Bastar: The Naxal Story (2024) Movie Script

Chitrakoot fake encounter.
Seven killings.
Giddhaghati fake encounter.
Five killings.
Mahua Tard fake encounter.
Three villagers including two women
are shot dead.
Lies! I object, Your Honour...
Objection overruled.
And the mastermind
behind all these
violent crimes are bloodthirsty
IPS officer Neerja Madhavan
and her goons.
That's absolutely false,
Your Honour.
Like that... I mean, without...
I mean, objection, Milord.
Objection overruled.
Please continue, Ms. Nagpal.
Custodial death of Vinod Mandal,
Suggan Sada...
It shook the entire nation.
The Bhikhna Pahadi village
burning case.
To erase evidences, at her signal,
the entire village was burnt down
by her, and her goons.
Scary but it's true.
To protect her terror regime,
she can go to any lengths.
Which includes rape of tribal women
and immense violence inflicted upon
its villagers by her police force
and her private militia
by the name of Salwa Judum,
and its leader Rajendra Karma.
Milord, she has been
committing all these
extra judicial killings
and mindless crimes
in the name of
anti-Naxal operations.
Naxal is a mere excuse.
In reality, they want to wipe out
the tribals.
It was yours. Don't laugh.
And so, we request
honourable court to
ban Salwa Judum
with immediate effect.
Orders be passed to
Chhattisgarh government to ban SPOs.
Criminal case to be filed
against Rajendra Karma
for holding and keeping a private militia
by the name of Salwa Judum.
Immediate suspension of Bastar IG
police officer Neerja Madhavan.
Looks like a strong baby.
It has to be strong.
It's Neerja Madhavan
part two after all, sir.
Just enjoy the moment now,
But please slow down a bit.
Oh, God!
Who am I even talking to?
Madam... Raipur schedule
is planned.
No. We'll go to Jagargunda first.
Then we'll meet Mr. Karma
in Dantewada.
But madam, the change of route
is against the protocol.
What will we tell the DGP?
Let him make the roster.
Can we do the actual duty?
We don't want Maoism.
Not even Salwa Judum.
All we want
is peace.
And progress.
Our family
our society
and for the progress
of our country
We salute the tricolour,
the pride of India.
Tie their hands!
Tie everyone up, except Raman!
Stand straight!
In the area
of a Jantana Shahi government
how dare you flaunt the flag of the
Indian government, Milind Kashyap!
Go away!
Sit. Sit down.
The flag of India in India...
Sit down!
Navjanwadi revolution!
Long live!
Long live!
"This village is ours.
This lane is ours." - Come on!
"This jungle is ours.
This river is ours."
Mr. Shrivastav.
Yes, madam?
How many kilometres of road has been
built between Dantewada and Jagargunda?
Madam, it's 25 kilometres
The remaining 50 kilometres is entirely
under the custody of Maoists.
Naxalites make the villagers
destroy the roads
and we're always stuck
in protocol.
But very soon, I'll take you to
Jagargunda by road, Mr. Shrivastav.
Okay Madam...
Come on.
Madam, air attack!
Dear Lord, please help me.
You are my saviour.
Trying to flee!
"This is our lane."
Keep walking.
"This is our jungle.
This is our river."
"The world is ours."
Red Salute comrades!
All hail
the Janatana Shahi government!
Long live!
Long live!
Navjanwadi revolution!
Long live!
Squad, at ease!
Squad, attention!
That's our first battalion.
The best of what
we have to offer.
Squad, at ease!
This is our female battalion.
Even more dangerous
than the men.
Comrades! High jump!
Comrades! High jump!
And this is our
land reformation programme.
We decide who the owner of the land
will be and who will farm on it.
We cook for 400 people
every day here.
And this is our armoury.
We have some of the best
weapons in the world.
Torture man!
Why are your hands hesitating?
Why have you stopped
before reaching
the destination of revolution?
There is a drop of sweat
on your forehead.
You truly are tired,
torture man!
This poetry was written
for our comrade Suhail.
He was the best of the best
He was from Bihar.
The police caught him.
He even had a blueprint
of our operation.
He gave his life
while being tortured
by the police
but he did not expose
the blueprint of the operation.
His partner Anil Ojha
wrote this poetry
dedicating it to his death
and police torture.
They both studied
in together.
I'll either kill
or get killed.
That doesn't define
my victory or defeat.
Because in the business
of revolution,
death is never a defeat.
It isn't a dinner party,
writing poetry or painting.
Where are you taking my son?
Shut up!
The comrade has summoned him.
They cannot be friendly
or merciful.
Because revolution
is a rebellion
in which one class
destroys the other.
This is why whoever disrupts
the path of revolution
has to be finished off.
In order to flaunt the red flag
on the Red Fort in Delhi
in order to have
a Maoist government in India...
In order to have this
we will have to shed blood.
Let there be bloodshed.
Let there be bloodshed!
Make sure both our kids
receive education,
and become officers.
Nothing will happen to you.
We'll go back home.
You haven't harmed anyone.
All you did was
flaunt the tricolour flag.
They'll only beat you up a bit.
Do you really think
the Maoists will think about us?
You very well know
what's going to happen now.
A revolutionary salute to all those
participating in the public court.
In today's public court, there will be
hearings for 16 people in total.
12 culprits among those
are present there.
Four culprits are absent.
Absent culprit number one...
Bastar IG police,
Neerja Madhavan.
Second culprit...
The leader of Salwa Judum,
Rajendra Karma and Shrikar Rao.
The SP of Dantewada, Kamalkanth.
And fourth, CRPF commandant
Uday Singh.
Sit quietly.
Not a word!
Milind Kashyap is accused
of getting along with
the police,
and conspiring to getting
a permanent road made till his village.
He flaunted the flag of
the Delhi government
in the area of Jantana Shahi government.
And forcefully involved
innocent villagers in this crime.
Comrade Laxmi.
Show the proof to the people.
Milind Kashyap visits Dantewada
and Jagargunda repeatedly.
To give the police
information on us.
No, sir! No!
My husband is not a police
informer, sir!
Does Milind Kashyap not go to the city
to meet Neerja Madhavan?
He went for our son's admission.
Believe me.
We're not police informers, sir.
We won't send
our children to school.
We'll even leave this place
if you say.
But please forgive us, sir.
Please forgive us, sir.
Let my wife and children go.
This government agent and
informer of the police
Milind Kashyap,
who flaunted the tricolour flag
should be given the death penalty.
Yes, or no?
My vote is yes.
No, sir!
Lanka Reddy...
You are committing a sin on this
sacred land of Dandakaranya.
You will die a terrible death.
Comrade Ratna.
You will now colour
our martyr pillar
with your husband's blood.
Many have become martyrs
because of your husband's betrayal.
Comrade Lanka Reddy
- Red Salute
Comrade Lanka Reddy Red Salute
Long live!
Navjanwadi revolution!
Long live!
Comrade Lanka Reddy Red Salute
Red Salute
Navjanwadi revolution!
Long live!
Long live!
Comrade Lanka Reddy Red Salute
Red Salute
Long live!
Navjanwadi revolution!
Long live!
This is the Salwa Judum camp.
You will learn of
the fear of Naxalites here.
There are 66 such camps
in Bastar, Mr. Shrivastav.
I'm like a ripe mango.
I'll fall on the ground
any minute.
I don't wish to die here.
Please take me to my village.
Can't I even die in my village,
in my home?
One last thing, Milord.
They have also registered
false FIRs against
our famous author, Vanya Roy,
and Yamuna Nagar, under section 120B
302, 147, 148, and 149
of IPC at the Dongpal police station.
Allegedly, the murder of these five tribals
was committed by the Naxalites.
But I wonder why Neerja
Madhavan, in her FIR,
has put names of Ms. Vanya Roy
and Professor Yamuna Nagar.
This FIR is absolutely false.
And it ought to be quashed
I mean, they are an asset
to our country.
Absolutely objection, Your Honour.
I mean, if the innocent people of
the village go against the Maoists
then these people inform
the Maoists of it
with the help of which
the Maoists kill them.
These are some photographs and signed
documents of the villagers. Take a look.
This evidence is as clear
as broad daylight
against Vanya Roy
and Professor Yamuna Nagar.
Objection, Milord.
For what?
I mean, Milord, these evidences...
It's clear that these testimonies were extracted
from the poor tribal by torturing them.
I mean, there's not an iota
of truth in these.
I mean, they are not admissible in court
as per Evidence Act, Milord.
Mr. Trivedi, if you wish to
prosecute them
then show us cogent evidence
with due procedure in 45 days.
Till then, no action should be taken
against Ms. Vanya Roy
and Professor Yamuna Nagar.
Why doesn't the court
listen to us?
Parade, attention!
What are Mr. Utpal and you
How long will we keep
fighting like this?
We need substantial evidence
to prove that the names of the
five villagers killed were given
to the Maoists by Vanya and Yamuna.
Everyone knows it.
But who will give the evidence?
Your villagers are not willing
to even talk to us.
You complain too much,
IPS Kamalkanth!
Ma'am... - I don't like those
who complain or explain.
Those who complain are weak,
and those who explain are liars.
I want results. Period.
Mr. Karma, you tell me.
How can we deal with the villagers?
We need evidence.
I won't let Vanya
and Yamuna go this time.
We have guns too.
They have taken Milind
and his family away.
Mr. Narayan, the good news is that we have
a good hold over five more universities.
We've found good student leaders
and the editor of We And Earth is on track.
In order to strengthen
the narrative in favour of revolution
we'll need media, literature,
Bollywood, art, NGO
all of it.
We are on it. We have
our people in the system. Look.
Sukma, Abhujhmar, Malkangiri,
Our NGO and social service committees
are active everywhere.
Tell him, Mr. Irshad.
Yes, we only need to increase
the cash flow.
Red salute, Comrade.
Vanya, meet out
international guests.
Mr. Taufiq Malik
representing Lashkar-e-Taiba.
Comrade Rajanna from LTTE.
Raymond Louta from
the communist party of Philippines
and comrade Vikas Das from ULFA.
And she's Vanya Roy,
globally renowned author.
Who doesn't know her?
Everyone in Kashmir
is her fan, sir.
Her contribution towards our movement
even in the North-East is quite powerful.
She dared to say that Kashmir is not
an integral part of India.
I was present there.
By the way,
Ronald Johnson
from Spanish communist party.
I forgot to introduce you.
Meet our great Gandhian,
Irshad Alam.
Every day, he spins Gandhi's
spinning wheel for one hour.
He has five NGOs
in Bastar and Abujmarg.
His centres are the benevolent
handlers of our arms and funds.
And all our international comrades
connect to us through his NGOs.
Neerja Madhavan is having meetings again
with Rajendra Karma in Dantewada.
Comrade Lanka,
Neerja Madhavan really loves you.
Meet her once.
Thank you, Comrade. I was
waiting for a green signal. - No.
No killings yet.
We need to win the case
in the Supreme Court.
Neerja is collecting evidence
for murder conspiracy
against Professor Yamuna Nagar
and Comrade Vanya.
The list of the supporters of Salwa Judum
that she gave us...
I gave you the list
and you executed them?
We'll have to go through
the cases now.
According to Comrade Mao,
if you want to capture the higher power
then you must first
control the system.
And if you have to control
the system
then you must control
the media and judiciary.
Then Neerja or Rajendra Karma
won't be able to do anything.
They can't harm us.
Well, democracy
has failed in India.
We're fighting to change the Indian
parliamentary system into
single-party dictatorship.
So, until you enter the system
like termites and make it hollow
you can't break the system.
Madam, we have the proof
of the sting operation.
The court's decision... - We're the police,
not journalists, Mr. Shrivastav.
If we go to Supreme Court with the evidence
procured from a sting operation
the judge will suspend me
right then. - Yes, madam.
We gave Vanya Roy's digital footprint to
the judge, didn't we? What was the result?
He threw it in no time.
Make all the informers super active,
whatever it takes. - Yes, ma'am.
Stop! Raman! - No, no!
Jidnu Brother, catch him!
Your life will be ruined
if you stay with the comrade Kartam.
If you study, the world
will be at your feet, dear.
Get down. - Mother, the world is
under my feet even now.
No matter what you do, Mother,
I won't study.
I will go to Dalam with Kartam.
Go away, Mother. Stay away.
Did you see that? Oh...
Breath. Breath...
Did you speak about
Raman's admission? - Yes.
Raman and Rama's admissions
are done in Dantewada. - Really?
Neerja madam is incredible.
Fighting injustice!
This is our slogan!
Navjanwadi revolution!
Long live!
Your first child will be
dedicated towards revolution.
The one who sows the seed
and harvests the crops!
The farm belongs to the farmer!
Fighting injustice!
This is our slogan!
What about the joint military exercise
with Peru and Philippines?
We'll meet them at
the Paris conference next month.
I'll finalise then.
It's very important for the psychological
boost of the cadets.
Comrade, a new international
forum is being formed.
It's important to stop
the new power of India.
And... who else could be a more effective
partner for them against India than us?
So, capitalism will end capitalism
and Maoism will take over.
Neerja has put up a camp
along with the Cobra battalion.
You might have to review
your travel plan.
Would it be okay going by train?
I've been coming to the jungle
for 30 years now.
I've taken care of
many like Neerja.
In African countries,
the way civilians
rebellions have been roaming around carrying
the most modern weapons on their shoulders
similarly, in the centre
of our country
in Bastar, Chhattisgarh, the youth
has been roaming around with weapons.
They are carrying assault rifles, which
includes Kalashnikov, mortar launcher...
And these are not
security personnel.
They are not the police,
neither the paramilitary.
This is the innocent youth
of Bastar.
And they claim that Salwa Judum
is a peaceful movement?
These innocent people have
been provided with guns
by the administration and security forces,
to fight the Maoists.
They are called SPO.
Special Police Officers.
Many of these can't even write
their name properly.
And now, just because they have
the weapon in their hands
they think that they can
go around killing anyone
as if anyone walking in that jungle
is a Naxalite.
What is wrong with this government?
Where is our democracy?
Have human rights ended
in Bastar?
Your Honour.
Please take a look
at this report.
Research by
The Wall Street Journal.
Neelam doesn't believe me,
but she's an avid follower
of The Wall Street Journal.
She believes in it.
The headline is...
Hundred years of communism
and hundred million dead.
In the communism of a hundred years,
10 crore people lost their lives.
Soviet Union, China, the assassinations in
Cambodia by the communist governments...
Those who give rise to a dictator like
Kim Jong in North Korea...
How can those who support these leftists
speak of human rights and democracy?
Milord, these people have the most dangerous
and violent ideology in the world.
Your Honour, it is a
scientifically proven fact
that to turn a man into a terrorist,
it takes at least 15 years.
That's why these people recruit children
and start training them.
Dear, this is IG madam.
She knew your husband.
Was he killed
because she knew him?
I can understand your pain
and anger. - You can't.
What did my husband ask for?
A school? A road?
A normal life?
If you listen to the Maoists here,
the police kill you.
If you don't listen to them,
the Maoists kill you.
No one listens to us.
They have a rule that one child from
every family needs to be given to them.
If we refuse,
they kill everyone.
I lost my husband and my son.
What should the mothers
of Bastar do after all?
If eradicating Maoism is beyond
your reach
then why do you even come here?
Mr. Karma.
Rama needs to be educated.
Milind gave his life
for education.
Educate Rama.
Start a new life for your kids.
Get Milind's post-mortem
report made.
As per the Naxal victim
rehabilitation scheme
you'll get the job
of a special police officer.
Getting revenge
will be easier then.
For you.
I've had enough.
If I lose my son
how will I live?
I'll listen to everything you say.
Just bring me my son back.
I will.
Ratna, take the corpse to
the hospital as soon as possible
for the post-mortem.
No, I can't wake him up.
I just put him to sleep.
Tell me. - Madam, VIP movement,
railway station.
This looks fine.
Arunabh, would you like to add
anything to it?
We managed to create a fairly
decent anti Salwa Judum mood.
In fact, we got editorials done
in two dailies today.
Good job done.
This is really impressive,
Comrade Irshaad.
The party gave us
a 25 crore mandate.
Do what you want.
But Salwa Judum needs to be banned.
You must be joking, Comrade Irshaad.
We have a recorded levy collection
of 1560 crore this year.
There are 385 magazines in seven
languages which are funded by us.
In order to remove the jungle photographs of
Vanya and Lanka from the media and social media
do you know
how much money we've spent?
Bureaucrats, authors, Bollywood, round
the year conferences and seminars...
It's going to cost a lot.
Yeah, I mean... narrative-building,
sustaining the drama
everything comes with a cost.
600 crores.
Talk to the party.
Or else, the amount of blood
you shed in the jungle, especially...
You know what I mean, right?
Red salute, comrades.
Red salute.
What are you drawing?
This is the Dalam commander
with the gun.
This is my father,
and this is my mother.
Her hair should be longer.
No, my mother's hair
was this length.
Silly, mothers have long hair.
You're silly.
Can Rama stay here until my SPO
training completes? - Of course.
Will she be safe here?
She'll study properly.
Look, dear...
You fight without any worries.
This battle against sin
is yours too.
But we need to free Bastar
from this terror, dear.
Down! Up!
Down! Up!
Second one, go down completely!
Come on!
It's confirmed.
He's an old man, sir.
Let him in.
Please let him in.
It's not allowed. Stay down.
It's him, madam. It's him.
We've run too much for you,
Mr. Terrorist.
Now you see how I make
your life miserable. - Police!
Kill him!
Get them! Don't shoot.
Hey, don't move.
They are not destined
to stay alive.
Take them. I'm starving.
Mr. Shrivastav, do you want to eat?
Should I make one for you?
No, madam, I'm fine.
And you shouldn't eat it too.
The bread is stale. It's bad for health.
Mr. Shrivastav. I can fight
anything but hunger.
It's nice.
Red ant dip! Let's eat!
At least taste it,
Mr. Shrivastav.
Keep an eye all around.
Kill him with this.
And listen,
shoot from a distance.
Anyway, my encounter is always
in the news.
Another case.
We'll... We'll tell you everything.
We'll tell you everything.
All the details of
all the couriers of Lanka Reddy.
How did he get arrested?
The people of Salwa Judum
must have informed Neerja.
Madanpal is right, Comrade.
The Salwa Judum population
is increasing rapidly.
Swear on revolution.
We must give such a befitting reply to
Neerja that the Delhi government shudders.
Listen. - Hello.
Hello. How are you, ma'am?
Is everything fine at home?
Yes. Did you find your cow?
You should come
to the camp. - Yes.
This camp
is for your convenience.
This camp
is for your protection.
You need not fear anyone.
Mr. Shrivastav,
show me the ration file.
To him also.
Yes. Take this.
Where do we have to go, sir?
Go straight. Over there?
Milord, a senior human rights activist,
educationist, and a very renowned scholar,
extremely simple man
Narayan Baghchi
has been abducted
by a Salwa Judoom terrorist
on the orders of Neerja Madhavan.
Nobody knows where he is.
What exactly is going on
in the jungles of Bastar?
You will take them
from the east.
You will take them
from the west.
And remember
in the action this time,
we need to break their morale.
Snake bomb.
For Neerja darling.
She could be at point L.
Around 22 kilometres from here.
There's been firing
since morning.
There are sounds coming from
every direction.
Mr. Shrivastav, you won't
go any further than this.
I need you at
the Jagdalpur office, not here.
No, madam.
I can't leave you.
Anyway, you're pregnant...
That's why I'm being careful,
or else I'd...
Bullets will be fired here.
Do you understand?
Have you even touched
a gun before?
Come here. Come to
the safe position, Mr. Shrivastav.
Don't shoot till you have
a clear target.
Perhaps, they are firing randomly
to know our location.
Not a single bullet
is coming this way.
This is a distraction.
The target is elsewhere.
Camp 27 and 29 have been in the jungle
for 40 hours. They are returning now.
They must be exhausted by now.
If I'm not wrong, they are
targeting 27 and 29 CRPF camp. !
Yes, ma'am.
Convert the entire team
into a camouflage unit.
Let's trap those .
Madam, you were right.
Lanka Reddy's target is camp 27.
Bloody hell.
Mr. Shrivastav, get the map.
The CRPF have been wandering in
the jungle for two days, looking for us.
They have come back today.
They ran out of food
in the morning.
None of them will even be able
to stand now.
Count up to 100 returns, and then
we shall attack on CC's whistle.
I know it.
Hello. Hello.
Can you hear me? P5 reporting.
Tipu Sultan is listening.
Go on, P5.
The target is in front of us.
We're ready for attack.
I need orders.
Sir I have intel. Lanka Reddy is
planning a big attack.
I need evidence. - Sir, how can I
give you evidence before the attack?
But we have solid intel and I can
guarantee you that...
I can't put the lives of my boys
at risk by sending the force at night.
The life of the force is already
in danger, sir.
P1, P2, P3.
Get ready.
Honourable Minister sir, please understand.
We genuinely need backup.
We cannot give backup in the night.
We'll see tomorrow morning.
They'll kill our boys by then,
But with backup, we can surprise
Lanka Reddy with a counter attack.
And making Lanka Reddy inactive
would commence the end of Maoism in Bastar.
We cannot take risk at night.
! This country
has an army of !
Mr. Shrivastav.
Yes, madam.
Send backup request
to all our SPOs, official.
Mr. Rajendra Karma, bring all
SPOs in action, including training centre.
The DCP has been informed.
You please coordinate.
I can't leave my boys alone.
Yes, Mother. Yes, I'm fine.
If poor rise -
feaudalism will be shaken
If people rise -
king will be threatened...
Whoever are in denial to the fact
let us tell them...
It will be awakening of mass -
revolution will come
Shaken the world... shaken
the world for a new world
Shaken the world... shaken
the world for a new world
Shaken the world... shaken
the world for a new world
As common people march
ahead - world is shaking
Shaken the world... shaken
the world for a new world
Shaken the world... shaken
the world for a new world
Will take over Delhi - take over red fort
Will take over Delhi - take over red fort
Will take over Delhi - take over red fort
Will take over Delhi - take over red fort
Red salute will guard the red flag
Shaken the world... shaken
the world for a new world
Putting color red on the forehead
Removing the taboos, will knock the door
You will not be able to
keep yourself away for long
You will not be able to
keep yourself away for long
People movement - ruling class worry
There is no option but the
power will be stripped off
I warn you, don backstap
Will snatch our share of
food on the dead bodies
Looted everything in the
name of development...
You turned fertile land in to arid
Will take up weapons - to make
you understand the reality
Bloodshed will be everywhere
Your truth will be in the open
Don play with our emotion
You are incapable useless
guns will blaze soon!
Shaken the world... shaken
the world for a new world
Shaken the world... shaken
the world for a new world
As common people march
ahead - world is shaking
Shaken the world... shaken
the world for a new world
Shaken the world... shaken
the world for a new world
Shaken the world... shaken
the world for a new world
The red action in Bastar
has shaken Delhi.
We killed 76 dogs.
How many? 76!
How many!
All those revolutionaries
who made this action possible
have my red, red, red,
red salute!
Red salute!
What is he doing?
Frontal organisation and guerrilla army
can't walk hand in hand.
Tell him.
Long live revolution, Mr. Irshad.
Soldiers! Fire!
They attack and then disappear
in the dense forest.
In war, whenever the warriors... die...
mothers in wait back home with
boiling blood at heart...
boiling blood at heart...
Dear mother - breathe for me...
Keep my smile alive in you...
This is my last journey
you please keep the bit of the pyre
The sermon you rendered to me
share that with everyone
Salutation to the warriors
Salutation to the warriors
Please keep my ashes with you
Make my death a messege
This is my last journey
you put the ashes on everyone forhead
Salutation to the warriors
Salutation to the warriors
Please keep the secret of stealing
coins from father pocket...
You gave your shoulder for my
growing up from childhood -
keep sharing the same with others...
Keep singing lullaby with your love
Celebrate our victory
This is my last journey - please
put the ashes of my pyre
on your forehead...
The sermon you rendered to me
Please keep sharing that with others
Salutation to the warrior
It is very sad that so many lives
have been lost
but the CRPF has a very poor
record in Bastar.
I mean, they are responsible
for so many atrocities.
This is a clear message
to the government.
CRPF shouldn't be sent
to Bastar.
I mean, it's a total
policy failure.
You won't even spare the soldiers
that were martyred, ma'am?
Please. Please, Mr. Rajendra.
No personal attacks on my show.
Let's not get personal here.
Ms. Vanya, the police accuse you of being
a Maoist mouthpiece.
Who believes them? I mean, sometimes they
think I'm a Kashmiri terrorist.
Sometimes a Maoist.
Mr. Arunabh, in the jungle of Bastar,
who goes to meet the leaders
of the Maoists and when...
Why don't you ask her that too?
Yes, I do meet them
for my academic purposes.
Is the agenda of breaking
the nation called 'academic purpose'?
Mr. Rajendra, please,
I'm requesting you.
Please maintain
some decorum on my show.
And Ms. Vanya
which purposes are these for which you go?
Would you care to elaborate?
Peace. I try to see if peace
can be resorted in Bastar.
Really? You come to bring
peace in Bastar?
When you come and go,
a series of murders take place.
Don't come to Bastar.
There will be some peace then.
Who will you kill?
Lanka Reddy.
And this?
Bastar needs to be
understood, madam.
Carrying an axe, bow and arrow
is a habit amongst the forest-dwellers.
It's a basic thing.
Like we set out of home
with our mobile
or money purse.
But then your forest officers
nab them
and accuse them of chopping wood
with the axe
and hunting
with the bow and arrow.
They'd threaten them
in the name of government.
They'd keep their daughters
and sisters for weeks.
It was a customised situation
for the Maoists.
That's why they beat up
government officials, drove them away
and became the government and started
torturing more than the government.
And our sacred land of Bastar, Dandakaranya
then started being known
for the violence of the Maoists.
Then our people like Sukhdev Tanti
Shrikar Rao gave people hope.
They gathered 50-60 villagers
for a peaceful march against the Naxalites.
But how long would guns
be fought with flowers?
Then we too picked up
weapons against the Maoists.
Truth is, if Vanya Roy and Yamuna Nagar
stop supporting the Maoists
then we can end the Naxalites
in no time. We can crush them.
I mean, look at this man.
He's talking about violence
on live TV. He's the terrorist.
I've lost 90 relatives
in Naxal fights. 90!
Chinnaram Gota...
Mr. Rajendra, please, I really have to
wind up now. I'm running out of time.
I've lost friends like Buddharam Machi
and Raghu Singh.
I get what you're saying, but
this is not the right platform for it.
I have to go. - You killed them!
You're responsible for those deaths!
Even I roam today
with death on my chest.
Look at this.
Please, you have to stop now.
Look here. - It's enough now.
I also have to let other panellists speak.
Be sensible.
Please calm down.
The people of Bastar have decided
that until
Maoism is ended completely
from Bastar
we will not contest
the election!
Make yourself comfortable.
Order something to munch.
Ask them too.
I'm hungry.
Running the party and the government
together is indeed a challenging job.
So, madam Neerja
how do the Maoists just kill your people
and disappear whenever they want?
Our 76 boys got butchered.
Where is your expertise
of jungle warfare?
And who is responsible
for all this?
Honourable Home Minister.
Come again?
I begged you that night.
I literally begged for backup.
But you clearly refused.
Along with our 76 soldiers
around 50 to 60,000 people got
killed in Naxal violence.
They all died
because of politicians like you.
Are you out of your mind?
They were sleeping, Sir!
In an old,
dilapidated school building.
There was no fence either.
They had returned after
a 48-hour duty in the jungle.
You guys won't be able to survive
there for one night. You'll your pants.
During any crisis in the country,
like floods, riots
terrorist blasts or Maoist violence
you run and hide in your home
and push the police CRPF
to tackle the crisis.
Who dies in it? The poor.
We're the ones who suffer.
Sir, I have a suggestion for you.
Make a law.
The children of politicians and bureaucrats
should be sent to these Maoist areas to fight.
For just five or six months.
You'll see how Maoism
ends within a year.
Are you done?
No, sir, I've not even started.
In the last 50 years, more than 50,000
people have been killed in Naxal violence.
But do you know
who actually dies?
The mother of every person
who spent her entire life
raising them.
Do you understand the pain
of those 50,000 mothers?
You won't understand.
You're not a mother.
You haven't lost a dear one.
Because amongst the 50,000 killed, there were
only two ministers and three bureaucrats.
The rest were all poor Indians.
And these killings will continue
until the ministers
sitting in their AC cabins, change the conflict
management policy into conflict resolve.
But you won't do it.
Because you want the disturbed area
fund coming from the centre.
1800 crore per year,
which isn't even audited.
The more people die,
the bigger the fund gets
so it suits your agenda.
You !
I'll take out my shoe
and thrash you so much
that you'll forget
your IAS position for good.
You're a woman,
stay in your limit.
We give her a little respect
and she wants to overpower us.
Come on, get up! Get up!
So you agree
that you're not letting the Maoism issue
end for the disturbed area fund?
Yes, I do.
What are you going to do?
What are you going to do?
Now get out of here.
Hey, prepare her
suspension letter.
Your Honour,
what's happening in our country?
Indian Maoists
is the third most dangerous terrorist organisation
in the world after ISIS and Boko Haram.
And to save Narayan Baghchi, the mastermind
of this organisation, from death penalty
a signature campaign is being run
which is signed by
576 intellectuals
but their lips are sealed
over the sacrifice of 76 soldiers,
and they speak up
only during protests
and celebrations
in the most prestigious university
in the world, .
Your Honour, we have lost 8738
soldiers in three wars against Pakistan.
But you'll be shocked to hear
that the Maoists have so far
killed 15,000 soldiers.
Ask her. Ask Neelam madam.
Who killed these 15,000
soldiers of the country?
7 crore, 10 crore.
12 crore.
76 CRPF soldiers
should get 76 crores.
Jan Mukti Chhapamaar Army.
You all have the honour
to be members of it.
The PLGA is the most elite
and prestigious military force
in the world.
At ease!
Remember comrade Lenin
Mao and Charu
we hereby take an oath
that we dedicate our lives
to the Red Army.
I take an oath on
the constitution of India
that I will dedicate my life
to the service of India.
Your Honour, we have 90 forest-dweller
dominated areas in our country.
Forest-dweller dominated areas.
But why are they only worried about
forest-dwellers of Bastar?
I'll tell you why.
Because Bastar has a treasure
of minerals and precious stones
which they wish to control.
Your Honour,
this is Naxalbari of West Bengal.
This organisation was born here.
After that, West Bengal, Bihar,
Jharkhand, Orissa, Chhattisgarh...
Going from Andhra and Karnataka,
reaching Kerala.
This is the red corridor of the Maoists.
And the maximum minerals,
and precious stones of the country
are found in this very red corridor.
The capital of which is Bastar.
Your Honour, actually,
Bastar is their home base
where they sit and conspire to split
the country in 30 parts.
Milord, if Maoists aren't
eradicated from Bastar
then the country
will be finished.
Objection, Milord.
We'll surprise Lanka Reddy
with a counter attack.
We'll form three teams.
Let's check the map.
We'll enter from here,
here, and here.
Mr. Shrivastav. - Yes. - You take care of
the medical and additional backup.
Tomorrow 6 a.m. we leave.
But madam, have you found Raman?
We're looking for him.
We'll find him, I promise.
I made four layers.
Why did you take the risk
Who records their meeting
with a minister?
What if he had suspended you
even after listening to the recording?
Why make unwanted enemies?
For the first time the government
is allowing an operation like that, Ajay.
This will mark the beginning
of the end of Maoism in Bastar.
When will brother come?
I don't want to stay here.
I want to be with you,
with brother.
You're pregnant.
It's okay if you don't have time for me
but what about the baby?
Do you really think
eating stale bread
and trash in the jungle
is good for the baby?
You won't stay here.
Raman, you and I will live
together in our house.
It's not good.
But you know, Ajay, that I am paying
for the sins of my fellow policemen.
Don't go.
We're at war, Ajay.
They've killed
76 of our soldiers.
We have to avenge their death
or else what kind of force
are we?
Comrades, finish your work.
What are you making?
Look at this, we need this too.
Comrade Lanka?
Over there.
Over there.
Neerja is out on a combing operation
along with five battalion forces.
Let her come.
We'll kill 176 this time.
If we do that, we'll be at risk.
Comrade, go and check if we've
received payment from IZC.
There's been a lot of
unnecessary spending, comrades.
The party cannot accept spending
more than 1.5 lakhs a month.
Now Neerja will have direct access
to Greyhound and Cobra.
Finally, she will have full control
over the force.
And us guerrillas don't fight
face to face.
So, as a strategy...
I'm shifting from Bastar.
Comrade Lanka Reddy!
Red salute!
Red salute!
Have we got the payment
from Indravati Zonal Committee?
How much?
30 crores, 40 lakhs.
Everything from
the last quarter.
How much was the previous payment?
40 crores.
We're getting weapons worth
30 crores from Lashkar.
Come with me.
That deal is your responsibility.
Okay, Comrade.
Now this fight is between Bastar
and their people.
Laxmi will lead and Madanpal
will be the deputy.
We've fought
our share of the battle.
Now it's time
to get out of here.
Make the red flag call
to Narayan.
It's time to change
the strategy.
Neerja is
much more dangerous now.
The daughter of Yahudi.
The world is flat.
Okay, Comrade Ganpati
will talk to you.
We need a safe passage
to get out of here, Comrade.
The world is flat.
The world is flat.
The world is flat.
The world is flat.
The world is flat.
The world is flat.
The world is flat.
Ma'am, I'm saying that
we should take this route.
No, from the north...
This route is closed.
This is... - Madam. Madam.
There's network now.
Mr. Utpal, I've sent all the evidence
against Vanya and Yamuna.
Can a case be formed?
I'm trying my best, Neerja.
Just trying won't do, Mr. Utpal.
Do anything, make a strong case.
I'll kill Lanka here, and you send
Vanya and Yamuna to jail.
The foundation of Maoism
will be shook.
When their rule ends in Bastar,
how will they capture the entire India?
How much time do we have?
We don't have time, Neerja.
The verdict is tomorrow.
Hello. - This is
India Peace Foundation. - Hey!
Mr. Irshad.
Greetings. Greetings.
So meet Gemma.
Hi. - Alex.
Hello. You know him.
Of course.
I'll be back in five minutes.
Look who's here.
Vanya! Looking gorgeous
as usual. - Thank you.
Meet Natasha. Natasha is my guest
from Ukraine. - Hello.
That's Naveen.
Of course.
That's Mr. Panda. He has come
from Andhra. - Hello.
And that's of course Neelam. Who doesn't
know Neelam? - Of course. - How are we?
Excuse me. - Yes.
One second.
Mr. Panda, there's a stunning view
of Delhi from my balcony.
In fact, you can actually see
the Qutub Minar from here.
Vanya, why don't you just
go and show him? - Yes.
Tell your CM we will ensure peace
in Andhra Pradesh.
And of course election support.
But Lanka Reddy
needs a safe passage.
We can't lose Bastar.
This is the border of Maharashtra,
and this is of Andhra Pradesh.
Mr. Shrivastav, what's the distance
from here to here?
Madam, Maharashtra from here
is about 40-50 kilometres
and Andhra is 30 kilometres.
All the villages behind this hill
are Maoist villages.
Mr. Shrivastav, coordinate with
the headquarters. - Okay.
Uday will go from Malkangri.
Unni will come from Andhra.
Kamalkanth. - Yes, ma'am.
You'll go from Gadchiroli.
DGP Maharashtra is ready with
Cobra force.
Ratna will go with you.
Yes, ma'am.
You both will go from
Ratna knows the area
so she will guide you.
Mr. Shrivastav, alert Telangana
and Orissa. - Yes.
Lanka Reddy can't get away
this time.
Well, I'm sure that the ministers
of both the states must be ready
to protect Lanka Reddy
at any cost by now.
That's why no matter what
we can't let him cross
the border.
Take the motorcycle. Call Vanya
and Irshad, and bring the report.
Within two hours.
Yes, Comrade?
How long do you have?
Two hours. Go on.
Send the second courier.
Perhaps, Neerja found it.
Okay. - Send the third courier also.
We can't take a chance.
We need to get the report
from Delhi.
I need to know if I should go
to Maharashtra or Andhra.
Ms. Neelam Nagpal,
your closing submission.
Your Honour.
Milord, the government does not care
for these poor people.
They only care for
the minerals and vote banks.
Otherwise how is it possible that they've
not been able to solve this conflict?
50 years is a long time, Milord.
They've signed mining contracts
with these industrialists
who want the tribals out of Bastar.
As per government's own affidavit
to arm the tribal youth, a new police law
was implemented in 2007.
According to which, at a salary of Rs. 3000
and just three months of training
they are made
temporary policemen.
This act was actually passed to protect
the interests of these industrialists.
And so, Milord,
here is what we plead.
This draconian police act
supporting SPOs and Salwa Judum
needs to be banned, Milord,
with immediate effect.
As we've demonstrated to
the honourable court, IPS Neerja Madhavan
she's manipulating.
She's running this extra judicial
network in the jungles of Bastar.
She needs to be suspended
and followed by a court trial.
And also her strong man
Rajendra Karma...
He needs to be held accountable
for tribal genocide.
Bastar needs to be freed
from their terror.
He has put the villagers forward. - The
villagers are put forward in every battle.
Punit, over there.
Subu, on top of that tree.
Mr. Shrivastav, over here.
Take cover.
Go there, Mr. Shrivastav. Go.
Your Honour, induction of SPOs are well within
the parameter of Indian Police Act 1861.
SPOs are an integral part
of the police force.
But Your Honour, I'm seeing
a different agenda here altogether.
No, I can understand that Neelam madam
and Vanya madam
might hate a political party
or a particular minister. That's fine.
It's democracy.
People have the right
to express their views.
But Your Honour, if someone hates
the country or the nation
then it's a serious problem.
These are Maoists, to save whom
there is a system in the country
and this is all
an elaborate hoax.
They will cut you in 36 pieces if you
hoist the national flag in Bastar.
Your Honour, while trying to construct an
80-kilometre road from Dronapal to Jagargunda
46 men of our country
have lost their lives.
But I call this murder.
Despite that, only 45 kilometres
of road has been constructed.
What do we do?
The Maoists don't let us
construct roads, hospitals
or school. They don't allow
clean water supply.
How... How are the poor
being served here?
It's vital to understand the double-faced
nature of the Maoists, Your Honour.
On one hand, in the name of
Baba Saheb Ambedkar
they manipulate the innocent Dalits
to bring them on their side
and on the other hand, they hand them
a gun and compel them
to shred into pieces the very constitution
formed by Babasaheb Ambedkar.
Your Honour, in an area of 4975 square kilometres in
Abujhmar, situated in the heartland of our country
the paramilitary force
of our country can't get in
until they have the SPO's support.
This is why they have been conspiring
to ban the SPO here.
I want to ask
Neelam madam a question.
How did such modern weapons
reach such a backward forest?
How did the best possible minds
and heads reach the cities?
How is it possible?
Your Honour, in order to
eradicate our democracy
they have penetrated the system
of the country like termites.
Let's assume for a moment that they
acquire power. What happens then?
10,000 people were crushed
at the Tiananmen Square in China.
Stalin in Russia,
and Khmer Rouge in Cambodia
have mercilessly killed
thousands of people.
They had communist
governments too.
Think about the fear in which
a common resident of Bastar lives.
Your Honour, if we love
our country even a little bit
then we must strengthen and support
Salwa Judum and SPO.
Or else Bastar will be left
only with Maoists
to destroy our country.
That's all, Milord.
Mr. Shrivastav.
Mr. Shrivastav...
I have to go!
No, stop!
Mr. Shrivastav!
Stop, Ratna!
Come on.
Red salute, Comrade!
Ratna, listen to me.
We can't go there.
We can't go.
They've surrounded us from...
Madam, what...
As we've heard the instant matters,
Narayan Baghchi's bail plea is accepted.
We order Narayan Baghchi to be released
on a bail bond of Rs. 5000.
The FIR against Yamuna Nagar and Vanya Roy
at Dongpal police station is quashed.
We order the state of Chhattisgarh
to immediately cease
and desist from using SPOs
in any manner or form
in any activities.
We ban Salwa Judum
with immediate effect.
Madam, 3215 villages in Bastar
are all in danger.
We need your support.
And I... I won't be silent.
I'm going to gather the entire Bastar
for a transformation rally.
Please... get well soon. Please.
God gives his most difficult battles to
his most powerful soldiers.
I don't understand
this justice, madam.
By banning Salwa Judum,
they have made one side unarmed.
Chanting 'red salute', the poor will now
kill the poor in the name of communism.
The Maoists will openly
display their violent side.
And we...
We will only be
silent spectators.
What kind of communism is this?
Those who haven't even seen
a village
are making laws for
villages and jungles.
Make sure no one gets away!
Surround them!
Come on!
I am Rajendra Karma.
You wanted to kill me.
I'm in front of you.
Kill me, but let my people go.
What are you doing, son?
They cut your father
in 32 pieces.
And you're following them?
Father committed a crime.
Why did he hoist the flag of India
in our country?
The one who fights the Naxalites
has to die. Go away, Mother!
I too am fighting these monsters.
But until I kill Lanka Reddy,
I won't stop.
So you decide.
Will you kill me?
Look, you either kill me
or come home with me, to Rama.
Let's go.
Are you okay?
You've become so thin.
Don't they give you food to eat?
I want to go home, Mother.
I want to go home
and play with Rama.
Let's go. - Let's go home, Mother.
Keep me posted.
Neerja Madhavan.
We are the members of the judicial enquiry
commission formed against you.
This is a 16 year old innocent boy.
Don't you pity him?
Lanka Reddy, you like listening to
the screams of unarmed people, don't you?
Today, listen to your own screams.
You can proceed
as per your wish now.
The one you came to save
is gone.
The brave ones of the country
killed the .
Ms. Neerja Madhavan.
The committee has come to its conclusion.
When our soldiers were under attack
I made a distress call
to the DGP to send force.
He didn't send any help.
What conclusion have you drawn for him?
I begged the Home Minister
over the phone.
He didn't do anything either.
What conclusion have you drawn for him?
Vanya Roy constantly spewed venom
against our force in the media.
What conclusion have you drawn for him?
In the students of our country
danced over the martyrdom of our soldiers.
What conclusion have you
drawn for them?
I lost my unborn baby
in this fight.
What conclusion have you drawn for that?
Do you have the strength
to accept justice?
I beat up the Naxalites and drove them
away from Sarguja like dogs.
I asked for a little more time to eradicate
Naxalites completely from Bastar.
That's why the entire ecosystem
is against me today.
But I don't give a damn.
Do what you want.
But I won't spare
these left liberals.
One more thing. If you keep
making decisions like this
then one day, the common man
of this country
will lose their faith in the law
and make their own laws.
What are you going to do then?
Will you conduct a judicial enquiry
on 100 crore people?
Naxalites have been ruling Bastar
since 1967
and we're in 2010.
What have you done
for the common people in Bastar?
And you wanted to come
to a conclusion?
Select any village
in the whole of Bastar.
And come with me,
without security.
Let's see who comes back alive
from there.
You, or I.
The villagers will decide
who's innocent and who's the culprit.
Full and final conclusion?
Do you have the guts?
Jai Hind.
Have you ever been to Kotum?
You can reach my home
easily from school.
We're going back home tomorrow.
You come with us too.
I need to go home too.
Thousands of women like Rama
in Bastar want to go home.
I'll send them home first.
I will surely come to your house.