Bayou Caviar (2018) Movie Script

[heavy breathing]
[boxing sounds]
[boxing parring sounds]
That's what I'm talking about.
That's it, bro.
Work that bag. Work that bag.
- Get your move.
- [laughter]
[background chatter]
[cheering in the background]
[coach] Use the right hand
on the fucking pad.
There he is.
There he is.
There it is.
Trying to do shit fight.
There you go.
Leg work.
Leg work, baby.
[coach] You need some more work
on the heavy bag, baby. Yeah.
[noise from the gym]
[coach] What you got?
What you got?
[reporter] Talk about the fact that even though
this vide was shot when you were underage
- You are now currently 18, is that correct?
- Yes.
And what do you think should happen
to the people who did this to you?
I think that's
for others to decide.
I don't believe in being angry.
I like to focus on the positive
and stay in the here and now.
[over the speaker]
Paging Dr. Healey. Room 305.
Dr. Smith, front-desk.
[lady] You have
some nerve coming here.
Is there some place
you want me to set these?
Didn't think I'd
ever see you again.
Please [indistinct] flower.
Those for me?
I heard you weren't
doing so well.
They say I'm dying,
but who ain't?
Must have took a lot out
of you coming over here.
I can't say enough for
what you did for me, coach.
I'm not always
the beef towards the end.
Beef, that's what
you're calling it now.
No, no, no.
Don't do that, R.J.
Look at me.
Come over here and sit down.
[sobbing] I'm sorry.
Too late for that now, kid.
What did I always tell you?
Fucking answer me.
[coach] Come on, kid.
Are you hurt?
Let's go right now, boy.
Let's go.
Show me you can be great.
Give me your best.
Give me it all right here, kid.
Show me you can be great.
Show me you can be great, kid.
It's what you
always said to me.
That's what you always... That's
what you always said to me.
That's right,
show me You can be great.
Well, I never forgot
what you did for me, coach.
All of the hard work,
all the training, the love.
Got a funny way of showing it.
I couldn't get them.
I couldn't get the big fights
until the title bout.
- You knew that.
- Did I know that?
You're damn right, you did.
I had to be in his camp
in order to put
myself on the right side
of politics.
Don't give me that
bullshit, R.J.
I took you out of the street,
raised you,
taught you right from wrong
in and out of training.
You had more balls and talent
than any fighter I had ever seen.
Those scumbags from [indistinct]
they knew that.
Had you to fight brutal wars with
everyone just to boost your ticket sales.
Please don't. Stay in
the corner. Stay in the corner.
- [ref] Doc, Open him up.
- I'm okay, I'm okay, Doc. I'm okay.
Stay in your corner.
Ready? How do you feel?
Good, I feel good.
Let's go!
Come here.
Let me explain something to you.
There's a difference between a
good fighter and a great fighter.
Being a great fighter is more
than just about who you fight.
It's about who you are, boy.
All the greats had someone in their
corner looking out for them.
Helping them with the right
match-ups, except you.
[guard] Car getting in.
Entering now.
[Yuri] How was the year?
[Shlomo] Great year,
thanks to God.
[Shlomo] Rent,
we collected 79,387,000.
- [Yuri] The market?
- [Shlomo] The market's rebounding.
[Shlomo] we had property
appreciation of 20%.
[Shlomo] Soon I'll be initiating
another round of buying.
Prices are still good in some parts
of Baton Rouge, for example.
[distant background
Russian song]
[alligators growling]
God is with you.
The passwords
and the account numbers.
Well, we collected 79,387,000.
There's something I've been
meaning to run by you, Yuri.
You speak with a heavy heart,
my friend.
No, not at all. God's blessings
are just too great as you know.
Golden and I have been looking
at houses in Jerusalem.
It's always been our dream
to end our days there.
But, I need you here, Shlomo.
You know that.
But I have my son-in-law, Isaac.
He's working with me now.
He's more than ready
to take over.
A lot of this new money that we've
been making, that's thanks to him.
He's very smart, Yuri.
He's learning every aspect
of the business, thanks God.
- Thanks God.
- No, I must decline.
You will save
the celebration for
when you have better counsel.
No, my friend...
I will never have better
counsel, wiser counsel than you.
Your suggestion of transition,
it makes me feel vulnerable.
I would never want you
to feel such things.
I would hope not.
But don't let me worry you,
my friend.
We will do our best to see
that your son-in-law,
Isaac is a great asset
to our team.
So, you go home, you rest,
and there will be much work
for you to make this transition
to your son-in-law work.
You are a blessing from God.
Thank you, thank you,
thank you, my friend.
You're supposed to be
my eyes and ears.
This guy has a bunch of kids, but
two of them which only live here.
His son-in-law who works with him in
the office, and knows everything.
[speaking Russian]
Get me something
on this Isaac boy.
Yes, sir.
The baby seems restless.
She won't be giving us
any problems tonight.
Have you showered?
I can.
Why would you
want anyone in my condition.
Oh, baby.
[baby] Mamma!
[baby crying]
Fuck me.
[street noises]
- Is this your sister's id?
- [bouncer] Let's go.
[bouncer] Take your ass home.
[punching, fighting]
[bouncer] Take your ass home.
- Get these motherfuckers out of here.
- Let's go, you son of a bitch.
- Get the motherfuckers out of here, man.
- Let's go.
Get your ass out of here.
[DJ] That's right, rock man
a renegade, all night long.
It's a Robbie
production, brother.
What can I get you, girls?
Two vodka soda's, please.
Get your hands in the air,
all night long.
Put them up, up, up.
Hey, put these on my tab.
No, it's okay.
You don't have to do that.
No, I know I don't.
So, what are your names?
- I'm Kat and this is Allison.
- Kat and Allison, hi.
- I don't think so, sweetheart.
- Rodney. Rodney.
Hey, yo, yo, yo!
Rod, Rod. Rod.
Slipped her ass in here
when I was distracted.
Dude, seriously? She's not
for you, bro. Go get a drink.
Hey, we showed you our id.
Actually, she showed me
her id, where's yours?
Let's go.
All night long, brother.
Tip your bartender.
Tip again 20 dollar.
Yes, sir.
Do it all night long.
- Let's go, ladies.
- Fucking us all.
And this Saturday,
ladies night.
Make sure you come here to see
all the woman down.
All of them down then.
Champ, the dude
passed out on the table.
Not good for my business.
- You're escorting me to the ranch tomorrow, noon.
- Fuck!
Yes, sir. I see all the ladies
them looking all nice.
Look at that nice hot chick.
[chanting in Hebrew]
Last month, it was a buzzer.
[Isaac] This month,
it's the air conditioning.
Next month who knows what it's going to be?
I can't win, alright.
This woman,
this handicapped woman,
she practically lives...
No, she lives in her bed.
She lives in her bed and knows
every loophole in the system.
The entire courthouse downtown,
they recognize her name.
- What about the husband?
- I mean, he's a nice enough guy,
but I don't know.
- She runs the show.
- Why, this...
I mean... You know, it's just... It's
a pain in the ass, but that's me.
What about you?
Tell me, what's going on
In the wonderful
world of law?
You know me, I'm always
running and running.
Yeah, Of course.
No, never met a hustler
I didn't like.
Hey, hey, hey.
Thanks for the apartment.
I hope this is 200 feet,
because I have
no problem putting your
ass in jail again.
I ain't here to fight with
you, Amber. Is Ray ready?
Al already took him.
Al who?
You let some nigger you're
fucking take my son to school?
Perhaps you should've thought about
that before you put your hands on me.
If I had put my hands on you, you wouldn't
be standing there. Do you hear me?
Well the judge
thought otherwise.
Yes, whatever, man.
You need to get
your shit together, Rodney.
I'll always be his father,
Amber. No matter what you do.
So, why don't you do us both a favor and
stop trying to turn my son against me?
Our son isn't against you
because of me.
He's against you because
you're a fucking loser.
Come here.
Come here!
It's all I got.
Oh, yeah?
What about last weeks'?
I just said, girl.
It's all I got.
Look at all that ass.
Don't forget,
whatever it is you think of me,
I'll always be
the mother of your son.
That's why they call me
a motherfucker.
- You know you still love me.
- Ah...
[woman] 7.50, sir.
[upbeat music]
[coach] Come on now.
Hold that right hand.
Okay, come on.
Jab, jab, jab.
Jab, jab, jab.
Hit it, hit it.
Come on now.
Roll down.
[Rodney] Watch your feet, son.
Put your left up.
That's it.
Watch your feet.
Jab, that's it.
Jab again.
Jab hook, boy.
One-two, one-two, one-two.
Crack wood, one-two.
Crack wood, jab, jab.
Slip them there.
Jab, jab!
Bend them legs.
Bend them knees, girl.
Bring your elbows in.
[Nic] Alright, you got it.
[coach] Hard work, hard work.
Spin around.
[bell rings]
Clark, look at this
simple son of a bitch.
Some busted ass-rims, nigga.
[camera clicks]
You know,
you should teach me photography.
- I'm good.
- It's a dying profession.
Beats training butch ass
chicks like you.
Finger fucking
abduction, Rodney.
Yeah, that sounds about right.
Alright, give me that shit
before you hurt yourself.
[phone buzzing]
Shit, that's me.
Nicole Brogan photography.
I can't believe you're
taking her word over mine.
In all these years,
has anyone else ever complained?
That was three years ago.
Come on,
you know me
better than that.
Yes, no, I understand that.
Okay, can I at least talk
to her? Alright, yeah.
What's up?
I just got dropped
from the agency.
They have a monopoly
on every car-commercial
in the city, everyone.
I'm fucked.
I mean, trust me, if I was going
to touch someone inappropriately,
it sure as hell wouldn't
have been that bitch.
Your word against hers, girl.
Yes, welcome to
Trump's America.
What? I can't even move hair
from a girl's forehead now
without someone accusing me
of some harassment type shit.
Wait, you forget who
you're talking to.
I was there that day, remember? All the
shit I had to deal with that cost me?
- Yes, you're right.
- I always got your back, girl. Always.
Still, though, don't
make it not fucked up.
First I was the highest paid female in
the industry, now I'm just that, nigga.
- Wait, you know what I mean.
- Welcome to my America.
[phone ringing]
You take that.
I got to bounce anyway.
Hello? I thought you said noon.
[cheerful music]
[snorts] My fucking mom's
second husband was Russian,
Well, so trust me when I say
I know Russians.
These Russians are
about to be fucked.
They are nobodies to me.
They are nothing.
They are fucking
influential men,
and they ain't
to be trusted and shh...
You carried a weapon?
Goddamn it.
Keep this.
Take it.
I'm going to pay you
a thousand for today.
You said you'll pay me now.
Hey, I'm going to pay you, okay,
when the job is done.
Goddamn, nigga. Haven't got
the change, have you?
Why the fuck, Alex requested
you to come with me, bro?
I do not know.
He said your some...
You were some venom in the
ring, yeah, back in the day.
Shit. Today you know
where you are? Hands to me.
Hands in a fucking club. That's
all you are, motherfucker.
Your name ain't in the lights anymore.
No, no, no, no.
It's on a goddamn time card. Nigga,
don't act like you don't hear me.
Don't act like you don't hear me.
It's my goddamn club, okay?
You know what? Let's go a little
further. You don't have to
fucking remember that, because
your ass is done at the club.
You heard that, motherfucker. Your
ass is fucking done at the club.
Alright, perfect, great.
You want to just slightly
move to your right.
Alright, now close your eyes
for a second. Just close...
When I say yes, you just look right
into my camera, alright? Seduce me.
Okay, that's... Yeah,
oh, yeah that's... So, love it.
- That's great. Put your leg up.
- My leg up?
Yes, put your leg up,
don't be shy.
It's just me and you,
there's nobody else here.
That's so hot.
Do you mind if I
approach you for a sec?
Of course, silly.
I just want to be
respectful of your space.
You are a really amazing
Perfect, just like that.
That's hot.
Oh God, yeah.
Alright, yes.
Oh, Oh my God.
That is hot.
Oh, God you're so fucking hot.
Can you believe it?
Hold that position.
69, is there any other like?
Remind me to give you
the name of this agent
you'll be perfect for.
Stella's the best.
All her client's work.
She'll love you, I'm sure.
Really? That will be amazing.
You're amazing.
Don't let anyone tell you
otherwise, you're fucking hot.
Get over here.
- Check out some of your pictures.
- Okay.
I just need... Come check
out your photos looks hot.
Check that out.
- Wow.
- That's so great.
[Rafi] I can't have you guys doing
family business in my club no more, man.
I've been kicking
in every month.
I need some space.
He needs some space.
[Sasha] Motherfucker we
know you're skimming.
[Rafi] Skimming from who? I built
that fucking club from nothing.
[Sasha] Oh, oh, you built Chaos.
[Rafi] You know, I don't
need this fucking shit.
Yuri, Yuri. Hey!
Do you hear this motherfucker?
He said he built Chaos.
Is that how you
remember things?
You're not the
only show in town, right?
I'm going to
go somewhere else.
Damn, Yuri.
[breathing scared]
- Packing?
- My inside pocket.
[Yuri] Hey, he's no bouncer.
He's Rodney, fucking, Jones.
- [Sasha] Yeah, he's Rodney, motherfucking, Jones.
- We're all fans.
Hey, Rodney, we saw you take the 154
pound, though back at NSG in the day.
Yes, you took out
one of our own boys.
- What was his name?
- Motherfucking Pedro Martinez.
Pedro Martinez.
What happened to him?
Champion took him down in two.
[Sasha] We let him go.
[Yuri] Yeah.
What happened to you?
I got interested
in other things.
Have you ever been to a crocodile
farm before today, Rodney?
Amazing animals.
They not only provide
the service.
God has blessed me.
I own a village of
grateful and loyal people.
You've done very well
for yourself.
Have you given a thought
to how difficult
it is to dispose of a dead body?
It's the first thing a smart
person should think about
is how to get rid of
a newly dead body.
And the consensus is that you have to
chop up the corpse into separate pieces.
You pile them
together and that's
where the alligators come in.
Get the pen open.
50 gators.
They can ravage
a human body in seconds.
I once saw they ate a whole
carcass of a cow, completely.
Hooves, tails, flesh, fur.
This is what they call down
here, Louisiana caviar. Beluga.
Go on. come here.
So, you work for me now, okay?
I don't know if I was in
a position to refuse.
[chuckles] I suppose you're not.
[Yuri] His name is Isaac Shinto.
I want you to get me
something on him.
[Shelly] You know, I keep on
having these dreams of Mark dying.
I wake up disappointed.
[Nic] Disappointed? Well,
kill the fucker. [chuckles]
[Shelly] Not that easy.
I do want kids
and Mark is a good guy.
[Nic] Yeah, whatever.
That's what they all say?
Homemade is ready?
No, not yet, sweetheart.
Why don't you swing by
tomorrow afternoon?
Good to see you again.
Be careful, it's hot.
Nicole Brogan photography?
Rodney, here.
I should have died today,
but I didn't die.
I got saved.
I think it was a sign.
A sign for what?
I'm going to need your cameras.
- For what?
- I haven't figured that out yet, but basically,
I got to get this Isaac guy
doing some bad things.
What kind of bad things?
Told you,
I haven't figured that out yet.
You got a camera
that makes movies?
You mean a video camera?
I'm going to need
you to film it.
Fuck that.
Borrowing my shit's one thing,
I do this, I'm implicated.
I don't care.
I'm not asking you.
Is that a threat, Rodney?
Nicky, I need this.
Fuck you.
Yes, that sounds about right.
[Nic] Is that him?
Yeah, that's him.
[light music]
Oh, lord, it's hot.
[background chattering]
[indistinct chatter]
I've come to offer you a deal.
[Isaak] I just saw you
turn off the lights,
I can see you in there.
Come on. I'm starting eviction
proceedings immediately, that's it.
There's no going back.
These fucking deadbeats.
It's my father in law,
I don't know why I'm doing this.
Chase these fucking deadbeats,
I can't believe this.
Come on, damn it.
All these fucking deadbeats.
Hey, do you live here?
Yeah, what the fuck
are you doing here?
Oh, I... One of my kids I teach, he
must have gave me the wrong address.
What are you doing laundry?
Staying cool. [chuckles]
That's how you stay cool?
You want to grab a coffee?
Yeah, I'd like that.
What does your mind say to you?
- Shoot, son.
- [chuckles]
Why aren't you commentating
on Showtime?
Why didn't you get on
one of them reality shows
when everybody still
knew who your ass was?
But I'm a fighter.
I don't let that shit in, I
stay focused on the positive.
You know.
Let me show you this book
my stepfather gave me.
- Yeah?
- Yes, it scientifically proves that everything you think
in your brain determines
what happens in real life.
Kind of like how a seed makes
a plant, but you got to be clean
with your thoughts, otherwise,
you know, shit gets confused.
That's why I always try to
articulate exactly what I want.
I want my own reality show, I want to be a
YouTube star, And I want my own jewelry line.
Yeah, well... Thought may be the
seed, but action is the rain.
You feel me?
I like that.
You got big knuckles.
They've been broke so many times, I can't
even... They don't even touch no more.
What? Why?
That's just how it is.
- Mine are bigger.
- Yeah, they are.
- Mine are blacker.
- [laughing]
[Rodney] Listen, man,
you can never stop.
[Rodney] Ain't nothing to it,
but to do it, just got to do.
- [Rodney] Hear me?
- [Kat] Yes, I know.
- [Kat] I network.
- [Rodney] That's good.
- [Kat] I read all the magazines.
- [Rodney] That's it.
[Rodney] Never stop the hustle. The
only ones who become famous are
willing to do
whatever it takes.
Yeah, like Kim and Ray J.
They made a sex tape.
That was some crazy ass shit.
I don't know, I think she
looked beautiful in it.
I never saw it.
It's not like I watched it
on a loop or anything.
You sure?
Yeah, I'm sure.
- Nasty ass.
- Fuck you.
I just think that she's the ultimate
example of a success story, you know?
You ever think you'll do
something like that?
Sex tape?
I don't know,
I wouldn't know how.
I got this girl that
actually organized
a sex tape for
another celebrity.
No fucking way.
Way, fucking way.
You ain't bullshitting me?
No, I never mess with another
person's opportunity.
You really think I'd be good
at something like that?
I don't know.
Why? Would you?
You know this is crazy talk.
I got to bounce anyway.
I've got a lot of shit to do.
Thank you for the coffee.
Anytime, pretty lady.
- Hit me later.
- Alright.
[piano music]
[Sasha] Rodney, fucking Jones.
[Sasha] Meet Julio.
Honor to meet you, champ.
[Sasha] Part of our stable.
[Sasha] Bring him along like
chandelier, always very proud.
[Sasha] In fact, he'll win the title
belt in two years, guaranteed.
[Rodney] Congratulations.
- [Sasha] How you feeling?
- [Rodney] Good.
[Rodney] I think I found a solution
to that situation Yuri spoke of.
[Rodney] It involves an
under-age tenant of Isaac's.
[Sasha] Boy or girl?
A boy with a vendetta.
Honey, they're here.
Put this on the table.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Your mom, go to your mother
right now, please.
[chuckles] welcome,
welcome, welcome.
Oh, my God, you're huge.
I hope you didn't
do the cooking.
[chuckles] I had to
bring in the chicken.
I'm a waiter now.
[Shlomo] Place looks
nice and clean.
[Isaac] Thank you. Well, we got
the cleaning lady you wanted.
- [Isaac] Yours, of course.
- [Shlomo] Good. She's good.
[Isaac] Yes, she's very good.
[Isaac] Please sit.
[Isaac clears throat]
How's your back?
[Shlomo] It's like the weather,
It's unpredictable.
How's Yuri?
He's good.
Is that your first one today?
Only fools drink the way you do.
Doesn't it say in Tehillim
that God protects fools?
When they're righteous.
Even those in bed with
criminals, I guess.
What is this you say?
God has given you
many blessings.
I mean no disrespect.
I'm very grateful to be
part of this family.
- I didn't mean anything...
- Be careful not to judge too harshly, my son.
We have a good life.
Ours is not the first family
to do Russian business.
After the fall
of the Soviet Union
you had half a million
Russians, Jews...
[ethnic music]
[pouring liquid]
I was thinking about what
you asked me earlier.
What? The celebrity video stuff?
I remember that.
Would you really
introduce me to your girl?
We already talked about you.
I said to her, I said:
"This girl is almost too fine."
[chuckle] You didn't say that.
- I did say that.
- [laughing]
My girl Nic said that:
"if we do it, though,
we should have an angle,
hidden videotape shit."
You mean like not telling the
person who I'm having sex with?
I guess it's more cache
when we approach TMZ.
It's going to be
real good for you, girl.
It's going to be real good.
- Whoa, woah, slow down, B.
- Why?
We still got a lot to do here.
I know, I ain't worried.
I know you got me, Rodney.
Always, we're family.
That's on everything.
Whoa, whoa, hey, whoa.
You can't...
If we do this,
we can't tell anybody.
At least not until we approach
my contact at TMZ.
I really want this for you.
[prolonged boat blast]
You really are something.
[boat blast]
You look fierce.
Even my stepdads' heard of you.
A long, long time ago,
baby girl.
[Kat] When I turn 18, I want to
get an apartment on my own,
and bat that shithole.
And get an agent or something?
You know that there's
nothing to it, but to do it.
Yeah, it's time to start
thinking about my future.
For sure.
- It's good.
- You like that?
[Rodney] You really do look cute
when you smile.
[Kat] Really?
[Rodney] Actually no,
not cute, ladylike.
No one's ever
called me a lady before.
Pretty lady.
[punching sounds]
Oh, shit, did I wake you?
Don't stop.
Don't stop.
[light music]
[punching sounds]
[speaking Hebrew]
Happy is the one
that dwells in
the house of God.
You ask:
"What is he so happy about?"
Because in the house of God
he has no challenges, none.
You want to pray?
There's three services a day.
[speaking Hebrew] Thank God.
You want to eat? We have kosher food
downstairs, a dairy, and a meat kitchen.
You want to learn Torah,
You want to learn Talmud.
The Levens and Shemto family have
donated a handsome, handsome
donation to the synagogue
to build our base midrash.
[speaking Hebrew]
[phone ringing]
Yo, you know how much it cost
to fix my website? Guess.
1200 dollars. Where the fuck
am I supposed to get that from?
I don't give a shit, it's on.
What's on?
Okay, let's try one more time.
A little to your left.
[Nic] Okay, great.
Up, up, up.
Go down on your knees.
[Nic] Yeah, OK, perfect.
That's your spot.
That's where you want to land.
[Nic] Oh, could you take off
your top for a sec?
My top?
Yeah. I need
a better reading on your skin.
[lounge music]
Damn, girl.
You really are sexy.
- Really?
- Easily top 1% of the girls I shoot.
Hold still, just like that.
That makes you super sexy.
One last time.
Thank you.
[lounge music]
Oh, hey.
Is your mom or stepdad home?
No, they're at the doctor's.
Your mom sent me an email
saying she'd
be here with
the two months' rent.
Yes, I think
they left it for you.
Come in.
[ominous music]
Do you want something to drink?
[Isaac] No.
A little early,
wouldn't you say?
Yes, well, no one
drinks it here anyways.
This is nice.
How much did it cost?
Yes, let me grab that for you.
You know, I can't seem
to find it.
Yes, it's disgusting.
[eerie music]
[Isaac] Please?
[phone buzzing]
You're going to get that?
Everything good? Okay.
Can I call you back in one
second? I'm with the tenant.
[Isaac] Holy shit, holy shit.
What the fuck?
What a fucking looser.
Maybe he likes to suck dick.
[knock on door]
Who is it?
It's Isaac.
Go get him.
Who represents you
in theatrical?
What do you mean?
In on the bid?
Well, you should be.
I should be?
Well, I mean, I am.
I'm just, you know, getting
started and shit, you know?
Did I look good on camera?
You just looked amazing.
Your acting was great too.
Totally believable.
Got headshots?
Well, that's what I do
when I'm not doing this.
Can't get anywhere in this town
without a headshot.
Not to boast,
but women and men request
me from all over the country.
That's cool.
You must get laid a lot?
You got a hot ass.
Yeah, you think so?
I do.
Alright [laughs].
- Let me see it?
- Okay.
What is that?
[knocking on door]
You just can't come
into my room like that.
- Your mother wants you.
- Okay.
- Well, get the fuck out.
- Your mom wants you?
Did she say why?
She didn't say why.
Listen, I know I'm
only your stepfather.
- You know you say that sometimes.
- Yeah.
But, [in Spanish], when a boy
gives you a gift,
it's either from the heart
or from the testicles.
My abuelita used to say that,
so it's very important.
- Okay.
- It's important
Now get the fuck out.
- Okay?
- Yes.
Who said anything about
a goddamn gift? Okay.
Looks pretty good, right?
When did they tell you the DVD?
I don't know, two-three days.
I mean, it was surreal.
I felt in control. You know.
Yah, wow.
And what now,
is Rodney blowing you off yet?
You'll see, and I hope
you use protection.
Of course I use protection,
of course.
My mom has a friend,
who has a daughter
who was dating this loser
and they made a tape.
When they broke up, he put it all over
the Internet. Millions of people saw it.
Anybody can see it still
if they want to.
She had to switch schools.
Yeah, well
Rodney is not a loser, so...
I know he wouldn't
do that to me.
Oh, my God, what is this?
I take this thing off.
Ew. What does it... Put it on
your head, wait, let's see.
Hey, did you get my text?
Yeah, listen I'm just
crazy with clients.
But I didn't forget
about you, baby girl.
I was going to call.
Yeah, but you didn't.
You're right, my bad.
Make it up to me.
Hey, listen, I got take this. Can I call
you right back? Alright. Bye, baby.
- [sighs]
- So, what do you say?
16, fuck me!
I need you to make me a copy.
Better you not know.
- I could go to jail for this shit.
- You won't.
She has a complete disregard
for my involvement now.
I've taken care of Nicki.
I just need the video by Monday.
- Monday is too soon.
- You said two or three days.
- You know what? This shit takes time.
- I don't give a shit.
My people are expecting
it by Monday.
- Fuck me.
- That's right, that's right.
And if my people don't get it
by Monday, I have problems.
If I have problems,
you have problems.
Fucking Monday.
[boxing sounds]
[boxing sounds]
- Hi, there.
- What are you doing here?
What do you mean what am I
doing here? I'm here to see you.
I know.
Just you surprised me.
I didn't know you was coming,
I'm sweaty and shit.
You're blowing me off now?
No, no. God bless.
I'm walking out.
Next time I'll invite you.
You just surprised me, so.
Kind of seems like...
You know I'm good
for you, right?
Yes, of course.
It's just, you know, I've got a lot
of stuff I'm dealing with right now.
I don't understand how you
can be so kind to someone
one day and then not give
a fuck about them the next.
I'm sorry.
You're right, I'm sorry.
You want to take care
of my little penis?
See that, you agree with me.
I made this for you.
It's a necklace.
It's beautiful.
I'll wear it
like a bracelet, though.
Put it over my wraps.
- What?
- I'm sweaty, you know.
This is cool, though.
How many copies of
the video we made?
There's a problem,
it didn't record.
Must have been a mistake in the
transfer, a video glitch or something.
- What do you mean?
- What I said. It just didn't record.
So, you don't
have to worry about it.
- Fuck you, Rodney.
- Hey.
- Get the f... No.
- Come on.
[police siren]
[dog barking]
Time will make everything
better. Life is
about the journey, not about
the incident at the moment.
What's important,
is that you learn the lesson.
I'm not going to be
a real actress now.
I want to get married
and have kids, but no one
wants to marry the girl
that was in the porno.
[speaking Spanish]
Before this is over and done,
Shlomo will answer to this.
You're not listening.
We set him up.
It's every single
porn site in the
world that we need
to worry about now.
I thought you said this
was for his business?
I mean, that's what he said,
but I don't know.
I don't know.
We need to go to the police.
We can't.
Rodney works for
the Russian mafia.
I hope you've learned
your lesson.
This is the girl that shot it.
Maybe she still has it.
[eerie music]
[keyboard tapping]
[birds chirping]
[Kat] Yes, yes.
Right there.
Oh, my God.
Oh, yeah.
Right there.
You coming.
- [slapping sound]
- [scream]
What's happening?
I cannot believe you let
that girl do those things.
What the fuck are
you talking about?
I saw your fucking computer.
[car engine cranking]
Come on, get in...
- Can I at least talk to you for a minute.
- Get the hell away from me.
- That was not my video.
- I don't care. I mean I do care.
The first time I cheat on Mark is with
a sex offender, thank you very much.
Just pop the hood.
Oh, Yes. Yeah, yeah.
Yes, right there.
[Nik] Right, try it again.
[car engine starts]
Where the fuck is my computer?
Fuck, no.
[phone vibrating]
I'm so fucked!
[knocking] Nia,
you're sleeping this early?
I'm just thinking.
Bella, nia,
I have good news.
Pappy took care of it.
You have?
I destroyed it.
- Hey, hey, hey!
- Wow! Fucking let go of me!
Answer my fucking calls, girl.
What the fuck!
Where's my discs? Where's
my disc? I'm jammed up here.
You think I'm fucking
jumping for joy?
No, I'm just saying. I'm
just... I'm just in a fucking
- tight spot, alright.
- You're not going to like
this shit either.
Time, time, time.
Work with it.
You said Monday.
- There was a fuck up.
- You remember your boy Rafi? He was a fuck up too.
I'll fix it.
It's what you hired me for.
What the fuck do you mean,
you'll fix it?
It was supposed to be done.
[Pappy] How is your throat
[Marjorie] How do you
think it's feeling?
Do you know,
Kat was chosen for
the program at the school,
to go to Washington?
If I find out there's something
going on between the two of you,
I swear I'll cut off
that useless cock of yours.
You think I'm stupid?
I see the way you look at her.
Why do you make
everything so ugly?
You started it
by marrying me for a green card.
That's fraud.
I could have you deported.
[phone ringing]
[toilet flushes]
- [Isaac] Excuse me.
- [Pappy] How could you do those
horrible things
to this little girl?
[Isaac] I don't know what
you're talking about.
[Pappy] There's a video.
[Isaac] Look, what do you want?
[Pappy] I want
$100,000 dollars in cash.
[Isaac] I have $40,000 dollars
as my whole life savings.
Please, I have a family.
[Isaac] Where were they when
you were filming this video?
[engine stops]
[camera clicks]
[Nic] That's him, right?
Yes, that's him.
Okay, here's the plan.
We get him in the alley,
Tina will approach him,
grab at his crotch
and then drop to her knees.
I know it might look delicious,
but what if he's
not responsive?
- He won't be.
- [Tina] What?
Just please... just, sweetheart,
stick to the plan.
Nic will be taking as many
photos as she can get.
Hopefully she gets something.
Honey, this all seem
like a lot of work to me.
Why don't you just jump back here and
I'll suck both of those dicks for half
- what you already gave.
- You ain't sucking my dick.
[Rodney] Okay. Please, we'll all
just stick to the plan, okay?
[Tina] Alright, boo.
[Rodney] What's he doing?
What's he doing?
[Nic] He's approaching some
Hispanic-looking guy.
I don't do Mexican, y'all.
[Nic] Handing him a bag.
[Nic] Now he's taking something
out of the bag.
A computer? My computer.
The Mexican just
gave that dude my computer.
Oh, shit!
Did you see that?
That's so cold ass nigga.
Oh, my God.
You's are cold ass niggas.
Get out!
Is the footage there?
Is the footage there?
I'm checking.
Yes! Oh, fuck me.
- It's all good.
- Okay.
- [Kat] Oh, my God.
- [Rodney] You see what this is? Right there.
That's a nasty motherfucker.
- Yeah.
- Frying in the sun going down.
You think you're
being punished now?
Try a break without God.
[Sasha] Get in there, Julio,
Get in there!
Get in there, Julio.
Come on, get in there!
That's it. That's it.
Two discs and a flash drive.
Three separate copies.
- I got another job for you.
- No, thanks.
This kids' going to be a champ.
- [Rodney] Good for him.
- Good for you too.
[Rodney] What do you want me
to train him now?
He's untapped gold, man.
I can give you
lead on some good people.
[Sasha] Fuck your leads, nigga.
I want you on deck
until the fight.
- I can't.
- I wasn't asking, nigger. That video was fucking late.
Or you expect us
to pay for late?
[Sasha] Or you can just sue
me and the people I work for.
Let's see how
that works out for you.
You're going to get
a couple rounds.
Come on Julio,
stick it, man, get in there.
Get in there!
Double him up.
Come on, double him up.
[Pappy] Dear Kat,
please understand that
me leaving has nothing
to do with you.
It's between your mom and me.
You are beautiful and smart.
And you will have a life
blessed by Jesus.
You just have to believe
that it will come true.
And remember what I tell you,
life is like
a garden, good seeds
make good trees.
That is why I paid for your
first year at Valley College.
Here is some cash to help
with the books and expenses.
[Nic] I'm so glad you called me.
Yeah, I remembered
what you said.
Can't get anywhere in this town
without a headshot, right?
[Nic] That's right.
Remind me to introduce you
to my buddy Brett Mehlman.
His sales are pretty huge. He
produces the crew, we're tight.
Definitely take
a meeting with you.
You should be like my
manager or something.
Wow, you have the
most amazing lips.
Thank you.
I've only seen this kind
of combination of sexy
and maturity in a few girls,
both major actresses now.
You could be a real find.
Do you really think
you can help me find an agent?
Maybe we can help each other.
Alright, sweety,
just eyes to camera.
Just close your eyes
for one sec
and tilt your head
slightly to the right.
Now open your eyes.
Oh, perfect.
Give me a little smile.
There you go.
There you go.
Move, move,
move, move!
Get out of the corner.
Get out of the fucking corner!
That's it,
get your hands up, son.
There you go.
Come on man. Why do you got
to do all of this shit?
[Rodney] We keep going through the
fucking sparring partners, man.
Yes, but I'm saying how are we
going to keep these guys together,
you keep
working through them.
All I'm saying is, Julio,
you're going to get good,
but you got to fucking
take it easy sometimes.
You can't be 100%
the whole time.
Is that my nigger Rodney Jones?
Hey, what's up, champ?
Listen, do you see
the bling, right?
So, you know I ain't no secret
in this motherfucker.
Yeah, I don't see no
bodyguards today, though.
Shit, money, you're still
in the game? God damn!
Yes, he's the trainer
for Julio Mendaro.
March 29, Showtime.
It's going to be
a great fight, champ.
- We'll have money promotions.
- Yeah, you know
me and your trainer here,
we was in the Olympics together.
Do you remember Dianne
from track and field, right?
He's gonna brave that. You remember
when I used to stop you in the second
round of sparring, right? You
peed yourself, that left hook.
Now, you're pushing it too far, yeah,
you're pushing it too far now.
Yes, you're pushing it just a little bit too
far. Now you're Dr. Seuss, you're going to write
- a make believe story?
- I wish your hands moved as fast as your mouth does.
I tell you what, whatever you want to do, we
can do, Money. However you want to get it.
- Ain't nothing between us but air and opportunity.
- And that big ass beard,
- you ought to shave that too.
- All mighty arms brazing
- is we're going there, however you want to do.
- Really, you wanna
come up here and talk that shit?
Or maybe I'll come down there
to your black ass nigger.
That's why you always walk around
with motherfucking bodyguards.
Get your ass out of this gym.
[talking aggressively]
Come on champ.
- Get the fuck off me.
- Come on, champ.
Alright, let's go.
Let's get this money.
You just keep training
them undercard niggas.
Love money productions.
Love money, baby.
Love money.
Hope don't float, Rod!
That was really, really great.
What's your name?
- What?
- I'm going to need you to sign a release.
[Kat] It's the third
time she's called.
[Kat] Hello?
- Hey, girl. It's Nic.
- Hi.
[Kat] What's up?
[Nic] Where are you?
Just at the pool with
my friends, right now.
[Nic] Are you coming over today?
[Kat] I can't,
I'm busy right now, you know.
Oh, Okay. Well, so
let's do tomorrow, what time?
[Kat] Could you just mail
them to me actually?
- [Nic] Mail them?
- [Kat] Yeah, I just don't think I have a lot of time.
Well, then I wouldn't
get to see you, so...
I mean, don't you want me
to help you with
still getting
an agent and stuff?
[laughing] I mean,
Yeah, I do but...
Alright, look, I'm just trying
to help you out here, alright?
Now you're acting like
a bitch for no reason.
Fuck, I'm not... I'm not treat...
No, I'm not.
You know what? I usually charge
a lot of money for this shit.
I don't know where you get
off treating me like this.
I'm not treating you any way.
Yes, whatever. Got to go.
Fucking cunt.
[eerie music]
[tapping on the keyboard]
[opening pill box]
Fucking douchebag.
You worthless piece of shit.
That fucking cunt.
[ominous music]
Fuck you both.
[ominous music]
What have I done?
[Benjamin] You know,
for a guy not paying
rent you've got
a lot of complaints.
[Isaac] No, no, no this
is something else.
- Come on.
- What?
[Kat] Oh, my God,
Aah, aah, aah, aah.
I've dealt with cases
like this before.
I can have it pulled down, okay?
These sites, they
hey, they don't have to hassle,
trust me, okay.
You can trust me, yes?
I got you.
Yes, I know that video.
I wrote the caption myself.
People are loving it,
over 7000 hits.
My name is Benjamin Cantor
and I'm a lawyer and my
client who appears
in that video
clearly did not
give his consent.
We insist that you take
it down immediately.
Then I'll take it down
you just need to pay
your standard $750 removal fee.
[Benjamin] Removal fee?
For something you
have no right to put
up in the first place?
I don't think you understand
who you're messing with here.
My client is close with
the mayor, okay?
And I see that you are
registered in the state
of Louisiana, do you
really want to mess with
someone who has
the mayor on speed dial.
Don't tell me my
rights, Mr. Cantor,
I know them better than you do.
[Benjamin] Of course, you do.
Where do I sign the cheque?
- Too late.
- What?
That offer is no longer
on the table.
- What?
- Yeah. I'm gonna need to call you back.
Hey, Larry, Hey,
you're still working for that
gossip site? Yeah,
I've got something for you.
[reporter] There he is.
Rabbi! Rabbi!
Police now confirm that the girl
in the Isaac Shamptov
video is a minor?
I have no comment.
Will you return the money
his family has donated?
- No!
- Will you at least go on record
- condemning his actions. The victim was a child.
- I'll go on record that we're
not returning the money,
[overlapping talk]
So, who is Isaac Shamptov?
Married to the daughter of the president
of the Masa real estate company,
with almost a billion dollars
in holding, they're a huge
donor to the mayor
reelection campaign with
president Shlomo Levinson sitting
on the city's Real Estate Council.
He's also a prominent member of
the ultra-orthodox community.
Marlene Webb
reporting from...
Kat, get in in here.
[background chatter]
Police are at the door.
What should I do?
[police sirens]
Don't touch me.
- [police] Are you Isaac Shamptov?
- Yes.
Alright, come on down.
You have the right
to remain silent.
Anything you say
can and will be
used against you
in a court of law.
You have the right
to an attorney.
If you cannot
afford an attorney
one will be provided to you.
Do you understand these rights
I've just read to you?
Keep in mind these rights.
[cameras clicking]
[overlapping questions]
Do you feel any remorse?
Did you know she was underage?
[Yuri] Sorry about
your son-in-law.
I had a bad one too, you know.
[Yuri] It hurts.
[Yuri] So, is there
anything I can do?
[Shlomo] Thank you, Yuri.
I'm too old for this.
[Yuri] You need to rest.
I just can't do this anymore.
[Yuri] You get some rest and
then we talk about the future,
because you see, my friend, this
is simply not up for discussion.
I would hate that
your 11 grandchildren
would have to see
what you're doing here.
[ominous music]
[Shlomo] Oh, God no.
[car skidding]
[Nic] No, no.
Fuck you, let go of me.
Motherfucker. Jesus.
Help me, somebody!
Stop it, let go.
I should have protected her.
It's just all too much.
It's not true.
I knew that manager.
He was a scumbag,
ruined many a young fighter.
R.J. let me explain
something to you.
Any trainer can train a fighter,
but it ain't many trainers who
can make a fighter.
I knew everything
you could and couldn't do.
I never had a father.
I never had
anybody looking out
for me in my corner.
Only one that ever
gave two shits about
whether I lived or died,
was you.
I never had
a father either, kid.
Thing that hurts most is
I've never had a champion.
See you finally wearing
a belt and all the credit
go to that bull shit trainer,
just about killed me.
I'm the one that made you.
I know.
[monitor beep]
Nurse, nurse, nurse!
You ain't been to the gym
in a while, bro.
[Yuri] That's why I like
you so much, Mr. Johnson.
[Yuri] You have a rare
sense of perception about
how things have to be.
It's such a funny thing.
It not only sheds light
on things that
you never thought
was relevant...
and yet it allows you to
feel so differently
about the way things end up.
Look at you.
Top of the world.
All along, not a care.
And yet, in this photo,
you can see all the scars.
You can see how happy you are
to have endured all that abuse.
Great warriors must pray
for a life of violence.
Not only does it give
them a chance to compete,
it allows them this
incredible self-absorption.
Curiosity to see how much
abuse you can really take.
Violence for a great warrior,
violence is their God.
Bring her inside.
Bring her. Bring her inside.
[muffled screams]
[speaking Russian]
Get the car.
[Tina] What do you think of
this hotel they put us up in?
It's nice.
Nice? Girl, why you're
acting all bougie?
You know you ain't never been
to a Ritz-Carlton before.
I need a five, ladies.
Yeah, I guess you're right.
Alright, we're still rolling.
If I may, I'd like to talk
about the fact that
even though this
video was shot
when you were underage,
you're now currently 18,
is that correct?
[clears throat] Yes.
New Orleans native
Rodney Jones was
a 2004 silver medalist
winner in Athens, Greece.
At 21, he turned
professional and
compiled a 41-5
record capturing
three titles in three different...
Do you think justice was Served
And If so,
do you feel there
should be some
sort of concession
afforded to you for your
involvement in this
sordid ordeal?
I think that's for
others to decide.
I don't believe in being angry.
I have to focus on the positive
and stay in the here and now.
[interviewer] What was your
relationship like with Rodney Jones?
We're friends.
Was it an intimate
What do you mean?
Rodney was
a 38-year-old man and
you were a 17-year-old girl
who had intercourse with him.
No, what?
I wanted to...
But he said that
I was his guardian angel.
So, you never had sex with him?
I know what he did was wrong.
It's something I'll have to live with the rest
of my life, but I have no hatred towards him.
My life changed that day.
It's almost like he passes
his fighting spirit to me.
Well, I can only pray that
you find peace in healing.
[camera clicking]
Thank you.
- Here we go, Kat.
- Come on, Kat. Come on, Kat.
- Let me see that smile.
- Here we go, girl.
- Where is that smile?
- You know you got it, girl.
That lipstick is...
You know
she's my friend, right?
Do you feel safer now
that Isaac Shamptov
has been sentenced?
No comment on that.
I like to focus
on the positive.
On my new show, the crew Fx,
Thursdays at 9:00.
[reporter] Are you excited about
your upcoming Ellen appearance?
Yes, I am actually.
It's always been a dream of mine
to be on that show, so...
Yes. I guess that's what
life's all about, right?
Starts with a dream.
I remember
when he were a champ.
Yeah, now, he gets his back side
wiped by your sorry ass once a week.
You know I have a gentle touch.
You don't hear him complaining.
It's a shame how
a black man can rule a world
one day then be trapped
in a shell the next.
Yes, indeed. But it's not like
we haven't seen anything before.
No, but this one
was something special.
Yes, he's looking
a little special today.
I saw his brother
in Madison Square Garden.
Brother got hand speed.
- Yes.
- Yes, yes, yes.
Blood pressure is good.
I think, yes.