Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One (2021) Movie Script

I only came here out of respect
for my parents who...
knew your family.
Your father...
was more than just a friend
to my family.
That was a long time ago.
A long time.
Thomas Wayne believed
in my father.
He believed a man could bring
order to a world of chaos.
And you, Bruce?
I believe in Gotham City.
- You try the vongole?
- Mm. Delicious.
Oh. Hmm.
Master Bruce. Happy Halloween.
Is there coffee?
In the study, sir.
A Miss Kyle telephoned.
She said she was checking the number
you gave her to make sure it's real.
The gates are open.
We haven't seen
a trick-or-treater in years.
We won't see one tonight.
Hardly worth the security risk,
wouldn't you say?
Respectfully, sir,
if our security is dependent
on $600 worth of iron alloy...
This city is fallen, Alfred.
Then we must endeavor
to lift it up again, Bruce.
In the meantime,
we live in obstinate hope.
And an unlocked mansion.
it's an absurd holiday.
Oh, yes.
Putting on costumes
and striking fear.
Quite absurd.
Do you really think...
I hate when he does that.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. James.
Babs! No running!
Come on guys, slow down!
You're gonna hurt yourselves.
They're excited, Jim.
Big night.
Yeah. All right.
But we're taking the squad car.
Too many crazies out.
Hang on.
Now you're ready.
All right, who wants to drive?
Just joking.
Hey, hey, hang on.
It could be a wrong number,
or a crank call or...
All right.
I'm on my way.
Your father's Captain now.
The whole department's
counting on him.
Well, I was
counting on him, too.
I'll try and be quick.
Gilda. There you are.
You're home.
Better late than never.
Why are you hiding
out here in the cold?
I know.
I'm sorry, I-I just...
Mm, you started without me.
Did you have any kids?
Oh, no. I...
No. I just...
I don't think I'm really up
for all that tonight.
Answering the door
every five minutes...
Yeah, I saw the bowl
on the porch.
It's okay.
It's a ghost town out there.
So to speak.
We're gonna be eating
that candy for a month.
Or not.
You know I have a love-hate
relationship with candy.
You have a love-hate
relationship with everything.
Let's just crawl into bed
and watch an old
black and white movie on...
Baby, I'm so sorry.
You have to go.
Pick a movie.
I'll be back soon.
I love you.
Does he always keep you
waiting like this?
He'll be here.
I thought you quit.
I have.
Hmm. Don't worry,
I won't tell Barbara.
Ah. Good.
This is District Attorney
Harvey D...
What's happened?
Johnny Viti was
murdered tonight.
Damn it!
The Roman's nephew.
He has a name.
It's Carmine Falcone,
not "The Roman."
Harvey, calm down.
Where were your men, Jim?
I've been working on Viti
for months!
Nobody on your team
thought he'd be vulnerable
the night before he's gonna
turn state's evidence?
.22 caliber, taped handle,
serial number filed off.
Baby bottle nipple
for a silencer.
Odd, but effective.
And untraceable.
Hard to tell if we're dealing
with a professional.
Of course it was a professional!
This was Falcone!
He found out Viti was gonna betray the
family so he took him off the board!
We were so close.
We were so close, Jim.
He was ready to sing.
And not just about Carmine,
the whole family was going away.
We had a real opportunity
to change things.
We still do.
It's just a setback.
We'll find another way
to take down Falcone.
Where's the jack-o'-lantern?
Excuse me?
You think it's important?
I don't know yet.
Look, Harvey's right.
This city's finally
got a chance.
And it's the three men
standing here right now.
The Falcone crime family
has to be taken down.
So I'm putting you two together.
District Attorney Dent will
work in the light, and you...
will work the other side.
Bend the rules,
but never break them.
And I'll do everything I can
to protect you both.
He needs
to hear you say it, Bats.
Two heads are better than one.
Leads come my way pretty fast.
Keep your ears open.
Then I guess we're up and...
He does that a lot.
I just...
And I'm talking to myself.
I'm so sorry
to hear about your nephew.
Grazie, amico.
No disrespect,
but why are we sitting
on our hands here, huh?
He put two in Johnny's head!
Who did?
Salvatore Maroni! Who else?
Ever since
he took over that family,
he's been gunning for us,
and tonight,
he found the target.
It's a warning, for Chrissakes.
But let us be clear.
The man who pulled the trigger
did not load the gun.
Maroni's ambition was in check until
the law put a target on my back.
Now it's open season.
If anyone is responsible
for my nephew's death,
it's that new son of a bitch
in the DA's office.
- Mm-hmm. Yeah.
- Maybe he should sleep with the fishes.
Hell yes!
You just say the word, Carmine,
and I'll do Dent myself!
Settle, Antoni.
At the right time,
we'll hit back. Until then...
The right time is now, Carmine!
Now! Any delay is only gonna
make you look even weaker!
Thank you
for your concern, Antoni.
No... no disrespect, Carmine.
It's "Godfather."
Milos. Come on!
Milos! No!
We have other business
to discuss?
Business time.
Take your crosswords for a walk.
logic puzzles.
Thirty-two going on thirteen.
Wayne is not gonna support
any large-scale
structuring effort.
So, for now, the assets will have to
be moved to a more secure facility...
Your equipment's
weighing you down.
Why are you running?
You could use a little fun.
Give me your hand.
Got you exactly
where I want you.
Wait till you see what's inside.
Have you ever seen
this kind of money?
It's authentic.
So crisp and clean.
Actually, it's incredibly dirty.
Falcone's been having trouble
laundering his cash for some time.
We just didn't know
where he was stockpiling it.
Thank you.
I'm happy to help.
You could have kept it
to yourself.
You could have lived
pretty well with all this.
Why hand it over?
To you?
Who knows.
Get down!
Take it from me, pal,
around here,
curiosity can get you killed.
Let him go.
What? Why?
Because he's with me.
Also because he's the DA who put
all your friends into Arkham.
We got room for one more.
Anyone follow us?
I could barely follow us.
Falcone Imports has been doing
quite a business.
You know,
if we were any other men...
We're not.
Yeah. No. Of course.
So, what now?
We should call Gordon.
Have his men
pick this up as evidence.
Falcone owns the mayor
and the entire city assembly.
It'd be back in his coffers
by tomorrow.
So the only way to make
an impact is to make it disappear.
Yeah, but look at all this.
Moving it could take days.
Well, who said anything
about moving it?
Why are you trying
to hurt Falcone?
Why are you?
It's not personal, sweetheart.
It's justice.
Justice can be personal,
Give me a head start.
I don't want to get caught
anywhere near here.
I don't know.
Gordon says I'm supposed
to work in the light.
Well, then, light it up.
I owe you one.
You owe me like...
a billion-five.
I can't really be a lawyer
and a criminal, can I?
I want to win.
But do I want to win like this?
I'm of two minds here.
So it's a coin flip.
Yeah. I guess it is.
Heads, we burn it down.
Call Chen.
Firefighters on the
scene here in the Industrial District
working to contain the blaze
before it can spread
to nearby homes and businesses.
Now at this time, Jackie,
officials believe
the Falcone Imports warehouse,
owned, of course,
by the notorious Falcone crime family,
to be vacant...
"Two heads
are better than one."
Hey! You scared me.
I came home and I didn't know
where you were.
Did you hear me calling?
Please stay.
I'm not going anywhere.
I mean it.
Don't leave me.
Baby, I know
I haven't been around.
And I'm sorry.
But this job,
it isn't forever.
Hey, we caught a huge break
tonight on this Falcone thing.
Once I take him out,
and I will take him out...
things are gonna be different.
We can start a family.
You know I can't.
Of course you can.
We can.
We'll talk about options
when you're ready,
but I need you to trust
that we're still on track.
And that I love you.
Now are we still having
movie night or not?
No, don't even answer that.
Come on.
If we take 66th,
we can cut them off
at the Westward Bridge.
No, maintain a safe distance
for now.
Good evening, sir.
The turkey is roasting,
the pies are cooling
and Miss Kyle is en route.
Alfred, make a note
to order a new windshield.
Of course, sir, but if I may...
I thought
you didn't hurt people!
You thought wrong.
You and your San Ho Hui buddies
were seen outside Harvey
Dent's house on Halloween.
We were trick-or-treating.
Having fun?
Not yet.
But any second now.
I'll keep an eye
on your little friends.
A "thank you" would be nice!
It is Thanksgiving.
We can make this easy, Mickey.
Just tell me
who hired you to kill Dent.
Go to hell, Bat-Freak.
Right now, the only difference
between you and me
is that I know what's down here.
He's mine.
Let him go.
This is your place.
Give him to me
and I'll make sure
he never sets foot
down here again.
You can be alone.
Born on a Monday.
One more for ya.
My goodness.
People have been
so kind to Harvey.
Oh, this one's not
for your husband. It's for you.
From a "Mr. Falcone."
I-I'm sorry, ma'am.
It's none of my business...
Isn't it time for his dinner?
I don't wanna be here, Mick.
My wife's cooking turkey
with all the trimmings.
I love turkey
with all the trimmings.
So, just tell us what you know about the
bomb in the district attorney's house,
then we can all go eat.
I don't even know
Carmine Falcone.
The Roman contracted your triad
to take out Harvey Dent!
Your signature's all over it.
Mickey. You gotta help me
keep my friend here calm.
Just give us something,
Someone's trying to frame me.
I told you. I'm innocent.
Chairs are for suspects.
This guy's innocent.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Hey. I thought we were
just doing a thing.
This little act doesn't get us
anywhere if the guy gets hurt.
Maybe you guys should admit
you have nothing on San Ho Hui.
If you had, you would've
booked me already.
All right. That's it. Montoya!
Please, show our friend out.
Maybe you should thank
whoever planted that bomb.
What did you say?
You still haven't figured out
who killed Johnny Viti?
Get him outta my sight.
You may be aces in a fistfight, but you've
got a lot to learn about detective work.
I found him, didn't I?
It's not just
about finding them.
You gotta know how
they're gonna help your case.
Mickey Chen is a small fish
protected by Falcone.
We were never going
to get a confession.
We needed to make friends
and, in time, flip him.
Keep talking like that,
they'll make you DA.
Harvey isn't dead yet.
And he isn't a killer, either.
No matter what
that scumbag thinks.
He's never even owned a gun.
Falcone fits.
The Roman killed Viti
and ordered the hit on Dent.
Occam's Razor.
The simplest explanation
is usually the right one.
All right, if I leave now,
I might just make dinner.
You should be
with your people, too.
Good night.
Happy Thanksgiving, Mrs. Dent.
Now, I'm sure the missus is running
out to pick up some real food,
but I guarantee you, you have
never had pumpkin pie like...
Uh, Mr. Dent?
I just wanted to get out of this
city, I hate this place.
The secret is the basil.
You want only the youngest
leaves from the youngest plant,
otherwise it's like mint.
Overpowers everything.
We have a lot
to be thankful for, Alberto.
Such as?
Health. Family.
What's left of it.
If you are referring
to your cousin Johnny,
that is being handled.
By Mickey Chen.
And who do you think hired him?
Of course.
Is there something
you wish to say?
No, Poppa.
Except to point out that
Harvey Dent is still alive.
Because I allow it.
For now.
This is what
I keep talking about.
This is Oxford.
That place polluted
your mind, Alberto.
You used to know
your place. Now?
I should have
never sent you there.
The dangers
of independent thought.
When have you had
one independent thought
that actually benefited
this family?
Maybe when I sent flowers
to Dent's hospital room
in the Falcone name.
You did what?
I sent flowers.
I thought it would
take suspicion off of us
if we looked like we care
about his recovery.
Now, I suppose you'll say
it was a sloppy move.
I can forgive sloppy.
What I will not tolerate
is you presuming to speak
on behalf of this family.
Let me be perfectly clear.
Any notion you may hold
about being next in line
to take over
our business interests
is a pathetic delusion.
You are weak.
Your weakness is my liability.
You are to have zero contact
with Mr. or Mrs. Harvey Dent.
End of discussion.
I got a call that you went
missing from the hospital.
How did I know
I'd find you here?
Couldn't stand
being cooped up anymore.
Thought I'd stretch my legs.
Listen, why don't you hop in?
I'll take you back.
No. No, no, no, no, no.
I like it out here.
I'm on my way home
for Thanksgiving dinner.
You should come along.
Barbara always makes a ton.
I'm not hungry.
Harvey, what are we doing here?
I don't know.
Maybe I wasn't ready
for this yet.
I think I'm gonna go back now.
Don't you worry about Harvey.
All right, Counselor.
As far as I'm concerned,
you don't have this.
The Falcones
are dangerous people
and, to them,
you're the bad guy.
Protect your family.
So I made him an offer,
you know.
To the family.
Those dearly departed...
and those whom we are fortunate
to have beside us here today.
Let us be thankful for the time
we still have together
and for the many blessings
bestowed upon us.
- Alla salute!
- Salute!
Ah, yes.
- Oh, look.
- Oh, come here!
- Oh-ho!
- Yeah!
- I told you I'd walk.
- Very good, very good.
- Whoo-hoo!
- Welcome back.
Solomon Grundy...
born on a Monday...
No. Believe me. I told him
where he could stick the cape.
Even Gordon laughed.
That's when they let me go.
You don't need me for this.
I should be out hunting.
We've got it covered.
All of Gotham PD will be deployed
throughout town by midnight.
One way or another, when Holiday
comes calling, we'll be ready.
You know, this was all you.
I wanted them
in Gotham Penitentiary.
This was Harvey.
And he was right.
Calendar Man.
a killer who only
works on holidays.
And it's December 24th.
I was wondering
when you'd get to me.
We don't have much time, Day.
Who killed Johnny Viti
on Halloween?
The same person who killed Mickey
Chen and his crew on Thanksgiving.
We need a better answer
than that.
Viti was The Roman's nephew.
The Roman was Chen's employer.
First suspect is, therefore,
The Roman.
But since sneaking around
isn't really Falcone's style,
we move on to
the second suspect.
Someone hoping for the fall
of The Roman empire.
Like Sal Maroni.
He's as good a guess
as any of the others.
What "others"?
You're down a man.
This is a waste of time.
I told you to bring Mr. Dent.
He isn't safe out there.
The DA who put you all
in Arkham?
Half the patients here
would kill him on sight,
so I'd say out there
is the only place he is safe.
Or perhaps he doesn't know
you're here.
the district attorney...
is a suspect?
Well, of course.
Intelligent, calculating, with a
mission to take down Carmine Falcone.
It all fits.
Harvey Dent is not a killer.
Unless he's leading
a double life.
Like your caped crusader here.
Why did you ask for me?
So you could see for yourself.
I don't have time
for your crazy.
You really don't.
There's lots of crazy
out there these days.
And just when you thought
you'd cleaned it all up.
What a...
Happy holiday.
Open it!
He had somebody get to my kid!
If I didn't help him...
I'm sorry.
Harvey isn't safe.
'Tis the
season To be jolly
It's an awful chiller
Boy, this Holiday's
A killer
Gilda? Is that you?
She looked like a Gilda.
Looking for this?
Relax, lollipop!
Police issue.
Where's my wife?
She's just where I left her,
last-minute shopping.
Spoiler alert, it's socks.
What do you want?
Aw, I thought I was
playing Santi Claus!
Oh, all right.
I want a fire engine
and a football and...
to deliver a message.
Put the gun down and we'll talk.
Your suspicions were correct.
A Santa clown has reportedly
terrorized three families today.
Sir, they were
all named "Dent."
Where did you get that?
Ya missin' one?
You could use some cheering up!
Have ya heard the one
about the murderous clown
that escaped the asylum and showed up
at the home of the DA who put him there?
See, there's a persistent rumor
'round these parts
that DA Dent
is more than he appears to be.
But there's only room
for one homicidal maniac
in this town.
And if I hear
that Happy Harvey Dent
is steppin' out,
I'll make sure little Gilda
doesn't have to clothes-shop
for hubby-wubby ever again.
You call that a joke?
But you haven't even
heard the punchline!
It goes like this!
Harvey, can you hear me?
Any idea where he was heading?
What happened to your
friend's face, Maroni?
What happened to yours?
Oh, you mother...
Tell me everything he said.
If you get off of my neck.
He was inside
before we got there.
Took out the whole staff,
poisoned the fagioli.
I wasn't hungry,
but, uh, Freddy here...
I dunno. Guess I'm lucky.
No. He let you live. Why?
Do I look like I know?
He put a gun in my face
and told me
that this is his turf
and that he's cracking down
on interlopers.
Maybe I should thank him.
I don't know where you get off.
Freaks like this clown used
to play way out on the fringe,
but once you showed up...
Relax, pal.
Ya know, things used to
run smooth in this town.
Now we got killer crocs
and moths and sewer zombies,
not to mention
a homicidal maniac
skulking around the holidays
hittin' made men.
What's the common thread? Huh.
Where is he?
Who knows? He's a nutjob.
But if he's the guy
killin' Falcone's men,
it's only a matter of time till
he gets to old Carmine himself.
Maybe start there.
Not really much
of a detective, are ya?
Navy, navy, charcoal, black.
Really, Carm, is a splash
of color too much to ask?
Stop clowning around.
If you're gonna kill me,
just do it.
Is this the face of a killer?
I guess it is!
Oh, relax, polpetto,
I'm not going to kill you.
Not tonight, anyway.
It's Christmas!
someone will die tonight.
Probably someone close to you.
Don't you want to know
who's pulling the trigger?
Anyhoo, I just popped in to say,
if you hear any news about
the Holiday investigation,
I'd like you to pass it my way.
As a professional courtesy.
Here's my card!
Buon Natale!
Buon Natale.
I kill me.
What the hell?
Missed me!
You know what I forgot?
Whoa! That was close!
I would remind you, sir,
of Mr. Falcone's "annual benefit
for the Gotham Children's Clinic."
It would be advisable to show
your face at least one year.
Your father built that hospital.
He helped The Roman build it.
Still, a good cause.
And, frankly, a night on a yacht
could do you some good.
Miss Kyle will be there.
Three murders on three holidays.
Each of the victims,
a Falcone associate.
All shot with the same type
of untraceable gun.
No witnesses.
Salvatore Maroni.
His family's always been
second to The Roman.
He's notoriously ambitious.
But he's killed
Falcone's men in broad daylight.
Why the cloak-and-dagger
Holiday business?
Carla Viti, Falcone's sister.
Runs their Chicago operation.
She could be making a play
for control of the family.
By killing her
only son on Halloween?
She is a criminal.
And he is a homicidal maniac.
The guard testified
that he escaped before
the first murder.
The Roman himself.
Johnny Viti was about to flip
and Mickey Chen could testify
that Falcone ordered
Dent's murder.
He had motive
to silence them both.
But why kill his own bodyguard?
May I ask why you're keeping
the fifth suspect off the board?
Because I don't like it.
But it fits. Doesn't it?
Obsessed with
taking down Falcone.
More than boss Maroni and every
ambitious made man in town.
He was turned down
for a gun license last year
when the psych eval
showed some...
wild aberrations.
Or is it someone else entirely?
Someone we haven't even
I thought this would be about
sweeping criminals off the street,
maybe scaring them straight.
I never thought the Batman was
going to have to be a detective.
A good one.
What if I can't
save them, Alfred?
I've seen these
growing pains before, sir,
and I am confident that,
in the end,
the Batman will be
what the world needs him to be.
The same, I believe,
should be said of Bruce Wayne.
My distinguished guests.
It is my honor
to welcome you here tonight.
I see a lot of familiar faces.
Your Eminence.
No, I was talking to Sal Maroni.
Sal Maroni. On my yacht.
It's like my father always said,
"Keep your enemies close...
and a loaded gun closer."
Thirty years ago, a small group
of concerned Gothamites
joined together
to build something
the politicians squabbling in the
halls of government could not.
Dr. Thomas Wayne and I built the
Children's Clinic to protect families.
And if you know me,
you know there is nothing more
important to me than family.
So, buon anno!
Thank you all for being here
and for your generosity.
Let's beat last year's total.
Remember, cash only, please!
Also, I would like to thank
our corporate sponsors,
Kord Omniversal,
Soder Cola,
and for the 10th year running,
Gotham Broadcasting Company.
Oh! Oh...
Oh, I'm so sorry!
Here, let me.
I have it. Thank you.
No, thank you.
One more thing, and then I
promise I'll let you enjoy the party.
I would like
to acknowledge someone.
As I said, nothing is more
important to me than family.
And perhaps my one regret
is making this man feel like he
is not a part of this family.
We have not always
agreed on details.
But we agree
on the most important things.
We believe in family.
We believe in business.
And like
all of you here tonight,
we believe in Gotham City.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the son I never had,
Mr. Bruce Wayne.
- I think I see them!
- Wh-What?
As if it matters!
I hardly ever see you anyway!
I'm just saying,
there's no need to...
Hey, Harvey!
Shouldn't you
be working, Captain?
I am.
This is the largest police
presence this city's ever seen.
We got caught with our
pants down on Christmas,
but Heaven help Holiday if he
tries anything here tonight.
Always on duty!
You didn't bring the kids?
They're sleeping over
at my mother's tonight.
We should try and hire you
to sit next time, Gilda.
I bet you're great with kids.
I haven't worked
as a sitter in years.
It paid her way
through law school.
I didn't know you're a lawyer.
I was.
Now I'm not anything.
Dead pilot? Check!
Ground crew? Check!
Poison gas? Check!
Time to ring in the new year.
Ladies and gentlemen,
please fasten your seatbelts
as I have no idea
how to fly this thing!
Looks like a real party.
So what the hell
are we doing here?
I don't know.
Something tells me this is
where I need to be tonight.
Look, we haven't talked,
and I think we should.
I feel like whatever this is...
whatever we've tried to be to
one another is... unraveling.
And we both know why.
We've never spoken of it,
but the truth is that you and I
are two different people.
It was fun to try,
but I don't think we're ever
gonna be able
to put it all together.
I guess we're just
not cut out for...
whatever this is.
Don't worry, though.
I'll see you on the other side.
When did you do it?
Do what?
You took my watch
without me noticing.
So when did you do it?
I'm curious.
Take it from me, Bruce,
around here,
curiosity can get you killed.
Not now.
I just want to have
a normal night.
Can we just have a normal night?
I don't even know
what that is anymore!
I am alone here.
I told myself it was okay
because it would get better,
but it hasn't!
You don't have to be alone!
We've talked about
having a baby.
I can't!
You know that I can't!
Maybe not the old-fashioned way,
but that doesn't mean
that we can't try something...
I don't want it!
I don't want it because I can't
and I can't
because I don't want it!
Can we please
talk about this in private?
Jesus, why can't you
be more like...
More like who?
I'm only one man.
I can't do this.
Not now.
Excuse us.
Jim, did you know they're
having these kinds of problems?
Yeah. I see it now.
What's going on?
Crappy New Year!
Should all offenses be
forgot And never brought to trial...
Oh, silly me! The safety! Ha!
Ooh, pretty!
Well, shit.
Economy class ain't what
she used to be! Ha!
This area needs to be clear!
Everyone remain calm!
This way!
- Pearce!
- Captain, sir!
I need to get my wife
out of here!
Yes, sir!
Follow me, ma'am.
What are you trying to prove
with this stunt, Joker?
Prove? Stunt? Joker?
No, wait, that one's right.
- Why did you kill Johnny Viti?
- What?
And Mickey Chen
and Milos Grappa?
You think I'm Holiday?
Oh, poppet,
I didn't know you cared!
Of course I'm not Holiday!
If I were him, why would I be
trying to kill him?
Kill him?
He's the competition!
And, like the corn kernel
always says,
"I won't be number two."
If it's Holiday you want dead,
then why gas everyone
in Gotham Square?
Half the city's down there!
Which means Holiday
either is or isn't!
I have a fifty-fifty chance.
And if I fail, well, at least I've
killed a lot of innocent people.
No, don't kill me!
Not before I find out
who Holiday is!
Why do you care?
Oh, you adorable fool.
Don't you know by now?
I'm just like you!
We both love a good puzzle.
when the clock strikes 12:00,
do I get a little kiss?
Taking that as a "no."
There goes my resolution.
Out of the way. Now! Move!
Alberto, right?
Can I ask you a question?
I'm trying to imagine what it's
like to grow up around all this.
I wouldn't know.
"Mr. Family" had me in boarding
schools overseas before I could walk.
Which is fine.
I would have never
fit in here anyway.
I'm an Oxford graduate
who's learned
more about business
than my father could ever
hope to understand, yet...
You don't get a seat
at the table.
Because I'm "weak."
I fell in love.
How is that weak?
She was the wrong woman.
Wrong for the family.
Wrong for him.
And, back then,
I was so desperate for his approval.
What happened to her?
Terrible things.
I let him...
scare her away from me.
Which, ironically, only proved that he
was right about me in the first place.
Weak. An embarrassment.
I'm sorry, I don't mean to...
Why do I feel
like I can talk to you?
Uh... I, um...
I just...
Oh! No! No...
Oh! No! I'm sorry, I...
I can't... We can't...
Get away from her.
Wait. Bruce? Wayne?
Bruce Wayne is...
is the Batman?
And Alberto Falcone is Holiday.
Surprises all around.
Me? You've been fed
some bad clues, Bruce.
But I still solved the puzzle.
The rejected son, born to inherit
an empire, but cast aside.
You're wrong.
You knew you'd never be
handed the keys to the kingdom,
so you manufactured a crisis
that targets the family business.
With potential successors
dropping like flies,
Poppa tightened the circle
to family only,
and for the first time,
you were on the inside.
I don't want control
of the family!
I never did!
Ten! Nine! Eight!
Seven! Six! Five!
- I would happily trade that for a normal life!
- Four! Three!
- To spend my days as far away from Gotham as possible.
- Two! One! Happy New Year!
To get married,
and have a child with...
Oh, my God!
You couldn't know.
You're missing so many pieces.
Come on.
Jim, what the hell are we doing?
The divers will be fishing out
parts of Alberto Falcone for days.
Five-bladed prop
on its slowest speed.
Hell of a way to go.
That isn't how he went.
He was shot by Holiday
before going overboard.
Hang on.
Alberto wasn't Holiday?
I thought he was.
It was Occam's Razor, Jim,
the simplest solution.
But it was wrong.
I went there
for Alberto Falcone.
I thought I was supposed
to stop him,
but... I was supposed
to save him.
He was innocent.
And now he's dead.
I needed to be better.
We all did.
All of us.
You have to put a protective
detail on Carmine Falcone.
If he'll even let you.
Do you realize we started out
trying to take down The Roman,
and now we're trying
to save him?
When did that happen?
I have a better question.
If Alberto Falcone
wasn't Holiday, then who is?
And who's next?
Grant that our brother may sleep here
in peace until You awaken him to glory,
for You are the resurrection
and the life.
Then he will see You
face to face
and in Your light will see light
and know the splendor of God.
A word.
If there's anything I can do...
You know what I want you to do,
but time and time again
you refuse me.
The Wayne Foundation isn't a money
laundering outfit for the mob.
And it won't be,
so long as I'm in control.
Of course.
Oh, how rude of me.
I don't believe
you've met my associate.