Batman Unlimited: Mechs vs. Mutants (2016) Movie Script

We can
now confirm the mysterious
freezing conditions
falling over Gotham city
are a result of an attack
by supervillains
believed to be connected
to the sightings
of a giant monster
roaming the streets.
Scanning for target.
- Target acquired.
Grandfather! No! What?
Oh, pennyworth.
I was pulling an all-nighter
but I guess I fell asleep.
Master Damian,
as we've discussed
on previous occasions,
a young man must have
adequate rest.
Those who wore the Robin mask
before you all...
Save the lectures, please.
Like you didn't hear about
what happened last night.
Last night?
Oh, you really didn't hear?
Well, don't worry.
The rest of the world has.
A guy on the street
caught it on his handheld.
I've got him, Batman.
Now that's funny.
Let's just say it's a pretty
popular clip online.
-Hey, stop filming.
I do see why this has caused
you a measure of distress,
master Damian.
But the clown prince of crime
has long been Batman's
greatest enemy.
It is not surprising
that you found yourself
at a disadvantage
in your first encounter
with him.
I accidentally
leapt off a building.
If Batman hadn't been there...
I don't think
he's happy with me.
I wish red Robin was here.
It would be good to talk
to someone who's been through
the Robin training before.
It is unfortunate
that master Tim's work
with his team
keeps him away so much.
But you could speak
with master dick.
He's not really giving off
come-talk-to-me vibes
right now.
Master Bruce.
I have prepared tea.
Thank you, Alfred.
Studying. Good.
That's what I was
trying to tell pennyworth.
I'm familiarizing myself
with your biggest villains.
Not good if it
keeps him up all night,
if I may say.
And where have you been, sir?
On patrol. Some trouble
in the bowery. Handled.
Hey, who is this little guy?
Oswald cobblepot.
The penguin.
Criminal kingpin.
How come I haven't
seen him around yet?
I sent him away for a while.
That cursed Batman.
It's all his fault.
Did I deserve this?
Being stranded up here
for over a year?
I just tried to make
Gotham city a more
livable place for criminal...
People like me.
And the Batman
always ruins everything.
I should be ruling
Gotham city,
not stuck in Mr. freeze's lab
of half-working machines.
I actually caught something.
Bah! Barely a minnow.
You take it, buzz.
You know, you're the only one
here I can talk to.
You understand me.
Oh, is it here?
Where did I put those things?
Oh, great. Mr. fun is back.
What's got your thermals
in a bunch, freeze?
That's all that I ask for.
And yet wretched humanity
keeps intruding upon me.
Wretched humanity?
If this is your way of saying
you don't want me
as a roommate anymore,
the feeling's mutual.
Just drop me off
in Gotham city.
I won't take it personally.
No, not you, penguin.
My territory has been invaded.
A new oil drilling platform
here on the ice pack?
Maybe they can get me
back to civilization.
For the 1,000th time
you'll be much happier
once you've turned
your back on humanity.
Living among them
brings nothing but...
Here we go.
What's that?
One of my inventions.
The key to our solitude.
Our solitude? Great.
My device can transform
a simple animal
like this tiny isopod,
into a monster.
We shall defend what is ours.
Come, beast!
Come on, buzz.
We might as well see the show.
Drill coming in.
Get ready for setup.
Your occupation of my land
must come to an end.
You shall return
from whence you came.
Don't feign ignorance,
you gadflies.
My monster.
- Oh, no.
Now, fools,
you know the consequences
of crossing Dr. Victor fries.
Well, Mr. freeze is crazy.
But he's always entertaining.
How could you even
hope to defend yourselves?
- You are powerless.
Victor, they are roughnecks.
Obviously here to drill.
They might have...
Yeah, one of those.
Darn! How dare you defy me.
In your face!
Laugh while you can.
My next monster
will eradicate you!
Next monster? Hmm.
Victor, wait!
Leave me alone.
I need to plan.
You want better monsters.
I think I can help.
You had better
be serious, oswald.
I have never
been more serious.
However, to pull it off,
we have to return
to Gotham city.
Is this one of your tricks?
I assure you, far from it.
What are you waiting for?
To Gotham.
Yes. To Gotham.
Why so sad, buzz?
You don't think
I'd leave you behind, do you?
I need you to keep an eye
on this madman for me.
I am confident, sir,
that today's obligation
to Wayne enterprises
is present in your thoughts.
I haven't forgotten, Alfred.
The new technology showcase
at Wayne tower?
That's today?
In less than 10 minutes.
Isn't that super important?
We'll never make it in time.
Yes, we will.
Get in.
Alfred, you're on
logistical support.
- Of course, sir.
When do I get to drive?
We'll see.
-We'll see.
-I hope it's soon.
this is going to be
a Wayne enterprises function.
So, we have to wear
our costumes.
We're already
wearing our costumes.
These are our work uniforms.
Stupid costume.
Aw, gross!
Who would eat this?
That couldn't be
what it sounds like.
Hilarious, madam senator.
I'll definitely have
to avoid that vintage.
Wow. He's so friendly.
Yeah, it freaked me out
the first time I saw it, too.
Oh. Hi, Mr. green arrow.
Watch it, Damian.
Here, it's Mr. queen.
Call me Ollie.
Sorry, Ollie.
Add that to the pile
of rookie mistakes
I've been making.
Eh, go easy
on yourself, kiddo.
We were all new once.
And you're training under him.
That's like jumping into
the deep end of the ocean.
Bat... the boss doesn't
seem very happy with me.
Hmm. Not talking much.
Acting grumpy.
-That's just the way he is.
Green lantern took him
to a theme planet once.
The whole planet,
one big amusement park.
I asked him how it was,
you know what he said?
That's it.
Because he doesn't care.
Wrong. It's the opposite.
Underneath, he cares
more than any of us.
He has the biggest heart
of all.
That's why he has to
hide it so well.
- Mr. Wayne, I presume.
- Yes.
And you must be
general Sam Lane.
You've done your research.
I'm responsible
for the military's
technology budget.
And if today's demonstration
goes as well as it's
supposed to,
I'm going to make you
an even richer man.
In that case,
I'm very pleased
you're here, general.
Ladies and gentlemen.
If I could have
your attention.
I am Dr. Kurt langstrom,
the head of Wayne enterprises
research and development
Wayne enterprises
has long produced
high tech drilling sledges for
mining in extreme conditions.
welcome to the next level.
This single operator
drilling mech's
plasma pincers
actually turn solid rock
into lava to safely
pass through.
We designed the mech
-for mining exploration
and extraction.
- Alfred.
- Why limit...
Emergency, sir.
A break-in at arkham asylum.
You mean a breakout.
No, sir. In.
This technology
could one day be used
to explore the core
of the earth,
or even other planets.
The potential
is nearly endless.
Thank you for your time.
Well, Mr. Wayne. I have to say
I'm very impressed.
You could...
Mr. Wayne?
Seal off the perimeter.
Full lockdown protocols.
Get to your stations, people.
--That's coming from...
Something tells me
you don't have a license
to drive this thing.
No one can issue me a license,
for there is no government
that holds authority
over Dr. Victor fries.
In the name of the Gotham
police arkham division,
I demand you give
yourselves up.
You're the best
arkham has to offer?
It's embarrassing
I've ever been kept in here.
Stay focused, cobblepot.
You promised me what we need
is somewhere in here.
I've already spent more time
among other humans
than I am comfortable with.
you won't be disappointed.
Release me.
I shouldn't be in here.
That's what they all say.
What are you guys doing
trapped in that hallway?
Don't you want to be
free in here like me?
Okay, freak show.
I don't deserve
to be free of here.
I was going to say
the same thing.
Where are the items we need?
I waited for months
in your mad scientist igloo.
You can wait
a few moments more.
First on the list.
What do you two want?
Time to come with us, bane.
Why do you want me out?
Explanations in good time.
Or we can always
close you back in.
Good decision.
We have a deal
you might be interested in.
Always impressive,
killer croc.
This cell is vacant, you fool.
Au contraire.
Clayface, meet your new boss,
Mr. freeze.
No, you wouldn't
forget little old me
in your escape plans,
would you?
Because that
wouldn't be funny,
if I do say so myself.
- Sorry, clown.
I already have to deal
with one lunatic on this job.
Ozzy, ozzy, ozzy.
You need me. I am the style.
I will put the life in your
team's party.
I'd get used to
your new accommodations
if I were you.
I have an absolutely
awful memory, oswald.
But this I won't forget,
do you hear me?
Why are we waiting?
I'm scanning.
Always use caution, Robin.
Leaping into arkham unprepared
is like going into
a lion's den.
I've always
loved the lion's den.
It's my favorite part
of the zoo.
I'm thinking
he's not great at caution.
What did I say?
Checking off everything
on our shopping list was easy.
Wait. You don't
expect me to work with
this snake, do you?
He sold me out
to the Gotham police.
You have a score to settle?
Then let's settle it.
now is not the time.
We should be on our way
before Batman...
This game ends now.
Trust me,
we are not playing.
Really? Because
i could go for a round of
Who wants to go first?
Good work, Robin.
We'll take it from here.
You made it to arkham quickly.
Kid, duck.
You crazy?
- Do it now.
This guy wasn't
in my holobook.
You're learning how to be
a superhero from a book?
We're wasting time.
Great, you've
trapped us in here.
You are a shortsighted
little man.
- Bane.
They escaped.
There are sewer tunnels
underneath here.
They had a vehicle waiting.
They're gone.
This wouldn't have happened
if I could tell the difference
between the real Gordon
and clayface.
You're still learning, kid.
I guess.
What's the big mystery?
Penguin and freeze
needed some muscle,
freed some inmates,
simple as that.
On the surface
it looks simple.
You think
there's a pattern here?
The breakout wasn't random.
They skipped others
to select bane, chemo,
croc and clayface.
Why them?
It's not a solid team.
Bane and croc
have a known rivalry.
We don't need to know
what they want.
We just need to stop them.
The key to stopping them
is outsmarting them.
Unless you have
explosive arrows,
then that's the key
to stopping them.
and look what I've got.
A pattern.
If this is a trick...
You will no doubt
inflict bodily injury upon me.
Yes. Yes.
Your threats are de rigueur.
Do not worry.
My science is no hoax.
What's that little guy's name?
- Appetizer?
Buzz here is my hench-bird.
Don't mind him, buzz.
He's a mere sewer-born cretin.
Level with me, penguin.
What are the odds
this is going to work?
Victor fries is a loony
with a monster size ego.
He's practically a hermit
and on top of it all,
he's a terrible roommate.
But he's also one other thing.
What's that?
A genius.
Time for the moment of truth.
Criminal history.
No connection.
Known mos. No connection.
Personality profile.
--No connection.
Maybe they're just recruiting
for an all-villain
flag football league.
What if penguin and freeze
didn't pick these guys
for who they are,
but instead,
for what they're made of?
Made of? What does it matter?
Never mind. Probably nothing.
Tell me.
Well, three of them have
unusual chemical components.
Bane's venom, the stuff
that makes him strong,
clayface's mud, which can
expand into anything,
and chemo, well,
he's basically made
of super toxic sludge.
What about croc?
He's not like the others.
No, but the strength
of his constitution
would make him
an ideal test subject.
Mr. freeze
is a scientist, right?
What if he's experimenting?
No offense, kid,
but don't you think
that's a bit of a stretch.
Okay. Dumb idea.
I mean, no,
it's not a stretch.
It's not?
I was focusing
on the villains' skills.
It never occurred
to me to analyze their
physical composition.
Good work, Robin.
To force those kind of
chemicals to interact
with one another,
there'll be tell-tale signs
in chroma-spectral
scans of the area.
Got a hit.
Robin, with me.
-Where to?
-Gotham harbor.
I'll follow in a second.
In the meantime,
uh, this cup is getting low.
Indeed, sir.
It is done.
How will you know
if it worked?
There's only
one way to find out.
Lay it on me.
I feel it. The power.
It's time to have
a little fun.
- Hey.
- It's amazing.
Hey, do superheroes
get snow days?
That's a no, I guess.
Sudden weather shifts.
Icy conditions.
Part of Mr. freeze's plans,
i assume.
No doubt.
You know, if you let me drive,
you could focus
on developing the perfect
plan for fighting freeze.
Not the time, Robin.
Uh, you're seeing this,
Like you said,
chemo's asset mutates.
Clayface's mud stretches.
Bane's venom enlarges.
But I didn't know
that meant giant,
crazy monster.
What do we do?
Oh. Here it comes.
Now, let's cause some chaos.
What's this?
An old friend.
I should spend some time
with him,
now that I've
come up in the world.
-You wearing your seat belt?
Oh, yeah? Bring it.
Hey, guys, a minute ago
i was having coffee in Paris
when I saw the news.
Sorry it took me
so long to get here.
What the...
There goes the flash.
Um, hi, Mr. croc.
Good to see you?
Goodbye for good, Batman.
It turns into a plane?
This is the coolest
thing ever.
Any chance this thing
also transforms into
an enormous heat lamp?
We stop the monsters,
the climate will
go back to normal.
Right. Wait, monsters?
As in more than one?
Look down.
Freeze is turning
Gotham city into the arctic.
It's better than
i could have ever hoped.
Soon I won't need this blasted
suit to cool me down anymore.
What did I tell you, Victor?
You were so focused
on defending
your little ice cave,
you weren't thinking big.
Yes, you're right.
I have been underestimating
myself, haven't I?
Oh, yes, Victor.
Look at that screen.
See all that
you can accomplish.
Oh, no!
Oh, my goodness.
Nightwing. Thank you.
Oh, such a good boy.
No problem, ma'am.
You all need to find
safety indoors.
An avalanche
in downtown Gotham?
Give you one guess
who's behind this
and it rhymes with
"sister please."
How did Mr. freeze get power
on this scale?
Ask Batman or the new Robin
for the details.
But I, for one, never wanted
to live in a snow globe.
Oh, yeah,
and then there's that.
Thanks to you, I realize
I don't have to hide
from civilization.
I can turn civilization
into what I want,
an ice world.
Ice world?
Not everywhere, I hope.
I didn't pay
for a private island
so it could freeze over.
Of course everywhere!
Now, because of you,
i think big!
A new global ice age!
He doesn't even seem
to know we're here.
Then it's time to drop
the subtlety.
A barrage of missiles
is subtle?
What are you doing?
Isn't that the button
that turns off the jets?
There, he noticed us.
I think you made him mad.
You know what?
Maybe I don't want
to drive this thing anymore.
Open fire!
It's not affecting him.
Smashing up the gcpd.
I knew this day would come.
Need a lift?
At least they're safe.
We would never forget you,
Frozen. Shining. Perfect.
A wasteland paradise.
Everything I've ever dreamed.
Cold enough to ditch
the suit yet?
Yes, I think it is.
Finally free.
I am glad you are here,
to see the beginning
of all this, oswald.
You were instrumental.
Sure. Happy to help.
But your usefulness
has come to an end.
Aah! But...
But we're partners.
I'm no fool, penguin.
You wanted to return to Gotham
for one reason, to rule it.
Now that I do rule it,
this makes me
your number one enemy.
Perhaps, but that's not a risk
I'm willing to take.
You'll never get
the upper hand on me, penguin.
Sorry, Victor,
but I already have.
No, you couldn't have.
Ah, but I did.
The power is great.
This was worth the wait!
Nothing can stop me now!
Croc was a durable
test subject. But the others?
Do you have any idea
how unstable they are?
Do you have any idea
how little I care?
And without the defenses
in your freeze suit,
there's nothing you can do
to stop me.
You'll never
get away with this.
--Looks like he will.
Bring me the Batman.
He'll pay for putting
me in exile.
And then Gotham will finally,
rightfully, belong to me.
You bet.
Got a score to settle first.
Hey, nightwing.
Good to see you.
You must not be
getting my texts.
I got them.
Oh, but...
More urgent stuff to deal
with right now, flash.
Can't say I expected
to see that today.
Can't say I expected
to any of this today.
Come on, guys, this is Gotham.
Time to settle up, croc.
Happy to.
Batman, it's nightwing.
It looks like our big problem
just got even bigger.
I have
eyes on it, too.
We have to shut them down
before Gotham is destroyed.
Good work, Robin.
There you are.
What's happening to me?
Freeze's formula, it's...
He's unstable.
Whatever freeze did,
clayface can't handle it.
Here, it's the key.
You said you wanted to drive
the Batmobile.
I kinda took that back.
I've got a plan,
but I need you to buy me time,
try to keep clayface
from destroying the city
until I get back.
That's a pretty tall order.
I know you can do it.
You need a ride?
I've got one.
Is your ride invisible?
- Wait for it.
A new batcycle! Nice!
You'll have to show me how to
get the spikes to work...
He does that to everyone,
doesn't he?
Even... even better!
Instead of crushing you,
now I'll burn you!
Okay, what does he usually do?
This is the ignition, right?
Can't run from me.
I don't know what
i was worried about.
This is awesome!
How do you do plane mode?
Uh, plane mode now!
Oh, yeah!
Eat missiles, lava-breath!
- Where is he?
Time to go to the workshop.
Batman, it... it's not ready.
Giant monsters are loose
in Gotham.
Consider this a field test.
Don't start without me.
There you are!
What are you doing here?
You'll see.
The magnetometer
might me miscalibrated.
That won't be
a problem.
But Batman,
you don't understand.
Some of the servos
are registering
at sub-optimal psi readings.
I've seen the specs.
I can handle it.
Boot it up.
Forget something?
Oh, of course.
I think that'll do.
You ordered your own mech?
You think you're the only
billionaire in the world?
I convinced langstrom
you might need some backup.
The queen industries contract
helps support research
and development.
We filed a report.
Let's go.
Welcome, Batman.
- Prepare to deploy.
Copy that.
Actuator systems, nominal.
E systems, 100%.
Weapon systems, online.
Wait for me.
Launch in
10, nine, eight,
seven, six, five, four,
three, two, one.
This is one sweet ride.
Green arrow, you're on chemo.
Stop the freezing process.
My pleasure.
Langstrom, I need
something else from you.
You do?
Masked freak, zero.
Croc, everything.
We can now confirm
the mysterious
freezing conditions
falling over Gotham city
are a result of an attack
by supervillains.
Aw, come on.
That was my favorite TV!
Whoa! Is that Batman?
You know, your mouth
runs faster than
your brain, speedster.
Who else would that be?
What's this button do?
Oh, yeah!
Nothing's stopping this guy.
I've got you, boy wonder.
It's impossible to stop me
in this thing.
--And by impossible,
obviously, I meant
totally possible.
- Which one was it again?
Had it under control
the whole time.
Keep clayface
from destroying the city,
Batman says.
- Sure, no problem.
- Robin, come in.
Dr. langstrom, is that you?
Yes, Batman sent me.
I'm headed your way, fast...
Too fast.
This vehicle travels
far too fast.
Yeah, it's awesome.
What have you got?
Batman has a plan for dealing
with the lava creature,
but it's only at
the design stage.
Hey, chemo.
The kids of Gotham are happy
to build snow-forts
and have snowball fights
in summer.
But enough is enough.
Hello, I'm talking to you.
Okay, now you're just
hurting my feelings.
Let's try that again.
Which building you want, buzz?
You can have your pick.
Who's there?
Mr. cobblepot, you're back.
We haven't seen you
for some time.
You're going to be
seeing a lot of me now.
Care to know why?
Because Gotham belongs
to me now.
And not even Batman can do
anything about it.
Oh, yes, meet my
right-hand penguin, buzz.
I'm naming him
head of security.
Uh, nice to meet you, boss.
Yeah, I think it's time
to retire.
It will be the most powerful
laser Cannon ever constructed.
In theory.
Don't worry, I'm sure
we can get this thing going.
This should pull in
enough amps.
Okay, that's most of
the stuff.
What took so long?
You've been gone for, like,
two full minutes.
Some of the things
on the list were only
available in central city.
-Excuses. Excuses.
-Here, I'll go get
the rest of it.
So, Dr. langstrom, this Cannon
will be powerful enough to cut
clayface down to size?
Batman hopes so.
Great! Wait, "hopes"?
He doesn't know?
Well, the last time
a giant lava monster
attacked Gotham was, never.
So, no, we haven't
had a lot of chances
to test it out.
You think some robot's
going to stop me?
Just one of your toys.
Here's another one.
I'll break
your machine, Batman.
I'm going to pry open
that shell of yours, Batman,
so I can get
to the soft center.
Thank you
for doing my dirty work,
With killer croc
out of the way,
I'll be able to enjoy
my dominion over Gotham.
You plan to dominate Gotham
as the penguin's flunky?
The penguin
is a means to an end.
Looks to me like
he's sitting back and watching
you do all the work.
Tell me, Batman,
between penguin and me,
who is the bigger man?
Don't forget what they say.
The bigger they are...
This day at the beach
is turning out to be
no day at the beach.
Computer, are all
of these buildings evacuated?
No life signs detected.
Show me which ones I own.
Displaying now.
Oh, good,
'cause I have great insurance.
That one needed
a renovation anyway. Yeah.
You're sure
it's ready to be tested?
We don't have time
to work up a better prototype.
That's a good sign.
And that's a bad sign.
Batman's not
going to be happy.
The contrivance
wouldn't have worked anyway.
What did you do to it?
The design was flawed.
It couldn't support
valence co-sharing between
the bonded particles.
He's right.
Should have thought of that.
Uh, no one tell Batman, okay?
Why are you here?
We know it was you who put
Gotham in a deep freeze.
It was, but I was foolish.
You're here
to turn yourself in?
No, I'm here to help.
As if. We're not getting
fooled by that old trick.
Are we?
Why would you want to help us
clean up your mess?
Because it is my mess.
All I wanted was to be
left alone in my desolate land
but penguin convinced me
to assault Gotham.
I was manipulated
and then betrayed.
I'll admit, that makes sense.
Really, 'cause all
I'm hearing is,
"I'm a bad guy. I'm a bad guy.
I'm a bad guy."
You said something
about helping.
Nice and slow.
This is one of
my arctic devices.
Coupled with your Cannon,
it could be an effective
weapon against clayface.
But what is...
Oh, I see. Brilliant.
He's right, it could work.
But he'd have to
help us set it up.
Then the question is,
can we trust him?
I better call the boss
on this one.
Your mech has a back.
I bet I can break it.
Langstrom's laser's a bust,
but Mr. freeze is here
and says
he can get it to work.
-Do it.
-You think you can trust him?
Imagine being partners
with the penguin.
I'd rather not.
Working with
the penguin is an easy thing
to regret.
Victor's whole personality
is built on guilt.
He's got enough of
a conscience to want
to make amends.
Got it. Robin out.
Well, well, well.
Huh. Who knew
that's all it would take?
Oh, no.
Me and my big
external speaker.
Anyone ever tell you
your power is kind of gross?
How about call it a draw?
Done yet? How about now? Now?
The flash pestering me
does not encourage
my success.
So we do have something
in common.
Yeah, but flash is right.
You need to be done.
Done in one more minute.
Not sure you've got it.
Or we can be done now.
Now's fine.
It worked briefly,
but we need a sustained blast.
Without his freeze suit,
these temperatures could
kill him.
Dr. freeze,
let me operate the Cannon.
Get away from the lava.
Only I can manage
the arctic device.
How much more can he take?
Your freeze suit, where is it?
I just wanted solitude.
- Watch out for the acid thing!
- He loves to do the acid thing.
What's happening? Hey!
Hey! I think I need that.
You cracked him?
Whoa, no one's ever
cracked him.
- -I like what I'm hearing.
Green arrow,
I'm trying to concentrate.
Oh, sorry.
Let's see if I can help.
I think we got him.
Can I talk now?
Did we win?
Mayor cobblepot.
No, governor cobblepot.
No, no, president cobblepot.
No, no, lord cobblepot!
That has a nice ring to it.
Melting? This isn't supposed
to be melting.
Where are my monsters?
What are they doing?
Ah, here comes one now.
We've stopped
them all, penguin.
It's over.
No. No. No!
- Curse you, Batman.
You should've seen
the look on you face
when we came around
the corner. Priceless.
They'll be fine,
once they wake up back inside
a cell in arkham asylum.
Almost there.
So very hot...
I found it.
-Let me help you.
-Thank you!
What's gonna happen to him?
He'll get a trial,
and I imagine he'll be back
at arkham with the others.
He saved us.
Yes, but I caused all this
as well.
It's all right.
Perhaps I can request
solitary confinement.
I might find the peace
I've been looking for.
One more.
You may have beaten
me this time,
but once I'm free...
- Enough!
I'll have the last laugh
over all of you.
- Don't forget his pet.
Whoa! All right,
calm down now.
What's gotten into this thing?
Remember that hole
you guy's blew out
on our floor?
Good news.
During labor detail,
you can help
with the reconstruction.
Well, well, well.
When I vowed to get even,
i had no idea
it would be this soon.
What are you going to do
to me, clown?
You're in that cell,
and I'm in this one.
--You were saying?
No, not the beak!
Look, daddy!
I'll have to replace
the forward actuators.
Clearly, new struts
along the port side.
I can fix this.
Oh, no! What did he do to you?
I heard you let the new kid
drive the Batmobile.
I didn't get to do that
for years.
The northern lights
are supposed to be great
in Finland tonight,
but they start
in 20 seconds, so,
i have to leave soon.
Great working
with you again, buddy.
I'm not your buddy.
Ah, what a kidder!
There's a queen industries
building down by the harbor
that needs
some reconstruction.
See you when I see you, bats.
Batman, I know I haven't been
the new Robin for very long,
but thank you for taking
me out on this mission.
I learned a lot.
Robin, I owe you.
The whole city owes you.
We couldn't have done it
without your help today.
Thanks. That means a lot.
Hey, I was going to go train.
Want to come?
You can help me learn
how to do those quick getaways
you're always pulling.
Okay, let's go.
Alfred, you're on watch duty.
Of course, sir.
Have you really been
to a whole planetwide
amusement park?
How was it?