Battlestar Galactica (1978) Movie Script

[ Man's Voice ]|There are those who believe...
that life here|began out there,
far across the universe,
with tribes of humans...
who may have been|the forefathers of the Egyptians...
or the Toltecs...
or the Mayans--
that they may have been the great|architects of the great pyramids...
or the lost civilizations|of Lemuria...
or Atlantis.
Some believe that there may yet|be brothers of man...
who even now fight|to survive,
far, far away|amongst the stars.
Noble delegates,
I realize you are all anxious|to get back to your ships...
before our rendezvous|with the Cylons,
but I think it appropriate|to toast...
the most significant event|in the history of mankind.
I would like to raise|my chalice... to you--
not merely|as the quorum of 12,
representing|the 12 colonies of man,
but as my friends--
the greatest leaders|ever assembled.
As we approach|the seventh millennium of time,
the human race at last|will find peace, thanks to you.
[ All ]|Peace.
Starbuck, he's comin'.|What are you gonna say?
Zac, now just calm down.|Why are you so nervous?
- He still thinks of me as his little brother.|- Well, you're acting like one.
- It's just a routine patrol. Why is it so important to you?|- 'Cause it is.
Look, I'm a warrior. I earned that.|I wanna prove that to him.
I know, Zac, but this|may not be the best time.
Well, it's a peace envoy.|What possible trouble could there be?
- Well, that's not the point.|- Starbuck, you promised.
- I know.|- Starbuck, what are you doin'? We're goin' on patrol.
- Uh, uh, w--|- He can't make it.
- Starbuck's not feeling well.|- Oh?
Yeah, uh-- Well, it's, um--|I don't--
Well, that's, uh,|kinda short notice.
I mean, with everybody|not wanting to go on this patrol--
everybody wants to celebrate|the armistice, uh--
I wonder who I'm gonna|be able to find.
- Uh--|- Yes, uh, Zac. You have a suggestion?
I've studied the coordinates|from here to the Cylon capital.
My ship's ready to go.
Well, that's lucky.|Isn't it, Starbuck?
Yeah, that's a real|stroke of luck.
Well, I guess you're just gonna have|to pull Starbuck's patrol with me.
[ Laughing ]
- Were we ever like that?|- I don't know. I can't remember that far back.
Listen, uh, maybe|I ought to go along.
No, he's gonna be just fine. I mean,|it's not as if we're at war, right?
- See ya later.|- Okay.
- Take care of the stomach.|- Yeah. I will.
Section 12, launch bay alpha.|Stand by to launch fighter probe.
Acknowledge input.|Recorded and functioning.
[ Woman ] Vector coordinates|coded and transferred.
- Acknowledge.|- Acknowledge. Ready to launch.
Core systems transferring control|to probe craft. Launch when ready.
- You forget how different it is out here.|- [ Apollo ] This is nothing.
When the war is officially over, we may be|able to get back to deep star exploration.
That's the challenge, Zac. Let's roll|over and take a look at the Lianus vector.
Baltar, my friend,
this armistice conference|would not have been possible...
without your tireless work.
You have secured for yourself|a place in the history books.
That the Cylons chose me as|their liaison to the quorum of the 12...
was an act of providence,|not skill.
[ Chuckling ]
I see the party is not a huge success|with all my children.
What awaits us out there|is what troubles me.
Oh, surely you don't cling|to your suspicions about the Cylons.
They asked|for this armistice.
- They want peace.|- Forgive me, Mr. President,
but they hate us with every|fiber of their existence.
We love freedom.|We love... independence--
to feel, to question,|to resist oppression.
To them, it's an alien way of existing|they will never accept.
But they have...
through Baltar.
They have sued for peace.
Yes.|Of course you're right.
Apollo, two targets on my scanner|just above the old moon Cimtar.
Could be a storm. The fleet|will be coming right through it.
You hold positions and cover me|while I take a look.
I'm kicking in my turbos.
- [ Apollo ] Well, look at that.|- [ Zac ] What is it?
Tell ya in a flash.
Warbook says a Cylon tanker.|Scanner reads it's empty.
I have a funny feeling|about this.
Well, we came to look.
There's the other ship,|tucked in nice and neat.
I wonder what she's doin'.
[ Beeping ]
I can't read anything inside.|She's jamming us.
-[ Zac ] Warbook says she's a freighter.|-My foot.
If she's jamming us, she's hiding|something. I'm going 'round her.
Nothing but a harmless mist.
Not heavy at all.
I don't see why they'd send up|all that electronic jamming.
- Let's get out of here.|- Why?
[ Apollo ]|I'll explain later.
Colonial Viper in quadrant.|Intercepting.
I see what you mean.
It's an ambush, and they've got enough|firepower to destroy the entire fleet.
They're jamming transmission. We're not|gonna make it giving them our backs.
- How many of 'em can you make out?|- Four.
When I hit three, you hit reverse|thrusters and maximum breaking flaps.
We'll give 'em a little surprise.|One, two, three!
Turbos firm forward thrust now.
Right here, you creeps!
Not bad,|little brother.
Okay. You go after the guys|on the right.
- Yahoo!|- Apollo, I'll get this one.
Zac, look out behind you!
- I can't lose him! He's right on my tail!|- Hang on. I'm coming.
- Steady.|- Hurry, Apollo!
Nice shooting,|but they hit my high engine.
That's okay, little brother.|We got all of 'em.
No way those guys can outfight us|without a ten-to-one margin.
Apollo...|better look at your scanner.
No, but a thousand to one--|that's not fair.
- What's it mean?|- It means there isn't going to be any peace.
There may not be much of anything|if we don't warn the fleet.
Do it. I'm short an engine. You know|I won't be able to keep up with ya.
- Zac, I'm not gonna leave you.|- You have to.
I'm puttin' my foot in that turbo.|I'll make it back ahead of 'em.
Now go on. You gotta warn the fleet.|I'll be all right.
You can fly with me anytime,|little brother.
Good luck.
Galactica control, this is|Commander Adama returning from Atlantia.
- Request permission to land.|- [ Woman ] Permission granted.
Something's wrong.
- What is it?|- I don't know. They just put the ship on alert.
[ Woman ] Atlantia, this is Galactica|core control. Request assistance--
Colonel,|what's been happening?
Our patrol ran into trouble. We picked|up some signals, but they're being jammed.
Could be smugglers|or pirates or--
- [ Woman ] Standing by.|- Get me the president, please.
[ Adama ] Mr. President,|our patrol is under attack.
We don't know by whom.
As a precautionary measure, I would|like to launch intercept fighters.
I should think that's highly inadvisable,|in view of the delicacy of our situation.
You're quite right, Baltar.
Commander, as a precautionary measure,|I insist upon restraint.
If this turns out to be an encounter|with some outlaw traffic,
we could jeopardize|the whole cause of peace...
by displaying fighters when we|are so close to our rendezvous.
Mr. President, two of my starfighters|are under armed attack.
By forces unknown.
You are not to launch until|the situation is more clear.
Sir, may I at least urge you|to bring the fleet to a state of alert?
I will consider that.|Thank you, Commander.
He'll consider it.|He'll consider it?
- It's all right.|- I'm sorry, Commander. It's just that--
- Well what?|- The patrol is under the command of Captain Apollo.
Well, if I can't have confidence|in my firstborn son,
whom can I depend upon?
Commander,|Zac is with him.
It's his first patrol.
Thank you.
[ Engine Sputtering ]
- [ Engine Continues Sputtering ]|- Come on, baby. Give me all you got.
Still no word|from our fighters, sir.
Their transmission is being deliberately|jammed. If we don't launch--
We cannot launch.|It's been expressly forbidden.
this might be a very good time|for battle stations drill.
- Sound the alert, Colonel.|- Yes, sir.
You may never see|another one, fellas.
- A perfect pyramid.|- [ Whistling, Chattering ]
Unless there's a better hand,|the pot's mine.
[ Chattering, Laughing ]
- [ Alarm Sounds ]|- Unfortunately, we'll have to finish later!
- [ Man ] Another time.|- No! Wait! Wait!
Wait! Wait! Hey, wait a minute!|Wait! Wait! Wait!
- [ Starbuck ] Hey, come back!|- Duty calls.
[ Alarm, Chattering Continue ]
[ Man ] Oh, come on!|Come on! Come on!
Sir, our long-range scanner...
shows a large number of ships|headed this way at high speed.
A single patrol craft|is approaching, Commander.
Get that pilot here as soon as he lands.|Get me the president.
- What's goin' on?|- Nothing to worry about.
Probably some kind of aerial salute for|the president while he signs the armistice.
It sure ruined|a good card game.
- Commander?|- Mr. President.
A wall of unidentified craft|is closing in on the fleet.
Possibly a Cylon|welcoming committee.
Sir, may I suggest we launch|a welcoming committee of our own?
Mr. President, there remain many|hostile feelings amongst our warriors.
The likelihood|of an unfortunate incident...
with all those pilots|in the sky at once?
Sir, did Count Baltar suggest that our|forces sit here totally defenseless?
My friend,|we are on a peace mission--
the first peace man has known|in a thousand years.
[ Engine Sputtering ]
Stand by to attack.
Come on, baby.|Not much farther.
Blue Flag 2 in trouble.|Request emergency approach.
- Mr. President--|- Commander,
one of our patrol ships is under attack|from main force approaching the fleet.
Mr. President, your welcoming committee|is firing at our patrol.
[ Sighs ]|We made it.
[ Zac ] Patrol to fleet!|Patrol to fleet! I need help!
What was that?
That was my son,|Mr. President.
[ Crying ]|No. Oh, my God.
Positive shield now.|Launch fighters.
- All batteries commence fire.|- [ Man ] All fire control stations...
manned and operational.
[ Woman ]|Launch all remaining Vipers.
- Sir, they're off.|- Fighters launched, sir.
- Were the other ships able to launch their fighters?|- Negative, sir.
- [ Laser Fire ]|- Lord help us.
[ Man ] Engineering reports|laser hits on starboard 8-8-7.
Cylons. It was an ambush.|I had to leave Zac.
- He's disabled. I'd like to go back and lead him in.|- That won't be possible.
I didn't know what else to do. If I|don't go back, he doesn't stand a chance!
Atlantia to all battlestars, we are|under attack. Repeat, under attack.
- Zac?|- His ship was destroyed just short of the fleet.
Transferring target scanners|to deck seven.
Battlestar Atlantia|losing speed.
[ Man ] Must renew speed three points|to maintain position with Atlantia.
Hey, heads up, Boomer.|There's a pair on your tail.
Pull up, Boomer.|I'll try to get him off!
Nice shootin'!
Captain, we have to know how many|base ships we're dealing with.
- No base ships.|- You must be mistaken, Captain.
Fighters couldn't function|this far from Cylon without base ships.
- They don't carry enough fuel.|- Just fighters-- maybe a thousand.
How do you account|for that, Apollo?
I don't know. We picked up|an empty tanker on our scanner.
It's my guess the Cylons used it|to refuel for the attack...
after flying to that point|from wherever their base ships are.
Why operate this far from Cylon without|base ships when it isn't necessary?
They would have been|well out of our range at the old moon.
Unless it was necessary...
for them to be|somewhere else.
Get me the president!
Hey, Starbuck,|it's dangerous around here.
Mr. President, I request|permission to leave the fleet.
I have reason to suspect our|home planets may face imminent attack.
- [ Woman ] Atlantia to all battlestars.|- Maintain contact.
Fire's out of control.|Request Vipers.
[ Sobbing ] How could I|have been so completely wrong?
I have led the entire|human race to ruin.
Mr. President.
[ Screaming ]
Group three,|vectors 1-7 and 2-8.
Arm and attack Atlantia.
[ Screaming ]
- I got him on the left.|- I got him on the right.
Atlantia death squadron,|attack!
[ Man Chattering ]
- Negative field now.|- [ Woman ] Emergency power to guns eight through twelve.
- [ Woman ] My God, the ship--|- [ Man ] Get back to your post now.
Oh, my God.
Commander, our long-range scanners|have picked up Cylon base ships--
at grid 0-3-5,
1-2-6 and 2-5-8.
That puts them well within|striking range...
of the planets Virgon,|Sagittara and--
Yes, and Caprica.
By your command.
Speak, Centurian.
All base ships|are now in range...
to attack the colonies.
The final annihilation|of the life-form known as man.
Let the attack begin.
Helm, bring us around.
We're withdrawing.
- Flank speed for home.|- [ Woman ] Request shuttles too.
[ Laser Fire ]
Commander,|the long-range scanner...
picks up wave after wave of small ships|headed towards all inner planets.
[ Chattering ]
[ Man ]|Let's get out of here!
- Get out! Come on!|- [ Chattering Continues ]
[ Screaming ]
Look out! Boxey!
[ Screams ]
[ Screaming,|Chattering Continue ]
Please, miss. The building's gonna|topple! Everybody, run for cover!
Run! Run! Hurry!|Find cover! Get out of here!
Stay down here!
Down! Down!
[ Barking ]
- My daggit! My daggit! Where is he?|- He's fine!
[ Yelps ]
It's gonna be all right.
[ TV Reporter ] Reaching on a broad|front from the lakes to the peninsula.
Thirty-one cities are known|to be under heavy attack.
- [ Continues, Indistinct ]|- [ Man ] I'm dying here!
People running on fire!
I can't tell you what it's like.|I'm all alone here.
- I can't reach anyone.|- ...reports devastation throughout the mainland.
Call X-B-31-91.
[ Man ] This is the most terrible thing|I've ever witnessed.
[ Man ] Red one-three-niner,|we're on fire!
Emergency!|Fire in red 1-3.
[ Woman ] There are hundreds of fires.|A sea of fire.
The water supply is cut off.|There is no water!
I'm told the death toll|is in the hundreds--
[ Man ] No, sir, I cannot!|My orders are to cover the relay.
[ Woman ]|The central area is under attack.
A second wave is coming in!|We have no defenses!
Is anyone on this channel?
Is this channel operative?|Do any of these channels work?
- [ Crying ]|- [ TV Reporters Continue, Indistinct ]
Oh, Zac!|And all the others!
They trusted us to protect them,|and we-- Oh!
There really wasn't|any choice.
Commander, Cylon base ships|on long-range scanner...
launching|to all outer planets.
No hope, Commander.
What about Sagittara?
Planet's in flames,|Commander.
Have my shuttle craft|prepared, please.
Shuttle craft?
I'm going down|on the surface of Caprica.
That is out of the question. If|the Cylon scanners should pick you up--
You will continue to rendezvous|with the survivors of the fleet.
I'll take you in my fighter. You're the|last surviving member of the council.
If we should run into a Cylon attack|ship, at least you'll have a chance.
I insist on that,|Commander.
Very well.
Core systems transferring control|to probe craft. Launch when ready.
Ships are coming in|on both decks, sir.
[ Tigh ]|What's the count?
67 fighters in all, sir.|25 of our own.
How many battlestars?
- None.|- What?
We're the only surviving|battlestar.
My God.
Red Leader One in trouble.|Repeat, in trouble.
We read you, Red Leader.|How can we assist you?
I'm battle-damaged. Power control|circuits shot away in my landing gear.
I'm on the line, Starbuck.|What's your condition?
This is no time|for trainees, Athena.
I'm in trouble.|I mean, I'm in real trouble.
You will be if you keep|talking like that.
- [ Athena ] How's your fuel?|- Dry.
All right.|Run the check with me.
Alpha circuit. Close and alternate|to left servo circuit.
Alpha circuit closed.|Alternating to left servo circuit.
No response.|My throttles are still full open.
[ Keyboard Clicking ]
Omega C circuit. Close and alternate|to servo support circuit.
Alternating|to servo support circuit.
Does not respond.
Bring him in full throttle with shutdown|at the outer marker. There's no choice.
I heard him.
Get everyone out of the way.|I'm comin' in hot!
[ Man ]|You're cleared to land.
Roger. I hope you guys aren't|countin' off for neatness.
He'll be coming in|like a missile.
Stay back!|He could lose it!
I told you to stay back!
- [ Athena ] Starbuck!|- [ Man ] Get out fast! The ship might blow any minute!
- Are you all right?|- Fine. Fine. No thanks to your father.
Here.|Give it a good wash, fellas.
Get under that wing.|Blow that out! Get that fire there!
What are you saying|about my father?
- Do you realize what we've just been through?|- Oh, yeah?
You should have seen|how we spent our day.
I managed to single-handedly keep the Cylons|off your neck while you took a little cruise!
- Don't you realize what's happened?|- Oh, yeah. Sure.
You should see this baby from the air|when it takes off across the sky.
It's a beautiful sight,|unless it happens to be your base ship.
Starbuck, listen to me!
The colonies are gone.
- All of them.|- What are you talking about, gone?
I'm sorry, lla.
I was never there|when it mattered.
- [ Chattering ]|- [ Man ] Wait a minute.
- [ Chattering Continues ]|- [ Man ] This way.
- [ Man ] There must be food somewhere.|- [ Man ] I'm hungry.
[ Apollo ]|Father?
There are crowds coming.|They probably saw our ship land.
I was just g-gathering|a few things here.
- This likeness of you and Zac--|- Father, we can't stay.
Maybe Mother wasn't here.
No, she was here.
She was here.
[ Chattering Continues ]
Where were they?
[ All ]|Yeah!
Where were they? Where were the rest|of you fancy flyers?
Where were you when they killed the rest|of us? What were you doin', boy?
Wait! Wait!|Let him talk.
I want to know where you were as well.|All of you.
We waited.
We watched and prayed,|and you never came.
Most of us are dead.
- The fleet is all but destroyed.|- But you're here.
- From the battlestar Galactica.|- It survives?
What of the president|and the Council of 12...
and all the other colonies?
[ Adama ]|All destroyed.
- Commander Adama.|- Yes, Serina.
It's true then.|We are defeated, doomed.
Can I ride|in your ship, sir?
Fighter planes|are no place for little boys.
They're going to have to be|if our people are going to survive.
We must fight back.
Yes, we are|going to fight back.
But not here. Not now.|Not in the colonies.
Not even|in this star system.
Let the word go forth to every man, woman|and child who survived this holocaust.
Tell them to set sail at once in every|assorted vehicle that will carry them.
[ Adama ] And the word went forth|to every outpost of human existence.
And they came--|the Aires, the Gemins,
the Virgos, the Scorpios,
the Piceans|and the Sagittarians.
In all, 220 ships,
representing every colony,|color and creed in the star system.
[ Adama ] The human race|might have one more chance,
but first it would have to survive|the alliance, the elements...
and the unknown dark and sinister|threats that would lie ahead.
Their destruction is complete.
[ Centurian ] Our forces have taken|prisoners near the spacedrome.
They tell of survivors|who escaped in ships.
What ships?
Hmph!|How far can they go?
If a handful of survivors|did indeed escape,
they would have neither fuel|nor food for a prolonged voyage.
The information|is not complete.
It is offered|in exchange for life.
And what is the standing order|for humans from your imperious leader?
Then carry out your orders,|and if they exist,
they're doomed.
[ Adama ] We gather here as|representatives of each ship in our fleet...
to answer|that single question:
Where will we go?
Our recorded history tells|us that we descended...
from a mother civilization,
a race that went out into space|to establish colonies.
Those of us here|assembled now...
represent the only known|surviving colonies, save one.
A sister world,|far out in the universe,
remembered to us only|through ancient writings.
It is my intention to seek out|that remaining colony,
that last outpost of humanity|in the whole universe.
[ Serina ]|Commander Adama.
This 13th colony,|this other world--
Where is it,|and what is it called?
I wish I could tell you|that I know precisely where it is,
but I can't.
However, I do know that it lies|beyond our star system...
in a galaxy|very much like our own,
on a planet called...
- Earth!|- [ All Murmuring ]
Flight Leader 17|by your command.
Report, Centurian,|on the final assault.
On each of the 12 planets|a similar story is told...
of a handful of ships|who escaped destruction...
to rendezvous|with a warship.
- What kind of warship?|- A battlestar called Galactica.
Then go and seek out Baltar.|Tell him I am displeased.
Tell him|I offer a choice.
Deliver|the battlestar Galactica,
or deliver his head.
[ Starbuck ] This is Alpha shuttle|approaching freighter Gemini...
for fleet damage|and supply survey.
Please prepare to receive.
It isn't the worst duty in the fleet,|asking a lot of questions.
I hear they're sending some poor guys|from Beta section...
crawling around on the outside of|an old skybus looking for a solium leak.
Wonder how they missed us|for that detail.
- [ Starbuck ] Excuse me, but--|- Shh!
Would you mind telling us|what you're looking for?
Solium leaks!
- Bye!|- Halt!
Captain, that stuff|is dangerous.
These old ships|shouldn't even be flying.
There really wasn't|much choice, was there?
How many people did we leave behind|for lack of ships?
Now, unless you're willing to volunteer|permanent assignment on this tub,
you'll help survey each and every ship|in this fleet for damage,
or I just might be tempted|to loan you guys out to Beta company.
Just keep it up, old buddy.|You're gonna get us into real trouble.
Ten thousand light-years|from nowhere,
our planet's shot to pieces, people|starving, and I'm gonna get us in trouble?
- Look, all I'm saying--|- What is the matter with you?
I tell ya, may as well live for today.|We might not have many left.
[ People Groaning,|Murmuring ]
- [ Coughing ]|- [ Murmuring, Groaning Continue ]
[ Woman ]|What's going on?
[ Man ]|We want some food.
- [ Coughing Continues ]|- [ Woman Sobbing ]
Yeah. I see it.
- Where's the food?|- Everything's gonna be taken care of.
- Just be patient.|- But we haven't had water in two days.
- We will have food and water to you as soon as possible.|- But what's happening?
Just give us a little water!|Can't you bring us some water?
We just need|a little bit of water!
[ Man ]|Where's the food?
Why haven't we seen or heard|from anybody in two days?
Please tell us|what's going on.
- Have-- Have we been left behind?|- No, you haven't.
Just be patient.|Your needs will be attended to.
Just be glad you're alive.
[ Speaking Gemonese ]
[ Starbuck ]|What's she saying?
It's Gemonese.|Boomer can translate.
Boomer's tied up.|Anyone here can help?
Does anyone here|understand Gemonese?
-The woman said her husband is feverish.|-What's wrong with your arm?
There are others|with greater need than I.
Get her out of here.
She should be jettisoned|with the dead.
No place for refuse here.
Feed her to the daggits.
Dirty Socialator.
It's a sin|to starve us...
while the bureauticians luxuriate|in their private sanctuaries.
- No one is in luxury, I can promise you that.|- No, you're lying.
I saw it with my own eyes|aboard the Rising Star,
before I was cast out and put here|among the bories of humanity.
Come here.
Core Control|is aware of the problem.
Then I can tell them|food and water is on the way?
- They are aware of the problem.|- What are you saying?
There's something|you're not telling us.
Relief is on the way.|You have my word as a warrior.
[ Woman Shouts ]|Your word as a warrior?
[ Laughing ]
[ Apollo ]|I can't fault them for resenting us.
They lost everything.|They have to blame someone.
Core Command,|this is Alpha shuttle...
requesting clarification|and food dispersal.
Core Command, no information|available at this time.
What are you talking about? I just|left a ship filled with starving people.
What's going on?
I'm sorry,|Shuttle Alpha.
Core Command has no information|available at this time.
[ Beeping ]
Commander,|this is Colonel Tigh.
It's starting.
- [ Man Groaning, Shouting ]|- Something's wrong.
What'd they tell you|when you called in the food shortage?
Same thing they told you:|vague acknowledgement of the problem.
[ Sighs ]
[ Groaning,|Shouting Continue ]
Boomer, I'm getting|an awful uneasy feeling.
Why don't you just|give me your name, okay?
- [ Groaning Continues ]|- It's all right.
My name is Cassiopea.
- [ Beeping ]|- It's beautiful.
It means "fairy queen,"|doesn't it?
I think so.
And designation?
I'm designated|a Socialator.
It's an honorable|profession,
practiced with the blessings|of the elders for over 4,000 years.
I didn't say anything.
I was just curious about what all that|excitement was about back on the barge.
That woman--
That woman is a member of the Otori sect|amongst the Gemonese.
They don't believe in physical contact|between genders...
except when sanctified|by the priests...
during high worship|of the sun storm,
which comes once|only every seven years.
No wonder those little buggers|are such good card players.
Core Command,|this is Alpha Shuttle.
Changing course to rendezvous|starliner Rising Star.
Shuttle will proceed on to Galactica|with patients for life station.
Hey, what are you up to?|I-If you don't mind my asking, sir.
I want to see what's at the bottom|of this conspiracy of silence.
Passenger liner Rising Star, this is Sigma|Shuttle on fleet damage and supply survey.
Prepare to receive.
Weren't the provisions checked|before they were boarded?
[ Jolly ]|For radiation, yes.
There wasn't time to check|for pluton poisoning.
Pluton breaks down|the structure of food.
- All of this is worthless?|- We don't know that yet.
Jolly, go through|every container.
Chances are some of it was shielded|enough from the bombs to be saved.
We went through three ships since|last night. It isn't looking good.
Salvage anything you can.|Even small scraps will help.
And what do we do|with the rest of it?
Jettison it.
Keep a lid|on the problem.
People find out we haven't any food,|we're gonna have a mutiny on our hands.
We're going up|to the second level.
- [ Beeps ]|- Captain!
- Yes?|- I heard that you'd come aboard.
I wonder if I might|borrow you for a moment.
- We're on an important survey for the commander right now.|- It won't take very long.
Boomer,|go up to elite class,
see if there's anything goin' on|we should be concerned about.
You won't like|what you find.
I'll be along|presently.
It's my son.
He hasn't moved|in two days.
He lost a little daggit|which meant everything to him.
I thought you might|be able to help.
If he won't eat for you,|I don't know what I can do.
He seemed to spark a little|when you picked him up on Caprica.
I got the feeling|you were good with children.
I grew up with a kid brother.|Where is he?
- There.|- Oh.
[ People Murmuring,|Groaning ]
Excuse me.
I'm in charge of finding young men|to try out as future fighter pilots.
- Your name is?|- Boxey.
[ Beeping ]
Just what I thought.|You're right at the top of my list.
I've been looking for you. You should|have made contact with the commander.
- We're very short on fighter pilots.|- I'm too little to be a pilot.
Oh, sure, right now,
but how long do you think it takes|to become a full colonial warrior?
I don't know.
You have to start|when you're very small,
or you won't get these|until you have gray hair.
- You like them?|- I want Muffit.
Well, there's not much room|for a daggit in a fighter plane.
He's gone.|He ran away.
Well, um,
well, maybe we can find|one of Muffit's friends.
I asked.|There are no daggits.
Well,|I'll tell you what.
As a colonial warrior,|first level,
you are entitled to the first daggit|that comes along.
But only on the condition|that you get your rest,
close your eyes,
eat all your primaries--
and stop|chasing girls.
Thank you.
I was right.|You are good with kids.
You and your brother|must be very close.
We were.
Oh, I'm sorry, I--
- If you'd rather not be involved, I--|- Hey, don't be silly.
What's a warrior to do after he's lost|the big one? Win a few of the little ones.
That's not a little one|in there, Captain.
- Genestress is a private accommodation...|- ...just once to step aside--
secured by Sire Uri|and his party.
I'm being paid|by Transtellar--
Hey, what's goin' on,|Boomer?
Oh, oh, nothing.
Just that the fella here didn't seem|to want to let us into the club area.
- [ Beeps ]|- Thank you.
[ Guests Laughing,|Chattering ]
[ Whispers ]|Thank you.
I trust you have an explanation|for this intrusion.
Would you like to make a statement|before I arrest you, Sire Uri?
[ Chuckles ]|I'm glad you know my name.
At least you'll know|from where the blade fell.
I'm gonna give you about a micron|to join me on my shuttle.
After that, I'll just turn the six|levels of starving passengers loose...
and let you take|your chances with them.
Captain, why don't you join us in our|prayer of gratitude for deliverance.
In case it eluded you,|Counselor,
some hundred people have died|since our deliverance from the Cylons,
and while hunger|hasn't yet taken a life,
it's only|a matter of time now.
Boomer, notify Core Command|that we have located some stores...
which we will distribute|as far as they go.
No, it's mine.
It belongs to me|and my guests.
Does your wife share your feelings|about denying your food to others?
- My wife?|- Siress Uri. I don't see her.
Unfortunately, she was not|in time to make the voyage.
My sympathies.|I share your bereavement.
Siress Uri|was an outstanding woman.
I'm sure she'd be moved|by your period of mourning.
Boomer, have Jolly come up here with a crew|and distribute this food throughout the ship.
Without being critical,|Captain,
wouldn't you say|you overplayed our hand just a tad,
considering Sire Uri is a member|of the newly elected Council of the 12?
How do you overplay|starvation?
How's it feel?
[ Cassiopea ] It feels like|it's never even been broken.
The bone's|been fused whole.
It's stronger than before.
It's wonderful.
- [ Sighs ]|- [ Groaning ]
Look.|Look at my arm!
[ Laughs ]
You're waiting to take me back,|aren't you?
Well, it isn't easy|to find a ride around here.
Oh, I dread|returning to that ship.
Look, uh, maybe I can check around and|see if there's anyplace else you can go.
There are|better ships.
Would you be doing this|if I weren't a Socialator?
Hey, listen, uh, can we forget my|little jokes back on the shuttle, huh?
Look, I--|I just want to help you.
It was nothing personal.
- Nothing personal?|- No.
- Absolutely nothing.|- Really?
I swear.
[ Laughs ]|Okay. Okay.
But I think you're|making a terrible deal.
[ Laughing ]
The long range patrol's|reporting in.
Alta tech scanners show|no sign of Cylon pursuit.
All vectors|looking good.
- Commander.|- Yes, I heard.
That's, uh, good news.
Apparently|we've made good our escape.
Finding us now|would be almost impossible,
assuming we don't make|any mistakes.
Carillon|is too far away.
We will never make it|because of the food disaster.
There is|no other destination.
Ah, but there is.
We can stop here,
on Borallus.
[ Men Murmuring ]|Borallus?
We know that everything|we need is there--
food, fuel and water.
And, undoubtedly,|a Cylon task force.
It is the most logical place|for us to stop.
Precisely why|it would be fatal.
- H-H-Hey, where you goin'?|- [ Sire Uri ] Possibly fatal.
Is it not surely fatal|to continue towards Carillon?
There is another way, if I may have|a few moments of the Council's time.
I support Commander Adama's|rejection of Borallus.
It is a death trap as lethal|as the one we left behind,
and we haven't the armament|to fight our way in and out.
However, there is another|approach to Carillon.
Instead of using|the intended route,
which takes us|centons out of our way,
I suggest we take|the direct path here,
through the Nova of Madagon.
Not patrolled, and a savings|of centons in reaching Carillon.
Captain, I may not be|a military expert,
but I do know that the Cylons don't have|to patrol that particular area...
because they mine it.
They lay mines|to make passage impossible.
[ Council Members|Murmuring ]
A fleet of cumbersome ships|like ours,
to even attempt to go through|that narrow passage--
I agree. The fleet could not|traverse the channel...
unless it had been|cleared first.
And how would you propose|doing that?
Well, I suggest I find|one or two volunteers...
to join me in flying|ahead of the fleet...
to blow the minefield apart|with laser torpedoes.
- Good idea.|- Two, uh, "volunteers."
Out of the question.|Out of the question!
Brilliant, brilliant.
If we must go straight ahead, as you|insist, Adama, then this is the way.
- I say we support the captain.|- [ Anton ] Good for you.
My boy, as grave a plan as it is,|it appears to be our only hope.
You have the support and the blessing|of the Council of the 12.
Thank you.
You wanna guess who he's got|in mind to volunteer for that--
-Hey, hey, wait.|-[ Whispering ] I'm getting out of here.
Well, just the two fellas|I wanted to see.
Follow me, gentlemen.
[ Whispers ]|See? I told you.
He still won't eat.
I think we may have found something|that's going to interest him.
Tonight?|Shouldn't you be getting some rest?
I'll sleep better after|we solve Boxey's problem.
- That's a tall order.|- I'm a big boy.
Okay, Boxey.
You're gonna love this,|Boxey.
As you know,|we will soon be landing...
on various alien planets.
It's important|that we be safe.
Ordinarily, we'd use trained daggits|to stand watch at night...
while our warriors slept|in their encampments,
but we didn't have|any daggits...
so we just had to see|what we could come up with.
We'll call the first one|Muffit 2.
- [ Electronic Bark ]|- [ Gears Whirring ]
[ Electronic Barking ]
[ Barking Continues ]
[ Chuckles ]
[ Purring ]
Naturally, the first one will have|to be very carefully looked after.
That's not Muffit.
He's not even|a real daggit.
No, but he can learn to be|like a real one.
He's very smart.
And if you would help us,|it will be even smarter.
- Stop that.|- [ Moans ]
We used the image of Boxey|you gave us...
to train the drone|to respond to him.
[ Bouncing Noise,|Gears Whirring ]
I owe you one, Doc.
[ Laughing ]
That's one I owe you.
Call it even.
[ Electronic Barking ]
It's somehow|beautiful.
- It's a perfect machine!|- [ Starbuck Chuckles ]
[ Cassiopea Laughs ]
[ Cassiopea ]|Born to dance amongst the stars.
[ Starbuck ] Yeah, it's bumping|into them that has me worried.
Why did you volunteer,|Starbuck?
Well, somebody|had to do it.
Did Apollo make you?
Yes, uh,|you certainly have a way...
of cutting through|the felgercarb.
Do you ever take that smoldering weed|out of your mouth?
[ Chuckles ] And I had this|wonderful speech all prepared.
About this being|your last night here,
about possibly not seeing another night|as beautiful as this one...
or another girl as beautiful as I am|ever again.
Yeah, well, that speech|is a little better than the one I had.
Would you mind if I borrowed it|on some future occasion?
Do you mind if we don't spend too much|more time in the launching bay?
Can you think of anyplace|more private?
Come to think of it, I can't think of|anyplace private in the whole damn fleet.
- What's in there?|- That's the launching tube.
You don't wanna go in there.|It's dark and cold and, uh--
[ Sighs ] Oh, Lord,|I'll do anything you ask tomorrow.
Colonel, have you seen|Lieutenant Starbuck, by any chance?
No, I don't think I-- Wait, I did|see him on one of the monitors earlier.
Before we shut down the flight deck,|I think he was checking out a ship.
That would|seem to make sense.
I'm sure he's long gone by now, getting|a good night's sleep for the mission.
Why don't you do the same.|You are going to be working.
That little snake.
[ Yelling ]
[ Steam Hissing ]
[ Yelling Continues ]
The Nova of Madagon|is not a nova at all,
but a star field so bright our cockpits|will be sealed to prevent blindness.
We'll navigate by scanner and sweep|everything out of our path with turbo lasers.
[ Clears Throat ]
You feeling all right? You're fidgeting|around like a daggit on a sunspot.
It's my bio-pulse line,|sir.
It's a bad time for me|to be cooped up in a cockpit.
Starbuck's|being polite.
Seems he got|a steam burn.
I don't wanna ask you how you got it,|because I need you on this mission.
I didn't choose you to help lead us|through without a great deal of anguish.
If it'll do any good, let me assure you|that should we fail, no one will survive.
The rest of our friends must sit|in anticipation of our skill.
Or lack thereof.
- Ready?|- Ready.
- [ Apollo ] Starbuck?|- Uh, I'm not ready, but let's get it over with.
Nova star field ahead.
[ Man On Radio ]|On three, two, one. We've got it.
Radiation shield|positive.
Launch fighters...|now!
[ Computer ] Skin temperature|readout: 1-0-0 and rising.
I may not be able to see anything,|but it's sure getting hot.
Anybody picking up the field?
Negative.|My scanner's burning up.
- [ Boomer ] Mine's gone.|- [ Apollo ] It's too bright for the scanner.
Core systems transferring control|from probe craft to Galactica.
We will guide you through|using scanners.
- What if we miss a mine?|- One of us will be the first to know.
Let's go.
[ Woman ]|We'll talk you through.
[ Computer ] Countdown to fire--|five, four, three--
[ Computer ]|Three degrees right.
- [ Computer ] Target destroyed.|- [ Sizzling ]
- One target coming up.|- It's burning through my canopy!
- Four, three, two, one, fire.|- [ Apollo ] Just keep firing.
[ Computer ]|And fire.
[ Computer ] Heartbeat,|Lieutenant Boomer, readout: 1-0-0.
Other functions normal.
It's working, Commander.
They're clearing a path|a hundred maxims wide.
Now, that|is precision flying.
- I can't see a blessed thing. Are we hitting anything?|- Hanged if I know.
[ Computer ]|Two, one, fire.
[ Computer ] Heartbeat,|Captain Apollo, readout: 9-9.
Skin temperature:|1-2-0 and still rising.
Skin temperature:|1-3-0 and rising.
- Five, four, three,|- It's getting hot.
two, one, fire.
[ Computer ] Heartbeat,|Captain Apollo, readout: 9-9.
Skin temperature:|1-3-5 and slowly leveling off.
[ Apollo ]|It's cooling off.
- Heartbeat, Captain Apollo--|- Let's take a look at where we are.
Negative shield now.
There it is.
- I think we're gonna make it.|- Yee-haah!
[ Voices Murmuring,|Chattering ]
[ Cheering, Yelling ]
[ Woman ]|We did it! Yes!
[ Cheering Continues ]
Recall the flight crews.
[ Adama ]|The planet Carillon.
Landing operations|will begin at once.
Prepare to land the mineral ships|and the Landram parties.
Our mineral scanners|have located...
what we believe is the approximate site|of the old mining expedition.
Blue Squadron will vector in|the ground search teams.
Welcome, Baltar.
I have grave news.
A handful of colonials prevail,
but we will soon find them.
What of our bargain?|My colony was to be spared.
I now alter the bargain.
How can you change|one side of a bargain?
When there|is no other side.
You have missed|the entire point of the war.
But I-I have no ambitions|against you.
Could you think me so foolish|as to trust a man...
who would see|his own race destroyed?
Not destroyed.|Subjugated under me.
There can be no survivors.
So long as one human|remains alive,
the alliance|is threatened.
[ Chuckles ]
S-S-Surely you--|y-you don't mean me.
We thank you|for your help, Baltar.
- Your time is at an end.|- No!
You can't!
You still need me--|Aaaah!
Victor 6-3-0-3-8|to Ground Expedition 2.
My scanners read life-forms|beyond these coordinates.
Either it's some|high energy-yielding substance,
or they left some kind of caretaker operation|behind when they abandoned this place.
[ Boomer ]|We've got it, 0-3-8.
I wonder what this|looks like in the daytime.
Hey.|This is the daytime.
Oh. Lovely.
Landram 1|to Skywatch 0-3-8.
Can you assist|in locating tylium mine?
You got it, Captain.
My scanner indicates that you are|vectored to intersect the mine area...
in 24 millicentons.
- [ Apollo ] Affirmative, 0-3-8.|- Everyone sync chronometers.
Captain would like a check-in every four|millicentons on the emergency frequency.
- Understood?|- Affirmative, Jolly.
You are in time sync now.
0-3-8 returning to base.|See you guys in a while. Good luck.
Yeah, yeah,|what is it now?
You're not gonna|believe this.
[ Engine Stops ]
I don't believe it.
- What is it?|- I don't know.
All right.
[ Whispers ]|Okay, come on.
- Boy, sure is pretty.|- [ Voices Chattering ]
Sounds friendly.
[ Laughing,|Chattering Continues ]
Aaah! Don't shoot me!|What do you want?
W-W-Wait.|Don't be afraid.
Listen, uh--|Hey, you're from Taura.
- I'm a Taurus. How do you know that?|- The, uh, dialect.
Listen, uh,|what is this place?
- What are you doing here?|- What are you doing here?
Colonial warriors sneaking around a|resort like this with your weapons drawn.
- Oh, uh, sorry.|- This is legal!
Isn't it?
Well, uh,|how did you get here?
-Oh! I came in a skybus.|-She must have been smoking plant vapor.
- [ Laughing, Chattering Continue ]|- Hey, wait, wait, listen.
Could you, uh, tell us|something about this bus?
My travelator took care of all of it.|Isn't it fabulous here?
All this|for so little money.
Oh, and I just won a thousand--|over a thousand cubits.
- Isn't that amazing?|- You won those cubits here?
Oh, in here|everybody's doing it.
It's incredible.
You know, if it's illegal you're gonna|have to fight the whole star system.
I have to go!|[ Laughs ]
I have a moonlight cruise. Two moons.|Oh, how can you go wrong?
[ Laughing, Chattering, Screaming ]
[ Boomer ] I don't get it.|How cut off can these people be?
She didn't act like she'd even heard|about the destruction of the colonies.
There's something|even more peculiar.
Why haven't we heard|about this place?
I suppose you know every gambling|chancery in this star system, huh?
Oh, that's right.|That's right.
If there's a game going on,|you'd know about it.
-- [ Pop ]
[ Woman Screaming|Excitedly ]
- Whoo-hoo!|- Whoo!
- Whoo!|- [ Cheering ]
The odds|must be incredible here.
People are winning|a fortune.
Yes, and they're|obviously well-fed.
Look, why don't we find out|about who's in charge of this place...
and see about getting some food|back up to the fleet.
The last thing these people may want is|a battlestar sitting on their front door.
I haven't found|a gambling den yet...
that didn't depend on military|pay vouchers to keep its doors open.
Now, Boomer, until we find out|who these people are,
just remember,|it'll only take one informer,
and we'll have the whole|Cylon war machine on its way.
[ Starbuck ] I wanna look around,|sit in on a game or two,
see if I can find out|what's behind this place.
[ Excited Squealing,|Hooting ]
Your mission, Boxey, is|to keep your eye on that readout.
When the counter gets up to 10, it means|we're right on top of a rich tylium deposit.
Yes, sir.
- It don't matter|where you go -
- We'd better talk.|- Right.
- Something's|always after you -
- - It's love - -|- Love - - - Love -
- - It's love - -|- Love - - - Love -
- - It's love - -|- Love - - - Love -
- - Love -|- They can't read our lips in here.
- Who?|- Whoever might be up to something in this place.
Well, Boomer, one thing|this place isn't is crooked.
Where'd you get|all those cubits?
Gambling. I'm telling you, Boomer,|you can't lose.
That's what|I'm talkin' about.
You ever been in a gambling chancery|where you couldn't lose?
No, but then I've never|been here before either.
-- [ Continues ]
- It don't matter|where you go -
- It won't matter|what you do -
- 'Cause something's|always after you -
We could make a fortune if we|put those girls on the star circuit.
I mean, big money, Boomer.|Big money.
- Big money, huh?|- Yeah.
Every creature in the universe|is out to exterminate us,
and you wanna hire|a vocal group.
- Mm-hmm. - I'm telling you, there's|something just not right about this place.
- - It's love - -|- Love - - - Love -
- - It's love - -|- Love - - - Love -
- - It's love - -|- Love - - - Love -
- Love, Love -
[ Bass Tone ]|- Love --
Yeah, I gotta talk|to those girls.
- [ Gears Whirring, Clanking ]|- Quiet, Muffit.
- [ Monitor Beeping ]|- I see it. Tylium.
- Nice going, Boxey.|- [ Jolly ] That's a pretty hot reading.
We may be right on top of that old mine.|I'd better check it out.
- [ Gears Continue Whirring ]|- Okay, Jolly, keep your eyes open.
[ Whirring,|Electronic Barking ]
- I'll bring him back.|- Hey, Boxey!
Boxey, wait right here.|I'm gonna get him back.
Muffy? Muffy?
- Thank you.|- For what?
For saving|my son's life.
You're getting things|a little out of proportion.
In a way, maybe|I should be thanking you.
You don't know anything|about me...
or what happened|to Boxey's father or--
When you're ready,|you'll tell me.
In the meantime, nothing that's|gone on before really counts for much.
As far as|the human race is concerned,
we're all starting over.
[ Loud Clank ]
Muffy? Muffy!
Darn you, daggit,|where are you?
Muffy! Muffy?
[ Gasps ]|Aah--
[ Footsteps Approaching ]
- Any sign of Boxey?|- I'm afraid not.
What is it?
- What's happening on this planet?|- I don't know.
[ Apollo ] This may be the largest|tylium mine in the star system.
[ Serina ] I don't care. I just|want to know what's happened to Boxey.
-- [ Harp ]
- [ Squeaking Language ]|- [ Computer, Translating ] Welcome to Carillon.
- You are impressed?|- [ Apollo ] Confused would be more like it.
- Listen, we've lost a little boy.|- [ Squeaking Language ]
[ Translating ]|He is safe.
- We found him and brought him here.|- [ Squeaking Language ]
- Would you care to join him?|- Yes, we would.
[ Chuckles ] Captain,|good fortune smiles on us.
Yeah, it's like nothing|we ever dreamed of, Captain.
They've got everything we need here,|plenty of it, and they're happy to share.
Sounds like paradise.
Yeah, it does.
Colonel, a message|from Sire Uri.
[ Tigh Reading ]
[ Adama Reading ]
"...within a centon."
Well, Colonel,
a most optimistic note.
Too optimistic.
Uri has everyone in the fleet breaking in|the bulkheads to get down to the surface.
Well, perhaps in small numbers,|in orderly rotation.
It isn't going to be|that way.
Already he's authorized|visitors permits to half our population.
Half the population?
[ Adama ]|We've come so far, so quickly.
There's been little time|for reason.
What is the curious secret|behind the existence of this outpost...
on the outer rim|of our star system?
There are many such oases|for intergalactic travelers,
but none so far off|the known arteries of trade...
and none so curiously close|to a tylium mine.
Fuel has begun to arrive|from the Ovion mines,
but in curiously small|quantities.
And now I feeling|the growing need...
for extraordinary measures|of precaution.
The ships continue to hover|over the planet,
supported by|small maintenance crews...
whose spirits are as depleted|as their numbers.
Everyone seems to have forgotten|our flight from the Cylons.
The beauty and wiles|of Carillon...
hold our people spellbound.
-- [ Disco ]
Let 'em ride.
Hello, Starbuck.
This is my lucky night.
Just might be.
Yeah, well,|money isn't everything.
- No?|- Mm-mmm.
Um, listen, have you checked out|the accommodations yet?
Most of my unit is staying|down on Carillon tonight.
I'll see|what I can arrange.
Oh, really?|Mm-hmm.
- Are you going to play, sir?|- Oh, I hope so.
Hmm?|Oh! Uh, yeah, sure.
Let 'em ride again.|It's my lucky night.
- [ Cheering ]|- Can't lose.
Is this seat taken?
Oh, uh, uh, well,|it's, um, um, um--
- Starbuck?|- Yeah?
- I became because I owe you an apology.|- You do?
Come on.|This paradise?
It's the perfect opportunity|for us to be...
open and honest|with one another.
- Yeah.|- I hurt you. Admit it.
Well, it-- w--
Didn't you|once tell me...
I was the only woman you'd ever had|any real and deep feelings toward?
Yeah,|I may have said that.
- You may have said that?|- No, uh--
A-Athena, wait, wait.|What I--
What I meant to say is,
I've had to shut all those feelings|out of my mind...
to avoid any more pain|than I've already suffered.
- Hmm?|- [ Laughs ] Starbuck.
[ Starbuck ]|Oh, no.
Excuse me. I believe|you're occupying my space.
- Your space?|- Yes. I have good news.
- Huh?|- I got us the key to the royal suite.
Why, thank you.|We do appreciate it.
Uh, say, listen, girls.|I've got this hot streak going here.
- Oh, I see.|- Yes, I do too.
Well, have a good time, you two.
And next time,|it's at office rates, Lieutenant.
Never eaten so much|in my entire life.
[ Laughs ]|I'm gonna be as fat as a pig.
Push level three for us,|please.
I feel like a total glutton, Answaw.|Nothing fits me anymore.
And we've only been down|on the surface for three--
Um, I asked you|to push the third level.
You've missed our lodging.
I did press it.|Something seems to be wrong.
Well, there are no lodgings|this far down.
Look there!
It seems to be taking us|all the way to the bottom.
- Something seems to be happening.|- Let me at that control.
There. We've stopped.|Thank goodness.
I wonder what's down here.
[ Screaming ]
What is the purpose|of this special council?
Adama, I'm afraid|I must ask you...
to respect the order of business|until called upon by this chair.
I think Counselor Uri has|a measure to propose. Thank you.
My brothers, a hasty attempt|to outrun the Cylons...
spawned in the midnight|of desperation...
seems foolhardy|in the light of day.
I propose, instead, we now attempt|to appeal for justice and mercy.
Justice?|Justice from the Cylons?
Is that what|you actually said?
Gentlemen,|they've told us...
that they would not stop until|every human had been exterminated.
Now, why should they believe|we are now willing to accept...
that which we have always|found to be unacceptable?
To live under Cylon rule?
Because we would destroy|our arms...
to prove we're willing|to live in peace.
- Destroy our only means of defense?|- Or attack.
May I remind my brothers...
that we did not have|conflict with the Cylons...
until we intervened in their relations|with other nations.
Yes.|Yes, you are right.
We did not come into conflict|with the Cylons...
until we helped our neighbors|whom the Cylons wished to enslave,
and until we helped the Hasaries|get back their nation,
taken by force|by the Cylons.
Correct. But if we|mind our own business,
there's every reason to believe|that the Cylons will leave us alone.
If you've all come to this|council to turn your backs...
on the principles of our fathers|and the Lords of Kobol...
from whom|all colonies evolved,
you do so|with my utter contempt.
Warriors are always the last to|recognize the inevitability of change.
We have a choice:|life or death.
I submit that an issue this grave|should be decided by our people.
Maybe you're right.|But I'll tell you something.
The military|won't be easy to convince.
How, may I ask, do you propose to|present such a delicate matter, eh?
At a celebration...
to decorate those three|brave young men...
who led us to safety through|the perilous straits of Madagon.
One of them Adama's son,|I do believe.
Just the tonic our people|need at this moment.
Some old-fashioned,|down-to-goodness heroes. [ Chuckles ]
[ Chattering, Shouting ]
- After you.|- Thank you.
Party's just gettin' started.
Do you want a little,|uh, company?
I'm kinda companied out.|Thank you.
You're gonna miss the tribute|for the three warriors.
I've given 'em all the tribute|they're gonna get.
[ Sighs ]|We missed my level.
Mine too.|Something seems to be wrong.
We're going|all the way down.
I didn't think that was allowed.|I wonder what's down there.
[ Screaming ]
Help me! What are they|doing with us?
Okay, 30-70.
You guys split 70 percent, and I'll|even pick up the transportation.
I just don't think|it'll work out.
Well, why not?
- Look, I can't talk now.|- What do you mean?
We'll just have to talk about it|later... if you're still around.
Hey, hey, wait!|Where you goin'?
- You're my meal ticket out of the military.|- Starbuck!
What are you doing? The captain's|been lookin' all over for you.
You know, Boomer, I'm beginning to agree|with you. Something's goin' on here.
Well, whatever it is, it's gonna|have to wait. We've gotta get back.
- Uh, what for?|- Dress uniform.
- Wait. I'm not gettin' into any fancy--|- Uh, uh, uh, uh.
One does not accept|our people's highest military honor,
the Gold Cluster,|in a battle suit.
- The Gold Cluster? Ah, you're kidding.|- We got it.
Just like old times,|isn't it, Tigh?
Well, our ships weren't quite so fancy,|but we gave them a good run.
Yes. You didn't tell|anyone we were meeting?
- No.|- Good.
Is there some reason why you and I|aren't supposed to be talking?
Pick up that|ground crew communicator...
and climb into|the next ship, please.
- Climb into the next ship?|- Quickly.
You're patched into|my internal com system.
We are completely isolated.|No one can hear us.
Yes. I understand.|But why would anyone want to?
It grieves me to think that we have to|take such precautions on our own battlestar.
Sire Uri's men|are expecting me...
to make some kind of move|over his disarmament plan.
I find that even my private quarters|are being monitored.
Now, what I'm about to propose|is somewhat risky.
You don't have to go along|if you don't want to.
Commander, if you think we should do it,|naturally I say we should do it.
What is it|we're about to do?
Tigh, when would be...
the most devastating time|for a Cylon strike?
Almost anytime.|With half of our warriors down on--
During the celebration, when all|of our warriors are down on Carillon.
If we were attacked...
without being able|to recall our warriors,
we wouldn't have a chance.
A few well-placed Cylon bombs...
in the heart|of this launching bay...
and we wouldn't be able to get|a single fighter into the air.
Then, you do think there's more|to Carillon than generosity?
It smells like a trap.
It feels like a trap.
I believe it is a trap.
It is imperative...
that we get our pilots|closer to our ships.
Or perhaps|the other way around--
get our ships|closer to our pilots.
How do we get our fighter ships down to|Carillon without getting council clearance?
Well, we'll launch|a couple at a time...
as if they were part|of our regular patrol.
The council has ordered all|of our warriors to be at the party.
They will be there,|in a manner of speaking.
Now, Uri doesn't know|all of our warriors on sight.
He'll be counting|uniforms, not men.
He'll be counting uniforms?
Yes.|I want you to collect...
all the warrior uniforms|you can possibly lay your hands on...
and fill them with|whomever you can find--
mechanics,|kitchen personnel, anyone--
and get them|down to that party.
- What do I tell them?|- Tell them anything.
Tell them they're on a secret mission,|which is the truth.
I'll do my best.
I'm depending upon you,|Tigh.
If I'm right,
Uri won't be the only one who'll be|counting uniforms at that party tonight.
I understand,|and I hope you are wrong.
Well, we'll see.
[ Coins Clattering On Floor ]
- What are you doing, Colonel?|- [ Gasps ] Felger--
I, uh, didn't mean|to startle you.
Can we, uh,|give you a hand with--
If you ever do that again,|you're on report, Starbuck!
You can tell the rest|of your playboy pilots...
this is not the last flash inspection|that I'm gonna make.
If I ever find uniforms|in this condition, you're in trouble.
When Commander Adama sees these,|he's gonna go crazy.
It's gotta be the pressure.
You know, it's unfair. A lot of those bridge|officers never go down to the surface...
while everybody else gets to go|and have a good time.
Bridge officers don't get their tails|shot off flying around in little fighters.
Still, I wouldn't mind|trading with them.
I believe you.|I'll mention it to the colonel.
Wait a minute. I can't take over|for him. I'm not a colonel.
Neither am I.
So much for guilt.|Let's go to the party.
Hello, Father.
Well, uh,
Colonel Tigh wants to be|at the celebration,
so I, uh-- I offered to|relieve him for the night.
Simply as a favor.
I might have thought you'd like to see|your son getting his Star Cluster.
It's well-deserved, Apollo.|Well-deserved.
Precisely why I cannot accept it as anything|but another one of Counselor Uri's ploys.
How can saluting his greatest|rival's son be a ploy?
I just have the feeling that he'll|propose destroying our arms...
at the celebration,
hoping that|the cascade of emotion...
will do all the damage before|anyone realizes what they've done.
- But you can stop it.|- I? [ Laughs ]
Not anymore. Have you heard the talk?|I got us into this predicament.
No one believes that. And even|if some do, you have to speak out.
How can I say to you that you've|been more than a father to me?
You've been someone I could look up to|with trust and respect.
My ideals rise and fall|on your standards, and this isn't you.
What's happening to you?|Help me to understand.
You'll understand, my son.|In time, you'll understand.
I know that wasn't easy for you, not|telling him. Perhaps you should have.
No. No.
If I told him, I wouldn't have|been able to keep him from my side.
This is my gamble.|If I win, we all win.
But if you're wrong,|Uri will destroy you.
I'm not wrong.
The Cylons lured me|into their deception once.
Never again.
[ Chattering ]
- That's very strange.|- What is?
That man's insignia|is Blue Squadron.
I thought I knew everybody in it,|and look at the fit of that uniform.
Apollo, tonight|is a night of thanksgiving,
and everyone's dressing up|and making do with whatever they have.
He probably hasn't|worn that in years.
Besides, the guest of honor|looks absolutely delicious.
[ Chattering Continues ]
- Hi.|- How lovely you look in your uniform.
Huh? Oh.
Hey, isn't this|something, Boxey?
- Our hosts have been very generous.|- I don't like them.
- What?|- I told him the Ovions wouldn't approve of him...
bringing Muffit|to the celebration.
Well, we put one over|on them, didn't we?
Except for your captain,
I deduce from the uniforms|that most of your warriors are here.
- Yes, well, I'm always a big draw.|- [ Laughs ]
[ Growls ]
Muffit, Muffit, come back here!|Here, daggit! Come back here!
- Starbuck.|- Yes? What is it?
I'm talking to the great|and near great.
Well, when you come down,|tell me who that is.
Those three guys|right behind the dancer.
Darned if I know.|They sure have lousy tailors.
- Starbuck, you should know them.|- Why should I know them?
Because they're wearing|the insignia from our squadron.
Don't start without me.
Where is the lieutenant going?
- Um, to find the captain, sir.|- Excellent.
[ Apollo ]|Hey, what's going on?
- Stop those guys. Stop them.|- What are you--
What are you doing, Starbuck?
Listen, something's|going on around here.
Those three impostors, I just--|Uh, listen, can we talk?
Yeah.|Will you excuse us?
The lieutenant|needs attention.
I'll take Boxey and get something|to eat. Where is Boxey?
He's probably in watching the acrobats.|They're pretty good.
Well, don't be long. You two don't|want to miss your own coronation.
- Yeah.|- Boxey!
- What's this about impostors?|- I don't know.
I've been running into guys all night|who aren't from our unit,
but they're wearing|our unit's clothes.
- That officer in the shuttle.|- You spotted one of them?
Yeah, maybe.|I think we better check this out.
I suggest that you find|your two friends...
and tell them that we're going to begin,|with or without them.
Yes, sir.
- Looks deserted.|- Everyone's at the party.
Not everyone. There are three|impostors down here someplace.
[ Squeaking Language ]
How many warriors?
Nearly their full|complement of warriors.
See that the humans remain|entertained until the end,
then they will be yours|in the lower chambers.
This night we celebrate|a most special event...
in the annals|of human experience.
Starbuck, what'd you find?
They're not here.|They must be at another level.
The other levels|aren't accessible to humans.
- I've been wondering about that.|- Yeah, so have I.
I know how to fix that problem.|Stand back.
You're the gambler.|Pick a level.
Uh, what say we have a look at what's|furthest from the guest rooms?
- Mmm, nice.|- Shhh!
Mm-mmm.|You're the leader.
...against any living brother,|whether a former friend or foe.
[ Electronic Barking ]
- Muffit! - At least he'll|be remembered in the eons as--
[ Woman Moaning ]
Ah, me and my big mouth.
At least we know|the secret of Carillon.
Do we? What's the connection|between the casino and all this?
Let's get out of here,|then figure that one out.
Run, Boxey, run!
Apollo, are you thinking|what I'm thinking?
With all this tylium, we're setting fire|to the biggest bomb in the universe.
- It's a little late to try and talk to these fellows.|- I think so.
[ People Moaning ]
[ Moaning Continues ]
Oh, my God!
Some of them are probably|from our ships.
[ Starbuck ] No wonder no one's ever|left here to tell about this resort.
The Ovions are living|off of them...
and probably selling|the tylium they mine to the Cylons.
- That's Muffit!|- Hey, Boxey, come back here!
No!|[ Groaning ]
Muffit! Muffit!
[ Screams ]|Starbuck!
[ Sobbing ]
Let's go!|Follow me!
Report, Centurian.
It is done,|Imperious Leader.
Let the attack begin.
By your command,|Imperious Leader.
[ Barking ]
We're doing fine!|Whoops.
- There's too many of them.|- Go for the ceilings. Set fire to the tylium.
That must be|why you're a captain.
Call out the entire garrison.
Scanner's picking up|a large body of objects closing rapidly.
Scan for alien forms.
A wiping clean of the slate|of animosities and prejudice.
- This way! This way!|- Run, Boxey!
Captain, where you guys been?|We've been looking all over for you!
- Ohhh!|- Come on!
When these fires reach hyper-combustion,|the whole planet's gonna blow.
Let's get outta here!
Oh, frack!
Warm scan positive.|Multiple three-passenger vehicles.
Cylon attack craft.|So they spring their trap.
Enemy approaching,|90 microns.
- Arm weapons.|- An opportunity...
to throw down our arms|and prove, once and for all,
that peace begets peace|and love begets love.
- And so I--|- Everybody, listen to me!
I want everybody to move quickly|towards the exits! That is an order!
- Stay where you are! I'm in charge!|- [ People Screaming ]
Do what the man says!|He's in charge!
Over here, Muffit.|I'm gonna save you.
[ Shouting, Screaming ]
Enemy closing, 70 microns.
[ Shouting Continues ]
Enemy approaching,|55 microns.
Serina, take Boxey!
I'll be back. Let's go!|Move it out! Take it easy!
[ Serina ]|Boxey, where are you?
[ Shouting Continues ]
Muffit! Wait!|We can't leave without Muffit!
- We can't leave without Muffit.|- Let's go!
[ Woman Sobbing ]
[ Shouting Continues ]
Do you have any idea where|these Landrams are coming from?
- I don't know.|- Landrams courtesy of Commander Adama.
Thirty-five microns|and closing.
What are you doing|in combat dress?
The rest of Blue Squadron|didn't get to go to the party.
They had to let you go, though, or they'd been|wise they didn't have all the military there.
Well, if you didn't go,|who were those guys?
Anybody the commander could find|in fleet to fill the uniforms.
You should've seen the one|that got mine.
Enemy closing, 30 microns.
Recall all warriors|from surface.
- Stand by to attack.|- Twenty-five microns...
and closing.
I want you ladies|in that shuttle craft.
- Jolly, what's going on?|- The whole squadron's waiting for orders from the Galactica.
- Yahoo!|- Fifteen microns.
Cylon attack force|now closing to killer range.
They'll take you|in the shuttle.
- Let's go.|- Bye.
Take care of your mom.
I wish he could be my daddy.
Enemy closing in,|ten microns.
They are not sending out|interceptors.
We have taken them|completely by surprise.
Closing in, five microns.
[ Computer Voice ]|Four, three, two, one.
Positive shield now!
- [ Apollo ] Starbuck?|- Revved and ready for takeoff.
It's coming right at us.
- Fire in the bay!|- Damage control.
- Your wing ready, Jolly?|- Ready, sir.
- Boomer?|- Ready, Captain.
Let's go.
[ Engines Starting ]
There's nothing|to stop them!
Incoming surface squadron doesn't seem|to match any known Cylon war machines.
Are they gonna be surprised.
If we don't stop 'em, we're gonna|have to go back and live on that rock.
On target.
That one's|for the Atlantia.
Here's one for Zac.
Father, they're ours!|All of them! But how?
Looks to me like a lot of our boys|violated orders and skipped the party.
- Make a note to discuss discipline in the ranks.|- Yes, sir.
- [ Apollo ] Starbuck?|- Yo.
- On your tail.|- Nothin' to worry about.
- Boomer, you give him a hand.|- I'm on my way.
[ Starbuck ]|Don't take too long, Boomer.
Thanks for the assist.
[ Starbuck ]|Squadron Vector Alpha. I'm onto three.
Uh, make that two.
Let's go!|Press it home!
[ Apollo ]|I think we got 'em on the run.
- Now let's see if we can find that Cylon base ship.|- Nothing on my scanner.
It's hidden someplace|behind Carillon.
That's the only way|it could have approached us.
We're not gonna let|that base ship go.
It can follow us at a safe distance and plot|our every move until the reinforcements arrive.
Let's go down on the deck|beneath the scanners.
Warriors requesting permission|to locate and pursue Cylon base ship.
No. Colonel, we must|conserve our resources...
if we're to find a home|for our people.
Bring the fleet home.
- [ Apollo ] Go onto Cylon frequency.|- [ Starbuck ] What for?
They can't see us,|but they'll be able to hear us.
Doing what? Praying?
You're gonna be Red and Blue Squadrons,|and I'm gonna be Green and Yellow.
I'll be Red and Blue--
Oh, I get it!|No, I don't.
Sir, two of our warriors|are overdue and unaccounted for.
It's Captain Apollo, sir.
[ Sighs ]|Who else?
- And Starbuck.|- I see.
Switching frequencies now.
[ Apollo ] This is Green Leader to Red.|All ships ready for attack.
Um, yeah. Yeah, we're all ready.|Every one of us.
- Speak, Centurian.|- By your command.
Colonial Viper squadrons|approaching in large numbers.
Surely our Raiders|are close enough to defend us.
Our Raiders are still engaged|against the Galactica.
Retreat base ship|behind the protection of Carillon.
Their scanners will not|be able to find us.
[ Apollo ] Yellow Leader,|we have your squadron in visual contact.
[ Starbuck ]|Uh, right. Green Leader.
I've got two more squadrons|requesting permission to join us.
Purple and Orange squadrons.
They're just dyin' for a good fight.|Been on reconnaissance.
Purple and Orange?
Uh, negative, Blue Leader.|Let's not get carried away.
We've got all the manpower|we need to knock out one base ship.
We're picking up some attack signals|between Purple and Orange squadrons.
We don't have|Purple and Orange squadrons.
Purple and Orange?
Starbuck and Apollo?
Lord help 'em both.
The warriors continue to advance.|At least six squadrons.
Recall all Raiders|to defend base ship.
All Raiders|are all destroyed.
All destroyed? How?|We took them by surprise.
Apparently, it was not as big a surprise|as we had hoped for.
Retreat closer to Carillon,|below their scanners.
There are reports of fires.
- I said lower, or they will destroy us.|- By your command.
Just ahead.|There she is.
[ Starbuck ]|Lovely. What'll we do? Ram her?
We are now picking up|attacking warriors on the scanner.
We are too close|to the surface.
Sir, telemetry reports surface|of Carillon reaching vapor point.
There are only two ships.|It is a deception.
Open fire|and retreat from the planet.
- Uh, Apollo--|- Okay, Starbuck.
Let's get outta here before that tylium|we set on fire blows the planet apart.
[ Adama ]|Negative field now.
She's going to explode.
Let's go home.
Some home-- a piece of metal|in the middle of nowhere.
Beats just plain nowhere,|at least until we find Earth.
Think we'll ever|really find it?
We'll find it, someday.
Let's go in.
[ Adama ]|Fleeing from the Cylon tyranny,
the last battlestar,|Galactica,
leads a ragtag fugitive fleet|on a lonely quest:
a shining planet...|known as Earth.