Baseball Bugs (1946) Movie Script

And here we are, folks,
at the famous Polo grounds.
It's been a one-sided, knock-down,
drag-'em-out ball game...
from the very first inning.
With the visiting team...
the burly Gas-House Gorillas,
giving the home team...
the Tea Totallers, a shellacking
they'll never forget. Baseball fans...
There goes a screaming liner
into left field!
The home team hasn't a chance,
but they're in there punching nevertheless.
I'm only ninety-three-and-a-half years old.
I don't know
what could have come over me, sir.
I meant to say ''strike.''
Listen to that crowd roar as
the Gas-House Gorillas go up to bat again.
Boy! What a game!
The Gas-House Gorillas
are a bunch of dirty players.
I could lick them in a ball game
with one hand tied behind my back...
all by myself. Yeah!
I'd get up there and wham! A homer!
Wham! Another homer!
What's up, doc?
All right, big shot.
So you think
you can beat us all by yourself?
You got yourself a game.
Attention, please. Attention.
There's been a slight change
in the Tea Totaller lineup.
Catching, Bugs Bunny.
Left field, Bugs Bunny.
Right field, Bugs Bunny.
Pitching, Bugs Bunny.
Third base, center field,
first base, Bugs Bunny.
Shortstop, Bugs Bunny.
Second base, Bugs Bunny.
Put it over the plate.
Right down the old alley.
This guy's a pushover.
Come on now, boy, give it to him!
That's the old pepper, boy.
That's the old pitching.
That's putting it over the old plate, boy.
Right down the middle.
Give me the old big-league ball. Come on!
I think I'll perplex him with my slowball.
One, two, three strikes. You're out.
That's the kind of stuff we want, kid.
That's the old ginger, boy.
Right down the old alley.
You're out!
- Where do you get that malarkey? I'm safe.
- I said you're out.
- I'm safe.
- You're out!
- Safe.
- Out.
- Out!
- Safe!
- Out!
- I say you're safe.
If you don't like it,
you can go to the showers.
Okay then, doc. Have it your way, I'm safe.
Come on now. Put it over the old plate.
I got it!
Come on, now. Put it over the old...
Right down the old alley.
You're out!
Bugs Bunny, 96.
Gas-House Gorillas, 95.
It's the last half of the ninth,
with Bugs leading 96 to 95.
The Gorillas have one man on base
and two out.
A home run now would win the game
for the Gorillas.
Watch me paste this pathetic palooka...
with a powerful, paralyzing, perfect,
pachydermous percussion pitch.
Taxi, follow that ball!
Wait a minute, Mac.
You're going the wrong way.
You're out!
I'm out?
That's what the man said.
You heard him. He said that.
That's what he said. He said that.
He really said that.
And that's the end.