Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap (2011) Movie Script

I've kept aside your commission.
Your gift is waiting
for you in the bedroom.
I have the money, don't worry.
Kabir bhai..
I've planted the bomb.
Call me after the blast.
What's the count?
- About a dozen, I guess.
Sources say the bomb was
planted in a motorcycle.
About 15 people have been killed
by the blast and..
..a large number are injured.
The government hasn't sent any
assistance as yet to the blast site.
The local MLA
Dr. Sudesh Maheshwari and..
the mayor of Mumbai, Dr. Nayar
have just arrived at the site.
It's suspected the bomb
was planted in a motorcycle.
The blast wasn't very powerful
yet its effects were felt..
..for a 20 meter radius.
Let them come.
We're still not sure.
Finally, they showed up.
They stay in the shadows.. and
now they're here for the encore.
Bittoo, time for the second blast.
Yo, Ballerina!
- Bhai!
Ever saw a cricket match live?
- Yes.
Ever saw a bomb go off?
- Now, you will.
People have gathered at
the site of the blast..
Never again!
Bhai.. the ACP has arrested Bittoo.
So what are you still doing here?
If Bittoo confesses..
that will be the end!
You guys are..
Hey.. just a minute.. hold on!
What's did he say?
Turn up the volume.
There's no terrorist
outfit behind the blast.
They're mere hired killers..
mafia dons.
We've arrested one of them.
And we will get the
information from him.
Two months.
Two months and Bombay
will be rid of this disease.
I will get rid of it.
This is my, Karan Malhotra's word.
How dare he call me a disease!
He thinks he is with the PWD!
- Bhai!
I've had it.
Everyday he appears on TV
like a soap star.. and warns me!
Enough is enough!
till he isn't shot dead..
no booze, no women for you. Get it?
Bhai, let's not waste any time.
Don't worry..
I'll assign this task
to our best shooter.
Yeah right!
Your best shooter was captured
by the ACP and shot in cold blood.
What you need is better
than the best.
Hire an assassin..
who has no previous police record.
An ace shooter who
never misses his mark.
The bullet that kills the
ACP should be from his gun.
Please go back.
Back, buy why?
What do you mean, but why?
I mean.. why should I go back?
Listen, just go back
and stand in the queue.
This is where I stand, and
that's where the queue begins.
Oh really?
I told you so.
Umm.. what's your name?
- Vijju.
Your age?
My passport has the date of birth.
You have a problem in telling me?
- Hey!
There are sexy-young-girls
behind me..
let's not talk about age.
- Sexy girls, eh?
You don't think they're sexy?
- No, I didn't see..
Hey ladies, this gentleman
doesn't think you're sexy at all.
I do apologise on his behalf.
Shut up, you idiot.
And old man with raging hormones..
What did you call me?
What did you call me?
And old man.
How old are you?
- Why?
Tell him.
I.. I'm 43.
You're a kid.
- Who're you calling kid?
There you go. It hurt, didn't it?
- Huh?
You never tell someone
they're a kid or an old man.
It's like an insult.
So, whoever you are..
don't ever repeat that again.
Is that so?
- Yes.
Arrest him.
I'll tell him who I am. Arrest him.
You lay a finger on me
and you'll know who I am!
Who are you?
Oh man, do I need to spell
everything out for you?!
Now listen, there are
two kinds of people.
The first, who give
their own introduction.
The second, the rest of the world
gives an introduction about them.
And you belong to
the second category.
Oh no! You are saying that I
belong to the second category.
But I belong to the first.
I give my own introduction.
Take my phone.
Dial any number you like and
tell them you want to arrest Vijju.
You'll know who I am.
It's okay.
- No, it's not okay. Dial a number..
It's okay.
- You just said you'd arrest me.
No, it's okay. I'm sorry.
Sir, please pardon him.
He has a wife and kids.
He dials a number
and he'll lose his job.
It's okay..
You may go.
- You're a kid, I told you so.
Hi baby..
Vijju, your tenant.
Oh.. you're the tenant?
- Yes.
David, I'll call you back.
I am Meenakshi. Let me
show you to your room.
After you.
How was your flight?
- Beautiful.
We never have a power outage.
- Neither do we.
Nice room, isn't it?
It's quite lucky.
For me or for you?
For the one who lives here.
It's my husband, he works in Dubai.
Please carry on.
yes, I've rented the room.
hair's grown long.
Yes, I've rented the room.
A bachelor.. Girls..
An old man!
Girls.. no way! Only the
ambulance will come around.
What happened?
You won the lottery! The
glass broke, can't you see?
But how?
How should I know. Get a new one.
Ask Mishraji why he still
hasn't sent the report to me.
I want the report immediately.
And I want an answer.
What is it?
- I want to lodge a complaint.
Complaint about what?
Eve teasing.
Alright, have a seat.
If guys harass girls
it's called 'Eve teasing'.
But what if girls harass guys?
What do you call that?
No idea, sir.
Have you ever harassed a guy?
- No, sir.
Of course, girls never misbehave.
- Yes, sir.
What do you mean yes sir? Tell me?
My wife tortures me everyday.
Girls are fine till
they get into college.
But once they're married
they begin 'Adam teasing'.
My complaint?
- Oh yes, write it down.
Who harassed you? How? Where? When?
Write everything down.
Also write the guys name.
Name? I don't know his name, sir.
You don't know his name?
Then write it down.
Mention everything.
If you give more details, it
will add weight to your case.
Mention your address, mobile number..
And sign your name at the end.
What's your name?
- Tanya.
Tanya.. yes, mention that.
Yes, that's fine, Patil.
Report to the Bandra police station.
Tanya, what are you doing here?
Sir, it's a case of eve teasing.
She wants to lodge a complaint.
Who harassed you?
Hey.. sir has asked you
a question. Answer him.
What are you staring at?
Do you know him?
Shinde, listen to me..
Take down her phone number.
It's an important case.
I'll handle it myself.
It's my bad luck that I came here.
I don't want to lodge the complaint.
Madam.. at least lodge the complaint.
If I leave my phone number
behind not just eve teasing..
your sir might begin teasing.
Even though we may have
crossed the limits of evil..
we can still stop
ourselves from doing evil.
We can repent for
our misdeeds with love.
It's possible to tread
the path of goodwill..
..without doing any harm to others.
Just leave it all.
Now it's time for me to leave.
Hari Om. Hari Om.
May God bless you always.
How are you, my friend?
Is that all you can say?
Come on, give me a hug.
Look at you.. you've put on weight.
I may be your teacher
but he is my teacher.
Come on.
Your business seems to be doing well.
Is it also broadcast on TV.
Sometimes it's even broadcast live.
Tell me, how's your
human existence in Paris?
Your sermon is over, isn't it?
- Then talk like normal people do!
Vijju, it's after rigorous practice..
that I mastered the
language of the scriptures..
I'm better off this way.
Do you have information
about the ACP?
Yes, my disciples
will give you the same.
And the hardware?
- What hardware?
Gun, bullet, bomb,
snapper, do you have a bazooka?
You will get it.
Vijju, I'd like to
tell you something.
The world is a better
place without violence.
The Lord above expects
this of his followers.
Your disciples
merely pray to the Lord.
I help the disciples to
meet the Lord personally.
Birji.. I have a jet-lag,
don't torture me.
I'm back after years,
it's time for a blast.
Of course.
Hi Amrita.
Hi.. Rohit.
Oh.. so, what do you do?
I am working in a
company as a Manager..
and like you now I have.
So good..
So, what are your hobbies?
Me, I love to swim..
I love to read books.
Wow! - So, who all are
there in your family?
Oh sorry!
Yes, sure.
Hey! Where are you?
Hey Amirta..
I'm talking to you.
How do you know my name?
My ears.. I can listen.
You like him?
Well.. I'm thinking about it.
Don't marry him.
- Why not?
He's a flirt.
- How do you know that?
I've been observing him
for the past 15 minutes..
He doing the sweet talk,
just like I do.
He is a flirt.
What nonsense? He seems decent to me.
Do I look like a crook?
Of course not!
Sorry Amrita, I will have to rush.
I'll see you later..
No problem that's ok.. Okay bye.
So, what were you saying?
I was saying that..
people always try to look
decent and nice on the outside..
but on the inside..
you never know.
But I can lay a wager on this chap.
I am sure he has numerous affairs.
So what.. these days
almost everyone has affairs.
You aren't married yet,
that's why you think it is cool.
But after marriage, all things
cool will be out the window.
if you're constantly checking
your inbox for new messages..
don't get married.
But if don't check your inbox..
Don't forget to invite me.
I'll attend your wedding.
Okay, carry on. See you later.
Wait a minute.. what is your name?
how am I looking?
Did you hear that?
- How was the guy.. do you like him?
He is a flirt.
What? Who said that?
A sexy old guy.
Sexy old guy?
You can meet him later.
- Okay.
- Tanya..
Who is this?
You thought if you don't give
me your number, I won't find it?
The other day at the police station.. ridiculed me
in Shinde's presence.
Now everybody doubts that
we're seeing each other.
I'll come over tomorrow and
lodge a complaint against you.
That will clear their doubts.
When can I expect you.. Tanya?
Who is he?
I don't know.
But if he puts his feet up on
the table, I'll teach him a lesson.
How dare you sit on my chair?
Get up!
You better listen to me.
Just go away or you
will be in a problem.
20 years ago when I sat on
this chair, there was no problem.
And today if there's a problem then..
beep the beep problem.
I just used some cusswords.
- Cusswords? Beep the beep?
When I feel like using
a cussword, I say beep.
This works two way.
One, I don't use foul language.
Two, the person whom it's
intended to feels like a beep.
Get that, beep beep?
Good one, I like it.
Until now I felt good
using cusswords.. I feel good hearing them.
Who are you?
How dare you stand up to Mack?
Are you new in Mumbai?
I have a very old
relationship with Mumbai.
Sit, let me give you my bio-data.
Mumbai and I have grown up together.
We enjoyed the rain, we've had fun..
We've danced, we've sung songs..
You have no idea about
the things I have done.
The new generation of kids..
They sing my songs, they
try to copy my style..
Let me show you what an original is.
You want to see?
- Of course!
Hey Remo..
Call them.. Bring out
all the beautiful girls..
What an item!
A betel nut leaf from Benares
To set the mind free, it helps
A betel nut leaf from Benares
To set the mind free, it helps
A betel nut leaf from Benares
To set the mind free, it helps
Oh what a feeling!
And so he sets everything right
The guy from the banks of the Ganges
The guy from the banks of the Ganges
Girl when you movin'
Love the way, when you grooving
And everybody loose it
So go meera go, meera go, meera go
So go meera go, meera go,
meera go, say Go go
A betel nut leaf from Benares
To set the mind free, it helps
A betel nut leaf from Benares
To set the mind free, it helps
Oh what a feeling!
And so he sets everything right
The guy from the banks of the Ganges
The guy from the banks of the Ganges
Baby girl I'll make you feel so good
Baby girl I'll make
you feel all right
Baby girl I'll cry do trust me
Reach out and take a look right back
I'm the man from the
banks of the Ganges
When I say dance,
all of India dances
It's the real thing, nothing less
The betel nut leaf from Benares
Meera danced all night,
her anklets tinkling
Girl when you movin'
Love the way, when you grooving
And everybody loose it
So go meera go, meera go, meera go
So go meera go, meera go,
meera go, say Go go
Meera danced all night,
her anklets tinkling
And I danced without them
Meera danced all night,
her anklets tinkling
Meera danced all night,
her anklets tinkling
She danced
Meera danced all night,
her anklets tinkling
And I danced without them
Meera danced all night,
her anklets tinkling
The colours shower
bringing everything to life
The colours shower
bringing everything to life
The colours shower
bringing everything to life
The colours shower
bringing everything to life
Girl when you move it
Love the way, when you grooving
And everybody loose it
So go meera go, meera go, meera go
So go meera go, meera go,
meera go, say Go go
All that wasn't
served in a golden plate
All that wasn't
served in a golden plate
Came around the maiden's mate
Came around the maiden's
mate with a broken fate
The colours shower
bringing everything to life
M to the E to the ERA
Meera walk in, everybody say hey!
Everybody want a
little piece of that that
Then when she walk out,
she leave with me
Girl when you movin'
Love the way, when you grooving
And everybody loose it
So go meera go, meera go, meera go
So go meera go, meera go,
meera go, say Go go
In love with girls night and day
Girl when you movin'
Love the way, when you grooving
And everybody loose it
So go meera go, meera go, meera go
So go meera go, meera go,
meera go, say Go go
Go go
In love with girls night and day
Go go
And so the heart says
Why can't I have my way?
Girl when you movin'
Love the way, when you grooving
And everybody loose it
So go meera go, meera go, meera go
So go meera go, meera go,
meera go, Say Go go
What an item!
Come on let's move on.
Who is Meera?
He is an ACP..
yet he has to keep running.
He runs and therefore he captures.
You are so lucky.
He has been running after you..
but you don't let him capture you.
I've never liked him, lets go.
Hey.. where are you going?
Me too.
A gangster is around here
and I'm trying to capture him.
So what are you
doing standing over here?
Go after him.
I thought if you happen to
see him before I capture him..
call me and let me know.
You have saved my number, right?
Karan, you've been trying to
charm her since college days.
Haven't you realized yet?
She's crazy.
Well so am I.
We can see that.
You were here trying to capture
a gangster..
..but now you are talking to us.
Go on, do your work.
Otherwise the gangster might
get away.
I won't let you get away..
nor him!
Bhai.. Maroof is arrested.
Who is that?
Bhai, he had supplied the bombs.
You idiots..
don't know the basic
rules of the game!
Killing someone should solve the
problem. Not give rise to one.
First, the guy who
planted the bomb was caught.
Now, the one who supplied it.
Next in line is the guy
who paid them.
You paid them, didn't you?
- Yes bhai, I paid them.
Great, just sit tight!
What about the contract killer,
what's he doing?
Hello.. - You are very lucky.
You survived again.
If it's so easy to
place a bomb close to you..
..your luck will run out soon.
You are lucky that
we haven't met yet.
The day we meet, I'll shoot you.
Then why would I meet you, stupid?
I have a record. All contracts
given to me were carried out.
Sooner or later.. You
will be shot or boom!
I've survived today
and I'll manage tomorrow.
Even I get a pay-cheque from the
government to kill people like you.
It's called a salary.
So let's close down your
account before the next pay-cheque.
It'll save the government's money.
You are insured, aren't you?
Wait till you..
When will I get married?
My mother is driving me mad.
I also want to get settled.
It's difficult to find a decent guy.
You're still young.. chill.
Right, you've nothing to worry.
You have Karan who likes you.
But I'm not getting married to him.
Can I marry him?
I am really desperate.
Shut up Amrita!
You know what..
I think you like him.
I don't like him.
What about me, baby?
Let me go!
- Why should I?
Sit with me.. let's talk.
Leave my hand!
The youth is a
frustrated lot these days.
The guys don't know
how to charm a girl.
You won't get a girlfriend this way.
You have talk nicely.
Sweet talk, you know.
These girls are delicate
like flowers.
And you're wielding a knife?
Learn to 'woo' them,
it will help you.
You are a man, right? Be a real man!
If she agrees, I'll show
her what a real man is!
But she disagrees.
Next time if I catch you
so much as looking at her..
I'll rewrite the history of your face!
Resurface the geography!
Don't change the subject!
That's enough, old man!
You want to be taught another lesson?
Listen Bittoo..
we've arrested Maroof.
He supplied the bomb
and you planted it.
Tell me who gave the orders.
But if you don't tell me..
I'll torture you so much,
you'll regret being born.
torture me all you want. I
have just one thing to tell you..
You're going to die very soon.
They will kill you.
What is it, Shinde?
Sir, I don't know what
the fight was about..
I'm tired of asking them.
They aren't even saying anything.
Don't you have any manners?
Thrashing an old man?
Who are you calling an old man?
Your father is probably an old man!
How dare you say that!
Do you see that, sir?
Look at him.
He called me an old man
and look what I did to him.
The cops pulled me away..
Otherwise when I thrash someone,
I thrash them real good.
- Of course.
You're old enough to be a
grandfather, not the Godfather.
You know something.. Your age
and your personality don't match.
What's your name?
- Vijju.
You come to my precinct
and try to be the boss?
What do you think?
- Karan, wait!
What do you think you
are doing? Karan! Stop it!
What are you doing here?
He is innocent. Those
three guys were harassing us.
Vijju saved us from them.
He is my friend.
Don't push him like that.
The other day I came here to lodge
a complaint against the same guys.
I will teach them a lesson.
But where do you get such friends?
There's nothing friendly about him.
Right, I'm an unfriendly friend.
You see that? Take him away, please.
Fine. Even we don't want to
stay here. Let's go Vijju.
Shinde.. Teach them a good lesson.
And you guys..
If you want to avenge this,
save my number.. 9821..
Hey, I'm in charge.
Are you threatening them?
I'll arrest you as well.
Now get out!
Don't push me.
How do you know him?
Karan has been in love
with her since college..
but she just ignores him.
- Long story dude!
Is he harassing you? If you wish,
I can teach him a lesson.
Hey.. no!
Oh no.. please!
- Hello..
You are unbelievable!
You will get arrested.
I swear.. Vijju, whether
you hit someone or don't..
It was great to hear you talk.
I am sure every girl would
like her boyfriend to be like you.
Here's a secret.
I've charmed many girls this way.
Why are you making me cook?
She could've done it.
My friends swear by your cooking.
It's Sunday today.
That means lots of
clients at the beauty parlour.
What do I do.. please!
Special friend, mom.
V.. Vijju?
This is your..
Vi.. Vijju..
Oh my God!
- Hi, thanks for coming.
Meet my friend, Vijju.
Hey son..
Hello uncle.
Oh.. I..
Oh no, you were funny, so even I
thought I'd say something funny.
That's so nice of you.
Where's the sense of
humour these days?
People are always occupied with work.
Come.. Meet my wife, Kamini.
Kamini.. Kammo.. Come here.
Just a second.
Meet Amrita's special friend.. Mr..
- Vijju.
- Hello.
Mr. Vijju, what do you do?
Well, I'm trying to
repent for my past actions.
You really are funny!
Mom.. the food?
Hold on, what's the hurry?
I've invited him over only for lunch.
I can speak with him anywhere I want.
A few more minutes.
I forgot the sauted brinjal.
I'll go get it.
Oh? My beloved is here..
My beloved is here..
My beloved is here..
Can you please send it to me again.
Do you like sauted brinjal?
It depends.
Vijju, sauted brinjal.
Thank you.
You are too much.
Won't you have some?
No way. I don't like brinjal.
Neither did my father
like it nor my grandfather.
Even Kamini doesn't like it,
right Kamini? - Yes.
Nobody in family ever liked brinjal.
Don't know why but Amrita likes it.
Ever since she was a kid.
Amrita, control yourself.
That's enough.. stop it.
Have you lost it?
A DNA test?
I suggest you ask one of them.
And when you get whacked,
you'll know you're being stupid.
Then why would my mom hug a stranger?
Well, Vijju is special.
You were enamoured by
Vijju when you met him.
And so was your mom.
No big deal.
- Oh please!
If you had seen the soap
opera expressions my mom.
..and Vijju exchanged at lunch..
You would've figured that..
Amrita is not her father's daughter.
You are being silly.
You look so much like your father.
Which one?
Vijju or my father?
Listen to me.
Before you are sent
to a mental asylum..
..why don't you ask
either your mom or Vijju?
I'll ask both.
Mr. Shrivastav, a trip
abroad would be good.
Foreigners are crazy about
the spiritual experience.
Oh no, a crown of
gold isn't my style.
I prefer hard cash.
May God bless you.
What do you make in a month?
Well.. I've made more
than enough in the past.
Now my goal is to serve
the Lord wholeheartedly.
Then why are you helping me?
You said you would shoot
me if I didn't help you.
What's the progress?
We found the dragon.
My disciples will tell you when..
..he is expected to
breach the inner sanctum.
My love for you was legendary..
What's his number?
Whose number?
His.. Vijju.
You know him?
Why did you pretend
when he came over?
Well.. your father was present.
Are you having an affair with him?
Let's not talk about that.
Just give me his number.
0I get it.
You're a kid, you won't get it.
Kid and you wanted to marry me off?
I won't give you his number.
Who is Vijju?
Vijju.. we're just
good friends, you know.
Actually, he is a gangster.
He is a very big..
big criminal, you know.
I didn't expect to see him,
so I was nervous.
Then why do you want his number?
You are a respectable woman.
Of course, I am.
And you expect me to give
you a gangster's number?
- Bye.
You know.. listen..
we're good friend..
You good-for-nothing..
You're giving me that attitude..
I'll whack you so hard.. Your
attitude will go on a one way trip!
Hi girls.
- Hi..
Hey.. I wasn't aware you are..
Kamini's daughter.
She was a friend of mine.
She still is.
Tanya, turn around.
May I ask something?
- Yeah.
I want the truth.
- Yeah.
You had an affair with my mother?
What are you thinking about..
yes or no?
- No.
Then why did you take
so long to tell?
Oh no! Even if we did have an affair,
it wouldn't be a big deal.
You told me that
affairs are very common.
That's the present,
not 20 years ago.
What rubbish!
Why do you break
into tears so often?
Promise.. promise..
You mother and I
didn't have an affair.
- Sure.
Tanya, you can turn back now.
Why do I like sauted brinjal?
Excuse me..
So finally, I tracked you down.
I've been trying to meet you..
I went there but you weren't around.
Come on..
Shut up Karan.
Sorry for interruption guys..
A teeny tiny break,
I'll be right back.
Hello.. hello.. Breaking news..
This is Vijju, live reporting..
Well known police officer ACP Karan
Malhotra is present at this pub.
And in the midst of all these people,
he is misbehaving with a girl.
Come on Vijju..
- And the girl is my girlfriend.
Your girlfriend?
- Well she isn't yours!
Boys and girls.. tell me something..
Do you feel safe if the
police behave like this?
Do you think the
police can protect you?
If someone misbehaves with your
girlfriend, will you ask him for help?
Vijju, what are you doing?
He is misbehaving in a public place.
Listen to me Karan..
Stop it.
- Get out.
Stop it.
- Get out.
Karan, listen to me please!
- Out!
Get out of here.
- What's this Vijju?
Okay guys.
We're back from the break..
And music!
Karan, please stop.
I am so sorry, Karan.
Go away from here.
I said, leave me Tanya.
- Why are you getting mad at me?
I'd beat him to pulp
if you weren't around.
He was dancing to the music..
I'd make him dance to my
tune at the police station.
Okay, I am sorry. Let's go back in.
To hell with you and your friend.
I've been insulted enough.
You know what.. I've got my answer.
Let's do.. Quick, come on..
My belt.. remove it.. fast.
Hit me.
Please, hit me.
Bhai.. you're back from Dubai?
- Yeah..
Hello, I'm Kabir.
You know, this is a good idea.
Get me a rope too and we can enjoy!
I warned you..
Until the task is completed..
No alcohol, no women!
- Bhai.. don't hit!
You are no good.
Our target is dancing at a pub..
And you are tied up here.
- I feel like a fool! A fool!
Bhai.. bhai.. Please don't hit me.
- When will it be done?
- At the Mahalaxmi temple.
You got shot at the right spot.
Didn't kill you.
Ever since you took the
contract to kill the ACP..
I've been looking for you.
Today you're dead.
And tomorrow.. Kabir..
His time is also up.
Because the one you
tried to shoot is my son.
You're his..
Nobody knows this.
Not even the ACP himself.
And don't you tell anyone, okay?
If you try to harm Vijju's son..
I'll beep the beep out of you!
If he was going to assassinate me..
who would've shot him?
I'll be right there.
If the police didn't
kill him, then who did?
Bhai, I have a hunch.
What is it?
Sixth sense, it's very strong.
- Why didn't you tell me before?
- I'm telling you now.
Information was leaked,
someone opened his mouth.
Ask your sixth sense what was leaked.
And who leaked the information.
I want details.
It doesn't give me details.
- Yes.
Then get lost!
Sixth sense.
Who is creating this mess?
Who? Who is it?
What happened, mother?
You know something..
It's because I have
you that I'm alive.
If something were to happen to you..
Mother, those people can't harm me.
But the chilli in the dal
is capable of causing harm.
Why are you worried?
You pray twice a day.
You flatter God so much that
He is obliged to protect me.
I'll be fine.
There have been two
assassination attempts on you.
I'm scared.
Why don't you request for a transfer?
Let's move to another city.
these people have
nothing personal against me.
Their enmity is with
the police force.
Every city we go to, the
police force will be there.
It's me, Kammo.
Your Kammo.
Where are you? I miss you so much.
I'll come over right now.
Just two minutes.
I'll be there before you know it.
See you soon darling.
Hello sweet rolly-polly..
Where Vijju's room?
You know.. Vijju..
Vijju's room?
Thank you Darling.
A lady, quite hot,
just went into his room.
He is a rocking guy!
He is a rocking guy!
He is a rocking guy!
Vijju darling!
Time to go darling.
I have to go to the parlour.
Hey.. wait!
Where do you think you're going?
I'm here to see Vijju.
What's your relationship with him?
Why should I tell you?
When that lady went in, why
were you trying to eavesdrop?
Don't you have any manners?
It's my house.
I can do as I wish.
I'm going in.
But if you try to listen in..
I'll bite you ears.
- listen!
Vijju, I'm going crazy.
Please tell me who you are.
What is your
relationship with my mother?
I'll slap you so hard!
Ever since your mom laid
eyes on me, she has liked me.
She drove me crazy
wanting to marry me.
Back then I was 40 and she was 20.
Age difference doesn't matter.
You should've married her.
And what would I tell my wife?
- Yes.
You were married?
I thought that you're a gangster.
And gangsters don't get married?
They get married twice,
sometimes even more.
I wanted to marry just
once and have lots of kids.
my wife and I had just one.
But your mom just wouldn't accept it.
She'd come every day
decked in make-up.
In order to keep her away,
I set up a beauty parlour for her.
Wow! You set it up for her!
On one hand was Sita,
my demure wife..
On the other was your mom,
a ravishing beauty.
And you know, Men are men,
they never learn.
I was caught.
My wife caught your mother and
me together a couple of times.
In the bedroom?
I am sure by now you've
thought that I am your real father.
Who gets caught in the bedroom?
It's usually a garden or a park..
There are malls and
theatres where you can get caught.
So.. You didn't have an affair?
Well, your mom and my
wife thought there was.
- An affair!
So how did you convince
your wife there wasn't?
I wanted to convince her..
But then I had a lot of
police cases against me.
I lost and I was put
in prison for two years.
My wife came to
the prison to meet me.
She said she never
wanted to see me again.
My wife also said that she
would never tell our son about me.
I was set free.
I wasn't a gangster anymore.
I didn't know what to do in
this city, so I went to Paris.
I set up a pub. I
heard people's stories.
Didn't feel lonely anymore.
What brought you back to Mumbai?
I realized that my wife had
suffered because she was alone.
To prove herself..
she raised a
gangster's son to become a cop.
And now the gangsters want him dead.
Who is your son?
- That guy.
Which guy?
- ACP Karan.
- Yes.
He doesn't know that the
gangsters are very dangerous.
He goes around without any security.
I tried to warn him,
I even attacked him.
But he is..
If he is your son..
Why did you insult him in the pub?
I was setting him up.
He's not capable of handling a girl.
I pushed Karan, but it was
Tanya's heart that moved.
Mark my word, she
will apologise to him.
And then..
Then what?
I apologise for what
happened that night.
You don't need to apologise Tanya..
Because you what you did was
right according to your boyfriend.
He isn't my boyfriend.
- You should've said it that night.
Why are you getting mad at me?
I just want to apologise.
I didn't know he
would behave like that.
Fine, I'll arrest him
and lock him up.
All these years you've
never cared about me.
I'd skip classes to
spend time with you.
But you're still the same.
Now I'm an ACP.
Really? So what?
So what?
You're an ACP.
You know this fact, I don't.
I know the Karan who would
spend time trying to charm me.
It's my choice if I say no..
but will you stop following me?
It was your mistake, now apologise.
What is it?
Have it.
Hey Mack..
I want to work.
What kind of work?
I will work in your gang.
My gang?
- Yeah.
You will work for the mafia?
You don't know this but I'm a founder
member of the mafia in Mumbai.
Did you know that?
That era is over.
Today, now..
what can you do?
Let me have your gun.
How many bullets in it?
I don't know.
Four bullets.
- What?
Take a look.
How did you know?
See that red bottle over there?
You know what my USP is?
Do you know what USP is?
- U..
My specialty.
- Specia..
The things my right hand can do,
the left can also do it.
Look there.
You've probably seen in films..
When someone is shot in the forehead,
you can see a crater.
If you see another
bullet go through it..
You know it's shot from Vijju's gun.
So, are you giving me some work or..
Is the interview not over?
Forget about founder member.
You should be the
president of the mafia.
My gang needs you.
Come on.
Your contract killer
has wasted precious time.
This way..
Stand up straight.
This is our.. big den.
Once you're in, you can't get out.
It's like a maze.
Allow me to carry out the job.
I got a new gun from Germany..
I'm dying to use it.
Tedha! You will get
guns in the market..
..but where will you get the talent?
Now this is talent.
Come on.
Who is this old man?
Hey old man!
He is no old man.
He is my friend.
Check out his style.
Move it!
- Come on.
I said move it.
- Come on.
Anju bhai, this is Vijju.
He is a remarkable shooter.
I am sure you've never
seen such a shooter.
He is that good?
How good is your eyesight?
Sorry, can you even see?
Your fly is open.
You're laughing at me?
Don't provoke him..
What's he capable of doing?
Now listen to me.
- Let me go!
Don't worry, relax.
I'm talking to him, sit.
There's a vein over here somewhere..
If I pull it out..
it'll be longer than a 100 metres.
You want to see me do it?
Never ever ask what
I'm capable of doing!
I know this city like
the back of my hand.
You grew up in the lanes
where I would micturate.
Get it?
- Mictu.. what?
To micturate..
is to pee.
Feculence is crap.
If you ever touch me, you
will end up as feculence.
Did you get it?
- Hey.. - No..
- Oh.. go ahead, shoot.
Only a bullet can kill me, BP
and diabetes don't stand a chance.
If you have the courage, shoot.
Come on, shoot.
I'm impressed.
It was a pleasure meeting you.
What'll will you have?
- Tea or coffee?
Tea and coffee don't
go well with club soda.
What a guy!
He thinks if he wears a helmet,
nobody will recognize him.
Great. It's done.
Now it's time to leave..
enough of goodbyes.
There she is.
- Hi.. how are you?
Good. - You are..
going around with the ACP?
Since when?
- Just started.
So what about marriage?
That's the problem.
Why is that?
Parents don't approve?
He only has a mother.
The problem is with my family.
It's impossible to convince my dad.
- He is against love marriages.
Okay.. what does he do?
Imran.. Imran.
come here. - The marriage
registrar is Prem nath.
His name may mean love in
Hindi but he is very tough.
Sir, Imran and Rekha.
Love marriages are on the rise.
Right, sir.
- What's happening?
A few romantic movies have done well.
So it's the season of love marriages.
What do you do?
Well, sir.. nothing.
and you?
- Well..
Very good.
You are eloping to marry?
How do you expect to live?
Sir, love will keep us alive.
Love will keep you alive.. very nice!
If parents choose a life partner
for you, isn't that good enough?
Sir, the older
generation didn't understand love.
Brilliant! Great!
Only your generation understands love.
People of my generation were idiots?
- Hi.. ACP Karan.
Sir, the thing is..
I like your daughter.
that's nice to hear.
And I would like to marry her.
Just want a small clarification.
you like my daughter or you..
love my daughter ?
Of course, I love your daughter.
And.. does my daughter know this?
I mean..
you both are in love, right?
Yes, sir.
That means I have failed.
I'm sorry, I don't understand.
I have failed. Failed!
Sir, what do you mean?
Is there something wrong with me?
I never imagined my daughter
would come to me singing a song..
and even after I had
refused her request..
she would say, 'no problem'
and go to another marriage registrar.
Sign the documents and get married.
I never imagined that.
Basically, I hate love stories!
Sir, there is a way to turn this
love marriage into an arranged one.
My mother could come
and speak on my behalf.
Why only your mother?
What about your father?
He isn't here.
Isn't here? He isn't present in
the city or has he passed away?
My mother never mentioned
my father's name anywhere..
and I have never asked her.
Your parents.. was it a love marriage?
Yes, sir. - Now you
understand why I hate love stories?
It will be done, bhai.
Done, bhai.
Tomorrow the ACP will be
inaugurating a new blood bank.
Bhai wants the ACP killed,
no matter what!
What do you mean, 'no matter what?'
Do you want al of us to get killed?
You should never attack a
cop unless you've planned it.
The ACP has killed 16 of our men.
He is torturing two in prison.
And he said, he will
get us all in two months.
How long do we wait?
Do you want to
commit suicide? Tell me.
You should always plan everything.
Are you going on a picnic?
Plan it.. program it right..
You just go there and shoot him.
You think he will be alone?
He will have a
security cordon around him.
How many cop? A few cops?
Even if he gets the entire precinct..
I'm not scared.
That's enough!
It's not about daring. It's
time to use brains for this..
which you don't have!
- No!
I don't have a brain.
But I have sixth sense.
Tedha, what's your
sixth sense telling you?
Bhai, let me do this.
I'll shoot him dead!
But listen..
- Don't interrupt..
let him talk.
Tedha, kill him.
- Yes!
- Hi Jerry..
it's me Tom.
Last time around you slipped
into the hole in the wall.
But if you come to the blood bank..
you'll be left without any.
Who is this?
- Your father!
You're great.
You always talk on the phone,
we've never met.
When can we meet?
The day we meet, that's 'the end.'
- Yes, sir? - come here.
Didn't we cancel the blood
bank inauguration tomorrow?
Yes, sir.
- Tell them, I will attend.
You are very brave.
You came back alive!
I never thought there
would be so much security.
It seemed as if they
were there to kill me.
I didn't have time to fire my gun.
Anju bhai..
someone from our gang told the cops.
What makes you say that?
My sixth sense told me.
You are a major beep!
You lack common sense and
you talk about sixth sense!
Don't interrupt!
- Enough is enough!
Otherwise I will hurl
such abuses at you that..
both you and your sixth sense
will be confused and embarrassed.
Anju, I'd like a
meeting with Kabir bhai.
Your tears make it
seem that you love me.
I used to.
That's why I married you.
Then why did you leave me?
It's not possible to live with you.
Fights, police, murders and..
Okay, stop it.
Remember the first time we met?
At a traffic signal.
I was in the jeep, and
you were in a rickshaw.
I was handcuffed and you
were carrying groceries.
You saw me and I saw you.
I winked and you smiled,
That's how our romance began.
Back then you didn't
know I was a gangster?
The cops arrested me when were
having pani-puri by the sea.
And you brought me
dinner at the prison..
Didn't you realize that you
were in love with a gangster?
But once you had our son..
your outlook changed.
Overnight I went from
Robinhood to the villain.
I thought you would change.
I'm not some season to
undergo change.
And if I had changed..
I wouldn't meet you like a stranger.
Please, don't cry.
I don't understand and
if I had to change..
Kamini, what's she doing here?
Actually, I planned on meeting her..
when I accidentally saw you.
Have some self respect.
You just won't change your ways.
- Listen, Sita..
Listen to me.
At least give me your number.
Hey mister, listen..
When a girl enters
your life or leaves it..
a song always plays
in the background.
There's one song
here and another there..
Men can't listen to the same
song all their lives, right?
How do you explain that
to the women?
Do you get what I'm saying?
No, okay, carry on.
It's the ladies department.
Hey Kamini!
Hi sexy..
You know.. See what I have..
One thousand place to
see before you die..
Let's go.
Let's go.
You and me..
let's go Vijju.
- Taxi..
Have you lost it?
You want to elope?
Tanya said she would kill herself.
Do something, Vijju!
That's why I am here.
- Bhai..
Who is it? - Pay attention,
it's a call from the underworld.
Ye.. yes.. go on.
You will get your
daughter married to the ACP.
And you will sign as the
marriage registrar. Got it?
Bu.. but why?
- Don't ask why!
It's the underworld's decision.
Why is the underworld deciding
about my daughter's marriage?
Because the underworld can
decide about anything and everything.
Now listen carefully.
We have a hit-list.
And your name is in the waiting list.
You mean, you will kill me?
We will, if you don't agree.
Fine, kill me.
Kill me, I don't agree.
he hung up.
- Now what will you do?
Now he's dead!
- No Vijju..
Vijju don't! Please no..
Shooting him is difficult.
But shooting at his
home is easy. Now watch!
What will the underworld do?
Idiots, rascals..
Here I am, kill me.
He really is strange.
The whole world may fear you
but I'm not afraid of you.
If you have the guts, kill me.
He doesn't fear weapons,
he fears love.
Bhai, he is amazing.
I never came across a
skilled shooter like him in Mumbai.
And what a sense of
humour and style.
The way he talks..
and shoots.. smooth as butter!
There he is.
Vijju. Kabir bhai.
I heard a lot about you.
If you heard good things,
it's wrong and..
if you've heard bad things,
it's right.
Did you hear that!
I don't just hear, I comprehend.
When a bunch of
scoundrels admire someone..
..that makes him an
even bigger scoundrel.
In that case you are the biggest!
These guys are admire me and..
I've been dying to meet you.
That makes you the biggest scoundrel.
Thanks for the compliment.
You're a daring cop, aren't you?
I'm sure you've been shot too.
But have you..
It's my new modus operandi.
Drown the body, so the proof
becomes food for the fish.
The cops have so many procedures.
Enquiry, fingerprints, CSI, DNA..
it's a pain.
What do you think?
different style.
By the way, who was he?
- Shinde.
ACP Karan's right hand man.
Mark my words..
one day I'll kill
him in a similar way.
Tell me something..
Why do you wear two watches?
I'll tell you when the time is right.
How did you get my number?
If I can get you, your
number is no big deal.
Vijju, I'm not here to..
I haven't called you to
stay here permanently.
Just want to talk to you.
Where have you been?
I was in Paris.
What were you doing there?
- I was running my pub.
Right, so you can have
more girls around you.
That's the secret of my youth.
Otherwise I would've
grown old ages ago.
I've joined a gang.
I'll start a business.
What's your problem?
Using guns and bombs
don't suit your age.
You should watch devotional channels.
Please sit.
What have you told him?
- My son.
What have you told my son about me?
I'm sure you don't
have my photo at home.
That's why he didn't recognize me.
You met him?
Yes, at the police station.
What did he say?
- What you just said.
He said my age and my
personality don't match.
I often thought that it was a
mistake to walk away from you.
But now I think..
it was the right decision.
I didn't want Karan to
follow in your footsteps..
and so I raised him away from you.
And he's now the ACP.
- What an ACP!
He couldn't even charm a girl.
Finally I had to set things right.
Set things?
You want him to become like you?
Who is the girl that
you have 'set' for him?
Okay.. never mind that.
Advise him to be careful.
Times are bad.
Please leave us alone.
We don't want your favour.
I still don't understand why..
I fell in love with you.
You know something Vijju..
You need to have a heart..
but you don't have one.
You don't have a heart.
- Really!
Have you ever heard of a
woman dying of a heart attack?
Baring a few.
Men die of heart attacks.
That's because men have a heart.
Telling me about hearts..
Listen.. The old man is very bad.
The lady went away crying.
I thought the lady was..
I felt ashamed..
poor lady..
Your husband works in Dubai?
- Yes.
How many times in a
year does he visit?
Once a year.
Sometimes once in two years.
You give a live commentary of
everything that goes on over here.
Has he ever told you what
goes on over there? - No.
Have you ever thought why not?
- What do you mean?
I mean, he definitely has a
few girlfriends over there.
Girlfriends? No!
- Yes.
If a man does something wrong
and keeps it from his wife..
he will act very sweet
when he is with her.
If you don't believe me,
go to Dubai and check.
My David isn't like that.
But that's how it is over there.
- What?
Third degree torture
is an amazing therapy.
It kicks in and the
criminals come out with the truth.
I planted the bomb.
Kabir ordered me to do it.
Lot of powerful people in
the capital are behind this.
Where is Kabir bhai?
- I don't know, sir.
Where is Kabir?
- I don't know, sir.
Is he in Mumbai or Dubai?
I don't know.
What.. what are you doing?
Just a minute.
Where were you?
What were you doing in Paris?
You will kill the ACP.
He is going to kill the ACP.
Only you..
What are you thinking about?
Here.. take this.
I'm officially giving you
the contract to kill him.
Shoot him.. one bullet,
no.. two, three..
I'll use the entire magazine,
any problem?
You are amazing.
Uncle.. uncle..
Happy birthday, happy birthday..
- Hey..
Such lovely kids.
Thank you, my dear.
But how did you know
today is my birthday?
My mother told me.
My father told me.
- The security guard told me.
Thank you all.
- Bye bye..
Who are these kids?
You were the registrar for
all those love marriages.
These kids are the success story.
These kids are named after you.
If you don't believe me.. Call them.
Call them.. sir call them..
call out to them.
- Yes sir?
You see that, sir?
All of you are named Prem?
My name is Premraaj.
- Prem Sharma..
- Priyanka.. - Premlata..
- Prem Kumar..
Prem Chand..
- Prem..
Thanks kids.
Thanks. Thanks for the roses kids.
- Bye kids.
Yes dad?
- Tanya, my dear..
I am sorry.
I am extremely sorry.
I've been unfair to you.
- Daddy..
..are you alright?
- I wasn't alright in the past.
But now I am fine, Tanya.
Listen, tell the ACP.. come home with his mother.
Love you Daddy.
Yes Tanya?
- Karan.. good news!
Tell me.
- I'll tell you when we meet.
Come on, tell me.
Karan, don't you love me?
But.. - I don't want to
hear a word. Just come here.
- You must come or else..
Quickly.. just kill him.
What happened?
The ACP is meeting his
girlfriend at the coffee shop.
Tedha is over there. I've
sent more men to kill him.
Today the ACP will die.
- Tell Karan to stay at home.
Vijju, what's wrong?
- He is at home, isn't he?
No, he just left.
Is he alone?
- Yes.
Call him back right now!
- But..
- Yes Vijju..
Karan is on his way to meet you.
Do whatever it takes but stop him.
Why? What's wrong?
If he gets there, he will die.
You also leave from there.
But he just got here.
- What?
Just get out of there.
Oh! Damn!
Karan, Karan..
Karan, Karan..
Karan, Karan..
Get me an Ambulance..
So, old man.
I killed him before you could.
We're celebrating, come on.
I'll join you.
Good job boys.. good job.
Come on.
I've killed the ACP!
- It's time to celebrate.
Hey Vijju! What's the matter?
What will you have?
Whiskey, Rum, Brandy, tell me!
Make a large one with all of it.
I'm feeling a strange pain over here.
Really? It's not pain, its envy.
He's burning with envy.
- You are right, it's burning inside.
Hey dude.. Come on, have a drink,
everything will be fine.
Cheers! My sixth sense was bang on!
That I would kill the ACP.
Old man..
..what can you do at your age?
I took care of everything.
I did it! I did it!
Don't sing. Stop the music.
What's wrong?
That song reminds me of a story.
What's the story?
I'd like to hear it.
A sweet little bird
was flying in the sky..
- Suddenly it began to snow.
The bird couldn't bear it.
It fell to the ground..
and was about to die
because of the cold.
That's when a bull passed by.
And it dropped a load
of crap on the bird.
The dung kept the bird
warm and it was happy.
It dug it's way out of the
dung and began to sing..
I did it! I did it!
A cat was passing by.
It went to the bird and pulled it
out. It shook it clean and ate it!
What happened after that?
- That's the end of the story.
What? It's a strange story.
There is a moral within the story.
In fact, there are three lessons.
- First..
the one who drops crap on you,
isn't necessarily an enemy.
Well said, well said. Great.
The one who pulls you out of crap..
isn't necessarily a friend.
Brilliant, amazing! Very true.
- And third..
If you are stuck in crap..
Never dig your way out singing..
'I did it!'
I did it.. what a story!
- I said, don't sing!
Why did you do that?
- Ask him, ask him!
What did I do? Damn you, old man!
This scoundrel is
pulling a fast one on us.
He lied that he killed the ACP.
The ACP is alive.
- What?
Tedha took along four
sidekicks to the blood bank.
All were killed.
Only he escaped alive.
Today he went with three sidekicks..
yet again only he escaped alive.
Think about it. What
does he do with those guys?
Has anyone ever thought about it?
He is killing members of our gang.
He is hand in glove with the cops
Kabir bhai, tell me something..
Who called you and asked
you to come over here?
Anju, you tell me..
Tedha asked me to come here.
- Exactly, it's a trap.
He has laid a trap.
The cops have surround
this area. It's a bloody trap.
A bloody trap.
Bhai, it's the cops.
Hey old man!
Go over there.
Tell him who shot you.
- What happened?
Tell bhai the truth.
- He is dead.
You have lost it!
Where do you think you're going?
Have you lost it?
The ACP and his men
have surrounded the place.
Don't listen to Tedha..'ll get killed.
- The old man is lying.
Who helped arrest Bittoo?
Who killed the contract killer?
Say it.. Say that I killed him!
There, he has confessed to it.
Bhai.. Bhai, don't you trust me?
Shut up! Right now I'm confused.
Cops are outside.
Fine, I've let you go!
Bhai.. you're mistaken.
He put that bomb in my shirt.
You think Kabir bhai is a beep?
Bhai, this old man is lying.
What happened?
- Damn.. the magazine is over.
Here.. Tell me, why do
you wear two watches?
Not just two.. I wear three.
Paris time, Indian time..
..and your time!
No.. don't!
Your time is up!
No.. no.
So.. there are no cops outside?
And you killed these guys?
All alone?
The whole story,
screenplay, direction.. all yours?
That means Tedha isn't
the bird. I am the bird.
The idiot kept screaming,
trying to tell me..
He begged me to believe him.
But I was blinded by your story.
The bird, the dung, the cat..
Three lessons, one, two, three..
Who are you? Who the hell are you?
do you know anything about DNA?
What's that?
- DNA.
What is it? - The building
blocks of a living organism.
The DNA has a strange characteristic.
It is very
protective of DNA it creates.
We love our children so much..
..because they are an
extension of our DNA.
If you kill the child DNA..
..the father DNA won't let you live.
It will kill you.
- So you are..
I saw my son at the hospital
and it hurt a lot over here.
You are the ACP's father?
You got that right.
- Holy crap!
You fooled me.
You confused him, you confused me..
Do you know what you have done?
- What?
I haven't done anything.
My son had said he
would rid Mumbai of this..
..disease in two months.
It's cleared.
- Yes.
Everything is cleared.
- Cleared.
I won't survive..
..and there are no bullets in this
gun. You are responsible for this.
Will you do me a favour?
I want to escape..
can you give me an idea? Please.
just kill me, Take this.
If you see another bullet
go through the same hole..
You know its shot from Vijju's gun.
I won't shoot you.
You are my friend.
Kabir is no more..
his chair is vacant.
It's your chair, now you can rule.
Rule over what?
You've killed them all.
Sit over here and rule over what?
You idiot!
He killed them all. And
now he tells me to rule!
I spoke with the doctor.
He will be fine.
Don't worry.
You pray three times a day.
And you give all
your attention to God.
Put your trust in Him.
Where are you going?
Back to my world.. Paris.
Do you have to go?
Can't you stay with us?
With the both of you?
He doesn't know anything about me.
Now if you tell him, we
don't know how he will react.
Listen to me..
Explain everything to
him once he recuperates.
And then if he still
wishes to meet me..
both of you can come to Paris.
I have a confession.
I know I've done a lot of
things I shouldn't have.
I made you cry..
I hurt you.
But I've loved you
every moment of my life.
If either of you are ever in trouble..
Please remember that I
will come to your rescue.
And for some reason, if I don't..
It's probably because I am dead.
I am an old man..
don't know when I'll pass away..
Old man.. your father