Batman: Dead End (2003) Movie Script

- Lilcon, maybe him in the darkness,
is the real maske-boy..this Joker.
-Boys together escape from "Arkeless" sideway.
- Mrs. Shannon Cage, call them from "Arkeless" side...
...from the city, for only human's right
to has to when in.
To God, to blues...
...and to the mask surviving return him,
Escape from The Maske, will report him self,
After this time Dr. Cage call in and save him self.
After this, change order: Not Mr. Cage.
Translate By: VNSerious.
- What's the matter? Freak,
Can't take a little joke?
- You'r sicks.
- Oh..that's great, coming for some one you won't to...
run in the dark, when in the cape, and the mask.
- Buff, where are Masker?
- Look in my face, this is who i am,
my....mask is permanent, you have a choice.
- You made your choice for long times ago, Joker.
- No, you did this to me...
- ...and you can gender to that is silent,
like some bastard child.
The children you just take responsibility for.
That's why, you never kill me, Batz.
You made me. Daddy.
Those skunk like you.
Make me....
You gonna bet a battle.