Battle Of The Dragons (1966) Movie Script

My lord...
Is anyone around?
What is going on?
We have a crisis!
We are under attack by traitors!
What? Traitors?
They have banded with ninja
to overtake the Ogata clan.
Who is behind it?
The leader is...
Me, Yuuki Daijo!
Ogata Samanosuke, you
shall die by my hands!
Save Ikazuchimaru!
My lord!
How did it go?
I have killed everyone
who has stood in our way.
This castle has fallen.
Kill Ogata's son to avoid future problems.
Don't show any mercy to the young child.
I won't.
Ikazuchimaru is missing!
He has escaped!
I won't let him get away.
That despicable Yuuki Daijo!
I shall protect Ikazuchimaru...
and return to get my revenge for the lord.
The burning castle looks pretty.
Young lord!
What is that?
Kairyu Daikessen
Screenplay: IKAMI Masaru
OKADA Shigeru - SHINKAI Takesuke
Music: TSUSHIMA Toshiaki
Photography: WASHIO Motoya
Assistant Director: MAKIGUCHI Yuji
OGAWA Tomoko
HAYASHI Shinichiro
OTOMO Ryutaro
Directed by: YAMAUCHI Tetsuya
Ikazuchimaru, it's my defeat.
Pardon me.
I have raised you for 14 years.
There is nothing more I can teach you.
I owe it all to you.
Would you like to decend the mountains?
I do not want to leave your side.
You are kind.
If he is a shadow of the night...
then you are the light of the day.
Who are you talking about?
My former pupil.
Do I have a senior?
Where is he now?
The villagers might come
up to pick herbs tomorrow.
Just be prepared.
Very well.
He has been persistently
watching me for the past few days,
but that should take care of him.
Are you thieves?
I have nothing valuable on me!
You have one thing!
What is that?
Your one and only life Ikazuchimaru!
I'm shocked that you know my name!
Which means, you won't let me off easily!
You will die here!
Aren't you going to give up?
How pesky!
Take this! One more time!
He wasn't much.
Why did you come after my life?
Tell me!
So he bit his tongue.
You are a woman.
I'm no one suspicious.
I saw what happened when
I was passing by so I
got scared and ran away.
Sorry about that.
But, what are you doing
in this desolate place?
I'm looking for my long-lost father.
I heard he used to live
here in Gamagatake before.
So I thought I might
be able to find a lead here.
You are here to see your father?
What is his name?
I don't know what he
looks like or his name.
This amulet is the only
clue that I have on him.
I haven't heard of anyone living here.
I know!
My teacher might know something.
Who is your teacher?
He is called Gama Dojin.
He is a bit too old to be your father.
But he has been living
in Gamagatake for decades.
Please let me see him.
I'm sure he will help you.
I'm Ikazuchimaru, his pupil.
I'm Tsunade.
Didn't that hurt?
I'm sorry.
My teacher lives beyond that valley.
Why did you come back here?
I came to see how you,
my great benefactor, are doing.
There isn't a day I haven't
worried about you.
Please forgive me for staying
out of touch for so long.
If you had such sincerity in you...
You wouldn't have deceived
me and stolen the Shoryu scroll.
I'm not as blind as to
see what you are after.
I don't believe my ears!
I have no ulterior motive.
Hearing that Ogata's son
have matured into a man...
you have shamelessly come back!
On what grounds do you say that?
The proof is...
the scar on your forehead.
I know what you want!
Since you have seen through me...
I won't hide it.
My men should have killed him by now.
I'm going to take your life.
I give up.
I won't put up a fight.
As evil as you are, you
are my former pupil.
I do not want to kill you.
Take your own life!
I won't hear of any excuses.
I have nothing to say
in my defense at this point.
What is it?
I want to return the Shoryu
scroll that I stole from you.
That is admirable of you.
Please verify it.
This is indeed the scroll!
I won't lose it again!
That's right...
No matter what happens...
You are doomed!
You tricked me!
You are helpless, after being
bitten by a poisonous snake!
You have outlived your time!
I ran into some trouble along the way.
I will prepare dinner right away.
What happened?
Who did this?
Please bring some water.
I am going to die.
Please brace yourself.
I do everything I can to save you.
It's useless.
Let me certify you while I am still alive.
Sit me up.
Thank you.
Look in the right eye of the great statue.
It contains the transformation technique.
Here, take it.
Regarding your identity...
You are the son of Ogata,
the guardian of Omi.
Your father and mother
were killed by Yuuki Daijo,
a vassal of the Ogata family.
My father and mother...?
I was planning to tell you this later,
and go with you to Omi to help you.
But this had to happen...
Teacher, why are you so kind to me?
Because my former pupil
named Orochimaru...
had lent a hand to Yuuki
Daijo's evil conspiracy.
What's frightening is...
Daijo had sent Orochimaru to kill me.
Teacher, did my senior do this to you?
Get revenge on Yuuki Daijo!
I shall get revenge for
you and kill Orochimaru!
Orochimaru is a frightening man.
Be on your guard with him.
Yes, I will.
Use this.
You are...
Teacher, I'm going to Omi.
I will get revenge for you and my parents.
Now you have no lead on your father.
It's all right.
Are you going now?
We have met by some strange fate.
I doubt we will see each other again.
What is it?
I will never forget you.
I pray that you will find your father.
I will be going now.
Please be careful.
So the old man's passed away.
He was an old friend of mine.
There goes another talking companion.
Dojin was killed by someone...
Is that right?
The poor man...
Tsunade, have you found your father?
Will you forget about him?
Your mother was my only daughter.
He left your mother and
abandoned you as an infant.
And you still want to see
your coldhearted father?
Yes, I want to see him.
I want to inform him
of my mother's death.
You may or may not
be happy after seeing him...
Yet you want to see him.
I guess I can't stop you.
Go and see him.
Do you know where my father is?
He came from Omi.
That's your lead.
Omi Province?
Go and see for yourself as
to what kind of man he is.
I won't stop you.
But if you get hurt after seeing him...
Be sure to come back to me.
Yes, Grandmother.
You will be traveling alone
to an unfamiliar place.
Tsunade, let me give you something.
What is it?
Take this with you.
In time of danger...
This spider ornament will protect you.
But it will only work once.
Good girl.
Tears are a bad omen for departures.
So stop crying.
Or it will depress me, too.
Go, now.
Go on.
Use it when you need it most.
What? Ogata's son is alive?
Yes, he was hiding in Hida province.
In the mountains of Gamagatake.
Did you kill him?
We failed to do so, due
to an unexpected interference.
I will send a group of
men to kill him immediately.
That won't be necessary.
He should be on his way to Omi.
To restore the Ogata clan name?
Most likely.
Have you taken measures?
Yes, of course.
I have a group of skilled
men lined up for him.
You are well-prepared, as usual.
Are you okay?
Yes, I'm okay.
That's good.
That was a close call.
Did you throw this to stop the cart?
Thank you for saving him.
I will help you fix the cart.
What's going on?
They seen to be looking for someone.
It's usually not like this?
Where are you from?
I'm Zenbei, a farmer from Konan village.
Who is that lad?
I am...
State your name!
My name is Sakuzo.
Don't lie!
Isn't your real name
Ogata Ikazuchimaru?!
No. Why would I be him?
We received a report on you earlier.
What did you do at Konan hill?
I didn't do anything.
Explain yourself to the lord!
Excuse me...
Are you his friend?!
No. Don't get the wrong idea.
He's my son-in-law.
Saki, say something!
Your precious husband
is being falsely accused.
Sakuzo, say something.
That's right, sis.
You heard her.
What was that technique
you displayed at Konan hill?
It's not something an
ordinary farmer can do.
He just has brute strength.
I thought he would be perfect as a farmer.
But he got himself into this trouble!
Your brute strength has
got my family in trouble!
Damn you!
You are pathetic!
You trouble maker!
Dad! Stop it!
Let me go!
You unfilial son!
Dad! Please forgive me.
That's enough.
Thank you.
Thank them, too.
Thank you.
Thank you again.
Sorry about that.
I'm indebted to you.
Hurry along, before they
get suspicious again.
When Lord Ogata was in rule,
this land was in peace.
Everyone feels that
way deep down inside.
I pray that you succeed in your mission.
I will never forget this.
I will be going now.
That's Yuuki Daijo.
Face me.
Where is the lad that was with you?
He's on an errand.
To where?
For what purpose?
He will be back shortly.
You knew he is Ogata's son,
so you let him escape!
That's not true!
Tell me where he is!
I don't know!
Damn you!
Torture the girl and boy!
Please have mercy!
Listen up!
Anyone who helps Ogata's son
shall die, be it woman or child!
Behead those two as example!
You are...!
Yuuki Daijo!
I had a mortifying death
by your evil hands!
You couldn't have possibly forgotten me.
My spirit shall remain on this
land to curse you to death!
Damn you!
Have you gone mad?
Men, get him!
Damn you!
Who are you?
My name is Jiraiya!
Yuuki Daijo...
You turned against your
lord and took over Omi!
I shall punish you for
your fearless actions!
Kill the intruder!
It's useless! Look!
Daijo! Give up!
Help me!
Let me down!
Damn you!
You gave yourself a great
name such as Jiraiya,
but you can't fool me!
Who are you?
So it's you!
Can you kill me?
I sure can!
Shoot him!
I know who he is.
It's going as planned.
Everyone, listen! It's true!
Sir Ikazuchimaru is coming back here!
Sir Ikazuchimaru is alive!
Did you hear?
Hear what?
The Young Lord of Ogata has returned.
So he was alive!
Did you spread the
rumors about Ogata's son?
I have spread it to the
distant capital city, Kyoto.
I went as far as Sakai.
What is the purpose of it?
It was Orochimaru's idea.
He must have a reason for it.
It won't do us any good to guess.
Hold it.
What are you doing?
Woman, did you hear our conversation?
No. I was tired and sleeping.
You were sleeping?
Don't lie!
You were unlucky to be here!
What are you talking about?
Woman, ninja are brutal.
They think nothing about killing people.
Resign to your death.
That's being unreasonable.
Who cares about reason!
If we don't seal your lips now,
it could bring us trouble later.
I didn't hear anything!
Shut up!
It's a shame to kill her.
What are you doing?
What are you doing here?
I thought you were at the fort.
Orochimaru called me back.
Why, it's a girl.
Please help me!
I really didn't hear anything.
She overheard us.
No, I didn't!
Go back to the castle already.
Just leave her to me.
But she might...
I have been a ninja longer than you.
I will get rid of her, if I have to.
Fine! We will leave her to you.
Shall we get going then?
We will meet at the castle then.
Go on quickly!
Thank you very much.
I would have come to Omi
for nothing if I didn't see him.
Are you searching for someone?
Yes, my father.
I will walk you part of the way.
Are you all here?
Did you spread the rumors
as I have instructed you to?
Even the young children
are talking about him now.
But I do not understand
why you are doing that.
What do you mean?
If you spread the news
about Ogata's son...
the people's sympathy will gather to him.
Then you will be choking your own neck.
That's what I'm after.
What do you mean?
No one knows what
Ogata's son looks like.
They only know his name.
So if I claim to be Ikazuchimaru
and kill Yuuki Daijo, then
everything will fall into my hands.
Justice will be with me since
I will restore the Ogata clan.
Then I can be Lord.
I plan to become the Lord of this castle.
I see what you mean.
But for that to happen...
The real Ogata Ikazuchimaru
must be killed.
So you have come to...
Where's my sister?
I'm sorry. Daijo has her.
She's been caught?
Dad was killed... and Sis is captured...
I'm sorry...
I caused your family misfortune.
It's not your fault.
Yuuki Daijo is the villain!
Damn him!
Let me go!
- Calm down, Koshirota!
How can I calm down?
I know how you feel.
But a child like you can't take him on.
I promise to overthrow
Daijo and save your sister.
You will?
Is there someone else you are
looking for, other than your father?
No. It's not that I'm looking for him.
But I want to see him.
Is he your sweetheart?
Oh, my.
Is it good?
What's wrong?
When I had breakfast
in the village this morning,
my dad and sister were with me.
But now, I'm all alone.
Damn it! Just wait, Daijo!
It's not good for you to eat in anger.
Blow your nose.
You are finally smiling.
How do you plan to save
my sister and defeat Daijo?
I wonder.
Don't sound so unsure.
I have to get close to the castle.
There are guards on the streets...
So let's go as far as we can by boat.
I wonder how Sis is doing in the castle.
You are...
I see.
So your father is in Omi.
Yes. So I departed right after you.
Tsunade, your feelings
seem to have reached him.
Oh, my.
Are you going to see
your father from now?
Yes. He's kindly offered to take me
to someone who knows my father.
What are you going to do?
I'm going to Kasumi Castle.
Kasumi Castle?
We are headed the same way.
I don't think you should come with me.
Why not?
Danger might befall you.
On me?
Are you going to be in danger?
The men in Kasumi
Castle are after my life.
What is the matter?
Will you check on the boy?
On Koshirota?
He has a high fever.
That's not good.
Is there anywhere we can let him rest?
I'm going out to get medicine.
Please watch him.
Yuuki Daijo! My dad's enemy!
Koshirota, get a grip.
I will get him some water.
He appears to be a ninja.
Why is Tsunade with him?
Ikazuchimaru is fighting with
the men in Kasumi Castle.
Could my father be among them?
My father wouldn't be
on the side of the villains...
So Ikazuchimaru killed
Ikkansai and the others...
He's stronger than I thought.
I will surely kill him by myself.
How can you possibly kill him alone,
when you couldn't do it as a team?
I have a plan.
What is it?
If we use that girl as a decoy,
then we should be able to easily kill him.
Who is she?
She's close to Ikazuchimaru.
Do you think that it will work?
If worse comes to worst...
I will attach explosives to her
and blow them up together.
Fine. Do it.
You can't do that.
What's wrong with the plan?
If I may speak up...
Please take a good look at this girl's face.
This girl came from far away
Hida to look for her father.
Who is it that went to Hida to train?
Come to think of it, I do
have some recollection of it.
When I was training under Gama Dojin,
I got involved with a local girl.
Then... are you my father?
This is what my mother left with me.
This is what I gave her.
What's become of your mother?
She died.
My name is Tsunade.
I've been wanting to meet you.
Are you convinced now?
Tsunade, are you friends
with Ikazuchimaru?
Yes, I know him very well.
He helped me look for you.
So he helped you in meeting me.
Momobe, did you tell
Ikazuchimaru that I am her father?
Tsunade, be of use to me.
Yes, of course.
What do you want me to do?
I want you to go to
Ikazuchimaru and kill him.
You want me to kill him?
He is a frightening man.
He is a man to be resented.
He's after my life.
Are you and Ikazuchimaru foes?
You don't want to do it?
I don't have the strength to kill someone.
Oh yes, you do.
Make him drink this.
It has no taste or odor to it.
But it's a potent anesthetic.
Make him drink this and kill him.
Do it!
Tsunade! I'm glad you are safe.
Momobe saved me from being abducted.
I was worried about you, but I
couldn't leave Koshirota alone.
I'm sorry.
Ikazuchimaru, what happened?
It's nothing serious.
How's the boy?
His fever has subsided.
Let me prepare the medicine.
I will watch the boy, so the
two of you should get some rest.
No, I will watch him.
He reminds me of myself
when I was a little boy.
I would make a better
nurse, since I'm a woman.
I can't inconvenience you
anymore than I already have.
It's nothing.
Momobe, when did you drug him?
If you chat with him, you
will have second thoughts.
I'm a boor by nature, but...
I can understand your feelings.
But this is something that you must do.
If you want to be accepted
by the boss as his daughter.
For my father's sake...
Close your eyes to it.
What will happen to Koshirota
after Ikazuchimaru is gone?
Do it!
Miss Tsunade, do it.
I don't have a father.
Please kill me first.
So you won't follow the boss' order?
I will do it for you.
Why do you protect me?
There once was a girl...
She was trained by her
father to become a female ninja.
Then she was sent to a faraway
province as a spy and she died.
Without anyone's notice.
That girl's father is me.
Ever since then...
I have been looking for a
chance to make amends to her.
Momobe, you know something, don't you?
Please tell me!
I won't be surprised or sad.
It was Yuuki Daijo and the boss
that killed Ikazuchimaru's parents.
So it makes the boss one
of the targets of his vendetta.
Then what my father said earlier...
were all lies.
My father is Ikazuchimaru's enemy.
I thought so.
So Orochimaru is her father.
Please forgive her.
She did not want to kill you.
There is a deep reason for this.
It sounds like Orochimaru
to use his own daughter.
But to think that his daughter is Tsunade...
Ikazuchimaru, please
do as you wish with me!
Do you think I can do that?
Ikazuchimaru, I have a plan.
What? You captured him?
What happened to Tsunade?
She's keeping an eye on him with Jihei.
I see. Good!
I will punish him myself!
Show me the way!
Drink up!
We have got Ogata's son!
Serve me 'sake'!
Where is Ikazuchimaru?
Miss Tsunade!
Tsunade, where is Ikazuchimaru?
I'm sorry...
He got away when I had my guard down.
What? He escaped?
But I know where he is headed.
Where is he headed?
Those two have betrayed us.
He's gone to Kasumi Castle.
Do you have anything to say?
How dare you mock me!
Do it for me, Yuuki Daijo!
What's the matter?
Open up!
Yuuki Daijo!
I, Ogata Ikazuchimaru...
am here to get revenge
for my late parents!
Shoot him!
Open up!
Forgive me!
Forgive me... I was wrong!
Please forgive me!
Daijo stand up!
Attack me like a man!
No! Please spare me!
I have avenged you.
Alias Ogata Ikazuchimaru!
Yuuki Daijo died, as I planned!
With you dead, my plan will be complete.
I shall forgive you for what
you did, for Tsunade's sake.
So leave at once!
Fool! My goal is to be supreme ruler!
I have no use for my daughter!
You and I, were pupils of Gama Dojin.
Let's see who will prevail.
Osaki, run! Koshirota is waiting for you!
Listen up, Ikazuchimaru!
This is the magical technique
that I learned from our teacher!
You cannot beat my Shoryu magic!
Silence, Orochimaru!
I shall get revenge for my teacher!
Enough talk!
Look, there's a monster
dragon and a monster toad...
Could they be...?
It's Sis!
Ikazuchimaru is in danger!
Do you give up, Ikazuchimaru?
Damn you, Orochimaru!
Those are the voices of
Ikazuchimaru and my father.
Sakuzo is in danger!
No, Koshirota!
The spider ornament that
Grandmother gave me...
Use it when you need it most.
Father... please forgive me.
Die, Ikazuchimaru!
I'm doomed!
That voice is Tsunade!
How dare you!
You are not my daughter!
Tsunade, what are you doing?
Stop it!
I can't breathe!
Stop it! Tsunade!
Come at me, Ikazuchimaru!
Come to your senses, Orochimaru!
I won't hear of it!
All has come to an end.
Yes, it has.
I'm going back to Hida,
where my grandmother awaits.
I'm going to Gamagatake
where my teacher lies.
You have a duty to restore the Ogata clan.
Restore the clan?
There's an empty feeling
after all has come to an end.
Koshirota... Osaki...
There is no castle left on the Ogata land.
There are only beautiful fields
left for you, farmers to create.
Is it for my sake?
It's for both of our sakes.
Osaki... Koshirota...
Stay healthy and cultivate great lands.
No, take me with you!
Farewell, Koshirota!
Subtitled and Mastered by Cannibal King