Batti Gul Meter Chalu (2018) Movie Script

All characters and incidents
in this film are imaginary.
It's just a coincidence if it
refers to anyone living or dead.
Our motive is not to insult..
any community,
society or religion.
Check everyone's.
Catch the person who
doesn't have it.
Please show your I.D and ticket.
-Come on be quick.
Come on. Show your tickets.
Show you I.D. Quickly.
This story had many rumours.
It is your uncle isn't it? -Yes.
The newspaper spoke about it.
But we don't know the
whole incident.
Where did I keep it? I found it.
- Take oranges.
Different kinds of sweets.
- Listen to me.
Yes. -Give me of Rs.2 worth.
Along with the roads the stomach
is also empty. -Yes. Take it.
Go out. -Sir, I am leaving.
-Ticket. -Ma'am, Rs.2.
If you have to go to Bhelpura.
Why did you take ticket
for Polithal?
I took it by mistake.
It proves costly.
You would save Rs.27.
You would have got some food
with that money. Got it?
What did you do to hide
your face? Put it down.
What are you saying? -The cold
enters the body through the ears.
I. Card?
Vikas Bahuguna. And you?
Today you are checking
Is the Prime Minister
visiting us?
No. Your father is coming here.
Take it. -Your father?
Come move on.
Vikas and Kalyan are going
together. -What are you saying?
I don't know where
they want to go.
This was the famous incident
of Uttarakhand.
Didn't you hear it?
What was the incident?
That you are repeating it.
Enlighten me about it, Vikas.
It is about light.
No electricity.
S.K. S.K.
Come down quickly everyone
is waiting for you.
How much will you dress
up in the dark?
Wait naughty.
Because of you my pyjamas
has a knot.
Where is the scissor?
Open up the knot.
You will cut something
else in the dark.
Spare me, Naughty.
I was takling about Tripathi.
What commotion are you making?
-He is still in his pyjamas.
If I had stitched the elastic
then it wouldn't have a knot.
We are running out of time.
-Whatever it is. Let him wear it.
I hope he doesn't target
his pyjama.
did I ever lose the target?
Take this. -Hey!
We are leaving. Come on time.
Let's go.
With the fall of tyres
of the kids..
we start the unusal
Targetting during no moon night.
There are five localities
taking part this year.
What will the winning
locality get?
The expenses of the community
hall generator.
It will be paid by the
losing localities.
As the burning tyre
will pass the goal.
A whistle will be blown
to start aiming.
Then all brave heads
target your arrows.
And change the fate
of your locality.
Will Sangara locality feast?
Here come Bachu Rawat.
He will win.
-Bachu Rawat will win.
He will win.
Bachu Rawat will win.
He will win.
-Bachu Rawat will win.
Go on. -Move on.
He will win.
The locality will win.
He will win.
The locality will win.
Who have lost it?
-The one who came here.
Who have lost it?
-The one who came here.
We will win.
-Our locality will win.
We will win.
-Our locality will win.
I feel like hitting
him with slippers.
He is a champion since two years.
The team is applauding.
He hasn't come yet.
Do one thing.
Pick up the bow and arrow.
The whole locality will win.
Look even Anil Kumble didn't
ever come first to bat.
The end of all archers.
As Sushil Kumar Pant
of Purab locality.
S. K. S. K.
S. K. -"The puffed rice. My
mother kept it in my pocket."
"Mother said lovingly.
Win and get the trophy."
"The puffed rice.
My mother kept it in my pocket."
"Mother said lovingly.
Win and get the trophy."
"Win the trophy."
And the arrow hit the target.
For the third time
this competition..
is won by Sushil Kumar
Pant of Purab locality.
And the expenses of
the genarator..
for the next 6 months is free.
What game is this?
Shoot the arrow in the dark.
Grandpa, don't you shoot arrows
in the dark after marriage?
So this story..
Lalita Nautyal. Sushil Kumar
Pant. And Sundar Mohan Tripati.
Either lit or get switched off.
Why are you flickering?
Hey Naughty beauty.
Do you think we are mad?
What do you say? It's flickers.
Whatever it is.
-Tripati. -Who is it?
You can say anything now.
You got the license of
putting up a factory.
What will you name your factory?
Sunder Mohan Tripati.
S. M. T. Prints.
It is not a cloth store.
It is a printing press.
Your mother is a tailor.
I am a designer.
I will design your clothes for
the factory's inauguration.
Wow! -No.
Hell! -No. No. No.
No. Listen to everything.
we have seen your local designs.
Now you will design western ones.
my factory's name is U.
K. Prints. -Wow!
U. K. Prints. -Wow!
U. K. Prints!
U. K is also Uttarakhand.
Your factory is not
opening in London.
And if U. K was in London..
then your father's story
would have gone ahead.
He would have got a girl by now.
I kept yesterday's newspaper
Uncle put up a good
ad on marriage.
All of us will search
a new mother for S.K.
Then a little S.K will be born.
He will play in our house.
Take it. Take it. Have food.
No. Children are waiting and the
old man is ready to marry.
I am not waiting for a
handsome and good guy.
I have a handsome and
good guy here.
Hey Naughty.
Who took your nose stud?
Not yet?
Oh! -You lost it.
It was a diamond stud.
Hey! -It was of diamond.
Oh the bulb. -Find it.
Your timing is wrong. Stupid.
Not stupid. It burns less.
Burns less. Stupid.
Find it S.K. Excellent!
Leave it. We will not find it.
Now we can't leave it.
I found it. -He found it.
I found it.
Well done!
Even I am coming. I am coming.
Come. -Come.
Walk in queue.
Come on dear. Come.
What happened? Get your elephant.
I get scared on it.
Come on.
Lawyer, will you drive?
It is my favourite.
Lawyer, who else will you cheat?
The one who cheats many.
I will cheat him.
Yes! The leader of lawyers.
When will you change?
No dear.
Only you will ruin with me.
Drive straight.
-The road is not straight.
Yes. You can drive.
It was really nice meeting you.
-Yeah. Have a nice trip!
This is from India with love.
Incense sticks.
We call it agarbatti.
To spread fragrance in the room.
We had a lovely stay.
And thanks for these.
Thank you.
-Thank you!
For modern fragrance.
Only we give free incense sticks.
We changed a resthouse to
a resthouse as children.
If I said a car showroom.
Would you make it a showroom?
A father ruined his son's dreams.
When the resthouse
started getting..
business he was the
most happiest.
These days he is seen counting
money from foreigners.
Do you feel you have heard it?
A careless son made fun
of his father's dreams.
He objected to his father's
second marriage.
The son is of marriagable age.
But the father wants to marry.
Listen, is there a solution
for staying alone?
But why did you need to put
an ad in the newspapers?
You could search someone in
the neighbourhood quietly.
Everyone is married in
the neighbourhood.
And I am not a young man anymore.
It is the mistake of age.
Don't talk of your mistake.
There is an ad in the newspaper.
I have some work. Bye.
He has work.
Yes brother.
-Guguthi, your towel is loose.
No brother. I am holding it.
Listen. -Yes brother. -Dainik
Jagrani. Page nine.
If you have a sex problem due
to mistake at a young age.
See the difference in 15 days
using our medicines. Wow!
Prachin Sadu Ayurved. 286.
Kodia chowk.
Opposite Light house. Rishikesh.
Find out about them.
Yes. I will do it today itself.
Did those holiday guys come
back from the pilgrimage?
Yes. They are back. Should
I scold them?
I told you many times.
You are my uncle's age.
I am not your brother.
Disconnect the call.
If you don't enjoy then you
can take the money back.
Does this happen in business?
Deendayal Juyal. Wow!
Juyal what day was it?
These four had gone
on the pilgrimage.
If they didn't enjoy.
They will talk.
They spoke to me.
And you? Chief Minister.
My introduction.
Tell me one thing lawyer.
Why did they go to enjoy at
the pilgrimage centre?
That place is for prayer
and devotion.
Then tell me sir.
Why did you write enjoyment?
You are doing something else then
sending them for pilgrimage.
You planned something else.
If you put the tooth
pick in your ears.
The ear drums will break.
If the ear drums break
then I need..
to explain to you in gestures.
The holiday expense, food & drink
and mismangement of time..
including everything you
have to pay them 1,50,000.
What? 1,50,000.
What are you talking about?
I wrote this only for
the advertisement.
Why have you crowded my office?
It's my business hours.
Come on. Go from here. -Alright
tell me where to meet next.
District forum gives 20
lakh compensation.
The state gives 50 and..
in national level it may
be in crores right?
Then this drama will
help elsewhere too.
You must be holding
it for a month.
Good. What were you talking
about the case?
Call us anytime.
We are available. -Thank you.
Thank you sir. -Bye.
Hey, did you get money?
It is hard work.
Disconnect the call.
Hard work?
It will be stitched.
-When will it get stitched?
Suket, prepare two cups of tea.
Alright come tomorrow. This cool
shoulder is out of fashion.
Your hot shoulder will
be ready in one week.
Sure? -Bye.
Sister, I say. Take the measurement
today. I won't come tomorrow.
Naughty, do one thing.
Hire a few junior designers.
You will be occupied.
Turn around.
Not you. S.K, turn around.
You are staring here.
This can happen in friendship.
Once Lalita Nautyal does
Lakme Fashion show.
Then neither Manish Malhotra
or Rohit Bahl will last.
Not Bahl but Rohit Bal.
Take the name properly.
Yes. In details.
Brother, have some warm tea.
What happened?
Did you burn your tongue?
Sukesh, did you pour the
whole bag of sugar?
Get another one. -Alright.
-Put your hands up. -Good.
Keep the fitting here tight.
I don't like it loose.
And keep off shoulder. Like
designers do it. -Off shoulders.
Wow! Look at her demand.
Turn around.
Why did you turn?
I got something for you.
Take the remaining measurement
She won't lose or gain
weight so soon. Right?
Come after a week.
Yes. -Okay bye.
Since I earned today.
So I got a gift as I always do.
"The beautiful one!"
This is dull. Boring.
Even you will change it.
Change it like you want.
Look what I make of this.
Here she comes.
Heat some water.
The current will go.
And my pedicure is not done.
My dear beauty queen.
It is 10 years grandpa expired.
But her makeup is intact.
Sit here. You just came home.
Mom, I will warm water.
And prepare tea for you.
Thanks sweetheart.
As I am doing her work she
is talking sweetly.
Or you would have
said thanks mom.
The children speak some
other Hindi language.
They don't know the sounds well.
They write Hindi in
Roman English.
A cross for wrong.
And a tick for the right answer.
Did you shortlist the place
for the factory?
The place is good.
Sunder is a simple man.
He is very simple.
He is exactly like grandpa.
Once he thinks he will do it.
He can't do it on his own.
Business is run by
the clever Pant.
You can make S.K do anything.
He is an intelligent guy.
You have a soft corner for him.
You are spying on everyone.
Here. You are nervous so
you smoke a cigarette.
You don't trust your son.
Even I can run a factory now.
I am not nervous.
I am smoking out of joy. -Is it?
Look! My life was spent working
for the government.
I wanted to fly.
But I didn't find the sky.
Or I would have had wings.
You have got the sky and
the opportunity. Both.
So take off.
Don't fear. That's all.
Even if we have no place to stay.
You are making me emotional.
I am the first father who smokes
hiding from his son.
You have scared me.
Your cholesterol has scared me.
This is centre of the Silapur.
Yes. Isn't it good? -Yes.
The front work will
be over in a week.
Then we'll start the work from
inside. -Okay. -Come in.
Is your factory only this much?
Yes. I am not a rich guy.
Come in. Are you seeing this?
-Yes. -This is our passage.
And this?
I will make my unit in the
middle of the factory.
Isn't it good? -Right.
And this place. -A cleaning machine
from Japan will be imported.
A Japanese machine.
What will you print?
We will print about medicines.
But if you say I will print
your posters in the area.
Wanted Naughty beauty.
Look it's me.
But if someone else will like me.
You both will die of jealousy.
Jealous boys!
Doesn't matter. We will print
some medicine boxes too.
Where is S.K?
He never comes on time.
"Be big, do something big!"
"Think big, be big!"
Their height didn't grow an inch.
He is Girdhar Punyar.
Look in the front.
He is 6 year old.
Height is 4ft 1 inches.
Last year he had the same height.
And he, Dhiraj Joshi. Here.
He is 8 year old.
He doesn't seem to be of age.
But he is. Height 3 feet 3 inch.
You didn't grow even a
centimeter. Look straight.
And who are you? Their father?
Your well wisher. S.K. You
must have heard about me.
You are giving them
free biscuits for..
a year for your
research purpose.
They are still eating it.
So cute!
Enough. No matter how much
you eat it won't help.
Pandar Prasad,
give your disclaimer.
Every child grows differently.
We didn't say the height
will surely grow. -Okay.
It's an advertisement.
I have printed the
child's picture.
I didn't show any model
with less clothes.
Who is eating biscuits?
I can talk at the consumer court.
Nutritional value.
Carbohydrate 30%. Liar.
Protein 10%. Nonsense.
Such exposure will be fun.
The cheap biscuits you make
out of flour and sugar..
and make huge promises.
Now pay for it.
Get lost! What can you do?
My company won't shut down
because of these small kids?
Listen. I have fed biscuits
to my customers too.
Call anyone you want.
We will manage. -Alright. Look.
Move guys. Cover me.
Have you seen their height?
If you want I will send them
to court. -No. Come here.
Hey! Move away! Run!
What are you doing?
It is the headlines for tomorrow.
The innocent is crying.
Four scoundrels beat the
children mercilessly..
at Shaktiman's office.
The children were bleeding.
Enough. I will talk to you.
How much do I have to pay?
-Just a moment!
Oh my God! Priti. Talk to him.
We shall meet.
Give a blank cheque.
We will fill it.
Naughty, what are you doing?
You will get hurt. Leave it.
Let me do it.
I will feel I helped you.
Alright. -Tripati!
Don't make her do any work.
Show your magic.
Here comes the crook. Late comer.
I am not late.
You both came early.
What? What time did you tell him?
12.30 PM. See.
It's okay if he's little late.
Tell me where were you?
Jaunpuch. I was feeding someone
biscuit. Eat it.
You will not change.
Come let me show you the factory.
What a factory!
It's a superhit factory.
Get it quickly.
did you check the connection?
Listen, it's the first day.
Let the machine rest.
Should I let them rest
on the first day?
Tripati, it's inauguration time.
Beena! Beena! Sit down.
Take care.
You should take care Dev.
You are trying to find
a result under..
the pretext of a
prayer meeting.
Sit down.
I told her not to stand.
But you are still standing.
Brother S.K, take sweets.
In some time.
I hope it's not late. -Oh God!
Go and prayer.
-Give it to uncle and aunt.
Wait! Look there. Look at her!
Hello ma'am. Have you come from
the earthquake sector?
What happened to your hair,
How did it change?
-I can also see some changes.
You both will insult me
in front of everyone.
While I was getting ready
there was no electricity.
So I couldn't groom myself well.
This is a style now.
Tell me one thing. Did Sukesh
pour water on your dress?
It has puffed up.
The factory has started.
"I planted a bomb, baby.
I will fuse everything.
I will be the king. I say."
"You fire on every word.
You dominate everyone. I won't
take my words back. I say."
"If you touch you will be
shocked. I am an electricity wire."
"If you stick to me.
You will be like liquid.
You seem to be soft."
"Baby, hard.
Hard. Hard. We will dance hard."
"Whistle. Whistle. Baby,
we will dance hard."
"With a wedding card.
We will dance hard."
Rawat, tell the boys. Whether
it's double or triple shift.
They will get overtime pay.
Yes. -The order is huge.
Tell them this.
Listen. We have to start
the billing next.
Mr. Negi. -Yes.
We need to work more hard
than last month.
We have taken three new orders.
Wow! Please look into it.
Check on Rawat.
I asked him to do overtime.
Yes sir.
Raju! Give me the blue file.
where is your native place?
From Daunalt.
We are also from there. -Is it?
You work for the filter company?
I work for Sure clean
water filter company.
It keeps the water clean.
Doesn't like dirtiness.
Filter. I install filters
at people's house.
You must be having a filter
in your house too.
I didn't install a filter.
But we get water from the Ganges.
We boil it. -Okay.
Mom, I don't know which
website I searched.
He is a filter guy.
Can't we find it.
You are talking something else.
Why should we search? -Mom.
She is not yet 27 year old.
What's the hurry to marry?
I am so sorry.
Just a moment. -Right.
Someone must do something
in this house.
Or you will keep me home
even at the age of 30.
It is better I found
a guy for myself.
Get tea. The boy is here to see
me. At least do this for me.
The boy and the girl will talk.
I am so sorry. -No. It's okay.
You were talking.
I was listening.
She will get tea for you.
Here goes the ace.
Okay. Now mine.
It's my turn.
This move is lost.
I am leaving. -Brother.
Do it by night. -Mr. Negi.
Yes. -How did the electricity
bill come to 1,50.000?
The slab was of 5kv.
Who wants 5kv?
The generator runs half the time.
Why don't you complain to the
electricity department?
There is another court for
electricity complain.
Three people judge it.
Okay. It's fine. Then apply
for the load shedding.
-I think 3kv is enough. -Right.
Do it. -Alright.
You were telling me the turnover
of your company.
Forget the turnover
of the company.
Lalita, in short.
My heart is clear as water.
I won't let it get dirty.
Yes. -This is my card.
You can call me anytime
to meet you.
You came here to sell
yourself after..
you sold the water filter.
S. K get lost!
Talk to her.
-You are getting married, right?
You need musician too.
Right. So here we are.
Best friends.
Come here. Mr. Filter.
We are in queue to marry Naughty.
Why did you come in between?
Okay. -She is making fun of you.
Shut up! -Come here.
Your name is Sunder.
The body is handsome too. But..
you will dance to her tunes.
You will dance.
Do a step. One. Two.
One. Two. -Look here.
Your face looks ugly
selling limestone.
You took five years to graduate.
But my friend looks
good with Naughty.
He has his own factory.
It will not earn in 10 years.
But he will take care of Naughty.
I don't know how?
Come here. The house is so huge.
That he has a resthouse in it.
It is not for greed.
It's a religious work.
Naughty will have some
foreigners as friends.
If you exchange the alphabets
you will find him.
But Naughty likes it.
I don't know why.
Naughty, I am leaving.
What did you say? -Naughty.
She is Lalita.
Call her with respect. She is
not Naughty to you. Get out!
And take your water
filter with you.
Or we will sink you in it.
Champion. -Champion.
Champion. -You are a champion.
No. You are champion.
-You are a champion.
You are a champion.
-Both of us are champions.
Champion. Champion.
Best friends.
Try it one by one.
You won't wear it
on the same day.
I was not talking about
S.K and Tripathi.
That you are staring at me.
Grandma, you are not as smart
as you think you are.
I am very smart.
Every day 300 new companies
are opening..
in small scale industry.
We felicitate U.K Prince
Sunder Mohan..
Tripati with this year's award.
In four months he has
done his best.
Sir, look at this bill.
You are talking from your
perspective. Listen to me too.
I don't use so much electricity..
that I am getting
a bill of 3,00,000.
The company is providing
so much electricity.
Sir, that is why I applied
for 3kv for load shedding.
No. It takes time for
those things. Right?
Sir, it trips for 12 to 13 times
a day. That expenses is..
If you install huge machines
won't it trip?
That is why I opened the factory
in an industrial area.
Your bill is huge right? I will
install a check meter outside.
Sir, this..
You will get the right
reading too.
Check meter means..
it will check the meter.
-A security guard of the meter.
Yes. Sir, that's good. Do it.
It's best. -It will be done.
Take this.
Yes lawyer.
-Small scale industrialist.
You didn't call friends
for the award function.
What award function?
I got a bronze trophy.
It is not good to pay electricity
bill by selling it.
Reach the dam in 10 minutes.
Bring your life jacket with you.
Dam? What is this new drama?
What are you making us do,
You. Naughty, what are you doing?
You are making me do this.
I have thought about it. I will
sit in your boat one by one.
What are you talking?
Talk to her.
One week I will be
your girlfriend.
Another week I will be his.
Then the decision will be taken.
What? -It means.
She is saying she will
date me for a week.
Then another week she
will date you.
But it will be your decision.
We both have no choice. -Yes.
If you choose one among the two.
Have you thought what will
happen to the other one?
That's true. -If we decide it
then our friendship will not break.
Okay. -Alright. Tell me.
Is it Jai or Viru?
This coin will decide.
Heads you lose. Tails I win.
I agree. -Okay Naughty.
Come on. -Hey!
Everything will slip from
your hands, S.K.
Naughty. -Yes. -Just for you.
Oh! S.K.
Poor fellow. He couldn't bear it.
He was a good man.
Sunder, look who won?
-He is alive.
Tails. S. K won.
This is another coin.
You had a coin of Rs.10.
Then come and fetch it.
I don't mind.
-You are mine Naughty. One week.
We will start from tomorrow.
Today it's a neutral day.
Look Tripathi. We are best
friends. But the game has started.
Yes. -And you are weak at heart.
Then don't be heart broken.
Did you see how she looks at me?
Then consider her your
sister-in-law. Don't do these things.
What can I do?
-Valentine lessons.
"Baby, come let's play dating.
Please give me a rating."
"Baby, come let's play dating.
Please give me a rating."
"I will take you on tour.
Look which watch I gift you."
"Let others wait.
You are not on two boats.
I am your beloved."
"I will feed you.
What do you say?"
"When you are getting gold?
Why go for bronze?"
"When you are getting gold?
Why go for Bronze?"
"Say bye to him. It's dark ages.
It's the age of hero's."
"When you are getting Gabbar?
Why go for Samba?"
"When you are getting Gabbar?
Why go for Samba?
When you are getting gold?
Why go for Bronze?"
"Don't fear. Hold me tight.
And leave the rest."
"Don't fear. Hold me tight.
And leave the rest."
"Catch me. Pencil has a rubber.
Use the rubber and erase all."
"The moon shines through
the window.
Shall I put up the stars?"
"Flowers will flow
from the shower.
I will build such a bungalow."
"What is the offer?
I am the topper.
You are the electricity.
I am the pole."
"When you are getting Rambo?
Why go for Ranja?"
"When you are getting Rambo?
Why go for Ranja?
When you are getting gold?
Why go for Bronze?"
"When you are getting gold?
Why go for bronze?"
So? -So?
I mean are we more than friends.
Yes. -Is it?
This is good. -But I don't know
yet. Let him also compete.
Okay. Let him also compete.
Where is today's date at?
At your house. Shall we go?
It's romantic now.
I can't control now.
I will pee here.
In the open.
Think about cleanliness.
Let me pee.
Then I'll think of cleanliness.
Don't you know it's
government's bus.
Oh no.
You lost to over-confidence.
S.K was hopeful.
Tripathi was hooked by Naughty.
Girls can make anyone friends.
Only good boys are their
life partners.
S.K was jealous.
What will happen now?
Now their friendship
will face trouble.
Isn't it? It's good. -S. K.
Wait. Where are you going?
Prepare an extra spicy.
There are other work too. Shall
I only thinks of friendship?
It's good.
Naughty, let's tell him.
He must be expecting right?
It's your week now.
Then I will tell.
Sukesh, is Shikha's clothes
ready? -By night.
Arehna! -Yes.
Arehna is her name.
She wants Indian dress.
this is local designer Lalita.
Full name deciding.
Hi Lalita! -Hi! -Can you stitch
Lehenga Choli for me?
Make a good one.
Don't make it clumpsy.
She has taste. Unlike you.
Use expensive material. Don't
worry about the money. Got it?
Take an expensive one.
Your love is only for money.
Take her measurement.
Turn around.
-Do one thing. You turn around.
I will take her measurement.
Sukesh! -Sukesh!
Show the design book to ma'am.
-Show a good one, Sukesh.
Come ma'am. -Yeah sure.
S. K I want to talk to you.
Oh Naughty. Naughty. I am
not telling you but her.
That's your name.
But it's her job.
If I knew what foreigners can do.
Who would say leave
the fair skin ones?
Sukesh. -Yes sister. -Switch on
the fan. I am feeling uneasy.
Do one thing Sukesh.
Give a ride to ma'am.
She is getting angry.
She will feel some cool breeze.
Make it good. Come Mariana.
Come baby, let's go.
Give me the file.
Sir, what is this?
The bill is 54,00,000.
Oh! Sit down. Drink some water.
No. Thank you.
But this reading is
of the check meter.
But the check meter is
for the right reading.
This is very wrong. -Right.
We doubted your meter is damaged.
So we thought of helping you.
Anyway you get the bill
once in six months.
You will have to pay it. Right?
I have to pay it. Sir, 54,00,000.
How can I pay that amount?
I have to pay for the
generator separately.
Did you plan the financial
aspect before..
starting the business or not?
If the bill is double the amount.
Then all the plans fail.
Tell us what to do?
The complain department is yours.
You will tell us the solution
right? -Pay the bill. It's simple.
Drink some water. Take it.
Thank you.
Something or the other
can be done. Let's go.
It's a loss to go there once.
Look, his method is not right.
And he is avoiding us.
Then what friendship is this?
But your birthday is arriving.
Everything will be find soon.
I tell you he is a lawyer.
He will find some solution.
There is a lawyer camp at
Mussoorie. He has gone there.
Here are some biscuits.
It's good.
He left his wife behind.
It is very happening here.
When will he return?
Does he have any timing?
He will come or leave
whenever he wants.
Tell me about your factory?
I am working on it. -Okay.
Everything else is fine.
Shall we go? S. K is not at home.
we'll meet some other time.
Thanks Arehna. The tea was good.
-You are welcome.
Every girl who serves tea
is not a daughter-in-law.
Naughty right? Praise the Lord!
Shall we go? -Yes.
Law. Formula number one.
Think of getting money
with the help of law.
Don't think of helping them.
-Formula number two.
Every citizen daily breaks
some law or other.
But law is blind. The question
is how sharp are you.
The rest formulas
and case study..
after paying 50% fees.
Tomorrow. Okay.
Thank you! Bye. Please go!
Pant, you started minting money
after being heart broken.
Praise the Lord!
Take the registration fees.
This is our new business.
We will buy the whole mountain
with the money.
S.K has only begun his business.
Sorry Naughty. We will cut your
birthday cake right now.
Let me eat a few more
roll breads.
You both came during lunch time.
-Yes. Eat it.
Tripathi, let's go. Why did you
get me here? He is adamant.
He can't understand now we..
You both are staying at our den.
Naughty, listen.
Leave me. -Listen. -Do you want
to talk something else with him?
Sit down for five minutes.
Please! For my sake.
Hey romance.
Is your wedding date fixed?
Or are you still dating?
Anyway what is that to me?
Why did you come here by the way?
Is your factory shut down?
No. But I need your help.
I don't understand how..
I knew you couldn't
manage the factory.
What can you do? I have done all
your work since childhood.
You both need the man whom
you said was clever.
Stop taunting S.K.
We haven't done anything wrong.
Look Tripathi. Clearly I haven't
opened some resthouse.
You won't be able to
afford my fees.
I won't even kiss for me.
So we stick to ourselves.
I would give you an idea.
Close down your factory.
Take the insurance money.
You have no option.
I forgot.
Rakesh, get the cake.
vent out your anger on the cake.
Such a thing can happen
in friendship.
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear Sunder.
Happy birthday to you!
You wanted such a guy.
That's why you choose him.
He will always listen to you.
He will let you dominate him.
But if I was with you.
You wouldn't have
to ask for help.
You have three women at home.
So I thought..
Anyway, be happy.
Celebrate your birthday.
how can you disconnect the line?
The case is in dispute.
Khanduri, my work is pending.
Do one thing. Hello!
Tripathi's remaining wealth.
Was disappearing.
He is facing loss.
His business was failing.
The bill was larger
than his loan.
How much is 54,00,000?
So much that you sell the house,
factory, everything.
Look at him.
Sorry. Take it.
Ma'am, first..
-Nothing can be done. Next.
What happened?
They can't do anything right?
I knew it. Now what?
Manju. -Yes.
How much do you like your coach?
As much as you like the kitchen.
Why are you asking me?
The judgement on the factory
was to be decided today.
Hasn't Sunder returned yet?
Where is he?
Naughty, why did you choose me?
What kind of question is this?
Lathe, I am in love with you.
Anyway I am with you. I will get
the tiffin to your factory.
If I was with him. -I would have
to take the tiffin to the prison.
Stop kidding.
These decisions can't
be taken in one week.
I took it.
We have our whole life to know
what's right or wrong?
And who trust life?
Listen to me. Forgive S. K.
He is alone.
He is a mad guy.
You are forgiving before
he said sorry.
I did a mistake choosing you.
What happened?
Is something left back?
The rest is for tomorrow.
Enough of love for today.
Look, that is not the
place to dry clothes.
Even if we have less rooms.
Clothes can be dried anywhere.
You should get used to it.
There are so many books.
How will you take care?
We need to reduce the
cooking utensils?
We can't keep four strainers
for boiling pasta? -Alright.
Look he is standing here.
Are you listening to our talks?
I was listening to your accounts.
your ancestors house is..
getting sold because
of your son.
Hey! Not because of the son.
Because something great
has happened. -Right.
In business there will
be ups and downs.
Hey, the insurance team was here.
They said we'll get lot of money
if bankruptcy is declared.
We can pay the electric
bill easily then.
But dad. Factory's loan. The
generator's expenses.
I am going to so many places.
-But no one is taking my complain.
The house is about to be sold.
Remove it. -Move back.
What can you do? I have done all
your work since childhood.
When there is a need for
a tricks, you are there!
Oh! Trickster!
Look Tripathi. Honestly I have
not opened a resthouse here.
And your plans are failing.
I don't know how..
I knew you can't manage
the factory.
What will happen now, Vikas?
Tripathi was not going to commit
suicide. Was it an accident?
God knows.
The police didn't find his body.
Is it done? -Right.
Come on sit inside quickly.
Come on.
Move behind.
Sit in your seat. Let's go.
He was also tensed. -Is it?
I feel that's why
his bike skidded.
Every person is paying a huge
bill. Why worry so much?
This attire was brought
by Sunder.
It's his last gift.
everyone was asking for you.
Why am I..
not involved in this drama?
These are just dramas.
They came to give me condolence.
Why pain for a coward?
Yes. My son was a coward.
He had no courage to fight.
He had no courage.
The insurance money will
pay off the bill.
The house won't be sold.
But son?
Where is my son?
Where? Where will he come from?
When you are nervous you
light a cigarette.
I will also take care
of the factory.
We are sorry. But there are no
chances of recovering the body.
The ashes were meant to be
immersed in the Ganges anyway.
We've prepared this report.
Time of death would
be around 4:45.
And the accident..
-It wasn't an accident.
It was a suicide!
Suicide! -Suicide!
And mention the cause of death..
Do you know what you're saying?
And also mention the second
cause of death.
Being a common man!
Who is fighting a
battle every day.
He didn't have the patience
or the time to fight back.
It was a suicide.
Ensure that you mention
this in your report.
What were you saying in there,
Sunder can never commit
a suicide.
I knew him very well.
He was my friend.
Don't call yourself his friend.
You have no clue what
he was going through.
Do you know how many
times he visited..
the electricity department?
It's not everyday that
one gets an..
electricity bill for 5
millions! -Don't call him a friend.
He was always a weakling but
still didn't choose your path.
And you never understood
his weakness.
Instead of helping,
you always humiliated him.
I used to go with him from
one office to another.
I saw him.. falling apart.
His ancestral home was on
the verge to be sold.
And that's it..
he chose to jump into the Ganges.
Now you have to accept the fact.
He committed a suicide.
Don't call him your friend.
"When Destiny calls thee.."
"..he reaches at the
shores of Ganges."
"Don't make the Ganges impure."
"By bathing in it only
the body is cleansed..
but not the soul."
"There's no way to take back.."
I am going to jump in first.
No S.K, I am not going
to jump with anyone.
Wait, I'm going to drown you.
Come on, Tripathi.
Come on. -Come on. Come on.
Come on, don't be a coward.
-Only if you take care of me.
Come on Tripathi, don't be
scared. Come it'll be fun.
"Ganges cleanses your
mind and body."
"And it's waves carries
away our evil."
"One who passes away
never comes back."
"Only your deeds are what
stays with you."
"Ganges cleanses your
mind and body."
"And its waves carries
away our evil."
"Hail Ganges!
Hail Ganges! Hail Ganges! "
"Hail Ganges!
Hail Ganges! Hail Ganges! "
"Hail Ganges!
Hail Ganges! Hail Ganges! "
"Hail Ganges!
Hail Ganges! Hail Ganges! "
"What's now with you
is what's yours."
"And the rest is just
an illusion."
"Why don't we understand.."
"..the body perishable,
and the mind's delusional."
"The saffron cloth wrapped around
your body will stay.."
"..but you'll leave everything
else behind"
"Ganges cleanses your
mind and body."
"And its waves carries
away our evil."
"Hail Ganges!
Hail Ganges! Hail Ganges! "
"Hail Ganges!
Hail Ganges! Hail Ganges! "
"Hail Ganges!
Hail Ganges! Hail Ganges! "
"Hail Ganges!
Hail Ganges! Hail Ganges! "
"Hail Ganges!
Hail Ganges! Hail Ganges! "
"Hail Ganges!
Hail Ganges! Hail Ganges! "
'Don't call him a friend.'
"Hail Ganges!
Hail Ganges! Hail Ganges! "
I've always done everything for
you, right from childhood.
"Hail Ganges!
Hail Ganges! Hail Ganges! "
'Don't call him your friend.'
Damn.. the reason of his death
was high electricity bills.
If this process continues..
at least our country's population
problem might get solved.
Sir. -Have you read the news
about Sunder Mohan Tripathi?
Yes, I've been getting
calls since morning.
But I am on duty. Correct?
He had the pay the bill
and that's it.
These sweets are really fresh,
my friend.
From Motiram, right? -Yes.
We can finished rest of
the process later.
Let's work on this point.
Okay. -Okay.
Hello, sir.
Mr. Tripathi, everyone has
started saying it was a suicide.
And you can't claim for insurance
in suicide cases.
That's why we've put your
case on standby.
Then why are you here?
Look Mr. Bhagwat..
Do what you think is right.
That's all I want to say.
We're done taking up small jobs.
This time we should
do something big.
You look very serious.
What's the matter?
Don't worry we'll
make them a run..
Whom are you going after this
time? -Did you find a new case?
After all, business comes first.
And anyway, I know he's
never going to change.
Upreti, get some tea.
I heard rumors that you're
defending Tripathi's case.
How much are you going
to make this time?
You'll certainly blackmail
SPTL to..
give you at least 20 million.
You have no conscience.
That's why I chose Tripathi.
Did you get your answer?
Go.. and make money over
your friend's dead body.
But let me make one thing clear.
I am going to fight for Tripathi.
And I can go against
anyone for it.
didn't you tell madam yet.
Under section 108, 498, 323, 504
and 506 for mental torture..
is what I am going
to sue the SPTL for.
Didn't you tell her yet
that Sushil Kumar..
Pant has stopped
scamming people..
and he's taken up his
friend Tripathi's case.
Didn't you tell her?
I am not going to fold my hands
and watch quietly like others.
I am going to drag them to court
and make life hell for SPTL.
And don't forget to tell
her that 'Right..
to Privacy' is a basic right.
Next time ensure that
no one enters..
my cabin without permission.
Tell her.
Don't pay that electricity bill,
We're going to fight back.
the owner of the factory is dead.
Whom are we going
to fight for now?
The owner of the factory is right
in front of me, uncle.
From today onwards
you are my client.
Hey Nauti..
Come in.
I'll make some cinnamon
tea for both of you.
Yes, uncle.
" You made me cry.."
"You made me laugh."
"I lost my heart to
win your love."
"She asked for a star.."
"I got the moon on the earth."
"From my eyes"
"The one who never got away
from my eyes for a moment,"
"Got lost suddenly while
I was looking."
"I think.."
"I think that she was
very innocent."
"I think that she was
very innocent."
"But in a flash she became
someone else from her real self."
"I think that she was
very innocent."
"But in a flash she became
someone else from her real self."
"The one who I use to breath
in and out as oxygen."
"The one who I use to breath
in and out as oxygen."
"She evaporated.. Right In front
me while I was watching."
"Became somebody else
from what she was.
Right In front me while
I was watching."
"Became somebody else.."
But life is uncertain.
I think you should forgive him..
He is all by himself.
Meter's MRI..
I am sure will get it by evening.
No, no, sir.
Just a couple of minutes more.
Sure, no problem.
-Chander. -Yes, sir.
Check whether someone fiddled
with the power box again.
Unbelievable, sir.
There's no electricity
in the office of..
the Electricity Complaint
Where will you go to
complain about this?
Isn't it? -Sir.
Here you are. This is
Mr. Tripathi's meter reading.
Your work is over now.
-It's quite heavy.
Madam it's you.
Thank you for this.
This will come in handy
at the court.
You have a lot of
explaining to do.
Drink some water, Mr. Khanduri.
Go ahead, have it.
Case no. 2736,
My client Sunder Mohan Tripathi.
Wait a minute.
We've already heard his plea,
and also gave our verdict.
How many times are we going
to hear his plea?
Madam, I've appealed again
on behalf of my client.
His electricity bill was 5.4
million. -How is it justified?
Especially when the meter
wasn't replaced?
Dose the SPTL representative
to shed some light on the case?
Madam, this is nonsense.
As per the Electricity Act,
It clearly states that..
the Consumer has
to pay the bill..
even if the meter is faulty.
These people just set
up big factories..
which they cannot handle.
If they don't pay the
bill by next month..
then we can cut their
home connection..
and also serve a warrant.
Please inform their family,
Mr. Pant.
Next case.
I will tell their family..
that soon there will be
no electricity forever.
Because SPTL will shut down
for good after this case.
Thank you, madam.
Are you threatening us?
The customer didn't pay the bill,
and you are threatening us?
What is this?
I was still contemplating
the idea until now..
But now I've made up my mind.
My friend lost his life
because of your bill.
So SPTL will have to pay for
every wrong bill they ever sent.
You sent him a bill
of 5.4 million?
So whether I win the
case or not..
and whether the meter
gets replaced or not.
I'll make sure it's 'Lights out'
for your company in 54 days.
See you in High Court, mister.
Madam. -Why are you hiding back
there and filming it, dude?
Come in front and make
a proper video.
Put it on Facebook,
Youtube, and share it.
Because from tomorrow
Lawyer SK will be..
setting up a camp
outside the Court.
So if your meter's running..
but lights are off,
then its time to blow the horn.
No more complaints,
time to find solutions.
Did you get it, dude?
Go ahead upload it.
Let's go.
After this..
the video became viral and
started spreading like fire.
Show me.
"So if your meter's running..
but lights are off,
then it's time to blow the horn."
If this continues..
entire neighborhood will be
seen standing in the queue..
Neighborhood? I think,
the whole of Uttarakhand.
Did you bring all the papers?
-Yes, I did.
Do you think the electricity
company will close down?
Well, the fire's started.
But if the company shuts down,
how will we get electricity.
We don't get it anyway.
The patient on bed no 07
needs to be on drip.
People are furious
regarding Sunder..
Mohan Tripathi v/s SPTL case.
On the other hand the
public is joining..
hands with Lawyer S.K. Pant.
Can the Sunder Mohan
Tripathi case..
lead to the downfall of SPTL?
SPTL must give an answer.
This is Ratul Gupta, SNS News.
The stitches on your head
has been healed.
And the plaster on your hand
will come off in four week.
Since you are feeling better now
can you tell us your name?
It's Ratul Gupta, sir.
Ratul Gupta, take care.
What are you saying?
The body is alive!
-Of course I did.
Tripathi failed even in
committing suicide.
One should do what they do best.
He tried to scam but failed.
His photograph was shown on T.V.
Neither could he live
nor could he die.
Now he will be lost
in the darkness.
Did you understand?
2000 more applications,
brother SK.
How are we going to fight
for all of them?
We'll need a lifetime for this.
Plus you're going to defend
them for free.
I mean, if you had charged
them even 10 rupees..
it would've paid for our bread
and butter. -That's all.
I hope 54 days isn't too long
to shut the company down.
Where do you think you're going?
Hello, mister?
Hello, sir.
Sushil Kumar Pant from New Tehri.
You're quite popular.
You're that viral video star.
A blackmailer under the
garb of a lawyer.
Keep standing.. unless you've
been asked to sit down.
This is SPTL, not my home.
Dialogue, huh!
Do you know the number of
consumers our company has?
Or what is our company's
How on earth would you know?
Anyway, biscuit company..
Ayurveda clinic are
not on the same..
level as an electricity
I've already fixed
a price for you.
One million.
I might sound out of place, sir,
but inflation is on the rise.
Plus GST.
So you can definitely increase
my share from 2% to 4%.
Eat as much as you can
digest Mr. Pant.
Okay, two million.
That's enough for bread
and butter..
but sometimes I like to have
this imported lollypops too.
2.5 million, final.
Put an end to this matter.
You're so generous, sir.
Have you ever counted the number
of bulbs in your office?
Who counts the bulbs?
Start counting them from
tomorrow, Pankaj Bahuguna.
Mom. -Father said I should
give this to you..
and he said you know
what to do with it.
According to our sources
in Uttarakhand..
we've found out that SPTL has
received 600,000 fused bulbs.
This is a first-of-its-kind
silent revolt by the consumers.
Sir.. Sir..
"I have a complaint."
Around 250,000 fused bulbs
were sent by consumers..
to Madhya Pradesh's
Ace Power Company.
And 100,000 fused bulbs to
Rajasthan's Raga Power Limited.
This revolution is spreading all
over the country like fire.
They made us stand in
this long queue.
Because they are defending
our case for free.
It's a good deed.
And here goes the whistle.
So Tripathi did try
meeting again.
Because his heart is
still restless.
Visible to some,
hiding from others.
Like a wandering spirit.
Looks like he has been bitten
by the snake of truth..
So until he tells the truth,
he will be restless..
What will he do even if
tripathi meets S.K.
If the insurance company
finds out..
Neither will he get
paid for the..
claim nor will he get justice.
-That's true too. -Hmm.
I saw Tripathi at the
bullseye yesterday.
Because your focus has changed.
You didn't see Tripathi,
you saw your responsibility.
I've taken on much more
I can handle, Nauti.
It's a big company.
And I am a cheap blackmailer..
who barely squeezed
through Law College.
Anything can happen tomorrow.
This is no longer about Tripathi.
Millions of people have
hopes with me.
This is difficult..
but also important, Nauti.
Look at those lamps, SK.
The light of hope is still alit.
Fighting is more important
than winning.
The case of Sunder Mohan
Tripathi's suicide..
due to increased
electricity bill..
has reached Nainital's
High Court.
This is the first case against
the Electricity..
company in Uttarakhand's court.
Consumers all over the country
have registered complaints..
with Electricity companies
by sending fused bulbs.
Everyone has their eyes
set on the High Court.
Shall we, brother?
The electricity bills are here.
And all the applications as well.
It's all here.
All set.
Hey mister,
look where you're going.
The other day you missed
the target..
and now you're dropping
the papers.
I hope this case too doesn't
slip through your fingers.
Pardon me,
but I didn't recognize you.
Did you come to watch the
Archery competition?
You're in a hurry in to know?
Well, the color of your sari
suits you really well.
So I thought of asking you where
did you buy it from? -I see.
You wanted to ask about my sari,
is it?
But I don't like it too much.
That's why I always carry
something along.
Yes.. Gulnar Rizvi,
SPTL's Defence lawyer.
First, let me beat you, then
we'll go get a cup of coffee.
Not coffee, madam.
You are in Uttarakhand.
You only get tea here.
Local.. strong.
And as for the case, I wouldn't
comment about myself, but..
the 40 million consumers
behind me won't let me lose.
Let's go.
What's the score? Hasn't the
WiFi been repaired yet?
Electricity just got restored,
It's 72/4 your honor.
Another wicket.
Start the proceedings.
Who is the opening batsman?
Light, your honor.
In this fast-changing world..
electricity has become
a necessity.
On 10th October 2013,
the Chennai High Court..
declared electricity as a
fundamental Human Right.
But the production
and distribution..
of this electricity
is a business.
My client Late Mr. Sunder
Mohan Tripathi fell..
prey to the tactics
of this business.
On 10th December 2017, Sunder
Mohan Tripathi passed away.
The reason..
this bill for 5.4
million from..
Sunrise Power and
your honor. -5.4 million.
Due to this obnoxious
bill from SPTL..
my client committed suicide.
So under IPC 1860,
section 304 and 306..
I charge SPTL for abetment
to suicide..
and demand their distribution
license to be cancelled.
That's all, thank you.
Wonderful, your honor.
For the first time..
we have a storyteller in the
court, instead of a lawyer.
I heard that you took 7-8 years
to become a lawyer..
that too from some
local law college.
7.5 years to be exact,
your honor.
Your honor SPTL has always
dedicated itself..
for the welfare of the people..
and also been actively
in the progress of the country.
There's a reason why
no one died..
because of an electricity bill.
All these charges have no ground.
Late Mr. Sunder Mohan
Tripathi did die..
but the reason is definitely
not SPTL.
Under IPC section 499, I charge
UK Prints and Packaging for..
defamation under IPC section
500 on behalf of SPTL.
So Mr. Pant, let's talk about the
facts and figures as well.
Of course.
-I have all the facts, and..
how can I talk about the
figure with you around?
These are the facts, your honor.
On 1st June 2017..
UK Printers Selaqui's
electricity meter started.
The consumer didn't pay a single
bill from June to December.
Here are the copies of the
bill and my statement.
The date is missing in this
statement copy, Ms. Gulnar.
Can you be more careful
the next time?
Oh damn..
I think Ms. Gulnar forgot to
attend that class in college.
Doesn't matter.
Today is a bad day.
One more wicket.
Dinesh Kartik's still
left to bat, madam.
He'll definitely hit a
six on the last ball.
Don't worry.
Drink some more water,
Ms. Gulnar.
What? -Drink some more water,
Ms. Gulnar.
Drink it.
Drink some more. -Excuse me.
Just a little.. -Excuse me. -Just
a sip.. -I already drank enough.
Now you're trying to be
over-smart. -Exactly, your honor.
My client requested SPTL
to supply only..
the amount of electricity
he needed.
He also put in an application
to change..
their load shedding
from 5Kvh to 3 Kvh.
But my client didn't
pay the bill until..
the required action wasn't
taken. -Isn't it, absolutely right.
Till the application
reached SPTL's..
Senior engineer OP Srivastav..
he had taken 2 month's leave
due to his heart conditions.
Heart condition? Really? Show me?
Here his leave application
and medical reports.
Show me.
It's correct. -Take a look,
madam. -And here's the ADHOC..
and appointment letter
of DD Tiwari..
who filled in his position..
your honor.
If the work stops because
of heart conditions..
I could've never presented my
case in front of Ms. Gulnar.
You honor,
the Regulatory Committee had..
issued a memo to Mr. D.D Tiwari
regarding the pending work.
Wow! -The price of a life
is a memo. Nice.
And your honor, if you go through
the application carefully..
you will find many
columns incomplete..
which is SM Tripathi's mistake.
Not big enough to give
up his life, madam.
And since we're talking
about mistakes..
can you please look here.
-If any person..
or consumer, wants to file a
complaint with the SPTL, then..
Madam, can you please help me.
1.. 2.. 3..
4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8 page
complaint form needs to be filled.
So when such an educated,
and beautiful Ms. Gulnar can
forget to put in the date..
then poor Mr. Tripathi
can definitely..
forget to put in the pin-code.
Isn't it, your honor?
And this pin-code,
which has created this stir..
I would like to call
the SPTL in-charge..
from the same pin code..
meaning the Selaqui
Industrial District.
You see,
the substation assigned..
to Selaqui Industrial area is..
5 kilometers away from
the site. -I see.
So power trips are normal
due to the..
weather and natural disasters.
All the other time electricity
supply is normal.
I have a question..
Mr. Shashtri..
the Selaqui Industrial was
built in 1999? Right?
Right. -What was the power
requirement back then?
Around 22 Mega Watt.
22 Mega Watt. Bravo.
And around 426 new factories
have come..
up in Selaqui area in 18 years.
But the substation still
supplies 22 Megawatt.
In simple language, your honor.
The demand is more,
but not the supply.
Progress and Welfare, Ms. Gulnar.
-Where are they?
That's all your honor..
-Your honor, my next witness is..
Pandar Prasad from Shaktiman
Biscuits from Selaqui area.
Ur kucchi, Mur kucchi looks like
you have done your research.
Are you saying something,
Mr. Pant? -Nothing. Nothing.
Your honor.
The power keeps tripping, madam.
But we don't bother.
But the SPTL's infra..
What was that word?
Yes, that. -It's the best.
And whenever we got a huge bill,
we always paid.
But don't trust this lawyer,
He's a crafty,
cunning, and shrewd lawyer.
Why you..
Objection your honor..
Please answer only the questions
you are asked.
This man sells fake biscuits
himself, your honor.
You're a bloody fake..
-Objection your honor..
I curse you that you get
stung by a scorpion.
You'll keep scratching yourself
until you die. -Objection.
The prosecution is confusing the
court with petty arguments..
and shifting the focus
from the main agenda..
and wasting the court's time.
He is your witness,
after all, Ms. Gulnar.
And you're absolutely right.
This case is about a petty
printing press..
and its minor 5.4 million
electricity bill..
because of which an invaluable
life was lost.
What difference does that make,
All out.
The court is adjourned
until 11 am tomorrow.
Ya right, six on the last ball.
pass me the glass of water.
Sunder Mohan Tripathi
case gains momentum.
Both lawyers get into a heated
argument on the first day.
According to recent news the
residents of Mohammed Sadiqpur..
village in Uttar Pradesh..
staged a demonstration outside
Muradabad Power station.
Their demand is to connect
their village..
with the National
Electricity Grid.
People staged a demonstration
outside Maharashtra's..
Electricity company Relite
in Raigad, Maharashtra.
The spark in Uttarakhand
has bloomed into fire..
as three session courts
give judgment..
in favor of the consumer.
I spent my life paying the
huge electricity bills.
someone's fighting against it..
and I can see hope again.
They assured us that we'll
get power connection..
but no one ever showed up.
Even after buying a
home we've been..
living in the dark
because of SPTL.
Electricity bulbs piling
up outside electricity..
offices all over the country.
The common man is now openly
saying "I have a complaint."
In the coming days, we will see
whether Lawyer SK Pant..
is able to win the
war he started..
against SPTL to get justice..
Your honor,
the opposition believes that..
their client Sunder Mohan
committed suicide.
But the truth is that
he committed..
suicide to claim
insurance money.
And to prove my point..
I would like to call upon
Mr. Bhagwat Upadhyay..
an employee of Jeevan Insurance
Disbursement Department.
Mr. Bhagwat..
when did you learn of
Mr. Sunder Mohan Tripathi's death?
I found out on the
11th of December.
And we immediately started
the process for..
the disbursement of
the Insurance claim.
But only when we attended
his mourning..
did we learn that it
wasn't an accident..
it was suicide.
-And how did you find that out?
From his friend, or maybe his
future fianc Lalita Nautiyal.
She announced it in front
of the Police.
Thank you. -So it's pretty clear,
your honor.
Sunder Mohan Tripathi took
a calculated step..
so that after his death..
the insurance money could
be used to pay his debts.
But the suicide angle
foiled his plans.
Those are pretty nice sandals,
Rizvi ma'am. -Excuse me..
Did you buy it on the online
Sale? -Objection, your honor.
If you feel like going
shopping then..
why don't we take
a short break?
No, your honor..
but you see my client lost his
life because of the bill..
but she is talking
about the insurance.
So I thought why don't I discuss
her sandals instead.
Order. Order.
The message is quite clearly
shown on TV, your honor.
Insurance is a subject matter
of solicitation.
Please read the offer documents
carefully before..
My client Sunder Mohan
Tripathi wasn't..
stupid enough to know this.
Your honor as soon as Tripathi
family filed the..
insurance claim on
14th December..
Mr. Pant filed a case against
SPTL on the 15th..
because the Insurance
Company had..
refused to give any compensation.
-Objection, your honor.
If Gulnar madam is going
to give judgment..
then what are you
and me doing here?
It was just a coincidence.
Sunder wanted to register a
complaint since November.
For which Mr. Pant refused him.
Your honor, my next witness
is Mr. Sushil Kumar Pant.
You want to call Mr. Pant
to the witness box.
Your honor, as the deceased's friend
he's an important witness.
Okay. -The court has no objection
if he doesn't.
I don't mind, your honor.
And tell me about the shoes.
Mr. Pant, aka SK.
-Yes, Gullu.
Isn't that what your
friends call you?
What happened in November
when they came to you?
What happened? -We had lunch,
small chat, and we all went home.
I would've told you in more
detail if you were my friend.
What kind of friend?
Like Sunder or like Lalita?
Your friend.
What's the difference between
them, Ms. Gulnar?
Your honor, there was tension
between Sunder, SK, and Lalita..
due to personal relationships.
Which is why SK refused
to help them..
nor called them in
the last two months.
When the met for the last
time in Mussoorie..
in a hilltop restaurant..
they even got into a heated
argument. -Objection, your honor.
Ms. Gulnar is deviating
from the case again.
I am coming to the case now,
your honor.
The personal tension was
a motive for suicide.
Thank you, your honor. -But this
objection has struck a chord.
So I would like to call upon the
other end of this chord..
meaning Lalita Nautiyal.
What was your relationship
with Sunder?
He was my friend.
Childhood friend.
But Mr. Bhagwat claims
you were his fianc.
Now you're speaking our language,
Language is a part of people's
identity.. Nauti.
Isn't that how SK and
Sunder addressed you?
How could you decide in a week..
that you liked Sunder and not SK?
Objection, your honor. How is
this connected to the case?
Personal life is a vital reason
for suicide in this case.
Please continue.
Sunder was a blockhead.
Stupid, Gullu. Stupid.
I see. -He didn't know
the ways of the world.
So you never like Mr. Pant's
shrewdness from the beginning.
That's not what I said. -But
that's what you wanted to say.
Objection, your honor.
Ms. Gulnar is God, and she knows
what one wants to say.
please come to the point.
Sorry, your honor.
-The point here is 'Motive'.
Sunder, Sushil, and Lalita
were childhood friends.
Friendship turned to love.
-And love turned to jealousy.
And this jealousy was the
reason why SK distanced..
himself from Sunder
and Lalita..
and he didn't help his friends.
And he's trying to cleanse
his sins here..
and blaming the SPTL.
That's all, your honor.
This is absolutely wrong.
We weren't like you said we were.
We were willing to risk our
lives for each other.
He would never give up his
life because of us.
Please answer only the question
you are being asked..
Ms. Lalita.
Mr. Pant, any question.
-Of course.
"And then Rakesh pulled
Sunita towards him."
"A part of her saree got tangled
in the rose bushes."
Where did you get that?
-There's more, your honor.
Where did you get that? -"And
before their lips could converge..
the door opened with
a thud and they saw.."
"..Surrender was standing there
and his eyes had turned red."
Sorry, your honor. Sorry.
I am a lawyer after all,
and the clue has come to me.
Take a look. -The inspiration
for Ms. Gulnar's story.
"Sadhu, Sarita, And.. Sex."
Order. -What's going on.. -What's
going on in my court?
Please come in front and say
what you want to say.
Sorry, your honor.
Personal issues were never above
the bill of 5.4 million.
And every other discussion
going on..
here like the insurance claim..
personal life is just to
waste the court's time.
This might just be a
case for you, madam.
But for us,
this is a fight, for hope.
The reason is SPTL,
and I will prove it.
That's all, your honor.
This has been the biggest
challenge for..
Sunrise Power Technologies
until now.
Seeing the reputation of
the company in danger..
the owner Sanjay Bhadoria
has flown..
down all the way from Delhi.
Today morning, after enduring
8-10 hours of power-cut..
the residents of Selaqui staged
a protest on Highway no. 72.
Everyone has high hopes
with this case.
Is death the only thing that
can shake an entire system?
Corporate Company or the
Government? Who is responsible?
Back. Back. Stay back.
I said stay back. Back.
Come, sir.
Your honor, the Small-scale
industry subsidy..
was never included
in the UK Prints..
and packaging's
electricity bill.
Without a proper application,
how would we know..
whether it was a small-scale
industry or large? Right?
Since the demand for medicines
of Migalex company went down..
we had fewer orders of printing
and packaging as well.
But the electricity bill
kept increasing.
Who knows what went down there?
Tomorrow they will claim that
they never had any orders..
and will we believe them?
The owner of SPTL is responsible,
no one else.
He's the reason my son..
lost his life.
And now I would like to call
upon the owner of SPTL..
Mr. Sanjay Bhadoria..
who had to spare some time
from his busy schedule..
and come down in
his helicopter.
Mr. Bhadoria..
when this case was actually
about a faulty meter..
then it could've been resolved
by changing the meter.
But why did SPTL install a
check-meter instead of a new meter?
Maybe because SPTL has shortage
of 500,000 meters?
Your honor..
a reputed electricity company
has a shortage of meters.
According to the Regulatory
Commission's rule..
any Electric company..
must have 200,000 meters
in stock, always.
But that's too farfetched.
They have a shortage.
Your honor..
maybe the lawyer doesn't
know that..
our sector is a loss-making
In fact, we're trying to bring
our losses down to 14% by 2020.
And, I would like to
explain the reason..
for these losses to the court..
Miss Gulnar, please.
Your honor..
Uttarakhand has the most number
of illegal electricity..
connections in the country.
Can you see those wires?
Mr. Pant, if you look closely..
then you'll see similar wires
in your neighborhood as well.
We work 24 hours for
these people..
and if they steal from us,
who do we go to?
So sorry.
This poor man's story brought
tears to my eyes.
Order. Order. Order. -Not owing
to the fact, your honor..
that he gives free electricity
to 800 SPTL employees.
A poor man doesn't even have
an electricity connection..
but the staff gets free
electricity. -Anyway..
I have a question..
out of the 2500 complaints
poor SPTL receives every day..
how many reach you?
We have a grievance department.
And a complaint platform
appointed the government.
And a regulatory commission.
And above all,
our talented employees..
I would like to show you how
one of the talented..
and capable employees
of your company..
handled this case.
Even we deserve to show a video.
Watch carefully, Ms. Gulnar.
This is for you.
"I've already fixed
a price for you."
"One million."
"I might sound out of place..
sir, but inflation is on the
rise." -"Plus the GST."
"So you can definitely increase
my share from 2% to 4%."
"Eat as much as you can
digest Mr. Pant."
"Okay, two million."
"That's enough for bread
and butter.."
"..but sometimes I like to have
this imported lollypop too."
"Please. -2.5 million, final."
Put an end to this matter.
If your company had bought
200,000 meters instead..
of trying to buy
out this lawyer..
it would've never come to this.
I heard that your father
passed away last month.
It was sad to hear.
How do you know?
-What are you saying, sir?
Dainik Jagran,
Bhaskar, Hindustan..
and all other reputed
newspapers had his obituary.
But you didn't give a classified
in Prabhat Chingari. Why so?
Because that's my
personal matter.
And anyway, no one reads
that newspaper. -Bravo.
No one reads Prabhat Chingari.
But when SPTL has to put a
classified for tariffs..
they choose Prabhat
Chingari to do so.
One last question.
That small light which
keeps burning..
inside the meter all the
time what is that for?
Our company's meters are
only manufactured..
by reputed companies like DR,
And sometimes the consumers..
That light is for keeping the
consumers in the dark.
Objection, your honor.
A direct attack, no proof.
How much can one earn with
that small light?
Mr. Bhadoria will answer
this question as well.
So how much does the consumer
have to pay every..
day for that small light,
Mr. Bhadoria?
Around a penny, or less.
A penny, every day.
40 million consumers.
So how much is that?
I am sure you can calculate
the zeros better than us.
So how much did you
make in a month?
how much did SPTL make in a year?
730 million, from a small light,
which no one needs.
This is truly amazing,
your honor.
A loss-making company
makes 730 million..
in profits from a stupid
little light..
but they don't have 1000 rupees
to replace a faulty meter.
Even if someone gives
their life for it.
Now neither Mr. Bhadoria has
anything left to say..
nor does Ms. Gulnar have
anymore white lies.
This case..
is as clear as water, your honor.
That's all.
Bravo, son. Bravo!
Order. Order. Order.
Order. Order. Order.
Lawyer SK Pant grilled
SPTL chief..
Mr. Bhadoria in
the court today.
And raised some pertinent
Is he poised to win?
The common people have high hopes
with the Sunder Mohan case.
The people troubled
by electricity..
issues have their eyes set
on the court's judgment.
Shame on SPTL..
Shame on SPTL..
Shame on SPTL..
Shame on SPTL..
I accept defeat,
in this case, your honor.
I've only presented the
facts in this case..
and even today I will do so.
The biggest truth of this case,
my last witness.
Sit down. Sit down.
This was just a fraud.
Closing statement, your honor.
SPTL doesn't just
play an active..
part in the country's
in fact,
they are also dedicated towards..
the future and the welfare
of the people.
Sunder Mohan Tripathi should
be punished severely..
for wasting the court's
time and defaming SPTL..
so that no one can dare
to do this again.
That's all, your honor.
Mr. Sunder Mohan Tripathi,
do you have anything to say.
Everything she said is true,
your honor.
Except for one.
I am not a fraud.
I did jump along with my scooter.
But the river Ganga
cleansed my sins..
and threw me back on the shore.
Your honor..
when I emerged..
I realized that I was the
only one who jumped.
But there are many others who
were drowning like me.
I could've won this case..
collected the compensation and
lived a life of anonymity.
finally this morning.
I mustered courage and
went to meet SK.
Damn you.. Tripathi's ghost.
I don't want hug you.
I want to punch you in the face.
I thought you were confirming
I am really alive
or is this my soul.
And you finally decided
to come back, rascal..
when we thought we'll have to
spend a lifetime without you.
Honestly speaking,
I tried really hard..
but your love didn't
let me die.
Bloody as all this..
For a bill.
If I hadn't made that Chits
for your math exam..
would you have still have
jumped in the river?
If I hadn't taught you
how to ride a moped..
would you have still have
jumped in the river?
If few petty goons
had threatened..
would you have still have
jumped in the river?
But I refused to help you once,.
And you actually jumped in.
Your father calls you a coward.
I am a coward.
And many others like me.
SK, we are the helpless lot.
We need a leader.
Like you're fighting for us,
and everyone else joined in.
Now everyone wants a solution.
Otherwise, they would tuck
the bill in a box..
and pay even if they had to
sell their house for it.
We.. we don't fight.
Not because we're
scared to fight.
We're scared of losing, SK.
I was too scared, my friend.
But not anymore.
I am not scared of anything now.
That's why I am here.
Did anyone see you
while coming here?
Did you meet anyone on the way?
Just hide in this room quietly.
Once the judgment arrives
on this case..
then we'll decide what to do.
I'll get you something to eat.
Sushil Kumar Pant.
My death gave your actions
the right direction.
And now when I am alive,.
You'regoing back to
your old ways?
I am just an ordinary citizen
of this country, your honor..
who couldn't find a solution
to his electricity bill.
These days everyone pays their
bill through the internet.
Your honor, I believe in peace
more than revolution.
A person who's scared
of the court.
Someone who finds an easy way.
And someone who always follows
the rules and regulations.
But today I am not sad about
losing this case.
I am happy that things
will change.
Did you see what happened
all over the country..
when my friend took
up this case?
And your honor, it's true that
I tried to commit suicide..
because I was troubled by the
5.4 million electricity bill..
and to claim the
insurance money.
So that my family could
get the compensation.
And now when this matter
is out in the open..
I want every person in this
country to buy insurance.
So that they can commit suicide
and pay their bill.
That's the future we're heading
towards, your honor.
Great days.
Sorry, your honor, I tried
my best but couldn't die.
You can punish me in
any way you want..
Objection, your honor.
The truth is right before us..
so why are we listening
to this lecture?
Overruled. The court hasn't
given it's judgment yet.
And Ms. Gulnar, please don't
try to teach me my job.
Yes, ma'am.
The court will give its verdict
after a 15-minute recess.
Maybe Vikas and Kalyan are
Ms. Gulnar's friends..
but I don't know any of them.
The cities are getting flyovers..
metros, sea-links, but
they are not ready yet.
Small cities are getting
new roads..
but they are not ready yet.
These huge, ugly, looking
poles are everywhere..
but darkness still prevails.
We should burn them on
the cross on Diwali.
Maybe that will spread
some light.
On paper, there's electricity
in 96% of the country..
but there 31 million homes are
still devoid of electricity.
You should give your verdict
in the dark..
your honor, because we're
not used to the light..
because their fake promises
and deception..
have definitely startled us.
Because we're used to the dark.
I don't know about Vikas
and Kalyan, your honor.
You must have heard about
the Gangoli Ghat Village.
Last week the entire
village was vacated.
Even after 71 years
of independence..
there are 8.5 million
villages like..
Gangoli Ghat and Mohammed
which have never been
connected to..
India's Central
Electricity grid.
People from Mumbai
Delhi read this..
news in the newspaper and say..
what can we do,
this is the government's job.
But if these people can turn
off the electricity..
of their malls and showrooms
for one night, your honor..
that 23 villages
of Uttarakhand..
can get electricity for a week.
If they can turn off one light
while leaving the room..
those who study under lanterns..
can study under the bulb for
the full night, your honor.
My Lord..
You have already won, Ms. Gulnar.
I am just venting my anger.
This case will be over today..
tomorrow you'll be sitting
in your home.
You'll have the privilege of
turning off the light switch..
but the people of Selaqui
in Uttarakhand..
won't even have a glass
of water to drink.
The government's doing a lot of
things, but unfortunately..
Uttarakhand is facing
nature's fury.
Schemes are launched to lay
underground electrical wires..
but pretty soon the entire
scheme goes underground.
Duty has been doubled,
green cess has been added..
the tariff increased from
290/KVH to 320/KVH..
SPTL consumers are on the verge
of committing suicide..
but SPTL is still a loss-making
company, your honor.
Uttarakhand has the capacity
to produce 20,000 Megawatts.
But we could only get 18%.
So where are the so-called
'Vikas and Kalyan'?
We should get used to the
darkness, your honor, because..
we cannot usher in a revolution
with a fused bulb.
That's all your honor.
Sit down. Sit down.
The court sentences Sunder Mohan
Tripathi to six months..
imprisonment and imposes
a fine of 40,000 rupees..
for lying and attempted fraud
with the Insurance company.
His bill of 5.4 million
is cancelled.
For the mental torture
caused by..
SPTL to Sunder Mohan Tripathi..
due to faulty meter..
insufficient subsidy,
and baseless bills..
for that SPTL, will pay One
million as compensation.
10 fast track courts will
be appointed for..
the quick solutions
of the consumers.
And SPTL will pay 50,000
as compensation..
to every troubled consumer.
Until then..
SPTL's license is canceled.
Sunder Mohan Tripathi
Vs SPTL's case..
will be considered
as a milestone.
Now.. the court can't handle
every personal..
issue connected with
but this is a beginning.
Case dismissed.
That was a close shave.
Kalyan. -All okay?
It was a ravine.
Don't be in deception..
there is still time for Vikas
and Kalyan to reach us.
Power off, power off..
power off, Power is off
but meter is still on.
Power off, power off..
power off, Power is off
but meter is still on.
The nature played such a tune..
Knaves alone reign in the
kingdom of fools..
Oh brother, even the potato is
missing from the croquette..
The potato is missing..
Power is off but meter
is still on..
Power is off but meter
is still on..
It's the game of being in power..
The tower of power is
seen everywhere..
But there is no power yet..
The power meter is installed..
Which gave such a shock..
That made me hung from
a fan without power..
Can someone please tell me,
where do I pay this bill..
Pay this bill..
Power is off but meter
is still on.
Power is off but meter
is still on.
Power is off but meter
is still on.
Power is off but meter
is still on.
The future is dependant on
the power of generator..
Power is off but meter
is still on.
Don't get shocked, my friend..
The future is dependant on
the power of generator..
Power is off but meter
is still on.
Don't get shocked,
my friend, friend, friend!