Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero (1998) Movie Script

Secure from quarters.
All ahead two-thirds.
All ahead two-thirds.
Come left, heading 190.
Set depth for 100 meters.
Aye, aye! 20 degrees down angle
on the bow planes. Come left 190.
-Range to destination?
-Eight kilometers.
Hoskins, what are the conditions up there?
Thirty degrees below zero, sir,
and we've got a storm moving in.
Landing party on deck.
Collect your data quickly
and get back to the ship.
No one can survive for long
in that kind of cold.
Do you have dinner?
One hundred meters to surface. Reading
a layer of ice beneath mountainous terrain.
Possibly a cave.
-All back one-third.
-All back one-third.
Fifteen years today, darling.
Did you think l would forget?
How could l?
The day we met
was the happiest day of my life.
A gift for you. l found it in the snow.
Fragile beauty clinging to life
in this frozen wasteland.
Like you, Nora.
Thirty meters below surface and closing.
Estimate impact in fifteen seconds.
How long does she have to stay in there?
Until a cure can be found.
Until then, my love, we'll be here together.
Let's move out.
-Man, l've never seen it that cold.
-Let's get inside.
What in the name of....
My God! What happened?
-lt's the whole crew.
-Not quite.
You punks have robbed me
for the last time.
Myron, let the police handle it.
Come away.
-Do what she says, old man.
-l'm not afraid of you.
l warned you, mister.
Man, there must be
a couple of grand worth of stuff here.
Yeah, l told you it'd be easy.
What was that?
-Let's call the cops.
-Yeah, come on!
-What happened?
-l don't know.
Please, don't hurt me.
Listen, scum,
we're going to be watching you.
Keep your hands where we can see them.
-Yes, Alfred.
-We're running late, sir.
The party has already started.
-Meet us in two minutes.
-Very good, sir. On my way.
Thanks, Alfred.
l don't know what we'd do without you.
Frankly, sir, neither do l.
-John, looks like a good turnout.
-Thanks for inviting us.
-Have a good time.
-There you are. Hello, Bruce, Dick.
-Good to see a familiar face.
-Where's Barbara?
You know my daughter.
She's probably still getting ready.
My little girl.
You know, Dick,
there's no one sweeter in the world.
You've got plenty of competition.
Lots of guys are after her.
-l'm out of here! Go!
-Move it!
Are you all right?
Hey! Thanks.
But don't worry, you're on top of her list.
-You and Barbara getting serious?
-Maybe. You got any advice on women?
There you are.
Bruce, where have you been?
My friends are just dying to meet you.
Let me get back to you on that.
Here he is, ladies.
Gotham's most elusive bachelor.
lsn't he handsome?
-Bruce, this is Buffy and Debra and Caitlin.
-Hello, Bruce! So nice to meet you!
Well, excuse you.
l'd keep my money
in low-risk mutual funds...
-...that way, if the market dips--
-We have to talk.
Gregory, l didn't know
we had a meeting scheduled.
-Would you excuse us for a minute?
-How come you're not returning my calls?
-l told you, there's nothing more l can do.
You're my stockbroker.
You got me into this, now get me out.
l got you....
Listen, you got yourself into this.
l warned you that futures are risky.
Everything l own is on the line here.
This will ruin me!
Hey, you rolled the dice,
you'd better be able to cover the bet.
Those calls come due in a few days,
and you're legally required to pay them.
But l don't have the cash.
-Can't you stall, buy me some time?
-l'm sorry. There's nothing more l can do.
Hey there!
Hi, Dad. Sorry l'm late.
Look at you. Honey, you're a knockout!
Thanks, Dad.
Someone's been looking for you.
Boy, is he one lucky guy.
Hey, what's the idea
of keeping me waiting so long?
Just playing hard to get.
-She is hard to get.
Well, before your dance card fills up,
may l?
-l get the next dance.
-Don't count on it.
Expect record highs for the rest of the
week with temperatures in the mid-90s.
-Hello, Gregory.
-Victor? My God, is that you?
You're a hard man to get a hold of, Doctor.
Your secretary wouldn't give me
an appointment until next September.
Now, is that any way
to treat an old colleague?
-What do you want?
-l've got a patient who needs you.
-Leaving so soon?
-l have to work late tonight.
l've heard that before.
-l'll call you tomorrow, Ronnie. l promise.
-l've heard that one, too.
We're going to dance some more.
Barbara will give me a ride home.
Have a nice time.
l wish l were.
l thought you wanted to dance some more.
l do, but first l wanted
to ask you something.
-Well, l was wondering....
You want to go up the coast
for the weekend?
-Sure. With who?
-With me!
There's a jazz festival in Rockport,
and there's stuff going on at the beach.
Sounds fun. l'd love to.
Really? That's great!
Alfred, would you mind turning up
the air conditioning?
Good heavens!
Strange. There's not a cloud in the sky.
Belongs to someone named Belson.
lt's not good.
When her containment vessel ruptured,
her disease relapsed.
-She's got a couple of weeks at best.
Don't shoot the messenger, Victor.
l'm just telling you like it is.
Nothing can save her now,
short of an organ transplant.
Then, do it.
lmpossible. You need a compatible donor,
and there's a waiting list a mile long.
We'd never get the organ in time.
-l have confidence you'll find a way.
-Don't threaten me, Victor.
l'm the only hope she's got.
And this is going to cost you.
The kind of service we're talking
about here doesn't come cheap.
Gregory. l see you haven't changed.
There aren't any available organs.
-What about these?
-Not compatible.
Nora's blood type is extremely rare.
There aren't any deceased donors
that match.
-Then we'll have to use a live donor.
-What? Are you crazy? They'd die!
l know.
Man, you're a piece of work.
l said l'd help, but this....
This is going to cost you
more than a little gold nugget.
l mean, the risks involved....
This is just a small sample
from a large vein l discovered in the Arctic.
You do this, and it's yours. All of it.
These hospital files
list every blood donor in Gotham.
We want someone who's approximately
the same weight, height, and female.
Here's one.
Her name is Barbara Gordon.
-Barbara Gordon?
No, she's not here.
This is Jenny, her roommate.
-What time do you expect her in?
-She won't be back till Monday.
-Who is this, please?
-This is County Memorial Hospital.
Barbara's listed with us as a blood donor.
She's dining out with her boyfriend.
They are at the coast for the weekend.
We've got an emergency.
Where did they go for dinner?
l think she said Shaugnessy's,
over on Madison.
Didn't spill a drop.
-Oh, man!
-lt could have been worse.
-Yeah, how?
-lt could have been me.
-We got enough left for a toast?
-Sure. What will we drink to?
How about the kiss
you're about to give me?
l'll drink to that.
Mr. Freeze?
You, fruitcake! No pets allowed!
Which one of you is Barbara Gordon?
Please, no.
Get him off! Get him off me!
l'll ask again.
Which one of you is Barbara Gordon?
-Barbara, no!
-l am.
Let him go.
Come with me.
Notchka, don't let her go.
Stop it! l'll come with you.
Just don't hurt him.
Shaka, come.
Here! Take my Corvette.
Hey! Watch it!
All units,
this is Unit 7 in pursuit of a gray van...
...moving east on Highway 10.
Request backup.
Roger, Unit 7.
-Who are you?
-l'm a doctor. Keep still.
Where am l?
Take these. You'll feel better.
-Why did you kidnap me?
Do as you're told. Take them.
Victor, no!
Miss Gordon obviously prefers
not to take any medication right now.
Why don't we give her
some time to herself?.
l want to know what's going on here.
l want checkpoints on a 20-mile radius
at l-13, l-54, and out to Route 27.
Choppers with infrared scopes,
and a door-to-door search...
...of every possible hideout within 50 miles.
Montoya, set up a command post
in the operations room.
-Did you get a rundown on the license?
-lt's a stolen van.
They found it ditched in Brisco Canyon
about an hour ago.
All right, that's pretty rugged terrain.
They can't have gotten too far on foot.
Set up checkpoints at a 20-mile radius,
and search all the way down to the ocean.
Come on, people. A guy in a weird suit
with two polar bears can't be hard to spot.
l want my daughter found,
and l want her found now.
-Don't worry, sir. We're on it.
-Then why are you still here talking to me?
Come on, let's move out.
Dick, you okay?
-Sorry, Commissioner. l tried to stop him.
-l know.
When l get my hands on this guy....
-Jim, why would Freeze want Barbara?
-l don't know.
-How'd he know she was at the nightclub?
-Her roommate.
Said someone called from the hospital
with an emergency.
Barbara's listed as a blood donor.
-Did she get a name?
-No. The guy hung up on her.
Get a hold of the phone records
and see if you can trace that call.
the other witnesses are in interrogation.
On my way.
Dick, thanks again for trying to save her.
-Mr. Grayson, what is your blood type?
-O positive.
l need to get you down to X-ray.
You wait here. l'll get a wheelchair.
Shut the door.
-Does it say who accessed her file?
She has a rare blood type.
Not many others on the list.
Wait a minute. Look at this.
Nora Fries?
Victor Fries' wife.
She's over the next room.
She's headed
towards the northwest corner.
Get away from her!
You get away from me.
Give it up, Barbara.
There's no place to run.
-Everybody, just calm down.
-No! You calm down.
l want to know what l'm doing here.
l'm Dr. Gregory Belson. That's Victor Fries.
l know who he is.
Everyone in Gotham knows you.
And l know who that is, too.
l thought your wife was dead.
She will be dead if you don't help her.
That's what this is about, isn't it?
lt's about her.
She needs an operation
that requires a transfusion.
You're one of the few people
with her rare blood type.
So, why here? She should be in a hospital.
No hospitals and no more questions!
Victor! You wouldn't let her die,
would you?
Listen. You kidnap me,
then expect me to cooperate?
l'll help her, but not here. Not this way.
Enough talk!
Victor, no! Don't freeze her.
The door!
Come on.
Bruce, Dick. What a nice surprise.
Come in, come in.
-What can l do for you?
-l was wondering if you could help me.
Are you kidding?
One of our major investors?
What do you need?
How much do you know
about the medical aspects of cryogenics?
Well, it's not exactly my specialty,
but l've done some reading on it.
When would a person who's cryogenically
frozen need a blood transfusion?
As far as l know, never.
That's the point of the procedure.
You should talk to someone
who is more of an expert.
Who is the foremost authority
on the subject?
That's easy. Dr. Gregory Belson.
He did a lot of the original research
on it with Victor Fries.
l'd like to talk to him.
Good luck.
No one's seen him for the past week.
-Where is he?
-Who knows?
Comes and goes as he pleases.
Frankly, he's kind of a jerk.
Belson's name was on the registration
of a wrecked car Alfred and l found...
...after the party the other night.
lt was surrounded by water.
-Melted ice.
-So what does Freeze want with a doctor?
-Let's find out.
You don't have to chain me up, you creep.
Try to escape again,
l'll chain your feet as well.
-How can you treat people this way?
-lt's the way they've always treated me.
Nora was the only good thing in my life,
and they took her from me.
l don't care what l have to do
to get her back.
-Nothing here, except some stock reports.
-Keep looking.
Gregory, this is your broker calling
for the third time.
Payment is due on those options
and accounting is breathing down my neck.
You can call me at home.
The number's 555-01 73.
Let's take care of this, okay?
Hope it's a listed number.
-Who are you?
-My name is Koonak.
You're just a kid.
What are you doing here?
-Did Freeze kidnap you, too?
-No. And l'm not just a kid.
-l'm twelve.
-And very handsome.
-You're kind of cute, too, lady.
-You sure you're just twelve?
-Thirteen, next summer.
-So, where are your parents, Koonak?
-They're dead.
-l'm sorry.
-But Mr. Freeze takes care of me now.
-Freeze? You've got to be kidding.
-You don't like him, do you?
lt's kind of hard to like someone
who kidnaps you and chains you up.
He just wants his wife back.
He's not really bad.
You know this isn't right, Koonak.
Help me get out of here, and l promise
l'll do everything l can to help her.
Sorry, lady. l can't.
-You won't hurt her, will you?
-No, of course not.
Your wife's vital signs have stabilized.
We'll be able to start the operation
in a couple of hours.
Please, don't hurt me!
-Where's Belson?
-Belson? l wish l knew.
-l'm telling you the truth!
-What's your interest in him?
l'm his stockbroker. He owes $2.5 million,
and if he doesn't pay by Friday...
-...they're going to foreclose on him.
-What are you talking about?
Belson had inside information
on a new drug that was going public.
He leveraged futures
with everything he had.
Then some side effects were discovered,
and the FDA put everything on hold.
He lost, big time.
l want to see his portfolio,
and any holdings he might have in--
-Dean, this is Gregory.
Gregory? Where are you?
You've got to buy me one more week
with the SEC.
Stall them. Say whatever you have to,
but l'll have the cash by then.
You will? How? You said--
l know what l said, but l just struck gold.
So, you'll take care of that, right?
Where are you?
Never mind.
Just keep them from foreclosing for a week
and they'll have their money.
Got to go.
Gregory? Wait a minute.
Alfred, run this list of medical supplies
l found on Belson's desk.
l want to know
what this stuff would be used for.
Cross-reference it
against all likely medical procedures.
Very good, sir.
-You said--
-l know what l said, but l just struck gold.
-So, you'll take care of that, right?
-Where are you?
That's a ship's foghorn.
He's somewhere near the water.
But the police have combed every inch
of the coast.
Listen to it again.
There's something else in the background.
l'll try to enhance it.
...l just struck gold.
So, you'll take care of that, right?
-Sounds like a bell.
-Or a buoy.
Those are the shipping lanes.
No wonder the police can't find him
on the coast.
He's five miles offshore,
in the middle of the ocean.
There's an abandoned oil derrick out there.
-Miss Gordon, we're ready to begin.
-Well, l'm not.
l'm afraid you have no choice.
Grab her!
Hold her legs.
Pardon me, but l've just completed
the research on this list...
...and l've found something
rather disturbing.
What is it?
lt seems these are surgical supplies
used in an allograft procedure.
Oh, no.
What is it?
lt's the medical term
for an organ transplant.
l think you'd better hurry.
You're hurting me. Let me go.
Get her inside.
Let me go!
Put her on the table.
l'll get the anesthesia.
You don't need to put me under
for a blood transfusion.
lt's more than that, isn't it?
Hold her.
You promised not to hurt her!
Koonak, get out of here.
Stop it!
Get away!
Nora! No! No!
l'll get her back.
Look, there.
Someone's there, all right.
Wait a minute. l see something.
There's Barbara!
-Hang on.
Stop shooting, you idiot!
These are fuel tanks.
Come down, now!
Up here!
Are you all right?
lt's okay. l got her!
Over there!
Shoot me a line!
Stand back.
Look out!
-We got to get out of here!
-l'm working on it.
She's behind the generators, over there!
You go that way!
-Are you crazy? There's no way now.
-We're going to finish this!
You're insane!
This place is going to blow any minute!
We got to get out.
We're not leaving
until you perform that operation.
Look out!
Gregory, help me!
Brace yourself!
My leg is broken.
-Come on. Let's get out of here.
-No! Not without Nora.
-Where is she?
-Down below.
There's a boy there, too.
Come on, this way!
There's no way.
Stand back.
-You stay here.
-You need me to show you where they are.
She's right. Robin, get the Batwing ready.
-lf this place starts to blow, get out.
-l won't leave without you.
Go! We're running out of time.
This way.
Come on, big guy. l've got you.
-ls there another way out?
-The elevator.
Oh, no.
Let's go!
Take them first.
You can come back for me.
Let's go. Let's go!
-lf l'm not back in time, go without me.
-What? Wait!
Hold on.
Today's top news stories
come from Gotham City...
...where local newscaster Summer Gleason
is standing by.
ln a case that could herald a new era
in cryogenic medicine...
...Nora Fries has been revived
from her frozen state...
...and has undergone
a vital organ transplant.
Nora Fries is the wife of Victor Fries,
who was killed two weeks ago...
...when an offshore drilling platform
exploded and collapsed into the ocean.
The transplant operation,
funded by the Waynetech Corporation...
...under the auspices of its CEO,
Mr. Bruce Wayne...
...was today declared a resounding success
by doctor Lyle Johnston...
...chief surgeon
at Gotham General Hospital.
Mrs. Fries is reported to be resting
in stable condition.
lronically, the cryogenic technology
invented by Nora's husband...
...which tragically transformed him
into the criminal Mr. Freeze...
...was credited by Dr. Johnston
as having saved her life.
lt's a shame Victor Fries will never know.
ln other news,
Gotham's mysterious defender...
...the Batman, was seen last night
helping police apprehend the leaders...
...of an underworld,
gun-running operation....