Beautiful (2009) Movie Script

[ Engine revving ]
[ Bell dings ]
[ Air brakes hiss ]
[ Ominous music plays ]
[ Music box plays ]
When people visit Sunshine Hills,
they comment on the beauty
add the serenity.
[ Children shouting playfully ]
What they don't talk about
is the raw fear
that resides in our eyes.
[ Girls giggling ]
l recall the exact moment
that our fear was born.
it started when the teenage girls
in our neighborhood
were being abducted.
And number 46. . .
the bad house. . .
with an equally dubious history
of rape and murder
but very few tenants.
Jeddy Wells was the first
of the three high-school girls
to be abducted.
l heard that they found Jenny's body
in a dumpster at the back
of a local supermarket.
She was slit
from throat to groin.
And from what l heard,
Jenny was never popular
at school.
She'd never been on a date.
She'd never kissed a boy.
She'd never truly tasted life.
[ Engine revving ]
Teresa Fields was next.
And on the night she disappeared,
neighbors say that they saw
her getting into a black car.
[ Engine revving ]
Her body was found
ravaged, impaled,
and hanging from a clothesline.
Amanda Howatt was
the most recent girl to disappear.
She remains missing,
and each day that passes. . .
our fear intensifies.
[ No audio ]
[ Mid-tempo music plays ]
[ Camera shutter clicks ]
She's doing it again.
Call her inside.
Quickly, before someone notices.
[ Door opens ]
[ Knocks on window ]
Darling, come inside!
Suzy, do what your mother says.
Get inside.
Get inside now!
I'll be in when I'm ready!
Do you have to make a scene?
[ Camera shutter clicks ]
l know you're there.
l hope you're getting a good look.
[ Sighs ]
[ Clock ticking ]
[ Smooches ]
YOUNG MAN: You better get it in.
All right. Come on.
Hey, there's the mark.
There's the mark.
[ All talking at once ]
You can't get that.
[ Grunts ]
Hey, poofter,
give us the fuckin' ball.
Hey, faggot. Are you deaf?
Chuck us the fuckin' ball.
What is the matter with that kid?
Absolute freak!
[ All laughing ]
[ Camera shutter clicking ]
[ Horn honks ]
Get in. Give you a lift.
How come you don't hang out
with any of these kids?
l don't know
why they don't hang out with me.
They have their reasons, l guess.
Yeah, l bet they do.
Maybe they don't hang out with you
because you act like a weirdo,
act like a loser.
You sit reading those books
all the time,
walk around with that camera
taking pictures of nothing.
You don't like sport.
You don't even play football.
You think that may be the reason?
l don't know.
Oh, bullshit.
You know the reason, all right.
You have got to change.
lf you want to get anywhere
in this world --
get a good job,
earn money, earn respect,
get anywhere in life --
you have got to change.
Learn to be like everyone else.
[ Sighs ]
[ Brakes squeal ]
I've got to go back to work.
Clean up all that dog shit
in the backyard, will you?
All that thing ever does
is eat and shit.
[ Car door opens ]
Make sure you're inside before dar--
Hey, Daniel!
Who is that?
He's just a kid.
He's a bit strange.
He doesn't know how to speak.
[ Tab pops ]
[ Door hinges creak ]
[ Door opens ]
[ Door closes ]
[ Keys jingle ]
What are you doin'?
You weren't in our room again,
were you?
Did you pick up the dog shit yet?
Come and help me
with the groceries.
[ Whistling ]
[ Whistling stops ]
Thank you.
Are you staring at me?
Sit down. You can admire
my beauty expertise.
Pass me that lip gloss.
Where are you going?
Im taking a night off for myself,
going out for a rage with the girls.
l won't be home till late.
A girl went missing today.
Across the street.
l want you in before it gets dark.
l heard he doesn't kill boys.
Don't be a smart-ass.
Just do as l ask, please, Danny.
Did dad say who it was?
l didn't ask.
From what l hear,
it's that Howatt girl
from down the street.
l made you some dinner --
homemade pizza
with mozzarella and salami.
Just stick it in the microwave
for a minute on "high"
or you could have it cold.
And l made a delicious salad,
which you probably won't eat,
but your dad will.
Boy, am l good to you.
So. . .
How do l look?
Well, you could at least say
that l look beautiful.
[ Makeup shuffling ]
Why don't you find some other way
to entertain yourself
rather than boring ol' me?
Some homework?
Im on holidays from today.
Holidays? Mm, lucky you.
You'll be bored in two days.
Why don't you go outside
and get some fresh air
before it's too late?
[ Sniffles ]
inside in an hour.
[ Door closes ]
[ Electricity crackling ]
[ Children shouting playfully ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Clang ]
[ Ominous music plays ]
WOMAN: Can l help you?
DANNY: Um, sorry to bother you,
but my ball went over the fence.
l was kind of hoping
l could have it back.
Or maybe you could
just throw it over?
Where did it go exactly?
l think just in the backyard.
Just give me a minute.
[ Lock clicks ]
Stand back.
The -- the fence is a bit shaky.
You ready?
[ Grunts ]
[ Door closes ]
Finish your food.
[ No audio ]
[ Up-tempo dance music plays ]
[ indistinct arguing ]
What the fuck are you looking at,
you little freak? Huh?
SUZY: Don't worry about him, Daniel.
He's an asshole.
Are you okay?
Im okay.
it was over anyway.
He doesn't even have a car.
l mean, what guy doesn't have a car?
That and the fact he let
Karen Hardy suck his cock.
l mean, sure, she's got
bigger tits than me,
but she isn't even that pretty.
Im sorry.
l shouldn't be talking like that
in front of you.
You're just a kid.
Im not a kid.
Ill be 1 5 in January.
Ooh. 1 5, huh?
What was l thinking?
So. . .
What are you doing now?
Not much.
Well, Im gonna go inside
and make some 2-minute noodles
and watch INXS videos l taped.
Do you want to come with me?
[ Giggles ]
Good. Come on.
Hurry up, Daniel.
The devil inside
The devil inside,
the devil inside
Every single one of us
has the devil inside
You're different, Danny.
Im not different.
What?! Im not!
Im just like everyone else.
Well, don't lose it or anything.
It's a good thing.
l mean, there are far stranger
things around here.
Like the girls
that keep vanishing into thin air.
l heard that Amanda Howatt
went missing three days ago.
l know what else is strange.
What else?
Number 46 for one thing.
The house at the end of the street.
You must know it. Everyone does.
Its the creepiest place ever.
And there's that woman
just staring out the window.
She's always just there. Watching.
l talked to her the other day.
You did?
Well, what was she like?
Kind of young.
Maybe a bit older than you.
And. . .
She had thin legs.
Kind of like yours.
And how do you know
what my legs look like?
Ill tell you what, Danny.
How about l give you
a little mission?
How about. . .
you find out all you can
about this girl. . .
and each afternoon
we'll meet and talk about it?
Do you carry your camera with you
all the time?
Well, let's make use of it.
Take pictures of her.
[ Telephone ringing, clock ticking ]
[ Ringing continues ]
ALAN: Hi, you've reached
Alan, Sherrie, and Danny.
We can't come to the phone
at the moment.
Leave a message. Bye.
[ Beep ]
SUZY: Rise and shine, Danny.
Hello? Danny!
Get up! Out of beddy-bye.
[ Giggles ]
Hey, Danny.
You have a little mission
to complete, remember?
Things to find out, photos to take.
Are you sure you're up for this?
[ Giggles ]
Well, you'd better get started, then.
Oh, and, Danny. . .
This is our little secret.
This is about just you and me.
[ Receiver clicks, busy signal ]
[ Camera shutter clicks ]
[ Film advances,
camera shutter clicks ]
[ Bird squawking ]
[ Film advances ]
[ Camera shutter clicks ]
[ Film advances,
camera shutter clicks ]
[ Dog barking in distance ]
[ Door hinges creak ]
WOMAN: Is anyone there?
[ Breathing heavily ]
[ Door hinges creak ]
[ Door closes ]
[ Mid-tempo music playing on radio ]
Do you have to have that rubbish
in the house?
M R. THOMSON: Pardon?
l said, do you have to read
that rubbish in the house?
What's wrong with it?
Are you serious?
Its disgusting.
Its violent pornography.
You should put it upstairs
in the study
with your other magazines.
At least put it
where Suzy can't see it.
We've got gruesome death
out there on the streets,
and you need to read about it
in some magazine?
[ Chuckles ]
Darling, it's a little pathetic.
l am worried about Suzy.
M R. THOMSON: What's new?
[ Gasps ]
l know what we should do!
We should put bars
on her windows.
Well, locks.
Well, what if there's a fire?
What if she can't get out
the front door 'cause it's blocked?
Forget fires, Frank!
What about intruders?
People trying to break in
to the house?
Oh, please. Fires are the last thing
we need to worry about.
Also, l think
that she's been sneaking out
when we haven't been looking.
This way, we could make sure
that she's not gonna get out.
At least she stopped seeing
that Italian stallion.
Only problem now is
she's seeing that boy next door.
Alan's boy?
Whoever he is.
Well, isn't that a good thing?
It'd be safer, wouldn't it?
You think?
[ Scoffs ]
Excuse me, but it's bad enough
that we have to live
across the street
from his father after that. . .
incident years back.
Frank, he's very weird.
And have you noticed
the new wife?
l always see her
down at the shopping mall.
She's always down there
in that store looking --
l don't know --
using the word "common"
would be far too kind.
And the boy's just strange.
He's always creeping around
the neighborhood with his camera,
spying like some juvenile pervert.
Im not having it.
Will you get the locks?
Chin chin.
[ Glasses clink ]
These tell us nothing.
Well -- well,
what about the bathtub?
That's too obvious.
l mean, killers aren't going
to dissolve body parts
in their backyard, are they?
Besides, they're all skinny girls.
No meat on them.
Well, except maybe for Teresa.
She had a fat ass and no tits.
This is just the start of it, Danny.
You haven't even scratched
the surface yet.
[ Music box plays ]
That's Mrs. Howatt,
Amanda's mum.
She'll be waiting
until hell freezes over.
l can't believe only four days ago
l called her a bitch.
A bitch one day and gone the next.
That's the Dispina family.
The oldest daughter, Sofia,
told me last year
that their father
won't leave them alone. . .
if you know what l mean.
This is the street's biggest mystery.
Why does she stand there all day?
There are answers to things
in that house, Danny.
You and l are gonna find out
all of its secrets.
And when we do. . .
we're gonna catch ourselves a killer.
l have a little test for you, Danny.
[ Breathing heavily, grunts ]
SUZY: Tonight when it gets dark,
l want you to sneak around
to some of these houses. . .
take pictures of them. . .
and get me some secrets.
[ Camera shutter clicking ]
[ Women moaning on television ]
l don't want your money, honey
l want your love
l don't want your money, honey
l want your love
l don't want your money, honey
l want your love
[ Camera shutter clicking ]
l want your love
Do you know
what you're doing?
[ Music shuts off ]
Lick it! Love it!
Suck it! Cock!
What does it look like?
Darling, just -- look at you.
You're parading around the house
practically naked
with the drapes open!
So, people are watching!
Darling, they watch!
You might as well
send an invitation out
to every pervert in the neighborhood!
Get a grip, mother!
lf you knew. . .
lf you only knew.
[ Clang ]
[ Door opens ]
WOMAN: You did that on purpose.
No, l didn't.
Yes, you did. l watched you.
Well, can l have my ball back?
DANNY: Who are you, anyway?
It doesn't matter who l am.
l just want to be left alone. Please?
Im sorry.
You can keep the ball.
[ Door hinges creak ]
Who are you?
Im Daniel.
Daniel Hobson.
l just live down
the other end of the street.
Um. . . what's your name?
M-my name's Jennifer.
Hi, Jennifer.
Hello, Danny.
l should go back inside now.
Now that you've seen
what l look like,
will you please leave me alone?
[ Door closes ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Breathing heavily ]
We need to talk.
What do we need to talk about?
[ Exhales sharply ]
As much as you want to avoid this,
as much as you want to hide
from the past,
we have to talk about it eventually.
lf we don't,
it's gonna tear us all apart,
including Danny.
Nothing affects Danny.
[ Puts object down ]
He's just a kid.
That's bullshit.
None of this is good for him, Alan --
none of it.
l come home every afternoon
to find him in this room
looking for something
that is not here.
Daniel is my son.
Okay? He's mine.
And as my son,
l will raise him as l see fit.
That's where you're so wrong.
You're so wrong,
and you're so cruel.
Daniel is our son.
He's ours!
I'd like to think that after 1 4 years,
Im a little bit more
than a live-in girlfriend, you know.
Im a bit more to Danny
than a stepmother.
Im all that he's ever known.
Alan, the way
that you keep secrets from him,
the way that you talk to him --
his lack of identity
has made him a social outcast.
He's a kid who can't relate
to the real world.
That's enough. Okay?
Now, you should just shut up
before this goes too far, Sherrie.
He's a 1 4-year-old boy
that's never even seen a picture
of his real mother.
Jesus, Alan.
What was her name?
Can you tell me?
Can you tell me that?
What happened to her?
What did you do to her?
What did you do?
[ Music box plays ]
[ Birds chirping ]
Now. . .
Speak to me.
So, what was it you were
in such a rush to tell me?
l saw her.
The woman in number 46.
l saw what she looked like.
Will Daniel be staying for dinner?
No, he's fine.
What are we having anyway?
Your favorite -- lasagna.
Well, l hope it's vegetarian, mother.
Excuse me, but since when
have you been a vegetarian?
Since l watched channel 2
the other day
and there was a documentary
on the slaughter of animals.
Its disgusting. Meat is murder.
Well, vegetarian or not,
dinner will be served
in half an hour.
She was nice.
She was kind of weird, but nice.
In what way?
Was she psycho or something?
No, not exactly.
She seemed afraid.
She came out of her front door,
and she seemed
as if someone or something
was gonna catch her outside.
She told me her name was Jennifer.
l knew it had to be something dumb
like "Jennifer."
What was she wearing?
l don't know.
How can you not know?
She had clothes on, didn't she?
Yeah, she had clothes on.
l just didn't pay attention
to what she was wearing.
Is that it?
Don't you have any more?
She said now that Ive seen her face,
l have to leave her alone.
That's freaky.
You know that can't be all,
don't you, Danny?
What do you mean?
Well, now you've got
to know her a bit. . .
so you'll get to get inside
that house eventually.
Now l want you to find out
about that freak she lives with,
the guy we never see.
But how am l gonna do that?
[ Scoffs ]
Im sure that you'll find a way.
What's more, you're a geek.
No one pays attention to you.
Come here a minute.
Just do as l say and come here.
Have you ever
kissed a girl before, Danny?
[ Scoffs ]
Of course l have.
Well. . .
There's a first time for everything.
You see, Danny. . .
l know you're gonna find a way
to get in to number 46
and get to know that girl.
Get me a picture of him, as well.
Exciting, isn't it?
[ Chuckles ]
[ Wind chimes tinkle ]
[ Vehicle approaches ]
[ Engine rumbles ]
[ Emergency break grinds ]
[ Engine shuts off ]
[ Door opens, keys jingle ]
[ Vehicle approaches ]
[ Match strikes ]
[ Camera shutter clicks ]
[ Door hinges creak, doors close ]
MAN: What are you
fucking looking at?
What are you fucking looking at?!
[ Indistinct argument in house ]
[ Birds chirping ]
[ Cash register beeping ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Exhales deeply ]
[ Box thuds into shopping cart ]
[ Clears throat ]
Why not?
Because you're getting too old
for that sugary shit, that's why not.
Get something l can eat.
You never eat cereal, anyway.
Well, if you get something
l can have, then l will.
Danny, l forgot the milk.
Can you run and get it?
[ Shoes squeak ]
[ Birds chirping ]
[ Breathes deeply ]
[ Engine revs ]
DOCTOR: Well, obviously
these are questions l have to ask,
so just take your time.
And the father --
is he your boyfriend or husband?
He's my boyfriend.
We've been together
nearly 1 4 years, so. . .
Have you discussed this
with him first?
Um. . .
Doctor, can --
can l be honest with you?
Of course. Please.
Terminating this pregnancy
is not about not wanting
to have this baby.
Its about the impossibility
of me actually having it.
You see, l have a son,
and he means the world to me.
The real reason for me not having
the baby is my relationship.
Mm, it's nearly 1 4 years
l have lived with a man
that l know nothing about.
l mean, l don't know
what he thinks or. . . feels.
l have no idea who he really is.
And, um. . .
lately Ive started to think. . .
[ Clears throat ]
that he might be bad.
He might be dangerous.
l, um. . .
[ Sighs ]
l refuse to have a child
with a man who scares me.
[ Monitor beeping ]
[ Suzy chuckles ]
[ Gasps ]
Shit, Danny!
Ive seen this guy before.
M-my dad collects
these crime magazines.
He loves them.
l think they're, like,
police newsletters or something.
Doesn't your dad get them?
Yeah, but he never
lets me look at them.
[ Chuckles ]
Yeah, well, my dad's a little gross.
He's obsessed with them.
He hangs out with this group
of men at work
who get off on that sort of stuff.
The photos in them are disgusting.
Why do you mention them?
Because Im sure that's where
Ive seen this guy before.
l mean. . .
not recently, but a long time ago.
People say l have
a photographic memory.
Its just my math
that's always so shit.
Are you sure?
Well, no, l don't remember
for sure, but. . .
Ive just got a good memory
for faces.
But, then again,
all demented psychopaths
seem to look the same, don't they?
Well, does your dad
still have the magazines?
[ Chuckles ]
Here. Look through these.
[ Gasps ]
Men are such pigs.
Objectifying women like this?
My mom would freak
if she knew this was in the house.
Well, l know
he's in here somewhere.
[ Projector runs ]
[ Woman screams ]
Am l good, or what?
"Max Forster was arrested
on July 1 5, 1 980,
for various sex crimes
in the precinct of Northfields."
He's the guy.
So, what do we do?
Well, you'll need to go to 46
and let that girl know
she's in trouble.
What? No way, Suzy.
No, that's not happening.
This is saving people's lives.
Its not kids' stuff anymore.
It also explains
why she's standing at the window.
She's being held hostage.
[ No audio ]
When do you think l should go?
[ Door opens ]
JENNIFER: Please go away.
Go away, or Ill call the police.
Go ahead. Call them.
What do you want?
l just want to help you.
Please go away.
Its not safe.
Look. He's not coming back
for ages, all right?
Im not leaving
until l know you're safe.
Who put you up to this?
No one.
Then, why are you harassing me?
Because you're in trouble.
l can't be seen to be talking
out on the street like this
where everyone's watching.
You'll have to come in.
[ Floorboard creaks ]
[ Floorboards creaking ]
Would you like a drink?
Im afraid all we have is beer and. . .
tea and milk.
M-milk's good.
Im just checking.
l don't drink milk myself.
It makes me feel sick
in the stomach.
Sit down.
[ Clears throat ]
Thank you.
Your name was Daniel, wasn't it?
But my friends call me Danny.
Does anyone else know?
Just me.
This has to stop, Danny.
You can't keep watching me,
and you can't save me, either.
l don't need to be saved.
Danny. . .
Its not safe for you to hang about
the front of this house.
Its not safe for you to talk to me
or keep taking pictures of me.
The man that l live with is --
is a sick man.
And sometimes
when he gets really sick,
he gets dangerous.
[ Sniffles ]
Do you know what l mean
by "dangerous"?
l know exactly.
Good. Im -- Im glad you understand.
Did he kill all those girls?
Whoever is telling you these stories,
it is lies.
There are no girls, Danny.
Its lies.
Its true!
There were three of them.
Ive heard all the stories.
People in neighborhoods
always make up stories.
l grew up hearing stories.
Its -- it's urban legend, Danny.
Well, what about Amanda?
The girl from down the street
at number 8. That's true.
No. The only thing that's true
is that sometimes girls leave.
Sometimes they run away.
[ Sighs ]
Well, if you're so unhappy
and if he's so dangerous,
then why don't you run away?
Well, there was a time
when l did that.
But the problem is that. . .
the past catches up with you.
Eventually you come back
to the place that you've left.
You always come back.
We've got the same fingers. . .
the same knuckles.
Can l show you
something really special,
something l haven't shown anyone
for a very long time?
[ Footsteps approaching ]
You see this?
Doesn't look like much, right?
This represents me
before all of this. . .
before this life.
To me. . .
the world was beautiful.
But then you -- you get older. . .
things happen. . .
and it's not so.
l don't want you hanging about
the front of the house anymore.
l don't want you
taking pictures of me anymore.
Start treating this house like
the rest of the street treats it --
ignore it.
lf he comes back
and he finds you here,
he's gonna do something really bad,
and then nothing in life
will be beautiful anymore.
Now get out.
Go on, get out!
[ Voice breaking ]
l don't -- l don't want
or need your help,
and l don't need you to save me.
Get out!
[ Ominous music plays ]
[ No audio ]
[ Suzy screaming ]
[ No audio ]
[ Screaming indistinctly ]
No! No!
Aah! Aah!
Please! Please!
M RS. THOMSON: [ Screams ]
Suzy! Suzy!
[ Crying ]
[ Sobbing ]
ALAN: Im only gonna ask you
once more, Daniel.
Was there anything
that you and that girl were doing
that you shouldn't have been doing?
Is there anything
you're not telling us, anything?
ALAN: You better think fast, Daniel,
'cause this girl is missing.
No! All right?
We hung out.
We just talked about stuff,
about the dead girls
and number 46, that's all!
What dead girls?
What do you mean, "dead girls"?
l don't know --
the ones everyone talks about,
the missing ones.
That's bullshit, Daniel.
Its an urban myth.
Now, what else?
What about number 46?
What about number 46?!
l don't know, Dad!
That better be everything, Daniel.
And l hope to God
you're not hiding anything,
'cause if you are,
then that girl's life is in danger.
Have you got that?
Have you got that?!
He's a kid.
That's enough.
[ Sobbing ]
ALAN: Id better
check out that house.
[ Sniffles ]
Its okay.
[ Sobbing ]
[ Water sprinkler spritzing ]
[ Telephone ringing ]
[ Ringing continues ]
ALAN: Hi, you've reached
Alan, Sherrie, and Danny.
We can't come to the phone
at the moment.
Leave a message. Bye.
[ Beep ]
SUZY [ Crying ]: Daniel!
Danny, are you there?!
Suzy! Im here! Suzy!
Don't say anything, okay?
Just listed.
Just listed because
if l do one thing wrong,
he's gonna cut me in two.
Get that knife away from me,
you fucker!
Suzy! Suzy!
Ow! That fucking hurts!
Im doing as you asked.
[ Crying ]
Danny, help me.
He's pissed, and Im so scared.
He knows you sent the cops
to the house, Daddy, to 46.
He knows.
He says you have
to come down here.
Please, Daddy.
Just do as he says, Danny, please.
[ Sobs ]
D-Daddy, he's left
the room for a second.
Don't bring anyone, okay?
Just come by yourself.
Just come, but come tonight.
You have to save me, Danny!
Suzy! Suzy!
Help me!
[ Screams ]
[ No audio ]
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
MAX: Get the door!
Don't keep our guest waiting.
Please go home. Go home.
l told you not to come here,
and you promised me.
MAX: Hurry up!
lf it's the kid, show him in!
Its time he and l had a little chat!
[ Door hinges creak ]
[ Door closes ]
He's in the back room.
[ Floorboards creak ]
MAX: Come in, boy.
l don't have all night.
[ Door hinges creak ]
Jennifer keeps telling me
you've been giving us trouble.
Is that true?
Where is she?
Where have you hidden her?
Is this some kind of joke?
Are you fucking with me?
Are you?
What's that thing
you got 'round your neck?
A camera.
What do you like to do
with that camera?
Take pictures.
See. . .
That's where my problems start,
with you and your little camera,
always taking pictures of people
that just want to be left alone.
And it's not the first time
Ive had trouble
with people like you,
always thinking you're better,
keeping me down. . .
ruining my life.
But then there's you,
just click, click, click
with your little camera, hmm?
It makes Jennifer panic.
It makes her paranoid
that l might be doing something
l shouldn't be doing.
Then l start to think, "Hang on. . .
Maybe she's right.
Maybe it's not all in her head."
Then l see the people. . .
the people hanging 'round our house,
watching us day and night.
Neither of you are gonna let me
get on with my life.
People say Im a pervert.
You're the little freak.
[ Slap ]
Don't think Im stupid, either.
l know everything
you've been up to.
l see you on the streets,
you and that little cunt.
What's her name again?
P-put him down, Max.
He's -- he's just a boy.
Please put him down.
Just shut up!
He fucking started it,
and Ill finish it
when Im good and ready.
You bring the fucking cops
to my house.
You make them watch me again
like Im some. . .
crazed animal in the fucking zoo.
Watch my home. . .
help them take away my life again. . .
take away my only chance,
the only chance l might ever have.
[ Sobbing ]
[ Whispering ]: You make me
want to do bad things again.
You like pictures?
Do you like taking pictures?
Wait till you see the pictures
Im gonna take of you
with that little camera.
Give them a good enough reason
to put me away forever this time.
Hmm? Hmm?
A gun?
Bring a fucking gun to my house?
Well, let me give you
some advice, boy.
You need to be a man to use a gun. . .
and a gun's only useful
if you've got bullets --
if you've bullets
and you're gonna fire them,
but you --
no, you don't got the balls!
[ Gun fires ]
[ Max gurgles, thud ]
[ Jennifer screams, sobs ]
[ Sobbing ]
Where's Suzy? Where is she?
Your friend is not here.
She's not here,
and l don't know where she is.
Please? Please, Danny.
You're lying!
She phoned me from here for help.
She wants me to save her,
and Im not leaving until l save her.
There's some kind of mistake.
Its like l told you
about the missing girls --
it's just a tale, honey.
There isn't -- there's no girl here.
There's no Suzy.
Please, no more.
You're my mom, aren't you?
[ Sobbing ]
Why did you leave us?
Why did you have to leave?
Please stop.
[ Grunting ]
[ Gun fires, Jennifer screams ]
Mom, wake up!
What have you done?
Ive shot her.
l shot my mom.
What?! What are you saying?
Your mother?
This woman is not
your mother, Danny!
Yes, she is!
She tried to tell me she was my mom,
and l killed her!
That's bullshit.
She's been messing with your head.
-She is not your mother.
-She is!
She's not, Danny. She's not.
This woman is not your mother,
because your mother is dead!
She died when you were a baby.
No matter who that woman is,
she's not your mother.
Okay. Okay.
You got to run home right now.
lf anyone asks, you were never here.
Where's Suzy? l have to find Suzy.
Suzy's here somewhere.
She lied to you. She's a bullshitter.
She's at home. She was never taken.
[ Sobs ]
[ Grunts ]
[ No audio ]
[ Gunshot ]
[ Sobbing ]
[ Birds chirping ]
[ Door opens ]
[ Door closes ]
[ Engine revs ]
M RS. THOMSON: You learn
to live with the reality,
no matter what the police
or the papers tell you.
You learned to look
for your own truth, your own sign.
l heard the truth,
the real truth about the father
and how he killed his first wife
and how he and the couple
id dumber 46
were a trio of baby killers.
They killed all the girls together
in the name of Satan, I heard. . .
not in the papers or from police,
but from people who knew
what really happened.
l heard what they did,
add l know that things
still happen in that house.
We all do.
And no matter what
my daughter says or denies,
l know something unspeakable
happened that night,
and even though she won't say,
they did things to her. . .
sexual things.
And l know that a killer
still stalks our streets,
only this time l heard about
a young boy being found dead
in a paddock a suburb away.
l hear. l hear everyone's talking.
That's. . . why Im going to stay here.
Im going to protect Sunshine Hills,
no matter what it takes.
Sunshine Hills needs me.
It will. . . always need me.
[ Hard-rock music plays ]
[ Soft piano music plays ]