B&B Merry (2022) Movie Script

Frohe Weihnachten,
which means "Merry Christmas."
Hey, guys, it's me, Tracey Wise.
Now, before settling
into a cozy Christmas stateside,
I flew to Lake Lucerne, Switzerland.
Here you can ski and enjoy
the miraculous Swiss Alps,
and you can also stay in town
and enjoy a traditional Swiss Gluhwein.
If the weather outside is frightful,
you might as well spend
a cozy Christmas in Switzerland.
And remember, you can
travel more if you travel wise.
Hey, Trace, missed you again,
but my last big meeting
in Paris was canceled,
so I'm heading back to the States early.
So, yes, let's definitely try to get away.
Do your travel magic.
Oh, uh, that's Chloe, my counterpart here.
I'm supposed to be
on the Rue Michelle something...
... but I am definitely lost.
Talk soon.
Frohe Weihnachten,
which means "Merry Christmas."
Hey guys, it's me, Tracey Wise.
Now, before settling
into a cozy Christmas Stateside,
I flew to Lake Lucerne, Switzerland.
Here you can ski
and enjoy the miraculous Swiss Alps,
and you can also stay in town
and enjoy a traditional...
Mom, Aunt Barb, wanna show you something.
If the weather outside's frightful,
you might as well spend
your Christmas being cozy in Switzerland.
- And remember...
- "You can travel more if you travel wise."
That's her tagline. You get it?
'Cause her name's Tracey Wise.
Well, it's cute,
but what has it got to do with us?
I thought maybe she
could come and review the B&B.
You think some famous jet setter's
gonna come to Silver Peaks, Vermont?
Aunt Barb, yeah, why not?
I mean, she's already been to Fiji,
Phoenix, Montreal, Arizona.
Why not Silver Peak at Christmas?
It's a good time.
But, Graham, what's the goal here?
We need paying guests,
not invited bloggers.
Exactly, Mom, okay?
This is the first Christmas
the Park View Hotel's
been open, and we have...
zero Christmas guests.
Uh, hello.
Please, Barb.
You were born in this house just like me.
Or did you forget we're sisters?
All I'm saying is, if just
a small percentage of her followers
came to visit us,
that could make a huge difference.
To my dear followers
who think my life is so glamorous,
even I end up decorating
my own gingerbread house,
while my boyfriend sits beside me
filling out spreadsheets.
But, hey, you gotta appreciate
a cozy night in when you can get one.
So until my next big trip, remember,
you can travel more if you travel wise.
A romantic getaway.
We invite Tracey and her boyfriend here
for a romantic winter getaway.
Hot chocolate by the fire.
Twilight walks in the snow,
maybe a candlelit dinner for two.
It's a good idea.
I'll message her now.
Ask her if she has
any cute single friends for Graham.
"Hey Tracey, we would love to invite you
and Mark for a romantic weekend getaway
at our own Silver Peak B&B."
So, where is your next big trip?
You're not gonna believe this.
I just got invited to
this beautiful little bed-and-breakfast,
called Silver Peak, Vermont.
You have to see it.
And the owners, Sarah and Graham Cooper,
invited me and a plus one
for a romantic getaway.
I think it's meant to be,
because Mark and I were just discussing
or exchanging voicemails about
how we need to reconnect over Christmas,
you know, and...
Come on, Annie, don't do that.
Do what? So you're going to Vermont
with the Merger and Acquisition Mark.
That's great.
When are you gonna get on board?
He's been my boyfriend for over a year.
Yes, but you've only seen him
for three months in person in that time.
I think it's been more than that.
I just worry that you're more
into the idea of Mark than the actual guy.
What does that even mean?
On paper, he's perfect.
Handsome, well educated. Good job.
He travels for work just like you,
so he understands that part of your life.
Yes. And he's a nice guy.
He is a nice guy.
But nice... is that enough?
I just want you to be excited,
inspired, deeply in love.
I want you to have
a wonderful relationship, not a nice one.
And what if the biggest thing you have
in common is your frequent flyer miles?
Okay. I've said my piece.
If Mark is the one, I will support you.
And I just want you to be happy.
You know that, right?
Yeah, of course, you're an amazing friend.
And you have an angel baby.
Oh, she's an angel when she's sleeping.
Which is always.
She's a good sleeper.
The problem with living where you work is
you never know when to clock out, huh?
Yeah, well, the way I see it is,
if Tracey's gonna come stay here,
she'll probably be in this room,
and I want it perfect.
And these locks? Very temperamental.
Honey, I hope you know how much
I appreciate everything you sacrificed
to keep this place running.
I couldn't do it without you,
and your dad would be so proud.
Well, don't worry,
we're gonna get this place back on top.
Besides, not everybody wants
to stay in a brand-new, modern-day,
top-of-the-line hotel, right?
The Park View may have
a Jacuzzi tub in every room,
but do they have
my elderberry scones and honey butter?
- They do not.
- They do not.
- No? No?
- No. No.
Does the kitchen have any?
- Yes, it does.
- Right now?
- Butter?
- Yes.
- Unknown caller.
- I wonder who's calling me.
Let's find out.
Annie. Oh, terribly sorry.
I'm looking for someone
called Tracey Wise.
Oh, yes. Hi, that's me.
And you are?
My apologies. You must be wondering,
who is this bloke calling out of the blue?
My name is Sam Phillips.
I'm CEO of Luxe Voyage magazine.
The Luxe Voyage magazine?
Tracey has every one of your issues.
Well, not 276-I.
The holiday editions are hard to come by.
I'm pleased you're a fan, Tracey,
because I'm such a fan of yours.
Sorry, my flight is boarding
in a few moments.
The reason I'm calling, Tracey,
is I'd like to offer you a...
shall we call it an audition,
to write for Luxe Voyage magazine?
I-- Sam, that's a...
that's an amazing opportunity.
I'll email you a list of properties.
Let me know which you choose.
We'll book you a room.
Write a piece, and if it's
as good as I think it'll be,
we'll bring you on full time.
That means five-star accommodations,
international travel on us,
a weekly byline and
a competitive salary to boot.
- What do you say?
- I say yes.
Smashing. Well, we'll, we'll chat soon.
Okay, great. Oh, and, Sam, if you don't
mind me asking, where are you off to?
A little town called Rovaniemi in Finland.
It's near the Arctic Circle and the Finns
insist it's the true home of Santa Claus.
The Northern Lights are spectacular.
Oh, just one example of the many places
you could be traveling to one day.
I'm sending the email now. Cheerio.
- Did that just happen?
- Yeah, it did.
- Where is he sending you?
- Oh, um, let me check my email.
Okay, here it is.
Okay, "Dear Ms. Wise...
some properties we need evaluated...
Fairfax, Virginia;
Allentown, Pennsylvania;
Columbus, Ohio."
I mean, you're not visiting
Santa's house on your first trip.
- That's fair.
- Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Wow, I mean, okay. It's hot there.
And no way!
Talk about meant to be!
The last hotel on the list
is the Park View Hotel
in Silver Peak, Vermont.
Ha! Wait, is it a conflict of interest
to do two places in one town
at the same time?
No one's asking you
to sign an exclusivity agreement.
So just start at Park View first
and then mosey on over to the B&B.
That's not a conflict of interest.
It's convenient.
You bet it is!
Shh, please.
Okay, Marcus,
I've got your clubhouse here.
And did you order the...
Well, hey there! I'm Jennie.
Welcome to Max's.
What can I get ya?
I was gonna get a coffee, but I should ask
about the milkshake of the week.
Oh, oh, it's gingerbread.
Real cookie crumbles on top.
- Oh, that sounds way better than coffee.
- Smart choice.
"Made it to Silver Peak."
"Stopped at this adorable little diner."
"Having a gingerbread milkshake,
then on to the Park View."
"I am in the wrong line of work."
- For you.
- Thanks.
No problem.
- Hey.
- Oh, hey there.
Oh, no, sorry. Sorry. He's my husband.
That's not the standard
greeting around here.
Better not be.
Dan, this is?
Tracey. Hi.
- Passing through town?
- Most people are.
I'm just visiting, actually.
I hope you're not staying
at that snooty Park View Hotel.
Oh, uh, well...
Sweetie, she...
she can stay wherever she likes.
We're friends with the family
who owns the bed-and-breakfast in town,
so we can't help but be partial.
Yeah. Graham's like a brother to me.
- Wait, Graham Cooper?
- Yeah.
- You know Graham?
- No, not exactly.
Who knows me?
Oh, I...
- Whoops.
- I'm so sorry.
- Tracey.
- Graham?
- Yeah.
- You know each other?
No, I... I thought you were older.
Oh, uh, was it something I said?
No, I just, I...
No, when you messaged me
to stay at the B&B,
it was signed "Sarah and Graham,"
so I just assumed...
- Sarah's my mother.
- Wait. I'm lost.
- You two do know each other?
- Yeah.
No, online.
Okay, this is Tracey Wise.
She's the travel blogger.
She's here to review the B&B.
Oh, Tracey. You're that Tracey.
"Travel more if you travel wise."
- That's me.
- That's her.
So you're not staying at the Park View.
Whew! That place is the worst.
Oh, um... I...
Well, I see that you found the diner
and you tried the best milkshakes in town.
So we'll have to remove that
from the Silver Peak tour.
- I'm really sorry.
- No, it's okay. Really.
Tracey, I'll get you a fresh one.
Graham, coffee?
Yes, ma'am.
Make it a double on the milkshake, honey.
So you're here already?
- Oh, well, yeah. But I--
- Did you fly or drive?
- I flew, but--
- I gotta make a call.
Then I'll put your luggage in the truck
and give you a ride to the B&B, okay?
I, um, Graham...
Wow. He's really upping
his game for you, Tracey.
That's what you get
when you're a fancy travel blogger.
I'm not that fancy.
Okay. Okay, okay, okay, okay.
- Silver Peak Bed & Breakfast.
- Mom, hey, Tracey Wise is here.
- Where?
- Here.
It might help if I know where you are.
I'm at the diner and she's here.
She's not due for several days.
We're not ready.
What? The blogger.
- You better get ready 'cause she's here.
- So you said.
- Okay. Okay.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Well... "merry" it is.
Okay, here we go.
No milkshakes for you, mister.
Dr. Stone was in earlier.
Apparently you forgot to mention
your cholesterol was up
in your last checkup.
It's fine. Just a regular guest, right?
Semi-famous influential guest
with a boyfriend.
What? Oh, yeah, boyfriend.
Where is the boyfriend?
Tracey. Hey.
Uh... Nice room for you at the B&B.
You'll love it.
I'm sure I will.
Oh, where's your boyfriend?
Should we wait for him?
- Mark?
- You have a boyfriend?
Yeah, I mean, my mother mentioned
that she booked for a romantic getaway.
Yes, we are.
Yes, it's just, he's been held up
a few days because of work,
and so I would maybe
need to stay a few extra nights.
Yeah, that's-- that's fine.
The room's available.
That's the problem around here.
- Well, shall we go?
- Yes.
Sure. Yep. We should. Um...
- Thank you for the--
- Thank you, guys, so much.
It was lovely meeting you.
- Yeah, it was lovely.
- It's good meeting you guys too.
- Hope to see you soon.
- Put this on my tab. Thanks.
After you.
- This is gonna be interesting.
- Yeah.
- Daniel Wilson!
- What?
- Here.
- Oh, please, let me grab it.
- Oh, thank you.
- You're welcome.
I'm gonna make
a quick phone call, but I'll be right in.
- All right.
- Okay.
Trace, how's it going?
Mark? Oh!
You're packing. That's perfect.
Because I am actually... I don't know,
things got mixed up in Vermont,
and I'm already at the Silver Peak B&B.
I guess it's fine.
I could switch the plan.
It's just two people.
How many baked goods should there be?
Some people prefer muffins,
that's all I'm saying.
And I am the older and wiser sister.
Don't underestimate
your scones, they're delicious.
- Where's Tracey?
- Did you lose them on the way over?
Relax, okay?
She's just making a phone call.
And it's not a "them," not yet.
Her boyfriend's not coming till later.
And she's early.
Or did I mix up the dates?
Off to a great start, aren't we?
Sarah, it will be fine.
You're the one telling me to make muffins.
You're getting all in my head!
I guess I'll switch
to the hotel after the drive, but...
could you maybe, uh, drive up tomorrow?
- Mark?
- Um...
I'm not actually packing for Vermont.
Oh, okay.
Well, do you think, you know--
Tracey, listen, there's a...
there's a few loose ends
to tie up with the deal, and, uh...
I... I'm going back to Paris.
you just got back.
Yeah, no, I've been thinking
about that a lot and...
and about how hard it is for us to line up
our schedules and just be together.
Well, yeah, that's
why I planned this trip, you know,
so we could reconnect.
But that's the thing.
What happens after Christmas?
What do you mean?
When I get wrapped up
in another months-long deal
and you run off
to several far-off destinations,
especially with the new job.
Yeah, but I still have to get that job.
And I don't really know that that
would change things that much, and...
Plus, I always feel like
I'm boring you when I talk about work.
No, not at all.
Come on, you don't care about
depreciation or liquidated assets
or management-led buyouts.
I'm sorry if I haven't
taken an interest. I...
Look, Mark, I didn't realize
that it bothered you, but...
I can work on that, you know.
We can, we can work on this together.
But that's the thing, Tracey,
should we have to work so hard?
What do you mean?
Maybe this just
isn't the best idea, you know?
What are you saying?
Maybe we should call it.
She's just standing there.
Aunt Barb, look, if she turns around
and sees you spying on her,
it's embarrassing, come on.
- She'll come in when she's ready.
- Yes.
Yoo-hoo! Tracey, is it?
Oh, it's chilly out there.
Why don't you join us inside?
Of course. Sorry,
I was just thinking about... things.
Can I take your coat?
Graham, take Ms. Wise's bags
up to the room.
- Oh, you can just call me Tracey.
- Would you like a cup of tea?
Coffee? Warm apple cider?
Uh, we don't actually have cider,
but I can make some if you like.
My sister is an amazing cook.
Me, I burn water.
Oh, um, tea would be lovely.
Thank you.
My elderberry scones
straight from the oven.
Oh, those look delicious.
And I was worried that you
and Mark would prefer muffins.
- Mark?
- Is he coming in his own car?
- Um...
- We know he also travels for work.
Oh, you do?
Graham introduced us to your account.
And what can I say, I was hooked.
All the wonderful places you go.
And you two are such a charming couple.
Well, we...
Thank you.
This will work.
You might not see it at first glance,
but Silver Peaks is the perfect
destination for a romantic weekend.
We used to have an annual Christmas dance,
December 23rd, year after year.
Something always seemed to be in the air.
A lot of couples
matched up during that event.
Including this one and Graham's dad.
Well, this has been so lovely,
but it's been a really long trip for me.
Would you mind if I head upstairs and,
you know, put my feet up and unpack?
Of course. Would you like me
to show you to your room?
Oh, no, that's okay. I can find it.
- And these are delicious.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Let us know if you need anything.
- I will.
- Okay.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Oh, I think you took a wrong turn.
Oh, I saw you standing
in there and I just thought...
I was just getting that ready for you.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Uh, are these you?
Oh, was this your room
when you were little?
It is my room.
Oh, you live here?
No, that's how a bed-and-breakfast works.
The people who run the place
usually live there so that they can...
- Yeah, right, I just--
- Yeah.
...serve people.
Right. I know that.
I just thought the ladies ran it.
They do. I help.
So my mother,
she's been running this place for,
I don't know, over 30 years.
My Aunt Barb, she's "visiting."
You know, she's kind of
a reverse snowbird.
She moved to Florida, but she's with us
from, like, Thanksgiving to New Year.
- That's kind of fun.
- Yeah.
Can I show you to your room?
Yes. Yeah, of course.
No, it's okay. Please, after you.
That's not embarrassing at all.
Bathroom's in there.
You got extra blankets, towels, pillows,
with this pillow,
reminding you to be merry.
That's new.
Breakfast is at 7:00.
Is there anything else
I can help you with?
Listen, I should probably mention
that earlier when I made that call...
Sorry to interrupt.
First of many little touches
during your romantic weekend.
Wow, this is so...
We can't wait to meet Mark.
The Park View isn't the only place
in town for a romantic getaway.
From the moment they opened,
they put this place in jeopardy.
Before last year,
this was the only spot in town.
Okay, Babs, we don't need to...
Tracey, w-we're fine.
But of course we'd love to expand.
- Why don't we let her settle in?
- All right.
- Did he tell you where the towels are?
- Yes.
- And the blankets.
- Yes.
And breakfast is at 7:00.
Anything else you need?
- Absolutely.
- Okay, all right.
Oh, I'm sorry.
And those fresh strawberries
were a nice touch.
I think we're off to a great start.
What do you think, Graham?
- Great start, right?
- A great start. Yeah.
Off to a great start.
And then they brought champagne
and chocolate-covered strawberries
to my room.
So, yeah, that was my first hour here.
I cannot believe Mark.
What? I thought this is what you wanted.
You've been asking me
to break up with him for months.
I would never tell you
to break up with anyone.
As your best friend, it is my job
to subtly help you figure it out.
Oh, yeah. You were real subtle.
I just wanted you to realize
you could do better,
not for him to break up with you
over the phone at Christmas.
Ecch. I knew I didn't like that guy.
You think the Coopers will notice
if I review my romantic
bed-and-breakfast getaway weekend
without my romantic partner?
Also, they hate the Park View Hotel,
it's their only competition here,
so I can't bring that up either.
It's really not panning out
the way I thought it would.
Trace, you've traveled
the world all by yourself
a million times,
dealing with the unexpected,
meeting all sorts of people.
This is a piece of cake.
And if you ask me,
you could stand to slow down a little.
Yeah, yeah. You're probably right.
Okay. I'm gonna go.
Kiss the baby for me?
Consider it done.
See you in a few days.
Love you.
What is this?
- Hey. Good morning.
- Hey.
Any suggestions on things
I could do around town?
Oh, we've come up with a few ideas.
Yes, we have some perfect activities
for your romantic getaway.
Although the best romantic event would've
been the Silver Peak Christmas dance.
You mentioned that earlier.
That sounds so special.
- But you're a little late for that.
- Yeah.
How could I be late for it?
It's not even Christmas yet.
You're about five years too late.
- Yeah, that was the last Christmas dance.
- It used to be so much fun.
But, listen, I don't have to do
any so-called romantic activities
since I'm kind of here on my own.
- We're about to decorate cookies.
- That sounds fun!
Wait, it's the last day
of the Christmas craft fair.
You can't miss that.
If Mark doesn't come in time,
Graham could take you.
- What?
- That's a great idea.
Graham knows this place
like the back of his hand.
No, I don't want to intrude on your day.
You wouldn't be intruding, plus
it might be nice to have a tour guide.
But no pressure.
- Then it's settled.
- It is?
Yeah. Let's get you an apron
and bake some cookies.
Okay, great.
- Uh, hey!
- Hmm?
Don't just stand there and eat them.
You can help decorate.
- Here, hand him an apron.
- Tasting's a job too.
I'm just saying.
So, how was Switzerland?
Oh, it was so amazing.
Thanks for asking.
I love that you guys watch my blog.
And, hey, thank you so much
for inviting me here.
- I'm having so much fun.
- Aww.
I don't think I've decorated cookies
since I was little.
Aww. It's a tradition around here.
You know this one, when he was a boy,
he used to make snowmen,
but he had to make 'em
with four cookies 'cause he had to eat one
while he was decorating them.
- Every time.
- That's a true story.
- Is that what's happening right now?
- Yeah.
Well, you have to stay fueled
in order to do the work.
- Oh.
- Right? I know what's going on.
- There's a system.
- I'm gonna make a snowman.
- Okay. Let's do it.
- Great.
It's getting late. You should probably
head to the Christmas fair.
- Oh, yeah, right.
- Okay.
Okay, need your opinion.
This is a very serious decision.
- Mm-hmm.
- Reindeer or Christmas lights?
When in doubt, I'd go with the reindeer.
Oh, good choice.
I'll take this reindeer onesie, please.
Hey, thanks for taking me here.
I'm having so much fun.
I just feel like
it's so festive and so beautiful,
and I love going to all these booths,
seeing what people are selling.
Thank you.
I feel like I'm in a snow globe.
I remember when I was a kid,
I'd save up my money from all my chores.
Then I'd come here
and I'd buy my mom a Christmas present.
It was always like candles or ornaments,
of course, based on my budget, right?
Of course.
I'm sure she loved that.
She did.
Well, except for this one year.
I... kind of lit
all the candles at the same time.
It was like cinnamon, mint,
peppermint, vanilla...
It was bad. I don't know.
Aunt Barb got queasy.
Oh, man.
So tell me about the Christmas dance.
What do you wanna know?
People danced.
I-I know that, but, I mean,
if it was so successful in town,
then why'd people get rid of it? Hmm?
Well, I mean, it wasn't like
the town got rid of it.
It was more like Mother Nature did.
What do you mean?
Okay, well, every year the dance
would take place at the Grange Hall,
and that's kind of the center
of Silver Peak, right?
Uh... So about four years ago,
the Grange Hall burned down.
A couple weeks before that, city council
voted to allocate all these funds
into these projects that are
particularly suited towards
this new fancy hotel
that was moving into town.
- Park View Hotel?
- You got it.
So, hey, no Grange Hall, no dance.
That's really sad.
'Cause your parents met there,
I'm sure they would've loved
to have celebrated
their anniversary every year.
Well, my father passed away
about three years ago,
so my mom wouldn't have
a date to take to the dance anyway.
I'm sorry, Graham, I...
Wow, your family's been
through a lot in the last three years.
Thank you for recognizing that.
It's just really been rough on you guys.
We should go.
Thank you so much for everything today.
My best friend's really gonna love this
reindeer onesie that I got for her baby.
That's great. Yeah.
Listen, I got some work to get done, so...
Oh, so late?
Yeah. But I'll... I'll see you later.
- Okay, sure.
- Yeah.
Looking forward to meeting
that boyfriend of yours.
Back so soon?
Yeah, we, uh, we cut it short.
Hey, didn't you say there was
a leaky faucet in the basement?
I'm gonna go have a look at that.
Graham Cooper, do you think
you're gonna get off that easy?
We thought you and Tracey hit it off.
We did. We did hit it off.
Look, she has a boyfriend. Okay?
I don't want to intrude on that.
It doesn't matter how much I...
I'm just not gonna be that guy, okay.
I'll never be that guy.
Of course you're not.
But what happened with--
Mom, I just don't wanna talk
about it right now, all right?
All I'm saying is, you can't let
what happened in the past
scare you away from future experiences.
And I agree with you. Okay?
I get it. I just...
I don't know what else to do.
- Oh, no.
- What?
Everything okay?
Oh, what, what am I looking at?
Tracey's boyfriend in Paris eating
a baguette with another woman
when he's supposed to be here.
- Really? You sure?
- How on earth did you find that?
Well, I follow Tracey on social media now.
So I was reading her post
and I saw several with this Mark fellow.
So I clicked through his account
because frankly I was curious.
It's not even private.
Tracey's boyfriend is in Paris
looking very cozy with another woman.
There's only one takeaway from this.
I knew I never liked that guy.
You two still having the same
conversation you had last night?
Tracey's boyfriend isn't being upfront
with her and we know when she doesn't.
It's newsworthy.
What are we supposed to do?
Tell her?
She'll be heartbroken.
She's here for a romantic getaway.
But it's none of our business.
Yeah, but we can't just not mention it.
Yeah, surely Tracey's gonna see
the post soon enough.
See what post?
Should I be worried?
I don't think so.
- You can do better.
- What?
What? Oh, yeah.
Um... uh...
Listen, I'm... I'm sorry I wasn't
completely honest with you all.
You already knew about that?
Well, no, not that specifically, but...
Mark and I broke up
right before I got here,
or right as I got here.
That was the call
I was taking on the porch.
But either way, he's not coming.
He's kind of literally predisposed.
- And why didn't you say anything?
- I was embarrassed.
I posted him all over my social media,
and then you guys were asking me
about him and I just...
I don't know.
I mean, he dumped me,
you know, over the phone, and...
She's got nothing on you.
That's okay.
You know, she, she probably...
She probably... Oh!
Actually, I think this is
a woman from his Paris office.
She probably likes liquid assets and
depreciated buyouts and stuff like that.
She's probably perfect for him.
You okay?
It's okay. We weren't really
right for each other, anyway.
I'm kind of the last person
to figure things out.
I'm sorry that happened.
Well, uh, I'm gonna head outside.
Just fix some lights.
I don't know what I'd do without him.
Excuse me for just a second.
Well, that was interesting.
Sam? Hi.
Tracey. I'm about to go to a Finnish
state park to see the reindeer.
And you're calling me to brag?
Oh, what fun we're going
to have working together.
No, that's why I'm calling.
To see which property
you're going to review for your tryout.
Oh, um, I'm gonna be reviewing
the-the Park View in Silver Peak, Vermont?
- It's actually convenient--
- Mr. Phillips!
Can't wait to read it.
Can you have it done by next week?
Oh, yeah, um, sure.
- I mean, I'm kind of nearby, so...
- Brilliant.
- I'll be on the lookout.
- Oh.
- You ready?
- Coming.
Okay. Well, enjoy the reindeer.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Can I give you a hand?
You're not
a certified electrician, are you?
What? No.
You have a law degree, I wouldn't
want you suing me for negligence.
You know I have a law degree?
- Yeah, I...
- You...?
...read it in your blog.
You did a deep dive if you know that one.
- Really?
- Hi. It's cold out here.
Anyone want some hot chocolate?
Yes, please.
- So you, um, read my blog, huh?
- You fishing for compliments?
Well, yes, I do enjoy reading your blog.
Oh. Oh, well, thank you very much.
Well, you're welcome very much.
I gotta ask, though.
Okay, honestly, what did
your parents think when you decided
to kind of give up
on using your law degree?
I didn't give up on my law degree. Okay?
I just used it for a very,
very short amount of time
before changing
the trajectory of my life completely.
But, yeah, I mean, I don't know.
Both my parents were lawyers, so they
kind of expected me to be a lawyer too.
I don't know,
call it a lack of imagination, but...
I made really good grades, though.
- I have no doubt.
- Yeah.
But, uh, I think everything kind of
changed for me on my bar trip.
What's a bar trip?
Oh, it's the trip that law students take
between taking their bar
and finding out if they passed.
And... I went online for a couple weeks.
It was hard for me to keep
my family and friends updated.
So I started a blog so I could update
all of them at the same time and...
And that's when you decided
it was time for a career path change?
- I... no.
- No?
You haven't figured out
from my last relationship,
which is evidence of, it kind of takes me
a minute to figure things out.
But I started working
at a very respectable law firm
for 80-hour work weeks, and...
I was so miserable.
But the upside was I could travel a lot
and I could actually afford to do it.
So I would leave, and every time I did,
I would continue with my blog.
And finally, after two years,
I realized the only time I was happy
was when I was traveling.
You know, I would think about it
and I would plan for it.
And that's really what got me through.
I would just slog through the work week,
thinking about my next trip.
And then finally I realized
I didn't wanna slog through life.
You know, I wanna experience it.
So now the blog is ad supported,
and I get invited to amazing places
like the Silver Peak
Bed & Breakfast in Vermont.
It's pretty great.
So anyway, what about you?
Did you... always know you wanted
to go into the family business?
My dad always expected it. Yeah.
This house has been
in my mother's family for generations.
So after my dad died,
and just with everything else
that's been going on lately,
well, it feels like
we could actually lose this place.
No. Hey, that's not gonna happen.
Yeah, I wanna believe that.
I can't make any promises,
but hopefully my blog will help a little.
Well, admittedly, I did tell my mother,
"Hey, if just a small percentage
of her followers could come and visit us,
that could be a big difference."
And I know it's not that simple, right?
Like, hey, blog! Boom, people.
But I don't know how else
to compete with the Park View, honestly.
Do you have to compete?
Isn't that how business works?
It's kind of like
you gotta have the best cookie,
the best vacuum, whatever it is.
And then, I don't know,
increase your customers
and hopefully increase revenue.
Well, yeah, sort of.
But, come on, there's thousands
of very successful cookie brands,
and I don't know much about vacuums,
but there's a lot of those, so...
you know,
what if it's not winner-take-all,
it's just winning back
a small piece of the customer base?
Okay. Yeah.
I could tell 'em,
"Hey, we're smaller, we're older,
and we have way less amenities."
- You can't think that way, you have to...
- I know.
- Focus on your strengths.
- Yes.
So, and maybe you could do something
to bring people's attention to it.
- You know, like...
- Like what?
Well, I don't know.
Maybe just...
What if you reinstated
the Christmas dance?
Sorry, I'm just throwing ideas out there.
You can shut it down.
It's probably pretty crazy.
No, that...
that's a great idea, actually.
I mean, it's personal to the town.
It's fun. It's the complete opposite
of the Park View.
We need to throw a dance
in a week, that's daunting.
No, I didn't mean for this Christmas.
I meant next Christmas.
Oh. Yeah. Yeah.
Next Christmas.
Unless we're not here next Christmas.
Well, I could stay and help
if you wanna do it this year.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Okay?
- Yeah.
- So we're throwing this dance in a week.
- Yeah.
- And we...
- Need...
- Okay, we need a venue.
- Yes.
That's gonna be available
in a week's notice.
- Yeah.
- So, do you know any place?
Can I show you something?
Think you're gonna have the dance
for the whole town out here?
I mean, we could put up a giant tent.
Uh, I don't know, some heat lamps.
I mean, we could serve hot cider.
- Eggnog.
- Hot chocolate.
- I could build a dance floor somewhere.
- This is a great idea.
Having an event space here
could really bring in
a whole new revenue stream
for the bed-and-breakfast.
I never thought of that, actually.
It's a really great idea.
Oh, and we could decorate it.
Like just go crazy.
- Make it super festive.
- Yeah?
I'll show you.
We have decorations.
We have way more decorations in here.
This is cute.
I don't know if it's gonna be
enough stuff, but...
Let's see what else we have here.
Oh, my goodness. I'm so sorry.
- What is this?
- It's childish.
It's something I was doing in college
to keep track of places I traveled.
It's not as many places as you have gone.
I think that's amazing.
It's not childish at all.
Were you a photographer?
I dabbled once upon a time. Yes.
Then you started helping out
at the bed-and-breakfast?
Your mom said this to you a couple times,
but she's really lucky to have you.
Thank you.
Appreciate you saying that.
That's perfect timing.
- Chloe.
- Chloe?
Yeah, I mean,
we could be apart for weeks at a time,
but he has to rush right back to her.
Oh, that guy, he's...
He's lucky he found her, you know, and...
I'm happy for him.
That's honestly so mature of you, Trace.
But I'm sorry that
your romantic getaway was ruined.
Oh, I'm okay. Really.
And actually I'm gonna stay here
for a little while longer.
Help plan an event.
An event?
The Christmas dance.
Town used to do it every single year,
and Graham told me that
the real reason he invited me here
is because the B&B is struggling.
I thought it might be a creative way
to bring in some business,
something different.
So you're planning on staying
for a Christmas dance...
...with Graham?
Would you stop?
I'm just trying to be helpful.
Oh, someone's awake.
I gotta go, but say hi to Graham for me.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- You ready?
- Yeah.
All right.
Thank you.
We need a lot of decorations.
That's a big space.
Yeah, maybe we could borrow some.
Yeah, or we could ask people from
the community to donate extra ornaments.
Or we could go into the back country
and cut a bunch of evergreen boughs.
What's an evergreen bough?
Okay, city girl.
I thought you were all well-traveled.
An evergreen bough is a, um...
it's a branch.
Then why didn't you just say "branch"?
Okay, well, hey, what if we host
a little bough decorating party?
That's a great idea.
- And we could have a bonfire on the side.
- Yeah.
I can get my mom to make
her peppermint marshmallow s'mores.
- Oh, that sounds delicious.
- They are delicious.
Hey, what do we have here?
What are you working on?
Hey, Tracey.
I'm sorry. Is he bothering you?
I told him you were working.
Oh, working on what?
Well, Tracey had an idea
to reinstate the town Christmas dance.
Oh, that's gonna make people
around here so happy.
Yeah. But we need to get some decorations,
so we're actually gonna host
a bonfire at the bed-and-breakfast.
Oh, and we're gonna turn it
into a bough decorating party.
- Whoa. What a night.
- That's cool.
We're gonna get Sarah to make
some of her peppermint marshmallows
so we can make s'mores for the kids.
- Oh, good. So Dan can come.
- You'll eat them.
- Yeah, probably.
- What if we opened it up to the public?
You know, maybe we could
attract some out-of-towners.
Ah, yes.
Attract some out-of-towners.
Maybe some out-of-towners
from the Park View.
I could write the event
on the specials board.
That's a good idea. Yeah.
Oh, hey, that's Aiden.
He's an electrician.
He's gonna help with the dance lights.
So what else are you gonna inspire
around here, Tracey?
Oh, I mean, the bonfire was Graham's idea.
Still... you opened him up
to the possibilities.
Yeah, sometimes Graham
just needs a little push.
- Mm-hmm.
- Um...
What about me, now?
I was just actually telling Tracey
about your haircut in the seventh grade.
Are you serious?
No, that's not cool.
Okay, are you ready to go?
- Yeah.
- What are you two up to?
We're gonna go see
what we can get for free.
Yeah, he's, uh, told me
that we need to go into the forest
to forage for evergreen boughs?
Just a fancy way of saying branches.
Yeah, you did say
you're from Manhattan, right?
Yeah, oh, best of luck, you two.
- Good luck, you guys.
- Let's roll, Manhattan.
See ya.
Mom, Aunt Barb?
In here. Hi.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Listen, Tracey and I have some ideas
we wanna run by you about the B&B.
- They're just ideas so far--
- Oh!
- What?
- Wait. Look at this.
Tracey posted photos from the porch,
and we already have 53 new followers
and a Valentine's Day booking.
- Amazing.
- Great.
Those are pretty good photos.
I could get my camera out too.
Grab additional promotional shots
if you want 'em.
That'd be great, honey.
Okay, dinner is literally on the table,
so we have to sit down and eat.
- Oh, yeah.
- Great.
So, what are these plans
you were talking about?
Whatever it is, I say yes.
Tracey's ideas are already helping,
so you name it, I'm on board.
- Oh.
- Oh, this looks delicious, Mom.
This looks amazing.
Tracey, tell us what it's like
running a travel website.
Oh, what do you wanna know?
Is it difficult traveling
by yourself all the time?
Does it get lonely?
Not exactly.
I meet so many amazing people.
Though, I gotta say,
I wouldn't mind having a travel partner.
Ooh. Are you hiring?
I get motion sick and I'm afraid
to travel on the left side of the road,
but I'm cheap.
Actually, I got a new job opportunity.
Luxe Voyage magazine called me recently.
Wow. Does that mean that you'll have
to shut down the Tracey Wise website?
I mean, I think I have to, right?
Will you still do
your cute videos for Luxe Voyage?
- I think so.
- I hope so.
They're so funny and they're so you.
- Yeah.
- Thank you so much.
It's really a prestigious magazine,
so it's a great opportunity.
Of course.
- They'd be lucky to have you.
- Thank you.
Excuse me.
Silver Peak Bed & Breakfast.
This is Sarah.
Yeah, that's me.
A bonfire?
Oh, they did?
What did you two do?
At the diner?
Yes. Well, I'm glad they told you too.
Well, we'd be delighted to have you
at our bough decorating party.
Looking forward to it.
Okay, bye.
Now listen,
you said that you were on board.
It's true. You signed the contract
without reading it, Mom.
Yeah, you always said you were
the hostess with the mostest.
Now you're gonna have to prove it.
I love parties.
This will be fun.
I'm really proud of this.
This looks great already.
- Yeah, it's really coming along.
- Yeah.
- Hey, thanks for your help, by the way.
- Sure.
Hey, um...
Why was your camera
living out in the shed for so long?
Did it have something to do
with your dad maybe?
After college I was backpacking
through Southeast Asia,
and I mean, man, you can really
spread a buck out there.
- You know that.
- Yeah.
And I must have taken a million photos,
and I wanted to do more.
- More photography?
- Yeah. And travel.
But, you know, my dad, he...
always thought photography
was more of a hobby, not a job.
Yeah, well, tell that
to all the photojournalists
or wedding and portrait, fashion.
And travel photographers
make a really good living.
Yeah, no kidding, right?
And I was an only kid, so I think he
just wanted something better for me.
Greater income, more stable, 401.
Yeah. Kinda like being an attorney.
Well, Graham, if you like
photography so much, I mean...
you have a really long life ahead of you.
You could still do it.
I know.
Look, I promised my dad
that I'd take care of my mom.
Plus, I just think that
that's what a son should do.
He took care of the maintenance
around this place, so...
You kind of took his place?
You know, once the Park View opened, I...
you know, I got rid of my lease downtown.
I funneled all the finances
from that into this place.
Took care of a few things,
fixed a few things up, but to be honest,
I just kind of kept us afloat.
But now that you're here, I don't know,
I think maybe we have a fighting chance.
Well, I'm really glad I could help.
And I'm glad you invited me here.
Yeah, me too.
What was that?
I don't know, bunnies?
- Bear.
- Bear?
- Maybe. You want the truth?
- Uh...
I'm kidding. Regardless,
we gotta get the boughs out of the truck.
Are there bears here, though?
Please don't leave me.
I'm gonna have sap on my hands for days.
It's so sticky.
That's Mother Nature.
- Are you gonna answer that?
- No, I have sap all over my hands.
- I'm gonna ruin my phone.
- Here, give me this.
And you grab the phone.
- You got it. You got it.
- Okay.
Hey, sorry it took me
a second to answer it.
Sap all over my hands.
It's funny you should mention nature.
I'm at your place watering your plants,
and I think I'm here a little too late.
Your friend's looking extremely sad.
No, it's no worries.
How are you guys? I miss you.
We miss you too, but it seems like
you're having a pretty good time.
I mean, I happen to follow
the Silver Peak B&B online,
and I saw a little photo
of you and your host.
Oh, Sarah?
No, Graham.
Stop, he's...
Stop, okay?
I'm... I'm just here visiting.
For way longer than
originally planned with a very cute guy.
Well, he's, he's...
He's what?
Fine. He is really cute, okay, and...
and thoughtful and funny and...
Tracey, you like this guy.
What? No, I-I... I don't know.
Maybe. It just...
I don't know, does it really matter?
I mean, you know,
he lives here and I live...
Since when has geography ever
gotten in the way of your dating life?
Just don't leave
without telling him how you feel.
Otherwise, you'll always wonder.
I think I need to buy you a new plant.
Preferably something plastic
that doesn't need water or sunlight.
Love you.
Love you too. Bye.
All done?
Come on.
You know, I've always wondered
what boughs of holly were.
Yeah. "Deck the halls
with branches of holly"
just doesn't have the same ring, does it?
Still putting your ornaments on the tree?
These were our mother's ornaments.
You've helped bring so much joy
back into this house this year
that we've decided to give you one too.
So Barb and I got you this
as a kind of a thank-you.
This is for me?
It's yours,
but it stays on the tree this week.
So sweet. Thank you so much.
Thank you so much.
Let's see. I'll put it right... here.
- Is this one Graham's?
- It is.
I got that for him Christmas,
his sophomore year in college.
He'd been taking
photography lessons, but after...
he just stopped wanting
to put it on the tree.
Well, I really hope that
he picks photography back up.
He's so talented and he really loves it.
I hope so too.
It's now or never.
- Hey, everyone.
- Hi.
- Is that my camera ornament?
- Yeah.
I've been looking everywhere for that.
They make a good pair, huh?
We are going to go
and check on the baking for tomorrow.
We'll be right back.
She's so subtle.
Look at this.
Okay, so when I was a kid, I had a dog.
His name was Bernard.
He looked exactly like this,
minus the wings.
He would always bark at the ornaments.
So we just got him his own ornament.
I really wanna know
the story behind this one.
Who's this guy?
Did you make this?
It depends. Do you like it?
Okay, where should we put him?
Back in the box?
- He's cleared, front and center.
- I was serious.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Barb and Tracey head up to bed?
- Yes, ma'am.
I got this all stowed away, so is there
anything else you need me to do
before I have to call it a night?
I need a moment with my son.
Sit down.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Everything okay?
Uh... You know... it's not.
You do so much around here
and I should have known why.
I'm not sure what you're getting at, Mom.
Your father, before he passed,
did he ask you to stay here
with me to run this place?
Okay, a few things.
Did Tracey say anything about that?
Your aunt overheard you.
And please don't be upset
with her for telling me.
I'm glad she did.
Is it true?
Oh, Graham.
Your father meant well.
But he was wrong.
Okay, I wouldn't say that he's wrong.
Mom, I'm your son.
Okay? I love you.
I want to take care of you the way that
you've taken care of me my whole life.
But that's just the thing,
it's not your whole life.
You have so much left to live,
and I'd never forgive myself if you
didn't spend it however you want
without worrying about me.
- Good morning.
- Good morning!
Can I offer you a cup of coffee?
Sure. But your hands are full.
I'll get it myself.
I'm right here.
I don't think I've ever seen
anyone make marshmallows before.
It's one of my holiday traditions.
These are for the bonfire tonight.
Looks like a lot of work.
It's actually really easy.
I would just go to the store
and pick up the bag.
- Yeah. But they just don't taste the same.
- I'm sure.
Is there anything I could do to help?
Here's these.
Just give them a little, little dusting.
You know, it's been really,
really great having you here.
- You and Graham work so nicely together.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I think so too.
He's... he's gone through some tough times.
Yeah. You mean losing his dad?
Yes, of course.
And, um, also his last relationship.
It, uh, it didn't end up well.
It's nice to see him smile again.
Thank you.
Okay. What's next?
Well, we gotta get this in here.
There they are!
Thank you for the extra decorations!
- Thank you.
- Pine boughs are over there.
- Go get some s'mores.
- They're inside.
I'm gonna give you all of one,
you can use all of them.
Just make it as sparkly as possible.
The more sparkly, the better, okay?
Then I'm going to put them everywhere.
Yeah, we always thought he'd be
one of the ones who left Silver Peak.
Yeah, and not just down in Boston
or in Albany or anything like that.
We were expecting postcards
from Mount Kilimanjaro,
the Colosseum in Rome,
or even the Great Barrier Reef.
So all those pushpins by his map?
Unpushed. Not pushed?
Either way, he didn't go.
Yeah, but something's changed
since you arrived, Tracey.
It's like Graham...
Woke up.
Peppermint marshmallows.
Where have you been all my life?
Stop it!
So, what'd I miss?
Oh, just my husband
eating his 15th s'more.
- They're really good.
- We should take a picture.
Jennie, Dan, you gotta
get in there, and Graham.
Sam. Hi. How's it going?
Are you still in Santa's hometown?
New Zealand, actually.
I'm doing a wine tasting.
Oh. I actually haven't
made it out there before.
Oh, that's not why I'm calling.
Oh, okay.
Tracey, can you tell me why,
if I've asked you to review
a property in Silver Peak, Vermont,
that you're posting around the clock
about the only other property there?
Well, I wouldn't exactly say
around the clock.
Look, Sam, I really didn't
know that the article was on a rush.
But I mean, to be fair,
I'm not on payroll yet.
I was already staying at the B&B
when I agreed to try out for Luxe Voyage.
I just don't want
your judgment to be skewed
by spending so much time
at the Park View's competitor.
Well, I think that's kind of being
generous to the bed-and-breakfast,
calling it a competitor
to the Park View Hotel.
Well, the Park View
is still holding a room for you,
on Luxe Voyage magazine's dollar,
I might add.
I hope you get there soon and we can
see your piece shortly thereafter.
Okay. Mm-hmm.
Uh, have fun in New Zealand, Sam.
- Hi.
- Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to eavesdrop,
but I couldn't help but overhear,
it's being generous calling us
a competitor to the Park View?
Look, Graham, I'm sorry, okay.
That's not what I meant.
Why would you help us if you didn't think
we had a chance in competing?
- That's not what I meant.
- That's what I heard.
Unless I'm wrong, please.
Look, I know how you feel
about the Park View Hotel.
- Then why would you support them?
- I'm not supporting them.
It feels like it.
Look, I mean, you know,
I'm a travel blogger, right?
I go to different places and I travel,
and I'm in a tough position here.
But, listen, if you had any
conflicting feelings inside of you,
you could have mentioned that to me.
But, I just-- it's a job, okay?
I had to write a review for both.
So this is just a job now.
I don't know. You're the one
who invited me to come here and I did.
And I wrote you a great review and...
- Look, I'm gonna go.
- What? Hey!
So that's it. You're just gonna go?
I don't know.
I have to go to the Park View.
Oh, this is so...
Um... Thank you so much. I'm good.
Is there something...?
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Merry Christmas.
I don't understand.
I thought everyone had a lovely evening.
And you both looked so cozy by the fire.
Yeah, well, this wasn't real, though.
Apparently she was just here to do a job.
Graham, don't you think
you're overreacting just a little?
- Am I?
- Nope.
There's the face
of a totally reasonable man.
I'm gonna leave you two to talk.
I don't want to meddle.
But has it occurred to you
that you might be pushing Tracey away,
not because she's done anything wrong,
but because you're afraid
of getting hurt again?
Does it even matter, Mom?
Work she came here to do, she wanted
to do, she helped us, and now she's gone.
Maybe she just doesn't belong here.
The question is, do you belong here?
I wasn't kidding when I said you had
my blessing to get right on out of town.
And don't get me wrong,
I would miss you like crazy.
But I'd rather miss you
than worry about you missing out.
I wish it was that simple.
Life's only as complicated
as you make it, kid.
Always gotta be right, huh?
Or meddlesome.
Park View front desk.
How may I serve you tonight?
Yes. Hi.
Are there any events happening tonight?
Events, ma'am?
Yeah, you know, like some way
for me to meet other guests,
maybe something festive.
Well, the concierge can help you
tomorrow to plan some outings in the area.
There's excellent skiing
and antiquing nearby.
That's great.
Thank you so much.
Can you also please
send up another blanket?
Of course, ma'am.
Thank you so much.
It's nice talking to you.
So, go ahead and ask me.
- When I knew Jennie was the one.
- I wasn't gonna ask you.
- Yeah, you were.
- No, I wasn't.
I know you, man,
and it's impossible not to see
that you and Tracey
have something going on.
I think we did. Yeah.
Also think I might have ruined that.
- So then fix it.
- You make that sound very easy.
You make it sound harder
than it really is.
- You sound like my mom.
- Well, Mrs. Cooper's a really smart lady.
You know what you want, Graham.
Just a matter of, if you're willing
to do something about it.
Yeah, I think I just kind of
got caught up in the mindset
that nothing could change,
and all of a sudden it's possible
that everything could change.
Yeah, if you let it.
Okay, I'll bite.
How'd you know?
Jennie makes me wanna be a better man,
but she also manages to love me
just the way that I am.
You'll figure it out, man.
I gotta go.
- Yeah, I'll see ya.
- See ya.
Hi, you've reached Annie.
Leave a message.
Hey, Annie, it's me.
Listen, things kind of took a turn here.
So, looks like I might be
in New York for Christmas after all.
Just, um, call me when you can. Okay?
Hi, you've reached Annie.
Leave a message.
Sarah Cooper,
are you on your phone at a party?
Are you kidding me?
Tracey posted her review of the Park View.
I couldn't help myself.
"The Park View in Silver Springs, Vermont
is sleek, modern, and chocka-block
with every luxury
a traveler could hope for."
"From Jacuzzi tubs in every room,
the most nouvelle cuisine in town,
and a minimalistic
and monochromatic design
that frankly made me feel guilty
for leaving my socks on the floor."
There's more.
I don't want to read it.
Has Graham seen this yet?
I hope not.
Hey, guys, come on. It's Christmas.
Well, it's almost Christmas and you're
hanging in the corner on your phone?
Get out there, have some fun.
- Buddy, the thing is...
- We couldn't help but be curious.
- Curious about what?
- Tracey's review on the Park View.
We only read
the first couple paragraphs, but, uh...
Mind if I have a look?
- Yeah.
- Thanks.
"Not to mention the fact that there are
several dozen Park Views around the world,
which means there is a consistency and
reliability to the high-end amenities."
I'm sorry, man. I thought she was...
Well, I didn't think she'd do this.
Yeah, she's just doing her job.
Anyway, you guys should
grab some food or something.
- I'm gonna take a walk.
- Okay.
Sam. Hi. Merry Christmas.
Can you hear me? It's kind of loud
where I am, there's music.
"Merry Christmas"?
Is that all you have to say for yourself?
I take it you didn't care for my review.
Care for it? Not in the least.
You just asked me for my opinion.
I don't want opinion.
I want a favorable review for the property
that my company invested millions in.
Wait, what?
Luxe Voyage magazine
was acquired a few years back
by the Continental Resort Group,
which owns the Park View Hotel chain,
which means my boss wants good ratings.
And as your boss,
I expect there to be--
Actually, I have to stop you
right there, Sam.
Listen, first of all,
you're not my boss and it was, honestly,
a tryout piece, and you know what?
I just don't think this is a good fit.
Tracey, come on.
Merry Christmas, Sam. Bye.
That was impressive.
I don't know how much you heard,
but I didn't mean to be unprofessional.
I just-- I was upset, I...
Look, I was upset reading, right?
It's... "Park View's got good food,
it's good amenities, it's a good space."
Graham, I...
"But in Silver Peak, Vermont,
a closeknit and welcoming community
that offers so much more
than the ski slopes nearby,
the Park View feels cold,
soulless and isolating."
"But if you're planning to visit the area,
consider staying
at nearby Silver Peak Bed & Breakfast."
"Admittedly, the rooms are smaller,
the offerings are simpler,
and it's certainly not brand new,
but it is, in a word, home,
not just to those who live there,
but to anyone
who steps over the threshold."
Thank you.
Well, you don't have to thank me.
I meant what I wrote, I...
Not about the review, just...
I'm sure the review's great.
It's gonna be good for business, but...
...thank you for not leaving.
I called Park View, they said you left.
Thought maybe you went back to New York.
I thought about leaving.
It's kind of the downside of my job.
I can act like I'm just going to
the next one, but I'm really running away.
I'll tell you what I realized.
That you can be in the same place
and still run away at the same time.
I don't wanna do that anymore.
Neither do I.
I should have told you I was gonna review
the Park View Hotel from the get-go,
and... I should have told you
that Mark and I broke up and...
Graham, I...
And would you like to dance?
Yeah, I thought you'd never ask.
Hey, how you doing?
There you are.
Thank you, sir.
So, are you going to be
the town's new photographer?
That's a good idea, but, uh, no.
I'm just taking pictures
for the new updated website.
Oh, that's gonna be amazing.
Yeah, I'm just trying to set my mom up
for success before I leave town.
Leave town? Where are you going?
Yeah, you know,
a lot of cities I wanna visit,
a lot of sights I'd like to see,
but... to be honest,
I'd just love to be wherever you are.
So, uh, hey,
I'm ready for my next adventure.
How about yourself? You maybe
ready for a new partner in travel?
It's funny that you
should mention that because
now that I'm going to be directly
competing with Luxe Voyage magazine,
apparently I might need
a professional photographer.
I am readily available.
Oh, fantastic. I'm hiring.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
I've been spending time
planning this party,
but now all I really want
is just a moment alone with you.
I think we'll have plenty of those, right?
I... I hope so.
Listen, I wanted to tell you that...
just thank you.
For helping me find myself again.
You're welcome, Graham.
And thank you
for helping me not lose myself.
Yeah, I'd get lost with you anytime.