Battlecreek (2017) Movie Script

Every Tuesday you light up
like a goddamn Christmas tree.
Hey, I'm talking to you.
You look at me.
He screwed you, too?
Screwed you, too,
like the other ones?
Huh? He screwed you, too?
Hey, I'm talking to you.
Come here.
I'm talking to you. Hey!
Come on.
Come one, boy.
Here we go, baby.
Who's a good dog?
- Good dog.
Have I told you you have what
we call fire-shaped hands?
Full of passion
and pent up energy.
Always looking for somewhere
to put all that...
I didn't come here
to get my palm read.
Hey, Henry.
Thought that boy of yours was a vampire.
Only coming out at night.
Carl, we wouldn't want you
to be late, now would we?
Carl was just stopping by.
I got you these.
My talented baby should have new
brushes to paint the world with.
So, how was work?
It was fine.
Mrs. Martin's on
her way over.
I'm taking her under tonight.
I thought you weren't gonna
do that again with her.
She wasn't ready before.
What does she think
she's ready now?
Because contrary to
what you might think,
Henry Pearl, there are certain
things I do in fact know.
And I know
what people need.
If you say so.
I'll put a new shirt
on your bed, baby.
How you doing, darling?
All right. You?
Well, I'm fed up, Henry.
Since the bottling plant
laid him off
Arnie's done nothing except
wear a groove in my sofa.
And, he made me throw away
every bottle in the house.
I may just move in
with my mother.
You may wanna rethink that.
How's the old bird?
Still colorful as ever?
Maybe I should
come by and see her.
See what's on the horizon.
God help me.
Aw! My mother used to read me
poetry every night, before bed.
I always liked them. Not too
many words to get caught up on.
I guess. Sometimes.
Arnie says I have
the attention span of a flea.
Like he can talk!
I don't think that man can even
read, aside from the TV guide.
Quit your yapping, Melinda,
and move that ass.
Sorry, kid,
I broke a yolk.
Two eggs, sunny side up,
sorta, and a side of cakes.
Dig in, Henry.
I guess Arnie ain't
that bad a guy, after all.
See you reading that
fiction again, Henry.
I was told,
"You want it, you got
to seek the truth."
Plato says, "Poetry is near
to truth than history."
Now, Frost, he likens it
to taking life by the throat.
I like that.
Taking life by the throat.
- That's good.
- I keep telling you.
Poems have
their own language.
Whole different rhythm,
different than anything else.
Kinda like you jazz.
Nah, it ain't
nothing like my jazz.
People just get scared
of all of it.
It's just a matter of listening,
taking in what's there.
You know what I believe?
I believe...
read too much...
and you drank too little.
You've to throw that in.
Huh? Huh?
All right, then.
I ain't bad.
What am I gonna
do with this now?
Let's see.
- Shit's getting old.
- You all right?
I'm all right,
I'm all right.
I'm good, I'm good.
- I'll get it.
- Yeah, okay, go. Go and get that.
How you doing, Henry?
Would you mind
putting that out.
What can I do for you?
- You got no gas?
- No, it's out of order.
Why don't you gimme
two of them gallons of oil.
Yeah, I got it.
How you doing there, Magnus?
MAGNUS: Doing all right.
Doing all right. Thank you.
Man, you two must be bored to shit here,
night after night, no TV, no women.
I'd blow my
goddamn brains out.
Wouldn't that be
a blessing from above.
What the fuck did you just say?
I'm gonna put these
in the back for you.
That'll be 20 dollars.
Why don't I just owe ya?
You two faggots have fun.
I ought to wring
that boy's neck.
What do your fancy Frost
think about that there?
That doesn't look too good.
It's just overheated.
I don't know.
Where's your water hose.
- It's right here, I can get it.
- I got it.
You have far to go?
You shouldn't be driving too
long when it's like this.
What do I owe you?
It's just water.
Drive safe.
Oh, shit.
ARTHUR: See that right there,
over there?
That's the problem right there.
I'm gonna have
to fix this leak.
I'm gonna have to get some parts.
Once I fix it, you'll be all right.
But you know what?
You're lucky you
got this thing over here.
It's in pretty bad shape.
Can you fix it?
Well, it's gonna take a while,
but you can leave it with me.
How long?
I'm gonna have to get a...
It's just... I'm kinda
eager to get going.
It ain't gonna take
too much time.
I don't have any money
to pay you.
And I don't expect any free rides
right now but this is kinda my home.
Well, I'll...
I'll tell you what.
The local diner is
looking for somebody.
I want you to go down there,
and you ask for Melinda.
You got that? Melinda, You tell
her Arthur sent you. That's me.
Uh, meantime,
take this mount back,
when you're ready, we gonna get
this up and running for you.
All right?
[CLEARS THROAT] Well, food
ain't gonna cook itself.
Might taste better
if it did.
- Y'all don't have a address or a phone?
- Nope.
Look, anything you need doing,
I can do.
I've bust a fair amount
of dishes in my life.
I can clean and if you need any
cooking done, I can do that, too.
We sure the hell do.
We've been having some trouble with
one of our waitresses showing up,
so, it maybe the night shift.
That's fine.
I just need the work.
Well then,
I guess we'll see you tonight.
Love is definitely in your cards.
don't give your power away to the first
man who offers to buy you dinner.
Without our power,
we're as good as dead.
Dinner? I'm lucky if
I get peanuts from a bear.
Oh, come by,
we'll take another look.
Oh, wait, Miss Pearl,
you forgot something.
Well, life wouldn't be too interesting
without this, now would it?
And, it's Tallulah,
sweet thing.
Haven't seen her
around here before.
- No, she is definitely a new face.
- Mm-hmm.
I could set a watch by you,
Henry Pearl.
Henry's here.
Gina didn't show up
last night.
Third shift this week.
Jack just got fed up.
She just walked in here
like we ordered her.
Melinda, come on,
order's up.
Sweet Jesus, Jack!
You all right, sweetheart?
You seem a little jumpy.
Arthur said the parts should
be in soon, to fix your car.
Good to know.
- If you want me to take a look at it in the meantime...
- No, it's okay.
I appreciate the offer
but it's fine.
Let me help you
with that, Cutie.
That's Henry.
He's a sweetheart.
Same time, same seat,
same everything.
He's got some type of skin disease
where he can't go in the sunlight.
Poor thing. He ain't been out in
the sun since he was a little boy.
All right, it says here that Jelly Roll Morton
got his start playing piano in a brothel.
Fourteen years old.
And then we all sang
every last word of it.
Ain't nothing in those books
you can teach me.
Henry, ain't I be doing your head all
these years the things you got to know.
- Yes, you have.
- Yes, I have.
But, I mean, you wouldn't know a drive
socket from a flare nut, now would you?
I believe old Jelly Roll
had him some sweet times.
There's some sweet inspiration
between those walls.
Their men need a little sweet
inspiration, you know what I mean?
Are you suggesting
I go to a brothel, Arthur?
No, I ain't saying nothing.
I ain't saying all that.
But I'll tell you what,
it sure beats the hell out of you spending
all your nights hanging around here with me.
Yeah, what about you?
Oh, come on, now.
When Martha passed,
I went into retirement, man.
I thought I'll...
just close up shop for a while.
But you...
you got no excuse.
I could think of a few.
Yeah? Like what?
Let me tell you something.
That music that
you're reading about,
was created by people who
came to this country in chains.
And that same music
can set a man's soul free.
Every man has got to learn to break free of
whatever shackles are binding him, Henry.
It don't matter if you scared to
death to do what you got to do it.
That's the truth.
That's the sure enough truth.
Drink up, man.
why don't you
come around here
and paint these walls. All that
stuff you got in your head, man.
Just give the place
a little life, you know?
What are you thinking?
Some tropical...
tropical island with a...
with some palm trees, and a
real nice beach and me...
laying out on that beach, being
served an ice cold beer...
by a real pretty lady.
Well, I thought you said
you were retired.
I said for a while.
I ain't said my whole life.
- Oh, for a while?
- For a while.
All right,
I'll see what I can do.
You all right with me, Henry.
You all right with me.
Morning, Janice.
Afternoon, Henry.
Does Ms. Nelson still have
that room to rent?
Why? You going somewhere?
- It's for a friend.
- A friend?
What friend?
Never mind.
Uh, Henry, as far as I know,
it's still for rent.
That boy of yours
is so sweet.
Always thinking of others.
He sure is.
He's as sweet as pie.
I'm sure your car will be fine for the Fall,
but come Winter, and you'll freeze to death.
I don't plan on
being here that long.
Maybe not...
Oh, and Ms. Nelson doesn't hear that
well, so you'll have to speak up.
So you're a friend of Henry's?
Um, not really.
That's nice, dear.
It's just up these stairs.
Now, there's no smoking in the house
and I don't want any loud commotion.
I go to bed early,
and I'm up with the sun.
There won't be any noise.
No boys.
I won't have any funny business,
do you hear me?
I run a clean house.
I understand.
It's right through here.
You're a pretty little thing.
This is it.
So, um, do you have family
back in Florida?
Who said I was from Florida?
Your license plate
on your car.
It's Alison, right?
I'm Henry.
Listen, I appreciate you
finding me a room
but I'm really not looking
for friends right now.
It's nothing personal.
Nothing personal.
I told you I'd use a horn.
You don't say.
My granddaddy and me used to sit on the
back porch listening to Dizzy Gillespie
like it was our
last dying wish.
Old guy used to make me
use scales, you know,
till my lungs burned out,
my lips burnt up.
He didn't know the meaning
of the word "suffering."
He used to say to me, "Boy, you
damn well better walk through life
"dealing with what God serves
up with a smile on your face,
"and dignity in your step."
That's what I did.
I thought I was gonna teach
Miles Davis a thing or two.
Yeah, I did.
Life happened.
Yeah, you damn straight.
Lots of things happened,
and my daddy told me,
he said,
"Boy, don't you know a Black man
don't have the luxury of dreaming?"
Henry, how long you gonna hang around
here playing with engine bars?
- Huh?
- I don't know.
I don't know. I never
really thought about it.
you better start
thinking about it.
Right now.
You living like a young man
that ain't got no choices.
They're kinda limited.
Says who?
I don't see nobody
holding you back.
you got your whole life
ahead of you.
All you got to do is, you step out there
and you take what's yours, you hear me?
It's like your man said, you got
to grab life by the throat.
What are you doing here?
It's not really safe at this time
of night for you to be down here.
You're here.
People tend to leave me alone.
at the diner, when I said I didn't need
any friends, I didn't mean to, um...
I'm not used to...
It's fine.
Why are you being
so nice to me?
Don't you sleep?
Don't you?
It is too hot to sleep.
Mrs. Nelson doesn't like fans
cause she says they're too noisy.
Uh, come on,
I'll walk you.
Come on.
That's Mr. Hayworth.
He lost his wife
eight years ago.
Every night, he sits on that
porch till he falls asleep.
Like he's waiting
for something.
Hi, hi, hi...
This is Benny.
- Hi.
- You want a treat, buddy?
There you go.
I always bring him treats.
He knows all
the town secrets.
He's beautiful.
Well, this is me.
Can I walk you home?
No, I'm fine.
It's close enough.
Guess I'll see you around, then.
I guess you will.
You like fairs?
Every year the whole town puts on
a fair behind the old cider mill.
It ain't much. Trust me.
But Melinda will be defending
her apple bobbing title.
Four years running.
She trains and everything.
Jack shuts down the diner for the
night, too, so everyone can go.
Did you have a good night?
The usual.
Come sit with your mama.
"The fool"...
representing the beginning
of a new life cycle.
And the "High Priestess"...
she speaks of
hidden influences.
Usually that of a woman.
Stop taking, Tallulah.
I'm just telling you
what I see, baby.
Nothing more.
It's never "nothing"
with you.
Tell your mommy
you love her.
Oh, you know I do.
Say it.
It's late, Tallulah.
Good night.
I'll make sure to
stay on your good side.
My brother taught me
how to shoot.
BOY: Take your pick.
The bear.
So, um, where does
your brother live?
Oh, really? I hear that's
nice this time of year.
Do you want anything?
- Uh, no.
- You sure?
- You want to try this?
- CARL: Five bucks to see the freaks.
We got two headed cat,
three legged dog,
and some really ugly women.
Hey, Henry, why don't you come on here.
You'll feel right at home.
He might just be
the most normal fucker in there.
That'd be a first.
Did I tell you
I was nailing his mama?
Yeah, man.
Must be one tired piece of ass.
Come on, Henry, you'd make more
money than at the gas station.
What do you say, Henry?
A little money in your pocket, you
can move out of your mama's house.
Hey, he's ignoring you, man.
That freak ain't
listening to you, man.
Hold my beer.
CARL: Hey, I'm talking to you.
Think you can ignore me?
You turned your back
on me, freak?
[SCREAMING] What the
hell is wrong with you?
Dracula got himself
a little bodyguard.
Let's go.
That's right. Move along.
You shouldn't let him
get away with that.
I'm used to fighting
my own battles.
They're assholes.
You shouldn't let them...
Like I said, I can fight my own battles.
I don't need your help.
I don't call that fighting.
These damn drinks are gonna
drive your mama crazy.
I feel like I have the whole
town's worries inside my head.
I heard you and that girl
were at the fair.
Your spies
working overtime, Tallulah?
I'm just looking out
for you, Henry.
Are you gonna tell me
who she is?
No one you know.
Oh, I know everyone
in this town.
Henry, what happened
to your face?
It was nothing.
It doesn't look like nothing.
Look at you.
I said I'm fine.
- Henry, who did this?
- It doesn't matter.
I will be goddamned if I let
anyone lay a hand on my baby.
I will find out
who did this.
I am this town's
eyes and ears, Henry.
So the hell what, Tallulah?
That's never stopped
anyone before, now has it?
Well, I'll be damned. The man
finally did something right.
JACK: I heard that.
Arnie found a job, too.
Looks like our luck
maybe changing, kiddo.
How's everyone doing tonight?
Can I help you, Henry?
Like I told you,
I don't need any help.
I could use some more coffee.
You know where it is.
Stupid boys.
What would you like?
Do you ever miss it?
I don't know.
I got used to the night,
I guess.
Quiet, the rhythm of it.
Sometimes it feels like
it's only mine.
I guess I could sit
near my window,
or go outside
if I stayed undercover.
But, I always just
felt like hiding.
And this isn't?
I don't know. I guess we're
all hiding from something.
People used to
call me a vampire.
Said I slept in a coffin.
I'm sure some still do.
People are cruel.
Well, just scared I think.
My mom thought home schooling
would be easier on me.
The Korean war is a bit shady, but the
underlying meaning of amphibians in dreams,
I could write you
a dissertation.
Trust me,
you didn't miss much.
Pop quizzes, school dances,
You missed Halloween?
All these years,
I've had such a good costume.
Come on.
Come on.
Good God.
What on Earth?
I'm sorry to wake you,
Mrs. Koehler.
Henry, are you all right?
You nearly gave me
a heart attack, sugar.
What are you doing
dressed like that?
And at this hour.
We're Trick-or-treating.
Halloween's not for
another month.
He's making up
for lost time.
Well, I'm not sure what we
got in the way of candy.
Hold on.
[WHISPERING] You're supposed to say
"Trick-or-treat" when they open the door.
- That's just stupid.
Will pop tarts do?
You can have them
for breakfast.
- Perfect. Thank you.
- Thank you.
- All right.
- Sorry to disturb you, Mrs. Koehler.
Oh, any time, sugar.
- Good night.
- Good night.
This is all I got.
Go on, take that.
- Get out of here.
- Thank you, Arthur.
- You'll have a great time.
- Good night.
All right, then.
I think I ate too much.
Janice's plan isn't
settling very well.
Where's that?
I don't know. Somewhere.
How did this happen?
I don't remember much. I was
pretty young when it happened.
I must have been
out there for a while.
I can remember the burning.
The actual feel of my skin
melting under the heat.
The smell of it...
It's a smell you never forget.
Where were your parents?
I don't know.
Tallulah had left me
with my dad.
He was drunk most of the time. I guess
he didn't hear me until it was too late.
He took off,
not too long after.
I'm sorry, Henry.
The weirdest thing is
for a few moments,
it actually felt good.
The way the heat
felt on my skin.
The kind that reaches
deep inside you
and warms you
from the inside out.
It felt good.
Like I was alive.
You're sticking around
for a while?
Considering you're fucking
my son under my roof,
I think it's about time we were
properly introduced, don't you?
I'm Tallulah.
And you are?
Come sit down, Alison.
I am a dreamer.
I'm sure Henry's told you
something about that.
And sometimes, these dreams
are pretty damn vivid.
Sometimes, I see colors,
animals, visions.
And then, other times...
it's just an overwhelming feeling
that something just ain't right.
You know what I mean when
"something just ain't right"?
Looks like someone could
use a little soul soother...
as my daddy used to call it.
May I see your palm?
Come on.
You have what we call
an "earth hand."
Practical, hardworking.
You have no illusions about
how this world works.
You have long
a pile of anger.
Some might say that's
a sure sign of someone who
just can't get enough
of a good thing.
Do you know what I mean?
I should get going.
Wait a minute.
This, here,
is your life line.
Looks like you've had
a hell of a time, honey.
Something sure left its mark.
Or should I say someone?
I'm sorry,
I didn't mean to upset you.
It's just what you see.
It's nice to meet you,
Henry's here.
Fire up the usual.
Actually, I think I feel like
something different today.
Are you feeling okay,
Henry Pearl?
Sure. Fine.
I want a waffle, please.
My mama always said that silence
was the loudest thing there is.
And you two are quiet
as a couple of church mice.
I ain't no Monet...
but it sure does look better
than his serial killer scroll.
Monet, my ass, Melinda.
Come get this food.
The voice of an angel.
Are you okay?
You met Tallulah.
What'd she have to say?
Nothing, really.
Just saying hi.
Alison, come over here. All
right, turn that, right there.
- This one?
- Mm-hmm.
Turn that real good.
Tighten it up real good.
Well, you strong, girl.
- Yeah.
- There you go. Thats gonna be done.
- That's it?
- That's it.
this little lady is a better
mechanic than you are, man.
She can have my job.
She's stronger
and she's faster, too.
There you go. Take that.
There you go. Go on,
have a seat right there.
You're doing all the work.
That's all right.
Hold that.
There's some coffee for you.
- Thank you.
- All right.
You know what?
I'm gonna check
this tire for you.
You know what
I don't understand?
Young girl like you traveling
these roads by herself.
I'm just traveling.
Anybody missing you
at home?
They have their lives,
and I have mine.
Hey, where your keys at?
I'm gonna fire this up for you.
- They're in there.
- Okay.
That's beautiful, Henry.
My mother used to
take us to the ocean...
In the summers when it gets so
hot that you couldn't breathe,
she'd pack up my brother and I
in the middle of the night,
and drive for hours
while we slept.
She's never stop for anything.
She'd just drive like she was
on a mission or something.
And she used to say there's only one thing
better than waking up to the sound of the ocean,
and that's the sun
on your face.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, but it's nice.
Close your eyes.
It's not the same but...
I'd like to see it one day.
You can put
A stick in my spokes
I can be
The butt of your jokes
I can be the laughing stock
I can be the hoax
But I ain't gonna lose you
No, I ain't gonna lose
Throw me in a hurricane
Tell the whole world
I've gone insane
Run an electric shock
To my brain
But I ain't gonna lose you
No, I ain't gonna lose
Ain't gonna lose you
HENRY: Get in!
Come on, get in.
You're chicken?
I'll sing it
From the bus stop
I'll sing it on the street
Drunk to a cop
No, I ain't gonna lose
No, I ain't gonna lose
Ain't gonna lose you
Ain't gonna lose you
Ain't gonna lose
Gonna lose you
Gonna lose
Miss Tallulah! To what
do we owe this pleasure?
I just thought I'd stop by. See where
my Henry spends most of his time.
Well, what can
I get for ya?
A cup of coffee.
And how about a piece of
that delicious looking pie?
Well, that's your safest bet.
I baked that myself.
I keep telling Henry I need to
stop by and pay you a visit.
You bet you do.
Well, not sure I can handle
what's in store.
You don't got to
worry about that.
Life gives us
what we need, Melinda.
So, what do you know
about this new girl?
- Alison, is it?
- Alison.
She's a sweet girl.
She just kinda
showed up, really.
We were in a pickle, cause Gina's
not been showing up for her shifts.
I don't like to gossip, but
her husband ain't a nice man.
She say where she was from?
No, no,
just keeps to herself, mostly.
Well, that and Henry.
Those two just seem to get
on like a house on fire.
She just called in a minute ago,
and said they were staring at
the gosh-darn-ocean
right this very minute.
I think it's great
he's getting out there.
Next thing, they'll be moving
right on out of this town.
I'm just gonna take this
with me if you don't mind.
Oh, sure, sure. Just gimme a minute.
I'll wrap it up for you.
I keep on telling Jack
I ought to get a commission
for every piece of pie I sell.
What's going on?
In almost 24 hours...
He doesn't have the courtesy
to call his own mother.
He's fine, Tallulah.
He's probably hiding under a
tree or in a cave somewhere.
That's my goddamn son
you're talking about, Carl.
You hear me?
My son!
Jesus Christ!
He's a grown man.
He's probably with
that piece of his.
I figured you'd be happy
he was getting laid...
looking the way he does.
You just get the fuck out.
You hear me?
Just get the fuck out, and
don't you ever come back.
You know what?
You two belong together.
You fucking freaks.
Let's not go back.
Come on,
let's keep on driving.
Find some town by the sea,
get a little place.
I can get a job
working on cars.
Well, actually,
maybe you should do that.
You're a better mechanic
than I am.
I could read you poetry.
Oh, great.
I'll work while you read.
I'll paint the house.
This is nice.
Right here, right now.
It's been a long time
since I could say that.
Well, let's just be here.
It's because of me.
No, it's got nothing
to do with that.
Not everything in this world
is good, Henry. Not like you.
Some of us can hide the reminders of
what we carry, and some of us can't.
Well, I'll be god damned.
He lives.
You wanna tell me where you've
been for the last two days?
Without a fucking word.
I'm tired, Tallulah.
Don't gimme that
"I'm tired, Tallulah" bullshit.
And what is this?
Have you forgotten
your condition?
I haven't forgotten anything.
Oh, come on, Tallulah.
You're all knowing.
Can't you see I was just fine?
Don't you back talk me,
Henry Pearl.
All I've done is
give you everything.
Every last inch
of my days and nights,
worrying and protecting you
from the evils of this world,
and I will be god damned
if I let you disrespect me.
And what if I don't think
this world is so evil?
Then I'd say
you were a fool.
Who the hell is she, Henry?
People don't just appear out
of nowhere for no reason.
There's a darkness in her past,
and I do not...
[YELLING] Stop it.
I don't give a shit about
what you think you see.
Now she's here. It doesn't matter
where she's been. Not to me.
Evening, boys.
Go take care of them,
Yeah, come take care of us,
will you, sweetheart?
Thank you.
What'll it be?
What are your specials?
I can't read that far, You mind
reading it for me, sweetheart?
Chili, steak.
Well, those both
do sound delicious.
I don't know, Magnus,
what do you think?
Well, I could do the chili, but then again,
can't beat a good, thick piece of meat.
Two steaks, rare.
And make sure he doesn't
overcook them, sweetheart.
Oh, and coffee.
Wait, man, I'm getting something,
like one of them psychic visions.
Yeah, yeah,
it's getting clearer.
It's Tallulah Pearl.
And she's on her knees.
Like the village dog.
Hey, do you think Henry here
squeals like his mama does?
Actually, they say
a woman's vocality during sex
often suggests an overcompensation
for a partner's lack of performance.
What the hell
did he just say?
He said you're shit in bed.
ALISON: Oh, shoot.
So sorry,
the lid must be loose.
You're going to regret that.
I don't think I will.
Settle down, Carl.
You don't want Jack to get
all riled up, now do you?
Lord knows
he's twice your size.
Let's get out
of this shithole.
I don't know, Henry, I reckon your little
lady here has some fire in her belly.
It was an accident.
- More?
- Yes, please.
Nothing. Just looking.
You seem different.
How so?
I don't know.
The diner,
with those guys.
Yeah, I guess it wouldn't hurt to
point out what morons they are.
Then again, I have you now.
I suppose you do.
I think I'm gonna stay
at my house tonight.
We don't wanna wear out
our welcome with Tallulah.
She's all right.
I'll see you tomorrow, okay.
- I'll walk you home.
- No.
It's okay.
It's just a few blocks.
I know. But it's late.
I'm a big girl.
Too much fire
in her belly.
- I'm waiting on you.
I'm waiting on you.
We're waiting on you,
ain't we, Henry?
We're waiting on you.
Come on.
I got two left feet.
Sir Henry, please?
I knew you had it in you. I knew...
I knew you had it in you.
ARTHUR: Look at that.
Y'all wonderful. I like that.
Let me get this one.
You doing good, man.
I think I drank too much.
Are you all right?
I just need a bathroom.
Tell him we ain't got
no gas over here.
How you doing?
We don't have any gas.
I can see that. I was actually
looking for a cold beer.
Where the hell am I?
Where you heading?
Not sure yet.
Passing through.
Taking a look around.
There's not much to
see around here, I'm afraid.
I don't know.
There's always something to see.
You know, I was actually
looking for a friend of mine.
Said she might
come up this way.
Seen new faces in town?
None worth remembering.
Well, I bet
you're a hard one to forget.
- You mind if I use your piss...
- Sorry.
It's out of order.
But there's a good bar on your way out
of town, if you're just passing through.
Just a few miles
down the street.
Can't miss it.
All right.
Is everything all right?
I don't know.
Where'd she go?
She ain't back there?
She ain't back there.
Hey, Henry...
Alison, what's going on?
What the hell is this?
Stay out of it, Henry.
You brought that here?
Into our house?
This is who I am, Henry.
You know, I can pretend all
I want it's in the past,
but it's never left me.
It's always right here.
You should know that
better than anyone.
No, this isn't who you are.
Henry, I used to be in this so deep, I never
thought I was gonna make it out alive.
I just wanted a way out.
Please, don't hate me
for that.
I'm sorry.
I never wanted to
involve you in this.
Alison, wait.
Just tell me who he is.
It doesn't matter.
Packing your car in the middle of the
night and that doesn't fucking matter?
Just tell me what's going on.
I can't, Henry.
It's got nothing to do with you.
So, that's it?
You're just gonna keep running?
Not all of us can just
float in one place forever.
Some of us run.
We have to.
Alison, please don't.
Evening, Tallulah.
The usual?
Why change a good thing?
- WOMAN: Hey.
- Hey.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Now that's quite a name.
Well, I am quite a woman.
Who gave a little lady like you
such a big name?
My dear, sweet mama.
She was from
Huntsville, Alabama.
The birth place of the one and
only, Miss Tallulah Bankhead.
Never mind.
So what brings you
to our sleepy little town?
Just looking.
Are you looking for someone?
Or you just looking
for some trouble?
Maybe a little bit of both.
I mean, a man can't help but
have a little fun, now can he?
I can tell,
you like your fun.
Isn't that right, Tallulah?
A little fun
never hurt nobody.
Ain't that right?
Ain't that the truth?
who can little old Tallulah
help you find?
Once you're done
having your fun, that is.
Let's just say
a lady friend of mine
took off with something
that doesn't belong to her.
A whole lot of something.
Well, it looks like
your lucky day.
'Cause Tallulah just loves
to give people what they want.
Know what I mean?
Think so.
So what's your name?
I bet you do.
What's going on?
You... You find Alison?
Why does everyone lie, Arthur?
Well, I reckon...
I can't really say, Henry.
Not for sure.
People mean well.
I guess they just trying to
protect the folk they love.
I don't want protection.
I never did.
I want people to stop
treating me
like something that's always
on the verge of breaking.
You said if I want the truth,
I have to seek the truth, right?
Well, I want the truth, Arthur.
I want all of it.
Have a seat. I got something
I want to show you.
I'll be right back.
Your daddy left those behind,
years ago.
I didn't have the heart
to get rid of them.
But to be honest, I didn't know if you'd
ever really want to see him or not.
I just wanted to leave
well enough alone, you know?
You've been through
your fair share.
I didn't wanna cause
any more trouble.
It's okay.
Were you good friends?
Your daddy was
a hard man to know, Henry.
Quiet, kept to himself,
did his work.
Like you in that way.
Your daddy was weak, Henry,
in ways that you ain't.
He never had
the mental strength up here.
Not like you.
There were lot of things that
were just too much for him.
Your mama being one.
That dame,
she's a whole lot to handle.
I guess people don't do too
much changing, now do they?
Why did he leave?
Well, that's something
between you and your mama.
No, Arthur, please.
Well, I guess he caught her messing
around one time too many...
and one day,
he just up and left.
Just like that.
Now, it wasn't right...
him walking out on his family.
Walking out on you.
But sometimes,
when you're in a mess,
pride, it just makes you do...
stupid things.
Things that he's gonna spend
the rest of his life regretting.
As far as Tallulah,
we couldn't help
but feel sorry for her.
Next thing I know, you were
gone and had your accident,
and she's out here all alone
trying to raise you.
No, but he...
He left me before the accident?
I ain't one to get between you
and your mama, you know that.
You've been seeking the truth and I think
it's about damn time you heard the truth.
And I mean all of it.
Henry, you...
you got to
talk to your mama.
You understand me?
You got to talk to your mama.
Hey, you got to go.
Just take it easy.
Come on, you got to go.
You got another visitor coming?
My son's due home.
So, what's the problem?
Sonny boy still think
mama's a virgin?
I said you got to go.
And I said...
"Take it easy."
What the hell are you doing?
There's a diner in town.
Serves some pretty good pie.
I think you'll find
what you're looking for.
Hey darling,
what are you doing here?
Have you seen Henry?
Well, no,
he hasn't been in tonight.
Where you going?
Is everything all right?
Well, I've been
looking for you.
We never really talk,
you and I.
Have you noticed that?
I mean, you do
a lot of talking, Tallulah.
To everyone in this town,
about everything.
But me and you,
we never really talk, do we?
What do you
wanna talk about?
I wanna talk about
how I ended up like this.
- Sweetheart, I really...
- I do.
Tell me about
the dreams, Tallulah.
Your dreams,
my dreams,
the dreams that have kept us awake at night,
and you drinking for the last 20 years.
Let's talk about that.
Why you doing this, Henry?
Is it because of that girl?
My father wasn't even here,
was he?
He couldn't handle what you had.
He never could.
The truth is, he couldn't
handle you, Tallulah, could he?
Henry, I don't know who you been
talking to, but this has got to stop.
You don't dream about bats or butterflies
or black goddamn clouds, do you, Tallulah?
You dream about what you did. You
dream about this, don't you?
I didn't leave.
Don't you see that?
And, I damn well could have.
But, I was right here.
I was right here.
Always here.
Your daddy knew
who I was when he met me.
But he wanted to squeeze
the goddamn life out of me
and keep me trapped here
like some damn animal.
He chose to leave.
He chose to run away.
From us, from you.
I need to hear you
say it, Tallulah.
I need to hear you say it.
Just say it, goddamn it!
It was you. You were alone. You were
drunk, and you left me out there.
It was an accident.
I swear.
You wandered out there.
And then...
you started screaming.
And you wouldn't
stop screaming.
And you needed your mama.
And my baby's skin...
My sweet baby's skin...
Henry, I tried,
but I just couldn't.
No. No.
You didn't, Tallulah.
You just didn't.
So you think you can just run
off with what belongs to me?
You little junkie whore.
Are you gonna be a good girl?
Not that anyone
can hear you, any way.
So, who you fucking
these days for your fix?
Are you just dipping
into a box of meat?
You got what you came for.
You can leave me.
Let me go.
See, I've been thinking about our
little reunion ever since you left.
Every minute, every single
thing that I'd do to you.
You remember this, right?
See, I'm gonna
make this hurt.
It's gonna hurt so bad...
until you last...
final... gasping breath.
You don't have to do this.
No, but I wanna.
See, I want it so much
that it makes me hard.
I'm gonna make you beg.
Beg for your life
until I take it...
That's what
I love about you.
You never did know
when to stop fighting.
The wild, dirty little animal
that you are.
- And you know what happens to wild animals?
You cut them
until they're bleeding...
[YELLS] Until they're begging and
begging for their fucking life.
Where's my baby going?
You can't leave me.
But I am.
I'm not your baby.
I know I lied to you.
But I'll spend the rest of
my days making it up to you.
This isn't about you,
I should have left
a long time ago,
and you should have
pushed me to.
But you didn't.
You wanted me to stay
and rot here.
I'm awake.
Don't you get it?
Say goodbye, Tallulah.
You did this!
I'm so sorry, Henry.
I'm so sorry.
I don't wanna hide anymore.
I know. I know.
You don't have to.
Everything is gonna be okay.
HENRY: "I have been one
acquainted with the night.
"I have walked out in rain
And back in rain
"I have outwalked
The furthest city light
"I have looked down
The saddest city lane
"I have passed
By the watchman on his beat
"And dropped my eyes
Unwilling to explain
"I have stood still
And stopped the sound of feet
"When far away
An interrupted cry
"Came over houses
From another street
"But not to call me back
Or say good-bye
"And further still
At an unearthly height
"One luminary clock
Against the sky
"Proclaimed the time
Was neither wrong nor right
"I have been one
Acquainted with the night."
HENRY: I have been.
Look up child
The world is born
Shoe's untied
And your soles are worn
Windows are rolled down
Sun is setting high
Windows are rolled down
I'm fixin' to die
Corn rows have
Companion feel
This rocky road
And this steering wheel
Who do you call
To ease your pain?
I hope for you
To get through this rain
Windows are rolled down
Moon is hanging low
Windows are rolled down
Think it's time for me to go
Is it what
You dreamed it'd be
Are you locked up
In this fantasy
Oh, this miles that have
Torn us apart
My new found faith
And my broken heart
Windows are rolled down
Sun is rising high
Windows are rolled down
Feel that wind rushing by
Is it what
You dreamed it'd be
Are you locked up
In this fantasy
Oh, this miles that have
Torn us apart
My new found faith
And my broken heart
Windows are rolled down
Sun is rising high
Windows are rolled down
Feel that wind rushing by
Windows are rolled down