Battle Bots (2018) Movie Script

- We could be out here forever.
- We've been out here forever.
- Drax thinks there's one
out here so we have to look.
- Even if we do find one, would it matter?
Would it make a difference?
It all seems so hopeless.
- Hope is all we have now.
I don't believe my eyes,
we finally found one.
Maybe now we have a chance.
Radio the compound.
- This is Scout Party Seven to compound.
We have good news.
We have found a robot, down, but intact.
- You may rise and report your findings.
- Today is Caesar's unlucky day.
Report this.
Don't move an inch, Mr.
Supreme Leader Caesar.
Your rule has come to an end.
Today the fighter's take the tide.
You're nothing without your robots.
- Perhaps so.
That's better.
We can accomplish nothing with you
waving that crossbow in my face.
- What the hell have you done to me?
- Prove to you I can fight
just as well without robots.
Why are you here, besides the obvious?
- Trying to stop the reign of terror.
- You failed.
All of you have failed.
The fighters are nothing,
scattered, beaten.
Surrender and join our family.
- We'd never submit to your cult
of brainwashed death troopers.
- Maybe Drax thinks otherwise.
- What is it?
- I have something that
belongs to you, Drax.
- Uh, Caesar.
Damn you, let him go.
- It's hopeless.
Surrender to me or he dies.
Then my robot, the
all-powerful robot, will march
towards your base and bring
final death and destruction!
- We'll never give in to you.
We'll fight to the last
man and woman standing.
- As you insist.
- This is your last
chance to join our family.
The next time we meet you will be begging
for mercy on your your knees
and I will show you none!
- Next time I see you, I'll
be sticking a robot's arm
so far up your ass you'll
be spitting titanium!
- Remove this groveling
human from the chamber.
My magnificent machine, soon
you will fulfill the destiny
you were made for and destroy
the remaining fighters
so we can be supreme rulers of this world!
- Oh, damn him!
- Drax, what is it?
- Our mission to sabotage the robot
and assassinate Caesar has failed!
He's sending his robot
here to finish us off.
We have to leave and hide for the hills.
- We should do no such thing.
- We'll be massacred.
What chance do we have?
- I say let's fight fire with fire.
- What do you mean?
I'm tired, stop talking in riddles.
- Search party found a bot.
- What?
Fantastic, where?
- In the Forbidden Zone, near
the core mine we call Janus.
- That's one of the Class B mining bots.
What do you think?
What condition is it in?
- It's in one piece, but it has suffered
some damage due to the nuclear storms.
- What's your opinion?
Is it worth fixing?
- It's worth a try.
- Okay, I'll assemble a team.
You be ready shortly so we
can assess the situation.
Squirrel, hey, Squirrel.
- Oh, hey, Drax.
I finally got those
phaser plugs straightened.
- Oh, don't worry about that.
We've got a bigger matter to take care of.
- What is it, Drax?
- We found a bot in the Forbidden Zone.
I need you to come with a
recon team to assess the unit
to see if we can get it functional again.
- It's probably been there a long time
and corroded from all the storms.
- Yeah, I know, but if
anybody can fix it you can.
What do you say?
- Of course, absolutely.
I could be ready shortly.
- Thanks and, Squirrel?
- Yeah, boss?
- If we don't get this bot
functioning, it's all over.
Caesar's sending his
robot and death squads
will arrive soon for a final annihilation.
- Almighty ones, you
have ordained this moment
before time began, a time when I, Caesar,
supreme leader of all, will march into
final victory against the resistance.
You have given us the mighty robots,
metal saviors who bathe
in the task of ridding
this broken world of
vermin and unworthy ones.
We will rebuild a new world, a bold world
where robots walk and I lead.
As we pray, fill us
with your divine energy
so we may complete this task at hand.
- Hey, Drax, is it true?
You found a robot in the Forbidden Zone?
- Yeah, we did.
I'm assembling a team
now to go check it out.
- I'm going, too.
- No, I'd rather you stay here
and prepare for our defenses.
- We are as fortified as we can get.
Please let me go, for my father's sake.
- Luna, I'm sorry about your father.
- Then I can go?
- Luna, I don't--
- You know that I can bring
these robots back to life.
My father built many of them
and I grew up helping him.
- Okay, okay.
Be ready in 10 minutes.
- Alright, thanks, you won't regret it.
- I already do.
This time, Luna, it's due or die.
- Alright, Drax.
- Yes, what do you have to report?
- The fighters have found a bot.
- Where?
- In the Forbidden Zone.
The fighters are checking out there,
to see if it could be repaired.
- This is very interesting
news, but don't worry.
The search party won't make it back alive
and the robot will remain non-functional.
See to both
- Yes, sir.
- I will send out a greeting party
to help them celebrate
their momentous find.
- Let's take the Sector Seven pass.
- Okay, everybody stick close.
Follow, Luna.
- Okay, I won't let her outta my sight.
- I'm ready.
We better take shelter for a while.
The sun is at its hottest
and our protective clothing
won't keep us from being
burned for much longer.
- Yeah, she's right.
- Over there!
Come on, that'll do!
Go easy on that.
- Sure thing, Drax.
- Who woulda thought the
world would come to this?
- It was bound to happen sooner or later.
Superpowers trigger-happy to be the
last man standing and everyone falls.
- Except the robots.
- The robots, another one
of Man's great blunders.
- Not so, they were built to aid Man,
not go to war for him.
- Well, it didn't turn
out that way, did it?
- What do you know about
Caesar, what makes him tick?
- He's like any other lunatic despot.
Power-hungry, crazy with
a dark drive to conquer.
Looking at Man as an obstacle rather
than a bridge to a better world.
- You have to admit, we
didn't do a very good job.
- I suppose not, but, maybe we
can learn from our mistakes,
make a better world.
- Rebuild the world in a field of ashes?
Almost sounds like a joke.
- No more comedic than Caesar and his cult
of robot worshipers.
- I wonder what the fascination is?
- Maybe he just like playing with toys.
- Giant toys.
Those robots were built to mine elements
out of the Earth's core.
- I just wonder what the rest
of the world is doing now.
- We may be the rest of the word.
- There may be other
survivors on other continents,
fighting to survive just like us.
- Billions were killed during
the Great Nuclear Exchange.
Survivors slowly were killed
off by the radiation poison.
- We made it.
- We were lucky.
- I think the lucky ones died first.
We have to see it through to the death.
It's over there all right.
In pretty rough shape though.
- Hey, as long as it has enough power
to stop Caesar where he
stands I'll be happy.
- Halt, drop your weapons.
- Now what?
- Now you die.
- Now!
- Damn.
I tried to get him, but he got away.
- No worries.
We've bought ourselves enough time.
- I thought for a second, Squirrel,
you were running away
with him, not after him.
- Very funny.
- You work on the robot, we'll
take care of these bodies.
- You got it, boss.
- Here, we can bury him over here.
- Hey, Squirrel, what do you think?
- This baby's seen better days,
but I think I can get it functioning.
- Great.
- Don't celebrate too fast.
It can't be moved.
We'll have to repair it here.
- Okay.
Well, I'll have the equipment and tools
brought by another team member.
Finish up and let us know what you need.
- Will do.
- He thinks he can fix it.
Once he's done with his inspection,
we'll radio back to the
base for parts and tools.
- Finally, a stroke of
luck for the good guys.
- My lord.
- You bring good news of
the fighter's extermination?
- We were defeated, taken by surprise.
- I see, no worries.
Our robot will finish the
job where you have failed.
And what of our great defender, the robot?
- It will be operational and ready
for extermination shortly.
- Very good.
Now, please, clean up this mess.
- Yes, my lord.
- Drax needs these tools to fix the bot.
They shouldn't be too much farther.
- You know, I've always wondered what one
of these things looked
like underneath that mask.
- Go ahead.
- Oh.
- Oh!
- Oh, it's hideous!
Is this what Caesar has planned for us?
- We won't be captured to
be one of his cult members.
We'll be killed!
- Well, I'd prefer that than
becoming one of these things.
- The battle bot is ready.
We await your word.
- Destroy them!
- Yes, my lord.
- Yes.
- What is it, Scorpion?
Can't seem to take your eyes off Squirrel.
What do you have a crush
on him or something?
- Far from it.
I prefer Drax myself.
- Mm, so would I.
Hopefully we won't have to fight over him.
- I don't think we have
to worry about that.
He barely notices us.
But, Squirrel, I just don't trust him.
- He's harmless.
Eccentric, but harmless.
He's a damn good mechanic.
- Maybe he's more.
- Well, I'm just about ready.
- We have company.
What's the range on that remote?
- I had to stay pretty close.
The signal might get
interrupted, it's pretty old.
- Alright, people, this is it.
- Do we have lasers on our back?
- We sure do.
- Then use them!
- Oh no!
- What is it?
- One of the fuel cell
catalysts is damaged.
- What does that mean?
- We lost power to the main brain control.
It can't function.
- Damn.
Take cover!
- This way!
Let me go!
- Luna!
- Don't, you'll shoot her!
- Oh, they got Luna.
- Where's Squirrel?
- He must have been crushed by the robot
or kidnapped with Luna.
- Who would want him?
- Well, he understands bots,
that makes him valuable.
- What now?
It's hopeless.
- Let's head back to the base and
get our weapons and fighters and let's
launch one last assault on Caesar's base.
- Damn straight.
- Let me go!
- In due time, my dear.
- You're insane!
A madman.
- You'll change your mind
in that regard, as well.
- Never.
Where are the others?
- We believe they may have fled
after your robot was defeated.
Or they were killed in the attack.
We're still searching.
Either way, the revolt
is over, for all of you.
- If anyone survived, they will be back.
We will fight until the last person.
- I love that spirit.
Don't lose it when I make you my bride.
- What?
- You belong to me now.
I am taking you as my bride.
A plush ceremony will be held in our honor
after we crush the remaining fighters.
Sparing your life will be a wonderful
wedding present, won't it?
- Never, I would never agree to that!
- I'm not asking you, I'm telling you!
Like it or not, you will be my bride.
Revel in the fact that you
will at least be alive.
Take her away!
- You can do this, not much further.
Come on.
Come on, you can do this.
Keep moving, come on.
Come on, up, come on.
Come on.
We got this.
Not much further, come on.
- I wondered when you would get here.
- I put on a good show for the fighters.
- That robot they found was
a lot tougher than yours,
but I made sure it was
only operating at 30%.
- You've done well my treacherous friend.
- I'll be rewarded, like you promised?
- Yes, but I have one
more thing for you to do.
- Transmission started.
This is MAP227, freedom fighter.
We've been trying to
connect with you for weeks,
but these droids, they
have us pinned down.
We're in an old building somewhere
in the middle of a town, a city.
We don't even know where, we're just.
We're trying to reach somebody, anybody.
If you receive this transmission, please,
please get a hold of us.
Find us, help us.
There's very few of us and we can't
hold these droids off any more.
We tried, we desperately
tried to make a difference,
to fight for the cause of humanity.
To defeat this crazy overlord
of the New Order, Caesar.
We've heard rumors.
We've heard rumors of one last
attempt to overthrow Caesar.
You need to find a robot
somewhere out there.
There are robots that
can be programmed, manned
and fight back.
We hope with all our heart
that you're doing this,
that it has already been done.
We simply don't know.
Once again, this is MAP207 from somewhere,
somewhere in the United
States, seeking help.
Please, come quickly.
Come quickly.
- We're too late.
- Caesar's goons were already here.
- There's no one left, everyone's dead.
- We could do no more here.
- This is a suicide mission,
we won't make it back.
- At least we'll go down fighting.
There's nothing left to come back to.
- I can't eat without my hands.
You're gonna have to untie me.
- Uh.
Uh, what is that, you bastard?
- Save your energy, my pretty bride.
- Cycle tracks, they go this way.
- Hey.
- Squirrel, are you okay?
- What happened?
- During the fight I was
captured along with Luna,
but I managed to escape.
- Where is she?
- Caesar's compound, I guess.
- Then that's where we're headed.
Not alone.
- What do you mean?
- If we can, we'll get the robot fixed
for one final assault.
- It's probably inoperable.
- That's what you'll find out for us.
Come on.
- I don't buy his story.
- You're very suspicious of him.
What are you thinking?
- Well, I find it hard
to believe he escaped
from Caesar's sentries on his own.
And I noticed when he was working
on that bot he wired a
few things backwards.
- Wait, he fixed it, didn't he?
- Yeah, he fixed it alright,
he fixed it to lose.
Did you ever think about that?
I don't know, I don't trust him.
Keep your eye on him.
- There it is, no sentries in sight.
- I'll look for the controller
while you guys figure out
what's wrong with our tin giant.
- We'll be on the lookout.
- Yes!
Mission accomplished.
- Fantastic!
We think the failure
was due to bad wiring.
Let's let Squirrel work his magic.
- I'll get to it.
Squirrel to Caesar, this
is Squirrel to Caesar.
- Who were you talking to?
- No one, Drax.
- We heard you?
We heard you say Caesar.
Are you in bed with him?
- You don't understand,
it's not what it looks like.
- It looks like you're a traitor.
- How could you double cross us?
Caesar only wants to kill
us, all of us, including you.
- He promised me power and great wealth.
- He lied to you and when he gets done
with you he's gonna kill you, too!
- He won't, I brought him.
- You gave him who?
- I brought him Luna.
She's to be his bride.
- You're not getting an invitation!
The bastard deserved it.
- What now, boss?
- Get the bot functional and pointed
towards Caesar's compound.
- What are you gonna do?
- I'm gonna go ahead
and try and rescue Luna.
You start the assault
whether I'm back or not.
- Got it.
Be careful.
- Fool, your time has come.
Send out a greeting
party to finish off Drax.
Then go after the girl
when they have the bot.
My wedding will not be
interrupted by infidels.
You are so beautiful.
I hope in time you come to
desire me the way I desire you.
- I would kill myself
first opportunity I got
before I even let you touch me.
- I plan on doing more than
touching you, my flower.
You will bear our children so we can
create a monarchy all our own.
- You're crazy, the
fighters are gonna stop you!
- I hardly think so, they
are all but destroyed.
The remaining few are being dealt with.
You are all that is left
of the fledgling rebellion!
- You're lying!
- You don't have to believe me,
but think on it.
I'll see you tomorrow at the wedding.
- That was close.
- I was about to tear him apart!
- From my vantage point, it looked like
they were ready to tear you apart.
- I had it under control.
It looks like you got
the robot under control.
- I still have some modifications to make.
I was just sliding in the laser.
- Oh, finally.
Get the hell outta here.
- Sleep, my bride, sleep.
- Alright, big boy, let's move out.
- Squirrel to Caesar, this
is Squirrel to Caesar.
- Who were you talking to?
- No one, Drax.
- We heard you.
We heard you say Caesar.
Are you in bed with him?
- You don't understand,
it's not what it looks like.
- It looks like you're a traitor.
- How could you double cross us?
Caesar only wants to kill
us, all of us, including you.
- He promised me power and great wealth.
- He lied to you and when he gets done
with you he's gonna kill you, too!
- He won't, I brought him.
- You gave him who?
- I brought him Luna,
she's to be his bride.
- You're not getting an invitation!
- Lord Caesar wants to see you.
- Luna, my soon to be bride,
I want to offer you some
entertainment before our union.
Look, my magnificent machine is marching
to annihilate what's left
of your fighter friends,
and their third world
serves just to hold us back.
- I don't wanna look.
- You can do as you like,
but the finale is here.
- Drax, he's still alive.
- Not for long.
He's only being prolonged
for the sake of mankind.
He knows it's all over.
- We'll just see how this ends.
- Yes, we shall.
- Here we go, rock 'em,
sock 'em battle bots.
Oh, what the hell.
- Send out a party to eliminate her, now!
- Immediately.
- Things aren't going as planned, huh?
- Our battle bot is undefeatable!
- Oh yeah, that's why you sent
out a contingency plan then.
- Silence!
- That was easier than I thought.
Now to find Luna.
- This can't be happening!
The battle bot is going berserk!
- Hopefully he'll come back
here and finish the job.
Oh my lord, I have a surprise for you.
- What is it?
- This!
- No!
I want to rule
- What a shocker.
- I don't, I don't even wanna know.
- It's over, it's finally over.
- The robot!
The sentries took out Scorpion.
Our bot is out there unmanned!
- Then we have to get to
it and finish the job.
They aren't far.
- Over there!
- It doesn't have much life in it, but.
- What?
- If their bot stays directly behind ours,
I think I can expel enough
exhaust here to burn theirs up.
- Do it!
- Now!
Is it really over?
- No, it's just beginning.