Beauty (2022) Movie Script

This is my last chance
to be normal.
You're not normal.
I know that but...
The world don't know that yet.
I don't wantto share you
with the world.
What you thinking about?
The future.
What's the future gonna be?
Oh, y'all in here kissing again, huh?
Shut up, Abe.
I told you
to stop climbing through my window,
'cause if Mommy catch you,
I'mma get a beating.
You're the only one she ain't gonna beat.
Mommy slapped
the shit out of me last week.
Oh, yeah.
It's 'cause you told her to go to hell.
You deserved it.
She tells your father
to go to hell all the time.
She's grown. She can do that.
Beauty's grown too.
As long as we live in this house,
we children.
And children must honor...
...thy mother and thy father.
It's in the Bible. You gotta do it.
If we did everything the Bible say,
we'd live in a pretty messed-up world.
Bible is kinda fucked-up.
Hey, Beauty, your voice.
Mmm, I'll be fine.
Switch with me.
Why you always want what I got?
'Cause my nerves are bad.
I don't know why,
you don't do shit.
She ain't never had
a hard day's work in her life.
Mommy makes me practice
for six hours a day,
and she yells at me the whole time.
That's work.
That ain't shit.
Both of y'all can shut the fuck up.
You know you love us.
Right now, I don't.
Beauty! Abel!
Get your asses down here right now!
Your father's home!
Jas, you could come.
- She ain't call my name.
- Don't worry. I'll protect you.
You always say that,
and when she starts giving me
the evil eye, you don't do shit.
All of my fears
I don't know nowhere to go
Except to the Lord
Nowhere else for me to go
But to the Lord
Don't be messin' up my bag, boy.
Just bring it in.
- The spirit tells me, keep on going
- I'll keep on...
What was y'all doing up there?
Go in there and say hello to your daddy.
It's just beyond the next hill
The next hill...
There she is.
- Hey, Daddy.
- Ah!
- Hey.
- How was your trip?
Mmm, productive.
Look at you.
You look wonderful.
Oh, hey, son.
Hey, Pop.
You smell like reefer, boy.
Why you let him
smoke that cigar in the house?
It's his house.
Look, I don't care if you do it.
Just don't bring it around your sister.
You singing in church
or something?
Jesus all right with me.
What's going on? Tell me.
- You all right, Mama?
- Hey.
No, I got it!
I was just trying to help.
I don't need your help.
I got something for you.
Look at that. Do you like it?
- It's beautiful.
- Mmm.
Take it out. Let me put it on you.
You just pull that.
Yeah, okay. Hold on.
This you must always wear
in honor of God's love for you.
Turn around. Let me put this on you.
This will affirm your faith,
keep you safe,
and always keep you understanding...
...that God loves you as His own.
Let me see.
Oh, beautiful, radiant,
Always wear this.
It'll protect you, keep you safe.
Always wear this. Always...
It'll protect you.
Always wear this.
How come you didn't bring me nothing?
'Cause you don't deserve nothing.
What you laughing at?
You, nigga.
Mama made your favorite.
Hot dogs?
- I thought you liked...
- Get them bags upstairs, boy.
You luckyBeauty was here.
I was about to drop your ass.
Shut your dumb ass up.
Nigga, you wasn't about to do shit.
Beauty just saved your life.
I'm sick of his ass
always trying to punk me.
He just mad
'cause he ain't cute like y'all.
Ain't my fault he got a ugly daddy.
Do not say that
about your brother.
Come on, children, let's sing
About the goodness of the Lord
Come on, children, let's shout
All about God's great reward
Guide our footsteps every day...
You're never going to convince me
that in order to live,
I gotta eat something dead.
You ain't gonna convince me.
It's not gonna happen.
I heard
you shut the place down last night.
Wanted to see if you got what it takes.
I guess I do.
I could've told you that.
Still can't hold a candle to me, though.
I know that's right, Mama.
Nobody can hold a candle to you.
You can.
Come on, children, let's sing
Come on, children, let's shout...
If the student
is not as good as the teacher,
then the teacher's not doing a good job.
Well, you have done
a wonderful job teaching her, honey.
She still got some work to do.
Says who?
Says me.
Come on, children, let's shout...
I think she ready for the big time.
Of course you do.
Don't speak at my table
unless I ask you a question.
- I don't need permission to speak.
- When you're in my house, you do.
- Then I'll leave.
- Yeah! Get the fuck out!
Beauty, let her go. Don't need
this devil worshipper in my home.
- I don't worship no devil.
- You don't worship God.
Neither do you.
Daddy, please.
Can we all just calm down?
We are having
a family discussion,
and last time I checked,
you aren't part of this family.
- Maybe one day I will be.
- What you gonna do?
Marry one of her brothers?
I wouldn't touch that thing
with a ten-foot pole.
- Cain, stop it.
- Come on, Jas.
Let's run away and get married
and never come back.
You think marriage is a joke? Huh?
Do you?
"For this reason,
a man leaves his mother and father
and unites with his wife to become one."
Not two but one flesh.
"That that God brings together,
let no man sever."
Is that what you believe?
That you're one flesh with your wife?
That you only have eyes for her?
Cain, would you take my plate,
please, son?
We're having dinner.
Oh, well, your husband
asked me to come by around six.
It's 5:45.
Yeah, I'm done with that.
Is that her again?
- Why you leave her on the doorstep?
- I don't want her up in my damn house.
Let's hear the woman out.
I don't need to hear her out
to know she full of shit.
Then I'mma talk to her myself.
You can't make
a decision like that without me!
I'mma ask the woman in
if that's all right with you.
Thank you.
My pleasure.
she's got it.
Got the guts of Aretha,
and... beauty of Lena,
soul of Billie, the...
Voice, my voice.
Yes, she does. You taught her well.
Let the woman talk.
The torch has to be passed to someone,
and I believe
that someone is your daughter.
That's the same thing
she said to me ten years ago.
And I was telling the truth.
It's just that
I think you were ahead of your time.
And Beauty's not?
No. Beauty is right on schedule.
It's easy.
A blind man could tell you
she's going places.
It takes somebody who knows what to do...
I can shape that
to make something out of that...
I can bring people to the table... that everyone in America
is gonna want a piece of her.
And she can make you
a whole lot of money, can't she?
We can agree
to work together on this.
I can promise you you're never gonnahave
to work again for the rest of your life.
And if everybody gets a piece,
won't be nothing left.
- This is about Beauty.
- I know that.
And I want what's best for her.
You want
what's best for your bank account.
Don't make me smack you
in front of this white woman.
Should I step out?
Give you two a minute?
What can I do
to make you know that I have
Beauty's best interests at heart?
You can wait.
A few more years.
I'm ready now.
You don't know what's out there.
The... the record industry is the devil,
and he's just waiting to swallow you up.
I won't let him.
Do you know
what they do to stars, huh?
They build you up
just so they can tear you down.
Can't nobody tear me down, Mommy.
You taught me to keep my head high
and to put God first.
Go to your damn room.
Go to your room or be dragged.
It's your choice.
Listen to your mama.
Go on, now.
She ain't ready.
Trust me.
She's ready.
I am not sending her out in the world
to be eaten by wolves.
How you know that she not a wolf?
'Cause she came out of my body.
That's gonna work.
That's gonna work.
- Hey, Daddy.
- Hey, daughter.
Can you hand me that rag over there?
What you doing up so early?
I couldn't sleep.
For sure, you got a lot on your mind.
Hey, get in the car. Try to turn it on.
You in the driver seat now.
Move over. I'll take it from here.
Cross our fingers, right?
Put your seat belt on.
Have mercy
Have mercy
Have mercy on me now
You been gone...
Now, where you wanna go?
All right.
Come on
Come on home...
You really think I'm gon' make it?
I think that
you're gonna give people hope.
God, I can't help but look at you
and still see my little girl.
I just wish I could hold on to you
a little bit longer.
I'm not going anywhere.
When you sign that contract,
everything's gonna change.
Watching you sign that contract
probably be
the hardest thing I ever have to do.
It's not easy for a father... send his little girl out
into the world.
Maybe I shouldn't sign it.
And I want you to come on...
You will.
Jasmine and I were talking...
She's not your family.
I am.
You don't sign that contract,
you're gonna regret it
the rest of your life.
You are destined for greatness.
And Mommy wasn't?
Well, sometimes
greatness skips a generation.
Why you let him do that?
Do what?
Run your life.
My father gave me life.
I have to be respectful.
No, you don't.
How about this?
You live your life, and I'll live mine.
You really think you can trust him?
Of course I can.
He's my father.
Whatcha need?
Just 'cause he's your father
doesn't mean he's trustworthy.
You gonna sign the contract or not?
I think so.
I'm scared.
Of what?
What's gonna happen to us?
Your life's gonna get real big real fast.
It's gonna be like
a freight train you can't stop.
Yeah, but you'll be on that train with me.
What if I want my own train?
My train will be a lot nicer.
- I don't got no money.
- It's on the house.
How come you never give me no free shit?
She prettier than you.
See ya.
That's all you get.
Stop. Stop it.
Is that your way of giving God praise?
Is it?
You are not singing from your gut.
- I'm trying.
- Y... y'all hear me do it every Sunday.
I... I'll try again.
No, you won't, 'cause I done had enough.
I haven't.
And stop talking back.
I'll try again.
I swear to God.
Sit down.
You are way too pretty
and way too talented
to walk out on a national stage
and not be noticed.
I just wanna use
the gift God gave me.
Everybody's gonna love you,
but you won't be real.
You'll be a fantasy.
People can fantasize about me
all they want.
It's way too much to live up to.
I'll be fine.
I have sung behind people my whole life.
Never had the spotlight on my face.
But I've been close enough
to see 'em get burned by it.
It ain't all it's cracked up to be.
I'll be careful.
It's not about you being careful.
It's about you
having to be something you not.
What's wrong with that?
You can't spend
the rest of your life
trying to be something else.
You will end up
forgetting who you really are.
That won't happen to me.
I promise.
You think I don't know who you are?
What are you talking about?
A mother knows her child.
Folk gon' wanna know
who you laying with, Beauty.
- And that's none of their business.
- And that ain't how none of this work.
Just 'cause it didn't work out for you
doesn't mean it won't work out for me.
What did you say?
You are sheltered, and you're spoiled.
We ain't got no money.
We have spent our whole lives
trying to protect you.
When you walk out on that stage,
we can't come with you.
I don't want you to.
So who gonna do it, then?
The world ain't ready for that.
Ready for what?
We're friends. That's it.
- I don't sleep in a bed with my friends.
- That's because God's your only friend.
I'm sorry, Mommy.
You should be.
Let me tell you something.
Life, life is about balance, Beauty.
For every good thing you get,
something bad...
something bad is gonna happen.
Go wash your face.
How in the world can a brown cow
Eating green grass
Gonna turn around
And give us some white milk?
I said
"Well, I don't know about that one"
But one thing that I do know
That I do know that I know
That God's chemical laboratory
Of redemption
Took my black soul
Stained with sin
And plunged me in red blood
The blood of Jesus
And I came out white as snow
Yes, I did
The angels
The angels in heaven done
Signed my name
Whoa! It chilled my body
But not my soul
Good Lord
The angels in heaven done signed
If you can change tonight
Come on and help me sing it now
I know I been changed...
Come on and rock with me
You know that I
I know, know, know, know, know
Know, know, know, know, know, know I...
It sound good to me
I know I been changed
Know I been changed
Angels in heaven done
My name
What's wrong?
It's okay.
It's okay. Just breathe.
Way up.
What happened?
It's okay
if I'm not with you on that train.
No, it's not.
I need you.
You can handle it.
Can't always get everything you want.
Why not?
'Cause that's not how the world works.
You don't think
I should sign that contract, do you?
I don't think your father's
the only one that should be looking at it.
I don't have a choice.
Yes, you do.
Who's gonna look at it?
My mom?
- Find a lawyer.
- I don't know how to do that.
I can help you.
I'll always be here to protect you.
You promise?
I promise.
I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love
I'm in love, I'm in love
I feel love, I feel love, I feel love
I feel love, I feel love
I feel love
Is it reality?
Sounds just like
A symphony
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
So sweet
So rich
So rich and complete
I woke up this morning. I had no doubts.
How many of y'all had doubts?
Well, we gonna clear that up right now.
This morning when I rose...
All right now. How you doing, sister?
I didn't have no doubt...
Give it up
for this beautiful choir, y'all!
I didn't have no doubt
This morning when I rose, yeah...
Ain't God good? Yes.
I know the Lord will take care of me...
Hey, hey.
Stand up if you love Him.
Stand up if you love Him!
Up! Up! Up!
Yes! Yes!
This morning when I rose...
All right, y'all.
I have no doubts.
How ya doing, sister?
- Yes!
- Yes.
This morning
When I got outta bed, y'all...
This morning, when I rose, yeah
I didn't have no doubt...
help me remember ya right here.
Shout for Jesus.
Raise your hands for Jesus.
I see some smiles in here.
Lead and guide me all the way
Yes, all the way
Felt like walking...
Hey! Clap your hands!
Hands! Yes! Yeah, sister.
You got the pearls on today.
I see you, sister.
- Felt like singing
- Felt like running
- Felt like running
- Felt like shouting...
Yes! Yes!
Oh! Whoo!
- Felt like singing
- Felt like singing
- And I know He will
- Lead and guide me all the way
Yes, all the way
Can I take a break?
We're all excited
until the bottom drops out, right?
- Yes.
- She said it.
We all waiting here.
She's gonna just take that pen
and sign on page three.
- Who's we?
- We your security.
She said it.
Moment of truth.
Beauty, whatcha gonna do?
I want my lawyer to look at it.
Oh, Beauty.
Your dad and I have looked
that contract over a million times.
Now my lawyer could go over it again.
What you need with a lawyer?
Jasmine thought I should get one.
What you doing? Come over here.
Get up. Come on, now. Right now!
What the hell you think you're doing?
I'm just looking out for myself.
Don't fuck with my money!
That's what this is about for you.
This is about your future.
And I wanna make sure I have a say in it.
This ain't you.
This is her.
- You know she has a name.
- I don't give a shit what her name is.
I am your father,
and you're not gonna disrespect me.
I'm not trying to disrespect you.
I wanna make sure
I'm doing the right thing.
If you don't sign that contract now,
I'mma put your shit on the front lawn,
and you can fend for yourself.
After all I done for you,
this is how you repay me?
I never thought I'd see the day
when my own daughter
thinks I'm trying to steal from her.
Daddy, I don't think that.
Is that what she thinks?
I don't know.
Well, you better figure it out, honey.
You better make a decision fast
because we worked too hard to get here
for you to throw it all away.
Okay, gonna be a big star.
I know.
Confidence is good.
Three, two, one.
All righty.
- Right.
- Congratulations.
- We did it.
- I think we did it together.
And I'm gonna be there for you
every step of the way.
Are you really happy for me, Mommy?
Of course.
Of course, I... Baby.
I'm so proud.
What's wrong?
Why your face lookin' so long?
I can't find Jasmine.
What you mean you can't find her?
I called her house three times,
and no one answered.
And then I went over there,
and her mom said she wasn't home.
Okay, well, I'm sure she's fine.
She'll turn up.
Why don't you come downstairs with us
and have a drink?
Your brothers is already down there drunk.
Nah, I'm good.
Are you happy?
You make me happy.
You okay, Pop?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I was wondering...
what kind of man you are.
Same as you.
Hmm. Is that right?
- Yeah.
- He ain't shit.
Fuck you, Abe.
I could tell you
what kind of man Abe won't be.
Here we go.
He ain't gon' be shit.
he living the life right now.
'Cause he got my good looks
and his mother's charm.
But truth is...
he's simple.
You know why?
'Cause everything been handed to him.
That's why he always walk around
with that stupid look on his face.
But it'll go away.
All of it will.
He better appreciate this time
now 'cause as he gets older,
his looks will fade,
as will his ability
to talk women out their panties.
And he would be sad and miserable.
His wife will be bored,
and his children will only love him
because he is their father.
And when he dies,
nobody will remember his name.
Not even his children
will feel compelled
to keep his memory alive.
Fuck you too, Pop.
Yeah, got his ass.
I got his...
What a... Wait.
What about me, Pop?
I can't tell your future.
Why not?
'Cause I wasn't there when you conceived.
- But you was there when I was born.
- Yeah. Not the same.
I'm still trying to figure you out.
Well, what you need to know?
I need to know...
if you'd do something for me.
I'd do anything for you, Pop.
Yes, sir.
What you need me to do?
Make her go away.
The fuck you mean "make her go away"?
This don't concern you.
Unless you wanna help.
Show me what kind of man you are.
I got you.
Be right back, Mama.
Where y'all going?
Me and Abe just 'bout
to go for a ride.
I ain't going nowhere.
Get your ass in the fucking car.
Y'all be careful.
Where we going?
- I'll tell you when we get there.
- Fuck that. Tell me now.
- Just relax.
- Nigga, don't tell me to relax.
I ain't got nothing against Jasmine.
She a nice girl.
If Beauty want a lady friend,
that's her business.
It ain't got nothing to do with us.
- It's got everything to do with us.
- It's her life.
We can't have evil people
hanging around our sister.
We supposed to protect her.
Jasmine ain't evil.
You're too young to understand.
So I'm young now?
Yeah, Abe.
You are.
You always been young acting.
You need to man the fuck up!
- Get your ass out!
- You really wanna fuckin' fight me?
Come out before I drag your ass out.
- Come here!
- It's not about you!
What? Try and hit me again!
Come here!
You run like a girl, motherfucker!
Where's your girl?
What you mean, man?
Your Siamese twin.
I don't think
I've seen you in here without her.
Yeah, well, I... I can be alone sometimes.
I see.
You know, I got some shit if you want it.
Yeah, that's not really my thing.
It's Beauty's.
Well, maybe you could gift it to her.
Come on, my dude.
That ain't no gift.
It would be if you gave it to her.
Meet me out back.
- Meet you where?
- Out back. Come on.
Right over here. I got you.
I told you I got you. Come on.
All right.
Come on.
My son do that?
You ain't got nothing to say to me, boy?
You, who are just like me?
Now we can move on.
You couldn't do that shit, boy.
Just like everything else I ask you to do.
We just gotta get out of here.
I can't go with you.
Don't say that.
We can't keep doing this.
Doin' what?
Whatever this is.
You live your life, I'll live mine.
You... you don't mean that.
No, I do.
I love you.
Yeah, I know.
You don't love me anymore?
I didn't say that.
Why didn't you say it back?
'Cause I want you to leave.
Mr. Troy, Country
- Kool Gee
- Yeah, Ronnie D
Greg G addin' harmony
Greg G, yeah, addin' harmony
You see, we're really five
Known as the Disco Four
I'm in love
I'm in love, love, love, yeah
You like it?
I love it.
We finally have
a place of our own.
Ah shit.
Here I lay all alone
Tossing, turning
Longing for some of your
Tender love
I'm waitin' for the right
Moment to come
So I can thank you for
All the tender love you've given to me
- Tender love
- Tender love
Love so tender
Holding me close to you
Baby, I surrender
Candles, they light the dark
Now I see how
Lovely the feelings are
All the tender love you've given to me
I want you more and more...
What do you say
to the criticism you've been getting
from your Black audience?
What you mean?
Well, some people say
that you're pandering to a white audience
and that you don't want
your music to sound too
Is that your plan?
- Stay in character.
- No, I'm asking you a question.
Is that your plan?
Oh no.
No, we... we are gonna first appeal
to the urban audience.
What you mean "first"?
Well, we're gonna choose a song
that Black women are going to love.
Also, that white teenage girls
are gonna go crazy over
and play over and over and over again.
That way,
you'll get both sides of the market.
And if you do that,
you will be an icon.
Trust me.
Now, I'd like you
to answer the question that I ask you,
and I'd like you
to do it in proper English.
I... I don't know how
to sing in Black, white...
I just know how to sing,
because that's what I like to do.
All right.
You have
a lot of love songs on your album.
When you're singing those songs,
who are you singing them to?
Let's just go with the answer we prepared.
Why do I have to do this?
Because you cannot just be a singing star.
You, Beauty, have to be the whole package.
There are a lot of little...
little girls
who need someone to look up to.
If you wanna be a star...
you're gonna have to wear a mask.
Let's answer the question
as it was prepared.
I haven't found that special someone yet.
But when I'm singing those love songs,
I'm thinking about what he could be.
Really, it was great.
It was great.
You like it?
This is it.
Yeah, this is the one.
We are, mama, gonna snake and boogie...
Baby, get on down...
You look beautiful, babe.
Um, please don't say that in public.
Just wait for when we're
at the house, okay?
This is all still
a lot for us to get used to.
Get on down
Get down, baby...
I don't care what you do at home.
Just when we're out and about,
we have a certain image to maintain.
We or me?
I just want what's best for you.
I know what's best for me.
Why don't you try on
one of the long, black, flowing ones?
Why can't I just rock my own hair?
Because research says
that little Black girls
like long, flowing hair.
Maybe that's because people like you
always tell them that's the only way
they can be beautiful.
I don't make the rules.
Yes, you do.
You sure you don't wanna try a long one?
Get down, baby bubba
Baby, get down
No. Actually, I like the short, curly one.
Yeah, I like that one too.
Max, slap that one on there,
and let's take a look at it first.
Ooh, ah, ah, ah, let's go.
And a...
Turn around.
And dip the hip. Ah!
Turn and dip and move that hip. Okay!
One more time. Let's go. And...
All right.
Turn around, and...
Oh, okay. You know what?
Let's take five.
Good? Let's take five.
I never met a Black person
who couldn't dance before.
What she gotta dance for?
Every pop star dances.
She ain't every pop star.
Just keep the steps simple.
She can join up for some of those,
and then the complicated stuff,
she can be out front
doing one of her long runs.
I'm down if she is.
She will be.
Trust me, she hates this shit.
She's like a racehorse.
She's not an animal.
I'm sorry. It's just an expression.
I don't give a fuck what it is.
Don't be calling my girl no horse.
- Okay.
- I like the music here.
Do we have the words to give you?
Can we do that on the stand?
- It's right here. I just...
- Okay.
It's my brain.
So you're not looking at it,
but is there a way...
No, I'm good.
I need some amazing vocalists behind her.
- Yeah.
- Um...
Who do you have in mind?
Y'all ready?
A mirror.
And I see your...
I see your change.
- Okay. That's not good.
- No.
Wrong side.
Just play the song.
And I gotta cry
- Oh yeah!
- Whoo!
Oh, love...
Oh, love
Why you want to go away and leave me
- You know that
- Here to cry...
Hey, um,
can you turn it down, please?
People trying to sleep.
I'm sorry.
I've been living here two whole years.
Been quiet as shit.
Teenagers move in,
and I haven't had a peaceful night since.
You motherfuckers always playing
music loud, giggling and shit.
I'm not a teenager.
Well, you sure do look like one.
That's because
you haven't seen me with my clothes off.
Listen, just, uh...
just try to keep it down, okay?
I'll try.
Who was that?
Who was at the door?
Some guy.
You were talking to him a long time.
Relax, he just wanted me
to turn the music down.
I'm surprised you didn't cuss his ass out.
I wasn't in the mood to cuss his ass out.
You always in the mood
to cuss somebody out.
I'm trying to be nice.
Nice? Since when?
His glad story
Oh, yes, I will
If I seek
For His sheep
Gone astray
And I'm sure He will show me
His glory
When I've gone
The last mile of the way
When I've gone
The last mile...
So you ready for your big debut?
Debut in what?
Irv wants you
to come on his show and sing.
So you're going on his show,
and you're gonna sing.
The album ain't even done yet.
"Isn't done."
What single should we do?
Nobody wants you
to go on The Irv Merlin Show
and sing a song they've never heard of.
I don't wanna go on TV
singing someone else's song.
I wanna sing my own music.
Nobody's gonna care
what you're singing.
What they care about
is that you are a young, beautiful woman
with a voice of an angel.
What song should I do?
"Somewhere Over the Rainbow."
I don't wanna sing that.
Trust me.
That song is wholesome,
and Irv's audience knows that.
You mean white people know it.
Well, why don't you take this?
See if you can learn something.
Take these and see
what a couple of my big stars did
with their opportunity.
I have a conference call in five.
Kelly, get me Stevie on the phone.
Are you gonna go in?
Hell, no.
Are you gonna come in with me?
It's your brother.
What you doing here?
Daddy's sick.
What you mean?
He had a heart attack.
How come Mommy didn't call me?
She tried.
You ain't been home.
Where is he now?
He's at Saint Michael's
on the fifth floor.
He's been asking for you.
Hey, daughter.
How you feeling?
Hey, I've been better.
You know,
I'm sorry
I didn't come earlier to visit you. I...
I didn't know you were sick.
How's the album coming?
Really good.
They said they have to open me up,
work on my heart.
What's wrong with it?
Not getting enough blood or something.
That's from eating all that pork.
I know you ain't talking.
You eat worse than me.
But I'm young. I can do all that.
- If I don't make it outta here...
- Don't... don't say that.
Let me speak my piece, okay?
I've always been an ambitious man.
I got that from my father.
He had a hard life.
I think that's why I was so determined
to make something of myself.
I wanted my life to have meaning.
But after a while...
...I realize I... have to settle
for just being the head of my house.
I wasn't even good at that.
That's why it was so important
to me that you make it.
I thought, if you went far,
I would too.
I know.
That's why it's hard
for me to say this...
but I need you to give me my cut.
Cut of what?
I'm the one negotiated
that contract for you.
You know what? I'm not doing this.
I know you got
a new apartment downtown.
I even heard
you bought your little girlfriend a car.
Yeah, and where'd you hear that?
You can't keep nothing from me.
Is that why you wanted to see me?
All I need is
for you to pay me what you owe.
I don't owe you shit.
You owe me your whole life.
I used to think that.
But I don't anymore.
Look at you.
Just look at ya.
I didn't think
the business was gonna change you,
but you up in here acting all crazy,
and you ain't even had a hit record yet.
But one day, I will.
I'mma have a whole bunch of 'em.
And while I'm celebrating,
drinking champagne,
everybody will be there...
except for you.
Those the last words
you wanna say to your father?
Is that how you want me to remember you?
Somewhere over the rainbow
Way up high
There's a land that I heard of
Once in a lullaby
Over the rainbow
Skies are blue
And the dreams
That you dare to dream
Really do come true
Someday I'll wish upon a star
And wake up
Where the clouds are far...
Where troubles melt like lemon drops
Away above the chimney tops
That's where
That's where you will find me
Over the rainbow
How would you describe
the young lady
who's about to come out here?
Well, I would say she's magical.
I... I agree.
Thank you.
And I think she's strong and confident.
Her name is certainly fitting.
It's true. She has a beautiful complexion.
You ready?
Of course I am.
You're confident. That's good.
Your father would be so proud.
I know, Ma.
Jas, can you put that thing away?
This is a big deal.
I wanna capture the moment.
It's gonna be on TV.
Not this part.
What... what is that?
They're practicing.
Wha... You hear how slow they playing?
If they play like that,
you'll put everybody to sleep.
I'mma go tell them to speed it up.
Ma, they the house band.
I think they know what they doing.
They're used to playing
for little white girls.
You from the church.
I'll be right back.
Your mama still crazy.
But if it wasn't for her,
I wouldn't be here.
Mmm, you look good.
Just a minute.
I ain't got all day now.
Yo, who the fuck is that?
It's the boy from the other apartment,
the one complaining about the music.
Why is he here?
I invited him.
What's up?
Come on in.
For me?
Well, they ain't for me.
Hey, I'm Sammy.
I'm Jas.
So you big-time, huh?
Not yet, but I will be.
Yeah? What makes you so sure?
I have a gift.
Is that right?
tell this boy
that no one can sing better than me.
Can't nobody sing better than her.
Well, we just gonna have to see
about that, ain't we?
Well, um, I just wanted to come back here,
uh, wish you good luck, give you those.
See you after the show.
Why is he here?
- Relax.
- No. Don't tell me to relax.
I just wanted him
to come and hear me sing.
'Cause I told him I was a good singer,
and he didn't believe me.
Is that the only reason you invited him?
When this is all over...
the only person
I wanna hear applauding is you.
I would applaud for you
even if you fall flat on your face.
I know.
Who is it?
It's time.
...and she has this aura about her
that's magnetic.
Yes. I was drawn to her right away
when I saw her perform the other night.
Mm-hmm. I don't think
I've ever met someone quite like her.
that kind of girl
that only comes along once in a lifetime.
It's... If I can say,
it's like God was showing off a little bit
when He made her.
- Sure.
- That He breathed it on her vocal cords...
smiled when He made her spirit
and laughed when He finished that face.
I would agree.
Yeah. I think, uh, she made...
He made something truly special.
Yeah, I... I just think
that she's gonna change all of our lives.
Ladies and gentlemen, Beauty.