Battle of China, The (1944) Movie Script

1664, Ming Dynasty was overthrowned
On May 2nd the same year
The Manchurian captured Beijing
Norhtern China was occupied by Qing Dynasty
On October first
Emperor Shunzi was crowned at Forbidden City
He ordered all Chinese to shave their scalps
to show their loyalty to the Qing Emperor
The Qings continued to invade the Southern Ming
Do the next one!
Our skin and hair are gifts from our parents!
Shaving one's head shows disrespect to ancestors!
I refuse to shave it!
You can't shave my head!
They don't come in peace
You can only pass with a shaved head
Either head or hair goes!
Don't you see the army?
Who are you?
I am Lin Kun
the Ming's Vice-Commander of Fujian Province
I am Li Wei, Military Governor
Li Wei, don't kill him
My father is...
The Commanding General
of the Ming Dynasty's Fujian Province
Don't forget...
We will never allow our heads shaved!
My son
I'm glad to see you've finally come back
I know the road was difficult
On the road from Nanjing, Li Wai, Lin Kun and
I saw the Qing Army
beheading all wearing the Ming uniform
And the roads were flooded
with the troops of the Qing
They will attack Fujian within the next few days
Mountains surround Fujian...
Creating a natural barrier
I have in my command
a quarter of a million men
And the emperor is by my side
I am not worried about the Manchus
from the north temporarily
what distresses me is
not only Qing Army but also Taiwan
Fujian and Taiwan have always been united
Now Holland has taken possession of Taiwan
for 21 years
I face Qing army's attack from the North
I also fight against the Dutch fleet in sea
The Ming Dynasty would be finished soon
But the Ming Emperor
does not understand the situation
He still issue an edict to ask me to vanguish
the Qing Army directly
I have braved the rough seas for many years
and now Zheng family is well known
The honor to the Zheng family
would be kept by you later
My teach told me that
country is more important than family
My teacher, the great scholar Qianqian Yishi
Instructed me...
That high officials...
Must have loyalty
for the emperor and the country
He said...
Only loyalty to the emperor and country
can guarantee national peace
Therefore, since the emperor has issued
An edict to vanquish the Qing
and reinstate the Ming Dynasty
The situation of Zheng family
should not be consider in first priority
I ask that
you dispatch me to command the front line
I promise to wipe out the enemy
to revenge the Ming
Talk about it later
My son
The emperor often speaks of you
He intends to summon you
The emperor?
He wishes...
To make a conferral upon you
My son
I also want to tell you...
Your mother will come from Japan soon
My mother?
Mistress, someone is drowning
Rescue them quickly
My girl, where are you trying to go?
I want to go home
I want to go home
I finally see my son once again
You must be my daughter-in-law
Mother, her name is Dong Yougu
I'm honored to meet you
My husband
You arrive from Hirado at last
Are your parents well?
They are fine. They miss you
We shall meet the Emperor later
Don't say anything
Let's go
We are forever indebted to you
The Southern Ming Emperor Longwu's Palace
Presenting Fujian Province's
Commanding General
Zheng Zhilong
I, Zheng Zhilong
along with wife and son Zheng Sen
Have come to pay our respects to the Emperor
Please rise
Let me see
So you are Zheng Sen
I heard of you long ago
When you were eleven
You expressed your loyalty to the country...
By expounding upon the virtues...
Of the rulers of former dynasties
It is no wonder that within one year
at the imperial academy
The entire city of Nanjing all knew
The greatness of Zheng Sen
Thank you your majesty
The Ming dynasty Emperor Longwu
confers upon Zheng Sen...
The emperor's surname Zhu
the first name Chenggong...
And the title Earl of Loyalty
Zheng Chenggong, the Imperial Namekeeper!
Your father is already the Commanding General
of Fujian Province
I appoint you in charge of military governors...
Commanding the lmperial Army
We kowtow to our benevolent majesty!
On your feet
Zheng Zhilong...
I have seen today's report from Shaanxi Province
The Qing troops have taken the cities Nanking...
As well as Zhengjiang Shaoxing and Hangzhou
They're encamped at the border
between Zhejiang and Fujian Provinces
War is now at our doorstep
Your majesty
dispatching Li Wai to strengthen the front line
My imperial army is at your command...
Why do you only hold recuse
but not attack Qing Army?
Your majesty
The Qing Army comes from the north
In Fujian, mountains surround us on three sides...
The ocean surrounds the fourth side
Fujian is difficult to attack and easy to defend
Fujian's prosperity depends entirely
on maritime trade with the world
During the reign of Emperor Chongzhen...
According to the imperial ban on maritime trade
Only Fujian was permitted
to continue trading with the world
I believe...
Our most urgent task
is to protect our home province
guarantee the continuation of maritime trade
Zheng Zhilong...
I could not have become emperor
without your support...
Now, most of China is not under my rule
Why should you remain in my service?
I promise to hold secure Fujian Province
Are you only concerned about Fujian?
We can only reclaim Taiwan if Fujian is secured
And by reclaiming Taiwan
we will strengthen our maritime trade
Only when our court is prosperous...
Can we have sufficient power
to drive the Qing out of China
You don't know the military affairs
Reporting from frontline
Military Governor Gan Hui!
Two Dutch warships
fired upon Fujian's trading vessels
They engaged in battle all the way
from the Taiwan Straits to Mazu
I have a treaty with
the Dutch Viceroy Kuye in Taiwan
They are not permitted to interfere
with the Fujian trading vessels
How could he break the treaty! We must retaliate
Inform the batteries to fire the canons!
Yes, sir!
My highness
Please don't watch what my father says
Over there
My son, never forget...
You must always protect Fujian Province
and our home
Yes, sir
Nice job
Have some tea
Mother, please go ahead
Forget the sadness arising
from your argument about
Father's mauner of anti-Qing
Father selected this dish
Buddha jumping the wall. Just for you
The story is that. This dish is so fragrant...
Even when monks catch whiff of it...
They jump over the monestary wall
just to steal a few bites
That is why this dish is called
Buddha jumping the wall
I can already smell its wonderful fragrance
Mother, this is hibiscus and swallow nest soup
The tide of a thousand years;
the tears of ten thousand people
Form this bitter ocean water
The wind blows south; the clouds move north
But neither can carry my grief away
Searching for one's home on horizon far away
Reuniting with parents only in dreams
My wish always pushes me on!
I ask the plum blossom in the old courtyard:
When can I return?
Pipa is my voice but fails to relieve my worries
Who understands the feelings of these strings...
And the meaning of this song
My lady
I would like to express my gratitude again
for saving my life
You're the girl who was drowning at sea
Your song expresses heartfelt sorrow
My son says your singing expresses
longing for your parents
Can you tell me why?
My lady
I am from Taiwan
During Emperor Tianqi's rule
The Taiwanese revolted against the Dutch...
But unexpectedly, it did not succeed
My parents were both killed
Many of us fled to Fuzhou
Please, my girl
Come with me
I shall be your mother
lmperial Namekeeper!
lmperial Namekeeper!
lmperial Namekeeper!
My respected elders
Zheng Chenggong is at your service...
And await your instructions
I see two people down below
Lower the drawbridge!
It is Officer Zhang
from the Commanding General's headquarters...
But I don't recognize the others
Officer Zhang, who are those among you?
These three are here
to see the Commanding General
Lower the bridge
Adpted sister, you are looking about your home
Please return, otherwise mother will be worried
The gracious commander Zheng!
Why the long journey?
What is it that you want?
The Qing Emperor has sent this imperial decree
He offers you the post of Viceroy of Fujian
and Guangdong Provinces
Viceroy of Fujian and Guangdong Province?
Yes, in addition to Fujian Province...
Guangdong Province
will also be under your command
This is a very important decision
Please allow me to think it over
The Qing Emperor
is also very concerned about Taiwan
If Dutch is defeated
and Taiwan is returned to China
According to the rule established by the Ming...
Taiwan will also be placed under your command
Thank you lmperial Namekeeper!
lmperial Namekeeper!
Your father has instructed...
Not to allow anyone to enter
What affairs can be so confidential
as to be kept a secret from me
I don't know
Your father has ordered the area cordoned off
As you can see...
Guards are positioned throughout the compound
Your majesty. Please rise
Only you can be Anasted
I have received the latest intelligence report
Not only are there traitors
among the Ming troops at Xianxia Pass...
they are also colluding
with the Dutch imperialists
This is very serious
You must go to Xianxia Pass
and supervise the military
Obtain the general's seal and take over command
Yes, your majesty
If necessary, behead the general
Yes, your majesty
You are a loyalist
This is strictly confidential. Be on guard!
That's right, look straight ahead
You still haven't hit the bull's eye
Try again
Let's see about this time
Excuse us miss
Please let us pass
It seems like there is trouble
Something is certainly up...
Otherwise the palace eunuch...
Would not be so frantic
What has happened?
The Emperor dispatched Chenggong
to the military front
As commander of the imperial army...
Of course, he must obey the emperor's orders
You don't understand
He has only taken twenty men with him
This is very serious
Not even you have been informed
The imperial army
only obeys the emperor's orders
But you are the Commanding General
Aren't the daily movements of the imperial army
Also reported to you?
Don't make wild guesses about the army
Of course the army is not any concern of mine...
But Sen'er, my son, means the world to me
I beg you to have him return home safely
The imperial guards
have cordoned off the compound
The Emperor is a fool. How dare he watch me?
Xueliang, you are the only one
who can sneak into town
After leaving the city gate, follow the shoal
Hurry along the footpath and catch up to Sen'er
I know
I took all the footpaths before
when I was homeless
Xuelaing, when you see Sen'er...
Tell him that his father and mother
want him to come back immediately
He must not go to Xianxia Pass
Do you understand?
I know
What if Sen'er refused to come back...
And insists on going to Xianxia Pass?
Li Wei fights with a sword
in both his left and right hands
Sen'er is aware of this
If he insists on going to Xianxia Pass...
You must have him put on
this leather armor vest
before he can go
If Li Wei behaves recklessly
then he must be killed
Is that a scout?
Let's seize him and find out
Isn't this Xueliang?
lmperial Namekeeper
Why are you here?
lmperial Namekeeper
your father sent me to tell you...
You must immediately return to Fuzhou
This mission is top secret
How does my father know?
Tell my father...
I must go to Xianxia Pass
You mustn't!
You mother insists you return to Fuzhou
I must obey the emperor
In that case, your father said if you must go...
I should give you this
What is going on?
I don't know
Your father said...
I must give this to you
My father wore this armored vest for thirty years
More years than I have been alive
My father must be sending a message
Your father said...
If Li Wei behaves recklessly...
You must kill him
I will have someone escort you back to Fuzhou
I want to go with you to Xianxia Pass
This is a very dangerous mission
You're a girl, you can't go
You father also mentioned...
Li Wei is a master swordsman...
And very cunning
Wait, it's Zheng Chenggong
Why has he come?
I must report to General Li by a faster footpath
Remember, you must keep your queues
hidden from view
Yes, sir
General, Zheng Chenggong is coming
Stop! Don't shave him. Clean this up!
Hurry! Conceal your queues!
Quickly put on your helmets! Hurry!
Zheng Chenggong is coming! Hurry!
Put on your helmets! Tuck in your queues!
Attention all officers...
Zheng Chenggong is coming. Hurry!
Keep calm!
General Li
please excuse this sudden interruption
Taiwan's Viceroy Kuiyi
would like to present these gifts to General Li
What is this?
General Li, please also accept...
This bank check for 3,000 pounds of silver
We know General Li is a brave warrior
Viceroy Kuiyi holds you in high esteem
I'm still not used to
wearing a queue upon my head
Right, tell me why you have come?
We would like to ask you...
To serve as a mediator...
Between the Dutch East India Company
in Taiwan and Zheng Zhilong
Regardless of whether you are
under the Ming or Qing Emperor...
We request the right
to freely enter Fujian Province...
And enter China's interior
I will certainly pass this on to General Zheng
Missus, please this way
Let's eat and drink
Everyone let's drink
This drink will warm us up
Let's take off our caps
Wanli, you also take of your caps
lmperial Namekeeper
only the Emperor has the authority...
To patrol the military front
How can you say this!
The Qing has 150,000 soldiers
in the Fujian-Zhejiang border region
You must know this
The Qing Army is divided into eight divisions
Each banner is its own division
Their flags flutter all around us...
And we see their armor shining in the sunlight
With such few men
We will not be able to defend Fujian Province
When I was seven...
I recall reading in our teacher's garden
At that time, we were fellow students
The class bullies frequently picked on me
You were always willing to fight back...
Coming to my rescue
You are a hero in my heart
Li Wei
That is only fourteen years ago
Are you no longer that same Li Wei?
Things are different today
When I went to Nanjing to meet you...
I passed through the cities...
Zhengjiang, Shaoxing, Hangzhou, and Yuhua
The Ming troops faced defeat everywhere
How could this not raise doubts?
We have both received the Ming emperor's favor
We must loyally serve him!
The emperor's favor?
How have you served your country?
The Ming emperor has given you a name...
To have you risk your life for his sake
You are doing just as told
Li Wei!
The Ming court...
Has fled in defeat all the way
from Beijing to Fujian
After Fujian is lost in battle
where will the court go next?
What use is there in defending Fujian?
Li Wei, watch what you say!
Your life is at stake!
I will say what I want!
What are you doing!
Sit down!
Sit back down!
I've had too much of this strong drink
Bring more!
lmperial namekeeper
Please forgive me
Who is that playing?
Xue Liang, my adopted sister
What noisy racket!
It is the masterpiece Ambush
Yes, sir!
What are you doing?
I want to invite your adopted sister to join us
Such a masterpiece...
Should be better appreciated
Let me go!
lmperial Namekeeper, you are surrounded!
Look out for the arrows!
Step back!
Take them off
Zheng Chenggong...
I recall our past friendship as schoolmates
I must reveal the truth to you
At midnight, my troops will surrender to the Qing
According the the Qing imperial decree...
Ming officials are to keep their titles
under the Qing
If you come with me...
You will also keep your title
The Ming imperial army...
Will not so easily surrender!
Even if you kill me...
You can not escape
My troops surround you
I will fight to the end for my country!
To live for loyalty
Even if it means my death...
I will never shave my head
and surrender to the Qing
Bringing scorn upon myself!
We from Fujian will never...
Surrender to the Qing!
lmperial Namekeeper
lmperial Namekeeper!
Li Wei, I will take your life!
It is better than becoming a traitor!
Wait, wait!
I am not the one. It is your father!
Shut up!
Viceroy of Fujian and Guangdong...
Have you made up your mind?
lmperial Namekeeper!
Throughout my life
I have always detested traitors
Although Li Wei is my friend
He had to come to this end
From today
All officers will be under
the command of Wan Li
I shall let the past be past
The devoted will be rewarded!
will remain with you while she recovers
You must give her your best care
Please rest assured
Go, go
Mr. Zhang
My husband
Mr. Zhang, where are they going?
Your father is going to Beijing
Father, mother
My son, you have come back
Father, I have killed Li Wei
Li Wei told me...
You had given him the order
Of course, he is under my command
To surrender?
I am not surrendering
But Li Wei's troops
have already shaved their heads
Perhaps you have not yet heard
Hunan and Jiangxi Provinces
have all been taken by the Qing troops
Even your teacher Qian Xianyi
now pays allegiance to the Qing
No, he could never have surrendered to the Qing
There must be a mistake
How could there be a mistake...
In informing me...
About such an important matter?
My son
I know you don't want to think it possible...
But the Ming dynasty is coming to an end
In China's 2,700 year history...
From the Zhou dynasty until the present...
Only during the rule of the Ming...
Has Taiwan come under the rule of foreigners
There is no use in serving a court...
Which has decayed to this point
the emperor has given me the imperial surname
And the first name Chenggong (Victory)
It is my duty to restrengthen the Ming
and reclaim Taiwan
Since times ancient
fathers have always taught their sons to be loyal
I have never heard of a father
teaching his son to be a traitor
How dare you declare yourself a traitor...
In front of your son and wife?
My son
Your father is not surrendering
The Qing Emperor has appointed me
Viceroy of Fujian and Guangdong
Only Hero understands and handles the situation
It is an either for hero
It is hopness for Ming frighting against Qing
Every emperior only devotes to internal struggle
even he is being destroyed
You can keep your loyalty
For the goodness of Zheng family
Separtion is our best choice
Master, everything is set to go
if you go, you will be in grave danger
You can never return
I must express my appreciation to the emperor
Take care of your mother
You really must leave us?
Be careful!
If anything happens to you...
I will be filled with grief and take revenge!
Zheng's Father never again returned to Fujian
Qing Emperor finally decapitated him in 1662
lmperial Namekeeper, are you hurt?
lmperial Namekeeper
the western part of the city has been taken
Protect the lifeline of the Zheng family
Take the child!
Hope of Millions!
In August, 1946
Qing Dynasty captured Fuzhou's lmperial Court
Zheng's mother died in the battle
Ming's last Emperor was captured
and Passed away in prison at Fuzhou
Come here.
My son
It's an eagle
It's flying so high!
In the next 14 years
Zheng kept fighting Qing Dynasty
After defeated in Nanjing
He retreated to Xiaman in Fuijian Province
He faced The Netherlands Sea force's invasion
Holland's attack take away these tables
Quickly make room for the injured!
The sea is becoming more and more perilous
It's best for you
to move into the official residence
and live with us
I am only an adopted daughter...
And my mother
who adopted me is no longer with us
It's not appropriate for me
to stay in the official residence
In addition, while you look after the canons...
I see to the teahouse
This way we can help each other
Chenggong is still attending the canons
Please deliver this food to him
I known you take care lmperial Namekeeper
Chengong's arrow wound from the past become
even more painful by the wind and cold
I am busy
take this medicine to him as well
We would like to give you this medicine
You are worried about the situation today
Many of my fellow soldiers...
Have been buried at sea
The first time I saw you...
Your music brought tears to my mother's eyes
I swear this even after ten years
To bring you back to your home in Taiwan
Everytime I set eyes upon the Hope of Millions
I am overcome with grief
Protection of Xiamen is not forever
If we plan to fight against Dutch
we have to take care Qing Army's attrack
We have to face enemies
I hesitate what to do next
lmperial Namekeeper has good planning
If you can defeat Dutch...
Taiwan is good for military traning
anti-Qing and reinstate the Ming Dynasty
And we would not be suppressed by the Dutch
General, Chengong has arrived
lmperial Namekeeper
Wanli, how many canons can fit...
On the newly built vessel?
Thirty-six canons
Thirty-six! That many?
That's right. Even in your father's prime...
The war vessels he built...
Could hold only twelve canons
The Dutch canons may be more powerful
Quickly build more small warship
to defeat them
Get yourself ready to enter the official residence
Xuelian, please come in
Chengong is preparing to wage war
He has put this Hope of Millions...
On the wall of his bedroom
From the morning bells to the evening drums...
He pledges to serve his country against
all hardships. He has decided to reclaim Taiwan
This is the reason why I invited you today
Xuelian, after you
When my father was at sea...
He had sent a man by the name of He Bin...
To go to Taiwan as a liaison with the Dutch
Xuelian, please sit
Chenggong says the first step
in reclaimingTaiwan is to find He Bin
This is strictly confidential
I have decided to go to Taiwan
The one thing...
Holding me back is Chenggong
These ten years
his body has become covered with wounds
Both his body and spirit...
Are much weaker than in the past
After going to Taiwan this time
most likely I will not return
I will entrust my husband in your care
You must take the best care of him
I have made arrangements for the household
Make sure you take care of your health...
After I have left
lmperial Namekeeper
I beg you to let me go to Taiwan
in your wife's place
You can't do this! Get up quickly
You have been protected within the compounds
for many years
You are different from us commoners
I grew up in Taiwan...
I am the right person to go
But Xueliang...
Have you forgotten about yesterday?
Didn't you agree?
Please get up
More than ten years ago...
Your mother saved me
from drowning in the ocean
My life belongs to the Zheng family
Only until after you defent the Dutch and
recapture Taiwan...
Will I not feel as if my body is torn in pieces...
And be of no regrets
This is a military...
lmperial Namekeeper!
Take this with you
This was given to my father
by the Ming emperor
Thank you, lmperial Namekeeper
Chikan Castle Taiwan
The East India Company insignias...
On the top of your staffs...
Indicate that we have granted you
the authority to collect tax
During this meeting of the Taiwan village elders
We shall punish...
The following village elders...
For their unsatisfactory tax collection
We punish the Sumer tribe of Taibei's Danshui
Taizhong's Fawolan tribe...
Taidong's Xibiyin tribe
and Langqiao's Shiba tribe
Go ahead
Colonel, they are the village elders
Let's continue
Do not be frightened
What are you doing! This is for my uncle
Give it back to me!
It's for my uncle!
Where are you from?
What are you doing here?
I'm looking for my uncle
He is here as a liaison
His name is He Bin. Give it back to me!
What is his name?
He Bin
He Bin, come here
Do you recognize her?
Take her away
Colonel, wait
I recognize this sword
This is my brother's sword
It was given to my brother by the Ming emperor
Your brother? The emperor?
Who is your brother?
He is a high-ranking officer
But you don't recognize her?
Colonel, I have been away from my home
for nearly thirty years
That is enough time for a woman to grow up
and give birth to a child
This sword indicates this girl is my niece
My child, let's go
Your brother is gravely ill
You may return immediately
When you come back...
Bring your wife
and child with you
Thank you
I will come back as quickly as possible
You will be let out when your uncle returns
You are?
I'm Zheng Chenggong. He Bin?
At your service, lmperial Namekeeper
Please get up. Sit here
What about Xueliang?
Why didn't she come back with you?
She has been taken hostage by the Dutch
Excuse me, please
A map of the sea!
lmperial Namekeeper
The waterways in Taiwan
are complexly interconnected
Departing from Jinmen...
There is only one route...
In which large vessels can enter Taiwan's interior
Namely, Anpingkou
The Dutch are aware of this
Heavy artillery guards this location
And they have blocked off overland routes
I presumed this as well
I have been studying the island's geography
since my arrival
I discovered Lu'ermen
Lu'ermen is located betwen the Lu'er archipelago
And the Beixianwei Island
From here
it is possible to reach the city of Chikan
I have investigated these islands
There are many coral reefs
and the waterways are windy
The water is also too shallow for large vessels
But every year Lu'ermen
experiences two high tides...
And this is when the route
is passable for large vessels
Can you guarantee this?
There are only two high tides each year
When is the first high tide?
The first of April
The first of April
lmperial Namekeeper, look!
The hightide has come
Defet Dutch and Reclaim Taiwan...
And you will be rewarded!
Order the vessels to raise their sails!
My god!
We are being attacked!
the Ming troops are attacking the fortress
Turn the ship around and prepare for battle
Yes, sir
lmperial Namekeeper
the Dutch vessels are coming from behind
lmperial Namekeeper what can we do?
The Dutch cannons are more powerful than us
Use the warship to sink it!
He Bin, come back!
He Bin!
Stay back!
He Bin!
lmperial Namekeeper!
General, I beg you to let the girl go
She is innocent
Take me instead
He Bin!
He Bin! lmperial Namekeeper!
Get the canons! Bring up the canons!
lmperial Namekeeper!
In 23 December, 1661
The Dutch Viceroy in Taiwan
decided to surrending
and return to Batavia
After Zheng liberated Taiwan
he established the township in Taiwan
Anping, Tianxing and Wanpian
I have finally proven my loyalty Zheng said
In 1662
Zheng died of illness at the age of 39 at Anping
In 1683
Zheng's grandson surrendered to Qing Dynasty
Taiwan returned to his Motherland again