Be Afraid (2017) Movie Script

I'm going.
You're not going anywhere!
Listen to me.
Babe, there's no one out there.
Listen to me.
I have to go.
Baby, please don't leave.
Please, please!
Look, look...
Are you even listening to me?
No, I'm not.
There's no power because
there's a lightning storm.
I have to protect my family.
It's normal...
You are protecting the family!
What are you doing?
Baby, are you listening to me?
They're coming.
You're scaring Emms, Dean.
Just stop it.
Don't get out of bed, Emms.
You're not leaving this house.
Get out of my way.
You're not leaving this
house, not with this.
Not with this,
you're not leaving!
Get out of my way! Dean!
What's happening?
It's okay, baby.
Stay in your room.
Everything's all right.
- Mommy!
- Baby! Baby!
There's somebody in my room!
Open the door!
Damn it! Open it! Damn you!
Help me, Dean!
They took our baby!
So, are you bored yet?
I'm just happy not to be
sewing up stab wounds
every five minutes.
It's just babies and
broken arms around here.
The excitement just never ends.
How's the family?
Everybody settled in?
Yeah, Heather's stress
level is way down.
Um, Nathan's sleeping
through the night.
I think it's going to
be good this time.
You know, they say the er can
be hardest on the spouse.
But, I think you've
made the right choice.
Your son found the woods today.
Yeah, they're pretty cool.
I think we could use a fence.
Oh, you think that's going
to keep him in, huh?
You know he's half me.
Well, it keeps bad
things out, too.
Half me?
You're half me,
half your mother.
It's... see, when two
adults love each other,
their DNA comes together, um,
Well, it's...
It's... it's like, uh, your
baby sister in mommy's tummy,
um, that was made because
your mother and I, uh...
Well, we were kissing... gross!
Yeah, it's
absolutely disgusting.
Oh, is it?
Can I be excused now?
Yes, you can.
Thank you.
It's disgusting, huh?
What do you want me to say?
I know, it's disgusting.
Hey. What are you
still doing up, buddy?
There was a man in my room.
A man?
He was standing
right over my bed.
Someone's got a big
imagination, don't they?
I'll tell you what, let's
get you back to bed.
Get frank, come
on, get in there.
Love you, pal.
Love you too, daddy. Hmm.
Good night, frank.
Yeah, you say
goodnight to frank.
Go ahead and sign in.
Um, I'm here
to see John chambers.
Dr. chambers? Do you
have an appointment?
I'm his son.
Oh. Um,
I'll page him.
So let me guess. Your tuition
for the semester is gone.
I see nothing has
changed around here.
Still telling everyone I only come
around when I need money, right?
I never said that.
Kicked out?
Dropped out?
Dropped out.
Before they could kick me out.
Well, it's like
you always said...
It's tough to get ahead without
breaking a few balls. Right?
Listen, you get
yourself back in gear
or I will be the one
busting balls.
You understand?
Alright. Come on.
Give your dad a hug.
It's good to see you, Ben.
Come on.
Dad! Hey! Look who's here!
Hey, man!
Two to the left,
one to the right.
Knuckle. Knuckle.
Does Ben need money again?
Uh... no. Let me show you around.
We should have some extra
sheets and blankets
in one of these boxes.
Hey, what the heck is this?
Something you're going to
keep your hands off of.
Holy shit.
It was going to be your
graduation present but...
I guess it's not happening now.
Can I drive it?
You get a job first
and we'll talk.
Morning, babe.
How are you feeling today?
I'm okay.
It smells good.
You okay?
Is he going back?
Uh, well, I mean he's definitely
out for this semester.
He needs to be at college, John.
Now I know this is bad timing.
It's not about the time. It's
about what's best for your son.
He needs to be at school.
Look, baby, you can't be
getting all worked up, okay?
Your only job right now
is to relax, okay?
For our little artist over here
and for our little one
right here.
I promise you I will not let
you lose another one, okay?
Morning, dad.
Hi, Heather.
Good morning, Ben.
Since Ben has some time off,
he has volunteered to
help me build the fence.
For Nathan.
Mmm, that looks good.
Can I get you some breakfast?
Over easy, please.
Thanks, Heather.
A fence isn't going
to stop Nathan.
Well, it's more for Heather. Ah.
Can you check on him, John?
I'm thinking
pressure-treated pine.
I don't want him
out in those woods.
Well, baby, it's
what little boys do.
They play in the woods.
It's okay.
Will you check on him, please?
Have you seen my daughter?
My baby, Emms.
Have you seen her?
There's some bad things
in these woods, son.
Can I help you?
Put that thing down.
Nathan, come on!
Go to the house!
Tell your mother
to call the police.
I just want my daughter back.
Looks like winter
came early, huh?
You must be our new doc, right?
Yeah, doctor John chambers.
My wife.
I'd shake your hand but
I'm nursing a cold.
And my daughter has me drinking
at least eight cups of
this green tea daily.
I guess Dean gave you all
a pretty good scare.
He's still pretty intoxicated
from last night.
We'll let him sleep it off.
Planning on pressing charges?
Uh, no. I mean,
no one got hurt, so.
Maybe we should...
I mean,
should we be worried
that he'll come back?
Dean's had his troubles in the
past but he's a good man.
He and his wife
have been through
some difficult times
these past years.
He said something about
trying to find his daughter?
Yeah, he, uh...
They lost their daughter
four years ago.
She was only seven at the time
so you can imagine how
hard it's been on them.
Well, I hate to think we got off
on the wrong foot here, doc.
No! No, not at all.
Thanks for everything.
Okay, well, you know where
to find me if you need me.
Enjoy your Sunday, ma'am.
You, too.
Now, come on.
It's been there the whole time.
Let's go.
Wait up!
Wait up!
Where are you going?
What are you doing out here?
I told you to stay in view.
I was just playing
with my friend.
That's great.
Say good-bye.
Ahh! Hey, baby.
I just gonna grab
a couple things.
How are you doing?
You're new.
That easy to tell?
I've lived here my whole life
and I've never seen
you at school.
Maybe you just didn't notice me.
I doubt that.
Damn it.
are you guys out of d batteries?
If they're not out
there, then yeah.
We get our delivery
in the morning.
So when did you move here?
About 48 hours ago.
Well, my dad and stepmom moved
in about two weeks ago.
And where did you move from?
I was going to school out there.
I just decided I couldn't...
Ooooh. She's
a cutie, huh?
Uhhh, sure.
Hey. So...
You doing okay?
All good.
You need anything?
No, I'm fine.
How's your dad?
Same old dad.
$ 38.75.
It would be really nice if you
would stop by once in a while.
I've just
been... uh...
Really busy with school.
Yeah, I know.
I know, but, just...
Please try.
Right. Right.
Well, I got to go.
Damn it!
Thank you.
That was you up at my house
the other day, right?
Oh, sorry, I can't talk.
I got to grab this.
That was you, right?
See you.
I don't even know your name.
I'm Ben.
You're Nikki, right?
How did you know?
I heard your mom.
We're headed out to the river
after school tomorrow.
You want to come with?
Great. Give me your hand.
Can you pick me up
at the high school?
How old are you?
Sure about that?
Are you single?
Are you sure about that?
Pretty sure.
See you tomorrow.
I was about to send
in an extraction team.
Hop in the car, lover boy.
Dinner's almost ready.
Good, because I'm hungry.
How are you doing, pal?
Good. How was school today?
Awesome. How'd you do
on your homework?
Great. Look.
A hundred percent.
You did?
Awesome, fantastic.
I'm very proud of you.
And how's that story coming?
Good. I put you in the
story too, daddy.
You did?
Let's see.
It's you...
There's Ben, with his
bag home from college.
Is that you?
No. That's my friend.
She showed me
a big tunnel, daddy.
A tunnel?
An old railroad tunnel I found
our son playing in today.
Nathan, tell daddy what mommy
told you about the tunnel.
Um, that I'm never going to
play at the tunnel again.
That's correct.
Winner, winner, chicken dinner.
- Language.
- What was that?
- Ghosts.
- Ghosts?
He's fibbing, babe.
Unless you want to sleep with a
six-year-old until he's a teenager,
zip it. There's no
such thing as ghosts.
Yeah, no such thing as ghosts.
Thank you.
But there is such a
thing as a scare!
Jesus, you scared
the crap out of me.
What are you still doing up?
I couldn't sleep.
Want to take her for a spin?
Look, Ben, I understand
you're in a bit of
a funk right now.
Okay? I get it.
I do.
At some point, you're
going to have to grow up.
I mean, look,
my point was early.
Met your mother
when I was young,
and, uh, you know, I definitely
made my share of mistakes.
One thing I always did was
I took responsibility
for my own actions.
Let's cut the shit
though, really.
I mean, you want this car, right?
All you got to do
is get yourself back
in school and graduate, okay?
So, in the meantime,
I can drive...?
Look out!
Oh, shit!
Please! Please!
Dr. chambers! Wait.
It's my husband, he's got a gun
and I think he's going to
try to kill himself. Where?
He's in our house,
just up the road.
Alright, well, come on, get in!
Okay, get in, get in.
Come on, let's go,
let's go, let's go.
Ben, drive until you can get a signal.
Call the sheriff.
Wait, are you sure?
He has a gun.
Just do as I say.
Where are you, sweetheart?
Where did my little girl go?
Why can't you come home to
your mother and me? Why?
Dean, it's
Dr. chambers.
Dean? Can you hear me?
I want you to stay here.
Dean, please do not shoot.
Can you hear me?
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
No, don't shoot me!
I'm here to help you.
Don't leave me, baby!
Who are you talking to?
I just wanted to look at her.
Listen, Dean.
Look at me.
I'm a doctor, I can help you.
How do I know you are
what you say you are?
I swear to you.
I'm doctor chambers.
You were on my property
the other day.
You were talking to my son.
Dean, baby. Let
this man help you.
I am so sorry.
I just wanted to hold
her one last time.
I knew she wasn't coming back.
Listen, Dean, I can help you.
But you have to put
the gun down.
Here they come.
Who, Dean?
Who's coming?
It's nobody! Nobody's
coming, Dean.
Stop this nonsense, right now!
Stop it!
What is that?
Who is that?
You see them, doc?
You can see them?
There's nobody there, Dr.
Chambers! Dean, stop it!
No, no, don't let them see you, doc.
They'll come for you too.
Put the gun down and let's go!
That's enough!
Just stop it!
Emm's isn't coming home.
I couldn't protect her.
You protect your family, doc.
You must protect your family.
Find a way.
Or they'll come for you, too.
I'm sorry, Christine.
I'm sorry.
She's in shock.
Oh, baby, no.
No, no, no.
He say anything, John?
He was babbling.
He thought his daughter
was in the house.
Christine, she
witnessed everything?
He told me I should go home
and protect my family.
You didn't see anybody
else in the house?
When you pulled out, anything?
Sorry you had to see that, John.
Let's go.
Hello, John.
What did that woman say to you?
She asked me what that man
who hurt himself said to me.
Mr. booth?
Um... i don't know,
Well, let's go.
Excuse me! Miss?
Do you have an appointment?
No, you were just talking to my son.
What did you say to him?
Look, lady, I don't appreciate
you spying on my family
and talking to
my six-year-old son.
If you have something to
say, you can say it to me.
Okay, yes!
You're right. It was inappropriate
of me to talk to your son.
M... I... i just asked him what
Dean booth said to him.
Why are you so interested
in Dean booth?
Because he was my friend.
Nathan, close that.
I'm sorry if I've
caused you any trouble.
Come on, Nathan, let's go.
Mommy, this is the man.
Nathan, come on now.
But this is the man who
comes into my room.
Nathan, now.
Let's go.
Oh my... wait, wait.
He's seen him. Wait, are
you listening to me?
He's seen him, which means
that they are coming.
Who is coming?
You need to stop.
Nathan, tell your mommy
that you saw him.
No, don't do that.
You can see them too. They're
in the corner of your eye
but they are watching
us all the time.
You're insane. Do
not talk to my son.
Leave us alone!
Do you ever get the feeling
like you're being watched?
When I was a kid,
I'd get that feeling.
The room would get really quiet
and this freakish eerie
chill would come over me,
like there was
some invisible force
standing there looking at me.
Yeah, exactly.
When I was little, I had
this recurring nightmare
that this man,
all covered in black
would walk out of the
woods, into my house
and would stand in my
bedroom and watch me sleep.
That's pretty creepy.
One night I woke up...
And I saw him, plain as day.
I screamed so loud
for my parents
and threw the covers
over my head.
By the time my mom got
in there, he was gone.
That was the last time
I ever had that dream.
Six years ago my mom and I
were hit by a drunk driver.
When the medics arrived,
I was pronounced dead.
My heart didn't beat
for over five minutes.
I remember everything.
I floated above the wreckage,
I watched as they
pulled our bodies out.
When I woke, I knew my mom was
dead before they told me.
That's horrible, Ben.
I'm so sorry.
So do you think your mom's
watching over you now?
Yeah, I do.
What, you talked to her?
Yeah, I talked to her.
Then what?
You didn't ask her why
she's watching our house?
I did. All she said is that
she's friends with Dean.
She's friends with Dean.
Okay, so she's crazy too.
Okay? That's it.
Okay? Let it go.
Whatever she is,
she said some really...
Really disturbing things
that resonated with Nathan
and then she started
yelling at me,
just talking craziness
about people watching us.
Hey, hey, shhh, shhh.
Nathan, hey, shhh, shhh.
You're alright.
Take a breath, take a breath.
It's okay.
You're okay.
That man was in my room again.
He was standing right here.
There's nobody here, pal.
You're just dreaming it.
It's just mommy and I.
He said that no one will
be able to help me.
Who said that to you?
The man in my room said that.
Well... Hey,
you know what?
When I was your age,
I had an imaginary friend, too.
And if your imaginary
friend is scaring you,
you just need to
tell him to go away
and you don't want to talk
to him anymore, okay? Okay.
Okay? I promise.
Nobody's going to hurt you.
Not on mommy and daddy's watch.
Love you.
I love you, too.
Now give me big hugs.
I love you, too.
Give mommy big hugs.
Yeah! I love you, little man.
Come here.
Are you cozy?
When are you going to
fix my night-light?
Uh, first thing in the morning.
Get some sleep, okay?
Alright, love you.
Good night!
John, honey! John!
Oh my god, Heather.
What's happening to me?
It's okay.
Honey, honey, it's okay.
I couldn't move.
I felt this pressure
on my chest.
Like taking my breath away.
It's sleep paralysis.
How long has this
been going on for?
It pretty much started
when we moved in.
We're all going to experience
sleep paralysis at least once
sometimes twice in our lifetime.
So this is common?
And it's usually brought on
by high levels of anxiety.
Which you clearly have
in your life right now.
Look, I promise you, there
was something in my room.
Hallucinations are very
common with sleep paralysis.
This was no hallucination.
They were standing over
me, staring down at me.
Simply a reflection of the
nightmare you were having, John.
When one experiences
sleep paralysis,
they are either falling
asleep, or waking up.
In your case, you were
awakening out of a nightmare.
What you witnessed in your room
was the same physical
threat from your dream
crossing over into
your conscious state.
The mind continues
to work at this,
which makes you believe
what you are seeing there
in your room within
the dark is real,
right there in front of you.
Don't move, look straight ahead.
What about Nathan?
Nothing more than night terrors.
You two are clearly cut
from the same mold.
Look, you're fine.
I want you to go home
and relax, okay?
Thank you, doctor.
Ben, do you see Nathan?
Nathan, what...?
Oh, shit. Hey, hey. You okay?
Go check on Nathan.
Check the tunnel. Run.
Come here!
It's okay.
Oh, you're soaked.
It's okay.
You're going to be okay.
Let's get you home.
Let's get you home.
Doctor chambers?
Your wife is on line one.
Could you tell her I'll
call her back, please?
Doctor, she indicated
it was urgent.
We'll catch up later.
I'll take it up front.
Oh, baby.
I'm so sorry.
Baby, we can try again.
Whatever it takes, okay?
I don't know.
I don't know.
It's just me.
No, no...
It kills me
to see you like this.
You are so beautiful, baby.
Why does this keep happening?
I don't know.
Can I die?
Everyone can die, right?
Yeah, buddy.
At some point
we'll all grow old...
And we all eventually pass.
So daddy, we will die?
Yeah, but...
A long time from now.
Mommy, too?
Mommy's going to grow
really, really old, okay?
And the baby?
Uh, the baby just took
a shortcut to heaven.
I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry.
It's not your fault.
It's not mommy's fault.
The man in my room told
me to go to the woods.
I thought I told you
to tell him to go away.
I did.
And he didn't disappear.
No. He said that if I ever said
that again, he'd kill mommy.
Christine, I'm sorry
for your loss.
Uh, Dr. chambers, I just wanted
to stop by before I left.
Listen, if there's ever
anything at all that you need,
recommendations, anything,
please just let me know.
I'm going to be alright.
I just want you and your
family to be alright.
I appreciate that.
Is there something
I need to know?
All I can say
is that ever since we lost Emms,
I feel like the
people in this town
have just always been
working against us.
I watched my husband go mad.
I watched the police
arrest him time after time
and the people of this
town just shut him off
all because he was strong
and demanded answers.
I used to think it was a
black and white thing
but now I am convinced
it's something
much more than that.
Protect your family,
Dr. chambers.
Because at the end of the day...
That's all we have to live for.
I hear you.
I'm sorry I couldn't do more
for you and your husband.
It's okay.
Hey, hey.
It's, no...
They're not coming back...
And all I can do now is pray
that they are with god.
I, uh...
I want to give you this.
It's my husband's journal.
Maybe it can help you protect
you and your family.
Goodbye, Dr. chambers.
God bless.
A search... Neuro science.
It's the second link.
Hi, baby.
What are you doing up?
You should be asleep.
Can't sleep.
What's Hypnagogia?
It says here that
"Hypnagogic hallucinations
"are often auditory or
have an auditory component
like loud crashes
and bangs."
You experiencing this?
"Hypnagogia and sleep
paralysis go hand in hand."
The paralysis itself is frequently
accompanied by additional phenomena.
"Typical examples are the feeling
of being crushed or suffocated,"
"electric 'tingles' or
'vibrations' down the body,"
"the imagined presence of a
visible or invisible entity..."
"All of this resulting
in intense emotion,
causing fears and
sensations of dread."
"They appear as shadows
in the edge of our vision."
It's the hospital.
I'll schedule some testing.
I'm sure maybe
it's just a tumor.
Don't say that.
What about Nathan?
I really don't think that
he's just imagining things.
He's just having night terrors.
It's just like
Dr. Coleman said.
He's claiming that there's a
man coming into his room.
It's the same thing
that you're seeing.
What, so he's having
You'd rather believe that our son
has some serious head trauma
as opposed to being a normal
little boy having nightmares?
You're missing my whole point.
He is experiencing a form of
what you are experiencing.
You know I want to find
the real reason to this.
Okay. And?
And... I'll call some old
associates from ped.
I'll find Nathan a specialist.
It's going to be okay.
I won't be late.
"Best photo."
Hey, where's your car? I
need to get out of here.
Are you okay?
It's been a tough night.
I need to get away
from all these people.
Hey, new guy!
Hey, new guy.
This is a private party.
Members only.
Now, lucky for you,
it's initiation night.
I'm serious.
Get lost, man.
We're leaving, Jimmy.
Where you going?
Is this like your third date?
If I remember correctly,
I think I hit it on the third date.
Am I right?
You're an asshole, Jimmy.
Ha. I love it
when she gets mad.
She gets that little
crease in her forehead.
Anyways, back to business.
Listen, Jim...
I'm Jim.
Ben, I don't want
to embarrass you,
but I am gonna have
to ask you to leave,
unless of course you're
up for the initiation.
Ben, seriously, come on.
Then go, Ben.
You could go and possibly
you'll get lucky.
Maybe. Personally,
I know this chick
and she'll probably find
out you're a big pussy
and dump you within a week.
Exactly like how I dumped you?
Ohhh. Oh, no, she didn't.
Think about what
you're doing here.
You've got the whole town
standing here watching you.
What do I have to do?
Yes, hello, I'm looking
for chief Collins.
I see. Could you please
tell me where he's at?
Right. Um, no, great, thank you.
This tunnel runs
3.5 miles deep
into the mountainside.
All you gotta do
is walk through the
tunnel to the other side
and we'll pick you up.
Come on. No one's going
to be waiting for me.
You think little Nikki's
going to leave you hanging
like a bad case of blue balls?
Ben. This is a bad idea.
We need to leave.
I can't leave now.
Take the keys and put
them somewhere safe.
Come on, take the keys.
Let's do it.
No flashlights.
Just you and your little
wee wee in your hand.
Ben, please!
Dr. chambers.
I'm kind of surprised
to see you here.
Yeah, well, I felt like
I could use a drink.
Hi. Bourbon.
Neat, please.
Man after my own heart.
Yeah, well, I...
Didn't really come
here to chit-chat.
Just trying to figure out
what's going on on my property.
Yeah, I can't really
put my finger on it.
You ever see anything unexplained
or out of the ordinary?
No, can't say that I have.
Um, it's a pretty typical
country town here.
Pretty much find out
anything about anybody
by just looking
under their wood pile.
Who is it?
I got you.
How's that ground
taste, huh? Huh?
You like that?
You going to cry?
You going to cry?
Yes, Darren!
Hey, Darren!
Darren, where'd you go, man?
Come on, let's go!
What the hell is that?
Get up! Get up!
They're gone!
What happened?
There's something in the tunnel!
It took those guys!
Somebody call the police!
So, Dean booth, you
were around when, uh...
When they lost their child?
I've been the chief
here for 15 years.
Must have been rough, huh?
Watch a man, a family,
lose a child like that.
You're a father, right?
I did everything I
could for that family.
Dean clearly lost his mind.
You saw that.
He almost attacked your son.
Yeah, I'm not so
sure about that.
It's a small town.
Why do I get the feeling
that you're questioning
my integrity?
You tell me, chief.
There's an accident out
at the Rockville tunnel.
Group of kids out partying.
Ah, hell.
Anybody out there yet?
Staties are in route.
Alright, let's go.
Mind if I ride along?
You might need a doctor.
Come on.
Mind telling me what's going on?
Dad, there's something
in that tunnel.
It took those two guys.
Who were you here with?
With Ben.
Son, you mean to tell me
that you brought my
18-year-old daughter out here
in the woods to drink beer
with these derelicts?
Chief Collins.
We searched the entire tunnel.
There's nothing in there.
My guess is some kind of prank.
No way! I saw it
with my own eyes!
Saw what exactly?
I don't know! These
dark creature things.
They ripped those guys away!
There's blood
all over the place!
You must have found that.
That's enough.
There's no blood
in there, chief.
He's right, chief.
Alright, gentlemen,
I want to lock down
this entire area.
I want roadblocks
on all access points.
Let's find those kids.
Let's go.
I'm sorry but he's
going to have to come
to the station with us.
Look, he's... he's
clearly frazzled.
I got two missing kids and
your son's a witness.
He's going to come with us.
Fine. Would you
give me a minute?
Dad, I saw them.
Like the shadow people
we saw on the Internet
except they're not shadows, they're real.
He took those guys.
Okay, look.
I'm going to get
Heather and Nathan.
We are getting
out of here tonight.
Give me the keys.
The keys.
Nikki, the keys.
Come on.
You've got a little
bit of a fever.
I do?
You do.
You really scared
mommy yesterday.
Can I have your phone?
Thirty minutes
and lights out, okay?
I love you, little man.
I'll be back to
check on you, okay?
Mommy! Help!
Open up!
Mommy, please open up!
Mommy! Open up!
Hey! Hey!
Come on. Don't do
this to me, baby.
Hey, it's me.
It's me, baby, it's me.
It's me, baby.
I've seen them.
I've seen them.
They have our son!
They have Nathan!
They took Nathan!
What I don't understand is
why you don't have
any blood on you.
You said it exploded
all over the place.
Chief, we have a report
of a missing child
out at the chambers' property,
- possible abduction.
- Please advise.
I'll handle it.
You stay put. I'm not
finished with you.
Dude, that's my family.
Are you serious?
Sit down. If
something is wrong...
Sit down. You're the last
person to see two men
who are now officially missing.
You're not going anywhere.
Wait, wait, wait! You
can't leave me here!
Watch me.
My dad have you on
baby-sitting duty tonight?
Maybe I just thought
we'd appreciate
spending some quality time together.
My phone died. Got to
check my Facebook.
What are you doing to me?
Just printing some pictures.
I got to pee.
Hey, can anybody hear me?
Help me!
Help me!
Get me out of here!
Run, run, run!
Run, run, get in, get in!
Go, go, go!
Hold on.
It's chief Collins.
We're in here, chief.
What are you doing
with the gun, John?
Batteries! Heather,
where are the batteries?
Where are...
Where are the batteries?
Where are you going, John?
I'm going into the
woods to get my son!
I've got all accesses
blocked and I-80 shut down.
Whoever took your son
will never make it out.
We need to hold tight.
I guarantee you whoever took
my son, is the same thing
Ben saw in the tunnel tonight,
and the same thing I saw
outside of Dean's house!
You told me that you didn't
see anyone else at Dean's.
I didn't tell you because you
would've said I was crazy,
and probably would've convinced
the town that I was.
I can't find them!
So, you going out there?
Yes, I'm going to get
my son back.
Mom, what happened to me
that night I went missing?
We've talked about this.
Tonight when we were
at the railroad tunnel,
I remembered being there
as a little girl.
What... what are you
talking about?
I remembered dad carrying
me away that night,
from a tunnel. I
remembered the man.
What man?
The hat man. The man
from my dreams.
And the two boys
that went missing.
I saw them going into the
tunnel with the man.
Did they ever find these boys?
They didn't.
Let's think rationally here.
You need to calm down.
My son has been ripped from
his house by some monster
and you want me to be calm?
You think that's rational?
You know what I think?
I think you know what
happened out there.
I think you know what was
wrong with Dean booth
and you didn't do anything.
What's in your
wood pile, sheriff?
Mr. chambers, I need you
to set the gun down
and move away from the table.
What? Back up and place
your hands on the counter.
Seriously? Put your hands
on the counter now!
I couldn't find any...
Stop it!
Stop it! You're
going to kill him!
Back away from us!
Marty, that's enough!
What the hell are you
doing here, Annabelle?
I know what you did.
Oh, here we go.
The town crazy is going to
preach her bullshit to us.
Don't start with me tonight.
You took those boys.
Shut up, Annabelle!
That's enough!
Dad, I remember.
I did it for you, honey.
I had no choice.
I couldn't lose you.
What the hell
are you looking at?
You would have done
the same thing!
No, I wouldn't. I would've
done the right thing.
Y... y...
Let's go get Nathan.
Listen to me.
That tunnel, it runs two and a
half miles into the mountainside.
Are you sure that you
want to go in there?
I don't have a choice.
They're here.
Look at the walls of the tunnel.
Use your peripheral.
Holy shit.
Mommy, help!
Oh, my god, baby, are you okay?
John, he's in there,
they have him.
Listen to me.
I am going in there.
Just like chief Collins did
but I am going in by myself.
I can't lose you, too.
You know I always wanted
to make you happy, right?
You know that.
I'm getting our son back.
I love you.
I love you.
Hey, I'm going.
No, you need to stay here.
Listen to me!
You need to protect our family.
Come here.
I'm going in there!
No, you can't! No,
I'm going in there!
That's my dad!
I'm going in there!
You can't!
You have to stay
here. No.
That's my dad.
I know.
Hey, Ben.
It's Nathan.
It's your son.
It's your son!
Come here!
Oh, god.
Yes, honey?
I saw daddy.
Listen to me. It's
going to be okay.
Oh, it's going to be okay.
Thank god...
Buddy, you...
I... I...
Hey, guys.
I'm right here.