Battle for the Planet of the Apes (1973) Movie Script

In the beginning|God created beast and man...
so that both might live|in friendship...
and share dominion|over a world at peace
But in the fullness of time,|evil men betrayed God's trust..
and in disobedience|to his holy word...
waged bloody wars..
not only against their own kind..
but against the apes,|whom they reduced to slavery.
Then God, in his wrath,|sent the world a savior...
miraculously born of two apes..
who descended on Earth|from Earth's own future.
And man was afraid..
for both parent apes possessed|the power of speech.
Come on!
So both were brutally murdered
But the child ape survived..
and grew up to set his|fellow creatures free...
from the yoke of human slavery
Yet in the aftermath|of this victory...
the surface of the world|was ravaged...
by the vilest war in human history
The great cities of the world|split asunder...
and were flattened.
And out of one such city...
our savior led a remnant|of those who survived...
in search of greener pastures...
where ape and human might|forever live in friendship...
according to divine will.
His name was Caesar...
and this is his story|in those far-off days.
You're not gonna make it, Jake.
Nah, we'll make it.
I'll show you how.
Thanks, Aldo.
You will call me by my proper rank-|General!
Yes, General.
Don't put him in the corral.|I won't be long.
Gorillas, read me what I've written.
Ape shall never kill ape.
Ape shall never kill ape
Shall ape ever kill man?
You're late, General Aldo
Come and read this to the class.
I won't.
You won't because you can't..
and you can't because|you don't want to learn..
and it is my duty to|report this to Caesar.
If my father were a gorilla...
we'd all be learning|riding instead of writing.
Remember, you are|Caesar's son and heir.
Being a good rider isn't enough|for being a good ruler...
though in human history..
quite a number of military dictators|seem to have thought so.
Now, all of you take up your charcoal sticks|and your parchments...
and copy down what I've written
The best shall be hung|from these hooks.
I can think of better things|to hang from those hooks.
But, Virgil, can we|tamper with time?
Accept my premise.|- What premise?
That since man once learned|to travel faster than sound...
he could later have learned to travel faster than light.|- We accept.
Imagine a musician|giving a live broadcast...
from what was once London to what|was once New York on a Wednesday.
He then travels faster than light...
from London to New York...
where he arrives-|as physicists would confirm...
on the previous Tuesday,|listens to his own broadcast on the Wednesday...
dislikes its quality intensely...
then travels back|faster than light to London...
in time for him to decide|not to give his broadcast.
Come. I'll prove it|to you logically.
Good, Cornelius,|but you've made a mistake here.
You have put a "b" in place|of the second "p."
Teacher, have you|forgotten your own name?
Everyone has always called me|Teacher that I had forgotten.
"Ape shall never kill Abe."
Thank you, Cornelius.|That was a very kind thought.
Gorillas.|All right, Aldo...
let's start with you.
General Aldo
With respect, General Aldo...
this is barely legible|and will have to be written again
Your capital "A" leans over|like a tent in a high wind.
And your capital "K"...
"Ape shall never kill Abe."
No, Aldo! No!
Teacher, you've spoken|the unspeakable.
In all our years|of slavery to mankind...
the word "no" was the one word|we were electrically conditioned to fear.
Caesar has forbidden you|its utterance in perpetuity.
An ape may say no to a human...
but a human may never|again say no to an ape.
Tell him you're sorry and go home|while you've still got a home to go to.
I'll put in a good word|for you with Caesar.
General Aldo, I'm... I'm sorry.
The writing you destroyed|was by Caesar's son.
I did not want you to|suffer Caesar's anger!
What do I care for Caesar's anger?
Let me give you a taste of mine!
Grab him!
Stop, Teacher!|Grab him!
Grab him.|Grab the teacher!
Grab him
Stop, Teacher!|Grab him!
Grab him.|Grab the teacher!
Stop! Stop!
We'll teach the teacher a lesson.
Throw him in the corral,|where all humans belong.
I said stop, Aldo.
He broke the law. With his own mouth,|he broke the first law.
I am the law.|What has he done?
Caesar, I was there.
Teacher only reverted|to type under provocation.
He spoke like a slave master|in the old days of our servitude..
when we were conditioned|to mechanical obedience.
He uttered a negative imperative.
Could you put that into words...
which even Caesar could understand?
Um, he said, "No, Aldo. No."
General Aldo deliberately|tore up a writing exercise...
written especially for me|by Caesar's son.
Teacher, you're old enough|to be well aware that "no"...
is the one word a human|may never say to an ape...
because apes once|heard it said to them...
a hundred times a day by humans.
Yes, I am old enough.
The schoolroom was wrecked.|- The class is ended.
The schoolroom is closed!|Now we go back to riding horses!
You and your friends...
will return to the schoolroom...
and put it back in order.
Abe, no gorilla|is to be dismissed..
until everything is back in its place.|- Yes, Caesar.
Father, since there won't be|any more school today...
may I go out and play?
Can't you study in the house?
I could, father, but...
Run along and play.
Where are my students?
I was just in the midst...
of explaining my theory|of time relativity.
If Caesar permits,|I would like my-
Caesar permits.|- Thank God.
You look concerned, MacDonald.
I am, Caesar. I think|that Aldo's hatred...
is not confined to humans.
Look out!
I think Aldo may be|riding for a fall.
If only my mother and father...
whom I was too|young to remember-
If only they'd lived...
perhaps they would have taught me...
if it was right to kill evil...
so that good should prevail.
But you know,|Caesar, history shows-
Oh, no, no. That is human history,|not ape history.
Ape never kills ape.
Oh, here's the list...
of our winter supplies so far.
I've got to be getting along.|I'm starving.
I could eat a horse.|- A horse?
Oh, you remember, Lisa.|They used to eat lots of things-
dead cattle, dead chickens,|dead pigs.
Now we live and chew nuts...
at our master's command.
That will be all, Julie.|- Thank you.
We are not your masters.
We're not your equals.
MacDonald, I believe that...
when you truly grow to know and trust a person,|you cannot help but like him.
When we grow to know|and trust your people...
then we shall all be equals...
and remain so until|the end of the world
Which may be sooner than you think.
You are such a pessimist!|- Or a prophet.
Now that apes are at the helm...
Earth will sail safely through space|until the end of time...
and Virgil says time has no end.
So, you see, I cannot believe you.
Would you believe it|if you heard it...
from the lips of your own parents?
Are my parents alive?
No, but their images|and their voices are.
MacDonald, when you talk|about my parents...
please do not speak in riddles.
I cannot see them.|I cannot hear them.
Armando's only told me|they came out of the future.
They cannot give me knowledge.
Caesar, you can see them.
You can hear them...
and they can give you knowledge.
How?|- Under the dead city where we once lived...
in the archives near|the old command post...
there are tapes-|sealed tapes-
Of Cornelius and Zira...
being examined by officials|of the American government
When my brother was Governor Breck's assistant,|he told me about them.
I know where they are...
and I know that they concern Earth's future,|from which your parents came.
But the city was flattened.
The bomb left nothing.
Except, I suspect...
the archive section.
Indeed, many sections|of the underground city...
were designed|to survive the impact...
of a 10-megaton over-blast.
Well, then the tapes|and pictures of my parents-
Are still down there
Oh, MacDonald...
I want to see what they look like.
I suppose every orphan does.
I want to hear...
what they thought and knew.
The city's radioactive.
Oh, yeah, well... Let me see.
Who is there among your people...
who knows something|about radioactivity?
No one.|- Hmm.
And among mine?
Who knows everything|about everything?
Oh. Oh, Virgil.
Go and find him.
Lisa, you remember your parents.
I was too young when|they died to remember mine.
I don't want to have|to remember my husband.
I want to love him now.
Well, Virgil will be with us.
Now, we'll take good care.
Say good-bye to Cornelius.
I don't want him to know I'm afraid.
I'm going on a journey.
What will you bring me back?
What would you like?
More nuts for my squirrel.
He's growing fast.|- So are you.
One day, you will be|as tall as a king.
He's asleep.|- Not eternally, I trust.
Who's there?|- Caesar.
What does Caesar want?|- Weapons.
For what purpose?|- For self-protection...
in the pursuit of knowledge.
Self-protection|against whom or what?
We don't know
Well, then what is the point|of protecting yourself...
against a danger of which|you have no knowledge...
in pursuit of a knowledge|you do not possess?
Oh, God.
Is it a knowledge for good or evil?
All knowledge is for good.
Only the use to which you|put it can be good or evil.
Well put.|- Thank you.
The sun is rising.
I should like to get|this matter settled before it sets.
Caesar has appointed me|not only as the keeper of this armory...
but as the keeper|of his own conscience.
That is why I have asked|six boring questions...
and now propose to ask a seventh...
before issuing or not issuing|the weapons you require.
What is the nature|of the knowledge...
you cannot seek without weapons?
The knowledge of|Earth's ultimate fate, recorded on tapes...
in the archives of|the forbidden city.
Which is contaminated...
but still may be|inhabited by humans.
Hmm. Come in.
Name your protective pick.
Three submachine guns|- For?
The removal of obstacles.
And three.
Now what?|- Ammunition.
Oh. I really don't hold|with knowing the future...
even my own, which is short.
A Geiger counter.
I mean, if we knew for a fact|there was an afterlife...
and that the afterlife|was bliss eternal...
we'd all commit suicide in|order to be able to enjoy it.
To remove smaller obstacles?
It's a three-day journey.
With Caesar's permission,|MacDonald may want to...
shoot, cook and eat a rabbit.
But who needs three pistols|to shoot one rabbit?
Enjoy your meal.|- Thank you.
He may be old, but he's|got a mind like a razor.
When I was a boy, he was my teacher.
Let's collect our stores|and be on our way.
There it is... or was.
Like a storm at sea, but solidified
By a bomb from an armory|1,000 times the size of ours.
And nobody to keep|its owner's conscience.
This is the hell..
my forefathers used to speak about.
Do you know where we are, MacDonald?|- Yes.
Do you know where we are, MacDonald?|- Yes.
Now, this is... I mean was...|11th Avenue.
Ape Management was two|blocks east from here.
The archives section,|two blocks west...
corner of Breck and Agamon.
Get us there quickly.
The governor's very|irritable lately.
Who wouldn't be, living in this hell|of radiation for all these years?
If the bomb hadn't|killed the old governor...
boredom certainly would have.
Alma, I just want somebody|to talk to, anybody.
We are at best brave...
and at worst mad to be here.
This background radiation alone...
will give us 300 Roentgens per hour.
That unless we leave|this place within two hours...
we shall become inmates.
This is a ghost city.
I want to put some flesh on it.|- Radioactive flesh?
Well, we're all radiated, but at least we're active.
It's getting stronger.|We must hurry.
Oh, Governor, look!
What now?|- F-6! F-6!
Alert Mendez.
Mend... Oh. Mendez to Control Room.|Mendez to Control Room.
Mendez to Control Room
Somebody's breached|the warning system at entry F-6.
One of our scavengers.|- No. It's been locked for years.
It couldn't have been one of us.|It must have been someone else.
Well, that's impossible.|There is no one else.
We have to act quickly.
Alma.|- Yes, sir?
Work the "B" console.
Quick, Mendez.|Quick! Quick!
Oh, quicker! Faster!
Keep going.|No, no. Back.
This is the place.
That's Caesar...
come back to reconquer his kingdom.
Doesn't he know that|the bomb did that?
We're still all right.|- This way.
What's holding you up?
Smell 'em, Virgil?
Yes, but they're not the same.
Not like the others.
Come on.
There. Hold it
Can anything live|down here for long?
Oh, yes.|But in the end, not recognizably.
The black man is the brother..
of my predecessor's|personal assistant.
He supervised the archives
I don't think I know the orangutan.
Look!|- It's been there for years
The late governor had this whole|place equipped with cameras...
to forestall ape conspiracies,|as I remember.
Hmm. Archives...
We haven't been in|there since, uh...
I wonder what the devil|they want in there.
We'll find the tape|that we're looking for...
under the heading of|"Presidential Commission."
"Proceedings of|the Presidential Commission...
"on Alien Visitors..
Is this it?|- Let's see.
Yes, that's it.|Now, if this thing works...
the picture should come out|on that screen over there.
All security forces, alert.|All security forces, alert.
Check out all sections in areas M-5
Apprehend three strangers|you will find there:
one human and two apes
But caution.|I repeat, caution.
If they resist, you may shoot..
but shoot to maim.
We want them alive|for interrogation.
If we shoot, we break|12 years of peace.
Yes, it has been rather|boring, hasn't it?
My mother.|- Who won your war?
It wasn't our war.|It was the gorillas' war.
The date meter on the spaceship-
What did it read|after Earth's destruction?
And you talk to your pupils...
about eternity
There are only three.
There must be more,|the question is how many?
That's the question we'll have|answered when we get them.
My father.
That's my father.
How did apes first acquire the power of speech?
They learned to refuse
On a historic day,|there came an ape who spoke a word..
which had been spoken to him|time without number by humans.
He said, "No."
No wonder all of mankind|thirsted for my blood...
and wanted my birth aborted.
In the year 3950,|apes will destroy the Earth.
Not apes, gorillas
Besides, that's only one future.
How can there be more than one?|- You remember the old motorways?
I believe that time is like|an endless motorway...
with an infinite number of lanes|all running from the past into the future.
It follows that a driver will try|to change his lanes...
and change his future.
If you left this room right now...
you might wind up shot dead
If you left a minute later,|you might survive.
It's a blind choice..
but you can change lanes.
I know what it is I want to change.
The camera. It moved
Are you sure?
Virgil's right
Governor, we just lost the TV monitor.|Our A-41 archive.
I'm not interested|in equipment failures.
It wasn't a failure.|It was destroyed, sir.
Whoever or whatever|is down here...
Now knows we are too now.
I'm sorry.
Don't be. If they haven't|plugged into the control...
we still have time to go to work.
Even if they do plug in, they|may think it's malfunctioning.
We've got to find another way out of here.|- Is there another way?
They got past you? Then shoot on sight
Never mind about bringing them here.
Just get them.|Don't let anyone escape alive!
Sections 2-5...
and R-7 and 8, form a group here.
Quick! Quick!|All right. Move out! Move!
Move! Move!
Hurry! Run!
All right, you've got your guns.
We need another patrol quickly.|Quickly, men. Hurry. Hurry.
All the rest of you|take your weapons and go to M-5.
Go, go! What are you waiting for?
To R-8, through the transverse!
All forces into Exit Level 3.
They're getting away.|Kill them.
Kill them! Kill them!
You knew every bolt and nut|in those corridors.
You have 100 armed men.|How could you let them escape?
They were fast and smart,|Governor Kolp.
Many of my men were sick,|and the chimp surprised us
Yeah. He surprised me too once.
But he's an animal.|He's only an animal.
No, Governor.|He's more than an animal.
He can speak.|So can they all.
So speech makes them human?
Speech makes them intelligent...
and intelligence may make them|not human, but humane.
Perhaps they came in peace.|- Idiot. They were armed.
From what we saw on the monitor,|only for their self-protection.
Let them return in peace.
To where?|- To wherever they live.
So that they can come back here|and exterminate those of us...
that the bomb has not|already exterminated?
Where do they live?|- They came with few provisions. It can't be too far.
Which way did they head?|- They headed north, Governor.
Organize scout parties, assemble workable|equipment and follow them to their camp.
Yes, Governor Kolp.
Why, Governor?
So that we can exterminate them.
Stop! It's Caesar!
What a welcome!|We should have stayed in the city
To visit the city is forbidden.|- I know. I forbade it.
Then why?|- Aldo, if a king forbids his subjects to wear a crown...
that doesn't mean|he can't wear one himself.
Caesar is Caesar.|He went to the city for a reason.
What reason?
I went looking for my past,|but I found our future.
You wouldn't understand.
Aldo will make the future...|with this!
Well, then Aldo may very soon...
be in the past.
Bang! Bang!
Cornelius, are you all right?
No, Mother.|I'm just dead.
We were playing war.|- War? Cornelius, hasn't your father explained...
that war is not a game?
Yes, Mother.
Hasn't he also forbidden|you to play with guns?
Yes, Mother.|- Then you'll stop it.
Yes, Mother.|- Now, come along. Father wants us.
My friends, I have convened...
this extraordinary meeting|of the council...
in order that I may|report upon an action...
which I deemed necessary:
a reconnaissance expedition|to the forbidden city...
with Virgil and MacDonald|as my aides.
Why MacDonald?|Why not a soldier?
Because we went in peace...
to what we thought|would be a dead city
But in case|there were some survivors..
we took MacDonald with us so that|he could parley with them...
and secure permission|for our search.
Survivors there are... maimed...
hostile and human
Did the humans follow you here?|- We saw no sign of it...
but we must prepare for the day|when they may come out of the city...
when they may come to find us
No humans in council!|No humans in council!
No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No!
No! No!
No! No! No!
Yes! They are here|because I sent for them.
Now that we know the danger...
we need their help|and their counsel.
No! No! No!
Yes!|- Come. We shall not sit in council with humans.
Now, let us reason together...
and make plans.
Governor, somewhere|along the line of history...
this bloody chain reaction|has got to stop.
"A" destroys "B," "B" destroys|"C," "C" destroys "A"...
and is destroyed|by "D," who destroys "E."
Before anyone knows|where they are...
there won't be anyone left|to know anything anywhere.
Governor, the captain has come back.
We found it, Governor.|We found Ape City.
This is a gorilla outpost.
Below is a valley with orchards and vineyards,|enough to feed hundreds.
Here is Ape City.|- Was it very large?
It is of a size we can deal with, sir.|- Were you seen?
No, sir. Caesar was too busy|with a council of war.
One day soon,|they'll be coming for us.
No. We're going after them. Now.|Captain, you have your orders.
Alma?|- Yes, Governor.
Alma, either we must|cage the beast...
or destroy the whole zoo.
Do you know what that is?
Of course.|It is our nuclear missile.
If the impossible|should happen...
If the apes|should defeat us-
I will not surrender to an animal.
Nor will my soldiers.
So, Alma...
if retreat does become necessary...
I'll send a coded radio signal.
Fifteen minutes later...
you're to range the missile|at Ape City...
and activate it...
with this button.
Yes, sir.
Caesar, on the night of the fires...
you swore an oath|that in the future...
apes and humans would live together|in kindness and peace.
Why are you now making every sort|of preparation to break that oath?
Because unlike|the humans in our city..
those in the forbidden city|are mad...
mad enough not to want|peace and friendship...
but enmity and war.
Did they tell you that?|- Oh, yes. Yes.
By opening fire on us without|giving us a chance to explain.
You were trespassing|on their territory.
But, Lisa, we didn't know|the city was inhabited.
But how, if you|didn't speak to them...
do you know its inhabitants are mad?
Lisa, you didn't see them
They're... Oh... They're malformed.
Like the freaks in your|foster father's circus?
Were they mad?|- What's malformed?
Cornelius, go to bed.
But I'm giving Riki his water.
Lisa, freaks are different.
These humans are the end product..
of nuclear radiation
They are mutant and they're mad.
Keep all emergency channels open.
Yes, Governor. All emergency|channels will remain open.
If anything should miscarry...
I'll signal you as arranged.|- Yes, sir.
Hurry, man.|We need it!
The school bus will be|operational, Governor.
The rest of the convoy|will join us at Junction "C."
Get moving.
Well, without guns..
we have no power.
We shall take the guns..
and we shall keep them
We need power and guns
Guns are power.
We are the elite.|We are the super-race
We have the right to lead.
Without us, there would be no army.
We need power, guns!
We need power!
Guns! Guns!
Guns are power!
We shall get them|and we shall keep them
With guns we will smash the humans.
All humans!
And then we will smash Caesar!
It's Caesar's son.|- And he overheard every word we said.
Cornelius, come down.
Come down, or else.
I only heard about it this morning
His squirrel is missing.|He must have been looking for it.
How is Cornelius?
Hurt. He's badly hurt
Speak the truth.
Even if we had|a hospital...
I'm not going to tell|Caesar, not yet.
He still believes|he can change the future.
Humans, going towards our city.
I'll get him.
Get ready to fire.|Fire!
The doctor is doing her best.
I don't believe Cornelius can live.
Caesar does. He refuses|to leave his side.
MacDonald, how can a benevolent God|allow the branch of one of his own trees...
to crack and injure|an innocent child?
It didn't crack, Virgil.|It was cut.
Order at council!
Order! Order!|The humans are attacking.
They have killed one gorilla,|and they have wounded another.
Tell 'em.
We were scouting desert approaches|to the city and saw their army.
They fired.|My companion was killed
I have come to warn you.
And how long before they get here?
Soon. So now we must prepare.
Take the humans out.|Lock them all in a corral.
Aldo! Aldo!|You can't do this.
You're acting|against Caesar's orders.
Caesar is not here.
Hey! What the...
Strongman, take him to the corral.
Take all humans to the corral
Take all humans to the corral.
All humans... take them to the corral.
Where are you going?|Martial law has been declared.
Everybody is to stay in their homes.
By whose orders?
Go home.
We want guns.
Guns are power.
Now we go and get guns.
Mandemus.|- Who's there?
Aldo. General Aldo.
Hmm? What do you want?
Guns. Guns.
What will you do with them?|- We shall do with them what we will.
"Do what you will"|is the devil's law.
Who are you, Mandemus? God?
I am the keeper|of Caesar's conscience.
And I am the keeper of Caesar's army.|- Under allegiance to Caesar.
Where is he?|- Mandemus, as I speak...
our city is being attacked by humans|from without and within.
Who cares where Caesar is?|- I care!
There is a law that weapons|may only be issued from this armory...
under direct orders from Caesar...
and not under threats from one of his|thicker-headed subordinates...
for whom war means|only personal glory.
Now, find me Caesar.|I will listen to him.
First, listen to this.
Take every gun in the place.|Everything.
Get the ammo boxes.|Get the handguns, grenades.
Stop! Stop! Caesar forbids you!
Well, there it is.|Ape City.
When we leave I don't wanna see|one tree left standing...
two pieces of wood nailed together|or anything left alive.
I want it to look like...|that city we came from.
What the devil is all|that rubbish down there?
It looks like some sort|of barricade, sir.
Nothing that a couple of flame bombs|won't take care of.
Sergeant York, do you read me?
Yes, Governor Kolp.
We're going to attack Ape City|in half an hour at sunrise.
If the fates shouldn't smile on us,|bring that message to Alma.
Yes, Governor.
Caesar, forgive me,|but I couldn't get here before now.
Aldo has seized power.|He's broken into the armory...
and imprisoned all humans|in the corral.
MacDonald?|- He was dragged from the council meeting...
by Aldo's gorillas.
I can't leave Cornelius.|He needs me.
Every ape and human|in Ape City needs you now.
I, uh... I think you|should go to Cornelius.
Father? They...
hurt me.
They want...
to hurt you.
Who hurt you?
The humans?
Then who?
Shall I be malformed?
One day...
you are going to be|as tall as a king.
All right, Captain. Lay the smoke screen,|and when I give the signal...
Sir!|- start the bombardment.
Men and equipment, out of the bus!
Deploy your weapons quickly!
All is in order, sir.|- All right. Let's go.
He said they hurt him.
Who would hurt him?
I think you'll have|your answer, and soon.
What do you know?
That's what I know.
You did this.|- For security.
Did you also raid the armory for the same reason?|- For security!
Caesar! Caesar!
I order you to stop this! I order you|to stop it now and release those people!
See? Aldo was right.
War has come. Let's go.
Go to the barricade.|To the barricade!
Come on!|Go to the barricade!
They're laying a smoke screen.
Here they come.
Where's Aldo?
Probably on the other side|of the valley by now.
Hurry! Fall back!|Fall back!
Fall back!|Go back to the village!
Fall back!
Get away from the fire!|Fall back! Hurry!
Leave the barricade!|Fall back!
Fall back!|Get back to the village!
Nothing left alive!
You can't stay here any longer.
You must save yourself.
Your people weakened our city...
by rebelling against|your human masters
But we who survive|will create a new race.
And you and yours|will be brought low
And you shall learn again...
what it is to have a master.
You're learning already|Clever ape.
Oh, no.
Clever ape
But then you always were clever.
I was told how you chose|your own name.
But every Caesar must have his Brutus.|Did you know that, ape?
Do you understand that, ape?
And now Ape City|is about to lose its king
No, Kolp! No!
Now fight like apes!
Stop! No killing.
Take them captive.
Get moving.
No. No, no, no. Don't kill them.|Take them prisoner.
No, Virgil.
All right, Virgil.
Let's go home.
No prisoners.|No prisoners!
Aldo! Aldo!
Now we go back...
to our city!
Hail Caesar!|Hail Caesar!
Caesar! Caesar!
Caesar! Caesar!
Let the humans go, Virgil.|All of them.
They stay. Aldo says what we do now.
They have done nothing.|They shall go free.
You like humans?|You want them out of the corral?
All right. Kill 'em.
Kill 'em.
Kill them all.
Stop. Stop.|No more killing, Aldo
Put down your weapons.|Take them back to the armory.
No. We shall keep the guns|Move, Caesar.
Or we shall kill you.
Ape has never killed ape...
let alone an ape child.
Aldo has killed an ape child.
The branch did not break
It was cut with a sword
You... You killed.
Aldo killed.
Aldo has broken our most sacred law.
Our child.
He killed our child.
What's the matter with them?
I guess you might say|they just joined the human race.
Ape has killed ape
Ape has killed ape.
Ape has killed ape.|Ape has killed ape.
Ape has killed ape.
Ape has killed ape.|Ape has killed ape.
Ape has killed ape!
You murdered my son.
You murdered my son
You murdered my son!
Should one murder|be avenged by another?
Only the future can tell.
So let us start building it.
If we appear to be lacking in gratitude,|Caesar, what have we to be grateful for?
If you mean to set us free|then free us completely.
What do you mean?|- We are not your children, Caesar.
We have a destiny too... as equals..
respecting each other,|living together with love.
The human way is violence and death.
Aldo wasn't human...
was he, Caesar?
You are a good and wise ape.
And you, Caesar,|are a good and wise king.
Sergeant York.|- It's over.
We lost.
And Governor Kolp?
Then I know what I must do.
He said wait for his signal.
I have just received it.
Alma, in God's name, wait|for the governor's signal.
My heart knows he is dead,|and this is what I promised him I would do.
If Kolp can't win|he's determined to destroy the entire world!
He's mad!
This is the alpha and omega bomb.
It can destroy not only|Ape City but the entire Earth.
Activate it, and we become nothing.
Leave it, and its very presence...
will ensure that at least|we remain something...
and may become something better.
It must never be exploded.
It must be respected,|even venerated...
for one of its ancestors|made us what we are.
And what we are...
shall from this day forward...
be called "beautiful."
We'll rebuild what's ruined|and begin again.
Tell me something, MacDonald.
Can we make the future what we wish?
I've heard that|it's possible, Caesar.
There. Every weapon|is back in its proper place.
Caesar, I want to ask a favor.
This armory's been|my home for 27 years.
You may live in it|for the rest of your days.
But I don't want to live in it.|Oh, no.
Now that the danger is over...
I wanna see it destroyed, blown up.
The greatest danger of all|is that danger never ends.
And so, Mandemus...
we must be patient and wait.
We still wait, my children.
But as I look at apes and humans...
living in friendship,|harmony and at peace...
now some 600 years|after Caesar's death..
at least we wait|with hope for the future
Lawgiver, who knows|about the future?
Perhaps only the dead...