Beauty Mark (2017) Movie Script

Electric's busted again.
Go back to sleep.
...the family and children--
...summer heatwave this year--
...recent spike
in the number of child abuse cases--
"Train Man" playing
Train man
Strap your boots on
Hops on
Being Southbound
Berlin to who knows where
You don't know
Where you'll end up
And as long as it's not
here You don't care
'Cause you'll know
When you'll get there
You'll know
When you'll get there
Train man
I don't know how
You can live in this town
Walk the same old roads
You walked before
Leave your wagon wheel spokes
Trail of cigarette smokes
From here to New York
State of Baltimore
Hold on to that handle
With your right hand
And hold on to your hat
With your left
And don't let go
And don't let go
And don't let go
Hold on to that handle
With your right hand
And hold on to your hat
With your left
Don't let go
Don't let go
And don't let go
Now don't let go
And a pack of Kentucky Best.
Yeah, today.
Before my kid nods to death.
And a pack of Kentucky Best.
Can you do later than that?
Like after 8:00?
And a pack
of AAA batteries, too.
Okay, my mom will be there then.
How much is that going to be?
And a pack of AAA batt...
Can I get somebody who's
gonna do their job out here?
Just to look?
Angie, who are you
on the phone with?
Can I get that
to you next weekend.
$60 is kinda tight
for me right now.
You know what, forget about it.
Keep your shit.
Sorry, can I get that to you...
Angie, get off the damn phone.
In one more second, you are not
going to have a job no more.
Okay, thank you so much.
Call me at this number
if you need anything.
I'm sorry. It was an emergency.
It's always an emergency.
Anyone else was your manager,
they would have chucked your ass
so far out into that street.
I'm trying here, Wyatt,
all right?
No, you ain't.
You ain't trying.
You've got to stretch
outside of yourself.
Because this ain't
working for me.
Hey there, Angie.
Um, this and, I'm gonna need
some dip for Billy.
Um, we're out of that.
Um. Hey.
You remember that pastor
from when we was kids?
Pastor Stevens.
His wife, she got the cancer.
Poor thing.
- It's awful.
- I know.
God works in mysterious ways.
And for the ones
working for Him.
But, they are doing
like a fundraising thingy and,
you should come.
It will be fun.
They're gonna have a band.
Yeah, gotta be watching Trey.
I'm sorry whatever is going on,
is going on.
Got to do
what you got to do, right?
Think I'd be working at that
craphole club if I didn't know that?
No, thank you, ma'am.
I see how people look at me.
Like being a dancer
is same as being a whore.
But I make three times
what the secretary do.
And I ain't embarrassed
'cause what they don't
realize is,
they ain't using me,
I'm using them.
You gave me too much.
Uh, just these.
You okay, darling? You look
like a cat on hot bricks.
Just these?
What the fuck
you knocking like that for?
Ain't you think nobody home?
- Are you Ruth Anne?
- I don't know. Who are you?
Now, ma'am,
your daughter called us.
Your electric's busted.
And I've been knocking
for 15 minutes on now.
My daughter got the paranoia.
She thinks she sees shit
she don't see.
Is this real?
'Cause it's every week.
Already with this shit.
- You fixed it?
- I'll be right back.
What are you doing here?
Ain't nothing to watch here
but a crazy old lady.
Now go back home, kid.
You're creeping me out.
Come on, baby.
That's all right.
You go ahead
into Nana's room, okay?
All right.
White trash piece of shit.
That cross around your neck,
real Christian.
Who are you? You can't
judge me in my own house.
Who the fuck you think you are?
Why you think
you got a job like this?
Idiot work.
Low life, stealing from people.
Piece of dog-shit,
that's who you are.
Where you going?
Electric's busted.
- You gonna fix it?
- No.
Asshole, who gonna fix it?
You have to get a whole new one.
What happened?
Did the electrician come?
Okay, you are not
doing this in front of Trey.
He's the inspector.
We got a call
from your electrician.
There's an emergency.
How long before it's fixed?
I'm afraid you've got to find
some place else to stay.
This house is done.
Sorry? What?
What are you telling me?
Yeah. Can you see
those wires?
That's a fire waiting to happen.
But that,
huh, that's black mold.
I don't want to tell you
what that can do to you.
You need to find
some place else to stay.
- Starting when?
- Now.
Well, we ain't got
no place else to go.
Listen, lady,
unless you want that mold doing some
serious damage to your kid's brain,
I suggest you figure it out
right quick.
Okay. So, this is the playroom.
This is the living room,
the bathroom.
Yeah, it'll do.
- Seven hundred, you said.
- Yes. Hm-mm.
Well, is there anyway, uh,
could you do any better
than that?
Your ad said you are looking
to rent immediately. So...
That's great.
That's still,
still kind of a lot.
I work down at the Dairy Mart.
Yeah, well, we are not
looking to lose money on this.
You're getting the whole house.
No, I know, it's just...
I can't afford that, right now.
Our house got the black mold.
And I got a little boy.
Can you do five?
We can do $650.
It's just...
I haven't got that right now.
All right.
You are lucky now.
- We had a week...
- Yeah.
...left to rent this place.
All right. How do
you want to do this?
Um, can I come back in a little?
Okay, that would be $1875.
I thought we just said $625.
Yeah, that's
first, last, security.
It's $1,875.
There's no...
There's no way.
I mean, we are
not doing a credit check,
we are not doing nothing.
Can I get you the first month and
then pay you rest off over time?
We ain't a Little Way here.
I know. I am gonna have it.
It's just not, not all
at once right now is all.
Miss, miss.
I can't have my son
living out of my car.
I'm begging you.
Listen, we're not
renting this for fun.
Unfortunately, you're not
the only one
in a troubled situation.
I'm sorry.
- $1700.
- Maya.
That's what we need.
Look, you bring us that $1700,
it's yours.
Now, we can't hold it for you,
but if you bring us that cash
before anyone else,
you can have it.
Thank you.
Y'all need any extra help
washing hair or something?
Uh, no, sweetie.
The girls that shampoo hair
are actually in training.
What about, like,
sweeping the hair?
Uh, it's the same girls.
Hey, Karen. It's Angie.
We're in a bit
of a trouble spot.
Wondering if we could
come stay with you
for a few days.
Just while we are
figuring out where to go.
Honey, aren't there,
like, services for that,
like, down City Hall
or something?
You should see this girl down
at the supermarket, Aunt Karen.
She's got a scar
clear down the side of her face
from when she was at
one of those places.
I mean, who knows
what could happen to Trey,
him being so quiet,
the way he is, and all.
Now, I would let you...
...but you know that he's
not going to let Trey stay with us.
Makes people uncomfortable
because, well, like you said,
he's so quiet.
I was hoping
'cause this is a real emergency.
They don't do that.
Maybe they might let me borrow against
my paycheck just this one time.
- You know, they don't do that.
- Can you just ask?
I don't make the rules.
I ain't got no way
to overwrite them.
This is a corporation.
But, um,
here are
coupons to the table
for some free meals.
I was going to use them,
but, you, you take them.
Hey there, how many
in y'all's party?
Oh, yeah, we a party, all right.
Just us three.
Sit right there, baby.
Y'all enjoy now.
Excuse me.
Excuse me!
Something wrong?
Can I get a Busch Light?
I'll be with you in one second.
I'm just taking
this table's order.
We have this table right now.
Ain't you sure
you can't remember Busch Light?
We can wait.
Can you just please, please
give me the night off?
You, arse. You are arse, girl.
Tell them I want
the chicken francese.
...I'm held up
with disability.
All that back pay,
I could buy Hawaii.
How's Bruce doing?
Bruce's doing super.
He just built a new pool.
Well, no offense,
but I think that pool's
look tacky
sitting up on the lawn
like that.
No, no. They're building
in-ground pool.
Oh. Excuse me.
Somebody got some money now.
That's right.
I'm not complaining.
Is Bruce coming?
That son of mine,
he just works all the time.
Everything all right, ma'am?
How's your sister Carol?
Ah, hold up.
We ain't even eaten yet.
Actually, I got to go,
you know...
- Okay, honey.
- Yeah, I'll see you later.
Okay, honey.
Okay, wait.
Can I get that hot dog?
Thank you.
Why you always got to have
one of your episodes
right when I'm trying--
Talking to them
like they're your best friends.
They didn't do nothing.
You don't go try, and sentence
everyone all the time.
I didn't mean nothing.
I said I didn't mean nothing.
Come on.
Enjoy the hotdog, sweetheart.
There's something wrong
with them, by the way.
- You know Tom.
- He's fine.
So what do we got to do
about the place?
I found us one.
Thank goodness.
When are we moving in?
When we got $1700.
We got maybe a week.
He already proved
there's a God or not.
There's a proof
right then and there.
You drive me crazy.
What he did, he gets a pool.
What do I get?
Now you want to sue him?
This happened
when you were five,
so it's 19 years ago.
That's correct, sir.
You know, lawsuits like this
can go on for quite a long time,
for years. It's not going
to take care of your problem
in time that you need.
Um, can you just
threaten him then?
Tell him I'll sue him
if he doesn't pay.
This isn't the road
you can go down, you know.
He took something from me.
Now I'm gonna take
something from him.
Yeah, but it's just
not an option for ya.
Kentucky law states
that you... A suit
for child sexual abuse
has to be filed
within five years
of the last incident
or, five years
of your turning 18.
It was 19 years ago.
You are 24.
It's one year past
the statute of limitations.
When it happened to you,
you only had a year
and a five-year-old's testimony
isn't considered credible.
You would had have
other evidence.
Hey, I understand,
I understand that...
You understand?
You understand what?
You understand what he did to me
when I was five-years-old?
You understand that this is a
monster we are dealing with?
That he just built himself
a fucking pool
and I can't even buy
my son a sandwich.
You understand that?
Can I, can I have
a glass of water?
Could you bring in
a glass of water, please.
Well, you could file
a report on him.
And that way,
it would be on record
in case he did it again.
Would help someone else.
So, so he just gets away
with what he did,
and I can't do nothing.
Well, not unless, God forbid,
he's done it to someone else.
Maybe you can get him
to settle with the two of you.
The water, sir.
Hi, um,
I'm looking for Emily.
When she was little
- was she around...
- Who's there?
Somebody who knew Emily,
but I don't know.
- Let me--
- No, no, wait.
You get too excited.
Terry, let me handle it.
Now, who are you?
Uh, Emily and I
were couple of years apart,
but we went
to the same Sunday school.
- She doesn't...
- Why are you asking about that?
I need to talk to her.
She ain't here.
Can you let me know
where she is?
- 'Cause...
- What she want?
What if she has--
Terry, get on out of here.
Let me handle it.
Come on. This way.
Miss, there ain't good way
to tell you this.
But Emily has gone
and left this world.
Were you all friends?
Uh, no.
I didn't know her too good.
No one knew her too good.
Still kinda picking up
the pieces.
What, what was it you wanted
to talk to her about?
Maybe I could help you with it.
I'm sorry.
I got to...
Can I speak to you?
Well, of course.
Church looks real nice.
Well, we just painted.
So, we are looking
spring-clean right now.
Yeah, it's nice.
Wish we saw
a little more of you.
Yeah, um, I got lot
on my plate these days.
Well, that's very thing
God's here to help you with.
You are a pastor so I can talk
to you about anything, right?
Of course.
You know about Emily Winslow?
Held her mother right here
in my arms when it happened.
I remember seeing Emily
outside in the back lawn
of the church
after Sunday school sometimes.
You don't know anything
about that, do you?
I'm sorry, I don't follow.
When I was a kid,
I remember seeing some things.
There were some things going on
in the back lawn of the church
with one of the moniters
and some of the kids.
You don't know anything?
I certainly do not.
Bruce Watkins.
What about Bruce Watkins?
I saw him do stuff to kids.
Out in the back lawn.
If the Church
had known anything,
we would have done something.
Now, are you aware
of any charges?
- No.
- Neither am I.
So, what are you after, Angie?
What benefit could you
possibly get out of this?
He helped build those new pews
and that fresh coat of paint
you were just admiring.
And now I know
you are not here to pray,
so what are you after?
I need to see if there were
other girls, younger than me.
What for?
So, he can pay for what he did.
I got to move out of my house.
I got nowhere to go--
You are doing this for money.
I really think you need
to consider praying on this
before you take
one step further.
I've prayed plenty
on this, Pastor.
Maybe He could have
the decency to answer.
Look at you.
You are a mess.
You didn't get your bath?
- Mom.
- Yeah.
You are supposed
to be watching Trey.
I am. I am here, you know.
He's covered in marker.
I asked him if he wanted a bath,
but he didn't say nothing...
Okay, I am here
for another five minutes.
I don't have time
to boil the water.
I need you to get up now.
When are we going to be
out of here by?
Come on. Come with me, baby.
Here we go.
Okay, come on.
Bath time, okay?
- No. Hm-mm.
- Trey.
You got to let me, okay?
Please. Trey.
Please make sure he gets a bath.
The water's on stove.
I need you to get up now.
Get up!
Do you hear
The big machines?
All are peculiar beings
- Where the hell have you been?
- Sorry.
You've got to get a cellphone.
Nobody could reach you.
Nobody got to reach me.
Well, I got to reach you.
Your lawyer's got to reach you.
And why you got a lawyer?
Why is he calling here?
- No, don't...
- Wyatt.
You don't use this one.
There's office phone,
use that one.
Dyer Link for Improvement.
Give me Dyer.
And who might I say is calling?
Angie Simms.
Please hold.
- Angie.
- Hello.
All right now,
There's no legal grounds
for this,
so I really can't help you
but, if you want to
pursuit it on your own,
it's kind of up to you.
People who are in your
financial situation
almost never file civil suit.
But, I looked
into Mr. Watkins, anyway.
And it turned up a suit
between him
and a local family
who got a daughter,
little bit older than you.
She's not young enough
but it could be a start.
The case was dropped which could
mean, geez, any number of things.
But, it was filed
by a Miron Needham.
His daughter.
I knew her.
Your face looks
exactly the same.
I was lucky, I guess.
My parents believed me.
They didn't have any money
but, they didn't care.
They found someone who would
represent me for free.
He came running real quick.
He'd do anything
not to go to court.
Something like that
can ruin you for life.
Paid for my nurses aid training
with the settlement we got.
You don't remember
anyone else, do you?
There was a girl
few year older than us.
I remember seeing her
around a bunch.
Pretty sure that kept going on
till she was out of high school.
She was older when it happened?
Didn't stop with me
till I was 15.
Age don't matter
to these people.
It's not about sex.
It's about power.
You don't remember
anyone younger?
That could be under 23 now.
I mean, there is a girl
but I don't know for sure
anything happened.
But I remember
seeing her around.
You remember anything else
about her?
Blonde hair.
Blue eyes.
There's a get-together I go to
with some other survivors.
We talk.
You should come some time.
Got to survive first before you
can call yourself a survivor.
You don't remember
that ring, do you?
With the red stone?
You know, it's been
so many years but,
sometimes I close my eyes,
that ring
is the only thing I see.
Just let me know
when you are finished.
Thank you, Pastor.
Hi, I'm looking to speak to Pam.
Is she there?
All right, thank you.
Wrong number.
Hi, is Pam there?
Hi, I'm looking for Pam.
Hi, I'm looking for Pam.
Is she there?
Hi, is Pam there?
Hi, I am looking for Pam.
Can you--
Is Pam there?
Pam? Pam? Pam?
She is.
Yeah, hi. This is Angie.
Um, yeah. I am an old friend
of hers from high school
and I'm in town visiting and
thought to give her a call.
I'm looking for Pam McKinney.
What time
was your appointment at?
I don't... I am not here
for an appointment.
I just need to speak to Pam.
Oh, okay.
Hold on just one moment.
Can I help you?
- You Pam?
- Yeah, how can I help you?
Your father told me
I could find you here.
We went to church together
when we were kids.
I'm older.
I'm sorry. I'm at work.
Is there something you need?
Is there some place
we could speak in private?
What is this about?
Thank you.
I know how weird this must be.
I got a three-year-old.
And we just found out
we got to move and...
Lady, I don't have any money.
- No, no, no, no, that not--
- Then what do you want?
You remember a girl
on the back lawn at church
when we were kids?
Girl named Kaylee.
Or, or, Emily.
She was older.
She was older.
Do you remember
a man named Bruce?
I don't know but,
maybe you knew him.
Maybe you knew him in the
same way like I knew him.
And, law's around here that
you could only do
something about it
within five years
of it happening,
or five years of turning 18
and I think you still got
a few months left of that,
and it would be your last
chance at doing something.
If anything happened
and you were one, too,
and, in fact, it would be
all of our last chance
at doing something together.
You wouldn't even have to sue him.
We could just threaten him.
So, he'd pay us to
not sue him and,
I don't know, you could do
whatever you want with the money
and, I could get a place
for my kid to live and,
we could...
...stop him.
So, you want me
to threaten to sue him
so you could get the money
to get a new place to live?
What the fuck is wrong
with you, lady?
You think I may or may not
have had some
sort of experience like you
and that makes us,
what, blood brothers?
You have got something
sick going on in your head
and I don't want
no part of that.
- This is my son!
- Please! Don't!
I know it might not mean
much to you
but you are living
on the edge of a cliff,
and one thing goes wrong,
one thing,
and that's what happened.
And I can fuck up my own life
as much as I want
but I can't have my little boy
being homeless.
So this is, what, your solution?
This is your plan
to save your son?
Lady, I don't even know you
and you come here asking me
to pick away the scabs that I've
had healed for a long time,
for you?
I got myself into school.
I got myself a job.
Nobody did shit for me.
I didn't sit around crying about
what did or didn't happen
or whatever.
He's just gonna keep doing it.
You know, it's real interesting
you want to stop him
now that you need the money.
Would have been really cool
if you tried and stop him
back in the day
before I had the pleasure
of meeting him.
Why does it smell like gas?
Trey, no.
No, no. Look at me.
That's dangerous, okay?
Okay? What happens
when Mama lights her cigarettes?
Do you hear me?
Okay? Okay?
That's dangerous.
I told you. Look at this.
No, this is dangerous, okay?
Look at me. Do you hear me?
Okay, okay, okay.
Okay, okay, okay.
I'm sorry.
It's okay, it's okay. Shh.
It's okay.
Jesus Christ.
Angie, you can not keep
doing this to me.
This ain't a daycare.
Wyatt. Couldn't find
a babysitter.
Did you just...
- Oh, my God.
- What?
We used to have to play with her
back when we were little.
It's so weird.
Working at the clinic store.
Like mama, like daughter.
Somebody has to.
She'd fuck anything
with a dick too,
just like her mama.
She don't even know
who the daddy is.
Some trucker passing through.
That's disgusting.
How else do you think you
get a black baby like that?
God, Geena...
Come on, baby.
Did you see what that
crazy ass did to her?
What the fuck, Angie?
Don't you ever come back here!
You hear me?
Go home!
You got to go to him
and get the money.
- Go to hell.
- Bruce.
I tried a bunch of ways
and now it's your turn.
If you weren't so wasted
out of your mind all the time,
maybe the electrician
wouldn't have ratted us out.
Okay, no, he didn't.
What the hell do you think
happened then?
You better get yourself
some sleep.
Okay, I don't have a job.
We are not allowed
to be here anymore.
What do you mean
you got no job no more?
It's not like it was paying
enough anyway.
I can't afford all this
on my disability.
You don't have disability
Yeah, I do. They owe me
all that back pay--
No, you don't!
They don't owe you nothing!
Oh, they owe me that back pain
and I'm fighting for it.
You are living in a dream world!
My whole life, you are just
sitting around pretending.
Thinking some other life
is happening
and some big party out there for
you to dance the night away at,
when I am in here,
the whole time
and you never did nothing.
I put food in your belly.
I put a roof over your head.
- I needed you to be here.
- I did that.
I needed you to see
what I've been going through.
Maybe I could have
gone somewhere,
turned out different.
If it wasn't for Trey,
I don't think I...
I don't think
I'd be here anymore.
Now, come on.
Stop that.
I don't want to hear
that kind of talk.
Go to Bruce.
You brought him into this
house in the first place.
- Oh, no, you don't.
- Just thinking about yourself.
- Just wanting a good fuck.
- Okay, that's disgusting.
I came to you and I told you
what he did to me.
I told you and you told me
I was lying.
He didn't do nothing to you.
He put his fucking fingers
inside me!
You are always making shit up!
In the back lawn
of that fucking church!
And in your bedroom
when you were in shower!
Screaming for attention.
I can name three other girls
he did this to.
- You just didn't want me to be happy.
- I can name three other girls.
Any man I ever brought up,
were never good enough for you!
You hated every single
one of them.
- Well, I'm sorry...
- Emily Winslow.
...that I protected you.
Kaylee Needham.
You didn't know
what was going on.
Pam McKinney.
You didn't know
what I protected you from.
You were too young.
You didn't know
what I protected you from!
You don't know.
You don't know.
You don't know.
You show up here pregnant
not even knowing
what the daddy's name was.
I was there for you.
You think you got touched?
Once, twice.
Gee, hell, I got raped
by my uncle for 15 years.
Please, you got off easy.
You know the last time
I saw your daddy was?
When I told him
I was pregnant with you,
he slipped town right quick.
And everybody told me
I should get an abortion
even though they say
they're Christian.
Tell me how fucked up
you were going to turn out.
When I had you inside me,
ain't nobody gonna take you
away from me.
I wanted to know what it
felt like to be loved.
I had your love.
Everybody is talking like
They don't understand
'Cause me
Is rushing down
The drain on a contingency
Of all I am needing
To do for me
Is call me back by name
And although
The sunshine is blinding
And all your dreams
Are dying
Your scary yesterday
Is never coming back
'Cause everybody
Is laughing
You can't be sleeping here
in the middle of the street.
Miss, wer...
Everything okay?
Uh, why don't you just
pull it in here.
I'll make you some coffee.
All right?
I put some coffee on the brew.
Just gonna run up
and throw some clothes on.
You need anything, like, shower?
Okay, then.
Uh, when the coffee is ready,
go ahead and help yourself.
Oh, good. You got some coffee.
How do you know Wyatt?
Uh, his dad and I
are basically cousins.
Wyatt's daughter
is my goddaughter.
So, I think it's been
at least five years since you and
me even run into each other, no?
Sounds right.
Good Lord, what happened
to your hand?
Oh, uh, I burnt it cooking.
Oh, no. I...
Well, I insist.
That looks terrible.
You just hush.
That's my girl.
So, everything okay?
It's been a rough few days.
Is your mom okay?
Uh, yeah, she's, um...
No, she's, she's not great.
Cancer's gone, but.
Can't stop her
from smoking, drinking.
I'm taking care of her.
Well, you gotta.
Give her my best.
I always just thought
world of your mother.
You didn't got
disability no more.
And, I only got about
$40 to my name and,
we found out we gotta move
and we've got no where to go.
darling, I'm so sorry
to hear that.
Y'all can stay here
for a little till
you're back on your feet.
That's, um,
that's really nice of you.
I don't think
my mom would go for that.
You know how she is.
She is
so proud. You can't talk
her into nothing.
She can't even know
I was here, you know.
Yeah, poor thing.
She never gonna change.
Well, that's our little secret.
I found this place and,
it can be a good deal but,
I don't got the $1700 down.
All better.
I didn't know where else to go
for help.
It makes me feel so good
to know you trust me.
$1700, you say.
Made out to you.
It means the world to me
that you came here.
I've thought about you
all these years and I,
I wanted to be in touch.
But your mom went crazy.
I would do anything to help you,
you know that, right?
Your mother was out,
God knows where
till God knows when,
and she'd come home
so strung out from the drug,
she didn't even remember
your name.
And I didn't know what that
kind of thing could do to you
so I stayed with you.
I protected you.
It's okay.
All okay.
It would be an honor if you could
let me take you out for dinner.
We'd go somewhere nice.
There's a French place
just opened up in Middletown.
I have a big heart.
But I want you to know that,
that I've never loved anyone
as much as I love you.
And I want a chance
to show that to you.
See, in my heart of hearts
I've always known
you feel the same way.
Where are you going?
I have to...
You don't want to go out
for dinner with me.
I do. I would, I just...
Can we still...
Will you still...
You want me to give you
the money
but you don't want
to go out to dinner with me?
I just...
I don't have a lot
of money, Angie.
I just... You said
you needed it
so I wanted to help you out.
- I, because I care about--
- Don't!
Anybody home?
How can I help you?
Ma'am, do you realize
it's illegal for you
to be residing in this home.
Yeah, yeah. I know
we gotta leave soon.
No, you should've left already.
What part of "condemn"
do you don't understand?
Okay, all right. All right.
Whose kid is that?
He's mine.
You have a black kid?
What is it your business?
It's my business
if you have a kid
in a toxic environment.
- Okay.
- Is he still your kid now?
You ever heard
of child protective services?
Get him out of here.
Okay, honey. Here we go.
- Here we go.
- Ma'am, I need you to wake up.
Who gives a fuck?
It's Sheriff Stevens.
I need you to get up, get your things.
Let's go!
Look, I'm going to give you till
1:00 p.m. to get your stuff out.
Then we're boarding it.
I saw God by the river
Panning for gold
I saw God by the river
Weary and old
He said, "Son"
I used to know
Where I put things
" I used to know"
I saw God in the forest
Teaching tai chi
To the trees and the wind
And bound to the sea
He said, "Son"
I used to know
Where I put things
I used to know
Oh, Trey.
What are you doing
to me in here?
Oh, God. Look at you.
What did you do to yourself?
Look at this mess.
We're suppose to be packing
and you just making it worse.
Why are you doing that to me?
I wanted to look
just like mommy.
All right, now.
You just sit right there.
I'm going to explain
something to you, okay?
You listen to me.
You see this?
You know what that is?
Is that beauty mark?
Yeah, that's a beauty mark.
God gave me that
to remind me
that no matter what,
I got a little bit of beauty
inside me, okay?
But sometimes,
God, he'd make a soul that is
so beautiful and so glorious
that he just gotta show you
on to the whole darn world.
And that is you.
You, is God showing off
how good he done.
Hey, Lorraine. It's Angie.
You got a minute?
Hey, girl. Get your ass inside.
You remember Billy?
Thanks for letting us stay.
It's her place.
- Lorraine, I--
- No.
Already know
what a good deed I'm doing,
I don't need you to confirm it.
Got to looking you good.
Get in there.
Show her what's what.
What time are you back?
This is Angie.
The girl I told you about.
Oh, Angie.
Let's see your stuff.
Take your coat off.
Turn around.
Nice. Let's see the rest.
Take your dress down.
All right. Turn around.
Turn around.
Orlo, you like that?
Oh, yeah.
I'll fix $20 a night.
That's okay.
Plus, you got to tip out Steve
on lights and Jimmy at the door.
You are going up tonight, honey?
You ain't gotta go now
if you don't want to.
You ready for me, Orlo.
Watch your step, honey.
Right here.
How many guys want to see
take her dress off?
Hey. Hey, hey, y'all, y'all.
Calm down, calm down.
Just give her some money
and be happy you got
a hot new one
instead, one of those
ugly ass ones
from down the street.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I've always been
That I'm alone
And I'm no good
If they only knew
The way I feel
I've been waiting
For something real
Well, can you feel
The power coming
For you and me
I've been waiting for
someone To take me
The way you're gonna love
To shake me
Money. Oh, my God.
I'm making money.
I know.
Let's go. It's 6:00 a.m.
I need some breakfast.
I can't thank you enough.
Well, you can thank me by getting
your family off my damn floor.
My place ain't that big.
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
I'm gonna get us a place
as soon as it all adds up.
No, girl, I can't.
Billy don't like
a house guest that much.
You know what I mean.
You know I love you,
but you got to leave
in just couple of days.
Oh, okay, I just...
I don't know if it's going
to be couple of days.
Well, then you better start
taking that top off
in the back room, little lady.
And how much longer
they are going to be here?
What do you mean you don't know?
Two days! Two days!
- Now you want more?
- I know. I know.
Well, how long
this is going to be?
I'm not going to live here
with some old alcoholic
and this half-breed kid running
around in the fucking house.
Would you be quiet!
Hey, don't tell me
what the fuck I have...
Don't you talk to me
like that, woman!
Hey, come here!
Why don't you just bring some more people
to move in my fucking house, Lorraine?
Your fucking ASPCA.
- God!
- Come on.
We are going to be late.
I'm almost ready.
I ain't got time for "almost
ready." We got to go now.
You got to give her a break.
She's working--
Listen, lady, I don't need to lecture
me about nothing right now, okay?
I was just saying she's trying.
Why don't you go out
and get a job
and act like a good mother for once
instead of telling me what to do.
I have been a good mother.
Oh, yeah, real good.
I didn't make her
become a damn stripper.
It's more than
you've done for her.
Waiting on some imaginary
disability check.
It ain't imaginary.
I am disabled.
I can't work.
You look real disabled.
- What's going on?
- How does it feel
living off your daughter
when your family needs you?
What does it feel like to be
sitting there so damn useless?
You disgust me.
Hi, Brucey.
Long time, huh?
What are you doing
at Lorraine's house?
You know Lorraine?
Everybody knows Lorraine.
Angie got a job with her,
you know.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Real nice office job.
Yes. So, I need...
Thank you for coming
all the way over here.
I know he ain't seen these
in a long time.
I know we didn't end too good.
- No, we didn't.
- No.
We did not end too good.
Oh, God, we did not
end too good.
You know,
I'm in the thick of it now and,
you know,
we had something back then,
me and you, Brucy.
What are you in the thick of?
Oh, you are not
going to believe it.
There's some mess out there
on the system with my check
and, if it's not one thing
with the government,
it is another.
So, Angie is taking care
of her kid
so, now I'm the only one
bringing in anything and,
you know, so I just...
- So, we out of the house now.
- Hmm.
And Lorraine was nice enough
to give us her living room
but, we can't be staying all
on top of each other like that.
So, you know,
I just thought maybe
I could borrow a little bit
from you.
Just a little bit.
I'll pay you back.
How much we are talking?
Oh, uh, like, um, $1700.
That's a lot of money.
Oh, you know, I'm good for it.
I'll pay you back
in a couple of months.
I don't, you know,
I'm sorry but I don't really have
that kind of cash, just like that.
Oh, okay.
Um, well, you know maybe,
I don't know, um,
you got a big house, right?
So, maybe, I don't know
we could stay with you
for a bit.
Yeah, I don't think staying
with me is a good idea.
It just...
I, I'm not sure
that Angie really likes me so,
Yeah, right. Yeah.
How are you, Brucey?
Hi, baby.
All right, come on, baby.
- What you...
- You know about it.
- Oh, come on.
- No.
- No, wait.
- I'm going now.
- Oh.
- Ruth Ann.
No, stop. Stop it. Ruth Ann!
Ruth Ann, stop it.
I ain't got nothing, Brucey.
I ain't got no home
for me and the kids.
I ain't got no cash.
Nobody believes me.
- Hi, Brucey, hi. Oh.
- Oh. Come on, honey.
- Oh, yay.
- Oh, Jesus, no.
Ruth Ann. You are going
to kill us. Stop!
Look, I'm gonna
help you all out,
'cause I just still care
about you.
But, but,
now you are saying
you need my help,
now I need your help, too.
Just give me a sign, baby.
Oh, that's nice, right?
You remember.
- All right.
- Okay.
- Whatever you want.
- I need your help, too.
- Whatever you want.
- Okay. Okay.
Oh, God.
You know all these years
I've been thinking on it.
it wasn't us that were suppose
to be together.
And it wasn't you and me.
Do you know what I mean?
Pull over.
Pull over.
I'll suck it 'till you dry.
Pull over.
That's right.
I scratch you
and you scratch me.
- That's what you want, right?
- Yeah.
Okay, all right.
Then let's just make
a deal of it.
- All right.
- Okay.
Next time, I see you around her,
same building, same block,
it don't matter where,
'cause I'm just going
to come up to you
and I'm just gonna,
I'll slice
your fucking dick off.
What do you think this is?
A 24 hours diner?
You can just come in
whenever the hell you want?
Hey, I tried to call.
Nobody answered.
'Cause I ain't got nobody
on the phone
'cause we can't afford it
just like we can't afford
to have half our dancers
come in here
whenever the hell they feel.
- I'm sorry, Ray, it was...
- We got a flat.
And you are lucky,
we are such good employees
that we left early otherwise
we wouldn't be here even now.
Okay, just get this going,
all right.
We got some blue balls
old geezers out there.
You got to take your
own car from now on.
Okay, I'm sorry.
You know what,
I really want to help you
but with your mom
and the kid and Billy,
it's just too much for me
right now. Y'all need to go.
Look, I don't have enough money
but as soon as I do--
Angie, I can't.
Lorraine, what the hell?
- What the--
- I got it.
I can't have my dancers
walking around--
I got it!
What the hell is going on?
- He's here.
- Who?
The man I told you about.
Do you know
what this looks like on me?
I'm sorry.
You ain't got no money!
You can't just decide
not to do something
when it ain't comfortable
for you.
You kid is sleeping
on my damn floor right now.
I'm sorry.
You know what,
stay here.
Where are you going?
You got rid of him?
You got rid of him, right?
Lorraine, I need him
thrown out of here.
He said, "I'll give you $200
for private dance."
Are you fucking kidding me?
Are you fucking kidding me?
What do you want me to say?
Tell him to go fuck himself!
Thank you.
What? What happened?
He said $500.
He's fucking disgusting.
It is just a dance.
No, it's just not a dance.
Tell him he should go fucking
rot in hell for what's he done.
Tell him!
Tell him.
Come back.
Wait. Come back.
Tell him...
Tell him...
Tell him $1700.
Here we go.
We're home.
Why are we here?
This is our new home.
No. No.
There is nothing that
you can say to me.
It's not about the job.
I want to talk to you
about your daughter.
All my rough edges
Un-smoothed by
The grit of this town
Made from the rubble
Rebuilt from the sticks
And the leaves
Oh, I'm kept,
But I ain't clean
Learnin' how to run
This fragile machine
Well I believe
In preservation
Yes, it's fun to pretend
Don't you know?
Don't you know?
That I am unfinished,
I am a Half-Made Man
And I need your forgiveness
To feel whole again
Just scraps from the floor
Propped up
Casting shadows around
Looking for trouble
Lord, she ain't
Easy to please
Where's my missing piece?
Lathed long and lean
tattooed and serene
Yes she's worth the work
Don't you know?
That I am unfinished,
I am a Half-Made Man
And I need your forgiveness
To be fixed
To feel whole
To be completed, yeah