Battle Circus (1953) Movie Script

who's surgical
officer today?
Webbe. Pre-op.
How we doing, soldier?
Not... too bad, major.
Penetrating chest wound.
Much pain here when you breathe?
Yes, sir.
Get this man to surgery
as soon as the table's open.
Got a special case for you, jed.
The line forms to the right
on special cases.
This one was hit
only 20 minutes ago.
Man: Hey, bill?
What exactly are
your duties, sergeant?
Keep the circus moving, ma'am.
Anything else?
Like most soldiers,
I try to stay alive,
Sure glad
to see you,
Thanks a lot.
Hiya, soldier?
A girl...
[Siren wails]
Alright, soldier.
Come on!
Go on, go!
Get down.
Alright! Down!
Hit the dirt! Down!
[Machine gun fire]
[Machine gun fire]
What are you trying
to do, win the war
Those men,
they could have
been killed.
Unhappily, lieutenant,
we always have plenty
of casualties
but never enough nurses.
But a nurse's duty--
there's the all clear.
[Siren wails]
But a nurse's duty
to a hospital is
to see--
the duty of this hospital
is to save what casualties
we have,
not to make new ones.
You just get in?
Yes, sir.
Ruth Mcgara,
replacement from Tokyo,
reporting for duty, sir.
Glad to have you aboard.
Those are
your quarters
over there.
Latrine's to the right.
The showers are to the left.
The front's
up to the north
a little way,
but I wouldn't rush
right up there.
The general's
got things pretty
well in hand.
Yes, sir.
Please stop doing
that, will you?
Did you get the class 6?
No, sir. No written
orders, no scotch.
You're losing your touch.
I did bring
the 3 nurses,
Our army's secret weapon.
You sound like I'd
better find you
a bottle.
Man: Major?
Phone. Division surgeon.
It doesn't have
to be full,
you know.
Man over telephone:
We'll be operational
at new area...
Dog sugar 6-7-4-2...
1200 tomorrow.
Better get your show
on the road.
How soon?
I say how soon?
Right away.
Move at night?
That's up to you.
I said, that's up to you.
You know
the capabilities
of your own unit.
Yes, sir.
Better get your rubes out.
Which way do we go?
Up or back?
Let's see,
we're here...
Up to here.
Got it.
200 yards off the highway
by dirt road.
For evacuation of
patients, there's
a railroad spur
about one mile
to the west...
Right here.
Move out at dawn as usual.
No. Now.
By the time I get
this show on wheels,
it'll be dark.
What's that to do?
Interfere with
your sack time?
No, sir.
Colonel Whalters
won't want us to
move out at night.
Well, when he gets back,
he can change my orders.
Call the base depot.
Get colonel Whalters
on the phone.
I'll go up by copter
and take a look at
the new position.
You're in charge
until either I or
Whalters get back.
Evacuate all
transportable patients.
Here's the dope.
Any luck?
No, sir, not yet.
Nothing, sir.
What's the matter?
Can't you get these
tents up at night?
Oh, yes, sir.
We can get them up,
if you can get them there.
I can't locate
colonel Whalters,
Well... keep trying.
Yes, sir.
If I place
the receiving tent
down there,
east to west,
how does that affect
your landing strip?
Seems okay.
Alright, let's go home.
Man over radio: Mash 66
to windmill 13951, over.
Mash 66.
Windmill 13951
to mash 66,
go ahead, over.
Pick up casualty.
Take him to base hospital.
Position of casualty--
hill 212. Repeat, 212.
Area marked by smoke bomb.
Enemy rifle fire. Over.
[Machine gun fire]
[Bullet hit]
Bring him over here!
There's a couple more
up there, major.
One's our medic.
There's a couple more up there,
major. One's our medic.
Radio said
there was only
one casualty.
That was 10 minutes ago.
A medic's not supposed
to get hit.
[Rifle fire]
That boy's hurt
pretty bad, rusty.
Put him in the other pod.
This man goes in the cockpit.
We'll try to
keep them down.
So long. Thank you.
Herb, keep them covered
until they get out.
How's the shower?
Cold, honey.
Cold as a brass monkey.
Man: Center Poles down!
Alright, pull out!
Center Poles down!
Man: Center Poles down!
Side Poles!
Men: Side Poles!
Men: Down!
Okay, take it out of here.
[Swing music playing]
Excuse me. I think
the war is over.
Well, the tents are coming down.
I just saw them.
Hit that road.
Tote that barge.
Pack, unpack.
Move, stop!
Move? I just
got unpacked!
Tough. We've only
been here 4 days
Don't we get
any notice before
we have to move?
Front lines move, we move.
Yeah, but 7 moves in 23 days?
Nurse: You got
to keep loose
in the army.
It's kind of like
a real circus, isn't it?
Hey! Did you hear?
The war's over.
Orders say we're moving tonight.
May I, honey?
No, you smell already.
Why at night?
Oh, jed's orders.
Since when did
major Webbe become
jed to you?
Oh, I'll get a ring out of him
yet, honey.
Through your nose?
May I, honey?
Toilet water.
Say, this major Webbe...
What kind of a person is he?
I met him.
Oh, brother,
whatever I did,
it was wrong.
What is it you did, honey?
Absolutely nothing.
I was tending some
sick soldiers and...
Suddenly he attacks me.
In broad daylight?
[Imitating Webbe]
"Don't do this!
Do this! Don't do that!
Do that!"
May I have my comb?
Thank you.
What's the matter?
Doesn't he like nurses
or something?
Oh, he likes them fine,
but only in their place.
It's a good thing
to remember, honey.
You, too, honey.
Heard from colonel Whalters yet?
No, sir, not yet.
All the patients evacuated?
They will be by morning.
You all set?
Yes, sir.
Okay. Move out.
Yes, sir.
Okay, wind them up!
Man: Wind them up!
Second man:
Wind them up!
Hit the road!
Second man: Hit the road!
[Engines starting]
10-minute break.
Smoking lamps out.
Nurse: Major...
Oh, major...
Oh, major...
Are they going together?
Nah, she's strictly
bush-league stuff.
We were worried about you, jed.
I mean, you
getting trapped
on that hill
and risking your life.
Yeah, I'll tell him
when I see him.
Down, everybody, down!
Get down!
Webbe: Yeah!
Sergeant: Hit the road!
Move out!
Are you alright?
Yes, sir, I think so.
Except every time we meet
you knock me down.
Well, I didn't want you
getting a purple heart
so soon.
No, sir.
Just black and blue.
About this morning...
I didn't mean to get
in the way.
Forget it.
Yes, sir.
What's a girl like you
doing in Korea, anyway?
Getting in the war
like everybody else.
Everybody else?
What do the people
back home know
about war or us...
Or what it's like over here?
Not much, I guess.
Slogging along
in the mud
and the rain,
surrounded by the enemy.
Frostbites in the wintertime...
Mosquito bites
in the summertime...
No sleep, no peace.
No hot meals...
No women...
No women...
Wait a minute.
I beg your pardon.
Oh, brother.
Now I've heard everything.
Maybe I am a dumb rookie
and an eager beaver, okay?
Maybe I don't know enough
to keep my head down.
But I do know a pass
when I see one.
In Pennsylvania, I'm the best
little interceptor
of passes you ever saw.
You ever fumble one?
Never a fumble?
Well, that's
too bad.
Oh, boy. I've heard
all kinds of lines...
From misunderstood husbands...
To guys who just
want to fondle me
like a sister.
Oh, but your line...
"They gave me a gun.
War is hell."
A little too obvious, huh?
Oh, no, sir.
Just sneaky, that's all.
Alright, drop them!
Line them up by me here!
Line them up good! Drop it!
Side Poles up!
Men: Side Poles up!
Center Poles up!
Center Poles up!
Okay, move out!
[Engine starts]
Make sure to hit
all those puddles.
Colonel Whalters with you?
Over there!
Morning, colonel.
You've had yourself a busy time.
Nobody in this man's army
can get himself
in so much trouble
as you
in so short a time.
Why, thank you.
Comes naturally,
you know.
It's not funny.
No, sir.
Moving out at night,
getting ambushed.
That little episode
with the chopper.
You had no business
being there in
the first place,
and in the second place,
you might have gotten
shot up.
They say it happens in a war.
Man: Colonel,
casualties coming in heavy.
Webbe: Dobbs,
get me a cap and gown.
Yes, sir.
Looks like you did
the right thing
moving last night.
If you were a little
more military,
you'd be running
one of these outfits
I don't want to run
anything, colonel,
or anybody at any time.
We're gonna have company.
Thank you.
First he'll look around
like there's
no place to sit.
When he gets here,
he'll make like
it's a big surprise.
Stay here.
Not me.
Don't go away, please.
Well, good morning.
Morning, major. Morning, major.
Well, this is
a pleasant surprise.
Yes. It's
a small world.
Me, too.
Oh, just a minute.
Are you handling
the Korean refugees?
Just the typhoid
and typhus inoculations,
yes, sir.
Well, that's very important.
You better not
keep them waiting.
No, sir.
You coming, Ruth?
Finish your coffee, lieutenant.
Never fumbled, eh?
Just too bad.
Well... the tank boys
captured some vodka
and some canned fish eggs,
and I thought maybe
if it's quiet around
here this evening,
we'd have a little celebration.
You know, I'm planning
a wonderful relationship
between us.
Why me?
Why not you?
I'm not here for that, major.
I'm a pushover
for only one thing:
Winning the war.
Yes, yes, of course.
But I thought that
maybe while we were
winning the war--
no, no.
You figured me wrong.
I didn't
figure you wrong.
You want to bet?
All I want to do is be
the best nurse I can.
Want to bet?
That's egg on your face, major.
[Distant explosions]
Gooks been on the move
two days, they say.
Well, give them some rice.
Once they
get inoculated,
keep them moving.
And they're not gooks.
Help me.
This boy is hurt.
How did he get wounded?
[Speaking Korean]
[Old man speaking Korean]
How does he look?
Not good.
Got hit by shrapnel.
Old papa-San said
his mother and father
got killed.
He hasn't got a chance.
He would if major Webbe
would take him.
[Distant explosions]
Get him x-rayed.
Yes, ma'am.
Coffee, Dobbs?
No, thanks.
What's holding up
our shipment of
whole blood?
I don't know, sir. We're running low.
Colonel... there's
a little Korean boy with
a very bad chest wound.
Major Webbe will
take care of it.
I'll call base hospital
about the blood.
The x-rays will be ready
very soon.
Those Korean refugees
are getting to be
quite a problem.
When are you getting around
to my problem?
The Korean boy.
This your idea?
I wasn't against it.
Dobbs, set up for chest surgery.
Yes, sir.
You, inside.
Yes, we'll win the war together.
You still here?
Sit down.
Well, sir, you see,
that Korean kid--
is he still in surgery?
Yes, sir.
[Distant explosions]
Nurse, the x-rays.
This boy never had
a chance in
the first place.
He has now.
Closing him.
Major, I can't get a pulse.
Retractor for what?
Hold this, Dobbs.
Nurse, 100% oxygen.
That's better.
One-two, one-two,
one-two, one-two...
Massaging his heart.
Ever done this before?
Nurse: I'm getting
a pulse now.
Start some blood.
I know I saw it...
But I don't believe it.
How's the kid, lieutenant?
Oh, he'll be alright...
But I don't feel so hot.
Man: Chaps with
the 26th field ambulance...
[Big band music playing]
Man: How about
a short one, sir?
Jolly good idea.
Sure you won't come in?
I'm beat.
What are you thinking?
About you.
Good. That's good.
At least you're
not wasting your time.
That was a beautiful job
in surgery today.
Well, this is
a beautiful job
I'm looking at.
To be able to do
what you did, it's
kind of wonderful.
Is it?
The man who made
the machine gun
got rich.
T.n.t. Made its inventor
a million dollars.
But I'll bet you don't
know the name of the man
who discovered novocain.
Uh... einhorn.
1905. Why?
You have got to stop
creeping up on me.
Would you like to hear
the story of my life?
Oh, not now.
Well, I worked
in a pretzel factory
in Pennsylvania,
6 days a week, bending pretzels.
Did you know that
Pennsylvania is
very famous--
What's the matter?
Stay over there, please.
Well, don't you like it?
Yes, that's--
that's the trouble.
I do like it.
Well, relax and enjoy it.
No, I can't.
You're not even trying.
Don't be angry,
major. It's...
Well, it's just
when I go for anybody,
it's got to be all the way.
"All the way" means
one man for all the time.
Getting married and--
Well, please don't be angry.
I am not angry.
I am just a complete
nervous wreck.
You see what you did?
[Thunder rumbling]
No, no, no!
I was connected
with medical depot!
They say our shipment
of whole blood'll be in
sometime tomorrow.
Hello! Hello! Hello!
This is
colonel Whalters.
When tomorrow?
Oh. Oh, I see.
Right. Thanks.
I'll have rusty
fly down, pick it up
in the morning.
No hurry. They don't
know when it'll be in.
That's alright.
I got to check a list
of outgoing patients anyway.
Did you hurt yourself?
I--I-- I don't know.
[Lamp clatters]
What happened to the lights?
Generator went out, I guess.
Oh. Did you hurt
yourself very bad?
I twisted my ankle.
Nothing serious.
Sorry I barged in on you.
Oh, that's alright.
Any time.
The tent!
The tent!
The t--oh.
The tent!
Ruth: The tent! Oh--
excuse me.
Whom are we trying to
keep from getting wet?
[Both laughing]
Hey, what are you laughing at?
It's the first time
I ever kissed a fish!
Well, here's your second.
Do that again.
What a funny way
for it to happen.
What are you doing later?
Waiting for you.
Dobrowski, Lanier, Loeberman,
McCoy, Tassman, and Zimmer.
Jed: You men will leave
here in the morning.
Man: All the way to
the states, doc?
Some of you, yes.
Hmm... uh, you
better give him
a half unit of blood.
It'll have to be plasma, major.
Alright. why not whole blood?
Because, papa, there isn't any.
We're picking it up tomorrow.
Use mine. Tonight.
You're not exactly
the right type.
I'll get volunteers.
Suppose they won't?
When I draft them,
they volunteer.
But plasma's just
as good as whole blood.
Jed: Since when?
Do as he says.
Yes, sir.
Coming to the club?
Still waiting?
I'll meet you there.
Mind if I take the records?
No. Help yourself.
Coming, Dobbs?
No, lady.
Don't be too
disappointed if he
doesn't show, honey.
It won't be
the first time
he stood up a girl.
You ought to know.
Well, what's any
of us really know
about the major?
He's a man.
What else do you
have to know?
He might even be married.
So? Experienced
drivers are
always safer.
I'm only trying to help you.
Then put your claws away.
When a man doesn't talk
about his past, his
future's not dependable.
Don't listen to her.
she gives away is
worth anything...
Especially advice.
Suppose-- suppose he is--
married? So what?
You're not really
serious about him.
He's just somebody
to spend a little
time with...
Oh, dear.
That bad, huh?
[Vehicle approaches
and horn honks]
Your pumpkin's here, baby.
Well, where do we go?
We haven't much choice, have we?
Well, let's go there together.
One thing the army
does not provide
is privacy.
Mm-hmm. Very
short-sighted of them.
[Slow music playing]
What's your
family like?
Well, I just don't know
very much about you.
Oh, you know enough about me.
Ruth: I don't even know
if you like me.
You know, something tells me
you're about to make
woman's fatal mistake:
Talking too much.
Oh? Do women
always make
mistakes with you?
Just to change the subject,
I bought a present.
Don't you like your family?
Huh, it's not bad.
Only cost me half a month's pay.
The least you can say is thanks.
Are there...
Oh, any brothers or sisters?
Have you ever seen
the inside of an
ambulance at night?
Jed--pitch black at night.
Is there a wife, maybe?
Well, is there?
You know, you're
about to wreck
something beautiful.
Don't you think
I ought to know
if there is?
Well, I guess
that means there is.
I'm about to go
back in there
and have a drink.
Why don't you want
to talk about it?
Because I want a drink.
Well, you just had one.
Not like the one
I'm going to have.
Why is it so wrong
for us to talk
about ourselves?
The way I feel
about you, talking
is no good.
Are you coming?
Now you're angry,
and it's my fault.
I wanted this to be so good.
I'm right for you, really I am,
and it will last, for always.
Nothing is for always.
We'll be lucky if we can
keep it right and real
for even one night.
Are you coming or not?
Has the whole blood come yet?
No, sir.
Ready for transfusion, sir.
Whalters: Nurse.
Yes, sir?
Any word from captain Rustford?
No, sir.
Man: More sponges,
Yes, sir.
Is this air base Taegu?
Hello, air base Taegu!
Rusty's got
a headwind all
the way back here.
He'll never
make it before
he runs out of--
well, what do you want me to do?
Radio operator:
Hello! Air base Taegu!
This wind keeps up,
sir, we're going
to lose our key tent.
It's that bad,
Yes, sir.
Radio operator:
Hello! Hello!
Uh... line up
all the trucks.
Make a windbreak
north of receiving.
Yes, sir. It'll be dark in an hour.
Radio operator:
Air base Taegu, major.
Jed... don't let
him take off.
Hello, Taegu?!
This is major Webbe, mash 66.
Mash 66!
We got one of our
copters down there
picking up whole blood.
Captain Rustford.
Let me talk to him, will you?
What's that?
Took off
from the air base
20 minutes ago.
Get him on
the radio. Make
him turn back.
You're risking
the life of rusty
and the plane
for a few bottles of blood.
Yeah? What about
their lives?
Get it through there!
Take it around!
Get it through there!
Take it around!
Get those bags over
here, will you!
Give me a hand here.
Get him on the radio.
And have him do what, pray?
Tell him I'm going
down the road in a Jeep.
When I hear his
motor, I'll start
flashing my lights.
Then I'll start
back to camp so
he can follow me.
When you hear his
motor, light the oil
pots so he can land.
Yes, sir.
Man over radio:
Base 66 to windmill 13951.
Base 66 to windmill 13951.
Hear him yet?
Man: Let's go!
Spike those corners.
Straight line.
Spike those corners.
Alright. Let's go.
I think--
[helicopter approaches]
Maybe that's him!
Light them up!
Man: Hurry
it up, boys!
Light them up!
Let's light them up!
Hurry it up!
[Engine stops,
rotor blades slow]
Never thought you'd make it.
The blood's arrived, doctor.
We won't need the donors.
Never mind,
now, soldier.
Thank you.
[Speaking foreign language]
You could use
a transfusion
Plasma... scotch.
Thank you.
See our headlights?
You bet I did. Thanks.
Thanks a million.
You bet.
More sponges.
We're out.
Oh, I see.
Well, then get somebody
to wash and sterilize
the used ones.
Yes, ma'am.
Are there many more
patients waiting?
Quite a few, sir.
Get Webbe in here to help us.
He went off duty
over an hour ago, sir.
Get him in here.
Well, what is it?
Man: He's been on duty
since early this morning.
So's everybody else. Yes, sir.
Just a minute.
Where is he?
Man: I believe he--yes?
I'm not sure, sir.
I'll find him
Yes, sir.
[Mournful music playing]
[Music stops]
[Music starts again]
Will... will you join me
in a little drink?
No, thanks.
I don't mind if I do.
You know...
You did a terrible
thing, walking out
on me last night.
You walked out on me, remember?
Yeah, you shouldn't
have done that.
Come on, we're
getting out of here.
How about a dance?
Why--why don't
you let me get
you some coffee?
What, and spoil this
magnificent thing that
I worked so hard to get?
Colonel Whalters wants you.
I want you, and that's
much more important.
You don't understand--
oh, yes, I do.
You're trying
to save the world
or something.
Okay, just you and me.
We'll save it all
by ourselves, all alone,
no help from anybody.
Come on. I'm going
to sober you up.
Lady... you're in
the wrong army.
What you need is
a tamoubrine... Ha.
Uh... uh, t-tambourine.
Colonel Whalters
needs you at
the hospital.
What'd you say?
Colonel Whalters needs
you at the hospital.
Right now.
Oh. I can't go
to the hospital,
not like this.
He'll be ready in a minute, sir.
Wait outside, please.
Yes, sir.
Are you drunk?
Yes, sir.
Confine yourself to quarters.
Yes, sir.
Confine yourself
to quarters, friend.
Sorry about last night.
You can do one of two things:
You can put in for
transfer right now...
Or you can stay
here and not touch
another drop, not one.
If I see you drinking
or I hear about it, I'll
have you court-martialed.
The works. Every casualty's
entitled to the best
that we can give them.
That goes for me, for you,
for everybody else.
The best, whenever
it's necessary--8 hours
a day or 24 hours...
Or a whole week
without a break,
if it's needed.
That's the way it's got to be.
Okay, papa. I'm on the level, jed.
You'll be finished
in the army and
as a civilian doctor
if there's one more
drunken night.
Okay, okay.
But you weredrunk?
Yes, sir, I--I was drunk.
You never did it before.
Why last night?
Well, I don't know.
Maybe the war's
catching up with me...
Its ugliness,
stupidity, futility--
it's a job, that's all.
Yeah, but other jobs get done.
Did it ever occur to
you, colonel, we never
catch up to our job?
If only once--just
once--we could get
ahead of the game,
beat the number of casualties.
Ahh. It's
an unusual generation
we're living in.
Three world wars
in one lifetime.
Ha. I don't know.
Maybe whiskey's
as much a part of
our life as war.
Colonel Whalters?
I have a request, sir.
Right. I'll
take care of it.
What is it?
Colonel Whalters,
I have a request, sir.
Well, sit down.
No, thank you.
I'd rather stand, sir.
I want to be transferred.
Now, you know
you haven't been
here long enough
to put in for rotation.
Oh, I don't mean
back to the states.
Oh, no.
I thought maybe you
could transfer me to
some other mash outfit.
I suppose you have a reason.
Yes, sir.
Personal one.
don't you need
a cup of coffee?
Corporal: No, sir.
Uh, yes, sir.
Personal reason.
Yes, sir.
Meaning major Webbe.
Yes, sir.
What's he done?
Oh, nothing, sir.
It's me, not him.
I'm the one that's
causing all the trouble.
I--I think I've made
him terribly unhappy.
Yes, and I think that
I'm the cause of him getting
dr--drinking last night.
And you think by
transferring out that
you'll stop all that?
Yes, sir.
Well, now, assuming
that you're right--
which I doubt--
that he drank
because of you,
which he didn't,
wouldn't your
leaving just make
him feel worse?
Would you like to help
him and yourself and me?
Colonel, I just
don't want to lose him.
Maybe you've been
using the wrong tactics.
Instead of retreat,
maybe you should
be advancing.
[Vehicle approaches, horn honks]
For you.
Do you know
the theory
of tactics?
Not exactly.
Get in.
Where we going?
Shall I slip into
something formal?
Having a little trouble?
Oh, nothing I can't handle.
[Music playing, people talking]
Well, now.
Want to go in?
And watch somebody else
drink? No, thanks.
What do they know about war?
Are they
freezing to death?
No steam heat?
No chicken
a la king? No men?
Ruff! No men.
you've got to stop
creeping up on me.
Relax and enjoy it.
What's all this supposed to be?
War, brother.
Ain't it hell?
Now, where do we go from here?
Well, I think I need
a little bit of advice.
Oh? Shoot.
Uh... well, first I would
like to apologize.
Apologize? What for?
You haven't done
anything yet.
No, I mean about
the other night.
I--I didn't mean to ask
all those questions.
Oh, oh. You mean
asking me if I had a wife.
Mm-hmm. That isn't
important now.
Well, in that case,
I'll tell you.
Yes, I--I had a wife.
She had two heads.
One of the heads and I
just couldn't get along.
Ha ha!
Yes, I was married.
She walked out on me.
Maybe you just didn't try hard--
no, no. It was one
of those war marriages,
and I guess she just
got tired of waiting...
And went off
with another fellow.
I see.
No, you don't.
Well, now you're just
sore at all marriages.
No, just for me.
Well, this'll be the first time
I ever walked back
from a Jeep ride.
I didn't ask you to marry me.
With you,
it would never work
any other way.
You'd never be
able to pull out
all the stops.
And the way I feel about you?
What am I supposed
to do about that?
Well, you'll find somebody else.
Maybe if we were
patient, maybe--maybe
in a little while it--
no, baby.
There's no future
in this business.
Everyone's needed
at the hospital.
So long.
Come on, kids.
Come on.
We're needed
at the hospital.
[Vehicle drives away]
Major Webbe?
They need you
right away at
the hospital, sir.
You, too, ma'am.
[Distant explosions]
Hurry it up.
Colonel. Colonel.
They're ready, colonel.
Coming in heavy?
Yes, sir.
Alright. Take it easy
on that man, now.
Get him in there.
Alright, move them out!
Cap and mask.
Man: Alright. Unload.
Come on!
Get out of there.
[Speaking Korean]
Second man:
Hey, sarge! I got a load
of prisoners, here.
Alright. Get
your clothes off.
Come on, hup!
Clothes off!
Man: Buddy!
Man: Head up here.
Take a set.
Second man: Easy. Easy.
Nothing to be scared.
[X-ray machine whirs loudly]
Lift him up.
That last chest plate.
Let me have it.
[Muttering in Korean]
[X-ray machine whirs louder]
[Shuts off X-ray machine]
[Muttering in Korean]
Hey. Hey, you!
Wait a minute!
[Shouting in Korean]
Ruth: Oh!
[Shouting in Korean]
You lousy...
[Shouting in Korean]
[Shouting in Korean]
[Muttering in Korean]
Stay away from him!
He's frightened!
Keep them coming.
[Shouting in Korean]
Don't be frightened.
Nobody's going to hurt you.
Nobody's going to hurt you.
You'll be alright.
Don't be frightened.
[Soldier shouts]
Oh, mother of Mary.
Mary had a little lamb.
[Speaking Korean]
Mary had a little lamb.
Mary had a little lamb.
Please, please
don't pull the pin.
I wouldn't know
what to do if
you pulled the pin.
Stay away from the wall.
Don't be frightened.
Nobody's going to
hurt you.
You'll be alright.
Don't be frightened.
[Speaking Korean]
No one's going to--
you'll be alright.
[Breathing deeply]
[Speaking Korean]
Don't be scared.
Please don't be scared.
You'll be alright.
Nobody's going to hurt you.
You alright?
Oh, I'm fine, yes.
Would you take that?
You sure you're alright?
I'm just fine.
Line them in.
He's stopped breathing.
Any blood pressure?
No, sir.
Any pulse?
He's dead.
Jed! Jed, please wait.
I just wanted to tell you
not to blame yourself
for that soldier dying.
Huh. Well...
It's not only that boy.
It's all of them,
too many of them.
Isn't it funny?
I can't stop crying.
Here, you...
You just sit
right there and cry.
Take your shoes off.
What do I have to take
my shoes off for?
Doctor's orders.
I'll be right back.
Yes, doctor.
You got a shot of whiskey?
For Ruth.
Here we are.
Put your feet in there.
Feel good?
Thank you.
You know...
Here you are.
Medicinal purposes.
Thank you.
Finish your drink.
You know,
that episode of yours
with the hand grenade--
just a little above
and beyond the call,
wasn't it?
Want to know something?
I haven't got
a thought in my head.
You are now a veteran.
Back home I used
to think I knew what
the war was all about.
And now?
Now I'm not so sure.
Everything seems such a waste.
Yeah. Yes, we can
only get more of
everything except time.
Can't send home for more time.
[Distant explosions]
You got a problem?
Can't open my eyes.
Do I look alright
in the morning?
You look fine in the morning.
Do you believe in dreams?
Only about lush women
in black silk stockings.
I had a dream about us.
Why dream, baby?
We were in our house,
and you were very, very
sick, and I made you well.
And I know how.
I cooked, and I baked for you.
That's what made me sick.
And then when you
came home from the office--
I never come home.
Work all day
at the office.
Oh, then I'll come and see you,
and I'll pretend I'm a patient,
and in your private office
we'll make love.
I lose more patients that way.
You're a funny guy.
Can't you say you love me?
I think it's better
to do it than say it.
You don't though, do you?
Why do we have to talk about it?
Why do we always have
to find words for it?
Truth is, there's...
The truth should
never be told by lovers.
When it is, the affair is over.
I'll say it.
I've never loved anyone,
not like this.
Not this way.
[Truck approaching]
I'm from division
surgeon. Take me to
colonel Whalters.
Yes, sir.
On the double. Yes, sir.
Alert your outfit.
You're moving out.
Right. Grab some coffee,
No, thanks.
Division commander's
been ordered to pull back
to realign the army front.
I have to get you away
from here, or you'll be out
in front of our own lines.
What about continuity
of medical support?
You'll provide that
by moving mash 66
to this point.
Arrangements made to
care for the casualties
during the move?
Already been done, sir.
How do I evacuate my patients?
Use the hospital train.
[Incoming bomb]
[Incoming bomb]
Whalters is hit.
Get to receiving.
Easy. Take it easy.
How does it look?
You've still got
your foot, colonel.
Evacuate the hospital.
Yes, sir.
Hospital train.
They're moving the front lines.
Give me that piece of wood.
Alright, swing him around.
Get us moving, jed.
Yes, sir.
Jed: Statt.
Yes, sir.
Wheel out the transportation.
Yes, sir.
Uh, get me a pair of scissors.
Quarter gram of morphine
and 300,000 units
of penicillin.
We're overloaded.
We've got to
ship our casualties
by hospital train.
Get captain Dobbs
to pick the most
critical cases.
Yes, sir.
Uh, captain.
Your new location
is marked on the map.
Oh, uh, get that
litter out of there.
Put me down!
Put me down.
No use of our both
being here, colonel.
Put me down!
will have to set up
the new hospital.
[Whalters falls]
Take him out.
[Speaking Korean]
Ah, looks like
no hospital train.
Yes, sir.
Where's the hospital train?
How's the foot?
No train?
No, sir.
Most of them won't
make it on the highway.
You want to
chance it and wait
for the train?
And if the train doesn't come?
Sta major!
Look, jockey a rig
onto these tracks here.
Use the crossing here.
Over here, major.
[Speaking Korean]
I think we might be able to
get that truck out of here
on these wheels.
Yeah, it might work.
You ever try it?
No, sir. I tried
something like it
when I was with
Barnum and Bailey
in Florida.
Alright. Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Hey, give me a hand
down here! Come on!
On the double!
Watch it.
Watch it.
Take her over.
Stand back, fellas.
Get your pieces.
[Speaking Korean]
Does it look bad, lieutenant?
Nothing to worry about.
You'll be stateside
before you know it,
Thank you, ma'am.
I'll never forget
what you people
have done for me.
For all of us.
God bless you, ma'am.
Use the Jeep.
That's the last of the patients.
Packed all we had.
Food and water? All we can carry.
What outfit's this, major?
Mash 66.
When can you clear this area?
In about 5 or 10 minutes, sir.
There will be a couple
of thousand men coming
through here right soon.
What about those tents?
No room for them.
Burn them.
Yes, sir.
Let's go.
Check the I.V.
On that truck.
Yes, sir.
Pour gasoline
over all the tents.
Yes, sir.
All ready, sir.
Fire the others.
Yes, sir.
Alright, out of there.
Take cover! Take cover!
Move out!
Get us moving!
I think she'll be
alright. Must have
been the concussion.
Come on, that-a-boy.
Get it on up there.
Alright, lift this tie up.
Get that Jack together.
Get me a hunk of line, will you?
Okay, sarge.
Okay, run that out of there.
Let her down easy.
[Rushing air]
Get that out of there.
Get that Jack out.
get that other side
tied off over there.
Okay, sarge.
You'll be alright.
Oh, sure.
Alright. Stick
that wheel in there.
Well, looks alright.
Think it will work?
I don't know, sir.
Well, give it a try.
Okay, wind her up.
Now, look,
take it real easy.
Start it real easy.
Okay, hold it.
Jack! Jack!
Yes, sir.
Get all the nurses
off this convoy.
Put them on this truck
with colonel Whalters.
All of them.
On the double.
Yes, sir.
Hiya, Danny.
Well, jed? All the nurses are
going with you, sir.
Good. You'll find
our new position
marked on the map.
Get your patients there
no later than tonight.
Tonight? If I move
them too fast, I'll
bounce them to death.
And if you move them
too slowly...
The weaker ones
won't last overnight.
Whatever happens, keep moving.
You've one objective now--
to save your people.
The only way you can do
it is by getting to
base hospital tonight.
Good luck.
Catch up with you
at the new position.
[Speaking Korean]
Hey, one of you guys
speak English?
Look, tell him not to be afraid.
Tell him he's going
to go to the red cross.
No more wars.
Tell him he's going
to get good food
and go to school.
Tell him not to be afraid.
All set?
Is this the end for us?
I don't know.
How can you
outguess a war?
What's the good
if I get through
and you don't?
We'll get through, all of us.
Major, all ready, sir.
Better hurry. That incoming
mail's getting closer.
Right. Well, I guess
this is goodbye.
If only we'd had more time.
We're lucky to
have had any time.
I know. I just don't
want it to end.
I'm sorry.
I just always say
the wrong thing.
Well, then say the right thing.
I love you.
That's the right thing.
I'll get back to you.
I'll make it
because I want to.
Understand? I want
to get back to you.
Now, let's go.
Okay? Okay?
Alright, move out!
Hiya, sarge.
How's things going?
Jed: What's the trouble,
Sorry, major.
You can't get through here.
I'm moving
a hospital. I've got
a lot of casualties.
Sorry, sir. The commies
have put some guerrillas
through our left flank.
We've got them cornered
about two miles down the road.
You might get through
there, though.
You sure that trail's open?
I'm not sure of anything, major.
But it's better than
staying here, 'cause
in about two minutes,
you and your casualties
might be up to your necks
in fighting.
This way?
That's the way.
You alright in there?
[Incoming bomb]
Hit the deck!
Hit the deck!
Sergeant, tell them
to get out of there
but quick!
[Bombing continues]
What's your outfit, major?
Mash 66.
Let me have that map.
Heading for this area here.
Well, this trail's closed, sir.
More guerrillas?
Right, sir.
How long will it take you
to get them out of here?
Well, they're dug in
pretty good, sir.
The terrain's on their side.
How long?
Maybe a couple hours,
maybe a couple days.
There's a road down
the hill there, sir.
About a mile and a half
down there.
I know we still got that
road because our supplies
are moving on it.
I wouldn't advise
staying here, sir.
Well, we can't go back,
we can't go ahead, and
we can't stay here. So?
First we unload
all the patients
from the vehicles.
We'll move our transportation
off this mountain to that road.
Well, we'll try, sir.
We do it.
Yes, sir.
And we do it without
losing even one vehicle,
not one.
No reckless drivers,
no cowboys, no hot rodders.
I want every truck, Jeep,
and ambulance down on that road
in one piece and right now.
We got to get to base tonight.
And the patients?
Carry them down...
Orderly, gently.
Cradle them down.
Alright, move out.
Yes, sir.
Alright, soldier.
Take it easy.
[Brakes squealing]
Alright, next.
[Horn honking]
[Horn stops]
Hey, you alright?
Down there.
[Bombing in distance]
Easy, now.
[Bombing in distance]
If I ever hear the
infantry gripe about
life in the army...
Take a look at that.
They haven't
invented a medal yet
for those people.
Mash 66 to division surgeon.
Mash 66 to division surgeon.
Come in, please.
Hey! Hey!
Hiya, lieutenant.
Hi, major.