Bazaar (2019) Movie Script

Hearty Welcome.
We all know how pigeons are born.
From an egg to a bird
that adorns the sky.
You must have seen a lot
of pigeons in the sky.
They are called Junglee
But theres an entire world of
pigeons unknown to most of us.
The one who trains a pigeon and
teaches it to fly is called Shokhdhar
Some people spend their entire life
trying to become Shokhdhars
While some have died trying to be one.
To watch a Shokhdhar training the bird, especially
the way he trains it to eat is brilliant.
There are a lot of breeds, Tara, Tambral, Cheeni,
Laqua,Tiravel, Bhoori, Roshan, Humar.
Shokhdhar trains these breeds to
take part in tournaments.
Theres a history to
tournaments like these.
You shall witness this in our story.
Its held in many places in India,
and a few streets in Bengaluru.
For some its a hobby, for some pride,
for some it is an addiction and for some it is rivelry.
These tournaments happen
During Krishna Janmasthami.
Pigeons are the symbol of love,
and a reflection of peace.
But there is an unbreakble link to this world
of pegions and the Underworld
Today is Krishna Janmastami.
We all have got together
after a long time.
Let us have some real fun today.
The great people of Malgudi.
We welcome you to grand festivities of
Krishna Janmasthami
The winner of this competition will be
gifted an idol of Lord Krishna.
10 teams had registered to be a part of this competition.
- The teams have to smash a pot of curd.
Of which 7 teams have already bitten the dust.
We cant reach the pot even if we do a headstand.
Its impossible to not slip on
the gallons of oil they pour.
Puttur Team having won numerous awards
across the state are performing really well.
We request the crowd to give
them a huge round of applause.
Theyve gone way higher
than the other teams.
What a performance.
And they fall like Humpty Dumpty.
Who broke the pot?
Nobody can.
They have poured oil there.
We need a hero to break it.
Welcome the next team, Bhajarangi.
Hold tight!.
Theyve poured oil everywhere, If we do
this then our bones will definitely break.
We can see fear in their eyes, but what we cant
see is the Big Brother entering the contest.
Everybody has been
waiting for his arrival.
Come on!.
Cheer Up!.
He has finally entered the scene!
Look at his swag..
Its now time to witness
Here comes the Bhaijaan!
He leaps off the ground
and smashes the pot!
Look at our boss!
Dude come lets leave.
Ive arranged for a party
upstairs get soda while coming.
Also dont forget to bring the snacks.
Wait Ill call you back.
Yes Sir!.
I wanted to get a tattoo done.
Do you have the design with you,
or should we come up with one.
I want you to ink what
you can see in my eyes.
I dont think I can do this.
Jumanji will have to do it.
How can I help you?
I want you to ink what
you can see in my eyes.
You want me to tattoo whatever
I can see in your eyes.
Come closer.
Sings a Kannada Folk Song
It has come out beautifully.
Pray to your Gods and look
at it after two minutes.
We shall talk later.
It was the most difficult thing to do.
The unique features,
hairstyle, jawline, uffff!.
Yes Sir!.
I asked you to tattoo the intensity
in my eyes, not your monkey face.
You asked me to ink whatever I saw in
your eyes I saw myself, hence tattooed it.
Dont worry!.
Look at my face every morning!.
And theres no stopping your luck.
If it doesnt happen that way?.
Then watch it again in the afternoon.
There is no other love story as Jumanji's.
Its just a reason to drink everyday.
Talk ill about anything you want,
but never ever talk about my love.
The greatest feeling of all time
is the feeling of failing in love.
Is the feeling of failing in
love greater than being in love?.
You could fall in love with one girl,
and another girl, and another girl.
Playboys like you could
love four girls at a time.
But when the girl you love
with all your heart leaves you.
only then will you know the
feeling of failing in love.
Is the feeling of failing in
love greater than being in love?.
This sounds like something new.
I also want to experience this.
I need to fail in love too.
Everybody wants to fall in love youre
the only one wanting to fail in it.
You wont understand.
Please pray that I fail in love.
Let there be simple love story in your life too.
This guy is also staring at me.
I think its her boyfriend.
I have helped your grandmother.
Even I came to help her.
And she is not my grandmother.
I think its wrong to ask her to thank me, and
it doesnt look like you will tell it too.
Atleast tell your name.
Why should I tell my name?.
Its not like youre my husband,
or somebody who had named me.
I asked her name and she acts
like I asked for her kidneys.
Why dont you tell her?.
There goes the flower seller!.
Grandma, whats your name?.
Monisha eh!.
Dont create problems here.
Leave it.
You dont even pay
money, waste fellow!.
A poster without my photo
deserves to be in garbage.
Dont do it.
Dont do it.
You want to me on a poster right?.
Ill have one exclusively
made for you.
Why did you have to leave us so soon!.
You were the life of our group.
Police is here.
Who is this new police officer?.
He is apparently a crack pot, he
has been transferred recently.
What happened?.
I dont know what happened,
somebody has killed him last night.
I wont let him go.
Who did this?.
I dont know sir but
I wont let him go.
Meet me after you finish him.
Who are all these guys?.
Their leader is called Sherwa.
Everybody in the gang
has weird names.
They are either intoxicated
or are busy getting high.
They also have a den for pigeons,and
steal others pigeons too.
Using pigeons as a bait
they even loot houses.
Weve taken action against them,
but I dont think theyve mended their ways.
Match isnt over yet.
Yeah Right!.
Our team will win this even now.
Come sit.
They need 42 runs in 18 balls,
do you think they will win this?.
Whos playing?.
Our Bengaluru team.
There are no Kannadigas in the
team why should we support them?.
We should watch them because
weve invested on them.
A little more power and it would have
sailed to a six, instead he lost his wicket.
Now youve gotten into betting too.
How much did you lose?.
I lost a little, we can never trust
this team, they always let us down.
Every year they say the cup is ours
and then all they win is our hearts.
Why are you spoiling all the hard earned
money, whom are you betting with?.
Shes the one slicing you eh?.
Keep up the good work.
They play and win,
and I watch and win.
Dont you play with your boss?.
Yajamana, he started off as a pigeon racer, now he has
risen to handling top politicians and their disputes.
Hes God fearing, on Tuesdays and
Fridays youll find him visiting temples.
He married thr love of his life despite her disagreement
Hes married, and owns farms
and is into horticulture.
A thorough family man.
He also spends time with family.
Every Sunday he gets all the petty
criminals together and solves their issues.
While he is busy with settlements, the
henchmen get busy in arm wrestling.
Cable business is undergoing losses after
the DTH setup has entered the market.
Once my project is approved I will
make sure everybody opts for cable.
Everybody bows down to you,
why do you have to greet him?.
Some beasts cant be tamed.
This beast is one of them.
Hes stubborn.
Whats are the odds?.
The odds are 1:2.
Crowd Bidding
The odds are 1:2.
Here it is.
The world is yours.
Im weak at maths What
are the odds for 80?.
Today is totally not your day.
Come on, Kalki.
Dont mess with him.
Come on.
Jai Bhajarangabali!
What happened?.
They made it 4 on one.
So you lost?.
We played 4 on 1.
So he lost.
He won.
Brother, where did you find him?.
I will pay you one rupee if you hit this in three shots
I will duble the bet if you hit it in one shot
Super dude!.
great shot
take the shot with five steps behind
i will pay you five times the bet
Dont do it.
I had warned you before.
Come here.
Cant you watch your
surrounding while playing?.
I did.
But missed it.
What are you staring at?.
There is a car here
Go play elsewhere.
Get out
Youll get scolded again.
Shut up!
Don't do it
Hows the collection going?.
Yes brother, no issues at all.
What are you doing near the car?.
Dont do it.
What are you doing?
Lets go.
Leave Leave!.
Lets leave
Go back!.
The arrogant kid actually saved
my life, lets go meet him.
Sir he is an orphan.
Whats your name?.
Moodala Giriyappa.
Youve saved my life, youre
an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.
Though youre arrogant, you
are a boon to the world.
From today you will be called Kalki.
What is your name?.
Will you come with me?.
In this car?.
Theyve got a nice car, and
will look after you well.
If I didnt have a family,
I would have come too.
There was a ruler in a town.
He is the rulers trusted aide.
Theres fire in his eyes... he demolishes his opponents.
There was a ruler in a town.
He is the rulers trusted aide.
Theres fire in his eyes... he demolishes his opponents.
A Shokhdar should have flair
and attitude to make the bird fly.
While it flaps its wings here,
It has to float in the sky.
Dont come down for 2 hours.
It wont come down for 2 hours.
A Shokhdar is not only about flair.
He should know the pulse of a pigeon,
The swish of the wind, and
the nerves to look at the sun.
More importantly, he should
know the heart of the bird.
I havent found a bird like that.
If I do, then Ill be the biggest Shokhdar.
You were a kid back then..
and look at you now.
Why dont you give
this place to me?
Are you joking?
I have fought with the
government for these boulders.
Ill make sure you get
a better place than this. Dont worry.
No! I want this place only.
Take your hands off him.
How dare you touch him?
Looks like youve come
prepared to take this land.
I had dreaded this moment.
He has tasted blood now.
A ruler on earth
the oppressor of oppressors.
He is a symbol of sun,
anger, and everything just.
He will shatter everything
as he conquers the world.
Gods bow down to his devotion.
Sir nothing to worry.
Stitches will be removed after 4 days.
Youll have to come next
week for a check up.
Sir, This is Kalki,
A trusted henchman.
A new officer has come,
and hes not like the older one.
Do you have doubts on anybody?
Dont be scared we shall arrest them.
If I had suspected anybody
they wouldnt be alive now.
You dont have to arrest them,
let me know, Ill deal with them.
Copying in exams, cheating in physical tests
tampering medical reports, or bribing officials..
Taking loans to clear the bribe, and strugglingto pay EMIs
every month, is something that I dont have to do.
I am the topper of the batch.
Physically fit, medically certified.
More importantly, the one with
a zeal to do something in life.
Dont you dare talk to
government officials like this
I feel like firing you at point blank.
It could be you or your boss.
Chikkana, he will concoct some story
take that as statement and come.
Take it from there.
Come lets pay the bill.
Whats your name?
And where are you from?
Ninety, Son of Seegdi,
care of Magadi.
If you die theres no sulking,
atleast now can you stop drinking?
You dont loose your cool,
I shall help you fill the form.
How are you related to them?
Im their son-in-law.
Oh sorry! The Future Son-in-law.
Sir, please quit drinking.
Ill tell you something
you dont know.
Science students wont become scientists,
people with teeth wont become dentists.
But if youre with a bottle,
youre sure to become a drunkard.
Trends wont change their brand.
They will do whatever it takes to drink.
I wont quit drinking.
If he listens to you,
will you not charge us?
Why would I do that?
Then why would he do
something that you say?
Pay her, we shall leave.
How much?
5000 rupees.
5000 rupees?
Dad, have you gone mad?
You could have gone to a
government hospital?
Hes the one who got me here.
Then you only pay for this.
I think youre searching for my hand.
Take me home carefully.
I thought Ill give them a cheque.
I think Ive seen her somewhere.
Oh! Look whos here.
My father-in-law is also like us.
Do you also drink?
I drink, smoke, and gamble.
I cant stand men who have
the vices that my father has.
Cant even think of looking
at them, marriage is out of question.
I was talking about love,
and shes already planned our wedding.
Give some space.
In my heart?
Collect her details, she
Will help me experience love failure.
If you wish to be the best Shokhdhar,
you have to learn in this place.
This is Hampas place.
He rules this place since 3 years.
His pigeon was in the air
for 19 hours, its a record.
Last time it graced the clouds early morning,
and we got it down only past midnight.
Who are you?
Dont touch the birds.
Go down, you shouldnt be here.
Kalki, Owners trusted aide.
Sorry, Didnt know.
A lot of people come here
to steal birds hence was sceptical.
Oh! Stays here too.
Should visit more often.
Oh! Your bird is also here.
Henceforth, Kalki will keep coming here.
Karnatakas leading fashion designer
is scared to propose a girl, hmmm!
Youve been seeing her from 4 years.
Why dont you go and profess your love?
I can face any issue at work, but when
it comes to personal stuff I get scared.
I become speechless.
Try taking the professional approach
to your personal things, she may understand.
Its okay sir, Im used to this.
You take a call on all my designs.
I wish you could take a call on my life too.
Ive known you since a lot of years.
Theres something I want to share.
Please tell me.
You work really hard.
Will you marry me?
This color suits this
saree really well..
And if you marry me,
we will suit each other very well.
Take your time and think about this.
I dont think I can go home and think
I will take a little time and think about it here only.
Sir, Im using your laptop.
Do you think these two
go well with each other?
Color doesnt match.
Just like how this doesnt go well,
our family status also doesnt go well.
Dont listen to your heart,
he always cheats us.
Youre a good person, both
professionally and personally.
Look for somebody that suits
Get this costume ready
by Wednesday.
Hey Shobdhaar!
Can I take this pigeon?
Ill pay you whatever you ask for!
This is the first pigeon my mother
nurtured, she made it fly, and fed it .
When she passed away,
we both had tears.
It started flying then
and hasnt stopped ever since.
Thats why Ive named it Amma
I didnt know.
Mothers should always win.
Which pigeon flies well?
All of them do.
But none of them fly
more than 3 hours.
Instead of making our pigeon a winner,
we could make a winning pigeons ours.
Lets let our pigeon fly
and the change its color.
Amma, the pigeon is the
only one in this race.
Apart from that theres
Yajamanas pigeon.
Wont Yajamana get angry?
If he gets in our way,
we shall kill him too.
I was kidding.
Should I speak to Parkour?
I have to talk to her today.
Dad! What are you doing?
Thats our source of income.
Yeah! Now were drinking
Because of that.
The one who gets people
drunk should be thrashed first.
I wanted to make it look
like you were hallucinating.
It didnt work out.
Why have you come here?
Should I beat around the bush?
Or do you want me to cut straight to the point.
Come straight to the point.
Im telling it only
because you asked me.
I love you.
See youre asking for
it once again.
I Love You.
Ill kill you.
I can go down on my knees
for you, just like other boys.
But, I think all that
is too pretentious.
I believe in being simple and honest.
I will love you more
than you can ever handle.
Will you serve scrumptious
meals if at all I go to jail?
So that I can kill you, get
arrested and never come back.
Why shouldnt you fall
in love with me?
Listen to your
heart once.
My mom lost everything
only because she listened to her heart.
My mother always said dont listen to your heart
It always dances to somebody elses tunes.
Instead listen to your mind, it
always stays ahead of the curve.
Neither my heart, nor
my mind will accept you.
Does that mean you
wont love me at all?
No way.
I love you,
but you dont.
This means Ive
failed in love.
I will keep professing my love,
you continue rejecting it.
Get lost.
I have a million things already, along
with it Ill have to deal with this too.
Im a failure in love.
If I quit drinking will
I get her back?
Listen Kid, if a girl leaves you
the bottle will hold you.
But if you leave the bottle
a girl will not hold you.
Even if Pari scolds
it sounds like music.
Not me.
Remember the lines on stage.
Be careful.
Youre giving a lot
of things of these kids.
Dont you feel like giving
something to me too?
Are you in your senses?
Dont you know how
to speak in front of children?
You will never prosper in life.
You are again angry at me.
I failed in love again.
I cant stand this anymore.
Dont cry uncle.
Let this costume teacher go,
Our drawing teacher is better than her.
Why would I cry like
Im diagnosed with Sugar?
This isnt something to feel
bad, Im in love and thats super.
I have failed I love.
It feels nice to have
tears for company.
Its okay even if you chide me.
You stay in my heart
even while youre away.
Devadasa hasnt realised your beauty
Laila Majnoo seem to have earned your wrath.
I dance around in your love.
I pray for you in the name of love failure.
Love failure! To experience it is super.
Bless everybody in this room.
Happiness will enter your home.
Who is Kalki's parents?
Why did you have to
give birth to such a son?
Your son is a rogue, the least
you could do is raise him well.
Ask your son not to trouble me.
I dont believe in love.
This is the happiness
I was talking about.
Its upto you and him,
you solve it amongst yourselves.
We cant tell anything
to kids these days.
Neither will you prosper
nor will your son prosper.
Can we do a puja to ensure that my
sons wedding happens peacefully?
Itll cost a little.
Irrespective of whom the wallet belongs
money should come to you right?
Whatever we do,
we do it for food.
Neither will I prosper
nor will my son prosper.
Choose one of these two.
Choose one
Chennai will lose today.
A meritorious student
gets a lot of offers.
But a failure neednt worry,
theres always a plan written for him too.
Nobody sympathises with you, even
after you miss out on being a Chief Minister.
But if you fail in love, the entire world
sympathises with you.
What we do? And how do
we do it, should be told.
Why are we doing it?
Even that will be told.
People listening to us,
and then drifting away..
People drowning in love
is common after all.
Your final words?
Love failure! To experience it is super.
One of your boys
has fallen in love with me.
Guys fall in love, you say
yes if you want to say yes.
Whats your decision?
Ive told him that Im not
interested, yet he pesters me.
Whats for lunch today?
Minced meat.
Have you sent somebody to get it?
Ask him not to get it.
Show the one troubling you.
Ill mince him to pieces.
Not any of these.
Our Kalki?
Ask him to bring meat.
You are so pretty.
Come join us for lunch.
Even Kalki will come by then.
He loves mutton.
I came here to get rid of him, Not
to know about his likes and dislikes.
Pari has taken your number.
Why are you pestering me?
Are you mad?
How shameless can you be?
Dont you have any shame?
What nonsense is this?
Ill gouge your eyes out.
I saw you in her glowing eyes
I pledged my life to it.
The thought of her
makes me skip my heartbeat.
Her memories have been
etched in my heart forever.
Love is the biggest addiction of all.
Love is the biggest addiction of all.
Why did I want all of this?
You would be a slave if you had passed
in love, and a king if you fail in it.
Whats your closing lines?
Love failure! To experience it is super.
I was listening to your show.
Its a recorded show.
I couldnt finish your work
yesterday, will finish it tomorrow.
Check on the other side.
It could be behind the tank.
What happened?
Who plays rugby here?
Whats that?
Its not here too.
For others this is a winning pigeon,
for me its a replica of my mother.
A mother will never let her kids suffer.
This pigeon belongs to
the royal clan, winning its heart isnt easy.
but you have a good heart,
Im sure itll stay with you.
Ill win it over.
Why is Parijatha calling.
Nothing I wanted to talk to you.
Can we meet in coffee day?
If you call, Ill come to tea day too.
Okay lets meet tomorrow.
Ive got you.
Ill get her too.
From today you name
will be Pari too.
Good Morning Maam.
What would you like to have?
What are they drinking?
Cappuccino and Mocha!
Cappuccino! Cappuccino!
Cappuccino! Cappuccino!
The other day, a rowdy was
telling his love story.
What did he tell?
Sticks and chains
didnt scare him.
But his girlfriends English scared him.
Why dont you use it
to get rid of Kalki?
Idea is nice.
But I dont know
to speak English too.
Does he speak English?
No way, He is useless.
In that case you dont
have to worry at all.
Do you wear modern clothes?
No, I cant wear it.
You should wear them.
One cappuccino please!
Okay Maam.
Did I place my order well?
In a few minutes, I have
a guest coming over.
Speak to him in English only
Why is she dressed like this?
How am I looking?
Morning Sir!
What would you like to have?
What do you have?
Its too hot, isnt it?
Ill have butter milk.
Butter Milk?
Sorry sir!
thats not available.
What did she order?
Ill have it too.
Add little sugar.
But put more sugar.
Why are you following me?
I like following you.
Flower girl, Why did you call me here?
Do you even know the meaning of it?
A girl selling flowers is called a Flower Girl.
In foreign countries,
theyre called Florists.
I learnt how to do zig zag
and falls in Jog falls.
Are you a beach person?
I am a beach person totally.
One minute!
Tell me bro.
Do you want a loan?
Ill be there right away.
Its okay sir you dont
No you wait, I am on my way.
Pari, Its high time
I learn English too.
Rama will teach English!
Put your phone on silent!
Whoever gets a call
can get out of the class.
What do you want?
I want to learn the
English language.
Lets talk.
Should B come after A?
I know ABCD and ABD..
What is this A E I?
Youre not learning anything.
I dont want to learn
I want to speak.
Happy Birthday Boss!
Thank you.
You are not my employees,
you are my friends.
All this is for you my friends.
You are giving us so much love.
We are not able to give you anything in return.
Its okay Pakkad.
Society looks down on us as
the Dope gang.
We have to grow.
We have to grow by stepping on
someone big.
What if we kill Yajamana?
Hes high already.
Im not kidding,
Lets finish him.
Even at the cost of our lives.
Lets kill him.
If we kill him, then
we can rule this place.
Hes right.
His birthday is round the corner,
and thats the day he should die too.
This is nice.
Wheres the coffee shop here?
Coffee Shop.
Its on the 3rd floor.
Their coffee is the best.
Your car is awesome.
Cool Dude!
Follow him.
Will I get the car by
tomorrow evening?
Cool Dude!
Wheres Ha-Fe Cafe?
I havent said I love to anyone,
To Rachana I was just fooling her.
Sir! Wheres Ha-Fe Cafe?
Its not Ha-Fe Cafe!
Its Hi-Fi Cafe.
Its on the third floor.
Have you come to meet Kalki?
Looks like youve planned something.
Your age is such!
But Kalki is not like everybody,
Hes like our son.
What about his parents?
Oh Them?
He is a retired school master..
He mortgaged his house for his son's business.
Son left them to repay the loan and
they ended up on the street.
I may not be your son,
But Ill stand for you.
Ill take care of you both,
Much better than your son.
Come lets stay together.
This world is filled with jealousy,
Envy, treachery, selfishness.
But Kalki isnt like that, he believes
that everybody should be happy.
Hes like a smouldering iron,
You need to give him a proper shape.
You will get a lot of nice guys, but the
one who feels like hes yours is rare.
Kalki is that guy.
Wow! What a car!
Hey Dude! Park the car.
Come lets go to Ha-Fe Cafe.
Its called Hi-Fi Cafe.
Yeah I told the same too.
Remember everything that Ive taught you.
You look awesome today.
You look awesome today.
Thank you sir!
Not to him, tell
it to the girl.
I was just kidding!
You look awesome today.
Thank You!
Your order sir!
Im a regular here.
Ill have the regular snack.
How about you?
Today is Thursday,
She must be fasting.
Please give her a fruit bowl.
What did he even order?
I didnt understand a thing.
Stylishly ask her - Then what else?
How was your day?
Then what else?
How was your day?
Day was fine!
Hey look at the train.
Ive also been practising
to speak in English.
Whats this?
Its the same thing
that you ordered.
Oh God! Please send
people who know english.
Did she speak like this on that day too?
Im leaving, you
both continue talking.
Both of you dont know the language,
Shes blabbering things while you nod.
Just ask her to stop speaking and leave.
Settle my bill too.
My language will also
be spoilt if I sit here.
Please Stop!
I know you dont know English.
Ive learnt the language in 2 days.
Those who climb mountains will
never find climbing stairs difficult.
English is just another language,
not a status symbol.
Look at Dr.Rajkumar, hes
evergreen because he spoke Kannada.
Love doesnt need English language,
all it needs is a little space in your heart.
Ill make space for you,
will you also do it for me?
Ill love you,
but you wont.
I failed in love.
Kalki, the only one who wants
everybody around him to be happy.
Mom! Ive followed my mind,
Based on your instructions.
But I love him a lot,
Can I listen to my heart this time?
There seems to be some link to this pigeon and her.
I want to speak to you.
Tell me.
Not like this, I want to
meet and talk to you.
Can we meet tomorrow?
Tomorrow is Yajaman's Birthday.
I need to go to temple.
Can I come along?
Will you come? Okay.
Get down.
Road under maintenance.
Turn right.
There was nothing
happening this morning.
I want to profess my feelings
towards him, you also tell him.
Ive got her too.
Let me call any of my boys.
In whichever way I think
Youre not the one I dreamt about.
But at times a heart
wants what it wants.
If you change for me,
I will also change for you.
Shall I tell him?
I dint realise when I fell for you.
I love you, Kalki!
How dare you propose me?
A woman should always
stay true to her words.
Didnt you say that you listen
to your mind and not heart?
Youve changed now, what
if you change in the future too?
What do you mean?
So all your life, youll fall
behind me, and Ill have to rebuke you?
Is this love according to you?
What do you know about me?
Anything can happen to me,
Theres no guarantee to my life.
Is it?
Your blood is apparently salty.
Listen to it properly.
It mustve also told
about my brass balls.
Ask all the filthy worms
wriggle out of their holes.
We thought Yajaman
would come.
Looks like its your turn instead.
I wanted a few heads to adorn
our walls, Thought you all would fit.
My name is now
carved on his bones.
Let him take it.
This is a different marriage.
Shes the one tying knot here.
Tie it properly.
Today is the day where
youll be the bride and the widow.
Thanks to the rains nobody
will know you wet your pants in fear.
Stop Showing off!
You go from here.
You all have 9 minutes left.
You go.
No I wont.
Ill wait for you.
Shall I make the noose tighter?
Catch them.
Stop running.
Dont let them go.
You will now live forever.
We are even now.
Ive repaid your debt.
Its high time we kill Yajaman!
Somebody has come!
Its stallones cousin,
the terror cop.
How did he find out about us?
Holding this is so much fun.
Ive heard about torture.
But I have never seen it.
All of you stand in a line.
Its a cigarette sir.
We can file a Ganja case too.
I thought youll kill him completely,
but you couldnt do that too.
Whats the point of letting him go?
We havent done anything sir.
And like idiots youve left
The weapon at the crime scene.
Your fingerprints are there in this.
I dont think I should
delve into the details.
Who is the idiot who left it there?
Is it you?
Is it you?
Sir hes a good boy.
Hold this.
Hold this now.
Havent you seen movies?
Dont you know how to hold it.
See this is how you hit that day too.
Theres no use at all.
Oh! Youve assaulted a policeman.
He doesnt have fear at all.
Hit me.
Everybody sit.
Sir! Please sir.
What does all the cop movies say?
Dont indulge in crime, it doesnt pay.
Stop saying the same thing, Its boring.
What did I say when I came here.
Sir you wanted to leave
a mark on their backs.
Look at this.
Ill kill that inspector.
Dont do anything to him.
We havent told your name at all.
I sense something is wrong here.
It wont end up good.
Hes warned you too.
Lets stay away for a few years.
We got caught because of him.
Yet, we tried to safeguard him.
If he cant stand for us
why should we do it?
Kill him!
Pull him inside.
Whats wrong with you?
Why are you drinking like this?
I used to propose her
all these days.
She would reject it.
Today, she proposed me.
I couldnt accept her proposal.
I even slapped her today.
Now she will be drinking too.
Im going to stay away from her.
Let her be happy wherever she is.
All these days you were pestering her
But now youve fallen in love with her for real.
Sings a Folk Song
Why don't you eat?
Are you trying to have a
staring contest with me?
Havent you recuperated yet?
One week and Ill be fine.
I feel like my hands are tied.
It would be nice if I held a weapon.
A cow thinks about rearing
But youre a bull who always wants to
Can I take part in the
tournament this year?
I respect pigeons
more than my life.
This competition has a legacy to it.
Earlier Kings used pigeons
to send messages.
Enemies would wait for pigeons
to rest, and then kill it to steal the messages.
This became a big hurdle for the kings.
Kings then came up with a tournament
to find out the longest flying pigeon.
That is when Shokhdhar was born.
Slowly this tournament became
a matter of pride for royal families.
Slowly things started getting violent.
As years passed by, the tournament
changed according to time.
But is still held in many parts of the country.
Not just in India, its held
across the world.
I didnt know you had
such a big history.
I always wanted to be a Shokhdar.
But now I want to be the biggest Shokhdar.
Pari, Eat!
Please eat!
Pari is here.
Brother, how is your health now?
It didnt eat when I fed it.
Look at it eating now.
Kalki, was saying it
hadnt eaten from 3 days.
Look how its eating now.
I had complained about Kalki to you.
You had told me
Kalki is your son.
And me your daughter in law.
Its time to make it happen.
Look at him.
He hasnt been talking to me.
Even the pigeon likes her.
Why dont you like her?
The happiness I get out of failure
is more than what I get when I pass.
I was born on the streets,
I might die there too.
I might die anytime..
Shut up!
Arent we all there?
Have some coffee.
Feed it well.
It has to win.
The tournament schedule has come.
Brother, you are the main sponsor.
They had called me.
Ive spoken to them.
How much does Gunja fly?
7-8 hours brother.
Which other pigeon did you try?
Bookie, Lara, Silver, all three are ready.
Whichever Amma chooses we will fly her.
Who else is participating?
Hampa, Manju, Prakash
are participating.
But we have great chances of winning.
Chances are for losers.
We are winners.
Okay sir.
Rules of this tournament
The pigeon will have
to do a somersault in the air.
If it fails to do so,
it will be rejected.
If an eagle or any other bird attacks
the pigeon they are allowed a substitute.
It should fly solo.
If it flies with another pigeon
then it will be rejected.
No flags, or clothes should
create hindrance to the birds.
Every hour the Shokhdhar
should show his bird to the referee.
If it rains and the tournament is interrupted
then a rematch will be organised on an other day.
If the bird perches itself anywhere..
other than the designated place..
..It will be rejected.
If its too dark while the bird lands
we could arrange for lights.
Pigeons are not the only
ones in the sky, theres Shikara too.
Shikara was brought to avoid
birds in the airport runway.
Everybody tames pigeons,
he tamed the one that killed pigeons.
Guess what Ive got for you.
Pigeon meat.
Ill savour chicken,
You eat the pigeon.
Have fun.
Check the time.
Shikaras bird has flown for over
11 hours to claim the first spot.
What happend to you?
I thought you will
fly the whole night.
But its okay.
I'm sure you will win.
Make him drink water.
Cancel all the lights too.
Okay sir.
Its been 4 hours.
Its still flying.
You must have felt like
a prisoner all this while.
Go have some pigeon meat.
Brother eagle!
There is some connection
between the bird and the Shikara.
Why is there a cage in his car?
Hampas pigeon is dead.
Which one?
Amma pigeon?
Is anybody participating
on his behalf?
You should participate
on my behalf.
How can I do it?
Youve always wanted to do it.
You have the zeal to do it too.
Lets do it together.
From Yajamans clan, Winnie is
contesting with the bird named Bookie.
I request you all to encourage them.
Bless me.
All the best.
Take it.
Pass the cigarette.
Show the bird.
Coming sir.
Its there.. Towards your left.
The bird has been flying since
6 hours and 7 minutes.
What happened?
It came down.
How many hours did it fly?
The bird was in the air
For 11 hours 7 minutes.
We won right?
Among 8 competitors
The leading bird is Shikara.
Our pigeon lost by 15 minutes.
Its okay.
How will the bird know, If it
knew then it would have flown more.
Hampa has named a
substitute for his pigeon.
Is Kalki here?
No he is in the tournament.
The substitute pigeon is the
last entrant in this tournament.
Thats Kalkis bike.
These days he doesnt
have time to meet us.
No bird remembers
its nest when it learns to fly.
What are you doing?
Didnt I ask you not
to bring weapons to temples?
All the best!
Looking for an auspicious time?
You know what happened
to my pigeon right?
So thought Ill take Gods blessings
before I enter the tournament again.
Do you think Kalki
will pull this off?
This pigeon has taken
a liking towards him too.
Everybody thinks Im angry about this.
He hasnt even told me about it.
I know why he chose
not to tell it to me.
He likes to enter this tournament.
But fears that I will not allow that.
And he will never do
anything against my will.
Everybody says Kalki
is like my son.
I dont have children.
He is not like my son.
He is my son.
He has to win.
His dreams should be fulfilled.
He should become a big Shokhdar.
Where is he?
I want to cry in your arms.
But you might think Im acting.
Your place is in my heart.
Not at my feet.
Our lives are entwined.
If you fly I live, if you die, I die.
Jai Anjaneya!
Bro, eagle is here.
What happened?
Its still in the air brother.
Your enemy is still alive, Kill him.
Come back soon, Ill feed you well.
I cannot witness this.
What happened?
It was a narrow escape.
What happend?
Pigeon is playing around with our bird.
This was bound to happen.
Shikara is dead.
My Shikara!
Theyve tied blade
to the pigeons legs.
What a game this was!
This is the first time Ive seen
a pigeon kill an eagle.
This is your first tournament right?
Youve trained your pigeon well.
You became No 1 Shokhdar.
Cant this tournament
be held without bloodshed?
How dare you tie a blade
to pigeons legs?
Ill teach you guys a lesson.
How dare you cheat me?
How dare you tie blade to pigeons legs?
Do I look like a fool to you?
Everybody ties ring to pigeons legs.
Ive tied a blade.
Moreover, I didnt kill a pigeon.
I killed an eagle.
Who are you?
The one who tames
snakes is called a snake charmer.
The one who tames elephants
is called a Mahout.
The who performs magic
tricks is called a magician.
But the one who tears an
opponent apart is a Kannadiga.
Yajaman is here.
I am letting go because police is here.
I would have sliced you
like how my eagle was sliced.
Dont get into fights here
we dont have permission for race.
Get the pigeon down.
You saved my life Pari.
This happiness must be celebrated.
Come lets party.
Be careful!
Easy, Easy Tiger!
Looks like the Shokhdhar has arrived.
Everybody has been speaking about you.
Why dont you propose that girl again?
A pigeon has to be free.
And a girl has to be with somebody
who takes care of her, not wants her.
Dont ask again.
Just 200 rupees.
Pay the previous balance.
I will give everything tomorrow.
You change your words like
a chameleon changes colors.
Ill pay it tomorrow.
Don't ask me.
You can never be trusted.
Please give.
What are you doing here?
I had to go to hospital to give
blood, hence was asking money.
But they dont take blood from a
person who is intoxicated, right?
My friend has met with
an accident. And he was drunk.
Because Ive drank too, they will
match his blood and mine.
Come lets go to hospital.
Come lets go to a pub.
What are you searching for?
Materials to hit you.
Miss Pari.
Ive got a gift for you,
Dont come behind me again.
What happend?
How are you feeling?
Why have you called the nurse?
She is a student, and has
come for practical studies.
It helps them and us.
I would have helped him.
They gave this wheelchair too.
Oh this would be expensive for us.
I want to step out.
How will you go out like this?
Wait Ill come.
Nobody trusts me.
I am a useless man.
Even my wife left me.
Im a useless person.
What happened dad?
Why you speaking like this?
Its been a long time since
you stepped out.
Should I get you some drinks?
What happened?
Why are you crying?
Is it paining?
But its my heart that pains.
I havent done anything nice
for you from your childhood till now.
Why are you speaking about all this?
Arent you ashamed of me?
Havent you felt like getting rid of me?
We dont stop praying because
bad things happen to us right?
You are my god.
Its time for tears
and smiles to meet.
Im sorry.
I think I came
at the wrong time.
No No!
Please sit.
How are you feeling now?
Im okay.
It looks like youve gotten
along like rum and coke.
Why talk about rum now.
You both talk, Ill
prepare coffee.
Ill make it.
No, its okay sit.
Pari! Falls work for this
will be more.
Please make it soon.
I had proposed to you.
But you said I wont suit your lifestyle.
Match this colour to the borders.
If I had listened to my heart.
I would have gotten a lot of girls.
But, I listened to my mind.
It is pointing only at you.
Please accept my proposal soon.
I mean finish this work soon.
Ill leave.
Have coffee and go.
Ill keep visiting anyway.
I want to talk with you
personally, will meet you soon.
Dad, Here drink this.
Your friend Kalki has
broken my fathers legs.
What was my dad's fault?
My dad is like a child.
How inhumane is Kalki?
He will never prosper in life.
Shut up!
If a school bell rings in the
morning it brings in sadness.
But the same bell when it rings
in the evening it brings happiness.
Our Kalki is also like that.
A sound that
brings pain to him but happiness to others.
How do you justify this?
He has done the right thing.
It took a broken leg
to make your dad sit at home.
You must be around 22 years now. Right?
All your life your father hadnt seen
your pain or tears or the struggles.
Why do you think
he can see it now?
This was the only
way he had to help you.
Your dad, who strut around
drunk is a good man.
But Kalki, made him sit at
home, yet hes a bad person.
Who do you think is sending
the nurse to your home?
Kalki! Rowdyism is a tricky thing.
You cant step out of it easily.
I dont think theres
any other option now.
I hit people for pigeons.
I made them fear me.
I killed Mani.
After killing Shaukat Ali.
I wanted to leave all this
But I fired on the dope
gang for you.
Now this Shikara.
This will never end.
I should leave it all behind.
A soldier leaves his life.
Not war.
Get up.
Do you think youre a soldier.
Get to Tumkur and look
after the quarry from tomorrow.
You liked a girl right?
Ill get you married to her.
Call that girl.
It is okay.
I will speak to her.
She will get scared
if she hears your voice.
If you dont like her
let us know right away.
Dont say otherwise later.
When have I said no to him?
Yeah right!
Tomorrow Ill go the temple
and then meet the girl.
Theres a good news in town.
What is it?
That you and Kalki
will marry eachother.
I dont know whats
happening to me.
Your thoughts have
now engulfed me.
I dont know whats
happening to me.
Your thoughts have
now engulfed me.
Without you around
dark clouds hover over me.
With you by my side,
it feels like sunshine again.
Oh Beloved! Oh Beloved!
I feel newer things.
Oh Beloved! Oh Beloved!
What does this signify?
Oh Beloved! Oh Beloved!
Youre my inspiration.
Oh Beloved! Oh Beloved!
Theres nothing to worry now.
My love is bundled
will you buy it love?
I wait for you,
in this crowded place.
I shall pay upfront,
for everything you have to offer.
It doesnt matter, if its
more than what I could afford.
I lose my mind, everytime you smile.
Everytime I yearn for you is a celebration.
I dont know whats
happening to me.
My eyes look for you,
even while youre away.
Without you around
dark clouds hover over me.
With you by my side,
it feels like sunshine again.
Oh Beloved! Oh Beloved!
I feel newer things.
Oh Beloved! Oh Beloved!
What does this signify?
Oh Beloved! Oh Beloved!
Youre my inspiration.
Oh Beloved! Oh Beloved!
Theres nothing to worry now.
Yajaman is dead.
Stop blabbering
and cut the call.
Cut the call.
Yajaman was killed.
What are you saying?
I cant see him like this.
He left us alone
in this bad world.
Why did you let him go alone?
You dont deserve all this.
A rowdys wife is always a widow.
Please leave, I beg you.
This is not for you.
Please leave.
Please leave.
Why did you come here?
I dont drink juice.
Please take.
Please take.
This is my daughter Pari.
She is named after the flower.
Her heart is as tender as the flower.
You dont worry.
We shall nurture it well.
What is all this?
One minute.
Please listen to your mum.
Follow your mind.
Why have they come here?
Theyve brought a marriage proposal.
That guy loves you dearly.
What about me?
Shouldnt I feel the same too?
Will you marry the guy you love?
Listen Pari!
Hes a frog under knife.
His life is always under somebodys mercy.
This guy is educated, and is intelligent.
He will keep you very happy.
But I dont like..
Please dont say no..
All my life Ive been reckless.
For the first time in my life.
Im being responsible.
A responsible father.
Please dont deprive me
of this opportunity.
I beg you.
What are you doing?
Im getting married.
Married Life Happy!
Whats your final decision?
If theres a non veg buffet,
Ill come, If its veg then I wont.
Dont stay with someone
who has no emotions left.
My dreams are now dead.
Theres nothing left here anymore.
God has bestowed the
worst of his curses on me.
Darkness has engulfed life
mocking the light thats left.
Sir, Is this Ramchandrappas son?
Its all my fault.
I shouldve taken care of them.
You wouldnt do it.
Its good that he died.
Please dont say it.
Stop crying.
Would you take care of them,
if they were alive?
I would.
But they arent there anymore.
God doesnt give chances.
I didnt even get one.
But youre getting it.
Your father stays with me.
This house is always in dark.
Mom, I need water.
The hands that encouraged
now lay lifeless.
The one who sheltered
now stays away.
Theres nobody left
to wipe tears of a hurt soul.
God has bestowed the
worst of his curses on me.
Darkness has engulfed life
mocking the light thats left.
Why have you called them here?
An enemys enemy is a friend.
That Yajamana insulted me a lot.
These people have killed him.
We wanted to meet you, Brother.
We wanted to kill Yajamana.
Its good that you killed him.
Next you have to kill Kalki.
Till date it was Sherva.
Now Shikara is taking his place.
We have no need to work for anybody.
We will have no respect if we continue
working for others.
If Shikara kills Kalki.
He will rule this market.
If we have to rule this market
We should be the one killing him.
Namaste Brother!
Sit down.
Did you see Pari?
I searched everywhere
but couldnt find her.
You wont find her.
I know she wont come back.
Its because I let Parijatha go,
Pari also decided to let me go.
I sent my parents too.
Even Yajamana left.
I am an orphan
I dont have anybody left.
Don't say such things brother.
I shouldnt live anymore.
I want to die.
The ones who killed Yajaman
are still alive.
You should kill them.
Its so tasty.
Where did you get it from.
Its really nice.
I need another serving.
I know youve called
me here to get me killed
You should come home
for this festival
Dont miss.
Dont miss it.
Look at us too.
Serve my friends over there.
Coming brother.
Hows the food?
Do you need anything else?
Chef has done a great job.
This is how weekends should be.
This looks so tasty brother.
Whats happening?
Theres a fight going on.
Leave me please!
I havent done anything.
You should have thought
about it when you killed Yajaman.
I didnt kill him.
Dope gang killed Yajaman.
Please leave me.
Pull him inside.
Why did you kill Shikara?
I just saw that Kalki is still alive.
How is he now?
He is half dead.
He must have fallen there.
Why did you kill Shikara?
Lets face it.
We will Kalki as well.
A pigeon should always be free.
It should be with the ones
who love it, than the ones who have it.
I didnt understand.
I loved her for namesake.
But theres somebody else
who has loved her truly.
What are you saying?
Hes a fashion designer,
Apparently, he loves her a lot.
Are you waiting for someone?
Someone important had to come.
Hes nowhere to be seen.
Its already late.
Hes the reason behind our marriage.
I dont know if he is your friend or an enemy.
He asked me not to tell you about him.
He showed me the way
to win your heart.
He showed that mind
is greater that heart.
He finally got me to you.
Why are you crying?
A guy may quit smoking
or drinking for love.
But, have you seen a guy
who sacrifices his love?
If I marry him.
Ill feel bad
for having to let you go.
But if I marry you.
Ill never be able to live at all.
I cant do it.
If you marry him, dont think about me.
Even if you do, dont think Ill be sad.
If youre happy.
Ill be happy too.
All the best!
Take care.
Where is the fair around here?
What are you doing here?
What about your marriage?
Forget all that
Where is Kalki?
Your times up.
Ive waited for this
opportunity since forever now.
Kill him!
One! Two! Three!
You could be the fourth!
But then..
You saved a bullet!
Rest in peace.
Family Drama!
Send this to post mortem
Ill speak to the officials!
Kalki was a nice guy.
He shouldnt have died.
Please wake up.
Your Pari is here Kalki.
Please wake up.
Ive always thought about you.
But you left without a thought.
Why should I be alive?
Kalki please wake up.
Your Pari is here.
Please dont leave me ever again.
I cant stay without you.