Bayoneta (2018) Movie Script

In your homes,
listening to this broadcast.
There it is again,
the sharp jab from Miguel Galndez,
limiting the movements
of a confused "Tremendo" Duarte.
Friends, he's having
a hard time this round.
And Bayoneta is here again, pushing
forward and imposing himself on the ring.
The hook Duarte had to take!
The unfortunate boxer from Juriquilla!
He's been knocked out
much too early in the match.
The referee is already doing
the safety countdown.
One, two, three, four.
Are you OK?
These things happen, dude.
There, there.
Hey, kid, it's not your fault.
Come on. Come on.
It's OK.
Calm down.
Hey, hey, wait, come on.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Don't do that! Don't!
- Miguel?
- Miguel! Fuck, stop it!
- What's wrong with Miguel?
- The doctor is coming.
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
Hey, good morning.
Where the hell are you?
Where the hell are you, man?
Where the hell are you?
Where was it?
Hey, dude, raise your elbow,
you know? Keep it straight up, always.
Hey, Mickey!
- I need you here.
- Yeah.
The Mexican is not going to let you
breathe, at least not in the early rounds.
So you keep on moving.
You use your diagonals.
- Let's go, show him.
- OK.
So, you've got to work Carmona
from a distance, all the time.
If he shortens the distance,
you try to escape, like this.
So, keep it all the time.
- Good?
- OK, now you block his way.
- OK.
- OK, so, this way.
And now this way.
- This way, yeah, block, block!
- I see.
Block, down. Good, this way. Again.
Block. Yeah, good.
- Now, you're going to meet Tony.
- Yeah, OK.
Is anyone going to sauna?
You wanted to see us?
Yeah, come on in, both.
Sit down, sit down.
OK. Are we on schedule with Remu?
Yeah. He's on point, physically.
Yeah, and Carmona is not the same
as he was before.
Five years ago, he would've killed him,
but I think now we have a chance.
Fuck, fuck! God damn it!
You're ready for the sparring sessions?
Fuck, God damn it!
I hate it too, this cold weather.
It's like when we were in Buffalo,
No, this is much worse.
I don't hate it. It just makes me
too aware of everything.
Too aware of my body.
Listen, Mickey.
We'll go through this fight, Remu wins,
make some money to start over again.
Then, we might go our separate ways,
but it won't happen like this,
- when you're late every fucking morning.
- Yeah.
Yeah, maybe this was a mistake, no?
Who's this?
- Who's this?
- Hang up, Yovana.
Come on!
Focus on the body,
and get out.
- Shit!
- Long punches, Remu!
It's on fire!
Hey, cool off, man. It's not going
to be so easy with Carmona.
Stretch your arms, man,
you look like a kid.
How do you think you're going to hit him
with those tiny arms?
Jump in, Mexican bitch.
Come on, fucking jump in,
let's dance.
- Yeah, keep going.
- You want to jiggle with this?
Fucking punk.
All right, again!
Go on. Leave him no chance!
Remu! Are you gonna
win the championship for us?
Sarita. Look.
- What?
- He's my Mexican friend, Mickey. Sarita.
- Hey.
- Want a beer?
- Sure.
- One beer, and a soda water for me.
- Is she your wife?
- No, you're married?
I have a daughter.
- For your daughter.
- Cheers.
You're doing great, man.
Your legs are moving better now.
All I know is giving and taking punches.
Yeah, well.
I guess we can call that a job.
Hey, I'll be back in a second.
OK, hey.
- Need anything, Mickey?
- No.
What was your name, again?
The blows to the head
must be affecting your memory.
Sarita. That's a Mexican name.
Do I look Mexican to you?
Karaoke here this Saturday.
- What's up?
- What's up?
I came to see Ramiro.
Come on in.
Dad. Someone's looking for you.
- What's up, dude? It's the Yeti himself!
- How are you.
- How are you, Baby?
- How have you been?
- I'm good, and you?
- I'm great, what's up?
- Not much.
- That's a big secret you kept from me.
So you already told those Vikings
everything about me?
The only thing "baby" about you
is your nickname, right?
Screw that "baby" thing. Hey, son!
- Come here.
- What's up?
- Hi.
- Even though he looks like a mangy dog,
he was the best at the delegation of 2004.
- Oh?
- "Bayoneta" Galndez, medal winner.
- Oh?
- Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
- Remember, you horn bag?
- Me?
You were trying to fuck all the Chinese
synchronized swimmers.
And you were trying to fuck
the entire Olympic village.
- That was something dude.
- It really was, man.
- Mr. Nacho, look who's here!
- Hi, Mr. Nacho.
- It's been a while.
- Oh, yes. How are you?
I was glad to hear you were working here.
Oh, thanks.
And with that fucker, Denis.
How did that happen?
What happened there?
Well... It was a huge surprise for me too,
to be honest.
Hey, Mickey.
- Did you show our style to the Vikings?
- Shut up, dude.
Hey, in all honesty,
what's that guy's kryptonite?
Should I kick his balls, or bite his tits?
Put a bottle of vodka
in his dressing room, and you'll see.
Hey, Mickey. A gift.
- Oh, come on!
- Nice!
- Are you going to eat them here?
- Yes, this is nice, man.
- Cool.
- Spicy, man.
- You brought the sauce?
- Sure do!
- Hello?
- Erika.
How's Yovana?
Is it really you?
Is it?
Weren't you dead?
I'd like to talk to her,
if you don't mind.
She grew up, Miguel.
I want to help, Erika.
I want you to be able
to count on me.
I'd like to be a father for Yovana, and...
I have a job here.
I'm about to get some money...
And I want to come back.
I want my life back.
So you're back from the dead,
after four years?
Go fuck yourself, Miguel!
Hey, Mickey! You can come
up here, we need you.
I want a clean fight
no holding, no hitting below the belt.
Good luck and have a good fight.
Keep moving. Fight from the outside,
and don't stay on the ropes too long.
Come on, Remu.
Come on, Remu, good.
Be careful.
- Get out of there!
- Stay out of reach, man, come on!
Stay closer.
Don't let him to get so close. If he gets
his teeth on you, he won't let go.
Look at his eye. I can knock
him out, boss, I can take him out.
Hey, move forward, move forward!
Hey, let him go!
Hey, hey, hey! The mouthpiece! He's wining
time. That's fucking low, you bastard!
Two, three, four.
You've got the points.
Don't do anything foolish.
OK, go to your corner.
Watch his jab, watch his jab!
- Come on, kid!
- Hit him, hit him!
Why are you stopping now?
Why'd you stop the fight now?
Why the fuck did you stop now?
Don't stop, come on. He spits his
fucking mouthpiece and you stop the fight?
Jesus Christ, man.
Go on, Jyrki! Kill him!
- I invested in this.
- Yes, you did. I know.
- You OK?
- Better than ever.
It's not every day you lose...
a big match like that.
Yeah. Come on, have a drink.
- No, I'm good.
- Hey, take it.
- I'm good.
- Take a drink, you know? Let's celebrate.
Come on! A little
sip of jallu. Go on, take some!
Hey! Come on!
- Easy, easy. Huh?
- Hey!
You know? It was my fault.
I chose wrong, you know?
Jaakko! God damn it!
Hey, hey. Like... what, Jyrki?
- You can't fucking...
- What? Come on, Jyrki! Hello!
It's me, Jaakko. Come on, now! Seriously!
- Everything's OK!
- OK, I get it.
I get it, I get it.
- God damn it.
- Oh, Jyrki, look at you...
- Nighty night.
- Go away.
Thank you, Mr. Jaakko,
for taking care of a friend.
- Let's go!
- Where?
- Let's go to the bar. To the bar, yeah?
- No, I'm OK, thanks.
Let's get a couple of drinks.
You think he's OK?
He's OK. Better than ever,
you know?
Crazy, right?
- What?
- Ice hockey. Violent game for simpletons.
Actually, fights are not allowed
in real hockey.
It's an American thing. It's pure
simulations. Show business.
When one of the knees touches the ice,
the fighting stops, and the game goes on.
Boxing is...
More dreadful. It's more like life,
you know?
I saw you in Austin.
When you knocked out that Nicaraguan,
what was his name?
- Yeah, Madrigal Rivas.
- Yes! He was a... a serious...
anesthetist. A real knock-out artist.
A no-brain, but some don't need it.
You made a lot of people
lose money that night.
You were a five to one on the dock,
I never liked that nickname.
I think it's stupid.
Perhaps. Bayoneta is a rustic weapon.
For peasants. Your thing
was always more subtle.
Yeah, that's the kind of thing people say
when they're behind a microphone.
Maybe, but... journalists will see you
always with a mixture of...
- respect, envy, and pity. Its...
- Why envy? You can write your whole life.
But there are eternal
boxers too. Take a look at Carmona.
No way, no. Carmona, he's just searching
for the last bit of applause.
And he's searching
for the last few dollars.
You see? That's the kind of thing
you people will never understand.
When you're hungry and healthy,
nobody cares what can happen to you.
But, when you start making serious money,
a doctor shows up and says: "No more."
But that wasn't what happened to you.
You got an early retirement after
that fight with "Tremendo" Duarte.
But I'm surprised you
even know about that.
It was talked about, you know?
- Especially because of all the rumors...
- What rumors?
What the fuck are you talking about?
What do you know about that?
Those were all lies, you know?
I'm sorry. I didn't mean
to imply anything.
- Look at me. I'm sorry.
- It's all good.
Miguel. Please, I'm sorry.
- You!
- Can I have another one?
You have a touch for beer.
There you go.
Just the right amount of foam.
I sure didn't know you were an expert.
There's a lot of things
you don't know about me.
I'll buy you a drink.
Of all the places in the world,
I never thought I would end up here.
I mean, if you put a map in front of me
and ask: "Hey, Mickey, where's Finland?"
I'd have no idea.
I mean, I knew it was near London,
or something, but...
Yeah, well, I have no idea
where Tijuana is.
That... is a hole, at the border
with the "gringos."
You're not missing anything.
- But there's sun, right?
- Yes.
Here, it's always night.
You get used to it, I guess.
Why Finland?
I came to train Remu.
So you retired from boxing,
but you couldn't stay away?
I guess.
You should.
Oh. Is this yours?
Yup. I know. Old and dead, like my soul.
You should go, before you freeze to death.
Galndez keeps showing great
leg power
despite the punishment received
at the hands of the Nicaraguan.
He tries again with a jab. He tries again
to combine them,
and he takes a breather to try to find
possible gaps in Madrigal's defenses.
Watch out! That left punch did hurt,
Galndez moves, he's taken to the ropes.
One, two, another left punch, and
the referee stops the fight!
Gentlemen, another triumph for this boy,
Galndez, who went against all odds
and imposes himself against
Madrigal Rivas, a seasoned fighter!
He celebrates in his corner.
Let's watch the replay.
The moment when Galndez penetrates
Madrigal Rivas' defenses, with technique.
Watch out for him, he could be one of
the next aces of Mexican boxing.
I'm talking of course of Bayoneta and his
strong right arm,
He also has an Olympic past,
remember Sydney?
Think of him as someone
in the international leagues, my friends.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- You came in early.
- Yeah, I couldn't sleep.
Mickey, there's something
I have to tell you.
Jyrki is bankrupt.
He thought the fight would bail him out,
so he mortgaged the gym. He can't pay us.
What are we going to do?
We can only wait.
Good, good. OK, great!
Very good. Nice.
Miguel. What are you doing here?
Could you train me again?
- What?
- You heard me.
I want to fight. I want you...
I want you to train me again.
- Are you fucking crazy?
- No.
I can do it.
I still have something to give.
I need the money. I need the money for
my daughter. We need the money. We do.
I realized it's the only way, you know?
We do a good fight.
And then we can stop thinking
about that every fucking day.
No. OK? Get that idea out of your head.
- There's 30, and four.
- Hey.
OK, I'll take it from here.
So now you know.
The lease on the building
expires in two months.
Then I'm out on the street.
- Sorry I lied to you.
- That's OK.
Doesn't matter anymore.
I need to fight.
Did you hear what I said?
Some days, I wake up and I feel this...
hole in my chest.
And I think...
I can't stop thinking.
Crazy shit.
I don't have to know your reasons, Mickey.
I'll pay you. We all help one another.
- Hey, Mickey.
- Hey.
You're exaggerating, it's not so cold.
How did you make a living
after you retired?
I worked in a cruise ship,
doing the laundry.
And once, the singer of the ship
got sick, so I did the show.
- Now you're lying.
- I don't lie.
- Yes, you lie.
- I don't.
- I don't believe you.
- It was a huge success.
The ladies were all over me.
- Come on. Sing for me.
- No.
I knew you were a liar.
What does it say?
Hmm. The same thing all songs talk about.
And about snow.
Hey, are you coming?
Hi. Did everything go well?
Yes. He had his evening meal
and went to bed already.
That's great. Thank you so much.
- Be safe.
- I will.
I'll be back in a minute.
Can I ask you one thing?
You want to know who the man
in the photo is?
Yes, how do you know?
I can see it in your face.
He was my husband.
You're divorced?
Remu's friend?
I thought you wanted to ask one question.
It was his brother.
I'm going to close my eyes now.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Are you hungry?
This isn't your country, Mickey.
Nobody cares about ruins.
But, as it turns out,
call it a morbid curiosity, or whatever,
your comeback interested
a couple of promoters.
April 25th, Sweden.
An interesting prospect.
Undefeated. All by knockout.
They want you
as a stepping stone.
- They're going to be surprised.
- How much?
- After taxes, 2 thousand, for you.
- Good.
They can pay some upfront.
To help our camp.
So it's a good start.
Now it's up to you.
Who's going to coach me?
Come on, tell him.
I don't want to waste my time.
- You won't?
- You sure you really want to do this?
I am.
- OK!
- So, it's done.
Now, you do your thing.
Hey, hey. Stop eating
that shit in my office.
- Now, get the fuck out of here.
- OK.
OK, let's go!
Corner him!
Work the body, I said.
Where'd you leave your legs, Bayoneta?
No good.
Not so easy, huh?
Get up and move faster.
- Come on.
- Come on!
- Are you done with that?
- One more.
Yes, one more now.
You see that guy at the car?
He was one of the few who took
my brother down.
You knew I had a brother, Mickey?
He was a fighter too.
I watched him get up early in the morning
every day to go training.
And I thought to myself, if anybody
wants to get up at 4 a.m. to get a beating
it's got to be a great thing to do.
I really looked up to him.
I begged him to take me training.
He was so tough, you know?
He fought almost every weekend.
He never got knocked down
until his 56th fight.
First time he got knocked down,
we even celebrated it.
He was a true journeyman.
But then, as time went on, he started
getting knocked down more often.
He'd mostly spring right up again,
you know? But...
there was a day when he didn't get up.
It was a bad neurological problem,
but he didn't tell.
Not us, not me, or Sarita.
And they just had the boy, Emery.
The doctor told him
he had to stop fighting.
But he didn't give a damn.
He just kept taking punches like a madman,
till Sarita found out about his condition,
and threatened to take the boy away
if he didn't stop.
And then...
Then, he took the ferry to Sweden.
He took his last drink, and...
he jumped into the water,
and that was it.
Why are you telling me this?
You're a good man, Mickey.
No, I'm not.
I never met a good guy in this business.
I'm a good guy.
Yes, I fight, but...
I don't want to hurt anyone.
Come on!
You won't last two rounds like that,
come on!
Come on, Miguel!
- OK, time.
- Fuck.
Can we do this inside?
Can we do this inside? It's the same.
Go, Bayoneta, go!
Give me one second.
Hey, Mickey, what the fuck?
Thanks for not answering
my fucking messages.
I'm sorry, I've been pretty busy.
You told me you were retired.
Remu told me about his brother.
About your husband.
I didn't call you because I didn't want
to cause you more problems.
Yeah, I can take care of myself.
I get to do my own decisions.
- Mickey, get back here.
- Yes, I'm coming.
Those legs are much better now.
Why don't you try to do
something with them?
I remember when we were young, we used
to go all the time on this cruise ship,
get drunk, smoke cigarettes, it was
easier to get that stuff.
One time, on this one boat,
I didn't like the DJ,
so I walked upstairs, on top of him,
and took a piss on his neck.
Then both guards came after us,
but we got away.
- It's me, Jyrki.
- Come in.
- Tomorrow's the big day.
- Yes.
- Who's she?
- My daughter.
Don't we look alike?
It's funny, how things happen.
You know? I know you'll make it.
I knew you could make a comeback.
I never doubted it.
I'm so thirsty, man.
I could drink the whole ocean.
I told Denis I wanted you
to be his assistant.
I still believe that accident
isn't enough to break a guy like you.
I would've liked to know you then.
Your strength.
Your determination.
I wanted my boys to learn that.
To follow your example.
Yeah, well.
I'm pretty sure I'm not
everything you're saying, but thanks.
Seems like everyone
bet their money on you. How does it feel?
I don't care about
money at all. I've trained hard
for this fight, that's all I care about.
Galndez. Suddenly, you decide
to reappear out of nowhere.
How does it feel to get your gloves
back on after so long?
I feel confident. We trained hard.
I'm as hungry as I was
in my first fight.
Five years ago, your career came into
what at the moment seemed like an
abrupt and premature end.
What made you decide to make a comeback?
Well, hmm,
this is the only thing I know how to do.
What's up, Yovana, how are you?
I'm your dad.
Please, don't hang up.
What do you want?
Well, I'm going to Tijuana, and...
Remember when we used to go eat
lobsters at Cosmos?
I was thinking we could go there, and...
And we could go to the beach, if you want.
That place was closed years ago.
There was a shooting.
Why did you leave?
Just remember, Mickey...
A fighter from our very own city
of Stockholm, ladies and gentlemen.
Please welcome the undisputed.
Reigning, defending Scandinavian.
Welterweight champion.
Gunnar Gunther Balasevic!
Dear friends, the big question
that's surely on everyone's mind is
if Miguel "Bayoneta" Galndez is ready
to fight at the top of his weight class.
Move forward! Come on, come on!
OK, stay light!
Come on, Mickey!
Get him, get up! Yes!
A little bit of action!
It's OK, breathe, breathe!
The crowd goes wild, did we
witness another quick knockout
by the Scandinavian champion?
- Come on, get up!
- Mickey, wake up!
Balasevic lands a straight ring
on Bayoneta's chin,
sending him to the canvas like a rag doll.
- ...eight. You OK?
- Yes.
- Yes, yes.
- Yes? Keep your guard up, go!
Let him go!
Come back here.
Balasevic attacks. If
the Mexican wants to counter those fists,
he has to at least find some of that
old, famous Bayoneta in him.
Keep going, man.
Keep your distance. That's it.
You got time, you got time!
- Yes.
- Yes.
Come on, move forward.
Come on, man!
Go home!
To the right, didn't lose.
Watch for his left.
Move it, kid, move it!
One, two. Yeah! That's it!
Balasevic is undoubtedly
one of Sweden's most talented boxers,
and his ability to take in
the punches is truly admirable.
But today, he's been steamrolled
by a man whose comeback
seemed unlikely after his last,
tragic fight.
Yeah, keep your guard up.
Come on, Miguel.
Easy. Not yet, one more round.
What did you say?
Mickey, come on, let's go!
What did you say?
What did you say?
And look at this, people.
What is this man made of?
The Swede's chin must be made of steel,
and his body of granite.
Balasevic's up. Looks like he wants to see
this fight to the end, no matter what.
The fight is fixed.
- He's letting me win.
- No, Miguel, he's at your reach.
- You can get him.
- He told me: "One more round."
- He told me: "One more round."
- No, they wouldn't do that here.
He told me: "One more round."
They want me to knock him on this one.
- No, Miguel, don't you fucking dare, OK?
- Yeah, yeah. No.
Ladies and gentlemen, what
first seemed like a walk in the park
for Balasevic has turned into a nightmare.
Come on, Miguel, fight!
Get close,
come on, come on! Fight, Miguel!
What are you doing?
Something's wrong with Bayoneta,
he's hardly countering any of the punches.
He turned his back to his opponent.
Come on, fight!
Mickey, you can't do this!
Come on, kid! What are you doing?
Come on!
Bayoneta is no longer fighting,
which leads to his disqualification.
From your homes, listening
to this broadcast,
and there it is again, the sharp
cutting jab from Miguel Galndez,
marking and limiting the movements
of a confused "Tremendo" Duarte.
We're on our 10th round,
and this is madness, friends.
Who's to blame for this atrocity
we're witnessing?
A real savagery coming from both corners.
The referee, who should've stopped
this fight, and the medical team.
One, two, three, four...
This is the main event.
The main event, from Las Vegas, Nevada.
From Libertad, Tijuana.
"Bayoneta" Galndez!
No one.
No one. Mmm.
Fucking shit, man. God damn.
Hail Mary, full of grace.
Our Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women, and blessed
is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
What do you think about your dad, Yovana?
I'm the best, bitches,
you don't get anything, no sir.
Champion of nothing. Bayoneta!
What's wrong?
What's wrong? Baby, what's wrong?
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
What's wrong, love?
Where are you going, huh?
Where are you going, Miguel?
Everything's in order.
The bandaging seems to be
by the rules. We need to run more tests.
You may leave.
Miguel? Miguel!
The door was open.
It makes no sense, man.
All the time we spent in the ring.
For you. Take it, Miguel, It's yours.
Take it.
You know nothing, man.
You don't know what it's like to kill
someone with your bare hands, dude.
You don't know what it's like to hit
someone in the face non-stop,
knowing you're fucking up their brain.
You don't know what it feels...
to hear someone...
falling on the ring,
while you already know...
you know he will not get up again.
And he doesn't.
And you start thinking
about a lot of things.
About his wife.
His children, dude.
His children, dude.
And the hardest part?
The hardest part is knowing
that all that pain...
is happening because
you're a fucking fraud.
- Why did you make me do it, man?
- Stop it, there.
How'd you make me do it?
Why don't you want to hear it?
You don't because you are
just as guilty as me, man.
Just as guilty. When are you going
to take responsibility for what we did?
He put that shit
on the bandages.
We cheat.
You think I don't know it?
You think I don't think about it
every fucking day?
I wasn't only about you and me, Mickey.
There were a lot of people involved.
It was something bigger than us,
and you know it.
What's up?
It's me, your dad.
I know, I can see you.
How are you, Yovana?
It's snowing here, look.
Can you see?
I don't see anything.
You owe me 25 bucks.
I wanted you to win, Miguel.
Birthday boy.
- Happy birthday.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I just wanted to say goodbye.
- You're leaving?
- Yeah.
I'm going back to Tijuana.
Do you want to come?
I could bring you and the kid.
- What would I do in such a sunny place?
- Yeah.
- I had to try.
- Yeah.
OK, who wants some cake?
Isn't it nice? Thanks.
Is that a bit slanted?
It's gorgeous. Isn't it?
I'm happy with it too.
- Did you make this yourself?
- Yes, I made it all by myself.
So, the birthday boy is here.
This is a bit like...
What cake is this?
I think it's a chocolate cake.
All the goodies.
Here we go, birthday boy first.