Battledogs (2013) Movie Script

ladies and gentlemen.
For your own safety,
we'd like to remind you
not to leave anything
unattended today.
Your attention, please.
May I have
your attention, please?
Yeah, honey, I should be
down in just a moment.
The plane just landed.
You gotta be kidding me.
Restricted items?
That's ridiculous.
Sir, I need you to calm down.
I know what I'm
allowed to bring in.
I've read these rules and
regulations a million times.
I missed you so much.
You're my angel.
What do you mean,
flight's delayed?
I don't care about
seeing the port.
Well, that was
Big Ben in Europe.
Who cares?
What's going on?
Can someone tell me?
Babe, you need to chill.
Let me speak
to your supervisor.
So why did you
even bother coming?
Surround the perimeter.
Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go!
When did it happen?
Started around 8:30 this morning,
Mr. President,
and it's still happening.
Contact General Mooning
He's already been sent in, sir,
along with detachments
from the 75th Ranger Regiment
and the 24th STS.
We've also contacted USAMRIID.
All units,
I want every entrance and exit sealed.
No one gets out.
That means every damn tunnel,
doorway, skyway and jetway.
Major Hoffman, sir,
there's been an attack on JFK.
What's the chemical agent?
Well, we... we don't
really know, sir.
The Army's dropping in men.
But, look, sir, the reports
coming in are unbelievable.
There's a chopper
standing by right now
to take you to New York.
Okay. Well, you hold down the fort, Rog.
Thanks, man.
...deemed a suspicious person.
7-8-3-5. Code 6.
Colonel Falcons, come in.
Yes, sir.
We don't know what
we're dealing with yet,
so I want you to use gas only.
Keep the casualties
to a minimum.
Yes, sir.
Take us down.
Gas detonated, General.
Good. Standing by.
Let them go!
Let them go! Let them go!
Let them go!
Let them go!
Let them go! Let them go!
Name and age?
Listen to me. This...
This is my fault.
Name and age, ma'am?
It doesn't matter
what my damn name is.
I was bitten by a wolf.
I want you to calm down.
Listen to me.
My name is Donna Voorhees.
I'm 28 years old.
I... I was bitten.
I know. I know everybody
who was bitten.
I want you to take this.
It's gonna keep your heart rate down.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
What do you want?
What do you want?
You can't do this.
Get down.
I'm an American citizen!
I have rights!
On the ground now!
Get down, or we will shoot you!
Hands up!
Now! On the ground!
You don't understand.
It... It was before any of...
Tag him. Get him inside.
Let's go, people!
Keep it moving!
Did they kill it?
No, of course not.
Now take this.
Your right arm, please.
This is your microchip.
It's for your safety
as well as ours.
Now just hang in there.
Keep it moving.
Let's go! Let's go!
This ain't no parade.
Come on.
Keep it going.
Keep it going.
On your feet, sweetheart.
I'm sorry. I think the pills...
I said up!
Get your hands off me!
Stand down, Corporal!
Did you hear me?
I said stand down.
Are you okay?
All right, come on. Let's get you
someplace where you can lie down.
I see you mistreating these patients again,
and I will have
your court-martialed
so fast your head will spin.
Do you understand me?
Yes, sir.
We need to keep
these people calm,
keep their heart rates down
and keep everybody safe.
Come on.
Thank you, Captain.
You okay?
All right.
Steady as she goes.
Here we go. Okay.
Lay back.
There you go.
Just relax, okay?
Look at that.
So you're a dog lover,
too, huh?
I was.
I have some mixed feelings now.
I'm, um,
a wildlife photographer.
Oh, yeah?
That's neat.
What's your specialty?
Well, uh, don't worry,
'cause you're gonna
be back at it soon.
We're gonna get this
thing under control,
and we're gonna get all you people
here back to your lives, okay?
Can you cure it?
Well, to be honest with you,
we're in the dark.
And I'd be lying to you if I said
it wasn't gonna take some time,
but, uh, the first thing
we gotta do
is find out where it came from.
Like a...
Patient Zero?
That's exactly right.
It was...
th-the... the airport...
my bite.
You okay?
Name and age, please.
You can call me Susan
if it makes you happy.
Sir, we're just trying to help.
Great. Then you can start
with these damn restraints.
Carl Hammond, 33.
Your arm, please,
Mr. Hammond.
You get off on this...
huh? Locking us
up in here
like animals,
experimenting on us.
I'll bet you're
all excited, right?
General, Major Hoffman
to see you, sir.
Thank you, Captain.
General Mooning, sir.
Major Hoffman.
It's been a while, sir.
It has, indeed.
Still working with terrorists?
I beg your pardon?
Key suspect of the 2001
anthrax attacks
scientist, was he not?
That's right, sir,
and I'm the one
who reported him.
You trusted a man with all
the poison in that place,
and people died.
We can't have that here.
You understand?
Yes, sir.
I trust my men with my life.
You know why?
They've earned it.
Well, sir, maybe you
could trust your men
to use a little common sense
when handling the contagious.
They've been provoking them.
You play football, Major?
Junior year in high school,
our team finished dead
last in the division.
Our coach would come
in after every game,
slap us on the back and say,
"We'll get 'em next time."
Next year,
in came this real mean son of a bitch,
kicked our ass every day,
and you know what happened?
No, sir.
We won the state title.
You see, that coach understood
the need for discipline.
We're not talking
about football players here.
They're casualties,
236 of them,
another 150 in body bags.
I'm highly aware of that, sir.
And are you aware
of the capabilities
of these creatures?
Yes, but...
You know if one of them
bites you in the arm,
puts the saliva in you,
you end up here.
If it happens
to tear out your throat
or chomp down on an artery,
you end up in the ground.
I regret having to infringe on
their civil liberties. I do,
but our duty is
to defend this nation
and our citizens
from all threats.
And that is exactly
my point, sir.
The calmer we keep them,
the better it is for everybody.
I'll be sure to brief my men
on the proper
security procedures.
That's my job.
And you concentrate
on your job,
fluffing pillows and
changing bedpans.
Yes, sir, and I'm also heading
up the CDC search for a cure,
and I'm reporting
directly to the President...
You can oversee all you like.
Just remember
your rank here, Major.
Relax, Hoffman.
We're in this together.
I'd like to start
with the airport, sir.
If we're lucky,
perhaps some of the surveillance cameras
picked up the first...
Falcons, come in.
Where'd it go?
All right. There's no bullets
unless it's completely necessary.
Remember they're human beings.
Man, how'd this happen?
Oh, my God.
Sweet Jesus.
That's enough, Colonel.
I said that's enough!
That is a human being,
That man just killed four people.
Remember that, Major.
I... I couldn't help...
You know, I should...
I should report you.
Colonel Falcons, come in.
Falcons here.
Tell me you got it.
We got it.
Good man.
Bring it downstairs.
Right away.
You killed four of my men, Mr. Hammond.
Who's there?
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to kill 'em.
I understand.
Don't like it,
but I understand.
the instinct of every
living organism on Earth.
A computer,
on the other hand,
lacks instinct,
and yet we rely on them
to fight our wars.
My point is we depend
too much on technology.
Human error can be
just as dangerous, sir.
Oh, don't get me wrong,
There's a time and place
for machines,
but at the end of the day,
it's boots on the ground
that win wars.
What do you want from me?
I want you to serve
your country, son.
Bring him in.
W-What in the hell
is going on in here?
Let's see how tough you are.
Administer the serum.
What's that for, sir?
Let's see what
these things can do.
Mr. Hammond.
I had a feeling about him.
Count yourselves lucky, men.
You're witnessing a new era,
the most significant advance in
warfare since the Predator drone.
Put it down.
Transmission occurs through saliva,
not by blood,
so anyone with
a nonlethal bite wound
becomes immediately infected,
and as soon as their heart rate spikes,
they become feral
and lash out
at anyone in their way.
You believe there's a cure?
we can synthesize one
if we have antibodies
to use as a blueprint.
If we can find Patient Zero,
they may have that blueprint.
Excuse me, General.
Could I, uh, have a word
with you, sir?
Of course, Major.
Uh, in private.
Excuse me.
I just saw a man
in the coroner's office
who had his throat torn out.
That was
Mr. Hammond's work,
the man you
chased down earlier.
He attacked again,
and we had to act.
Both men were killed
in the process.
Well, I'd really like to
see that surveillance tape.
Of course, Major.
Meanwhile, I'm gonna
go down to the airport.
With any luck,
perhaps I can identify Patient Zero.
Excuse me.
Major Hoffman,
Dr. Ellen Gordon, CDC.
Nice to meet you.
Would you please look
for any signs of anxiety
or erratic behavior
among passengers
in the security footage?
That seems to be
the primary indicator
of an impending morphosis.
Start in Customs.
Witnesses report seeing
the first attacks here.
Okay. Thank you, Doctor.
Thank you.
We don't want to keep you from your work,
Yes, sir.
You see, Colonel?
Men like Hoffman,
all they want is reassurance
that we're all
on the same side.
But, sir, are you sure
we want a cure?
It'll be produced
on a mass scale.
Only if its discovery got out.
I'd be more than happy
to keep Hoffman quiet.
He's just doing his job.
He just wants to understand
the canines' origins
and behavior.
I want to see if they
can track a target.
I think this
little excursion of his
may present us all with an
opportunity to get what we want.
Like I said,
Major Hoffman, USAMRIID.
What the hell?
Major Hoffman.
Max Stevens,
Director of Border Customs
and Security at JFK.
Would you, uh,
come with me, please?
One of those things got into
the surveillance hub
and destroyed the place,
so security cameras
are useless,
but I got something better.
These haven't even
been made public yet.
We're the first to
install them after Dubai.
Check it out.
Oh, yeah.
That is incredible.
You can see every hair,
every wrinkle, every detail.
And this, this happened
before the attack?
41/2 minutes before.
this was the next.
See, the system only takes
an image every five minutes,
so by the time
it took this one,
the outbreak
had already started.
Every detail.
Could you go back
to the last image?
Recognize her?
Yeah, it's that
wildlife photographer.
Think there's any chance
the camera survived?
You kidding me?
That's professional-grade
Japanese engineering.
That thing
is built for the field.
It'll take a licking
and keep on ticking.
You have it?
Yeah. I got it.
Come on.
SLR's a good camera.
There's 10 times the resolution
of most point-and-shoots.
Of course, most people
don't realize that.
I can't tell you how many
things get left behind
when people are trying
to make a flight,
as if it's worth
losing 2K on a laptop.
This is like my own Fort Knox in here.
Let's see.
Ah, here we go.
Eh, hardly a scratch.
Need another look?
I got it.
Then you have your mission.
I get this done,
you'll keep your word, right?
Your family will be transferred
from Wards
to a private facility.
Look at this.
You see that?
That's the day before JFK.
Heh. It happened before.
Look, that's what she
was trying to tell me.
She got bitten before
she got to the airport.
General, Hoffman here.
I think we found Patient Zero.
Her name's Donna Voorhees.
Time to go to work.
We know she came in
on Canadian...
I don't want to kill you.
I don't want to hurt you.
Just you stay calm.
Now listen to me.
There's still part of you
that's human.
You understand that?
So you're the one
who's in control here.
You stay calm.
General, Hoffman's still alive.
Could you do me a favor
and find out everything you
can about Donna Voorhees...
where she came from,
where she went,
who she might have
come in contact with?
What are you looking for?
I need solid evidence that she was bitten
before she walked
into that terminal.
Gotta make sure no one
else was infected.
You got it.
All right.
Thank you.
Yeah, it's a black wolf.
They're very rare,
most common in North America,
uh, the result of domesticated
dogs mating with feral wolves.
Early Canadian settlers,
they thought
they were wolf men.
so we have this wildlife photographer...
Right. So she
goes to Canada.
She takes a picture of a wolf.
Obviously she gets
a little too close.
Bites her, and she gets
back on the plane.
She travels back to New York,
ends up infecting
the whole damn airport.
I uploaded an image
on the, uh, system mainframe.
If I'm right,
it should be our girl.
General, I put a call in
to the White House...
Let's not jump
the gun, Hoffman.
Wait. Wait. What?
We need to get
our facts lined up.
If you're right about Voorhees,
the President will be
the first to know.
But, General, there's...
I think it's time we
called the White House
and let them know that Major
Hoffman can no longer be trusted.
Mr. Taylor.
Yes, sir.
Get DOD on the line.
Get me Secretary Woods.
Right away, sir.
Find this girl.
Yes, sir.
You kidding?
They ain't never letting us out.
They want to study us,
make us turn canine.
They want to tinker with us,
and before you know it,
they'll want to breed us.
This is a risky play, General.
Great risk yields great reward,
Mr. Secretary.
Our forces are overextended
and underfunded.
The potential edge
these creatures provide
could ensure our national
security for decades,
and the applications
are limitless.
I certainly hope you know
what you're doing, Chris,
because if we lose control
of this thing,
it'll make smallpox
look like a bad rash.
We are taking every precaution.
What about the CDC
Dr. Gordon and her people
are in line for now.
But Major Hoffman,
on the other hand...
Do we have the image yet?
Yes, sir. Putting it
on-screen now.
Have you guys seen this woman?
Mr. Compassion.
That way?
Target located.
Tranquilizers only.
We need her alive.
Out of the way!
Subject just headed
north into the park.
I want the whole place
on lockdown.
She's about 300 yards
out in front of you,
headed into the trees.
Take it around the back.
We'll cut her off at the other end.
Right! To the right!
Get us close.
Ho ho ho.
Hit her with the nets.
Hit her.
That's enough.
Patient Zero.
Donna Voorhees,
four weeks ago,
she chartered a plane
from Vancouver to a remote
part of Iquani National Park.
It's in the Yukon.
12 days ago, she flew in
from Yellowknife.
She passed through a full
body scan in Toronto
before she boarded Canadian
Airline flight 323 to JFK
and landed
at 8:05 A.M.
Anything off the body scan?
No. I'm, uh, checking.
I'm waiting for it to upload.
Her body underwent
complete transformation...
skeletal system, organs,
DNA, everything...
mutating into a canine form,
at which point she began
attacking those around her.
Within 23 minutes, 236 people
had been infected
with the virus.
What we rendered
here is a simulation
of the antibody detecting,
then attaching itself
to the lupine antigen.
This is what should happen.
If the wolf host passed the
antibodies into the subject,
then the composition
should be identical.
This is what we
actually observed
from Patient Zero's blood
earlier this morning.
She doesn't hold
the antibodies.
No, sir.
We've been wasting our time.
On the contrary, sir.
She's invaluable,
for research, observation.
What are you doing?
Put her down.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. General,
this is way out of line.
She's a threat.
Oh, that's right, Hoffman.
You have trouble
spotting threats.
Perhaps we should let her live
long enough to carry the
virus out of this place,
like your USAMRIID
scientist did.
This is different.
She's an innocent civilian.
I'm warning you to stand down.
You have no authority here.
What about the President
of the United States?
You're only making things
worse for yourself, Major.
The White House
is not gonna listen
to someone they believe
to be infected.
I told them you
contracted the virus
while searching the airport.
What is wrong with you?
General, please, listen to me.
You don't want to do this.
She is our only connection
to the wolf host.
Believe me, we need her alive.
General Mooning.
What is it?
There's a Max Stevens
outside from JFK,
says he needed to speak
to Major Hoffman.
You know this man?
Yeah, I do.
Then bring him in.
It ain't right,
rounding us up in this prison,
treating us like a bunch
of damn lab rats.
No one is going to help us.
We have to take matters
into our own hands.
We outnumber them 10 to 1.
It's time we do something.
What is it?
Ah. Whoa.
It's her.
Uh, Major Hoffman
had me do some, uh,
legwork on Ms. Voorhees,
and, uh,
well, I... I got
something better.
I have a full body scan of
Ms. Voorhees from Toronto.
May I?
Thank you.
She's got the host
DNA inside of her.
A tooth.
A tooth from the host could
contain the antibodies.
She's bradycardic!
Don't touch her.
You're crazy!
Curable lupine
won't be a threat.
You want to use
those things as weapons?
Can you imagine
training them...
the heightened senses and
strength of the animal,
the intellect of a man?
We need a cure, yes,
but locked in a vault
in the Pentagon
so our enemies
can't use it against us.
Sit down, Mr. Stevens.
We don't need her.
You turn those creatures
loose on the battlefield,
and that virus will spread
around the globe like wildfire.
Anybody who's attacked
will carry the virus out
with him.
Not if each bite carries
with it a neurotoxin,
an injected neurotoxin that
only our wolves are immune to.
You're gonna make
them more deadly.
You can't just let her die.
She'll talk.
She'll talk to us.
And we need
to confirm the link.
We could be wrong
about the tooth,
just like we were wrong
about the antibodies
being in her blood.
General, please, listen to me.
She's our only
connection to the host.
She can tell us where
she last saw it,
where it lives.
If you kill her,
we'll have absolutely nothing.
Go ahead.
She's not breathing.
Give me one milligram
of epinephrine.
She's V-fib.
I'm gonna have to shock her.
She's stabilizing.
Get the tooth, now.
I have to cut into her arm.
The teeth is lodged beneath her tendons.
Then do it.
General, we need to go now.
It's okay.
What the hell are you doing?
It's okay.
Just trust me, okay?
Don't move.
My name's Brian.
We're here
to protect you, Donna.
We're gonna take care
of you now, okay?
It's gonna be all...
I'll be damned.
Get QRF rolling,
priority one containment.
Mayday, mayday. This is an emergency
broadcast from Wards Island.
Patients have breached the compound
and are infiltrating Manhattan.
They've taken canine form
and considered
extremely dangerous.
I don't care
how bad this sucks.
We've got an IPO
bake-off on Friday,
and I need you on this pitch.
One more complaint out of you,
Got it.
Mr. President,
we need to get you
to a secure location.
We've lost containment
on Wards Island.
What happened?
Canines have escaped, sir.
They're sweeping south
into Manhattan.
No, sir.
No, that is not true.
He only wants you
to think we're infected
to keep us out of the way.
Now, look, you have
to trust me on this.
Look, sir, he has taken matters
completely into his own hands.
No. Mr. President,
no, sir.
Don, with all due respect,
I will not turn myself in.
You just hung up
on the President.
Yeah, well, New York City's
being torn apart as we speak.
I can't just sit
around and do nothing.
Okay, Donna.
Donna, here.
I want you to keep this on.
It's gonna monitor your pulse.
Whatever you do,
don't let it go above 150.
Look, we'll explain all this to you later,
Monning's probably
got a hit squad
on the way as we speak.
We gotta get off this island now,
all right?
Let's go.
Let's go.
Come on.
Get down.
Why are they trying to kill us?
You may have
the cure in your arm,
and if the General
has his way about it,
no one will ever
know it exists.
Okay, look, we gotta
get off this island
and get that tooth out
of your arm, all right?
Now stay low, and go.
Have a unit sent to Wards.
Tell them to arrest
Major Hoffman
and Dr. Gordon
on sight.
Yes, Mr. President.
Oh, my God.
General, They're heading
heading right toward
Central Park.
We've contacted
the Secretary of Defense.
We've been told to shut down the
bridges and quarantine the city.
Good work, Simms.
What about the tracking system?
We're loading up
their GPS signal.
I'll let you know when
it's up and running.
My God.
The wolves are gonna
tear the city apart
trying to find a way out.
Our people aren't
gonna let that happen.
This is all my fault.
If I'd have just come
clean in the beginning,
none of this
would have happened.
It's okay.
Like hell, it is!
People are dying.
Get this thing out of my arm.
I will.
Got a secure place in mind?
It'll have everything I need.
So how the hell are
we gonna get there?
One of those.
Isn't this electric?
Come on, stand back.
Now what?
We zip-line.
Okay, well, here goes nothing.
Relax, Major.
I don't think I can do this.
You'll be fine as long as you're
not connected to the ground.
Oh, boy.
Just do what I do.
Are you sure
you're gonna be okay?
I'll be fine.
Great. She photographs killer wolves.
She bungee jumps.
Anything else you want to
tell us about yourself?
No way.
Let's go!
Get to the boat!
Come on.
Taylor, shut down the fences
at the northwest corner, now!
Yes, sir.
Cut power to zone two now.
We got company.
Marine craft on
the starboard side.
Shut down your
engines immediately,
and prepare to be boarded.
Move up next to them.
Stay down.
Hold on tight.
Stay in front.
Hang on.
Damn it!
Hold on.
Mr. President,
Manhattan's quarantined,
but the canines are still
spreading across the island.
Why is the gas ineffective
now when it worked at JFK?
JFK was an enclosed
environment, sir.
They're out in the open now.
Mr. President,
they're moving into Central Park.
We need to give
our troops an answer.
We have a go.
Lethal force
has been authorized.
Talk to me.
We lost her, sir,
west of Roosevelt Island.
Ah, don't worry.
I've got her.
I'm on my way.
Sir, we just received
authorization from the President.
It's about time.
Light 'em up.
I got 'em. Headed south through the trees,
coming at you.
Okay, men!
Here we go.
Stand by to fire!
Wait. F-Fall back.
How long before we get
to the university?
Oh, about 15 minutes from here.
We don't have that much time.
Can I ask you a question?
Why did that wolf bite you?
I saw your pictures
of the black wolf,
but why did it bite you?
You ever look
a predator in the eyes?
As a matter of fact, I have.
I guess I wanted to know
how close I could get.
Well, you got about
as close as you can,
'cause now you are one with him,
I gotta get us a ride.
Get out.
We have a visual on the pack,
headed south on Fifth
just below us.
Permission to engage?
Copy that.
Permission granted.
They're on West 37th,
headed towards Broadway.
Okay, Brian,
you better start talking to me.
What did you mean when you said
that our guys wouldn't let the
wolves pass the city boundaries?
After JFK, the powers that be
decided that if the virus ever
spread into a populated area,
it would be too great a risk,
so they put an operation
in place to eradicate it.
They can't be serious.
Hold on!
Go! Go! Go!
How did they find us?
The chip!
What chip?!
The tracking chip in your arm.
Every patient got one.
Here they come. Come on.
Hold on.
Hold on. I'm going to
try to lose him.
Oh, my God.
Let me go!
Get the girl in the jeep
and the doctor.
Come in, General.
Go ahead, Colonel.
We got the girl, sir,
and the doctor.
Hoffman's dead.
Get 'em back to Wards.
Yes, sir.
Colonel Falcons, make it quick.
The city doesn't
have much longer.
The canines have made their way
south into southern Manhattan.
It's only a matter
of time before they
make their way off the island.
The 1918 influenza pandemic
killed an estimated 90 million
people in just over a year.
if we do not contain this lupine virus,
it could infect the entire
United States within 72 hours,
within two weeks,
the entire Western Hemisphere.
You're talking about one of the
greatest cities in the world,
killing almost
2 million people,
our citizens,
just... just
wiping them out.
Sir, if we don't act,
this virus could wipe out
the entire human race,
and without a cure,
eradication is
your only option.
the operation would be quick and efficient.
We take out all bridges
and tunnels
surrounding the city,
effectively sealing it off,
then deliver the payload,
a series of
fuel-air explosives
detonated over the island.
Sir, if we're going to act,
now's the time.
Heavy is the head
that wears the crown.
I pray that the souls
of these brave Americans
be at peace...
and that history bare the necesity
of this greatest obligation.
Do it.
They're pulling out.
Patient Zero,
you've led us on a merry chase.
Time to get that tooth.
I'm gonna make it my personal
mission to see to it
that you are charged with
everything you deserve, Mooning...
mutiny, torture, murder.
History will remember
you as nothing more
than a common thug with a gun.
That's a sacrifice
I'm willing to make
for the country
I've sworn to protect.
There won't be
a country to protect!
If the pack breaks
the city boundaries,
the infection will
spread out of control.
There will be no stopping it.
They won't get out of the city.
I promise you.
You've got 10 minutes, Doctor.
This isn't gonna hurt you.
It's gonna be okay.
I know. I trust you.
The antibodies.
I have to close.
The antibodies, Doctor.
You've got five minutes.
The canines are heading
for Brooklyn Bridge.
Donna, put pressure on this.
Ticktock, Doctor.
Whatever happens,
I know it's not your fault.
How long for the antibodies
to react to the virus?
Recognition varies,
depending on the virus.
We've never done anything
like this before.
The vial, Doctor.
The vial, Doctor.
We have the cure.
What's going on out there?
Let's go.
They're not going anywhere.
Lift exploded, sir.
Donna, can you sit up?
I don't know how we're
gonna get out of here.
You okay?
Thank God.
I've got it, Brian.
It worked.
All right, guys.
Come on. We gotta
get out of here.
You're not leaving the island
with that tooth, Hoffman.
You got 10 seconds to come out,
or we start shooting.
Kill us, and you'll
never find it.
1, 2,
3, 4, 5,
6, 7,
8, 9...
All right, Mooning.
All right.
You want the cure, you got it.
Just let the women go.
You first, Hoffman.
Get back!
Where's Mooning?
Dog food.
You still got the tooth?
Got it.
All right.
Let's get off this
damn island, huh?
Ares Command,
Stallion is rolling.
Stallion is airborne.
Time on target...
one, two minutes.
We need to get to USAMRIID
to replicate the cure.
Can you fly?
Well, it's been a while,
but I think we should be okay.
Sit down, and hold tight.
You okay back there?
Ohh! We're not
gonna make it.
Hold on!
Brace yourself!
Situation update? Over.
Ares Command,
this is Stallion One.
IP reached.
Commencing bomb run.
T-minus six minutes.
I'm gonna recommend to the FAA
that they have
your pilot's license revoked.
Valkyrie Flight Control,
proceed to targets.
You are cleared to engage.
Good copy.
Inbound to targets.
Primary in 30 seconds.
Valkyrie Flight,
Engaging targets now.
two direct hits on target.
I say again...
two direct hits.
Valkyrie Lead,
Manhattan Bridge locked.
Secondary target
engaged and destroyed.
Chew on this, you mother...
Ares Command,
this is Stallion One.
Commencing weapons check.
What goes around
comes around, huh?
I guess I deserved it.
Don't say that.
You're gonna be okay.
Let them know...
Let everyone know...
I'm sorry I didn't...
I'm sorry, too, Donna.
We have to go.
Target Quebec bravo locked.
Oh My God.
We're too late.
They're just
taking out the bridges.
We can still save the city.
We just have to let them
know we have the cure.
We gotta go now.
where's our air support?
Razorback 6-4,
hold position.
Good copy, Valkyrie.
Proceed to target whiskey India.
Wards Island Bridge
locked. Firing.
I've got the tooth.
Let's go.
Target Romeo foxtrot kilo
locked. Firing.
Ares Command,
this is Stallion One.
We are weapons hot.
9-0 seconds to release.
Stallion Two, weapons hot.
Stay down, Doctor.
Hello, NORTHCOM, come in.
Identify yourself.
This is Major Brian Hoffman
calling you from Wards Island.
I have an EAM for the President
of the United States.
I repeat...
I have a vital message for the President.
We need to abort the mission.
60 seconds to drop.
I have the antibodies
for the lupine virus.
We need to call off
the bombing now!
Move way!
Coming through!
Get out of the way!
Sir, we have an authentic
emergency action message
coming through NORTHCOM.
Well, patch it through.
Ramp down.
30 seconds to drop.
Identify yourself.
It's Hoffman, sir.
We have the cure to lupine
in our possession.
Brian, where are you?
I'm on RFK Bridge.
We have the cure
to the virus. Over.
20, 19, 18...
How do I know you're not just
trying to save your own ass?
You know me well enough to know
that I'd give my life
to stop a contagion.
Mr. President, please.
We scraped the antibodies
from the canine tooth
that we dug out of Patient Zero's arm.
10 seconds, Mr. President.
You lose us,
and you lose the cure.
Five seconds, sir.
3, 2, 1.
Damn! I already
dropped it!
Package released.
Impact in 1-3 seconds.
Stallions One and Two,
return to base.
All stations, sitrep.
Ares Command, Razorback.
All bridges are secure.
Containment status green.
We've contained it,
Mr. President.
No contagious made
it off the island.
How bad is it?
Eastern part
of the island was hit,
but it was already
evacuated, sir.
We expect minimal
casualties, sir.
How about Hoffman and Gordon?
It's been a hell of a day.