Batch '81 (1982) Movie Script

You ought to be ashamed for yourself.
This is just a normal day for me.
This is what I have to wake up to in the morning
every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
I have no choice.
Every zoology major has to take her class.
But I can still be favorable to her.
I was forced by Dad to take zoology.
And medicine too.
And another late one again! Glucero Jr.!
Do you think this is a cinema theatre?
That you can just come to class any time you want?
I guess, after all, we just do whatever we want.
And this is what I have decided to do.
I guess this is what I've been looking for.
They say Alpha Kappa Omega's big around here.
The most notorious fraternity in the campus.
The first trial. Companionship.
What's your name?
- Arnulto Enriquez.
- How fucking disrespectful!
- Didn't your parents teach you at all?
- From now on, you refer to us as "Master".
- What now!?
- Yes, Master.
Now, what's your name?
Arnulto Enriquez, Master.
Why do you want to join our frat?
My friend. He convinced me to.
- You're stupid for listening to him then.
- I'd like to explain, Master.
- Don't fucking speak to us in English.
My father was a frat alumnus.
So what do you want to happen!?
- Nothing, Master.
- Do I look like your dad?
- No, master.
- Then, why do you still keep speaking in English!?
- I didn't.
- Shut up.
- That was in English, master.
Just relax.
Are you nervous?
A bit, master.
Tell me. Why are you here?
They say it's good in a frat. I can meet some friends.
So, have you ever gotten laid?
He said, have you ever gotten laid!?
Of course, Master.
Really? News is, you haven't yet.
Now, what?
N-no, I haven't yet, master.
- So, you're still a virgin then?
- No, master.
I have a wife, sir.
Oh, my prof's trying to humour us.
- How many wives do you have?
- Only one, master.
You plan to have another one?
- If only I could, master.
- What an arrogant fuck you are!
You're already old.
Why the hell do you want to join our frat?
How many children do you have?
None yet, master.
So, you're impotent?
No, master.
- Then, why no children then?
- Family planning, sir.
Is your girlfriend's boobs big?
- Answer.
- Just average, master.
How about her legs?
Maybe, her legs are full of scabs.
- No. No scabs.
- Oh, you really know about those stuff.
You fuck her a lot, don't you?
Answer. You get to fuck her often, don't you?
No, not that often, master.
8 out of 15 got accepted by the neophytes.
They're pretty tough and uptight.
What monsters. Strange how their minds work.
Just in the interrogation, almost half failed.
I feel okay now. I'm past the first phase.
Now this is the real thing.
- Bautista?
- Here, Master.
- Arni Enriquez?
- Here, master.
- Ledesma?
- Here, master.
- Sid Lucero?
- Here, master.
- Pete Magtibay?
- Here, master.
- Quintos?
- Here, master.
- Roxas, Jr.?
- Here, master.
- Santi Santillan?
- Here, master.
- Santi Santillan!?
- Here, master!
They don't look like such a bad group.
We're probably insured on this one.
- They also look like chopsuey altogether.
- Oh, yeah.
There's an old geezer.
There's a dweeb here.
Another one here.
And another dweeb here.
- And a mestizo. This one right here seems objectionable, brod.
Oh right, before anything else, let me introduce ourselves.
I'm Vince.
And here's my buddy, Gonzales.
But when you're in the company of all of us, you call us...?
Right. I like this group.
- Santillan!
- Sir. O-oh, master.
It's hot, isn't it?
- Not really, master.
- It is, I say.
Yes, indeed. It is hot here, master.
- Then you have to take your shirt off then. STRIP!
- Tee-hee. They're handsome, aren't they?
- I get to have the handsome one, okay?
- Sure, yours is the beefy one then.
- Don't mind those women.
- Strip!
- Oh, what a great body.
No, yours is the darker guy.
Tall, dark, and handsome, huh?
- Santillan
- Yes, master?
- Still hot?
- Not anymore, master.
- It's still hot.
- Yes, of course, it is, master.
- Take your shoes off. STRIP!
- Why do you wear worn-off socks!?
- Sorry, master.
- Still hot?
- It's still hot, master.
- You're right.
Take the pants off now.
Don't take notice of Grace and the others.
That's just their trip.
Look at them. This happens only once and a while.
Okay. Strip!
- Lucero, is it still hot?
- Master.
- It's still hot?
- Yes, master. It's still hot.
- Take your underwear off then.
Master, someone might get shocked.
- Strip!
- Strip.
What the hell? This is too much!
If you're still staying, I'm not.
I can't take this anymore! I'm quitting!
I quit.
- Get off me.
- Hey, you fuckers, give me back my clothes.
- Alright.
Anyone who doesn't want to strip, you can quit.
If you don't want to follow us, the initiation's all over.
All of you are out of the frat.
There. Be like Santillan.
Respectable teacher.
- He immediately stripped off.
- This bird is not going to fly anywhere.
Don't worry. The windows are closed.
- Isn't it embarassing for your guests?
- No, not really.
Now, what are you waiting for?
- Strip!
Go on.
Come on. Go on.
Alpha. Omega.
The first and last letters of the Greek alphabet.
Kappa. The Greek letter, K.
Alpha. Omega.
The beginning. And the end...
is the fraternity.
That is also the first line of our fraternity creed.
All our objectives, ideals and spirit of our frat are stated
in that creed.
From this day on, let this creed be a part of
your real life.
Our frat was founded in 1951.
If you think we were taking it easy with you...
Ask Ronnie Roxas, Jr.
His father was one of the illustrious fellows
and founding fathers.
But when it comes to the initiation,
everyone has it the same.
You have to pass all of the sessions.
No monkeying around and brawls
that we haven't talked about.
But you just have to deal with it when a master gets a chance
to meet you outside the frat.
You're free when you're in class.
Or if you're with a girlfriend.
Or a family member. Don't worry.
We don't do this just to inflict pain.
All of this is for the frat.
Assume position.
Hold your balls.
On your mark.
Get set. Go.
Move. Move. Quick! This is going to take all day.
You can take it.
Yes. You can deal with it.
You just have to resist the pain.
Just endure it.
You can take it.
Alpha. Kappa. Omega.
- Alpha kappa omega.
- The fraternity is the beginning and the end of it all.
- The frat is the beginning and the end of it all.
- Just like the feet, the hands and the eyes.
Just like the feet, the hands and the eyes.
Not able to function by oneself.
Not able to function on one's own.
More than unity, brotherhood is what
our fraternity plans to achieve.
Don't resist the right path.
So we won't go away from the right path.
- Courage.
- We won't stand still when there's oppression.
We won't stand still when there's oppression.
All are equal in the eyes of the law.
All are equal in the eyes of the law.
Justice is our purpose until the end.
- Unity.
- Only one will.
- One will. One purpose.
- One will. One purpose.
Don't follow the one who solely relies on himself.
One is here to unite with the others.
- Brotherhood, alpha of power.
- Brotherhood, alpha of power.
- Power, the protector of justice.
- Power, the protector of justice.
- Justice, the reason for unity.
- Justice, the reason for unity.
- Unity, omega is the brotherhood.
- Unity, omega is the brotherhood.
- Alpha kappa omega.
- Alpha kappa omega.
- The fraternity is the beginning and the end.
- The fraternity is the beginning and the end.
- Alpha kappa omega.
- Alpha kappa omega.
- The fraternity is the beginning and the end.
- The fraternity is the beginning and the end.
- Did you tell about it to your mother?
Are you crazy? She'd go furious about it.
- My nape hurts. What a pain. Fuck.
- It's okay.
You just keep saying "It's okay," when we
just let ourselves in to this madhouse.
Just think of the advantages you'll get when you're a frat member.
You're protected all the way.
How about my scholarship?
Don't think about it. It's going to take a while
before the season ends.
There are also a lot of famous alumnus from AKO.
- So where are you guys going this time?
- I don't know where Tina's taking me to.
- What time is it, anyway?
- 6:35.
- Why?
- It's Mariel.
- You also had plans?
- Yeah, we were supposed to meet at the library a while ago.
- What movie do you want to watch?
- The one with Clint Eastwood.
Oh, pizza. Let's have pizza first. I'm so, like, hungry.
- I don't have enough cash.
- Never mind, I have money.
- Let's not take too long.
- Don't worry. It's still early. You're always in a hurry.
- What the heck? We've been waiting for you.
I'm so sorry.
- Where are you going?
- We're going to Freddie's house.
- Come with us.
- No.
- Come on.
- I can't. We're going to watch a movie after.
What movie?
- The one with Clint Eastwood.
- It's so corny, anyway. Come on.
- You can just come with us.
- He really wants to see it.
- Who is he anyway?
- Oh, him. He's just a friend.
- Want some stock?
- You have some?
- Oh, they say Arni really loves Tina.
- Motherfucker. He didn't say anything like that.
Oops. Dude, look who's coming down the stairs.
What a tough one, dude.
Dude, wait a sec.
- Are you one of the AKO?
- Why?
Isn't Arni Enriquez your roommate?
- Yes. Why?
- Just tell him to stop bugging Tina.
- Why? Who the heck are you?
- Her brother. Why? Do you have a problem?
Okay. Piss off.
Monkeying around... The training.
- Are you ready, you monkeys?
- Yes, master.
- Do you already know what you have to do?
- Yes, master.
Show the world that this batch of yours
has something to say.
- Yes, master.
- On your mark.
Get set.
- Move a bit.
- Move.
Come on. Speed it up.
- Now what?
- What do you mean?
- How are we going to get home?
- No choice but to walk.
Like this?
Nooo, we're just going to wait for a taxi.
- You're so shallow. Where can we get a taxi in such a place like this?
Why? Are taxis not allowed here?
Fucker. It's such a drag talking to you.
Don't be too hotheaded, dude.
Don't take him too seriously.
- Huh? Where?
- Let's get a ride from them.
- Oh, wait.
- Vince. Dude, it's Vince.
Dude, quick. Quick.
- Go on that side.
- Ouch!
- Dude, who was that?
- Okay, monkeys. Go home.
- That was such a shameful thing, what they asked us to do.
Don't worry. When it's our turn, the neophytes
get to run naked around the quadrangle.
That's worse. More people around, haha.
- What happened to Ding? Why was he left behind?
- I don't know.
What do you mean you don't know?
He was beside you.
Once I took my polo off, I already went away.
Weren't you the last ones to take your clothes off?
- Yes, he's your buddy.
- Would I think about that when my brief was full of holes?
Hmm just like the feet, hands and the eyes.
- One can't move on his own...
- Wait, wait.
Let's not blame each other.
We can't do anything about it anymore.
You're overreacting.
- He's still alive.
- Dude, so this is how it is in a frat.
Exciting too.
- Exciting?
- If not the beatings, monkeying around.
Is that what's exciting for you? You're really weird.
We looked like fools.
- What are we going to get from this?
- That's what I also don't understand.
I don't know why Vince still hasn't put
an airconditioner on in his basement.
I know, master.
Your batch doesn't have what it takes.
Imagine that, they left you behind.
- They didn't leave me behind. I was just too slow.
- You don't have to answer back.
Oh wow, I feel so sleepy.
- I'm going to get some sleep
- Okay, master.
Too many mosquitoes here.
- It's a good thing Vince has a mosquito net here.
- Yes, master.
Put that down.
Hold this.
Wake me up at 8 in the morning. I have an early class.
Yes, master.
Second Trial... Responsibility
Uh, is this where um, um...
M-Miss Jenny Estrada lives?
I'm Jenny Estrada. Why?
M-Miss Estrada, Gonzales has asked me
to send this bouqet f-for you.
- Oh, so are you Pacoy Ledesma?
- Yes.
Ahh. Come in, come in.
Have some softdrinks.
Gonzales is so crazy.
So this is why he wanted me to stay home tonight.
He's so sweet.
Pretty, isn't it?
You too. You're such a sweetie because you brought me this.
Pacoy, could you do me a favour?
I wanted to send something to Gonzales.
Could you bring it for me?
- Yeah. Okay.
- Ayy!
Thanks, huh. Uh...
Come in for a while. Come on.
Come on, come in.
There. Pretty, isn't it?
- Before I forget, I'll get you your softdrinks.
- Oh, no thanks.
Miss Estrada, the one you want me to send?
Oh yes, right.
Oh, don't worry, I'll give it to you later.
Oh, by the way, what, do you think the roses look good here?
Wait a minute.
Maybe it's better if I place them here.
There. Oh, my gosh.
I just love roses.
Then again, not just roses. Just
any kind of flowers, really.
And everlastings.
Miss Estrada, the one you want to send to Gonzales.
Let's deal with that later.
Miss Estrada, how about Gonzales?
He doesn't need to know if you're not going to tell.
Are you going to tell?
Take it easy.
I know what's your problem.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
I can't breathe.
Pacoy, relax, I'm all yours.
P-P-Pacoy. Wait.
- Pacoy, my pendant, my Santo Nino pendant.
We have a long night ahead of us.
Uh, a long night ahead of us.
- Is this your first time?
- No.
- Oh, tell the truth.
- No
Wait, let me show you something.
What do you think?
Is it okay?
Just like roses.
No, like everlastings.
You keep calling my name, and it's not even in yet.
It's okay. Just put it into yours.
Positions, move forward.
Cut, cut, cut.
What the hell was that? Do you have two left feet?
Sorry, Pearl. I'm just a stand-in here.
That's what I'm talking about. When we're not
complete, we just keep getting delayed.
Who was supposed to be in your place?
- Arni Enriquez, Ma'am.
- Is he still coming?
- We have no idea, Ma'am.
- You're all shitheads.
Fine, have a break.
Uh, miss, you want me to help you out?
- Have you been for a while now?
- Since 6 o' clock, I think.
We still have a lot of things to do.
- How long is your rehearsal going to take?
- I don't know. We still can't even perfect it.
You're really involved on that one, aren't you?
You're at it again.
Fine, you better go back there.
They might already need you.
Come on, watch our rehearsal
and then we can go out later.
- Let's not.
- What do you mean?
I just don't like frat meetings.
- I feel like there's always going to be some fight.
- You're just prejudiced.
AKO's different.
- Okay, everybody back to work.
- Come on, let's go.
- We don't have much time. Quick!
- Come on.
Why are you missing one? Who's missing?
- What the hell?
- Sorry, dude.
Okay, let's take it from the top.
Your formation a while ago.
If you don't improve, your initiation's going
to even take longer. Len, music.
Oh, what's happening?
How's everything going?
- Is this going to take longer?
- Enteng, do you mind?
Why don't you just sit down and watch? At the rate we're going, we'll never be able to finish.
Len, music.
What's the matter?
- Where's Arni Enriquez?
- Why?
Arni's the one I'm looking for. Where
are you hiding that fucker?
Take it easy, man. Arni's our friend.
We don't want any trouble here.
Dude, I don't have any problems with you.
But Arni does.
When you're against Arni, you're also against us.
Okay, man.
Just tell that motherfucker Arni that if...
he doesn't stop bugging Tina, he's going to pay for it.
That motherfucker.
Happy birthday to you.
You belong to the zoo.
With the monkeys and the donkeys.
And the big kangaroo.
This batch is such a genius. They're pretty okay.
They have production sets.
Who's the art director here?
- Come on, make a speech
- Speech, speech.
- Thank you. Thank you.
- Toast, toast.
- Come on, there's not even any beer on our cups.
Brod, take out the champagne.
- Oh, champagne.
- Champagne. Have you tasted one yet?
Tough luck, there's no more champagne.
- What do you have there then?
- One beer, a Budweiser.
- One beer?
- No, that's good enough for us, master.
- Is that enough for all of us?
- It's imported anyway.
There. Get us a mug.
Just leave some for me.
Let's give this all to our future brothers. After all,
they prepared all of this for the party, right, brod?
Sure, why not?
Oh come on, clap, all of you.
You first, okay?
Just pass it along.
- It's only one beer.
- Try to leave some for us, okay?
- Each should have a fair share.
- Ooops.
Don't swallow it.
Spit it out back to the mug.
I said, spit it out back to the mug!
Pass it to Quintos.
Ding Quintos
- Master.
- Why?
Are you disgusted by your batchmate's saliva?
No, master.
Wait, wait.
Our fraternity achieves to...?
- Surpass the levels of our current fellowship.
- Drink then.
Spit it out.
Okay, take a picture of all of them while they drink.
Yes, master.
Power... needed for desires to be fulfilled.
Okay, now it's Absentee's turn.
But don't be too assertive because of the power you hold.
- What's next?
- So that we won't wander from the...
from the...
From what!?
That we won't wander from the right path.
Very good, very good.
Spit it out.
Justice. The oppressed should not be abandoned.
All are equal in the eyes of the law.
Justice is our purpose until the end.
- Lucero.
- Unity...
One will, one mind.
One more time.
One will.
One cause.
Very good.
- Let's go back to Swanky.
- Master, I already had my turn.
Poor you, my friend.
You seem like a simpleton.
Don't you feel ashamed towards your batchmates?
- You think you can get away with it just 'cause you're first?
How can you get along with the others?
I thought your batch had something to be proud of.
Go ahead. Drink it.
All of it. Every single drop.
Happy birthday to you.
Give him a clap.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday. Happy birthday.
- Happy birthday to you.
- Thank you.
Quintos, take a shot of him.
I told you to fucking take a shot of him!
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday, happy birthday.
Happy birthday to you.
They're treating us like pigs.
They're just fooling around with us.
In my whole life, I haven't made such a fool of myself.
- That's really how a frat is.
- Dudes, here's some coffee.
- We all get the same treatment.
- Come on, have some coffee.
How about them?
Motherfucker, what's with the camera!?
I'm going to break that to pieces!
Ding, that's enough.
What now?
I'm quitting.
Just be patient, man.
It's just too much.
It's really just too much.
Don't you regret all you've been through?
We've already been through a lot.
And you're only quitting now.
What's going to happen to our batch?
Won't your father feel ashamed of you?
I can't take it anymore.
You just have to relax, kid.
- I'll take care of you. They'll pay for it.
- In what way?
Gonzales is one of my students, right?
- Mr. Gonzales.
- Sir?
As an aspiring economist, what can you
say about the present oil crisis?
- Oil crisis, sir?
- Yes?
- The Arabs, sir.
- What about them?
- Don't they own all the oil?
- Ah-ha!
Wrong answer.
One red mark.
Suppose I tell you that the Arabs don't own all the oil?
That there are other sources of oil.
A lot of the Arabs stopped oil
supply for us and the others didn't.
What do you think will happen
to the textile industry?
- Sir, the Arabs.
- What about them?
Don't we already have oil in Marinduque?
- Wrong again.
- Two red marks.
- See me after class.
- Ding, Ding, take a shot of him.
Hey, wait for me.
You're dozing off.
Sorry, master.
Take it easy, man.
You're taking the job too seriously.
Why? Is it too much, man?
Not really.
Look at this one, for example.
It's pretty bruised.
Leave this arm off for a while.
Yup. It's really bruised.
Oh, where do you think you're going?
You think you're done?
No, master. I thought we were done.
It's a good thing they're letting you have a physical exam.
The other frats don't do this.
Just getting into fights.
Not taking care of themselves. That's why
they havea lot of casualties.
Right, Doc. Oh, I mean master.
Alright. Lucero's pretty cool.
- He's in pre-med.
- Ahh, so you want to be a doctor too?
- Does it hurt?
- Yes, it does, master.
Don't worry, everything...
...comes to an end.
Just think of our fraternity creed,
and your fears will be all gone.
We won't make you quit.
And not even this. Only you.
Fear, that's what will make you quit.
Do you understand me?
Yes, master.
- See, didn't I tell you everything eventually ends?
- Yes, master.
Hesitation and resistance
I can't drop out at this point. It's embarrassing.
- Just bear with me. It'll soon be done.
- When?
Sid, what's the purpose of that frat?
Can't you see it's all going to be brawls?
What do you want me to do? Quit?
Sid, never have I ever interfered with
your decisions.
Just this once.
I think this is important for you.
For the both of us.
You asking me to choose between you and the frat?
- The frat has nothing to do with us.
- What do you mean nothing?
My only brother died in a frat initiation.
Two years ago.
It's still not clear what happened but...
we found out someone beat him up.
On the head.
He had a brain concussion.
They said it was just an accident.
That no one should be blamed for it.
We don't have such an initiation at AKO.
We have discipline.
That was also my brother's frat.
- It's different now.
- Yes, sure.
Yes, not that many beatings anymore.
But now they mess up with your minds.
You underestimate me too much.
Look, I know what I'm doing.
- You know me. I have my own mind.
- That was before. Now, you don't.
The day will come when all of you will think alike.
One command, and you'll all jump.
- Here's your cheque.
- Thank you.
Your dad? Did he give one to you?
For last week.
Why do you have cigarettes here?
I thought you quit.
And you're a Isidro medical student.
What the heck do they teach you here?
Do you want to die of lung cancer?
I'm leaving for the States tomorrow.
It's hopeless with your dad. I'm getting a divorce.
I want you to finish school there.
Nothing's going to happen to you here.
- But, ma, that's impractical.
- Impractical!? You mean you can't do it?
It's better to have a degree in the States.
Okay, whatever happens.
Tell me when you want to leave.
And don't mention it to your dad.
He might force you to stay here.
It's up to you. You'll just rot in here.
Alright, I have to go.
- Be good.
- Yeah.
Oh, ma, what time's your flight?
3 o' clock in the afternoon. Why?
- I've an afternoon class. I might not be able...
- Okay, okay, I understand.
You're going to the States?
What States?
That was just bullshit.
Where were you?
- At Vince's house.
- Why?
I quit.
Sorry, man.
I know it was such a big thing for you.
But I thought there are other more important things.
My scholarship's at risk.
That's not good for my parents.
And Tina too.
- If ever I quit the frat...
- Bitch.
You keep making a lot of excuses.
Just say that you just can't take it.
Only now, huh!?
I don't know.
- I'm still quitting.
- Motherfucker!
It's because of the likes of you that
the batch can never be complete.
Hiding under a woman's skirt! What?
- You can't fight back, can you?
- The problem with you is...
...that you only think about yourself.
Arni's quitting too. Do you already know about that?
How many of us are left then?
It's only the five of us now.
Perhaps, there's still someone who's
thinking of quitting on us?
All of the guys in his family were in a frat.
Only he's breaking the tradition.
For what reason?
Just because he was asked to drink
the saliva of his batchmates?
What's so bad about that?
We all went through that, right?
Relax, man. Anyway, we're still here, right, Pete?
You should! Fuck!
After we've been treated like slaves and monkeys...
...that's when you'll quit?
But what's going to happen?
Until now, our group's still crumbling.
I can't understand.
This is not how the batch should be.
They keep preaching about unity to us.
Do you understand what unity means at all?
Arni, my friend. He wanted to join the frat.
But what the heck was he doing?
If not late, he's absent.
Now he has quit.
What is this? Fooling around?
We're one group, one batch.
Each of us has a different
reason for joining the frat.
What's your reason?
All your reasons are not important.
The only important thing is the
completion of the batch.
Where is he going anyway?
- Never mind him. He's always like that anyway.
- I find him weird.
- Why don't you just dump him?
- No, I won't.
- Where did you meet him anyway?
- Do I have to tell you that again?
- I really don't want to join the frat anymore.
- No, let's talk about it first.
Here, let's stay here. Man...
Arni... you have to go back.
The batch should be complete.
We're all in this together.
- You guys here in my canteen again!? You're just going to make a riot.
- Does this have glowing mass?
- Just leave. There are other customers waiting.
- What the hell is this food you're serving?
Man, the vinegar's old. Your soy sauce is
expired. That was since last year.
Barako coffee! Taster's Choice...
Just leave, okay.
That's just barako coffee. You're really feisty, huh?
I'm getting agitated by the lot of you.
Agitated... what big terms.
- Shitheads! Go to another canteen next time.
- Barako coffee!
Dude, let's sit beside Blockhead over there.
- Master.
- Man, it's okay. Sit down.
Do you still have classes?
No, I'm done for the day, master.
Why are you still here then?
I'm studying later in the library.
- What a genius!
- Studying, huh?
Hey, Enteng.
Do you know that they're going to sing an original song?
I've known about it since the other day.
- Are you already in good terms with each other?
- Why do you ask?
- I thought that...
- Of course, since when have
we not been in good terms?
What are we to do now?
- What do you mean?
- They even got the finale number.
They have great influences.
They won't overshadow us.
Just on the sets, they're already no match.
Dude, keep eating.
You want us to feed you too?
Dude. Eat.
Is it good?
Tastes good, master.
Hey, what the hell?
Sorry, man.
What the hell, man? You just added more to my workload.
- Sorry, sir.
- It's okay.
This is Dick.
He's also an AKO member.
Dick, this is Ledesma.
Oh, so this is Ledesma?
They say your session with Jenny was okay.
They say, at first you were just groping
but pretty soon... gave it your all.
- Man.
Brother, if you're watching a live show
next time, tell me about it.
Brother, what the hell?
Was it a secret?
Sorry. I thought they already told you about it.
You motherfuckers!
You joined them while they tricked me.
What kind of friends are you?
Sorry, sorry, we just did what they
asked us to do.
You're such an asshole, Sid.
I had trust in you.
What the hell?
Have a little faith, man.
Do you think we enjoyed it?
I give up.
- The initiation's almost done.
- And I'm about to go insane.
I didn't want this anyway.
- They just kept forcing me.
- Who's "they"?
My mom.
And the doctor.
For therapy reasons.
They said, I needed friends.
That's why my cousin sponsored me.
So I'd learn to meet friends here.
I have hard time making friends, that's why.
Especially with women.
I haven't had a girlfriend since ever.
My brothers...
We're five of us. All brothers.
I'm the youngest.
My mom always had to have a daughter.
I don't know why she had to choose me.
Instead of a mama's boy...
...they teased me as a "mama's girl"
Mama's girl!
Take it easy, man.
Don't blame yourself.
You're better off. Just mama's... mama's boy.
How about me? The wife's boy, man.
I didn't have any friends too.
At the faculty, sure, my co-teachers but not friends.
And you already know about Chairman Arbuleda.
That geezer was probably already
alive during Rizal's days.
The other teachers...
They're not my kind.
Uh, it's different.
At home, the wife's the Chairman. Sometimes, even the Dean.
It's okay but...
sometimes... just want a friend, right?
Uh, a friend, a real friend. A brother.
That's why we should still stay.
We have a lot of friends here.
Unity... One will, one purpose.
- Arni Enriquez.
- Here, master.
Pacoy Ledesma.
- Here, master.
- Sid Lucero.
- Here, master.
- Pete Magtibay.
Here, master.
- Ding Quintos.
- Here, master.
- Santi Santillan
- Master.
Santillan, until now, still the same.
Here, master.
Face your left side.
Right hand, forward.
To the other room, quick!
Lower your hands.
Face your left side.
Take your blindfolds off.
Sit down.
Roxas volunteered, as a sign of penance.
He shouldn't have thought of backing out.
Like the other ones here.
He had second thoughts at the start
of where the frat's headed.
He had doubts...
...about the importance of this in our lives.
Roxas will sit for the all of you.
For all of your sins to the frat.
Good evening, sir.
Good evening.
What we're doing today is pretty simple.
Roxas always has to get the questions right.
Or else this...
is his punishment.
Alright, it's working.
Be quiet.
Let's start.
1 + 1?
- You forgot your manners.
- 1 + 1?
Two, master.
Who's your Grade 1 teacher?
- Master...
- Who's your Grade 1 teacher?
Miss Abad, master. Miss Abad.
Now, who did your Grade 1 teacher marry?
Hey, don't butt in.
Subtract that to Pacoy Ledesma's number.
What's the result?
- Master, come on.
- Bitch, didn't they teach you how to subtract?
Argh, stop it, Dad. I can't take it anymore, Pa.
Pa, I can't take it anymore.
I can't handle it anymore, Pa.
Stop it.
Master, I think that's being a bit unfair.
Even we can't answer those questions.
Unfair, huh?
It's unfair? Okay, you press the button now.
Come on, do what he says.
Square root of 91?
Square root?
Square root of 91!
Press it.
- This is too...
- You think you know better than us? Press it.
Only female mosquitoes bite.
True or false?
Only female mosquitoes bite? True or false.
True, master.
Dogs. They bite too.
Press it.
Martial law. It has benefited our society.
True or false?
Press it.
Martial law. It has benefited our nation.
True or false?
Press it.
Ronnie, answer it. Ronnie.
Martial law. It has benefited our nation.
True or false?
Ronnie, answer it. Ronnie.
Ronnie, please answer it. Ronnie.
- Ronnie, please answer it.
- Press the button!
Ronnie, answer. Please answer it.
- Ronnie, Ronnie, please answer the question.
- Come back here.
I don't want to.
Come back here!
I don't want to.
You don't want to?
You don't want to?
No, I don't want to.
I don't want to.
Fine, make him sit in the electric chair.
No. I don't want to! No, take your hands off me!
- Get off me! I didn't lose faith at all!
- That's enough!
- That's enough.
- Get off me! Get your hands off me!
- Choose me, instead.
- No! I don't want to! I don't want the electric chair!
That hurts. That's going to hurt.
That's enough, brother.
That's my boy.
- Good work.
- Thank you, sir.
Oh, what are you thinking?
That was just a game.
That's fake.
All of that, fake.
Just trust your fraternity.
Our fraternity.
That's all.
But don't get me wrong.
The important thing is your own decision.
They're not asking for what you can't do.
But whether it's right or wrong,
you have to make a decision.
Each of you.
Ronnie's father's right.
Everything they ask us to do is for the frat.
Bitch, what frat!? You're really good at pure talk.
You just keep talking about the frat.
But what did you do when there was mayhem?
Nothing. You just stared.
The masters know what they're doing.
You don't run out of something to say, do you?
You already know how to play tricks like them.
You're still a neophyte yet
you already think like a master.
- That's enough.
- Stop it.
Nothing good's going to happen
to us if we're just like this.
No blaming each other.
We're one batch, right?
That's the problem.
You're being tricked by your fellow batchmates.
You! You knew their gimmick,
and you just went along.
Bitch, what was I to do? You think I enjoyed it?
- I didn't want to anymore
- Why did you come back then?
This is what I got from my dad.
You're really okay, man.
What's your decision?
I'm staying.
Alpha kappa omega.
- Alpha kappa omega.
- The fraternity is the beginning and the end.
The fraternity is the beginning and the end.
Just like the feet, the hands, and the eyes.
- One can't function purely on one's own.
- More than unity...
- what our brotherhood plans to achieve.
- Brotherhood, alpha of power.
- Power, the protector of justice.
- Justice, the purpose of unity.
Unity, omega of brotherhood.
Alpha, kappa, omega.
The fraternity's the beginning and the end.
- Alpha, kappa, omega.
- The fraternity is the beginning and the end.
- Alpha, kappa, omega.
- The fraternity is the beginning and the end.
- Alpha, kappa, omega.
- The fraternity is the beginning and the end.
What the hell? Come on, make it quick. Our number's almost up.
- Is everyone here?
- Arni Enriquez left again, master.
Motherfucker! I'm really getting pissed off at that Arni Enriquez!
Lucero, find where your friend is.
Yes, master.
Tau Alpha Omicron's more infamous, isn't it?
It's a competition for fame among those frats.
I know. Did you see AKO's sets?
- Which one? The cabaret?
- Yes, their costumes are pretty good.
Pretty heavy competition, man.
Why the hell are you jealous?
Their number's just pure faggotry. Is that a frat?
Oh, Arnie.
What the hell? We're almost up, and you still don't have make-up.
Oh, I'll be the one to put your make-up on.
- No need to. We have a make-up artist.
- What? I'm pretty good.
I'll be the one to put your make-up.
- Arnie!
- Okay!
Dude, your sister's here.
Who is she with?
Who else?
Oh, where are we going after the show?
It's up to you.
What time will you be finished anyway?
Okay, just stand by, you guys.
Abet, let me go!
- Ouch, you're hurting me!
- Abet!
Motherfucker, I told you to
stop going out with Tina.
- Why the hell do you care!?
- You motherfucker.
Lucero! Stop that, all of you!
- Stop it.
- Abet...
If you want our frats to fight, not here.
The frat has nothing to do with this.
This is personal.
He's why my sister's acting the way she is now.
Me? You seem to be the one deciding for herself.
This is my last warning.
Stop going out with Tina.
Ladies and gentleman.
A very special number by the AKO fraternity.
Please welcome the Cabaret!
I now present to you a performance
by Sigma Omicron Sigma, Upakan '81.
- Dude, wait a minute.
- Why?
It's Tina.
Tina, why are you here?
- What?
- What are you doing here?
- I don't want to go home. I'll just stay here.
- Fuck, Tina.
- Don't you know what time it is?
- What?
You can't stay here.
I'll just stay here.
Brother, what are we going to do?
Take her home.
- She's trouble.
- Come on, Tina.
Arni, help me! What the hell? Arni!
Arns, help me! Let me go! What the hell?
Abet, what are you doing? Abet, what the hell?
Take them out the car.
- Abet, what are you going to do?
- Shut up!
- Arns.
- Tina.
- Arns.
- Tina.
Abet, please stop it. What are you
doing? Let's go.
- Shut up!
- You motherfuckers!
You too. What a shithead!
Fuck you! If you really have the guts,
let's do it one-on-one.
Arns! Abet! What the hell!?
Abet, what's wrong? Why are you doing this?
None of your business.
Can't you leave us alone? Why are you always looking for trouble?
- Motherfucker, I told not to butt in!
- Abet, please don't hurt him.
Abet, don't! Please stop! Don't do that!
Abet, please!
Arni, don't. Abet, don't do that! Please stop!
Stop it, Abet! Arni!
Arni, stop! Please! Don't do that, Abet! Stop!
Please stop, Abet! Stop!
You're crazy! You're crazy!
You're crazy!!!!
In the toilet!
Tie him up.
Brothers, bring up the mestizo.
Joining frats...
You think you're infamous now, huh?
You sure that the frat will always support you?
Show off when you're already masters.
You, motherfucker!
You motherfucker! Motherfucker!
I'm going to kill you, motherfucker!
Take her out!
You motherfucker, Abet!
Fuck! Arni!
You motherfuckers!
- Alpha, kappa, omega.
- Alpha, kappa, omega.
- The fraternity is the beginning and the end.
- The fraternity is the beginning and the end.
- Pacoy Ledesma.
- Here, master.
- Ronnie Roxas, Jr.
- Here, master.
- Ding Quintos.
- Here, master.
- Pete Magtibay.
- Here, master.
- Santi Santillan.
- Here, master.
- Sid Lucero.
- Here, master.
Arni Enriquez.
Arni Enriquez.
- Arni Enriquez.
- Here, master.
Fuck. What bad luck.
We're still having problems.
It's also Arni's fault.
I told him to stop going out with Tina.
I told him she was just going to be trouble.
He just has to deal with it.
He has no one to blame but himself.
He shouldn't have had second
thoughts about the frat.
There's really no going back now.
We entered ourselves into this. Now we need
to finish it. No blaming each other.
He didn't tell me anything about the fraternity.
Why did he join? What was
he going to get from that?
He thought it would be advantageous for him
if he were to be a frat member.
Just one year and...
... he was already going to graduate.
And this was just how it was going to end.
And it's still not clear... he died,
and who killed him.
Who is he?
His classmate.
His girlfriend?
Final trial... "Justice is our purpose until the end"
- He didn't do anything wrong.
- Take it easy, Sid.
It's not in our hands anymore.
- The problem's just going to get worse.
- What kind of people are you?
Arni was our batchmate.
It's like his death was nothing at all to you.
- It's not like that, man.
- Then, what?
- We're just going to sit around?
Revenge is not going to do anything.
We'll just get into more trouble.
Bitch, you don't think of anyone else but yourself.
What do you want to do? Even if we want to,
the frat will not permit us to.
What kind of frat is this? It doesn't want to avenge...
You're really mad, aren't you, Lucero?
Yes, master.
Are you aggravated?
Yes, master.
What do you want to happen?
I want revenge, master.
Let's finish this.
How about you?
You had the advantage. We lost one.
Let's take care of it then.
At the place before.
1 o' clock in the morning.
How many people?
The usual. Five-on-five.
- Hand-to-hand combat.
- Hand-to-hand combat.
Who are your frat minors?
Abet, just a reminder.
You're a fratman too.
- Let's follow the rules we discussed about.
- Motherfucker, you keep yapping. Let's start it.
- How long?
- Five seconds.
Okay, fine.
How long?
10 seconds.
10 seconds.
Let's join in the brawl.
- What? Another one?
- Brothers, pull back.
What the fuck? What's this?
- Fucker, this was not part of our talk.
- Master!
King, you fucker!
You bitch!
First of all...
after the rumble...
don't let yourselves get caught at the scene.
Don't leave anything at all.
if you get caught...
don't ever admit that you're a member of a frat.
And never mention the name of the other frat.
if your comrades get injured...
you're not bringing them to the hospital.
Leave it to ones not involved in the rumble.
Good thing there's no case.
It isn't the first time this kind of thing
happened to the frat.
Ronnie was unlucky.
But he didn't watch out for himself.
But no worries.
The important thing is he didn't betray us
untill the end.
I'm amazed by his father.
We made a wrong move. He forgave us.
He knew that it wasn't the fraternity,
the creed that AKO has created.
Brod... the fraternity is the beginning and the end.
Put them into position.
Make them form a line.
Okay, brods, we're taking a turn.
Hold your balls.
On your mark.
Get set.
- Brotherhood, alpha of power.
- Power, protector of justice.
- Justice, the reason for unity.
- Unity, the omega is brotherhood.
Brods, formation.
Kneel down.
Get down!
Pete Magtibay.
Here, master.
- Santi Santillan.
- Here, master.
- Ding Quintos.
- Here, master.
- Pacoy Ledesma.
- Here, master.
- Sid Lucero.
- Here, master.
Kneel down.
Take your blindfolds off.
Pure sacrifice...
...for you, is our desire.
The purpose is honest.
Brotherhood is power.
Alpha of power.
Brotherhood is the omega.
Alpha, kappa, omega.
Alpha, kappa, omega.
Pure sacrifice...
...for you, is our desire.
Our purpose is honest.
Brotherhood is power.
Alpha of power.
Brotherhood is the omega.
Alpha, kappa, omega.
Alpha, kappa, omega.
Pure sacrifice...
...for you, is our desire.
Our purpose is honest.
Brotherhood is power.
Alpha of power.
Brotherhood is the omega.
Alpha, kappa, omega.
Alpha, kappa, omega.
Stand up.
Welcome to the frat.
Pure sacrifice...
for you, is our desire.
Arni, Ronnie and Gonzales.
They're not here anymore.
Too bad, they didn't live to see this.
But, somehow, they're here right now.
They're already brothers too.
Brods. We're now brods.
We're now masters.
Brotherhood, alpha of power.
Power, the protector of justice.
Justice, the purpose of unity.
Unity, omega is the brotherhood.
Alpha, kappa, omega.
The fraternity is the beginning and the end.
Alpha, kappa, omega.
The fraternity is the beginning and the end.
Alpha, kappa, omega.
The fraternity is the beginning and the end....