Bathory (2008) Movie Script

Behold - The Castle of Cachtice.
An unconquerable stronghold
that time will turn into stones and dust.
The last witness to the
mysterious story...
of Hungarys wealthiest noble woman
Countess Erzsebet Bathory.
Here, as the legend says, she tortured
and killed innocent virgins...
and bathed in their blood to stay
young and beautiful forever.
The fewer the facts,
the plentiful the legends.
The truth will remain forgotten
in this forgotten dungeon,
from where the countesses'
desperate wailing and sobbing
could be heard night after night.
Until the devil himself took pity on her
and setting her on his firey steed
carried her away,
to the darkest depths of hell.
Or was it an angel?
And was the story
rather different perhaps?
I trust my daughter
Erzsebet Bathory,
in marriage to Ferenc Nadasdy.
That our
families may be united!
This union will be the most
powerful in Hungary.
Erzsebet! Erzsebet!
Look! I have my own horse!
Now I am a man.
Marriage is a duty and love a sin.
Ferenc will increase
the family fortune,
your job is to manage
and preserve it.
And look after the servants.
The can't work if they are ill.
Viva young couples!
Dear Countess, we have a duty to
our families, to conceive a son.
How are we going to accomplish this?
My uncle told me, do
not worry, my dear.
For centuries, the Turks
and Tatars devastated
and plundered the kingdom of Hungary.
Killing and destroying everything that
Hungarians held sacred.
Finally, the Protestant lord set aside
their dispute with the Catholics,
and together rows to wage war
against the Muslims.
The fate of this vast land,
which people spoke 13
different languages,
fell into the hands of some powerful,
led by Ferenc Nadasdy.
Look at the Habsburgs.
Always the first to flee.
I like to see the infidels
kicking Catholics.
I told you will not be bored for long.
For God and Hungary!
Guide your people to victory!
The Turks.
Count Nadasdy...
fearless warrior and commander,
always stood in the front of the brave
son of Hungary.
The bleeding Hungarian kingdom,
became the last bastion
protecting Christian Europe
against the infidels.
History is written by winners,
and the Chronicles,
by fools like me a humble
monk named Peter.
My testimony is not a legend
about heroes like Ferenc
but about life and death of
his beautiful wife Erzsebet.
The three dragon teeth
from her family crest
represent the three names
that marked his life
and, ultimately,
fulfilled her destiny.
- Countess.
- Thurzo?
Where is Ferenc?
- Don't worry, he is safe.
It was a great victory.
Here sends a list of war trophies.
He sends you a gift.
Look out the window.
The best gift would be
to have Ferenc home.
My little fairy.
he is an Italian painter
we stole from the Turks.
He should be painting roses shutters
to the Pasha of Budin,
but in exchange for this portrait,
Ferenc promised him freedom.
- Move, miserable!
- Let me go!
I'm a protege of
Cardinal Del Monte.
Maybe he can capture your beauty.
Come on, Maria.
Faster! You so sweet.
Ferenc, my beloved black
Perhaps you could stop by
after the Sunday service
to sign your agreement for
the next half year.
Don't worry, pastor, I'll sign it
in Ferences name.
- Wait!
- Yes, Istvan?
Our painter hast ordered half
the forest for his paints.
And he still wants more.
What else does he need, Istvan?
What kind of rose is this?
a Venetian.
Blue as a Venetian sky.
Three days mourning
our dead comrades.
We have been living close to death.
you are drunk.
Tomorrow, I am conquering
the Fortress near the Eger.
Tonight, I am conquering you.
- Ferenc. Ferenc.
Ferenc, no! Ferenc, no!
- I beg you. My baby!
- Love can not hurt the baby.
My baby!
This war without end,
turned me into a brute.
Even when I am with you,
I act like a barbarians.
Erzsebet Honey, forgive me
the pain that I caused you.
I never forgive myself
the loss of our unborn son.
My... Damn. That was close.
See Nadasdy, cannon balls, arrows,
everything mises him.
Is the luck of the devil.
God gave Nadasdy courage and strength.
That's all.
Yes, Bathany.
And wealth... And a beautiful woman.
- You envy him?
- Of course.
Beautiful women are hard to find.
When the master get drunk,
they become as strong as horses,
and then they just go and hunt
a defenceless orphan, like me.
We'll be out here
if we get pregnant and
the Countess finds out.
But you're sweet.
You can have me for nothing.
Come on, Merisi!
Possess me as does the master!
Leave me alone! Get out!
- Open the door, Merisi.
- Who? By God...
Why is it locked?
I'm mixing paints.
See that red...
as our blood.
Symbolizes life and love.
I was drawing from memory.
Tomorrow you'll begin painting
me and my daughters.
You preserve what I have left.
Praise God!
Our Countess is well again.
Countess is taking their young man
to the manor house.
Now she's gonna have
all the fun she wants.
- Yes!
- Shut up!
It's the only thing you think of.
Do you know how many children
her herbs have saved?
I can't capture
the curves of your body.
I need a naked model.
An honest woman shows
her body to no one.
Not even her husband.