B&B (2017) Movie Script

- Can't believe
it's been a year.
- Happy anniversary.
Oh, now that we're married,
you wouldn't mind
giving us that double?
- I hate to break it to you
Marc, you're still not married.
Not by the law that counts.
Sleep well.
- Don't get comfortable.
Do you want to get
taken to court again?
- We don't have doubles anymore.
We got rid of them
after the verdict.
There's no discrimination
now that everyone's treated
exactly the same
just like you wanted.
You won't be happy 'til
we're out of business.
- All I want is a bed for the
night, like Mary and Joseph.
- Mary and Joseph didn't put
shit through their letterbox.
- Neither did we.
- There's a dozen places around
here you could've stayed.
- I'm staying here
with my husband.
- You want to call him that,
I'm not gonna stop you.
- Funny, you won't stop us
expressing our love either.
- I have earplugs.
Knock yourself out.
- What?
- I found us a double.
Didn't recognize you.
- Why are you back?
- My husband's a bad winner.
- It's on Facebook.
We could get all sorts
of nutters tonight.
- That's what I said.
- You should go.
- Anyone else book?
- What are you doing?
He can kick us out for that.
You can tell your dad we're
not gonna make it that easy.
- We're fine, don't bother him.
- Could we have some privacy?
- Don't take it out on the kid.
Let's find somewhere to eat.
- Oh we're eating here.
- Eating a steak?
No thanks.
- Why don't we do it
on the reception desk?
- Now you're talking.
I'll check out the facilities.
- Joining us for dinner?
- Love to.
Do you have a menu?
- It's lamb.
Unless you're vegetarian.
I had to let the cook go.
I won't poison you.
Room okay?
- Well a single
is a bit intimate,
but we'll make the most of it.
- Oh come on.
You've won.
You have the rings, you
have everything you want.
What more is there?
- Equal rights: use
them or lose them.
- You're already equal.
If you think what
you do is equal,
it isn't me you
have a problem with,
it's basic biology.
- Go tell that
to the penguins or the giraffes.
They were at it in Noah's Ark.
- Keep no fear of God, see
how that works out for you.
- No problem so far, God
must have a sense of humor.
- Yes he does.
- Marc?
What is it?
- I'm on your side.
- Okay.
- I wasn't sure a year ago.
- I'm sorry?
That can't be easy.
- Well, you're making
it a lot harder.
You come and you wind him up
and I have to live with it.
- We're not tryin'
to wind anyone up.
- Well what then?
- You're speaking to
the wrong agitator.
- You can't hate
him more than I do.
- I don't hate him.
- Then leave us alone.
- His kid's gay, poor bastard.
- Let's not make
things worse for him.
Why don't we just call
it quits and go home?
- That's telling him that
we don't deserve to be here.
- He's in a vulnerable
place, Marc.
- I wish I could wrap you around
my little finger that easily.
How old are you Paul?
- 16.
- As long as you're legal
to serve alcohol.
- You need a refill?
- No, no I'm just checking.
- He started it.
- He was cruising you,
vulnerable my ass.
- Why don't you
cut him some slack?
- What, dad too?
- It is his home.
- Well he can do what
he wants at home.
He can hate on us all he likes.
Not when he's
running a business.
- Do you want to change his
mind or make him eat shit?
- Either, or.
- Remind me why I married you?
- Oh dear, it looks
like Josh's invitation
has backfired big time.
He's gay.
Hi there.
How do you like the place?
I'm Marc and this is Fred.
- Did you shoot the boy?
- Didn't mean to disturb you.
Enjoy your meal.
Don't worry, there's
always barely legal.
- Hi.
Does anyone speak Russian?
- Nyet.
- No.
- Sounds like Phil.
- Let me show you.
- Well it looks like your
boyfriend's got a new crush.
- Someone should tell
him to be careful.
- Dad's gonna have to
deal with this sometime.
- I was talking
about the Russian.
I wouldn't flow with him.
- Our comrade is gay.
- How do you know?
- He checked me out.
- He sized you up for
a smack in the mouth.
- What have I done?
- You're gay, he's Russian.
- Now you're being racist.
- He looks like a neo-Nazi.
- How did we get to Nazis?
- Josh put a call out
for like-minded bigots.
Did you not think
anyone would turn up?
- Having tattoos and being Russian
does not make you a Nazi.
- Everything okay in here?
- The food is great,
but I thought you could
settle an argument for us.
Stop kicking me, stop it.
The Russian,
is he with you or with us?
- I don't follow.
- Is he gay or straight?
- Oh come on boys,
you wouldn't want me
broadcasting your
preferences to strangers.
Not everyone is as
tolerant as I am.
- The Russian's on his side.
That's why he was staring
at us, he saw our picture.
Have you seen what they
do to gays in Russia?
- Racist.
- Gimme a shout if
you need anything.
- Do we need to pay now?
- I trust you.
You've barely eaten.
- No, I've had enough.
- Don't you want to
see what's for dessert?
- Not for me, thanks.
- I'll have another glass.
- I didn't sign up for this.
I told you the first sign of
violence I am out the door.
- I have another glass coming.
- Bring it up.
- I am not going
to hide in my room.
- Can I have an alarm call?
I keep my phone off at night.
- What time?
- Nine?
- There were no
phones in the room,
so it will be a
knock on the door
and I'm not coming in to check.
- Perfect.
Can I have a quick word?
- Better close the door.
Close the door.
- You can come in to
mind my own business,
but you have to be
careful with strangers.
- Like you?
- The Russian.
- He told me to
stay in the closet.
- It's not about...
It's about picking your moment.
- I'm 16, he can't stop me.
He can throw me out.
He will throw me
out, I don't care.
- If you care about your dad,
I don't think Alexei's gay.
- Did you talk to him?
- He doesn't look gay to me
and I've got a bit
more experience.
- How does he look?
- Dangerous.
- When you two came last
year, I made a promise.
I'm not gonna put up
with this anymore.
- Does it have to be tonight?
- He likes me.
- That's what gay bashers do.
You're not going to his room?
- No, there's a park.
He's got a map alright?
He has to be gay.
- Only if he's
looking for trouble.
You're scared.
- It's my first time.
- Then it has to be right.
Wait 'til you call the shots
when your dad's out of the way.
- You don't know
what it's been like
when mum died.
- He's still your dad
and I promise you whatever
his religion says,
he still loves you.
- He's never said.
- It doesn't mean...
- Because he knows.
He's always known.
He just expects me to
go though life lying.
You know he actually
said, "If my son was gay,
"I'd kill myself."
- If he knew you were
gay, he wouldn't say that.
He wouldn't think it.
Hold on.
- I can't.
- You don't have to
go through with it.
- Are you lost?
You don't have to go
through with what?
- You'll find out soon enough.
- What were you telling him?
- I was telling him how mum drank herself to death
because she couldn't stand it anymore!
- Keep your voice
down, control yourself.
- It should've been you!
- What's happened?
- He's not on Facebook.
- Well they haven't
made that a crime yet.
Alexei Petrovich, It's like
calling yourself Mr Smith.
I saw him coming out the shower.
He is covered in tattoos.
This one means
somebody's done murder.
The blood drops is a body count.
This one means he's a
high-ranking criminal.
- What is this, neo-Nazi bingo?
- And this one means that he's
served more than five years.
Yes bingo, full house let's go.
- You've got a
pair of army pants.
That doesn't make
you Jason Bourne.
- He has got Jesus
all over his back.
- So he's got gay basher
literally written all over him?
- Yes.
- Sort of like a map?
He's religious all right.
He spends a lot of
time on his knees.
This is the local cruising area.
He was scoping it all
throughout dinner.
He left it on the table.
It's a come-on.
- He's scoping targets.
It is a come-on but
instead of hooking us,
he hooked Paul.
Let's go, please.
- No.
- For me.
- Don't do that.
- For me.
- Don't do that!
- If he's gay, why does
he keep looking at us
like we're the enemy?
- We're the competition.
He thinks that we
are after Paul too.
I'm not chasing you.
- You might wanna keep
an eye on Paul tonight.
- I don't need parenting
advice from you.
- I'm talking about the Russian.
- The only homosexuals
here tonight are you two.
You got enough down here.
- Apology accepted.
- Have you got a signal?
He's blocked us in,
we can't get out.
- Well, we'll ask him to move.
- He could have parked anywhere.
- I'll ask him.
- No wait.
- You're afraid of
the way he parks now?
- No, I tried to call a taxi.
There's no signal
outside, downstairs,
up here and there
was when we came
right until he went
back into his room.
O2 and Vodafone?
- Why would he block our phones?
- To stop us from
calling the police
after he's kicked
the shit out of us.
- If I could prove to you
that far from being a gay basher
our Russian is as
queer as Christmas,
would you please come to bed?
- No trying to prove anything.
Stop it!
- Is that gay enough for you?
Who else packs like that?
- Army.
- Hello, is that a phone
jammer in his pocket
or is he just pleased to see me?
- Oh shit!
Put it back.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
- Hi, do you have that
landline we can use?
- No, sorry.
- No you don't have one
or no we can't use it?
We'll pay.
- No signal?
Well we're clear as
a bell around here.
- I know you have
one, it's urgent.
- Staff only.
- Did you ask him
to intimidate us?
- You pushed your
lifestyle down my throat,
but you feel intimidated?
What were you doing
in my son's room?
If anyone deserves
a kicking, it's you.
- Okay we need to
go right the...
- Alright, admittedly
these are a bit niche,
but people use these
all the time on trains
for peace and quiet.
- We're not on a fucking train.
- And technically
they are illegal yes,
but maybe he forgot
to turn it off.
- No Marc, there was a signal
long before he arrived.
So he made a point
of turning it on,
so he can wait
until it gets dark,
so he can slip into
something more comfortable.
- No no, leave it on,
he'll know it was us.
- We've gotta call the police.
- It's too late, they won't
be able to get here in time.
- No, Marc!
- Thank you.
I know it's wrong, but
seeing you put the wind up them
felt great.
Sleep well.
- No no no, we can get arrested
for wasting police time.
He hasn't done anything!
- Let's get out of
range and call a cab.
- Hey, what about the bags?
- Fuck the bags.
- Fred, Fred!
- I can't go
- We need to be going now!
You really had me going.
- What about Paul?
- Paul prefers Russians.
- Just because
he's not after us,
doesn't mean he's not dangerous.
- Didn't block us in,
didn't stop us leaving.
- Tried to get into our room.
- Phone jammer.
- Peace and quiet.
- Infrared goggles.
- It's dark.
- He's not cruising,
he's hunting.
- Well don't tell me, tell dad.
- I don't know if he
knows, but Paul thinks...
- Of course he knows.
Why do you think he's
so fucking furious?
- Marc, this is not
for us to get involved.
- Well according to you,
he's getting driven out
there to get murdered.
What could be more important?
- What if I'm wrong?
I can't just out him.
- You are wrong.
- Where is he taking him?
- Well maybe they've
just gone for a spin.
- We found a phone jammer
and night vision goggles
in his case and a map
of the local park.
- Which your son
filled out for him.
- We think he might have
gone to bash queers.
- Or he might be gay himself.
- The Russian?
- I'm gonna let you
two thrash this out.
I'm going to bed.
If you're worried, why
didn't you call the police?
Oh no but you can't, can you?
You can't have them thinking
your son's a homosexual.
- Do you want us
to go look for him?
- I want you to get your
nose out of my family.
- You heard the man.
I rest my case.
No one died.
- Marc!
- He came to teach me a lesson.
- Gays are very spiteful.
- If you were hunting gays,
you'd wanna know
where they hang out.
- Oh just admit you're wrong.
- Is Paul in danger?
- Yes, danger of
having a good time.
- Is he gonna get beaten up?
- You'd prefer
that, wouldn't you?
We're done!
- I haven't got a car,
I had to sell it to
pay the legal fees.
- Homophobia can be a
very expensive lifestyle.
- Help me.
- Get a taxi.
- I don't wanna waste any time.
- You don't want anyone to
know where you're going.
You'll still be recognized.
Every faggot in a 50 mile
radius knows who you are.
- Give us a minute.
A teenager looked at me.
Would it be better
if I hadn't told you?
- If it was the
other way around,
do you really think
he would be playing
the Good Samaritan for us?
- Were you ever 16?
- You are such a drama queen.
- And you're a prick.
- You sure it would be
better if I didn't go?
- You mean you thought.
- Sorry.
Did you know when you were 16?
- I knew when I was eight.
- Everybody just knows,
like it's the most natural
thing in the world.
- Unless you decide not to know.
- Anything else I
could support him:
drugs, stealing, murder.
- Tell him that you
love him no matter what.
- There's more to
being a father.
Why am I asking you?
- Just tell him.
- I won't save him.
You think if I had
enough you could turn me?
I don't dislike you, Marc.
You seem like a decent person
beside from this one thing.
- It's not one
thing, it's who I am.
- The first step on any recovery
is you separate who you
are from what you do.
- Can you separate being straight
from being with a woman?
- I haven't been with a
woman since my wife died.
- You think that's
what God wants?
- It wouldn't be fair on Paul.
- And keeping him in the
closet, that is fair?
- He's had girlfriends.
- So have I.
- Then you know, you see?
You know you can do it.
- Do you remember
your first time?
Here's to Paul.
- Help.
- Get off him!
- Is this private?
- Why were you driving his car?
- You don't need to talk to him.
- My husband went
looking for you.
- He's with Alex.
He told me I could borrow his
Jeep if I kept my mouth shut.
- In Russian?
- He speaks English.
- Since when?
- He didn't fancy you.
- That's one toxic little
queen you've spawned there.
Hey, it's okay.
It's okay, it's okay.
Hey, it's okay.
Hey, it's okay.
Did he have a knife?
- Didn't need one.
He could've broken my neck.
- All you've got is scratches.
- Don't you believe me?
- I found this in his case.
Now I haven't seen
all of them but,
well, you get the general idea.
He wasn't a queer basher.
He was a Peeping Tom.
- I'm the queer basher.
- No, you haven't done anything.
- You weren't there.
You don't know how it looked.
He wasn't coming in for a snog.
The Peeping Tom
would've run off.
Maybe he doesn't keep the
ones where he beats them up.
- The longer you leave
this, the worse it looks.
It already looks terrible.
- We need to get our
stories straight.
- We don't need a story.
- If you love your husband,
you'll wanna listen before
you call the police.
- Oh now he's my husband?
- Fred, you were right.
He wasn't gay.
He tried to attack Paul.
When he got away, he
looked for someone else.
Paul saved you.
- I think I'd like to hear
this from the horse's mouth.
- I've given him a
sedative, he's exhausted.
- Lying his ass off.
He told me you were trying
to cop-off with the Russian.
- He is a child, he panicked.
- He's old enough
to kill someone,
he's old enough
to answer for it.
- You are so brave.
When it comes to taking
a piss out of a Christian
you know can't fight back,
but when a young man,
a young gay man actually
takes on the real enemy
who tried to kill your husband,
you want him locked up.
- Yes, that's correct.
We draw the line at killing.
Oh, will someone find the
fucking thing and turn it off?
- Use the phone downstairs.
- Where's the phone?
- Last night of freedom.
- You are an innocent bystander.
- If that's how
you wanna play it.
But here's what
Paul's gonna say,
he's gonna say Fred
took him to the park
then got jealous when
he preferred Alex.
There was a fight and
Fred caved his head in.
There's no way anyone
can prove who did what.
Paul is 16, Fred's a grown man
and we all know you came
here looking for a fight.
It's called being a father.
- We'll see him in court.
- No, I will!
- Don't let him...
- This is your fault!
- Boys, keep it down.
- Sit here and listen!
Shut up!
- There is no need to put you
or Paul through any of this.
There's nothing to
connect him with us.
He didn't look, he turned
up out of the blue.
There's nothing on his phone.
He didn't leave a trail because
he came here to bash queers.
Somebody bashed him
first, end of story.
Happy ending.
- He didn't leave a
trail, but we did.
We're booked in the same night
a dead body turns
up five miles away.
- Better make sure it
doesn't turn up then,
at least not around here.
Clock's ticking.
- There'll be forensic evidence.
Paul won't be able to
keep his story straight.
- I helped him do it.
I didn't mean to but I did.
- You can't move
him by yourself.
- I'm not moving him anywhere.
- We're equal.
We're just like you.
Our love is the same.
We're married.
I would've killed for my wife.
You're not equal.
You're fake.
- I love you.
I'll be back in a
couple of hours.
- We're barely married and
I'm supposedly hooking up
with some weirdo
in night goggles?
Fuck him!
It's my word against his.
- No.
No it isn't.
There's video.
Night goggles, he records it.
We can prove what
- Now I'm confused.
If he was gonna attack me,
he wouldn't be recording it.
- No no, I don't think he
was going to attack you.
- Oh so let's hope he was
beaten to death by mistake?
- There is no fucking
pleasing you, is there?
- Stay with Paul.
- We're doing it.
- Where's this come from?
- Well you.
Richer or poorer,
better or worse.
Nice sermon.
- Fine.
Let's all go to the police.
- We're not going to the police.
- This is how it's gonna be:
one of you stays
or it's the police.
- I now where he is.
- I'm doing it.
- Paul's sedated,
don't wake him up.
- Lock yourself in.
- If you help him move that
body, you're an accomplice.
- I'm not going to touch it.
I'll check the video,
if it proves your clear,
I'll leg it.
- What if it doesn't?
- It will.
- Don't move that
body, promise me.
- I have to find Fred's phone.
- Don't you think we should
deal with the dead body first?
- The phone is just as
incriminating for Fred.
- We'll do it later.
- No, now or I walk.
- You want me to do it?
- How do I know
what it looks like?
- Call it.
- I have to go for a piss.
- I'm not stopping you.
Where I can see you.
I can't go when
you're watching me.
- If you can't, it
means you don't need to.
- You don't
have to go through with it.
- Well take another, go to bed.
Me and Marc.
We're burying
everything, go to bed.
- Where are we going to dump it?
I wanna know where we're going.
- You're gonna go
back to the house.
- How are you gonna get back?
- I'm gonna dump the body
and we're gonna dump the Jeep.
They need to be far apart.
I shall dump the Jeep tomorrow.
- Probably weighs a ton.
- I'm not asleep.
- I'm sedated
and I can't sleep.
- What?
- Thanks.
You stopped my dad
from going to the park.
- I wish I hadn't.
- He sent me a text instead.
You were right, he loves me.
He's going to see what I did.
I only wanted what you've got.
I just don't want
my dad to know.
- Know what?
- How much I hated him.
- Who's going to tell him?
- You,
and I won't let you.
Where's my dad?
- Dumping your boyfriend.
- That was nothing
to do with me.
- Let's just see what happened.
Fuck off, Paul!
- Give it to me.
- It must have come
on when he was hit.
- Get off him!
- Stop!
- You said stop.
- What was Alex saying?
- What the fuck?
- They were coming to kill him.
- Shit, shit!
Okay I'll grab him and you run.
Open the fucking door!
You're lighter.
No, Fred!
- Go ahead!
- Oh no no, fuck fuck!
Fuck fuck, no!
We cannot stay here.
- Yes, we can!
- They might have a shotgun.
Wait, shh shh.
One thing we are not doing
is going back in the house.
- That has got to be Josh.
- Do not go in the house, Marc.
- If Paul was in there, he
would've picked up already.
- Don't go in, get back!
- Fred!
- Please don't tell my dad.
- Yes, Marc!
- Open the door.
- We didn't do it!
- I'm not
blaming you Fred,
but I need something
to stop the bleeding.
- Okay well get us the phone
and we can call an ambulance.
Hang up.
- An ambulance
takes 20 minutes.
- The longer you fuck with
us, the longer it will be.
Get off the line.
- I've already
called an ambulance.
They said, "Get him into the
warmth and stop the bleeding."
- He's lying.
- If he dies,
it's on you!
- Okay well, we'll
call the police
and then we will talk about it.
- He's lost a
lot of blood, please.
- Look, just get off the line
so we can talk to
someone that's not you.
Oh, come on.
- Emergency
Services Operator,
which service do you require?
- Police and ambulance.
- And where
are you calling from?
- It's the St Jude's B&B,
it's on Rafeston Road.
- Halsey Road South.
- Halsey Road South,
there's been a stabbing.
A suicide attempt.
- We have
a request for an ambulance
at that address.
- No no no, we still
need the ambulance.
It's the same incident.
- Tell 'em to send
a police car first.
- Did you get that?
- Are the assailants
still on the premises?
- Oh, come on!
- We didn't stab anyone,
he did it himself.
- Have you brought the victim inside?
- What? No, we're not going to.
- Why not?
- Because it's complicated.
Can you just tell everyone
to come as soon as they can?
- Sir, it's not complicated.
He's bleeding heavily
and going into shock.
- These people are
threatening us.
- The ambulance will be with you
in under 20 minutes.
- Well what about the police?
- Paramedics aren't allowed
to attend unless...
- Okay how long, how long?
- Police will be with you
in less than 20 minutes.
In the meantime, you need
to attend to the victim.
- We are the victim!
Take over.
- We need to talk
before they get here.
- I don't trust him.
- Show it to me, I
wanna see what happened.
- You'll flush it.
- I swear on Jesus Christ.
On my son's life.
- You can't protect him anymore.
- He's my son!
- He wanted you dead.
It was supposed to be you.
The plastic sheet,
it was for you.
You drove him to it.
- No, he's not gay.
He told me he couldn't
go through with it.
- Killing you!
That's what he couldn't
go through with.
- Is there
anything I can do?
He's 16.
I'll do anything.
You want me on my
knees, I'm on my knees.
He tried to kill himself.
What more do you want?
Can't you forgive him?
- It's not my call.
- I forgive him.
- Of being a murderer
or being a faggot?
- Don't let him see it.
- This is the house.
You check-in here.
Bedroom's upstairs.
Dad's room.
My room.
- Son.
- Marc?
- They've been
harassing us for years.
Shit in our letterbox,
death threats.
They got some Russian
thug to join in.
That's his Jeep.
...one of them means
to kill him or not.
They didn't
give a knife to Paul.
- Marc!
- So.
- You're not gay anymore?
- He's in prison.
- Anything else?
- You won't be
able to keep it up.
- Hasn't been a problem so far.
- Let's go, you can't
save other people.
- My dad saved me.
- Bless me Father,
for I have sinned.
It's good to talk to
someone who understands.
It's not blackmail if that's
the only way to rescue someone.
I'm not saving him from prison,
I'm saving him from Hell.
Five years is nothing
against eternity.
He might feel it's
fake at first,
but God can open any heart.
The longer he walks the path,
the more he'll learn
what love is.
Real love.