Beast of the Water (2018) Movie Script

[men screaming]
[men grunting]
We claim this land. It's ours.
You still think that praying
to this dead tree
is going to save you?
You're wrong, savage,
'cause this is our land now.
Do you have any idea what
we've gone through to get here?
I lost my wife and son
in a rockslide crossing
the Monongahela.
I lost everything to get here!
Do you hear me?
This is our land now!
[men] Yeah!
Our land.
Our land! This is our land!
Man claims to have
what he cannot own.
He places his faith
in fire and death,
where no seed can grow.
But nature is balance,
day and night, fire and water.
You will find balance.
[fire creaking]
[men screaming]
[men screaming]
[Enuattii grunting]
Most people hear
the word "extinct"
and immediately associate it
with dinosaurs,
but it applies to humans
and our cultures as well.
I'm afraid that the
next species to fall victim
to extinction
will be aging professors.
Okay, let's come at this
from a different direction.
The stories surrounding
the Ininkwe people
are those legends, myths,
monsters and folklore.
Some scholars argue the validity
of their very existence,
and that, of course,
is attributed
to the fact that there's
very little evidence
that indicates they ever did.
However, three hours south
of this university
is the place where we believe,
the Ininkwe made home,
and for the past two decades,
I have researched
and studied this area
for signs, evidence.
Have you ever found any?
Evidence, I mean.
Uh, not much.
Materially, anyway.
However, science has given us
some answers...
Answers that have led
to other questions,
but answers nonetheless.
This indigenous tribe
was on the verge of becoming
a flourishing civilization.
They were in many ways advanced
and believed that the land
endorsed their existence,
and they also believed that
their youth
would be replenished by
[speaking foreign language]
Which translates
to "magic waters."
Now, unfortunately,
much like the Mayans,
the Ininkwe people
disappeared without a trace,
a whole tribe gone,
almost forgotten.
Scholars have been
arguing a few years
over what could have caused
the disappearance
of yet another thriving people.
I would like to hear
some of your theories.
What about you, Mike?
Uh, my guess would be aliens.
[everybody laughing]
Well, it's nice to see
you all are still awake.
Uh, actually,
many scholars would argue
that Mike is correct.
Not aliens from
outer space per se,
but foreign invasion,
forced removal.
Mass genocide.
These living waters,
are they anything like
the Fountain of Youth?
It is indeed.
Isn't the Fountain
of Youth bullshit?
[everybody chuckling]
Some people think so.
What do you believe, Dr. Grey?
I believe in possibilities.
Okay, that's all I
have for you today.
Try to get through
Calloway by Monday.
[video chat ringtone sound]
Hello, Monica.
Good morning, Walter.
How was your class this morning?
Oh, like any other day,
although I don't think
anyone fell asleep today.
[laughing] It sounds riveting.
[Dr. Grey] It was. How are you?
I'm great.
I wanted to let you know that
I may have some good news soon.
Riley called this morning to say
that he found something
interesting in the samples
that you brought
back from site three.
Oh, did he mention what?
Not yet but I'm heading
over to the lab soon.
Well, let's hope
it's something solid.
The days are coming to an end,
we could sure use it.
Have you heard
anything about the grant?
No, still nothing.
[Monica] Well, don't lose hope.
Never. We're close.
I'm just not sure
how much longer our
funding is gonna hold up.
The board is becoming impatient.
I believe in what we're doing.
[Dr. Grey] I know you do.
How is Alan?
Alan is...
fine, I'm sure.
There must be a
story in those pauses.
Alan and I decided
to keep things simple.
Ah, I had a feeling
that might be the case.
Not that it's any
of my business,
but don't wait until
you become my age
before realizing
what could have been.
I know real when I see it.
I'll keep that in mind.
Do let me know what
Riley discovered in the lab.
[Monica] Will do.
Okay, take care.
Bye, Walter.
[suspenseful music]
[gurgling sound]
Riley, how is this happening?
I have no idea.
Are these all from
the same sample?
Yes, 3D7.
It's one of the samples
Dr. Grey brought back
from his expedition
in the forest.
But even if they were from
different samples, Monica,
the molecules would average out.
They would all reach one pH and
that would be relatively stable.
Where did it finish up?
The most acidic reading
I got was 2.71,
and the most basic was 15.66.
But that's...
Impossible, I know.
Okay, well what impurities
did you find in the sample?
That's the other thing, not one.
It's pure H2O,
chemically speaking at least.
No bacteria, no algae,
no particulates of any kind.
It's remarkable really.
Not only is it remarkable, it's
chemically at least.
I mean, coming from a
source out in the woods,
all of the other
collections were
their own little ecosystems.
What about the
other samples in the lot?
Only 3D7 reacted this way.
We have to tell
Dr. Grey about this.
He may have actually
found his legendary Ininkwe,
Fountain of Youth.
So, we are in possession
of 60 milliliters of magic
lightning in a bottle?
Wherever he got this sample, we
need to duplicate these results.
If we can do that,
it'll change everything
we know about science.
Help me understand your story.
[tribal music]
[door opens]
Been at it all night again, huh?
I'm afraid so.
[Monica] Well, we've got
good news for you.
I could use it.
Come in, come in.
Hi, Walter.
Afternoon, Dr. Grey.
She calls me Walter,
you can call me Walter.
I'll try, it just
feels a little weird.
Because I'm old?
No, no, no, no, it's
just because you're...
[everybody laughing]
It's okay.
I may look old, but
I'm happy because I've done
a much better job of wasting
my youth than you are.
Young Riley, good to see you.
- Hi, Dr. Grey.
- Hello.
Walter, Riley's...
I was just about to make lunch,
who's hungry?
I could eat.
What made you test the pH
of the water in the first place?
Oh, that's just a standard test.
We pop an acidity meter
in every sample
before we put it
under the microscope,
and when the needle
didn't rest on number
but it kept fluctuating,
I thought something
was wrong with the equipment.
I'm so glad
that's not what it was.
We did a litmus test
and then another,
and this is what we found.
Most of the biggest scientific
discoveries happen by accident.
This is no accident.
Look, I'm sure you're all aware
that I go before the university
research board tomorrow
hat in hand to extend
our study grant.
Once they understand the
potential of this discovery,
they can't say no,
because, well,
we've never seen anything
like this Walter, ever.
I just hope they'll listen.
[Dr. Grey] Respectfully,
ladies and gentlemen,
this is a big mistake.
There is new research...
We are sorry to say, Dr. Grey.
We simply do not see the need
for these anthropological
expeditions of yours anymore.
My colleagues
Dr. Williams and Dr. Warner
just yesterday gave me...
Dr. Grey,
you have yet to show
any real improvements
with your research.
We had such high hopes.
Those high hopes are on
the verge of being realized,
if you would just look
at the data.
Too much time has passed,
too much money wasted.
The Ininkwe legends tell of
them harnessing healing water.
This could be a
great find for Humanity.
Our decision stands.
[suspenseful music]
They just do not understand,
do they, Dr. Grey?
Perhaps it's time we
continued our conversation?
Anya Anderson,
Director of Intellectual
Property Acquisition for AESIV.
We're prepared to begin
as soon as you say the word.
Well, that was a waste.
Well, it's not how I
hoped it would happen,
but here's to the
next step forward.
A toast to the Ininkwe,
to finding the secret
of the living water,
to the betterment of mankind,
to life.
[all] To life.
It feels kind of lame
toasting with soda.
After your next birthday,
we'll blow it out. Promise.
I was approached by
AESIV several years back.
At the time, they were strictly
a biotech pharma concern.
They wanted to fund my
anthropological research
hoping that the legendary
living waters of the Ininkwe
were rich in minerals
that they could make
into cosmetics or tonics
or drugs to fight disease.
This is so exciting.
We're gonna change the world.
You've all signed
your contracts.
So, while we're waiting
for AESIV to set up your lab,
you all are welcome to make
yourselves at home here,
come and go as you please,
"mi casa es su casa".
Are you sure you want to go
back up there by yourself?
I won't be by myself.
I'm meeting a team at AESIV
who will escort me to the site
and service my assistance
in gathering more samples
from site 2.
Site 2?
I thought you said
you ruled out site 2.
I have but they don't know that.
I promise I will ditch my
companions and come back
with a nice large sample
from 3D7,
but I'm still feeling out
our friends that I serve.
I mean, we've all been
a team for a while.
I would trust you
three with my life.
AESIV, well,
I'm just being cautious.
[Dr. Grey] AESIV's
last annual report
reveals a very
different company.
They've diversified.
Genetic engineering,
petrochemicals, and avionics.
It seems like nowadays,
if it can be weaponized,
AESIV has little interest.
I just think we have to be very
sure of what we're dealing with
before we share any of our
findings with our new employers.
I mean, this is like an
amateur athlete getting
a corporate sponsor, and they
want us to succeed, don't they?
Well, of course they do.
The question is why?
[Monica] In this area,
it goes well below freezing
in the winter, and about
35 degrees Celsius midsummer.
So, I think it's
important to see
if the changes in weather
has any effect on
the rate of pH mutation.
We're gonna need to get
some high-quality
electron microscopes
as soon as we get back to AESIV
so we can see what's
really going on
at the atomic level
with these molecules.
[video chat ringtone sound]
Hey, it's Dr. Grey.
[whispering] Hello. Monica?
Hi, Walter. How are you?
The trip is good for the soul,
but hell on my knees.
How are you all? Settling in?
Yeah, we're all
doing great here.
It's like a study session
back in undergrad.
I'm crunching data,
and Monica and Riley
are planning experiments.
Hi, Dr. Grey!
Well, listen, I can't talk long.
I've got something
extraordinary to show you.
[whispering] I found this.
Is that what I think it is,
Walter? An intact artifact?
[whispering] Whole and perfect.
What a find.
[whispering] I think it's all
coming together,
weird science and our first
solid tangible evidence
of the Ininkwe people.
This totem was described
by the Cherokee,
but we've never found one.
So this links the Living Waters
and the Ininkwe settlements'
as history, not legend.
That's one step closer
to the Fountain of Youth.
[whispering] We're close
to all of it. You understand?
[whispering] Past the waterfall,
west of the mirror,
beneath where history
becomes legend.
[normal voice] Yes, the weather
seems to be turning bad
on our end here today.
[whispering] I've already
said too much.
[normal voice] I'll see you
in a couple of days.
[whispering] Take care.
He found it. He really found it.
I mean, he's got
to be so excited.
Yeah, but did he
look okay to you?
With all this cloak-and-dagger
I don't know.
Well, look, you
trust him, right?
Of course, I trust him.
I wouldn't be who or where
I am if it wasn't for Walter.
Well, if you trust him,
trust him.
It just seems like he was
trying to say something else.
What did he mean
by "the mirror?"
I don't know.
I've been trying to figure out
Walter Grey riddles
for 15 years.
Let me go see if he left
anything in his office about it.
I have a bad feeling.
[doorbell rings]
Did you guys order a pizza?
Can I help you? Hello.
Dr. Williams, I'm Anya Anderson,
AESIV's Director of Intellectual
Property Acquisition.
What can we do for you,
Ms. Anderson?
And what's with the entourage?
Oh, that's an AESIV
corporate security detail.
They're highly trained experts
specialized in the protection
of AESIV's personnel.
We don't need a security detail.
We're not in any danger?
Of course you're not.
But just like Dr. Grey,
you'll be going up
to the Ininkwe site,
and it's against AESIV's policy
to travel unattended
with corporate intellectual
property, so...
So, uh, what did they sort out?
Harris is going to put
Bateman on bus driver duty.
Shit, man, I heard that dude.
I don't want to be a nanny
for these freaking guys,
anyway, you know?
Hell, no!
That's for the new recruits.
Besides, we're taking the
Express route in.
All right, cool.
Now was it me or did I see
you still carrying that assault?
Shit, shut up, man,
what, you still got
your peashooter, or what?
Of course.
Anyway, man, so
how was Thailand?
Puerto Rico.
Shit. Whatever, man.
You probably still chasing the
ladyboys down there too, huh?
Oh, yeah, and they're
asking about you, too.
Shut up, I bet they were.
[Anya] You three will be
going up to the site tomorrow.
This is Harris.
He's in charge of your detail,
and commanding officer
of your mission.
Febles, Torres.
Nice to meet you all.
Miss Anderson,
with all due respect,
I think this is
a little overkill.
My job is to protect
the company's interests,
its employees, its networks,
its facilities and its finances.
Do you understand that?
[Anya] Have I made that
absolutely clear to you?
I protect all of the company's
intellectual property,
and I will use whatever
resources I deem necessary.
The detail will guide you to the
site and assist you in gathering
all the necessary information
you find on your excursion.
I am not prepared
to go to the site.
I don't have a
change of clothes,
I don't have tools or anything.
We'll allow you to go home.
You may pack your bag.
The detail will organize
provisions, accommodations.
[Anya] And you'll meet here
tomorrow morning at 7 o'clock.
Just relax.
Consider it a business trip.
Care to share?
[Monica] Not really.
Look, Dr. Grey can take care
of himself, all right?
Ms. Anderson said that we
would rendezvous with him
in the field tomorrow, so...
That's what bothers me.
What do you mean?
I don't trust her, any of them.
It doesn't make sense. Why now?
I'm not following.
If they wanted us in the field,
why didn't they send us
with Walter to begin with?
Why are they sending us now?
What's changed?
Look, I'm sure
they have their reasons.
Their reasons
are what concern me.
I don't think they're
telling us everything.
Okay, what reasons
would they have to lie?
I don't know, Alan.
What could a for-profit company
stand to gain from research
regarding the whereabouts
of the Fountain of Youth?
Point taken.
I mean, are you
not concerned at all
that they just show up here
in the middle of the night
unannounced with an entourage of
and demand that we assist
Walter with the research?
I find it suspicious
that they arrived
immediately after
our conversation with Dr. Grey.
Do you think they're
monitoring our conversations?
I don't know.
You know, Monica this...
This sounds crazy, okay?
We sound like crazy people.
So, you're not worried?
Yes, of course.
I'm a little concerned.
But, I mean, AESIV came in
at the last minute
and saved our research.
And Dr. Grey said it himself,
they want us to succeed.
And yes, they stand
to gain a lot of money
from our research,
especially, if what we've
discovered turns out to be true.
But don't you think that would
make them want to help us
even more?
Yes, but at what cost?
we are on the verge
of a very big discovery, okay?
And tomorrow we will
be out in the field
with Dr. Grey making
our dreams into a reality.
You're not even
a little bit excited?
A little.
I knew it.
Alan, we agreed it
would be simpler this way.
I know.
I'm gonna go.
I hope you're right about AESIV.
Me too.
[suspenseful music]
Pack it up.
We're on foot from here.
I'm sorry, what?
Uh, the forest,
it's all really quite beautiful.
Yeah, it all feels so peaceful.
[whispering] Shut up.
So, Bateman, what's your
role here besides chauffeur?
It is my job to get you to site.
Ah, so like our very own Sherpa?
But you can carry your own shit.
Get it.
What exactly do you plan
on finding out here in the field
that would
require your expertise?
Look, when you get to base camp,
just know, there's gonna
be some strong personalities.
They're a bunch of
angry swinging dicks.
[Bateman] Cut the shit, Torres.
What? You know it's true.
Don't be an angry
swinging dick, too, Bateman.
I hear it's contagious.
Nothing is funny to Harris.
No surprises, no failure,
just mission accomplished.
You're much better
dealing with me than him.
I assume Ms. Anderson
won't be joining us.
That bitch would never
get her shoes dirty.
AESIV's first Team Alpha is
already at base camp
preparing for your arrival.
See? Having funding
takes you places.
I'm already happy
to be out of the office.
This is more like it.
Adventure in the great
outdoors, good stuff.
Relax, you've earned this.
[tense music]
[birds singing]
[gurgling sound]
[tense music]
[Evans] Jesus Christ,
what the hell happened here?
Looks like failure.
[man] Hey, we got movement.
[guns cocking]
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, we got friendlies.
Jesus, Bateman!
I was seriously about
to light you up, big boy.
Hello to you too, Torres.
Not the most
hospitable of welcomes.
Oh, my God.
[Alan] What the fuck!
What's going on?
Where's Dr. Grey?
We did not find Dr. Grey
amongst the remains.
This appears to
have been an attack.
[Harris] Boys, we have
a live mission.
Keep the weapons hot,
secure perimeter.
Let's keep our guests safe.
Yes, sir.
Look, we're perfectly capable of
handling this situation
but from here on out,
what I say, you do.
If I say move, you move.
'Cause your life could
very well depend on it.
We are here to collect data,
that is our mission.
No, we need to find Dr. Grey.
He could be out there hurt.
We will.
You, stay here and be quiet.
Bateman, I need a sitrep.
Walk with me.
Look, we just need
to do what Harris says.
They're looking out for us.
I'm not so sure about that.
Have Torres take up
her babysitting duties.
Let her and the children
set up base camp.
Two clicks east
of this position.
Collect samples from the bodies.
I knew I should have
stayed home today.
Just be positive.
Okay, I'm positive
we're going to die out here.
Let's just stay calm.
I'm sure Bateman
and Harris have a plan.
There's something off
about these bodies.
I agree.
I got what I need, sir.
I want this area cleaned.
Evans, Harris wants
this cleaned up.
Let's go.
The, uh, the bodies look
like they've been underwater.
Like they were drowned
before they were torn apart.
What could do that?
That's nasty!
[Febles laughs]
Yo, Febles, you got any steaks
for this motherfucker or what?
Oh, man!
Oh, hey, better yet, man,
how about we all
send up some smoke signals?
[imitates tribal song]
That's messed up, Evans.
You don't just step
over a dead body, man.
Bad juju.
Hey, Torres...
I'll step wherever I want.
So what? We're just gonna
leave them here?
So much for a proper funeral.
We need to focus on finding
Walter and getting out of here.
This is bad, real bad.
[fire creaking]
We're here for samples,
not biohazards.
Rally at base camp, move out.
These people have families,
and now no one will ever
know what happened to them.
[Riley] These bugs
are eating me alive.
I'm a scientist, not a buffet.
I'm not cut out for this.
You got into MIT at 16, Riley.
Surely you can walk a few miles
and donate some blood
to the indigenous life.
Besides we're almost there,
right, Bateman?
Base camp?
About two more clicks.
Do you hear that?
[water falling]
[Riley] Finally,
something real to study.
Being here in the middle of it
all makes you glad to be alive.
Yeah, it does.
Alan, I think this is the
that Walter mentioned
before we lost contact.
[Alan] Clever, Dr. Grey.
[Alan] Hey, do you know
where we're at?
My home.
And you will be wise
not to venture any further.
Who are you?
I am Ahanu, and this is
Ininkwe land, first nation.
Hello, Ahanu. My name is Monica.
There was a storm,
and we're trying to find
our friend Dr. Walter Grey.
Maybe you could
help us find him?
Yeah, he would love to meet you.
You should be mindful of
your path and intentions here.
Respect this land, brothers
and sisters, for your own safety
and do not take
the beauty for granted.
[Anahu] And just like a thorn
protects a rose,
the water spirits protect
the land and the people.
[Anahu] And whoever has
the darkness in their heart,
they will learn
to fear the rain.
[Monica gasps]
My God, did you see that?
He's gone Bateman, not a trace.
There's no place to escape
out here. I don't get it.
That's a first.
Walter has talked about this
for years, but like a legend.
The way he described
the Ininkwe.
We can talk about
the "ink dude" at base camp.
Ininkwe. Base camp.
Thank you.
[suspenseful music]
[Torres sighs]
You guys aren't
used to taking orders, huh?
[Torres] You'll get used to it.
After they get used to you
doing what you're told.
We're here to find
our friend and colleague.
Dr. Grey.
And I'm here
to help you do that.
Then why are we camping?
We should be out there.
You saw those bodies.
We are looking for him.
We're all the way
out here, right?
Look, we're close, but we're
not gonna find him in the dark.
We're out at first light, okay?
Home sweet home, baby.
Man, it'll be nice to take
some of this shit off.
Tell me about it, huh?
You check with the civilians,
see if they have any results.
Yes, sir.
Evans, heads up!
Hey! What the fuck, man?
You big ogre.
Sorry to interrupt,
Harris wants answers.
[Bateman] Do you have anything?
It's a negative on the sample
from the waterfall.
Try this.
Harris also wants
eyes in the perimeter.
You know what that means.
You and me, long shot.
You got it.
Letting some lost Indian with
a story take you off target...
[Harris] Come on, man.
You should know better
than waste my time, Bateman.
You address me as "sir."
My mission. No hocus-pocus.
God damn it. Febles!
Jesus, what the fuck?
I'd really like to be back
at home right now.
That can't be right.
Are you seeing what I'm seeing?
But that's not possible,
it's pure water.
[Harris] Sunshine.
Well, this looks delicious.
Pass it over here
if you don't want it.
Hey, Monica, you want some?
It's actually not that bad
if you don't mind some grit.
Walter knows this earth,
like our bodies,
gives us a sign when it's sick.
Like earthquakes and volcanoes,
hurricanes and tornadoes.
They're signs.
[Monica] We see them every year,
and every year they grow
in strength and number, right?
Classic liberal
climate change bullshit.
Not bullshit. Fact.
Our impact on this planet
is unsustainable.
The fact is, doctor, that
Ms. Anderson invited you here
to the great American nowhere
to assist us on this mission.
And the fact is, as long
as you do what we say,
you, us, we will be
one big happy AESIV family.
Then we'll see if it's worth the
hassle bringing you out here.
Worth the hassle?
Are you serious?
This is our research.
You are here
to help us find Walter.
And this is my mission.
You'll research the samples
that we provide,
and Tweedle Dee,
Tweedle dickhead,
they will assist,
just like home sweet home.
And yes, together
we will locate Dr. Grey,
but more importantly,
we will locate this alleged
so-called Indian
Fountain of Youth.
That is why we are here.
That is why I am here.
Because where others fail,
I finish.
Are we clear?
As water.
[chanting in Ininkwe language]
[speaks in Ininkwe language]
What happened
to those men back there?
The man asked you a question.
The Enuattii is not pleased
with your presence here.
[Ahanu] Protector
of the rivers, oceans,
lakes, streams and skies.
This is a powerful place,
and nature has its way
of balancing itself.
Those men, our friend Walter
was with them.
Can you help us?
It seems like something...
Like something
from the black abyss
with a merciless vengeance
to lay them all to waste.
Oh, shit, he's speaking
in riddles, guys.
This is where we all began,
from the water,
the trees and the rocks.
Enough of this hippie
bullshit, chief.
You think you can
challenge the laws of nature?
Nature's law has no mercy.
What does that even mean?
It means the end.
Your end.
Is that a threat?
There will be
more than rain coming!
I want answers.
[all gasp]
He's gone, sir.
We do not listen to
a word this Indian says.
We need to get
our shit together.
We are not living in
a Native American fable.
We're in the real world,
and in the real world,
he is gone out there
with whoever did this.
[Riley] Or whatever.
This is a set up.
And that the same thing that
happened before
would happen to us.
Either way, Harris,
we need to find Walter.
And I think I have.
[Monica] Walter mentioned
something about a mirror,
and I think it's
in reference to a lake
beyond this waterfall,
near the cave, east from here.
[Harris] Evans.
Check your readings.
See if there is anything pinging
two clicks east
of this position.
[Harris] Bateman.
[Bateman] Sir?
Resume babysitting duty.
See if there's anything useful
you can get out of these two.
Yes, sir.
I'll go check this out.
No we're coming with you.
You will do exactly as I say!
You got that?
You're coming with us
gathering samples.
Dang, dude, do you ever
change clothes or what?
Einstein wore the
same outfit every day.
I have seven of these,
and this one is Tuesday's.
Careful, your nerd is showing.
Alpha Team, load up.
Yes, sir.
Torres, on me.
Torres, watch
your ass out there.
You watch it.
Take us there, Febles.
[singing in Spanish]
Roger that.
Thank God.
Whoa! What is this place?
[Harris] Evans, Torres,
secure this position.
[Evans] Sir.
[Febles] Sir?
Please escort Riley to
the cave and gather samples.
[water flowing]
You hear that?
Yeah, so?
So, Harris said to get samples.
It's the sound of water.
It sounds close.
This will be an excellent
source, clean and pure.
[Febles] Whatever you say, man.
[water flowing]
The elusive Dr. Grey.
Not looking so good, are we?
I thought I'd just lie here
in the sun for a while.
That's great.
Look, I believe you
have something for me.
Something your assistants
say, what is it,
lasts forever?
Well, Dr. Grey, maybe
I could last forever too.
[water flowing]
It was your idea
to come back here,
now you're afraid of the dark?
It's not what I said.
I said it seems darker here.
You may be right.
[Harris] You didn't think I'd
actually let you and your team
get out of here alive, did you?
Leave them be.
Good move.
I knew they'd send
another thief, an assassin
to finish the job
the first two couldn't.
[Dr. Grey laughs]
[Dr. Grey coughs]
I was holding it
when the dumb-ass shot me.
[Dr. Grey laughs]
[both moan]
Watch it!
Let's go.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Riley, calm down.
You heard that.
There's something
in here with us.
Give me that
before you hurt yourself.
There is something
in here with us.
They deserved
what happened to them.
All of you criminals deserve
what it's going
to happen to you.
It knows.
Bateman, come in.
Go for Bateman.
Tell Dr. Warner and Dr. Williams
I found their friend.
[static noise]
he didn't make it.
Oh, Walter.
Riley, man! What the hell?
Riley, quit it man.
Riley, give me the gun!
[gun clicks]
You fool.
The Enuattii...
What did you say, dead man?
You brought it upon yourself.
You will know balance.
[Enuattii growls]
[tense music]
[Bateman] I'm sorry
for your loss.
He was a kind man.
He knew that turning
to AESIV would have a cost.
He just didn't know
it'd be his life.
Looks like rain.
There will be more than rain.
You and your AESIV war machine
have no business here
doing what you're doing.
We are not all the same.
I'm a person with
a job just like you.
Look, Torres and I,
we have history, trust.
Just like you, Alan...
And Dr. Grey.
AESIV assigned Torres
and I under Harris's command.
We're all trespassers here.
Bateman, come in.
[Bateman] Go for Bateman.
Yeah, I'm gonna need
a sitrep on the weather ASAP.
I have what I came for.
Mission accomplished.
[cutting off] Have our guests
verify the samples.
[cutting off] I feel
Ms. Anderson shall be pleased.
Base camp to Harris. Repeat.
Bateman, come in. Over.
[speaking in Spanish]
Oh, my God.
[speaking in Spanish]
Febles! Back!
Hey, hey, what the hell
was that?
Yo, Feb.
[Evans] Feb, what the fuck, man?
Febles, what's up?
Yo, hey, calm down, man.
It was like everywhere, man!
What? What was everywhere?
Where is Riley?
[Febles] Gone, sir.
What do you mean gone?
It's like... It's like
the water came alive.
It looked like it pulled
the life right out of him.
Evans, did you get
a reading on this?
Uh, standby, sir.
[Torres] Electronics are dead.
Whatever it was, shot
all our gear down like an EMP.
She's right. Comms are dead.
We can't even use our comms now?
Fucking unreal, man!
Base camp,
weapons hot, eyes open.
You coming, sweetheart?
Yeah, man.
What can you tell me, doctors?
Give me something.
First, you tell me
what Harris meant.
"Mission accomplished"?
What exactly did
Harris come here to do?
Look, we're not all the same.
Let me help, so we can wrap this
up and we can go home, okay?
What is going on
with these readings?
I've never seen
anything like this.
[static noise]
What the hell?
It's only getting worse,
a lot worse.
I mean, look at the map.
[Monica typing on computer]
Yes, sir.
Out point.
Move out.
- What?
- Are you seeing what I'm seeing here?
Why have we stopped?
[Enuattii growls]
Oh, shit!
[Evans screams]
[Enuattii growls]
What the hell was that?
Come on, show yourself,
you coward.
Evans, wait!
It's just one man running around
out there in the rain.
Where the fuck is he?
Where'd he go?
Help me!
[gurgling sound]
Base camp, on me, now!
Did you hear that?
You two, stay here.
Get that fucking
light out of my face.
Lower your weapon.
Where's Evans?
Wait, where's Riley?
What happened to Walter?
Where are they?
And you'll be dead too if
you don't shut up and listen.
Go down.
It's here.
[Harris] It must've followed us.
[Monica sobs]
See what you've done?
What did he do to anyone?
I didn't do that.
That monster did that.
Killed Riley, killed my men.
You do not put this shit on me.
In fact, you...
You call this Indian
water demon,
or I'll stack your body
on top of his.
Harris, she is not the enemy.
I should've known.
I put you in charge,
and this is what I get?
You're questioning my authority?
You murdered him!
Your rank means nothing now.
All he wanted to do was
leave this godforsaken place.
He was scared.
Just like you.
You watch your fucking mouth!
No, Harris.
Stand down,
or I will put you down.
I am your commanding officer!
You're in command?
Looks like the mission
has defeated you, Harris.
You hit?
No. Vest.
[tense music]
That's the way out.
Let's do it.
Let's go.
Give me something, Febles.
Give me something.
Torres and that bitch-ass
doctor are liabilities.
Here! They went
over the edge, here.
What's the plan now, sir?
Well, they
obviously betrayed us.
Hunt them down.
Kill them all.
Copy that.
Shouldn't have left them there.
Walter or Alan.
No one gets left behind.
We get out alive,
that's the sacrifice
that they have made for us.
We get out, we come back
for our fallen in a week,
get our revenge.
I am sorry about your friend.
Bateman was one
of the good guys.
Look, we have to keep moving.
Come on.
[tense music]
Where the hell have you been?
What does it want from us?
Fear is not the path to freedom.
[Anahu] Do not let it
consume you.
Look within for balance,
and you will find peace.
What just happened?
She was a wise and strong one.
She had an awakening.
Well, well, well, Febles.
Look at what we have here.
You thought you could just
compromise my mission
and run away? No!
AESIV protocol stands.
This mission
has been compromised.
Unfortunately for you,
it ends here.
[Harris] And you.
You, this is all your fault.
Again you desecrate our home.
You shed your blood on our land.
This is AESIV's land now.
The water, ours.
The profit, ours.
[Harris] What's the matter,
they don't have history class
at the Wigwam?
It does not end
well for your people.
This land was your land,
but now this land is our land.
Harris, you are a pathetic
little racist coward.
And you deserve to die.
Shoot that bitch.
Hell, yeah!
[heavy footsteps approaching]
Come on!
[Enuattii moans]
[Enuattii screams]
[Harris screams]
[Enuattii grunts]
[Enuattii growls]
Thank you, great Enuattii, proud
water spirit and protector.
The actions of men have once
again brought upon your rage.
You have judged and laid low
all those who have meant to
destroy others
and our sacred land.
It is time for you
to rest now, my brother.
Thank you, Ahanu.
[chanting in Ininkwe language]
You healed me.
The balance.
Harris was the death
and the darkness,
but you are
the life and the light.
One soul leaves,
another soul returns.
It is and has always been
as I have always been.
[chanting in Ininkwe language]
Are you okay?
I thought Harris shot you.
He did.
[mysterious music]
Good morning, gentlemen.
Thank you for coming in
at such short notice.
As you can see, it's time
to move things forward
to phase three.
[tense music]
[man] This is our land now!
[old man] Our land.
[board member] Too much time has passed.
Too much money wasted.
[Monica] We need to find Dr. Grey,
he could be out there hurt.
[Evans] Hello to you,
too, Torres.
[Evans screaming]
[Harris] You will do exactly
as I say.
[Dr. Grey] You fool!
[Dr. Grey] The Enuattii...
[Anahu] You think you can
challenge the laws of nature?
[Anahu] Nature's law
has no mercy.
[Enuattii growls]
[Harris] Show yourself,
you coward!
[Febles] Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Riley, calm down.
[Riley] There's something
in here with us.
[Febles] Give me that
before you hurt yourself.
[Harris] This appears
to have been an attack.
[Torres] I thought
Harris shot you.
[Monica] He did.
[distorted voice] No mercy.
[distorted voice] No mercy.
[Enuattii growls]