Beautiful Rebel (2024) Movie Script

[man] So, tell me,
where do you see yourself in ten years?
Well, up on the stage singing.
[man] Hmm.
[woman] And what is happiness to you?
[sighs] Well...
[peaceful music plays]
Uh, a room someplace, with a piano,
and me with a glass of wine,
and... oh, a motorcycle outside.
[man] And what are you afraid of?
It's my fault. [echoing]
[sounds distorted]
Of madness.
[reporter] In Poland, the new policies
of the leading Communist party
are finally starting to take shape
as a result of last December's events.
Danzig's shipyard workers who had...
[switches station]
["Nobody Knows You When You're Down
and Out" by Bessie Smith plays]
[mimics singing]
Look. Look what you got
from your babbo, eh?
So, do you like it?
- No.
- [unzips racket]
[chuckles softly]
Thank you, sweetheart.
[sings making up the words]
You see that? She sings.
[child's song fades]
["Nobody Knows You When You're Down
and Out" continues in background]
Where are you going at this hour?
No one's at the court.
Who said anything about the court?
I'm selling it.
You're selling it?
What, have you lost your mind?
Is it mine or not?
And if I wanna sell it, I will.
And if you still want me to compete,
well, then you can get me another one.
Well, at least tell us why.
To pay for my singing lessons.
The teacher says I'm singing off tempo.
[gate squeaking]
[dog barking in distance]
[unlocks door]
[woman] Gianna, are you all right?
Where were you tonight?
In Viareggio,
at a contest for new vocalists.
Be quiet, Gianna.
Alessandro, go to bed.
- Now!
- [Alessandro] Man... [sighs]
[Babbo] Giovanna, you can go too.
I'll deal with her.
Take off that miniskirt.
- What should I do?
- Off, I said!
[keys jingling]
[places keys on top of accordion]
This singing thing, Gianna, has to stop.
I've only just begun, actually.
- It's like I've always said, Gianna.
- What's that?
That I'll turn into a whore?
Like the woman you make out with
in your car?
- You lower your voice!
- I've seen it.
And I'm not gonna tell Mamma, all right?
But in summer, this year,
I'm working at your bakery.
The bakery?
- And you're gonna pay me to do it.
- [scoffs]
And after high school I'm going to Milan.
And what will you do in Milan, huh?
What do you imagine?
You're the next Claudio Villa?
Or Mina?
I'm Gianna, Babbo.
And for me, that's plenty.
["Avventuriera" by Gianna Nannini plays]
Beyond the city
In a bar...
[Gianna] Dear parents,
as you know,
I can't stand tears and goodbyes.
If I wanna do something, I do it.
One look and then
I don't live here anymore
And I have a rush inside
That I can't stop
The shadow of the blue...
I will not miss you.
From now on, I'll rely only on myself.
For the blonde eyes of boys
They competed
A summer ago, a summer away
[traffic noise]
Sacks on shoulders
Fire in the streets
Black and white blood
- [music ends abruptly]
- [laughter]
Well, that was fun, wasn't it?
- [bell rings]
- Hey, wait, here, fix your tie.
- Can't go home looking like this!
- [chuckling]
- Shall we part ways here? Oops!
- Thanks. Ciao.
[woman giggling] Ciao.
- I guess he fell asleep, huh?
- [door closes]
What should I...?
Hold on, I'll handle it.
- Oh...
- [rings bell]
Alberto! Wake up, dear, come on!
Get to work.
- [Alberto] Oh... Just a sec. Coming.
- Have him give you clean sheets.
[Alberto] Coming.
Or you just might end up
with crabs from this place. [giggles]
- See ya!
- See ya.
[door closes]
[sound of train in distance]
[bell tolling in distance]
- [thudding]
- [bed squeaking]
[man and woman panting and moaning]
[Gianna sighs]
[thudding stops]
[woman moaning] Yes! Yes!
I can feel it! Don't stop! Don't stop!
[man moans]
[Gianna's bed creaking]
[thudding stops]
["Addio" by Gianna Nannini plays]
He's still there
Among the clutter
Hope gathers
But then all of a sudden, I
[knocking on door]
[knocking repeatedly]
[woman 1] Good evening!
My friend here says that you're very good.
[woman 2] Hi.
Was that you bangin'
on the headboard all night long?
Yeah. It's the only thing I do right.
Pleasure. Tina.
- Gianna.
- Romina.
- Break time for you?
- [Romina] Mm-hmm.
- Want a ricciarello?
- Okay.
Sure, all right.
They're from Siena, my dad makes 'em.
- Yeah. They're great.
- [Tina] Mm.
- [Gianna] Thank you.
- [Tina] Mm.
What's your job like?
- It's no big deal, really.
- [chuckles]
What? [laughs] As long as they wash!
Otherwise, it's not a big deal,
but it stinks. [chuckles]
But do you get off?
- Yeah.
- Of course we do.
- As soon as we see the cash we just made.
- [Tina] Right. [laughs]
- [Romina] You're not famous, are you?
- Well, not yet.
See? Exactly what I said.
Shit, you sing
like the whole world knows about you.
- Meaning?
- It's like music is your destiny.
I dunno. I have to do some auditions.
If they dig me, then you're right.
If not, then my dad's right.
No, but what I really need
is a piano so I can rehearse, you know?
How about I work with you to buy one?
- Welcome aboard!
- Okay! [laughs]
[latch clicks]
Rise and shine!
[upbeat music plays]
- Hey, wake up, girl.
- Hey...
How did you get in here?
Uh, room numbers are different,
but they all have the same key.
So basically I was sleeping
with the door open?
Well, no one steals around here.
And if anyone wants to fuck, there we are.
- I guess you're right.
- Let's go, I've got a plan for the piano.
- At this hour?
- Yes, at this hour, Gianna.
Get dressed, I'll be downstairs.
[rock music plays]
What's the title of that song
you were singing?
And did you write it for someone you know?
I wrote it for my first love.
He had left me for someone else.
And in that moment, I said,
"No more of that!"
"I'll do all the dumping now!"
I mean, you can't really
make that decision beforehand.
Yeah? Why not?
You can make any decision beforehand.
- [laughs]
- [music ends]
Oh... just a minute,
I have to calm her down.
Who is that?
Uh, she's like a mother to me.
She found me on the street
when I was high.
I was only 13.
She always took care of me after that.
- It's just now, she's kinda pissed.
- Why?
Well, I'm a junkie and a hooker.
- I didn't turn out so great, right?
- Hmm. Oh, well...
Anyway, she was born in Florence,
she'll like you.
Oh, well, then, I doubt it.
Florence and Siena are like water and oil.
Hi, Ma.
What do you want?
Well, how are ya?
How am I? Can't you see?
Who's that?
Um, she's a friend.
Can you do me a favor, please?
- If it's cash, that river has run dry.
- No, I swear, that's not what it's about.
[Ma] Oh, that's right.
You earn money on your own now,
and it's obvious how you spend it.
Now, listen, I'm busy.
Tell me what you need.
I need a piano for her.
It's right here.
But make sure to put everything back
the way it was, because if you don't...
I gotta go.
I've got work to do, excuse me.
Thank you.
["Fantasia" by Gianna Nannini plays]
A space where I can be myself
Of emotions and disappointments
Then not believing
And all in all
After choosing yourself
[music ends]
[Tina] Gianna!
- What's that?
- It's my lucky charm.
It's salt.
No, it's yours, I don't want it.
- It's okay, give it back tonight.
- Thanks.
Anyway, best of luck.
- Thank you.
- Kick ass, huh?
Kick ass!
- I'll kick ass!
- Kick ass!
[man] Gianna Nannini,
born on June 14th, 1954,
in Siena.
- They like horses in Siena.
- [chuckles] That's right, yeah.
But I'm allergic.
- I have to carry one of these...
- [man] Oh.
Yeah... [chuckles]
You're a pretty girl.
And you have a nice voice.
We listened to the tapes.
[Gianna] Thank you.
[man] And I see that you have
a classical education.
Conservatory, singing and piano as well.
[man] And you'd like to be
a singer-songwriter?
Uh, yes, of course.
We'll have to fix your hair.
No, not my hair, sorry.
Not my ha...
[gentle piano music plays]
Try this on.
with these.
[woman] Ooh... now you look beautiful!
You know, a singer is not just a voice.
No, I'm sorry, I, um...
I can't sing dressed like this.
I have a song called
"Dead by Self-Inflicted Abortion."
Yeah, so, forget your songs.
We'll find songs for you to sing
from now on.
- What?
- Eh?
[dramatic music rises]
[music fades]
[traffic noise]
["Fantasia" by Gianna Nannini
plays in the distance]
[man] Yes, indeed.
[woman] Yeah, all right.
Right here, sweetie. Go on in.
[man] Thanks.
Ah, shit, the salt...
Fucking hell!
[song continues playing in the background]
[music ends]
["Un Giorno Disumano"
by Gianna Nannini plays]
Now that you're leaving
And you always leave me less alone
Now that you're gone
There'll be another tune
Another truth
For those who'll live
For those who will come and see
You'll see, they'll live
Now that you're leaving
I quit smoking
And I no longer hold a grudge
For all those things
That I wanted to say
From the start, it was the snow
It wasn't my fault
We went to the end of the world
But you slipped right into it
And I followed you there
And I sold myself to God
So I wouldn't be far from you
On an inhumane day
Now that you're leaving
Now that you're leaving
Without a real reason
It's a simple misunderstanding
Okay, this is the music
And maybe it will remain as notes
[music fades]
[melancholy music plays]
Bend your knees. Great! That's good!
Bravo, Gianna.
Forget the singing, look at that.
Let's come back to this tomorrow.
I have to go to choir.
[music intensifies]
[melancholy music continues]
[man] You sure are weird.
No, I mean...
Your piano's in the restroom,
and you only use eight fingers.
I lost them in battle, you know.
[upbeat music plays]
- There you go.
- I'll take these.
Yeah, they're ready.
- That was rude.
- Look, I hear you.
[indistinct chatter]
[Gianna humming]
As a young girl...
Hey! It's eight fingers.
How are you?
Who are you? [chuckles]
Uh, I met you at your house
a couple of days back.
Ah, sorry, I don't remember shit.
You didn't fuck me, I swear.
Well, I guess we could make up for that.
Anyway, I gotta go.
- See ya, Someone.
- Ah.
My name is Marc.
No, I like Someone better.
Bye, Someone!
- See you.
- Bye.
[man] Dresses, there are three.
Greeks, we have two.
Little hats, we have two.
- Hello!
- And corsets, four.
[Gianna] I read
you're looking for a musician.
- [man] What's your name?
- Gianna.
- [man] Have you played in clubs before...?
- Oh, yeah.
You're from Tuscany. Where? Florence?
Hey, stop it with the insults.
I'm kidding, I'm from Siena.
We're open till 3:00 a.m. here.
Well I don't go to sleep
before 3:00 a.m. anyway.
All right, well let's hear
what you can do, then.
I'll play you a piece I wrote.
I'm a singer-songwriter.
Your room, full of flowers
Nah, forget it, it's no good.
Give my best to Siena.
Should the city burn
I'd run, I'd run, I'd run to you
["Se Bruciasse la Citt"
by Gianna Nannini plays]
I'd even fight fire to see you again
Should the city burn
I know you'd look for me
Even after our goodbye
I am love
For you
For you
- [music ends]
- [applause]
[man] Bravo!
[Gianna] Can I get two beers?
You were amazing,
Let's go somewhere, what do you say?
- Yeah, uh, no... See ya.
- It'd be great to get a drink with you.
- No, excuse me. Excuse me.
- Come on.
[muffled noises]
[heavy breathing]
[muffled applause]
[evocative music plays]
[electronic music plays]
[heavy breathing]
[music fades]
[singing] Once I lived the life
Of a millionaire
Spending my money, I didn't care
I carried my friends out
For a good time buying bootleg liquor
- Champagne and wine
- No more of that, Gianna!
Where the hell were you last night?
- I was at home, sick.
- Let me know next time or you're done.
- Next time, I will. Now, I'll sing.
- Fine, go on.
Hi, this is a song that I wrote.
It's called
"Dead by Self-Inflicted Abortion."
[microphone feedback]
Your room full of flowers
And two knives
Witnessing a ritual
Which has no masters
A ritual, the only remedy
To freedoms denied
To broken will
In a pool of blood...
That's enough!
[man 1] We get it! Go home!
...she won her war
- [man 1] Go home!
- [man 2] Stop whining!
[man 1] All right, enough already!
[audience whistling]
[man 3] Take this.
Get the fuck outta here
and don't come back, you got it?
[tense music plays]
- [curtain door closing]
- [dog barking]
[coins jingling]
[phone ringing]
[sighs] Yes, what is it?
[Gianna] Babbo...
It's Gianna.
What time is it?
I'm in Milan, and I'm fine.
But how are you guys?
Well, then?
[thunder rumbling]
[dramatic music plays]
[woman] Katia?
What is it?
- [Katia] If you need a piano, go in.
- No, I don't need a piano.
I need an appointment.
I mailed a tape
and they haven't responded.
[Katia] Oh my, you've lost weight.
- Are you a junkie too?
- No...
I'll get you your appointment, all right?
I'll handle it, don't worry.
Come here.
Go on in and play. Go play, Gianna.
Go on.
[thunder rolls]
["Primadonna" by Gianna Nannini plays]
I look at you and you know it...
[man 1] Good morning, I have
an appointment with Mara Maionchi.
Yes, it's just that this girl is first,
so just have a seat and I'll call you.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- [man 2] You don't like these?
- [woman] These are no good at all!
Next time, bring me some
fucking half-decent lyrics at least!
Is she always like that?
Prima donna
Or don't even bother
showing up here again.
Now, go on!
I don't know...
All right, who's next?
Uh, yes, Mara.
There's this girl from Siena.
The girl I told you about?
My sister's friend's friend,
the one who, um...
[Mara] I don't care whose friend she is.
If she sucks,
she's going home like everyone else.
Come on, hurry up, let's go.
Unload the guns...
- All right. What did you bring in?
- ["Primadonna" ends]
Something you wrote?
Yes, it's called
"Dead by Self-Inflicted Abortion."
Oh, well that sounds cheery.
Where's the courage to go on?
To give life
Among the ruins
If people can't hear us anymore
Maybe they'll give a paradise
To women like her
That's what they decided
In all this destruction
I'm looking for another direction
But I'm already so far away
Something is burning inside of me
Inside of me, inside of me
It twists the soul
What happened
What's left now
What am I playing
The bewildered screams
The bitten hands
[music ends]
Was the singing so shitty
that it made you cry?
What the fuck is going on inside you?
One, two, and three...
[singing out of tune in Italian]
Gianna, can't you hear
this disaster is all your fault?
You go off-tempo,
and everyone follows you.
I can't have you in the choir
until you learn.
Go on, go back home.
I guess this is goodbye, then.
["Ti Avevo Chiesto Solo di Toccarmi"
by Gianna Nannini plays]
Hey, hey! You guys!
Let's raise a glass
to the first album from Gianna!
[all] Woo!
- [woman] All right, Gianna!
- [man] Bravo! Bravo!
Cheers! Cheers!
[man] Bravo!
My imagination expands
Covering his reality
And maybe that told his story
His problems
And what he was searching for now
But I, where was I?
Where was I, where was I?
The gray shapes of the past...
Taste this, I brought it.
It's from a farmer in Siena.
Where I come from they make good wine too.
Yeah? And where's that?
- Bari?
- Oh!
Easy with the insults, okay?
Salento, from Lecce.
And he would take my hands instead
What do you have?
What do you have, what do you have?
[Gianna] The blood flows better
to your temples this way.
It will stop your headache.
[soft music plays]
[Gianna] What do you feel?
You're good.
[chuckles] Yeah.
Asthma, sinusitis
and migraines since I was a kid.
So I've got a black belt in headaches.
And what are you doing in Milan?
I sing here. Sort of.
[woman] Hmm.
And you?
I do hair, more or less.
Oh, sorry. [laughs]
You know,
I can't tell if...
it's the joint we smoked or your massage,
but I'm better.
How crazy are you?
[Gianna chuckles]
[esoteric music plays]
[music fades]
[insects chirping]
[woman] Hmm.
May I call you Eleven?
Because the first time I saw you
was April 11th.
[sensual music plays]
[guitar vibrato]
Make love to me.
Make love to me.
Take my breath away, Eleven.
Take my breath away.
[music ends abruptly]
[rooster crows]
[Babbo] Gianna!
[Babbo] Gianna!
I'm coming!
Come on, then!
Let's go, come on.
[Giovanna] Alessandro,
When your father's not here,
you shouldn't be riding.
Let him, he understands
more about it than all of us together.
Gianna, hurry.
We'll be late for the tournament.
- Hey! Win it, okay?
- [car door closes]
Thirteen years old, thirteen years old
The air around like lead
I remember my face on my fingers
Broken sentences
A hundred excuses, professor
To get your hands off me
This will be our little secret.
- Of my adolescence
- You make me feel amazing.
What do I have left
When awareness descends...
[music ends]
You were great.
May I have an 11?
[man] Eleven.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Anyway, it's absurd.
You have two records out,
you shouldn't have to sing
in places like this.
Hey, you were seriously great.
Hmm, right.
The applause
really shook the place tonight.
Where you going?
I need to get some air,
I'm going on a walk.
But it's really dark out. Come back.
You go to sleep.
I just need to be alone right now.
[man] Eleven!
And number 11 is the winner of the prize.
[dramatic music plays]
Bravo, bravo.
[racket hits ball]
[ball hits floor]
[racket hits ball]
[ball bounces]
[thunder rolls]
[dramatic music continues]
[music fades]
[Gianna] "I Miei Pensieri," fourteenth.
"Scrivimi Prima di Dormire," fifteenth.
Gianna Nannini sixteenth,
I'm last, this is bullshit!
Sit down, I'm getting fucking seasick.
Come on.
You know why I'm at the bottom?
'Cause my music's not there.
I'm nowhere to be found.
I went to all the record stores
all over Milan. I'm not there!
You're not in there
because you're not selling.
I need more time, though.
How much time do you fucking want?
- No one gave a shit about your records.
- Your promotion's what sucks!
- All of you suck!
- Now just calm down, okay?
Look, I'm tired, all right?
Are you letting me go, then?
Tell me! You want me outta here?
It's not only up to me.
[scoffs] It's not up to you, huh?
Well, fuck off, then!
Go fuck yourselves, both of you.
Brava, brava! Run home and cry.
Go sing to yourself, okay?
So what should I do?
Just stand here and be offended?
Gianna, it's rock that's killing it!
If music is your weapon,
you should try to fight using it!
["America" by Gianna Nannini plays]
And so I caress my loneliness
And everyone has their own body
And knows what to ask for
Ask for, ask for, ask for, ask for
Make love to me
Harder and harder
Like it was America
Make love to me
Harder and harder
And I am America
[music fades]
[Alessandro] Because when you take
the speed up to 300 miles an hour,
there's no time to figure things out,
you have to drive with your ass!
You let your ass guide you,
it's where you feel all the vibrations.
In fact, when you're headed into a turn,
they say you need three things:
you need your ass,
your will, and your heart.
Because you can't think, you have to feel,
and maybe then you can win.
- It's true.
- Hmm. You and your races.
Your brother is in formula Abarth.
If he keeps winning,
he'll move up to Formula Two.
Hey, Pop. Don't say that.
It'll bring bad luck.
Wow, you're great!
[Gianna chuckles]
[Babbo sighs]
And you? What's goin' on?
- Uh, so, my new record's out in a month.
- [Alessandro] Oh yeah? Really?
- Yep. Yeah.
- Really?
- Are you gonna let us hear it?
- Sure, I'll go put it on right now.
It's not a mortal sin
for you to take interest in her too.
Mamma's right.
Gianna's grown up, she has her own life.
- Guys, I didn't say anything.
- That's the point.
Here's the cover of the album.
- Oh, that's pretty.
- Can I see, Giovanna?
What's she holding up?
- You're a lunatic!
- Why are you laughing, Alessandro?
Why? It's not a rocket?
[Alessandro] A rocket, Pop?
Take a better look.
That's a vibrator.
- [Alessandro chuckles]
- [Giovanna] A... a vibrator?
On the Statue of Liberty?
- [chuckling]
- [Babbo] What are you laughing at?
My name's not going
on this disgusting thing. Clear?
- Hey, Pop, it's just a record!
- You be quiet.
- [Giovanna] Danilo...
- [Danilo] Stay out of it.
get rid of it, or else I'll have to do it.
- And how will you?
- I'll get it figured out!
Yeah, well, I made this cover
just for people like you.
People like me? What exactly do you mean?
Well, you're a prude and narrow-minded.
You're all appearance and zero soul, man!
I don't even know what I'm doing
with all of you.
- [cutlery clinks]
- Gianna.
If you don't want to deal with us,
then get the hell out.
Go back to Milan!
Get out!
Go on!
[Gianna] Fuck it.
[footsteps retreating]
- A vibrator is a very modern thing...
- Giovanna!
If you leave,
you won't be welcome here again.
I'm gonna do what I want.
["America" by Gianna Nannini plays]
I will seek
I've always told myself, I will seek
You will find it
They always told me, you will find it
[music continues playing over TV]
For today I'm with myself...
She's wonderful!
[Alessandro] She's amazing!
And so I caress my loneliness
Each one has their own body
And knows what to ask for
Oh, dear...
Make me dream
[crowd screaming]
She bites her lip
And she feels America
Make me fly
He reaches out his hand
And touches America
[crowd screaming]
Make love to me
Harder and harder
Like it was America
Make love to me
Harder, even harder
And I'm America
[music stops]
This is for you.
TO MY 11
And your words are in here too.
You do this with everyone?
Disappear and reappear?
I only come back to you.
I just disappear with the rest.
Whatever, tonight I can't,
but tomorrow, if you want.
I'm goin' to Germany tomorrow.
[Eleven giggles]
[doorbell rings]
So make love to me.
We are California
We are freedom
Clenched fists in our pockets
Blood, reality
We are California
We are freedom
We are the ones who look at it
And it still seems
Still seems like heaven
[crowd cheering]
[crowd] Gianna!
[crowd cheering and applauding]
[rock music plays]
[crowd] Bravo! Bravo!
[crowd chanting] Gianna! Gianna! Gianna!
- [man] Thank you.
- [Gianna] Do you want an autograph?
Here you go.
- Thank you, Gianna.
- Bye, thanks.
Why did you come here?
I brought you a surprise, Gianna.
[sound distorts]
[unsettling music plays]
One for me.
And one for you.
[music fades]
Hey, what day is it?
The sixteenth, why?
Sixteen. Hmm.
I'm gonna call you Sixteen.
Ah, no more "Someone"?
No. Today you're Sixteen.
I had an Eleven too,
but who knows what happened to her.
- [knocking on door]
- Gianna! Gianna.
They want you in Cologne for a TV show.
- You wanna do it?
- Hell yes!
[intriguing music plays]
Do you want to be famous?
Then you need to realize where you are!
I don't give a shit if it's
the most popular show in Germany.
I don't want dancers up there!
- I'll do it with my band or not at all!
- It's the German TV channel.
It's the equivalent of RAI over here.
Yeah? Well they can get fucked,
along with their dancers.
And their shitty director.
[Mara] If you're not gonna go on,
you can come back here to Milan,
and you can pay your own way.
[disturbing ringing]
[Gianna] Let's go.
[somber music plays]
[alarm clock blaring]
Oh, no, shit.
Oh, shit, come on.
[Mara] He left.
You treated him like absolute shit.
A photographer
who worked with Paul McCartney.
You came in second at Festivalbar,
so you think you've made it?
I'll tell you a little secret, Gianna.
In competition, only first place matters.
No one cares who came in second.
Sorry, I mean...
- I was late, okay? I'm sorry.
- [Mara] Be quiet.
Singers like you are a dime a dozen.
Exploding and then burning out.
[resonant music plays]
Whatever, not my problem now.
I'm leaving Ricordi.
You're in deep shit now.
[traffic noise]
[music continues]
[music fades]
[keys jingling]
[plays single note]
[distorted sounds]
Get outta here!
What?! Get out!
Won't you get outta here?!
[dramatic piano music plays]
[distorted sounds]
[sniffles, exhales]
[doorbell ringing]
Out goes Sixteen, in comes Eleven.
[slams door]
Why did you come to the shop?
Because pain is obligatory.
The suffering is optional, though.
Well, you said you'd call,
and you never did.
No, you're wrong, I tried to call once.
And the line was busy.
You got a cute blonde, huh?
Gianna, go fuck yourself!
You're so beautiful,
but you don't know it.
If you did,
you wouldn't need this shit for courage.
I have plenty of courage.
Oh, yeah?
Look at you!
[amplified flushing noise]
[broken plates]
[tense music plays]
[music fades]
[slams door]
[woman] No, I'm sorry,
Ms. Maionchi is no longer working with us.
Yes, that's right.
Gianna, what is it...?
Can I get the number
for David Roger Kranz?
I don't know if I can,
he's very important.
Yeah, I know he's important,
but I don't give a shit.
Mara's gone, and I wanna speak to Kranz.
If you won't give it, then I'll take it.
Look, everyone says he's perfect for me!
[woman] No, no, wait.
Gianna, Gianna, Gianna,
Gianna, Gianna, Gianna, hey, stop! No!
Gianna, you're gonna get me in trouble!
If they say anything,
tell them I threatened you with a knife.
[playing piano]
Warm blood, intoxicating perfume
Medallions under a T-shirt
Marlon Brando
Matters of tango
[Marc] Medaglioni sotto la T-shirt
That supposed to be me? Huh?
Yes, don't flatter yourself, though.
[phone ringing]
Can you get that?
Say I haven't been born yet.
Haven't been born yet. Okay.
Yes, hello?
Yeah, Gianna's here,
but she says she's not born yet.
It's that manager
you've been waitin' to hear from.
Says he'll take care of your birth.
Hi, I'm here, yeah?
Yes. All right, that's great! Thank you.
Cigarettes smoked in a hurry
Eyes searching the decollet
See Ornella mute
Mute, she shuts her mouth for you
While you are changing cars
Changing engine
Latin lover
Latin lover
Okay. Okay.
What we need to do
is create a European sound for you.
Let me think...
I think I know just the person
who should record you.
- Conny Plank, in Germany.
- So you're really gonna work with me?
- That's what you wanted, right?
- [giggles]
Yeah, but what do I say to Ricordi?
That you're going
to produce the record this time around.
You'll make your own music.
And if they want to,
then they can get in for the distribution.
- That's fantastic!
- Yeah, but there's just one thing.
In order to produce it,
we're gonna need some real money.
And we can borrow some from them
to get it done.
But if the record does badly,
you'll have to repay the advance.
You cool with that?
I sure am, Mister Kranz.
Just call me Roger David.
["Vienna" by Ultravox plays]
A man in the dark in a picture frame
So mystic and soulful...
Whoa, look at that guy.
- Should we do it?
- Sure.
It stays with you until...
- [man] Cologne?
- [Gianna] Cologne.
[man 2] Yeah, Cologne.
- [man] Thanks!
- [Gianna] Ciao!
It means nothing to me...
[man] Woo-hoo!
This means nothing to me...
I hate tanks, you guys.
Oh, and uniforms,
and rifles, and everything else.
Yeah, I do too!
All I wanted to do was get into hockey,
but in Warsaw,
if you don't serve, you don't play hockey.
[man 2] Hmm.
So, I just ran away! [laughs]
Hey, what are you? Musicians?
- Yeah, we're going to record an album.
- Woo-hoo!
[violin music plays]
[Gianna] Conny, where are you?
We're here!
[Gianna] Are you Krista?
- Stefan!
- Yeah.
- Gianna.
- Come inside.
Hi. Let's go!
[man exhales]
You have to find your own rock.
You know, every country has its own rock.
You are Italian.
The instruments Mauro uses
are Mediterranean.
And that's why I brought him here,
to contaminate everything.
Let yourself be contaminated.
Be contaminated.
Just let it happen, Gianna.
But do it without losing your identity.
And together, we'll create
a new kraut metro rock... synthetic!
[both laughing]
The music you sent to me, it's great.
But we need to dismantle
and rebuild the songs,
because being reborn
is even better than bein' born.
["Latin Lover" by Gianna Nannini plays]
Cigarettes smoked in a hurry
Eyes searching the dcollet...
- There she is!
- Hey! It's a recipe from Siena!
It's sauce, it's not ketchup, eh?
While you're changing your car
Changing motor
Latin lover
Latin lover
Latin lover
Yes, Latin lover
Stay with your photos
Stay with your tricks
Stay on the edge of the night
Stay with your drawings
Stay with your twisted stories
On the edge of the night
Pretty baby, pretty baby
Don't stay out all alone in the sun
Latin lover
Latin lover
[playing gently]
[Roger] I know "Latin Lover" by heart,
but you can't make an album
with just one song.
We're running out of time here.
We're working well with Conny,
can't you cut me some slack?
Conny isn't the one who's paying.
Every day we spend in here
costs us money, lots of money!
If you don't want me repeating myself,
just finish the fucking album.
[Gianna sighs]
You've got one more week. That's all.
Any more is impossible.
The only alternative now
is to go back to Ricordi for more money.
But this time, you're doing the asking.
[somber music plays]
[lid opens]
[plays a piano key]
[distorted sounds]
[Roger echoes] We're running out of time.
[trying chords]
[trying chords]
[dissonant chords]
You... You look towards me
You look towards me
You love daydreaming
- You saw...
- What is this?
Geez, are you spying?
I came to take photos.
Go on, then,
because I don't need you here.
You called me, you know.
Nope, I would recall that.
- Maybe you were drunk?
- Probably.
But I'm sober now,
so why don't you fuck off?
Why are you doin' this?
Because I choose
who I'm going to spend time around.
Nobody gives a shit
about what decisions you make.
[tense music plays]
Tsk, tsk, tsk.
You are only to do what you're told.
[echoing] ...only to do what you're told.
- [music ends]
- [Conny sighs]
[Conny] What's wrong?
It's nothing, really.
[Conny] That's not true.
If you can't take
everything you're feeling,
and put it into the music,
then, why are we here?
- [Krista] Not so fast, honey.
- Yes.
[taps glass]
In the morning, I'm leaving.
I just wanted...
to thank everyone.
You guys have been, you know,
like a family to me.
[Stefan] Mm.
Poor Stefan, you...
[Stefan] I don't want him to go.
Where are you heading?
Last night I dreamed of bulls.
So, I'm headed to Spain.
- [Krista] You're going to Spain?
- How cool.
[man] He's gonna come back all tan.
I'll be in the studio, all right?
I got an idea.
[playing piano]
You who look toward me
You saw bulls in your sleep
And left Madrid
Stay in my eyes and tell me of mermaids
And the deceptions of your dreams
You, European boy
You never lose your way
You, who makes wild love
You always find a way
To go further
You travel with that precarious air
You almost look like a poet
Inside your boulevards
You, European boy
You carry your luck around
You meet everyone by chance
You won't go back to Warsaw
Because you won't be a soldier
[Conny] Brava!
That's good.
[humming noise]
[Eleven] I'll be right back.
What do you want?
I found my courage again.
I don't do coke anymore,
but you disappeared.
That's what you think?
Gianna, you're not present.
You've never been.
I don't want you for me,
I want you for you.
Do you understand?
[dramatic music plays]
What the fuck do I have to do?
I don't know.
Not anymore.
But I am not the solution.
[object clatters]
[rock music plays]
[Gianna humming]
[continues humming]
What's your opinion?
[Marc] Mm.
Oh, right. You don't actually give a shit
about my music, do you?
- That's not true.
- Yeah, right.
Sing "Latin Lover."
I wrote it for your stupid ass.
- It's not that...
- Shut up, you asshole.
Close the window, I can smell gas.
- Close the window?
- But it's so hot, and I'm smoking.
Everyone dies eventually.
- What the fuck? Hey!
- [tires screeching]
[loud crash]
[dramatic music plays]
Never compromise.
You are all you have.
[Roger] That should hold you for a while.
That's all you got?
Never compromise.
You are all you have.
Never compromise yourself.
You are all you have.
[Roger] You gotta to go more pop.
You gotta be more like
Mike Bongiorno, Pippo Baudo,
you have to dress differently, as well.
Enough with the leather pants
and the kraut hair.
You know, in Italy,
they don't like that kinda thing.
Women play pop.
But I'm not like that.
So, practice.
Never compromise yourself.
You are all you have.
If in Germany you sell 250,000 records,
in Italy,
among your own people,
you oughta sell a million.
Write me a hit that will rock in Italy.
One hit, Gianna.
Or we all go home.
Just one.
[Gianna] One hit. One hit. One hit.
Never compromise yourself.
[water running]
[Gianna sighs]
[echoing] One hit. One hit.
One hit. One hit.
[Roger sighs]
If you wanna write something,
press "record."
You know, Sting wrote an entire album
while he was sick with the flu.
I've rebooked us the studio as well.
We're not going
to let a little accident stop us.
Hey, wait a second!
You smell that?
Smell what?
The smell of gas.
It's been getting stronger.
[Roger sniffing]
Well, I can't smell any gas, all right?
Think of a hit. Okay?
Remember that.
One hit.
Or this ends and we all go home.
[dramatic piano music plays]
[Gianna] One hit. One hit. One hit.
One hit. One hit. One hit. One hit.
[dramatic music continues]
[music continues]
You're late, you know.
[echoing] You're late, you know!
Did you hear what I said to you?
Yeah, sorry.
I have to go now,
but Conny will be free in ten minutes.
Why don't you go in,
drink some coffee,
and join him in the studio?
- Let's go. [in evil voice] Let's go!
- Yeah.
Are we ready now?
In three, two...
[Gianna] I hear a voice
Speaking softly deep inside me
As if from a black abyss
It's asking, "But why?"
Then it screams inside...
[distorted sounds]
Okay, not bad.
Um, once more.
- Oh, yes, no, I got it. I got it. Sorry.
- [Conny] No, no.
No worries. Let's start over.
I'll do it again.
- Go.
- Wait a sec. All right.
[Conny] Three.
I hear a voice
Speaking softly deep inside me
Locked in the ab...
No, sorry. [sighs]
[unsettling insect sounds]
[dramatic piano music plays]
- [military march]
- [unsettling insect sounds]
[Conny] When you're ready.
Hey, I smell gas!
Do you guys smell that?
[Conny] Better go check.
[Gianna] I can smell gas.
Don't you smell it?
No, nothing. Honestly, I don't.
[Gianna] I'll do it again.
Sorry, I'll do it over.
- [Conny] Are you sure?
- Yup.
[Conny] Okay.
[military march]
[unsettling insect sounds]
[Conny] Gianna?
- Yeah.
- One, two, three...
I hear a voice
Speaking softly deep inside me
[unsettling insect sound]
Damn, I got the words wrong.
- [Conny] Go have a quick look.
- [man] Huh?
[military march]
- Hurry up. Come on.
- All right, all right.
[reverberated sound]
Get rid of that ice cream,
there's poison in it!
It's poisoned,
you gotta throw it in the trash!
[unsettling sounds]
[Conny] Gianna...
are you okay?
[unsettling insect sounds]
- [military march]
- [unsettling insect sounds]
- What is it?
- Oh!
- [Conny] What?
- I stepped on it.
- Stepped on what?
- I killed it.
There's nothing there.
- There is nothing there.
- No...
Why don't you just head back to the hotel
and get some rest, hm?
It's okay.
Why don't you follow me so I can blow you?
- [Conny] Take him outside.
- Come, Stefan.
[Gianna] No?
[tense music plays]
[unsettling sounds]
Why is everything slow, now?
- Let's sit down.
- Everyone's in slow motion...
- It's okay.
- Why are they in slow motion?
- Just breathe.
- But why?
All right? It'll be okay. Huh?
It's gonna be okay.
[echoing] Everything's fine.
Everything's gonna to be okay.
- [Gianna] Everyone's in slow motion.
- [Conny] Everything's gonna be okay.
[door opens]
[closes drawer]
What are you doing?
- [insect sounds]
- What are you doing?
"On Monday, April 18th, Gianna got up."
Gimme those.
"At 9:04, she had breakfast,
at 9:13 went to the piano."
- Give me the papers!
- "At 10:00, she didn't write anything."
Give me the papers.
"Sometimes she skips lunch."
- "Drinks beer at 3:00 p.m."
- Please.
"In the evening she eats,
and is usually tired."
"A discussion between us revealed that
Gianna does not want to have a family."
Would you give it to me?
"She might love Carla,
but doesn't want to commit."
- The fuck is this?!
- It's nothing!
Are you a spy working for Roger? Get away!
- Hey, relax,
- Asshole!
- Fuck off!
- What?
- Go away!
- Take it easy!
Fuck off!
Go away!
One hit.
You're late!
You've got one more week.
That's all. Just one.
I'm leaving Ricordi.
Fuck off!
- Go away!
- Gianna!
- I'm gonna do what I want.
- [Marc] Crazy.
- One hit.
- [Marc] Batshit crazy, it's what you are.
- Crazy!
- [Roger distorted] Or we all go home.
[unsettling music plays]
[unsettling sounds]
- [knocking]
- [Conny] Gianna?
Open the door!
Gianna, it's us.
- [Conny] Open up, Gianna.
- Marc.
- [Conny] Please, come on, open up.
- Marc. Marc.
- [Conny] Open up, please.
- Marc.
- Gianna!
- [Gianna] Marc.
- [Conny] At once.
- [Gianna] Wake up, Marc!
- [Conny] Open up, please.
- Marc, wake up.
[Conny] Gianna!
[Gianna] Marc, hey, Marc!
Marc! Marc!
Marc! Hey, Marc!
Marc, wake up!
Marc, wake up!
Help me, please...
Marc, he won't wake up!
Marc won't wake up.
He's not waking up, though.
- There's no one there.
- [Gianna] No, Marc.
Marc! Wake up! Help me!
[Conny] Come here.
Come on, Gianna. Get up.
- No... I...
- [Conny] Come on.
Come with me.
Let me help you.
Call Eleven, she'll tell you
that we're all connected together.
She knows.
Call Eleven.
- Gianna, get up, please.
- Marc, wake up.
- Oh! I can't. I can't. I can't.
- Gianna! Gianna! Gianna!
It's my fault...
[Conny] Hey, it's okay.
We're all connected. We bomb each other.
[dramatic music plays]
What should we do?
We should take her to the hospital.
You witch.
Go away.
- Please.
- No, I can't... be born right now.
Calm down. Roger's on his way.
Please, just relax.
It's my fault...
Where are we?
In Germany.
- [Gianna] Is Siena still there?
- Yeah, of course.
- Why wouldn't Siena still be there?
- They're bombing over there.
It's real bad too.
What day is it?
It's July third.
It is?
Me, Carla, and Marc make three.
Three times three, nine.
A perfect factor of three.
Carla and I equal two.
Nine plus two.
Carla's my Eleven.
But I'm Gianna.
Number one.
Gianna is one.
While July...
July is...
July's seven.
Seven, plus three, plus one...
Seven, plus one, plus three.
Eleven. It all adds up to 11, see?
Eleven always comes back.
Don't worry.
I'll take care of everything.
[car door closes]
[Gianna] My father is in Germany.
Oh, Marc.
[Danilo] Gianna...
- Why are you here?
- Sweetie.
My baby girl.
- Come on inside.
- It's not just me. Marc is in the car too.
Marc is staying with me.
Come on.
- [Gianna] Easy.
- [Danilo] Okay.
[hood slams]
[engine turns over]
- [engine turns over]
- [cat meows]
- [Gianna] Babbo...
- [Danilo] Yes?
- There's a cat. Make it get away!
- Where's a cat?
- I have asthma, Babbo.
- No, no.
- I can't breathe!
- No, no, no!
- Gianna!
- Can't breathe, Babbo!
Please, make the cat get away!
Gianna, sweetie!
- Babbo...
- Gianna...
Sweetie, there is no cat.
- Come, we need to go to Milan.
- I'm dying, Babbo.
- Send it away!
- Of course. I'll shoo it away.
Shoo! Get away from us! Get away!
[engine turns over]
Babbo, it's the cat again!
- Se... Send it away!
- There is no cat, Gianna!
It's for your protection.
Do you understand?
[dramatic music plays]
Gianna, stop.
Don't worry, sweetie. Just relax.
Hey, you wanna sing your babbo a song?
I can't keep time.
- Well, then sing off-beat.
- No...
if I open my mouth to sing,
ants will get in.
There are no ants to fear, Gianna.
- None at all?
- No.
Then, how about you sing?
Then you'll see.
Go on, now!
Sing, then! Let's hear it, bitch!
Can't sing, huh?!
- Shh...
- Sing!
My poor baby...
You will come back
I know, you'll come back
And when you
Are with me
You will find all the things that
And you won't be able to
Leave me anymore
[music fades]
Marc, come with me to Mamma's, Marc...
This Marc fellow,
she keeps mentioning him.
[unsettling music plays]
[Gianna breathes heavily]
- Let me in, Mamma.
- Gianna!
- [Gianna] Let me in, I have to be born.
- What are you doing?
[Gianna] Let me in, Mamma,
I have to be born.
- Gianna!
- [Gianna] Give birth to me, Mamma.
- [Danilo] Giannina...
- Give birth to me.
- Don't be afraid.
- Gianna, get up.
- What are you doing?
- Give birth to me again, Mamma.
- Giannina, sweetie...
- Mamma.
- [Danilo] Tell me, sweetie.
- Did you bring the flag with you?
Sure! I brought it.
We have it with us, don't we?
[Gianna] Will you wrap me in the flag?
- Of course, sweetie. I'll wrap you in it.
- Wrap me in it.
- Babbo, did I make you cry, Babbo?
- No, babe!
There's just dust in my eyes.
[Danilo chuckles]
My Eleven!
[Gianna laughs]
You're my Eleven.
[unsettling music plays]
What's happening, Mamma? Where am I?
[music fades]
Why don't you just take one?
[unsettling music plays]
[Marc] You know everything he said
is bullshit, right?
[distorted sounds]
Who is he to say I don't exist?
Gianna, I'm right here.
Look at me.
Kiss me.
Or touch me, I'm right here.
It's not medicine. Don't believe him.
Don't do it.
You don't want that, Gianna.
Don't take it.
Don't take it.
[music ends]
I've given her some Xerinax.
You need to make sure
she takes them for at least a week.
It's possible, though, that her psychosis
is of the hallucinatory type.
It may become necessary
to find her specialized care.
You mean a loony bin?
We don't use that term anymore.
Um, would it change anything
if I told you she took LSD?
Does that change anything?
Well, if her psychotic onset was induced,
she may actually have
a better chance of regressing.
Let's do this.
We'll monitor her for a few weeks, first,
and then we'll decide what to do next.
There's no way I'm going
into some loony bin.
You can!
[melancholy music plays]
[Giovanna] Come here, Gianna.
In fact, you're not going there.
I can stay with her.
Let me help her.
I can't play the piano for you!
It's okay.
- Come on... Come on!
- My hands keep deforming.
I'm frozen.
- Frozen.
- How about a hot bath?
- Let's clean you up.
- My baby...
- I'm so cold, Mamma.
- It's okay.
["Contaminata" by Gianna Nannini plays]
[Eleven] There you go...
[water bubbling]
Your skin is my skin
It no longer has any color
I am blood in your blood
One single soul
Your story is my story
My eyes are yours
My hour is your hour
The destiny you don't have
Fly, fly, fly, fly
My mind is flying
Fly, fly, fly
Whoever takes me away
Fly, fly, fly
You forgot about me
You don't know me
I have just been born
It doesn't matter anymore who I am
I'm like a drop of water
Let me rain on the desert
A single drop of water overflowing
The sea
[music fades]
[vinyl spins idle]
So why'd you make up that LSD story?
I was tryin' to help.
You needed it.
When you love someone,
it doesn't matter how long they're away,
because you know they're inside you.
I think you have an army inside.
[laughs] That's not true!
But if Marc was never there,
who did I make love to?
Yeah, who knows?
I told you, you have an army inside.
I wrote a song about you.
- Oh, yeah?
- Sure.
[Eleven] Mm.
Which one?
"Latin Lover."
[Eleven] Mm.
Sing "America."
[Eleven scoffs]
No. Mm-mm.
Come on, sing it.
[clears throat]
I will search
I've always told myself, I'll search
Today I stay with myself
I'm enough
No one sees me
"America," I wrote for you too, you know?
Marc couldn't remember
any of the lyrics to "Latin Lover."
Not a single one.
I mean, seriously,
If somebody writes a song for you,
there's no way you would
just forget all the words.
That would never happen.
[doorbell ringing]
[doorbell ringing]
Roger says I'm ready, but what if I'm not,
and he's wrong?
What do I do if I can't sing?
If my voice won't come out?
After what happened to you,
you don't have
to be afraid of anything anymore.
For us real musicians,
you know, only music exists.
And only music saves us.
- [lighter flicking]
- [cheering in distance]
[Eleven] I lit a candle for you.
[background noises fade]
[unsettling music plays]
Fear does not exist.
For us real musicians,
you know, only music exists.
[distorted sounds]
[music ends]
[cheering in distance]
[Roger] Were you looking for me?
I'm not sure if she should do this.
No, no.
No, it's too late.
[Eleven] But she's fragile.
She can't back out now,
she signed a contract.
If you're really her friend,
get your ass over there,
and be a friend to her now.
Go and tell her that everything is fine.
Can you do that?
Everything is fine!
Okay? Nothing more.
[slams door]
[cheering and applauding
continue in distance]
[knocking on door]
Almost ready. Five-minute warning.
[cheering continues]
[door closes]
[crowd chanting]
Gianna! Gianna! Gianna! Gianna!
[crowd chanting]
Gianna! Gianna! Gianna! Gianna!
[unsettling music plays]
[muffled sounds]
[distorted sounds]
["Fotoromanza" by Gianna Nannini plays]
[muffled and distorted sounds]
[distorted sounds]
[Gianna sighs]
[normal sound]
If you don't go out at night, but
You make yourself a sandwich
While you watch TV
You too?
You sleep with someone
Who you don't recognize
In the light of day
You too?
[mouths] Bravo!
Do I call you or not?
Do I call you or not?
My morale is in the dumps
Will you call me or not?
Will you call me or not?
Who knows who will win
- [audience joins in]
- This love is a gas chamber
It's a burning building in the city
Love is a thin blade
It's a slow-motion scene
This love is a bomb at the hotel
This love is a feint in the ring
It is a flame exploding in the sky
This love is poisoned ice cream
[music continues]
[crowd cheering]
[crowd, chanting]
Gianna! Gianna! Gianna! Gianna!
[music fades]
[solemn music plays]
[cicadas and birds chirping]
[solemn music continues]
- Babbo?
- Eh...
[bells ringing]
[people whispering]
[Danilo breathing heavily]
You'll come back because
Losing each other is impossible
We are a river of clouds
Where dreams swim
Do you recall...
when I wasn't in favor...
of putting our last name on your records,
because I was ashamed?
- Huh?
- [kisses]
If it hadn't been for you and your music,
our name would be worthless.
My life
Hold me tight to keep on living
It's like diving into a sea of tears
This story that talks about us
You'll come back
And it will be a wonderful day
An acrobatic paradise
Our embrace on the world
So many things in this life
that I've been wrong about, Gianna.
But I did one thing right.
You are my greatest work.
["Sei nell'Anima"
by Gianna Nannini plays]
You can park there!
I'm going back to the start so
I'll turn off the lights
And you'll disappear from here
Just a few moments
Beyond this fog
Beyond the storm
There is a long and clear night
It will end
But it's the tenderness
That frightens us
You are in my soul
And I'll leave you there forever
You are in every part of me
I feel you coming down
Between each breath and heartbeat
You are in my soul
You are in my soul
In this defenseless space
It all starts with you
We don't need a reason why
We are flesh and breath
Drop by drop
Side by side
[crowd cheering]
I am a firework
A few gigs of memory
A gear that has gone crazy
A new trajectory
The moral of the story
Is that there is always an alternative
Death is mandatory
But age is optional
Nineteen eighty-three
Nineteen eighty-three
I was born without gender
Nineteen eighty-three
I am victim and executioner
I am light and then darkness
I am light and then darkness
We're just standing here staring
But sometimes the end
Is only the beginning
There's always another round
More rock 'n' roll
It's our show
Respect the line on judgment day
Sometimes it's the end
But you are the beginning
There is always another round
Ten thousand watts
It's our show
Every day a drop of poison
We are immune by now
So many vipers on the street
Who would have thought
Every day a drop of poison
Nineteen eighty-three
I was born without gender
Nineteen eighty-three
I am victim and executioner
Nineteen eighty-three
I am light and then darkness
I am a firework
A few gigs of memory
A gear that has gone crazy
A new trajectory
The moral of the story
Is that there is always an alternative
Death is mandatory
But age is optional
["Silenzio" by Gianna Nannini plays]
[upbeat music plays]
[music continues]
[music ends]