Base (2017) Movie Script

- Yo, brother.
- The last climb.
- The only climb.
- The only climb.
JC and Chico.
In Rio de Janeiro.
Rio de Janeiro.
I never thought I was going
to jump here.
Fuck yeah.
Here we are.
This is where we're jumping.
- Are you ready, brother?
- Oh, yeah.
Love you man.
I love you, man.
Yeah, buddy. OK.
We're gonna go fly wingsuits.
Closer to the edge, bro.
You gotta clear the lip.
- I'm on the edge, buddy.
- No, no, further down.
I can't. This is it, bro.
No, no, no, that's the step.
- You go from there.
- What, there?
- There.
- What... That's...
Yeah, that's where
you jump from.
Which, where? This one?
- That one, that one.
- That one?
- That little thing?
- Yeah.
No, this is the step,
here, the big one.
- Did you go crazy?
- OK, go, go, go.
- OK, relax, bro.
- Go.
- You're fucking...
- Man, man, this is the step.
I don't even have close
to one foot on that.
They go from there.
- I'm shitting myself, bro.
- Yeah, me too.
OK, brother.
Let's try again.
Come on.
Further forward.
You're gonna hit the rock.
This is as much as I can go,
- Are you ready, brother?
- Ready, bro.
Fuck it. Go.
Three, two, one, base!
I'm making...
I'm making a movie here.
Of the state of mind and the...
the passion that goes on in...
doing this sport.
You know?
That's what we do.
Everyone I know
films their jumps.
Me, I film all of it.
Then I edit.
Every night,
I take the pieces of my life
and try to fit them all
None of us know
how much time we have.
If you're watching this,
I could already be gone.
Remember every moment.
That's what my father
taught me.
Hey, bro, take this camera.
It looks like Mars.
Are you ready, Chico?
Out, in, go!
- Down-winder!
- Whoa!
- Chico...
- That was sick!
...we jumped
everywhere together,
pushing each other
closer and closer to the edge.
I'm waiting for Superman.
Is it a bird? Is it a plane?
I can see you, bro.
South Americans
aren't too good in the snow.
One of the most
ridiculous things
I have ever done
in my life, man.
Dos cervezas.
What's up, pussies?
- Looking for a ride?
- Hey, get in the car, bro.
Come on.
You're so fucking slow?
- Hey, I'm Ash.
- What's up?
- Ash, my friend, JC.
- Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Oh, guys you stink.
We're gonna stop at the hotel
and then we're gonna head out.
We stink?
Yeah, I'm the Frenchie,
but you fucking stink.
Is it your old friend
over there?
Yes, yes, he's...
Where did you find
this specimen?
He looks really special.
It's dangerous.
- You've got a bus.
- Wait, wait, wait.
We're not going anywhere.
Relax, relax.
We're going nowhere.
Relax, guys.
Come on,
you are jumping off mountains
and you are freaking out
with my driving.
I'm not becoming
a fucking statistic!
Fuck you.
Yeah, so why did I call
you pussies already?
Bro, honestly where did
you find a girl like this?
He didn't find me, I found him.
- I don't doubt it.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Do you know the boat guy?
- Hey, look, look.
- French name.
- Zizi.
What does that mean?
It means you're a dick, bro.
- Where are you taking us?
- Ah, you're gonna love it.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Well, guys, do you like it?
- Wow, look at this place.
It's more of a rock
than an island.
- You rock, bro.
- Bye.
I think I left my flipflops.
The black ones?
- Yeah.
- Oh, shit, chrie.
Well, he comes back in
three days so it's OK.
Why are you laughing?
- In two days?
- No, three days.
- Three days?
- Oui.
Do we have everything
we need for three days?
- We'll survive.
- She didn't bring beer.
Do you need a beer to relax?
- Bro, you just pussy-whipped.
- What can I do, yeah?
What the fuck?!
I take you on an island,
- you can't even appreciate it?
- We're appreciating but...
Will you stop whining
like a baby? Come on!
Yo, bro, honestly,
your girlfriend is the shit.
This is special.
That's the word.
Just look into the camera
all the time.
This is why he needs a friend.
He needs like...
This is special,
that's the word.
Just look into
the camera all the time.
This is why he needs a friend.
He needs like...
He needs a friend.
He needs like...
He needs a friend.
He needs like...
In the island.
In the language of the French,
everywhere that starts
with a "er"...
You don't pronounce everything.
Yeah, it's pretty efficient.
You say "eu"
at the end of every word.
How do you know?
Because er...
je parle franais en fait.
You speak French?
Yeah, your mother taught me,
Yo, bro, if sometimes
I make a mother joke,
don't take it too seriously,
because I really love
mother jokes, yeah?
Is that OK?
Because last time
I saw a sunset like this,
I was with your mother.
Oh, my mother is
far away from here.
Dude, you're still filming
everything, huh?
Man, it's my way of
remembering stuff, huh?
What you gonna do with that?
Like, I understand
that you film, like, a little,
but, er... you haven't stopped.
I think part of me is trying
to remember all the lessons
that I learn from
different places,
different moments,
where I've been.
If I look back, if I can do that
and I can see
how I was behaving
and how my mentality was,
if I was happier,
if I wasn't happy,
and then maybe
five years later
I'm doing something different.
Right? Maybe five years later,
maybe I'm stuck in an office
working too much
and I don't get out and I don't
come here and sit on the orca.
And with your umbrella.
And play with a sombrero.
You know, like I can...
I know I will have
fucked up then.
Sun rises and sets.
Seasons come and go.
But nothing ever changes.
I felt in that moment
that Chico and I
would go on forever.
- Come here.
- Oh, it's like a group hug.
Family hug.
Family hug.
Guys, you're awesome.
I always loved the outdoors.
Camping, climbing,
making fires.
Dad was everything to me.
He was Spider-Man
and Superman.
I thought he was unbreakable.
He wasn't.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
High five!
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
- Where are we landing?
- I don't know, there!
Oh, man!
What the fuck?!
I thought you were
going for a swim.
He was good.
He was awesome.
You're the only one missing,
You're supposed
to do a jump with us.
Yeah, sure.
You know, like this over
the sea and the beach.
Oh, yes, like that.
- Whoo!
- Come on.
From a flying lawnmower?
No, thanks.
Then you get to jump
with two awesome,
good-looking guys like us.
You know?
I've just seen one here, sorry.
You motherfuckers.
How do you feel
with him jumping?
Oh, silence.
Are you actually filming
everything honestly right now?
For being so tough,
you surely have some soft side.
Yeah, I have soft side.
Are you afraid?
Well, aren't you afraid
when you jump?
Of course.
So, yes, of course, I'm afraid.
Maybe you should consider taking
a jump off a rock one day.
No, no, no, there's no way.
I got a friend who is
a good friend of the pilot
and he agreed to take us today.
We're gonna get
to get closer to Christ.
Hey, dude.
Good to see you, man.
- Long time, man.
- It's been a long time, yeah.
I'll arrange with the pilot
so that we can get in quick,
get the right jump run,
get the right line of flight.
You know, we can exit,
time it right,
rip past the Christ
and blast off over the city.
And let the games begin.
I go.
Wait, bro, wait.
We're too low.
Ash hates me
jumping in this shit.
Yeah, well,
who wears the trousers?
She does.
She's not super happy
with me jumping, you know?
She loves skydiving
but she doesn't understand
why I keep base jumping
and putting my life
in such a risk.
She doesn't even know
that you are here.
I didn't tell her. She would've
freaked out just knowing that.
She knows there will be trouble.
Yeah, these guys are gonna be
doing something, you know.
We actually made it.
Yeah, you can see there's
one more rope, I think,
- to go down.
- Fuck, it's low, huh?
- Yeah.
- Not high.
Here we go.
I don't know, dude.
No, bro, it's er... It's good.
That looks fucking sketchy.
It's good, bro.
It looks slippy.
Hombre, cojones!
Where are your balls, bro?
Maybe we shouldn't
jump today, huh?
Like, bro, I'm not walking back,
I guess so.
- Love you.
- Love you, bro.
All right, I'm out.
Fuck dude!
Holy fuck!
Oh, no, no, no, no!
Come on.
Come on!
No. No, man.
Don't move.
I'm gonna call...
I'm gonna call for help, man.
My phone.
So, your mother is a whore,
from what I understand.
No, no, no,
your mother is a lady, no?
Your mother is a lady.
I don't know if this shit,
it will kill me.
I don't know if I should
stop doing this shit,
stay with my girlfriend,
do a normal life
or less than your life.
JC? It's Ash.
Where are you?
Where the fuck are you?
This is how it works, right?
You're friends,
and when he dies,
you don't even fucking show up.
He died!
He died alone and you don't
even come to say goodbye?
You're such a piece of sh...
Fuck, fuck...
I need to get out.
"Jump together."
To the max of what?
All these wannabes.
"I've done a few jumps."
How many is a few, Max?
So, JC,
here I am on the bridge.
Been doing the training,
jumping a bit,
so I hope we can jump together
someday soon.
This jump is for you, eh?
Hey, hey!
That's it, buddy.
You know, I've been jumping
quite a lot now.
That's good.
You've got some base jumps?
- That's your equipment.
- Yeah.
- C'est toi, no?
- What?
- C'est tous toi?
- The equipment?
- The parachute.
- Yeah, I just borrow it.
The guy told me
it's gonna be fine.
The guy told you
it's gonna be fine.
Yeah, the guy is, you know,
he's quite experienced.
You trust your life on what
somebody else tells you?
Yeah, but I packed it by myself,
I told you.
You know, I'm not, not one your
deuce, YouTube, YouTube guys.
I'm been jumping
quite a lot now.
I'm ready for this, I told you.
Look, look at the donkey, bro.
- Your brothers, man.
- They're not my brother.
- Our brothers.
- Come on.
- Cos we're pretty stupid, huh?
- No, we're not.
I told you, just in training
for this till ready. Good.
Did somebody
teach you to pack?
But you've been packing and
the parachute has been opening.
- Yeah.
- So you should be fine.
- JC?
- Yeah?
- We're gonna have some fun?
- Fuck yeah!
It's gonna be good.
Now you put that on.
- Careful, huh?
- We jump from there?
- Jumping from there is good.
- I think so.
JC and Max. Here.
- Max is gonna charge.
- Yeah, sure.
- It's gonna be fine.
- Careful, bro.
Yeah, it's good, it's good,
totally good, good, all good.
I'm good.
Out, in!
Trois, deux, un!
Are you going
for an early bath, Max?
Two people die
every second in this world.
Hundred a minute.
Four thousand in the time it
takes me to pack my parachute.
Death is everywhere.
It was just amazing,
and the sound of it,
it's like...
You know, like a jet fighter.
- Do you wanna do it?
- Yeah, sure...
You wanna do it yourself?
I'm gonna fly fast, head
down to the ground,
following you,
having some fucking, like,
really, really pure moments.
It's gonna be just pure.
No? What do you think?
Yeah, yeah, I think it's good.
It's pure flying yeah?
Follow me, buddy.
I'll show you the way.
It's like being an eagle.
- Oh.
- Oh.
- Oh.
- That landed good though, huh?
Nice one.
And you want it, right?
You want it.
- Yeah, yeah.
- You want it. Do you want it?
Do you want it?
- Max, do you want it?
- Just maybe...
Do you want it, Max?
Wait a minute,
maybe it's better idea for...
Just fly straight first,
and then, you know, we go up.
You wanted to do
the proximity line.
I put you on the rock,
I flew next to you,
I showed you how to do
the proximity line.
Maybe I just do one jump there
and then we go back.
Now you wanna fly straight,
you do whatever you want to.
I'm not forcing you
to do anything.
You understand?
Yeah, sure.
So how you feeling?
Are you ready?
Yeah, yeah,
we're gonna do that, huh?
Yeah, buddy.
You been waiting
for this a long time, no?
You wanted to go and do
a super-spicy jump?
A "ToTheMax" jump.
After you're exiting, you start
making a right-hand turn,
put down the right shoulder.
Yeah, you will be
just there, right.
Pick up speed.
Keep on picking up speed.
Keep on picking up speed.
The whole way.
Then visualize,
visualize the terrain,
visualize you're gonna
dive down to it.
OK. Then?
Yeah, then...
Come on, buddy.
Watch where you
put your foot.
I'm feeling bad now, OK.
What are you feeling bad about?
You saw me jump,
you saw the proximity.
You've jumped out of a plane,
you're good to go.
- Yeah, I'm just...
- You can do this.
Do you want this
more than anything?
- No, that's fine.
- Then you're good.
Then you can do it. You want it.
My throat is just like...
OK, let me breathe.
Oh, fuck.
- Go. Relax.
- Yeah, yeah.
Look at me. Relax, bro, relax.
- Hang on.
- Just one minute then we...
- Then we good to go, huh?
- Keep it cool.
One minute, good to go.
OK, we go. Good to go.
On va voler?
No, it's not... No.
- What no?
- I just don't do it.
- Hey.
- No, I just don't do it.
What do you mean,
you don't going?
Just no... Just, like...
What's up?
What happened?
I don't know.
I don't feel it, that's it.
So just leave me alone now,
just go.
You really don't wanna go?
You don't want it?
Look at me. You don't want it?
- It's fine, OK.
- You know you can do this.
Yeah, sure.
It's fine. Just... OK.
Feeling good now.
It's fine, it's fine.
You're right behind me, buddy.
Three, two, one.
Where the fuck is he?
No parachute, come on.
Show me your parachute, bro.
Oh, you motherfucker, bro!
Where the fuck are you, bro?!
Yeah, but you know it's...
You are one of the reasons
why I'm flying.
Yeah and I can tell you
that you, like,
really great flyer.
You're a really good jumper,
and it's...
it is good to be around you,
I'm not forcing you
to do anything.
If you ask me to take you here,
I'm happy to take you here.
You know the risks involved.
You know what you're doing.
You're a good boy.
Do you want this
more than anything?
- No, that's fine.
- Then you're good.
Then you can do it.
If you want it.
My throat is just like...
Yo, hey, ToTheMax. Look at me.
That looks fucking sketchy.
No, bro it's... it's good.
Maybe we shouldn't
jump today, huh?
Like, bro,
I'm not walking back, huh?
OK, I guess so.
Hey, this is Ash. I can't take
your call right now.
Leave me a message.
Ash, it's, er... It's me.
I was hoping we can talk.
Hey, you.
You're late.
That's a change.
You look good.
Messy hair.
Welcome back.
I missed you, buddy.
Good to see you.
You fucking disappeared.
I didn't.
Closer than you think.
- Really?
- Really.
Well, you didn't feel it.
Do you think we need
a little bit of strong liquor?
I think you need one.
- Like the car?
- Not bad.
We're gonna burn it one day.
- I'm in.
- You're in.
C'est bon.
- Look at your mascara.
- Ah, fuck you.
Like you've been
rocking all night.
It's what we did, no?
Fuck yeah.
I have idea.
Just sober up a little.
- Where are we going?
- You'll see.
- Are we allowed in here?
- Easy, easy, easy.
So what is this place?
I used to work here once.
Well, you were good
for business.
- Take this.
- This for me, a little toy?
- Yeah.
- Huh?
I am with a psychopath.
I don't know why
he took me here.
I'm fucking afraid.
I'm fucking...
I'm going to kill you.
Yeah, well,
I know you're capable.
- One way or the other.
- Oh, really?
Going somewhere, JC?
Come on, come.
Come here, come here, come here.
- Help.
- What are you doing?
- What are you doing?
- I do it for us.
- No.
- I do it for him.
- No, you can't fucking say that.
- Yeah, I do it for him.
You have no right to say that.
- You have no right.
- I believe.
No. No! No, JC!
- Easy, easy, easy.
- JC, you come back.
This one's for Chico.
I fucking hate you!
I fucking hate you!
I fucking hate you!
- I'm not jumping.
- I fucking hate you!
- Come back, come back.
- I fucking hate you!
I don't wanna see you die.
OK, I'm not jumping.
I'm not jumping.
I'm not jumping.
You know, I mean, for me,
it's not funny.
You think it's funny?
It's beautiful?
For me, this is bullshit.
This is you needing
your fucking fix!
Huh? On the rooftop.
You boys getting around,
you feel dangerous,
you feel like, I don't know...
You feel alive?
That makes me sick.
That makes me sick.
Take it easy You don't know
what you're talking about.
- I don't?
- No, you don't.
- I don't know?
- You don't know.
I've been dating
for three years,
three years with him,
with the fucking bullshit
that it's OK, OK?
- "I feel alive, fucking alive!"
- And what? It is OK.
Not to be like the others
down there.
Not to be like the others
down there.
Because down there
he's fucking dead.
He's fucking dead!
And everybody else
will be as well one day!
I wanted to tell her
about Chico.
Then I started falling.
It was just like
stepping off the edge.
Only better.
Feel it.
Embrace it.
Play with it.
And then we jump.
- I'm gonna film you if I want
- No.
Are you a mama's boy
or a daddy's boy?
- Oh.
- I'm JC's boy.
So sweet.
I reckon a daddy's boy,
a mini-me.
His little buddy.
Are you close?
Yeah, we were, most of the time.
And then, er...
And then?
Then the markets crashed.
Then he did what he did.
After my father died
everything changed.
Everything changed.
Oh, merde!
The two of us used to slide
down this exact path.
He loved this place.
Shall we put him to rest then?
To fly with him again?
Been a long time.
Been waiting for that.
Here we are, buddy.
Me and you.
Like the good old days.
We're gonna rage.
We're gonna kick it.
We're gonna fly right here.
All right, bro.
I love you.
Dos cervezas, por favor!
Yeah, Chico!
I gotta tell her.
Room service.
What are you doing
in the room on your own?
You OK?
Yeah. Do I look OK?
- You look good.
- OK.
I'm not sure.
I need to...
I want to tell you something,
and I'm not sure how to say.
I'm not sure how to say it.
I'm not sure...
This is eating me up
on the inside,
and I have to show you, OK?
Go for it.
She loves skydiving,
but she doesn't understand
why I keep base jumping
and putting my life
in such a risk.
Fuck, it's low, huh?
- Yeah.
- Not high.
I don't know, dude.
That looks fucking sketchy.
No, bro, it's, er... It's good.
- It looks slippy.
- Hombre, cojones!
Where are your balls, bro?
OK, love you.
Love you, bro.
All right, I'm out. Whoa!
No. No.
I'm gonna call...
I'm gonna call for help.
You were there.
You were with him.
I know, I know, it's fine.
Why am I here?
I can't...
I mean, I can't be here.
You're supposed to be here.
I'm not supposed to be here.
Yes, you are supposed
to be here with me.
I can't go through that again.
What the fuck am I doing here?
You just gonna end up like him.
You just...
You pushed him!
You fucking pushed him!
He didn't wanna jump
and he died!
Now I wanna leave.
You let me leave.
I'm gonna fucking jump
out the fucking window.
You like that, huh?
You like that, like your dad,
like your dad?
- Want me to jump?
- Sit down.
Fucking move.
You let me go!
- No!
- See!
- No!
- See!
- No!
- See.
Do you fucking get it? No!
Oh, what the fuck
am I doing here?
He left.
And it's my fault.
Fuck it.
Fuck it.
Fuck it.
Thought you were leaving.
I thought too.
Can I have a hug?
I'm so sorry, Ash.
I'm just glad
he wasn't on his own.
And for that I thank you.
Hold on to it.
But we can't hold on
to anything.
Look around.
Snow turns to water.
Water to vapor.
Vapor to cloud.
Everything changes.
Wow, wow, wow.
A lot of secrets in that
little camera. Huh?
JC. JC, JC...
Who are you?
I never told you but...
you know when...
when Chico died?
He came back for me.
He came back for me and...
And what we shared...
is crazy, crazy moments,
you know?
You helped me remember.
Remember who I am.
Remember what I can be.
We'll climb down here
and we're there, babe.
- Oh.
- It's OK.
You can do this, babe.
If you want to.
Oh, no, fuck.
You know, babe,
you don't have to do this.
We can walk back, you know.
You have nothing to prove here.
I know.
It's my choice.
You're sure?
Yeah. I want to do it.
Same as skydiving, huh?
There's your chute release.
OK, know this.
All right?
Promise me it's gonna be OK.
I can't promise that.
Let's do it.
Three, two, one.
Whoo! Fuck!
- JC!
- Yeah!
Yeah, Ash!
An old man
steps off a building.
His young son rages.
Let's go.
I said I'd finish your film
for you.
Your film.
Live every moment
like it was your last.
And when you step off
the edge...
hold on to nothing
except the present.
For there is nothing
more beautiful.
Feel it.
Embrace it.
Play with it.
And then we jump.
Open the wings.
Pick up speed.
Turn, bank.
Find your line.
"Can I do this?"
"Should I do this?"
"Why would I not do this?"