Battle For Sevastopol (2015) Movie Script

With the financial support
the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
The Russian military-society
With the support of the
State Agency Ukraine on Cinema
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Production Company
New Lyudi
Julia Peresild
A film by Sergei Mokritsky
Moscow Vnukovo Airport, 1957
Mr.Khrushchev has invited
Mrs.Eleanor Roosevelt,
to a solemn reception in honor of
her arrival in the Soviet Union.
The program...
Excuse me, Mr.James.
First, we will go to this address.
I must remind you that the former
First Lady of the United States,
can not violate protocol.
We shall go!
Nikita Sergeyevich can wait.
It is a pleasure for a gentleman
to wait for a lady.
And who is this mysterious stranger,
Mr.Khrushchev would wait for?
I shall introduce you to this woman.
Battle of Sevastopol
I first saw Lyuda in 1942,
at a student assembly...
International Students Antifascist Assembly, 1942
She looked like a child dressed in uniform.
I wanted to know her closely, to see her smile.
Fang Hui killed eight enemies.
Nikolai Prokofievich, lead the
Soviet student delegation.
I am very pleased.
Communists in the White House are rare.
And how many of the enemy
have you killed?
I am a party worker.
I prepare comrades for great acts.
It is very important!
Party worker. I prepare my comrades for great acts.
It's an important job.
Very good, very important.
Vladimir Pchelintsev sniper.
152 in 154 shots.
Ah! Excellent...
2nd Lieutenant, Lyuda Pavlichenko.
And who are you?
I am a sniper.
A woman sniper?!
And how many men have you killed?
Not men, Fascists.
Three hundred and nine.
What do you feel when you kill?
Kiev State University , 1937
Excuse me.
Excuse me, let me pass.
Lyuda! Hurray!
Get over here!
Come here!
We have been accepted!
Let's go to the park!
Come on, why not enjoy it?
No, I can't.
What's wrong? Come to the park!
No, I want to go home.
Wait for us there.
Be sure to be there!
University Teachers Roll:
1. LM Pavlichenko.
Mother, may I wear your dress?
Yes you may, for today!
If you would like to switch,
I will help you.
A Budarin said in the
Spanish war, it shows...
the art of the long lost sword, lives!
Vigernikov grabbed the sword,
and chased him down!
This did not happen!
I'll wait outside.
Camouflage goes wherever you go.
Hello Father.
Where were you?
However you may be dressed.
Bring me my boots.
I was accepted.
First on the list!
Bravo, congratulations.
You can be proud of me for once. gentle with her today.
Father! When will you be back?
Do not wait for me, for dinner.
We invited the neighbors.
To celebrate my admission!
To celebrate what?
I need to leave now.
It will be a law, to be released soon.
We are now historians.
We must strive for the truth.
Cinema is an adventure,
and film the truth.
Thank you!
Not just shooting, everything is real.
The cartridges are genuine,
the guns are real.
Shall we?
The smell of gunpowder.
Why do we smell the gunpowder then?
It cannot be true!
It must be an adventure. You promised me!
And I'm into cinema and country music...
I will shoot for it.
Three out of three?
Stop! Let me suggest a toss!
Tails: We shoot...
Heads: Head to the cinema.
A wager would end this.
I do not want it.
What was it?
Cmon Mota!
Shoot quick.
We should hit the cinema!
It's not just a shooting competition.
I like that as well.
So you want to shoot?
No, I want to compete.
Okay, let them see it.
Cmon, stop flirting so much!
Pavlichenko, don't worry.
Fourth place will also be honored.
Each of you has five shots.
The winner is determined by points.
Could you teach me how?
Take the gun.
Insert the cartridge into the magazine.
Concentrate and aim on the target,
breathe slowly...
Hold your breath and
gently press the trigger.
Place the guns on the table!
Place the gun on the table.
Shout your family names,
loud and clear!
Pavlichenko, shooting is not a women's job.
Let's see about that!
Look the target has no holes!
The winner is Pavlichenko.
47 out of 50 points.
Captain, did you check really well?
You just saw it.
Feldman, what now?
We don't go to the cinema, now?
With you, I always win!
Every war ends with peace or ceasefire.
In 1651...
Excuse me, Pavlichenko.
The Headmaster...
Take your things in your satchel.
Lyuda Mikhailovna Pavlichenko born 1916,
Mother, N.D.Pavlichenko, English teacher.
Father, N.S.Pavlichenko, NKVD Major.
Write it down, Rector.
Is that everything?
You were in control.
The captain did not lie.
According to the report by Kovalchuk,
shooting instructor on June 20...
You showed excellent shooting skills.
You have talent.
We've decided to send you to a 6 month training.
A training?
Yes a training.
I think the main thought
is not against it.
After six months, you will side to a 'Yes', correct?
Yes of course.
Will return to righteousness.
So you understand?
And if I reject it?
I recommend you do not
jump to that conclusion.
Take at least a sweater.
They will provide us everything.
What if I give you something?
Here's a small pie.
I will give it anyway.
Will you not tell me anything?
It's half a year!
Misha, the winter!
Call your father and I'll bring it.
Life made her hard, so you know what happened.
What stopped you?
Half of my life I have struggled.
During the war, women brace on the worst.
And soon there will be another war.
We are thankful for the
US loan and rental program,
but if America wants to defeat
Hitler as quickly as possible,
then you need to take a decisive stand.
The Soviet delegation asks
to bring up the issue
to open a second front,
as the main topic of the Assembly.
The Soviet people need help,
but do not need alms.
So on behalf of the
Soviet delegation,
I will ask you to end this ugly joke immediately!
People want to help,
and you call it a joke?
My money is not good enough for fighting Hitler?
Someone in your position,
drum up any amount of support.
Why make it the main cause of the delegation?
Miss Pavlichenko, Lady Death?
Lyuda speak!
We the students Assembly, agree...
To bring the opening
of the second front...
that the area of concern for
politicians and the miltarymen.
To bring it on to the agenda
is not our plan.
Mrs.Roosevelt, many of us
have a feeling,
This is the beginning of the next
election campaign for your husband.
Are you planning to spend your
entire life in the White House?
And why not let us
ask Miss Pavlichenko?
It can affect the Americans, they will
shed their blood on foreign soil.
I know one thing for sure, it is useful to
have friends, who can give you weapons.
Even better, when you have
friends who would take,
his weapon and fight side by side you.
Your English is especially good
for a regular soldier...
Were you specially trained for this?
Who are you anyway? If you don't mind...
My mother taught me English.
She is an English teacher.
In University, I studied, history.
First in Kiev, then in Odessa...
How did we get here?
All, for life!
Odessa, June 1941.
History! I thought I would
dig Troy's royal tombs!
What we can tell here of Otkopaem?
Gives me the shivers!
Your documents will is ready...
Coming Monday, goodbye.
Thank you!
Lyuda, do you think you might like sailors?
I like military men.
Military soldiers?
If you do not work, you will be sorry.
Your mind will wander.
Well, I still wouldn't mind a sailor.
I shall wait and wait...
Go to the beach, girls.
There will be sailors and airmen!
And even military men.
An elegant choice.
Did you hear, military men!
They do not understand.
It's Friday already, I'll have
to visit the archives soon.
I understand, I'll have a word.
Yes! Yes! Yes.
Sonichka, tell me who do prefer,
sailors or airmen?
I would prefer a doctor.
Get yourselves to the beach.
My brother Boris, is a doctor.
Are you serious?!
As a child, did you dream of becoming a pilot?
I would prefer a doctor as well!
We are leaving, Lyuda will bury us in work.
Lyuda, learn to enjoy.
Monday morning, we continue.
Early morning!
Let's go!
Post surgery, what do you think
Dr.Portman said himself?
Serve, you have hands of gold!
And do you know what he said?
Boris is the only one with golden hands.
He will soon go to Kiev and
perhaps even Moscow.
Sit down!
This happens once in a lifetime!
Heat stroke. Sit down!
It's dangerous.
Lyuda, what if the war breaks out?
Everyone talks about the war now.
Girls...sorry about that!
We're sorry.
That happened by accident!
How can we make it up to you?
Masha has put this all behind!
You may go now!
Masha, nice to meet you! Grisha.
I'm Kolya.
Well...just wait.
Cmon, get back here!
We will win and return
to celebrate our victory.
Lyuda! Who do you like more, Kolya or Grisha?
I did not look around.
So look around then!
Meet my brother, Boris.
Masha, let's go swimming!
May I sit by you.
Thank you.
I recognized you immediately.
And what did Sonia tell you?
She asked me to shave, spray cologne,
polish my shoes and get to the beach.
Make a good impression.
Did you?
She wanted me to propose after
I see you in a swimsuit.
You are...?
But if you are serious...
The airmen are here!
I need some time.
Yes...a very interesting book, Lyuda.
As you say...
Lyuda nice to see you again.
As promised, you are invited to
join in to celebrate our victory.
And for you, young man,
you are welcome to join as well.
I disagree with you.
How can you be against war?
It will create a fair world.
And we will create it!
No, that opinion is very popular today.
But I would never believe it.
Such a vain idea!
There will be no such war.
From above it looks nice but
the war has already begun.
You are afraid to admit it.
And that's your weakness.
Because you're a coward.
Others protect family, country and their wives.
What do you protect?
But to save lives, yes!
Time for a toast?
Let's drink to...
For the ball that bounced!
Yes exactly!
To the ball!
To the ball!
Lyuda, have you flown in a plane?
Unfortunately, no.
We fly, Sunday.
Thank you, Nicholas, but Sunday...
Lyuda and Masha have been
invited home by Boris...
to lunch.
Well, the invitation still stands.
Sonia I'm sorry, I would like to go flying.
Lyuda, join Masha.
You can get to fly as well.
You're only a young girl.
And where do you live in Kiev?
Do you live in a house or an apartment block?
In a residential block.
Shared housing?
No, separately.
How many rooms do you have?
Three and it's 2.9m in height,
parqueted floors, IV floor
with large windows.
What you say is unreal.
It's the truth.
Lyuda, have you thought about,
how many children you would have?
How about the man you love?
And in general...
who do you love?
Who loves you back dearly?
Father, mother, don't tire our guest.
This is not interesting.
I...I haven't thought about everything.
We have baked fish coming up!
What do you think about our son, Boris?
I know him hardly.
Oh, I will tell you.
Boris is our big problem.
He is a very clever boy.
Odessa has invested in him!
Graduated school with a gold medal.
It's hard to get into a
medical institution in Odessa.
You know what they said about him?
He has golden hands.
Lyusik, he is known even in Kiev!
But that's not important!
My son will make you happy,
that's his nature.
And when he meets this woman,
he will give her a wedding ring!
Boris, get the ring and show it to Lyuda!
Lyuda...don't expect much.
The ring isn't particularly fancy.
When Lyusik gave me a ring,
it wasn't even gold.
He displayed more for a Deriba!
We have different values.
Sonia is an outstanding cook!
Here's a joke...a grandfather in a Jewish family,
laid on the couch, picking his sole...
when a boy came into the room.
Grandpa said, 'come on, son'.
The boy says, 'Grandma has prepared fish'.
From the kitchen came a great fragrance.
Let grandma bring me a bite, said Grandpa.
The kid goes and returns.
Boy says, Grandma said, 'just save it for later...'
Do you understand?
You know what that means?
I leer! Turn on the radio, it has begun!
What has begun?
The war of course!
Hear! The Soviet Union,
was attacked by German troops
without a declaration of war.
Attacking our borders...
What do you say to that?
Bombing Zhitomir, Kiev...
It's all over.
Sevastopol, Kaunas...
No, it's...
it's not over.
Hitler had his agenda, we have ours.
...I was hesitant to take your mother to the theater.
Take Lyuda instead to the theater.
Today's play is the 'La Traviata'.
War has spread to Romanian and Finnish territory.
What did your dad say now?
We must go now, we will be late.
Lyuda, you are not committed to the war.
War is not a place for women.
War is not a place for cowards.
Be quiet!
The war is a massacre.
I am a physician and can only treat patients.
Please understand it takes a commitment...
You're right, Boris, but...
Dad said that I am committed to the war effort.
I cannot sit here, ashamed.
And you? Can you do that?
It is more important for me here.
Everyone does their part.
I have a degree and a trained shooter.
They need me more, over there.
Get back to the opera.
Here we are strangers.
USSR Embassy, Washington D.C, 1942
There is a war going on and here...
All they care about is silk underwear
and what lipstick to wear.
Lyuda, can you explain what this is?
What has the President's
wife scribbled in English?
What happened?
Can you tell us that?
What is the issue here?
Mrs.Eleanor Roosevelt has
invited Miss Pavlichenko,
to live in the White House,
during her visit to America.
And only invited Pavlichenko!
Do we have any instructions
on this occasion?
Soviet citizens cannot be in the
White House without a delegation.
I am not going anywhere!
We must hold on to every chance!
Important issues are solved in the presidential premises.
Good to have you with us.
You know, Miss Pavlichenko...
Take your time and decide wisely!
Next week it will be hot.
We need to update her wardrobe.
She needs a new uniform.
The press like seeing her that way.
Have you done anything?
Of course?
I wanted to understand how Lyuda,
being a woman...
could kill 309 men?
Why carry a firearm?
It is not a woman's job.
Our journalists called her 'Lady Death'.
I noticed, how it stung her.
She was smart and well educated.
She was a beauty!
The war just came to her home,
and she really had no choice.
Especially, she had talent
to be invisible and precise.
Training camps, summer 1941
Sniper's first task:
Get into position and be discreet.
Crawl facing down on your stomach.
Keep your butt down!
Move your left foot, hold the rifle
and then move your right foot.
Glide, do not wriggle!
Position yourself on time...
or you are dead!
You'll make an excellent target for the enemy.
Pretty lady!
How will you fight with all this?
Laugh and you are done!
I can see that you don't
believe the Germans...
took Zhitomir, Riga,
Kiev and Leningrad!
We anticipated a short war
and a quick victory.
But we had to withdraw.
And suffered huge losses!
Tomorrow we might suffer greater losses!
Look at you!
All this will be burned.
Do it now!
With strength!
Come on!
Dig deeper!
Lower your butt and crawl away!
Move quickly, do it together!
Move around!
Report the changes!
A stone disappeared.
Cross too.
The hay-straw is moved to the left.
Within five meters.
The lump is the site of the stump.
Is it?
The stone was moved to the left.
Not bad.
Turn around!
Incorrect! Let's see...
This is the correct position.
She is dead.
Interestingly decision but ineffective.
She is dead. Flowers do not belong in this meadow.
Comrade Major, you are dead,
when do we start?
Do you still want to shoot?
Are you sure?
I am sure of it.
Comrade Major, move away.
You are a sniper, not an artilleryman.
Not bad for a starter,
not bad at all.
The first five on the
defensive line, shoot!
All set to fire dual ammunition?
I want a clear report!
Conscript the men, leave the girls behind.
They have a lot to learn.
They haven't even fired once,
all they do is supply bullets.
All have passed a course on shooting.
For six years, they have shot there.
May God show mercy.
I'm sorry, too!
They are half way through.
You will have a protection detail in January.
You will be with soldier...Pavlichenko.
Odessa, September 1941.
Do not get too close.
When you see an officer, shoot!
You will kill the commander,
if he fires at the squad.
Conserve ammunition. Questions?
And the tanks, Captain?
The tanks can be stopped in two ways.
First with grenades from a short range,
And number two?
number two...
Arrow slit the tank with
armor-piercing rounds.
Shoot twice at the same spot
and the glass will crack.
The third shot, kill the driver.
Captain, give me a forward flank position.
Are you hurt? Are you hurt?
Is that your blood?
Take a
Wait here.
She destroyed tanks, Major General Petrov,
Commander 25 Chapaevsk division,
We have personally assigned a semi-automatic
SVT rifle to Pavlichenko.
Aviation had a separate role
in wiping out Vrazhites troops.
Squad, attention!
Is soldier Pavlichenko here?
Pavlichenko, Mikhailovna?
Your father is Michael Yulievich?
He fought in the Civil War?
Misha is our hero!
If you need anything, let me know.
Congratulations, Pavlichenko!
Thank you, General.
This is my comrade's daughter
from the Civil War.
See her as a role model!
Come, say something to our soldiers.
I swear...
to protect our motherland in
this fight against the enemy.
To kill a 100 fascists with this gun!
Dismiss them, Commander.
Keep an eye out for her, if she
follows the path of her father...
You understand, right?
You should always have
a new tactic against him.
Never the same rifle.
Each rifle has a character.
You need to understand and handle
the rifle as you would your wife.
Do you have a wife, Captain?
No, I do not.
I had a wife, once.
At first I was afraid to marry.
It was during the battle in Finland,
I could not believe a person would long so much for me.
At the beginning of the war...
we could not sustain the effort.
I was afraid.
Finally I found you!
I have so much to tell you.
We will fight together, me, you and Grisha.
Who is this Grisha?
Don't you remember?
My pilot Grisha.
Grisha is mine!
And is he yours?
Will be soon.
Miss Pavlichenko, what do you think,
Russia can win over Fascism
without our help?
The Soviet Union now carries
the main burden of the war.
With the fascist aggression
the world is in trouble.
You are the aggressor!
Finland and now the Polish occupation!
The increase in prison camps in the Soviet Union.
You are even fighting against your own people!
You have not seen how we lived before.
And you have no right...
I am a Russian!
And miraculously escaped Russia in 1928.
I have every right to talk about it.
Gentlemen! sit down.
My apologies, but the press conference is now over.
Thank you for all your questions.
Lyudmila, your mistake is that you should look
at the discussion in the direction you need.
Always begin, knowing precisely what you
are going to say and always be confident.
And obviously come with a smile.
More softly...naturally.
The smile is your main weapon.
It's hard, to talk like that...
Of course it is hard.
It takes years of practice.
And you must hold that smile, long as you can.
Speak loudly, confidently.
And always look the person directly in the eye.
Learn to relax...
Captain, get three more.
Odessa, September 1941.
Get more snipers.
Confirmed from the captain,
two have been selected.
Waiting on the third.
We discussed among ourselves.
The Germans do not expect a smoke screen.
She shoots and we climb up, here.
I can see how effective this could be.
Lyuda, see this through with a sharp mind.
We will be met with warmth and care.
We are taking the heat right now.
We will wait outside.
There Lyuda,
you won a dog-tag.
Captain...have you had moments so successful?
I have had my moments.
I remember in Finland, was out sniping.
Was on duty in an interesting
position when it occurred.
If the objective from that position, is to...
clear three targets simultaneously,
go out to a position and wait.
Boom! And that would be it.
But they spotted me.
They couldn't believe it!
I got three in a single shot.
Where is Pavlichenko?
Right there, she changed positions.
Come on!
Pavlichenko come with me!
Pavlichenko, who ordered you
to leave your position?
Could you talk about this later?
That's for your girlfriend.
Where are the tanks?
Moving up right...
Come on!
What are you doing?
The Captain, showed me how to kill three at a time.
I just shot my 73rd!
They could also kill you!
And you too.
Wait here.
Do you want to stand before
a military tribunal?
Get back to your position.
Captain, they're on the way from
the slope on the pitfalls.
Is too early to count.
Send me a second.
Face it, you blockhead.
It hurts.
Today I shot two.
That would make it my 20th.
No, my 21st.
Blow on it.
I shot 73 Germans.
Could have been more,
had it not been for Makarov.
I was instructed to land here.
They did?!
Hello, Lyuda.
Did you miss me?
Hello, Captain.
Why sew it yourself?
You have subordinates at your disposal.
I love to sew, it calms me.
Preparations have began for troop
evacuation from the Crimea.
The troops will assemble at the port.
Your task is to provide a cover.
and here.
We're leave tomorrow.
Why surrender Odessa?
We can still resist them.
The general knows better.
And I am from Odessa.
It presses my soul to see
fascism creeping to Dyuk.
I'm taking the road over to Prishtup.
Yes, but stick to the left.
Well, things seem calm.
Come on, let me through.
Let us drink.
Drink of Odessa.
For the city, it is our...
To the city where we met.
How about some more of this drink?
I'll get it, please wait.
Please excuse me.
Get over here!
That's an order.
For a long time I have wanted,
to be alone with you.
Stop it!
Do you love me?
We are good people.
War and death is everywhere.
Tomorrow they might kill us.
It hurts! Let me go!
My groin...
Thanks, but it's slick
too often to save me.
You never told me you
had a second admirer!
I told you.
Forgive me.
Got involved in that situation.
Let me help you.
I can do it myself.
You cannot.
Is it because of your wife?
Because of the war.
If they kill you...
You are a coward, Captain.
You have to believe they will not kill us.
Lyuda! Can you hear me?
Just a little more.
Come on!
Can you hear me?
Quiet. I succeeded.
You are alive.
Even though...
I love you.
Quiet, quiet now.
Go to sleep.
Everything will be fine.
Boris Larionovich, Polyakov has
a fever and delirium again.
Well...change his bandage.
Whose bandage, Boris Larionovich?
Oh, excuse me.
Doctor! Doctor.
I have a personal request.
This fighter Pavlichenko
is very valuable and important.
Take good care of her.
We tend to all.
She is not 'all'.
She's special...
I know she is special!
I love her too.
And have from a long time.
So I can be rest assured,
you will take good care of her?
She alone will decide,
who should be beside here.
Too bad you aren't
the one to decide.
The White House, Washington D.C, 1942
This needs to be poured into the pan for the Borscht.
No, soft and more naturally.
In the Soviet Union, women do this.
In America women do this!
What a day!
It's alright! It's only a frying pan.
What happened?
I was hit explosion,
and nearly died.
I can only imagine...
how terrible it would have been.
Sevastopol Evacuation, Autumn 1941
Take it.
Lyuda, I want to ask you...
Dear, do not be afraid.
Fear not, everything will be fine.
Grisha is flying over us.
There, look!
He flies above! Fear not, drink.
Soon you will see!
Do not be afraid.
How are you?
I will be back soon.
Come up with me.
You are not a soldier.
Stay here, you are sick.
You are not able for the front.
You do not understand war.
Under these conditions,
I cannot heal you!
So treat me.
Come on, cure me!
I'll testify to the commission!
I'm a doctor, not a magician.
The headquarters of Sevastopol
defensive area in November 1941.
Ivan Evtimovich!
Hello, Lyuda.
Please write the report that I am healthy.
Bravo, good to see you are able.
Here, come with me.
Let me buy you some tea.
What happened to your arm?
Just a bruise.
Wait here.
We have received an order from
headquarters to protect the city!
At any cost.
This is General Petrov.
They say, he created the first line of defense.
They are probably observations.
Welcome, General.
The first line of defense now,
is 13 km from Sevastopol.
The city is vulnerable to German artillery.
We can not drive the enemy back.
We could, but the line would
stretch the defense vicinity,
and we will not be able
to to protect the city.
But shrapnel is the basic
caliber from a battleship.
Hit the area within an area of
width 250m and a length of 1km.
Only the battleship, 'Paris Commune'
could do that with 12 guns.
The shots can crush the enemy artillery.
But understand that your order will dispatch
almost all of our ships to the Caucasus.
I shall quickly bring the ships back!
My task is to protect the fleet.
But in this situation, I have no right...
Our common task is to protect Sevastopol!
The war has moved into our country.
Your inability and unwillingness,
to learn how to fight in this field is
leading to a great number of deaths.
I do not want to dig out or mask it.
You need to change your uniform?
Our uniform is our pride.
Comrades, meet Sergeant Lyuda Pavlichenko.
As they say, God sent us a sniper.
Tell us now in this combat situation,
who will survive?
I know of protective clothing,
and men in black tunic!
I will kill the first person
I see wearing a coat.
And others will follow, general,
You will have very little time.
That will be all.
Thank you, Lyuda.
Dyachenko! Prepare orders to change the uniforms.
Ivan Efremovich!
And my report?
If the doctors allow it,
you may fight in full force.
Are you seriously wounded?
Comrade Major, get out of the way!
How many beds do we have available?
Boris, I need a referral I'm healthy.
Sign here.
Boris Efimich, Sidorenko has a massive
blood loss, needs amputation.
Take him straight up to the
3rd floor operating room.
Zhuk, severe liver damage.
Send him to the 1st floor.
Where is he?
Where is our squad? Where?
There they are, let's see.
How nice to see you here.
I promised Makarov, that you will have this.
He really wanted, this be yours.
What to do in this war?
We have to survive.
We have to survive.
Where did you go?
Just write your report.
No offense, but...
You are not healthy.
You'll die if you are sent to the front.
I cannot give you the report.
Makarov died.
Did you hear me?
Excuse me.
Stay here Boris!
You do not you understand, with this, I can...
'Suitable for service'.
Thank you, Boris!
White House, Washington D.C, 1942
I am ready.
Close your eyes.
Don't peek!
Open them.
This is for you.
Close your eyes.
Don't peek!
It is so sad that nobody
sees the woman in you.
don't always see the woman in the lead.
When it all began between
Franklin and I, I was so happy.
Oh! He was intelligent and
successful and handsome.
Why didn't he notice me?
I was not so beautiful, I was so tall.
And he chose me.
I'm your new boss.
We're going to war against the fascists!
Masha, you fool!
Sevastopol, November 1941.
Hello, Lyuda.
Look what I brought!
I mis-labeled it from alcohol.
Opal! And another opal!
They are too small for me,
should be just fine on you.
Thank you.
Thank you...what for?
She says, 'Well, thank you'.
And so begins Frost.
Crawling under the rubble, you will be with this.
It will be like nothing.
So the next time we will go together.
And also visit Grisha.
He has been very lonely,
since they took out Nikolay.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Have you seen your new boss?
Does he look good?
Is he not so handsome?
I have not seen him.
Imagine someones grandfather?
And if he were young...
He would probably start giving orders, right away!
Captain Leonid Kitsenko,
your new boss.
Coming to the point.
You have a special task.
You have to hunt down enemy snipers.
Do I start tomorrow?
Should we take the dog-tags from the bodies?
Lyuda, eat.
Leave it!
Let's position ourselves back.
Come with me!
Stop! Stop
Turn around!
No, we are not fascists.
Why did you not let me kill him?
They do not deserve an easy death?
They kill...the decision was not theirs.
It's yours.
You should not only a live of revenge.
War is not only for the dead,
it is for the living as well.
If you do not find out
how to survive in war,
they will kill you.
They can kill me, why do you care?
I don't want to lose one of my best snipers.
Both of you, here are two positions,
the tactic is very dangerous.
It's a long shot.
Listen to your heart.
Shoot between heartbeats.
For you.
Is this for us?
It's yours.
A medal for Grisha!
He was good, and I went through
door and in the end it fell!
Looking forward to it.
For them it is July!
If the Fascist does not leave
with his rifle, forever...
your home, wife, mother,
all that you call homeland will perish.
Remember that no one will save the motherland,
if you do not save her yourself!
Remember that no one will kill him,
if you do not kill him!
Kill the fascists, so that you and
the enemy are not on the same ground.
At home there is no grief over his death.
So kill at least one!
Kill more!
Many times, you have seen it,
many times he has killed!
Tonight, Hitler wants to celebrate
the New Year's in Sevastopol.
But thanks to our firmness,
we will regret it!
For the second time we have ejected
the enemy from the city walls!
Sevastopol is alive.
Sevastopol will survive!
Leonid do you know him?
Boris, was one of my
friends before the war.
In connection with the festivities,
command will immediately proceed
and release 1,500 cases of champagne,
and open the underground cellars.
Happy New Year 1942!
Hurrah, comrades!
For Stalin!
Come here! Open it.
Drink up.
Last time we drank champagne,
was at Lyuda's home.
How long have you known her?
I loved her before the war.
If it weren't for her,
I wouldn't be here.
Do you regret it?
That I was in love?
It turned out to be a war.
No, otherwise I would have regretted
to be in love with her.
It seemed we were sometime back.
And you?
Do you love her?
What are you doing, man?!
You aren't the only officers here!
Officers with a plug up their pelvis!
You have to beat the Germans, not us!
Happy New Year.
I thought this would
happen in another way.
Chicago, Illinois 1942
Excuse me, Miss Pavlichenko.
I came without my agent.
Here is my project for you.
They are cigarettes.
Give a million bucks if you
allow me to use your image.
That man is my agent.
That guy?
Yes! Talk to him.
Thank you.
Sorry about the wait.
My guitar also kills.
A good weapon.
Thank you, each have their own weapon.
Come to my dressing room.
I have a surprise for you.
I've something for you.
Miss Pavlichenko...
What were you thinking?
Are you insane?
I'm your agent?
Pavlichenko, let me ask you two questions.
Hold on. Hold on.
Listen to me!
Miss Pavlichenko, do you really think the
President will forgo his election promise,
and sends our boys away to
die on foreign soil?
At the press conference, they will ask
you questions and you'll have no answers.
You are more popular than me,
Miss Pavlichenko.
Do you like it?
Yes, I like it.
I dedicated this song to you.
Allow me to convey it.
No one has ever dedicated a song to me.
Sevastopol, Spring 1942
You know, I've decided having
a boy with Hryshko.
Masha, you are crazy.
I would like to have,
the tightness in my belly.
Grisha is not against it.
I have news!
What Masha?
Come, I will tell you.
Come here tomorrow,
a wedding is to be held here.
Where and when?
Wedding and cheerfulness!
You will be delighted.
Aunt Lyuda!
How many have you killed today?
Is it normal?
That's not too many?
Aunt Lyuda, look!
You can see that I can aim too!
Will you teach me to shoot a gun?
Me too...
I will teach you everything.
But not right now.
Watch out!
It's okay being late to the sadness!
We invited you to a wedding,
and Grisha has been killed.
How about a toast?
Don't be sad.
No doubt war kills people.
But we thought, if we were together...
it wouldn't be so scary.
Being together is always better, Lyuda.
We have to love each other.
We should be happy about that!
Leonid...I'm pregnant.
You told me that war has no life.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Pavlichenko, what is all this masquerade?
Change out of that dress immediately.
Let them see that I'm a woman.
You're not a woman, you're a Soviet soldier.
Remember that!
Stalin has ordered a second front, we've a common enemy!
Don't be an amateur!
Are we clear?
Yes, sir.
What have they done to you?
I cannot take it anymore.
The men should have protected you.
Sevastopol, Summer 1942
Lyuda you...
Help me!
Help me!
Help me! Anyone!
Where is...Leonid!
Where is Leonid?
Relax, Leonid is dead.
Relax, listen to me.
I am guilty! The war is over for you.
You are weak and unfit for military service.
What has failure to do with anything?
Pavlichenko is not a fighter.
She is a symbol and symbols don't fail.
Leave the hospital immediately!
Do you want a military tribunal?
This is not a sanatorium
for pre-war girlfriends.
Did you not read this?!
The Germans say, they have killed her.
Third storm approaching, my soldiers.
They will fight with her name on their lips.
I will complain to General Petrov.
The order is that she stands on her feet.
We need that for the front.
Give me a hand.
Let me do it.
It does not seem particularly heroic.
Raise your head.
Be more pleased.
Comrade Commissioner.
Pavlichenko, come!
Come here and admire this.
He is one of the best German snipers,
Otto von Singer.
He'll come for you!
They think you are still alive.
Here's a photo according to intelligence,
lurking somewhere in this area.
I don't want to, Commissioner.
Do you know how important
it is to win this duel?
I am no longer, the best sniper.
The report from the military doctor says,
I am unfit for military service.
This will kill many of your friends.
I cannot!
This is not for me.
I cannot...
Do this for Leonid Kitsenko.
Please, I need to see the Major General.
Comrade Major General...
What's wrong?
We must evacuate Sergeant Pavlichenko,
as soon as possible.
How about others?
Can evacuation documentation prepared for,
all the people, workers and
security professionals.
I demand it!
Hundreds of dead Germans.
Four times wounded in battle.
Isn't she is a woman, after all.
Isn't she valuable?
Does she not deserve that?
I am a military doctor!
I am a Party worker!
Lyuda, wait...
Stay clear of the firing line, Soviet citizens!
Stop this panic!
Boris, I need a break.
Wish we were back in Odessa...
as it were...
Sonia took us to the beach and said,
you'd see me in swimsuit.
Sonia's fish, 'La Traviata',
your parents, the Ring...
The archive...
Wait, you remember the ring?
I always knew, you never give up.
You know we'll have five children.
Wow, five, Boris?
Sonia, she has always wanted
to learn how to cook.
I can fry eggs.
Well, we will all sit,
at the big table.
Yes, everyday.
Every day! With the exception of that
evening when we go to the Opera.
No, Boris. I do not like Opera.
I prefer the cinema.
Quick, we are running out of time.
Take your suitcase, you have everything you need.
Boris, are you not coming?
We are ready to dive!
I will take the next steamer.
I am a Jew and will escape Odessa.
No, Boris!
This is an emergency, keep moving!
Let me go.
Wait, stop!
Lyudmila lived one of the most
terrible pages of this great war.
The defence of Sevastopol
lasted over 250 days,
but the city still had the enemy.
No evacuation was organized
for troops or citizens.
General Petrov and officers from the command,
were evacuated by boats.
The same was done with submarines
and aircrafts in the Caucasus,
with about 3000 people evacuated.
Admiral Oktyabarski, was evacuated on a plane.
Lyuda was saved by a miracle.
Boris rescued a man,
who did not make it.
He gave his passport to Boris and
a possibility of a new life.
Lyuda loved Boris and her friend Masha.
About 80,000 inhabitants defending
Sevastopol remained in the area.
They fought hard against the enemy.
They were all sentenced
to death or captivity.
Lyuda told me often,
that they were all heroes.
Chicago, Illinois 1942
Gentlemen...I'm 25 years old.
And I have killed 309
fascist enemies now.
Do not you think, gentlemen,
you have been riding behind
my back for too long?
We became friends.
From her letters, I know
she did not turn back to the front.
She worked as an instructor
at snipers school.
After the war, Lyuda
finished university.
She was awarded the highest rank:
Hero of the Soviet Union.
Moscow, USSR 1957
She won all that as a diplomat,
a soldier and a woman!
I want to see her son, I have a question for him.
I'm sure he'll look just like her.
Yes, Mr.Khrushchev will wait for that.