Beauty and the Dogs (2017) Movie Script

You can come in.
- The party is raging.
- What did you expect?
- Did you bring the dress?
- Yes! Show me.
Look at this.
This only happens to me.
Here, take this.
What's wrong with you?
You got me a nightgown to wear!
- Come on, it's beautiful!
- Are you kidding?
Looks like my mum's!
Look at my dress!
And you get me this?
Just try it and let me see!
OK, I'll do it for you.
What am I doing...
You see how it goes?
Wait. Let's see.
This is really tricky.
- You're choking me.
- And you're destroying my dress.
I'm not going out like this!
Not in public.
It's really nice.
You'll pay for this later.
- Stick your leg out.
- Don't make me fall.
- Look what I got you.
- Show me.
I knew you'd like it.
Thank you!
Come on, we're late.
- This is a dress for a fashion model.
- Eat a bit less and you'll be one!
My purse,
my Phone...
- Mariouma! You're so beautiful!
- Hey, how are you?
- Nice dress.
- Thank you!
Thrift shop as usual?
Are you hearing this Najla?
I can't get my fringe right.
Mine took three hours to do.
Come on, girls, let's have a selfie.
- What's that whistling?
- My phone.
It's my father.
- Didn't you save his number?
- I know it by heart.
- Answer him.
- You hear the music outside?
He's gonna show up again.
No, I asked my mother to call me
as soon as he's on his way to Tunis.
Come on!
OK, it's fine.
Very nice.
- Let me put it on Facebook.
- No Facebook, please.
- I'll send it to you but no Facebook!
- You're friends with your father?
Let me have some fun, OK?
"Friends with your father"...
Ha, ha, very funny!
- Come on, she really likes you.
- Yeah, sure!
There he is.
- Come on, push the subscriptions.
- I'm on it!
- Where do we put the bags?
- In the cloakroom.
Did you see the guy?
Just there.
No, I didn't.
At the entrance, with the bouncer.
The bouncer is on his own.
I'll show him to you later.
Everybody paid? No freeloaders?
No worries as long as I am here.
- Do you want to go over the cash?
- We'll do it tomorrow.
Najla, I've been looking for this.
- It won't match the dress.
- I'll put it around my hips.
Don't you have a scarf
to go crazy dancing?
Come on!
Water, please.
He's over there.
He's cute.
. Subscriptions are now open
for just fifty dinars!
If you want to join,
come and see our treasurer...
Where is Mariam?
Let's thank the beautiful Mariam
who organized this evening.
Ladies staying in dorms,
enjoy yourselves and have fun,
and don't worry about a thing,
we've chartered a bus
that will take you home
before the dorms close their doors.
So, without further ado,
here's DJ Fatarya
for a belly dancing set!
Everybody on the dance floor!
- Look!
- Yes, she's talking to him.
She does that whenever I like someone.
- Go see her.
- OK, give me my bag.
- Is he still there?
- No, he's gone.
Who's that guy you were talking to?
- Why do you want to know?
- Just asking.
- Oh, just asking?
- Yes!
Tell me!
Come with me.
- Please, Amani...
- Come on!
- Do you want a cigarette?
- I don't smoke.
Can you get the door for me?
Don't worry, they're gone.
Come with me, don't be frightened.
Come on, Mariam.
You need to see a doctor.
Hi, welcome.
Can I help you?
She needs to see a doctor.
Can I see her ID?
Sorry, but I said her ID.
I am sorry but she lost her papers.
What's wrong with her?
She's been raped
and we need a document to prove it.
Please help us.
Hey you!
Where do you think you're going?
Can I leave the keys with you?
- Are you going to belong?
- I'm just getting a coffee.
Why don't you use
the coffee machine inside?
That's not coffee,
it's more like dark water.
When we first got it,
the coffee was great.
Someone's stealing the powder
and diluting it.
I'm sorry.
- Did you catch a cold?
- There's a virus going around.
Can we see a doctor?
I asked you for her ID!
And I told you she lost her ID.
You have my passport.
Please, I need her ID card.
OK, listen.
Look at us and do me a favor.
Let her see a doctor,
she'll come back tomorrow with some ID.
I have to put her name into the system.
So do it!
L-low can I do that
if I can't prove who she is?
Get me her papers
and I will take her to the doctor.
Don't you understand?
She lost her papers in the car
of the men who raped her.
Don't you get it?
She's been raped!
Why are you yelling at me?
Am I the one who raped her?
- I didn't say that.
- Wait a minute.
Excuse me, who raped her?
I'm sorry.
This institution can't admit her
without a proper ID.
The law doesn't allow me.
What law?
What law forbids a human being
from seeing a doctor?
Do you think I'm stupid?
If she's ill,
she can see a doctor.
From what I understand,
she needs a certificate to prove a rape
but she can't prove her identity.
What if she wanted to accuse somebody?
What's wrong with you?
What's your problem?
This is bullshit!
You think she's not ill?
Look at the state of her!
She doesn't look ill to you?
Oh God!
What is this?
Let's get her some fresh air.
Get her out of here!
Let go of me.
- Did you notify the authorities?
- What authorities?
Look out!
Are you trying to get killed?
What's with you?
Be careful!
Do you want to kill yourself?
Is she alright?
A certificate from a private clinic
is worthless.
You pay and you get what you want.
She needs a certificate
from a public hospital.
Otherwise the police won't accept it.
MY Passport.
Where is the ministry of Health?
The hospital makes us sicker
than the patients!
Hospitals are awful!
Come see my husband
who's been lying there for three hours.
What are you showing them?
I'm showing them the state I'm in,
forgotten for three hours...
This young woman needs
to see a doctor.
Give me a break!
They treat us like dogs in this country.
Look for yourself, the man is dying!
It's hopeless, just have a seat.
I'll wait for your signal.
Is my hair OK?
Let's have another take.
- Let's film her.
- Don't! No filming!
That's fine, put the camera down.
OK, we're not filming you.
You were really raped by policemen?
I can guarantee that they were cops.
Let me call my boss.
Hold this for me.
What's wrong with you?
Nobody is paying attention.
We need to get some help!
She won't help,
she'll just take advantage of us.
She is a journalist.
She can turn this
into a public interest story.
Public interest story?
I'll be disgraced!
What happened to you
is already a disgrace!
Shouldn't we disgrace them
to keep them accountable?
God will punish them.
What does that mean?
Are you filing charges or not?
Because I'm not giving up!
- Don't joke about this.
- Do I look like I'm joking?
Policemen or not?
I have a video of one of them.
See for yourself!
Give me your number.
I'll take yours too.
She lost her bag in their car.
Her phone and papers were inside.
Trust me, if this is true,
I'll investigate.
This is my business card.
You must call me.
Make sure you don't lose it.
Don't be afraid, call me!
That's it, you're happy now?
What do you mean?
And what I went through?
Many men went through
the same thing in jail.
- What's that got to do with it?
- What planet are you on?
Do you understand what's going on here?
Why did we have a revolution?
People have died for their rights!
So these monsters can pay!
If we accept to be humiliated,
forget about it!
Forget about it...
You have to grab your rights
with both hands.
If you give up,
they'll eat you alive!
Do you understand?
Why are you lecturing me?
After what happened to me,
I shouldn't just file a complaint.
I should slaughter them
and drink their blood.
I apologize.
Why did we come here?
To see a doctor
and get a medical certificate.
So we can throw it at the police
and force them to do their job.
Come with me.
We've been here for two hours
and nobody is listening.
This girl has been raped
and we need a medical certificate.
Please help us.
- She looks fine.
- l-low does she look fine?
Are you wounded?
Do you have anything broken?
This is an emergency ward.
- Isn't this an emergency?
- This is the ER!
I know that!
It's not a slaughterhouse.
I understand.
Moez, come over here please.
This girl has been raped.
Where shall I take her?
To a gynecologist in maternity.
Come with me.
Please wait for her in here.
She'll be back.
Wait here a second.
May God protect you.
What exactly did they do to you?
Did they touch you?
Did they take your clothes off?
- L-low many were there?
- Where is the doctor?
She's coming.
What's wrong with you?
- What's going on?
- She's been raped.
Who told you to come here?
This isn't my specialty.
Whose specialty is it, then?
I need a medical certificate
to sue them.
To sue them?
You need a forensic doctor.
Where can I find one?
You can't just knock on the door.
The police send you.
It's the police who did it.
I need a certificate
so I can file a complaint.
The police?
- Will you please examine me?
- I am not qualified to examine you.
- I'm begging you, help me!
- It's against the law, I can't.
- I'm not qualified.
- Please, help me!
I can't!
- We're at eight centimetres.
- I'm coming.
You should take
an emergency contraceptive pill.
You have enough problems.
- Would you give me a prescription?
- You don't need one.
Wait a minute.
I'll take you to the forensic doctor.
Come with me.
Wait a second.
Let me clean you up.
Don't be afraid.
Come on.
Wait over there.
She has been raped.
I took her to Madame Khelifi
who told her to see a forensic doctor.
I brought her to you.
Did the police send you?
She was raped by policemen.
She wants to press charges
and she needs a certificate.
Please help her.
I'll see.
May God help you.
Good evening.
I'd like to report a rape.
Hisham Bahrouni, forensic doctor.
Thank you.
The victim is next to me.
No, she has no apparent injuries.
She says she was raped by policemen
and she wants a medical certificate.
What's your name?
- Mariam Chaouch.
- Her name is Mariam Chaouch.
Your national ID number?
- I don't know it.
- No, she doesn't know it.
Very well.
Good evening.
Well, Mariam.
I can't examine you now.
The police need
to start an investigation first.
You must go to the police station
and file a complaint.
They know about your case
and they are expecting you.
Then, they will send you back here.
Do you understand me, Mariam?
- All right?
- Yes.
OK then.
Where did this happen?
Next to the Palace Hotel,
on the beach.
Let me see some ID.
Your ID.
She lost her hand bag in their car.
Name, surname and age.
- Me?
' Yes You!
Mariam Chaouch, 21 years old.
Age: 21.
Name: Mariam, daughter of...
What's your father's name?
- What?
- Why my father's name?
- We want to propose!
- Steady!
Go easy on the lady.
Give him your father's name.
Ahmed Chaouch.
Mariam, daughter of Ahmed.
Come on, Mariam.
Tell me everything.
You have to tell me
so I know how to proceed.
We were at a party organized
by our university in a hotel.
We stepped out
for a walk on the beach.
The hotel is by the sea.
Who's "we"?
L-low do you say "hotel" in Arabic?
Me and him.
- Did you drink alcohol in the hotel?
- No.
And the girl?
I've never touched it.
She's never touched it...
And after you saw the sea?
What happened?
- After that...
- Please, you'll get your chance.
I'm talking to Mariam.
Go ahead.
We were by the sea
when a white car pulled up.
Three men stepped out,
yelling "Police".
They turned their headlights on us.
The older one handcuffed my friend.
He asked them to prove
they were policemen.
They stuck their badges in his face,
screaming and cursing.
"... Cursing."
One of them told me:
"You must be married
and you are committing adultery."
They wanted to arrest me.
I told them I wasn't married
and I wanted to go home.
The two policemen
forced me into the car.
The third policeman took my friend.
Let's get our story straight first.
Don't say policemen
if you're not sure.
Yes, they're here.
Where were we, Mr Raouf?
We were at the adultery.
No, we were at the car.
She got into the car
with two men.
No, they forced her into the car.
And then?
What happened afterward?
We don't have all night.
Then they raped me in the car.
- What did you say?
- They raped her in the car.
"They raped me in the car."
- The young man was watching?
- What?
Before they started,
the man who handcuffed him
took him to the hotel.
What did you do in the hotel?
He asked me for 300 dinars
to let us go.
I didn't have it so I took him
to a cash machine,
to get some peace.
OK, and before they raped you,
tell me what you talked about.
I was in the car with them,
in the back seat.
They were rubbing up against me
like devils,
fondling me,
their hands were everywhere.
I had 30 dinars in my bag,
I told them to take it.
One of them took the bag
and threw it on the floor.
He grabbed me...
I started shaking,
and screaming in fear.
I turned to look for him,
but he was gone.
Who is "he"?
What's your relationship with him?
- He's my fianc.
- Your fianc?
What's the name of your fianc?
My name is Youssef.
Really, your name is "Joseph"?
I'm asking her,
because she's been using the 3rd person
for you from the start.
- Youssef what?
- Youssef...
- No, I'll find out on my own.
- Go ahead.
Would you be Joseph the carpenter,
fianc of the Virgin Mary?
In that case, you are in trouble.
In the Koran,
we don't recognize Joseph the carpenter.
And in our religion,
the Virgin Mary is not engaged.
My name's Youssef Dawn.
We are the State,
and we don't rape young women.
- They had badges...
- So what?
We have so many devils,
like the Virgin Mary said.
Devils that announce the prophecy.
Could they have made you pregnant
with the Antichrist?
Mr Raouf,
these are signs of the end of times.
Stop, Lassaad,
you know I don't like that stuff.
Devils and the Antichrist...
It gives me the creeps.
The creeps? Do your job
and show us some respect.
We have rights!
Some respect?
Your sarcasm,
and him with his innuendos...
You wanted a report?
Well, here's your report.
Never satisfied!
Is this your police station?
Are you doing us a favor?
You better calm down!
Mister Lassaad,
I'm stepping out to buy cigarettes.
- That might calm me down.
- Go ahead.
Very well, Mister Youssef.
What happened with the guy
at the cash machine?
- You want an answer?
- Yes!
Who's going to type my statement?
Are you serious?
Complaining about being raped
in this skimpy dress?
Are you serious?
You, with this cosy job?
I like the place,
so comfortable, with AC.
I think I'm going to move in here.
You are really funny!
I'm trying to remember
where I've seen you before.
- Haven't we met before?
- Yes, we have.
Really? Where?
- Take a wild guess.
- Really?
We met at the Kasbah sit-in.
Do you remember me now?
The Kasbah sit-in...
Why did you tell them
I was your fianc?
I didn't want them
to get the wrong idea about us.
The wrong idea?
What planet are you from?
We are here to file a complaint
against their colleagues.
They already have the wrong idea!
Don't talk to me like that,
this is already hard enough!
Mariam, don't say anything
but the truth.
Anything else will be held against us.
I've never been
in a police station before!
I'm just following you.
I haven't forced you.
You can go home.
I have no home to go to!
What do you mean?
I live in a dorm
and the dorm closes at 10 pm.
Even if I wanted to go
to a hotel room to die,
I have no money, no ID, no phone.
I have nothing!
My passport...
Look at this,
they are not writing anything.
What are you doing over there?
You're only pretending to write.
You think you're doing us a favor?
Calm down, sweetheart,
it's not good for you.
- I'm not angry.
- Really, you're not?
You'd have preferred
to be in her place?
I can help you with that, if you want.
Let go of me! Let go!
If you're a man, hit me!
I'm not hitting you.
You're a coward, a piece of shit!
You'd love to arrest me.
- You raised your hand to me.
- I didn't touch you.
I've spent my life
chasing bums like you.
If you were a man,
she wouldn't have been raped.
And now, you're a hero?
Please, let go of him.
If she wasn't here,
I'd have broken every bone in your body.
You want to file a complaint?
Go to the police where it happened.
We can't do anything.
- I knew that as soon as I saw you.
- Get out!
- Go.
- We'll speak again.
No, he's not in uniform,
he's wearing a checked shirt.
He has a mustache.
Dark skinned and quite old.
What do you mean "where"?
The camera of the cash machine,
by the hotel shops.
Do you have another one?
So you found it?
Thanks a lot, cousin.
Would you make me a copy?
Yasser, please,
get me a copy of the video.
I never ask you for anything.
Is this the good time
to explain what happened?
OK, listen to me...
- What video?
- Hang on.
Video from the surveillance camera.
Iran out of credit as usual.
Listen, don't bother
with official requests or anything.
Put the video on play,
record it with your cell phone
and send it to me
on my phone right away.
Can you send me the video or not?
And can you send me
five dinars credit for my phone?
I'm totally out of money.
OK, at least two dinars.
Thank you, cousin.
Video of the surveillance camera
at the cash machine
where I took the cop.
My cousin is a security guard
at the hotel. He found it.
We have proof now.
In fact, my cousin
got me into the party.
- You didn't pay for a ticket?
- What?
Never mind.
This is the police station.
Take this.
- What is this?
- Wait.
Where's the rest?
- That's all I have.
- What do you mean?
Lucky we're in front of
the police station.
Please, Mariam, I need to talk to him.
I'll come afterward.
I'm not going alone.
- You're not alone.
- Boss,
there is a cash machine here.
You are listening too?
Mariam, please, step out.
- No way, I'm not going on my own.
- I'll follow you.
Brother, if you have no money,
why are you putting her through this?
Just take the bus!
Are you hearing this?
Mariam, step out!
Get out!
Don't talk to me like a thief!
- And in front of the girl!
- Just pay me then!
- So, how much?
- Two dinars.
- All this fuss for two dinars?
- It's money!
I know it's money!
Who told you I wouldn't pay?
L-low can I help you?
- I want to file a complaint.
- For what?
- Can anyone take it?
- What's the motive?
Can we go inside?
Go ahead.
Where are you going?
Go ahead, tell us your story.
Can we talk privately?
Privately... Sure, why not?
Two policemen raped me.
Come with me.
Where did this happen?
On the beach.
By The Palace Hotel.
Want some advice?
Go home, get some rest, think it over.
If you still don't feel alright,
come back next week.
Where do you live?
- Al Farabi students' dorm.
- So you're not from Tunis?
Good night.
Everyone's about to leave.
I advise you to go home too.
Good night.
What's her story?
She says that two policemen raped her.
As usual, everything's our fault.
What will they accuse us of next?
I'm sorry, Mariam, I was stuck with him.
I hate bad manners.
I want to go home and change my dress.
I need get a good sleep.
- What about the complaint?
- We'll do it tomorrow.
Tomorrow will be too late.
Listen to me.
Can I go home with you?
- Hello!
- Where are you going?
- We are expected inside.
- Go ahead.
You can't come home with me because
lam staying with my cousin tonight.
Can I use your phone
to call my roommate?
She can beg the guard
to open the gate,
even throw me a rope... anything.
I've got no credit on my phone.
I gave the credits my cousin sent me
to the cab driver.
Please, we are here to file a complaint.
Let's get inside.
They told me the station is closing.
- Who said that?
- The policeman.
Come with me and we'll open it.
- Who said the station was closing?
- Ask him.
Good evening.
What do you want, with this attitude?
We want to file a complaint.
- With these manners?
- What's going on?
The guy is aggressive and he says
he wants to file a complaint.
So what's the problem?
Let him do it!
Alright, come this way.
Go ahead, make your complaint.
Now this is something.
What's going on?
The chick came back with some hot shot
and they're filing a complaint.
- Really?
- Absolutely.
Can I ask you for something, please?
Go ahead.
Do you have any clothing?
Anything I can borrow,
a dress, a jacket or a skirt?
I don't have any clothes.
Can I use the curtain over there?
- Take your panties off.
- What?
Take them off
and put them in here.
For the forensic police.
Let me speak to Chedly.
come escort the plaintive
to the forensic doctor.
And on your way,
in the closet next to the arrest cell,
there's a veil, bring it with you.
They're getting you a veil.
Is it alright
if Youssef comes with me?
No, I have to take his deposition.
Please, I don't want to get in the car
alone with them.
You came to complain,
you must trust us.
Can you take me?
No, everyone has their own job.
You want us to arrest them, right?
I must start an investigation.
OK, come with me.
Don't worry.
You'll be escorted by Chedly.
He'll take care of you.
They are a gang
impersonating police officers.
Can I go to the toilet?
Try to wait
until the doctor sees you.
- She took your complaint?
- They're taking me to the doctor.
Please come with me.
- Where?
- I'll be taking your deposition.
- Now?
- When, then?
Faiza, I'll take care of his complaint.
I started already.
- Let me take it.
- I've started!
I said I'll do it.
Can you just decide?
Can't you see she is pregnant?
Come with me.
- Can't I go with her?
- She's safe.
OK, come with me.
The veil is a bit dirty
but that's all we have.
Here, put it on and come outside.
Don't let them make you
change your mind.
I'll be waiting for you.
Please, this way.
Hurry UP-
Chedly, wait, I'm coming with you.
Move it!
This way!
Hi, sweetheart!
Shut it!
Let's just take her
and then come back.
Come on, get in.
Shall we get the door,
What's wrong with you?
Look at her...
Hey, I'm talking to you.
Come on, get inside.
What's wrong with her?
- I'm talking to you!
- Come here!
My cell phone... my bag!
Please, help me open the car!
My phone... my bag!
What are you looking for?
She's totally lost it!
That's my bag!
Hey, what are you doing here?
What's going on?
Leave me alone!
- Drop the stick!
- Let go of me!
You've lost your mind!
Wait, I'll call you back.
- Madame, I was in the parking lot...
- Where is Chedly?
- Where is he?
- My phone... this is my bag!
- I don't understand.
- In the car!
Why are you here?
- Those guys...
- Where is Chedly?
My bag was in their car!
- What are you talking about?
- Shut your mouth, you liar!
Keep quiet everybody!
Say it again, slowly!
Madame, this is my bag.
I told you about it.
What bag? Didn't she...
My bag was in their car.
What's she talking about?
What's she accusing us of?
I swear I'll...
Please, Madame...
I'll be there in 15 minutes.
Give me the handcuffs.
Are you accusing us?
Do you want to get arrested?
- Give me your hand!
- No, you bastard!
Madame, please...
Please, arrest them!
Get on the seat.
Take your panties off first.
- I'm not wearing any.
- That's OK, come over here.
Please, Mariam.
There you go.
Relax, take it easy!
It will be fine.
Everything will be fine.
Give me your leg.
Let's put a leg over here.
The other leg, now.
No! That way I can't work.
Take your hands away
and put them over here.
Over here, Mariam.
Lie back and relax, please.
Don't move.
Open your legs.
Your hands.
Don't move.
Relax, Mariam.
What's this?
You can't let him in here!
Go out, right now!
Where do you think you are?
Doctor, is this her first time?
You want to know?
Why don't you take my place?
- Don't you have any shame?
- Take it easy, doctor.
- Get out!
- No need to get upset.
- What's the official version?
- Don't touch me!
Wait for the medical report.
But you can see it,
no need for a report.
Wait for the report.
Where are you going?
Are you running away?
We have to go back to the station.
- I need to change my dress.
- Change your dress?
Where are you going to change it?
Are you going home?
If you start something,
you have to finish it.
You start an affair
and then you back down?
You have to see this through.
Don't give up your rights.
Did Lamjed ask you to go home?
Are you leaving, Miss?
Could you at least let us know?
Do you want to go home?
We can give you a ride.
- Where to? She's not going home.
- Yes, she is!
Get off me!
The dorm guard won't open the door.
For the police, all doors are open.
Aren't you ashamed of spying on me
with the doctor?
Spying? I don't need to.
Move, you little tart!
Where would she go?
This is an investigation.
She must sign the report.
- She wants to go.
- She wants to file a complaint.
- She's going.
- To file a complaint!
She must go home.
If we need her, we'll call her.
Let's drive her to the station.
Listen to me.
Let me do my job.
I have to clean up
the mess you made at the station.
Even if she wants to drop it,
she has to go back to the station.
She needs to sign a waiver
so we'll all be covered.
Are you going to drop it?
Are you waiving the case?
- I want to change my dress.
- Go hang yourself instead!
What happened to the girl?
Kais, Al Farabi dormitory.
Get in, Your Majesty.
Lamjed, leave the girl alone.
Do you like her?
Are you in love?
Stop it and get inside.
Did they check her ID card
now that she found her bag?
I don't know.
I don't think so.
Don't think so?
Let me see your ID card.
I'm talking to you!
Give me your ID!
Where is it?
What is this?
An amulet! That's cute!
So, is this keeping you safe?
An amulet!
And what's this?
Isn't he a colleague?
- Army?
- Yes, army.
Who is this? Your boyfriend?
- That's my brother.
- Yeah right!
We'll see.
You're a hillbilly
trying to act like a city girl?
Are you ashamed of your accent?
Give me the ID card.
Are you going to make
a copy right now?
Here, take your bag.
Did you know?
She walks around without any panties.
- You could at least wax.
- You bastard!
- Leave me alone!
- Settle down!
- Pack it in, Lamjed!
- Come here.
It's the dorm, stop here.
- The station'll say to bring her back!
- Fine! I understand!
Stop making decisions on your own!
Sit down and don't move.
Yes, Mr Hedi.
I'm listening.
- Don't move!
- Open the door!
Don't let her go.
L-low do you open this door?
Let me go, I'm dropping it!
Yes, I'm listening.
Come on, Najla...
Najla, please!
I just saw a shadow over there.
It could be my daughter.
Who's this?
What are you doing here?
- Who are you?
- Police!
Police? ls everything fine?
Nothing to report.
Everything is fine.
- We are counting on you.
- Good night.
May God help you.
Are you dropping the charges?
I'm talking to you!
No, no please! I will!
If you hear anything, just call us.
Good night.
Get up.
- Get up.
- Let go!
Get in the van.
Come on.
I have the video
from the surveillance camera.
I will share it on Facebook,
it's useless to hand it to them.
Youssef, can I ask you something?
If you had a video
that showed them raping me,
would you share it on Facebook?
- Did they film you?
- No, but let's suppose.
- Do you know zombie films?
- Yes, but I'm not a fan.
You should watch them.
My whole life is a zombie movie.
The walking dead run after me,
trying to bite me.
I'm trying to save myself.
Sometimes, I getaway,
and sometimes, they get close to me.
I might let them eat me.
I'll become a zombie and rest.
If I ever share such a video
on Facebook,
you should be worried.
I'll have become a zombie.
I wish we'd met in better circumstances.
Too bad.
I am jinxed.
Youssef Dawn,
you are under arrest
for assaulting a public servant.
Don't touch her.
So now you're qualified!
And you hit yourself too!
- Tell it to the judge.
- You're the law!
I should've let the guys beat you up
at the Kasbah sit-in!
You're a worthless piece of shit!
- Where are you taking me?
- To jail.
The whole country is a jail.
Don't let them scare you,
don't give up your rights.
They can't do anything.
Go on, move!
Take his phone away!
Let go, let go!
- Who is it?
- Who's there?
- Madame?
- Mariam?
- Are you alone?
- Mariam, unlock the door.
Open up!
- Are you with them?
- I'm alone!
- What are you doing here?
- Please...
You can't lock yourself in my office.
Instead of arresting them,
you arrested Youssef!
- Get out.
- Where to?
I won't!
I don't want to see them anymore.
- Get out and stop shouting.
- I'm not leaving.
- You're not allowed to be here!
- They're outside! They'll get me!
There's nobody out there.
Come see for yourself.
Come on, take a look.
There's nobody.
Come on now.
Have a seat.
Don't be afraid.
A colleague is coming, OK?
- Where are you going?
- Home.
- What do you mean?
- My place.
Madame, for God's sake...
- I did what I had to do.
- I'm begging you, please...
- I've done my part.
- Don't leave me alone.
I really have to go.
- I'm begging you, please...
- Let go of the bag!
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it.
You are a whore.
Please, don't leave me alone.
Please, I'm begging you.
I just want to talk.
Don't be afraid.
- We need to talk.
- Shut up.
Leave me alone!
Leave me alone!
Madame Nahla Hachani, journalist?
This is her number, right?
Madame Nahla?
You gave me your number at the hospital,
do you remember me?
I know it's late,
I'm sorry for calling you now.
I'm at the police station,
behind the Palace.
The two policemen who raped me
are outside.
I locked myself in the toilets.
They arrested the boy who was with me.
No, I don't have a lawyer.
Please, don't leave me alone.
Stop! Let me go!
Let go]
- Listen, child, don't be afraid.
- Don't touch me!
- I have two words for you!
- Enough!
Drop the charges
or this video goes to your family.
Give it to me!
Take your hands off!
You killed her!
She's not dead.
The bitch is acting.
Get up!
Stop it and get out of here!
Wake her up.
Wake her up
so we can all go home.
Wake up.
Please, wake up.
Don't be afraid.
We want to help you.
Do you need a doctor?
Do you want some water?
We are sorry.
Bad cops. We arrested them.
They have no respect
for the institution they work for.
They will go before
the Police Complaints Board
and they'll get
the harshest sanctions.
- They'll be an example for others.
- No doubt about it.
Your phone's ringing.
You can answer it.
Put it on speaker.
- Hello, Najla?
- Put the speaker on.
- Mariam, can you hear me?
- Oui.
Where have you been?
I haven't stopped calling you!
Didn't We agree about the dress
and the bag? I Want them back!
I sew you leaving with that guy.
Did you sleep with him?
Answer and tell her
that you'll be back soon.
Hello, Najla?
I'm on my way.
No need to call me back.
Will you release Youssef?
He didn't do anything.
You're worried about him?
A real man wouldn't have left
a cute girl like you alone with 2 guys.
- He didn't have any choice.
- Yes he did!
He should have fought for you.
He went to get money
from a nonexistent account.
Did you know that your Youssef
has no bank account?
Sign this.
No bank account?
It's a set up.
He was using you.
He's using you
to stain the reputation of the police.
Sign this, please.
What is Youssef setting up?
Don't answer her.
State secrets.
Here, sign this.
This is a waiver!
What did you expect?
- You told Lamjed you were dropping it.
- I'll never give you that satisfaction.
What's going on here?
Aren't we going home?
You were going to drop it!
No! I want to see them
in jail like dogs!
We told you we arrested them!
And they'll go before the judge?
Judge and court,
eyewitnesses and investigation...
Such a case will take at least
three years of your life.
You will be going
from court house to court house.
Have you got somewhere to stay
apart from the dorms?
If there's a session
during the holidays,
how will you get to court?
Public transport?
And your family?
A case like this needs a lawyer.
A big shot lawyer!
That will cost a lot.
Do you have any money?
Can you pay him?
Not to mention the scandal.
That's the worst part.
You and your family will be pointed at.
What man will accept you then?
Please, have a seat.
Here, sign here and let's all go home.
I'm not signing.
Think about it.
I want to press charges.
Very well.
Let her sign her deposition
and we can all go home.
Give me a cigarette.
Have a cigarette.
You can smoke here.
Enjoy it.
Here, smoke!
Go on!
What is this?
What do you mean?
It's your deposition.
You want me to sign
for things I didn't say?
Don't you have any decency?
Any limits?
You're throwing it in my face?
I would rather die than sign this.
Very well.
in that case we're staying here.
We're staying.
This is the report.
What don't you agree with
in this statement?
You wrote I was committing adultery
with Youssef when the police came.
That's not true?
You spoke about adultery!
They said I was married,
that he was my boyfriend,
and this was called adultery.
Why would they say that if you weren't
in a compromising position?
To scare me with prison,
but they're the criminals!
We know what they did.
They've been arrested.
What does that mean?
What are you up to?
Where is this going?
You should be ashamed of yourselves!
So I'm dishonest
and I fabricate evidence?
Mounir, it's OK.
Be patient.
She's just a kid.
Forgive her.
I'll do it for you.
Very well.
You don't like the report?
We'll start again.
But first, we'll tear this one up.
Here's your report.
Chedly, start a new one,
and let's see
if the beauty queen is satisfied.
Here we go again.
But I ask the questions
and you answer them.
what where you doing with Youssef
when the police car stopped?
We were... walking on the beach.
Your "fianc" Youssef told us
you were in a more intimate position.
You might say... much warmer.
Answer him!
We were kissing.
They were kissing!
They were all over each other,
tongues and all!
Write down:
"We were found in an indecent position,
"committing an act of obscenity
"in an obvious affront
to public decency."
Affront to decency?
According to the law,
that's how we found you.
Do you have a problem
with the law of the land?
- A kiss is an affront to decency?
- You think you're in a soap opera?
Madame, the law punishes
with a jail sentence of six months
and a fine of one thousand dinars
anybody practicing indecent acts
and upsetting public morals,
whether by act or by speech,
or anybody disturbing
others with acts...
of immorality.
The text is clear.
Don't write "obscenity",
write "small kiss".
Aren't you ashamed?
You're telling us what to write?
You're telling us how to do our job?
You've got some nerve!
You're out of control!
I am going to call your father!
Leave my father out of this.
Press charges
without telling your father?
All these numbers are guys.
Kids having fun!
What's your father's name?
What's his name?
It's ringing.
Your father is probably getting ready
for the morning prayer.
Unless the poor man is up
milking his cows.
Mister Ahmed?
This is the police!
We have your daughter...
You are a smart girl.
Do you have a brain
or are you a kamikaze? Tell me!
Do you have a brain
or are you a kamikaze?
I dialed a false number
to spare your father.
If he hears about this,
he'll have a heart attack.
He'll die.
Then you...
you'll be cursed forever!
Do you still want to press charges?
You are absolutely right.
If I want to press charges,
my family must know.
No need to threaten me with my father,
I will call him myself.
Yes, it's Mariam.
Daddy, I am at the police station
behind The Palace Hotel.
Can you come?
I'll tell you when you get here.
Daddy, hurry UP-
They're frightening me.
Arrest her.
What do you mean?
You did well to call your father.
In a situation like this,
you will need your family.
To back you up.
I tried to help you, Mariam.
I really did.
I wanted to offer you a way out.
But you're stubborn.
You're on a wild ride
and I have no choice but to arrest you.
Arrest me?
Why would you arrest me?
Why are you playing with my nerves?
Why of all girls
are you picking on me?
You threw Youssef in a pit
and you want me to join him?
What did I do to you?
Look at me...
Just look!
But you won't get away with it.
I don't know anybody,
I don't have any support,
but God exists.
The truth will come out.
Because I'm not giving up.
I'll have revenge
for everything you've done to me.
You'll pay a thousand times over.
For staining my body and my honor.
get her a glass of water.
Help her,
she's having a breakdown.
Here, wash your face.
Stay away from me.
Stay away.
Calm down.
Let me be very honest with you.
A story like yours could
put the country in jeopardy.
It could open hell's gates in our face.
Do you love Tunisia?
Tell me,
do you love our beautiful Tunisia?
We have a historical responsibility
to assure the security
and stability of the country.
Do you know who that man is?
Do you know him?
We are the ones
keeping the wolves at bay
so they don't devour us.
If the police disappear tomorrow,
me, you, my brother, my sister,
your mother, my kids...
They will be raped and the country too.
It will be chaos.
And the country will become
a haven for terrorists,
thieves, militias and gangs.
Tell me,
can a country survive without police?
Can you imagine Tunisia
surviving without police?
The country is in turmoil
and you want to press charges?
Help me, Mariam,
so I can help you
control this whole story.
I'll find you a way out
and everyone will be safe.
I won't help you.
I have no reason to help you.
Think about it.
What do you say?
Go ahead.
If you want to arrest me, do it.
I've been through everything tonight.
You've trampled my dignity
and ripped it to pieces.
Help yourself to what's left.
Put me in jail. At least in a hole,
I won't have to see anybody.
Arrest her so we can all go home.
Sorry but...
I need an order
from the public prosecutor.
What are you talking about?
Where are you going?
You can refuse to sign the report.
They're just trying to frighten you.
They cannot arrest you.
I will write that you refused
to sign the report.
You should go straight
to the public prosecutor's office.
- What you are saying?
- Get off me.
Hurry UP!
- Have you gone mad?
- Go! Now!
Where is she going?
What's wrong with you?
- Stop acting like a hero!
- Get your hands off me!
There are laws in this country!
What laws are you talking about?