Battlefield: Fall of the World (2022) Movie Script

AD 2042, in the 1216th Parallel Universe,
aliens from M13 Hercules invaded Earth.
They plundered freshwater and
used it as their energy source.
The Union Defense Army
screened out elite humans
based on their genes
and formed Team Sparta
to fight against the aliens.
The legions of alien predators,
the hellhounds,
were destroying power
systems all around the world,
paralyzing modern technology.
Human civilization
was on the brink of destruction.
All right, scoundrels.
Turn on your translators
and check the chips.
West Voltaic Power Station.
Because no one...
No one except this thing
will save you.
Those scoundrels have broken
through our defense system.
This is the last power
station left in the west.
And we must hold our ground
at any cost!
Otherwise, we will lose all power.
And millions of people will die.
Either way,
things will get bloody.
Do you get that?
Yes, sir!
You're horrified for your first combat,
just like how I was.
You'll get used to it eventually.
I heard that a million United
Nations troops in the East
had been wiped out.
Right now,
we're the last army in the world.
I might not survive until then.
ETA, five minutes to the war zone.
We must...
Help me!
Fight, soldier! Go!
Watch out!
Go now! You'll do!
Open fire!
- Team Sparta.
- China Zhurong Tactical Team.
Set up a defensive perimeter!
Hang in there!
Come on!
Hold your positions.
Hold the shield tight,
Open fire!
Open fire!
Open fire!
Take cover!
Get back!
Guardians of Earth,
set up a defensive perimeter!
Come on! Attack!
Open fire!
Open fire!
Battlefield: Fall of the World.
I'm General Mackay of
the Union Defense Army.
I regret to tell you
that human weapons can't severely
damage the hellhounds so far.
Pounding their facial
electromagnetic barrier
can only slow down their movements.
You may ask,
what's the point of useless resistance?
I can't answer it.
Mankind will always be
the master of the Earth,
which is not only our
belief but our hope too.
We've decided to carry out Spartan Plan
to build up our strength
to launch a counterattack...
Are you crazy?
What's wrong?
I haven't watched it for days.
What if you attract
those scoundrels here?
Get out of the way.
This world is already done for.
Even if they survive,
they have given up hope.
Some of the robbers who took
away our goods the other day
were from the Union Defense Army.
How did you know that?
I could tell from their tags.
Do you think they were just a bluff?
Those are the scums of
the Union Defense Army.
True soldiers will not
give up their resistance.
Even the toughest Chinese
Union Defense Army
died on Doomsday.
Shut up and get to work.
The goods are to be delivered tonight.
Three kilograms of components.
I'll chop off your finger
if there's a gram less.
Was he always this naive?
Nowadays, even a blockhead
can be part of the workforce.
Forget about resisting.
Wake up, blockhead.
The Union Defense Army is no more.
We had a deal, right?
I take all that I find,
and we'll split the earnings 30-70.
Besides, this is not the only ruin.
What about this?
Why don't you
just sell
this ruin to me as one lot?
That way,
you can head southward earlier too.
What did you say?
Why didn't you request a group
purchase while you were at it?
I may give you a group discount.
Head southward?
This guy intends to find his
family by heading southward.
You should stop dreaming.
Just accept your fate.
All coastal regions
have already been wiped out
after Doomsday.
We've collected a lot today.
We can't give him 30% of our yield.
Do you understand me?
I think this is still working.
Let me have a look.
Hurry! This way!
Over there!
Keep running! Don't look back!
Follow me!
287 m
292 m
293 m.
Are you sure this is the one we need?
We need a guide.
We should be safe now.
I wanted to go home too.
Get down!
All right.
We'll help you to survive.
I would've shaken off the monster
if it weren't for you all!
And now,
you've provoked it with your shots.
We're done for!
We can go west.
Do you think we'll be safe there?
Even if you can outrun the monster,
can you outrun the heat rays?
I said I would protect you!
Shut up!
If you want to survive,
do as I say!
The monster's coming!
Follow me!
A new plan?
Knight, let's go!
Papa, how's it going?
One minute!
Hurry up!
Knight, cover me!
Let's go!
Let's go!
Papa, blow it up!
You're pretty good.
You know how to deal with those hounds.
I'm the best ruin guide
in the 18th District.
It's a pity that your
ex-employer didn't get out alive.
I can't charge dead people.
I did all that for nothing today.
You guys look like professionals.
Why don't we join hands
and make a fortune together?
I'll take 40% of the profit.
Why did you hit me?
What do you want? We can talk this over.
What do you want?
The Qingniao combat suit.
It was a suit mass-produced
by the Union Defense Army.
You can find them everywhere
in the ruins.
What are you doing?
Private Cheng Ling,
a scout of the Archangel airborne regiment
of the Union Defense Army.
You were killed on March 22nd
in the first year of Doomsday.
What a coincidence.
I was there
on the day you "died."
Who the heck are you?
I'm the commander of the
China Zhurong Tactical of the Union Defense Army.
My name is Gao Ren.
Let me introduce them to you.
This is Andre.
He used to be our shooter.
Want some whiskey?
This is the Knight, Laijia.
She's our raider.
Stop staring at me.
Haven't you seen a woman before?
Go and find your mother then.
Yo, I'm Johan, man!
They call me Papa.
I'm the grenadier.
Take it.
This is Johan, also known as Papa.
Relax, son.
It's just for you.
It's just a precaution.
We'll give you a chance to make amends.
What the heck did I do wrong?
Tango, Quebec, Bravo, Fox, Juliet,
Oscar, Alpha, Lima, Golf.
Is that.
General Mackay?
This is the military
code we just intercepted.
We have reasons to believe
that it should be the
new resistance stronghold.
General Mackay had set up.
That's none of my business.
We need a guide.
Just kill me.
At least, it's better than
being eaten by those hounds.
You don't have a choice.
If so, at least allow me to head back
and say goodbye to them.
Who are they?
Welcome to Settlement V30.
Don't they know that you're a deserter?
Nobody cares about the past here.
We just want to survive.
If we don't put up resistance,
no one will survive.
I just want to support my wife and children
and live an ordinary life.
You risk your life collecting garbage
in ruins every day.
Is that what you mean
by an ordinary life?
I was just unlucky yesterday.
And, even if I do encounter the hellhounds,
I can deal with them.
As a soldier,
not only does he need
to protect his family,
but he also has the
responsibility to protect the world.
Why do you still not understand?
We're no longer the owner of Earth.
To those aliens,
we are just a group of lowly creatures.
What's the point of being
a responsible cow?
Mankind will always be the master of Earth.
That is our conviction
and our hope.
Yes, good luck with that.
It's a cold-blooded massacre.
Help me!
Help me!
Help me!
Help me!
Help me!
You piece of crap.
That scum.
Help me!
Don't move!
Put down your knife!
You'd better be careful.
Your friend's life is in our hands.
Is this your territory?
After killing all of them, it is now.
What do you want?
Everything you got.
And her.
Then you may go.
You brought us here on purpose.
I don't know them.
I'll deal with you later.
Papa, go!
I'm not your enemy!
Papa, go!
All right.
You're not serious, aren't you?
Try me if you dare.
You need me,
but I don't need you.
This is my settlement.
I wanted to shake you
guys off by coming here.
I didn't expect to meet those bandits.
I really don't know them.
I won't stop you guys
if you wish to die
or be a hero.
But we're not heading
in the same direction.
I'm heading southward.
You can go anywhere you
like after the mission is over.
Who said I'd complete your mission?
I said I wouldn't follow you.
I'm going home.
All of us want to go home.
But you can't go back today.
I'm sorry,
but I call
the shots here.
I'm turning off the tracker.
I wanted to tell you
that it wasn't a tracker.
Western Resistance of UED, Major.
Doji Pam.
After Doomsday,
we've been engaging the hounds
in guerrilla warfare.
Not long before this,
we intercepted the signals
General Mackay had sent.
Our commander dispatched
us to investigate the coordinate
as a search party.
the dead soldiers
were your comrades, huh?
After arriving here,
we went out to find some supplies
when our settlement
was attacked by bandits.
We tried to help the refugees
to ward them off.
But unfortunately,
our defense
only lasted for three days.
Only some of the refugees and I
have escaped successfully.
has lost its arrogance.
They're both strong and weak.
They're both humble and lofty.
Why is he wearing electronic shackles?
He's our guide
and a deserter of the Union Defense Army.
Do you trust him?
Do you know how hunters
looked for hounds in the past?
Usually, docile hounds
cannot catch prey
because they are used to being subservient.
They're not good at thinking.
Smart hounds are different.
You're awake?
You didn't lie to me.
So, I'll give you
a chance to make amends.
It reminds me of the good days
in the past.
We must not get it jammed
while operating it manually.
I'll give you something
that can turn into a deadly weapon.
Alloy material can easily
break concrete.
Thank you.
Yo, Chief!
What's up?
I didn't expect to see
another girl here.
I heard
that you were captured again.
It seems that you're not good at
being a deserter.
Are you an idiot,
or have you been brainwashed by them?
I can't believe
that you still believe in the
Union Defense Army's beliefs.
I should have aimed it
at your head instead yesterday.
So, you saved my life.
Come on.
Shoot me.
It does make sense.
You were a deserter.
That's why you haven't escaped
the battlefield in your entire life.
We got company.
This scoundrel is waiting for prey.
It's unusual.
It must've felt something.
Maybe they knew our assembly order.
They can't decode our military code.
Can we go around it
and avoid it?
This is the only path to our destination.
We can take mountain roads to avoid them.
If you want to abandon your vehicle,
I'm okay with it.
But we wouldn't be able to pass through
the no man's land and
desert without a vehicle.
As you can see,
this is too risky.
I'm a guide,
not cannon fodder.
we won't let you be killed.
Come on.
Repeat your mission to me.
I need to run to the vehicle
and press the honk.
After that,
I need to attract the monsters' attention.
It's no problem for me.
at least you should give me some equipment.
Why do you trust him so much?
I believe
every deserter
desires an opportunity for self-redemption.
Press the honk.
Press the honk!
Press the honk!
Execute my order!
Press the honk now!
He's going to run!
Open fire!
Laijia, go!
Come on!
You should escape.
It's an honor to fight with you.
Come on!
What are you doing?
Gao Ren!
Take it!
What's this?
I have no time to explain.
You can paralyze the
monster by detonating this.
Come on!
Cheng Ling!
Take it!
Cover her!
Thank you.
Actually, I'm a researcher
in the research department
of the Union Defense Army.
This thing is called a
massive electromagnetic pulse,
also known as MEMP.
Why didn't you bring it up first?
This is the only prototype I have.
Ever since the war,
we've been at a disadvantage
when engaging the hounds.
How did MEMP
paralyze the hound instantly?
In the second year of Doomsday,
the Chinese troops in the East
paid a heavy price
so that we could
study the technology applied to the hounds.
We found a special blue crystal
in a hound's body.
It was formed
from an unknown element.
This blue crystal
can amplify energy geometrically.
Amplify energy?
How is that possible?
I don't really understand
the principle of electromagnetic pulse.
But when your electronic shackles
were linked to the blue crystal,
the energy released
could reduce you to ashes.
Compared to those hounds,
we're like living in the Middle Ages.
the hounds still rely on self-defense armor
that's driven by an electronic device.
we can use the blue crystal
to amplify the electromagnetic pulse
to disable the hounds' electrical system
and paralyze them.
Without the armor to protect them,
the hounds would be doomed.
Theoretically, it could work.
The research institute requested
the Western Resistance Army
to escort five people, including me,
to the five human bases where
resistance forces might still exist.
We're taking the prototype
and design data there
to mass-produce the device.
And my destination is
General Mackay's coordinate.
If we put it into mass production,
we might stand a
chance at turning the tide.
But the journey
is more difficult than we thought.
Also, the only prototype we have
has been used up.
If we reencounter the hounds,
we might...
We'll send you to General Mackay
at all costs.
All men for sacrifice!
Sounds like a celebration.
During that summer break,
I was lying by the swimming
pool in the school alone.
I was looking up into the sky
and thinking about
graduation and job hunting.
I thought I would lead an ordinary life.
I was so tired of my life.
I made a wish.
I said I wanted my life to change.
Then the world was changed.
For the first time,
my wish had come true.
This was the last message I received.
- We're at the government's Shelter 337 in the South.
- Do not look for us. Stay safe out there.
When I tried to reply to them,
the global communication
system was cut off.
Our families
give us a reason to survive.
Returning home
is the belief of all Chinese people.
Sometimes, I wondered
if the disaster and the war we faced
were just a dream.
It's a long and realistic dream.
To me,
it's a nightmare.
On the day the hounds started the war,
I was outside the delivery room.
When the nurse put my daughter in my arms,
the hounds happened
to storm the hospital.
I used up all my strength.
But I still failed to protect them.
That was the first and last time.
I met my daughter.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know about your tragic past.
You saved us.
We owe you our lives.
You don't need to eulogize me as a hero.
I know the kind of man I am.
On March 22nd of the
first year of Doomsday,
the deserter died.
When a soldier
loses his dignity
and everything else,
he will be dead.
But today,
you've become a warrior.
Eight years ago,
at the last voltaic
power plant in the west,
I was commanding the ground reinforcements.
The guy who escaped by car,
I knew that was you.
To overcome all hardships
and achieve our goals,
that's what Chinese soldiers are like.
Master of all creations
Grant me strength
To move forward
check our coordinate.
Let me check.
We're at the same coordinate.
So spooky.
I'd rather confront the hounds
than be lost in the no man's land.
Don't move!
Who is it?
I'm a miner living nearby!
Who are you guys?
We're the China Zhurong Tactical of the Union Defense Army.
I'm the commander, Gao Ren.
I didn't expect the Union
Defense Army to be still fighting.
I thought you guys were disbanded.
We will fight forever.
Our vehicle is out of gas.
We can only travel on foot.
Can you get us out of here?
I want to make a simple deal with you.
You see that?
You see that?
How long have you guys been here?
We've been digging pits here
before the invasion.
Although life in the pits is not easy,
it's safer
than staying outside.
I've found someone to assist you.
Do you have any antibiotics?
She might not survive until tomorrow.
As you can see,
it's difficult for us
to raise a baby here.
We need antibiotics.
In exchange,
I can help you upgrade your GPS.
I can even give you
all the munitions we have.
Babies can't live without their mothers.
Papa, how many antibiotics do we have left?
Just one.
Papa, we've got to save her. Hurry!
You need this more than we do.
I hope this gas can bring
you guys to your destination.
Come back anytime
if anything changes.
If everything goes well,
I'll come back to get some supplies.
He's heading southward.
He's going home.
Tango, Quebec, Bravo, Fox, Juliet,
Oscar, Alpha, Lima, Golf.
Tango, Quebec, Bravo, Fox, Juliet,
Oscar, Alpha, Lima, Golf.
-Tango, Quebec, Fox, Juliet,
Oscar, Alpha, Lima, Golf.
It looks like we've arrived.
Let's go.
It's too quiet in here.
Stay alert.
I found something!
That's Lambda.
It's a Greek alphabet.
It's the symbol of the Spartan shield.
The independent control system
of this door has been cut off.
We need to find the control
room and turn on the power.
Laijia, Andre,
search for the power
source together with me.
As for the others,
find out why this is happening.
Yes, sir.
On June 3rd,
we finally met up with the Resistance Army
at the abandoned central station.
Not only did I see
plenty of Spartan soldiers,
but I also saw the
legendary General Mackay.
It looks like the Resistance Army was here.
On August 11th,
after a long and arduous one-month journey,
we finally arrived at this secret base,
which was a natural choking point.
Even so,
we paid a heavy price.
Out of over 1,000 men,
only less than 50 of us
made it to the destination.
I don't know what will
happen to us in the future.
On August 28th,
the dispute over establishing
a new resistance base
lasted more than two weeks.
In the end, at General Mackay's discretion,
we gave up our military resistance.
General Mackay would never do so.
rendezvous at the lobby.
Let's go!
What the heck?
Tango, Quebec, Bravo, Fox, Juliet,
Oscar, Alpha, Lima, Golf.
Those scoundrels!
How could they do this to General Mackay?
General Mackay's brain
is under their control.
They acquired
his memories of the new
resistance base's establishment,
fabricated a command with his voice,
and sent out a fake broadcast.
Tango, Quebec, Bravo, Fox,
Juliet, Oscar, Alpha, Lima, Golf.
Tango, Quebec, Bravo, Fox,
Juliet, Oscar, Alpha, Lima, Golf.
Tango, Quebec, Bravo, Fox...
This is a trap!
Darned creature!
Watch out!
Cover me!
Let's go!
Papa, open it!
Let's go!
Let's go!
Come on! Let's go!
Go west.
There's a cultivation room over there.
We can rendezvous over there.
How did you know that?
I'm a guide.
I never miss out on valuable information.
I found the structural layout
plan in the lobby just now.
It's stuck! Hurry!
Help me out!
Get something to block the door!
All right.
Cheng Ling,
you're injured.
The hounds are outside the door.
We have to find another exit.
We can create an exit ourselves.
Over there!
This wall
is the weakest in the building.
This is a military base in the mountains.
Even the weakest part
is tougher than ordinary buildings.
Also, we're stuck inside.
You want to blow it up?
Then we'll have some turbulence.
But it will be fine
from a faraway distance.
Get ready!
Fall back!
Everyone is responsible
for the rise and fall of Earth!
Papa, how long will it take?
Give me five minutes.
What are you up to?
Meet at the extraction point.
Are you crazy?
Darned hounds!
Come at me!
Come on!
One more minute.
Take cover!
Fire in the hole!
give me a bomb.
Let's go.
Gao Ren!
He's alive!
Chief, come on!
Come on!
Papa, you're injured!
Step on the gas!
Are there any doctors in here?
Hurry up!
Is anyone here?
Papa, hang in there!
Be careful.
I'll go and look for them.
Papa, wake up.
Papa, stay awake.
Don't fall asleep.
Papa, don't sleep now.
Do you remember...
Don't speak.
Papa, save your strength.
Save your strength.
My Sofia...
You wore a yellow skirt on that prom night.
At that moment,
my heart was hit by your arrow.
Thank you for being with me.
You are a great wife.
I'm coming.
Papa, I know.
We'll surely get back home.
We'll surely reunite with our family.
Death isn't the final farewell.
Being forgotten is.
Are these the blue crystals
that can turn the tide of battle?
I think I can make
a rough version of MEMP
based on these blue crystals
used in the electromagnetic pulse generator
that our engineers have modified.
Although it's not as
stable as the prototype,
its instability is exactly
what we can use to our advantage.
You can compare it to the lottery.
It's either we don't strike the lottery
and the explosion won't
paralyze the hounds,
or we strike the lottery
and cause a huge
electromagnetic pulse explosion.
When I came to the
settlement with the guards
of the Union Defense Army,
we were attacked by bandits.
We could have left this place.
But we decided to help
the refugees to ward off the bandits.
Later, as the number of bandits increased,
we could no longer hold down the fort.
My captain told me to escape
with the MEMP
along with the women and children.
When we got out,
I heard the scream of our guards.
Actually, we're the same.
We're both deserters.
That doesn't matter anymore.
Most importantly, we have the chance
to redeem ourselves now.
Let's do it.
As long as we're still fighting,
none of us are deserters.
Waiting for order.
Take position.
It's time to wake up the hounds.
I'll distract it.
Go and cut off the power supply.
Let's go!
Cheng Ling, pass me the bag.
Get me the oxygen tank.
Give me the explosives.
You go first.
Make sure Pam gets the message out.
I'll stall them.
You should go.
Let me stall it.
We'll both die if we go on like this.
Let me die, then.
I'm not afraid of death.
I know that.
But this is an order!
Don't order me around!
I'm a deserter!
Suit yourself.
We'll perish together.
The Union Defense Army will be eradicated
if they don't get the information.
Nobody would save Earth by then.
you can finally reunite with your family.
Have you truly made up your mind?
Gao Ren!
Open the door!
Gao Ren!
When the military screened
out elites based on their DNA,
they didn't discover
a single elite human.
It takes generations
of genetic modification
to create superhumans.
But we didn't have time for that.
In order to inspire mankind,
the military had no choice but to do so.
you're not superhuman?
Do you still remember
the recruitment slogan of the
Chinese Union Defense Army?
Everyone is responsible
for the rise and fall of Earth.
And that includes
you and me.
It includes every ordinary person.
Heroes are never the chosen ones.
They are always fearless people
with firm conviction.
Don't let everyone's sacrifice
be in vain!
Go now.
I'll wait for you outside!
My child,
my wife,
I will always be with you two.
I am.
Lieutenant Gao Ren,
commander of China Zhurong Tactical Team's.
Unit 3510
from the 31st division
of the Earth Union Defense Army.
My service number is.
I will destroy you
on behalf of all human beings.
Come on!
We don't have any bullets.
We don't have any freaking bullets.
I'm sorry.
I can only be your brother
in this life.
I can be your man next life.
Just finish your freaking bullets.
This coordinate is a trap!
Keep away! Do you copy?
Do you copy?
Keep away from this coordinate!
You distract the hounds.
I'll go and get it back.
Come back alive.
Darned creatures,
get out of Earth!
Darned hounds,
here I come!
Everyone is responsible
for the rise and fall of Earth!
It feels great to be alive.
We won.
We eradicated the hounds.
What do you plan to do next?
Are you still heading southward?
I must return home.
But I'll bring the Resistance Army with me.
Do you mean...
That's right.
I'll make this site our new base.
I will recruit a new resistance force.