Bastu Shaap (2016) Movie Script

Hello... hello, yes...
where are you?
I'm in front of the bogie.
Yes. What! Where?
Sealdah!? But why?
Told you time and again, Howrah Station!
Should I get down then?
Then you've to take a flight tomorrow.
Oh God!
We've been family friends for a long time now.
Though we've not been in touch for about fifteen years.
His father, Brigadier Ajoy Dasgupta was a friend of mine.
His son runs a heritage hotel in the hills now.
Physically challenged.
It'd be very nice if you could take a look at his bungalow's Vaastu.
Make some time and come down once.
We'll discuss everything in detail.
Heard it?
What was that?
What's the menu for dinner?
You must ask for your professional charge though.
Don't compromise on that.
I've told him about you with a lot of confidence.
So, make time and pay them a visit.
Brigadier was like a an elder brother to me.
Years ago, I would tell him so many times,
"Your house's Vaastu isn't correct. Get it checked."
But why would he listen to me? And then, his wife...
...she died of Colon cancer, all of a sudden.
Then he himself died of a cerebral attack.
Single malt?- - Single? Oh!
Yes, sure.
Good, good!
Which one would you prefer...
Glenfiddich12 YEARS, Laphroaig 16 years and 21 years.
Never tried Laphroaig... so..- - Fine!
That's the only fad that has kept me going.
Laphroaig, is French isn't it?
Why'll it be French? Scotch Whisky is from Scotland!
Listen, just on peg.
Got it?- - Hmm. And?
You will not say anything.
Unless... understand this...
...unless I ask you to, don't say anything extra.
And last but not the least...
...what Mr. Mihir said...- - Which Mr. Mihir?
Mr. Timir!
Mr. Timir!- - Oh yes, Mr. Mihir! Sorry.
Listen, it's not to be disclosed that,
you're going there for Vaastu or Feng Shui...
...because the state of things in the house aren't good.
I don't want to tell you anything more, you'll figure out yourself.
All I want is, please go save that house.
Do one thing,
give me the details about Mr. Arjun while we eat.
One minute.
Yes, that way you can remember all of it.
Their original house is in Park Circus region of Kolkata.
In Tarak Dutta Road.
Nickname: Jijo. School: St. Xavier's.
Mother's name: Ranjana Dasgupta,
she was a famous Ranbindrasangeet singer in youth.
Later, when they settled in the hills, her music came to a pause.
She had three music records released.
Ajay and Ranjana had two children:
The elder daughter; Antara. And son; Arjun.
Antara's nickname is Pipi. School: Loreto Girls, Park Street.
She's also inclined to music just like her mother.
The sunshine sparkles the trees around
The moist wind blends into the clouds
It whirls and spins and twirls up the mountain slopes
It whirls and spins and twirls up the mountain slopes
You too can come along with me
If you want to fill your empty hands with stories and tales
Of distant melodies
Of patterns made with water
Of cactuses and wet grasses
Of a musing little swing
Of breezes lingering on At every dawn
Of tresses dancing to music
Of sugar cubes and steaming tea cups
Of pillows hiding secret sorrows
This is the best time for it Lathered with dreams
A water-colour painting through the mist
Of mohogany work, Of the grouching heart
Of reaching places at the day's end
Of a bunch of forgivenesses, buried in time
Of reckoning shadows
Of a stupid brown insect
Aspiring to acquire a butterfly's beauty
Excuse me, Sir.
Your cookies, Sir.- - Thank you.
And sugar, Sir.
Sir'll be here soon.- - Okay.
Excuse me.
Is this CTC or Pure Taj tea?
I think, first flush.
What is it?
What is it now?
If you constantly put limits on me,
I won't be able to express anything simply.
It was better you didn't bring me along then.
Why've you come here?
To do what you're best at in this entire country.
And that's Vaastu. CTC, Taj, first flush... can make do without knowing all that.
Told you, no extra talking.
One slip of tongue and the entire job'll be ruined.
Mr. Mihir said...
Welcome to Darjeeling, Mr. Mukherji.
Please be seated.- - Thank you.
I'm very sorry to say, no rooms available in my hotel.
Frequent showers these days. It's mostly cloudy.
But that doesn't affect the tourists in Darjeeling.
Anyway, I've arranged for your stay in my bungalow.
And I promise you won't regret it.
I've ordered for your lunch, we'll leave after that.
Right, erm... let me introduce you two... friend, business partner, elder brother...
...Mr. Timir.- - Hello.
My uncle, Mr. Mihir must've briefed you?
Yes. But not much.
He suggested I came to know of the details from you.
He sent me some information about you as well.
As in you school life, address, etc. The basics.
Now, I too have some serious briefing to give you,
regarding the house.- - Just a minute.
My family knows you came to stay in this hotel but got no rooms.
We're school friends, bumped into each other after years.
We recognized each other hearing the names, or else it was hard.-
- School as in...
...St. Xavier's, right?
We're both equally excited about this unplanned renioun after ages, so...
I insisted that you came over and stayed at my bungalow.
You were on your way to Lamahata, through Darjeeling.
Got stuck with the landslide and then we met here and...
...and yes, no need to make things up about your profession.
You can say you were going for some Vaastu assignment.
If my wife or elder sister seem interested, very good,
or else, I'll poke you myself.
You both shall not show any interest from your side. Please.
If they get to know it is all planned, then...
there's a chance all of it will be ruined.
I understand.
Mr. Mukherji...
...there's something wrong about this house.
We've everything. But happiness doesn't knock our doors.
Frankly speaking, I've never quite had any faith in the science of Vaastu.
But I don't want to leave any stone unturned.
One unpleasant incident after another in the house.
And it all started with my mother's death. I mean...
A suicide then? What about the colon Cancer?
My father did not want the news to go out of the house.
In fact my wife too is unaware.
Telling you guys because lying to the doctor hampers the treatment.
She poisoned herself, in this bungalow itself.
Anyway, we can talk about all this later.
I'll tell you everything in good time.
We'll leave after lunch.- - Right, Sir.
Carry on.
And tell me one thing Kushal,
these methods of Vaastu, do they really affect life?
As in... is it a fact?
You can leave that up to me, Jijo. I'll do my best.
What is this? The guests are to sleep on this dirty bedsheet?
Are you telling me the stains won't go if you wash it properly?
Should I wash it myself and show you?
What do you mean? Why's it stained, Dilip?!
I tried...- - Shut up!
And if the stains weren't going, did you inform me?
Morover, you put it in guest room like idiots!
Let me know if you're not interested in the job, Radhika.
I can't go on monitering you all the time!
Spread a new bedsheet! Right now!
Can't even rest for five minutes! Bunch of idiots!
And then they'll stand like statues when I talk to them!
Disgusting! I can't even relax for a bit!
Hey, just look at you, Boney! The guests will be here any moment!
You look like a ghost!- - Another half an hour to go.
And was I told we had guests coming?
You know, they spread stained bedsheets in the guest room!?
Did I ask them to?
But you ordered them, you should check!
My God!
Beauty!- - Open the door.
Here, hold this.
Which way's the North?
Let's go.
Luggage in the guest room.- - Yes, Sir.
Mr. Mukherji...
...all the best.
Be careful.- - Yes, Sir.
My last stint with acting was ten years ago.
At the annual programme of the Rajput Regiment.
In the Delhi Army camp.
And I played a doctor.
Wait.- - Sure.
Here you are...
listen, it's a lovely room!
Should I tell him my nickname?
No, I use his nickname as we're school friends, You are what you're.
Thank God!- - Where are you guys?
Come here!
I'm so sorry... I...-
- Beauty treatment going on, bad timing but...
...let me introduce you both. Kushal, my school friend.
Bonya, my wife.- - Hello.
I and Jijo went to the same school as kids.
We were best friends.- - About twenty years eh?
I couldn't recognize him.- - I did; his face is the same.
No, the moustache?- - Yes, right.
Come, Mr. Timir, my friend and business partner.
Take them inside.- - Oh yes!
Come I'll show you your room. Come. Mr.Timir.
How old is this bungalow?- - Radhika, tea!
Radhika, two cups of tea, quick!
Yes, Ma'm.
Hello, I'm Antara! Oh yes!
Freshen up. I'll be back from work by seven.
Feel comfortable, I've made all arrangements.
No... we're perfect, Sir.
Mr. Mukherji... a little careful with them.- - Yes, sure.
My mother died in this room, in that bed.
The room was closed, I turned it into the guest room.
Carry on. See you.
I was saying let's...- - ...sleep with the lights on.
Yes. I won't be able to sleep otherwise!
Many a stories around these old bungalows.
What are you writing?- - The name.
Bonya, her nickname is Boney.
What've you been thinking?
What I've been thinking is rather weird.
As in?- - Hello!
Welcome to the hills.- - Thank you.
I'm Antara, Arjun's elder sister.
Sister?- - Yes.
As in Pipi?
How do you know this name?
I've seen you in school quite a few times.
School?- - Yes, my school, Xavier's.
You were in Loreto, isn't it?
Good Lord!- - I'm Jijo's school friend.
And you?
I'm Timir, his business partner and school friend.
Please make yourselves comfortable, I've arranged for everything.
Tea will be here shortly, tell me if you need anything.
And, dinner's sharp at nine.
Ten'o' clock, lights off. Hmm?
This is a hostel!
Hello... hello... excuse me!
What is this! All of us have been standing in the que and you...
No, I'd come earlier.
No, I've been standing here for twenty minutes!
You're making a mistake.- - Please come and stand in the line.
Please go.- - One minute.
I've made the payment standing in the line.
I didn't have the change, came to pay that.
Should I stand in the line for that too? Happy everyone?
Thank you!
The bill? Thank you.
Arjun's my childhood friend... from St. Xavier's.
So I was crossing Darjeeling...
and our car was blocked due to landslide.
We were looking for a hotel.
Incidently we went to his hotel.
All the rooms were booked.
That's where I bumped into Jijo.
I was quite surprised actually.
What is it?
Sorry for this morning.
Oh, no... it's fine.- - No, I felt really bad.
I didn't realise. I thought...- - Please sit.
Thank you.
Who's admitted here?
My husband.- - What happened to him?
You must've read in the paper.
The car accident at Durgapur Expressway, last week.
How is he now?
ICU, in ventilation.
And you?
My wife.
How is she doing?
It's fifty-six days today.
We've been to many places for work...
...never came to Darjeeling before. This is the first time.
Thank God for the landslide.
Give me. Thanks.- - Right.
You're getting to see Darjeeling due to the landslide but
our work is getting delayed.
What work?- - Actually we...
- There's a businessman named Mr. Govind Bhardwaj.
He's constructing a bungalow.
Further up. Big project.
So we're going there to check his Vaastu...
and mend the plan's flaws, if any.
After we're done, they'll start their work.
Vaastu, Feng Shui, same thing?
I mean, Laughing Buddha?
No, you see, Laughing Budda is Feng Shui,
and the science of Vaastu... how do I explain this?
Wait. I'll make it easier for you.
I'll be back.
Well, in short...
...they're similar. If not the same.
According the the Hindu Shastra, Vaastu Shastra means,
constructional science for a better living.
When did you start with all this?
You don't even believe in God.
Not even superstitions.
Just like Jijo's school friend,
this too is a big surprise.
So is meeting you in the hills.
You would've spilt your coffee.
Thanks.- - Here.
How is he doing now?
Deteriorated a bit last evening.
I've been here all night.
A little stable now.
No one else from the family? No one around?
Everyone has work.
They'll come in the evening.
Everyone's trying whenever they can.
Have you eaten?
What happened?
Here, eat this.
Eat. Who'll be at a loss if you fall ill?
Please eat.
Come on, eat. Take this.
Thank you.
Sixty-two days today.
Initially I too would skip meals.
I got used to it with time.
And how many days can you stay hungry?
That's for me.
Please eat. I'll go check.
This is the Great Laughing Budda!
Many people call him the 'Laughing Budhha' by mistake.
If you can find him the correct place in your house,
not only will he laugh, he'll make you laugh too!
Mr. Timir is an expert on Vaastu and Feng Shui.
In fact it is under his guidance that I started with this work.
We started small but now the business is growing big.
Now we're going everywhere, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Pune, Delhi,
Bombay... and even the North East, Assam, Guwahati, Agartala,
somehow we're not being able to crack the South India yet. Soon.
Remove the camera, I'll keep this.
It may break if it falls. Go keep it inside.
Better. One minute.- - Okay.
How have you been?
Very well.
Oh, by the way, I've been wanting to give you something,
forgetting everyday.
In fact... why not.
Here. This is for you.
What is this?
Somebody I know, gave it to me.
Crystal ball. Heard it is very powerful.
He asked me to keep it near my wife's head.
Beside the pillow. Take it.
Then?- - Then what? You keep it.
What does it do?- - He says,
it keeps death away.
Then you must keep it. She is not doing well.
Is your husband out of danger?
Believe in God?
I was just behind them, in another car.
I, my father-in-law, my sister-in-law.
It happened right in front of us.
Please keep it.
I'm not a believer.
Never been to a temple or a Mosque after growing up.
To keep it with me would insult the crystal ball.
That shouldn't happen.
Keep it. For you.
The rain's just going on. You've a car, right?
And you?
Thank you.
See, I came back early for you!
At least for once he came early, because of you.
When are you usually back, Jijo?- - By six or six-thirty.
Right.- - That is when there's no party.
Otherwise, nine or ten...
Party, as in, there's always something going on in the club.
And I'm the club President, so...- - I see.
Which club is this?
Army club.- - Oh, naturally.
And... both of you are good with pork, right?
Are you okay with it?- - Absolutely.
I believe it is the finest meat in the world.
Truely.- - Great.
Boney, ask them to make some Chilly Pork and Honey Pork please.
By the way, what I've got is a wild boar.
Extremely juicy and soft.
A hunter friend of mine, Uday Mani,
he sent it when he heard you're here.
Wait, isn't it illegal to hunt a wild boar?
Yes, surely illegal.
Yes, so to say hunting anything is illegal.
Animal killing.
In a country where hundreds of humans are hunted down daily,
it does not matter if a wild boar is hunted one day.
Asked him to stop going for these hunts many times.
He'll know when he gets caught.
Just drop me at Rashbehari Avenue.
Hope it's not out of your way.- - Not at all.
It would be so if I went to my father's at Shyambazar.
The situation in that house is so morose.
All day at the hospital and then at home.
The same silence and the same wailing.
We've got domestic helps. But that's not enough.
My father-in-law is getting old.
I've to handle my sister-in-law. She is very angry with me.
My husband survived the same accident, her didn't. That's why.
But then she'll keep calling me till I return home.
Thirty-two missed calls.
Check this out. A Timber Classic.
Yes, Marlin 336C.
Well, you are absolutely correct.
This is a very good gun for hunting. Very nice.
It's the best one. And a personal favourite.
Though the Alpine Shooter is quite good too.
And its accurecy is much better than these guns.
A friend of mine has a Penny Pincher.
But very badly maintained.- - Oh.
Are you interested in hunting as well?
Nothing like that.
Mr. Timir researches on various subjects.
Oh, sorry to interrupt you.
You've given instructions in the kitchen but didn't bother to ask,
if they've any allergies?
Do any of you have any food allergies?
No, I'm omnivorous.- - I'm allergic to vegetarian food.
I eat everything.
Though, Mr.Timir, you must eat vegetarian.
You're severely overweight.
And you must totally stay away from all kind of red meat, pork... beef.
Never. You should never touch these.
Mr. Timir.- - Yes?
Please don't mind my sister.
She didn't mean to insult you.- - No, it's okay.
She's right.
Actually, her mental orientation is not stable.
Five years in the assylum and then two years in the rehab.
Although she's much better now, but...
...actually she's always been very particular and a perfectionist.
My father-in-law used to call her 'The Headmistress'.
Didn't you see how she was disciplining you!
Kushal...- - Yes?
Why are you silent?
No I was wondering...
...we're talking about them, right?
Pipi, Mr. Sidhhartha and Gogol.
It was a picture perfect family.
Yes Pipi, I'm on my way. I got stuck in the rain.
I'm coming.
Gauranga, turn the car.
In that one incident, Pipi lost her everything.
I made a close escape. This leg.
I wouldn't have survived.
I was in ventilation for about twenty-three days.
Ohh. So that injury is not from the war front?
That would've been an honour, Mr. Timir.
This injury is an embarrasment.
Don't put it like that. It was an accident.
An accident is always an accident.- - I was driving the car, Kushal.
I should've remembered that...
...forget backlights, most trucks don't even have...
radium stickers behind them in this country.
You're right.
It was my mistake. I should've been more careful!
Let's not talk about all this.
Tell me about your Vaastu Shastra a bit.
You know, he was telling me,
Vaastu Shastra and Feng Shui are very powerful.
See, it is our ancient, architectural science,
it's a combination of power and science.
It tries to create a harmony between the nature and
the household or offices or business areas.
And if one can succeed in doing so, then... get better vibes and you can get a better life.
Since when did you start believing in all this?
I don't understand Vaastu.
But I believe in Feng Shui.
Especially after one incident.- - What incident?
I believe...
it is because of this crystal ball that Arjun came back home fit and fine.
This ball... this is the Great Crystal ball!
It's called the 'Clear Quartz'!- - Mr. Timir...
...listen, let's show Jijo the Feng Shui maps.
It'll be clearer to him. We'll come back to this. Let me show you?
You've to take it out, I don't know where you've kept it. We'll be back.
Yes, sure.- - Come.
Cheers.- - Cheers.
Hello?- - Bonya here.
From the hospital...- - Oh yes, tell me.
Where'd you get my number?- - From your bag.
Oh my God!- - Sorry, I had to open your bag.
That's alright. Can I take it from you tomorrow at the hospital?
No, listen... I found a bunch of keys in your bag.
Oh no! I'm sorry... my house keys are in that bag.
Wait in front of your house.
What happened?- - Listen,
not a word about that crystal ball.- - But did you notice the box?
Yes, not a word more.- - No, but I made it!
I made it myself. I gave it to you for Sahana, how'd she get it?
I'll tell you later. Let's not talk about it now.
Take out the Vaastu map.
Mr. Timir please, I told you I'll explain later.
Let's not talk about this crystal ball right now.
Why're you sorry? I should be sorry.- - Because I opened the bag.
You got late because of me. Must be more than fifty now?
What?- - The missed calls?
Thank God you left it in the car.- - Yes!
That's my house... that one... on the third floor.
your keys.- - Oh yes.
Hope finding me wasn't tough?- - No, Gauranga knows this area.
I've kept the crystal ball beside his pillow.
See you.
Gauranga, let's go.
Let me open the window Let the rain in
Let the tears caress The contours of my face
So, that There's no heart left in the body
Fill the absence of the soulmate With the spread of a myth
That washes time away In its salted drops of water
Fairytales that make you cry
Must bless the King n Queen in their time
So this is the basic map of Vaastu, this one's residential.
The main purpose of Vaastu or Feng Shui,
is to use the five elements of nature correctly.
So, this involves chemistry too?
The five elements.- - Five elements of nature.
"Kshiti, Op, Tej, Marut, Byom'.- - Exactly.
Soil, water, wind, fire and sky.
Creating a scientifically perfect geometric pattern...
...among these five natural elements. A rhythm, a harmony.
So that a house can reap the finest benefits of the elements.
So, that's this map?- - Right.
It clearly states, what should be placed in which direction in a house.
So, is this map applicable in case of this house too?
Same for all houses. It is a standard map.
Jijo, why don't we get our Vaastu checked?
Your house, your decision. I won't understand all this.
But I'm game, provided it is good for the house.
Could it be any worse?
How long would it take?- - It depends.
Say three to four days.
So.. Kushal...
your charges?
This is a reunion, where do charges feature here?
No, no! Then it's a big no from my side.
Fair enough, then you charge me for staying here.
Yes, the hotel charges? The rental?
So, don't we need to ask for your sister's permission?
Don't ask anything directly. When you start your work,
she'll understand anyway.
So, Mr. Kushal, what will we need to do to help you?
Two things.
you've to stop calling me, 'Mr. Kushal'.
This is the North of this hosue.
This is the East.
This is the West.
And of course,
that is the South.
Both, Vaastu and Feng Shui,
what these principles say, is,
that the most important direction among the four is,
or the most crucial direction...
rather, the King's direction; that is,
the Northern direction.
To be more specific,
North-Eastern corner of the house is the most crucial direction.
So, the North Eastern side.
In this direction, any garbage, problematic elements, knots,
I mean, clutters of any kind, are an absolute no-no.
Absolutely not allowed.
This is the North-East of this house.
On that note Jijo, what exactly do you have in this corner of the house?
Pipi's room.
Feng Shui has its own basic rules but every home has its unique needs...
- This is all for you!
Remove that. Yes, thank you. More coming!
Come Pipi, sit.- - Free at last!
Jijo, make me a drink, please.- - Sure.
Kushal, Pipi is not only an excellent cook,
she makes extremely nice cocktails as well!
I can but not as good as Mrs. Stephense.
She was a magician! You know that!
Mr. Timir is not trying anything!
I asked you to stay away from red meat, so you won't eat?
Please, come on!- - Here, Mr. Timir.
Here.- - Thank you.
You're welcome.
If only you visited a week later you'd meet my sweet little Arghya.
"Pipi...- - Excuse me.
...Pipi this, Pipi that, Pipi piano... Pipi guitar..."
I just don't like it without him at all!
Told Jijo so many times, why send such a little kid to a hostel?
Besides, when I'm home! He just won't listen!
Pipi, sing them a song?
What kind of music do you like?- - Say...
- Just anything would do.- - Yes!
Actually I'm severely out of practice.
There were no musical instruments when I was in the hospital.
Very boring place! Besides, I did not even feel like playing.
Because I lost my husband and my son on the same bloody day.
Who'd feel like music after that, tell me?
Please start.
I'll start then.
May I?
Yes, sure.- - Thank you.
So this is the basic map of Vaastu, this one's residential.
E minor.
F...- - I know the song. 'Blue moon'.
Blue moon
You saw me standing alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own
Blue moon
You knew just what I was there for
You heard me sing a prayer for
Someone I really could care for
What happened Pipi? You were singing so well, go on?
What happened?
I'm sorry.
This was my husband's favourite song.
Sorry...- - Pipi...
Excuse me.
I'll be back.
Don't get hassled please. It's the same story everyday.
He's hellbound on proving that Pipi is normal.
At any cost.
Kushal, I'll go keep these things in the room.
I'll call you if needed.- - Yes. Okay.
Who's decision was it to send Arghya to the hostel?
Mine. Why?- - No, I was just wondering, as in...
such a beautiful house, a nice family, then why?
Because Arghya is my son! And my son! And my son!
Not her's!
She always keeps him in her room, to herself!
Lures him with chocolates and toffees and what not!
She'll bathe him, feed him, why?
Can I not feed my boy myself?
I lost it!
You'd saved Jijo with that crystal ball,
see if you can bring my son back with your Laughing Budda?
How's he?
A bit better today.
Nothing new, Mr. Kushal.
All parents want their child to grow up with them.
At home.
But you need to understand...
...why Pipi is so possessive about Arghya.
Her kid...
...Arghya is a replacement to him.
I know that...
...this sad fate of Pipi's... all because of me.
Even after...
...realising this,
how can I not shelter her?
I'll drive her away?
Boney does not want to understand all this!
She won't let Arghya go to Pipi!
Fights, arguments and violent outbursts... when nothing worked,
she sent him away to the hostel.
It's not fair to be so immature and selfish.
This is a family.
And Pipi too...
...she won't eat properly, take her medicines on time, without Boney.
A weird love and hate relationship!
And I'm stuck in the middle...
...sometimes I feel I was never meant to be a family man.
You won't fatbhom anything in a couple of days.
She's very difficult!
It's not that I'm complaining about my wife,
but it's a different thing to spend an entire lifetime.
Stop Jijo! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!
I just blurted out a lot of personal agony, please don't mind. Sorry, but...
...Laughing Buddha of yours...
...laughing, jumping, running, use any of those Buddhas and please...
...fix Boney's head, please! I just can't take it anymore.
I think you must lower your voice, Mr. Dasgupta, she'll hear you.
Boney is in Pipi's room right now.
In another five minutes,
...Pipi will take her medicines and then...
...ten 'o' clock, lights off.
Till then Boney will be stuck in Pipi's room, she cannot come out.
And we'll resume our budday-act once again, after ten.
Is everything alright?
I'm staying at Shyambazar tonight.
So, I thought I'll come and apologize to you on my way.
Apologize for?
Because I behaved like a stranger this morning.
Please come in.
This...- - Err...
Give it to me.
I forgot to put it in, told my maid but...
What is it?
I got home late last night because I came to give you the bag.
And she was furious!- - Your sister-in-law?
I went to give her the dinner. She doesn't eat until I serve her.
She got angry all of a sudden! And then she pushed me...
I hurt my knee...
And over here.
That's why you're staying at Shyambazar tonight?
I cannot even blame her.
Who can keep calm after such a tragedy?
But I can't take this pressure anymore.
Have you eaten?
Is that a yes or a no?
What is this! You've not started yet.
I will.
Kushal, how's the food?
Never disturb me when I'm eating pork, I don't like it at all!
Wonder why we call each other a swine when cursing each other!
Why? We don't know thier IQs but we still say, 'stupid cow'!
One matter got totally buried because of this Vaastu and Feng Shui.
What's that?
Mr. Timir's surprising knowledge about guns.
No, nothing like that. Just...-
- You mean you got lucky with the questions eh?
This is nothing...
...he knows the anatomy of guns like the back of his hand.
He can completely dismantle any gun and put it back together!
Don't tell me!- - No, he's exagerrating.
Hey listen, take a look at my Alpine Shooter tomorrow in the morning.
Whats wrong with it?
The trigger has been locked for a while now.
And that aiming...- - Aiming pin? Fine, show it to me.
No one who can repair it in the hills.
Let me try tomorrow morning.
I can compromise on the Vaastu, but you must repair my favourite gun.
You should take this one as a challenge, eh?
But until this house's Vaastu is done, I won't let go of you.
No matter how long it takes.
This is Sahana's world.
All her paintings.
I too have quite a few paintings in our army quarter in Delhi.
I bought them.
Are you fond of paintings too?
No. Not quite.
Just to adorn the house.
The house looked so vacant, that's why.
The walls used to look empty.
I don't understand paintings all that much.
Why's this one covered?
Sahana fell ill soon after finishing this one.
She could not even sign it, see...
This painting's name is 'Lotus'.
The flower?
Though this one has a direct relation with me.
What's that?
I'm the model. It's my hand.
See, it was photographed too.
I had to sit and pose on that chair for about four days,
I wasn't allowed to move. After all, my wife's order!
And an artist wife for that matter!
So you got involved?
The assignment is not professional anymore.
I'll have to ask you a question, please don't mind.
Did you two, as in did you get involved very intimately?
Not at all! Are you crazy?- - Sure?
No, not at all.- - Oh.
You knew, I did not believe in that crystal ball back then.
But you still gave it to me for Sahana. I kept it in the bag.
She used to be very depressed during those days.
Her husband, as in Arjun... he was not gaining consciousness.
She used to cry a lot. So I gave her the ball.
I thought it could give her a mental boost. You know how it is.
We used to spend a lot of time together at the hospital, that's it.
The doctor has finally told us to send Pipi to the mental hospital.
We cannot keep her at home anymore.
We try to put her to sleep all the time.
She keeps getting so violent...
You hardly speak.
No, I do.- - Really?
I keep talking about myself. You don't say anything!
There really isn't much to speak of.
My life just involves the hospital and my home.
I'm preparing myself gradually.- - As in?
Sahana is very tired.
I too.
I'm very tired.- - You know...
...I too keep getting these crazy ideas these days!
He's always stayed away.
I stay all alone in that huge quarter in Delhi.
If he does not return from here... really won't make much of a difference in my life.
I will still be alone, as always.
Thank God I met you.
Blue moon
You knew just what I was there for
You heard me sing a prayer for
Someone I really could care for
And then there suddenly appeared before me
The only one my arms will ever hold
I heard somebody whisper, "Please adore me"
And when I looked, the moon was turned to gold!
Why're you loitering in the corridor so late?
Get inside your room.- - Yes.
You... really well. I could not keep myself from coming out.
Thank you.
You see I could not finish playing in the evening,
so I finished it.
I was playing for my husband.
Won't you sleep?
Are you really his school friend?
Mr. Arjun has called us here to check the Vaastu and Feng Shui of this house.
If you... in you all...
...object, hence this arrangement, of pretending to be friends.
He never really understood me.
One minute.
You're not supposed to know this. Please.
Do you not understand me too?
Yes, we'll take another half an hour here.
Okay. Bye.
It just happened half an hour ago.
Good morning!
Good morning.
Don't try too hard. It's not bad as a showpiece too.
No, no.
It's done.
See, the spring between the trigger and the latch...
...that was stuck.
Here you go.
And the sight? I missed quite a few times. Normally I don't.
It is hundred percent perfect, try it once now if you want to.
You've made my day, Mr. Timir. Wait.
The bowl of the weather cock?
No, no, Mr. Timir, I told you so, the pin alignment isn't correct yet.
Give it to me, let me check once.
I was the best shooter in the Rajput Regiment.
Anyway, check...- - Mr. Timir!
What happened?
He's saying the aim pin alignment is not correct. But...
No, Mr. Arjun, it is correct.
But he has fixed the trigger, that's enough!
What's the target?
The bowl of the left arrow.
You missed it?- - Told you the aim pin isn't correct.
Chuck it, Mr. Timir.
Good.- - Fantastic, Mr. Timir, brilliant!
When I say the gun's okay, trust me it is.
Hey listen,
clean this and keep it inside.
Now you happy?
Let's go for it in this evening, Kushal?
Mine is Bretto house, red. Yours is Gonzaga house, green.
Done?- - What!
You've always lost to me in school, why try your luck again?
You and Mr. Timir VS I and Boney.
And Pipi will be the match referee.
You guys continue with your Vaastu till then, I'll be back.
Red VS Green!- - Done!
What did he say was the name of the green house?
Err... Gonzaga.- - Yes, right.
His is Bretto, red house.
Remember the names, or you'll get caught.
They're not home.
The funeral is happening in Bolpur.
At Sahana's place. Kushal has gone there.
Death has no age!
No orders, no rules, you've to leave when you're called for.
She was a nice girl.
Such a talented girl!
A glance is left behind At a forlorn corner
Reaching further in time Remembering the name of that lane
No one left, who'd pay a visit
Only the winds knocks on the door
Fill the absence of the soulmate With the spread of a myth
That washes time away In its salted drops of water
Fairytales that make you cry
Must bless the King n Queen in their time
Mr. Timir...
...just check once, I think this side is the North West.
Checked it, it's perfect. British architecture you see, flawless.
Go check the North eastern room, I'll check the exterior.
Please request Pipi, we've to check her room?
Goodluck. Come with me.
Hope she is in a good mood.- - Careful.
Yes, Sir.
I figured you were in Bolpur at that time. Called you many times.
It was always switched off.
I was tired of those consolation calls from friends and relatives.
And then I changed my number. I wanted to start afresh.
I had gone to the nursing home after I came back.
I did not find you there. I did not know Mr. Arjun's name.
After I described to them, they said,
you'd taken him to the Army hospital in Delhi.
Yes, after he gained consciousness,
the army took him to Delhi on a special flight.
Then we shifted out of Delhi for good, settled here. A new life.
He wants to see your room.
But why?
Actually...- - We're checking the Vaastu of this house.
We do this professionally,
so since we're here, Jijo asked us to check the house.
Jijo never had these superstitions. When did all this start?
I had no idea!- - I won't take much time...
- A couple once came down to do Feng Shui at our house in Kolkata.
This is not just Feng Shui...- - Don't cut me short.
They just barged in and went into the house.
My husband was a simple man. Very simple.
She knows. So they came in and said, "Change this, change that."
And we did everything they said.
We paid through our noses and then, what happened?
Finally, what did we gain?
That was an accident, Pipi!- - But why!
Why will there be an accident after all this mumbo-jumbo!?
Chimes, coins, this-that, this Budda, that Budda... we did everything!
Kissing pegions in the bedroom, they're supposed to...
...enhance the love between husband and wife!
That happened, right? Cheats!
They've started with the work outside.
Don't worry, take your time.
Will you have your lunch at home?
Come in.- - Yes.
This is our bedroom.
Finishes his drink, and he's off to sleep as soon as he lies down.
No conversations.
And I just can't sleep.
am I not attractive enough, Kushal?
Then why won't he come close?
Intimacy is a far cry.
My sleeping pill.
Bring him home please.
At any cost!
I'm dying alone here, Kushal!
Wasn't Pipi saying so, kissing pegions in the bedroom,
they increase the love between the husband and wife?
Is that true?
Well... many believe so...
I mean...
Do you have a pair of kissing pegions?
Please give me if you do?
Our hearts kept away In that lamenting Northern nook
An eye-spy match of glances This ain't time for simpler games
Let the breeze Cure away your maladies
Let your agonies leave you behind As the evening falls again
Silence, of moments
The trump card of our lips
Now, that I've touched you
The name, That button of my shirt
The old envelop I'd misplaced
Why did I find these things today?
Bretto house, ready?
This duel was a vogue in the early 18th century England.
It was a very popular sport.- - Silence, Pipi, please.
Sorry. Ready?
Come on, Jijo!
Proud of you, Jijo! Proud of you!
Mr. Timir,
come on, it's your turn!
Put five of them.
Your turn.- - Aim pin alright?
Hundred percent. Thank you!- - Okay.
Goodluck, Mr. Timir!
Wait, Mr. Timir, let's fix the bait first?
Make him an offer he can't refuse!- - Not a bad idea!
Mr. Gonzaga...- - Yes?
If you lose, you've to do what I say!
You can't refuse.- - Done.
Carry on.
So, Gonzaga house?
Well done, well done!
Bravo Mr. Timir, just one more to go!
We'll lose if you miss it, eh? Steady!
Mr. Timir, want to drink some water?
Don't talk.
Fantastic! Yes!
That was just brilliant, Mr. Timir! So, Jijo, it's a draw then!
Come on, 'draws' in a gun duel?!
Someone's got to win!
What happens when it's a draw, Kushal?
Sudden death?- - Why not!
Texas style! Bottle on your head!- - What are you saying!
Do it in style!
In style!
Why're you getting scared? I still had a miss.
Mr. Timir hasn't missed a single one since morning.
A huge bottle on the head. Earlier people would take apples!
And we're talking about a bottle!
Chuck it. You win. There's no need.
This is not how I win, Mr. Timir.- - Please, Sir.
I fight and win.
So, since the last round was a draw, a 'sudden death' this time.
Texas style.
Who's volunteering?
Somebody brave please volunteer!
What are you doing?- - Take this!
Please!- - Mr. Timir!
I'll go stand.- - Listen to me, take it.
Boney!?- - Yes!
That's like an army wife!
Proud of you!
Proud of you, Boney!
I'm impressed Boney!
Don't worry Boney.
You're too precious!
I'm not worried.
This is utter madness! Someone just stop this!
Mr. Timir!
Your turn!
Get another bottle.- - Yes, Ma'm.
You're sweating, worried?- - Oh, no.
Jijo, let him shoot.
Gonzaga house, ready?
Boney, ready?
Ready, Gonzaga house? Ready for sudden death?
One minute! Just a second! Sorry! Sorry!
What is it now?- - One minute!
I lied to you.
I do love her.
I really love Bonya a lot, so, please be very careful.
Mr. Kushal, no conspiracy, this is not allowed!
Will you just shut up for a change? Just shut up, okay?
Talking to my team mate and I think it is completely allowed, isn't it?
Pipi, please sit quietly. It's okay Kushal, cool down.
Pipi... what happened?
I don't want to be a part of this!
Mr. Timir?
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Very good, Boney! You were rock steady! Bravo, Boney!
I'm proud of you!
I've discovered you all over again today!
You were so brave, Boney!
Get some water.- - Yes, Sir!
Don't worry, she's stressed.
I'll be back.
What is it?
I haven't left that hand even today.
She'll be fine.
Standing at gunpoint for that long is not an easy job.
Mr. Gonzaga?
So you lost?
And now the deal?- - What do I have to do?
The road blocked at Lamahata has been cleared.
This evening, I'll bring this up.
And you will leave this house in a hurry, tomorrow morning.
I know I am sounding rude but's final.
But the Vaastu of the house is not done yet.
Let me first reap the results of what you've already done.
I quite... this arrangement.
life becomes very boring if you don't make a few changes sometimes.
Kushal, there's good news for you.
The Jorbangla-Lamahata road has been cleared.
Let me know when you want to leave.
I'll arrange for the car.
That's great news actually.
In that case, call for the car tomorrow morning.
In fact, the gentleman called twice even today.
Tomorrow morning?
Then what happens to the Vaastu, Feng Shui of my house?
Do one thing, come stay here for a couple of days while returning.
I was anyway thinking of taking Mr. Timir hunting one day.
Very sweet man.
Just missed the last shot because he got tense.
Where's he?
Must be in the room.
Is he upset?
Someone had to lose in the end.
That's right.
Please, help yourself.
Thank you.- - Welcome.
Although Mr. Timir appears to be very sweet,
not only is he a good shooter, he's a good gun-maker too.
At least he used to be one.
Pretty high-quality stuff.
He used to supply it to the underworld.
It's apparent now that his aim is exceptional.
They started taking him with themselves,
to the most crucial of their missions.
He became quite famous in their world. And then as usual,
he got caught one day.
IPC 20B, criminal conspiracy case.
It was a huge shock. He couldn't handle it.
He may not have had the best of feelings holding the gun after ages.
Excuse me, I'll be back.
Feeling better?
Why did you need to get up?
I was just trying to see who'd agree to do it.
I was just kidding.
That was decency.
You forced Mr. Timir to do it, Jijo! They were refusing!
But you were so obstinate! And you call that hospitality?
What would you lose if that sudden death did not happen?
I hate losing battles, Boney.
Any battle.
Yes?- - May I?
Good evening.
Good evening.
I've already clearly told you that...-
- This is not about Vaastu or Feng shui.
This is a bit personal. You could say,
it's a secret that's going to remain between the two of us.
What is it?
Not right now, I'll tell you at night.
A little later. I have a request.
Please don't take your sleeping pills tonight.
I'm really sorry for shouting at you like that today.
I shouldn't have done that.
It's okay.
Actually, I got really scared.
You're a true gentleman.
Thank you, Pipi.
I'll see you.
So, Mr. Timir...- - Yes?
You've changed the position of the grandfather clock.
Does this bring good luck? As in,
will it do good to my house?- - Let's see.
Besides, now there are frogs and snakes all over my house.
Come Kushal.
In how much time would these bring results?
You already got it.- - How?
You won in the evening.
Didn't think about that.
So... did you lose inspite of knowing Vaastu and Feng Shui?
You see, Madam,
sometimes doctors fall ill too.
But still they don't leave a stone unturned to cure their patients.
Well said.
So, Kushal, did you like anybody after that?
Or do you plan to stay alone forever? That's not easy.
I don't stay alone.
The house I've taken on rent now, at Shyambazar...
...I've a room-mate, who stays with me there.
A 'Vaastushaap'.
How do you sleep?- - Just the way you all do.
As in?
There's one in your house too.- - What?
A 'Vaastushaap', a household snake.
You know where you find snakes the most?
Inside the lotus plant.
Inside this house, on the Western wall of your room,
don't you have a painting, called the 'Lotus', the flower?
Yes, with the hand posed like this? Right?
I think to restore the happines and peace of this house,
you must get rid of that painting.
No Lotuses, no snakes.
'Shaap' as in the snake, or the curse?
Maybe both.
That one's Boney's favourite. But I don't get what she sees in it.
A weirdly posed hand!
Boney, honestly speaking, I've never really liked that painting.
But it's your call, so...
...Mr.Timir, please come with me. Help me a bit.
Come.- - Sure.
Excuse me.
Have faith in me, Bonya.
Let go of that hand now.
Sit.- - Boney...
if Kushal is insisting, remove this, please.
You really think this is a good piece of work?
Very ameteurish.
I'll get you something else.
Please don't give it to anybody, ever.
Mr. Mukherji...
please send in your final bill soon.
That won't be needed, Sir.- - No!
This is your profession.
This painting, you could say this is my remuneratoin.
More than sure.
I won the gun duel.
And what do you think?
Who's winning,
in case of the acting?
Your obsession with wins and losses is hampering your family.
No Vaastu, no Feng Shui can cure that.
What are you trying to say?
Wash it away in the spring of happines,
Wash away the poverty of your heart, wash away the pain.
This is the real science of any home, Mr. Dasgupta.
This is the primary thing in Vaastu.
Your father probably did realize this.
But after your mother committed suicide.
It was a bit too late by then.
I've one request. You can call it an advice.
Don't do the same mistake, please.
Trust me with this.
The owl and the pussy cat went to sea, in a beautiful pea-green boat
They took some money and plenty of honey wrapped in a five pound note.
Know the rhyme? 'Owl and Pussy-cat', by Edward Lear?
I've selected that for Arghya.
For the english elocution. You take care of the Bengali,
but no Sukumar Ray, huh!
Bengalis will never get out of his poetry.
You take care of that.
Boney...'re crying?
What is it?
What 'nothing'?
Please finish your dinner alone today. I'm not feeling well.
Please take your medicines properly.
They took some money, And plenty of honey,
Wrapped up in a five pound note.
You always try to keep Arghya to yourself.
You always latch on to him.
But Pipi, all this does not make Arghya your son.
No matter how much you try.
And I am being brutally honest here,
there's an ongoing cold war between you and Bonya regarding this.
I think you realize this quite well.
But you know who is getting affected?
The kid.
Such a beautiful house, such a pretty place...
his parents are here.
Why must a kid have to live in a hostel leaving all this?
Look, Pipi,
you are so motherly, you've so much affection to offer,
you take good care of little things, you're so caring.
But still they're afraid of you.
I'm afraid I'm having to say this, but it's true.
They fear you like a curse.
But they can't do anything because of their conscience.
They can't tell you anything.
They can't throw you out.
And you, knowingly or unknowingly, go on with your stay here.
I don't get it,
don't you feel bad? Staying in your brother's house like this?
I know. They've told me.
When you know everything, just leave them alone!
Let Bonya bring Arghya up in her own way.
Isn't that natural?
I'm saying this because I'm thinking of all of you. Yes, you too.
It's just because of that kid that I am going on with my life.
What was the name your father gave you?
Headmistress.- - Right.
Have you ever heard of a headmistress teach at a school,
where there is only one student?
No. Right?
It's not natural.
I want to take you to the children's home that my NGO runs.
There are many kids there. Thirty-eight kids to be precise.
Kids who have no one in the entire world.
They need...
A mother like you.
Someone who'll help them with their studies, sing them songs.
Play them the guitar, teach them how to paint, bring them up!
Let Bonya bring her son up. You come there,
where you're needed the most.
Can you imagine how happy they'll be to get you?
You'll be our headmistress.
Yes Ma'm.
Please accept our offer?
Do you want to say something?
Tell me.
Tell me?
What is it?
What'll you have in the morning before leaving?
It won't help... taking the painting away.
Take this.
Yes, Sir.
Go, keep it in the car.- - Okay.
Hello. See you. All set.
I'll remember you.- - Why? What did you see in me?
That too at gunpoint!
See you, Ma'm.
Give this to Arghya when he comes home from the hostel.
Tell him this is a real Chinese coin.
I will.
We're leaving. I don't see Mr. Dasgupta around...
Pipi's not in her room since morning. Her things aren't there too.
Jijo's gone to look for her.- - What!
This is what she usually does when she's upset.
She's done this many times.
Twice she went off to Kolkata without telling us.
Don't worry.
Have a safe journey.
Bye.- - Wait,
you said you live at Shyambazar now, right?
My paternal house is over there.
If you could kindly take this crystal ball to that house...
...the address is inside.
My father is not doing well at all.
Tell him,
to keep it beside his pillow.
Thank God you came.
What is it?
Did you find your sister?
Looked this side, will go check that way now.
She must be nearby, she'll come back when she cools down.
So, Mr. Kushal,
thank you.
Thank you for all that you've done.
Pardon me if I've made any mistakes.
Only one regret.
Even after our earnest efforts none of us got the prize for acting.
Boney won in the middle of eveything.
And she was amazing. Right?- - As in?
I'm dying alone here, Kushal!
Touch phone, Mr. Gonzaga.
Do you have a pair of kissing pegions?
Don't hesitate, Kushal. Please!
I love...
Didn't have the courage to risk it with the two of you for another day.
I had to be rude enough to send you back today itself.
Who knows?
My sudden possessiveness regarding Boney,
maybe it's all because of your Vaastu and Feng Shui?
Have a safe journey.
Another thing.
I hope to never say this to another guest again.
Please don't come back.
Let's go.
Please stop!
One minute!
Excuse me, err...
Oh! Here you are! Gentlemen, please help me!
Thank God! Please help me with this!
Put it behind. I was wondering what's taking you so much time!
How long can one walk with that heavy bag!
One minute, Mr. Dasgupta is frantically looking for you.
Oh, let him. They wouldn't let me come if I told them.
I'll sit in front then?
Thank you!
My skirt!
Let's go!
One minute!
So, Mr. Kushal, how many children are there in our home?
There must be kids who'll have this measurement?
Arghya's size...
Isn't it? This size?
Then it's fine.
Let's go.