Beast (2022) Movie Script

Guys, do you copy?
Hold him captive
until he tells you about Umar Farooq.
Copy that.
Please don't cry. Wait.
You want a balloon, right?
I will get you one.
Wait. I'll buy you one.
Wait a minute.
Two minutes.
Please be patient for my sake.
Two balloons. Thanks.
Here you go.
All yours.
You can play with the balloon.
Take this.
You always lie to him
and get yourself a balloon.
You are an adult.
Why do you fall for her lies?
Happiness is in her fooling me
and me being taken for a ride!
Look at how she is giggling.
Watch your step!
I'll get you a balloon tomorrow as well.
Okay. This is for you.
I don't want this.
Give me a plain roti.
It's always the special for you.
Have it.
We just got some information.
Umar Farooq isn't arriving tomorrow.
He is already at his residence.
He'll be leaving from there
within 20 to 25 minutes.
Shall I start now?
We have one more bad news for you.
They got to know that an Indian spy
is in a mansion
and now they have taken control
of the entire mansion.
So you can't achieve anything
even if you go back to the mansion.
I feel awful telling this to you.
We don't have a choice
other than calling off this operation.
Stop everything.
We'll deal with this later.
Veera, are you there?
-I've worked on this operation
for the past three months
and set it all up.
I can't call off the operation
all of a sudden.
I want to try my best.
Don't stop anything at your end
and just stick on to the operation.
I'll call you in 30 minutes.
And, hey!
The plan is on.
The impact will be felt
for a radius of 50 meters.
Make sure the perimeter
is clear of any civilians.
Copy that.
I told you to shut up.
Stand in a queue.
Wait a minute.
-The queue is over there.
-My bag is heavy.
-Let me keep it down.
Stand in a queue.
What are you doing?
Connecting the red wire and black wire.
What? Why are you doing that?
Only then the signal will
be cut in all your phones.
Check your phone.
Is there signal in your phone?
Why are you using a jammer?
Only then no one will know that
you're being skinned alive.
Who are you?
Senior Field Operative Indian.
Aren't you looking for an Indian?
That's me.
What did you say?
I can't keep translating
all the dialogues for you.
You may better go and learn my language.
He's a big bad beast
Time to rock and roll
Getting out of control
He's a big bad beast
Time to rock and roll
Man on a mission
Getting out of control
He's a big bad beast
Time to rock and roll
Getting out of control
He's a big bad beast
Time to rock and roll
Farooq is stepping out
in two to three minutes.
We need him alive.
Nothing should happen to him.
Vehicle is the main target.
Nothing will happen to him.
His vehicle is the target.
Target locked.
Team Sparrow, ready?
Shall I launch?
Waiting for your confirmation.
Oh, no! Please stop.
Is the perimeter clear of the civilians?
I need a verbal confirmation.
Team Sparrow
east, west, north
are clear.
Is the southern perimeter clear?
Is the southern perimeter clear?
Southern perimeter--
Don't tell him.
What if there's an impact
by concealing this?
Nothing can be done.
Collateral damage.
He will leave in two minutes.
We can't carry out this operation later.
South point clear.
You can launch at the count of three.
What did you do as soon as you woke up?
I got up, I brushed my teeth,
I showered, ate breakfast
then I got ready and
I went back to sleep.
-After tha--
-Let me fill in for you.
You would've called my clinic
for an appointment.
They would have refused you.
And in spite of that
you headed straight to my clinic.
And now you are spinning the same old tale
as if it was the first time!
I should listen to it
like I've never heard it before!
What is this, sir?
How can this be going on for 11 months?
I told you
that you are not connected
with that child's death.
Did you book my appointment
with Dr. Chaitanya Rao?
Appointment has been fixed
for 7:30 p.m. tomorrow, sir.
Dr. Chaitanya Rao.
He is a renowned psychiatrist in our city.
Doctor, are you trying to get rid of me?
Do I have to consult him?
No, I have to go.
He's an elderly gentleman.
He won't be able to handle you.
Why, doctor? All okay?
How about your health?
All not okay.
The day you came to me,
was also the day when I went to him
as a patient.
This is the actual fact.
It also has a funny fact.
You are paying me
a consultation fee of 2,000 rupees.
-He is charging me 3,000 rupees.
I lose 1,000 rupees every time
you meet me.
Oh, no.
Sorry, doctor.
I understand, doctor.
I am in no way connected
to that tragic accident.
I am fine now.
I'll leave now.
-I'll see you tomorrow.
Will you come again tomorrow?
My doctor has asked me
to not meet you in my clinic.
My future plan is to
only divert your concentration.
I am ready to do anything
to achieve that.
I have a wedding to attend.
You have to come along with me.
Why should I tag along?
It's a north Indian wedding.
You'll meet beautiful girls there.
Look at them.
Didn't I tell you?
Aren't they beautiful?
Look over there.
Isn't she beautiful?
Look at that beauty in green.
That one!
She has a good physique.
-Hello, Uncle, how are you?
I am doing good.
-How is your father?
-He's fine.
-And your mother?
-She's fine as well.
Is she related to you?
Do you want her number?
I'll get it for you.
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
It definitely is
but I can't stand your torture.
-Shall we go inside?
-Hello, sir.
One minute, please.
See for yourself.
Don't we look good together?
We are of the same height.
But my fianc is shorter than me.
He needs to stand on a table to kiss me!
Sir, what is your name?
Sweet name.
Just imagine that I introduce him as,
"This is my husband, Veera."
How does this sound?
Does it sound classy?
Forget all that.
He doesn't even know how to chat.
He texted me,
"Sweetie pie, did you eat your food?"
What's with the funny names,
"sweetie pie, honeydew, cutie-pie?"
How annoying!
She's flirting with you.
Look at how I will help her.
Excuse me.
Can you do me a favor?
I'm going to the stage
to give the couple their gift.
He'll get lost if left alone.
Be with him for a while, ma'am.
Please take care.
-I'll be back in two minutes.
Sir, all okay?
You can hold my hand if you are scared.
Shall I hold your waist instead?
He doesn't even have a gift in hand.
He has gone to hog.
You couldn't even understand that.
Do I look like someone who will get lost?
I'm myself miffed while you are trying
to mesmerize me with your beauty.
Get lost or else
I will end up kissing you.
You are dropping the food.
-Slip it in quickly.
-Do you have fire paan?
-We don't have it, sir.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Just turn back and look over there.
Come on.
Turn around a bit.
She is calling you. Go.
Can you dance?
I didn't hear that.
I asked if you know to dance.
Why are you getting annoyed?
I dreamed of my lover
My lover is finally here
I dreamed of my lover
My lover is finally here
My precious treasure trove
She walked into my world now
I dreamed of my lover
I dreamed of my lover
Oh, no!
Oh, my!
Oh, no!
Oh, no!
Oh, my!
Oh, no!
Let's celebrate this beautiful festival
Let's make everyone happy
Everyone seems to be jolly
And there she goes blushing
He has gone crazy behind me
This is the best thing ever happened
My one and only true love
She waltzed into my life now
Into my world she came
Here she comes
My one and only true love
She waltzed into my life now
Into my world she came
Here she comes
Hey, cutie
You're my sweetie
I am trapped in your beauty
I am slowly losing myself
I don't wish to tell you
It was love at first sight
She managed to lure me
She infused love into me
She made me surrender myself
He made me go crazy for him
He got fond of me
And treated me like a queen
With unlimited love
This guy made me go tipsy over him
His magic of love worked well on me
My true valentine
You are my true valentine
My true valentine
You are my true valentine
My sole soul mate!
My love mandate
Let's celebrate this beautiful festival
Let's make everyone happy
Everyone seems to be jolly
And there she goes blushing
He has gone crazy behind me
This is the best thing ever happened
My one and only true love
She waltzed into my life now
Into my world she came
Here she comes
My one and only true love
She waltzed into my life now
Into my world she came
Here she comes
Oh, no!
Oh, my!
Oh, no!
Hey, cutie
You're my sweetie
I am trapped in your beauty
I am slowly losing myself
I don't wish to tell you
It was love at first sight
She managed to lure me
She infused love into me
He made me go crazy for him
He got fond of me
And treated me like a queen
Love is undiluted
This guy made me go tipsy over him
His magic of love worked well on me
My true valentine
You are my true valentine
My true valentine
You are my true valentine
My sole soul mate!
My love mandate
You are the love of my life!
Can you hear a child crying?
I can hear it. Let me go and check.
The love of my life!
Who are you?
Why did you bash him up?
Just imagine the impact
of someone getting hit by a lorry.
That's what it felt like.
How can he throw a child in midair?
Brainless creature!
He was playing with his child.
How does it affect you?
What do you mean?
What if the child slips and falls?
You shouldn't do this with a child.
I am always serious about matters
related to the children.
You seem quite tough.
But you're an interesting character.
You are quite handsome as well.
What was your job profile?
I was a RAW agent.
RAW agent?
Are you married?
I haven't thought about marriage yet.
Are you interested in falling in love?
With whom?
With me, of course!
How can you be so frank about it?
Why don't we go out on dates instead
and maybe then you can
ask me this question?
No! I don't have time for all that.
I have to find my man
within a month and settle down.
Why is that so?
I'm already engaged.
But I can't stand my fianc at all!
I'm trying to ditch him and
hitch on to the right man.
Dude, we are discussing about love.
Why did you come in middle of that?
Move aside.
Are you okay with the idea?
What about your poor fianc ?
I will be pitiful if I get married to him.
He tortures me
with his so called love.
I can't take it.
He calls me 140 times a day!
He pesters me night and day.
You are perfect for me.
Tell me if you are okay.
It looks like I am fine with it.
Will you join my office?
You are so quick at everything.
Please understand.
I'm running out of time.
Will you zip your pants?
Oh! He is praying fervently.
He is deaf as well.
You were in the night shift for an ATM
and that ATM was robbed
for the sixth time!
Oh! Ignorance is bliss, I guess!
It was very well guarded.
It doesn't seem so.
I saw your full-proof measures
on the CCTV.
He is here.
Who? The one who--
I got to know that
you smash people really hard.
Show me your power.
Is it okay if he dies?
Preethi, that chap
must have been a weakling.
If he tries to show off
his strength to me
then I will block him from the left side
and punch him right in.
His mouth and chin
will be a bloody mess.
Am I right?
You can try your skills right away.
-Don't you dare point your finger at me.
-Oh, God!
My head is spinning.
Please save me.
Preethi, pick up the five rupee coin
that has fallen under the table.
She doesn't even get my sarcasm!
He has flung her boss into midair.
-Instead of asking him--
-Please put him down.
-I went through a surgery last month.
Shall I throw him down?
Poor thing!
Oh! Jesus!
He escaped.
Before I turn around
it would be better
if the four of you scoot!
How dare you clap and cheer!
You bloody jokers!
Get out from my compound!
Why did you resign from RAW?
I generally have a good attitude to life
but if someone triggers me,
I just whisk out my gun and shoot.
Did I hear you right?
I don't have my gun right now.
If you can scare the hell out of me
then I can imagine
how you will terrify the others.
Preethi, he is appointed.
It's an emergency situation.
I have got an intel
on a terrorist attack in South India.
But we don't know whether
it is going to be a hijack,
kidnap or a bomb blast.
Unidentified terrorists have landed
with arms and equipment, sir.
You have got to know about it, right?
Why don't you stop
the entire operation immediately?
Sir, it is already late.
They are far ahead.
We have information that they have
planned this very efficiently.
No matter what we do,
it is difficult to stop them.
Why are you telling me that?
Just go home and sleep!
What were you doing all these days?
If such an attack has been planned
this means that we will have to face
a lot of global political issues
and pressure.
Did you think how
this will affect the common man?
You are mentioning
the attack quite casually.
I am feeling uneasy thinking about it.
Let me use the restroom.
I'm sorry.
When are you planning to attack, sir?
The intelligence department
is already aware
of your arrival and impending attack.
Do you get it?
See, this attack should lead
to two results.
Your leader who is in jail
should be released without any issue.
Secondly, I should be announced
as Prime Minister candidate by the party.
And all of this will happen
with the help of this attack.
But we are running out of time.
Don't forget that nothing should happen
to my wife and my daughter.
We have lost all our major clients.
-We have only this mall left--
-Sir, wait a minute.
One sign, please.
We have to clear this.
-Yeah, sure.
-Thank you, sir.
Why is she always in a hurry?
-I use my pen.
-Okay, sir.
I'll pick it up
after she leaves the room.
Every time I bend down
to pick a fallen item
I can hear a sound
like a lizard spitting!
Even I heard that sound.
Did you hear it?
-Sign it.
-I forgot.
-Take it.
-Thank you.
Veera, I forgot to mention this.
I have to go and beg
the mall's owner tomorrow.
If you wear the new coat
I bought for you
then maybe I can retrieve my contract.
Sir, will you look ahead and drive?
You may bang into another vehicle
if you be so careless.
-Hey! Munuswamy.
Our contract with the mall
got canceled with
the protection you offered.
Look at this hand.
It will hold the manager's feet today.
Pay your respects to it.
Useless fellow!
The main culprit responsible
for the cancellation of the contract
is Sundaram who is seated
on the tenth floor of that building.
He started his career as my employee.
He learnt everything from me.
And now he is at a post where
he is authorizing contracts for malls.
I am so mad at him!
I feel like strangling him!
I will squeeze the breath out of him.
Oh, no!
Don't resort to such drastic measures
You'll end up behind bars.
I think the building right opposite
his tenth floor must be 650 meters away.
Place a sniper over there.
If you calculate the wind deflection
and shoot him, he will die instantly.
-Yes, sir.
-Do you know the meaning of "sniper"?
-Of course, sir.
It's the thing which wipes the windshield.
To heck with you!
That's a wiper.
This is a sniper.
All I need is a pill to reduce
my high blood pressure.
I can't do anything major
to calm my senses.
So it would be better if you look straight
and focus on driving.
I said it in zest.
Why did you drive so rashly?
You are quick about everything.
I wonder what the mall owner
has in store for me!
-Is it going up or coming down?
-What happened, sir?
There's no electricity either.
It isn't working. Don't you get it?
Let's take the escalator.
If that fellow makes unnecessary remarks,
then I will end up beating him.
Will you be there to support me?
Why do you need my support?
You can hold the fort all by yourself.
Why isn't it moving?
You can see that it isn't working.
Why don't you climb up the stairs?
The escalator is not working.
The lift is also not working.
And this fellow is also not working!
What is happening here, Preethi?
I'll find out, sir. Come.
Everything seems jinxed.
We can all be happy if you choose
the jewelry for your wedding day.
I'm not happy about this wedding.
I'll go for IPS training anyway.
This wedding won't happen.
So, don't waste your money on me.
You can't defy your father
and stop this wedding.
I want to join the police force
only for his sake.
Your fate demands
that your daughter become a cop
to atone for your husband's sins.
So, you can buy all this for yourself.
-Have you fixed the tree properly?
I have done my job well.
Why is it shaking?
If it falls, then both of us
will be put behind bars!
Why would I be sent to jail?
You have signed the contract.
You can't outsmart me, sonny.
-Is this a Christmas event?
-Yes, sir.
Did you run a proper
background check on the event team?
I did a thorough check, sir.
Nothing can go wrong.
Have you got the identity
and address proofs
from the people who are dressed
as Santa Claus?
No, we didn't. Wait a minute.
Why will they give us so many details
for a mere 1,500 rupees?
This is your punishment
for questioning me.
Take a detour.
Why are you staring at me?
-I'm leaving.
-Do you want to fight with me?
He does have a point.
Do you want a smack?
What was he talking about?
Show me your face!
-We can get it done.
-Will this work in our favor?
-You have high hopes!
-Sure, sir, everything will be okay.
Please wait here.
I'll be out in a while.
I'll come in with you, sir.
-Do you want to see me fall at his feet?
-Yes, sir.
Get lost, you idiot!
How can you scold an old man?
-You will never prosper.
-Let's go to the food court.
I accepted the cash.
-I'll stab you one day.
-Thank you.
Ma'am, internet isn't working.
We accept only cash.
Is the internet not working?
How will the mall function?
I've called you 148 times.
I understood it when
you didn't answer my call even once.
The ringtone that played
was related to a random man.
Is he that "random man"?
Don't you feel ashamed
to cheat your fianc?
You are chasing me in spite
of knowing that I'm deceiving you.
Aren't you ashamed?
Shall I prove I'm better than him?
Shall I tell in front of everyone now?
100 emergency.
Tell me, sir.
Sir, I am calling from East Coast Mall.
The activities in this mall
seem a little suspicious.
The internet isn't working
and the security guard is weird.
Can you dispatch a patrolling team--
Do you want to see me fall at your feet
in front of everyone?
-Go on.
-Oh! You thought I won't!
-Sweetie pie, I can't live without you.
-Let go of my foot.
Is he a shameless idiot?
Will it go smooth?
I'm doubtful about it
but I accepted the cash.
Return the money.
Let's scoot.
I spent it.
You spent the money all alone
but now you want my help to kill him.
-Let go of my foot.
-Preethi, give me your phone.
My life won't be sweet without you!
-Please, sweetypie.
What are you waiting for?
Finish him off!
-Who is this spineless idiot?
-At least give me your feet.
-There's no signal in your phone.
Hey, talk to us first.
-He is already committed to her.
You fell into our trap
without knowing who we are.
Can't you see they are committed?
Why are you interfering in their life?
Your phone has no signal either.
Kili, he threw away my phone.
I'm worried about your coat.
Shall I stab you?
Won't it hurt then?
Aren't you worried that I might stab you?
The security's head was slumped
on the table.
Neither is the service lift working
nor the wifi.
The phone isn't working.
Nothing is working out here.
It looks like someone else
has full control on this.
As far as I know
I think this mall has been hijacked.
You can tell me if you are scared of me.
Why are you confusing me with this crap?
Sir, was it a success?
Our contract with this mall got canceled
because of your "terrific" protection!
He asked me such strange questions!
I was left speechless!
I am cursing them!
May this entire mall be reduced to ashes!
How did my curse work so quickly?
Get down!
Sit down!
Get inside.
It's 102.
I'll prescribe some medicines.
You make sure he's not stressed.
Mr. Madhav Singh.
This is to inform you
that the East Coast Mall
in Chennai has been hijacked.
It is under control of ISS now.
The East Coast Mall in Chennai
has been hijacked by ISS terrorists.
This incident has come out as
a shocking incident throughout the nation!
The motive remains unknown as of now.
They have seized control of a mall.
I don't know what they are up to.
What? What's the matter?
They are waiting for you.
They are looking for you.
Wait! You have handed the mall to them!
Will anything happen
in the next 30 seconds?
Let them wait.
Get three cigarette packets for me.
-Do you have cash?
-Yes, sir.
Is the cigarette shop over there?
-Go this side.
-Sorry, sir.
-Hey! Have you taken a vow?
-Yes, sir.
Go and buy it, sir.
-Go this side.
-Okay, sir.
Our sources are trying to find out.
Couldn't get an older building than this?
The architecture looks quite weak.
I suppose this is an emergency operation.
Oh! Did they tell you about it?
List out the information
you gathered so far.
So far we've got only some numbers.
How many people are stuck inside?
There must be
200 and more civilians inside.
And 20 to 30 terrorists, sir.
-I need some details.
-Okay, sir.
-As usual ask the attack unit to proceed.
-Okay, sir.
How many civilians are inside?
I want their individual details.
Similarly I need all the details
of the terrorists as well.
-Sir, the minister has arrived.
-I need to know about the arms
and all the details about the
technology used by them.
I need to know how they entered the mall.
Get me all the leads
-and clues immediately.
-Okay, sir.
The minister is here, sir.
What do you want me to do?
Do you want me to treat him specially?
Ask him to sit.
If it is possible then get him
something to eat.
Dharmesh, is there
any signal interference?
Were you able to connect?
Sir, we are checking now.
Kili, we parked our
bike in the parking lot.
You have the token, right?
That's the height of bad timing!
We should be least bothered
about the plight of those outside.
Think only of ourselves.
Saving them is the job
of the government and the military.
How can we esca--
We should just be worried about
saving ourselves.
Got it?
Look at how sensible he is.
We should think only of how
we can escape from here.
Instead of that, I shouldn't hear you
burp, belch, hiccup or fart.
Pin drop silence.
Why should I be quiet?
I will shout.
How dare he order me!
I'll yell if I want to!
I will scream really loud!
Do you want to see that?
Want to hear me yell!
I haven't seen someone yell
in such a manner.
If you act like a joker
then I'll laugh out loud.
The terrorists will then come in here.
He'll shoot you.
He told us to not bother about anyone
and just think of ourselves.
You like him for his thoughts.
I want to kill all the terrorists,
save everyone and, yet you dislike me.
Don't you like me?
I hear someone coming.
Where? Oh, God!
-Oh, God!
Looks like he is
one hell of a damp squib.
You should be providing safety for all.
You are huddled safe and sound.
We are hiding from the terrorists.
And you are hiding from us.
That's amazing!
Be careful.
Oh, God!
You are the limit!
I'll handle it.
Sir, you are here!
When did you come, sir?
Govind, why didn't you tell me
that he is here?
He is top priority, right?
Enough of it!
What is happening here?
Don't you know about it?
The mall has been hijacked.
I know about the hijack.
What are you doing about it?
Sir, your wife and daughter are in there.
That's why you are panicking.
Not at all! You don't have to worry
about my daughter and wife!
Every single person in there
is my daughter and my wife!
I meant all of them
are my brothers and sisters.
I'm ready to sacrifice
my life for everyone!
Okay, sir, I'll let you know
if you need to do that.
There's a person online, sir.
-I'm Altaf Hussain,
talking on behalf of Indian Government.
Whatever you want to say
you can tell me.
Altaf Hussain, assalamu alaikum.
Wa alaykumu s-salam.
What do you want?
What do I want?
Umar Farooq!
Umar Farooq?
I'm guessing that there must be
around 200 people in this mall.
How is it possible for us
to let a deadly terrorist go
with such a minor hijack?
Had you hijacked a cricket stadium
and kept 15000 people
under your control
then maybe this was highly possible.
It is surprising you don't value
your own leader as much as we valued him
Anyway, the decision is not mine
as I'm simply a tool.
I'll convey the information to them.
Give me 15 minutes.
Sir, he wants Umar Farooq released.
Umar Farooq?
How can we release him?
No way!
I don't know how
he will retaliate to that.
This will be one long war.
We have to wait and watch.
Sir, we got the details of
the informer who called the control room.
Can it be put to good use?
Yes, sir.
Hello, Mr. Madhav Singh.
There are jammers inside the mall.
And I need to connect
to one particular person.
So kindly support me
with your technical team.
Yes, I will definitely extend
my support on this, Mr. Singh.
Why has he made everyone sit here
and are prowling to and fro?
I came to the mall to watch a film.
Why have you got me caught here?
Hey, you idiot.
What are you up to?
Dominic, just shut your mouth!
Oh! You have the gall
to call me by my name!
Just get lost!
Go inside.
I will skin you alive
once we get out of here.
There's no signal in here.
Is he playing a game?
Hello, president.
Let me talk to the prime minister.
Ram, can you please be calm?
Ask him to calm down first.
He is an idiot.
-Useless fellow!
-Veera alias Veeraraghavan?
How are you, Indian James Bond?
I am stuck in a mall
hijacked by terrorists
and I am sitting right next to
my girlfriend in a dark room.
I must say that my life is going good.
You show off your style
and class even during crisis.
That's what I like about you!
You are the perfect man for us.
You seem to be going overboard.
Are you expecting something big from me?
We need your help.
I can't help you.
Anything else?
What is this?
You are throwing a bombshell!
The relationship between
your department and me
snapped long ago.
You will pretend to be on my side
but betray me at the last moment.
Do you know about the group
which backstabs or betrays?
I have no ties with such people.
So do me a favor and hang up.
Do you know the motive
behind this hijack?
You ended up in depression
because you accidentally killed
a child while nabbing this man.
They are demanding
for Umar Farooq's release.
They want Umar Farooq back.
The ball is in your court!
Did you call me, sir?
I wonder whom you were speaking with.
Someone I know very well, sir.
Don't get tense.
Leave it to us.
You keep standing all the time.
I feel bad for you.
Are you okay?
What happened?
The government can't handle this
and now they want me to step in.
Is that a joke?
Promise, dear.
The ISS terrorists who have
seized control of East Coast Mall
are now demanding the release
of their leader Umar Farooq.
As I said earlier
they are asking if Umar Farooq can be
released for a small group of hostages.
I think they need some more time.
I told you so.
They won't be threatened by this.
It is a big deal
to act unperturbed by this hijack.
Look at how you are trying
to make me panic!
I am impressed.
But what you missed in this drama is that
the elections will be held in two months.
And 250 hostages will be dying today.
Don't you realize that it will turn
the election results upside down?
Maybe it doesn't occur to you.
But your Prime Minister,
I don't think he'll be okay with it.
So I order you to talk
to your Prime Minister now.
And get back to me in 15 minutes.
Otherwise I won't be responsible
for my actions.
He said something
that I didn't want him to.
Why do they torture us
with election as their excuse?
Tell me about it.
-Where are you going?
-I am going to the washroom.
At this time?
You may not want to pee but I want to!
I'll tell you later.
He always has an answer ready.
I can hear a child crying.
Do you hear it?
I can hear a faint cry.
Do you know the repercussions
the government has to face?
You are just talking about it.
What is your plan of action?
Let us give full power to Veera, sir.
Give it some thought.
I can't think of all that now.
We have to release Umar Farooq.
Get it done.
Sir, if we release him,
how do we nab him again?
If he comes out then the
damage will be drastic, sir.
We have to save our people.
I don't think that he can do
something different than us.
I feel so weird.
My brain says that I shouldn't go out.
Isn't your brain saying so?
That's 100% right.
But my heart is not
listening to my brain.
No, Veera.
Let's just keep away
and sit here like this.
-I thought the same
but that child's cry is kind of
psyching me out.
No, okay.
I'll stay put.
You're right.
Do you have the knife
you wanted to stab me with?
I am asking you.
Do you have it?
Give it to me.
Don't be scared.
I won't hurt you. Give it to me.
Let go of my child!
Meaner, leaner, stronger
Can you feel the power, terror, fire?
Meaner, leaner, stronger
Can you feel the power, terror, fire?
Meaner, leaner, stronger
Can you feel the power, terror, fire?
Meaner, leaner, stronger
Can you feel the power, terror, fire?
Meaner, leaner, stronger
Can you feel the power, terror, fire?
Is this how you speak?
What do you--
In a situation like this, did you expect
a terrorist's head to fly out of the mall?
Did you see that?
All of us are here but that one guy
will ensure our victory, sir!
I told you so!
He's a freaking beast!
Just listen to me.
Otherwise I'll talk to Mr. Madhav.
Give her some water to drink.
You didn't listen to me
and took your call.
No, it's because--
My dear Ramakrishna.
She is glued to him.
Let her hug him or kiss him.
Everything is fine before the wedding.
It's okay to do anything
before the wedding
but to do so in front of
the one she intends to wed
is disgusting.
I'll handle it.
Zip your lips!
Let go of me.
She is stuck to him.
Excuse me.
Will you move aside?
The oxygen level is very low.
All of this is fine.
What is the next move?
How many of them are here?
What arms are they using?
We should know their plan.
You plan to ask them directly?
I'll bring one of them alive and ask him.
I don't believe you.
He said he will bring a terrorist
but instead he's lugging a tortoise!
He's lugging a man like a tortoise.
Are you all watching a film?
Come here!
Why does he keep scolding me?
You're gripping his neck
instead of his leg.
Grab him tight.
He is trying to wriggle out.
Hold him like that.
Let me take out my knife.
If you love your son
then what are you doing here?
Shouldn't you be with him?
I came here only for the money.
I needed this money
to get my son treated for brain tumor.
How is your son now?
Today is his surgery.
I don't know if
the operation was successful.
I don't know if he is alive or not.
I don't know anything.
Oh, Lord!
Oh, Lord, please save my son.
Do you want to know how your son is?
How is that possible?
How will I know that?
Do you want to know about him
or not?
Can you make it happen?
Connect a video call to this number.
Video call?
What did you ask?
I said I'll do it.
-Dad, I'm fine now.
My head is hurting a lot.
Come back soon.
Please come home.
I want to see you.
If I don't come back
then you will be with
your mother and grandma.
-And take good care of them.
-Dad, I'll be waiting for you.
Please come back soon.
Your dad will definitely come back.
I'll send him back.
Keep praying to the Lord.
Take care.
If you help me to save
the lives of these people
then you'll get back to your son.
I promise you that.
He has surrounded
the mall with dynamite.
He has full control.
So be careful.
-Arif, take him in.
Move a bit.
Jill, shall we go drink water
without anyone's knowledge?
Come back soon.
What happened?
Don't be scared.
Even I am one among you.
All this is normal.
They will ask you
how these two terrorists died.
Tell them that a man came in,
killed them both
and ran away that side.
I hope you will tell them.
I trust you all.
I hope you won't betray me.
I'm not doubting you.
It's just for the sake of it.
We want to do a good deed.
They turn our deed
into a deadly boomerang!
I think he is looking for you.
He has spotted you!
Not over there.
Right here.
When did he choose to sit next to me?
It's for a specific reason.
In spite of all that you said
if a terrorist threatens us
what if someone snitches on you?
This idea of "snitching" keeps
flashing in your head, right?
Only you think of this.
That's why I'm sitting right next to you.
How are the two related?
Before he kills me
after you snitch to him
I will chose to kill you.
Will you definitely save us?
I don't know.
I'll try my best.
Will you just give it a try?
Who did this?
What happened?
-Who did this?
-Who did this?
Tell me!
Will you tell me or not?
Did any of you see him?
Tell me.
Did you see him?
Who did this?
Tell me, where did he go?
Did you see him?
Are you scared?
It will be even more terrifying hereafter.
I'll keep killing one after the other
until you tell me!
I'm starting right now.
-I know who that person is.
-Who is it?
What happened?
One of the hostages all of a sudden
grabbed a knife from your men.
Both of them were stab--
He escaped through the service area, sir.
Good boy.
Point him out to us.
-Show him the footage.
Excuse me.
Can I help myself to that sandwich?
Won't you let me have it?
It's okay, no problem.
Is everything under control?
Yes, sir.
That's alright.
I want to narrate a true story to you.
I hijacked a cinema hall in Libya once.
With about 150 people I guess.
Libyan Government agreed to
meet all our demands.
So it was all going smooth.
Tell me who it was.
-I have a doubt.
You are nowhere in this footage.
Did you just find out about it?
But the government planned to outsmart me
with their criminal mind.
They sent a rescue team in
and tried to nab me.
You know what I did?
Out of the 150 hostages
I shot 75 of them.
I mutilated their heads and limbs.
So, tell me.
Who is responsible for the loss
of those 75 innocent lives?
I'm wondering why you are
narrating this story to me.
Neither did we send anyone inside
nor do we have any such intention.
Are you sure?
I swear!
Then you don't have to worry.
Cut the call.
Emergency! Come to my room.
Wait a minute.
Don't panic. They will come.
Get the ladder.
Sir, this a longer route.
That vent will be quicker, sir.
Send everyone through that.
I have checked the blueprint properly.
Will you climb up
without confusing everyone?
-Just climb. Don't ask anymore questions!
-Come on.
Go. Hurry up!
Climb up!
Is this the time for all this?
Your sacrifice will always be remembered.
Handle this trigger carefully.
He will try to catch you.
Press the trigger as soon as he does that.
Everyone will be reduced to dust.
How did you remove it without a spanner?
Were you an electrician?
Give it to me.
Do you think you can fool me?
You sent everyone via that vent.
Why are you escaping from here?
I'll come with you as well.
I'll keep a bomb on the way
if you come with me.
-Is it okay with you?
-That's a funny one.
I'm dead serious about it.
Stop laughing.
You'll hear the bomb explode.
Look at how you are lying!
I will defuse the bomb.
Jack, what is he doing?
He is fooling us.
Can he fool me?
He is trying to scare me.
Climb up the vent, Jill.
I'll hold the ladder.
-Hold it.
Look at his potbelly!
He'll get stuck for sure.
Why is he jinxing it?
Look at him sending bad vibes.
Look at what I do to you now.
Who all are down there?
-Hey, Jill.
Just go!
Climb up!
-Tuck in your paunch.
-Jack, the bolt is stuck in my stomach.
-Save me!
-I promise that I will
but I don't know if I can
-fulfill my promise!
I'll be back.
Why do you risk your life?
We must know our limitations.
Save me, Jack.
Hey, you 50-year-old kiddo!
-Is it the time to swing on my feet?
-Get down.
Let go of my feet.
Jill, don't you wear underwear?
What do you do with your undies?
-How does that matter to you?
-Oh, no!
-I can hear someone coming.
-Save me!
-Jack, I am getting hurt.
-Jill, I need to go.
All of you are having fun at my expense.
Can't you all save me?
Heartless people!
What is happening?
A new group is barging in.
If new troops keep coming in
then, when will we get out of here?
Shut up!
I haven't had even
a sip of coffee from morning.
He isn't even giving us water.
My head is splitting.
God help me!
How dare you ask me to be quiet!
You son of a gorilla!
Who is this joker with sandalwood paste
all over his head?
Please help me out!
We can get together
and shoot the terrorists!
Oh, God!
-Did you hear me?
-You idiot!
-Get me a cup of coffee.
-40 of them escaped.
I was the next one.
Had you shoved me up,
I would've escaped as well.
Hey, you gorilla!
He is a chatterbox.
He won't be spared.
I have got a great idea.
Both of you, climb up.
And you, go to this side.
Hey! Where did you disappear?
Won't you speak up?
You resemble to a bear!
Will you move a bit
or do you need special instruction?
Your head resembles my pet dog.
I'll get you pedigree.
Will you have it?
Both of you need a haircut.
As if they will listen to me!
-Useless fellows!
Aren't you dead yet?
Look at your--
I won't die without dancing
at your funeral.
Look at his hair!
Can you hear me?
I wanted to watch a film.
I came here and
I end up seeing this scum--
It's a trap. Come back.
Hey. Come back.
What is happening in there?
Tell me, what's happening inside?
Sir, don't be perturbed as your wife
and daughter are inside.
The terrorists won't mess up
with the ladies.
Did I ask you all that?
Mr. Altaf!
-What happened?
-Look at this.
Didn't I tell you that the terrorists
won't lay a finger on ladies, sir?
They will only threaten with a knife!
I won't panic in this situation!
I don't mind if my wife
and daughter die in this struggle.
They will be happy
to have played a vital role.
Our nation is our priority.
You can decide what you want.
I've come into politics
only to sacrifice my life for the nation.
Why is he been so patriotic
all of a sudden?
You misjudged him, sir?
He is such a selfless soul!
He doesn't mind sacrificing his family.
The life of the citizens is his priority.
Does it seem like that to you?
Will you vote for him
in the next election?
Definitely, sir.
May be there's a connection
between the hijack and him.
In the hijack of East Coast Mall
by a terrorist organization
the wife and daughter of
the Home Minister are held as hostages.
A video has been released of them being
threatened by the terrorists with a knife.
I don't want you to talk anything.
Within half an hour,
Umar Farooq has to be released.
I want four buses.
Boeing 747 flight should
be ready to take off
in your domestic air base.
Call me after arranging my demands.
If you don't call me
then at the 31st minute
the minister's wife and daughter
Will be headless corpses!
-The government
has agreed to release Umar Farooq.
But you have to immediately release
Home Minister's wife and daughter.
You are in a good form even though
you aren't a part of the department.
I don't get it.
We tricked you again
just like you predicted.
I mean we betrayed you.
What does that mean?
We are releasing Umar Farooq.
So stop everything.
We'll handle everything.
You could've done this
in the very beginning.
Why did you drag me into this?
Hear me out.
It's the election time.
Please understand.
He's threatening Home Minister's
wife and daughter
and is making his demands on TV.
The whole of India is watching.
What do you want us to do?
Please try to understand.
Will you fulfill all
his demands just because
he threatened the minister's
wife and daughter?
What if I had them on gunpoint?
Won't you pay heed to my words?
Gopal, he just hung up on me.
I don't know what he plans to do.
What is he saying?
What exactly does he want?
He didn't say anything, sir.
But he has an ace up his sleeve.
He shouldn't play any games.
Sir, he isn't the kind to obey orders.
He didn't listen to me even
when he was a part of our team.
Tell him that I asked him
to not do anything.
Sir, if I say so, then he might end up
killing your wife and daughter
and make it look like
the terrorist killed them.
You won't even be able to
prove it legally.
He's a dangerous fellow, sir.
That's why we don't deal with him.
How dangerous can he be?
Sir, have you heard of Jallikattu?
It's the taming the bull event.
We can only untie the bull
for it to ram or toss the tamer.
We can't fall at its feet
and beg for mercy.
It will stop only when it is tired.
Similarly, we have untied the beast.
Let's watch his next move.
I am telling you to threaten him.
Instead you are threatening me.
Sir, please keep quiet.
I'm already worried of the consequences.
On my command, get ready to fire.
Altaf, my daughter and my wife
are standing right there.
Why are you asking them to fire?
Ask them to hold!
-Sure, sir?
-Tell them it is my order.
They won't listen to you, sir.
I give the orders here.
Arrogant fellow!
-Tell them to hold.
-Yes, sir.
Hold the fire, guys.
Hold the fire.
Wait for my command.
Instruct that terrorist not to fire.
Sir, is the terrorist your friend?
Will he obey your order?
It was a request.
Request him!
I got a bit confused
when you ordered me.
Do it!
Your blood pressure is skyrocketing!
Don't shoot.
Please hold the fire.
There's some confusion over there.
We can discuss it.
I'm not Indian Military
to listen to whatever you say.
I know what to do.
Minister's family is the same
as the civilians.
What did he say?
Go to hell!
That's what he said, sir.
Go back.
Move that side! Quick!
Altaf, ask the minister to
listen to what I have to say.
If Umar Farooq steps out of jail
then your wife and daughter
will be dead.
If he is freed, both you and I know
that lives lost will be 100
times more than now.
All these political ploys orchestrated
by you don't appeal to me.
Because I'm not a politician
I am a soldier.
Don't misunderstand me
and harm them in any way.
I can't take this decision.
Prime Minister decided to
release him and not me!
He can decide whatever he wants.
But if I make up my mind once
I won't listen to myself.
-Don't sit next to the girls, okay?
-Separate the girls and boys.
-Bend your head.
Very good.
I would have come this way
had I known that she was helping me.
Come down, baby.
My Preethi looks amazing, right?
Munuswamy, come and give us a hand.
You help them climb down.
I'll murder a man and be back.
Munuswamy, don't run
You will trip, and die.
Mike check.
I hope that I am audible
to the people inside the mall
and outside as well.
If you can't, then perk up your ears.
You should not release Umar Farooq.
Umar Farooq is a threat
to my country Bangladesh.
2007, 2014 and 2017!
Umar Farooq is the culprit behind
the massive bomb blasts in Bangladesh.
So if he is released now
the peace in my country
will vanish into thin air.
From the time the ISS was planning
this hijack to release him,
my country was preparing me
to prevent this hijack.
If you release Umar Farooq
ignoring the present crisis
then I will end up killing 63 people
who are under my custody including
Home Minister's wife and daughter.
Hail Bangla!
Are you from Bangladesh?
True Indian!
Got any other question?
Umar Saif.
You bragged about this hijack.
Now someone else is claiming credit.
How can we release Umar Farooq now?
Either the mall should be
under your control or his.
We can listen only to one set of demands.
The hostages are our priority.
Call me after you hijack
the mall properly.
What is this new story?
Is he from Bangladesh?
What did you say?
No way! He is making up a story.
Our boy has a knack of confusing people.
He's announcing he is from Bangladesh!
If that terrorist finds out
he is not from Bangladesh
then we will be dead meat!
He won't be able to find out.
It's because he has not worked
more in India
but has worked extensively
in Pakistan, Burma, Bangladesh, China.
He has taken fighter jets a few times
and has launched missile attacks.
Don't underestimate him, sir.
The terrorist won't come to know.
Rather he will be confused.
I don't know about him
but I am definitely confused.
My blood pressure is shooting up.
I need my medicine.
He is perturbed.
He has planned it properly.
But he didn't expect Veera in there.
His brain has busted as he is
unable to bear Veera's torture.
Don't keep staring at my mouth.
Get me a glass of hot tea.
You won't snitch to the minister, right?
How can you think that--
I will bury you alive!
-I've taken a vow.
I will bury you alive, SIR.
Don't get mad.
This has electral and lime in it. Have it.
You need the energy.
Scientifically correct.
Give it to me.
Give me some water.
She threw it.
Look at how I caught it.
You would have killed me
for a lousy water bottle, bloody wretch!
His girl gave him water.
But my girl gifted me this water.
When did she "gift" you?
She threw the bottle.
You caught it like a cricketer.
Are you fooling me?
I won't give you.
What kind of a creature!
-Hey! Satin--
-I'll splash it on you again.
Which planet did you land from?
We can leave this place alive
only if we kill him.
So keep that in mind.
And be careful.
Saif, he's here.
Guys, position.
You brought me here
to kill this one man army!
Don't you feel bad for me?
Why, Kili?
He is holding Arnold's gun.
I am seeing it only now after Terminator.
Is it the same gun?
-Isn't that different?
-Meaner, leaner, stronger
Can you feel the power, terror, fire?
Meaner, leaner, stronger
Can you feel the power--
Meaner, leaner, stronger
Can you feel the power, terror, fire?
Meaner, leaner, stronger
Can you feel the power, terror, fire?
Meaner, leaner, stronger
Can you feel the power, terror, fire?
Meaner, leaner, stronger
Can you feel the power--
When will we get done with this?
All you have to do is pull the strings
of the in-skirt in one tight tug!
They will be fully packed
like sardines in a tin.
Have you worn a drawstring?
Get lost!
Are you signaling her?
Signal? To whom?
Over there.
Are you mad?
You ask me such an insane question
that too in this situation!
Why will anyone do this?
If you can give out signals
in such a tough situation
then imagine how things will be
when everything is normal?
Don't be silly.
Then why does she have
her eyes glued on to you?
Is she looking at me?
She's looking somewhere else.
When you look at her, she turns away.
When you don't, her eyes return to you.
Hey! Careful.
We don't want him to die.
Make sure he can breathe.
You're right.
She's looking at me.
Why are you staring at me?
No, sir, I'm watching you
tie up the terrorists.
She's learning the skill.
How is that of any use to her?
What will you do learning this skill?
I've cleared
the Indian Police Service exam.
I'm waiting for the training phase.
-Yes, sir.
I'm inspired by your actions.
Can I help in some way?
Oh! You are one of us.
-Give us a hand.
-We are short of hands.
-What did you say?
-Give me that rope.
-Stand there.
-Excuse me, will you move aside?
-What are--
Sorry, sir.
If you don't mind
-can I say something?
-Go ahead, dear.
Until we finish this rescue operation
ask this female to stand out of the way.
-Take that rope.
Bomb is about to explode.
Hello, if we need any help
we will call you.
Go to your place.
Is my girl bugging you?
Shall we take revenge?
-Shall we fall in love?
You know she hates you.
Why are you forcing yourself on her?
Why can't you find someone else?
Shall I tattoo your photo instead?
How can I change at the last minute?
Your back is free.
Why don't you draw
someone else's photo there?
Her plait stretches right up to here.
Why don't you tattoo jasmine on it?
Get lost, you loafer!
Is anyone there?
Come in.
I repeat.
Come in.
I know I've failed this mission.
But I must say it's a great plan
from your organization.
And you executed it like a master.
That's fine.
I will come up with
a better plan next time.
I have informed the Indian Government.
I'm going back to my country
without my brother, Umar Farooq.
But for that, I want my men back.
What am I getting for that?
30 civilians for six of my men.
No, I want all the civilians back
You know that's not possible.
Without these people
I won't be able to leave the country.
And you know this better than me.
Don't you?
Fair enough.
Sounds like a better deal.
We could not handle this mission
the way we intended.
We accept our failure.
Don't release Umar Farooq.
But for us to leave this mall
I want the four buses
and Boeing 747 aircraft.
What for?
I want it.
I'll call you back in an hour, Altaf.
I think they are leaving.
Didn't I tell you?
Our boy is making them cut and run.
That's a freaking great news!
I'm so proud of you!
And of him!
He has lost it.
I don't know if he is laughing
in pain or pleasure.
Learn how to excel from this man.
He can win an Oscar!
I saw a change in his behavior.
I wonder if that really matters to us.
Saif, what he said is true.
He's from Bangladesh.
And he seems to be more powerful.
So we must handle him intelligently.
That's what I think.
Thank you.
I'm Dominic.
I am the head of the operation.
The terrorists who hijacked
the East Coast Mall in Chennai
have aborted their operation
and decided to return to their country.
According to latest news,
the government
is arranging their speedy departure.
Why are you sobbing?
What is your problem?
You are now sitting in a safe spot.
I'm scared, sir.
I feel scared looking at all of you.
Why should you be scared of us?
Your face can scare
the terrorists as well.
And on top of it
you have slit eyebrows like a villain.
You're scared of us?
Something else is worrying you.
Tell me the truth.
My wife and children are down there, sir.
Come to the point.
They will be brought up
safe and sound in the next batch.
Don't worry about it.
Pour hot water into the noodles
and bring it here.
Why are you sobbing?
Sir, aren't all of you from Bangladesh?
That's a story we made-up
for the terrorists.
They got confused.
They have got scared
and are now planning their way back.
Aren't you from Bangladesh, sir?
Don't keep bugging me.
Besant Nagar.
Dominic and Soldiers Security Services.
Have you heard of it?
I own that company.
I am heading the operation
with the help of my soldiers.
I am rescuing and saving everyone.
Do you understand?
Don't joke with me.
Why should I pull your leg, man?
Check my identity card if you want to.
I won't show you any more proof.
Am I lying?
Sir, then an ordinary civilian like you--
How can you win against
a trained terrorist organization?
I may be an ordinary man
but my planning will be extraordinary.
I have someone who is helping me
from the terrorist group.
When they puke their plan to their men
that man listens to it
and comes and tells us about it.
You still don't believe me?
You idiot!
I will tell you once the guy is here.
Okay, cutie?
Take it from him.
He may spill it on your head!
Take it.
Why are you shaking it
like this soothsayer rattling a drum?
Go back to your place.
Hot and pepper.
Good for the skin.
Hey, girl.
She looks sad as well.
There goes the bell.
He is about to come.
Open your eyes and watch!
You will get to see him.
We don't know where he is now.
Look at how he is conveying his message.
I think he's planning something.
So be careful, sir.
-Stop asking for more.
How can you cry with your child
sitting next to you?
Won't she get scared?
Don't worry, dear.
Want a biscuit?
Kili, come here.
I'll get you ice cream later.
If I hear the smallest whimper from you
I'll trample you.
The children are sitting quiet.
These buffaloes are dying of fright.
What are you looking at?
40 people down there
climbed through that vent
and got down to safety here.
I felt weird as well.
They somehow managed to reach here.
It's the fear of death.
Reserve this place for me.
I'll be back.
Keep looking at that point
until I am back.
What is everyone staring at?
Take your noodles.
Who will eat your leftover?
He loves his family
to the moon and back.
-Weird fellow!
What happened?
Nothing alarming.
He has gone to get his wallet.
He wanted to show me his family photo.
Are you trying to be funny?
Why would someone go to get their wallet?
Valid point!
He was scared that
we were all from Bangladesh.
I pacified him saying
we are from Besant Nagar.
-In fact I showed him my identity card.
How did he know about
us being from Bangladesh?
No, maybe he is
a geographical researcher!
Did you blurt everything out?
I just shared my thoughts.
But I hope he isn't
the main brain behind this.
He is the one.
I am dead.
Couldn't you keep it to yourself?
Why did you have to tell him everything?
Did I spill the beans?
This is not just a hijack.
It's a war.
You have tried to betray me.
And you know that you will have
to face the consequences of the same.
But still you went ahead with it.
That doesn't matter now.
Let bygones be bygones.
But I don't want anyone else
to repeat the mistake.
So, I am left with no other option.
Don't harm my family.
My precious son!
What are you do--
Spare my family! Don't hurt them!
Kill me instead!
Leave my family alone.
Please don't harm them!
Your son has to face the consequences
of your betrayal.
Please spare my family!
Or your family would be
leading a peaceful life.
What has my family ever done to you?
-Kill me!
-You have no hope.
Let me see who will come to your aid.
Who will come to save you?
Leave my family out of this!
If you let go of him and his family,
I'll release your men
and surrender myself.
Do what you want.
I have nothing to do
with this operation anymore.
Why would I spare him?
I have committed to protect him
and that's important to me.
I don't care what happens to them.
If you defy my offer and shoot him
then I will definitely revolt against you!
And I don't know if you can
handle that or not.
So the choice is yours.
If you let go of them
I will surrender myself.
If you don't
you have to face the consequences.
Leave his family alone.
Thank you.
Hey! Why are you doing this?
What do you expect me to do at this point?
That's why I surrendered.
Had you done this in the morning,
we could have had an easy death.
-Now they will kill us brutally.
-I know that.
Let's take the lift now.
What about your promise to rescue us?
Am I bound to protect you all?
That is the government's responsibility.
It's not my duty.
All of you listen to me.
If everyone dies here,
the reason will be the government
and the intelligence failure.
But if that child dies,
the reason will be me.
I can't take that guilt on me.
-What about us?
-What about you?
That's all.
What do you mean?
Do you want us to die?
You claimed to do anything for me.
Won't you die for me?
You'll die one day anyway.
At least be glad that
you'll hit the headlines.
Be happy about that.
Don't keep nagging me.
This fellow is a pain in my--
He's panning in on me.
He blabbered everything.
Preethi, just agree with him.
I'll kill the terrorists and marry you.
Who are you?
You are multi-talented!
You're tickling my funny bone
even at the time of death!
You are really a God-gifted child.
Any update?
Update? I don't get it.
Entering inside is easy
but exiting from there is not a cakewalk!
I'm trying to solve this.
Your demands will be fulfilled.
I will tell you when it is ready.
-Don't be in a rush.
But I have to share
a piece of news with you.
What is it?
A man fooled both of us
claiming to be from Bangladesh.
Actually he is not from Bangladesh.
He is an Indian.
I have worked in RAW from 2006 to 2020.
And from 2010 to 2012
Altaf Hussain and I worked as colleagues.
To top it all, Altaf would have spoken
to me around five times since morning.
What if I confess everything,
surrender the hostages
and myself to you,
then what will you do?
I will release Umar Farooq.
First do that.
But the hostages should be--
Don't dictate your terms to me.
Umar Saif, wait a minute.
This isn't Altaf.
I'm the Home Minister speaking.
I understand your problem!
But my people are my sole priority.
What do you want?
You think that
the government will betray you.
I will come in now!
I will come inside all by myself
without any security!
You can hold me as hostage.
You can kill me
instead of hurting my people!
I'm here! You can trust me!
I am glad to hear this.
But do you have the guts
to come inside?
I will come in now.
My people are my priority!
Be ready for it!
Sir, are you out of your mind?
Why do you want to take this risk?
You are messing up the rescue operation.
I know how to save my people!
They voted for me.
This nation doesn't depend
on officers like you.
India trusts politicians like me
who forsake their life for the people!
I know what to do!
I don't need any of you!
I will go in all by myself
and I'll face the outcome!
Why did you speak ill of him?
He is prepared to sacrifice his life.
Then he should go right in.
He won't do so.
He'll call a press meet and
make this a national news
and only then will he step into the mall.
If I'm proved wrong, I won't
pay you for the cigarettes, okay?
The bet is on the cigarette packet.
It's between you and me.
-I want to share this with all of you.
I belong to the third generation
of politicians in my family.
I came into politics as I was
inspired by Mahatma Gandhi.
I consider nothing more of an honor
than sacrificing my life for my nation.
I am going in now.
I'll look into the eyes of the terrorist
and tell him,
"I won't let you take even a handful
of soil from my country.
Then, how can you take
the lives of my people?"
I will ask him and accost him!
I will fight single-handed.
If I die in that struggle
I'll feel happy looking at all of you
from heaven!
See you! Sorry but I don't know
if I'll come back alive.
I will take leave.
Either I'll rescue everyone and
bring them out safe and sound
or I'll die fighting.
No one should feel sad if I die.
I bow to thee, Mother!
The situation is out of control.
What will we do now?
Connect me to Madhav Singh now!
According to the latest headlines,
the demands of the ISS terrorists
has been accepted
and the Indian government
is ready to release Umar Farooq.
Listen to me very carefully.
If anyone thinks of making
the slightest move against us
then you will have to go through the same.
I want to share this with you.
The government or military
can't save you now.
Your life is in our hands.
We have total control of this mall.
If you obey my orders--
-Don't try to fool me.
-Give me your glasses.
-You have a chance to walk out alive.
-If you try something like this
-Give me your specs.
then you will have to face
the same consequences.
So this is your last warning
Just pray to God that let he be
the last one to die.
He is looking at you.
He's talking to someone else.
Whom did you signal to?
Tell me!
Red box.
Red box?
Why did he look at you?
What is the connection between you both?
What does "red box" mean?
How will I know?
Partner, don't you know
what a red box is?
A box that's red in color.
Do you know about it?
How will I know?
He took my partner to a room
and shared the secret.
So you know where the red box is.
-Where is the red box?
-You are hurting me, sir.
-Tell me.
-Sir, don't hurt me.
Will you blurt it out or not?
-Sir, let go of me.
-Where is the red box?
Sir, don't hurt me.
Will you tell me or not?
Don't, sir.
Where is the red box?
-Where is the red box?
-Sir, let me go.
They may even hit you.
Don't tell him.
I get it.
Sir, do you know about
a comic scene in a Tamil film?
"The cops will bash you up
but don't whisper a word to them."
How stupid of me to tell you!
As if you would've watched that film.
I've watched that movie
but how will you make them understand?
Tell me. Quick!
Don't tell him the red box is right there.
Wait a minute.
Are you making a joke out of me?
Look at what I do.
I gave the red box
to that girl.
I returned it to you right away.
She says that she gave it to you
Tell me now.
You think I'm lying?
And you believe her lie?
-Cough up the truth.
-Tell me.
-You won't believe anything I say.
-Tell me.
What are you up to?
He is trying to confuse you.
Do you think these faces
can reveal the red box to you?
They are foolish people.
-Let's get him caught.
-There isn't any red box.
You are wasting time interrogating!
You ask him, buddy
Ram, enough!
-Don't take further risks.
-What is it?
-Why do you care if he dies?
But I won't be able to live without you.
Isn't that red box with you?
-Give it to him.
-Hey, sweetie!
Why are you turning the tables?
I don't have the red box!
I can't bear to see you being bashed up.
He hasn't hit me at all, sweetie.
-Do you have the red box?
Tell me.
I can't see if you break my specs.
Aim with care!
Return it to him, Ram. Please!
I need you in my life, Ram.
I can't live without you.
I fell in love with you.
How can you die all of a sudden?
How, Ram?
How can I bear the pain?
-I don't have it.
She is your ideal Sita.
Why are you hurting her?
You can accuse him
and give this fellow the red box.
Who are you?
-How does it matter?
What is happening here?
-Is it really with me?
-The red box--
Did you see that?
-My poor Ram!
-What more can I add?
I don't have it, buddy.
I feel sad for you.
They are sending you
on a wild goose chase.
It is true.
She and I are in love
but not what you're thinking.
Stop it, Ram!
You can mislead with your words, but
how do you explain this?
Oh, no!
We don't need a better evidence.
I know.
They are misusing my love.
I want the damn red box.
Why are you hassling me?
Go and get your--
Oh, no!
This is such a cheap behavior.
But it's okay.
Dinesh, hand over those two boxes.
He isn't talking about two boxes.
And who the hell is Dinesh?
Is that wrong as well?
-Get lost!
-Sorry, Vasu.
Will you tell me now?
Where is the red box?
Who has it?
Buddy, I warned you.
He plans to divert your attention.
Did you take me seriously?
Look there now.
He's cutting the knot with the glass.
Go and stop him, quick.
What can you see from that angle?
I have to suffer a lot because
of this foolish terrorist.
It's done!
He has untied it.
Game over.
Where is he?
Speak up.
Open your mouth
or I will kill each one of you.
-Where is he?
-Tell me!
-Tell me.
-I am arrest--
-He knows it.
-No! I don't know anything.
-This guy snitched--
-Oh, no!
I'll kill all of you?
Come on, tell me!
Kill him.
You are bashing me up instead.
What do you want, sir?
I will give you some instructions
and you need to convey the same
to everyone.
Will you do it?
Or will you die here?
I don't want to die, sir.
Hold it. Inform everyone
without the terrorists' knowledge.
That's important.
This was such a meticulous plan.
We took years to do this planning!
This one-man-army butted in
and ruined all my plans.
I had planned everything
but he messed it up big time.
I won't let him go.
Saif, come in.
Saif, he escaped from us again.
Leave him.
The mall must stay in our control
for 30 more minutes.
Bring all the hostages to the atrium.
Immediately, over.
Did he escape?
Should we go back to square one
and start from scratch?
Why couldn't you get a hold of him?
Are we playing a game with him?
If you screw up my plan
I swear, no one will
step out alive from here.
If we face the slightest issue
before Farooq is released
then kill all of them.
No mercy.
What is this?
Instead of ruling the nation,
it looks like I'll be sent to prison!
I don't think my stars are aligned
in my favor to become Prime Minister.
I'll be lucky to get out of here.
-Did you escape?
What did you expect?
I just wanted to know it.
-Don't get mad at me.
-I have a plan to execute.
Keep your rescue team alert.
I'll call you back.
-Tell the rescue team to be alert.
-Okay, sir.
-Sir, manage for a while.
-Yes, Altaf.
-Yes, sir.
-ask Srini to come here at once.
-Okay, sir.
Will you follow my instructions properly?
Or else you'll die.
All the best.
You will hear a loud bang now!
You should all run out immediately
without turning back.
Inform everyone without
the knowledge of the terrorists.
When will we hear the sound?
Before you die.
It seems you will hear a loud bang now.
We should immediately run out
without turning back.
Both of us should inform everyone
without the knowledge of the terrorists.
He asked you to do it, right?
You do it yourself.
As if I'm making my wedding toast!
To do it by myself?
Bloody fool!
We have reached safe and sound.
Praise the Lord.
But I won't spare him that easily.
I will take a revenge.
Let's hope for the best.
Altaf, ready for evacuation?
All set at the count of ten.
One. Boom!
I'm done for!
I have lost it!
You've ruined my plan of 40 years!
One man
Just one chap turned
everything topsy-turvy.
Couldn't you handle him?
Couldn't you even hijack properly?
You are of no use!
Don't worry.
I know how to end this.
No one will be alive
at a radius of 500 meter around this mall.
What are you doing?
You brainless dum--
Don't do it!
Umar, don't do it.
Umar, please.
You could have given your best.
This finished too fast, right?
You've come in at the right time.
You have a lot for the nation.
I'll tell our people about your bravery.
I guarantee the whole of India
will praise you sky high tomorrow.
Not bad, sir.
He has tied up his own man
but let you roam and rant freely.
I wonder whose side you are on.
Did you eat a sandwich?
Wipe the mayonnaise off your lip.
You have a lovely smile, sir.
We have come to know the connection
between the hijacker and Home Minister.
The Home Minister has been arrested
as solid evidence has been
found against him.
The ex-RAW agent, Veeraghavan
who singlehandedly struggled
with the terrorists
and saved hundreds of hostages
is said to be missing.
Sir, we must leave this place
as soon as we can.
We aren't safe here at all.
We must return to Afghanistan, sir.
Until I kill
until I kill my brother's murderer
I won't budge an inch from here.
Hello, come in. Come in.
Tell me.
We've got information
about Veeraraghavan.
Did you get any leads on him?
Where is he in India?
He is here in Pakistan occupied Kashmir
for the past one month.
He is planning something big.
It would be better
if you leave from there.
He is very much in our area.
Somewhere close by.
Within two days
I need him dead or alive within two days.
Whoever brings him to me
I will pay 100 million as prize money.
Announce it.
He's somewhere nearby.
A prize money of 100 million has been
announced to bring him dead or alive.
Have you seen him anywhere?
Is he the one?
I know him very well.
How do you know him?
I have been training him
since a month.
Where is he?
Tell me.
Where is he now?
Quick! Hurry up!
This way!
Get inside.
Come on!
Watch your step, sir.
Meaner, leaner, stronger
Can you feel the power, terror, fire?
Meaner, leaner, stronger
Can you feel the power, terror, fire?
The screen will be on fire
Crackers will explode everywhere
When he appears
-The army will get the jitters
-Meaner, leaner, stronger
Can you feel the power, terror, fire?
Those who confront him
-Have to accept only defeat again
-Meaner, leaner, stronger
Can you feel the power, terror, fire?
Isn't he the brave tiger
In many a winning avatar?
If you think of retaliating
He'll seal your fate invalidating
Only a few names will succeed
With a majestic personality indeed
A soldier's legacy embody
War-scars on his brave body
May Day!
This is Veeraraghavan.
I want to speak to
Altaf Hussain right now.
An Indian spy encroached into Pakistan
and kidnapped Umar Farooq.
If the media comes to know about it
then we will have to face the disgrace.
Take him down.
Who should die
Who should be alive
Analyze it and if possible
Attack and go for the kill
He is a one man army
With arms and ammunition
Don't investigate
He is the father of action
A man like you, picture perfect
No age or time can ever get
This name and fame won't stop
You will climb further to the top
Ground attack is not feasible.
We need air support.
Send in two F16s right now!
-Altaf here.
I'm in Pakistan air space.
I need air support.
Do you copy?
I'm in Sukhoi 30MKI.
Locate me now!
Mr Veeraraghavan, you haven't
taken our permission
and if you take matters into your hand,
then we can't give you air support.
If I have to wait for your permission
then when do I kidnap
Umar Farooq, Mr. Altaf?
You've abducted Umar Farooq?
Yes. I can't sleep peacefully
when he's roaming around freely.
What do you want me to do?
If we send a jet into Pakistan,
we may invite a war on ourselves.
I don't know about the war,
but I know that the election
is coming up in a month.
Okay, so what?
If a news flashes worldwide tomorrow
stating that a terrorist blackmailed
our government
and escaped to Pakistan a month back,
but now an Indian officer
went to Pakistan
and kidnapped the terrorist,
then don't you think that this government
will win the election once again?
Maybe you haven't thought of it,
but our Prime Minister will definitely
think about it.
Talk to him and call me.
I'm running out of time.
F16, take him down.
I said take him down now!
He is the multifaced tiger
In a multifaceted avatar
If you think of playing any game
You will never ever get your fame
Only a few names will succeed
With a magnetic personality indeed
A soldier's legacy embody
War-scars on your brave body
Are you out of your senses?
A terrorist fled from India.
He is being brought back
alive from Pakistan.
Election is due within a month.
If this news is flashed in the media,
then we will definitely win the election.
He is in it for personal vengeance.
But he is asking us for help, right?
So just follow
Veeraraghavan's instructions.
And this is my order.
Madhav Singh here.
What do you want?
Dassault Rafale.
The screen will be on fire
Crackers will explode everywhere
When our hero appears
His foes will get the jitters
Those who confront him all over again
Have to accept only defeat and pain
Rafale reporting.
Waiting for your command.
Get ready to fire.
Sir, if launched now,
you'll take the brunt of the impact.
That's okay.
Just follow my command.
Launch on the count of five.
Well done!
In the end, you blackmailed us
using the elections as bait!
You are a genius!
What else did you want me to do?
The word "election" shakes all of you up.
So, tell me.
They have the audacity
to enter our country,
take over our mall and blackmail us.
And they think they can
take Umar Farooq back!
I decided right then
that I won't spare Umar Farooq.
And you know me well.
Once I make up my mind
I won't listen to myself!
Yeah, Mac, check out my Thalapathy
Cool as a cucumber!
Yeah, Mac, for my Thalapathy
Now ready the firecracker
Yeah, Mac, check out my Thalapathy
Cool as a cucumber!
Yeah, Mac, for my Thalapathy
No! As soon as I realized
I had to save the hostages in the mall,
right then I regarded
my own life as trivial.
I told the head of the terrorists,
"I am from Besant Nagar
and I will skin you alive."
He didn't believe me.
I fished out my identity card.
He didn't know what to do.
And the most difficult part was
I casually picked up M16
-and banged the--
-Be careful.
He may die!
Do you think he's capable of doing things
that he just bragged about?
No, right?
Why are you interviewing
this man for no reason?
Will you interview every other person?
Shut it.
What's with this propaganda?
Why you are insulting me
in front of them?
-Do you know to sing?
-I am good at singing.
But where are the others?
You hijacked them way ahead of me.
Let's go.
One, two, three, four!
Let's have fun together!
Let's have fun together!
You will win one way or the other
Just stand strong and don't falter
Your life can change at any minute
Do you believe it, my friend?
Oh, no!
You will win one way or the other
Just stand strong and don't falter
Life can change at anytime
Believe it, dear friend of mine
Whoever comes here
Makes you quake and quiver
If you smile without any fear
He will move aside
Whatever happens to you
If you stand empty-handed, dude
If you don't panic
Then you are the beast
Come, my dear girl
Let us enjoy together
Hey, girl, hear me out!
Did you hear my song or not?
Come, my dear girl
Let us enjoy together
Hey, girl, hear me out!
Did I say it right?
-Is it okay?
-Yes, it is!
Let's enjoy together
Let us dance and go bananas
You seem so shy
You run away from troubles
Why are you underestimating yourself?
We should show it off to everyone
We should face all the problems
We should each and everyone
Without any fright
My problem won't get solved
Even if you hold my hand
Even if you throw it off
I won't be rid of the tension
If you are scared of society's opinion
You won't ever win in life
Do not bow down to anyone
Strive for success all alone
One who cribs is a clown
Face all odds and you'll wear the crown
If you have set your goal
Then make it happen, my dear friend
Even if they touched you
Or laid their hands on you
Give it back to them
As you are the beast
Come, my dear girl
Let us enjoy together
Hey, girl, hear me out!
Did you hear my song or not?
Come, my dear girl
Let us enjoy together
Hey, girl, hear me out!
Am I right or not?
-Is it okay?
-It definitely is!
Let's enjoy together
Let us dance and go bananas