Beasts That Cling to the Straw (2020) Movie Script

"Chapter 1 : Debt"
"Cleaning in Progress"
Human body parts
were discovered by lake.
Also last night, a garbage truck ran over a man,
who ran out of an alley
without looking at the signs.
The police arrested a man in his 40s last night,
who amassed and stole $1 million investment money.
Holy cow!
What the...
Someone forgot this.
He came before dawn,
but left and hasn't come back.
I'll put it in the storage.
I told you to put on the diaper.
I'm not 3 years old, why should 1?
Or use the toilet.
How could she clean after you every time?
Think about her for once.
She doesn't work at the shop at all,
she just fools around at home.
Don't say things like that.
Your father worked hard for that shop.
If you work so lazily,
all the regulars will leave.
She was going to the shop earlier,
I barely stopped her by the beach stairs,
she kept yelling at me, saying I'm killing her.
She'll mention it, just so you know.
I got it.
And Yoon-hee called.
She couldn't get student loan,
she'll take a semester off to work.
"Pyeongtaek Port International
Passenger Terminal"
Ah Shit
Look at the camera.
"PARK: Come to my shop after work."
"PARK: Come to my shop after work."
Go inside.
Dumbass, he met a wrong woman.
Mr. Port officer!
My handsome officer!
This way.
They should've cleaned it up.
Over here.
Did you have dinner?
I'm fine.
Let's see!
Let's have a moment of truth.
Could I...
get a little more time?
What are you doing?
I remember you promising to pay me back today.
You said so yourself,
I can have your wrist if you break the promise.
My wrist?
We didn't talk about that.
If it wasn't for Yeon-hee, I wouldn't be here.
You know I'm a victim too.
So what then?
You co-signed her loan,
if you feel so wronged, then bring her here.
If I can, I'd do that right away!
But she disappeared without a trace,
and left all her stuff at my place.
please give me one more week.
I got a lead for that money.
When? How?
Come on...
It's a trade secret.
Just one week.
I'll pay everything back with interest!
If you miss it again, he'll swing by.
He likes eating intestines.
Fish, animal, or people,
he's gotta have them raw.
The phone you're calling is off, leave a message...
"Big Cash Loan"
What a sight, this is heaven...
Did you ask the boss for an advance?
Yes, thank you.
She cares so much for you.
- Feeling good?
- Yes.
A prick in #302 keeps shooing girls away,
could you go make him happy?
Sir, we got a girl for you.
I'll take her.
Took you long enough.
Have a great time!
Hello there.
Are you from China?
Where exactly?
You know Huanren?
What brings you here?
I fled.
What did you do?
I killed a man.
I'm kidding.
Came to make money, what else?
Wake up.
You're home?
You got a nice life.
Sorry, I'll clean up.
Holy shit...
Do you still not get the situation we're in?
I'm working my ass off
to clean up your mess.
I'm working to pay it off too.
Wait a minute.
Did I hear that right?
What did you say?
I'm sorry, it's my fault.
No, before that.
Bitch, do you not know
how much you got scammed?
What am I supposed to do with you?!
I'm sorry, it's all my fault.
This won't do, you need a beating.
I'm sorry! Honey I'm sorry!
"Jin-tae: You free tomorrow?"
"Still working? If you're done,
wanna grab some beer?"
"Chapter 2 : Bait"
Sure, don't worry.
Did you get the money in cash?
Too many cameras at train station,
so take the bus.
The last ship departs at 10,
so be here by 8.
I'll wait in my car,
so you'll see me.
It's fine, we're friends.
Never use your credit card.
Yeah, be careful, see you in 2 days.
"Delete Call Record"
Yo, Carp.
Yo, Tae-young.
Come, come...
What's he trying to pull now?
- Hey, C
, Carp!
- Hi!
I'm really busy, what is it now?
Punk ass!
Business must be bomming, pretending to be busy.
After PARK took over it's busy as hell.
No crackdowns whatsoever.
Goddamn bastards...
When Yeon-hee was in charge,
they came by all the time.
Haven't found her yet?
I got a cop friend to look her up, no credit card
or car records,
if it's over a month, he said she could be dead.
She's not someone who'd die so easily.
She was still my girl!
You still haven't snapped out!
I told you, she wiped you out and just took off.
I'm sure you had some fun starting out,
then when shit hits the fan,
gold diggers take off.
You were so clueless!
You were like, "Yeon-hee! I love you!"
Thank you.
You're worried about me.
I'm sorry.
No, really.
So I have something to tell you.
You're trying to get me to do something!
It's nothing like that.
Come on...
What is it?
Carp, my brother!
I baited a major sucker.
I knew you were up to something!
It was nice seeing you.
We're family, man.
You're distant cousin of distant cousin!
People can't tell us apart, don't you know that?
You don't see your face in me?
Forget it.
100 large, all in cash.
[t's too much for me to handle alone.
I'll have to take it all.
What kind of idiot carries around that much cash?
I know, there is.
It's definitely fishy.
That's why he can't report it even if we take it.
You getting it?
You always bitch and
moan about your gambling debt.
It's your chance to pay all that back in one go.
Too bad, forget it.
What kind of sucker did you hook?
He's my high school friend.
He asked me to look for a way out of the country
after hitting big in Seoul in exchange for a 20% cut.
I'll bring him to him to the port tomorrow,
and when I signal you, just walk away with the bag,
then I'll take care of the rest.
You sure this is legit?
You worry too much.
Worrying will get you killed.
I worry because you make me worry.
Don't you worry.
I'll take care of you.
You can't do shit on your own.
You're late 3 minutes.
Sorry, I had some problems at home...
Who doesn't have problems at home?
I told you,
if you're late twice in a month, you're fired.
- Yes, I know.
- Also...
soda runs low pretty quickly,
do you know why?
They're popular because of the hot weather.
Sales and order volumes don't match up.
That's all.
You better watch out.
I shouldn't have hired the old one.
I'm off.
- Watch out, okay?
- Okay.
- Oh yeah!
- What?
Did anyone come for the bag?
But there was a guy looking for someone.
- Someone?
- Yes.
Someone went missing near here.
He left a flyer. Check it out.
See you!
"Missing Person"
I didn't text you for this.
Liar, wasn't this what you were after?
It wasn't.
It felt good.
I have to go now.
Do you have to work that job?
Or will you give me money?
What's that?
Huh? What?
Your husband did that to you?
It's nothing like that.
So itis.
How could you live with him?
Let go!
It's not your concern.
You know what?
Woman beaters will never change their habit.
My fucking dad was like that.
He was beating up my mom one day,
so I stepped in.
You know what's funny?
Mom was the one who stopped me.
I knew it then.
I realized how scary getting used to something is.
Do you want to get beaten up
all your life like my mom?
If not, end this quickly.
"$500,000 - Death benefit"
"Chapter 3 : Chain"
Dad, over here.
I came from Seoul and
still got here earlier than you.
I couldn't find a replacement.
Your work doesn't give you a break?
Be quiet.
What happened?
I tried to stop mother from going to the shop.
She went nuts, saying I was trying to kill her.
I can't do this anymore.
I'm sorry.
In order to identify
the victim of body arts,
the police are searching the bars in town...
When's that bitch coming?
Could you stop calling her that?
She pushed me on the stairs.
What do you mean?
She's the one who fell down the stairs!
You didn't see how dangerous it was!
She's like that to me because you're so laxed.
Why isn't this bastard answering me?
Yo, Carp.
Not here yet? It's been so long!
I can't reach him.
Did he take off?
Maybe he pretended to come here
to divert the cops away from him.
No, he only trusts me.
Those with big money don't trust others.
Shouldn't trust anyone either.
- But he's totally...
- Whatever.
I gotta head back, I'm hanging up.
Hey, wait a bit longer! Son of a...
Where the hell did he go?
Excuse me.
I'm a cop.
I see. How can I help you?
Do you know this man?
His name is OH Dong-pal.
I don't really know.
Where could he be?
Thank you.
Okay, take care.
Wait a minute.
You sure you don't know him?
- I don't...
- Mr. KANG.
Didn't you go to Pyeongtaek High?
Which year? I wrote it down.
I'm from PH too, class of '85.
KANG Tae-young, '90, OH Dong-pal, '90 too.
You were classmates,
you didn't know each other?
OH Dong-pal? I don't really know...
It's raining.
One second.
What the hell?
Where the hell did OH go?
It's nice bumping into alum.
Good to meet you, sir.
So this OH Dong-pal is my friend Dong-pal.
I didn't recognize him like this.
Did he really pull a scam?
He was a model student.
I understand your position.
It's awful to think that
your friend is a wanted man.
I'd hide it too.
Did he ever contact you?
No, never.
We've never kept in touch,
if my number comes up on his phone, then I...
Have you checked his call log?
Already did.
I think he's using a burner phone.
Burner phone?
He really is in deep.
Anyway, he has never contacted me.
If you don't believe me, check it out yourself.
It's okay.
Even if he called, you probably deleted it.
- Let's take a selfie.
- What?
That's good.
Are you married?
You look handsome enough,
what do you live for?
Enjoy life, have some fun.
How did you know my number?
That's not even work.
Let's bar hop.
Know any hot bars in town?
I'm done for the night...
Gonna go home?
No, let's go.
One second.
Sergeant, did you get anything?
It's OH Dong-pal?
Understood, hold on.
Why don't you do your thing?
I got work to do.
- I see.
- And, uh...
Thanks for the meal.
Let me use this umbrella?
- Sure.
Son of a bitch.
He had to eat just the expensive ones?
"PARK Du-man"
Jesus Christ...
He looks like a fucker.
I'll take care of it, so get some sleep.
Without this fucker
We'll be happy.
Hello, good evening!
It's very last minute,
but I think I'll be late.
Ah Shit
I told you, late 2 times,
and you're fired.
I'm really sorry.
I'll get there as soon as possible.
Forget it, don't come.
Don't come in, you're fired.
Wait, I'll be honest with you.
My mother is not well.
And my wife's not well too.
How many times do I have to tell you?
Everyone has problems at home.
- Forget it!
- It's not so simple...
No need to come in anymore.
What a moron.
Fuck, the bag!
It's called Navi Bar by the station,
he usually drinks alone
and comes home at 2 or 3 AM.
I did it.
I killed him!
Did you hear me?
He's dead, your hubby is dead!
I hear you fine, lower your voice.
It's okay, I'm in my car.
Where are you now?
On the way from Mt. Mubong.
What for?
I buried him there.
Buried him?
I told you it had to be a car accident.
Something came up.
I'll call you back later,
my battery's almost dead.
"Insurance policy for the missing personal cases"
declared dead 5 years after missing report...
How am I supposed to wait 5 years?
Did you see a ghost?
Come, sit over here, right here.
Oh my.
I heard you got a sucker.
- Sucker?
- Yes.
What sucker?
I heard a ton of money is coming in.
Summer bonus!
I received a puny bonus, you know that.
Mr. dear officer...
You're the best at playing dumb.
Yo, Carp.
You said so, didn't you?
That he found a sucker with a ton of cash.
You told me so, haven't you?
I never said that...
You punk ass bitch, don't lie to me, asshole!
I'll cut off your tongue!
You know how hard I'm trying
to get you that money.
And it hasn't been a week
since we made that promise.
Look, right?
- Carp, come here.
- Yes, sir.
Do you know what you just did, asshole?
You tricked our innocent
and kind Mr. Port Officer.
Did you hear what he said?
He said he'll pay back even if
his intestines are spilling out.
How could you mock someone like him?
That's why you're no better than a carp.
Isn't that right?
What are you doing?
Come beg for his forgiveness.
I'm sorry...
I'm so sorry, sir...
No, no, this isn't good enough.
- What?
- Right.
This is the perfect opportunity to take a wrist.
- Wrist?
- Let's chop one off.
Boss, I'm sorry!
He's right!
He's right about the sucker!
I told Carp about it!
You only told him about it?
So Carp wasn't lying?
I don't think so.
You don't think so?
He didn't lie!
Sir, what's all this for?
Then I owe Carp a major apology!
Why are you making me into a bad guy?
Let him go.
He gets so enthusiastic when he holds a knife.
I'm sorry, boss...
So what then?
When do we reel in the sucker?
What will you do now?
Isn't it obvious?
We gotta find the sucker.
He's long gone! We can't find him!
This cop came from Seoul to get him.
He's a big snake,
and he's going around asking about him.
Why don't you follow him around?
He'll definitely get some info on him.
Now you're asking me to follow a cop?!
He already knows my face!
What the shit!
We don't have a lot of choices!
There is no 'us'l Leave me out of this!
I'm begging you!
Didn't you hear what Mr. PARK said?
He put our hands together,
and said to get the sucker!
Just stop it! Please!
Don't worry.
Do you know why I only smoke this?
I was out with a colleague
on illegal aliens crackdown.
Then I ran out of smokes.
He said I could smoke his.
But I craved Lucky Strike for some reason.
A pack of Lucky Strike, please.
Then out of nowhere, a dump truck ran over the car.
If I wasn't for Lucky strike,
I'd be dead like him.
This is the only thing
that protected me, not God or ancestors.
The phone you're trying to call...
A congratulatory gift. Picked it up on the way...
Then who did I kill?
How should I know?
Oh shit... It was sure it was him!
No, it was someone else!
Your dead man is snoring in my apartment.
See it for yourself if you don't believe me!
Fucking son of a bitch
What should I do now?
You have to get rid of this car
and head back to China.
Then I Won't get to see you.
I'll wrap things up here and follow you there.
Let's just leave now then.
Speak some sense.
You got any money?
We'll need money to live.
I'll make some no matter what,
so you head over there first.
Crazy bastard!
Fucking idiot...
That's 2 for $1.
This one is $1.
Good evening!
$3, please.
Good to see you.
- Hello there.
- Take care.
- Hello.
- Hey there.
- Are you new?
- Yes.
- I used to work here.
- I see.
- I came to get my stuff.
- Okay.
It's in the storage, I need the key for it.
The key?
Yes, for the storage.
- It's...
- It should be hanging there.
Is this it?
Yeah, that's the one.
Thank you.
Is the manager not in yet?
No, he hasn't come yet.
I wanted to say hello.
I wanted to ask you, have you seen this man?
It's my first day today, so I don't know
Thanks again.
You should ask him, he used to work here.
- Excuse me!
- Is that right?
One moment please.
Excuse me, we're the police.
Have you seen him before?
Please look carefully.
I've never seen him in my life.
Is that so? Okay, thank you.
Besides that man,
are there any other employees here?
Manager and a few patr-timers.
Could I get the manager's number?
I told you not to come in.
What are you doing here?
I came to get my stuff.
You had that much stuff?
Yes, I had some books here.
You've been reading books while working.
That's why we get bad service reviews.
Where the hell is it?
Wait a minute.
Could I look at that?
I'm suddenly curious what books you read.
They're novels.
Let me see it, just in case.
Just in case what?
Suspecting me of something?
Feeling guilty?
For what?
I got nothing like that.
Let me see it then!
No, I got no reason to!
I'll look at it because I want to see it!
Why the hell for?!
You still think I'm your employee?!
Don't talk down at me!
I've had it with you, kid!
You got no manners!
Behave yourself.
Keep it up and I'll report you
for skipping work to golf
with female customers.
By the way,
I was the hardest working
and most ethical employee!
Did you know?!
I'll consider this as your last chance to me.
"Chapter 4 : Shark"
Get your shit together, do you know who I am?
My apologies sir,
she's not the one we confirmed to go.
What is it?
He's Mi-ran's regular,
he wants a drink with her...
She's not taking any clients today.
Who are you?
I'm the boss here,
do I have to do this?
Sir, let's not stay here...
Don't fucking touch me.
You're the boss?
You treat your customers like fucktards?
Being a boss isn't all that.
You fucking bitch!
You hit me first.
Get rid of him.
Come with me.
Go on, get rid of him.
When did he start beating you?
Got anyone to help?
Pitiful girl...
Stay at a hospital for a few days.
No, it's okay.
Take it.
I know how you feel.
My dead husband was a beater too.
When you need help, call me anytime, okay?
Hey, open the door.
What's wrong?
What do you mean you'll go to the police?
I can't sleep.
I keep hearing things...
I hear voice of the man I killed in my ears.
Don't say weird things.
I'm serious!
I'm going nuts!
I'm really going insane!
I can't stand this, I should turn myself in
Do you think it only concerns yourself?
I won't tell anything about you, don't worry
I think that man's soul is possessing me...
I can't live like this...
Jin-tae, how about this?
Let's hold a memorial service for the dead man.
A memorial service?
Since he died begrudgingly,
we'll bless him.
Then maybe he won't bother you anymore.
So? Feeling better?
Yeah, I think I'm better.
Really? Are you really okay?
Fucking moron...
What is it now?
I still hear him...
What weak ass.
Whose fault is it?
It's because you asked me to kill your husband!
When did 1?
You insisted on killing him, no?
Then you went and killed a random guy.
I'm in a bigger mess because of you.
So shut the hell up and get in the car!
Where are you going?
Police station.
I don't fucking believe this!
Fucking moron!
What do I do? What am I gonna do?
Aren't you working today?
Did you bury the body properly?
What do you want to do?
I don't Know...
No one will look for an illegal alien.
Did you like him?
That's fine, then.
Even if it wasn't you, he'd have died soon enough.
It's already done.
Follow me with the car.
Gotta get rid of it.
Please take a good card of it.
They'll get rid of the car.
Let's get you washed up.
Wanna hear something?
There's a shark called sand tiger shark,
it bears 50 or so eggs when it's pregnant.
What's scary is that,
the babies eat each other in the mother's belly.
Only one will be born,
and it becomes a fierce predator.
You know what?
Autopsy rate for accidents is only 4% in Korea.
Autopsy wasn't done on my husband's body.
Is your husband insured?
Think carefully.
About what?
Look at you.
Aren't you seeing this through?
Once is hard, twice is easy.
What? You want one too?
Do exactly as I tell you.
There's no room for 2 mistakes.
Come up with a solid alibi.
Depression and over drinking
will be the causes of his death.
There'll be fewer problems when getting the monry.
Say you found him when you returned from work.
My husband...
Could you send an ambulance right away?
Your mind will go blank and you'll be confused.
My address is...
The police investigation will begin.
Don't forget that
the husband you loved died so suddenly.
He was...
having a hard time because of the debt...
But I told him we'd go through this together...
The investigation won't end in 1 session.
Stay alert until the end.
After the investigation, make sure to cremate him.
So it won't cause trouble.
Next page...
Sign that and you'll get your big payout.
Sign that and you'll get your big payout.
And you'll be reborn.
By the way...
will I be okay leaving by myself tomorrow?
I know someone at Pyeongtaek Lake.
He knows you're getting on
the 8:30 boat to Chungdo.
And this.
I didn't help you for this.
What's this?
The man your Chinese friend killed.
He had a rape charge. Goddamn trash.
Forget the past.
You're restarting your life.
Smile, you're allowed.
It's all over.
You're awake?
I guess I didn't put enough sedative.
I'm sorry for everything.
Don't feel too bad.
You killed 3 people after all.
You can't trust anyone with a ton money.
Not even your parents.
"Chapter 5 : Luck Strike"
He came to your shop before dawn?
Yeah, that cop you mentioned.
He was being super grabby.
I felt dirty watching that prick.
The sucker was an excuse,
he came to have fun.
He definitely went there
to dig into my background.
Of all the bars in town,
why'd he go there?
Anyway, he tried to convince the girl to go fuck,
but got rejected and went to a sauna.
And then?
I don't know.
That sounded like a boast.
I had something to do and couldn't follow him.
Don't you know what's important right now?
I'm using my free time to help you out!
If I'm not good enough, do it yourself!
Come on, of course not! You're doing amazing.
Carp, just one more day.
I'll give you 30%.
Bro, the cop's at the bar.
I'll talk to you later.
Hello? Carp? Dammit...
Cop? For what?
Frigging hell...
Ow, that's hot, you're right on time.
I made your favorite.
Isn't the place clean?
How could you!
Because of you!
Let's talk over dinner, okay?
Did you not even feed yourself
while you were away?
You look thin.
You didn't eat properly because I wasn't here?
Are you even listening to yourself?
I had a reason to be away.
So tell me what that is!
I know you had it tough because of me!
I dabbled in different things
but it wasn't so easy.
So why are you back here?
You're the only one I have.
If you want me to go, I will.
Are you serious?
Don't go please!
I've been thinking,
I can't come out of this clean.
I'm thinking of going to my aunt's in Japan.
I got some savings in the bank there.
Ask her to send it right away.
It's under my name, I have to do it myself.
I actually need your help.
With what?
I borrowed a friend's ID.
Make sure there's no problem
when I leave the country.
SEO Mi-ran?
My new name, you like it?
Are you...
trying to change your identity for the passport?
Are you nuts? I just borrowed it.
You came here for this.
Do I still look like a sucker?
Your tricks don't work on me anymore.
Are you serious?
Who's that?
Who is it?
It's me, YOO Myung-gu!
That goddamn bastard!
Who's YOO Myung-gu?
It's this guy...
He's a cop from Seoul.
I'll take care of it,
stay here quietly, okay?
Stupid snake, why is he here?
What brings you...
I felt bad about not even paying for the sushi...
It's all right.
I brought some stuff that we can eat together.
I was told you got off work early.
I have a guest and my place is a mess...
You said you didn't have one.
You got one since then?
Back then...
Ow, my bladder...
I had some beer earlier,
I really gotta pee, one sec.
There's public washroom...
I gotta pee...
Good evening.
Eh? She's a hottie!
Washroom's there.
"Clouds gather in the blue sky,"
"be the light of Pyeongtaek!"
"Spread all over the world!"
The school anthem is really good.
Of course!
The best high school in Greater Pyeongtaek Area.
- Right.
- Let's drink.
He told me he didn't have a girlfriend.
You really said that? That makes me sad.
Well, back then...
But I'd hide a hottie
like you too.
Not gonna answer?
You should answer.
It's not important.
Oh, Dong-pal,
have you found him yet?
You know what?
Body parts were found in Pyeongtaek Lake today.
Body parts?
I thought it could be him, so I checked it out,
but it wasn't.
The body had a woman's figure.
That's horrible.
It's a bit weird though.
There's a shark tattoo, as if for us to see.
What's wrong?
It's nothing.
A shark tattoo?
Yeah, you know something?
I thought I had seen it, maybe I did.
I managed to get a pic from a cop friend.
Wanna see?
Check it out.
[t's not this one.
The shark tattoo
I know has different color and size.
No more gruesome talks, let's just drink.
It's from Seoul.
Toilet break.
Hello? Yeah!
Don't... don't tell me you actually killed someone!
Are you nuts? That tattoo is pretty common.
Are you sure? Is it really him?
Should I tell that asshole that
you got the same tattoo?
Go ahead. Do it.
Oh man...
What's wrong?
OH Dong-pal got arrested.
He was caught in Gunsan trying to smuggle out.
In Gunsan?
I'm screwed,
I gotta go back to Seoul with something.
That's too bad.
Worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.
Drank it all, I'll get some more.
No, sir! I can go.
- Yeah?
- Yes.
- Thank you, bud.
- Sure.
I'll be right back.
Where's my wallet... It's right here.
- I'll be right back.
- Okay, see you.
OH Dong-pal, you fucking moron...
That fucking bitch...
Why don't you ever answer?!
What is it?
The cops were here just now.
I think CHOI Yeon-hee is dead.
What? Oh my...
They found a woman's body parts,
it had a shark tattoo on her thigh.
Is that so?
Aren't you surprised?
I thought you'd be shocked.
I'm surprised. Surprised to death.
What do we do now?
Your debt is due tomorrow.
CHOIl's dead
and the sucker's our last hope.
Right, the sucker.
He was caught in Gunsan.
I knew it.
Can you come over when I call you later?
You want me to help you flee the country now?
It's nothing like that.
What is it then?
Why, wanna spill everything to PARK?
Come on, I couldn't help it.
What is it?!
Yeon-hee is at my place.
What do you mean?
I'll fill you in later,
she's trying to flee,
I think she has something.
She wouldn't do anything empty-handed.
Of course not.
But the problem is...
There's a problem?
The snake's at my place too.
The cop?
Having a housewarming party?
Shut up.
I'll send the snake away,
so help me fuck her up.
I'm not an errand boy...
We split her money, 60-40.
Who's the 607?
You're 40!
50 50
Forget it, I'll do it myself.
Okay, fine, fine!
Call me.
Stupid jackass.
Goddamn prick.
You better keep your word.
I'm back!
Are you just gonna watch? Come help me.
What did you... What the hell did you do?
As soon as you left, he touched my leg.
I was scared that he'd see my tattoo.
[, uh...
I'm gonna report you.
Think before you speak, this is your home.
Do you think the police will believe you?
But... why...
There's still time till morning,
We can bury the body, and leave together.
Let's start over.
Please get rid of him.
What weak ass.
Crazy bitch.
"Pyeongtaek Lake Body Mystery"
I'm all ready!
Boss. She's awake.
Long time no see, Yeon-hee.
You showed up out of nowhere.
Did you have some fun?
You even chopped up a cop. so scary.
Boy, you got a knife too, right?
Wait, Mr. PARK.
I'll pay you...
I have money, I swear.
Where's the money?
You lead a tough life.
Something wrong?
He took my money.
You expect me to believe that?
I won't fall for that again.
Who the hell?
It's me.
Oh hey, are you awake?
What was it like to get hit in the head?
Did you see stars?
Where are you?
That's none of your business.
I found your Japanese bank in your trunk.
Don't touch my money.
Consider this as my cut for
putting up with your shit.
Have a great life!
He'll take the first boat.
If you search it the port, you'll find him.
Son of a bitch...
If we don't find him before sunrise,
we'll have a gutting ceremony.
Put your shoes in the locker.
What time are you open till?
5AM, sir.
[t's not 24 hours?
We have to close up to get ready to open.
Is there's a smoking area?
Yes, it's by the washroom there.
Do you sell smokes here?
We don't...
Could you buy me a pack? Lucky Strike.
Please? Just 1 pack.
Sorry, I'm the only one here,
I can't do that.
There's no one here,
I'll watch the shop.
I'm sorry, that's the policy.
I'm sorry.
Screw policy...
You don't know how to bend the rules?
Thank you.
What is it ?
I'll pay it back! I got money.
Money... I have the money...
Don't follow me!
Stay back!
You son of a bitch!
I'll pay it back!
Holy fuck....
Fucking Lucky Strike!
What... about the money?
"Chapter 6 : Money Bag"
Do you have to go to work like that?
You got fired, I gotta work.
You can quit.
Why don't we open a shop again?
What do you mean? You got money?
I think I do.
Stop saying nonsense and go home.
Don't leave mother alone.
What is it?
I'm calling about your remaining salary.
I don't care about that.
I care, that's why I called.
Some people use this to stir trouble later.
Why don't you come and take care of it now?
Remember the cafe on the first floor?
I'll wait for you there.
Mr. KIM, over here!
Come, please.
Sit down.
Please sit.
This is KIM Joong-man.
And he is a detective from Seoul.
"Detective / YOO Myung-gu"
And she's the one who lost her bag.
Have you seen this man?
I don't really know...
People come in and out all the time.
He probably came with this bag.
That's the bag you took home, right?
Yeah, I guess so.
It's the same model as mine.
I talked to Yoon-ho,
he said a patron left this in a locker.
When was that?
He doesn't remember the exact date.
He said you wanted to leave it in the storage.
It wasn't on the list.
He's absolutely wrong about that.
He definitely saw you.
To be honest,
it's awkward to say this,
but I think it's Yoon-ho.
Remember the drinks going missing?
He stole all those.
He's got sticky fingers.
I told him several times.
I've had it!
You took this bag.
It really is mine!
I'm sure of it, I'm good at catching these.
I caught you red-handed.
My wife gave it to me for my birthday.
I'm serious. It's the truth.
All right,
thank you for your cooperation.
Wait, wait. Are you leaving?
Aren't you going to check?
Yeah, well, if you have more info then call me.
What the...
Must I really do this?
In any case if something goes wrong,
I'm skinning you alive.
1 bundle's missing.
I'm sorry.
I used it for my kid's tuition.
Hey, Mr. KIM.
What's going on here? Did you steal it?
I'm really sorry.
Give me your bank info, and I'll send it to you.
That's enough.
I knew it, didn't I tell you?
I told you that woman was going to Kill us all.
She sent them, right?
Of course not, mom!
Of course it is!
Then why are these people here?
He's a detective!
And she came to find her bag, get out of here.
You're a cop?
Do detectives have tattoos
on their hands nowadays?
You idiot! He's not a cop!
Sorry, my mom has dementia.
Mom, please go outside.
Where are you going?! Leave that!
- Stop!
- Don't do that!
Let go!
I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
Let me go!
Mom, are you okay?
How could you...
Joong-man, hey!
They're so damn yappy.
Why did she have to get involved?
Ow, that stings... What's that?
You fucking bitch...
This money is mine.
Mom! Mom!
Fire! Fire!
Mom! Wake up! Mom!
A grown man shouldn't cry.
During the Korean War,
the whole country was like this.
If you're alive, things will work out.
With 2 arms and 2 legs, you can start over.
Go to the boarding gate in 30 minutes.
Qi-nan, did you miss me?
Did you really miss me?
I think you just want to know
what makeup I brought you
Oh, okay.
If you want to know what the makeup is
I'll send you the video
Here in Korea, they like Sulwhasoo
I'll give you the money.
I also bought your kid's toy
and your husband's ginseng
I bought you so many good things,
what will I get for return?
Maybe a nice dinner? Okay, deal!
You ugly piece of...
A woman in her 40s
was stabbed to death yesterday around 9 PM
in a Pyeongtaek Port washroom.
The police are pointing to a man
captured on security camera
as the prime suspect.
These are today's highlights
A Seoul detective who was chasing after a suspect
was found dead in a Pyeongtaek apartment.
Although the home owner announced as the suspect.
he was killed in a traffic accident,
putting this case in a turmoil.
"Beasts Clawing At Straws"