Beau Geste (1939) Movie Script

Where are all your Touaregs and the
battle, murder, and sudden death?
You know the Arabs always
carry off their own dead, Major.
Wake them up in there!
Yes, sir.
The lookout tower
is empty.
The place is probably bulging
with Touaregs, sir.
No, I don't think so.
I'm gonna take
a closer look.
Attack if I'm
fired on again.
Yes, sir.
Major Beaujolais with a
relief column from Fort Tokotu.
Call your officer and tell...
Give me your rope.
I'm going over the wall.
Attack if you don't hear
from me in 10 minutes.
May I ask
a question, sir?
They're all dead.
Dead, sir?
Exactly. Dead.
It may be a trap, Major.
Let me go.
You are too important.
May I go, sir?
Go over the wall
and open the gates.
Keep your eyes open!
What about
those 2 shots, sir?
I can ask the questions
myself, Dufour.
It shouldn't have
taken him this long.
No, sir.
I'm going over myself.
I'll tear the place down if
you're not out in 5 minutes.
All right.
Answer me!
I'm glad
to see you, sir.
Come here.
Not a soul alive
in the place.
No sign of an enemy?
No, sir.
They're dead.
Yes, sir.
Where's the bugler?
Look for him if you want to.
I have.
No thanks, sir.
Up here is a young man
who died peacefully.
Beside him is a sergeant
with a French bayonet
through his heart.
Where, sir?
Never mind.
I have several questions
I'd like to ask, sir.
I have a few myself.
We'll camp
in the oasis tonight.
Tomorrow, I'll get
to the bottom of this
if I have to take a trip
to the next world.
Fall back
on the oasis.
Break ranks
and fall back to the oasis!
Dufour, I want 2 men to go back
to Fort Tokotu for reinforcements.
Right, sir.
We'll go, sir.
Now, one of you
must get through.
Split up when you get
in the desert.
Have Lt. St. Andre bring his
mounted Senegalese as fast as he can.
Yes, sir.
Cease firing!
Cease firing!
Cease firing.
Look, Major!
There goes the evidence.
Of what, sir?
I don't know.
Dufour, how am I gonna
make a report about this?
If I say exactly
what's happened,
they'll say I'm mad
at Headquarters.
I think this
is a silly game!
For that remark,
Ghastly Gussie,
you are reduced from captain
to a common seaman!
How much longer do I have to
be a common seaman, Admiral?
Well, it takes time
to work up.
You know, Digby,
John's a good worker
for a common seaman.
It, uh, it wouldn't be a
good idea to promote him.
That's right, Beau.
He might stop working.
I knew something
would happen.
Are you hit?
Y-Yes, sir.
Well, come ashore.
And bring the ships.
Are you hurt much?
Yeah. No.
Are you all right?
Now be careful.
It hit pretty hard.
Don't bump that leg.
Here we are.
Lie down...
...and we'll examine
the wound.
Do you... Do you want
to bite on a bullet?
That's what they
always do in books.
Will... will I get
promoted if I do?
If you don't shout.
l... I won't shout.
I'm ready,
Sit on him.
Yes, sir.
Wait till Aunt Patricia
hears about this.
There it is.
Bandage him, Isobel.
Look, Digby.
Oh, that must
have hurt going in.
Not half as much
as it did coming out!
You're very brave.
Oh, no, I'm not.
I just wanted
to be promoted.
I'm proud of you, John.
You'll be knighted
and given a Viking's funeral.
No! Really, Beau?
l... I mean, Admiral?
I dub you
Sir John Geste, Knight.
Rise, Sir Knight.
Get a ship ready, Captain.
Right, sir.
Sir John Geste.
Wait a minute.
A Viking always has to be
buried with a dog at his feet.
There's one on the table
in the study.
I'll go and get it.
Isobel, I think
this is awfully silly.
I never speak
to common sailors.
John, l...
Sir John!
Sir John, I think you're as
silly as the rest of them.
Here it is.
Ah. Very good, Captain.
Put it at Sir John's feet,
light the fire and cast off.
Yes, sir.
Hats off!
blow the last post.
Are you crying
because you're proud
or because you're wounded?
Because I'm proud!
There, that's what I want
when my turn comes.
I'd give anything to have a Viking's
funeral, with a dog at my feet
and the last post
blown for me.
If it weren't
too much trouble.
Beau, it isn't
too much trouble.
I'll give you one
whenever you like.
Here comes Aunt Patricia.
Wait till
she hears about John's leg.
Sir John.
And you keep your mouth shut.
Children. I want to introduce
you to an old friend of mine.
Captain Henri de Beaujolais.
this is Michael Geste.
How do you do, sir?
And Digby.
How do you do, sir?
And John,
the youngest brother.
How do you do, sir?
And this is
Isobel Rivers, my ward.
And Augustus Brandon,
Sir Hector's nephew.
How do you do, sir?
Aunt Patricia, John got
a bullet in his leg
and Beau took it out
with a penknife!
Oh, John!
It's... it's nothing,
Aunt Patricia.
It... it didn't even hurt.
Let me see, John.
An excellent job
of surgery!
We couldn't do better than
that in the Foreign Legion.
Which is Beau?
Oh, I am, sir.
You have
a very steady hand.
Well, I'm very glad
to have met you all.
As soon as I get
old enough,
I'm going to join
the Foreign Legion.
That's exactly
what I was thinking.
Me, too.
But of course, we'd have
to leave Aunt Patricia.
That's right.
Oh, I suppose
we'll have to give it up.
She'll always need some
men around to protect her.
I like your family,
Especially the Gestes?
Yes. Why do you ask?
Everybody does.
Who are they?
Three young gentlemen
of fortune that I've adopted.
And Augustus is Sir
Hector's heir, I suppose?
Mmm-hmm. If Sir Hector leaves
him anything to inherit.
Has he really managed
to go through everything?
Only the sapphire is left.
I'm sorry, Patricia.
Oh, I don't mind for myself.
It's the children.
I want to raise them and
give them a chance in life.
I'm a little desperate
about that.
And I suppose Sir Hector
will be a little desperate
the next time
he comes home?
Mmm. He has to be
desperate to come home.
before I go,
may I see this fabulous
sapphire of Sir Hector's?
I've been hearing about it
clear across the world.
Of course.
You know, I read this
in a book somewhere.
Do you mean to tell me in the Foreign
Legion they read adventure stories?
This gets
better and better.
This is called
the Priests' Refuge.
In Oliver Cromwell's time,
the Brandons used
to hide them here.
Takes your breath away.
That's the great-great-
grandfather of all sapphires.
It's the one thing
Sir Hector really loves.
Everything else he has but the
estate has been gambled away.
Hasn't it a history?
Isn't it supposed to bring
bad luck to its owners?
Bad luck? Do you think you could
ever make any Brandon believe
there was bad luck
in having 30,000 pounds?
Well, we're not
going to get out today.
Let's play something
in the house.
What could we play,
We could play King Arthur and
his Knights of the Round Table.
How do you play that?
Well, I'm
King Arthur.
First, you put me
in this suit of armor...
Aunt Pat
wouldn't like that.
I'll take the blame
if she finds out.
you're Sir Lancelot.
John, you're Sir Gawaine.
Isobel is Queen Guinevere.
And, Gussie,
you can be Sir Mordred.
Who's Sir Mordred?
He's the knight
who betrayed King Arthur.
Oh, I like that.
Digby, John, and Gussie will
have to get swords and helmets.
Now, help me into this
suit of armor before you go.
Can you manage?
l... I think so.
Oh! Oh.
We'll be back
in a minute, Sire.
Can you breathe
all right?
Fairly well.
Go, my people!
That will be all,
Ram Singh.
Aunt Pat!
Well, there goes
our king.
Thank you,
Ram Singh.
Beau, Beau,
are you all right?
Yes. Help me out.
What was that man with the
towel on his head doing here?
I don't know.
You were close enough
to hear what he was saying.
Oh, I suppose
I'll have to tell you.
He was from the Arabs.
He wanted me to fight on their
side against the Foreign Legion.
And... and he asked
Aunt Pat if I could go.
What did Aunt Pat say?
Well... well, no.
It sounds like a big lie
to me, John.
Just a moment, Digby.
Are you doubting
the word of King Arthur?
Why, no, Sire.
Are you, John?
I didn't say
a word, Sire.
Excuse me.
I hope I'm not intruding.
Oh, no, Aunt Pat.
We were just...
Please go on, Isobel.
May I?
Aren't you a little old for
those childish games, Beau?
Aren't you a little young for
those grown-up cigars, Gussie?
Is he still there?
Yes. Don't make
so much noise.
What's the difference? He
knows we're after him now.
All right.
Then let's get to work.
Let's not act hastily.
This requires
some preparation.
All we need to do
is move the couch.
He'll move fast.
We gotta watch out for him.
Well, one of us
on each side.
And have him walk out
right between us?
I can see you haven't done much
of this sort of thing, Digby.
Now, you move the couch
and I'll cover the ground.
The minute he shows his head,
I'll be on him like a tiger.
Now look, I flushed him,
I stood watch while
you armed yourself.
It's up to you
to move the couch.
Sorry, old boy,
I don't see it your way.
Well, then we'll need a
third party to move the couch
while we do the dirty work.
No, he's too busy.
We can't disturb him.
What's more important
than this?
When you get a little older
you'll realize. Love.
You mean he's in love
with Isobel?
Horribly. Worst case
I've ever seen.
Well, he has
my blessing.
Here he comes!
Cute little fellow,
isn't he?
Probably been here
for years.
Has a family, too,
I suppose.
Well, go ahead, Beau.
After all, it's your room.
It must be your mouse.
Digby, we can't go down
and face all the others
with blood all over
our hands, can we?
Remind me tonight to bring
him up some cheese, will you?
Did you have fun?
Think of him
behind that couch.
Same form of rodent.
Thank you.
The Gestes are
such witty fellows
to themselves.
If I could only...
Don't argue with
the heir, Digby.
Thank you.
A telegram.
First one in 5 years.
Who's it for,
Her Ladyship, sir.
I wonder if anything's
happened to Sir Hector.
Now, please don't start
reciting the will, Gussie,
until we find out
Telegram, Madam.
Oh, thank you,
Sir Hector is well,
I trust?
Quite well, Augustus.
And we are going to have
a visit from him.
That's splendid.
I don't understand.
He never comes home
this time of year.
Only because he's
never needed money
at this time of the year
before, Augustus.
Well, I don't see what more he
expects to get out of the estate.
You forget the Blue Water.
Why, he wouldn't sell the
Blue Water, would he, Aunt Pat?
I'm afraid that's
what he intends doing.
Why, there wouldn't be
anything left!
Excuse me.
Aunt Pat,
would you show us
the Blue Water before you go?
We may not get
another chance to see it.
Very well. Burdon.
Yes, Madam?
Will you come to the Priests'
Refuge with me, please?
And bring a candle.
Yes, Madam.
Well, why are we
all so glum?
Selling the Blue Water isn't
the end of everything, is it?
It is for Gussie.
Poor Aunt Pat.
She probably doesn't mind
losing the Blue Water.
It's having Sir Hector
around again.
Well, that's a splendid way
to talk about your benefactor.
Where would you be
if it weren't for him?
I don't know, Ghastly,
but not with you, at any rate.
We couldn't quietly arrange
to dispose of Sir Hector
in some way before
he gets home, could we?
Oh, nothing gory,
of course.
Thank you,
It looks like a piece of sky
that had become solid,
with sunlight
imprisoned in it.
Cold sunlight.
Cold as the unhappiness
it has brought so many people.
Well, must have blown a fuse.
Isobel, you're the closest.
Try the switch.
So somebody
turned them off.
Another Geste joke?
It's... It's gone!
Why... why,
it's impossible!
Somebody in this room
took it.
Now, don't be any more of an
ass than you can help, Ghastly.
There's no one in this
room but the family. Well?
It seems there's
someone here
with a sense of humor
all his own.
Your joke, Augustus?
Me? No, Aunt, really.
l... I swear it.
You, John?
No, Aunt Pat.
Positively not.
I didn't take the Blue Water.
Surely not...
Oh, no, Aunt.
I'm very much afraid
someone is lying.
Put it back, John.
I said
I didn't take it.
Suppose you put it back.
Suppose you do.
Whatever the humor
of the joke,
it's rather bad taste
to prolong it.
I think
we're agreed on that.
Perhaps our humorist
wouldn't mind
returning the Blue Water
the way he got it,
in the darkness.
Turn off the lights,
Turn them on, Isobel.
I was trying to catch the thief. So was I.
Whoever took the Blue Water
has had his chance.
I don't want a scandal
in Brandon Abbas.
I will leave the box
on the table until morning.
If the Blue Water
is not back by then,
of course, I shall have
to call the police.
Good night.
Have we
a magician here?
Or is Brandon Abbas
there's Augustus.
What about you?
Please don't quarrel.
Somebody's just joking.
You don't joke
about 30,000 pounds.
But this is dreadful.
It's got to be a joke.
You go to bed, Isobel.
We know it wasn't you.
I hate to do this,
but it's necessary.
Now, then, n-n-n-now,
wait a minute!
Now... now, wait a minute!
Wait a minute! l... I...
Wouldn't it be wonderful
if he really did have it?
Be sure and look
in his mouth, Digby.
You know, I'm really very sorry
you didn't have it on you, Ghastly.
I wish I could search you.
I'd wager I'd find
the Blue Water.
And if one of you is to blame,
then all of you are
because you always
stick together.
Well, what's
the next step?
We all search
each other?
No, if I have
a brother who's a thief,
I'd rather not know
about it
till he sends me
my share of the loot.
Let's go to bed.
Quite an evening.
didn't do it.
Burdon didn't.
You searched him,
didn't you?
Well, there's
just us left.
Well, I didn't
take the thing.
Neither did I.
It'll probably be back in
its little box in the morning.
Get some sleep.
Good night.
Good night.
What are you doing?
Searching the room.
I thought Gussie might have
hidden it somewhere
when the lights
were out.
We needn't bother
any more.
Read this.
When did you get it?
It was under my door
when I woke up this morning.
He must have left it
in the night.
Where do you think
he went?
Where would you go if you
wanted to disappear completely
and still have
some excitement?
Foreign Legion.
So would Beau.
Pardon me, Mr. John,
but, uh, Mr. Digby
left me this note
to deliver to you
at 9:00, sir.
Thank you, Burdon.
Yes, sir.
Beau left a note
for Digby last night
and now Digby
has left a note for me.
"Dear John:
"It wasn't Beau,
but me.
"Love to Isobel,
"a sneer to Gussie,
and a command to you.
"Grow up to be a credit
to those two criminals,
Beau and Digby."
Why did they
run away?
Beau did it to shield
Digby and me.
Digby wouldn't let him
take the blame alone.
I should have known what Digby
was going to do last night.
What are you
going to do?
Don't you know?
I think at least one of the
Gestes ought to kiss you goodbye.
I've been in love with you
for a very long time.
I just didn't know
how to say it.
Now that I do know,
It's too late.
It's not too late.
But I couldn't ask you
to wait for me.
Yes, you could.
Goodbye, Isobel.
John, may I ask you a silly
question, just once and for all?
I know the answer,
but I want
to hear you say it.
All right.
Did you take
the Blue Water?
If I'd have stolen anything
from Brandon Abbas,
it would have been you.
Right face!
Company, attention!
Present arms!
Show me your hands.
Turn them over.
Never have done a day's
work in your life, have you?
Yes, sir.
I'll manicure those
before we're through.
You'll do
to carry water.
You're not big enough
to be a soldier.
You think I'm big enough
to be a soldier, Sarge?
Shut up!
A countryman of mine.
So you decided to re-enlist, eh, Rasinoff?
Yes, Sergeant.
You must be as big a fool
as you are a thief.
Discipline makes
the strength of armies.
It is necessary that superiors
obtain from their subordinates
immediate obedience
without murmuring.
Discipline will be firm,
but it will also be fatherly.
Officers must use psychology
in dealing with men.
Any questions
about the regulations?
I am Sgt. Markoff.
I make soldiers
out of scum like you
and I don't do it gently.
You're the sloppiest looking
lot I've ever seen.
It's up to me
to prevent you
from becoming a disgrace
to the Regiment.
And I will prevent that
if I have to kill
half of you with work.
But the half that lives
will be soldiers.
I promise you.
Corporal, take them
to the barracks.
Yes, Sergeant.
Left face!
Follow me!
Forward march!
I just witnessed that little
exhibition of yours, Markoff.
I don't like it!
You have to be strict
with scum like that, sir.
They're men!
They have their rights,
with the regulations.
I'll keep within
the regulations, sir.
You're a good
soldier, Markoff,
but I doubt if you're
a good sergeant.
If you're not, you won't
last long in the Legion.
Watch your step,
or I'll break you.
That's all.
Is this Markoff gonna be
our sergeant from now on?
He's a madman.
He was expelled from the Siberian
penal colonies for cruelty.
Then he entered the Legion
and rose from the ranks.
Enter the
third robber.
Beau! Dig!
How are you?
I'm glad to see you.
You confounded nuisance!
You wouldn't do
anything original
like staying
at home, would you?
Not without my older
brothers to take care of me.
Why couldn't you join the
Royal Northwest Mounted Police?
We just ran out so we wouldn't
have you on our hands anymore.
You mean you ran out on me
and left me to face the police.
Well, have it
your own way.
We're stuck with you
for five years now.
Say, how's everybody
at home?
Well, but not happy.
Oh, that's too bad.
Say, wouldn't it be horrible
if Ghastly Gussie
should suddenly
appear here, too?
Ooh, horrible!
the Three Musketeers.
One for all,
and all for nothing.
Ahem, ahem, ahem.
Oh, excuse me,
two of my friends,
Mr. McMonigal
and Mr. Miller.
My brothers,
Beau and Digby.
How do you do?
Glad to meet you.
And... and
I am Rasinoff.
He was Rasinoff! You know,
he hasn't been the same
since he found out your
brother could buy a drink.
Well, I guess this calls
for a drink on me.
Will you join us?
Don't be foolish!
May... may I
accompany you?
If you insist.
Well, I insist.
"For France
beneath Sahara's sky"
"For France,
no matter whether"
"we live or we die"
"Noble birth"
"Or beggars of the earth"
"Men of disgrace
and of glory"
"Low or great,
we share an equal fate"
"No Legionnaire
tells his story"
"For France"
Sounds worse
than a battle.
And they fight it
every night.
Wait till
Hank joins in.
It'll sound
like a massacre.
Aw, you just give me a couple
of nights to get tuned up.
Listen, Beau.
We can't talk in here.
We can't even sleep.
Then let's take our blankets
and sleep outside.
Think we'll get picked up
by the guard?
Let's humor the child.
This is no place for
high-class jewel thieves.
Good night,
Ain't you gonna stay
for the concert?
we've got to draw
the line someplace
and you ain't gonna
sleep next to us.
Did you hear what the one called John said?
Get that man
out of our boudoir.
They're jewel thieves!
Well, what'd you expect to
meet in the Legion, bankers?
Good night.
Good night.
Well, isn't anybody
going to say a word?
You young pup, we're both so
disgusted with you we're speechless.
I'm no worse
than either of you.
There's something
in what he says, Beau.
I insist I'm worse
than he is,
he didn't steal
the Blue Water.
Neither did you.
No, as a matter of fact,
I've got it.
I'll be frank with you,
I've got it.
I intend to sell it for 30,000
pounds sometime in the future
and live a life
of ease in Paris,
surrounded by whiskey,
ladies and laughter.
Well, that's funny.
I'm going to sell it
and go to Paris, too.
Only I don't
want any laughter.
One thing I counted on was my younger
brother leading an upright life
while I spent my
ill-gotten gains.
Yes, I was
counting on him, too.
If you don't
mind my saying so,
the great sapphire
is in my possession.
And as soon as I can
arrange to sell it,
I'm going to the South Seas,
buy a plantation
and start trading in copra.
He puts us both to shame,
doesn't he, Beau?
Let's put him to death
and keep his share.
All right.
Oh, we'll have
to find it first.
Let's wait
till the morning.
I don't like searching people in the dark.
Good night.
Good night.
Good night.
What the...
l... l... I lost my way.
l... I was going for a drink.
Liar, you were
trying to rob him.
No, I didn't know
where I was going.
I was walking
in my sleep.
You were trying to rob him, I
know you from before, Rasinoff!
No, l... l... l... I wasn't!
On the table with him!
He's had enough!
Get out of here!
Take it easy, Beau,
there's too many of them.
The guards.
You didn't wait very long to
start your old tricks, huh?
But Sergeant, they had... Silence!
An accident.
Yes, Sergeant.
Go to the washstand
and bathe your hands.
Yes, Sergeant.
Save your first-aid treatments
for yourselves after this.
You'll need 'em.
I promise you!
Who were you trying to rob?
The one named Beau.
Of what?
He has money.
You lie.
You wouldn't take that
risk for a little money.
he has a jewel.
Tell me the truth.
It is the truth,
I swear it.
They have a great jewel, worth
30,000 pounds that they stole.
The other two.
They are brothers,
and they're waiting
for a chance to sell it.
But he is the leader.
He carries it.
I've watched him.
What about the two Americans?
They are just friends.
Make sure you're
telling me the truth.
I am.
I am!
You know,
I think I can help you
get that jewel.
Why, that's
what I hoped.
I'm sure you did.
In a week we go to relieve the
garrison at Fort Zinderneuf.
It can be arranged there.
But there are three of them,
and... and the two friends.
Some of the company
go to Fort Tokotu
for mounted
infantry training.
It can be arranged.
And if there's no jewel,
you'll get
a wooden jewel box.
I promise you.
But... but he has it.
I'm sure of it.
Go back to the barracks.
Today marks the end
of your training.
You are now soldiers,
in the service of France.
We are here on the desert
as guardians
of 20 millions of natives.
They look to us
for the protection and justice
that is the tradition
of the Foreign Legion.
Yours is a high duty,
and a hard one.
The odds are great.
It is our allegiance to France
and our debt to civilization
to uphold that tradition.
Some of you are assigned
with me to Fort Zinderneuf.
Another detachment
will go to Fort Tokotu
for further training
in the mounted company.
Select your men
for Tokotu, Sergeant.
3 steps forward.
Corporal Golas,
take charge
of the detachment.
Tokotu party,
fall in!
Right shoulder
Right face!
Forward march!
Present arms!
Present arms!
Center dress!
Count off!
Right shoulder arms!
Detail in order, sir.
Right by fours, right!
Forward march!
Present arms!
Present arms!
Right shoulder arms!
Look where you're going. I'm sorry.
Do that again, blubber-face,
and I'll brain you.
He'll be gibbering like
Krenke in a little while.
We all will.
I wouldn't mind if it would
annoy Markoff.
Come on,
bring on that coffee!
Let's try to get Krenke
to drink a little.
So this is the cafard!
Did the Captain
back in Paris tell you
about his red, white
and blue skull?
He was lucky.
Can't we do
something for him?
We can help him to die,
that's all.
How's Lt. Martin?
I haven't prayed in a long time,
but I'm going to pray for him.
You'd better!
Think of Markoff
in command!
I wonder where Renault and
Renouf are this morning?
Dead, with their
mouths full of sand.
It's no use to desert.
Oh, what's the difference
whether you get death inside
the walls or out?
There's a chance
Not if the Lieutenant dies.
You don't have
to be the pigs.
You can be the butcher.
And then what?
all of us.
We leave that pig Markoff well stuck.
And you'd be well stuck
before you ever got to Morocco.
The Arabs would never dare
attack so large a group.
No, but the French Army
Do you know what I think
of the French Army?
After we kill
Markoff and you,
I'm gonna tear off
this uniform...
Cut it out.
What's going on in here?
Schwartz was trying
to eat too fast again.
Everybody out on
the parade ground.
Renault and Renouf
are back!
Any orders
this morning, sir?
No, you take over,
The scouts brought back
our two deserters, sir.
Lock them up.
We'll send them to Tokotu for
court martial in a few days.
The men need a lesson,
Locking them up won't...
Who's in command of this fort?
You are, sir.
Don't make the mistake
of forgetting that
or you'll join the deserters
in the cell.
That's all.
Yes, sir.
Stand aside!
Where are they?
They're outside,
Bring them in.
Bring them in!
So you decided
to come back to us, huh?
Yes, Sergeant.
After the desert, Zinderneuf
doesn't seem so bad, huh?
No, Sergeant.
Speak up!
No, Sergeant.
The punishment for desertion
is death by the firing squad.
But I'm going
to be merciful.
You can
escape again.
Oh, no!
You mean you want to
stay here and be executed?
W-water! Water!
On your feet!
I insist
that you escape.
No... no, let us stay!
Yeah, give us a...
Get out!
Drive them out
where you found them.
Keep them away
from the oasis.
I'm glad
Digby isn't here.
I wish you weren't.
Any more of you
want to desert?
If you do,
you can go now.
I won't stop you.
Later you may wish
you had taken my offer.
I promise you.
You can close
the gates now.
How do you feel tonight,
I'm dying.
I hope not, sir.
I'm going to die
and be buried under the sand
and forgotten.
When I was
a little boy,
I thought soldiers
always died in battles.
I didn't know there were
so many soldiers
and so few battles
and so many fevers.
Get word to Beaujolais
at Tokotu.
Have him send
another officer.
You'll be in command
until then.
Yes, sir.
The men must be led,
not driven.
you'll answer to the man
who takes my place.
Yes, sir.
Have you...
Lt. Martin is dead.
I am now
in command.
From this moment on,
discipline at Fort Zinderneuf
will be severe.
I promise you!
Don't tell me he took your appetites away.
He'll take more than that away before long.
Glock, go to the door,
warn us if anyone comes.
Markoff has been
asking for it,
and now he's
going to get it.
Can't you see a mutiny
is what Markoff wants?
If he puts it down,
he'll be a hero.
And you're the one who would
help him put it down, Maris.
Let him
hang himself.
Lt. Martin's death
gives him enough rope.
When his superior officers
learn what he's already done,
he'll go to prison for life!
Listen to our little
Our troubles
are all over
if we bring Markoff a bunch
of posies every morning.
You don't want to stay here and
die like rats in a trap, do you?
And let that madman squeeze
every drop of blood out of you
and drive you out on the desert like
he did Renouf and Renault, do you?
We're 50 against one. How
long are you going to keep on
licking the boots
that kick you?
Those stripes on his sleeve
won't stop a rifle bullet.
Let's get him now!
I'm with you!
You fools!
Don't listen to him!
He'll never get away with it!
50 against 2!
50 against the legion!
Shut up,
you yellow liver!
Wait a minute.
I don't know much
about mutinies,
but I do know
it isn't good form
to plan them at the top
of your voice.
Where do you stand?
Well, I don't like Markoff,
but also I don't like you.
50 against 3!
Make it 4.
Who else?
These 3 won't bother us.
He's with Markoff,
and he goes with Markoff.
After you kill Markoff,
We'll get out of this hole,
and we go to Morocco.
Markoff has two Arab scouts outside.
The minute they see anything's wrong,
they'll ride to Tokotu
for help.
We'll have
too much of a start.
Not for the camel corps.
Talk, talk, talk!
Let's decide!
You're right.
All those with me,
on your feet!
I give you one more chance
to change your mind.
there'll be a flag flying
out there in the morning
that I swore to uphold.
Armies of good men
have died for it, gladly.
It's a battle flag
and it's a flag of victory.
I'm rather proud
to be under it.
And I wouldn't want to go out
in the morning like you
and know that I was going
to be a traitor to it.
We have a patriot!
He wouldn't be so patriotic
if he had a slit in his belly.
Would you like to try
putting one there?
I will!
If Markoff hears, he'll send
his scouts to Tokotu!
We'll get him
right now!
No, we can't march at night.
Wait until morning.
Voisin's right,
get back!
We'll get him
in the morning on parade.
The man nearest Markoff
shoots him.
The next one shoots
Rasinoff, then these three.
That's right.
Suppose one of them sneaks
out and warns Markoff?
I'll warn the guards, if anybody
sticks his head out they'll shoot.
You're full of plans.
Let's get 'em right now.
Shut up, Renoir!
Go ahead, Voisin!
Nobody leaves this room!
What can we do?
Outside of prayer,
I can't think of a thing.
You're the older brother,
it's up to you.
When the shooting starts, we just
shoot at everybody, it makes it simpler.
They mutiny in the morning,
on parade.
All of them?
The English brothers
and Maris are faithful.
I'm supposed
to warn the guards.
Never mind the guards.
Go on back
and go to sleep.
I'll pay you
a quiet little call later.
Glock will be on the door.
Now, but not later.
Are they with us?
To a man.
You'd better take him out.
Nobody leaves this room,
not even Krenke.
Put your clothes on.
Leave your boots off.
We're going to put down
an attempted mutiny.
We'll disarm
the sentries first.
Before this is over,
we'll have the jewel.
Come on.
Get up. Quietly.
One sound out of you
and it'll be your last.
Wake Maris, Voisin,
and the brothers.
Rasinoff, stay here.
Shoot anyone that moves.
The rest of you gather up
the rifles and bring them out.
And don't drop
any of them!
Maris, Voisin, go back
and get the rest of them.
There's another little matter
I almost forgot.
The jewel
you stole.
I want it.
I have no jewel.
I know you have.
I haven't.
Are you sure?
Quite sure.
I advise you
to change your mind.
Otherwise, when this is over, I
may have to shoot you to make sure.
I understand, Sergeant.
You mean you'd rather not hand
it over now and save your life?
No, Sergeant.
That's very unfortunate,
for you.
Arm yourselves.
Open fire on them
if they attempt to rush us.
The attempt at mutiny
is over, my children.
You bungled it so much
it wasn't really a mutiny.
But you'll be punished
as though it were.
Maris, Rasinoff. You two,
cover them in the yard!
Anyone that makes a false move
won't have to stand trial.
By twos, fall in!
Forward march!
You're the pig!
Column left.
Section halt!
Close in!
Left face!
And now, you scum,
it's my turn.
I'm going to give you a lesson in
putting down an attempted mutiny
that'll be the last thing
you'll ever see.
Maybe this'll
make you die happy.
Markoff thanks you.
When he's an officer
and has the Legion of Honor,
he'll think often
of the stupid, blundering pigs
that put him where he is.
Smith, Jones,
fall in here.
Schwartz, Renoir,
line up, backs to the gate.
Now, my children,
you're going to see the regulations
carried out to the letter.
The punishment
for mutiny is death.
You two, about face.
These 2 pigs
deserve to be first.
And the honor of killing them
belongs to the two most
loyal men in the fort.
Ready! Aim!
Do you hear me?
Very plainly!
Then do your duty!
It's not our duty
to shoot down unarmed men.
Maybe you'd rather be on the other
side, ahead of Schwartz and Renoir?
I'll give you one more chance.
Ready! Aim!
You refuse to obey
your superior?
I don't think you'll shoot,
You haven't enough men
behind you now.
You forget
I wanted an excuse.
Here's your excuse.
Very well.
You each get three
in the belly.
Keep them covered.
Touaregs coming, a great
harka. We were surprised!
Get through to Fort Tokotu and
tell them we must have help!
It will be done.
Prepare for action.
The Arabs.
Bugler, sound the alarm!
Pass out the arms
and ammunition.
Get your rifles.
Take your posts. Maris,
Voisin, Rasinoff. Follow me.
Oh, those beautiful
Didn't I tell
you not to worry?
I suppose you had this
all worked out.
Everything but having to fight
in our underwear,
and I apologize for that.
Keep it up, you scum!
Keep shooting!
You'll get a chance yet
to die with your boots on!
Run up the colors!
Now we've got something
to fight under!
Rapid fire, you scum!
Rapid fire!
Bugler, sound cease firing!
Anybody hit?
No, Sergeant.
They'll get down
to sharp-shooting later.
Schwartz. Voisin.
More ammunition.
Maris. Renoir.
Coffee and bread
for everybody.
Take half the men below.
Get them properly dressed.
Then the other half,
if there's no attack.
Fall out. Go below.
Fall out. Go below.
At least the indecent part
of this fight is nearly over.
Fall out. Go below.
Fall out. Go below.
Maybe the Arabs will
save me the trouble.
You're in this, too,
Three hours
since their first attack.
Maybe they are
digging in, Sergeant.
When they return, it'll
be slowly and taking aim.
Yes, Sergeant.
Get up in the tower.
Watch the palm trees
in the oasis.
They can shoot
down on us from there.
Maybe you can see
the route to Morocco
before they get you.
That's the place
for our mutineers.
Up on a roost
like pigeons.
If I could only afford
to waste them all.
Why don't they come?
Here they come!
Bugler, sound the alarm!
Turn from your place again,
and I'll blow your head off.
Bugler, sound cease firing!
Everybody does his duty at
Zinderneuf, dead or alive.
We'll make those Arabs think
we've got a thousand men.
The rest of the bullets
you stop
won't hurt as much
as that first one.
That settles the big pig.
Would you like to take the
position of honor next, Rasinoff?
No, Sergeant.
Up in the tower.
I'm rewarding you
for betraying your friends.
You can see them all
from the tower.
On the double.
All right?
All right.
Here they come!
Stand to! Rapid fire!
Rapid fire!
They've had enough again.
Give it to them!
Rapid fire! Rapid fire!
sound cease firing!
Charming fellow,
our Sergeant.
A trifle uncouth, but the
best soldier we'll ever see.
Rasinoff, how many left?
12, Sergeant.
You'll all be with these
others in a little while.
You'll do your duty better
dead than you ever did alive.
Take 10 minutes below
for food and rest.
Two men at a time.
Smith. Jones. Go first.
If you hear the bugle, come
back on the double. Quick.
Go up in the tower.
No, no,
Sergeant, please.
Up in the tower and dream about
the jewel in the moonlight.
Now you can see.
A little.
Looks rather bad,
doesn't it?
Do you mind?
A little.
I'm sorry, John.
Let's not go
into that, Beau.
Nobody asked me
to come here.
I remember what Ghastly Gussie
said one time:
"The Gestes
always stick together."
Digby's probably
on his way here now.
He'd better be.
Somebody always gets out
of these things.
It might be you.
The Gestes
always stick together.
Well, if they shouldn't,
would you do me a favor?
Of course.
In my coat are two letters
and a packet.
One letter and the packet
goes to Aunt Pat.
The other letter
stays here with me.
All right.
Could I do you a favor,
if, uh, things happen to be
the other way around?
Just tell Isobel that...
Just tell her something.
Older brother
takes care of everything.
I promise you.
Let's get some rest, John.
Yeah, all right.
No attack since dawn.
That's a long time
for them.
Are they still there,
Yes, Sergeant, but they're...
they're moving around a lot.
That means the holy men are
arguing for one more attack.
They've lost their stomach
for it.
The next attack
will be the last one.
No sign of any relief
from Tokotu.
Well, we'll show them we're not
only awake, but merry and bright.
Yes, Sergeant.
Blow every call
they ever taught you!
Now, my children,
I want some happy laughter.
Lots of it.
Seven is going to
sound like 70.
Laugh, Renoir!
Maris, pick it up!
what's the matter with you?
Yes, you!
Laugh, you human jackal!
Run from embrasure
to embrasure and fire!
We'll make them think
we're still fully manned.
Bugler, sound the alarm!
Keep firing,
or I'll blow your back out!
Cease firing!
They won't come back again.
They've had enough
of Zinderneuf.
But just in case.
Leave my brother's body alone.
Go below and bring me
some bread and wine.
If you touch him,
I'll kill you.
Do as I tell you.
I'm still in command here.
Look at them.
They come
when I want them.
They go when I don't
need them anymore.
They're beaten.
But they've put down
a mutiny for me.
They've given me
the Legion of Honor,
and they've made me
an officer.
So he had no jewel, huh?
I told you to leave
my brother's body alone.
This is all I wanted.
I'm a rich man now,
thanks to you and that...
Good. Armed attack on a superior
in the face of the enemy.
I court martial you myself.
I find you guilty
and I sentence you to death.
You get six in the belly.
Listen to me.
I haven't got much breath.
Leave the public letter
in Markoff's hand.
Take the packet
and the other letter home
to Aunt Pat.
Yes, Beau.
Go to Egypt.
I promise.
Tell Digby I was sorry
I couldn't wait for him.
Lovely sound,
but a little late.
Bugler, answer me!
I'm glad
to see you, sir.
Thanks. Come here.
There's not a soul alive
in the place.
No sign of an enemy?
No, sir.
But they're dead.
Yes, sir.
Where's the bugler?
Look for him if you want to.
I have.
No, thanks, sir.
Fall back on the oasis.
Cease firing.
Cease firing!
Dig, Beau's dead.
I know.
I was there.
Someday, John, we'll be
able to talk about him.
Not now.
Look. What's that?
That's a Viking's funeral.
I knew you wouldn't forget.
He wouldn't have,
if it had been me.
Well, what do we do now?
I've been playing Arab, but
they're over their surprise now.
We've got
to get out of here.
Did he have a dog
at his feet?
That burning fort makes
a pretty sight, don't it?
Not if our friends are
in there being roasted
instead of hiding out here
in the sand hills
like I think they are!
You mean Beau! Digby! John!
Hank! Hank! Buddy!
I knew we'd find you
if we rode around
and talked loud enough.
We wouldn't have
any more company, would we?
He's in the fort.
God rest his soul.
Come on.
How many
would you say?
40 or 50.
Look at that water.
Well, let's start shooting.
No, wait a minute.
I'll go up there
and start blowing the bugle.
You three open fire
from here.
I'll wave as if there were men behind me.
They'll think they're being
attacked by the whole legion.
We hope.
Don't shoot until I give you the signal.
Good luck, Dig.
Good luck.
Good luck.
Mr. John.
Hello, Burdon.
I beg your pardon, sir,
but I was so glad to see you.
I'd have been insulted
if you hadn't.
How is Miss Isobel?
In splendid health, sir.
Unmarried, of course?
Of course, sir.
Well, may I see
Lady Brandon at once?
Yes, sir. I'll call her.
Pardon me, sir, but, uh, how
are Mr. Beau and Mr. Digby?
They're both dead.
You're alone, John?
Beau asked me
to bring you these.
"My dear Aunt Pat.
"I was inside
the suit of armor in the hall
"the day you sold the Blue
Water to the Maharajah's agent
"and received an imitation
to take its place.
"When the wire
from Sir Hector came,
"I thought
I'd repay your devotion to us
"by giving Brandon Abbas
its first robbery.
"So the lights went out,
and so did Beau.
Lovingly, Beau Geste."
Beau Geste.
Gallant gesture.
We didn't name him wrongly,
did we?