Beautiful Accident (2017) Movie Script

Xiao Qian's mom
As a woman
I completely understand your feelings
Then, why would you help this bastard?
Didn't anyone teach you any manners?
Who are you blaming?
I am not taking sides
I am a lawyer
I am here to help you
How would you like to sort it out?
There is room for negotiation
I have made myself clear
He has to go to jail!
Not possible
I am a lawyer,
I only look at the evidence
How can you prove
it's not just a young couple
playing around?
Can't you be reasonable?
I was just hanging out with friends
I didn't know him
It's only your word
You don't have enough evidence
making a case requires money
a lawyer and time, what do you have?
Do you have a daughter?
Do you have a daughter?
You don't have any children, do you?
How can you be so apathetic?
Regardless, I know
how important
reputation is for a girl
If you make this into a big deal
all they will lose is money
Ji Qing Chuan still
has a bright future ahead
But for Xiao Qian?
she is right
We are the ones who will suffer
- We Will drop the case
- Xiao Qian!
Very well
What are your terms?
We want compensation
We want a lot of money!
I Will see to it
Lee Yu Ran
coming for a court session?
Prosecutor Cui
You are cunning!
Ji Qing Chuan's case is quickly closed
And the girl didn't get anything
Because there was
never any attempted rape
Then why would
she try to commit suicide?
It seems like
she needs to seek mental help
What if the same thing happens to you?
I am sorry, I have other appointments
They lack evidence
There is nothing to congratulate
I am congratulating your plan
to study in Germany
News spreads quicky
That's it?
Won't you even consult me
before your resignation?
When I have made a decision
I need no more discussion
Don't you know me well enough?
I was your senior at college
and I am your superior at work now!
Couldn't you show me some respect?
Your problem is you are too proud
You stay alone and
do things in your own way
Let's go! Exercise
Can you not fight so ruthlessly?
You make yourself like a hedgehog
No man dares to approach you
Good, I don't need a man
There was a guy
who was nice to you in college
Why don't you try to contact him?
Thanks for your concern
I am always concerned about you
Going to Germany for study at your age?
When can you get married
and have a child?
I enjoy the way I am now
Family is not my thing
I'm going to the restroom
Hey hey
Your favorite
In Loving Memory of My Mother Qiuhua Zhu
You hated dad for so long
Never let me know what he looks like
I am leaving
Going abroad for study
Alcohol, just one bottle
Enjoy your drink
790421, please come to window number 212
Your number has expired
Go back to queue again
Excuse me, where am I?
The Terminal of Fate
What terminal?
Go to the information desk
for any questions
What kind of attitude is this?
Where is the information desk?
I'm asking you questions!
Ai yo!
Information desk?
Information desk
It's my honor to serve you
Your number please
Thank you
Is this a hospital?
Lee Yu Ran?
Could you please
take a seat for a moment?
Do I need to take a seat again?
What is this place?
Did I do something wrong?
- I was
- Lee Yu Ran
Please follow me
This way, please
This place feels familiar
Is that so?
You are making mistakes everyday!
Can't you get anything right?
Lee Yu Ran
You were born on
the 18th of April in 1979
Who on earth are you people?
You just had a car accident
So, am I injured?
You are dead
If I am dead, how can I stand here
and talk to you?
This is the Terminal of Fate
Yes, this is Director Lee,
our supervisor
I am really dead?
Really dead
How could I die?
I am just about
to start my beautiful life!
I'm going to Germany!
I've been waiting
for this opportunity for 5 years!
I can't die now
You made the mistake, you explain
The problem is particularly complex
When the data was entered
a small mistake happened
You died early
As the first step
I need to find
the registered Lee Yu Ran of 1979
And delete this record
Then I will need
to find the Lee Yu Ran of 1939
And re-register the data
In that case, revising the data would be
Get to the point!
Yes...the point, the point
It's the point now
The point is that
the situation is a bit special
In fact you are here early
You can still live for a very long time
Very very long
In other words, you can still go back
Then hurry up! Let me go!
But not now
We still have some
some problems concerning the setting
I need to set the time and place
Set the crashing target
What crashing target?
It's a...setting problem
We can't keep you here
Our leaders are against corruption
They don't want
redundant staff and stuff
Look at our office
In fact the most important thing is
another woman died early
And already entered the next stage
We can't send her
back to the human world
But her place in the human world
can't be left empty
You want me to
Become another person?
What will I be like?
Nothing will change
You will still look like you
Your name is still Lee Yu Ran
We will change
other people's settings
Let them think you are that woman
As if it was always you
For how long?
A week
It's too long
I still have three pending cases
I will go to Germany
I need to prepare many things
Seven days
You are wasting a lot of my time
I have important work to do
I am a lawyer, I charge by the hour
In order to send you back
we need to do a lot of preparation work
Manager Sun just mentioned
it's a complicated situation
You are not listening!
It's your mistake
It's you who caused
this complicated situation
That's right,
we created this complicated situation
But if we don't prepare properly
you won't even be able
to go back to the human world
Let alone Germany
No going back
None of us has an easy job
Let's help each other
You need to issue me an official memo
Then I will stay here
not going anywhere
An exception can be made for you
I will write the memo now
Not a problem
I have to make clear
some important rules
The person you are going to be
She is very important
She is very professional
What's her profession?
Her profession is
There is no need
for you to worry about it
You are totally competent in this role
Just don't let anyone notice
you are fake
This is the only principle
Yes, yes, yes
Don't let anyone know you are fake
As to all other matters
when you get there
you will understand
I believe acting
for you is a piece of cake
I am a lawyer
on! Right right right
All right
This way please
Be careful of your head
Are you ready?
Close your eyes
What's going on?
Doesn't work
I think it's broken
Check the power
My goodness
3 2 1 go!
This is my breakfast
Don't make me have milk!
My allowance!
why didn't you wake me up?
The alarm clock didn't work!
Where is my breakfast?
Did you let the kids
have this for breakfast?
I thought we agreed
that the kids are growing up and
whatever they like for breakfast!
You are late
They can't just eat whatever they like!
What do you want?
I am not your mom
Take me to school
Mom hurry up! I am going to be late
Mom, that way
Be a good kid, bye
Tian's morn!
Here you are!
Tian's mom!
Why did you
skip the yoga class last night?
Tian's mom, here you are!
You look nice,
is that the new organic food diet?
This is the new necklace I mentioned
Isn't it pretty?
Yes, indeed
I am busy, I need to leave
By the way, you know
the basketball class
for Hao Hao is great
You have to take Tian Tian there!
Sure, sure
See you
Where are you going?
The same place
I need to go, see you later
Let's go to the same place
to do the facial
I am busy, I am busy
Don't forget the yoga class tonight
What's going on with her?
Chief Zhao!
Chief Zhao!
Are you the client
for the divorce case next week?
I am sorry
I have too many clients to remember
I am
Be careful
Don't you know me anymore?
I am sorry, I really need to go now
Let me leave you my business card
Ring me if you have any problem
It's okay, don't be nervous
Ring me if you need my help
Chief Zhao
You really don't know me?
Whom are you visiting, ma'am?
Whom are you visiting?
I live here
What's your apartment number?
Are you sure you live here?
I need to ask you to leave
right now
this is building number one
I have a situation here
Director Lee!
You better come out!
You promised me nothing will change!
I am telling you
I quit!
Hit me! Hit me!
Here, here!
Don't go away!
Hit me!
Do you have to make it so obvious?
Such a fake
I am a fake!
A fake!
Just a few days
Don't you want
to go back to your own life?
If you want to go back,
you need to hang on
You promised she is a professional
Look at me!
I am a useless middle-aged housewife!
She is important
She is professional
She is irreplaceable
Am I wrong?
OK, you are right
But you promised nothing will change
Look at my belly, my breasts!
She is a mom of two kids
She has to look like that
But she doesn't even have
any proper clothes
She doesn't have to go to work
But I have to
I don't care
I have to get some new clothes
I have to warn you
you can't do anything she wouldn't do
I want to go back
I didn't force you
You were willing to sit in that machine
It's fine if you want to leave now
But you can't go back to the human world
Your choice
May I borrow your lipstick?
3168 Yuan
Here you are
Sorry, your credit card is maxed out
It's your phone ringing
What are you doing now?
The school bus is back!
So quickly?
Tian Tian
You were never late
Don't look at me like that
I am very depressed as well
Need to blow dry my hair
You are nine and can't do it yourself
When I was your age,
I did everything by myself
I want you to blow dry my hair forever
I know everything now
If an adult is going on a space journey
an alien will replace her
When will my mom come back?
Tell me
I won't tell anyone
Pleasure to meet you
Pleasure to meet you
Xing Xing comes home at six
Xing Xing is your sister's name
What's your father's?
My dad's name is Zhang Tao
Dad sometimes goes to pick Xing Xing up
on the way back home
Auntie, what's your name?
Don't call me auntie
Call me mom
This is our secret
All right! Mom
Mom what are you cooking today?
We don't eat that kind of food at home
We will have this kind of food at home
What's this?
Try the new dish
My steak follows
a Michelin chef's recipe
The sauce, ingredients and heat control
are all delicate
- Let's eat
- Since mom made so much effort
Who will have steak with chopsticks?!
Xing Xing
Mom and I have
a business dinner this Friday
You need to babysit Tian Tian
Don't get back too late, I am busy!
The steak is quite tender
What's wrong?
I want to have a burger
A burger?
Dad can do that for you
Here it is
your burger
What's wrong?
Look! Blood!
Tian Tian
the most delicious
is not well-done
lt's better that
the kids eat well-cooked steak
There is blood in my steak, too
It's too oily,
I need to rinse it with water
I want to rinse mine, too
Eat them, you all!
I mean
Don't leave leftovers
Don't waste food
I want to have rice
I did not cook rice
We can have the leftovers from lunch
Nothing left from lunch
Rice, rice, rice, I want rice
Can't you cook yourself?
I cook myself?
Mom, don't you remember?
Dad doesn't cook
Zhang Tao
Lee Yu Ran, what's up?
When we were having dinner
you mentioned there
will be a business dinner?
I told you several times
Manager Lai wants to host a dinner for
the new president
who is inspecting our section
He wants to include more staff
We are invited as well
Shall I buy some new clothes?
Can't you wear what you have?
Of course I could
but we are going
to meet the new president
It does no harm to dress up
You are right
But we did talk about
cutting down our expenses
I have an idea
Get one but don't spend too much money
Are the kids asleep?
I think SO
What are you doing?
My hand, my hand!
What are you guys doing?
Your dad wants it so bad
but I have a period
Get out!
Open your arms
embrace your new life
Open your arms
embrace your new life
embrace your new life
Go embrace yourself
Instant noodles?
Instant noodles for growing kids?
Without even adding eggs?
Xing Xing?
Are you all right?
I am fine
You don't look like you're fine
I have a period, got a problem?
I need to go to work
I am late
Give me twenty
Am I your cash machine?
Do you have to be difficult?
Watch your manners
Just give me twenty now
You should say 'please give me twenty'
Are you teaching me how to talk now?
As your mom
I am teaching you basic manners
Give me twenty
Please give me twenty
Please give me twenty
That's more like it
Twenty for you
Your breakfast
I am on a diet
So her boyfriend won't think she is fat
Tian Tian, you better watch out
I can eat hers too
Mommy, I love you
You're good at sucking up
Be careful on the road
We can enjoy our breakfast together
Mom will stay here to watch you
Go now, bye bye
Bye bye
Tian Tian is here
It's time to go to school, bye
Where is Tian Tian's mother?
I don't see her
Let's get some coffee
Okay, let's have a coffee
What's the pin of my bank card?
Pin number?
It's always the same set of numbers
I can't remember it now
You have been
acting really strange lately
Last night you kissed me
I had imagined my first kiss so many times
but when it happened I was still surprised
Your lips are soft
What's your dad's favorite dish?
Double Cooked Pork
Double Cooked Pork?
Never cooked that before
What kind of ingredients should I buy?
Garlic sprouts, been paste,
and green pepper
Also streaky pork
Streaky pork
get double the amount, more meat!
Why hasn't Xing Xing come back yet?
She must be with Wei Yi
Her boyfriend?
They are very close recently
Are they?
I am back
Let's start the dinner
Sounds good
Lee Yu Ran
What's this?
The new clothes for you
They are very expensive!
Not at all
There was a seventy percent discount
Seventy percent discount!
I gave you 500 for new shoes last year
and you returned it
What's wrong with you?
We still have
lots of savings in the bank
We need to treat ourselves
well occasionally
That money in the bank
is everything we have
Didn't we talk about it
the money is for the kids' education
What's wrong with you?
What's wrong with you recently?
Nothing is wrong with me
Manager Lai
Did you catch the flight on time?
I am just home
I can handle it, okay
Please don't worry
Where are you going?
I need to go back to the office
This is extravagant
Be good
Dad needs to go back to work
Let's eat
Tian Tian's mom
Who says a good wife
shouldn't go out for a late drink?
I'm just having a drink
What's wrong? Did you have a quarrel?
He thinks I spend too much
Such a small issue
isn't worth a bad mood
Let me tell you
Any issue concerning money
is not a real issue
When you go home later
try to be sweet and cute
Things will be fine the next day
Why are you here as well?
You forget?
It's Thursday today
It's my lady's night every Thursday
Life can get boring
after being married for a long time
What's the point of life
without any fun
You are right
It's no fun doing housework
and taking care of kids
We should come out more often
for a drink!
Yu Ran
Is everything all right?
I am fine
Don't take those small issues
too seriously
You have two good kids
We mothers
Live only for our kids
They are kind of cute
Hang in there
You are very cute
You are handsome
- Hello auntie
- Nice to meet you
I am Wei Yi
The bag
The bag
Your boyfriend?
We didn't do anything
I am not saying you can't date
Before you were against it
I've changed my mind
Mom, you have been very strange recently
You became cool!
I like the cool you!
Yu had a wonderful dream
in which
He flew over the town of Kitty Hawk
Let's call it a day
Sweet dreams
Good night
Good night
Is my mom having a good time?
When will she come back?
I miss her a lot
She is having a very good time
Sleep well
Alcohol never really helps
to drown your sorrows
You scared me again
How is the sweet family life? Not bad?
You think it's easy to be a housewife?
Thanks for your hard work
Thank you
Don't be sarcastic
The kids' real mom
What happened to her?
A sudden heart failure
If you were not here
the kids would've mourned her loss
several days ago
The bride and groom are here!
Kiss! Kiss!
Stop recording
Stop recording now!
Let's go to bed
High cholesterol, not good for you
Let's get one of each
Plum Steamed Pork, take it!
I am Zhang Tao from the Technical Dept
Zhang Tao
I have heard about you
You are a hard-worker
Am I right?
Thanks for your compliment
It's our honor
to have you visit our department
If you would have some time later
I can report some
outstanding issues that we have
Outstanding issues?
President, let's have the dinner first
All right
- Dinner firs
- Help us take the dishes
Right, right, dinner first
Manager Lai?
What's wrong?
Are you asking me what's wrong?
I would like to know
what the outstanding issues are
You can make it clear to me right now!
It's about the materials we use
I am telling you Zhang Tao
You are a Master's graduate
from Tsinghua
I see
You think you're too good
to work under me?
No, no
Well then
These are your problems
Fix your own mistakes!
What happened?
I've never seen him like this before
I should report the bad materials
It's my job to report it
Don't worry
You're too naive
I am not in the mood for dinner
Let's go
Let's go
I booked this restaurant for dinner
The chef here
is an authentic Szechuan chef!
Very good!
Excuse me
Sorry to interrupt you
Thank you for taking care of Zhang Tao
This toast is for everyone, thanks
Let's toast for Mrs. Zhang
could I trouble you with some questions?
Please go ahead, Mrs. Zhang
Please go ahead
I am just a housewife
I couldn't quite get
what a construction company does
Mrs. Zhang is interesting
Let's put it this way
The house you live in
and restaurants
and libraries
they can all be our work
Then making them look nice
is not enough, is it?
Of course not
Building construction concerns
people's lives
and safety
Those are the most important concerns
Yes, that's right,
thank you for your explanation
Are there certain requirements
for building materials?
Mrs. Zhang, that's funny
It goes without saying
we have a specialized
department in the company
responcible for
quality control of materials
So manager Lai knows
materials are important
Of course
I am responsible for my department
Manager Lai
Please enjoy your dinner
Let's go
No stay
Don't worry
Let's continue
One mushroom for Xing Xing
So wasteful
There's seafood
They will be happy to see this
Let's get a lobster head
I can use it for soup
Zhang Tao!
Are you out of your mind?
How could you let this get out of hand?
You can't even control your wife!
Are you a man?! Dumb loser!
How dare you say that to him?
Mrs. Zhang
you are a housewife
So you better
Get out of here you damn bitch!
What are you doing?
Your words and behavior
can be regarded as
a personal attack
I can sue you!
So sue me!
You are dishonest
and you expect others to be the same?
What are you saying?
The previous president
paid you well, didn't he?
I bet you took even more
from the contractors
You better watch your mouth!
Otherwise I will tear it apart!
How dare you!
How dare you!
I finally did it
I wanted to do this long ago
You are a true man!
I am very happy today
Don't drink too much
Let's talk about our dreams
Our dreams?
Aren't they all buried
under our family life?
It's just two of us
Come on
What about yours?
You were the top in our class
What are your dreams?
Xing Xing accidentally
came into our life
You chose to keep her
instead of going abroad
You chose to marry me
Have you regretted it all these years?
Why would I?
Do you remember the day
when we had dinner
in a restaurant after school?
We finished the whole bottle of Liquor
You could only handle one glass
It's very embarrassing
I still remember you dragging me
to my dorm in the heavy snow
How could you
How could you know all about my past?
Of course I know
I remember everything about you
even if I was drunk
Bottoms up
I can take it
Let me go check
What's wrong?
What was the loud noise?
I hurt my nose
I am going to bed
What happened to your face?
Look at her face!
- It's nothing
- What happened to your face?
I want to go to bed
Your face is injured!
Did you have
a fight with your classmates?
Nothing happened, just leave me alone
What happened?
Leave me alone!
Let me see
- Leave me alone
- Let me see
Stop it
Let me handle it
Who did this to you?
Leave me alone!
I will take care of her
You wait outside
Xing Xing
Does it hurt a lot?
It's Wei Yi who did this, isn't it?
Don't worry
Mom is here
Everything will be fine
This is Mrs. Zhang
He hit someone?
You have seen this for yourself
As long as my clients want
we can send Mr. Zhang to jail
Don't think you can threaten me
Even if I do end up in jail
I still needed to give him a lesson
You still want to attack him?
Don't you know
there are laws in our country?
His injured face is clear evidence
My client is 17 years old
My daughter is injured as well
She was assaulted
Yet you don't mention a word about it?
If no one has taught him manners
I will beat him until he learns some
Who are you talking about?
All right, all right
Everyone take a step back
We can smoothly sort this out
Not a chance!
You can sue me
Mr. Zhang
we are all angry
at what happened to these kids
Is it worth it?
We simply believe that
given what has happened
it is not worth a lawsuit
He almost raped my daughter!
You are a woman, too!
The most important thing
for a lawyer is evidence
You have no evidence
to prove that
it's not just a young couple
playing around
I will be back
Are you all right?
I am fine
Let's go back,
I believe he will apologize
Let's go!
I will handle this
Trust me
I think we should rationally
consider what's best for both sides
Don't you agree?
From the girl's perspective
I suggest
we shouldn't make this a big deal
is very important for girls
Perhaps some people
don't care about it at all
About the kids
I am afraid there
is some misunderstanding
Adults tend to complicate things
It's better to let it go for both sides
Zhang Tao did hit your client
Even if he did it on purpose
considering your client is under 18
this is a civil dispute
In a civil dispute
if we agree to your terms
this case will be dropped
If we don't
my husbad will be in jail
for a few days at most
What your client did
is attempted rape
Attempted rape is an indictable offence
The police will investigate
Prosecutors will file a lawsuit
Then the court will adjudicate
Even if you try to bribe me
or I change my mind
the case can't be withdrawn
This is a legal society
you don't get to decide
After all, he is a kid
Any kid can lose control once
My point is
shouldn't we give him a chance?
We don't need him to go to jail
However, he is not a child anymore
should be
able to tell right from wrong
Where are his moral principles?
Who do you think you are?
Are you talking about my son?
Please! Stay quiet for a moment
We want him to apologize
to apologize to Zhang Xing Ze in person
Also, swear he won't do it
again to any other women
That's fine, we will consider your terms
Not a chance!
How can I admit something I didn't do?
You pretended to have a date with a girl
In fact, you invited a group of boys
told her to
take off her clothes in public
Do you dare to deny what you have done?
Who will believe you?
Do you know
Xing Xing's classmate Wen Ling?
If we make this news
spread among the girls
I believe we'll easily
get more witnesses
How dare you!
My father will ruin you
Say you are sorry!
Let go!
Say it!
I am sorry
I warn you
I can sue you at any time
Watch your behavior!
Are you all right?
You saw everything
I want to sue her
It's gonna be okay
It's gonna be okay
I don't want to go to school tomorrow
People will laugh at me
You didn't do anything wrong
I'm scared of falling in love again
Real love is worth a risk, be brave
It's such a wonderful thing
to fall in love with someone
Don't be afraid
Have faith you will find love
I used to think
I could live well alone
When I was in high school
a boy called Zi Jun liked me a lot
He came to my home
with a big bunch of flowers
I can still recall that night
it was snowing
What happened afterwards?
I didn't accept his affection
Why not?
I was proud and arrogant
I didn't believe in love
I haven't seen him since then
Do you still think of him sometimes?
But his face
has become very vague to me
Dad must be so special that
you fell in love with him
I am leaving
Xing Xing
Take this with you
You look good
- Let' go
- Wait!
Only ten today
Ten is not enough!
- Hurry up!
- Thanks, mom
- We are leaving, bye bye
- Be careful on the way
Tian Tian, quick! We are late
What's wrong?
I can't see
Don't kid with mom
We are late
I am not kidding
I really can't see anything
I am scared
Don't be scared
Don't be scared Tian Tian
Hold tight
Don't be scared
Don't be scared
When did the symptoms start?
We think his situation worsened
in a short time
What should we do now?
The standard procedure
requires an operation
However, he is too young
The operation carries a high risk
You can take time to think about it
Be strong, my son!
Don't worry
I Will stay with him
Don't be afraid
Mom, you are back, aren't you?
wait for me
Don't leave me again
Mom will wait for you
Mom will keep this for you
Tian Tian, you can do it!
Everything is ready
We can send you back now
You only have one hour
Leave now, or you can't ever go back
I haven't arranged things for the kids
I need more time
Tian Tian's mom has to die today
You have to go back to your life today
If you fail
you can't stay and you can't go back
I promised Tian Tian
when he wakes up
I will be there with him
Let me see him again
This is not your world!
Time is running out
Let's go
- Mom, I am going to school
- Xing Xing
Xing Xing
What's up?
Mom, so cheesy
I have to go
Tian Tian
Don't worry
Everything will be fine
Tian Tian
mom wants to tell you some things
Please remember
Tian Tian is a very considerate child
No matter what happens in the future
remember you have dad
you have sister
and Mom
That's right
and mom
Tian Tian, have some fruit
Are you okay?
Shouldn't you feel happy?
Our kid is fine
let's eat the fruit together later
are you okay?
Are you too tired?
You must be exhausted
Go back to take a rest
I'll stay here to take care of Tian Tian
I am going to forget about
the time being with you
Take good care of yourself
Take care of Xing Xing and Tian Tian
What are you saying?
I have to go
Let's have Double Cooked Pork tonight
Get in the car
Where are you taking me?
To chase the truck
Are you going to take me
back to life or to death?
It will be a big trouble
if you're not sent back in time
Do you even know how to drive?
Don't you want
to start your beautiful life
in Germany?
Trust me
I trusted you
And that's how I got here
Didn't you cry
when saying goodbye to that family?
I am in a bad mood
Don't mess with me
I think you are good at being a mom
You are not young
why don't you get married?
It's none of your business
You are a woman, don't be so fierce
Be tender
How on earth are
you going to send me back?
I'm taking you to the setting location
Why not use your weird machine?
It can straighten my hair too
I can't, this is the setting
Can't you change the setting?
You are the director
You think a director
can change the setting freely?
No one can change the setting
Screw the setting
Your dad
Asked me to send you a message for him
You know my dad?
What are you doing?
He said
He didn't want to abandon
you and your mom
You have to forgive father
and your mom
You are awake
Do you remember your name?
Lee Yu Ran
Do you still feel dizzy?
Do you feel pain anywhere?
Why am I here?
You were lucky
You were barely injured
How long have I been laying here?
You were sent here yesterday
Please wait for a second,
I'll get the doctor
How could this be possible?
I am sorry, there is no such person
Could you check it again for me?
Zhang Tian Ze, 9 years old
just had a cornea surgery yesterday
T-I-A-N for Tian. Z-E for Ze
No 9 year-old patient on the list
Who are you looking for?
Is this Zhang Tao's home?
There are two kids
One is called Xing Xing
and the other is called
You've got the wrong place
Did you try the things that I gave you?
I'm taking them
That's good
I will get more when they are on sale
Thank you
You are welcome
Hao Hao's mom!
Min's mom!
- It's me!
- Who?
I don't know her,
be careful with your baby
Fine, fine
- How does she know our names?
- No idea
Hao Hao's mom
Cheng Yu's mom
Do you know her?
- No
Who is it?
They are back
See you tomorrow, bye!
Don't talk to the stranger
Go, fast!
Prosecutor Cui!
I need a favor from you
It's about the Ji Qing Chuan case
I have more evidence
that proves he is guilty
The Ji family may hold you responsible
Please help that girl
Why suddenly
Le Le grows up!
Say auntie
Did you forget your manners?
I'll get water
Oh, that's nice
It's so hot outside
it looks like you are all packed
I have a really good candidate here
What candidate?
Don't waste your time
Le Le, don't make a mess
Do you think auntie is pretty
or auntie's mom?
Both of you are pretty
Is this your dad?
This is auntie's dad
Where are they now?
They are
Together now
I think
they must be happy together now
Why didn't you tell me?
My father is a handsome man
All right
Don't worry about me
Let me have a safe flight
I will bring you
some Western wine next time
Lee Yu Ran!
I am Zi Jun
Zhang Zi Jun!
Such a coincidence!
Please take a seat
Zi Jun?
I sat two rows behind you at school
Zi Jun!
I heard that you are a lawyer now
That's great!
And you?
I am at a construction company
- A construction company?
- Yes
I started my own business but it failed
So I became an office man
Nothing special
It's nice to have a stable life
It's true
What a coincidence
Are you married?
Are your kids all quite big now?
I've never gotten married
I don't have a girlfriend, either
I am sorry
We should exchange our numbers
to stay in touch
If possible
let's meet when we get there