Beautifully Broken (2018) Movie Script

In just 24 hours,
more than a quarter
of a million people
have fled the terror of Rwanda.
- We're never going to make it.
- We will.
Two thousand are dying each day.
More than one death
every minute.
This is the bloodiest
civil war in 20 years.
Why are they doing this?
Stay calm, we'll be okay.
The Rwandan killing fields
are a bloodbath of humanity.
- Get out of here!
- Everybody, get out!
The death toll has risen
to half a million deaths.
Terrified Rwandans are
fleeing in every direction.
Get down!
The madness and horror
is beyond comprehension.
- Come! Get out! Get out.
- CHILD: No!
No man knows
how or when his test will come
nor how far he will go
to protect those he loves.
WILLIAM: For me,
my story begins in Rwanda,
before the times of trouble.
It is the place of my birth.
The home of my family,
and the country that I love.
I am William Mwizerwa.
I am a son,
a husband and a father.
I am also a supervisor
at Rwandan National
Coffee Company,
working like any other father
to provide for his family.
But I had no way
of knowing the length
to which I would be tested
to protect my family.
Yet my story is not
so different from others
who endure hardships
or suffer pain.
We all have our own journey,
facing moments of decision
that echo throughout our years.
And my story would not
be complete
without sharing the stories
of two other families
who each faced
their own struggles.
Fathers, fighting
to protect their families
in ways they could
never have imagined.
And their lives flow into mine
like the rivers
move through Rwanda.
They're every heartbeat etched
into the stones of my path.
- William.
Always last to leave.
Wish I could just walk
across the compound
to my home, like you.
But if you lived here
you would not stop working.
- That may be true.
Daddy, Mommy has dinner ready.
Give my best to Josephine.
And mine to Ebraille
and Aimee.
Okay, so how was school today?
- [Girl] Fine.
- [Augustine] What did you do?
NEWS REPORTER: Hostilities
began when forces struck
President Habyarimana's plane
with a surface to air rocket
as it landed in Kigali.
Unconfirmed early reports
claimed all on board
were killed,
including Burundi's
President Ntaryamira...
NEWS REPORTER: With violence
and civil unrest in the streets,
citizens are urged
to stay in their homes.
RANDY HARTLEY: I know last
weekend was a holiday,
but business doesn't stop 'cause
he wants to go out of town.
I need those numbers.
- I know he'll want overtime.
Look, he's young and single.
NEWS REPORTER: The violence
in Rwanda continues...
That's fine, that's fine.
Just tell him to get it done.
NEWS REPORTER: ...government
has created a refugee situatio.
What in the world?
No, no, I'm not talking to you,
I'm home.
Look, I gotta go.
I just heard
about the president.
His plan crashed.
There's been gunfire.
Yes, we need to stay
in the house.
We'll be safe.
- Where's Aimee?
- She's inside.
Hey, everybody,
I'm sorry I'm late. Hey.
Hi, hi, hi.
Hi, hi.
Sorry, Dad.
Sorry, honey.
Hi, birthday girl.
- Coming through.
- Okay. Oh, my gosh.
Honey, you have
outdone yourself again.
Good grief, sis, is it
her birthday or her wedding?
Are we gonna eat that
or she's gonna ride it?
- Wait, wait, wait.
Wait, not yet.
Hang on.
Everybody get your
cameras ready.
She's gonna be three
by the time you light it.
Hush, hush.
Okay, ready sweetie?
On three, okay?
One, two, three.
NEWS REPORTER: The reports
maintain that Kigali streets
have been overrun with conflics
between government troops
and the militia.
- WILLIAM: Augustine.
- William.
We are barricaded
in the house.
We hear gunfire everywhere.
What's going on over there?
We are fine here.
You know, we have the guards,
we have the walls.
But our truck drivers,
they have reported militia
going door-to-door.
Is there any way you can get
back to the coffee compound?
You'll be safe here.
William? Are you there?
MAN: William?
It's Hans.
Hans, thank goodness it's you.
I had to come before we leave.
Port relief decided
to pull us out.
What? Evacuating?
- It is that bad?
- I'm afraid so.
Militia soldiers are
going door-to-door.
A man in your position
will be in danger.
You have to get
your family out now.
I believe we can make it
to the coffee compound.
Good, you'll be safe there.
But watch out for militia
as you go.
You've been a good neighbor
and a great friend.
I will miss you.
God be with you.
WILLIAM: And you as well.
Let's go.
Don't forget this one, Pop.
When is she gonna ever
play with all this stuff?
Oh, she won't.
But I don't think
that's the point.
Our baby became
a toddler today.
I was so proud today... of her.
Of us.
Me too.
This birthday has
one more surprise.
Baby, that's perfect.
- We're never going to make it.
- We will.
What's going on up there?
Get out! Get out,
get down, come on!
This is madness.
Why are they doing this?
- Stay calm. We'll be okay.
- Look!
Aimee, get down.
Close your eyes.
- Get out of here.
- Stop!
Everybody get out of the car!
Get out! Come!
Get out!
Get out of the car!
Aimee, get out of the car!
Get down!
Come! Get out, come!
If you don't I will kill you.
Come! Get out!
- AIMEE: My dress!
- THUG: Come, come on!
AIMEE: No, my dress!
Listen, you shut up
and you be still!
- It's okay.
- [MAN] Shut up!
Close your eyes, darling.
Come in for dinner.
There were rumors
at the market again today
about the militia.
The answer to my question
is not in that bowl, Mugenzi.
you know I have no choice
but to join them.
For a fight that isn't ours.
The Tutsis that we know
are like us, Hutus,
good, hardworking people.
And my husband is not a fighter.
He's a farmer.
You belong here
with me and Umuhoza.
You're right.
I am not a fighter.
But how can I protect you
from their machetes
unless I join them?
In their minds,
if we are not with them,
we're against them.
The cleansing has begun.
It is time for you to take
your place with your people.
Mugenzi, please, no.
- It is his duty.
- His duty is being a father!
Quiet, woman!
Your husband belongs to us.
Umuhoza needs you, Mugenzi.
And I need you, please.
War is breaking out,
and you're hiding
behind your woman
and your little hut.
look what we found
down by the river. Rats.
- Pull them out of the shit.
- On the ground!
Put your weapons down.
Put them down.
We do not waste bullets
on Tutsi cockroaches.
I will go with you.
Let's go, little mouse!
[MOUTHING WORDS] I love you.
Stop! Stop!
I can't keep running anymore.
- We must keep moving.
- What happened back there?
Aimee? Aimee?
Are you hurt?
I lost my dress.
We'll get you another one,
even more beautiful.
I'm never gonna
see my 15th birthday,
will I, Father?
You must not say such things.
God just delivered
us with a miracle
and He'll continue
to be with us.
Everything will be okay.
All right?
Can we make it on foot
to the coffee compound?
We can and we must.
We'll follow the river
to the compound.
Augustine said
it was safe there.
Come on, let's go.
EBRAILLE: Even Augustine
and little Dorothy.
I thought we'd all be safe here.
If not for the roadblock,
we would've been here.
For this. [SOBS]
WILLIAM: We must go to Murambi.
We'll be safe
in my mother's house.
After today, how do you know?
All I know is we must trust
God and stick to the river.
Let's go.
worrying will not bring him
through that door any sooner.
But why hasn't he come back?
I'm sure he is fine.
I hate that word.
Nothing is fine.
You know, they killed
an entire family
right outside my door.
Sister, Mugenzi
is a very good man.
- He is not a killer.
- I know this.
But what if they
turn him into one?
- Who are you?
- This is my mother's house.
- Where is she?
- Show me your ID card.
Please, we only want peace.
Show me your ID card now.
I'm not a soldier.
I'm just a father.
Maybe just like you.
Are you Hutu or Tutsi?
We are all Rwandan.
Hutu or Tutsi?
Brother, if you must kill me,
so be it.
But please, let my family go.
Father, I want to go!
WILLIAM: Aren't we
all God's children?
Go. Go now!
Go, go, go, go now!
Or I'll be forced to kill you!
My friend,
you'll never be forgotten.
The lives you spared
will not be wasted.
What happened here?
They ran in every direction,
like cockroaches.
Little mouse, you can't catch
a woman and child?
I went for the man,
but he was too fast.
You idiot!
If you grab the child,
the parents won't run!
You are not a soldier.
- I'm a farmer.
- You are a fool!
With the Rwandan death toll
reaching nearly
800,000 people,
many in the Tutsi minority
seek asylum as refugees
in the neighboring countries
of Tanzania and Kenya.
So, Andrea, you think you
can go to the mall on Saturday?
Yeah, right.
Andrea, lead the horse.
Don't let the horse lead you.
See what I mean?
She never lets me
out of her sight.
Okay, girls, let's go in.
- Randy.
- I know, I know.
But you're gonna be glad
I was late this time.
- Hi girls.
- I have a surprise for you.
- Is it a puppy?
Is it a little sister?
[LAUGHS] Definitely not.
Come on, Daddy, what is it?
Do the words Toby and Mac
mean anything to you?
ANDREA: Were going
to Toby Mac concert!
- I love Toby Mac!
- Thank you, Daddy!
This is amazing.
I love Toby Mac.
He's so awesome.
For once, I don't
mind you being late.
Well, anything
for my baby girl.
Honey, she's not
a baby anymore.
[SIGHS] I'm sorry, Aimee.
Our money does not get us
much in Kenya.
How long must we stay?
Until we have
somewhere to return to.
I've heard nothing
good from Kigali,
and I don't know what
happened at Mother's.
So until we have a safe
place to go,
we wait.
I pray she made it
out of the country.
I look for her every day.
Lift up your head now
Lift up your head now
Keep believing
And lift your head
It ain't over yet
It ain't over yet
Loving God is loving people.
And one of the ways
we can really love people
is by giving to those
who can't repay us.
Under your seat you'll find
the picture of a child.
A child who can't pay you back,
but someone you can directly
impact with food, hope
and the love of Jesus.
Can we do it?
We would be helping her.
I mean, that's what
they say at church.
"Helping those in need
gives you back twice the love."
- That is what they say.
- Please, Daddy.
- Okay, sweetie. Sure.
- Yes!
TOBY MAC: So take a minute,
consider extending
the hand of God's love
to the world tonight.
And hey,
thanks for making us
feel like family.
ANDREA: Dear Umuhoza,
I was so excited to get
your letter yesterday.
I did the usual.
Riding, cheering and school.
I'm sending a picture of me
with the ribbon I won
for horseback riding.
Hope you like it.
- Come in.
Hey, kiddo.
Is your homework finished?
Andrea, how many times
do I have to tell you
not to wear your dirty
riding clothes on the bed?
Your comforter
smells like a horse.
I just wanted to write
to Umuhoza.
You two must keep
the postal service in business.
Well, you'll never
guess what she got.
Stamps, I hope.
No. A goat.
A goat?
Why on Earth would
she want a pet goat?
Mom, things are different
in Africa.
Everyone has a goat
in Umuhoza's village.
Really? Huh.
Now wash up and come downstairs.
It's just us girls tonight.
Daddy has to work.
Yep. Come on, babe.
Dear Andrea,
your letter filled me
with great joy today.
I really liked the picture
of you and the horse.
Someday, I hope to ride a horse
There are not many
here in Africa.
I can only write a little today
I still have chores remaining.
ANDREA: Dear Umuhoza,
I'm so excited
The cutest boy in school
sat next to me at lunch.
His name is Matt.
He's the quarterback
on the football team.
I cheer for him the loudest.
But I think my dad
ruined my chances.
He totally embarrassed me
when he yelled at me
- to get in the car.
- Andrea, let's go!
ANDREA: He always
treats me like a little kid.
- Sorry, I have to go.
- It's okay.
UMUHOZA: Dear Andrea,
yesterday we received a letter
from my father.
He has been in prison
since the war.
The last time he saw me,
I was just a baby.
I hope when I finally meet him
one day he will recognize me.
You are so lucky just
to have a father.
Mama, why is Father in prison?
Because he was
with the militia.
Why did he want to be
with militia and not with us?
Your father did not
want to be with them.
But it was the only
way he could protect us
from the danger of the evil men.
You have to understand that.
Will he ever come home?
We must pray every day
for his return.
Did he love me?
Of course he did.
More than anything.
There was a time we thought
we could not have children.
We were about
to lose faith and...
and God blessed us with you.
So we must pray and believe
that we will all be
together again, okay?
Mama, we will see him again.
We will.
Dear God, thank you
for my best friend, Andrea
and for all you've provided
for me and my mother.
We have so much.
All I ask is for you
to bring my father back home.
Clear skies tonight...
"And you should come
to Rwanda and visit me."
Daddy, Umuhoza wants
me to come to Africa!
[GROANING] Andrea!
Apparently, your daughter wants to go
globe-trotting on an Africa safari.
- Africa?
- It's not a safari.
Umuhoza wants me to visit her.
Can we go, Daddy, please?
Sure, baby, we'll go someday.
What am I supposed to say?
It's dangerous over there?
It's dangerous over there.
Speaking of adventures,
the girls want to go to the park
for the Fourth of July
fireworks on their own.
I thought we were gonna watch
the fireworks
from the Anderson's
backyard like we always do.
Please, Dad? I mean, it's just
up the street a little ways.
Don't you wanna be together?
- It's Independence Day.
- And all my friends are going.
I don't know.
It'll be dark.
Well, they don't do fireworks
in the daylight.
- A little help, please.
- It's closer than Africa.
And she'll be with Julia,
and she's getting older.
She needs to do some
things on her own.
It'll be crowded.
I mean, what if you get lost?
- Dad, seriously?
- Honey, I'm okay with it.
I am.
As long as she sticks
with her friends.
- Promise? Okay.
- Mm-hmm.
Hey, guys, I gotta
go to the bathroom.
- Do you think he'd go for me?
- I think so.
- Really?
- You better get a move on, sis,
or you'll be stuck watching
the fireworks back here.
Andrea, meet us at the front
when you're done.
- Shut up and be still.
- I love that part.
Hey, sweet pea!
How were the fireworks?
Everything okay up there?
Probably a disagreement
with the girls.
- I'll go check on her.
- No, no, I'll do it.
It's girl stuff.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
We're right downstairs
if you need us, okay?
have all we need?
I do not like
leaving Aimee alone.
Aimee is almost a grown woman.
She can handle herself.
True, she's becoming
a wonderful woman.
But it's just this place.
Dangerous, violent.
It's not the home
I envisioned for our family.
No, but we are alive.
As long as our hearts
are together, we are home.
Aimee and I know you are trying
to make it...
William? Is that you?
- Hans!
I don't believe my eyes.
When I heard about
the coffee plant,
- I thought for sure you...
- No, we did make it to the plant,
but God spared our lives.
Thank God. Aimee?
Yes, she is here.
But I have not been
able to find my mother.
Do you know of anyone
from Murambi?
I'm sorry, no.
What about you?
Unfortunately, there doesn't
seem to be a need
- for a coffee man in Kenya.
Quite the coffee expert,
from what I recall.
- Maybe coffee is the answer.
Because of your position
at the company,
the militia targeted you.
And that could qualify
you as refugee status.
But we are already refugees.
No, there's a special program.
But not in Kenya, William,
[CHUCKLES] America?
We could live in America?
Only William would qualify.
He would have to go first.
But once the immigration process
is complete,
he could send for you and Aimee.
- I could never leave my family.
- I understand.
But this may be your best way
out of here.
is this your plan
for my family?
To just leave them here,
Give me your wisdom, Lord.
Show me the right path
and give me the courage
for each step.
- It is a beautiful night.
- Yes.
Even in this horrible place,
the stars are still wanderers.
We'll be sharing the same stars
with you in America.
how can I leave you
and Aimee behind?
If you believe God
orders our steps,
who are we to say no
when He opens a door?
But we have no idea if this
could even work or how long.
Hans said this refugee status
would provide better housing
for us here,
and a sponsor church
for you in America.
Aimee could have a real
future there.
We all could.
There is nothing
here to keep us.
But I could only do
it if I were certain
that you and Aimee
could be safe.
it's God door for us.
Be strong, okay?
God's hand has brought us
to this place.
Who knows what wonderful things
his plan has for us.
I will count the days
until I get to touch
your face again.
Go make a new life
for us in America.
I will send for you
as soon as I'm able.
My love, we'll be together soon.
William, we have to go.
- Will you write to us?
- Every day, my child.
You are my heart.
[INAUDIBLE] I love you.
WILLIAM: Dear family,
I have arrived in America
in a city called Nashville.
Most of the people
are very kind,
but sometimes I long for home.
So far, I have seen no machete,
and that is good.
Ebraille, God's provided a plae
for me to stay
as I build our new life
in America.
I pray for you every day
and long for the day
we are together again.
So based on the numbers
you gave me,
we will be able to keep
our heads above water
for another year.
We should be good
through next year.
That's great, Randy.
Thank you for coming in.
- Oh, pleasure, Pastor.
- I appreciate it.
So, how's the family?
Darla's perfect.
she's turning into
a typical teenager.
- PASTOR: Going on 30, right?
- RANDY: Hmm.
Don't worry,
this, too, shall pass.
If not, when was the last time
you got a call for an exorcism?
You'd be surprised.
Can I help you?
Oh, I was told to ask
for Pastor Henry.
Oh, you must be
William Mwizerwa.
- Yes.
- I've been expecting you.
- Welcome to Nashville.
- Thank you.
Say hi to Randy Hartley, head
of the church finance committee.
It's nice to meet you, William.
William comes to us
all the way from Rwanda.
My family sponsors a little girl
from Rwanda.
My daughter writes
to her every day.
Sometimes twice a day.
They're quite the pen pals.
In which city
does Umuhoza live?
Uh... It's... It's a little
place called Maroon Beam
- or, uh... Murbani?
- Murambi?
That's it, I think.
You know it?
Yes, yes, my mother
lives close to Murambi.
Oh, small world. I wonder
if they know each other.
Oh, unfortunately,
I lost track of my mother
and many that were close to me
during the genocide.
I'm sorry to hear that.
A terrible tragedy.
Yes it was.
But I was able to escape
with my wife and my daughter.
Well, thank God for that.
- Do you drink coffee?
- On occasion.
To our new friend from Rwanda.
- Now, that's a cup of coffee.
- Hmm.
William, it's a pleasure
to meet you.
I'm sure I'll see you around.
Pleasure to meet you
as well, Mr. Hartley.
Call me Randy.
- Pastor.
- Randy.
Phew. That is bad.
Randy's great at finance,
but not so great at coffee.
All right, William,
let's get you settled in.
You're gonna love the parsonage.
A little quant.
Got a lot of personality.
- Okay.
- All right?
Could you turn that down,
please? I can hear it from here.
- What?
- Can you?
Honey, you're gonna
make yourself deaf.
Did you need something?
I need you to change
your attitude, young lady.
This came for you.
WILLIAM: My love,
I feel like I'm finally
settling in America.
The church has provided
a very nice room.
The sanctuary is beautiful,
and so big.
Pastor Henry is an amazing man.
He truly loves God and people.
The church is always full
on Sundays.
I am counting the days until
God brings us back together
so we can be in church
as a family.
I cannot wait to show you
the strange customs they have.
Very different.
Everything moves so fast here.
Even their methods of cooking.
There are wonderful foods
you have never seen before,
and I enjoy trying
each of them.
So much food.
It is everywhere.
And the most unusual names.
My new favorite
is called a corn dog.
I cannot wait for you
and Aimee to try one.
It's good. [LAUGHS]
WILLIAM: It may sound odd,
they put their garbage
down the sink,
and their dishes get
cleaned by a box.
But I think you will grow
to like this custom.
Until I hold you in my arms,
I will think of you every day
and dream of you every night.
Kiss Aimee for me.
I love you both
with all my heart.
Your loving husband, William.
RANDY: Okay, I'll talk to you
later. Bye-bye.
Hey, William!
Ah! Greetings, Randy.
Are you doing okay?
- Where you going?
- To the post office.
- Well hope in, I'll take you.
- Thank you so much.
RANDY: So what's up
with the post office?
I promised my wife and daughter
I'll write them every day
until they come to America.
Every day, wow.
When are they gonna
join you here?
I do not know.
When I left them in Kenya
we started the immigration
but approval is slow
and very political.
You know, if you need stamps
I probably got some here.
Thank you,
but I have some stamps.
Okay. Then why do you need
to go to the post office?
To mail my letter.
- Your wife sends you letters.
- Yes, every day.
- Where do you get them?
- From the black box at church.
Did you know that you can
actually send her letters
from that same box?
I don't need to send
them from the post office?
No. No, you can use
the black box.
I did not know this.
So do you still need
to go to the post office?
Apparently not.
Dear sweet husband,
I thank God you are safe
and doing well.
America sounds so exciting.
Aimee has been collecting photos of
American cities and their people.
She loves Dallas.
But the days tick by so slowly.
How I long to be with you again.
We cherish the picture of you
in front of the church.
We cannot wait
to see America with you.
Some nights, Aimee wakes
screaming for you.
I comfort her, assuring her
we'll be together soon.
Yet my own nightmares
of Rwanda haunt me.
I am certain they will end
once I'm in your arms.
My life, my soul, my husband.
Your loving wife.
Hey, honey.
Remember that guy I told you
about from Rwanda?
- Yeah.
- Can you believe
that his wife and daughter are
still refugees from the war?
I sure wish I knew
how I could help them.
Well, I know a family
that could use your help.
Our daughter stormed
through the house,
locked her door,
and cranked that music.
What's wrong?
What'd she say?
Oh, she said it was
none of my business.
None of your business?
Andrea, open the door right now!
Excuse me,
does the word "privacy"
mean anything to you?
Does the word "grounded"
mean anything to you?
Turn that music down!
No, no, no. Turn it off!
You and I are gonna
have a little talk.
ANDREA: You can't tell me
what I listen to.
What're gonna listen
to right now is me.
I really don't know what's
going on with you, Andrea.
This music,
the way you're talking back
to your mother...
What have you
done to your face?
I don't even
recognize you anymore.
I'm old enough to wear makeup.
Is that so?
I can't believe this
is what I come home to.
I don't know why
you come home at all.
Excuse me?
You are always at work.
Why don't you just have a bed and
clothes at your office and live there?
I work day and night to give you
a bed and clothes.
You wash that stuff
off your face
and change into
something decent.
And no more music!
UMUHOZA: Dear Andrea,
I hope all is well with you.
I have not received a letter
for some time.
I pray nothing is wrong.
Today, I am so excited.
My mother is taking
me to see my father.
It is a long bus ride,
but I do not mind.
They don't allow visitors often
so we are glad
to make the journey.
will he recognize me?
He'll know, my child.
As soon as he sees
your beautiful eyes,
he will know.
Prisoner Mugenzi
cannot see you today.
- Why?
- No visitors.
But we came so far,
and this is his daughter
and he hasn't seen her.
Woman, there are rules here.
Sir, please.
I have to see him.
He left when I was a baby.
I do not remember him.
I'm sorry.
I cannot.
My beautiful daughter.
Look... look how grown you are.
Oh, my sweet husband.
It's so good to see you again.
Yes, papa.
When will you be
coming home with us?
Very soon, my dear.
These walls cannot contain
the love I have for you.
I have to go.
Till I see you again.
UMUHOZA: Andrea,
meeting my father was everythig
I dreamt it would be.
I never knew what it would
feel like to have a father
who loved me so much.
My greatest prayer is that
one day he will be released.
You are so lucky
to have your father.
ANDREA: Dear Umuhoza,
I'm so glad to hear you
finally met your father.
I'm so happy for you.
I'm sorry I haven't written,
but... something happened to me.
Something terrible.
I haven't told anyone.
I'm too ashamed.
- EBRAILLE: Denied?
- That's what it says.
But why?
Woman, I see these every day.
Man abandons his family,
starts a new life
somewhere else
and they are left
here without a clue.
My husband has not abandoned us.
He would never do that,
he's an honorable man.
Of course he is.
So where is your marriage
We lost everything in the war.
That is why he went to America,
- to build a new life for us.
- Oh, America.
But he has not given you
a permanent address
for your application.
Because he is staying
in a church.
And all of you can stay there?
- No, of course not, but...
- The rules are very clear.
No job, no residence, no visa.
It's time you wake up.
He's gone.
But he sends us money.
That's not proof.
Maybe he has
a guilty conscience.
Consider yourself lucky.
How long, Lord?
[SOBBING] How long must we wait?
Why would you
bring me to America
and allow my family
to suffer alone without me?
They're in pain,
and I feel a part of me
is lost without them.
[sighs] Please, God,
give me the wisdom
to see your plan,
for I lean on your faithfulness
and I trust in your goodness,
even when the valley
is in darkness.
WILLIAM: Ebraille, it breaks
my heart that I'm not there
to comfort you and Aimee.
I never imagined we would
be apart for so long.
I will send a piece of my heart
in every letter I write.
I cannot wait to be
in your arms again.
Yet I know I'm not
the only refugee
struggling to find his place
in this country.
I have discovered many others
falling through the cracks
of this society.
- Thank you.
- God bless you.
prayed for them to find a home
just as I have prayed to have
you by my side once again.
Your loving husband, William.
RANDY: So tell me
about this idea of yours.
Pastor Henry said
I needed to hear it.
Yes, yes.
Well, let me explain.
When I fled the genocide
of Rwanda,
I lost every material
thing I ever owned.
Friends were killed,
my mother lost.
It was a miracle how we
escaped death several times.
So now,
I feel my time here on Earth
as a loan from God,
and I intend to live
the rest of my days
repaying that loan.
A loan from God.
So what can I do to help?
Since I came to Nashville,
I've met many other refugees
struggling to get
on their feet.
Here is my idea.
I heard one
of the church members
owns an apartment
building near our church.
Yes, Stevens.
I told him it was a bad investment.
It's never full.
- Put the refugees there.
- Yes.
The low rent
to get them started,
and when they find jobs
and get established,
- they pay more.
- Interesting.
Stevens get renters,
the refugees, a place to live.
And I believe in America
you call it a "win-win."
I know Stevens well.
I'll set up a meeting for us.
But you understand that
place really needs work.
- I mean, it's pretty broken down
- Randy,
God sees much
beauty in the broken,
and there are
plenty of refugees
who'd like to be a part
of something.
I think you may have
something here, William.
- We'll set it up.
- Wonderful.
It will help so many people,
and I believe helping others
always leads to healing.
Your daughter
is out of control.
She is failing her classes,
she quit cheerleading,
and now wants
to stop riding horses.
You have to talk to her.
Hello, William.
RANDY: Sorry you
had to see all that.
WILLIAM: No worries, Randy.
Young girls can be
very unpredictable.
- Challenging.
- RANDY: Tell me about it.
We were in great danger
fleeing Rwanda.
And all Aimee could think about
was saving a dress
for her 15th birthday party.
- Her 15th birthday party?
- Yes.
In our culture, every girl
dreams of turning 15.
It's a confirmation
of the rites of passage.
The day the girl
becomes a woman.
Sounds like a big day.
It is.
But Aimee's day has never
been celebrated.
She turned 15
in the refugee camp.
It was hardly a time
for a celebration.
You'll be together soon.
I'm gonna set up a meeting
with Stevens and Pastor Henry.
We'll get this plan moving.
Thanks for your time.
And... don't give up on Andrea.
She's at a difficult age.
And being a father
takes all you have.
No clay has ever
become a beautiful pot
without going through
a little fire.
Dearest Ebraille,
God has provided a miracle.
His plan was so wonderful.
After much hard work
and diligence,
we opened a home
for refugees today.
Legacy Mission Village.
It was bittersweet
to open the doors
without you by my side.
But I find great comfort
in seeing God transform
so many painful eyes into
beautiful expressions of joy.
God's been revealing His
purpose through this mission.
He has shown me
that our legacy is built
from the pain and struggles
we endure.
And while I'm excited
to see this vision grow,
I cannot help but ask
God's plan for our family.
How can there be another
season without you?
I long to be with you and Aimee.
And I trust that God
will make a way soon.
All my love, William.
EBRAILLE: Here's my proof.
My husband did not abandon us.
He has a job
and has made us a home.
In fact, it's a whole village.
My sweet girl.
[SOBBING] My dear husband,
I have missed your face.
My life,
you're even more beautiful
than the day I left you.
I've missed you so much.
Our hearts are finally together.
We are home.
Why, why, why
Did we wait so long
Did we wait so long
I wanna know
Please tell me now
Why, why, why
Did we wait so long
Well, I would like
to officially welcome
the entire Mwizerwa family
to America.
It's been a long
journey, William,
and this family is
thankful that your family
is safe and together again.
Here, here.
- Excuse me.
Happy birthday, Aimee.
For me, Father?
I told you I would get you one
even more beautiful
than the first.
It's amazing.
I love you, Father.
I love you too.
Have you seen Andrea?
No. She should've
been here by now.
RANDY: I'm gonna go back
to the house. Maybe she's there.
DARLA: No, I'll go.
You should be here.
She said a friend
was dropping her off.
Which friend?
ANDREA: I wonder how
you get emancipation.
It's when a court
lets a kid move out,
even if they're not 18.
Move out?
You know, you're set for life.
I'd take what you got
any day of the week.
you'd go crazy having
Suzy Homemaker for a mom
and a workaholic dad.
I'd hate to grow
up like my parents.
Yeah, well,
nobody wants to be
their dads, do they?
What time is it?
Almost four.
Oh, crap, crap, crap.
Take me home!
All right.
Andrea, get back here!
Who was that?
I am talking to you!
Have you been drinking?
Who was that boy?
I found her,
and we have a problem.
William, I've gotta go.
I'm sorry.
Finally. Randy, I cannot
do this anymore!
I know, I know.
Who is this boy?
I don't know.
I've never seen him before,
but they were drinking.
Yes, Randy. I have been trying
to tell you this for months!
Something is different with her!
Listen to me!
You need to get involved
with your daughter's life!
Get involved?
Oh, I'm involved.
Do you think these bills
magically pay for themselves?
I work nonstop just
to provide all this.
And all I ask for is a peaceful
place to come home to!
- Maybe a little appreciation!
- Randy! [SOBS]
We are losing her!
Andrea, open this door
right now!
we are humbled
by Your faithfulness.
Thankful for bringing us
safely through the valley,
and hopeful for the purpose
ahead of us.
Thank you for Legacy
Mission Village
and all those who sacrificed
to open these doors.
May your blessing fall upon
their lives and their families
in the same way
you have blessed us.
Help us to realize each day
that not even a sparrow falls
without you knowing.
We love you Lord. Amen.
I can't sit here any longer.
I'm gonna go look for her.
Wanna come, sweetheart?
I want to,
I just think someone should
be here if she comes home.
Of course.
Call me if she shows up.
I love you.
I love you too.
- DARLA: I'm so scared.
- RANDY: It's okay.
The subscriber has traveled
outside the service area.
God, where is Andrea?
Please, keep her safe.
I've done all that I know to do,
and things are such a mess.
BRAD: So what are
you gonna do now?
I don't know.
I'm not going home.
You got 20 bucks?
We could get a hotel room.
Yeah, I think you've
had one too many, big guy.
RANDY: Lord,
I just can't fix this.
But I'm putting her
in Your hands now.
bring her home.
Bring her home.
- Come here.
- Brad, no.
- Come here.
- I said no, you're drunk!
Shut and be still!
Shut up and be still!
- What is your problem?
- Take me home!
- Get out!
- What?
- Just get out!
- I don't even know where we are!
Ouch! Take me home!
You just said you
didn't wanna go home.
RANDY: Darla?
UMUHOZA: Andrea,
I cried when I read your letter.
Now, I understand.
I'm so sorry that you had to go
through that horrible night.
Some people are just pure evil.
This was not your fault.
It is not who you are.
You are beautiful inside.
Write soon, I am worried.
Why would she go half
a world away for help?
This scares me.
What did she tell Umuhoza?
Why wouldn't she come to us?
When did we lose her?
Where did I fail?
you have given us everything
we could ever need.
I know I've provided for her,
but I didn't protect her.
And what's killing me
is that I don't know what
I've failed to protect her from.
Yes, this is Randy Hartley.
Yes, I am her father.
She what?
She sounded so scared.
Please hurry.
I'm driving as fast
as I can, honey.
So what happens next,
Lieutenant Scott?
Well, Andrea's in a lot
of trouble.
We've dealt
with Brad Bouton before.
He's saying the drugs were hers.
I just don't get it.
Look, she seems
like a good girl.
But the court only
sees evidence.
Thanks for your help,
- DARLA: Andrea, you promised us.
- ANDREA: It's not my fault!
- DARLA: It's not your fault.
- ANDREA: Mom, he tricked me.
DARLA: You rant
about giving you space
and then you pull this.
I had no idea
what he was doing!
And I sure didn't think
he was buying drugs!
That's enough.
Now, get in!
You okay?
Do you wanna go in
and talk to her?
What's left to say?
I've failed as a father.
Where did we lose her?
Your daughter is out of contro.
Why, God?
I really don't know
what's going on
with you, Andrea.
family that could use your help.
I thought if I put it all
in Your hands,
you were going to protect her!
I've failed as a father.
This scares me.
know why you come home at all.
Where did I fail?
Why is my family
falling apart?
This is what I come home to.
I love you, Daddy.
Where are you?
Can you hear me?
Are you even listening?
Andrea, I am so excited.
Even though it's not
quite my birthday yet,
I've already received a gift
better than I could've imagined.
UMUHOZA: My father
was released from prison.
He is home at last.
I told you it wouldn't be long.
Oh, I've dreamt of this day.
Welcome home, my love.
Yes, home.
And I will never
leave you again.
I am so happy now.
We are a family once again.
Here's where we are.
They have Andrea
under surveillance
in the car with the pills
in her hand,
which is all they'll
need to convict her.
- It's not true!
- Andrea, enough.
What we do have going for us is the
fact that she's a first time offender.
So we'll see if that holds
in court.
Bradly claiming that
the drugs were hers.
The case against us
is pretty solid.
Hope for sympathetic judge,
we will make the court
aware that nothing like this
- has ever happened before.
- Andrea?
LAWYER: She just got caught
up with the wrong people
- and the wrong crowd...
- Andrea?
We're next.
Just to reiterate,
because we put in
a not guilty plea,
there is a chance we
could face a harsher sentence
if the judge finds you guilty.
The drugs weren't mine!
I know.
Would you give us a minute?
Just one minute.
Listen, this is the last time I'm
gonna tell you to keep your mouth shut
and listen to what the fancy
attorney tells you!
You do what I say!
He's your father?
You should mind
your own business.
I see.
Going to throw
your father's voice on me.
You're not comfortable
with his voice.
[scoffs] Oh, yeah?
You just got it all
figured out, don't you?
Just you.
Your life is not
where you've come from.
But what you do
with the days before you.
BRAD'S FATHER: What did I tell
you about talking to those people?
Now, let's get in there.
According to this affidavit,
you claim that Andrea Hartley
was in your truck with you
in a neighborhood that multiple
eye-whiteness say you frequent,
with drugs from a dealer
who has been arrested
and states that you
purchased them,
but you want us to believe
that they were hers.
You just put the drugs in her purse
when the cops showed up, didn't you?
But watch it, Counselor.
Yes, ma'am.
Mr. Bouton, you know what
I do find hard to believe?
The fact that a promising
young man such as yourself
is gonna let an innocent
girl take the fall
for your indiscretions.
Now, tell us the truth
about what happen.
What did you just say,
young man?
She's innocent.
Brad, shut up!
Don't ruin your life.
I'm not.
I bought those drugs, not her.
JUDGE: Order in the courtroom.
In light of this recent
you're free to go, young lady.
Court is adjourned.
I understand your concerns,
but Andrea and I
are making progress.
However, I don't believe
she's completely opened up.
Dr. Fischer, we didn't know
what to do
or even say to her at times.
It's so confusing.
Some days are so great
and then there are times
she's so disconnected.
She just tuned out.
Well, I'd like to suggest
that we help Andrea
by shifting her mindset.
We just need to get her
involved in something
that focuses her mind
on helping other people.
I think I might know
the perfect situation.
Oh, my gosh, Daddy.
She's so cute.
- Hey, William.
- Hey.
Andrea came by because she
wanted to ask you a question.
What's on your mind?
Um, Mr. Mwizerwa,
I'd like to volunteer here
at Legacy Mission Village.
Maybe help out with the kids?
That's a wonderful idea,
You will be most welcome here.
We are growing so fast
and I hear good help
is hard to find.
Thank you so much.
I mean, I can start any time.
like you already have.
- I guess so.
ANDREA: Are you gonna get it?
You have to look at me.
Look how the children
have taken to her.
I have never seen them warm
up to a new volunteer so fast.
Well, she's closer
to their age.
We'll see how long this lasts.
No, she has been broken.
They sense her spirit,
and they connect to her pain.
What pain could
she possibly have?
She has everything.
Aimee, speak gently of others.
You do not know what
paths they have traveled.
I do not think her path
has more difficult than ours.
Just because you see no tears
does not mean the person
has not cried.
Back to get her already?
No. I, uh...
I had an idea.
Do you remember when I told you
Andrea was writing
to a girl in Rwanda?
- Yes, Umuhoza, right?
- Right. Well...
she's the only one Andrea's ever
really opened up to.
- What if they were to meet?
- Bring her to America?
No, no.
Take Andrea to Rwanda.
Do you think that
might help her?
This is a most
drastic plan, Randy.
Rwanda is very
different from America.
So what're saying is
we would need a guide.
No, seriously, I mean,
who better than you?
Just the thought of going back
is overwhelming.
Why don't you talk
to Ebraille and Aimee,
and I'll see what Andrea thinks.
Randy Hartley,
I admire your courage.
So what do you think?
- I love these kids.
- Well, they sure like you.
Hey, I was wondering,
do you still write to Umuhoza?
Um, no.
I haven't written to her
for some time.
Maybe talking to her would
be easier than writing her.
I think it's time for me to make
good on that promise I made to you.
A trip to Africa.
This is for you.
UMUHOZA: Andrea,
I wish I could be there with yu
just to hold your hand
and cry together.
You are not alone
in this nightmare, Andrea.
I'm here for you.
Even though we have never met,
you are my best friend.
Dear Umuhoza,
I'm sorry I haven't
written for a while,
but your last letter
made me realize
that true friends are always
there for each other.
A lot of things have changed.
I'm seeing a councilor now.
She's finally convinced my
parents to give me some space.
I've been working
with the refugee kids
at Legacy Mission Village.
Things have been going great.
My dad even took a whole day
off of work
just to spend time with me.
Write back soon.
Gotta run.
how tall
are you?
DARLA: It seems Andrea's really
found her place there.
Things are looking up
for her and for us.
I think so.
Look, I know you're
concerned about Rwanda.
But I believe that this trip
is really gonna
help Andrea open up.
When I look back,
I feel like I need to tell you
how much I respect everything
you're doing for this family.
The therapist,
the trip to Rwanda.
But especially taking
off work for Andrea.
you two are what
means most to me.
How's it feel to be back,
Oh, my gosh!
- It is freezing!
- Yes.
Isn't Rwanda cool?
Rwanda is gorgeous.
I love it here.
It is hard to believe I am back.
RANDY: What a fabulous meal.
Not bad for goat, huh, Randy?
Okay, okay.
Ah. Jean Paul!
Randy, Darla,
this is Jean Paul,
my oldest friend.
We grew up together.
Good evening.
Pleasure to meet you.
- Pleasure is mine.
- Nice meeting you.
It's hard to imagine
there was ever a war here.
- It is so beautiful.
- Yes,
but this is not the Rwanda
I see when I close my eyes.
- Get out of the car now! Come!
AIMEE: At the roadblock,
we just knew we
were going to die.
- YOUNG AIMEE: My dress!
- Come! Listen!
You shut up and you be still!
Be still!
AIMEE: I was just waiting
for my turn to die.
AIMEE: But what we did not know
was that God had a miracle
in store for us.
AIMEE: The faces,
- the sounds.
They never leave me.
Aimee, I had no idea.
How do you live with the pain?
As my father reminds me,
everyone is broken
in some way, Andrea.
God loves us through our pain,
our past, our fear.
I just stood there.
I couldn't move.
Now, tell me,
what's next on your adventure?
Tomorrow, Murambi.
We're going to surprise
the child
that Randy's family sponsors,
on her 15th birthday.
- Oh, big celebration.
- Yes.
So you're going to see your aunt
while you're still I'm Murambi?
Aunt Natalie?
Yes, the one who used to run us
out of the kitchen.
- She's still alive?
- Very much alive.
Still living in the same
old shack.
Perhaps she knows
what happened to Mother.
I... I should've screamed,
I should've known better.
Oh, dear, it was not your fault.
How could you know what
that monster was going to do?
You must learn
to forgive yourself.
[SOBBING] I don't know how.
I can't forget it.
I cannot tell you that you will
ever forget what happened,
but I do not believe your past
has to ruin your future.
Who knows how God will use
your pain to touch others.
RANDY: Andrea!
He doesn't know, does he?
He'll be so disappointed in me.
He loves you.
Now is your chance to trust him.
RANDY: There you are.
I need to tell you something...
but I don't know how to start.
Okay, sweetheart.
Let's talk.
I've been angry at you...
at Mom.
- And I just want to...
- Andrea,
I know I haven't been
around much in the past.
Ever since the night
you ran away,
- I've really been trying to...
- No, Daddy,
you have been. [SOBBING]
What I'm trying to say...
is I'm just ashamed
- and embarrassed.
- Hey.
It's okay, honey.
I love you.
Something horrible
happened to me
at the Fourth of July.
It was this guy,
and he hurt me
really badly, Daddy. [SOBS]
I couldn't tell you before
because I was too scared
and I thought
you'd be mad at me.
Come here.
I am so sorry, sweetheart.
You are so beautiful,
and I love you more than you
could ever, ever imagine.
All right. Everybody ready?
We're waiting on William.
I'll go check on him.
It went well last night?
Yes, Aimee.
Thank you for everything
you shared yesterday.
I never thought I'd talk
about that with anyone.
Well, I think it makes today's
celebration even more beautiful.
Umuhoza has no idea
we're coming.
She's going to be so surprised.
And she's gonna love this.
Found him.
We are good to go.
I could not reach Jean Paul.
I hope he got our message
to Aunt Natalie.
He said he would.
We must not worry.
Why are you so nervous?
She's family.
- Aren't you excited?
- Yes,
but my aunt was
an orphaned Hutu girl
adopted by my Tutsi family.
She and my mother
were raised as sisters,
but the genocide divided
the people of Rwanda.
Hutu versus Tutsi.
I have not seen her
since the war began.
But I cannot wait
to see her expression
when she opens the door.
My son.
Were you expecting
someone else?
Come inside.
Your cousin William is back
in Rwanda,
- coming here today.
- William is back?
It can only mean one thing.
He wants revenge.
After all these years?
Why else would he return?
He must know what happened.
So be it.
I've carried this guilt
for years.
It is time to face the truth.
I won't let him
take your life.
What is left to take?
The biggest part of me
died 15 years ago.
Aunt Natalie,
it's me, William.
Your sister's son.
I played in your yard as a boy.
Yes, William, I remember.
You remember my wife, Ebraille.
We have a present for you.
Come inside.
I'm sorry, I do not have
anything for you in return.
My dear aunt,
you have something very precious
that you can give me.
I'd like very much to know
what happened to my mother.
It has troubled me all
these years not knowing.
Then I'm afraid...
that you'll not find comfort
in the story
that I have to tell you.
The truth is my comfort.
It was a time of chaos.
And great confusion.
The Hutu Militia
ran into Murambi
killing every Tutsi
they could find.
Fear served the city.
And I knew that your mother
would be running out
of food and water.
So I went to help.
You need to get off the streets.
The militia are everywhere.
Quickly, come inside.
No, they are going door-to-door.
Come with me.
- You cannot stay here.
I am Hutu.
You'd be safe with me. Come.
Matisse, is that you?
- No!
- Quiet.
What have I done?
this betrayal has
haunted my soul,
knowing that my own blood
has taken the one
closest to you.
I love your mother
and I love you as much
as my own son.
If you've come for revenge,
I'm prepared
for the consequences
to be free from this pain.
It has been said,
an eye for an eye.
But if we were all
to live by this idea,
we will all become blind.
I lay down this machete...
just like I lay down
my right for revenge.
I cannot set you free
from your pain, my sweet aunt,
but holding on to the past
will only destroy
what lays before us.
But what I can do is forgive.
I do not know how you have
found the place in your heart
to forgive me and my son.
Forgiveness is the only way
I know how to let go.
I will no longer carry the
cold age of the past with me.
I see her strength in you.
She would be very proud
of the man you've become.
I cannot believe my eyes!
I wouldn't dream of missing
my best friend's 1th birthday.
- Happy birthday.
- Thank you.
This is the most beautiful
dress I have ever seen.
- So, 155 centimeters.
- You are very sneaky.
- Full of surprises.
Well, let's try it on.
You must be Andrea's father.
- Yes, I'm Randy Hartley.
- Mugenzi.
I am amazed I can
thank you in person.
Do you know your generosity
came to us at
our greatest time of need.
So I would like to thank you...
for being a faithful father
to my daughter
when I couldn't be.
Thank you.
I don't always feel that way.
But really, I should
be thanking you.
I can't express how much
your daughter means to us.
Her friendship has
saved our family.
Forgive me.
This is my wife, Darla.
It's so nice to meet you.
It's nice to meet you.
And these are our friends,
the Mwizerwas.
They're from Rwanda,
but they live in the U.S. now.
And our journey would never
- have been...
- Could it be?
Do you remember me?
how could I forget?
You spared our lives.
God has honored my prayer,
allowing me to thank you.
Praise be to God.
Praise be to God.
- Hey.
You look like a princess.
Thank you. [CHUCKLES]
It is in the darkest of times
that our character
is truly tested,
our faith challenged.
I left Rwanda in tragedy
with my family at risk,
our future unknown.
Yet I return to the land
of my fathers
with a family brought together
from the hardships of life
and the faithfulness
of a God who loves us,
placing the pieces of our brokn
lives back together
in a way that is even
more beautiful
than we could have imagined.
Thank you.
This is the Rwanda I know.
Your beautifully broken
And you can be whole again
Even a million scars
Doesn't change
Whose you are
You're worthy
Beautifully broken
You're beautifully broken
Beautifully broken
You're beautifully broken
Oh, the God
Who made the stars
Is the God
That made your heart
And He's holding you
Right now
He can heal the broken parts
And make beauty
From the scars
The scars
Beautiful scars
You're beautifully broken
And you can be whole again
Even a million scars
Doesn't change
Whose you are
You're worthy
You're beautifully broken
Hello from Nairobi, Kenya.
My name is Andrea Hartley,
and I hope that experiencing
our story
has encouraged and inspired you.
Our lives were forever changed
when my family sponsored Umuhoza
through Compassion
Though Compassion takes care of
nearly two million children worldwide,
there are more than 200,000
children in waiting,
children who are being taken
of through Compassion projects
somewhere in the world,
but don't yet have a sponsor.
They are waiting like Umuhoza
was waiting for my family.
Would you consider helping
disciple one child
in another country?
Please text "I WILL"
to 83393
and Compassion
will send you information
on one child
who is waiting for you.
Thank you.
Oh, the God
Who made the stars
Is the God
That made your heart
And he's holding you
Right now
He can heal the broken parts
Make beauty from the scars
The scars are beautiful
The scars are beautiful
You're beautifully broken
You can be whole again
Even a million scars
Doesn't change
Whose you are
You're worthy
You're beautifully broken
You can be whole again
Even a million scars
Doesn't change
Whose you are
You're worthy
Beautifully broken
Every fear of being loved
For who you are
No matter what
When you're stumbling
With each step
And you're haunted by regret
When the darkness closes in
Just listen
You're beautifully broken
And you can be whole again
Even a million scars
Doesn't change
Whose you are
You're worthy
You're beautifully broken
You can be whole again
Even a million scars
Doesn't change whose you are
You're worthy
Beautifully broken
Every tear
Every doubt
Every time
You're down and out
When you're hurt
Feeling shamed
Or you're numbing
All your pain
When you think
You lost your way
Or you're too far gone
To pray
He's still waiting there
To say
You're beautifully broken
You're made
To be whole again
Even a million scars
Doesn't change
Whose you are
God's still working
You're beautifully broken
Every fear, every fall
Every time
You've lost it all
When you're stumbling
With each step
And you're haunted
With regret
When the darkness closes in
And you're surrounded
By your sin
Listen to the voice within
You're beautifully broken
You're made
To be whole again
Even a million scars
Doesn't change
Whose you are
God's still working
You're beautifully broken
When you think
You can't go on
To the Father's arms
Who use the weak to lead the
You're beautifully broken
You're made
To be whole again
Even a million scars
Doesn't change
Whose you are
God's still working
You're beautifully broken
You're beautifully broken