Beatriz at Dinner (2017) Movie Script

Hey, what is it?
Lola, no.
Shh, shh.
Shh, shh.
Shh, shh,
Lola, Lola.
Lola, why do you?
Buenos Dias, Suzanne.
Kim, look at you,
you look great.
I'm gonna set up, okay?
It'll take two seconds.
- Take a deep breath.
- Uh-hmm.
All the way down.
Let it fill your stomach
and then expand into your lungs.
Hold it.
Hold it.
You almost get
a little high, huh?
Hi, Suzanne, I'm so late.
I have to drive
to Newport beach.
Mucho traffico?
I'm going to the Birkhofers.
Kathy Birkhofer is my client.
- Your name?
- Beatriz Luna.
Thank you.
Hi. Thank you so much
for coming up during rush hour.
Was it awful?
Yeah. That's why
I'm a little late.
Sorry, the traffic was terrible.
Oh, don't worry about it.
I just have to be done by 6:00.
I have to get my face on.
That's right, you're having a party.
How wonderful.
Just a little dinner party,
you know, a few people,
but I'm so glad
you could make it.
Tara's loving college,
so many interesting people.
It's very diverse.
Gays and trans
and people from all over.
Her roommate is
a Jewish girl from New York.
She's just having
a great experience.
That's awesome.
I need to call her.
I miss Tara.
I'm just so relieved
because, you know,
I mean, all I knew
was the place was in Ohio,
and I just couldn't imagine
why she'd want to leave here
and spend four years
of her life in Ohio.
How are you, Beatriz?
I'm okay.
What? Only okay?
What's wrong?
My goat.
My neighbor complained
about my goat.
This neighbor, he's crazy.
He's always drinking and angry.
He came to my house
at 11:00 at night
and he said that they were gonna
come and take away my goats.
Who were?
The city, you know.
Because they think
they're nuisance animals.
It's not zoned for goats.
Oh, right.
They run to me when I come home.
They're so happy to see me,
but they bleat a lot.
So I bring them in the house
and I make them
a little pen in my bedroom.
But last Saturday
I let them out,
and Hercules, he likes
to burrow near the house...
But Jeronimo...
Oh, no.
What happened?
He killed my goat.
Who, your neighbor?
I came back from the walk,
and Jeronimo was dead
in the garden.
His neck was broken.
Are you serious?
And I could feel his pain.
He was already dead.
I could still feel his pain.
I held him
when he was a little baby.
He was such a fun personality.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to upset you
right before your party.
I will burn some Sage.
No, it's okay, Beatriz.
Oh, poor thing.
What happened?
My car is not working.
Oh, no.
Did you call AAA?
No, I called a friend.
He knows how to fix cars.
He's almost done with work, and
then he's gonna come and help me.
- He's fixed it before.
- From Altadena?
He doesn't mind, he's my friend.
Right, but how long do you think
it'll take him to get here?
He has to finish work
and there might be traffic.
Well, you can
just stay for dinner.
It's just a work thing,
is the only thing.
- Ah, no.
- Let me talk to Grant.
No, I can just wait anywhere.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
It should be fine.
I can even wait
in the car if you want.
Don't be silly.
I have a book I can read.
Let me talk to Grant,
it should be fine.
- This looks amazing.
- Thank you.
She needs to be at the
clinic in the morning.
She doesn't wanna
leave the car here.
Grant, I don't
have time for this.
I've got to get ready.
It's Doug Strutt.
It's work, Kathy.
So is it a big deal?
Uh, yeah.
I told her she could
have dinner here.
So what do you want me to do?
Do you want me to have her eat
in the TV room by herself?
- Yeah.
- Really?
- Why not?
- Because I'm not gonna do that,
because she's not
a housekeeper or something.
- She's a friend of the family.
- She is?
Grant, she did so much for Tara.
She's had a horrible week.
Her neighbor strangled her goat.
- Okay, fine.
- So it's one extra person at dinner, so what?
- She's the sweetest.
- I said fine.
- I've got to get ready.
- Then fucking get ready.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Ah. It's all okay, Beatriz.
We want you to stay.
Are you okay
with what you're wearing?
How do you feel?
Maybe I have
a sweater or a blouse,
or maybe Tara has something.
But you're fine however,
I just... I'm just
running so late.
You have the champagne?
Should we leave the keys
in case they wanna move the car?
I'll put them on the seat.
It's safe, right?
Babe, we've been through,
like, three security gates.
Oh, this gravel.
- Hi, come in. Welcome.
- Hello.
Thank you.
Kathy and Grant
will be down any second.
This is for them. It's for
everyone, it's for all of us.
Great, I'll make sure
to get it to them.
Can I offer either
of you an aperitif?
I'll have a vodka soda
with a splash of cran.
Okay, any preference on vodka?
Stoli, Grey goose,
whatever you have.
- Uh, we have both.
- Grey goose.
- Uh, Jack and coke.
- Jack and coke, perfect.
- Dude.
- -What?
- It's hitting me.
- What?
- We're gonna be fucking rich.
- Oh, shut up.
Yeah, we're gonna
be fucking rich.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I'm gonna be making
more than you now.
- How do you like that?
- We'll see.
Are you the plus one tonight
or am I the plus one?
- Okay, I'm the plus one.
- That's what I thought.
So you must be very
attracted to me right now.
Kind of.
- A little bit?
- A little bit.
Just don't leave me stuck
with the wives all night, okay?
- Uh-hmm.
- You promise?
- Somebody's here.
- Oh.
- Hi. I'm Beatriz.
- Hi.
Hi, I'm... hi.
I'm Shannon, this is Alex.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Shannon, Alex, okay.
So, uh, you're at... where are you?
You're at Virident?
- No.
- No.
Um, how do you...
How do you know Kathy and Grant?
I know them through Tara.
I'm a health therapist.
I do massage, sound therapy...
- Got you.
- Reiki, Tai chi, nutrition.
So you're a nutritionist?
Alex has kidney stones.
Yeah, I mean, apparently just like
crystals form in my urine, you know,
which is apparently not
that uncommon, right, babe?
Oh, no, that's horrible.
Yeah, the worst.
Not fun.
No, I thought he was dying.
I mean, I didn't know
what was happening.
He fell to the ground.
I called for the kids.
I mean, I don't know
what I was thinking.
I guess I wanted them to maybe
just say goodbye to their father.
Yeah, they were traumatized.
He was lying on the ground screaming.
I was hysterical.
The kids didn't know what the
hell was going on. It was awful.
Grey goose, splash of cran,
- and Jack and coke.
- Thank you.
- Can I get you anything?
- Just water.
- Are you sure?
- Is there any wine?
Of course, yeah, red or white?
Maybe a little white wine.
Okay, a little bit of white.
You shouldn't be drinking
if you have kidney stones.
- I know, I know, but tonight...
- You can drink
whatever you want
tonight, okay, babe?
I mean, Alex is the reason
why we're celebrating.
Alex got the legislator
to approve the development.
- It all passed today.
- It wasn't just me, took a lot of people.
Takes a village,
that's what they say.
He's being modest.
It was a huge deal.
I mean, nobody thought
it was gonna pass.
I had to fellate every single
state senator in California.
- Oh, my god.
- A lot of guys.
Do you know what's great
for kidney stones?
Apple cider vinegar, beets,
rhubarb, and dandelion root.
Mm, dandelion root,
babe, your favorite.
Yeah, I love it. Anything else?
Anything edible?
It was a joke.
Doug is here.
Okay, great.
- He's at the gate.
- Wonderful.
Alex and Shannon are downstairs.
- Terrific.
- It's 6:13, Kathy.
I'll be right down.
- Welcome.
- Hey.
- Hello.
- Hi, guys.
- Congratulations.
- Congratulations.
- Nice to see you.
- Nice to see you, too.
- You look fantastic.
- Oh, so do you.
- Hey, Shannon.
- Hi, Grant.
How are you?
Remember Shannon?
- Shannon.
- Hi, how are you?
Hi, Alex.
Shannon. Hi.
- Love your tunic.
- Thank you. It's Jenny Bellane.
Nice work, Alex.
Hail the conquering hero.
Only took a year and a half.
Faster than some, right?
Faster than most,
are you kidding?
I knew her back when she had
that little shop in balboa.
Oh, my god, I was her roommate.
We lived together
for just like a month.
Listen, I told Cal
about tonight,
but he's got this deposition
tomorrow morning. Lawsuit.
I'm such a klutz on heels. I almost just
broke my ankle out there on the gravel.
- Oh, don't sue.
- I won't.
Let's get you a drink.
Hi, guys.
- Oh, not even...
- It's great.
Oh, I love succulents.
Those are my favorite.
Oh, I know. I do too.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, Evan.
Thank you.
He's also a very talented, um...
What do you call it...
Beatriz, oh, my god.
I'm so rude.
Shannon, Jeana, this is
my dear friend Beatriz.
- Oh.
- We met inside.
- Oh, good.
- Hi.
Nice to meet you.
You're so beautiful.
- Thank you.
- You all are.
Beatriz is a healer.
I am not even joking.
She is a miracle worker.
We met at the Ardendale center.
Do you guys know
the Ardendale center?
- Huh-uh.
- It's a cancer...
Well, it's everything,
but mostly cancer.
It's very food centered,
a lot of alternative therapies.
It's... it's near Santa Monica.
We went up there when Tara was
diagnosed with Hodgkin's.
- Oh, my god.
- Cancer? I had no idea.
Yeah, she had it in her thymus,
she had it in her spleen,
it was in the lining
above her diaphragm.
It was really scary.
- Sure.
- Of course.
And she was 15.
So I had to educate
myself completely,
every doctor, every drug.
And Grant is very left brain.
He's very by-the-book western,
so of course we did the whole
and Tara ended up n.E.D.
She's fine, thank god.
But after the chemo,
she had no strength.
She wasn't eating,
and I'd heard about Ardendale.
So we went down there,
and she just took to it.
She loved the food.
She loved the therapies.
And we met Beatriz.
And Beatriz and Tara
just hit it off.
I love Tara.
So then I started
using her, and Grant too,
mostly just for massages.
We're linked, you know.
I think spiritually linked.
The first time I met her,
it was like I recognized her
just by the eyes.
Recognized her as what?
Maybe my mother in another life,
or my daughter.
You have unfinished business
with someone,
and then in the next life,
they come back
in a different form.
I love psychic stuff.
Oh, I let this gypsy
steal $2,000
from me once.
It was so humiliating.
Tara is an old soul.
She cares so much
about animals and nature.
The earth needs old souls
because, you know,
it is very sick.
And the old souls must help us
find a way to heal the earth.
That's a big responsibility.
Have you guys seen
the pictures of Zoey Mars?
- Yes.
- What is that about?
Doug and I were looking at them on
the way over. We almost threw up.
Where is that girl's mother,
I wanna know.
What... what happened?
Oh, it's this reality star.
She's a...
- She has a clothing line.
- Tween singer.
And her phone got hacked, so there's
these pictures all over the Internet
that she apparently sent her
gynecologist of her vagina.
- Oh.
- Poor girl.
- She has herpes, yeah.
- It's awful.
So she has all these crusty red
inflamed sores all over her vagina.
How do they know
it's her vagina?
Because you can see
her face in the photos.
- How can you be so stupid?
- It's really sad, actually.
- I mean, she was hacked.
- Well, her career's over.
I mean, if you
see the pictures...
You wanna see the pictures?
I still have to eat.
No. No, no.
I... no.
Oh, my god.
In a way, it's kind of amazing.
Grant, honey,
I'm gonna give the girls
- a little tour.
- Sounds good.
Jesus, Doug. That one
goes in the memoirs.
It's going in the memoirs.
I'm writing a memoir.
- Bullshit, really?
- Yeah, we got a deal with random house.
Just got to get around
to writing it.
But I'm always coming up
with titles.
- You wanna hear some?
- Hell, yeah. -Of course, hit me.
Life is a game
and guess who won.
Big picture of me on the cover.
- I love it.
- Done. That's it.
And... and this is good.
You're in my way, asshole.
A memoir by Doug Strutt.
How to make a billion dollars
without going to prison
except for one time
and I was innocent and besides,
everyone else was doing it.
- That's hilarious.
- That's a best seller.
Here is the best title
for a memoir.
This can't possibly end well.
Oh, my god.
Guys, um, before dinner,
I just wanted to give
you a little heads up.
Can I get another bourbon, hon?
Oh, no, no, Doug.
This is, uh, this is Beatriz.
I'm sorry you
weren't introduced.
She's our guest.
She's staying for dinner.
Oh, okay.
You were hovering.
I just figured
you were part of the staff.
- I'll go get you a drink.
- Oh, thanks.
- Alex?
- Uh, Jack and coke.
Can I have another?
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Uh, wine?
So, where are you from?
Where are you really from?
I was born
in Tlaltecuhtli, Mexico.
On the pacific.
It was very beautiful once.
Mexico is awesome.
I love Cancun.
But now many hotels, timeshares.
A lot of crime, I think.
And where are you from?
But we have houses in...
Well, we're all over.
But where are you really from?
I was born in Oaxaca.
No, no, I was born in San Diego.
Now I've got the giggles.
Do I know you?
Oh, Doug's famous.
He's been on the news.
You know, he's a mogul.
I have opinions and because
I have money, people listen.
I don't know why,
but I think I know you.
Well, maybe.
Ever dance in Vegas?
Excuse me.
And this is Tara's room.
Oh, pretty.
Lucky girl.
- Oh!
- Aw.
That was her last summer.
Oh. Oh...
- Beautiful eyes.
- All grown up.
Yeah. And this is her
while she was in treatment.
She had to have
so many rounds of chemo.
It was awful, almost killed her.
- Seriously?
- Oh, my god.
- Yeah.
- And that's Beatriz?
During her recovery,
Beatriz was so helpful.
I'm telling you,
this woman is a Saint.
It's like birds
fly out of the sky
and land on her shoulder.
Oh, it's like snow white.
We had a baby nurse like that.
When she left,
Alex and I sobbed.
- Really? -"Oh, now we're
gonna have to get up
in the middle of the night
and hold the baby."
Kidding. We loved her.
She was like a member
of the family.
Well, Beatriz's family
had to leave their home
when she was a little girl
in Mexico,
and they were so poor that they all
had to separate from each other.
So she never really knew
her mother,
and then she was raised
by her grandmother,
and then her grandmother died,
and she was all alone.
And then she married a guy here,
and he disappeared...
- God.
- Or got killed.
Hi. I'm so sorry,
but my friend that was gonna
fix my VW cannot come
until tomorrow morning.
I don't know what to do.
- Stay here.
- I feel bad.
What? Don't you feel bad.
Don't you ever feel bad.
You can stay right here
in Tara's room.
- Are you sure?
- I insist.
Thank you, Kathy.
The only thing I ask is that
you take one of Tara's guitars
and you sing us
a song after dinner.
Beatriz has the most
incredible singing voice.
I need to call my friend
to stop at my house
and check on my dogs
and my goat.
Oh, yeah. Do that.
Thank you, Kathy.
Stop thanking me.
- Thank you for being here.
- Thank you.
Oh. So sweet.
She has a goat?
When you're ready,
we'd like to invite you
in for dinner.
Oh, great.
I'm glad this worked out.
Doug, I know you have
a busy schedule
and it's so great
that you were in town
when the good news came in
and we were all able
to gather...
Let me just say...
Did I cut you off?
- No, no, go ahead.
- I don't wanna cut off the host.
- All yours.
- Well, first,
I wanna say on behalf
of Jeana and myself,
thank you for having us
at your stunning home.
And of course, to you, Kathy
for helping make this dinner.
You did help make the dinner?
- God. Doug.
- Well, I didn't.
But I did plan the menu,
and I know that sounds easy,
but when you have OCD like I do,
you know it took me
about three weeks.
Catered food is the best food.
Kathy, in all seriousness,
you are the consummate host,
you are a knockout, and if
I wasn't on my third wife,
- I'd steal you away.
- Oh, thank you.
I would personally love
a sister wife. Trust me.
And I couldn't be more pleased
and frankly, surprised
at how smoothly
this whole process has gone,
thanks in large part
to Alex's efforts.
And Alex, if any
of those efforts
were illegal, I do not know you
nor was I even here tonight.
Neither was I.
And it's my house.
I hope that
this is the beginning
of a long partnership
between briden and rife.
And I think that we are
all gonna make
a lot of fucking money.
- Yeah.
- Cheers.
Tonight you have a choice
of two entrees.
The chef has prepared...
I would just like to say
to Kathy and Grant
thank you for having me tonight.
I know you were not
expecting me, but I love Tara.
I love your family.
And I love being in your house.
And it's an honor
to meet all of you.
Aw, so sweet, thank you.
And I would like
to give you all treatments,
free, of course,
as my way of saying thank you
- for including me tonight.
- Oh, no, Beatriz,
- you don't have to do that.
- A treatment? What do you mean?
She's a masseuse, Doug.
She gives massages.
We're getting free massages?
All of us at the same time?
Oh. You wish, you sicko.
You would have
to come to the center
in Santa Monica.
I have an office.
You have an office?
Good for you.
We have many treatments.
Rolfing, breath therapy...
I'm so sorry to interrupt.
Um, I need to take
everyone's order.
You have a choice of either the grilled
Halibut or the beef tenderloin.
- I'll have the beef.
- I'll have the beef too, please.
- Halibut please.
- Beef.
- Uh, fish for me.
- I'll have the Halibut.
And Beatriz is a vegetarian,
so if we could just put
some vegetables and rice
and salad on her plate,
that'd be great.
Thank you.
Thank you, Kathy.
That's perfect.
Rolfing, huh?
You go to school for that?
Well, when I first came to the
United States a long time ago...
Did you come legally?
- Yes.
- How'd that work?
I had family here
on my mother's side.
- When my grandmother died...
- And they're all citizens or...
God, Doug, what...
You work for the ins?
- You're grilling her.
- I'm curious.
A lot of people
come here illegally.
I was interested how she did it.
Okay. Just ignore him.
So you came here however,
who cares, and then?
I found a job
at a health food market.
I didn't speak any English,
so my job was just to clean
and lay out the fresh food.
But there was a pharmacist
there, Dr. Shibari.
And he taught me everything
about alternative medicine,
all the therapies.
He was like a father to me,
the father I wish I had.
So great to have a mentor.
Dr. Shibari was
a wonderful man.
Very wise.
He saved my life, I think,
because I always had inside me
the desire to be a healer...
Good for you. You're working.
You're contributing.
Must be very fulfilling.
Uh, just wanted to mention...
From the time I was very little,
I have these feelings.
I remember
I was maybe six years old.
My father was a fisherman,
and he took me
to the sea to fish.
We were on this
little pier, you know,
and he pulled up
an octopus,
a big, beautiful white,
very white octopus.
I had never seen
anything like that.
And my father
starts kicking the octopus.
He kicked it down that pier
like if it was a football.
He was stomping on it
like a crazy man.
And then he starts
kicking it towards me.
Then he said to me,
"Beatriz, kill it."
I looked down at the octopus
and I touched it.
And this shock
went through my whole body.
I could feel the pain of
this octopus.
It was electric.
- You're very sensitive.
- Maybe it was an electric eel.
When I'm on the table, she can sense
exactly where I'm storing my stress.
- It's usually in my...
- Have you ever seen a white octopus?
- I store mine there too, but I walk like...
- Yes, terrifying.
He forced me to go scuba diving.
I was fucking out of there.
I had a panic attack.
- Fuses to the bone.
- Really? That sucks.
- Yeah. Yeah, I know.
- This looks great.
Oh, my god.
I'm so excited.
For those of you with the beef,
it's a tenderloin
with a garlic horseradish cream,
and the fish is
a grilled Alaskan Halibut
with a lemon-dill vinaigrette.
- Thank you, Evan.
- Mm! So tasty.
So just a heads up,
got word at the end of the day
that the NRDC's gonna be filing
a suit against the bill.
Of course they are.
Fuck them. That's why we need
to break ground immediately.
Just get going Monday morning.
We're on it, Doug.
We're on the same page.
Because until a judge
issues an injunction,
it is completely
within our rights
to start clearing the land.
For sure.
It's just they found
some nests of
a few protected birds.
- Move them.
- That's what we'll have to do.
And obviously, you know,
there's still a lot
of permitting
'cause the county
and the state are dragging...
The permitting is
for the construction, okay?
We can still clear the land.
Right, yes, true.
And if we wait to clear,
there could be hiccups.
I've been down this road before.
Once you've cleared the land,
there's nothing left to protect.
There's nothing to protest.
There's nothing to fight about.
Hundred percent.
I agree.
Jackie in my office
also did mention
there's talk online
of a few activists,
super marginal players,
who, you know,
may be handcuffing
themselves to the fences
- outside the work site.
- I've had worse.
- So have we.
- Once, we built a hotel
in Panama,
and some locals blew up
one of our trucks
with a fucking bomb.
So, you know, bring it on.
The most important thing
is to start.
We start.
And once we start,
we have the momentum.
This is why I love
working with you.
No canvassing.
Usually there are
so many meetings
and hand-wringing.
Benefit of a privately owned
company, pal.
It's the history of progress.
- One man's will.
- What is this man's name?
- Doug.
- Doug what?
- It's me and my will.
- Strutt.
- How do you spell it?
- Hmm?
Shannon could really use you
on one of her projects.
That's right.
I'm project director
on a refinery
we're building in France.
I mean, talk about bureaucracy.
- Excuse me.
- France is like a third-world country.
You can't get
anything done there.
I hate France, hate the French.
The wife, mother-in-law,
two aunts, one of them lived
even though the bullet went in
her skull and came out her jaw.
This was three blocks
from our house.
Yeah, we used to see
them at Starbucks.
I mean, what is going on?
- People are fucking nuts.
- People are insane.
So, Doug, you build hotels?
Yeah, I don't build them, no.
He builds things.
I just own them.
You own hotels?
Have you ever owned
any in Mexico?
Yeah, a few.
Did you have one
in Tlaltecuhtli?
- Tlalte... what?
- Tlaltecuhtli.
- Tlaltecuhtli.
- Tlaltecuhtli.
I don't know. I don't
even know where that is.
In Guerrero, north of Acapulco.
I partner on a hotel in Cancun
and one in San Miguel.
This was a resort
with a golf course.
It closed.
It was only open for a year.
Mine don't close.
Oh, this tenderloin was amazing.
So is the fish.
So buttery. Flaky.
I'm so glad.
This hotel destroyed
my whole town.
The Mexican government
told the people
that they were gonna
have many jobs
at the hotel,
that there would be work.
They were very excited at first,
but then they took
their land illegally.
All these people
had to leave their homes
with nothing and nowhere to go.
My family too.
- Oh, no.
- There were protests.
A lot of people were killed
by the Mexican police.
Assassinated. It's a fact.
Shit. Jesus.
They dug up all the canals,
cut away the mangrove trees.
It was an American hotel.
I can't remember the name.
- Hyatt? Hilton? Sheridan?
- It was 40 years ago.
- Four seasons?
- I'm old, sweetheart. I'm not that old.
When I first saw you,
I thought I knew
you from somewhere.
And then you started speaking about
people protesting your hotel.
It's not a hotel.
It's a shopping center.
And no one's getting kicked out
of their homes
except maybe a few birds.
Honey, why don't we eat
our dessert
- in the living room?
- Yes. Great.
Let's all stretch our legs.
Doug, I'm sorry if I...
Just know that I'm happy
for your project.
- Thanks, hon.
- No, really.
You're warm.
Hey, this is my lucky day.
Oh, your neck,
there's a lot of tension
on your neck.
She's a miracle worker, Doug.
That was great.
Chocolate and raspberry,
the absolute best.
- It's so creamy.
- Isn't it?
Beatriz, I think
we have some sorbet.
Can you check to see if we have
some sorbet for Beatriz?
I think we have
a pineapple or a mango.
- How are your sons, Doug?
- Oh, they're great.
Jack has his fun.
He's just raking it in,
hand over fist.
He's gonna be richer
than all of us.
I got to say,
I get almost jealous
when I see how easy it is
for these guys from banking
to just pull these pots
of gold out of thin air.
I know. It's sick, right?
For me, way more satisfying,
what I do.
Yeah, it's not always easy.
- Every step is a slog.
- The struggle is real.
But you're building something.
It's not all transactional.
You're changing the dynamics
of things, real things.
You get a vision
of a place in your head,
and then, poof, it exists.
- You're writing history.
- Totally agree.
And Calvin's working with me
at rife, and he's a natural.
We got exactly
the same instincts.
That's so neat, Doug.
And when I hang it up,
whenever that day comes,
I have no doubt that he will
carry on the dynasty.
I don't see you handing over
the reins any time soon.
Out of my cold,
dead hands, right?
And they both have
families and grandkids.
Everyone gets along with Jeana.
- I mean, mostly.
- Uh-oh.
No, we do. The big issue
is where we're gonna
spend the holidays.
Jack and Britney
are in Connecticut,
and they have their house
in St. Barth's.
And Calvin's here, and he
has his place in Cabo,
and we're here and we
have this place we love
- on the big island.
- War of the beach houses.
- Yeah, we always lose.
- Jack's wife is not easy.
We try to go away every summer.
It's just so hot now everywhere.
- And crowded. Ugh.
- The best weather's right here.
That's what I keep saying
to Kathy. Why leave?
Actually, we're going to South
Africa in a couple of days.
- It's gonna be 115 degrees.
- Oh, what's happening there?
- South Africa?
- For a safari.
- Oh, amazing.
- Oh, cool.
- I wanna go.
- You should come.
No, seriously, come.
I'm gonna be by myself all day
stuck at the lodge
with little kids and Britney.
- Unfortunately, I work.
- Where's Doug gonna be?
Oh, he'll be gone all day
with Jack and Calvin hunting.
- Hunting? Shit.
- Yeah. It's Africa, right?
- What are you hunting?
- -Oh, don't go into it.
- You brought it up.
- Okay.
Well, it's true
what they say, those animals
would basically be gone
if it wasn't for the hunting
because it's very important
to the economy.
It keeps the parks going.
I have had all the rushes
there are, every one.
I've been to the buffet of life.
I've tasted everything
and I'm telling you,
being in Africa, okay?
Where all the species
everyone, including us.
Going out into the wild
when it's still dark
and it's quiet except
for these strange,
prehistoric sounds,
and waiting for some beast
to emerge out of the bush.
There's no bigger rush.
Hmm. I bet.
There's no better high, not...
Not sex, not drugs,
not money,
and facing that creature down,
and looking in its eyes
and taking it.
I don't consider it murder.
I don't.
It is a killing, obviously,
but it's just this deep,
primal thing.
It's like this original dance
of man and beast,
man and nature,
the struggle for survival.
It's very pure.
Not to get too airy-fairy.
Yeah. I just can't
imagine doing it myself.
What kind of beast?
- Huh?
- What... what are you hunting this time?
- Let's just say big game.
- Well, come on, tell us.
No. Let's not get into it.
Some people can't handle it.
Let me just show you a picture
from our last trip.
- Oh, god.
- Hang on. Hang on. Where is it here?
Here. There you go.
Wow. You shot that?
Holy fuck.
That thing is massive.
Yeah. Maybe ten yards
from me, too.
Don't look at that, Kathy.
I'm not going to.
Oh, my god.
Cost me a fortune for that one.
Almost didn't get it, either.
Yeah. We knew
it was out there,
but it took us
about ten hours to find it.
Hunting is all about Patience.
We had to stalk it for, like,
all day, and suddenly,
out of nowhere, we came on it.
Jack spotted it in a clearing.
Now those rhinos can run,
trust me.
They can move,
and they're dangerous.
Not as dangerous as hippos.
We got one of them, too.
We did find some sorbet.
Mix here of pineapple,
passion fruit, and guava.
Are you for real?
This is disgusting.
You... you killed this thing?
Hey, hey, what?
What is wrong with you?
Beatriz, calm down.
You think it's funny?
I don't think it's funny.
I think it's fucking sick.
I told you. Most people
can't handle it.
- Doug, I'm... I'm so sorry, man.
- I'm so sorry.
She's had a really hard week.
I don't know what to say.
It's fine.
Not everyone is like me.
And thank god, right?
I'm just glad
she didn't break my phone.
- Is it broken?
- It does have a little crack, actually.
Oh, well, we will replace
that, Doug, please.
- Absolutely.
- It's fine.
Does she get out much?
Where is she?
- Should I offer coffee?
- No. Not yet.
Let them keep drinking.
Oh, my god.
I'm so sorry, Kathy.
- Yeah. I don't...
- I saw it and I don't know,
- I just flipped out.
- I get it. I just...
You were so nice to let me stay.
I never drink. I think
I had three glasses.
I've just been very emotional.
I think you're just burned out.
That's what it is.
You're burned out.
It's hard what you do.
One of my patients,
he's only 16.
He's gonna die, Kathy,
and there's nothing I can do.
It's horrible.
And then Jeronimo.
I know. Aw.
I'm so embarrassed.
Do you think I should
go say something?
I think maybe, honestly,
you should just go to bed.
Just go to Tara's room, okay?
It's fine.
It didn't bother him.
He's a tough guy.
That beautiful rhinoceros,
Kathy. Why?
Don't think about it.
I'm so sorry
I ruined your party.
I will take you
and Grant for dinner.
- No.
- I'll cook.
- No. Don't worry about it.
- Free treatments.
Please, just let me give you free
treatments for the rest of your life.
I have to get back
to the group, though.
Yes, of course.
Go up to Tara's room.
Go to bed. I'll see
you in the morning.
- Thank you for everything.
- Okay.
I never should drink like that.
- I love you, Kathy.
- Aw. Good night.
But I think what you're
saying is true, Doug.
You don't really know people when
they work for you. You don't.
Well, of course. I mean,
everybody kisses your ass.
Everyone's nice to the boss.
I actually think
you only know people
when they do work for you.
That's when you see their ego,
needs, insecurities,
authority issues.
- Yes, preach, totally.
- It's... it's...
Buena noches.
I thought you went to bed.
I remember, Kathy, you asked me
to sing a song after dinner.
Oh, yeah, but that's
not necessary now, Beatriz.
I feel I should.
Well, we're just
enjoying the stars
and the sounds
of the night, so...
I feel bad about
what happened earlier.
I lost my manners.
I'm sorry.
It happens.
Don't tear your hair out.
Oh, god, Doug loses
his manners all the time.
Don't give it two thoughts.
Every time I go out with him
he embarrasses me.
Well, you're well compensated.
See? He's rude.
He can't help it.
Do you know "Las simples cosas"?
This song talks about
how we always wanna go back
to the places
where we loved life,
but the old, simple things
are now gone.
That was very nice.
- Very nice.
- Oh, that was lovely.
Muchas gracias.
- De Nada.
- Ay, chihuahua.
Okay, you're...
You're done.
- Sorry.
- Thank you very much.
Oh, it is so nice out here.
Oh, we feel so lucky.
Except we bought
at the height of the market.
Other than that, we feel lucky.
Well, you can't
take it with you.
More wine?
Oh, yes, please.
Doug, you really are famous.
I was just searching you on the
Internet, and you're famous.
Nah, famous?
I don't know, I'm known.
You gave a great Ted talk, Doug.
We watched that the other night.
For a moment, I thought
you were a different man,
the man that bought
the land in Tlaltecuhtli.
For a minute,
I freaked out, you know?
Really, because I have to say
if you had been that man,
I would've thought that fate
brought us together.
- For what?
- I don't know.
Revenge, maybe?
I should kill you or something?
But you're not that man.
You're another man.
Many men do what I do.
One man, many men.
So you believe in fate, huh?
- Yes.
- So do I.
I think we all have
a destiny to manifest.
And if we don't,
it hurts the soul.
If the brass ring is there,
there's a reason.
And if we don't grab it, we...
We regret it for the rest
of our lives.
- I think that's right.
- Word.
I always felt that my fate
was to heal people.
And that's what
I've tried to do.
But there's so many sick people.
Every day, more come.
They have cancer,
they are dying.
It's like a war,
and I'm just a nurse
in the middle of a battlefield.
It's too much.
I'm tired.
But hasn't cancer
gotten more treatable?
It has. Just look at Tara.
A good time to have cancer.
Doug, you think killing
is hard, huh?
You wait in the bushes,
the animal might outrun you
or charge you.
It's not easy
to get your shot, hm?
Try healing something.
That is hard.
That requires Patience.
You can break something
in two seconds.
But it can take forever
to fix it,
a lifetime, generations.
That's why we have to be careful
on this earth, and gentle.
Sounds like you have
a pretty tough job.
Yes, and there are moments
where I think...
Instead of trying to heal
all these people...
It'd be better just to find
the source of all the suffering.
Destroy the source, you know?
What's the source?
What, you think I'm the source?
She doesn't think that.
I think she does.
You give me too much credit.
What I think is all your pleasures
are built on other's pain.
- Oh, that's bullshit.
- No.
Look, I'm a big boy, okay?
Listen, honey, I think you have
a great depth of feeling
that you project onto the world.
But to be honest, the world
doesn't need your feelings.
It needs jobs, it needs money,
it needs what I do.
The world doesn't
need you. No.
The world has
more than enough of it.
Doug is a great philanthropist.
Shut up, Kathy.
There is another type of cancer
that is killing
this earth, Doug.
The world is dying.
You do see that.
Or are you blind?
The problem is there's
just too many people.
That's the problem, there's
just way too many people.
You think that you can hide
up here behind this gate,
and that everything
is gonna be all right?
No, it's coming for you.
What the fuck is going on here?
- Okay, that's enough.
- Uh-hmm.
It will touch you.
You're done.
Come on.
I don't think she's a fan, Doug.
I hope it will touch me
in my private parts.
What the fuck
was that? Huh?
My relationship with that guy
paid for this house.
What were you thinking?
Why would you do that to Kathy?
She treats you
like her fucking friend.
I'm calling a tow truck.
They will tow you
back to Altadena.
You're going tonight.
Don't ruin it by being
a weird drunk, okay?
Stop it.
I mean, it's not like
we're beheading people
or blowing up babies,
it's so awkward.
Well, that was different.
I'm sorry about that, everyone.
What happened?
- She's going home, don't worry about it.
- But how?
- I took care of it, okay?
- Okay.
Bien, Muchas gracias.
You're leaving?
I think it's best.
I wanted to give you some money.
Just take it.
It's gonna be so expensive
for you to get your car
towed back to Altadena.
I don't want your money.
Well, I don't know.
I kind of feel like
I don't even know you.
You don't know me.
Well, I'm sorry this happened.
I'm gonna go back.
Well, where's the candle?
It's right here.
- That whole thing's a candle?
- Yeah. Yeah.
Now just let it get
a little hot.
I think you got
to light all the...
Oh, my god, Grant.
You know he's a pyromaniac.
Every time I turn around,
he's lighting something on fire.
- You wanna flip it?
- Yeah, let's flip it over.
Okay. Here we go.
- All right. Here we go.
This is Cal.
He's got that deposition.
- I'm gonna take this in the house.
- Okay.
- Well, we just hold it?
- Yeah.
Jeana, would you like
to let it go?
Oh, okay. Hold that?
Now, make a wish because
it's a wishing lantern.
Okay. If I set everything on
fire, will it still come true?
Oh, I know.
Should we be doing this?
Yeah, technically,
it's not a firework.
Well, if you burn down the canyon,
you're still going to jail.
Alex is a lawyer.
He'll get you off.
Well, we would
have had so much fun.
I got you, man.
You're good.
Okay. All right.
Let go.
Whoa, oh!
See that?
That is beautiful.
Isn't it amazing?
- Wow.
- -Look at that.
I think you should give
him all your emails to her.
Yeah all...
All your correspondence.
Yes, because she's
most likely gonna enter them
all as evidence anyway and...
And he needs to know
what he's up against.
He's your lawyer.
He's working for you.
You should have done this
eight months ago.
Okay. Okay.
Talk to him,
then just call me back.
I'm... still at this dinner,
so make it fast.
Yeah... yeah. Bye.
No "good nights"?
How many years
until we're both dead?
Twenty years, thirty years?
We're dying.
Humans are dying.
The elephants are dying.
Bees are dying.
The world is dying.
What are you gonna do?
Accept it and enjoy yourself.
You should try
to enjoy yourself.
It's not all so sad, is it?
I know I know you.
You have everything?
You ready?
I forgot one thing.
Let's do it in the morning.
I got to get home.
I'm tired and I got...
Uhh! God.
Ohh, fuck!
All tears flow
from the same source.
What happened? Doug?
Doug? Doug?
- Oh, my god.
- Doug.
Oh, my god. Oh, my god.
- What happened?
- Grant!
- Yeah.
- Beatriz, what happened?
- What did you do?
Oh, god!
Why? Why?
- Beatriz, what happened?
- What did you do?
Well, let's do it
in the morning.
I'm tired and I got
other shit going on.
You okay?
That man killed my goat.
Pull over.
Pull over, please, right there.
Where are you going?
Can someone help me hold this?
Let them go at the same time.
Make a wish.
Everybody on three, one...
- Alex?
- What?
We're supposed to let
them go at the same time.