.
Come on. It's just going to take
a second. Alright?
Here. Grab my wrist really hard.
I got this.
And listen, please feel free to
try and defend against this.
- Carlos.
- Sorry.
- Are you ok?
- Yeah, I'm fine. You just caught me off guard there.
I wasn't ready, I didn't know we
were doing it for real.
- Ok, I'm going to be a moment.
- Yeah listen, we are running
late. Can we just,
you know get going.
- Good to meet you cristos.
- Carlos. - Yeah. I'll show you the
move another time.
Sorry about that.
He asked for it.
I didn't hurt him did I?
Yeah. More of his pride.
I have to go.
Vanessa. It's good to see you.
You too. I see you when I get
Diego on sunday.
- Let's do it.
- Yeah.
Bro, what's the deal with this
You don't want to know.
Damn man. Morales ain't fucking
around this time.
Bro, there's Ruiz.
How you doing man?
You ready for this?
You know it.
This is my brother.
Carlos Castillo. I know who you are.
Good to see you here Hermano.
I hear you're muy chingon.
This is who I was asking
Yeah, I know who he is you dip shit.
This is not the place to talk about that. Soon.
So you guys ready to throw down?
As ready as I'll ever be.
Good.Well, hang back a minute.
Well get started soon. If you want to make any bets,
find the guys in the aprons.
Other then that you know the deal.
You get $500 for your fights.
Ricky we got you up 1st. Then you Carlos.
After that we have 1 final fight.
Which you guys should see.
Trust me. I gotta go.
You Ricky?
I'm Deron. We're gonna be
Good Luck.
I think it's gonna be you who's
gonna be needing good luck.
I'm going to fuck you in the
ass. Hard.
That sound disgusting.
Oh I'll promise you. You are
going to LOVE it.
What the fuck was that?
That was romantic.
Welcome everybody.
To the 1st round of the 3rd street barrio brawl.
I got to send a special thank you out to Miguel
Morales for putting this event on today.
Oh shit. I think this is it.
I want to thank everybody for coming out.
Make sure you all place your bets.
By plenty of booze. And lets
have a good time.
Make some ferria mi gente.
Ok lets get started.
On our 1st fight we got 2 warriors
ready to get bloody today.
On this side, we got Deron
Furious fist fury.
He just winked at you?
Lets not dwell on it ok?
And on this side,
we got a newbie to the tournament,. Ricky Castillo!
What, no nickname?
I couldn't think of one man.
Yeah me neither.
Now I want to go over the rules
really quick.
The rules are, there are no
But, If we catch you doing some bitch shit.
Eye gauging. Fish hooking. Ball grabbing.
We gonna think of you as some bitches.
So my advice is to man up.
And fight like men.
You ready?
You ready?
Ref you ready?
Go get him hermanito.
Yeah hermano. Dale dale!
Come on. Come on.
Yeah. Ricky!
The winner, Ricky Castillo!
Right on, that was bad ass
hermanito. Right on!
Thanks man, Did you put that
money down on me?
Yeah man, you know it.
Good work out there.
Thank you.
- Think about going pro?
- Ppff, these guys don't go pro. Let's get out of here.
Thank you.
Hey don't listen to him.
He doesn't know what he's talking about.
Alright. Ok.
Hey what's up girl?
My brother is about to fight.
You see my fight?
Ya'll ready for the next fight?
Oh shit. I gotta go. It's good
to meet you.
Place your bets. Lets get ready
for some action.
Where'd you go?
Just to grab a tamal.
Yeah? Any good?
Eh, it's alright.
It's not like the ones ma use to make. You know?
Come on man.
So you pumped?
Actually bro, hella nervous man.
I haven't fought in years. You
Come on. You'll be fine man.
Let's see who the other guy is.
That guy ain't shit man. You got
So far so good, huh?
Yeah, I think we got something
that could go real big.
Don't start sucking your own dick yet Ruiz.
You ain't all that.
Ok, let's get started. On this side we got my man,
Ray Machine Gun Martinez!
And on this side, we got Carlos
Sensei Castillo!
Sensei? Really?
Yeah. I thought you won't give a
fuck. You're a teacher, right?
Sensei huh.
Ya'll know the rules. You ready?
Let's do it!
Go get'em bro.
Come on Carlos. Get up. Come on.
That's it!
He's teaching him something huh.
Step back or I'll break your
fucking arm.
There you go Carlos.
He's knocked out! He's knocked
Carlos Sensei Castillo!
Right there man.
Very impressive man. Lived up to
the hype.
Here. What you're owed.
All you man.
Let's go get that tamal &
collect our bets.
Well? It's pretty good right?
It's ok.
What's wrong with you man. You
aced your fight.
This doesn't feel right Ricky.
I don't know if I can do this.
Hey hold up a second.
Are you lying to me?
Let him through.
What's up?
Your brother is telling me that you
are not to happy about being here.
I didn't say that. No way. I'm
That's what I want to here.
Make sure you both catch your
next fights with my boy Chuy.
Good to meet you Morales.
You too Carlos Castillo.
Look at this guy.
Ya'll ready for the next fight?
In this corner, we got Chuy "the
assassin" Ramirez!
Whop his ass.
And on this corner, the
scorpion! Let's do it!
You know the rules. Fight!
Jesus, might as well shoot him
in the face.
Is that legal?
What? Being such a dick?
The winner is, Chuy "the
assassin" Ramirez
That's who you have to deal with
around here.
That who you're dealing with.
Come on man. Let's forget about
this shit. Let's go celebrate.
Is that guy dead?
I don't know. I don't want to
Come on lets go.
Hey man, Salud to both of us kicking some mad ass.
You still got it bro. You took that
guy out in what? 2 seconds?
More like 2 minutes.
How about that Chuy mother
I know right.
How you feeling about that?
Shit got me going.
I try not to think about that bro.
Just focusing on the money you know.
Hey, we're going to win big bro.
I'm going to get you that money back.
I know.
You ok bro? Did you get hurt?
Not hurt.
Not yet.
Ricky what the fuck man. Talk to
Alright but you can't give me
I borrowed money from the bar
and I lost it playing poker.
I had been on a streak and I was so
sure that I could had made it back
10 fold before anybody noticed.
Now it's just a matter of time
before Morales finds out.
And puts me in a ditch.
Ain't no shit bro.
How much?
Jesus man, we got to win big.
Look I'll take care of it
alright. I'll sell some shit.
Yeah, like what?
Where you going?
To make a call.
Hey don't drunk dial Vanessa
When you do one, one thing right with your life,
then maybe maybe I'll listen to you.
Hey Carlos what's up?
Hey how are you?
Kinda busy, what's going on?
How's Diego?
He's fine. He's with my sister.
I'm having a girls night.
Oh nice. Where you guys going?
Like I would tell you.
Do you hear like an echo on your
Yeah kinda sounds like it.
No way.
What are you doing here. You
don't even like dancing.
Not true. Ricky and I wanted to
go somewhere festive.
Ricky's here?
Uh Great. Maybe we should go
somewhere else Monica.
What? Why?
Hey Marta. Hey Sonia.
Hey Carlos.
What's up Carlos.
Yeah, why? We won't bother you.
Go have fun.
Yeah. I swear. I'll sit over there with my brother.
I'll leave you alone.
Besides, I really love to watch
you dance.
Stay. Por favor.
Yeah come on. Let's have some
Carlos will be on his best
behavior, right?
Posupuesto que si.
Perfect Gentleman.
See. Come on.
That's pretty crazy man. She
just happens to be here.
Yeah that's actually not that crazy.
She likes the music they play here.
So you knew.
Of course not.
I just figured we come to a festive place to
celebrate and I figured there would be an off
chance that maybe...
Yeah. Right.
Another drink?
Don't think about I've forgotten
about how pissed I am at you.
I know. You don't forget.
Hey you kinda look crazy there
Ppff, what's your plan genius.
I got some shit on the side and
I plan on winning my fights.
Yeah? What kinda shit?
Don't worry about it. Ricky, you
better not be up to something.
Save by the bell.
Here he comes.
Ah shit.
Excuse me ladies. Pardon the intrusion.
I would really love a dance with senorita.
No thank you Carlos. Go sit back
I can 't sit down with this song
Otherwise I will dance by myself.
And that would be very embarrasing.
And I rather dance with you.
I would actually like to see you
dance by yourself.
Carlos, you said that you'd
Don't make me leave.
Why would we leave. Make him
I ain't going anywhere. Come on
nessa, it's just one dance.
After that me and my brother will go.
And you guys can party it up all by yourselves.
If you want to. I swear.
Why should we believe you?
I swear on my mother's grave.
Ay Carlos.
Ok. One dance and you'll go
One dance and if you don't go away after,
I swear I am kicking your ass.
No problema.
Just like we're at prom.
He's so still in love with her.
Vanessa be honest. Do you miss
me sometimes?
Don't ask me that.
Why not?
It's not right.
I've know you for 20 years.
Carlos you said that you would
I am behaving. It's a simple
answer to a simple question.
Yes or No.
Sure. Sure I do Carlos.
I knew it.
Don't get all happy. It's normal for me to miss you.
It doesn't mean anything.
It means a lot to me.
Just shhh. Just dance.
Hey there you go bro.
I know I promised you I'd leave you after this
dance but I want to promise you one last thing.
I want to get you back.I 'm going to make
you fall back in love with me Vanessa.
No. Vanessa no.
Ok dance is over. Carlos let me
Thank you for the dance.
Welcome everybody.
To another beautiful at the fights.
Place your bets. Let's get ready
for some action.
On this side,
we have a killer, Cesar Sanchez.
And on this side, the Sensei
Carlos Castillo.
Let's do it.
Let's do it.
Ok you guys know the rules.
Shit. The ribs man. Cheap shot!
Shake it of Carlos, shake it
Asi mero. Asi mero.
Yeah! There you go.
Nice Carlos. Go ahead finish
What the fuck! Finish him puto!
And the winner is sensei Carlos
You shouldn't have even dropped
him. Nice.
Good Job man. You can put on a
better show then that, que no?
Why didn't you finish him?
I did.
Thanks bro.
That was bad ass man.
Thanks man.
How you doing?
I'm good.
Yeah, you ready for your fight?
You know it.
How's the next match looking?
We had a fighter drop out but I
have an idea.
This is bad.
Hey check it. One of the
fighters bitched out.
Bitched out?
Yeah. He didn't show. So you
have to fight Chuy next. Cool?
Yeah. Really.
Ay problema?
So there is no one else?
No there's no one else.
Don't be a bitch Ricky.
You down?
Fuck yeah I'm down.
Right on.
Bro you sure about this?
Yeah man, what do you think I'm
do? Bitch out?
I will have to fight him
eventually, right?
Hey come on man stop looking at me like that.
You're making me nervous.
Sorry bro, I know you got this. Come on.
Let's get you ready for the fight.
All bets are in.
Let's get it.
On this side, We go the boy
Boy wonder?
Some of you ya'll might remember he
bit the shit out of his last opponent.
Ricky Castillo!
And on this side, a brutal
specimen. A killing machine.
One who inspires fear. And awe.
Everybody just wants to suck his
Chuy "the assassin" Ramirez!
Dale Chuy Dale.
You ready? You ready?
Ooh! No fucking way!
What are you doing? Keep going!
Ricky! Don't do it!
Get up! Get up!
Let me go!
Let me go!
What fucking kinda move was
that! Huh!
You want some of this punk?
You think you're fucking bad?
I'll fuck you up like your bitch
Enough! Enough! Hey! No seas
And the winner is, Chuy "the
assassin" Ramirez!
Let's get you the fuck out of here.
Come on. Get out of the way.
Come back for the bloody conclusion.
A brother seek his revenge,
Chuy versus Carlos
in the main event.
Seriously Carlos I'm fine.
You don't have to baby me like
I'm your kid.
Sorry man. Old habits die hard.
Do you need anything else?
Maybe you want to come back to the
house were abuelita can watch over you.
I know she'd love that.
No no, I'm good.
I really appreciate everything
you're doing for real.
I just want to be alone you
Don't hesitate to call me, ok?
Yeah man, I got this alright?
There's no big deal, I mean-
I'll be as good as new soon.
I know you will.
I'm not gonna win anymore fights
Don't worry about that.
Just take it easy.
Hey. Fuck that guy up for me.
I know you can.
I was stupid man. I should had
listen to you about those kicks.
Are you thinking of not fighting
You scared?
I guess I am.
You know a lot of people will be
putting money on those fights, right?
You know that, right?
Do you need anything else?
No I'm good.
Don't worry about it.
Thank you.
See you later.
Here goes nothing.
Kick. Kick.
Kick. Kick. Good, Time.
Am I getting better Pa?
Absolutely Mijo. You'll be a
black belt in no time.
- Really?
- Yeah. You're gonna be great. Better then your Pa.
No one is better then you.
I don't know about that.
You want to take a break? Ok.
Pa, can I ask you a question?
Anything Mijo. Sientate.
How come you never fight in MMA
Contests? Like on TV?
How do you know about that?
Drew likes to watch it.
He shouldn't let you watch that.
How come you fight like that? I
see you do it.
No mijo. It's not the same thing.
It's not what martial arts is about.
So you would never fight in
something like that?
Mijo. I will only do it if that's the only
way I could take care of my family.
Maybe that's why those guys do
Yeah. Probably.
What's wrong?
Nothing. You want to train some
Alright. On your feet.
Fighting stance. Left foot
Hands up. Punch combination.
- I'm training.
- Yeah I know. I see that but we have to go.
- Oh no.
- I told you 4.
Mijo. She's right. Go grab your things.
We'll continue next time.
How are you?
Good. You?
Hanging in there.
Drew not coming in?
No not this time.
- Ok I'm ready. Bye Papa.
- Bye Mijo.
See you later Vanessa.
Hey this is Ricky. Leave a
Hey Bro, Just calling to see how you're doing.
I haven't heard from you. Called your work
the counter chick said you hadn't been
there in a couple days. What's going on?
Big fight is coming soon.
I really want your cripple ass right at my corner.
Alright man. Call me back.
What's up? I've seen you around
here before.
Excuse me boss. Phone call.
Hold this for a second, yeah.
Hey! So what's up?
Wait wait wait! Calmate hombre.
Now what?
Alright. Look if what you're saying is right,
we'll get to the bottom of it ok?
Alright. I'll hit you back
So I'm thinking, fuck this bullshit.
Why don't we go make a sex tape. Sounds good chicas?
Excuse me. Sorry to interrupt.
What the fuck do you want Ruiz?
Ladies, you remember Eduardo Ruiz.
Yes he's dumber then he looks.
I need to talk to you. It's
Is it more important then me
getting my dick wet?
Yes. It is.
Excuse me chicas. I'll be right
back. So don't go anywhere.
It better be good.
Say that shit again.
You know that shit you gave to
Ricky to sell on the side?
He's been cutting it with baking
soda to double the amount.
One of my main buyers called me
freaking out about it.
I guess he thought he could make some
money on the side by doing that shit
and no body would notice.
Dumb motherfucker.
I guess he's desperate every since
he realized he couldn't fight no more.
And that's not all.
The girl at the bar told me he took money
from the safe and lost it all in a poker game.
Where's that fucker right now?
He's not answering his phone but
I got word out to look for him.
Motherfucker. You- You worthless
little piece of dog shit.
I put you in charge of some
simple ass shit and you can't you
can't even fucking handle it.
And you think you're gonna run
shit some day? Huh?
You'll always be my bitch.
Now you go find that fucker before I fucking kill you
and feed you to
my fucking dogs.
Now shake the spot.
Hey this is Ricky leave a
Where the fuck are you Ricky?
What's going on man?
Que pasa hijito?
Oh. Just worried about Ricky.
How's his arm?
It's ok. He's healing.
I just haven't heard from him in a couple of days.
Went by his place. He's not there.
It's like he disappeared.
Maybe he took a trip somewhere.
Carlos Castillo. Como va?
Hey Ruiz. What's up?
Estas listo? Today is a big day.
Major money on tonight's fight.
Yeah man. I'm ready.
Morales. Why don't you come by
his place 1st.
It's about that money Ricky owes
you. He wants to talk about it.
Why can't we just talk about it
on the phone?
I'm afraid not. How soon can you
be here?
I can be there in half an hour.
Cool. I'll text you the address.
See you then.
Alright. Later.
En media hora esta aqui.
Raphael watch this.
Is everything ok?
Yeah. Everything is fine
Mira, I gotta get going.
Thank you for breakfast.
Your welcome Mijito. Tell me
when you talk to Ricky.
I will.
Mira. Don't worry. Everything is
going to be fine.
I love you.
Carlos Castillo. Welcome to my
conton loco.
It's just standard procedure.
Don't trip.
Nothing personal. You
It's cool.
Nice to see you again punk.
So why am I here?
Oh so you just want to get right
to the point? I like that.
You sure you won't like
a drink or something?
I'm good.
You are good. Too good in fact.
You've been winning your fights
very quickly. And painlessly.
That's good for you.
Not very entertaining but it's
good for you.
So let me get right to the
We got a lot of money riding on this next fight.
And after the shit that happened last week
between you and my boy Chuy here.
People are expecting a brutal and final fight.
Now I'm hearing that a lot of people are betting
that you are going to beat my boy Chuy.
I think that's silly too Chuy.
They're saying shit like "Chuy fights dirty."
That Carlos is this
true Warrior. Stupid
shit like that.
You're the favorite to win.
Now even though I have complete faith in my boy Chuy,
I'm here to tell you to loose
and your gonna loose.
I mean, put on a show of course.
But you are going to take a dive.
Really? Why?
Why? Money son! I'm betting
against you.
But I can't bet against myself.
Do I get a cut?
I ain't giving you shit homes.
Except your life and the life of your dead beat brother.
Bring that motherfucker in here.
What's going on?
You'll see. Your little bitch
ass brother stole from me.
And then to cover his ass, he
stole from my clients.
He's nothing but a piece of shit
Hermanito you ok?
Yeah I'm fine man. I'm sorry.
You damn right you're sorry.
And I'm going to your brother pay for your fuck ups.
Chuy you better get going.
Make sure you're on time.
And let them know that Carlos
here is gonna be a little late.
See you at the fight punk.
It's been fun baby.
Fuck you! Bitch.
Now back to business.
So I take a dive and you let my
brother go?
Carlos man that bullshit!
Don't do it they're gonna kill me anyway.
Shut your mouth Ricky!
What Guarantee do I have?
Guarantee? This ain't Best Buy
So I loose everything.
And you won't guarantee me and my brother's safety?
Look puto. Either you do this or not only do I
kill your brother. I kill you, your son Diego, and
that pretty little wife of yours.
After we run a train on her.
Let him go.
Fuck you! Shoot me!
Don't move. Sit down.
What you gonna do punk? Put the
piece down and back off.
Ok Ok. I'll throw the fight Morales.
Just let my brother go. I don't care about the money.
I'll do what you want.
Put the piece down.
Now kick it over to Chuy.
Come on man. Film this with your
What are you deaf & Dumb. Film
this with your phone.
We'll find a way to make some
money off this shit.
Ruiz, take this.
Shoot that piece of shit.
You want me to shoot Chuy?
What are you retarded? Just do it.
He's a worthless little bitch just like you.
So shoot him in the fucking face.
And when you're done shoot this Carlos fuck too.
I'm sorry homes. It be like
that, you know what I'm saying?
When the dog bites the owners
hand, you gotta put'em down.
I'll make sure to say goodnight to
your wife and your son for you.
Whoa Whoa Whoa! Calmado. Hold up
Ricky. No.
Ricky listen to me.
I've been looking for a way to get rid
of Morales for a very long time now.
With him gone, I'm in charge.
How about this -
You're even. Done. You don't owe
me anything.
It wasn't my money away.
Yeah. And how am I suppose to
trust you Ruiz?
Hombre, you know I've always
shot straight with you.
This is what I wanted.
I've got big future plans for
You keep running the bar,
and when your arm heals you keep fighting.
And Carlos you are welcome to
keep fighting too.
We'll make tons of money together.
I'll make you main events. I know it.
Yeah? I don't want your money.
Tell your brother I mean it.
Carlos I don't know what to do
Hermanito. Ricky believe him,
what trust do you got Hermano.
You kill him, you'll have his
boys and the cops all over you.
Ruiz, you'll make all this
disappear right?
We have your word on it?
Yeah. You have my word.
Trust me. Plenty of people wanted Morales dead.
Believe me no one is gonna give a shit.
I'll put the word out that he wanted you
to throw the fight and that you refused
him. It will make people hate Morales
and think even more highly of you.
Trust me.
Bro. We gotta get you ro a
Take the gun if it makes you
feel better. Here.
Nah. I'm cool.
You break your word.
I swear on my mother's soul I'm gonna find you.
I'm a beat you to death.
I don't care who you got around
you. You feel me?
Yeah. I feel you.
Thanks for saving my ass bro.
Come on.
I thought I lost you when he
pulled that trigger.
You still might if they don't
get this bullet out of me.
Ok so quick demonstration before
class. Go ahead and throw.
Nice. You guys see that?
How old is he? We are offering the
introductory class and uniform for $30 dollars.
Defiantly bring him in. Ok see
you tomorrow. Thank you.
Can I help you?
Yeah. Take it your Carlos?
I am.
A pleasure to meet you. I hear
great things.
Yeah, defiantly.
Friends of mine and myself are
looking to train somewhere. But
do you actually have
adult classes?
We are starting one up.
Really? That's fantastic. When
can we expect this?
It starts next week.
Ok, when is a good day to come
back, Friday?
I would say come back tomorrow.
We can talk then.
What time is good for you?
6 p.m.
- I can do 6 p.m.
- Great.
- I'll see you then I'll bring the crew.
- Thank you.
What's going on?
Where are these fighter guys
coming from?
You know what it is. Word got
out. We're heroes.
Everyone wants to train with Sensei
Castillo and his bad ass brother Ricky.
You mean the boy wonder.
Yeah. Should I get started?
Actually I'm waiting for-
There you go. My star pupil. Hey
Hey, come on get your stuff and
get ready for class.
Hey, I'm sorry we're late. There
was traffic.
Nah, you're right on time.
Busy in here.
Alright. Muah.
Bow. Good Job. Now go have a
Everybody ready?
Yeah. Stand up.
Ok. Well I'm going to let you go
back to work.
Actually Ricky is warming them up.
I could walk you to the door.
I gotta say. I'm really
impressed with what you've done.
I'm happy for you.
Thank you.
Told you so.
- So Ricky is staying with you and your Abuelita?
- Yeah. She's ecstatic.
Awe that's sweet.
I'm sure she'd love to see you.
Really? Awe tell her I said Hi.
I will I will.
I'm thinking I'ma get my own place.
Now that Ricky is staying with her.
How about dinner tomorrow night?
Hey, you said to leave you alone for
two months and I did as you asked.
How long have you been broken up
with that Drew dude now?
3 months.
Uh huh uh huh uh huh.
- Don't you think you had enough alone time?
- Really?
Come on. It's just dinner.
Pick me up at 7.
You got it.