Beautiful & Twisted (2015) Movie Script

I'm sorry, Mrs. Novack, but, you know,
dogs aren't allowed inside the bank.
He's so little. He won't hurt anyone.
I just want to get into my box.
We'll be quick.
Yeah, good.
Narcy always had a way with men.
Excuse me.
- Mrs. Novack.
- Yes?
I'm terribly sorry.
But Thomas was unaware
that your name is not on the signature card.
Your husband needs to be with you
to get into the box.
Don't be silly.
I'll send Ben over to sign the card
just as soon as he wakes up from his nap.
I promise.
That's me. Ben Jr.
Probably better to take this one
back to the beginning.
This is where I grew up,
the legendary Fontainebleau Hotel,
paradise on the sand in Miami Beach.
It was Dad's.
He built it from the ground up.
Pretty swank, don't you think?
The Fontainebleau was the place
to see and be seen.
And it was ours.
Anyone who was anyone stayed here.
Dad said, "Build a grand stage,
and anyone who enters will play their part."
Sinatra stayed here.
Elvis stayed here.
Freaking James Bond stayed here.
JFK stayed in suite 1784.
Marilyn stayed in 1782.
This was home,
and Dad, Ben Sr., was king,
and Mom, Bernice,
was the queen of the Fontainebleau.
I guess I'd be the prince in this story.
Happy birthday, Ben-o.
My parents would use any excuse
to throw a bash.
Dad. Dad. Dad.
Hold on a sec, buddy.
One second, Benny, okay?
The grown-ups are talking.
And my sixth birthday was a pretty good one.
Yeah, why don't you go up to your room,
read some of your comics?
Why don't you get some
of your birthday cake, honey?
My folks had a lot on their plates.
I mean, who wants a six-year-old kid
butting in, you know?
I kind of figured this is where
I got my taste for everything.
I mean, it was right in front of me,
everywhere, eye high.
Ass, booze, drugs, all of it.
I was raised on TV and comic books.
I mean, my life was already a kind of fantasy
with kings and queens and movie stars.
So why not add a superhero into the mix?
Batman was my favorite.
I don't know why.
Maybe it was the lonely, rich kid thing,
maybe I just liked the car.
Lay 'em down, ladies.
I got my real education
backstage at the Boom-Boom Room.
I guess all that's missing from this story
is the girl, the damsel in distress,
and the villain, but we'll get to that.
All right, let's give it up
for Kitty in the middle.
And that's Eva on the left
and Candice on the right.
Can't. I'm on the job.
What's your name? I'm Ben.
What's your name
when you have your clothes on?
You are not gonna find out
in a place like this.
Well, then, let's go.
It ain't gonna be that easy.
Her name was Narcisa Veliz Pacheco. Narcy.
She was my princess, my damsel,
my Catwoman.
And I was hooked.
She was like crack or cigarettes
or whatever else you can get addicted to.
I had to have Narcy.
It was the craziest foreplay ever.
For weeks, I'd go to watch her dance,
pay for booze, for lap dances,
and she still wouldn't let me take her out.
It's amazing how much stuff
that woman could take off
without showing me anything.
Just like Catwoman, she was a mystery.
Who was she behind the mask?
I was gonna keep coming back to find out.
- Good morning, May.
- It's almost 4:00.
- Night shift at the restaurant.
- You don't have to call it a restaurant.
They serve food there.
- How's school?
- How's the restaurant?
May, you know everything I do, I do for us,
to make us money,
maybe get you to a better school,
send you to college.
I know.
When I worked at the shop,
I made $6 an hour.
Dancing, I can make $500 a night.
A nice guy has been coming in.
He wants to date me.
Nice guys don't go
to that kind of restaurant, Mom.
- You want to take a ride?
- No, thank you.
- I asked you a question back there.
- No, come on.
Come on, come here.
No, don't touch me! Come on!
Get off!
- Help!
- Come here!
You ever bother her again, I'll kill you!
All right, come on. Let's go.
Let's go, let's go.
I got you. I got you. I got you.
Nice car.
This is the one I rescue the damsels in.
Are you trying to save me?
You own the freaking Batmobile?
You like it?
Nice bat cave.
I actually have three more of them.
What do you do with all this stuff?
What do you mean what do I do with it?
I collect it.
It's actually the second largest collection
of Batman memorabilia in the world.
She's cool.
Gets her information from men
so she can use it in her robberies.
She's got a love-hate relationship
with Batman.
He thinks he can reform her.
He needs the whip.
Third drawer on the left.
You are a bad boy.
Looking for a bad girl.
What are you waiting for, Batman?
Why don't you quit your job
and let me take care of you?
We haven't even gone on a date yet.
This wasn't a date?
You're too beautiful and smart
to be stripping.
Trying to reform me, Batman?
I am trying to keep you all to myself.
I have a daughter.
I love kids.
I was one once myself.
Besides, I have 5,000 toys
and nobody to play with.
All right, May,
I officially deem you my first mate,
and your duties include
repelling any invaders,
interlopers, pirates or other miscreants.
I know that I haven't known
your mom very long,
but I am very serious about her.
You met her at a strip club.
Look, why don't you and I make a bet
whether this lasts.
You're, like, a zillionaire or something.
I don't even get allowance.
Okay, I will bet you
my detective comic book number 27.
A comic book?
It's Batman's first appearance.
There's less than 100 in the world.
It's worth about $1 million.
But what do I get if you lose?
You get my mom. That's prize enough.
- Mama.
- Benny.
You look so handsome.
Almost respectable.
Mom, this is Narcy.
You must be May.
Benny told me you were a pretty girl,
but he was grossly understating the facts.
I'm Narcy.
He doesn't like strangers. Go, Bubbe.
Narcy. That's an interesting name.
It's short for Narcisa.
Narcisa. The dancer.
Lovely. Come in.
This place is huge!
You have a very lovely home, Mrs. Novack.
Yes, let me take you on a tour.
You keep the old lady busy. I'll hit the silver.
Dolores, we'll be ready for dinner
in a few minutes
Six years curating
for the Museo De Arte De Barcelona.
I'm fluent in five languages. Come, sweetie.
Why do you have all these pictures?
Well, that used to belong to us
until Benny's father passed.
Come, you see that grand piano there?
That was a gift from Frank Sinatra.
What happened with your mom?
She's slow to warm up,
and one day,
she's gonna love you as much as I do.
Come on, you two, have a look at the pool.
There's a waterfall.
We can make it short
if you're paying by the hour.
- Narcy, open the door.
- No!
- What is she saying?
- She called Bernice a bitch.
All right, if you don't open the door,
I'm breaking it down.
It's a hollow-core fiberboard door.
I can bust it with my pinky.
- One.
- Did you see how that bitch looked at me?
Where was Batman?
She's like your Kryptonite or something.
That's Superman.
Batman doesn't care about Kryptonite.
Two. Look, just open it up.
I have something very important
I want to tell you.
I don't want to talk to you.
All right, your landlord isn't gonna like this.
Narcy, will you marry me?
Or do I need to break my foot?
What did you say?
Will you marry me, Narcy?
Told you I'd win our bet.
John is already so hammered.
He had way too much champagne.
No, no. Thanks again.
I thought a Batman-themed
Bar Mitzvah was tacky,
but this really can't compare.
It was his idea.
Well, we were gonna have it at the strip club,
but that food is terrible.
Yeah, well, congratulations to you.
I hope you'll both be very happy
and have a good lawyer.
- But we do. They helped us with the pre-nup.
- Her idea.
Well, that's very romantic.
Will you just excuse me for one second?
All right, come on.
What are you drinking, shots? No?
Don Julio Blanco for me.
A virgin margarita for her.
We're gonna be a family.
I want you to come to me for anything.
Except history.
I suck at history.
To the Novacks.
Ben, you remember my brother Cristobal?
You take good care of my Narcy.
And that was that.
Batman married his Catwoman,
and like anything
that's both amazing and addicting
and possibly very bad for you, it was great.
Look! This is the one I was telling you about!
Hold it up. It'll look bigger.
Years went by, put May through school.
Maybe I wasn't the perfect husband,
but I took good care of the family,
food on the table, roof over the head.
Everything was good.
We were living the American dream-ish.
I got to go.
Look at you!
- How was your flight?
- I need to get a Batplane.
What's this?
Powdered sugar.
What's this?
I'm gonna take a quick shower.
Are you hungry for lunch?
- What are you making?
- It's a surprise.
A surprise. Speaking of which...
Look at the size of these diamonds.
It's not even my birthday.
- You like 'em?
- I love them.
It's just to show
that I was thinking about you,
and to thank you for putting up with
such a workaholic, absent, hot-tempered,
sex-crazed, good-for-nothing husband.
My pleasure.
I'm just gonna go take a quick shower.
Who's Sandy?
I found this in the pocket of your jacket.
Don't you dare lie to me.
I don't know what that is.
I've never seen that before.
That could have been in there for a year.
I wore that jacket to Chuck's wedding.
Don't bullshit me.
This is a goddamn bar napkin.
Is this a strip joint?
You were screwing some stripper
on the side?
Listen to me. Listen to me.
Where do you think I meet clients?
I meet them in bars!
It's probably a client's number.
You know what? I'm gonna call her.
I'm gonna call that whore.
- No, you're not.
- Yes.
No, you are not. Stop it. Stop it.
Okay, no. All right.
I was drunk, and she came on to me,
and I took the number...
- You liar!
- I shouldn't have...
Get away from me.
You think you can go around
screwing other women,
and come back with some jewelry,
and everything will be fine?
- What are these, a bribe?
- Look, I am sorry, all right?
- Look, I love you.
- Bullshit.
If you love me,
you don't go around screwing other women.
Look, sometimes I go too far, okay?
But I've never pretended
to be anything other than what I am.
I mean, come on. We met at a strip club.
Come on.
I'm sorry, Benny. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Benny. Oh, my God.
You are the craziest bitch I've ever met.
It's you who drives me crazy.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Morning, Patrick.
Convention Concepts.
Yes. Please hold.
Hey, I got the docs for Salazar.
Good, good. Thanks.
- What the hell happened to you?
- I forgot to duck.
You've been with Mom for this long
and you still haven't learned?
- You need more ice?
- No, no, no.
I'm good.
- I closed the Sheraton deal.
- No!
- I am so proud of you.
- Thanks, Dad.
- Let's just keep this little story to ourselves.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, our secret.
Mom, didn't know you were coming in today.
- What happened to you?
- It's nothing.
You should see the other guy.
- Oh, my God.
- It's fine.
Got a big client coming in today.
Is Narcy coming in for this big meeting?
I do not know. We had a disagreement.
Well, what else is new?
- Did she do this to you, Benny?
- Mom, don't worry about it.
But I am worried, Benny.
I've been worried since the day you met her.
Mom, every marriage has problems.
Hello, husband.
Mother. To what do we owe the pleasure?
I'm just checking on the welfare of my son.
Salazar will be here in five minutes.
Mom, go get a cup of coffee,
and we'll talk later.
You have blood on your shirt, baby.
A little spot right there.
Come. Take it off.
Let me get it out before the stain sets.
Ben, I'm sorry about before. I just...
You hurt me.
I don't know what gets into me.
All I want is for things to be good.
I just want us to be happy.
I just want to love you.
I just want you to love me like before.
Maybe Mom was right.
Moms usually are.
But what she could never understand,
what no one could ever understand,
it turned me on.
And this is something
that we did for the sultan.
Who would have thought $20 million
could go so fast?
We take very good personal care
of our clients.
I'd like my senior executives
to feel pampered.
I want for them something more
than just a big party.
We were thinking
a big event out on the water.
125-foot Mangusta.
Three sushi chefs,
five-star entertainment, beautiful girls.
We'll give them a night they'll never forget.
Will you be there, too?
I wouldn't miss it.
It's funny. We've been married a long time,
and my Spanish still sucks.
Perhaps you can tell me more
about your ideas
over a drink.
I can answer any questions
that you might have.
We're talking about the party on the boat.
He wants to hear more over a drink.
I got this.
This is assault. It's a crime.
You should file charges
and for divorce as well.
Mom, not now.
The nature of a cat is its unpredictability.
And with Narcy,
you never knew what to expect.
Call for help!
Come on, talk to me.
We need an ambulance.
Yes, a woman, she just fell...
Mom. You'll be okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
- You didn't answer your phone.
- I was busy.
My mother's in the hospital.
Is she going to be all right?
They put a tube down through her throat
into her stomach.
They're running tests. She's resting.
Where were you?
- I was working.
- For nine hours?
What happened to her, Ben?
She thinks you poisoned her.
What are you talking about?
Did you have anything to do with this?
- What are you doing?
- I'm leaving.
Did you or did you not poison my mother?
Your mother, her royal freaking highness,
is an old lady.
Old ladies get sick.
Shit happens.
I know what she says about me
behind my back.
And you dare ask me if I poisoned her?
That bitch has been poisoning you
against me since we met.
Nobody treats me this way.
You changed the code.
I want the code.
I want what's mine, and I'm leaving.
Why can't you just tell me
that you didn't do it?
Give me my money.
My money, bitch.
I guess that should have been the end.
Once you accuse your wife
of trying to kill your mom,
you'd think I would have walked away
or something.
You'd think.
- Give me the code.
- What?
Give me the damn code!
Code now,
or, swear to God, I'm gonna kill you.
You've reached the home of Ben Novack, Jr.
I am so sorry.
- I don't know why he's not picking up.
- Another time.
I'm sure there's an explanation.
Can I get you some more coffee?
Dad? Dad?
How'd they know where the safe was?
I don't know.
How much money was in there?
That's a lot of money.
I have a lot of money.
You never know when
a mint 1940 number one Joker edition
is gonna walk through the door.
You have any idea
who might have done this?
- Thank you for coming in.
- Of course.
So, Mrs. Novack,
I'm sure you're aware of the incident
involving your husband.
Am I under arrest, Officer?
No, no, we're just trying to...
Where were you on the night before last?
At home,
overseeing the beating of my husband.
Mrs. Novack, we've explained
your rights to you.
You are not obligated to speak to us.
I know, I know, but I want to clear up
this little misunderstanding.
Then you are willing to admit
to the allegations made by the victim?
The victim?
He does like to play that role, doesn't he?
So, for the record, you're stating that
you did have your husband tied up and beat?
- At gunpoint.
- At gunpoint.
And stole his $370,000?
I didn't steal anything.
- Then where's his money?
- Right here.
- So you did steal it.
- I took it, but it's all going back.
Just because you bring it back
doesn't mean you didn't steal it.
We can still prosecute you.
Sure, if Benny says it was stolen,
if he presses charges,
but he won't do that.
He won't.
As you can see,
my husband likes to put himself
in some very compromising positions.
And the things he does to me,
oh, my, it's addictive.
You understand?
We like it rough.
I think half the time we have arguments
just for the makeup sex.
To keep it interesting, well,
you have to push it a little further sometimes,
and sometimes a little further
can be scary at first.
Sometimes a little further can be dead.
Ben, if you don't prosecute,
the police will drop the case
and Narcy will walk.
And if I do prosecute,
then she causes a scandal,
and every paper in Florida
will write about our sex life.
I mean, I run a $100 million business.
I can't have people thinking
that I'm some sort of a freak.
I mean, not, you know, the general public.
Well, I guess you'll just have to choose
between your reputation or your life.
Stop being so melodramatic.
Look, it's the first time
she's ever done anything like this.
Do you know what my wife does
when she gets angry?
- She shops.
- Your point?
My point, I don't want to read about you
in the obituary column.
Even if I did go to court,
it would be my word against hers.
Yes, but you're a credible, respectable guy
with a face that looks like a punching bag,
and she's a gold-digging whore.
Hey! Hey.
- That's my wife.
- You're not serious.
Finally, I was starting to believe,
like everyone else,
that I had to get out.
The first lesson in dealing with a wild animal,
they can smell fear.
I'm glad you came.
Is this about us or the money?
I know what you told the cops.
That was no game. I could have been killed.
If you think you can pull something like that
and just get away with it...
Other people can't understand us, Benny,
the way we love each other,
the way we hurt each other,
the games we play.
I can't leave you
any more than you can't leave me.
We are a mess, huh?
I know you hate me now,
but you also love me.
Admit it, Benny.
It turns you on, doesn't it?
Are you afraid of me, Benny?
The problem was Narcy was Narcy,
and I was who I was.
She belongs in prison.
She returned the files, Mom,
and the money, most of it.
We have an agreement.
What is wrong with you?
I don't know what to tell you, okay?
Look, the heart wants what it wants, okay?
We both love each other,
and, you know, we're both a little crazy.
No shit.
She knows she screwed up.
Things are gonna be better.
You are delusional and she's a psychopath.
You both need help.
We're seeing a couples' therapist.
You don't need a therapist, Ben.
You need a hostage negotiator.
- I'm really worried about them.
- Yeah, you should be.
Benny didn't have much of a childhood.
He was always surrounded
by adults and showgirls.
He was there when I kicked his father
out of the suite
when I caught him cheating.
He was there when his father hired detectives
to follow me and a singer out of the club.
- Sounds familiar.
- Yeah.
But I still love Benny's father,
even after the divorce,
after the bankruptcy, after the bimbos.
I mean, were any of them in the hospital
as he lay dying?
I was by his side till his last breath.
I think what I'm trying to say is,
it's possible, despite all the madness,
that your mom and Benny
love each other very much
in their own deeply weird way.
That's what I'm afraid of.
Look, I'm a screwed-up guy, always was.
I like fast cars and crazy girls,
and that was her superpower.
I could have married Betty Crocker,
but Betty Crocker doesn't stir my batter,
if you know what I'm saying.
I guess the thing is,
with people like me and Narcy,
it's always gonna blow to hell.
It's just a matter of when.
His mother?
- What the...
- Move.
- What?
- Move.
We're gonna make a mess.
What are you doing?
I'm not gonna do anything.
- Hi.
- You are the greatest wife ever.
That was lovely, wasn't it?
She's done.
Did you find anything?
We got to wait for the medical examiner
to do the autopsy.
Do you know if your mother
had anybody over last night?
It looks like maybe she was having
some kind of party.
No, my mom always said, "The only people
worth spending time with were dead."
There are four martini glasses
and an empty bottle of white wine.
My mother hated white wine,
and she was convinced
that she was poisoned.
I spoke to the hospital.
They confirmed there was nothing unusual
in that tox report.
Baby. I'm so sorry.
- Such a loss.
- Very sorry.
Look at May.
She's become such
a beautiful young woman.
Mom loved her so much.
I think she'd want her to be taken care of.
Mr. Novack?
Yeah, what do you want?
Your wife told me you were here.
I wanted to tell you in person.
Tell me what?
Your mother's death
has been ruled an accident.
An accident?
It looks like she slipped and fell
getting out of her car, tried to get up,
- but kept falling and slipping.
- She broke her teeth.
Her jaw was broken. She broke her ribs.
- She broke her arm.
- She reeked of gin, Mr. Novack.
And this wasn't the first time
that she's fallen.
She was hospitalized
just a couple of weeks ago after collapsing.
Look, you're some interesting people,
and I know you have a flair for the dramatic,
but sometimes an accident
is just an accident.
I'm sorry for your loss, Mr. Novack.
Benny, have I got something for you.
No, just the other stuff this time.
This is a first.
Where can I get one of those?
Follow me.
Some people might have thought I was being
a little bit over the top, too paranoid,
but the truth is
I wasn't being paranoid enough.
Move along.
You, just move on.
Yes, I'm at 955 Palmetto.
I'd like to report a possible prowler.
Are you kidding me? Ten minutes?
Move along.
Okay, maybe things were getting
a little bit out of hand,
but in a crisis, it's natural
to run back to what you know,
to what's familiar.
And this was my familiar.
What's that for, Benny?
Safe sex.
It stays on.
Welcome, sir.
Mr. Novack, what a surprise.
We weren't expecting you.
No kidding.
Where's all the security that I asked for?
I have CEOs coming to this,
captains of industry.
How do you know this isn't a bomb?
How do you know?
We're very sorry, Mr. Novack.
We'll get right on it.
Where's my daughter?
Daughter. Yes, I'm sorry...
There she is. There she is.
What... Hey.
You really didn't have to come up here.
Excuse us.
- I have everything under control.
- It's not that.
- Is Mom with you?
- No, she's coming up later.
Are you all right?
Look, I know it's no secret
that your mom and I
have been having problems.
I just want you to know
that no matter what happens with us,
you will always be my daughter.
Yeah, I know.
It's a miracle that you survived us.
You must be some superhuman kid.
You know how much
your mom and I love you.
Yeah, I do. You, anyway.
So, whatever happens with me,
I need to make sure that you can take this on,
run with it, the business, all of it.
I want to make sure you're taken care of.
What are you talking about? I'm fine.
I haven't talked to your mother,
but I have talked to a lawyer,
and I'd like to make it official.
Make what?
I'd like to adopt you,
make you my legal daughter,
if you'll have me.
Of course.
I'm gonna go check into the room.
Would you just hold down the fort
and put this in the safe?
How much?
Aye, aye, captain.
Hey. Dad just went up.
I saw. What was that all about?
Dad asked to adopt me.
He wants me to become his legal daughter.
I know he hasn't talked to you about it yet,
and I know things can get
kind of crazy between you two,
but this is gonna be great, Mom.
I mean, we'll be a real family,
legally and everything.
Sorry, I got to run,
but we'll talk about it later, okay?
Were you gonna tell me or just surprise me?
About May.
I'm almost done in here. It's all yours.
I just have to finish this up.
You should really get some sleep.
You don't want to be dead tomorrow.
We don't have to sleep if you don't want.
We can do something else to tire you out.
Maybe I'm a sucker. Maybe I deserved it.
But you see, I thought,
even with screwed-up people
like me and Narcy,
love would eventually win out.
I guess I could finish this tomorrow.
I always knew,
no matter what the end was gonna be,
I was gonna enjoy it
for as long as I possibly could.
So, are you guys here for the convention?
You know, I thought dinner
was a little average last night.
What do you think?
Have a nice day.
But nothing lasts forever.
I wanted you to love me, Ben.
I wanted you to look at me like all the others.
I married you.
Shut him up. Make him be quiet.
You didn't want a wife,
just some piece of ass
to play out your fantasies,
some cartoon character
for you to collect and look at.
Well, guess what.
This isn't a fantasy. This is real.
Excuse me, Mrs. Novack.
Mrs. Novack, I'm so sorry to bother you.
I'm looking for your husband.
I tried the room.
Ben was up all night working,
so he's still out cold.
Well, I'll talk to him when he comes down.
He should be down soon, I think.
We're gonna seat group one first,
and then have the rest of the people lined up
outside the ballroom somewhere here.
Yeah, Jill can check them in.
That's a good idea.
Yeah, okay.
One second.
You're up early.
I thought I'd help. Crazy morning, huh?
- Dad still sleeping?
- Like a rock.
He was up late doing contracts and...
We're starting to let people in in five minutes.
Then I better go get him.
Watch this.
I mean, this is what I'm talking about.
Narcy never did anything halfway.
Here she goes.
I opened the door,
and there was blood everywhere.
A little much, right?
And his eyes...
But everybody was buying it.
No sign of forced entry.
Does a thief pass on a $40,000 Rolex?
What kind of monsters...
Those are mine.
Those glasses.
They broke on the flight.
I kept meaning to get them fixed,
but I'm sure I have the rest of them.
Okay, okay.
We're just sweeping everything, ma'am.
You never know when something will help.
Do you know if your stepfather
kept any money in his room?
He gave me some money
to put in the hotel safe.
How much?
I'm not sure. He said 100.
- $100,000?
- Yeah.
Dad always rolled with lots of cash.
He was always waiting for
that mint 1940 number one Joker edition
to walk through his door.
Do you know if your father had any enemies?
I guess he had some people that didn't like
the way he handled himself sometimes.
I'm so sorry. Just one minute, May, okay?
- Mrs. Novack.
- Yes?
I was just talking to May,
and given the brutality of this crime,
I'd like to assign an officer
to you and your daughter,
just to be safe, just for a few days,
until we get a better handle on all of this.
Am I in danger?
Do you think someone
would hurt me or May?
Just to be safe.
Well, I would like to go home.
I think it's gonna be the best
for me and for May.
Okay, I can have someone assigned
to help us out.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Boy, she could really turn on
the innocent victim when she had to.
I'm gonna need an escort.
Can you stay with the car? I'll be right out.
Come on, sweetie. Come on.
You know, dogs aren't allowed
inside the bank.
I'm sorry to scare you, miss.
Can I talk to you, please?
I want to talk about
Ben and Narcy and Bernice.
I don't know what more I can tell you
than I already have.
My mom is different,
maybe even a little crazy,
but she couldn't kill anyone, especially not...
What is she doing in there?
When did you last see your husband?
It was around 7:00 a.m. when I left the room.
- Was your husband alive then?
- Yes.
Did you have anything to do with
the murder of your husband, Mrs. Novack?
Did you have anything to do with
the murder of Bernice Novack?
- What does that mean?
- That means she's lying.
No. That must be some glitch.
She's taken it three times. Volunteered.
If she's lying,
then why would she keep taking it?
She's showing us she has nothing to hide,
wants to cooperate.
Lie detector tests
are not admissible in Florida,
so your mother's either very stupid,
or she's scary smart,
or at least she thinks she is.
May, darling.
Would you like some champagne, mimosa?
Or perhaps you'd like a massage.
I was about to myself,
but Raffaello has the most sinful touch.
You simply must have him. Go, go.
No, I don't want a massage.
I'm in mourning for my father.
You don't seem to give a damn
that he's dead,
murdered, brutally, horribly.
And now look at you.
While your husband
is rotting in some meat locker,
waiting for a decent burial,
here you are
just living like the queen of the castle
without a care in the world,
except for how you're gonna spend
Dad's money.
My money.
Not for long.
You think you can get in my way,
you little shit?
What are you doing?
- Ma!
- After everything I've done for you?
You messed with the wrong bitch, bitch.
We got the brother in Philly
wiring money to an Armando Lopez
at Dos Hermanos Check Cashing
on 803 Southwest 122nd Avenue.
Armando Gutierrez Lopez
spent 30 days in county
for trying to stab someone
who stole his bike.
We got a needle for your haystack.
What's this?
Sunglasses from the crime scene.
They were your mother's.
No, they weren't.
The only fake things my mother owned
were surgically implanted.
That's what I call riding in style.
Narcisa Novack?
You've been served.
That bitch.
- What are you doing here?
- What are you doing?
You're supposed to be playing
the grieving widow.
I'm enjoying what I can while I can.
The little bitch had a judge freeze our assets.
She's in the way.
Narcisa, she's your baby girl...
I want her out.
You're gonna start talking about accomplices
and who hired you.
Are we clear?
Why do you have this picture?
We already got you on camera.
You don't want to fry, talk.
They asked, but I didn't want to do it.
Her daughter?
That's just cold, man.
The bitch hasn't even paid me
for the last one.
Find the girl, now.
Narcy wanted it all,
and now, May was the only thing
standing in her way.
- Hey, you want me to wait?
- No, you go. I'm good.
- Okay, see you tomorrow, May.
- Yeah, see you tomorrow.
I should have gotten her out of there.
I should have protected her.
I mean, she's just a kid, right?
She's no match for a super villain.
Help, help!
Somebody, help me!
No! No!
Help me!
Police! Freeze!
Hands on your head. On your knees!
Hands on your head.
It's okay, May. It's all right.
It's all over.
First, a true crime tale
of glamour, money and murder
that has gripped South Beach.
At the center is an alleged black widow,
a woman accused of killing the heir to one
of the most famous hotels in the world...
Ours isn't the first love story to end in death.
I mean, Romeo and Juliet didn't end so well.
You didn't want a wife.
Although our story is a little more one-sided,
sometimes it was almost worth it.
Killed in her home in Fort Lauderdale.
The authorities classified her death
as accidental at first.
She thinks you poisoned her.
The masks, the capes
have been our identities for far too long.
Mom loved her so much.
We wouldn't exist without them.
You don't seem to give a damn
that he's dead.
The letter was in Spanish and clearly...
When it finally hits the fan,
and your back's against the wall,
most of us would dig deep and try to change.
You're supposed to be playing
the grieving widow.
But not superheroes.
I'm enjoying what I can while I can.
Catwoman wanted everything,
and she almost got it.
Batman really only wanted her,
but I couldn't change
and neither could Narcy.
But in the end, I'm not sure
it would have made a bit of difference.
Well, at least I dressed for the occasion.
Let me see.
Wait, wait.
What do you think?
I think we make quite the pair.