Battle Creek Brawl (1980) Movie Script

- [cheering]
- [music stops]
[man:] Enough!
All right.
That's it, Billy!
Billy, put him down!
[man:] Go sit down, Billy.
[man:] Billy! Very good work, Billy.
Now, I'm proud of you. Very good.
Wait a minute. Hold it.
Now let's have a little quiet.
That was a good gimmick, Morgan,
that kiss of death gag.
Oh, well, that's not a gimmick,
I mean, Billy Kiss is sincerely interested
in his fellow man.
I mean, these are just sudden impulses
of love that take hold of him.
Well, I'm glad it's takin' hold of him
rather than him takin' a hold of me.
Was it, was it one of those
sudden impulses of love
that killed that man
in Atlanta last year?
Oh, no, no.
That was just an accident, gentlemen.
I mean, Billy Kiss just squeezed
a little too hard
and the man was just
a little too brittle.
What about you, Kiss?
What do you think?
All I can say is,
I'll be the last man standing
when it's all over in that town
in Texas.
- [spectators:] Yeah! All Right.
- [applause]
- What about the...
- Another time, another time.
- All right, Billy...
- [spectators shout]
And that was the killer
you were going to enter
into the Battle Creek Brawl, huh?
You saved me the trouble.
Count it, Maxie.
You needn't, but you must.
Good day.
I told you we shouldn't have
stacked them up against Kiss.
- We learned something.
- And it cost us twenty-five G's.
Just make your rounds, David.
Do your job.
[train whistling]
Hey, Batman, come on!
We have to go see your brother
about the money!
[woman:] It's time!
In a minute.
Ten more of those
and you won't be able to go tonight.
[woman:] Hey, Is your brother
still gonna marry that girl from China?
Pretty soon.
Even though they've never met?
[man:] That's not unusual...
for Chinese.
[woman:] But they've only written
to each other!
Ten thousand times!
Well, it's a pretty strange way
to fall in love,
licking stamps.
- [music stops]
- Protect me from what?
What you say I need
I do not need!
There's not enough money
to pay my wages.
Some days they work
hard for nothing.
I hate Chinks that whine.
You are playing it too poor, Kwan.
Go! go!
[speaks Mandarin]
[hood:] Ah.
Right here, John.
Put his hand right here!
Count 'em.
Count your fingers!
One, two, three,
[man:] four, five.
You do real good with English.
Maybe next time you won't have
five fingers to count.
When you pick up a meat cleaver,
you'd better be ready to use it.
They beat your father!
Dad, are you okay?
In back.
Take care of him, Nancy.
No, no!
This place is my father's.
You hurt him.
[John:] Yeah, well, he's OK.
Maybe just a little bit smarter.
[John:] Oh!
[Kwan:] Jerry, you must not fight!
[John groans]
[Kwan:] Jerry!
Jerry, you must not fight!
You must not hit anybody!
[Kwan:] You promised me!
Jerry, you promised your dead mother!
- Get out...
- I'm sorry.
You are fighting!
What is this?
Chink bastard.
- [Nancy:] Are you all together?
- One piece.
[man:] Was it the same bunch?
[man:] Hey, Jer,
Dad's pretty upset.
One day they will get tired
of coming here.
- [Jerry:] Maybe.
- It is my will against theirs.
You go up and take a nap.
I'll wash the dishes.
Will you be here this evening?
I'm going to the race tonight.
A cash prize, $25.
Yes, you'll need it for car payments.
Nancy, don't let Jerry go down the street
to his uncle's place.
It is very bad for him.
[Kwan:] You can stop him.
He will listen to you.
All that fighting.
Training, Dad.
Training for what?
And my brother has never been worthy.
He's a fine chiropractor.
Your brother is the doctor.
Your uncle is a bone cracker.
And you could have been a doctor, tool.
Two years!
Such a waste.
It just didn't happen
fast enough for me, Dad.
But you have time for all these things.
There's plenty of wonton.
Get something hot in the stomach
and take a clean handkerchief.
[Kwan sings in distance]
Hey, I know a way
you can double your money...
on every dollar.
[dishes in water]
You need money to enter
that roller race.
Four bucks.
Double my money back?
We'll chew 'em up!
[woman:] Oh!
Thank you, doctor.
Oh, I feel relieved.
You have such marvellous hands.
Such strength.
On the square!
- [Jerry coughs]
- Get up.
Get up!
Sometimes you make me
tremble with disgust.
I'm sorry, Uncle.
[uncle:] I have but one pupil
because there is no one else
worth teaching except you.
You have a chance.
[uncle:] Yes, a chance.
Does your father know you're here?
I told him I was going to the race.
- [uncle:] Are you?
- Yes, but later.
To your father.
[uncle:] May he have a toothache
for every grain of rice he sold today.
You cannot accept that,
even in fun.
[uncle:] You love him,
despite his foolish demands.
May his tea hold the sweetest leaves.
[indistinct talking in distance]
It'll be interesting
to hear David's story.
When a man has no sons
and only one nephew...
he has to do the best he can.
I told your foolish sister not to marry
that turd Leggetti.
Now, Mama.
At least David doesn't lack for ambition.
I'm gonna have to make a decision
about him soon.
- Well, John and I wanted...
- We heard.
Not important, but annoying.
John wants to kill him.
Him? The old Chinese?
Na, the young one.
The son.
[man:] Why would you want to do that?
I want that goddamned Chink!
He don't fight right.
Are you saying there was only one man?
We assumed there was a gang
of Chinese.
What about you, David?
I would think you'd have been anxious
to break the young man's head.
I was on the corner.
I can still find him if you want.
You couldn't find a whore
on Rush Street.
Aw, now, Grandmama.
Don't Grandmama me,
you lazy fart.
I think you'd better find him, David.
He beat three of your men,
Including John here,
and John isn't that easy.
[man:] Go out of your way
to stop him.
Test him severely.
And, John!
I don't want that boy killed.
Right, David?
You should have written it down
for him.
Now, Mama.
You never know.
We may have found somebody.
[master of ceremony:] Good evening,
ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome to Chicago's favorite
Tuesday night entertainment,
the Knockdown, drag out,
Anything Goes, action, Roller Race!
And now, our host,
the Big Wheel himself,
Dudley Powell!
- Two minutes to mayhem!
- [cheering]
[judge:] The contest is
between three teams.
Each skater must complete one circuit
of the course
before passing the baton
to his or her teammate.
The team that gets their skater
across the finish line first
will receive a cash prize of $75.
Other than that, anything goes!
[Jerry:] Hey.
[Nancy:] Hey, let's just skate,
okay, Jerry?
Hey, no harm, no foul, huh?
- Hi.
- How you doin'?
[David:] How you doin'?
What I want you to do is take care
of my friend Jerry there. Okay?
Take care of him
and I'll take care of you real good.
Do a good job, all right?
- Okay.
- All right.
[master of ceremonies:]
Get your teams lined up!
- Start your engines!
- [cheering]
Give us a lead, baby.
I'm gonna skate the crap
outta this place.
Remember those fire hoses!
[cheering and screaming]
- [car horns]
- [grunting]
Get-get outta here, will ya?!
You stupid jerk!
[car horn]
[shouting and screaming]
Get out of my way!
Throw it!
[crowd booing]
- Get out of the way!
- What are you doing?
- Hey, don't push me.
- [Jerry:] Leave it alone.
We are breakin' bones over here!
[car horns]
Let go!
[Nancy:] Jerry! Catch!
There's a fight over here!
Hold this.
[skater:] Whoa!
Move it!
25 bucks!
I love you!
Thanks, Jug.
Hey Jug, we can drop you off.
Nah, I'm too excited to sit.
But you can take my stuff home, okay?
- Okay, see you later.
- All right, I'll see you later.
- [car starts up]
- Listen, don't do anything I wouldn't do.
Please... ple...
[Jug groans]
[jazz music playing]
Let's do some nice-nice.
[uncle clears his throat]
[music stops]
To be superior,
one must be pure of body,
as well as mind.
[uncle:] This is essential to gain harmony
with one's soul, hmm?
[woman:] It's about time
you stopped meditating
[woman laughs]
- Hi kid!
- [indistinct conversation]
Here, sit down.
Well, how'd the race go?
- I won $25.
- Great! Congratulations.
I doubled your money.
Doctor! Doctor!
[doctor:] He's alive.
They look like razor cuts!
I'll get my car!
[doctor:] We'll take him to the clinic!
They're here.
You stupid fool.
[man:] All you know how to do
is break arms and kill.
You're a slow learner.
How many times
I've got you out of jail?
How many times?
New clothes... new cars.
I gave you responsibility.
You don't know how to handle it.
All you know is the one thing.
Somebody oughtta take your wad out
and step on it.
It's okay.
L-l took his wallet.
It had $25 in it.
The police will think it's a robbery.
Get out.
I don't wanna see you for a while.
[man:] I don't know what I'd do
if I see you too soon.
You stay here, John.
This, uh, Kwan kid.
Handled himself very well, huh?
That Chink don't fight right.
He fights foreign.
I wanna see him myself.
How about the Wu brothers?
Those little yellow bastards
fight like a pack of foreign devils.
Mama's right.
[man:] Set it up,
will ya, John?
Oh, look, here's that fight thing.
Here's that Pittsburgh fighter.
He's going to Texas.
Yeah, and his boss Morgan
is a gangster.
- [water sloshing]
- [phone rings]
- Kwan?
- Yep.
Are you the son, uh, Jerry?
For a few bucks I can tell you
about your friend Jug.
How he got beat up.
It wasn't no robbery.
What do I do?
I'll meet you in the outdoor theatre
in two hours.
And, oh, yeah...
don't bring anybody with you.
- [caller hangs up]
- Okay. Uh...
[Nancy:] Who was that?
Hi Dad.
I know what you have been doing.
And I will bet you have not eaten.
- Don't move!
- What?!
All I felt was a little wind.
- You are very quick.
- And accurate.
Indeed amazing.
What can you do with that?
Defend myself.
Is there a great need for that?
It's an art, too.
After you are done with this training,
how can you support yourself
with this skill?
How much do you charge
to defend yourself?
You don't believe it has value.
I'm only trying to understand
what you do with this.
Maybe I'll be a teacher.
This will be yours.
It is something real.
And paying gangsters
to keep the doors open.
I will not pay them!
And you will not have to either.
- Jug?
- [doctor:] Still the same, Jerry.
May's arriving two days early.
The steamship company notified me.
Oh, my.
[doctor:] I won't be able to go meet her.
Can you go, Jer?
- [doctor:] Today.
- Today?!
I've got rail tickets waiting for you and
May at the Chicago and Northwestern.
There's nothing to stop you.
You're the only one with nothing to do.
[Jerry:] When does it leave?
In an hour.
In an hour? I.
[doctor:] The name of the boat
and the pier number is in there.
Also where to pick up the train tickets.
Get a taxi.
There's one out on the street.
Call Nancy.
Tell her what's going on.
Take a clean handkerchief!
- [door closes]
- [chuckles]
I have to get to the railroad station
right away.
- Chicago Northwestern?
- Yep.
It just so happens
I know right where that is.
Go, go.
- Keep the change.
- [cabbie:] Thanks.
[cabbie:] The City of San Francisco
is about halfway through the station
on your left.
Good luck with that girl comin' in
from China!
Ah. That smells wonderful.
- Yes.
- [both chuckle]
- Hello.
- You wouldn't believe it.
I didn't even have to follow him.
He jumped right in the cab.
[cabbie:] I got everything
but his laundry mark.
- Like what?
- Like he's going to San Francisco
to pick up some girl
that's gonna marry his brother.
Got her name, everything.
Come on in
and tell me all about it.
I'll, uh, catch a plane to the coast.
Get there one day ahead of him.
That's very interesting about the girl.
Could be useful.
[Jerry whistling]
you are Jerry.
Robert wrote a great deal about you.
You hit people, is that not true?
[May:] I am so happy.
It is wonderful to be in America.
- [May screams]
- [Jerry:] Stop that thief!
You could have stopped him.
You saw the girl.
Where did she go?
Yeah, I did, Jerry.
But we'll need to talk.
[taps bench]
Sit down.
[man:] She's safe.
But we still have to talk.
Beautiful day.
A bottle of Chablis, Harry.
And some of those wonderful
finger sandwiches that you make.
Yes, sir.
I've looked forward to meeting you, Jerry.
Well, I can see that you're worried.
And to that end let me reassure you.
The young lady is just fine.
She is having lunch at the moment,
and eating heartily.
What are you after?
I like that. Straightaway.
No nonsense, huh?
All right.
You know the way Uncle Sam
sticks his finger out of the poster
and says,
'I want you.'
Well, that's me, Jerry.
I want you. You're a great fighter.
[man:] Great!
You ever hear of Battle Creek, Texas?
There's gonna be a fight there.
[man:] A very large and expensive fight.
I wanted a man of mine to participate,
but unfortunately
he was severely beaten recently.
I'm not a man of yours.
[man:] Have you forgotten the young lady
so soon?
Now my proposal is simple.
The fight is three weeks away.
We'll pay your entry fee
and take care of the expenses.
The young lady remains in my possession
until the winner is announced.
I'm betting it'll be you.
[man:] You'll have to return to Chicago
immediately to begin training.
There's no way I can go back
without the girl.
I couldn't face my family.
My brother.
It's a disgrace that I've lost her.
I recognize that and I want to help.
I don't want your concentration
After all,
the thought that your brother
is awaiting your return
must be maddening.
And then having to come home
[man:] Now May and I have been talking.
Uh, it appears that she and your brother
have never actually met.
[man:] They've just
exchanged pictures, huh?
Hi, guys.
We brought Miss Wong in
from one of our businesses here
in San Fransisco.
You mean fake this girl for May?
Why not?
It'll relieve the pressure
on you and your brother.
[man:] A hoax, yes.
But a humanitarian gesture
to ease the pain.
[Jerry:] He will never buy it.
May is an educated, classy girl.
She is even a trained nurse.
Uh, Miss Wong took first aid
in high school
and she studied lifesaving techniques
under a lifeguard last summer.
Mouth to mouth, and all that.
She's been briefed on the situation.
It's a terrible disgrace.
If you don't go home soon,
your family will have the police
looking for you.
If I win,
I keep the fifteen thousand.
[man:] Absolutely.
And if I win, you keep your men away
from my father's restaurant.
[Jerry:] Or anyplace in the neighborhood.
How's that for nerve? Huh?
You've got it.
- [Jerry:] Forever.
- Forever.
Here we go.
I'll wait here.
[car horn]
Get rid of the gum.
Dad, they're here.
Jerry, hi.
Geez, we were starting to get worried.
Your bride to be.
[Robert:] Finally.
[Robert laughs]
My God, finally.
May, this is my father.
Hi, Dad.
May Chan... welcome to our home.
We are very happy.
You two have a lot to talk over.
I'll see you later.
What do you think, Uncle?
I could make a guess.
Robert's fiance is here in Chicago.
Dominici would not let her get far
from his side.
He has a big place in...
Lake Forest.
I guess it's stupid to suggest the police?
Stupid, no.
Unwise, yes.
If it is known that Jerry has gone
to the police,
I think we'll never see the girl again.
I have to try for her.
We meaning the three of us.
The would be unwise...
- and stupid.
- [Nancy tuts]
Just keep on walkin'
the way you're goin'.
Hold it.
Wait a second.
[dogs barking]
[Jerry:] Shh.
[barking stops]
[hood:] Get him!
Try to get inside.
- [Jerry:] Behind you!
- I know.
[dogs barking]
[hood:] Hey!
[hood:] Aah!
[cocks gun]
[hood:] C'mon, c'mon.
[Dominici:] Wonderful, Jerry.
Come into the living room.
Oh, yes!
[Mama:] Beautiful!
I knew you'd come here.
You'd have disappointed me
if you hadn't tried.
I know she's here.
I want to see her.
I honestly believed we'd reached,
uh, an agreement.
And here you are
trying to change everything.
[uncle:] My nephew does not know
if she is dead or alive.
He is very upset.
Uh huh.
Well, that's terrible.
Jerry shouldn't have to worry like this.
His mind should be free to train.
His opponents are gonna be
quite formidable.
Billy Kiss from Pittsburgh is entered.
And, uh, that other fellow from Morocco.
We're putting a lot of faith,
to say nothing about money...
in Jerry's ability
to win this thing in Texas.
I'm sorry, gentlemen.
I can't grant your request.
But let me tell you this.
The young lady is quite well
and in very good spirits.
[Dominici:] A wonderful, lively girl.
We have a fine gym,
if you'd care to use it.
Completely equipped.
You sure?
Well, if you need anything,
please allow us to help.
It is best that you stay with me
during your training.
I will set up a cot.
- [yells]
- [hood screams]
- [hood lands] [glass clinking]
- [cat meowing]
- [dogs barking in distance]
[man:] Hiya! Hiya!
Woo - woo, woo.
Come on, come on.
Let's go. Come on!
Move it, move it!
Move it, move it!
- [Morgan:] David Leggetti.
- Mr Morgan.
[Morgan:] Come on in, kid.
Yeah, sit down.
- [door closes]
- How ya doin'?
You know, David.
Pittsburgh isn't so far away.
I mean we hear things.
Uh... rumors.
- Like what?
- A Chinaman.
Lots of chinks.
Which one?
My boy Billy Kiss
is very, very good.
But we've heard good things about this,
uh, Chinaman that your uncle found.
He's all right.
Your uncle picks a lot of winners.
I don-l don't like that.
It, uh, worries me
and worry puts wrinkles in my forehead.
I could take him.
Straight up, or in an alley?
I understand your uncle's
been pickin' on you.
That he's uh... pushin' you off
to one side.
I'm family, Goddamn it.
That's right.
And you don't treat family like dirt.
I mean the Leggetti side of the family
is as legitimate as the Dominici side.
What is right is right.
I'd be lying if I said
I haven't been thinking about that.
I mean, what the hell.
You're the rightful heir.
You help us...
and I help you.
Pittsburgh, Chicago.
I could like that.
That's fine.
Fine, David.
We'll talk some more.
It stinks.
Let's get outta here.
Now you must learn to hate this.
So... everything is not as it seems.
[uncle:] Your training has begun.
Every time you make a mistake,
this brute will sleep with you
on your small cot.
[Jerry:] Ow!
[uncle laughs]
You're ready for Texas.
- [marching band playing]
- [crowd cheering]
[indistinct shouting]
At the conclusion of the National Anthem
[judge:] and at the sound
or the siren...
you may do battle with anyone
you wish.
When the bell tolls up there
in the courthouse,
those of you who are still fit will be
paired off for the individual fights.
You know you can't use no guns,
or knives, or no hardware like that.
[plays National Anthem]
[music stops]
All right!
[crowd booing]
[band starts up]
No! No!
Not me!
[crowd booing]
Shut up!
[bell rings]
Stop 'em, I say!
Right now! Stop the fight!
I can't believe it!
We're still in it.
Which is more than could be said
for most of 'em.
Don't walk, Jerry.
Come. Run with me.
- Cool off by warming up.
- [drumroll]
The first bout will be between
Billy Kiss of the United States
[judge:] and Bustamonty of Jamaica!
Jerry looks very good,
doesn't he, Mr Leggetti?
Across the street, there.
We don't want Morgan to surprise us.
[Dominici:] Do we, David?
- [band plays interlude]
- [woman:] Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!
Hey, you can't do that!
[crowd booing]
- [cracking]
- [Bustamonty:] Ahh!
[crowd:] Kiss! Kiss!
Kiss! Kiss!
[crowd continue chanting Kiss]
- [man:] Give him a kiss!
- [cracking]
I'm gonna kiss ya good-bye,
[crowd shout]
[crowd booing]
Next on the agenda,
ladies and gentlemen,
is a contest between
Ben Akari of Morocco
[judge:] and from the mighty city
of Chicago, Jerry Kwin.
I, I mean Kwan.
[crowd:] Jerry! Jerry!
Jerry Kwan!
Stop! Stop!
[policeman:] Hey! Hey!
Get out!
Stop! Stop!
[policeman:] stop!
[policeman:] That's it.
[car roaring]
Hey, where's Leggetti?
Aw, I saw him go sneaking his ass
out of here.
- He left without a word.
- Aw, it doesn't matter.
- Morgan must be one worried bastard.
- [both chuckle]
- [Leggetti:] David Leggetti.
- Yeah. Yeah, let him in.
We have to talk over here.
My uncle can see us from his room.
Yeah, well, I'm gettin' creases
in my forehead.
You're gonna have to drop a bomb
on that Chinaman.
Look, I can put a stopper on that Chink.
All I need is a little help
from a few of your men.
Also, I, uh, I need someone
to tell the uncle.
Sure, Davy boy.
I mean, that's what partners are for,
The next bout is between
Hiram Johnson of Liberia
and Kiro Atashi of...
of Japan.
- Get him!
- [crowd shouting]
Jerry! Jerry!
May I interrupt,
ladies and gentlemen.
Jerry Kwan has defeated
Ben Akari. Jimmy Watkins.
Jerry, you're a Dark Horse
in this Battle Creek Brawl.
Nobody knows much about you.
- What do you think your chances are?
- I believe in myself.
Some others believe in me.
Fifteen thousand dollars
is a lot of money these days.
What do you plan to do with it
if you win?
I'm going to give it
to my brother in Chicago.
[Jerry:] He has a clinic,
and he needs equipment
and all of that.
[reporter:] No one can argue with that.
Let's get back to action.
Thank you, Jerry Kwan!
That Jamaican fellow is dead.
- Kiss killed him.
- Jesus!
An accident?
- Johnson is resourceful.
- Vicious.
- Then there is Billy Kiss.
- A lover.
Come on, let's run to the hotel.
[chief judge:] The next fight
is eight tonight.
Hiram Johnson versus Jerry Kwan!
Come on, Jerry!
[man:] Easy! Easy!
[Johnson:] Hit 'em out!
[man:] Jerry.
[crowd:] Jerry! Jerry!
[crowd continue chanting Jerry]
Come on, Jerry!
[reporter:] Tomorrow, the final bout
between Billy Kiss,
the Man Mountain of Pittsburgh
against that amazing young man
from Chicago, Jerry Kwan.
It should be a dandy!
The Man Mountain,
the Colossal Kiss,
against the little guy
with the windmill-like moves.
How do you describe it?
Our verbal view
[reporter:] coast to coast tomorrow,
here from Battle Creek.
- All right! We, we did it!
- [Kwan makes whooping noises]
[Robert:] Jeez!
- [uncle:] Jerry!
- Herbert!
- What are you doing in there?
- I'm playing nurse.
Jerry's in the shower.
- Let me in!
- I can't.
Jerry said nobody could come in.
- [Nancy:] But nobody.
- He must get to bed.
- [Nancy continues tearing bandages]
- He must sleep.
Don't worry.
That is exactly what he's going to do
as soon as I put some bandages on him.
I will wait.
Sit here.
This won't take long.
Hey... you need to get some sleep.
We'll do some nice-nice.
Remember Billy Kiss?
[Nancy:] Jerry, I can't get you ready
this way.
[Jerry:] I am ready this way.
[Nancy screams]
No! No!
[Nancy:] Jerry!
[Nancy:] Jerry!
Waiting by a locked door
whilst an open door beckons
is both foolish and futile.
Honestly, you-you'll be
22% less efficient.
[cocks gun]
[cocks gun]
Folks, it's fifteen minutes
until the final bout
between Billy Kiss and Jerry Kwan.
Uncle Herbert, he is an hour late.
[Nancy:] Jerry!
Excuse me.
Somebody just shoved this in my hand.
Herbert's been kidnapped.
- What? It must be a joke.
- But this is his hat.
And it says he won't be hurt
if you lose.
But I must win.
I know.
Well, look, try to stall, okay?
And I'll see if I can find him.
Everything's fine.
[crowd applauds]
Jerry! Jerry!
[crowd booing]
[crowd members:] Get him! Get him!
[crowd continues chanting]
[crowd booing and chanting]
Don't use it,
there's cops outside!
[man:] Behind you!
[man:] Watch out!
Get him!
Get him! Jerry!
How about a little kiss, Kwan?
A little kiss won't hurt you none.
[crowd booing]
Get up!
[man yells]
- [Herbert:] Hm!
- You got no right up here.
I'm in charge!
You-you're gonna have to get down.
Identify yourself.
Just a minute!
Just a damn minute!
[Herbert:] Hey! Go ahead!
I'm okay!
[Herbert:] Hey! I'm okay!
[Herbert:] Do it!
Get him into the movie house.
I've found David.
And good riddance.
[Leggetti:] Go claim your prize, Kiss.
- [door closes]
- They'll find Kwan here.
You are the one who beat up Jug.
Your friend?
No! No!
[judge 2:] Hey, shut up a minute!
[judge 2:] Be quiet!
Be quiet! Be quiet now!
We have to verify that your opponent
can't continue.
[crowd booing]
[judge 1:] Quiet, please.
[man:] Somebody go find out!
[woman:] There he isl.
[woman:] There he isl.
[crowd:] Jerry! Jerry!
[crowd continue chanting Jerry]
[woman:] Yeah! Come on!
Yeah! Come on! Yeah!
Ow! Ow!
[woman:] I liked that.
[man:] Hit him, sweetheart!
I'm going back to Chicago.
Everything will be taken care of.