Battle Beneath the Earth (1967) Movie Script

Battle Beneath the Earth (1967)
Another hour to go.
Looks like we've
drawn a quiet night.
Some nut will turn up
somewhere as they always do.
Control to Unit 2.
Control to Unit 2.
Unit 2, 5th and Bonanza.
Go ahead, Control.
A listening disturbance
at South Vine and Main.
Negative injuries. Investigate
and report. Urgent.
A what kind of disturbance?
A listening disturbance.
Repeat. Listening disturbance.
You've gotta be kidding.
That's what the report reads.
Investigate and report. Urgent.
See? What did I tell you?
You fools.
What's happening?
What's he saying?
Over there.
Look, I can't see anything.
Just like ants.
They're crawling under
us, I tell you.
Just like ants.
- Disgraceful. Come on, Martin.
- No, wait a minute.
I can hear them now.
Do you hear anything, lady?
What do you hear, Josie?
Must be some kind of nut.
Move along, folks.
Show's over, let's go.
Move along, everybody. That's
the lot. Nothing else to see.
Let's move, lady.
- Don't shove me, you idiot.
- On your way.
- Damn cops.
- Come along, Josie.
- Police brutality.
- Move along.
What's your problem, mister?
They're all down there.
Crawling about like ants.
If you listen closely,
you can hear them.
- Drunk?
- No.
You better come along
with us, mister.
But I tell you, they're
right beneath us.
Listen. Listen.
You can listen more
comfortably at the station.
You fools!
Don't you know what's happening?
Listen, for God's sake, listen!
Tell Jonathan Shaw.
Tell Jonathan Shaw.
He'll understand.
Tell Jonathan Shaw.
- Yeah?
- Commander Shaw, sir.
Send him in.
- Nice to see you, Jon.
- Thank you.
Sit down.
- Well, you're off the hook.
- I'm cleared?
Oh, it's not that simple.
The record still stands.
That infers I'm responsible.
The board's verdict reads,
"Due to causes unknown."
Well, that's one more
reason for going back.
- Sorry, can't be done.
- Why not?
Twenty-seven men died.
Now, they have families.
Neither you nor your underseas projects
are exactly popular right now.
Sealab VII was a
damned good design.
- Probably the best we've built so far.
- But it collapsed.
Yes, under tons of rock from
an undersea earthquake.
Look, Jon, we've been over
and over this before.
There were no traces of any
tremors or quake reports.
Then what happened down there?
I'm sorry, no diving.
I'm assigning you to the
test lab for a while.
Then you're knifing me too?
Oh, don't be stupid, relax.
When things quiet down, we'll see
about getting you back in the water.
- This needs your okay.
- Yeah, be right with you, Susan.
How are the weld-verification
people doing?
They'll be ready for the immersed
pressure sequences tomorrow.
That's good news.
Susan, what's wrong?
It's my brother.
More trouble?
- How bad is he?
- I don't know.
According to this, he's
getting the best of care.
But it's a state institution.
Jon, he's asking for you. Could
you go see him and talk to him?
I've tried that before.
But you're the only
one he'll listen to.
Please help him. Please.
Good morning,
Psychiatric Department.
Yes, doctor, that's
been taken care of.
Dr. Galissi will be
free any minute now.
Thank you.
Lemons. Nothing but lemons.
Never mind, Mr. Sparks, you
just keep right on trying.
Yeah. Yeah.
Sorry to keep you, commander.
If you'd step this way.
- That's a bit unusual, isn't it?
- Compulsive gamblers. Addicts.
I try to taper them off.
I'm glad you're here, commander.
I've failed miserably.
- I simply can't get through to him.
- You say that he keeps mentioning ants?
Yes, very puzzling.
Is he violent?
You are sure you'll
be all right?
What's your interest in Kramer?
I know he's an old friend...
He saved my life in Korea.
- Hello, Arnold.
- Jonathan.
...they took my chair away.
That's all right.
Why did they bring
you here, Arnold?
- They arrested me.
- Well, yes, I know. But why?
Why, Arnold?
They said I had a breakdown.
Out there in the streets.
What caused it?
You want my life's history?
There must have been a reason.
Dr. Galissi says that
you talked about ants.
Dr. Galissi!
That slot-machine quack.
Like ants.
Just like ants, you
can't stop them.
Who can't you stop?
They're crawling in
under us right now.
Who knows when they will strike?
I'm afraid I'm not
with you, Arnold.
Who is?
Look at these.
What are they?
Seismographic drawings
of the tunnels.
I see.
I used my latest
detection techniques.
There. That's where
they're coming in.
South of San Diego.
South of San Diego, yes, I see.
And there...
...along the Oregon coast.
But they're bound to
reveal themselves.
There'll be an
accident somewheres.
Yes, an accident
somewhere, of course.
You're just like the others.
- You don't believe me.
- Oh, now, Arnold...
You fool!
They're 20 years ahead of us!
They've got tunneling machines.
They're coming in under us.
- And you sit there like an idiot.
- Easy...
Don't you understand
they're after us?
They're going to wipe us out.
They're gonna wipe us
right off the map.
Another double, sir?
Oh, yeah, why not?
We interrupt this program to
bring you a special bulletin.
A sudden coal-mine disaster has struck
the small town of Placer, Oregon.
That's where they're coming in.
Along the Oregon coast.
When the mine collapsed a
few minutes after midnight.
Another 300 are
believed missing.
We now switch you to Jack
Ambridge in Placer, Oregon.
This is a small backwater town
near the Pacific Coast...
...but with the deepest
mines in North America.
Until today, the people of Placer
took pride in their mines...
...the most modern automated
mines in the world.
They claimed that theirs
was the safest...
They're going to wipe us out.
They're gonna wipe us
right off the map.
But now disaster has
struck this small town.
I appreciate your help.
You'll call me. All
right, thanks.
Well, the Bureau of Mines
people are still checking, Jon.
But they don't expect to
find anything unusual.
Well, what about
your equipment here?
Any warning tremors recorded
before the accident?
No, not a whisper.
Why would the mine
collapse so suddenly?
Well, they figure one of the
tunnel supports went first.
A mistake in engineering, faulty
timbers, pilot error, who knows?
- Here's that report you wanted, Vance.
- Oh, thanks, Meg.
I asked Naval Intelligence... run a computer check on the
entire town, and that was asking a lot.
- Naval Intelligence?
- Yeah.
- Ever hear of sabotage?
- Yes, but...
Yeah, well, here we are.
"Of 622 regular miners, 43 have
arrest or conviction records."
"Traffic violations, drunken
driving, speeding."
Nothing special, just
the usual offenses.
Ah, take a look at this.
"Closely knit,
average community...
...indicating an unusually
loyal group of citizens."
Yeah, keep reading.
"This information, combined with our
investigation into the accident...
...confirms our belief that
no suspicion of sabotage...
...or other external
causes exist."
Any way you look at it, Jon, there
is no basis for Kramer's story.
Just another accident,
like Sealab VII.
Now, look, Jon, don't try
stretching coincidences too far.
You might wind up in a padded
cell along with Kramer.
Thanks for the advice.
You got that?
Yeah. Force: 3.9.
Grid location: A90 by 44B.
Depth: Sea level minus 60.
- Routine check, please.
- Roger.
Preparations Room,
what do you read?
Location: Construction site
above the King River Dam.
We've been briefed to expect high-level
dynamite blasts starting today.
Got that?
Thank you, Preparations Room.
We've got the entire
world bugged.
So it seems.
Yeah, if champagne corks pop in
the Kremlin, we pick it up here.
I hope you're right.
This is the lower section,
beneath the elevator shafts.
It's pretty dismal.
This way, sir.
One time this gallery looked promising
but the coal seams petered out.
Anybody here at the
time of the cave-in?
No, they were up on Number 2
Level. Mind your head, sir.
Gallery K is cleared.
We're ready to break through
into the bottom shaft.
Thanks, Pete. This
way, commander.
Cut the drill.
Okay, Mac.
Right, Charlie, get
in with that hammer.
Okay, that ought to do it.
- Looks like an explosion.
- Strange, this shaft's been closed for years.
- There's another.
- What is it?
Watch it!
- Are you all right?
- Yeah.
Hey, you better keep close.
No telling what'll go next.
What's this?
I don't know.
We never dug through there.
Perfectly cut sides.
Let's have the chisel.
Look at this.
I hope to hell you know
what you're talking about.
I think so, sir.
This is Colonel Wilson,
Army Intelligence.
- How do you do, sir?
- Hello.
...there's no question about it.
Your tunnel samples are a
mixture of rock and soil...
...typical of the Placer area...
...and fused under extremely
high temperatures.
By some kind of
tunneling machine?
It can't be ruled out
as a possibility.
But that would require a
fantastic amount of heat.
Such a machine is beyond our scientific
knowledge at the present time.
- This the medallion you told me about?
- Yes, sir.
What do you make of that?
Sir, I'm completely puzzled.
Oh, excuse me, sir.
Glad to see you, Arnold.
How is he, doctor?
The shock treatments seem
to have been effective.
Thank you. I'm sorry we can't ask
you to stay but it's regulations.
I understand.
In any case, I feel
safer in my own asylum.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye, and thank you.
So you found one of them.
No, only these traces.
I've told them about your research,
Arnold. They'd like to hear more.
As you all know, one of man's
dreams has been to understand...
...and predict earthquakes
and volcanic eruptions... prevent needless death
and wanton tragedies.
For the past seven years, I've devoted
my life and my resources to this task.
But your government
wouldn't help...
...nor would the great foundations.
However, I persevered.
Working alone, I
designed and built...
...extremely advanced and
sensitive equipment.
About six months ago...
...while I was studying that archvillain
of Japanese volcanoes, Asamayama...
...I began to detect strange
patterns of movement...
...beneath the Earth's surface.
Do you have a chart of the
Pacific here, please?
- Of course.
- Thank you.
Mysterious underwater sounds were
creeping along beneath the ocean...
...moving towards our coastline
in a steady methodical manner...
...unlike any natural force.
I presume you charted all this?
Asamayama erupted
quite suddenly.
My records, my equipment,
were all burnt to ashes.
I only escaped with my life.
That's about the wildest
yarn I've ever heard.
Is it?
As an experienced seismologist,
I can assure you that what I...
Severe landslide above San Francisco
reported a few minutes ago.
Nothing recorded
on our equipment.
Get back in that mine.
Take a team of men.
- Find out what's at the end of that tunnel.
- Yes, sir.
And, Jon, be prepared
for anything.
Yes, sir.
This is priority,
double-scramble the line.
- There it is.
- Move them up, sergeant.
Pick it up, Grasso.
What's that?
Hold it. Sergeant.
- Another set of tunnels...
- Shh!
Douse the light.
With atom bombs.
We move in?
What about the bombs?
We assume they're not triggered.
Take your men and
fan out over there.
- Go in when I go in.
- Right.
Grasso, Greenberg, Hawkins.
Let's go.
Sergeant Mulberry?
Get the disposal team.
Hawkins, Greenberg, Grasso.
Take two men back up the
tunnel, about a hundred yards.
- Take those boxes, set a barricade.
- Yeah.
- Come on, move it, move it.
- Hey, guys.
Put it right up
against the wall.
Come on, let's move it, let's
move it. Come on, come on.
Identical to the Mark III.
Yeah, copied lock, stock
and imploding pin.
It's a Mark III assembly.
Disarm and destroy. And watch
your step. It's tricky.
Got one.
Got two.
Got three.
Got six.
Move back, commander.
Okay, let's get out.
- Give us five minutes.
- I can't! Let's move!
Number eight, sir.
That machine, it's coming back!
Come on!
Hawkins, come on.
Grenades. Hit the
treads with grenades.
Come on, everybody out!
- See to the wounded, Chai.
- Yes, general.
So the Americans
have discovered us?
Sooner or later, it
was bound to happen.
- How many bombs are still operative?
- Only two.
- And your technicians?
- One survivor.
I'm sorry.
- Our most valuable men.
- They will be replaced.
But when? And the bombs?
- Even now, our deliveries fall far behind.
- We have prepared for a long struggle.
Five new atomic squadrons
will be dispatched soon.
And what about Peking?
The old men quake in their
boots, they dare not interfere.
General Chan, the advance force have
bored into the Colorado caverns.
- They await instructions.
- Good.
This is no time for a
faint heart, Kengh Lee.
The enemy lies naked before us, we rely
on your brilliance to see us through.
Hand me that fragment, Jon.
Thank you.
If Kramer's right, then he's years
ahead of your entire operation here.
Now, that's not fair, sir. We were set
up to detect underground explosions.
- Then how do we trace the tunnels?
- I've been talking to Dr. Kramer.
He's sketched out these new circuits.
He thinks they might be the answer.
What do you think, Vance?
- It's pretty wild.
- Well?
- Hell, it's worth a try.
- Okay, get started.
It's a laser drill, all right.
As I feared.
Admiral, this multiple drilling
head can cut through steel...
...concrete, rock,
anything, just like that.
Oh, they're on the ball,
all right, colonel.
While we've been wasting
billions up there...
...they've been working
down there where it counts.
Can we duplicate this laser?
- Given time, it's a possibility.
- How much time?
I don't know.
These spectroanalyses reveal
exotic alloys that we don't have.
It's as simple as that.
I've talked to Caltech. They've got
their top lab men standing by.
- What about Professor Kebner?
- I've tracked him down, sir. In Chicago.
- Fly him out to the coast.
- Yes, sir.
Get the air base,
Flight Control.
You're on the line, sir.
Flight Control?
This is Hillebrand.
I have VIPs flying to Los Angeles,
top priority and utmost urgency.
Negate the weather.
The plane will be waiting.
Right, I'll get my gear.
Go with him. Guard him. Don't
let him out of your sight.
Yes, admiral.
Reactivate your combat team.
Get reinforcements and
get back in that tunnel.
Fight, hold out, sabotage and do anything
to delay them until we're ready.
Yes, sir.
Get back, Grasso, we're
picking up your grease gun.
Okay. Pack it up.
General, they are back.
- How many men?
- We await further reports.
A determined enemy, no doubt. You
have reinforced the listening posts?
Yes, general.
And the bomb room?
It's been abandoned to
avoid further attacks.
New staging areas
have been prepared.
Logical. Very logical.
I thought so.
And so will the Americans.
My dear Chai, when will you learn
that logic is the American god?
Without logic, we
cannot function.
Military routine
clouds your brain.
Now is the time for something...
...completely and
uniquely illogical.
But, general...
Do not concern yourself.
Just keep me informed.
I shall be at the
advance supply depot.
Oh, admiral?
Low-frequency signal
is just coming in.
"No contact. Proceeding in.
Acknowledge, sir?
Ah, general, you do
us a great honor.
Production has started, I see?
On schedule.
Even the emergency oxygen
is being processed.
Provisions for the
Colorado force?
En route.
This location is perfect.
It abounds with every
type of raw material.
- Sufficient for our needs?
- Oh, yes.
Very soon now, we shall be
independent of the mainland.
Ah, yes, the Hydrosonic
Farm Project.
An experiment in forced
growth under solaric light.
A pleasant flavor?
Each tiny plant contains the
entire spectrum of vitamins...
...needed to sustain
the human body.
You have planned well, Kengh
Lee. Very well indeed.
One more item of interest.
Pure gold.
Enough to support our
needs for years to come.
I know, Pasadena, but
this is an emergency.
Hello? Yes.
Hold on, please.
He's on the line, sir. Phone 3.
Hello, Dr. Kramer. Admiral
Hillebrand here. How's it going?
Just a second.
It looks good. The metal problems are nearly
solved and we've started on the machine.
Well, how long will that take?
I can't tell. We're
working three shifts now.
Well, you must have some idea.
It's impossible to predict.
Don't push me, admiral.
I'm thinking what can happen
if we don't get your machine.
I know, but I can't
work miracles.
I think you can, doctor, and
we're counting on you to do so.
The admiral?
It's funny.
For years they've ignored me, and
now they expect the impossible.
It's Commander Cassidy, sir.
He's got the detector working.
Well, admiral, we've
filled in Kramer's blanks.
We can pick up any sound now.
Watch this.
- Yeah, but we're still in trouble.
- Well, how come?
Do you realize the fantastic amount of
activity that goes on in this country?
Heavy construction, mining,
digging, dynamiting.
All around us, 24 hours a day.
And you can't
isolate the sounds?
No, and it's driving
our computer crazy.
Oh, it starts off
normally enough.
Now watch what happens.
Yeah, I see what you mean.
No matter how hard it tries,
it can't perform its mission.
Kramer's original research took
place in unpopulated areas.
A factor we didn't consider.
It has me baffled.
Completely baffled.
This way.
Our plan works, they have
taken the left fork.
You see, Kengh Lee,
you worry needlessly.
One can always rely on the Americans
to be completely logical.
- Your preparations are complete?
- Yes, general. All is in readiness.
It's getting hotter.
Hey, commander.
Cover us.
Hey, commander.
Greenberg. Gloves.
They're inside.
- Radioactive waste.
- It's a trap.
- Everybody out. On the double.
- Come on!
- Let's get the hell out of here!
- Come on, everybody out!
Message coming through.
Emergency transmission,
direct voice.
Can't make it out.
It's a weak signal.
Hang on a minute.
There's too much interference.
Quiet! Everybody quiet!
Calling ADC. Calling ADC.
Come in, ADC. Come in, ADC.
Come in, Uncle John. We have
you but can't read you.
Repeat. We have you
but can't read you.
Column 9 has been ambushed.
Column 9, ambushed.
We are...
Sorry, admiral.
It's fine.
Any luck?
The battery's dead.
When we tried to pick up Shaw's
message, what interfered at this end?
Well, the background
noise in this room, sir.
And what stopped it?
Well, you did, sir. You
told them all to be quiet.
Exactly. And that's the answer.
- Sir?
- Here.
We'll have to move on.
Come on.
All right.
Then the time's final.
Starting this afternoon,
at 1400 Zulu, agreed?
Well, that's it.
Everything's set.
From here on in, it's up to your machines,
Cassidy. They have their chance now.
Yes, sir.
Attention. Attention,
all miners.
All mining operations in
all shafts suspended.
Repeat. All operations
are suspended.
All shafts are closed.
We regret to announce that all
flights have been postponed.
Repeat. All flights have been
postponed until further notice.
Please check with
your ticket counter.
Repeat. Please check with
your ticket counter.
California reports Condition
Silent now in force.
Mississippi calling.
All stopped.
Roger, Colorado. Good work.
Colorado found the trouble.
They're going off now.
Can we hear from Vermont and
Texas? What's the delay?
Vermont's on the line. They've
located the quarry blasting.
- Expect to go silent in 10 minutes.
- Good.
- Texas. Let's hear from Texas.
- No response.
- Try them again.
- Okay.
All right, Vance, get
your machines working.
- We'll handle Texas.
- Sir.
- What's holding them up?
- You know Texas.
They're through on my line.
They claim they shut
down over two hours ago.
It looks good. Very good.
Are you picking up the tunnels?
Yeah. This is it.
Switch over to visual on
the big board up above.
It's working. There's
the first report.
Near Phoenix.
Let's have an evaluation.
Underground noise moving east.
Direction: 070.
Estimated speed: Eight
miles per hour.
One of their tunnel borers.
- Or a bomb trailer moving through.
- Mm.
My God, they're everywhere.
So our Commander
Shaw has escaped.
Yes, general. But many
Americans were killed.
All senseless deaths
without Shaw.
I wonder which gods
protect him so.
- The Placer mine?
- All entrances have been sealed off.
At least we have
closed the barn doors.
"The barn doors"?
Oh, do not bother yourself.
An American expression.
I shall be with Dr. Kengh
Lee at the advance base.
You know, in a way, we've
gotta hand it to them.
They've completely undercut
our military power.
- Yes, and created a stalemate.
- That's right.
Well, you can see
what they've done.
Three separate tunnel complexes.
The first, running into Texas...
...under our space center and
the big aircraft plants.
Second, cutting through
our population centers.
And the third, snaking north
under our missile sites.
And the big Air Defense
Command Center...
...that cost a billion dollars
to carve into the rocks.
And they're just sitting there
waiting to press the button.
And if we don't find an answer soon,
we can write off the entire country.
Courvoisier in coffee?
Why not?
You know...
...perhaps it's a mistake to assume
that they already have the bombs.
That's one hell
of an assumption.
Yeah, but suppose the bombs
we've already destroyed...
...were the heart
of their offensive.
Well, they'd be desperate to get
replacements back into the tunnels.
Yeah, and forget our
dangers for a moment.
Put yourself in their position.
Consider their lifeline.
One long slender thread
under the Pacific.
That could be their big mistake.
You all right, Jon? Rough?
We lost most of the team.
I'm sorry.
What you say about their supply line
is exactly what we've been working on.
Now, this report, just
received from Hawaii...
...reveals the existence of
a deep volcano, inactive.
An expeditionary force going in
here could cut their jugular.
But how could we reach it?
With our own tunnel borer.
Uh-huh. He's just about
performed a miracle.
I'll show you.
It's not as sophisticated as their machines
but it works. It works damned well.
All right, let's get comfortable. We have
a lot of work to do before the morning.
- Welcome to Hawaii.
- How's it going?
I just left the general staff
meeting. Everything's set.
- And the backup troops?
- Standing by to follow our probe.
Oh, I'm sorry. This is Miss Yung
from the University of Hawaii.
- How do you do?
- Miss Yung is an expert potholer...
...or spelunker, if you wish.
She's a top authority
on volcanic passages.
- Does she know what we're up against?
- I'm fully aware, commander.
We've got the borer unloaded.
Where do you want it?
- Let's get it down in the hole immediately.
- Right.
Kelly, bring her through.
We continue north through
here as far as it goes.
How long will that take?
Another six hours, at least.
Well, it ends here, all right.
I read 325 degrees to intercept.
I make it 330.
All right.
Okay, let's have
the borer up here.
- Ready?
- Yes, it's all yours.
Switch on.
More power.
Increase to phase
five intensity.
Cut the lasers!
We're too close.
Reverse about two feet...
...and hold it.
Switch on.
Phase seven intensity.
And watch your temperatures.
We don't wanna reach critical.
Cut the lasers!
Watch it.
Careful, that's hot.
Look what's ahead.
Mulberry, I think we're
close, very close.
Split up the men. Check these passages.
One of them should go where we wanna go.
Right. Sergeant Mulberry,
take Kennedy, scout the left.
Bronsky, Hoffman, check straight ahead.
Wilson, Williams, check the left.
Sellack, come with me.
- Cigarette?
- Thanks.
How long have you
been exploring caves?
Oh, about 11 years.
I come from a family of potholers. My
father believed in starting us young.
- What do you do at the university?
- I'm a geologist.
We're very glad that you
could come along with us.
Jon, what happens when
we find their tunnel?
We destroy it.
But how?
I'll show you. Come with me.
With this.
It's an atom bomb, 10 megatons.
Assembled especially
for the job.
We've found the passage.
It's a dead end but it should lead us
right up against the Chinese tunnel.
- All right, let's get the borer in.
- Right.
Bring her through, Laski.
Increase to phase seven.
Petrified silica. Switch off.
- Can't we shift to another location?
- Where?
Besides, we'd lose
too much time.
Okay, I'll try again. Switch on.
Increase to phase nine. Slowly.
Phase 10.
- It burnt out.
- Can't we repair it?
Not a chance.
Well, we've finally
got a lead on them.
- Do you recall this medallion?
- Yeah.
Well, it's an ancient
emblem of the Lu warlords.
Going back as far as
the Ming Dynasty.
And there's a direct descendant.
- General Chan Lu.
- Chan Lu?
- Well, wasn't he purged?
- We thought so.
But now we've got reliable word that he
broke away from the central government...
...organized a private army...
...and took over the plutonium plants
he was supposed to be guarding.
Well, how can he get
away with that?
He has.
He's a very important man.
A veteran of the Long March.
Our guess is that he's got a couple of
bombs sitting under Peking right now.
So nobody dares
move against him?
Nobody, not even us.
Come on, Wilson.
What do you think this
is, a poker game?
Put your backs into it.
That rock's almost as tough
as the petrified stuff.
- Jon, I'm sorry about the borer.
- Oh, relax, it wasn't your fault.
I've been thinking, suppose we
missed something back there.
Such as?
A direct route to their tunnel.
Yeah, but we checked
the cavern thoroughly.
We moved through awfully fast.
Major, I've been at this
underground game for years.
I've got a feeling, a hunch,
there is a way through.
You'll be digging here for days.
All right, Arnold, it's worth a
try. We'll get a scouting party.
Just two. I wanna
travel fast and light.
I'll come with you. Ryan.
This could be it.
Yeah, but can we
find our way back?
Don't worry, I've kept track.
It must be straight ahead.
So, Dr. Kramer, you
are finally awake.
Welcome to our Sub-Pacific
How did you know I was Dr.
You have told us all
about yourself.
Indeed you have, doctor.
And I sympathize with
your frustrations.
A man of your aptitude should have been
acclaimed by his countrymen long ago.
Tell me, doctor, have you ever
considered changing sides?
It could be most advantageous
to all concerned.
Swimming the Yangtze
does not agree with me.
You do not understand. I
owe nothing to Peking.
I still won't help you.
What a pity.
Ah! Ah!
Permit me to introduce Dr. Arnn.
We have reason to think that our
American friend struggles with...
...shall we say,
subconscious desires.
Subconscious desires
to join our forces.
- But...
- His mind is not free.
Please look at me.
I am your friend.
Remember and think and remember.
I am your friend.
Red is green and green is red.
The East sun rises and
the West is dead.
Red is green and green is red.
The East sun rises and
the West is dead.
Red is green...
...and green is red.
The East sun rises...
...and the West is dead.
Red is green...
...and green is red.
The East sun rises and
the West is dead.
Red is green.
Green is red.
The East sun rises.
The West is dead.
- The men are tired.
- Try working shorter shifts.
- We've done that.
- Quiet.
We found it.
This narrow passage here.
It starts to lead away...
...but bends back right
into their tunnel.
How did we miss that?
The entrance, it's hidden
behind these tall rocks.
You're sure it goes through?
I saw their soldiers.
This is it, Jon.
Where's Cannon?
Waiting to guide the way.
Okay, let's move out.
Pack load the bomb.
All right, let's get going.
On your feet, Bronsky.
This way.
- Over there.
- Where's Cannon and Ryan?
They said they'd meet us here.
- Well, fan out and search for them.
- It's too late, commander.
Commander Shaw, a pleasure to have
you with us. Please sit down.
My colleague, Dr. Kengh Lee.
You honor us, sir.
Dr. Lee was almost a
compatriot of yours.
A graduate of your MIT.
A most excellent school.
What do you want, general?
I suppose I should chide you for the
trouble that you have caused us...
...but I must admit admiration
for your courage and ingenuity.
Coming from you I don't
appreciate the compliment.
Of course not. I
know how you feel.
But the ignorant days of global hostilities
are about to pass into history.
Very soon now victor and
vanquished will join hands... rebuild the
devastations of war.
What are you getting at?
Within 48 hours, your country
will be a desolate wilderness.
We fear that more than a
hundred million will perish.
The task of rebuilding
will be enormous.
That is why we ask your help.
We need men like you.
Leaders who can take command and
guide your surviving countrymen...
...into the paths of
peaceful reconstruction.
As your puppet, of course.
Your people will need
you desperately.
You would be advised
to think again.
No. No, thanks.
Dr. Arnn?
No, later.
Take him away.
But only 48 hours.
That's what the general said.
What's the matter, Arnold?
- It's my fault. All my fault.
- Oh, what are you talking about?
When I searched the
passage, I was captured.
- I let them brainwash me and take control.
- You led us into that ambush?
You don't understand.
I couldn't help myself.
- I couldn't help...
- Why, you selfish...
Hey, hey, hey. Knock it off. It's
not gonna get us out of here.
Sentry. Sentry.
Quick, an accident.
Have you got a bandage?
A bandage?
Thank you.
Thank you.
I can't reach them.
Well, let me try.
Lift him up.
Got them.
Somebody's coming.
Come on.
How could you permit
such a thing to happen?
I did not imagine they
could be so resourceful.
May the gods destroy
me for my blunders.
A most desirable end, no doubt. But
not likely to retrieve the prisoners.
We must pull back another battalion.
Organize all available men.
Scour every foot of tunnel. Search
each cul-De-sac and cavern.
Yes, general.
You surprise me.
I thought that your total wrath would
have descended upon that fool.
What would that accomplish?
Chai is a good officer.
Good, how soon?
The bomb train is on the way.
We're boxed in.
Come. Up.
Give me your hand.
- There's no time.
- Well, quick.
So long, Jon.
You, up there.
Right. Continue the search.
- What's all the shooting about?
- Americans, they've escaped.
- How many?
- Three.
I'll keep an eye out.
They are dangerous. You must
wait until we clear the tunnel.
- I insist.
- My train has priority.
You wait here, that's an order.
Where's the general? I'll
get clearance from him.
Very well. Come with me.
Get up. Come on. Get up.
The uniforms.
What is the trouble?
Let's go.
Priority orders
from General Chan.
Get that out of our
way immediately.
Keep to the right. It should
lead us back to the cavern.
Attention, all drivers.
Attention, all drivers.
Prepare to move out.
Prepare to move out.
I regret this senseless delay.
We shall arrange for you to continue
without further interference from idiots.
Do you want me to follow?
- No, you will not be needed.
- No, general, no!
- No. No.
- Drive on.
Head to the passage.
My convoy.
Head them off.
After them.
We'll never make it.
It's the end of the line.
We must get help.
And leave these to Chan Lu? No.
Where is the borer?
- Coming up as quickly as possible.
- Check again.
The imploder's missing.
- There's nothing there.
- You're certain?
I've looked everywhere.
- There's some dynamite in that box.
- But I thought...
I know. It's not supposed to trigger a
bomb, but it might work on this circuit.
They missed a bet.
Yeah, and the percussion caps.
Ten minutes.
Mulberry, on the double.
We've got 10 minutes.
The borer machine.
After them.
Bring up your technicians. We
will inspect the bomb train.
All is in order, general.
The gods have truly been with
us. Nothing has been harmed.
Assemble a new transport unit.
Get this convoy moving.
Yes, sir.
What is it?
It's been armed.
It's about to explode.
You fool.
You've ruined all we've
worked for. You stupid fool.
You've defeated us.
Destroyed us.
Come back. Come back.
Dismantle this bomb.
Come back, I command you.
Tunnel Area Able 7: Response
negative. Activity zero.
Area Able 9: Activity zero.
All response from Baker 12:
Obliterated. Transmission cut.
That does it, colonel.
All sound response from
all the tunnels now zero.
- Fine.
- Sir.
Our computer's just verified that Chan Lu's
entire network has collapsed and flooded.
Enemy survivors?
Just about impossible.
Well, I guess that's that.
Sorry about Kramer.