Bayonetta: Bloody Fate (2013) Movie Script

A long time ago, in a remote part of Europe,
in a place called Vigrid...
...lived those who were known
as the observers of history.
The Umbra Witches,
the followers of darkness.
And the Lumen Sages,
the followers of the light.
The witches were in league with demons
and the sages were allied with angels...
...they were responsible
for protecting the world... keeping the right balance
between them.
However, the balance was lost suddenly.
It started because a sage and a witch
violated the decrees that bound them...
...and produced a child.
The woman was imprisoned
and the man was banished...
...but that was only the beginning.
"The intersection of light and dark
will bring calamity to this earth."
That legend had become reality.
Right Eye and Left Eye
govern the power of creation.
The forbidden child who the witches took charge of
possessed the powers of Left Eye.
When the two eyes are brought together...
...the Creator Jubileus will be made incarnate
and a New World will be created.
This is heavens will and heavens order.
The sages were on heavens side,
the witches were against them...
...resulting in a conflict over Left Eye.
The conflict grew and grew until it became
a full-blown war between angels and demons...
...and the world was sent hurtling
towards destruction.
The sages and the witches died out in their droves,
and the war came to an end.
The truth of their existences
slipped into obscurity.
The forbidden child grew up to be a witch...
...but she was hidden away
and sealed in a secret place...
500 years later...
The witch, who hunts angels,
has returned...
"Mass suicide in Ragna church."
Fleur de Cirey...
To a city of melancholy
far and above myself.
To an eternal sorrow
far and above myself.
To the annihilation of the people
far and above myself.
Abandon hope, all who enter here.
To a city of melancholy
far and above myself.
To an eternal sorrow
far and above myself.
To the annihilation of the people
far and above myself.
Abandon hope, all who enter here.
Whats going on?
This time, Ill reveal her for who she really is.
Look what youve done to my outfit.
Youre so impatient.
You presume too much.
Im not the partner you seek.
It was a wonderful performance, Rodin.
But of course, Bayonetta.
By the way... is my Knight ready?
Whether youll like him or not
is another thing.
The Elfin Knight.
It is a good name for a knights weapon.
The funs only just started.
Whats going on?
My car!
Im still paying the loan.
This is bad!
I must become the cornerstone
of Left Eye.
Unleash all your powers of darkness.
What are you talking about?
The Creator will soon return.
Youre wasting your time.
Whats going on here?
My infernal partner is
telling me hes hungry!
Hed be quite satisfied with
a catch like you.
Its dinnertime, my sweet.
Oh, I forgot. Theres another reason
why Im hunting you.
I take pleasure from watching
your face distort with pain.
Transform the world as it should be?
Thats the face I was talking about.
It gets me so excited!!
May the Creator, Jubileus, grace you!
You put on quite a show.
Did you like the Knight?
Not bad.
Itll do as a sidekick for a while.
Time to open the bar.
Ill be waiting.
If I can be bothered.
Ill prepare Mysterious Destiny
with an olive.
I thought it was a mouse.
But it was you, Cheshire.
The names Luka.
Its about time you remembered.
What is it?
Guys who stalk the ladies
never get the girl.
I wouldnt worry.
Ive got the looks.
Claire, Trish, Sylvia and
Ammy are all crazy about me.
Im impressed you have
so many friends.
But its not nice to be a peeping Tom.
Such a bad boy.
Stop it!
Thats professional equipment.
Not to mention,
you made a huge dent in my car!
Did I?
Did it conveniently slip your mind again?
Ill never forget what happened
20 years ago.
Fleur de Cirey.
Ill always remember the smell.
The same smell from the day my father died...
the day I first saw you.
As a journalist...
Ill expose you for who you are.
Thats a turn on.
Remember this.
You can disappear, but Ill know
you by your scent.
The famous perfume, Fleur de Cirey.
The sweet essence of rosemary.
It doesnt suit you.
You dont know that much about perfume
do you, Cheshire?
My names Luka!
Rosemary isnt used in Fleur de Cirey.
It wards off evil spirits.
How funny, a perfume
that keeps witches away.
They heard the commotion.
See you, Cheshire.
Bayonetta, wait!
This isnt good.
The reawakening is close.
Good girl.
There are demons in places like this.
You should go somewhere safer.
I am here in front of
the Ithavoll Tower, in Vigrid...
...a sacred site of the Ragna.
This year, the 500 year wait for the return of
the Creator Jubileus, is meant to come to an end.
Believers all around the world
are joyously celebrating his coming.
In other news, more suicides have been reported.
Only yesterday a head priest
of the Ragna...
...committed suicide
with over 20 believers.
The cathedral, where the bodies had
been laid was destroyed.
This has prompted many countries
to pronounce states of emergency...
...and believers of Ragna have been
asked to remain calm.
The supreme leader of the Ithavoll Group,
who effectively governs this sacred city... preparing to appear in public
for the first time.
The humans are panicking.
Its pathetic!
Sacrificing themselves for
the resurrection of some God?
But its thanks to these idiots
that Im in business.
Youre overcharging for
the funerals youre taking on.
Youre not such a good guy, either.
Im a good guy. As long as Im making money!
Anyone with a conscience wouldnt want
to handle these crazy believers.
When you look at it, Im
quite the philanthropist.
If thats the case, you should be
donating to the Church.
And you owe me my reward.
Dont make me laugh.
You enjoy killing angels.
You take pleasure in it, right?
Isnt that enough?
Hey, wait. Slow down.
Im sorry?
Shit!! Youre the one
that trashed the cathedral.
So I say goodbye to any profit.
Consider my position!
I offer my condolences.
But the deal was information in
exchange for a troublesome funeral.
I got you.
You have a good memory, even if you
cant remember your own name.
Her name is Bayonetta.
Thats the name you gave her.
Its 20 years since she awoke from
her coffin at the bottom of that lake.
Shes one big mystery and all she
knows is being a witch.
Its one thing killing angels
and offering them up to demons...
...she could at least make some
money out of it while shes at it.
Men who blabber lead short lives.
And here he is. Mr. Balder,
the leader of the Ithavoll Group.
Its fair to say that the Groups vast
fortune supports the economy of Vigrid.
If Mr. Balder, revered by his followers,
tackles this well...
Oh, thats him!
Ill give you the lowdown on him
as your reward.
Hes the head of the Ragna.
Apparently, its the first time
hes shown his face in public.
This coincides with the first
resurrection in 500 years.
Some say he has been alive
since the last resurrection.
If thats the truth, hes not human.
In spite of appearances, the Ithavoll Group
possesses the very latest technology.
The believers see technology
as a holy miracle.
According to informants, Balder is
a descendent of the long lost sages...
...the votaries of light and enemy of
the witches spoken of in folklore.
A modern day sage...
A tasty snippet of info, right?
Im waiting, dear daughter.
She seems happy with the reward.
I am going home.
My sons are going to throw me
a birthday party.
Not paying for your drinks again?
Thats your birthday present, right?
Thank you.
Ill contact you when I get a job.
Freaky undertaker.
You were holding that when you awoke.
It doesnt help you to remember?
At the moment that man, Balder,
interests me more.
He holds the key to my lost memory.
Is that what Enzos info told you?
Call it a womans sixth sense.
So youre going to Vigrid?
Take whatever you want.
Ive waited 500 years for
this time to come.
The girl will find her way
here in the end.
And will history repeat itself? Or...
Her path is predestined.
And Ill tell you why.
I understand the rules
of the three worlds. I see it all.
Our actions will help in
the reconstruction of the supreme world.
Its ironic that Right Eye
should choose chaos over order.
Youre wrong. The world is already in chaos.
My daughter and I must become
the Eyes of the World.
And unless the three worlds merge as one,
there will be no true order, no true peace.
The logic of a madman.
You dont have the capacity to understand.
Yet you cannot distance yourself from me.
The angels are working hard for me.
You too, Jeanne.
Ive waited 500 years.
You must be looking forward
to seeing her again.
Everything we do is to prepare
for the coming of the Creator, Jubileus.
The Creation of a New World draws close.
The datas intact...
Yet I still couldnt capture her true form.
Where will I find you next, Bayonetta?
Ragna... the descendent of the sages...
When my father tried to uncover
the truth about the sages and witches...
Bayonetta killed him.
Awaken, dear daughter!
Yes... come here.
Im sorry. But who are you?
You possess the same
magic powers as me.
Im going to ask you again.
Who are you?
Your extended sleep seems to
have dulled your senses.
Have I met you before? You seem
to know who I am.
I know you better than you do.
Im even more curious.
If you can defeat me, Ill explain.
The funs just begun.
I remember this. What about you?
Not yet.
But I get the feeling Ill remember
once Ive knocked you down.
Youre so slow.
Is that all you have?
I dont know. I think I have
a few other tricks up my sleeve.
What else can you do with that toy?
Ill show you. You still want to play, right?
You must be kidding...
Were not getting anywhere.
Hey, Daddy. Is Mummy here?
If youre a good girl, Mummy
will come for you.
Cerezas a good girl!
You can wait on your own?
Of course!
Cheshire. Its okay, right?
Please come quickly, Mummy.
Ive never seen this bar before.
Its a temporary bar.
Isnt there something you want to tell me?
The Knight would be disappointed.
You think the same, right?
What did you do to it?
A shoot out with some bitch.
You were shooting at yourself?
Ill repair it.
Make it a little tougher next time.
Fancy a drink?
Im in a hurry. I look forward to
a more satisfactory Knight.
Mummy, where are you?
Rodins not the only one who wants
me to take a detour.
Where am I exactly?
Its no party for one thing.
Mummy! Mummy!
Mummy! Mummy!
A ghost!
Can you see angels?
Mummy! Mummy!
This is troublesome!
You want to play, huh?
Let me oblige.
Please stop crying.
I hate crybabies as much as
I hate cockroaches.
And Im not your mother!
You take cover, little one.
An angel seeks my attention.
But it doesnt seem to
want to harm this little girl.
Tell me why you went to
the trouble of bringing me here.
Were going to be safe, right?
I must become the cornerstone
of resurrection.
Come on. Lets dance!
Im going to enjoy this.
You find me that engaging?
You want to take me by force?
Bad boy!
It seems Ill have to teach you a lesson!
Come on, then.
Lets dance, baby!!
May the Creator, Jubileus, grace you!
Mummy! Mummy!
Whats your name, little one?
Have you forgotten, Mummy?
Very probably...
What are you doing in such
a dreadful place?
Daddy told me to wait here for Mummy.
He left you alone?
Im not alone. Cheshires here.
You were crying like a baby.
Mummy, lets go home.
How many times do I have to tell you?
Im not your mother.
Your father will be back soon.
But I want to stay with you, Mummy.
This is awkward.
Come here.
Okay, Mummy!
Youre very clumsy.
What is it, Mummy?
Little one, whats this?
You gave it to me
for my birthday, Mummy.
No more falling over.
Hold on tight!
Okay, Mummy!
And no more Mummy.
Okay, Mummy!
Mummy, its fun taking a bath with you.
Yes, but you nagged me into it.
You dont live with your mother?
You know I dont.
Ive lived on my own for ages.
Your mother hates crybabies.
But Im not a crybaby!
Mummy! Why didnt you come to see me?
Why did you leave me alone?
I dont know.
Because Im not your mother.
I hate you!
You were all alone?
Any friends?
Its so pretty! Just like snow!
What a pushover...
I dont recall asking for room service.
You should think about your
methods. Someone could sue.
Not so many methods to choose
from with a witch.
Who is he?
Cheshire... No.
Hes a perverted old guy
who photographs ladies.
You have a daughter?
Of course, not.
But the process of making a baby
interests me.
Well, Im not interested...
Not interested... at all...
Not... interested... all!
Oh! He fell!
Is the old guy dead?
No ghost is coming to fetch him,
so he must be alive.
Im not an old guy.
Asleep already?
Youre very persistent.
How much longer do you intend to hang
around with that toy of yours, Cheshire?
The names Luka.
Bayonetta, whats happening in this city?
I dont care.
Why are you here, then?
Its none of your business.
Its everything to do with me...
you killed my father.
Ive heard enough of that assumption.
Dont play innocent with me.
My father was a journalist...
...who devoted his life to solving the mystery
of the sages and the witches.
Its ironic that a witch should kill him.
By revealing your identity, perhaps
I can uncover the truth he sought.
According to his notes,
about 500 years ago...
...the sages and the witches suddenly disappeared...
...and their legend was lost.
However, the witch, Bayonetta,
reappeared 20 years ago.
And now a descendent of the sages,
Balder, has come forward.
It must have something to do
with the resurrection.
Youre going to see Balder, right?
Youll understand why you killed my father
when you regain your memory.
And what happened...
Mummy! Where did you go?
Little one.
Im busy babysitting.
I wish you could take over.
Well, thats a good idea.
Mummy. Where did you go?
I was lonely.
If you cry anymore,
I wont sleep with you.
Youll never leave me again, right?
Whats up, little girl?
Im a... Im a crybaby.
So my Mummy left me.
Bayonettas gone?
She didnt!
She was serious about me babysitting you!
Lets go look for your Mummy together.
Yes, old guy.
Little girl, Im like an older brother.
Yes, old guy.
Lets get going.
The two eyes that govern the world
are about to be reunited.
With the resurrection of the Creator Jubileus
at hand, the angels are restless.
You will be sacrificed in order to
awaken Left Eye.
We are in consensus...
All of this is to fulfill our goal.
For the Creation of a New World!
Thats a nice car.
It is a pity itll end up in the scrapyard.
What is it?
Somethings coming this way?
Can you see something?
They piss me off.
She put on quite a show.
Your Mummy is easy to follow.
Youve had enough fun.
Its my turn now.
Ask me out with a nicer car next time.
Not again... this is taking its toll on me.
I dedicate my life to the Creator, Jubileus.
Old guy. We havent caught up with
Mummy yet, right?
Nearly there. Be patient.
Once we see the airport, well be close
to the island with the Ithavoll Tower.
Well find your mother.
As long as the airport itself is intact.
Heres the exit.
Whats going on?
This is overdoing it,
even by Bayonettas standards!
That ghost is big!
Retreat! Retreat!
The more I hunt angels,
the more powerful I feel.
What a turn on!
It suits you!
Bayonetta! If I cant find transport
were going to be in trouble.
Were going to escape in that, little girl.
What is it?
Put me down.
Youll get burned.
Did you see Mummy?
Ghosts are coming!!
Dont be silly. I cant see a thing.
I smell rosemary.
Old guy?
Little girl, your older brothers
eyesight is good.
Its time to go.
Put these on!
Very well.
What are they?
Could they be angels?
Little girl, is this really happening?
Hey, are they really angels?
They look like monsters.
Well, well. What brings you here?
You must be mad.
Is that an angel, too?
Shell be fine!
Little girl, is your mother
fighting the monsters?
Mummys a witch. Shes strong
and protects others.
A Witch...who protects others?
Yeah, of course!
Im going to become a strong
witch to protect Mummy.
Hoping something will blossom.
Great! Mummy beat the ghosts!
Take these back.
Are they magic glasses?
But you can see ghosts without
glasses, you know.
Angels? But I can still smell her.
Little one... are you crying?
No, Im not!
I wanted you to babysit her at home.
How many times have I told you?
Im not Luka. Im Cheshire!
Will you stop taking the piss?
This is Cheshire.
Will you take us to the Ithavoll Tower?
Youre in luck. Thats just where
this helicopter is headed.
Im taking you as far as I can go.
The Umbra witch...
...possesses the outstanding power
the sage spoke of.
The two eyes of darkness and light...
...that observed
this world for many years.
The Creation of a New World is here.
Umbra witch, receive the blessings of Jubileus.
Here we are!!
Good to see you, my daughter.
The hardship is nearly over.
The signpost to your lost memory
is waiting.
Give me everything youve got.
Its on our tail!
Oh! Were safe?
Wheres Bayonetta?
Youre late. Ive been waiting.
I hope youre going to entertain me this time.
Youll find out soon.
Ill stretch you to your limits...
draw everything out.
Do your best... if you can.
Isnt it a shame that you have to fight
with such a crappy weapon!
I can still sense your fear.
Your memory will make things clear.
You instinctively fear the fate that you bear.
"The intersection of light and dark
would bring calamity to this earth."
Its an ancient saying.
The calamity resulted in
the downfall of the witches and the sages.
The effects can be felt even now...
...and it all happened because of you,
the forbidden child.
Put simply, the Creators power
is known as the Eyes of the World.
You possess half of the power...
the power of Left Eye.
Where am I?
Ive been waiting, Left Eye.
Witch, Jeanne...
Hindering the coming of the Creator Jubileus
will not be permitted.
You think a would-be angel has
the right to order a witch around?
Beat it.
Foolish one.
Left Eye, Ill be waiting
by the side of my Lord.
Looks like youre having fun!
More entertaining than your bar.
How many times do I have to say?
Im not who youre looking for.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Here are your guns.
I hope they wont disappoint me this time.
And more to boot.
Scarborough Fair.
Your new Knight.
Its undergone a transformation.
See you in the bar.
If I ever miss the boredom...
We seem to be on an equal footing now.
Thats right. Ill try to be gentle with you.
Lets be clear, if you lose to me,
that girl of yours will disappear.
Thats it! Thats the idea!
I remember...
Jeanne, in accordance with decrees, we will now see
if you are worthy of becoming our strongest of us.
Choose an opponent.
The one in the shadows.
That is not permitted!
It is not allowed to engage with
the one cursed with tainted blood.
I remember... Ive been here before.
At last! Let the memories return!
Your memory... do you fear it?
Can you feel your strength increase
as your memory returns?
It is the mission of us witches
to protect Left Eye.
Even if the forbidden child possesses it.
Us witches?
Mama. Mama.
The Left Eye of the witches is ours now.
Left Eye...
Let us seek out the Creator Jubileus.
The greatest treasure of my clan,
"Left Eye"...
I will not hand it over!
Jeanne, you saved me.
When you lost your mother,
you also lost the will to fight.
It was the only thing I could do
to protect Left Eye.
We were lucky to have had
an innocent childhood.
You were my only friend...
And that silly doll of yours.
500 years ago...
why did you choose me?
Everyone hated me.
In order to become the most powerful witch... had to defeat the fiercest opponent.
You cannot run from the sage Balder.
Bring an end to it all.
Thats your destiny.
Fight, win and create a new path.
You can do it!
Got here without any fuss.
Seems like Im a guest, too.
Little one, whats your greatest treasure?
- Cheshire?
- No!
Cheshires a friend.
This is my greatest treasure.
You should never let a treasure go.
Whatever happens.
I know! I wont cry any more.
I want to be like you. You never
run away from anything!
Im gonna try hard.
Youre not going on your own?
Youll tag along anyway, right?
Its as if were being asked inside.
Thats very generous.
My darling daughter...
"The Eyes of the World."
Its time to open them.
Its Daddy! Daddys voice!
Its Daddy!
This way!
Little one...
Daddy! Mummys here, too.
Ive waited a long time for
this family reunion.
Save him...
Did you have a good journey?
Yes. Mummys very strong!
I see...
I was scared of the ghosts,
but Mummy told me not to cry.
Youve grown strong, Cereza.
Today you must sleep in your own room.
But I dont want to.
Theres so much I want to tell you.
You can tell me tomorrow.
Oh... okay.
Good girl.
Sweet dreams!
Yes... good night.
Its okay... I wont cry anymore.
Clever girl.
Good night, Mummy.
How did you bring me from the past?
The past... what?
A door in warped space and time
opened with the coming of Jubileus.
I wanted you to see this foolish world
through innocent, untainted eyes.
So this man is...?
The last surviving Lumen Sage.
The cause of everything. And...
Little ones... no, my Daddy.
Ive been waiting 500 years...
...for a chance to purge the chaotic worlds...
...of heaven, hell and the human world...
With the resurrection of Jubileus, the
three worlds will become void and be reborn.
Cereza, you and I will become
gods of this new world!
Leader of the Ithavoll Group,
youve said it all.
Youre the master of blowing your own horn.
But its not enough to make the headlines.
Youre Luka, right?
Ive been watching your progress.
Like your father, youve become
a great journalist.
You knew my father?
He did some good background work on my plan...
Everything was fine until he found Cereza...
...but he was a little too ambitious.
Wh... what are you doing?
The scent of rosemary...
Thats the scent...
I remember from that day.
I see it now... it was you...
Your angels killed my father...
My condolences on your loss.
Bayonetta, please forgive me.
Never mind that.
I see. That little crybaby decided
never to cry again.
Its time for me, too, to bring
everything to an end.
That was very crude for a journalist.
Cereza, the journey ends here.
I dont understand. Why did you
summon the younger me here?
Did I unwittingly do something
to summon her?
You lost your memory completely...
In order to open Left Eye, you must
use all your life experience...
...and reclaim love.
Not only did you throw
the world into chaos...
...but you killed Mama.
What do you know of love?
It wasnt me who killed Rosa.
The distortion of the world tore us apart.
Angels anxious for the resurrection killed her.
The angels chose to fight you and became
sacrifices to enhance your magic powers.
Jeanne was the final ingredient.
She was the key to getting you to unlock
the full extent of your magic powers.
She also reminded you of who and what you are.
Jeanne did very well.
Youre crazy.
I beg to differ.
It is not me whos crazy,
its the world itself.
Can you really shoot me?
You dont think I can?
Youre going to shoot me?
Your father?
My dearest daughter, Cereza.
Lets hail the dawning of
a new order and a new world.
The rebirth of the Creator?
You must be kidding...
Jubileus... walk with us!
We must become one with Jubileus.
The time has come at last.
We will become the Creator
of a new world.
That cant be Jubileus!
Its wonderful!
My daughter, this is
the beginning of the new world.
Please... save him...
His soul is trapped in madness.
Save him...
Yes, Mama...
I must do now what I couldnt then.
Jeanne, youre still alive?
The intersection of light and dark
will bring calamity to this earth.
So it has another meaning.
- No, this is the real meaning!
- Youre too late...
You are not needed in this new world.
Im not?
Return our greatest treasure to us!
You must open your eyes!
Finish what started 500 years ago.
No time to hesitate!
I certainly need to keep my eye on you!
Youre not dead yet?
What have you done?
What have you done!!
A regular pet isnt good enough!
It would appear so.
My dear daughter, Cereza.
How dare you turn a sword on me?
I wont have it!
This is celestial power, huh?
Cereza, you must follow through.
Of course... but we must do it together.
Ive got a special weapon.
Sounds good to me!
Queen of Inferno, Sheba.
A fitting match for him!
- Here we go!
- Okay.
Transform the world...
Theres still time.
Open your eyes, Cereza.
Father? You dont learn, do you?
Mama was trying to save you.
Such nonsense.
The Creation of a New World
will bring true salvation.
Youre such an egoist.
Whats the fun in creating a world
where you get your own way?
I rather like this chaos.
You struggle in vain!
No, YOU struggle in vain.
Got it.
Lets finish it off.
Ill feed you all the magic powers.
Now, you should understand Mamas feeling.
...this lowly world tore Rosa and I apart.
The world must be transformed.
It must be!
A pointless wish.
Mamas waiting.
Bye... Daddy!
I love you, Balder.
Farewell to the last sage.
Its been a year
since Bayonetta disappeared.
Ive got all this funeral work
and shes not around to help.
My business is over.
Hey, Rodin. Do you think
shes gone for good?
Whos to know? I just help out people
who are looking for weapons.
Thats all.
If you say so.
Father... sorry it took so long.
Although I may have published it,
its not selling.
Wonder where she went?
But well meet again, right?
Theyre tenacious.
I should go before the church
becomes a pile of corpses.
Isnt it ironic that youre a nun!
It is not as bad as you think.
You should try it yourself.
Teaching in high school suits me just fine.
But before I go home...
Weve got to teach those bad boys a lesson.
Lets dance, baby!!