Batla House (2019) Movie Script

"Breaking News!"
"Terror strikes in Delhi once again!"
"Five explosions in the space of
40 minutes across the glorious capital."
"..Delhi targeted by terrorists!"
"Blasts kill 30 and leave
more than 100 injured."
"Indian Mujahideen have taken
responsibility for the blast."
"A short while after
the bomb blast in Delhi..."
"...a journalist received an
email from the Indian Mujahideen."
"India has faced numerous terrorist
attacks in the past 12 months."
"These blasts have left
400 dead and thousands injured."
"Delhi Police Special
Cell fails once again."
"Not only did they fail to stop the attacks,
they also weren't able to catch the terrorists."
"Terrorist attacks cripple
Delhi Police Special Cell."
"What is ACP Sanjay Kumar doing?"
"Where are the security
agencies of our country?"
Pressure, case, pressure.
I've been hearing
that for almost a year.
I know what you're going to say.
You're under tremendous pressure since
those series of bomb blasts in Delhi.
Isn't that right, Sanjay?
How many more medals
are you looking to win?
Isn't six enough already?
Do you know that your medals,
honor, and your duty...
Our marriage is falling apart, Sanjay.
there's nothing left between us.
Our friends and relatives keep
asking me over and over again...
...what the hell are you doing
in this house, Nandita.
Then you should leave.
That was the only thing
left to say.
I must go.
Can you drop me
to the travel agent's office?
Give him a call,
he'll deliver the tickets at home.
- You can take the other car...
- Ram Singh.
I think...
I'll drop you.
Go get ready.
Drop me here.
- But you were...
- You were right.
I should have got the
tickets delivered at home.
And go to the parlor instead.
What? Now?
- Pull up here, Maan Singh.
- Sir.
I thought after all
the time we spent together... will ask me to stay.
This was just an excuse to come along.
Your decision to leave is correct.
So why should I stop you?
- Maan Singh, let's go.
- Sir.
- Yeah, Wazir.
- KK sir and I are ready.
- Please get here.
- Yes, I am on my way.
But don't engage
until I don't get there.
Yes, sir. I'll pass on the message.
'Everyone please note that today's Iftar
will be at 06:40pm in the evening..'
- Yeah?
- Sir.
Sanjay sir doesn't want us
to engage until he gets here.
- Let me do my job.
- But...
- Jeetu, everything under control upstairs?
- Yes, sir.
Let's move. Move, move.
Jaiswal, let's move, let's move.
Sir, KK sir has gone inside...
Why did you open fire?
Who gave the orders to engage?
Well, sir...
Get down. Cover the area.
Take them to safety. Now.
Get in.
Get inside.
Hurry up. Hurry up.
Get inside! Inside.
- Inside.
- Let's go.
Hurry up.
That way.
Sir...shots are being
fired upstairs, sir.
Shots are being fired upstairs, sir.
Get out of here.
- KK...
- Yeah?
- KK, are you all right?
- He's been shot twice.
Jeetu, get him to
a hospital immediately.
Okay, sir.
Let's go.
- Ma'am, shall we begin?
- Yeah.
Ma'am, there are around 18 missed calls.
Nandita, the Special Cell has engaged
in some kind of encounter.
Sanjay was leading the inquiry,
am I right?
I was a little anxious because
you weren't answering my calls.
Just call Sanjay and
make sure he's okay, alright?
And don't worry.
I'll send someone else to cover it.
This morning at 10:30,
in the Okhla University area...
...the Police engaged in a shootout
with a group of terrorists
hiding out here.
We have information
of two Police casualties...
- ...and one of them is seriously injured.
- Open the door! Hurry!
As you can see,
the injured police officer is being...
Keep your eyes open, sir.
Let's go, Wazir.
Let's go. Come on.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Give way!
Get out of the way!
Give way.
Sanjay pickup.
Sanjay, please...
Ladies and Gentlemen:
Please come huge numbers...
There are two boys inside.
There is no god but Allah.
Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.
There is no god but Allah.
Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.
Don't shoot me, sir. Don't shoot...
I am coming out.
Don't shoot, sir.
I am coming out.
Please don't shoot.
Please, don't shoot.
Please, don't shoot, sir.
I will come out.
Please, don't shoot,
sir. I will come out.
Check him for weapons.
Okay, sir.
I will come out. I will...
-Get up. Come on.
Nothing, sir.
Get changed.
Hello, sir.
Sanjay speaking.
What on earth is going on, Sanjay?
Well...KK's been shot,
and Wazir is injured.
I've sent him to the hospital.
And informed the Police Control Room.
Ashok and I are on my way.
- You know what to do?
- Yes, sir.
Jai Hind.
Sir, I'll inform you.
The Commissioner!
- Let's go.
- Sir...
Please turn on the news.
I said turn on the news!
Nandita, what's going on?
Is everything all right?
This morning at 10:30,
in the Okhla University area...
...the Police engaged in a shootout
with a group of terrorist hiding here.
We have information
of two Police casualties...
...and one of them is seriously injured.
As you can see...
Maan Singh, where is Sanjay?
I've been trying to get in touch,
why isn't anyone picking up?
Sir is absolutely fine, ma'am.
He's just tied up at the moment.
Madam, KK sir was shot
and he's been taken to the hospital.
Tell us who he is.
Keep this inside.
Tell us.
Who is he?
Do you know him?
Do you know him?
- I don't know him, sir.
You don't, do you?
- No, sir.
Take a good look.
Do you know him?
I haven't done anything, sir.
- Did he say anything yet?
- Not yet, sir.
You haven't done anything?
Then what is all this?
What is it?
'Delhi Police is torturing us,
they are making life hell for us.'
'This isn't the first
time they have done this.'
'Let us all join hands together and
raise a voice against
this Police nuisance.'
'Let's not allow them
to conspire against us again.'
- Sir.
- Yes?
We'll need backup.
The force is on its way, Sanjay.
Just hold on.
'Delhi Police is always
conspiring against us.'
'They sometimes arrest
our innocent Muslim boys.'
'They nab them without
arrest warrants.'
'They charge them with false charges.'
'This has become a common
trait of the Delhi Police now.'
Sir, the ambulance has arrived.
We won't tolerate this bullying.
We won't tolerate this bullying.
Delhi Police.
- Down! Down.
Delhi Police.
- Down! Down.
Delhi Police.
- Down! Down.
Delhi Police.
- Down! Down.
We won't tolerate this bullying.
We won't tolerate this bullying.
Sir, KK entered from the other door...
...which was open.
Our men say that the boys opened fire...
...KK and Wazir both
sustained injuries.
We took down these two boys.
Sadiq and Adil.
The third one Tufail has surrendered.
But the other two
are still at large, sir.
- Down with the Delhi Police!
- Down with the Delhi Police!
How did KK get shot?
You were only supposed to investigate?
Who gave orders to engage?
This operation should have
been carried out quietly and smoothly.
- Down with the Delhi Police!
So how did it turn into this circus?
Answer me.
Sir, KK, and Wazir...
- Down with the Delhi Police!
- Down with the Delhi Police!
- Down with the Delhi Police!
- Down with the Delhi Police!
They were only following my orders, sir.
They were only following
your orders you say.
- Down with the Delhi Police!
For your sake and mine,
I hope you're right.
Remember, you're known for one thing.
And that's following orders.
And your orders were to investigate,
and not to engage.
- Down with the Delhi Police!
I'm heading to the hospital.
- Down with the Delhi Police!
- Down with the Delhi Police!
- Down with the Delhi Police!
- Down with the Delhi Police!
- Down with the Delhi Police!
- Down with the Delhi Police!
'They have brutally
killed innocent children.'
'They have spilled innocent
blood on our streets.'
- Down with the Delhi Police!
- Down with the Delhi Police!
- Down with the Delhi Police!
- Down with the Delhi Police!
- Down with the Delhi Police!
- Down with the Delhi Police!
- Down with the Delhi Police!
- Down with the Delhi Police!
- Down with the Delhi Police!
- Down with the Delhi Police!
- Down with the Delhi Police!
Are you okay, Nandita?
Can you read the bulletin
in this condition?
My husband always keeps lecturing
me about how duty comes first.
Even before me.
I guess its time to show him today.
Give me 10 minutes.
I am not okay,
but I will be.
What's the matter?
She looks pretty upset.
Her husband Sanjay
is on the Special Cell...
There's nothing to worry about.
Everyone knows that
these encounters are fake.
They just dragged those boys
down there and gunned them down.
Come on, Rashmi, you can't be so rude.
Oh, please! What Rashmi?
There was some kind of
internal departmental rivalry...
...between KK and Sanjay.
They staged this fake encounter
because of the Delhi bomb blast.
My fellow officers.
The time has come to throw
our arms and ammunition in the garbage.
The new ACP will be joining us soon...
...and he will give us a crash course
in computers.
You no longer have to exercise your
brains or brawn to catch the culprits.
We just need to turn on our computers... shift + enter
and the culprit will be apprehended.
Sir, many have come and gone
In front of you.
And pretty soon they all start
to see your point of view.
And that will be the case
with the new officer as well.
Don't be under any delusion, all of you.
Starting today we will
all function like computers.
We'll follow a set parameter.
We'll follow a set...
Jai Hind, sir.
Sorry, I couldn't come earlier.
Head constable Balbir Singh, sir.
Sub Inspector Wazir Singh, sir.
Sub-Inspector Jeetender Kumar, sir.
And, sir I...
Kishan Kumar Verma,
batch of 1992 from DANIPS.
Joined the Delhi Police force
on 26th July 1992 as Sub-Inspector.
Promoted to Inspector 1997.
Transferred to the
Delhi Special Cell in 2000.
Number of gangsters arrested; 60.
Neutralized; 35.
Including the dreaded
Abdul Hashmi of Daish-e-Mohammad.
Gallantry Medals received; 2.
Isn't there a way, KK...
Can I call you, KK?
Isn't there a way,
KK, where I can learn something
from your experience...
...and teach you something in return
with my new ideas.
Sorry, sir.
We were just trying to lighten the mood.
I can understand.
Can we get to work now?
Or as I say...
Reboot and Restart.
Sir, the Joint CP
has called you down to the Headquarters.
Listen to me first.
One by one. Please, please.
Everything will be answered.
Well, a Delhi Cell team, under
ACP Sanjay Kumar...
...were surveilling an organization
for the last 13 months.
And according to our information...
...the organization is
called the Indian Mujahideen.
We were tipped off that a key suspect
of the Indian Mujahideen...
...was hiding at L-18.
Look there.
In L-18 Batla House of
Okhla area in South Delhi.
So a team led by Inspector
Kishan Kumar Verma...
...and backed up by ACP Sanjay,
went there to verify the information.
That's what the Police always says.
It's the same old story every time.
The Delhi Police fired 22 rounds
in return fire...
...resulting in the death of two terrorists,
Adil Amin alias Bashir and Sadiq.
Were these boys from Delhi, sir?
These boys were not from Delhi.
They were from UP, Nizampur...
...and were living on rent
at L-18 Batla House.
We've been told that they
were students of Okhla University.
Your inputs, sir.
We are still investigating that.
But according to the
information gathered by us...
...they were involved in the
recent blasts in UP, Gujarat, Mumbai,
and most recently in Delhi.
In fact, the Delhi module
of the Indian Mujahideen
was being run by Adil Amin.
He was getting direct orders
from the Bhatkal brothers.
The Special Cell of Delhi Police
carried out this operation alone,
So I would like to congratulate
Joint CP/Special Cell Jaivir.
DCP Ashok Kumar, ACP Sanjay, and...
Sir, Inspector KK Verma,
and Constable Wazir Singh's reports...
Constable Wazir Singh
is out of danger...
...and Inspector Verma's
surgery was a success.
Isn't that convenient, sir.
No Police officer has
ever died in such encounters.
How can you say that!
Media needs to get their facts right!
You print and show unverified facts!
Yes, Jeetender.
Sir, please come to
the hospital immediately.
Sir, may I?
I am ACP Sanjay Kumar.
KK was a brave officer.
Careful, dear.
Control yourself.
KK Sharma's is being paid homage.
From the people, who considered
him a role model and a messiah.
- Down with the Delhi Police!
- Down with the Special Cell...
- Down with the Delhi Police!
When we raise a question,
why do they think that we doubt them?
People claim that they
were innocent students.
And this was a fake encounter.
- Ideal son, ideal father.
- Long live KK Verma.
- Ideal son, ideal father.
- Long live KK Verma.
- Ideal son, ideal father.
- Long live KK Verma.
- Down with the Special Cell...
- Down with the Delhi Police!
What's the point of an inquiry?
The Police and Politicians are
equally involved.
This is what the Police always do.
When they faced extreme pressure...
...they dragged out the students
in Batla House.
It's amazing that
the investigating officer
hasn't been suspended yet...
...nor an inquiry has been ordered.
What on earth is going on?
Sanjay Kumar is a monster
who needs to be shunted out.
- Down with the Delhi Police!
- Down with the Delhi Police!
- Down with the Delhi Police!
Rashmi, you were absolutely right.
The Police are facing
a number of allegations.
Yes, absolutely.
The new spin will be that
this encounter was fake.
And tell the producers to bring
some of these jokers into the studio.
Rashmi, you will run primetime tomorrow.
- Sure.
- Alright?
You should take leave for a few days.
Before throwing dirt on anyone,
you shouldn't forget...
...that Inspector KK Verma
from the encounter team is no more.
His wife Shweta became a widow
at the age of 29.
And his young daughter,
who is still in school...
...doesn't need to hear that
her father staged a fake encounter
just so that you get more viewership.
Alright, let's go.
This meeting is over.
Jeetender, a young police inspector...
There are many more names.
Balbir Singh...
He ran after the most notorious
gangster and rapist of Dehradun
Bablu Dhondiyal for 6 kilometers...
...before finally apprehending him.
We did a story on him, right?
There's another name.
Winner of six Presidential medals,
ACP Sanjay...
And two innocent boys were shot dead.
who could have probably won
seven medals someday.
I wasn't in that room, nor were you.
You have no evidence against the Police.
And you think Sanjay will come home
and honestly tell you...
...that he killed two innocent boys.
In this case,
you would even refute God if He...
You know what, Nandita.
I think your personal bias is
making you ignore the truth.
I wish you all knew
what my personal bias
...about the Police and Police officers.
We want this fake encounter
to be investigated by the NHRC.
We've accessed the post mortem reports.
And it clearly indicated that
the deceased was tortured first.
This is Sadiq's post mortem reports.
It clearly shows that
they were shot in the head.
His body is covered with brutal marks.
As well as on Adil's body.
- Look here...
- Let it play.
We want to tell our viewers,
looking at these bullet wounds...
...the forensic experts believe
that they were shot at point blank.
It's pretty clear,
The Special Cell officers
shot them at point blank.
We'll move the court
against the entire Encounter Team.
Ajay Chauhan from Ekta Party
is meeting with the people
around the Okhla University area.
Let's go and talk to him.
Yes, sir. Sanjay speaking.
Only CP sir or I will
give a statement to the press.
Don't worry.
We will handle everything.
Just focus on your investigation.
The boy who was caught,
Tufail, take his statement.
Yes, sir. Jai Hind.
You look worried, Tufail.
Why would I be worried?
I have not done anything wrong.
I am just a student.
At the Okhla University.
Sir, we're being framed.
Like him?
He is responsible for
13 bomb blasts across India.
Like him?
He shot Inspector Kishan Kumar Verma.
Do you know where he is?
I told you, I don't know, sir.
I told you.
I am being framed, sir.
I really don't know.
I am just a student.
I came here to study. Sir, I...
Sir, I don't know anything.
- I am telling the truth, sir.
- Speak up.
If you say that,
he has done this then I am proud of him.
Every Muslim should feel proud of him.
They are Mujahids.
You feel proud?
Of course, I do.
Sharia law allows us to lie or hide
a few facts under certain circumstances.
Our men can only help our
people if they are free.
And the things
they will do outside?
They will kill innocent people.
Does this qualify as helping
the community or education?
Or helping it progress?
You don't understand.
Then help me understand as well
as your community.
You won't understand.
Because you follow the IPC
and I follow a different book.
Our holy book.
In our holy book it is said that one should
raise one's voice against injustice.
We will get rewarded in the end.
What has been happening so far?
The riots that followed.
Our people were targeted.
We are taking revenge for that.
It is justified.
We are permitted to do this.
End of story.
So only the 100 members
of IM have read this holy book?
Don't the 170 million
Muslims here know how to read?
The shrapnel from the bomb you plant
kills dozens of Muslim in a train...
Where is that justified?
What did you say?
Your book?
Explain the meaning of this verse.
You cannot read Arabic, can you?
[Arabic Verse] Do good
not by ruining anything
[Arabic Verse] Do good
not by ruining anything
[Arabic Verse] Do good
because Allah likes it.
[Arabic Verse] Do good
because Allah likes it.
Do good not by ruining anything.
Do good because Allah likes it.
I won't explain the Koran
to an illiterate like you...
...who claims to understand Islam...
...and considers it his
duty to kill innocent people.
You are right.
You have been framed.
You have been brainwashed.
About what's written in this holy book.
About what happened
to you on this holy land.
There are no angels
waiting for you in heaven.
A room much smaller than
this one awaits you in prison...
...where you will rot the
rest of your misinformed life.
When I will manage to
nab this friend of yours.
Sir, the camera was switched off.
Wazir will identify him.
He had thin eyebrows.
Like women have.
That's what everyone was saying.
You didn't see him properly?
Yes, but then I got shot.
I did see him, sir.
Get up.
Which one of them shot you?
Wazir's testimony is completely bogus.
We have no evidence to support it.
What's the point of going to Nizampur?
And your witness,
the one you caught alive... no help to us either.
Rewind it.
Start talking.
Sir, I...
I told you, sir.
We're just students, sir.
- From the Okhla University...
- Not that!
- What had I told you?
- What?
I am from MI, sir.
What? From where? IM!
From IM, sir.
I am from IM, sir.
Louder. Louder.
I am from IM, sir.
Sir, I am a student
at the Okhla University.
I have not done anything wrong!
I don't know anything!
Switch off the camera.
- I am telling the truth.
- Switch off the camera.
I don't know anything, sir!
He backed out before
we could move to the court.
Any other witness or evidence.
Sorry, sir.
If this boy's telling the truth.
-Then how did the guns get there?
Excuse me, sir.
We have a tipoff on Arif.
The one who managed to run away.
He's at the News Express
Office for an interview.
He claims that they are innocent
And are being wrongly framed...
...the Police will kill us.
Please save us.
That's what he's saying.
You cannot barge in like this.
You have no authority.
Get the camera teams ready.
I'll call the Commissioner.
Camera, come on get it ready.
Sanjay, what is the meaning of this?
Madam, that boy...
He is an accused
in a major terror crime.
We have a warrant against him.
This is completely wrong.
You cannot take him like this.
- Keep quiet.
- You cannot take him like this.
Where are you going.
You like giving interviews.
You can't do this.
You can't do this.
-Get the camera.
- They will kill us.
- You.
We'll take his interview.
First, answer our questions.
What's going on?
What is happening?
The case is already
pretty controversial.
And now this.
Mr. Leherwal,
this can do more harm to the Government.
You have no idea how
many calls I had to make,
and palms I had to grease.
What evidence do you have to
prove that these boys were terrorists?
Or are the protestors right...
...that you're holding innocent boys
in custody and this is just a sham.
Sir, please have a look.
This is the confession
of the boy in our custody.
And these are his accomplices.
If I don't interrogate them...
...they will never tell us
about their other
accomplices and conspiracy.
Then we will never
know who all are involved.
Mr. Laharwal,
please explain to your officer.
No one's stopping
you from arresting them.
But don't target only one community.
Sir, we are not targeting anyone.
Keep a balance.
Arrest some of our
own for the other cases.
Sir, please read the evidence.
According to the investigation,
Nizampur is...
- Mr. Laharwal.
- Yes.
I would like to talk to you alone.
- Sir, with all due respect...
- Mr. Laharwal.
Release that boy Arif who
was arrested at the News Studio.
Sanjay, you will just
make things worse in Nizampur.
Sir, this is a copy
of Dilshad's passport...
...which we found in L-18.
The address is from Nizampur.
We should prepare
a team for Nizampur, sir.
The ruling party in
Nizampur have issued a
statement in the favor
of those boys, Sanjay.
And since that's where
Sadiq and Adil belonged from...
...even they are against Delhi Police.
And out here, a representation
has been sent to the LG.
We'll be pressurized
for a judicial inquiry.
Then what are the
instructions for me, sir?
Don't resist inquiry, Sanjay.
When people started raising questions
on this encounter...
...the Crime Branch immediately
started investigating.
No one will be convinced
with an internal inquiry, Sanjay.
- Sir...
- Sanjay! What is your problem?
If you haven't done anything,
then let there be a judicial inquiry.
What is the issue?
A judicial inquiry will
only demotivate the cell.
We haven't apprehended all the members
of the Indian Mujahideen's
Delhi Module, sir.
My team should be busy investigating,
and not answering questions.
How will we fight terror
with a demotivated cell?
You tell me.
- Is that the only reason, or...
- We're not lying, sir!
Even you think we're lying, sir?
I always said that the Batla
House encounter was a false encounter
and I hold by that.
They need to do a judicial inquiry.
The Police Officer who died...
...he was given transfer
orders five days before his death.
He was in search for opportunities
to stop his transfer.
Even you believe all of this is a lie.
Not anymore.
Why not?
Because the man who
fell in love with me...
...barged in a news channel today
and did what anyone with
guilt could've never done.
If he were guilty,
he would think twice.
The man I love would've done what
you did only in a circumstance where
he didn't know what to do.
That was your desperation, Sanjay.
Because no one wants to hear you out.
I could have died.
But I survived.
I can get suspended.
And there might be no way out.
Instead of trying to explain it to me... should explain it to
yourself and go back home.
Go back home?
"Haven't you already hurt me enough?"
"You've come to hurt me some more?"
"I am barely alive."
"Have you come to take my soul?"
"Why did fate unite us?"
"You've left me in tears."
"Once again, you've broken my heart."
A judicial inquiry has begun
on the Batla House encounter.
What is your opinion on this subject?
Who gave this department the right
to kill innocent kids?
Who has given them the license
to kill the innocent?
Why wasn't he wearing
a bulletproof jacket?
Sir, we all decided that
since it was the month of Ramadan...
...the presence of police
could create a tense atmosphere.
This Special Cell is the headquarters
of fabricated cases against innocent.
Only after an inquiry
can the truth be determined.
Are Special Cell Officers
our saviors or monsters?
We'll know that only after an inquiry.
Batla House Encounter...
A topic of heated debate
between the people of India
and political parties.
And even continues to date.
Use the back gate instead.
Jai Hind, sir.
Jai Hind, sir.
Jai Hind...
'They are so cruel.
'They shot them in the back.'
'They let their bodies
lie like they are orphans.'
'They let them rot
like some stray dogs.'
- Hello, sir.
- 'That too on the street!'
How did KK get shot?
We arrived a lot later.
How did KK get shot?
Your orders were to investigate?
Not encounter.
They claim they are innocent.
It's a fake encounter.
If someone gives up his life
for the sake of our security...
...and claiming that he was
killed by the Police...
Many people have doubts,
Was it really necessary
to kill those boys?
When we showed Sonia ji
the photos of the incident...
Things have heated up post
The Batla House encounter.
"You should leave me, once again."
"Heed my advice, if you love me."
"I am anyway as good
as dead without you."
"I just keep wandering around."
"I just keep crying."
"I have lost myself in your love."
"You've left me in tears."
"Once again, you've broken my heart."
"You've left me in tears."
"Once again, you've broken my heart."
"You've left me in tears."
Hide each piece in
different parts of the house.
The closer they are,
the sooner I'll die.
-Special Cell
-Down down.
-Sanjay Kumar
-Down down.
No more Police Brutality.
No more Police Brutality.
Tell Jeetender and Balbir
to update me on Bhatia.
- I've to update the Joint CP.
- Okay, sir. Right away.
No more Police Brutality.
No more Police Brutality.
- Down with the Delhi Police!
- Down with the Delhi Police!
Special Cell
- Down down.
Sir, here's the file on Bhatia.
Delhi Police.
- Down! Down.
Delhi Police.
- Down! Down.
Yes, sir. Sanjay speaking.
Congratulations, Sanjay.
The Ministry has decided
to give you the President's medal...
...and the Ashok Chakra to KK.
- But sir, until the case isn't solved...
- Sanjay, all in due time.
- But how, sir, our hands are tied.
- As I said, all in due time.
Call up Nandita and celebrate.
If only we could get
permission for Nizampur.
Dilshad is the key
to the whole case, sir.
We've put in a request, Sanjay.
But it's a little complicated.
- Maybe these awards...
- But, sir.
Sanjay. We have put in a request.
- Jai Hind.
- Yes, sir. Jai Hind.
We're getting medals.
Gallantry for us,
and Ashok Chakra for KK.
Congratulations, sir.
But, what about Nizampur?
Nothing now.
They want us to celebrate.
Pardon me,
sir, but even they are celebrating.
The Minister is hosting
a rally in Nizampur today.
To celebrate how they made
Delhi Police dance to their tunes.
Delhi Police
- Down down.
Delhi Police
- Down down.
We have orders to celebrate.
But they didn't specify... whether
we celebrate in Delhi or Nizampur.
Our children, their children.
What was their fault?
That they dreamed about a better future.
Dreamed of a brighter future.
They wanted to study.
And in order to get
justice for our children
who died in the fake encounter...
...I am even prepared to
take a bullet if I have to.
- Down with the Delhi Police!
- Down with the Delhi Police!
- Down with the Delhi Police!
Our youth are still struggling even
after so many years of independence.
Everyone knows.
Our community is being suppressed.
Is this only your country?
That officer is from Delhi.
We have equal right over this country.
Our youth...
Sir, that officer is from Delhi.
And look at their audacity.
That same Special Cell team from Delhi
has come here to torment us now.
- Down with the Delhi Police!
- Down with the Delhi Police!
- Down with the Delhi Police!
- Down with the Delhi Police!
- Down with the Delhi Police!
- Down with the Delhi Police!
- Down with the Delhi Police!
Sir. Shall we call for backup?
- Down with the Delhi Police!
There is no point.
SP sir is on the line.
He wants you to leave.
Go back.
Talk to him.
- They are here to arrest me.
Why you.
Move. Move.
How are you, Dilshad.
I'll leave you with sister
Rashida and go to the market.
Be a good boy.
God Bless.
Oh, God.
- Ruksana, Police.
- Run!
Hit him. Our brother is innocent.
We won't tolerate
this brutality anymore.
How dare you barge in our house
and take brother Dilshad.
- Get in, sir.
- Come on.
-Get in, sir.
Lock the doors.
Yes, sir.
Lock the doors.
- Let's go.
- Drive.
Let's go, Maan Singh.
Shift to reverse.
Why isn't the car moving?
We won't tolerate Police Brutality.
- You bloody...
- No!
Our child is innocent.
Bring Dilshad out.
Bring him out.
Don't let Dilshad go.
-I'll shoot.
What are you doing?
Let go. Let him go.
Did you like the grand
welcome our Nizampur gave you?
Take this uniform off
and wear a leash instead.
Then I won't ask you
to take any action.
You are right.
We are the government and
they are government servants.
They will only follow my orders.
Am I right?
You want to leave Nizampur, right?
You can leave. Alive.
Move. Make way.
- Down with the Delhi Police!
Let's go, Maan Singh.
- Down with the Delhi Police!
- Down with the Delhi Police!
- Down with the Delhi Police!
'Hi, you've reached
Sanjay Kumar's voicemail.'
'Please leave your
a message after the beep.'
You went to Nizampur without
any permission or a warrant.
You should've left
your resignation on your desk instead.
This was the most stupid
thing to do, Sanjay.
Do you understand?
This case is over even
before the court decides.
It is all over. You're finished.
The NHRC has finally accepted
the petition for an investigation...
...on the L-18 Batla House encounter,
or should we say massacre.
Maybe soon it won't be easy to
just pick up someone from the street...
...and shoot them dead
in a fake encounter.
The people already believe
that the Special Cell is guilty.
We're just waiting for
the court to pass judgment.
According to our sources,
well known advocate Shailesh Arya...
...will personally defend
the case on behalf of those boys.
I've made the court accept your appeal.
Mr. Shailesh,
what will be our next step?
What can we expect exactly?
The Police are already
making plenty of mistakes.
They even filed the FIR pretty late.
If the opinion is in our favor,
the entire cell will face trial.
We've been invited over to Mr. Khurshid's
place in the evening for dinner.
Be ready.
I'll send the car to pick you up.
Fine. But come home soon.
But Shailesh...
what if the court throws the
case out because of some technicality?
Then we'll wait for the
Police to make another mistake.
And the Special Cell has
been making many mistakes lately.
The people already believe
that the Special Cell is guilty.
We're just waiting for the court...
Yes, madam.
Yes, they have just walked in.
Yes, I am leaving in 5 minutes.
You've spoiled our entire image.
Just hope his encounter story is true.
And not some kind of an adventure.
Otherwise, transfer or suspension
is too little a punishment.
There's no saying what
punishment the court will decide.
Get the car.
Yes, sir.
The UP CM is sparing no effort
to take advantage of this situation.
We finally managed to get
this controversy under control...
...but look what you
went and did in Nizampur.
Are we anti-minority?
Sir, we aren't either.
- We're just doing our job.
- Please tell your officer to shut up.
We've already announced
medals for everyone.
And now we can't go back on our word...
...otherwise, we will look like fools.
I am sorry for his misadventure
but I believe that...
We're giving them medals, aren't we?
What more do you want?
And please don't forget.
The government never made any allegations
against you for fake encounters.
Make sure you explain to him... stop trying to be a hero.
Sir, if these medals are for some
sort of Political balancing, then...
So what?
What will you do, Sanjay?
- Then we shouldn't accept this medal.
- Then don't.
You're free to throw it on their faces.
You will just give them an excuse to
pin everyone on you and the department.
- But, sir.
- Sanjay, please...
Don't you get it?
You're this close to getting suspended.
Everything you lived for,
Fought for, and stood for..., honor,
duty, will all disappear in a snap.
Just like this.
What is the meaning of this life,
effort, and courage...
...when my own country is stopping me from
respecting its law and doing my duty.
It's already over, sir.
And it's stopping all
of you from seeing the truth.
The country which allows you
to do your duty without doubting you...
...doesn't exist anymore.
Don't behave like a child, Sanjay.
One more thing...
Don't even think for a second that
you're not worthy of this medal, Sanjay.
Their method might be wrong.
But you earned it the right way.
And, don't ever forget that.
Yes, sir.
Late Inspector KK Verma
and ACP Sanjay Kumar.
Murderers are being honored with medals.
What else can we expect
from the government?
But we're not going to stop at this.
Our fight shall continue.
'Take it.'
'How many more medals do you want?'
'How much more blood do you seek?'
'You murderer!'
'Till when will you
keep taking innocent lives?'
'Blood thirsty...real terrorist.'
'How many more medals do you want?'
It won't come off.
And none of this will stop, Sanjay.
If all this is too
overwhelming for you...
...then at least take
the help of a therapist.
If this continues,
you'll be finished.
Where is it?
Sanjay. Sanjay.
Sanjay, please.
Sanjay, stop it.
Maan Singh.
Sanjay, please listen to me.
Sanjay, please...
Where are the remaining pieces?
Where are the remaining pieces?
What do you want to prove?
Do you want to finish this for good?
Then do it.
At least this way you'll prove that your
enemies were right and you were wrong.
And that you tried to
kill those innocent boys.
I am tired.
I am tired.
Every day I ask myself
the same question.
Were we wrong?
Was I wrong?
I can't take this anymore.
Is this a threat?
This transfer request?
Get back to work, Sanjay.
I am not being allowed to, sir.
I went by the book during
the 2-year-old investigation...
...and yet I lost an officer.
Now we are just playing games
instead of giving him justice
and getting his killer punished.
I keep on saying this, sir.
Wazir said Dilshad shot KK.
He's the key to this whole case.
Once we have him, we can prove
that this wasn't a fake encounter.
Dilshad, sir.
You know, your mistake in
Nizampur was not that you went there...
...but it was that you
didn't bring him along.
If you had brought him along...
...then we would all be pushing
each other to take the credit.
Try... not to make that mistake, again.
Yes, sir.
But if you go to Nizampur...
...then I'll have to take
this threat to the ministry.
So, I'd advice you
not to go after the mouse...
...but instead,
lay a trap to get him out.
Sir's order?
There it is.
I am a dancer, Dilshad.
If I was that type, then I
wouldn't be wasting my time with you.
You are special.
Even you are very special to me.
- Yes.
Then I guess she must
be more special for you.
The one whose call you wait for all day.
Oh, God.
I am getting a job in the Gulf.
- Gulf?
- Yes.
That's what we talk about.
And, will you leave
me here to dance forever?
I will take you with me.
- I am waiting for the phone call.
- Yes.
First, we go to Nepal, and then Dubai.
Aka Victoria.
I saw your plan, Sanjay.
I know I am going to regret this.
But, go ahead.
Hurry up. Or we'll miss him.
"I dwell in your eyes."
"I deserve to be in your heart."
"You are a traveler."
"I am your destination."
"Love can be found in abundance."
"You just need to take the plunge."
"Come on, take me into your arms."
"What sort of a drunk is he,"
"if he has no sorrows?"
"That drunk has nothing left,"
"the one who doesn't have me."
"My companion! My savior! My love!"
"O my beloved!"
"Come closer,
let there be no unfulfilled desire."
"O my beloved!"
"Come closer,
let there be no unfulfilled desire."
"Let the beat go."
Someone find out what's wrong.
Didn't pay the bill or what?
Call up Yadav.
You don't want us to
die wanting now, do you?
Start the generator.
"I want a beloved like you."
"I don't need money or peace."
"I want a beloved like you."
"I don't need money or peace."
"You are high on my
beauty at the moment."
"The one who sacrifices
for me is the luckiest."
"What sort of a drunk is he,"
"if he has no sorrows?"
"That drunk has nothing left,"
"the one who doesn't have me."
"My companion! My savior! My love!"
"O my beloved!"
"Come closer,
let there be no unfulfilled desire."
"O my beloved!"
"Come closer,
let there be no unfulfilled desire."
Oh no, not again!
What's wrong with the lights?
Someone switch on the generator!
Leave me. What are you doing?
Leave me.
Leave me.
- Get her inside.
- Let me go.
You've been in the
country for 7 years, Huma.
Do you want to go home now?
No, no, please.
- My entire family...
- My entire family depends on me.
My brother is studying medicine...
...and my three sisters
are also studying.
Please, sir. Don't send me back.
I will do whatever you...
If you keep making such offers...
...then you'll never go back home.
Your future hangs
on one simple question.
I don't get it.
I know him.
I mean I just saw him while dancing.
I don't know much about him.
This stranger called
your cellphone 16 times.
As I said,
your future hangs on one question.
Congratulations, you're going back home.
Sir, I can't quit my job.
I'll be dead.
I understand.
I have the same problem.
So let's help each other.
Yes, it's me.
Pilibhit Market.
Close to the border.
White Omni car.
Day after tomorrow morning, 7:30 am.
First, we cross the border.
Then go to Dubai.
Boss' instructions from Pakistani.
But this isn't the number you gave me.
Why did we change the number?
Hang up. Hang up.
Just do as you're being told.
Day after tomorrow morning, 7:30 am.
Jai Hind.
Make sure all lines are clear.
- Clear, sir.
Open it.
All positions clear?
Sir, in position.
I think we're out of range.
Sharma in position, sir.
Come in, Jeetu.
All posts report.
Check if you're getting
any signal outside.
Hello, sir, walkie check.
- Hello.
- What happened?
There's no signal.
Give it to me.
Jeetu, can I ask you a question?
Do you believe catching Dilshad
Will be the end of our troubles?
I don't have the slightest clue.
This thing has gotten out of hand.
The other day,
my son was saying to me...
"Papa, are you going to..."
- Long live...
- Ekta Party.
- Long live...
- Ekta Party.
- Long live...
- Ekta Party.
- Long live...
- Ekta Party.
- Long live...
- Ekta Party.
Did anyone see Dilshad get in the car?
Sir, I didn't see anything, sir.
No, sir, we didn't.
I repeat,
did anyone see Dilshad in the car?
Sir, the car's moving
towards Jeetender and Wazir.
Sir, Sharma speaking.
Chacha has already left.
Sir, shall we move?
Sir, shall we move?
Shall we move?
Do we engage?
Oh, man...
- Okay, engage.
- Engage, come on.
Yes, brother. I am on my way.
- Okay, Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Who was that?
Just checking...
...whether they are taking
us to Nepal, or Prison.
What is this?
Dilshad was supposed to come.
Look ahead.
And just keep driving.
Long Live
- Ekta Party.
What would you like?
Don't you have any manners?
Can't control yourself
around a beautiful girl?
What happened?
Delete it right now.
Or else I will break your phone.
Delete it right now.
See, this is what I was telling you.
Take me away from all this.
He was taking my pictures.
Delete it right now.
Beat him.
He was taking my
pictures with his phone.
Beat him.
They are beating him.
I will show you.
I will show you.
- Let him go.
- How can I?
I said let him go.
Calm down. Calm down.
Jeetender, Wazir, let the car pass.
Dilshad is not in the car.
- Long live...
- Ekta Party.
- Long live...
- Ekta Party.
Let the car go.
I said mission abort!
Jeetender, Wazir, come in.
- Long live...
- Ekta Party.
- Long live...
- Ekta Party.
- Long live...
- Ekta Party.
- Long live...
- Ekta Party.
- Long live...
- Ekta Party.
- Long live...
- Ekta Party.
- Long live...
- Ekta Party.
- Long live...
- Ekta Party.
- Long live...
- Ekta Party.
- Long live...
- Ekta Party.
- Long live...
- Ekta Party.
- Long live...
- Ekta Party.
- Long live...
- Ekta Party.
- Long live...
- Ekta Party.
- Long live...
- Ekta Party.
- Long live...
- Ekta Party.
- Long live...
- Ekta Party.
- Long live...
- Ekta Party.
- Long live...
- Ekta Party.
- Long live...
- Ekta Party.
- Long live...
- Ekta Party.
- Long live...
- Ekta Party.
- Long live...
- Ekta Party.
- Long live...
- Ekta Party.
- Long live...
- Ekta Party.
- Long live...
- Ekta Party.
- Long live...
- Ekta Party.
- Long live...
- Ekta Party.
- Long live...
- Ekta Party.
- Long live...
- Ekta Party.
- Sir, we were...
- He was just cross-checking.
He's still in the cafe,
and not in the car.
Then let's get him.
If he's thought this far,
then he must have
made other arrangements.
Call Balbir and tell
him to let the car pass.
Okay, sir.
Balbir. The car's heading your way.
Don't stop it.
Come forward.
Drop the barricade.
We've already spoken to Mr. Thapa.
Let him through.
Sir, uncle, and nephew are on their way.
Sorry, sir.
Yes, brother.
I've reached safe and sound.
Give the phone to him.
Here. Talk to him.
- Hello.
- Yes. I'll see you on Friday.
Special Cell has taken
Dilshad Ahmed in custody...
...and arrested the so-called murderer
of KK Verma.
According to our sources...
...a special team of the Special Cell
were planning for months... arrest Dilshad.
News Express 24/7 has
this exclusive CCTV footage...
...from a hotel in Nepal.
This is where the operation
to arrest Dilshad was carried out.
Run. Run.
According to our sources,
all the formalities have been done...
...and the Nepal Government
has handed over
Batla House accused
Dilshad to Delhi Police.
We still don't believe that
Dilshad's been arrested by Delhi Police.
If Delhi Police doesn't let
Dilshad go free...
...then we'll start a campaign
on a large scale.
Stay back. Stay back.
Keep them out.
Don't worry.
You can't escape,
nor can we kill you.
We have a motive to keep you alive.
You are lucky.
Ms. Sharda. Congratulations.
The Police finally made that mistake.
Mr. Arya, can you really prove
Dilshad Ahmed is innocent in the court.
I will prove that every officer,
connected with this case...
Regardless of their rank...
...each one of them, guilty.
The plight these innocent
kids' families have faced...
These policemen's families
are about to face something even worse.
"Aim for the sky..."
KK entered from the other door,
"Change the course of the river."
...which was already open...
Sanjay, look up.
Now please don't play with
your ring and your fingers.
What happened at the L-18 that day?
KK entered from the other door...
Just look into the lens
and answer confidently.
At L-18, KK and Wazir...
Don't hesitate, don't say er.
Just look into the lens,
how difficult is it?
I can't do this.
"Be the sea..."
"Keep the fire burning..."
'Why did you arrive late?'
"One who God protects..."
"...can never perish."
"On the path of truth..."
It's a mental illness...
...also known as post traumatic stress disorder.
KK entered from the other door,
which was already open...
He opened fire,
which resulted in the death of two men.
Adil and Sadiq.
And two of them are still at large.
"One who God protects..."
I'll be back...
VC sir.
Why don't you meet Sanjay once?
I don't talk to murderers.
You always blame the Police
of being prejudice.
But calling them murderers
without hearing their version... also a kind of prejudice.
You shouldn't be complaining
about the police department.
After all, you are just like them.
Okay, but only 5 minutes.
Only for you.
VC sir,
Sanjay doesn't talk
more than 5 minutes anyway.
Mr. Sanjay...
Adil Amin,
whom you claim to be your student...
...his Allahabad University
degree is a fake.
Here's a reply from
Allahabad University.
You granted him admission
without any background check.
I could've filed a case...
...but first I wanted to
know your side of the story.
It's always important to
know the other side of the story.
I never wanted to discuss
the encounter with you.
My five minutes are up.
"One who God protects..."
Your time starts now.
One down.
"One who God protects..."
"Don't care whether its day or night."
"Don't care about the
distance or the companion."
"Create such a stir that
makes everybody wonders."
"Don't care whether its day or night."
"Don't care about the
distance or the companion."
"Create such a stir that
makes everybody wonders."
It's very important to define...
...that this case is not to ascertain
whether the Batla House
encounter was a fake or not.
This case is to prove whether
Dilshad was present on the scene or not.
"...cannot be challenged by anyone..."
"One who God protects..."
"...can be harmed by none."
"The one whom God protects..."
"One who God protects..."
"One who God protects..."
"...can be harmed by none."
Shall we?
Where to?
To win.
Good morning, sir.
"Everyone knows the
truth about Paradise, but..."'s a nice thought.
Your Honor, the events
that transpired was...
Delhi is gripped by a series of
Bomb blasts on 13th September 2008.
The Police,
especially the Special Cell...
...were under tremendous pressure.
From the Government.
And from the public to some extent.
The real perpetrators carried
out their job and fled.
But the Police now had to produce
these wrongdoers.
According to local witnesses...
...the Police were already
surveilling Okhla University.
Targets were chosen.
A place was identified.
A conspiracy was hatched.
And a fake encounter was carried out.
The Police were now keeping
a constant watch on Batla House.
As soon as I saw you,
I knew you like her.
Don't pull my leg.
On 18th September,
they took these boys in custody.
Speak up.
What are you going
to say in your statement?
We're from MI.
- What are you going to say?
It's not MI.
That's IM.
Indian Mujahideen.
Your Honor,
they were so brutally tortured...
...that even on the following day,
after the so-called fake encounter...
...the center of focus was not
on their numerous bullet wounds...
...but on the lacerations on their body.
But, they were kept
in a vegetative state.
So that the time of death
in the post mortem report
is close to the time of the encounter.
After which those boys were moved
to L-18 overnight.
Close the curtains.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
- Yeah, we're here.
Okay, sir.
Should I dispose of them?
No, sir.
They are still debating over it.
What are they still debating over?
Yes, they are still in the meeting.
Fine. Get on with the formalities.
It's 4 am already.
They have asked to wait, sir.
This is too much.
Fine, I'll wait.
Of course.
- Call me back.
- Okay.
Sir, please let us go.
At least let me pee in peace.
We came here to study.
Order some dinner for them.
People are still
debating over their fate.
There's an entire panel
deciding what to do with them.
We'll find a connection eventually.
Then no one's going to ask.
And as morning approached...
The panel...has granted
you safe passage.
We are innocent, sir.
That's why the government is
letting you go.
Stop crying, silly boy.
- We haven't done anything.
- We are innocent, sir.
- Hear me out.
You guys are free to go.
- We don't want to run away...
- Run away.
- I am letting you go.
- Stop crying.
You are innocent, I know.
Run away...
I said run away.
Stop you bas!
Case solved.
Your Honor, B.Sc Computer Science.
Please take a look at
these certificates and records.
All of them were innocent students.
In fact, some of them
weren't even in college.
They are innocent school kids.
Marks on the knees.
Lacerations on the back.
And even on the head...
Next, I would like to question
ACP Sanjay Kumar,
the investigating officer.
And I'll prove this encounter was a fake.
And that my clients are innocent.
Sanjay Kumar.
ACP Sanjay Kumar.
What is the place of
occurrence for this incident?
Any guy who reads the newspaper
can tell you that.
Mr. Shailesh, please stick to the point.
I am sorry, Your Honor.
Did you enter flat no. 108 of L-18
immediately after the incident?
- Yes.
- Why?
Because I heard gunshots
coming from above.
How many flights
of stairs did you climb?
It's a simple question.
How many flights of stairs?
While taking fire, a person
counts his blessings...
...not the flight of stairs.
Spare me the drama, and give
me a straight answer, ACP Sanjay Kumar.
And did you see this boy
anywhere whilst those 46 steps.
But you've charged him
for escaping the scene of crime...
...and murdering one of your officers.
And, how did he escape
when you never saw him?
My officers Insp. KK Verma
and Sub Insp. Wazir Singh...
...clearly saw him escape
from L-18 Batla House.
ACP Sanjay Kumar.
Unfortunately, we cannot summon Insp.
KK Verma here.
Mr. Shailesh, please. Have some respect.
I am sorry, Your Honor.
Wazir Singh has clearly identified
the accused Dilshad in this court.
He's a Police officer, after all,
his statement can be corrupted.
But please don't lie in order
to falsely accuse my client Dilshad.
Your remaining officers claim
that they haven't seen him.
True or False.
The Police searched their house
and the house adjacent to it.
So how can Dilshad still escape?
This entire case is a fake.
Dilshad was never on the scene.
I am going to ask you again,
ACP Sanjay Kumar.
Except for Wazir Singh, did
anyone see this boy flee from the scene?
Answer me.
Did anyone see him trying to flee?
Don't stay quiet.
Answer my question.
- Did anyone see him escaping?
- Objection, Your Honor.
Badgering the witness.
Objection overruled.
ACP Sanjay Kumar.
Please answer this question.
Did you?
We didn't.
"Everyone knows the
truth about Paradise."
It's over even before it began.
The whole damn case is ruined.
- The facts of investigation...
- Investigation!
Nobody gives a damn about
your investigation, ACP Sanjay Kumar.
This court, along with all
the courts around the country...
...also rely on perception to an extent.
And thanks to you
and your investigation...
...the Delhi Police are facing trial
like murderers.
Did your investigation reveal that..
all the boys you arrested
or killed were students.
Innocent students?
Like Adil,
whom you killed so brutally...
I said, students.
I never said they were innocent.
And definitely not Adil.
For God's sake,
at least tell me the truth.
The truth?
Whose version of truth
do you want to hear?
The Police?
Ever worn a bulletproof jacket?
Ever been shot at?
How can our truth be alike?
You look for evidence.
And we, a reason to save everyone.
You tread carefully, trying
not to break the norms of the law.
We've to think about how we
can uphold the Law by breaking it.
You don't want to hear
about the investigation, sir.
But unfortunately, I have nothing
other than this investigation.
These people were blowing
up the very courts
where you're hearing the 'truth'.
Lucknow, Faizabad, Varanasi.
And who took responsibility
for the blasts?
The Indian Mujahideen took
responsibility for the blasts.
In fact, 10 minutes
before the blasts occurred.
The new way.
A different style.
And in this way,
the Indian Mujahideen
began taking responsibility...
...even before the blasts occurred.
13th May 2008.
Five explosions.
Look Sanjay...
And this time they went a step further.
They attached videos
of how they planted bombs
on cycles in their emails.
They were toying with us.
13 blasts in one year.
Making us dance to their tunes.
These boys and their benefactors,
Bhatkal Bandhus.
Riyaz and Iqbal.
This time it was more than three.
I saw that.
Very good.
So, should I send the email?
Of course.
All the emails that we received
in connection with the Delhi Blasts...
...came from your cyber cafe.
Here's a copy.
What do you have to say?
Sir, you can check the register...
Don't show me.
Birbal, shut it down.
They were always a step ahead of us.
When we started keeping a
constant watch on the Cyber Cafes...
...they started using
open WiFi accounts.
They made us look like fools.
But then they got closer to
us before we could close in on them.
Remember I told you
to look for a place to stay.
Now I need something a little bigger.
Fine, I'll speak with father.
- I think his boss' flat is empty.
- I see...
Come, brother Adil.
I guess the place was
closed for a long time.
No one's been living here recently.
Police Verification is necessary.
- Hello.
- Hello. Come in.
"We will continue
to fight till the end..."
"We will never let you win."
"We will continue
to fight till the end..."
Come in.
Come in. Boys.
Was it a pleasant journey?
"This is a battle of honesty
against dishonesty..."
"It's a battle between good and evil."
"This is a battle for purity."
"This is a battle for our goodness."
"We fight for purity..."
I always said they
have been using technology.
And technology is a double-edged sword.
It was coming in use to them,
and now it came in handy to us as well.
Dump Data Analysis.
We analyze conversations
between random telephone
numbers before and after bomb blasts.
When some keywords like blast,
pressure cooker, soap, goods...
...are used in a conversation,
we investigate those numbers.
During our analysis,
we stumbled upon an Eastern UP number.
The number belonged to some Dr. Sahil.
He ran a Unani Clinic during
the day and recruited new boys at night.
There was constant communication
between these five numbers...
...but the calls were
only received on PCOs.
There was no communication
between the mobiles.
But Dr. Sahil, who was hard to find...
...broke protocol once,
- and called on the number in Delhi.
- Hello.
Hello, Dr. Sahil speaking.
What happened?
Brother Adil?
According to call data records,
the number on which Dr. Sahil called...
...was in the Okhla University area.
Adil. The trump card of our case.
The person who owned
this number was present
in L-18 Batla House,
flat number 108 that morning.
So you see, sir.
No doubt he was a student...
...but also the most dreaded operator
of Indian Mujahideen.
It's true that fake
encounters are a reality.
We may have done it too.
Weapons have been planted,
which we bought using our own funds... order to secure a conviction.
Not because Police and Criminals
have a dispute over some property.
Or we're born murderers.
Or that we enjoy killing
and torturing them.
Not even for the reward.
The money which the government gives
for killing a terrorist... lesser than what traffic police
can earn in a week.
Because Police aren't the only ones
who break the rules.
People do.
The Police often give examples
of the Municipality workers.
If someone doesn't
get their hands dirty...
...then soon it will
contaminate everyone.
So did you dirty your hands for us?
Does it even matter what I say, sir?
You need to prove that.
Can you prove it?
Doesn't sound like that after
hearing the defense's arguments.
Do you know what a binary opposition is?
Good vs Evil.
The war's been on since the beginning.
Between good and evil.
We all know who wins in the end.
So the problem is not about winning.
It's about the price
one has to pay for it.
Your Honor, ACP Sanjay Kumar's
statement tells us...
...that IM has given us evidence
of IM and Adil's involvement.
Otherwise, they would never be killed
or apprehended.
Electronic Surveillance doesn't lie.
You can verify my statements through
IP addresses and Mobile CDR data.
We have phone records
of Adil and Dilshad's father.
Dilshad couldn't explain any connection
between Adil and Dilshad's father.
Doesn't that prove that Dilshad regularly
communicated with Adil on that number?
What's more...
After the blasts, he even
reserved a train ticket from L-18...
...and even traveled on the same train.
Doesn't that prove
Dilshad's presence at L-18?
Your Honor, final prosecution exhibits,
and the public rests.
Thank you.
Defence Council.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Does that mean you
only went to arrest Adil?
I'll begin with a good morning.
"Good morning, sir."
"I am here on behalf
of Teraphone Mobile company."
"Since you recently switched
from postpaid to prepaid..."
"Prepaid to postpaid."
Oh yeah...
- "Prepaid to postpaid."
- "Prepaid to postpaid."
- "Prepaid to postpaid."
- "Prepaid to postpaid."
Shall I send Jitender
in for Adil's verification?
Yes. I'm on my way.
Okay, sir.
Good morning, sir.
I am here on behalf of Teraphone.
You recently switched
from prepaid to postpaid?...
What's the name?
Adil Amin.
That's done.
- Are you Adil?
- Yes, and it's already done.
Now leave.
Can you please confirm
your details once...
Just go.
Doesn't your company
know what month this is?
- Sorry, sir.
- Everyone's resting.
- Come back in the evening.
- Sir, what time in the evening?
- Goodbye, brother Adil.
- Come back soon.
See you in the evening.
Jeetender saw Adil Amin
alias Bashir in L-18 Batla House.
But we didn't know that
there will be other armed men
of this module present on the scene.
That's where the problem begins.
The moment you entered L-18 Batla House.
What were the marks
on Adil and Sadiq's body?
Open up.
I can't see a thing, Dilshad.
The view's blocked...
Delhi Police.
Hide. Hide.
- Are we in danger?
- Go inside.
Hide. Hide.
Come here, take this.
Hide over there.
Open the door, you swine.
Sir, the back door is open.
Shoot him.
ACP Sanjay Kumar,
I repeat my question.
What were the marks
on Adil and Sadiq's body...
When one gets shot...
...he falls on his knees.
He has no control over his body.
He falls flat on the ground with a thud.
Then what else do you
expect to find on the body?
Lacerations on the back.
- Wounds and bruises on the legs.
- Wait a minute.
Take a look at this too.
Your Honor,
may I approach the witness?
Thank you.
Take a look.
He's been shot in the head.
Headshot wounds.
How did Sadiq get shot from above?
Were you guys hanging
from the ceiling fan?
Shooting from above?
Your Honor,
this clearly establishes that
Sadiq was shot somewhere else.
My knowledge about guns
and bullets are quite okay.
How does your statement
get clearly established?
In the crossfire...
How can anyone get shot in the head
in a crossfire?
You must be firing like this,
and Sadiq was firing back like this.
He wasn't waiting to get shot.
Or, he wasn't running with
his head lowered like this...
That's how he bolted for the other door.
Just like you did.
In a standing position, our bullet
would've hit him there or somewhere else?
Your Honor, he was hit by an
AK-47 round.
If he was shot in close range,
then his head would've exploded.
And as I said...
My knowledge about guns
and bullets are quite okay.
We returned fire after
those boys fired at us.
The residue was found
on Adil and Sadiq's hands...
...which was also confirmed
by the Ballistic reports.
But the neighbors claim
that you first tortured them...
...and then killed
them on the location.
When we brought them
to the scene of the crime
after torturing...
...then why didn't they stop us?
Was the entire University
campus sleeping?
It was the month of Ramadan.
People normally stay
awake till late in the night.
They even wake up for Sehri.
They could've said that to the court.
But you didn't take any
witnesses from that area.
Then why don't you?
I have no objections.
Thank you for the advice.
I'll think about it.
But you should reconsider that.
You might get in trouble.
So can you...
When I'll ask your so-called witnesses,
who claim to know the truth...
...then why don't they know
at what time and date did the Police...
...bring those innocent
boys on the scene and kill them?
How many flights of stairs did you say?
46, wasn't it?
We climbed up 46 stairs
which lead through,
four floors and 8 flats.
And at least 60 people live
in these 8 flats.
Did anyone of them see
any of us take these boys upstairs?
Did anyone of them testify on
your behalf proving your point of view?
Arya sir, the scales
are tipped in our favor too.
And if you're looking to settle scores,
then be fair.
It's the honorable judge's duty
to give a fair judgment.
My job is to ask questions,
and yours is to answer them.
So, please...
Let's believe that your
Police is very efficient.
There was Police upstairs,
Police down below.
And yet two boys managed to escape.
Get inside.
Our men were looking in the direction
of the firing...
...and not at Dilshad and Javed's face.
So except for Wazir, no other
policeman could identify Dilshad.
You are lying.
You brought them...
If we were lying,
we would've killed everyone.
Why would we arrest Tufail alive,
when we knew that he could turn hostile.
And that's what happened.
Why would any cruel
and stupid Police officer...
...who stages fake encounters
keep anyone alive?
And say that we're
not going to kill you... that you can, later on,
prove Mr. Arya's theory right.
You're trying to cover up your mistakes.
You delayed in filing the FIR.
Our colleague Insp. KK Verma was
fighting for his life in the hospital.
And we were there with him.
People normally get
delayed in such situations.
I am sorry, so did the Police.
One of your colleagues shot KK Verma
due to an inter-departmental rivalry.
Your Honor, what's the point of
presenting this hearsay in the court?
It was clearly evident
in the Police Headquarters.
That's just utter rubbish
with no evidence to support it.
Your Honor, I object.
Objection sustained.
Remarks will be removed.
Mr. Shailesh,
stick to the facts, please.
Mr. Sanjay, there's a picture
doing the rounds in the media.
During the encounter.
KK Verma's shirt...
Ashok Chakra recipient
Late Inspector KK Verma.
There are no bloodstains
on the front of his shirt.
This clearly indicates that
someone shot him in the back...
One of your Police officers
shot him in the back.
I agree...there were no bloodstains
on the front of KK's shirt.
But you can ask any ballistic expert...
Contrary to what they show in films
when you get shot from the front...
...the blood doesn't
spread from the front.
The blood loss is from the exit wound.
Calm down. Or you'll be shown out.
I know that the press,
activists, and you, have many questions
about L-18, don't you?
But I have only two questions...
...and I am sure none
of you have an answer.
Your Honor, if I am allowed to ask.
How did the Delhi Module
of the Indian Mujahideen
fall apart Post the L-18 encounter?
Why no one took responsibility for
the blasts through emails ever again?
Second and last question.
Till date,
when has any inspector ended up dead
in a fake encounter?
Does anyone have a single example?
You may go now.
I know what everyone wants.
You want these boys
to be proven innocent.
- I object, Your Honor.
- But they won't...
Because some of their
friends are telling them...
...that this country is suppressing you.
What is he saying, sir?
- Mr. Sanjay, please.
- And you must stand up against it.
Because our enemies
are teaching them that
through the Bhatkals
What is this rubbish?
Sanjay, enough. We have got it.
No one's explaining to
them that the entire system
as well as the law
is in a general breakdown.
ACP Sanjay, I order you to go.
The entire country and the
world is facing repercussions.
And not just one community.
I don't claim that they
haven't been treated unfairly.
What is he saying?
And I cannot claim that
their actions were justified.
Please, take him out.
But a responsible Police
officer of India is not their enemy.
They have only two enemies.
Those who support their
community in every wake of life.
And those who oppose their
community in every wake of life.
Me...I am not their enemy.
I am listening.
I want him to be proven innocent.
Yes. Excellent.
- We won.
- I object, Your Honor.
What's going on in the court?
Order in the court.
Please take your seat.
Everyone, please settle down.
- Please don't embarrass us.
- Will you, please...
Please maintain the
decorum of the court.
Please take your seat.
I'll do the needful.
Settle down.
- Please settle down.
- Please take your seat.
What happened?
You spoke for more than 5 minutes.
Please sit down.
I will remove the remarks.
In the case of State
Vs Dilshad Ahmed, the court...
...wants to set an example like the one
in State Saurastra AIR Vs Ahir Raka Khima...
...1956, SC217.
Where the Apex court believed...
...that an honest police officer's testimony... acceptable like an honest citizen.
'On 25th July 2013,
the court ruled in favor of
Sanjay Kumar and the Special Cell.'
'But a part of the
society and the media...'
'...were not pleased with this ruling.'
'They didn't believe in an Officer
with 6 Presidential Gallantry Medals.'
'They kept accusing him.'
'They kept suspecting him.'
'Although, another fact
came to light after three years.'
'In a TV interview,
a Commander of ISIS said...
...that a boy from his group, Sajid...
...who ran away from Batla House...
Following the Batla House encounter,
the land of India became hostile to us.
The intelligence agencies
and the ATS pursued us.
It became difficult for
us to carry out armed actions.
But we remained patient
and prayed to Allah.
He guided us and we managed to escape.
'On that day, Sanjay Kumar and the Special
Cell were once again proven right.'
'Sanjay Kumar is now
one of the most decorated
Police officer of India with
9 Presidential Gallantry Medals.'
'He is in the Special Cell,
fighting against narcotics.'
'They still get questioned.'
'But those with clear
aim and objectives...'
'...ignore them, do their duty
and continue fighting for India.'