Beauty and the Devil (1950) Movie Script

Based on the legend of FAUST,
who sold his soul to the devil.
Gentlemen, our joy is mixed with
sorrow as we celebrate...
...the fiftieth year
at this university...
...of a man...
...who has devoted his whole life
to increasing human knowledge
Our dear Dean,
Professor Henri Faust.
Henri Faust, your daily life
among us...
...has been a model for all
our students and for us too.
You have despised riches,
refused honours...
...and denied yourself
the simplest joys... order to devote yourself
to the service of the intellect.
The time has now come...
...for you to face
these great problems...
...alone in peaceful retirement.
May God...
...bless your work and guide
your steps...
...along that path of science
where you precede us.
Faust, why are you running away?
Don't you want to see me?
Why slam that door?
You know full well that,
despite doors and walls...
...I can steal into your home
and worm my way into your soul.
What's the use of studying
those books...
...that reveal none of the secrets
you wish to discover?
Think back.
In fifty years of solitude,
what have you learnt?
Nothing, I know nothing.
Don't exaggerate.
You're a great scholar.
But you won't discover nature's
secret forces in those books.
- Soon you will die.
- Having achieved nothing.
Whereas if you accepted
my help and called me... could succeed
in your great experiment.
And if I called?
I'd come at once.
I didn't call you.
It's not time yet.
Yes, it is, sir.
Dinner is served.
You're not eating, Professor?
I'm not hungry.
You're only hungry for knowledge.
Be quiet.
I didn't say anything, Professor.
Faust, you're wasting
the last hours of your life.
Your knowledge only serves
to measure your ignorance.
All you've learnt is that,
without me, you'll know nothing.
I could show you everything
but you're scared.
You're scared, Faust.
I'm not scared of you or
your ridiculous disguises.
I'm not scared of your horns,
your cloven hooves...
...your claws or bat's wings.
Poor devil.
You think you scare me?
I'm your equal and
I can be your master.
- The time has come?
- Yes, I order you to show yourself.
That's right, order me -
on your knees.
No, don't show yourself yet.
Go away! I didn't call you.
Too late.
I obeyed and I'm here.
- Where?
- Turn around and you'll see me.
What do you look like?
I've neither cloven feet nor horns.
Come out of that corner.
- Open your eyes.
- I see nothing.
I'm not in your book.
Are you scared of yourself?
The devil looks and sounds like you.
I did my best to please.
You might at least welcome me.
Lucifer, go away!
Not Lucifer. Just one of
his humble lieutenants.
My name is Mephistopheles.
That's not very nice
when I've come so far.
Maybe you'd prefer me disguised
as one of your students?
Do you remember how respectfully
I bowed to you?
You took me by surprise but you
don't scare me. I order you to go.
You're supposed to obey me.
My only wish is to be
your obedient servant.
But before I disappear...
...just one word.
Look at your old decaying body.
It's falling apart. It smells
unpleasantly of death.
Do you know how long
you have left?
- Don't tell me.
- The thought of death scares you?
No. It's the thought of
my useless life.
I can give you another life.
In exchange for what?
Hell doesn't make presents.
Sign this pact with your blood...
...and I'll do anything you say.
Did you feel that?
It's gout. I always get it
before a storm.
How distressing. My poor man,
one foot in the grave already.
Listen to your heart. And look at
your veins. That's a bad sign.
- With your great discovery so near.
- I won't sell my soul.
Lucifer my master, may I make
an exception for this great man?
I'll give you time to finish
your research.
Without a pact?
- I won't mention one until you do.
- There's a catch somewhere.
I'm not asking for a commitment.
I'm giving you youth for free.
Look at yourself in the mirror.
What do you see?
The sad picture of my old age.
And now?
Now I see smoke and flames.
Look again and you will see a face...
...whose youth you envied.
It's yours now.
You're seeing yourself.
Your wish has been granted.
Where are you?
Call me and I'll come back.
My name is Mephistopheles.
Come back!
Sign our agreement and I'll be
your obedient servant.
Good luck, Faust. Enjoy my youth.
Is he better?
I think so.
It's the best medicine.
What happened to me?
You seemed to be gesticulating at
someone and then you passed out.
So we carried you in here.
So it's true.
Here he goes again.
Have some more medicine.
- What is it?
- Brandy.
I drank some of that
a long time ago.
- A very long time ago.
- Is that so?
- I'd like to stand up.
- Stand up then.
- Do you think I can?
- Try.
See that?
My legs really work.
It's quite amazing.
For many years, all I saw
through my glasses...
...were papers, words and figures.
I had forgotten there were...
...girls' faces.
Mademoiselle, how do I look?
Like a young man who doesn't know
what he's saying.
You said young?
Did you hear my voice?
- You're hurting?
- Sorry. I don't know my strength yet.
That'll teach you to know
your own strength.
My God!
I suddenly felt so weak.
A strange emptiness.
Maybe he goes hungry sometimes.
- You think i might be hungry?
- When was the last time you ate?
It's a sort of vertigo, isn't it?
A crampy pain, a feeling of being
cold, is that right?
- It happens to you too?
- More often than I like.
I'm hungry. I'm hungry.
It's fantastic.
Let's drink to what men
never appreciate enough.
To youth!
Who will pay for all this?
The young man.
He invited them all.
Why the smile?
It's as though everything
were whirling around me.
- Earth, sky, the present, the past.
- It's the wine.
Don't blame the wine. When I think of
all those years I drank water.
Let's drink to an old fool with
a white beard who was never young.
Professor Faust!
Before we part...
...I drink to a person
who shall remain nameless.
So generous, he never
demands payment.
- That's you.
- You think so?
I'm sorry but you're mistaken.
No refreshment without payment.
Don't worry,
I'll see you're paid.
Just a moment.
I'll be back with the money.
Thank you, Mephisto!
He's not in his room either.
Let's have a look this way.
A thief!
Don't be scared.
It's me.
- It's only me.
- Help!
Don't be scared.
I tell you it's only me.
Don't worry.
I'll be right back.
Where is he?
He was in there taking
some money. He must have run off.
Here's your money.
- Is singing forbidden?
- It's late.
What are you doing here?
Yes, what is man doing on earth?
That's a big question.
- What are you doing on this bench?
- Thinking.
You've no home?
How shall I put it?
I have one.
And I don't have one, any more.
What's your name?
- If I told you, you wouldn't believe me.
- You've no proper situation?
No, my situation
is anything but proper.
- What is it?
- A suspicious man prowling about.
What's in there?
- Nothing. Everything's in order.
- Where is he then?
Don't worry.
He's gone.
- I knew I'd see you again.
- You did?
The cards told me.
You don't believe in cards
or in palm-reading?
- None of that.
- Don't you believe in anything?
Oh, yes.
I believe in the devil.
It felt as though
someone were watching us.
- Satan isn't as bad as you think.
- Be quiet!
If you know so much, tell me
what will happen to me.
What an odd hand.
It's as though your life stopped
and started again.
It looks as though the heart line...
What's your name?
You're very young.
I'm nineteen.
Don't laugh.
You're not a lot older.
When I have your hand in mine,
I believe it.
Go to sleep now.
The dogs will guard you.
Guard him well, Sultan.
See that no one harms him.
Good night, Sultan.
Good night.
On my rounds, I saw this door
open so I went into his laboratory.
- I found this mess.
- There's been a fight.
They're the Professor's glasses.
Just between ourselves,
he was a little odd.
He claimed it was possible
to make gold.
- Gold?
- Yes, sir, gold.
That's the motive for the theft.
Or the murder.
The young man seen at his home
was attracted by the gold.
Be quiet!
They're jealous of me.
They just wonder who you are.
That's for you to tell them.
Who are you?
You haven't even told me.
I don't know myself.
Before we met,
what did you do?
I've forgotten who I was
before I met you.
You'll forget me too.
You saw it in my hand?
Henri, there's a wound in your hand.
There's blood.
It's a dried blade of grass.
You'd let that scare you?
I feel I'm going to lose you.
I'm as free as air. Who could
take me from you?
Henri, where are you?
Come and show us
what you can do.
Just watch me.
That's him!
Ladies and gentlemen,
are you happy? I am!
I'll tell you my secret.
Long before you were born... a country
you'll never see...
...a philosopher you don't know
called Plato...
...shut men in a cave to explain
the earth's secrets to them.
...another man you don't know
in a country you'll never see...
...the astronomer, Newton...
...flew off among the stars... order to tell men
the secrets of the heavens.
But the philosopher and
astronomer were wrong!
So says a third scientist...
I, Henri!
You need only know one secret -
the secret of youth.
It's the secret of happiness.
The secret of joy!
The secret of pleasure!
Come in and see for yourselves.
Roll up.
Was that you laughing?
It's him!
It's him all right.
You were seen stealing money
from Faust's house.
Since then, Professor Faust
has not been seen.
- Where's the body?
- What body?
Professor Faust's!
You killed the old man
after a savage attack.
Here is the evidence!
And the body.
You burned the body
right here... that stove!
Mephistopheles, he who
laughs last laughs longest!
Gentlemen, I have finished.
Everything proves that man's guilt.
He keeps promising a disclosure
that will prove his innocence.
But we're still waiting.
We have suffered a terrible loss.
Faust was an eminent scientist.
The luminary of our age.
Justice demands...
...the only appropriate sentence.
Has the accused anything to say?
Yes, Your Honour!
I wish to say something
I hesitated to reveal...
...until the last moment.
But I can wait no longer.
As the prosecution said,
no one knows who I am.
No one knows my name.
Don't you find that strange?
The time has come for me
to reveal the infernal...
Yes, the infernal plot
that has brought me here.
We'll see who
has the last laugh.
You want to know what happened
to Professor Faust?
I'll tell you!
As incredible as it may seem...
...Professor Faust is alive.
He is here.
- Where have you been?
- Travelling.
A very long way from here.
You might thank me.
I didn't call you.
Why did you come back?
We don't like our affairs
talked about in public.
You wanted to force me to sell you
my soul in exchange for my life.
You've defeated me,
I admit it.
You're now free to enjoy
youth's pleasures...
...whilst I have to put up
with your rheumatism.
No hard feelings.
You know where to find me.
Yes, young man?
That man isn't Professor Faust.
If you want to know,
I'm Professor Faust.
The fellow's mad.
Where are you going to sleep?
Youth is so thoughtless.
I can't give you gold, I haven't
made any. But here's some money.
Always glad to help.
You're too kind, Professor.
Yes, it's a failing of mine.
Dinner is served, Professor.
Dinner? What a good idea.
I hadn't thought of that.
You've changed since your travels.
- For better or for worse?
- For the better.
- Where's the wine?
- You drink now?
I want wine, the best!
I've heard all about foie gras,
creamed mushrooms, and lobster.
Now I want to taste them.
Life's short. Let's enjoy it!
Good morning, Professor Faust.
Good morning, Rector.
Our joy is shared by the Prince.
The Prince wishes to see you
at once. A carriage is waiting.
The Prince's wish is my command.
You forgot your glasses!
I forgot my glasses.
Professor Faust, Your Highness.
Be seated, Professor.
I like to think...
...that your mysterious absence
and return are related... your work.
Correct, Your Highness.
I've worked a lot lately.
Only you can save us.
Our coffers are empty.
See what we pay with?
An excellent idea, Your Highness!
Soon this paper will have no value.
We need gold.
To work, Professor!
You're tired? Have you never
worked before?
- All my life.
- Doing what?
Drive on.
Make way for the Princess.
Back to work.
Hurry up!
I feel the time is near
and we'll soon have gold.
- God willing.
- What was that?
God willing.
You've changed. In the old days,
you had these odd fears.
What fears?
That making gold was -
how shall I put it? - diabolical.
Really? You and I know
the devil doesn't exist.
But we mustn't tell anyone.
- Take that and go.
- And my money?
You want money too?
I'll pay you!
You called me?
Sorry, I thought
I heard you call.
Just say the word and
I'll let you in.
You don't just help yourself here.
Serve me then.
You must pay first.
A gold coin. I'd forgotten they
existed. Where did you find it?
It fell from heaven.
Don't you want it?
Yes. Let's see if it's real.
What's that?
Play the conjurer with me
and you'll be in trouble.
Don't worry. The gentleman
is my guest.
Come on, let's enjoy ourselves.
Life is short.
I'm such a poor alchemist. I make
gold and it turns into sand.
Your good health.
You know much more than me.
I've read your experiments.
You were almost there.
The man who can make gold
can do anything.
Let's drink to eternal science!
You're scared of drinking with me?
Neither you nor your master
scares me.
To your good health.
You'll persecute me until I sell you
my soul, won't you?
Let's discuss the deal.
What's your offer?
Comfort instead of poverty. I'll
help you become rich and powerful.
And if I don't accept?
I hate to say it but the true hell
is here on earth.
Poverty, loneliness, evil men...
So that's your line. You forget
I can still escape.
- I have only to follow that stone.
- Why don't you?
And give you my soul at
a knockdown price? Oh, no!
That's too easy. I intend to
accept whatever fate has in store.
I thought I'd won, but
he's escaped again.
Oh, great Lucifer, inspire me.
I'm only a second-rate demon.
I do what I can.
It's not easy to cope
with a soul like that.
Yes, that's it!
Oh, great Lucifer, what wonderful
ideas you have. I'll try it.
What a job.
I'm sorry, I went too far.
Let's make up and be friends.
Leave me alone. I know
what your offers are worth.
Leave you to this miserable
existence? Never!
I want to put things right.
I'm not asking for a commitment.
Try my.
You want to discover nature's
secrets? I'll help you.
You want to make gold?
I promise you success tonight!
I kept my word.
No commitment but
everything made easy.
Here's the discovery
you've dreamt of for years.
It's only the first step.
Anything can be changed.
Sand into gold and gold into...
Up already, Professor?
I didn't sleep, Antoine.
I was hard at work.
And someone is using my bedroom.
Someone you know.
Mind you treat him well.
- Let him rest. He's earned it.
- Very well, Professor.
Good morning, lads.
This gold coin is for the one of
you that's the most deserving.
To the one who's strongest.
- A gold coin.
- And another!
Is it possible to make more?
- If Your Highess so commands.
- I do!
What's needed?
Sand and genius. I provide
the genius, you provide the sand.
What more could a man want?
Food and drink.
Young women to smile on.
Really, life is most pleasant.
I never considered
pleasure before.
Nor did I.
But don't you think
we've worked enough now?
Time for some amusement.
If a had your youth,
I'd dance all night.
Everybody is laughing at you.
You never exercised your legs.
You're using a name respected
in all Europe's universities.
Don't be angry. You're now the
most important man in the country.
Women gaze at you.
What more do you want?
To be alone with the Princess.
- That can be arranged.
- Now?
You're very demanding, but if
my master gives me the power...
What have you done
with everyone?
They went to bed
while you were asleep.
Where's the Princess?
I hope she's about to appear.
Who are you?
Your most faithful servant.
What are you doing here?
I daren't ask Your Highness
the same question...
...but I thank my stars
you're here.
My sleep was troubled by a dream
and I woke to see you.
I thank God
for your dream, Madame.
What is that music?
I don't care... so long as it
expresses what I dare not say.
Do not abuse my situation.
Who could keep his reason...
...before a princess so beautiful
and so lightly clad?
I'm your sovereign's wife.
He's asleep. His dreams can't be
better than mine at this instant.
That's enough!
Someone's coming.
They've gone.
Not yet. Your honour
is at stake.
That doesn't mean
you need to hug me.
That music again.
Where is it coming from?
Give me back my hand.
If you will return it to me
with your forgiveness.
Happy? You can't doubt
my friendship now.
How do you like
your new laboratory?
You can have the world's
scientists working under you here.
- What more do you want?
- To see the Princess again.
No miracles needed for that.
She'll be wherever you are.
This patent which gives you
the title of Knight Chevalier... a small token of
our gratitude.
Your Highness...
...I seek no other reward than
the kind glances...
...I see bestowed on me.
I hope with the help of
my eminent friend...
...Professor Faust...
...I shall continue to be worthy
of my scientific calling.
We shall discover secrets that
will amaze the wisest of men.
Soon no one will suffer
from hunger.
Soon wars will be impossible.
All thanks to progress.
- Did you see that devil?
- Stop that. I need your help.
What for? You've youth,
learning, fame and fortune.
But that's nothing.
She loves me.
The Princess?
- That's nice.
- Make the hours pass in an flash.
Make me alone with her.
All right. But after all
I've done for you...
...I need to know
I've not worked for nothing.
Don't thank me. Just say
you've found happiness.
I'm the happiest man in the world!
I'm the happiest man in the world!
At last you've said it,
dear Faust.
May sleep prolong
your dream of happiness.
The moment I've striven for
has come.
Lucifer, I obeyed your orders.
Now help me.
Have Henri transported immediately
out of the palace.
Make him as wretched as in
the days when he mistrusted me.
Wake up, Faust.
Wake up to the reality of
the happiness you owe to me.
So that's what you had
stored up for me.
My happiness was only a dream.
Is man's life anything else
but a dream?
I'm nothing any more. After
believing the world was mine...
That's what you wanted.
The world is an illusion,
you know that.
Give me back that illusion and
my happiness. I'll pay anything!
I don't know what
you're talking about.
I'll give you what you wanted.
- Here's the blood you asked for.
- I never asked for anything.
You'll promise to serve me?
You'll give me everything I want?
A pact is a pact
and I gave you my word.
What name shall I use?
Your real name... Professor Faust.
- You won't bear me a grudge?
- Enough of that!
- You won't reproach me?
- All's fair in love and war.
If that's what you want.
''In the name of Lucifer...
''...on my last day, Mephistopheles
shall claim my soul.'' Signed Faust.
That's in order.
Master, I'm now
your faithful servant.
Let's go.
- Bring glasses!
- I said let's go.
Yes, Master.
Drink to my health.
That's a gold coin.
And a real one...
from the new factory.
They say that Chevalier Henri
makes all the gold he wants.
I wish I knew the recipe.
Henri? When did you
hear about him?
He's the talk of the town.
Where have you been?
How can he know
what was only a dream?
Who said it was a dream?
You really made gold.
You really wanted the Princess.
You really are the Henri
they knighted.
Then... why I am here?
Because I brought you here.
Don't be angry. You said
all was fair in love and war.
Don't look so gloomy.
Think. You're powerful and
I swore to obey you.
- Are you my servant?
- Until your life's end.
Obey me then.
I want to be alone.
Why did you want to be alone?
I'm your only friend now.
Greetings, Master.
I hope that today your every wish
will be granted.
Come on, smile. You're young.
The world is at your feet.
You're right.
It wasn't a dream. They're bowing
to me. Maybe they even envy me.
Your Highness, man can explore
the seas in this submarine.
And it will sink whole navies.
This machine will fly man
over mountains and oceans.
And destroy the best defended
cities, killing everyone.
We'll discover germs.
You'll be able to cause epidemics
in the countries around you.
We'll uncover the secret of matter
and use the energy in dust.
Man will have the power
to destroy...
A country or a continent at will.
And maybe the earth and the stars.
Come over here
and have a drink.
I hate music. It makes me
think of heaven.
Angels with their harps.
Mephistopheles, where is
the happiness you promised me?
Don't be so demanding.
Being happy is up to you.
The Princess will soon be here.
How do you know?
I can foresee events as clearly
as your image in that mirror.
Then show me what's going
to happen in the next hour.
- Can you do that?
- If it amuses you, look.
Look at your reflection...
...leaving you and heading
towards the future.
The Princess will come
into this room.
When she appears,
you'll be waiting by the door.
She'll pretend
to be surprised to see you.
You'll take her hands
When the time
for respect has passed...
You see, it won't be difficult.
You'll arrange another
rendez-vous. As to the rest...
...that's up to you.
What happens after that?
You can guess
from what you saw.
I'm talking about my life.
- Don't ask.
- I've a right to know!
I paid dearly enough!
It would spoil your happiness.
It's an order. Didn't you swear
you'd serve me?
- I'm talking to you as a friend.
- What's so bad you won't tell me?
Nothing. Look.
This is what the mirror
shows in a year.
See with what respect and love
you're greeted.
Everyone will know
you're the Princess's lover.
What about the Prince?
The Prince?
He'll be dead then.
He'll have died
a few months earlier.
Whatever he suspected, he's in
no state to say anything now.
You can't stop gossip...
...about the nature
of the Prince's death.
- You mean he'll be killed?
- We all die one way or another.
Go on.
You must admit
the Prince is in the way.
An old husband shouldn't enter
his wife's room without warning.
One night...
...he almost catches you but,
luckily, he forgets the curtains.
Are you mad?
When science gives you a weapon
that leaves no trace?
Whose is that hand?
That of the faithful servant who
swore to grant your every wish.
Who needed the Prince?
The Princess who pretends
to be so deeply affected...
...will be free to concentrate
on her new love.
Eternal love, isn't that what
your heart desires?
My heart's desire
is to be always with you.
The world is nothing to me
unless reflected in your eyes.
The same words but
said to a different woman.
Time passes.
Poor Princess.
She should know that. But even
the devil can't make her see sense.
You have to put up with
a jealous woman's tears.
Shall I dispose of her
like her husband?
Don't be hasty!
You'll need freedom... devote all your time
to your new passion.
Yet another to whom
you swear eternal love.
- I don't need to know all that.
- Didn't I tell you?
Forget all that.
How will I use my power?
Like all other great leaders.
You'll have total mastery.
You'll reward those who obey you
and give the rest time to repent.
If some remain obstinate...
...the old methods are best.
I won't do that.
- You must!
- I want men to be happy.
So you'll be harsh and work
all night for their good.
Making gold was child's play.
Transforming the world through
science is our supreme goal.
Uncover the secret of matter.
Use the energy
of each particle of dust.
That's what will win you
the people's admiration.
I'll leave nothing behind me
but dust and ashes.
Isn't that the way
of everything in this life?
And on the last day of my life...
- On my last day...
- Don't look.
- I want to know.
- Why punish yourself?
The years you gave me
will be over. It will be midnight.
My last night on earth
will be like every other.
A night like any other
for everyone, except me.
Only I will know
that a merciless creditor...
...seeks my soul.
There will be no one
to share my secret.
No one will know that Faust...
...has only a moment to live
before eternal damnation.
Hell will cry out:
''Faust, your hour is nigh!''
''On my last day, Mephistopheles
shall claim my soul.'' Signed Faust.
That's in order.
Why did you want to know?
Why didn't you listen to me?
I'm not as bad as you think.
I've become used to you.
You're my friend.
But you can't erase a signature
written with your own blood.
Fate is fate.
You can't escape it.
Where are you?
You must stay here.
The Prince sent me
to enquire after the Chevalier.
He must be considering
some great problem.
He won't see anyone,
not even me.
What caused this melancholy?
Heaven alone knows.
For three days he's been in his
room. He only comes out at night.
I was waiting for you!
I said yesterday
I wouldn't be back.
- But you came.
- You waited all the same?
I've never stopped waiting.
I hoped to see your face
at every turn of the road.
Each night I was disappointed.
Each morning I'd hope again.
But now you're here.
- I shouldn't have come.
- Why not?
I don't want you to be unhappy.
I'm not. I feel as though
we've never been apart.
No time has passed
and we're on the road together.
I was happy then.
Why can't you still be happy?
What's changed?
Come back here.
Ask me to forgive you.
Forgive me.
What is my sin?
You treat me like an enemy. You
mistrust me. What are you afraid of?
Nothing when you're here.
You protect me.
Two men were watching us.
Your Highness, walking the streets
in the dark is highly imprudent.
Why are you here?
The Prince is worried about you.
Worried about me? He'd do better
to worry about himself.
As you know, Professor,
if I stay at court...
...the Prince dies.
Come, Professor.
Goodbye, Chevalier.
Enjoy your walk, Your Highness.
Don't be afraid. You couldn't be
in better company.
Who was that man
who called you Chevalier?
A poor man
like everyone else...
...who neither knows why he lives
nor believes he'll die.
You called him Your Highness.
That's because he's the Prince.
You can talk to the Prince like that
and he calls you Chevalier?
Who are you?
- The richest and poorest of men.
- You're rich?
I could give you caravans of gold.
So why are you poor?
Even the most miserable beggar
owns his own soul.
Ask no more.
Just one question.
Why did you come back?
Because I could have been
happy with you.
It's not too late.
Let's go away tonight.
Henri, there's blood
on your hand.
The wound won't heal.
Wherever I go...
...he who seeks me
will find me.
Not if I hide you.
I've no right to hope.
Nor a right to that.
The Madonna won't refuse
the prayer of any criminal.
She'd refuse mine.
Let me go.
Who are you?
Professor Faust.
Henri's only friend.
I'm sure you're devoted to him...
...and you'd sacrifice anything
for his happiness.
That can be arranged.
You have a rare little soul.
A choice and interesting soul.
You're very busy.
Can't I help?
I'm leaving behind me none of this
work that has been my downfall.
You can't after destiny.
Go to the palace and erase
every single trace of me there.
It shall be done.
Change back that damned gold
I made into sand.
Great Lucifer, show your power.
Strike this city...
...and destroy the work of this
fool who thinks he can repent.
What a storm! It's as though the end
of the world had come.
Not yet, Sire.
I'd know if it had.
- Why did Henri speak of my death?
- He was talking nonsense.
That gipsy girl
is a witch, I'm sure.
They do bewitch you sometimes.
- I hear he sees her every night.
- Maybe just a passing affair.
Is she pretty?
No beauty can compare with yours,
Madame, but he sees her each night.
- You're so nervy, Madame.
- Because I see you're worried.
I am quite calm. No witch scares me.
I shall question her myself.
Just see if I'm worried.
Come, my child. I'll protect you.
- She's to see the Prince.
- I'll take her myself.
- Mind she doesn't escape.
- She won't escape from me.
Why was I brought here?
The world is a wicked place...
But sometimes I can prevent
its injustices...
...and offer its bounty instead.
Do you want jewels,
dresses, parties...
...everything a young girl
- I don't want any of that.
- Just ask. I'll refuse you nothing.
You can't give me what I want.
Henri will return to you.
I'll see you're united for eternity.
- On one condition.
- What condition?
Show me your wrist.
What a nice wrist,
still childlike and frail.
I only want a drop of your blood.
I'd give all of it to see Henri.
Romantic little girl, a drop is
enough. You'll sign your name with it.
- That's impossible.
- Why?
I can't write.
There's an unexpected difficulty
but never mind, I'll guide your hand.
You don't trust me?
I'll do it if Henri wants it.
- Henri is not the only trustworthy man.
- I don't know you.
Are you sure you know him?
I know more about him than you do.
I know I love him.
That's enough.
It must be very nice to be loved.
No one loves me.
You're old and nasty.
Nasty? I'm offering you
I can see in your eyes that you're
lying. They scare me. Let me go.
You won't leave the palace until
tomorrow morning...
...when you'll fall into the hands
of a howling mob.
Witches used to be burnt
at the stake.
Demons are less cruel than a mob
baying for justice.
They'll reduce you to ashes.
I can foretell the future too.
Be sensible.
- I know you.
- I want to be your friend.
- You're the spirit of evil.
- At your service.
- Here's the girl you want to question.
- Your highness, protect me!
- The innocent have nothing to fear.
- She's under a spell.
How could Henri
be attracted by such a girl?
I saw him.
He was at her feet.
Then it's witchcraft.
- Come on. He loves you, doesn't he?
- Don't touch me.
This man is the devil.
Your Highness...
...look at this gold candlestick
she knocked out of my hands.
It's sand.
Stop her and make her talk!
I've been robbed.
Yesterday I had more than
a hundred gold coins.
Look what I have now.
Show me, my poor friend.
It's sand.
Don't pretend to pray, witch.
Come with us.
You're in league with the devil.
Come in, Professor,
we need you as a witness.
- I arrested the Chevalier.
- To confront him with that witch.
- Did she confess?
- She tried to scratch my face.
Guilty or not,
she must confess.
An offensive has been launched
against the state's coffers...
...and your own fortunes.
The recent events can only have
a supernatural cause.
But witchcraft shall not prevail.
Go home!
Trust in your Prince's justice.
Your Prince orders you
to disperse.
Hand over the culprits to us.
Happy now? See the result
of your orders?
Where's Marguerite?
Here, about to be handed over
to the crowd.
The guards can no longer restrain
the demonstrators.
- What do they want?
- The culprits to be punished now.
She'll pay for your foolishness.
I'll tell the Prince the truth.
Talk and you'll die with her.
Save her, it's an order!
- Give them the witch.
- She hasn't talked yet.
There's no time to lose.
Let the people have their revenge.
Show pity. Before you send her
to her death, let me save her soul.
Leave me alone with her.
What did I tell you? You're lost.
Only I can save you.
- Give me your soul and be happy.
- It's not mine to give.
It's Henri's, isn't it?
- He sent me.
- I don't believe you.
Henri is about to be burnt
at the stake with you.
So be it and
I'll be his in death.
There you're wrong.
Reject my offer and in death
you'll be separated for ever.
Heaven won't allow it.
Henri has renounced heaven.
I don't believe you!
I'll tell you a secret.
May Lucifer forgive me.
To be with your lover,
you must follow him to hell.
I don't believe you!
He's damned. Look at this paper
he signed...
...with his own blood.
A miracle can still save his soul.
He sold me his soul
in exchange for my services.
Hurry if you want a share.
No, I hate your paper!
My pact!
Lucifer, forgive me!
''On my last day, Mephistopheles
shall claim my soul.''
Signed Professor Faust.
That document is mine!
Professor Faust. He's the one.
He's the culprit!
Lucifer, protect me.
I'm powerless without you.
Lucifer, I know I've failed you
but don't let me be tortured.
Free me from this body
which can feel pain.
Lucifer, help.
Hell is less cruel than men.
Lucifer, have pity on me!