Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts (2015) Movie Script

Just three more days
until Gotham will be able...
to spot the passage
of the Midas Heart...
the asteroid with a solid gold core
that passes the Earth every 77 years.
And finally, tomorrow night
is the grand opening of the Aviary...
Gotham City's newest
and tallest building.
Count on high society to flock
to Oswald Cobblepot's...
very exclusive
opening night celebration.
This is Car 409-er
with our second sweep of Sector 12.
Go ahead, 409. What's your status?
All clear from up here, dispatch.
Re-engaging for another pass.
Roger that, 409.
Hey, you see him tonight?
Sorry, not tonight.
We've got no sign of the Batman.
All right. You let me know
if you see him, will you?
Yes, Alfred?
I have a question
that simply will not wait, sir.
Which is?
I was inquiring as to what suit
Bruce Wayne...
might need pressed
for his meetings tomorrow.
And that couldn't wait?
These are the things that keep me up
at night, Master Bruce.
Hey, Max, you got plans tonight?
Me and Charlie were gonna
grab a burger. You down?
No, headed home for a shower.
I'm getting ripe inside this tin can.
Yeah, you and me both... Whoa!
Was there anything else, Alfred?
I was inquiring how much longer
your patrol would go this evening.
You see, I've made coq au vin.
Looks like I'll be late.
I've got work to do.
That doesn't belong to you.
What the heck was...? Whoa.
- It's Batman.
- Hey, look it's Batman.
- Oh, do you see that? It's him.
- Oh, Batman! Oh, wow!
Hey, there he goes.
- What was he doing?
- Did you see that?
Looks like someone skipped
their catnap to swipe some jewels.
Pretty, shiny, and sparkling.
All my favorite things.
Hold it right there, Catwoman.
What's the problem, Nightwing?
Gotham only big enough for one cat-lady?
You'll make me insecure.
Why? You should know by now
that nobody likes a cheetah.
Come over here
and we can hiss and make up.
All right. Since you're new in town,
I'll make this fast.
Boy, you don't know fast.
What pretty eyes you have.
Perhaps I'll keep them.
Shocking, right? You know, it's okay
if you just want to surrender now.
You didn't really think
I came all by myself, did you?
Killer Croc? Oh, boy.
Aw, you started without me?
I'm a class act.
I can't spend all night waiting for you
to haul your scaly butt up out of the sewer.
Yeah? Well, go clean yourself as I finish
the job you should have been doing.
- Nightwing, you know Croc.
- Oh, yeah. We've met.
You've thickened up though, haven't you?
You know, maybe you should cut out
snacks before bed.
That's it.
Finish the mission.
I'll take care of him.
That'll work.
I figured you'd want that back.
It's done.
Let's scram before Batman shows up.
But I just got here.
Great, what are you doing here?
I've been tracking Croc since he robbed
the Central City copper quarry last week.
He's everywhere.
I got hit harder than I thought.
I'm seeing five of you.
It's cool, right?
Nope, not even a little.
I don't need your help.
I was doing fine.
Is that why you tripped the alarm?
With me here, we could wrap this up quickly.
I didn't think it was possible
but you're even uglier up close.
That's nothing compared to the smell.
When's the last time you bathed?
I get it. You're a giant walking talking
crocodile but have some standards, man.
It kind of tickles. How's about this?
We never finished our dance.
- Gone.
- Anyone here?
Nope. Not here either.
How about here? Nada. No.
- Yeah, they're gone, all right.
- Batman should know about this.
- That was a weird team-up, wasn't it?
- Them? Or us?
Checkpoint complete.
Initiating next phase.
What happened?
A talking gorilla robbing a bank?
Now I've seen everything.
Green Arrow happened.
I'll have to remedy that.
I get it. You're like Gorilla Grodd light.
All the gorilla, none of the brains.
I am Silverback. You are toast.
Smokescreen arrow. Patent pending.
Your smoke is immaterial.
Switching to heat sensor.
Wait, what now?
That didn't go the way I expected.
Nightwing, what happened?
Something weird.
I'm uploading the footage
to your subnet now.
Croc and Cheetah working together?
That's new.
- I figured you would want to know.
- And The Flash.
Yeah, that guy.
Mentioned a copper quarry.
That's not Croc's MO.
Maybe it's the Midas asteroid passing
the Earth. Making everyone crazy?
I'm here, Alfred.
I'm afraid I have yet another
animal-related crime...
and it's in progress as we speak.
Upload the coordinates. I'm on my way.
Nightwing, see if you can track
where Cheetah and Croc slunk off to.
Got it.
Here goes nothing.
Impossible. No one could make that shot.
Impossible's my middle name.
Actually, my middle name is Jonas.
But I'm not telling you that.
You're a sight for sore eyes,
Bats... Batman?
You have it backwards. Meet Man-Bat.
We are the Animilitia.
The what? More like the zoo crew.
Mock us if you must,
but you will not stop us.
Maybe not. But he will.
Use your sonic-tip arrow.
Scramble his radar.
On it.
We got what we came for.
Activating back-up.
- What is that?
- Back-up.
So tell me, is it a full moon
or is every night in Gotham this weird?
I hate when he does that.
Hey, get a load of this guy.
Oh. Humanity,
you never fail to disappoint me.
Gentlemen, I recall when I too was blind
to the precariousness of human nature.
Hey guys, turns out he talks
as funny as he looks.
Unaware that with the slightest nudge
the world could crash down around me.
Nobody does that to my cousin.
Thank you for the exercise, gentlemen.
I found it bracing.
How's the new suit working?
Good, but needs some adjustments.
The gorilla called himself Silverback.
Other than a penchant for computerized
gadgets, I've got nothing on him.
I've got even less on the other one.
Man-Bat is exactly what he seems,
a man-sized bat.
You see that combo?
Yeah, you're still dropping
your shoulder.
Red Robin saves the day again.
Elsewhere, reports of Killer Croc
and Cheetah teaming up.
Together they broke out of Arkham Asylum
about three months ago...
and have been on a crime spree since.
I believe they're related.
- Maybe cousins. At best.
- No, the crimes are related.
Yeah, I guess that makes more sense.
We are the Animilitia.
You will not stop us.
Four animal-themed villains working together?
Why? What's the angle?
It's not just them, Red Robin.
There's also these.
Try not to break them.
Then build them smarter.
You always say there's a pattern.
So, what's the pattern?
Map all the robberies and break-ins
committed by the Animilitia.
Include all possible crimes committed
by robotic animals.
All 11 crime scenes
form a circle around this spot.
The Aviary.
Gotham's newest tallest building.
It's a massive feat of engineering.
Built by the only surviving member
of a wealthy high-society family...
Oswald Cobblepot invested
his inheritance...
and seven years of his life
to construct this tower.
By the way, Bruce Wayne is expected
to appear at the grand opening tonight.
Your tuxedo and invitation
are ready for you upstairs.
Try not to be late as usual.
- Good evening, Commissioner Gordon.
- If you say so, Wayne.
I hate these kind of things. I spend
the entire time dodging old ladies...
who think I can fix the potholes
on their block.
- Well, at least the building is impressive.
- I guess so.
But why build it?
Might just be the cop in me,
but I think Cobblepot's up to something.
Bruce? Bruce Wayne.
Over here, dear heart.
Good evening, Miss Windsmere.
Miss Windsmere? How could you, Bruce?
We're all close friend here.
More like a family, really.
- You must call me Gladys.
- Of course, Gladys.
Have you met our host?
This place is really something.
Oswald Cobblepot? Horrible man.
Nearly as rich as you, but so odd.
I'll fetch him for you.
- I don't believe you've had the pleasure.
- How rude of me.
Gladys, this is Police Commissioner
James Gordon.
Commissioner, there is this pothole
in the middle of my block...
and my driver simply can't avoid it.
Brucie baby.
- Oliver Queen. Hey there.
- What's the good word?
You know me, living the life,
living the dream.
I wish I knew you were coming.
I'd let you buy me dinner.
- Anything new on our furry freak friends?
- Nothing yet. I'll let you know.
Yoo-hoo. Here we are.
Bruce Wayne, meet...
Oswald Cobblepot at your service.
- It's a pleasure, Mr. Cobblepot.
- The pleasure is all yours.
Can you appreciate my Aviary, Mr. Wayne?
It's Gotham's tallest building.
Taller even than the Wayne
Enterprises Tower, I'm afraid.
It's impressive to be sure.
Did I read somewhere that you're planning
to lease out everything below this penthouse?
Stands to reason,
developments like this aren't cheap.
Did you see him waddle?
He's so disgusting.
Weird little penguin.
Building or no building,
he's not one of us.
- That freak? Never.
- And that beak of his? Dreadful.
I'll bet you'll get a heck of a view
of the Midas Heart asteroid...
when it passes by tomorrow night.
Mr. Cobblepot, are you all right?
I am indeed, my boy.
I am better than all right.
I am Oswald Cobblepot.
And this will be a night to remember.
If you'll excuse me.
Told you, odd.
Ladies and gentlemen of high society.
Welcome my little perch
at the top of the Aviary.
Thank you, thank you.
You were promised surprises tonight...
and here they are.
Gaze upon our ecological salvation.
Bumbershoot Mechanics presents
unmanned robotics.
Designed to right the wrongs that mankind
has heaped upon our environment.
Together we can steer this planet
to live harmoniously with nature again.
When humanity's greed poisons the Earth,
we will be there with solutions.
When our systems break down,
doing more harm than good...
we will be there to lend a hand.
When unimaginable cruelty
becomes the harsh reality of commerce...
we will be there to help.
Bumbershoot Mechanics cyber-animals.
Inspired by mother nature's
perfect designs...
and charged with the preservation
and restoration of the natural world.
We will be there.
- Those look just like the same...
- They are the same.
- Are you seeing this?
- Oh, yeah.
I've got the live feed
from your contacts.
Pull everything you can find
on Bumbershoot Mechanics.
Doing it. Oh, bring me home
a couple pigs in a blanket...
some sliders, and a handful
of crab puffs, won't you?
Hello? Yeah, I guess that's a no.
Allow me to present to you my genius...
the zoologist that engineered
these amazing creatures...
Dr. Kirk Langstrom.
Thank you.
Nature designed them to fit harmoniously
into their environment.
Every aspect of their existence
serves a purpose.
Which is most assuredly not something
that happens with people.
That... That was a joke.
Langstrom. He'll know what Cobblepot
is planning. We need to talk to him.
No way Cobblepot lets anyone
get close to him tonight.
- Not here. Not dressed like this.
- Got it.
Okay, how do we keep tabs on him?
These cybers could be used
for unmanned exploration.
Tracking device. I just need
to get close enough to slip it on him.
- No, you don't. Give it here.
- Be careful with that, it's...
...surface of the moon
or as they soared through the air.
Man has strong animal instincts...
and these cybers will help explore...
- Nice shot.
- Thank you.
These cybers can help us
tame the animal inside of us all.
That's enough. Shoo, shoo.
Three models now.
The wolf. The tiger. The bat.
Many more to come.
- Wonderful.
- Beautiful.
Can you imagine him at the club with us?
I don't know, I think he's kind of cute.
This evening is at an end.
I bid you all good night.
That's it. I said, good night.
How was the party?
Did you bring my snacks?
Answer the second question first.
Cobblepot is planning something big.
Bring up the map with the previous 11 crimes.
Eleven crime scenes all equal distance
apart from each other and the Aviary.
All but these two.
Those two? But why?
Because there's a crime scene missing.
Here. At the Gotham Zoo.
Where they have a pair of rare
California Condors on limited display.
That's it. Alert the others.
I'll take the car.
Oh, goody, more sewers.
I love sewers. They smell like...
We're here.
Grab the condors, complete the mission.
- What's he doing?
- Quiet. He's listening.
What is it? What do you hear?
About time you guys got here.
Take them.
Split up and complete the mission.
I'll handle Cheetah.
The rest of you, find the others.
Dibs on the ape.
Careful, he's much more...
And he's gone.
I know, right?
That's my cue.
Come on, I think I know
where Man-Bat flew off.
How is your night vision, Batman?
We cats see in the dark, you know?
You dress as one of us, but secretly
you fear your animal nature.
You bury your animal instincts
beneath layers of duty and order.
Allow me to carve it out for you.
Not the toughest trail to follow.
I can see you.
Even if I couldn't, man,
can I smell you.
I thought you were Batman.
You, I'm not worried about.
Come on out, Silverback.
You know I'll find you.
I don't need to hide from you, Speedster.
I've calculated every possibility.
- They all end with you losing.
- We'll see about that.
I would say you were a worthy opponent,
Flash, but I hate to lie.
That's it.
Ha. Saying I hate to lie was even a lie.
Hey there, big guys.
I'll be out of your fur in...
No, don't do that. Scram.
Cats love trees, Batman.
We love to climb higher and higher.
Your trinkets won't help you.
Let's see you shoot now.
That's funny. That's a good one.
Hey, Croc.
Okay, stop. Not funny.
Well, this is embarrassing.
I'm the world's fastest man,
I can't get beaten by a length of rope.
It's just a length of rope.
Sorry to break up the party, fellas,
but I gotta run.
Impossible. I calculated
zero means of escape.
You like games? Here's one.
Pick the real one before I knock you out.
Thanks, guys. Thanks so much.
This place gives me the creeps.
Aren't you based in a cave?
Yeah. But that one has computers
and lights and stuff.
There he is.
- I got him.
- Don't.
Behind you!
Oh, Batman's gonna kill me.
Nice work. They didn't
give you trouble, did they?
- Are you kidding? Not even...
- Oh, no. Not even a little.
- I thought this plan was foolproof.
- Correct. I've requested back-up.
Don't worry. I got this.
- We're over here.
- Free us.
Don't let him get to the others.
- He's fast.
- I'm faster.
Estimated arrival in three, two, one.
Great. These guys again.
Dismantle the heroes.
You want me? Come and get me.
Look out!
Top priority is their air support.
I can help with that.
- What the heck?
- Thanks.
This is why I love cops.
Follow that bat.
Take care of him. This is my stop.
Collect that robot.
I need to run some tests.
Roger that.
Heads up, you've got construction
on 23rd.
- Perfect.
- I get you. On my way.
That's two.
Sorry, sorry. Took forever
to get my boots unstuck.
You wanna race? Because I can race.
I'm impressed. But I still think
I can do something you can't.
I can stop.
I'm getting routine movement function
but nothing from higher core processes.
I can try to reroute,
but this is some next level engineering.
Agreed. These things are built
to be tough and fast.
Langstrom is a genius.
Wiring is mostly copper.
Which explains why Croc
was at the copper quarry.
You guys want me to take a look
at anything?
Why don't you cop a squat, motormouth?
The adults are working.
Can I get Wi-Fi in here? No?
What are you playing at, Cobblepot?
Something's not right.
What do you mean?
- These robberies. In the last three, these...
- Animaniacs.
Good one. I was gonna say
The Furry Four.
Ha. How about the Flea Circus?
As I was saying,
in the last three robberies...
the robbers left behind
what they supposedly broke in for.
- Because we stopped them.
- No.
Because they weren't there to take anything.
They were there to leave something.
But what? We'll never hack these robots
without the man that created them.
- We need Langstrom.
- How do we find him?
That's the tracker we put on him.
Looks like the Animilitia has him
at Bumbershoot Mechanics.
Let's get him.
Nightwing, Arrow, you're with me.
Robin, find a way to hack these things.
I need to know what Cobblepot is planning.
What about me?
I need you to check every robbery location.
See if you can find what they left behind.
Do it fast.
Fast, he says.
Just leave it alone.
My animal allies.
- Report. Is our last receiver in place?
- Affirmative, Penguin.
It went down just like you said it would,
boss. Nobody suspects a thing.
Excellent. The Midas Heart
asteroid passes in less than 20 hours.
That's when we will strike.
We'll sneak in, free Langstrom,
and get out. On my mark.
He should be directly below us.
Surprise, bucko.
It's the archer.
That was my favorite hat.
End him!
Okay, they're after me.
Just like you said.
- It's Batman. He found us.
- Stop him!
Stay still, jumping bean.
If you want anything done right,
you have to do it yourself.
Get rid of him.
With pleasure, Mr. Penguin.
- Flash.
- I got him.
I can't believe you saved me.
Me too. I've never run up a building before.
I'm kind of shocked that it worked.
Wait. What?
Just relax. This won't hurt a bit.
Now what? You can't take us both.
He doesn't have to.
You know what? You're so ugly,
I think it's an improvement.
Come, my Animilitia.
We still have much to do
before the fireworks begin.
- The bad guys got away.
- Not all of them.
Great. We got the one that doesn't talk.
What is he gonna be able to tell us?
Are we absolutely certain
Langstrom is Man-Bat?
It's him.
- Maybe the tracker fell off?
- I got it.
Man-Bat stole Langstrom's pants.
Man-Bat's blood contains human DNA bonded
with extracted genetic material from a bat.
Dr. Kirk Langstrom,
a zoologist with a focus on bats...
rumored to have created a serum
to grant humans a bat-like sonar sense...
to assist the deaf and the blind.
It was a noble
but incredibly experimental idea.
- You think he tested it on himself?
- I do.
I've analyzed his research,
and I think Langstrom is trapped...
transformed into Man-Bat.
I think The Penguin gave the creature
a place to belong in his Animilitia.
And if my calculations are correct,
the antidote I've synthesized...
should return him to human form
for three hours.
- Amazing.
- I'm definitely gonna vomit.
Oh, no. Batman?
- Did I hurt anyone?
- No, doctor.
You're under a temporary antidote
for your condition.
If you could help us, perhaps
we might be able to make it permanent.
I would like nothing more, Batman.
In the field,
I knew they would need protection...
so higher functions are re-routed
through to a secondary A.I.
Of course. That's how you did it.
Increase in current flow
allows superior speed and strength.
But the parts remain interchangeable.
That's brilliant.
So this is a transmitter.
Oh, yes, The Penguin insisted on a specific
dual vibrational transmission.
Tell me what you know
of The Penguin's plan.
Not much I'm afraid.
I was only supposed to design cyber-animals
for an unmanned exploration...
- ...and retrieval mission.
- Retrieval?
- Like digging through rubble?
- Yes. Of course.
You were right, Batman.
The robberies were just covers.
There's a reason the Aviary
is at the center of all of these robberies.
- Looks like an umbrella.
- It's a force field.
- Why?
- I don't know.
But this antenna is built to aim
at something.
Something that would require
a force field to withstand.
And my robots to pick through
the wreckage afterwards.
What could possibly cause
that much destruction?
The Midas Heart.
The Penguin is going to crash
an asteroid into Gotham City.
He's going to use the robots
to sort through the rubble...
- to retrieve the gold at the center of it.
- With three robots? That could take years.
Come on. We better get prepared.
Come to me. Come home, my darlings.
Careful with that, you dolt.
That operates the tractor beam.
- Why isn't my force field operational yet?
- Twenty more seconds, Penguin.
My darlings,
you've made it home just in time...
for the big bang
and the rain of gold to follow.
Go, join your bionic brethren.
It's working. It's working.
Tractor beam locked in.
Do it. Destroy Gotham City.
Your help has been invaluable,
Dr. Langstrom.
- I hate to do this.
- No, Batman, I understand.
Lock me up so I can no longer
assist this mad Penguin.
- Maybe the antidote will work again.
- No.
The serum has already
mutated and adapted.
But he helped us.
We can't just leave him locked up.
It's okay. It's better this way.
Batman, you should see this.
Greetings to the pathetic
and doomed denizens of Gotham City...
who dared to grace me
with their sidelong glances...
frightened whispers
and withering disrespect.
I am Oswald Cobblepot...
but you may call me The Penguin.
Gather round, children.
For I am certain many of you are wondering
about the spectacular light show in the sky.
It's of my doing. And it's all for you.
Well, your ultimate demise anyway.
You see, the Midas Heart is no longer going
to harmlessly whiz past the Earth.
I have altered its path
with my tractor beam.
And now, I will crash
the Midas Heart asteroid into Gotham.
Don't worry about me. I'll be safely
ensconced behind my force field.
And after you are gone, I will recover
the gold at the center of the asteroid...
and live happily, wealthily...
and free of your pathetic judgment.
Goodbye, Gotham City. Forever.
- You all right?
- I've never done anything like this before.
I can try to vibrate my frequency
on a molecular level...
But if you screw it up? Going that fast?
You're gonna splat against
that force field like a bug.
Calm down. You can do it.
I believe in you.
Thanks, man. I needed that.
Oh, come on. All right, just...
Please, just get off me.
There's no way we're getting
a car through all that.
Not a problem.
This is Commissioner Gordon.
We've got your entire
building surrounded, Penguin.
Give yourself up
or we'll be forced to bust our way in.
You're welcome to try, commissioner.
Go on, give it a shot.
I dare you.
Crack that shield open.
We have to get in there.
- What now, Commissioner Gordon?
- I don't know. I just don't know.
Take your best shot, Batman.
Let me try.
If I can get inside that force field...
I don't know what you're going to do
that we haven't already hit it with.
I'm going to walk right through it.
He can't do that.
He can't match my shield's frequency.
Where did he get a transmitter?
Langstrom. Curse him.
Silverback, send down the robots.
How many?
All of them. Tear him apart.
Flash, now.
Ace, come.
- Batman's hacked the robots.
- This is foul play.
He's brainwashed my babies.
Destroy him, my cyber children.
Crush him in your pneumatic jaws.
Show the Batman he has no place
in our animal kingdom.
Flash, it's up to you.
Get that shield down.
You got this.
I made it. I'm in.
Now you need to take out a receiver at one
of the robbery sites and get this shield down.
Give me a chance to catch my breath.
If I were a receiver, where would I be?
Follow the beam, right?
Great, they upgraded.
Here, boy.
Yes, the shield is down. Uploading now.
Don't worry, Bats. We've got your back.
- Where are we with the upload?
- Over halfway. Sixty-five percent.
The asteroid is still headed
right for us.
- And without the force field...
- Survival probability at 0.0 percent.
Well, that's my cue to exit, I believe.
Trust me, it's been a thin slice of heaven
working with each of you.
What? Where are you going?
I would take you, but silly me,
I only built my escape pod for one.
Turncoat! Traitor!
I bid you adieu.
Penguin's getting away.
- Where's my upload?
- Ninety-seven percent. Almost there.
Oh, no.
Dr. Langstrom, please.
I know you can hear me.
We're trying to help you.
I'm sorry, doctor.
I can't let you do this.
- The computer virus worked. Good job, Robin.
- Oh, great. Good to hear.
- You sound distracted. Everything okay?
- Yeah, fine. I should go.
Dr. Langstrom, please.
Your body is changed, but not your mind.
Dr. Langstrom?
I knew you could do it.
Let's get to the others.
We've got to get out of here.
I don't think so.
We're leaving. Even if we have
to go through you.
Take them.
Wait a minute.
I thought you worked for us.
Explanation: our androids
have been compromised.
So the bad guys are down,
but what about the giant flaming rock?
Can we reverse the polarity
of that tractor beam?
I could. But the controls are out.
I don't have the parts to replace them.
I have a better idea.
Here's what we need.
Flash and Nightwing, collect parts.
Nightwing knows what I need.
Flash, you help him get them quickly.
Arrow, find me a new power source
for this console.
- I got it. Now, how do we get up there?
- Maybe we can help.
I'm going to rewire that antenna.
Flash, you're not done.
I need you to collect
the remaining receivers.
- Put them at the edges of Gotham.
- Gotcha.
Are you certain, doctor?
You'll have to fly above the antenna
in order to focus the signal.
Last one. Finished.
- Arrow? You ready?
- Levels are good, Bats.
So this is gonna shoot that asteroid
back into space?
No. It's going to pull it
towards us faster.
Right. Wait. What?
Can't reverse the trajectory. I've rewired
the force field. Flash moved the receivers.
If my calculations are correct,
we should be safe.
- And if they aren't?
- They are. Now.
It's working.
Just a few more seconds, doctor.
Come on, doc, you can do it.
Brace for impact. Here it comes.
Oh, man, I can't look.
Gotham owes you a debt of gratitude,
- Did we win?
- We did. Thanks to you.
Thank Robin.
He believed I was still trapped
in that nightmare.
No, I... Well, actually that's all true.
Doctor, it looks as if
the tractor beam power surge
burnt out all traces of the serum.
According to this,
you won't be seeing the Man-Bat again.
Thank you, Batman.
Thank you for giving me my life back.
You can't keep me locked up
like some kind of animal.
I hate prison. The food is terrible.
And the portions are so tiny.
You haven't seen the last of us.
So, you know, thanks, and stuff.
For believing in me.
Yeah. It's cool.
- We'll have to do it again.
- Sure. Whenever.
- Because I really...
- Dude, for the fastest guy alive...
you give the slowest goodbyes.
See you around, Bats.
Never a dull moment in Gotham City.
It's just a shame that Penguin got away.
Race you home.
Greek Isles my foot.
Nothing ever works
like it's supposed to.
Thickheaded guidance system.
No. Stay away.
No. No. No. Leave me alone!
Have you no sense of personal space?
I'll get you, Batman!